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Thread archived.
You cannot reply anymore.

File: readingtwi.png (353 KB, 1111x1024)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
Let's see if this goes anywhere. Could be fun.

This is more of a casual CYOA so anything goes here, be as weird or lewd as you want honestly. Roll to decide what happens next.

>You're running a particularly important errand for Twilight.
>Usually she'd accompany you herself, but the steamy romance novel she's picked up is apparently "too riveting to be put down".
>The activity in town is building as the afternoon begins; a few market stalls are set up in the square and along the row of stores ponies flick their 'closed' signs round to 'open.'
>You're not sure why this assignment Twilight's sent you on is so important; all she needs is some new parchment paper, but the tone with which she bestowed this task upon you suggested it needed to be done as soon as possible.
>The small, musty bookstore that Twilight gets her parchment paper from is on the other side of town, slightly out of the way of the center.
>Your mind idles as you follow past the little pink-hued statue with its dancing arcs of water, and a little cluster of fillies who run along, playing some kind of game between themselves.
>The book store is close; you round the building to head towards it, and bump headfirst into...

3, 6 or 9 chooses who.
The one and only, Princess Celestia of Equestri-uh!
File: celly.png (263 KB, 976x818)
263 KB
263 KB PNG

>You take a moment to gather yourself and look up and see the one and only Princess Celestia herself is on the floor, shaking the dust off of her pristine white coat and, with a momentary wobble, standing back up straight.
"Princess! I'm so sorry!"
>She waves her hoof with a reassuring smile.
>"It's quite alright. I wasn't really looking where I was going."
>She breaks eye contact with you, her head craned around the corner of the building, as if she's focused on something else.
"What brings you to Ponyville?"
>"Actually, it's probably good I bumped into you, Anon. I need to see Twilight."
"You do?"
>Hm. Twilight seemed pretty adamant about getting you out of the castle for a while, but surely whatever she wanted privacy for could wait for Celestia?
>"Is she home?"
>Her gaze returns to you. You realize you have to give her some kind of answer. Either you tell her the truth or try and lie. Can you really bring yourself to lie right to Celestia's face, though?

2, 6 or 7
"Yeah, she's home, reading quality Daring Do fanfiction while I'm on a parchment run"
File: cellylaugh.jpg (27 KB, 406x434)
27 KB
>The Princess nods and begins to trot past you, looking back while you catch up alongside her.
"So... what's this about?"
>"Oh, it's nothing too important. She lent me a book about rare artefacts and I need to give it back to her. I was passing by Ponyville anyway, so I figured I'd just return it now."
>Hopefully Twilight won't mind being disturbed. You know how she can get when she's deep into a good book.
>After some more idle chatter, the two of you arrive just outside Twilight's castle.
>You reach your hand out to open the door, but... it's locked.
>"Something wrong?" She tilts her head to one side.
"The door won't budge. I... didn't bring a key or anything"
>You wonder if Celestia will just give up on returning Twilight's book and return another day.
>You underestimate her tenacity, though.
>"Well, I'm sure we can find another way inside! Or, at the very least, some way to ask Twilight to open up and let us in."
>With this, she trots off around the backside of the structure; you follow behind her, keeping speed.
>"Let's take a look at those windows up there. Hop on my back."
>Her wings outstretch and she lowers herself to the ground.
>With a moment of hesitation you climb up onto Celestia's back, wrapping your arms around her for support as she gently ascends up a few storeys.
>She floats towards a window that seems to be slightly ajar, and the both of you press up against it to see...

1, 4 or dubs
Twilight and Sunburst cosplaying as Caballeron and Daring Do fucking on the bed
Spike, showing off in front of the mirror
File: medium (1).png (245 KB, 450x600)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
>"Ooh, yeah! Who's a hunk? You are, you handsome piece of ass!"
>You and Celestia stare silently as Spike flexes what little muscle he has in front of the mirror.
>He kisses his biceps and strikes another, equally embarrassing pose.
>Still, it seems he hasn't noticed you.
>You lean in to whisper to Celestia.
"Uhhh... I think it might be better if we go find Twilight."
>Celestia nods silently, a small chuckle escaping her lips as she continues to watch Spike's macho display.
>You feel bad for the little guy, but you guess as long as he never knows about this he'll be fine.
"Anyway... Let's try a different window."

