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File: Header.gif (260 KB, 448x252)
260 KB
260 KB GIF
>What is Flutterrape?

Flutterrape is a collection of stories about ponies trying to have sex with Anonymous, the only human in Equestria. While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her stead and attempt their own versions of rape. There are different versions of Flutterrape, but most are lighthearted stories about the ponies failing in their comical attempts to get into Anon’s pants. Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn't mean it fits in this thread. Check other threads (AiE, RGRE etc) about story content before posting.

>It's been seven years, how is this thread still alive?

A perverse mixture of Necromancy and spite.

>How do I start writing?

Use your imagination, you, wonderful human being, you. Also, try to have good grammar, competent writing skills, poor standards and questionable life choices.

Writing Guides:

Clever Dick's Tips For Short Stories -- https://pastebin.com/GGBkxi7e (embed)
Driverbang's Writing Guide -- http://pastebin.com/uXvpYYzS (embed)
Navarone's Writing Rules -- http://pastebin.com/bnMmZ2T3 (embed)

For additional information, visit the /Writefags' Guild/ for help and feedback on your works.


Author List: http://pastebin.com/eG8iY7Wy (embed)
FIMfiction Group: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/211640/flutterrape
Request Bin: http://pastebin.com/rZU1Hbqy (embed)

Thread Archive: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/search/text/Flutterrape/

Previous: >>34134769
Josh Haber did 9/11
Yeah pretty much.
File: Don't Be That Girl.jpg (191 KB, 500x647)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
FedoraShy's back if anyone can think of stuff to request.
Well unfortunately that turned out to just be a bunch of verbal shitposting.
File: 1415508493999.jpg (45 KB, 314x295)
45 KB
Yeeeah, work that grill baby.
Any good stuff with a camping theme?
call me a newfag if you want but what actually happened in that thread? I’ve never caught one of fedorashy’s threads before so is this what they’re always like?
Go to Desuarchive, then do the following:
>Search for "fedorashy" in username
>Only opening posts
And see for yourself.
I must just be retarded then because I'm still not sure
No they’ve never been like that before, don’t know why he’s just fucking with people.
Normally he just takes requests and does the right voice, guess he just felt like screwing around this time.
It’s a shame. At least they did my request properly.
Which one was yours?
This one

Are they really a guy? If so how the fuck does he do such a good Fluttershy voice? It’s kind of scary
I'm glad you requested that, it's the only one I bothered to save, pretty sure he broke character in an early vocaroo once, shame I hadn't saved it.
Fluttertied is a chick though.
File: carrieshy.png (626 KB, 680x534)
626 KB
626 KB PNG
I'm shocked Fluttershy didn't end up some school shooter marecel, aside from the whole >rape thing she's pretty well adjusted.
Yeah I remember there being a couple of other Fluttershy VAs who did vocaroo threads back in like 2014 who were female, I’m guessing fluttertied was one of them. Still, kinda blows my mind a dude can do such a good Flutters impression. Can’t say it isn’t impressive.
Yeah he's good at it, which is why it's such a shame he wasn't taking the requests seriously, probably knew he was just going to be getting a bunch of cuck and anti-cuck requests.
At first it seemed like he was just doing that for the voices he couldn’t really do, like Twilight or whatever, as he did most of the Fluttershy ones that were requested.
That makes sense, I don't think Twilight was one of the voices he said he could do, but people kept requesting it anyways.
File: smooch.jpg (256 KB, 1032x1279)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Bippity boppity you're Fluttershy's property.
File: 1551325923492-1.png (1.23 MB, 1700x1700)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
I'm ok with this.
You can’t just side with the antagonist that easily, and get dubs for it too anon.
It's too late I already have
File: weaver7.png (72 KB, 953x648)
72 KB
You've doomed us all.
/r/equesting a writefag write a dramatization of >>34266662
You know, if that's alright with you
Do you mean the picture?
do the whole thing.
Let me take a look at it and I might be able to writefag some shit tomorrow
see >>34267345
I don't think I've ever seen a Flutterrape based off of a Hunger Games thread.
That was magical.
If I remember correctly, I believe Greggums did a hunger games themed story about the active writefags during that era dealing with Fluttershy's bullshit. Granted not the same as a Hungergames thread, but I just wanted to put that out there
Well I'm probably gonna have to go find it, because it sounds interesting.
Greggums Totally Not The Hungergames, a 6 year old patch of green.

Ah, takes me back
Thank you anon, you saved me like 5 minutes of my life.
File: horse maury.png (513 KB, 1280x775)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
So last thread there was that anon who was talking about fucking AngelShy, and that got me thinking, Shy would probably be trying to use that potion to either swap herself or Angel with Anon.
Well she is friends with a reality warping god, it can’t be that hard to believe this happened.
This song always makes me think of Anon and Flutters, at least from the perspective of how she views their relationship.

File: Bueno.gif (1.52 MB, 400x266)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF
I can only imagine that starts going through her head the instant she lays eyes on Anon, like that instant soul bond shit that got real popular in RGRE, and it's cracking me up way too much.
File: 208.jpg (50 KB, 414x362)
50 KB
Based fluttershy
Now I'm curious about what song fits Anon's perspective.
Look at what you have wrought
Epic I'd love to fuck fluttershy
File: sacrifice.png (3.45 MB, 1436x1370)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB PNG
Then begin your ritual.
What's gonna happen to me?
Well you'll probably get to fuck something.
File: pantyshot.png (1.12 MB, 2500x2000)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Well... I got to cum inside of them both so I guess its okay.
File: ruined the moment.png (257 KB, 941x996)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Who knows you might even enjoy it.
File: weaver story.png (539 KB, 928x3514)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
>Raise foals with Dash and Flutters
Anon, It'd be a beautiful life.
That’s a nice song.
File: big ears.png (322 KB, 1000x1000)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
Well that was interesting, hoping Greggums comes back sooner or later, it’s certainly make the thread feel less dead.
I see that one picture of Shy setting off a nuke every now and then and it gave me an idea for a mediocre prompt.
Shy gets exposed to poison joke and it makes her glow when she’s upset or sad, the worse she feels the brighter she glows.
She convinces Anon that she was exposed to some kind of spell or artifact that will make her blow up if she gets too sad, in an effort to not get blamed for destroying Ponyville Anon takes it upon himself to complete the Herculean task of being nice to Nutterbutter.
Of course she makes things more and more difficult by forgetting boundaries exist, up until her friends ruin things for her somehow.
Twilight sticky’s gone, board’s going under, everyone knows where the backup board is right?
File: fluttershy1.png (8 KB, 212x238)
8 KB
>There's three soft pitter-patter knocks at your door
>You sigh heavily, knowing that it's Fluttershy
Oh no.
>You try to look on the bright side and tell yourself that it'll just be a fetish guess, that it'll be over soon
>But it won't, really
>She'll just be back tomorrow, and the next day, and so on, until the icy black hand of death eventually takes you
>Or her, hopefully
>Fucking Fluttershy
>You open your door and find Fluttershy on your front step
>Her entire body is glowing, like, blindingly so
>The yellow that was already on her makes her look like a big light bulb
>It fucking hurts your eyes
>You shade them with your hand and turn away from her
Jesus Christ! Fluttershy, what are you doing?
>"Oh, are you there now?"
Of course, this is my fucking house, you--
>"Can you see me?"
How could I not?
>"Oh, I know it's bright. I'm sorry, I just--"
Turn it off!
>"Oh, right, I should've turned it off by now. I'm sorry about--"
>The light gets brighter
>It burns
>This goes on for a while, not stopping until she feels reassured--by you apologizing to her about fifty times
>Not that you did anything wrong
>You didn't want to apologize
>She kinda forced your hand on that one, though: she would have hugged you if you had stopped
>Eventually things are calm again
>Fluttershy lifts up her pink sunglasses she'd been wearing and addresses you
>"So, um, you're probably wondering why I was glowing."
>Not really
>You're assuming it's just a fetish guess
Light isn't my fetish.
>"It's not that," she says, folding her ears.
>Her ears start glowing
>You half-close your eyes as she goes on
>"Well, um, it actually is kind of that. You see, you've rejected me so many times that I've kind of lost my confidence."
You had confidence?
>She frowns and it throws a fucking glint right in your eye
Ow God!
>You toss your head to the side and shield your eyes again
Fucking Fluttershy!
File: fluttershy.jpg (21 KB, 310x381)
21 KB
>"I'm sorry. I'll try to turn it off."
>Fluttershy hums a happy tune to herself
>Eventually her body glow fades again
>"Okay, you can look now, I stopped glowing."
Good. That's like looking at the sun. I kind of feel like this should be Celestia's problem, not yours.
>"Well it is a magical problem."
What'd you do to yourself this time, and why can't you go and bother Twilight about it?
>"It has to do with us."
Goddamn you.
>Fluttershy goes on to explain that, after all this time you've been rejecting her, her body has been cursed by hopeless magic
>But instead of stealing her color, the magic actually brightens the color she already has
>So her glowing is actually linked to her sadness, the sadder she is the brighter she glows
>She bows her head
>"And, um, well I'm actually kind of happy with everything in my life, except for . . ."
>She looks up at you from under her mane
>You roll your eyes
Oh, okay, so now it's my fault you're going all fucking Lite-Brite.
>She looks down at the ground and frowns
>But she doesn't say anything
>You can see a little glow flickering inside her chest
>You sigh
Okay, look, maybe we can dim you somehow.
Maybe we can wrap you up in something.
>"Like the blankets in your bed?" she says hopefully. "Or maybe even your big strong arms?"
>You glare at her
I'm trying to help you right now. Don't ruin it.
>"Okay. . . ."
Anyway, we just need to lampshade your body somehow.
>"That's a good idea," she says. "But what about the explosion?"
The . . . Okay, wait, say that again?
>"Oh, I'm going to explode from the magic buildup if I get too sad."
>You stare at her
>She stares back
You . . . could have told me that sooner.
>"Oh, I didn't? I could've swore I mentioned it."
No, you didn't. You didn't even hint at it at all.
Fluttershy, what the fuck? You're going to explode?
>"Oh, yes."
Like a bomb?
Okay, like a big bomb, or a little one?
>"All of Ponyville will be affected, maybe even Equestria."
I see. . . .
>"Yeah. . . ."
>More silence
>Fluttershy starts nuzzling your leg
>"So I guess you better start, um, making me happy by cuddling me, and hugging me, and kissing me between my--"
You know, I think I'm okay with being blown--
>"Your dick?!"
No, being blown up. Dying in a flash of light.
>Fluttershy blinks at you, perplexed
>"Um, no, you're not."
Why not?
>"Because that's crazy," she says sternly. "You're supposed to want to make me happy."
I don't want to.
>"But the world will end."
I'm fine with that.
>"But you can't--"
>She scoffs, incredulous
>"You can't because I'll tell."
>"You heard me, I'll tell on you to Twilight. I'll tell her that you're going to let the world end."
Yeah, no you're not.
>You pick her up by the scruff of her neck
>"What are you--?"
>She starts struggling
>"You let me go right now, mister!"
Nope. You're going to stay here and let the world end like a good little Fluttershy.
>"You put me down right now or I'll start glowing!"
>You put her down
>Into a cardboard box
>And then shut it and flip it over

>You open the door to find Twilight Sparkle, frowning
>"Alright, where's Fluttershy?"
I don't know what you're talking about. But have I shown you my new lamp?
>Twilight walks past you and inspects the lamp on the floor
>"That's a glowing box with a sheet over it."
>"Hi, Twilight."
>Twilight comes down from her sudden five-foot-high jump and addresses the box
>"Twilight, Anon was going to let the world end."
>Twilight turns on you, bewildered and concerned
>You cross your arms and grimace
Ought to call her TattleShy instead.
>"Anon!" Twilight screams
>"Is the world going to end or isn't it?"
>You shrug
I don't know. Ask the lamp.
>"Oh, um . . . no. It's not."
>Knew it
>"You mean you lied?" Twilight says
>"I'm sorry, I just really wanted his d-d-d-d--"
>"But why are you glowing then?!"
I can answer that one: it's magic.
File: twilightflutters.jpg (53 KB, 1280x720)
53 KB
>"Oh, no it's not," Fluttershy says. "I just ate a lot of fireflies."
>"It's okay, though, because these fireflies were all very depressed and didn't--"
>"You're going to get sick!"
>"You're right. My stomach does feel funny."
>"We'll need to get you to the hospital."
>"No need. Actually, I think that swallowing Anon's semen will act well as a protective coating for my--"
Twilight, can you just get her out of here already?
>Twilight's horn lights up
>"Wait!" Fluttershy says. "Anon, if you came inside me, then I'd really be glowing with your--"
>They're both gone in a flash of purple
>You look back at your homemade lampshade/Fluttershy trap
Well, that was annoying.
>But look on the bright side, at least she's gone
>For now, anyway
>But she'll be back again
>She always is
>You sigh, feeling extremely tired suddenly
>You go and lift the sheet off of the box
>Upon looking at the box, you realize that you forgot to poke any airholes in it for Fluttershy
>She could've died if Twilight had just shown up a little bit later
>You guess that, no matter which way you look at it, there never really is a bright side whenever you've got someone in your life like
>Fucking Fluttershy