3, 7, dubs
The other window, has Glim Glam, who's practicing some kind of spell. Hopefully, she won't get too spooked.
File: glim.png (320 KB, 680x666)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
>Celestia silently glides along to a different window.
>Again, the two of you lean forward to look inside past the panes of glass.
>Looks like you have the wrong window yet again, only this time instead of Spike it's Glimmer.
>You both remain silent and watch on curiously.
>She's casting a spell on a pot of flowers, altering their color slightly. It's a spell you've seen Twilight perform before, though you're not entirely sure what use it has that's not purely cosmetic.
>She seems pretty focused on it, though; now the petals are red instead of blue, she sits back and admires the flowers for a moment.
>She gently eases open the door to her room and peeks her head around, giving the hallway a look on either side as if she's checking nopony is around.
>For some reason she doesn't think to check the window. You and Celestia spying on her from outside would probably be the last thing she'd expect to see, anyway.
>Seemingly satisfied that she's alone and not being observed, she settles back onto her seat and...

1, 6
she's indulging in her sexual and non-sexual fantasies? Kites, Twilight, Marksism may or may not be involved
There even may or may not be some stuff in the gist of https://derpibooru.org/939716.
File: plush.jpg (24 KB, 425x425)
24 KB
>She rests back in her chair, loosing a loud sigh of relief, and lowers her hoof down between her legs.
>Oh shit.
>Even if you can only see her from behind, the rhythmic rocking backwards and forwards tells you all you need to know.
>"Mmh. Take it, you purple slut."
>You and Celestia share a look. She's just as shocked as you are, but it's impossible to stop watching.
>Her horn lights up and the closet in her room opens suddenly.
>From it, carried along by a levitation spell, are two things:
>A small plush that resembles Twilight.
>A paperback copy of the communist MANEifesto.
>"I don't like where this is going." Celestia whispers, but she can't pull herself away.
>"What's that, Twilight? You're thirsty? Well, kite flying is thirsty work. How about a drink?"
>She stuffs the plushie down between her legs, rubbing it up and down and letting out louder and louder moans of arousal.
>You wonder why she was so worried about ponies seeing her when they can almost certainly hear her.
>With her magic she brings the book up in front of her face, opening it and reading to herself, gasping and continuing to suffocate the poor Twilight plushie in her groin.
>She leans back in the chair a little further, her head stretching all the way back, until...
>She spots you.
>There's a brief moment of stillness on her face.
>Losing balance, the chair tips over backwards and sends Starlight collapsing to the floor, in a confused, sweaty heap.
>You and Celestia look at each other. This can't end well.

5, 8
Play it cool. We were just flying by, trying to find another way inside the castle. We were just being polite and could not distract her from important work. Something like that, maybe?
File: 1468107268680.jpg (10 KB, 250x250)
10 KB
>one off and two off from quads
Also, that was a reroll.
File: glimmo.png (68 KB, 344x600)
68 KB
>Celestia takes the burden of explaining yourself from you, pushing on the window and poking her head inside.
>"Very sorry, Starlight. Wrong window. I don't suppose you could head down and let us in the front door?"
>The unicorn stares, dazed for a moment, but swallowing her pride, she nods and leaves the room.
>Celestia brings you both back to ground level with a perfectly soft landing; in all honesty being so high up in the air was starting to make you anxious, anyway.
>After a few moments Starlight opens the door for you. You can see she's still filled with embarrassment.
>"We're here for Twilight." Celestia tells her, maintaining that air of royal authority she seems to hold so well.
>"She's upstairs. F-First door on the right. Listen... can what you saw up there stay between us?"
>You and Celestia both nod.
>"We all have our secrets." The Princess winks at her, and with that the two of you head up to finally catch up with Twilight.
"Maybe we should knock?"
>Celestia pauses for a second.
>"Oh, don't be silly."
>...and charges right into Twilight's room.