i really love that prompt. if i wasn't already writing something else i'd do a whole big story about it
but for now, here's a little thing
That sounds like it would be nice, maybe when you’ve got some spare time you could come back to it, I really liked what you did with it though, and I’m glad you liked the prompt, it’s the first one I’ve ever posted.
You did really good, can't wait to see the big thing you're working on.
File: .png (94 KB, 417x600)
94 KB
Can’t disagree.
I don't care what you do on the first date, demon! You're NOT getting my seed!
I’m very curious about what an absolute degenerate kind of D&D campaign Fluttershy would run, guaranteed all magic would come from that official book of erotic spells.
File: lotfp-vaginas.jpg (132 KB, 882x1245)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
File: 1553758963772.png (1.14 MB, 2800x2800)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
God I wish that was me
ty for the bump
Love this picture.
Do you think Fluttershy’s friends make fun of her for being a xenophile?
They envy her for going after the human dick. This is Canon too
You work fast anon.
I try.
File: Dynamic Duo.jpg (369 KB, 1200x996)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
The teamup nobody asked for.
File: friendly yellow.png (450 KB, 808x2200)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
Just fuck the yellow Anon.
File: 21606.png (51 KB, 539x562)
51 KB
File: 707169.jpg (577 KB, 1200x1200)
577 KB
577 KB JPG
Stop spying on Anon.
No he needs to know I truly love him.
Do you think Dash’s parents would push her to be the best rapist in Equestria?
Fluttershy set up her own personal CCTV system throughout your home.
File: Hard Cocks are currency.png (1.2 MB, 1826x658)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Here we see Twilight searching for the Fluttershy dimension, so that she can banish Anon there for raiding her fridge one too many times.
File: screams.png (69 KB, 337x439)
69 KB
Does this mean there might be a dimension that has an Anon who actually likes Fluttershy?
>"I smell CUM."
>Applejack breaks into your bedroom
>"You CUM?"
No! Honest!
>Applejack glares at you before retreating, nostrils flared and huffing deeply
Yes but it's a purely platonic relationship there, so she's s just getting blue beaned a dfiferent way.
she knows he's lying
she knows about the pears he hides under the bed
>Anon falls into the Fluttershy dimension
>he's terrified at first
>but eventually he comes to realize that the Fluttershys in this dimension are different
>these Fluttershys are actually kind, sweet, and genuinely care about him in a purely platonic way
>he actually likes this world a lot better than Equestria and plans to stay there
>he tells Twilight this when she shows up to come get him
>she says alright
>"You should know that Fluttershy came in here earlier to come and get you herself."
>Anon shits himself
>but things had been normal so far
>so what is Fluttershy planning?
>and how is he going to find her when she's blending in?
>in a world full of Fluttershys, to an Anon, every pony is suspect
File: Golly vs Cozy.png (38 KB, 637x160)
38 KB
Come back soon Cozy Glow anon.
There's also the chance she's full of shit, and just said that to make Anon miserable.
A little known fact about Applejack is that she can detect masturbation via minute changes in vibrations through the ground.
She can also smell human cum from up to 20 miles away, even further if the wind is right.
File: pacifism.jpg (84 KB, 600x421)
84 KB
Shy was probably very upset upon hearing the news.
I feel like the prime Fluttershy would end up corrupting all the others given enough time.
I can't help but imagine right now Anon trying to find his Fluttershy by doing the same thing Twilight did with Pinkie Pie and her clones, except he'd use a painting of his dong or him naked instead. The one who can't stop staring at it must be the real one who's after him.
AJ deserves more love.
File: babysitter.jpg (2.65 MB, 1740x2874)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB JPG
Based Anon knocking up flutters.
and cucking discord. You can see it in his eyes. How he yearns for that child to be his
File: border.png (448 KB, 1106x1024)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
Had to get citizenship somehow.
File: teleports behind you.png (94 KB, 1202x409)
94 KB
>Not "Nani?!"
Missed opportunity
File: Accident.png (2.06 MB, 1202x2565)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
It's part of a bigger thing.
But you're right.
>Anon just wants to do his shopping but Fluttershy mastered Ultra Instinct and won't let him
Someone write it.
Bonus points if you manage to turn it into a 60-part Epic-Of-Gilgamesh type dealio.
Rape based Ultra Instinct sounds fucking horrifying.
File: OC.jpg (1.28 MB, 1202x1555)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
>Someone write it.
Why don't you write it?
have some OC using >>34292131
to get your creative mojo flowing
You did a pretty good job with that anon.
>Fluttershy proceeds to assassinate every Rarity she can find
>Silently So she doesn't look like the suspect.
>Until there is only one pony left alive who loves Anon
>Welcome to the end of the ride anon
So that is all just a dream then? Considering the ride doesn't end and all.
Yeah, it should probably say "welcome home, Anon!"
File: Spoiler Image (1.28 MB, 1202x1555)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
Yeah that's better, I'm slightly drunk and pretty tied so im going to blame it on that.

File: seat.png (291 KB, 1153x818)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
This is why it's not always good to make plans with Dash.
I feel like the Raritys would end up suspicious of the one pony that isn’t Rarity.
Does Dash like to join in on Fluttershy's rape acts?
She’s a wildcard, whoever can convince her they’re in the right first she’ll help out.
Kinda hard to persuade her to your side with Flutterbutt's muff blocking your airway.
Shy knows what she’s doing, and all it takes is to convince Dash it’s some kind of competition.
I am aroused at this thought. Dash and Flutter taking turns sitting on my face to see who can suffocate me the best.
Dash is likely under the impression he’s trying to set the world record for longest muff dive.
>"Don't worry, Anon! Fluttershy and I are going to help you earn this record!"
You gotta stop making me want this as a thing because I know it won't be.
>"Oh... Oh yes.. Anon~!"
>"C'mon, Anon! You can do better then that! Make Fluttershy's eyes roll back!"
Who would've thought rape cheerleaders would be such a good idea.
File: married.png (129 KB, 1336x1000)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
File: don't go.png (372 KB, 1426x942)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
So assuming Anon managed to go on a vacation without Fluttershy finding out, how long do you think it would take before she's completely turned the town upside down looking for him?
However long it takes her to break in.
File: Flutterbutt and stockings.png (2.1 MB, 3900x3426)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
File: miss mous.jpg (237 KB, 1632x918)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Oh hey I even found the short thing Neb did that led to this, and DCH's followup.