1, 7, dubs decides what Twiggles is doing
Doing the exact same thing she was doing before we left. She is still entranced by the book she's reading.
while furiosuly jacking off with a starlight plush buried in her groin
In a antagonist cosplay
File: boopo.jpg (46 KB, 400x600)
46 KB
Fuck. Can't deny the dubs.

>The purple princess is lying, spread out, on her bed.
>You and Celestia are frozen in place. She, too, has a plushie held between her legs, only instead of purple the coat is pink, and the hair is designed with pale aquamarine highlights. It's Starlight Glimmer.
>"Y-Yes! Eat me out, Glim-"
>The three of you stare at each other.
>Twilight hastily tries to use the book to cover her groin.
>"C-Celestia! Anon! I thought you were out... getting me some new parchment."
>Twilight tries to feign a smile, but her quivering lips don't allow it.
>Jesus. Is every pony in this castle just a sex-starved pervert?
>Celestia clears her throat, takes another moment to try and process what she's seeing, and then speaks solemnly.
>"I just came to return your book to you, Twilight."
>Celestia places it down carefully, and then turns to leave.
>"Wait!! D-Don't go! I..."
>There isn't a lot Twilight can do to explain her situation.
>She glares at you, eyes widening. It's like she's somehow expecting you to come up with some cover for her.
"U-Uh, Princess?"
>Celestia turns.
>"What is it, Anon?"

4 or dubs.
"are you really gonna judge her when you've got that luna plush you keep in your closet?"
File: 1476014764065.png (346 KB, 1115x1059)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
I commend you for trying to bring some OC to this board OP but as you can see /mlp/ doesnt really like CYOAs anymore

Oh well, I’m enjoying writing it so as long as people give suggestions I’m gonna continue. I’ve seen some CYOA threads do fairly well.
Will continue it a bit later
I'm certainly enjoying it
File: IMG_9888.jpg (41 KB, 375x500)
41 KB
>Celestia freezes, her hoof raised mid-step.
>”Wh-What in Equestria are you talking about, Anon? I don’t have-“
>She stammers, her cheeks are tinted red.
>You guess what she said about everypony having their secrets is true.
“Sure. I saw it once. You were talking to it.”
>She splutters out a phoney laugh.
>”Oh, anon! Where DO you come up with these ideas?”
>Twilight steps down from her bed.
>”Wait... you have a plushie of Luna? But... she’s your-“
>”-Sister. Yes, Twilight. Wh-which is exactly why it’s not true!”
>You have to wonder where all these plushies even come from.
>Celestia cranes her head down and gives you a stern glare.
>”Tell her it’s not true.” She commands through gritted teeth.
>She looks over to Twilight, who’s approaching, then back to you.

4, 8, dubs
Remind Celestia, that she herself once said that there is no wrong way to fantasize
>one off
ah shiet, rerolling
Missed again, so I will reroll once again.
Rerolling yet again. Hopefully, I'll succeed.
stay silent and let the situation resolve itself
Tell her nothing, but do remind the princess that she did once upon a time say that there is no wrong way fantasize.
By "her", I mean Twilight.
If this thread is up tomorrow I’ll continue
File: gna!.jpg (65 KB, 665x603)
65 KB
I'll do my best to keep it bumped, I gotta see how this turns out
File: 1567815956632.png (60 KB, 299x296)
60 KB
safety bump before sleep
"or what"
"celestia's being mean to me"
Well of course it's not true.
Bedtime bump
File: 1567419584225.jpg (207 KB, 720x951)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
op pls
Sorry, didn’t have any time today. I’ll continue tomorrow
That's pretty much par for the course when it comes to CYOAs.
I will wait

don't feel intimidated. even if you don't feel like your writing skill is up to it, do it anyways. shitty writing is better then no writing, and in the long run for something as small-scale as this people tend to remember the good parts and forget the bad.
File: cel.png (151 KB, 1000x1000)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
>Twilight has now reached the both of you. Celestia peers down at her but seems too ashamed to really look her in the face.
>"I-I think Anon here had something to say to you, Twilight." Celestia smiles nervously.
>"Oh. Well, what is it?"
>The two ponies are still both blushing intensely; both filled with shame and embarrassment for different reasons.
"I was going to say, Princess, that I recall you once telling me that there is no wrong way to fantasize."
>You watch the Princess' countenance widen, shocked. She wasn't expecting you to come out with that.
>Hopefully she doesn't hold this against you after all is said and done. You don't imagine the kind of punishment Celestia administers is very pleasant.
>"You said that?" Twilight looks to her mentor.
>"W-Well, I maybe said something along those lines, but the c-context of the situation was.. uh.."
>She's stammering and tripping over her words. It's actually funny seeing Celestia so sheepish and anxious, but you dare not laugh.
"You can tell her. I don't mind."
>You're really pushing your luck, but it does seem that airing Celestia's dirty laundry is making Twilight feel a little more at ease.
"Don't you remember when it was you said that, Princess? I can remind Twilight if you want."

4 5 or dubs
Let's wait for Celestia's reply. If she doesn't remember, then we do it ourselves.
Rerolling again.
File: large (1).png (893 KB, 1280x720)
893 KB
893 KB PNG
>The Priness remains paralysed by shame.
>"I... Don't remember, Anon."
>Of course she does.
"Hm. Well, it was only a year ago. Funnily enough, it was the very same time I found out about her Luna plushie in the first place."
>Her cheeks go from pink to deep red. She tries to utter even a single word but is unable to.
"Well, if Celestia doesn't want to tell you this story, Twilight, I will. She told me that right after I caught her... um... let's just say 'enjoying' that plushie of hers. I kinda stumbled across it accidentally."
>Twilight looks at her, then to you, quizzically.
>She's smiling now - now that the embarrassment has been passed on from her to Celestia.
>"Do you just make it a habit of yours to burst into ponies' rooms or something, Anon?"
>It did seem to have become a pretty regular occurrence.
>Still, it was hardly your fault if every single mare in Equestria seemed to have some weird masturbation plushie hidden away.
>"Anon, really, I-"
>Celestia tries to stop you, but she can see it's too late.
"The weirdest part was what she was DOING with it, though. It kinda made what you were doing look pretty tame in comparison, Twilight."
>"Is that so?" Twilight grins wryly as you both look at the stammering Princess.
>"Anon, please..."
>You're having way too much fun teasing her to stop now.
"Come on, Celly. Don't worry. No wrong way to fantasize, right?"
>"What... was she doing with it, Anon?" Twilight asks, her gaze still fixed on the fidgeting white alicorn.

2 5 or 9 decides what
You notice the Anon plush poorly hidden in Twilight's room
She was letting the plush ride her. Ropes, gags, the whole shebang; with the plush on top.
This, and more. Her plush was not an ordinary plush, it was anatomically correct(like that one Lyra plush). She was licking it under its tail too and getting more aroused from it. Also add that she was saying stuff like "Ride me, Lulu! Make me your mare!".
What about adding headpats to the mix?
File: cellyy.jpg (54 KB, 800x450)
54 KB
non-lewd route it is

>"ANON PLEASE!" Celestia protests, her hooves skittering anxiously against the floor.
"She was sitting there, talking to it. Calling it the very best sister in all of Equestria, but that's not all."
>Twilight leans in, anxiously anticipating with bated breath.
"She started holding its hooves."
>"Anon! How could you!?"
>With a surprised gasp Twilight raises her hoof to her muzzle.
"Then she started just... patting it on the head and snuggling it."
>Celestia sinks to the floor.
>"Anon... I thought this was our little secret. Now my legacy lies in tatters."
>You feel kinda bad for her, and you sense Twilight does too.
>"Hey... don't worry. I won't tell anypony."
>"It doesn't matter. In your eyes I'm now nothing more than a dirty, depraved hoof-holder."
>Twilight sits next to the princess, smiling reassuringly.
>"Don't be silly. Hoof-holding is perfectly normal. A lot of ponies do it."
>"Not princesses."
>The smaller purple alicorn pauses for a second.
>"Well... I'm a princess. If you want, I'll hold your hoof."
>Celestia raises her head.
>"Really? Y-You'd do that?"
>"..and what of... head pats? Surely you wouldn't engage in something as deviant as that."
>"If you want me to, Celestia... I will."
>The ponies stare intently into each other's eyes, blushing.
"Uhh... you know I'm still here, right?"