>"Anonymous T. Hewitt, you are hereby found guilty of causing grievous emotional stress and psychological damage to Fluttershy F. Fluttershy. You will henceforth compensate her with twenty thousand bits."
>Turning away from the judge and to the plaintiff, you give her a flat look.
"Is your name seriously 'Fluttershy Fluttershy Fluttershy'."
>"Yes," says Fluttershy Fluttershy Fluttershy, nodding sheepishly.
>The Equestrian legal system sucks.

DCH added

"I don't have that kind of money." you state plainly.
>The judge's face contorts into one of a thinking man's.
>"Then. You must repay Ms. Fluttershy with whatever she so deems to be repayable with."
>Fluttershy's ears perk up and her wings unfurl.
>"W-Whatever I deem to be repayable with?"
>The judge nods and picks up her gavel with her mouth.
>She cocks a brow at you and you clasp your hands together in a pleading motion.
"Please your honor. There must be another way."
>The judge scratches her chin for a moment.
>"OBJECTION. The court case was already declared over your honor."
>"Hmmm that is true. I hadn't bung my gavel."
>Everybody in the court seems shocked and lieu and behold, it was Fluttershy screaming objection.
>"Your honor. Equal or reasonable punishment is due process here. Correct?"
>"Yes of course..."
>"Then you should know Anon tried to...to..."
>"To what exactly Ms. Shy?"
>The jury erupts into chaos
>This is gonna be a long case..
File: She did not stop.png (353 KB, 1375x863)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
>Dealing damage via kisses
>Anon cannot walk anywhere in Ponyville without getting mortally injured
>Love is literal pain for him
File: Anon vs Cadance.png (439 KB, 1280x1837)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
That'd explain this.
>After a few training sessions of Anon muff diving on Dash and Fluttershy, they both come to the conclusion that the best way to keep helping him is to marry him.
Well if they don’t how are they gonna help him set the 24 hour record?
File: Fluttergoth.jpg (40 KB, 564x600)
40 KB
So we know Fluttershy's fetish is roleplay, what do you think her friends are into?
I read the patch notes today.

Heard some meta changes happened and the devs are done with the game.
It's okay I'm sure once we hit FR v4.05 things'll be fixed up a bit.
>League of Ponies patch FR v4.05 will have Fluttershy see buffs.
"Oh no."
>She will get an increased stats on her lunge.
>She now has an increase on her movement speed when in proximity of Anon to 200ms>from 180ms.
>She will also we an increase on her stun now 2.5seconds>from 1.5seconds.
"This is bullshit I can't even outplay her now! What kind of OP patch notes are these"
>"Spoken like a true Ape who can't play the game who can't figure out basic mechanics."Twilight interjects.
"Easy for you to talk high and mighty she's not really a problem for you, meanwhile if I get caught out I get raped by her."
>"Just dodge the skillshot forehead." Pinkie taunts.
>Maybe you were just making a big deal out of nothing. Besides this is all dependant a skill right?
>Day of the patch arrives.
>You can't even leave base without getting molested by Fluttershy.
"Fuck this, Im going to go play Pony craft."
>You load a new seed.
>Fluttershy enters the world.
" What The fuck, how did you-"
>Pony craftv3 patch 10.5
>Players can now enter the world if not privately owned via purchase of authorization of server.
"Fucking patch notes."
That was great, haven’t seen you around in awhile and assumed you might’ve been posting in the wrong thread.

Nah I never really left I just watched and lurked, just decided to show up in the threads after hearing about the finale

Haven't seen a reaction like this since the coronation of Twilight at the end of season 2.

But I think we all knew it wouldn't last forever, but I don't think anyone expected an ending like this either.
Yeah I don't think anybody expected a timeskip, at least not one like that.
File: snakes suck.jpg (74 KB, 768x1024)
74 KB
File: wing boner.png (1.03 MB, 985x743)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Look at that impressive ass wingspan
File: 46436.png (206 KB, 573x600)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
Shoutingisfun here. I won't use a trip because I'm not staying for long. Just been lurking through the thread. This place is just as good (bad) as I remember.
Didn't expect you today, good to see you still come by every now and then.
You'd be shocked to see how many people think you've completely abandoned horse stuff just because you draw pokemon too now.
kek, Anon got nerfed

hey Cog, you should write more of that FlutterMilf story you were doing a while back

>just as good (bad) as I remember
yeah, that's good ol' Flutterrape
we may still be dead but at least you can count on the dead always staying in the same place where you last saw 'em
File: 1443170603126.jpg (15 KB, 240x320)
15 KB
love your work, thanks for dropping in my dude. You're always welcomed here.
>Flutter milf

I'm deeply unsure on witch one that was, did I give it a title or anything like that?
File: Night of Twi.jpg (248 KB, 1280x828)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
It appears you've stumbled into the self insert slashfiction section of the library.
found it

I’m glad you went digging for that anon, it’s funny as fuck.
Shy was built for this.
Absolutely based.
File: 1503540639267.gif (2.56 MB, 660x520)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB GIF
>I didn't even give it a title or pastebin it.
>Written as a goof and didn't think it was that great to begin with, just half-assed schlock I cooked together.
>Wrote it over THREE (3) years ago.
>Someone out there still wanted more of this so much so they dug through the catacombs of the Archives to remind me of it all.