1 6 dubs
>non lewd route
Have you forgotten about >>34281466??? I included this too.
Anyway, I think Anon should head pat Celestia and hold her hooves together with Twilight.
Let's try this once again.
Is third time going to be the charm? I don't know.
>one off
C'mon, I want to finally come and get it.
Twilight and Celestia start glitching out as Monika appears
>ignoring the digits
I don't have an angery that's angery enough for this
Who tf is Monika?
Who cares about an audience. Besides, Anon will barge in on it eventually.
Spaghetti flies everywhere.
This >>34282068
Since the numbers haven't been hit yet, just choose one of the suggestions at random.
>"Of course we do, Anonymous. You have a role to play here as well. We'll take turns sitting on your face while holding hooves."
Celestia decides to fix that by teleporting Anon somewhere very far away.
Or just choose the one that has higher dubs(>>34281733).
File: IMG_9928.png (311 KB, 1093x731)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
>The ponies don’t respond though, their hooves held together and their gaze fixed.
>If only to say sorry to Celestia for exposing her, you shuffle over towards her and begin softly patting her head.
>You take a seat down beside her and reach out to hold both her hoof and Twilight’s, but you’re met with unexpectedly hostile expressions.
>”Um, anon?” Twilight starts, looking away from Celestia for a second.
>”You know you... don’t have hooves, right? I don’t want to sound rude, but you can’t exactly hold hooves when you don’t have any.”
>You look between the mares in shocked silence.
>Celestia nods in agreement.
>”I’m afraid those are the rules, Anon. The idea of a hooman joining their hand with a pony’s hoof is beyond depraved. It’s practically illegal.”
“It’s human.”
>”Regardless... I don’t suppose you can leave me and Twilight alone for a few moments, can you?”
>You scoff incredulously, but the way Celestia glares at you askance tells you she’s deadly serious.
“It’s just... but I...”
>It’s no use. The alicorns seem to be completely entranced by one another.
>Well, that’s that. Cucked by hooves of all things. Perhaps your time would be better spent going and bothering somepony else.

4, 8, dubs
File: 1430449912921.png (125 KB, 429x456)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
leave and join applebloom outside the window
File: 1528562150734.png (228 KB, 374x374)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
We will have our revenge! We will hold Celestia's hooves! We will pet her also! We will cuddle her to the absolute bliss! But not now. Let us go and bother... bother the resident commie, Starlight GlimGlammer, the masturboop extraordinaire!
Reroll incoming!
Rerolling once again
Rerolling once more.
File: glimglam.jpg (40 KB, 679x960)
40 KB
>Fuck this. If these mares want to be gay hoof-holders together then let them.
>You depart with a disgruntled noise that neither princess seems to hear nor acknowledge, and wander aimlessly around to a different wing of the castle.
>You pause for a moment outside Starilght's door. You wonder if she's still here.
>You reach out and knock gently. After a couple of seconds she tells you to come in.
>"Oh! It's you, Anon. At least you knocked this time, I guess... and... aren't watching me from outside my window."
>She peers over at the window in question, almost out of instinct, to make sure she's not being spied on again.
"Celestia and Twilight kicked me out. Too busy holding hooves."
>Her eyes widen and her brows arch, surprised.
>"Really!? They're hoof-holders?"
>"Wow. It's always the ponies you least expect."
>You take a seat on her bed and notice the half-filled suitcase that's open beside you.
>"Oh, don't mind that. I'm going on tour with Trixie again. Just gotta pack. Though... there's not exactly a lot of room for things in that wagon of hers."
>You wonder whether she's decided to go on this spur-of-the-moment tour simply to escape the shame of your earlier encounter.
>"If you'd like... maybe you could join us for the first couple shows. We're doing one in Canterlot. If you wanted to come, though, we'd probably have to strap you to the roof."
>She chuckles awkwardly and then clears her throat.
>"So... did you want anything? Just... stopping by to say hello?"