Good Golly. I had no idea...
File: fuck off.png (109 KB, 737x188)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
Fuck this cunt. He ain't me.
File: Bonershy.gif (1.17 MB, 550x400)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB GIF
File: Surprise.gif (617 KB, 779x1000)
617 KB
617 KB GIF
I posted that just see if you were here.
I can’t wait to see this comic
File: 1567684105010.gif (45 KB, 128x128)
45 KB
Bullyshy is best Shy
Would you get plastered and do karaoke with Fluttershy?
File: Daydreaming.png (556 KB, 1500x1000)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
>have small story done after months
>need to animate the images for it
welp see you cunts in another six months then
keep the tea warm for me
That sucks to hear but good luck anon.
File: .png (201 KB, 800x552)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
I have good one
File: rape champion.png (256 KB, 684x512)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Less than a year until the next Rape Olympics
That is pretty good.
File: HMD.png (849 KB, 652x1092)
849 KB
849 KB PNG
That’s a pretty good amount of effort for an FR story anon, looking forward to what you’ve got though.
Why is the board so fast today?
File: Anon - Fluttershy 6.jpg (401 KB, 686x516)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
>AJ's time to sell hard cider has once again arrived in Ponyville
>And Anon could really go for some of that (only) alcoholic beverage
>Kicker is, Fluttershy appears to have bought just about every barrel
>Where she got that kind of money is a mystery
>Fluttershy tells Anon she can give him a little cider
>Although the amount of cider depends on what he can give her

Peek shit posting hours yo.
it'd end up being like early 2000's flash tier animation anyway
That still seems like a decent amount of effort in my book.
Hope this gets picked up, I it could be pretty fun.
How do you think Fluttershy would take having one of those dog cones out on her? I feel like if it was big enough it would at least stop her from shoving her face in your ass.
>Anti-rape equipment
Has there been an FR story about this kind of thing?
Driverbang did one with a chastity belt, it was really good, but I don’t think there are too many others, honestly it probably wouldn’t even be that hard to get her to wear the cone.
> Wouldn't be too hard for FS to wear the cone
You have a scenario in mind?
Well if she’s never seen one before, which is admittedly unlikely but I believe even regular animals in Equestria are generally smarter than here and likely wouldn’t pull at stitches, you could probably convince her that it’s some kind of super kinky sex toy, or some kind of fetish thing, or even a wedding band.
File: E-collar.png (184 KB, 360x420)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
Well turns out they do have those, but the point still stands that if you could get it on her that it'd likely help, it'll just be harder than expected.
File: oh no.jpg (68 KB, 1024x1024)
68 KB
Wonder what poor mare she stole this from.

*cracks knuckles*

>"Honey I have good news!"
>It's Fluttershy who's made her way into your home again.
"I'm not your Honey, what are you doing in my house now."
>She pulls out what seems to be...a...a pregnancy test?
"Fluttershy, why the FUCK do you have a pregnancy test? And *sniff* *sniff* Oh god it reeks of horse piss!"
>"Well yeah Anon, that's how pregnancy tests work. Haven't you taken a sex ed class?"
>You did not in fact take sex ed. All you learned about sex was from the internet.
>"Anyway Anon, I hope you're going to take responsibility for this." Fluttershy says contempt that you will comply.
"Okay one we've never ever had sex."
>"Except that one time when-"
>"And it would have gone on longer if it weren't for those meddling Cutie Mark Crusaders!" Fluttershy shakes her fist angerly.
"Yeah, thank god for them."
>"But no Crusader can save you now, because with this I can now have you right where I want you! Mwhahaha!" Fluttershy laughs crazily.
>You both turn to see Applebloom an company.
>"Looks like you're up to your old tricks again huh, Fluttershy?" Scootaloo says proudly.
>"W-what? M-me? I have no idea what you're talking about!" Fluttershy tries to play it off.
>"We saw you take the pregnancy test from a couple's home." Sweetie Belle points out.
>Fluttershy shifts her eyes sweating as she is now caught in her web of lies.
>"Oh alright admit it!" she gives in.
>"Yes! We did it girls! We save Anon's virginity again, thanks too the Cutie Mark Crusaders!" The three high hoof.

Aaand scene.
>The CMC take up arms
>Begin storming Anon's house for the good of ponekind
>Celeuz lo vult
>Free shit too
>Make it to Anon's Bedroom
>Flutterfucker is stationed inside with the hostage, putting up heavy resistance
>The siege for Anon's bedroom lasts for 3 fortnights.
File: Dominator Aced.png (524 KB, 1280x720)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
>Day Colossal Goatfuck in Equestria
>Fluttershy broke into your house wearing a clown mask
>then she tied you up with zip ties and gagged you
>she's also stealing all your valuables
>aka your beer and snacks
>you see balloons with spotlights floating past your 2nd floor bedroom window
>right before Fluttershy barricades it with some boards
>you hear Sweetie Belle over a megaphone
>"Fluttershy come out with your hooves up!"
>"We know you're in there!"
>Fluttershy screams out the window
>"I've got a hostage!"
>"HRT! One civvy present! We can't move in!"
>"Fuck that we're going in!"
>Was that Scootaloo outside?
>"Ah'll breach the door!"
>that must be Applebloom
>you hear the front door burst open
>then an explosion
>"Fuck the place is booby-trapped!"
>"Keep going and watch for tripmines."
>Fluttershy fucking put bombs in your house?!
>who's going to pay for all your shit that's being blown up?
>Fluttershy goes outside the room
>you hear the first assault team getting massacred
>"Shoot and scootaloo!"
>"Fall back!"
>somehow one of the assault team members made it inside and is trying to cut you free
>"We're gonna get you outta here just stay calm."
>Fluttershy walks in
>oh fuck
>He turns around to see what you're so scared of
>She uses the Stare on the poor bastard
>"Al-alright easy-easy there!"
>Fluttershy pushes the officer out the bedroom door
>"Go cover the front door and make sure no one gets in."
>"Damn you..."
>Fluttershy rips off your pants and gag and takes off her mask
>"Oh shush"
>she places herself over you
>"You see Anon"
>"I need my Payday too."
Maybe she didn't steal it... https://www.fimfiction.net/story/307540/139/fluttershy-wants-in-your-pants/pregnancy-red-returns-1
I thought that was a box cutter.
Red returns was a a good segment, kinda wish the arc it led to wasn’t likely to be the end.
File: straws.png (55 KB, 1650x1650)
55 KB
That was better than I could've expected, and if Anon had taken horse sex ed he'd know that the pegasi's natural nesting instinct would've hit her long before she could get to his house.
So Grogar’s bell is some kind of plot device power up artifact right?
Would it turn Fluttershy into some kind of super rapist if she used it?
Been digging through old threads and found this thing Neb wrote, it was certainly interesting.
>You wake to the sound your front door breaking apart.
>Rather than leap out of bed ready for action like you used to, you instead wait a few moments just to gather your thoughts.
>As your recall the lovely dream you were having, wherein you were dead and no one could bother you any more, your front door continues to splinter and crack, each slam of the heavy tool being used to sunder it accompanied by an effeminate squeak.
>You vaguely think back to how much the last door cost you and wince.
>Hopefully the stallion at the hardware store is willing to give you a repeat-customer discount this time.
>Rising from your bed, you trudge downstairs to meet--
>Said mare is wheezing from exertion, the mare doubled over and gasping for breath.
>To her credit, she made her way through in record time.
>The wooden ruination that was once your door stands barely attached to its hinges, an axe leant neatly against your hallway wall.
>She holds up a hoof as she catches her breath.
>"Ah... Anon...! G-glad to... see you awake...!"
"Uh huh. So to what do I owe the pleasure? Would you like to help yourself to some orange juice in the fridge? Maybe help yourself to some grapes as well? You know where they are, of course."
>"Of... course...!"
>She drags herself into your kitchen and collapses into a chair, her head bent backwards, resting on the back of her seat.
>You sit across from her with your own glass of juice and smile patiently, waiting for her to recover from her ordeal.
>Eventually she wets her lips and sits up straight, a hoof attempting to straighten her frazzled mane.
>"So uh, yeah."
>"Yeah. I have an important announcement that I thought you might want to know."
"So important you broke down my front door. Again."
>"Yes, though this time it really -is- important."
"What? So telling me that you're lonely -wasn't- a good reason to break down my door at two in the morning?"
>"In retrospect I realise I may have acted... silly."
"You don't say."
>"I do. But me crying myself to sleep at night isn't why I'm here. At least not entirely."
"Do tell."
>"Anon." She fixes you with a steely gaze "I have heard the siren song of extremist political ideology."
>You pause as your raise your glass of to your lips.
>"I am now--" she puffs her chest out "--an anarcho-capitalist!"
>You blink.
"Say what now?"
>"An an-anarcho-c-capitalist."
"There were too many 'ans' in that. What, is it like yoga or something?"
>"No, it's an economic system whereby adherents believe in a truly free market, devoid of government regulation."
"Sounds absolutely fascinating and not at all boring."
>"It is! I read a pamphlet that was pushed through my door yesterday, and those two and a half pages of poorly worded, uncited propaganda were all I needed to hear in order to fully commit myself to the cause!"
"There's a lesson in here somewhere."
>"The only lesson I learnt was that money and power is all that matters, which is why you are now my property!"
"Lovely! Only problem is that no one else shares your weird cult beliefs."
>"They don't have to! I've already gone to the Town Hall and relinquished my citizenship! I am now a stateless pony bound only to my own laws and principles!"
"You -really- didn't think about the long-term consequences here, did you."
>"And using my new-found freedom I have decided to acquire you as a slave."
"Uh huh. And how are you going to do that?"
>Fluttershy smiles.
>Then places a pump-action shotgun on the table.
>You stare at it for a moment.
>Then at her.
>"Might makes right, Anon. If you can't defend your property I have every right to take it, and that includes you."
>She picks up the shotgun and pumps it once, the sound of a shell being loaded into the chamber echoing around your kitchen.
File: 13462462235.png (58 KB, 277x238)
58 KB
>Sweat forms on your forehead.
>"Now do as I say."
"You can't do this! Slavery is wrong!"
>"If you don't want to be a slave then stop being one."
"I can't! You have a gun-- oh, I think I'm starting to understand."
>"See? It's the perfect ideology!"
"For people with money and guns, yes, not so much for the people that don't have access to such resources."
>"That sounds like loser-talk, Anon. Now get under this table and service me. If you're lucky I might even tip you for your efforts."
"Wouldn't that make me more of an employee, not a slave?"
>"You don't get paid to think Anon, now get to work."

>Things were pretty great for Fluttershy from then on.
>At least until a 6-year old colt kicked his ball through Fluttershy's window and she retaliated by obliterating his entire neighbourhood with her privately-owned Manticore Ballistic Missile Home Defence System because he violated the Non-Aggression Principle, which in turn brought the entirety of the Equestrian Royal Military down on her head.
>Fucking Monarchists.
That was pretty good Neb, thoroughly enjoyed it.
File: brilliantdoctor.gif (481 KB, 500x290)
481 KB
481 KB GIF
Hilarious as usual, you funny man.
File: 1536022361816.png (113 KB, 208x232)
113 KB
113 KB PNG

That was Delicious.
File: Robotnik Grinning.jpg (261 KB, 873x624)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
That's some premium green my dude.
File: invasive yellow.png (86 KB, 606x610)
86 KB
So how many of you would forcefully fornicate Fluttershy's fallopian funzone?
>forcefully fornicate Fluttershy's fallopian funzone
There's no way it can be that fun.
"You want me to do what...?"
>"I want you to, um--"
>Fluttershy carefully checks her notes.
>"Pound my pristine pony pussy."
"You want me to beat your bean?"
>"Lick my labia."
"Caress your cooch?"
>"Maul my mound."
"Sodomise your sweet-spot?"
>"Touch my twat."
"Violate your vag?"
>"Whack my womb."
"Fiddle your fuckhole?"
>"Gyrate against my genitals."
"Impale your ickybits?"
>"Have sex with me."
That's some great alliteration.
What if Anon paid a changeling to look like him? Would that work?
I think it would for a little while, but it would forget some nothing thing that Fluttershy would pick up on.
Have the changeling open answer the door as Fluttershy and then watch her brain implode.
"Hi, Fluttershy! Is your fetish to go fuck yourself?"
"Oh! Um. I mean, it seems like you're always trying to get anon to tell you to do that, and now maybe you can!"
Got a chuckle out of me.
File: lewd wing hands.gif (575 KB, 600x647)
575 KB
575 KB GIF
I'm not sure how I feel about this modern wing behavior.
File: KFC.jpg (18 KB, 308x378)
18 KB
>"It's finger-lickin-good!"
File: sneaky horse.png (1.34 MB, 1500x1007)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
You can't let your guard down for even a moment.
That feather’s going straight where the sun don’t shine when she’s done sucking on it.
So how fucked would Fluttershy be if her weird fanfics ended up getting distributed around town?
File: 1909934.png (1.7 MB, 1202x2565)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
Probably not very, I'd be willing to bet nobody in Ponyville really published any smut and/or lewd literature, and I don't recall even seeing a book store anywhere in town. Was a library and that's it.
Willing to bet a lot of pones that'd be into whatever they read from her.