1, 5, 9, dubs
Ask her if she thinks our hands are wierd
and then ask if she'll hold them
I kinda have errand to run. I'm pretty sure that it was excuse to get me out of the castle, but on the offchance that it was something important, can you help me?
File: 247.png (347 KB, 680x1014)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
>You hold your outstretched palm towards her and she looks at it, perplexed.
"What do you think about... these things, Glimglam?"
>"Wait... 'Glimglam'?"
"Do you think they're weird? It must be strange when you don't have fingers."
>You extend and contract your digits to show her. She just watches, a little unsure of what to say.
>"I guess they... aren't so different to claws, really. Just a lot more... fleshy?"
"Would you like to hold it?"
>Her expression quickly widens.
>"H-Hold your hand!? Anon, don't you know how looked down on that is here? You know how many years I could get thrown in prison just for thinking of such a thing?"
>You shrug.
"Celestia's too busy with Twilight to notice or care. You're really saying you've never wanted to hold a hand before?"
>She remains silent and just watches for a moment.
>"Okay. Just for a second."
>She raises her hoof and you extend your arm, gripping around it.
>It's surprisingly soft to the touch.
>Starlight immediately blushes.
>"Anon, this feels so... wrong!"
>You simply palm the tip of her hoof, rubbing your thumb over its surface as she watches.
"This is nice."
>"I guess so, but it's so illegal!"
"There's one more thing I've always wanted to try."
>She just looks at you wearily.
>You respond non-verbally by reaching your other hand out and giving her a quick pat on her mane.
>She flinches, then blushes a little deeper.
>You go in for another devious head pat, which makes her flinch again.
>"Stop! What if somepony sees us!?"

3, 4, 6
What's so lewd and illegal and hoof holding anyway? Also, it's not a problem if we'll get seen. We're friends doing friendly things. What's wrong with a friend hoof holding and head patting another one?
Fuck the rules, scritch her behind her ears
File: 481.png (211 KB, 680x781)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
>You've already come this far, so you go the whole way.
>The hand that was patting her on the head moves around to her ear, and you give it a scratch right at the base.
>Starlight moans, seemingly an involuntary action, and the anxiety and sheepishness in her face seems to increase tenfold.
>"Anon! What are you doing?"
>You just silently continue to keep a tender grasp on her hoof and a finger behind her ear, scratching and watching her squirm uncontrollably.
>Her head slants to one side; you can tell that as contraband as they are, she can't enough of these ear scratchies.
"How's that feel?"
>"A-Amazing... but what if somepony-?"
>The ticklish sensation is too much for her and her words fall away into cute little moans.
>You reach round and pull Starlight towards you, she tumbles forwards onto your lap, facing upwards, and you continue with the ear scratching.
>Her eyes stare at you; cautious but begging for more.
>In your other hand you play with her hoof, pulling it backwards and forwards while you continue to rub it.
>"Don't stop..." she mutters quietly, eyes closing softly as you feel her relax into you.
>She's been reduced to nothing more than a warm, embarrassed little pony and it's adorable.
"See? I bet the only reason these are outlawed is they're so disarming."
>She coos softly and nuzzles into your chest.
>"Anon, I-"
>You're both interrupted as the door violently swings open.
>Starlight lets out a yelp of surprise, as you turn to see...

2, 3, 8
blessed trips
File: 1567977360720.png (108 KB, 290x446)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
Based as fuck get
based trips

>The unicorn drops the saddlebag she's been levitating with a loud thud, watching in horror at the snugglefest taking place before her.
>"Oh, I can't believe it! I leave for one hour and when I get back you and Anon are..."
>She pouts, turning her head away.
>"You know hand holding is illegal, don't you? Not to mention ear scratching! If I had any sense I'd report you to the princess right now!"
>"Come on, Trixie! It's not like that!"
>"Oh, don't try and backpeddle now, Starlight Glimmer!"
>Her anger-filled gaze shifts from her to you.
>"..and YOU! You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Where do you get off, mister?"
>She trots angrily towards you, pressing her nose up against yours.
>It's hard to take Trixie seriously when even her anger feels hammed-up.
"Relax. It was just an innocent little hand-hold. No big deal."
>"Well it certainly doesn't LOOK like no big deal to Trixie! What's wrong, Starlight? I suppose I'm just not good enough for you! Is that it? I-I'd hold your hoof if you asked!"
>Trixie begins to sob. It's like she's just going through every extreme she can.
"You can join in if you want."
>She looks up, sniffling and wiping a tear from her eye.