But first they'd have to know what Anime is since Fluttershy would absolutely be writing weeb fanfics.
I don't know about that, but Mistress Notfluutershai is one of the most popular authors in the burgeoning Human x Pony romance subgenre.
Yeah but that’s the work of a literary genius, opposed to the self insert fetish fueled smut we all know Fluttershy would put to paper.
I feel like you could take any weebfic or My Immortal tier trash, change some names around and end up with exactly the kind of things she'd write.
Looks like Angel caught her fantasizing.
I get the whole point of the thread is NOT to fuck the yellow but, FUCK I wanna eat that pussy.
There's no thread if there's no temptation.
If you were the Anon who Flutterbutter's fetish guessing was happening too, would you give in and bugger the yellow? Or stay strong and resist?
Maybe I'd call the police.
And then dress up as a police so you can "interrogate" her one on one? Brilliant!
I'd resist as long as she doesn't guess my fetish. But if she does, it's all over.
I feel like there would be maybe one or two times, where if nobody was around I'd let her inside.
No; so the police could put her away for harassment.
Anon she's a national hero who has helped save the world multiple times and helps animals in her free time, I don't think the police will believe you.
>One or two times
Anon, once she gets you once, its over for you. She'll fuck so crazy that you'll NEVER get her pussy out of your head.
I fucking guarantee she uses the stare during sex to get away with whatever depraved shit she wants.
Never stick your dick in crazy, as they say.
What if Anon is the police?
I feel like if that were the case she'd be a lot less direct in her approach, you'd probably just get a bunch of secret admirerer letters, and Shy using a lot of bad disguises.
Well, what about various celebrities going down for crimes these days?
So is Twilight, but she has a lot against her as well. >>34313260
Well, Twilight did a little bit worse than stalking.
So if you were a juror for her trials, how would you rule Twilight is on those other issues? And would you recommend the death sentence?
Was Cadence even a foreign dignitary during Canterlot Wedding? I could've sworn the Crystal Empire wasn't a thing until Sombra came back the first time.
The real problem is she's less a celebrity and more of an actual superhero, who also reformed the pony equivalent of Loki, so it's not like she'd even be stuck too long before Discord just got her out, assuming she even goes to jail in the first place.
In my head canon, the Crystal Empire under Sombra was similar to Japan under a shogunate: the emperor had no real power, but still served a ceremonial role.

But what about her other offenses?
I don’t think she’d get the death sentence, it’s hard to say if the Tirek thing wasn’t some elaborate plan or not, the Pinkie clones are the most fucked to one though because her testing method was basically just “Lets just keep the one that’ll annoy me the least”. Can’t speak on the embezzlement thing though.
>“Lets just keep the one that’ll annoy me the least”

I think the premise was that the Pinkie clones didn't have all of their original memories, so only the original would have won the staring contest, as she actually had motivation to do so.
So how would the Equestrian people react to Twilight, Celestia, and Luna being stripped of their royal titles, thrown into prison, and having to allow Prince Blueblood to exercise his claim to the throne?
Also the Pinkie clones were dumber and more random.
I think the mirror pool is an Ancient Equestrian fanfic maker.
Probably not well, but it’s probably still better than when Discord was in charge.
Out of curiosity, do you think Fluttershy would ever attempt to guess Discord's fetishes if Discoshy is made canon?
Probably not, the whole reason for the fetish guessing was that anon doesn’t want to bang a horse so she’s trying to find a way to overcome the species barrier.
File: IMG_3110.png (1.58 MB, 1334x750)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
But she would still need to overcome a similar barrier. After all, Discord seems to be depicted as an alien from another planet... possibly one in a Dr. Seuss universe.
The difference is that he’s already interested in her, her reasoning with Anon, at least in some early FR stories was that she could make herself appealing to him through fetishes, because he wasn’t interested in a relationship with a horse.
But why would she prefer Anon over Discord?
Anon you’re kind of missing the point, the fetish guessing comes from the same place as her behavior during Best Night Ever.
It isn’t how she shows affection but how she handles someone not reciprocating her feelings.
In your example there isn’t anything to imply Discord shows no interest in her, therefor there’s no need for fetish guessing, however if he wasn’t interested in her and she wanted to be with him she would likely go for fetishes to try and make herself appealing to him.
What's up with "coom" now becoming a meme on other boards? I have a bad feeling about this...
Don’t know, but I don’t like it.
Its some discord tranny thing that’s being pushed site wide.
But it was actually a meme in Flutterrape years ago.
Yeah. In this case it’s definitely a coincidence. If our writers can come up with something like that, someone else can too.
You heard it here first folks, Flutterrape is the original. Everyone copies us for something a little entertaining!
Well you’re not wrong, never forget that AiE is the spinoff, it’s just way more popular.
>Day Inuyasha in Equestria.
>”Golly, Anon! How lucky was it that Princess Twilight released us early?”
>”Who better than you to teach me the joys of friendship?”
“And consent.”
“And consent. Don’t try to sidestep the “No means No” collar you’re wearing.”
>She touches the collar.
>”We don’t need this silly thing, right? We can just-“
>She pouts.
>”Pleeeease? I’ll only tickle your balls-“
>You kick back and read the paper, ignoring the Cozy Crater.
“Oh! Look at that. Discord got married. Guess he’s-“
>Fucking Fluttershy
File: gollies in prison.jpg (62 KB, 360x303)
62 KB
>”Golly! Here for a conjugal visit? Just slip it between the bars!”
File: Cozy.png (331 KB, 991x768)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
One more just for you anon.
>Day Inuyasha
>Because the end goal is never achieved and it just keeps going
I get it!
File: mmmmmm.png (344 KB, 974x1001)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
File: marelets.png (2.28 MB, 1889x3101)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
Do you think Dash gets bullied for being barely bigger than a filly?
File: rape carnival.png (901 KB, 6390x6793)
901 KB
901 KB PNG
Their ticket prices are lower than Fluttershy's self esteem!
File: flutterrape.png (933 KB, 1245x3000)
933 KB
933 KB PNG
She figured out his fetish. Guess now they'll live happily ever after.
File: Fluttercrush.png (2.49 MB, 2200x2000)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
She's got some fierce competition though.
File deleted.