5, 6, 9, dubs
C'mon, boop the sad pone, give her headpats and also scratch her ears, anything, just make her cheerful again. She's a good pony, no, she's a great pony! Great and magnificent Trixie! That's who she is!
Rerolling, little sad pony must be cheered up!
And rerolling once again. Comfort the pone!
Trixie joins, but wants things to get kinkier.
bumping again
bumping once again
>Before she can respond you reach out and pat her head.
>Her eyes widen and her cheeks turn red.
>"Wh-Who gave you permission to PAT the great and powerf-"
>You interrupt her with a boop.
>She pauses for a moment, a little stunned.
>She looks at you silently, but before she can saw anything you pull her towards you and Starlight.
>A little snuggle huddle.
>Though she's still blushing, Trixie doesn't try to escape.
"It feels good, right?"
>You reach out and hold her hoof, using your other hand to hold Starlight's.
>"A-Anon! What if we get caught?" She whispers, looking over her shoulder.
>You don't care, though. This pony desperately needs head pats and snuggles and you're the one to deliver them.
>Trixie pouts, silently protesting as you wrap your arms around both mares.
>Starlight grabs towards your chest, holding you close.
>While Trixie is still a little colder, she lets you stroke her mane.
>"I-It's not fair!"
"What's not fair?"
>"Starlight, you're totally hogging Anon. L-Let me get in there."
>Trixie lunges towards you and it causes you to fall onto your back, both ponies laying across your torso and nestled into either side of your neck.
>With a smile you give them both soft pats on their heads.
>"I can't deny... these do feel quite nice."
>"I know, right?" Starlight responds sleepily.
>For a moment everything feels pretty great. You completely forget Celestia and Twilight's rejection, and just lie with the two mares breathing softly against you.
>Unfortunately, this moment doesn't last long, as suddenly...

2 4 5 dubs
...we hear Twilight and Celestia call us. Shit! We totally forgot about dealing with the errand we were given!
Also, it's fooking quads, so I hope this should get in. If not, I'm rerolling.
NOW it should get in regardless.
Bumping the thread
bumping nice thread
Bedtime bump
File: 245767.gif (927 KB, 507x510)
927 KB
927 KB GIF
>"Hey, Anon!"
>It's Twilight's voice.
>Oh shit.
>Trixie and Starlight turn to look at the door, alarmed.
>"She's coming!" Trixie whispers desperately, jumping off of you and trotting in place, looking around anxiously.
>"What if she knows!? What if she can sense hand-holding and head patting took place? Oh, Trixie is too young to go to jail!"
>Starlight jumps off, too, brushing herself off and hiding her blush-covered cheeks with her mane.
>"Calm down, Trixie. Just act inconspicuous."
>Twilight pokes her head into the room.
>"Oh! There you are, Anon, and... uh... Trixie and Starlight too. Great."
>Trixie's face widens into a huge, forced smile.
>"W-well if it isn't Twilight S-Sparkle! How are you doing, old friend?"
>"Uh. Just fine. Hey, Anon, did you get that parchment?"
"No. Kinda ran into Celestia and got distracted, remeber?"
>"Shoot. Well, don't worry. I'll go get it."
>Twilight eyes up Trixie and Starlight. She can clearly tell something's off.
>"So... what are you three doing in here? Nothing illegal, I hope."
>Trixie bursts out with deliberate, awkward laughter.
>"Oh, Twilight! What a silly idea! Oh, you do come out with some PREPOSTEROUS things!"
>She nudges the alicorn, who just stares at her more intently.
>"What's going on, Anon?"

1, 6, 9, dubs
Illegal? What do you mean by illegal? I was just affectionately spending my time with my friends. Sharing magic of friendship with them. Care to join us?
>"Anon, it's illegal t-"
>Trixie sinks to her knees with a melodramatic wail.
>"Anon, is this true?"
>"It's all true! It wasn't my fault though, Anon MADE me endure it all! He even BOOPED me, against my will! I'm a victim!"
>Twilight rolls her eyes.
>"Anon. How many times do I need to tell you? Hand holding is strictly against the rules."
"It's nice, though. Have you ever tried it?"
>"Well, n-no, but still! If it's frowned upon there must be a reason!"
>"I-It puts you a trance! Makes you snuggle against your will! It's evil!"
>Twilight ignores Trixie's melodrama.
"Why don't you try it, Twi? I think you'll like it. It's not that different from you and Celestia holding hooves."
>"Wait... you and Celestia did what?" Starlight smirks.
>"Th-that's hardly the same thing, Anon!" Twilight stammers awkwardly.
>"B-besides, I have a lot to do today. I don't have time for..."
>Before she can finish her sentence, though, you take the opportunity to lurch forward and take hold of one of her hooves. She stares down at your hand, face flushed red.
"See? What better way is there to express friendship?"
>With your other hand you administer a firm head pat.
>"A-Anon! Really!"
"Don't fight it, Twilight. You want this."
>"What in Equestria is going on here, Anonymous!?"
>You all turn to see Celestia holding a pose in the doorway.

2 4
Oh, hello! I did not know that you changed your mind, Princess! Wanna join the snuggle pile?
Rerolling. Also where's the third number?
Uh... Rerolling once again.
Wait, Trixie hasn't been in a jail? Not even once? How can it be?
>"Snuggle... pile?"
>She examines you all.
>"Anon. Need I remind you that-"
"-that hand holding is illegal. Yeah, yeah. I get it. Now get over here you big cuddly horse."
>"Anon! I am NOT a b-"
>You sweep Celestia across towards you and Twilight, holding them both in a tight embrace.
>The princess seems stunned; silently blushing.
"There. Is that really so bad?"
>"Celestia, I told him to stop it! Please don't punish me, I-"
>Twilight falls silent as Celestia peers down at you.
>"Could you... give me the head pats?"
"Of course, Princess."
>With a smirk you reach over and pat the top of her head three or four times.
>"It... It's nice."
"How about this?"
>Before she can ask what, you give her muzzle a boop and she stammers.
>"S-Such sensations! To be booped by a human, it's..."
>Now she's allowed you to do that you're giving her the full package: soft ear rubs, chin tickles, nuzzles, hugs.
>"Anon! Stop! You're going to kill her!" Trixie calls out, but you don't.
>Celestia begins to sink into a warm pile of blushing, lovey pony.
>With a choked yelp Twilight is pulled in too; there is no escape.
>You hold both alicorns close to you, and after a few seconds of hesitation they hug you back.
>"W-Wait! No snuggle pile is complete without the presence of the Great and Powerful Trixie!"
>The unicorn leaps forwards into your little bundle, digging her head into whatever gap she can find.
>"H-Hey! Don't leave me out!"
>Starlight trots over and wraps her arms around the three of you.
>You're practically suffocated by warm, fluffy ponies on every side, but it feels pretty great.
>They all have their own sweet, pleasant smell. Their own brands of perfume and cleaning products and even body odor all combined into one.
>Celestia starts.
>"I hope you realize now this snuggle pile has been initiated, it cannot be disbanded."
"Yeah, I don't wanna stop, either."
>"No, Anon, I don't think you understand. You're here forever."
I'm going to finish there.
I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks to those of you who participated.
I might do another one at some point in the future. If anyone has any ideas for starting prompts feel free to tell me.
What would lewd route have been like? Would Anon end up banging Celestia?
File: 1568234354342.png (55 KB, 301x298)
55 KB
Cool, I'll be here for the next one.
pastebin when?
Thank you Anon, was a fun little romp
It would be up to the post that gets the get. That was the entire point.
Didn't the mods hate this format for some reason?
The only problem I know of with this format is that it's extremely chaotic and can fall apart at any second.
I’ll dump it on there later today if the thread stays up
Thanks, I enjoyed writing it
File: 1555542509602.png (308 KB, 1280x1247)
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308 KB PNG
thank you for writing OP

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