Okay so wrote a new piece for "CougarShy"

Here we go;

>Fluttershy continues to give you a big hug, a hug so tight you're being smothered by her breasts.
>You try to wiggle out of her clutches
>Her grasp gets tighter around you.
>It was only then you get an idea.
>You slap her ass really hard to catch her off guard.
>"YA~!" She yelps.
>You push her off and she stumbles back a little.
>From the sound of it you thought she might have liked it.
"Watcha tryin to do suffocate me?!"
>"O-oh! I'm so sorry Anon I didn't mean to!" Fluttershy tries to inch closer towards you again.
>You inch back away from he in response.
"Look lady I'm grateful you're willing to give me some dough, but could you tone it down a little?"
>You plead to her.
>She nods respectfully.
>"Well at least let me take care of you long enough until your leg is healed."
>She points towards your busted leg.
>It's not like it was gonna get better on it's own...
"I-I'll be fine, I'm a big boy I'll be fine on my own."
>You try to stand up straight.
>You instantly start to fall over.
>Fluttershy however catches you in her hoofs.
>"I don't think you have a choice here, Mister." Fluttershy begins to smother you again.
>For the rest of the day she tended to you.
>She cleaned up your trailer.
>She did your laundry.
>She even made you a home cooked meal.
"Hey, uh, Is this special treatment gonna cut into my funds?"
>Fluttershy stops mid-cleaning session to look at you.
>"W-what?" she asks confused.
"Ya know, is this "maid service" you're doing going to cut into the money you'll be paying me for when I get payed for doing chores or whatever."
>"Oh...OH! No, no sweetheart~ I'm ever so glad to help you out in your time of need." she says cheerfully.
"Oh, well, that's cool of you."
>"Anon, when was the last time you did, anything around your home?" Fluttershy questions.
"Uhm...I cleaned most of my clothes like, a week ago?"
>Fluttershy leers and puffs her cheeks at you.

>"When was the last time you had a real meal that didn't come from a convenience store or gas station?"
>"Uhh...This one time, when I was out, I found some shrooms growing in the woods and I ate those. Sucks that they weren't the "good" kind though."
>Fluttershy puffs her cheeks even more, this time she puts her hoofs on her hips sternly tapping her lower hoof.
"What? What I do??"
>"Anon, you should really take better care of yourself, goodness knows what would happen if I left you today like you are now!"
"I'd be fine, I still got some of those shrooms in a baggie...Somewhere?"
>You begin looking through your couch cushions for them.
>Fluttershy shakes her head at you disappointed.
>"Anon, a young growing boy shouldn't live in pig stye and shouldn't be eating things that's not good for him."
"You tried to make me eat you, Ms.Whip Cream topping."
>Fluttershy shifts her eyes and goes red in the face from embarrassment.
>You begin to laugh at your own joke.
>Fluttershy soon begins to laugh with you.
>The day continues on.
>You sat on the couch and played Fusion Frenzy.
>Fluttershy tries playing with you, even though she isn't that good.
>-Knock- -Knock-
>Someone's at your door.
>"Yo Anon! You feelin better, Brah?"
>It was Buttons checking up on you.
"Yo B! Come on in!"
>"Sup man how ya-" Buttons is awe struck to see the "Bombshell" Fluttershy playing vidya with you.
>"Awwww snap! My boy Anon mackin on the bodacious babe Fluttermilf!" Buttons teases.
"I'm not mackin on anyone we're just playin vidya, dude."
>"Riiiight, suuuure. Like you totally weren't smashin this puss all day, no wonder I haven't seen you at the skate park all day, you're shackin up with the one of the hottest milfs in town!" Buttons goes on.
>Fluttershy pauses the game "Young man I don't think your mother would approve of the way you talk so disrespectfully about me."

>"Hey, hey, hey, easy! Anon call off your old lady!" Buttons protests.
"Look man, I'd help, but you came in all "disrespectful" towards my boss."
>"YOUR BOSS?! Brah what the hell?? I thought you were Mr.Rebel, livin off scratch made from scams and shit like that, now you got a girl you think you're all that? Huh?!"
"I mean, that's just your opinion, man. She's taken care of me, look she even made a dish out of those mushrooms we thought we could get on high."
>Buttons rolls eyes his at this.
>"What ever happened to bros before hoes?!" Buttons argues.
>"That's rich coming from someone who literally sucks on his Mama's nipples still." Fluttershy says mockingly.
>Buttons is caught off guard by Fluttershy's words.
>You've got the biggest shit eating grin growing across your face.
>Buttons hangs his head in shame for what's about to come next.
"Do you need some ice for that?"
>Buttons lets out an exasperated sigh.
>You begin laughing super hard, like so hard it almost hurt.
>"At least I want to suck on a girls titty's faggot! Unlike your faggot ass, ya fuckin double faggot!" Buttons snaps back.
>"Young man I think it's time you went home we don't need that kind of talk here." Fluttershy says sternly.
>"Oh yeah and what are you gonna do about it?" Buttons argues.
>Fluttershy pulls out her phone from her bra.
>"Or else I'll be forced to call your mother and tell her what a naughty potty mouth of a boy you are." Fluttershy threatens.
>"YOU WON'T!" Buttons says sweating bullets hopefully calling a bluff.
>Fluttershy begins to dial the phone, it soon rings and almost immediately Buttons's Mom answers.
>"Hey Fluttershy! What's up?" She answers.
>Buttons throws up his hoofs in a defensive way and slowly backs out of your trailer in a calm and quiet manner.
>But not before giving a stink eye to you for the what just went down.

>Fluttershy hangs up on her phone.
>She lets out a sigh of relief and puts her phone back in her bra.
"Yo, Shy, real talk, that was gnarly."
>"W-wha? I-I didn't mean to ruin any friendships I-" Fluttershy stammers.
"Nah, nah it's cool. Buttons got laid out hard but he'll get over it, he always does."
>You tried to reassure her but to be honest after a sick burn like that AND calling his Mom on him you weren't too sure yourself.
>"Well in anycase I should get going myself. Do you need me to do anything else before I go?" Fluttershy offers.
"Nah I'm good."
>"Can I get a goodbye kiss for all my hard work~" Fluttershy sheepishly asks.
>You look at her and leer.
>She gives you those puppy dog eyes.
>She DID pretty much give you basically top tier maid service and gave Buttons a sick ass burn.
>You let out a reluctant sigh.
"Okay I'll give you one, but only on the cheek."
>Fluttershy gains a devilish smile.
>She then turns around and begins to back her ass into you.
"Fluttershy? Fluttershy! FLUTTERSHY!
>Before you knew it she had her ass pressed to your nose.
>"What? You said a kiss on the cheek, you didn't say which one so I thought you wanted my tooshie~" Fluttershy tries to play innocent.
>You curse profanitys under your breathe.
>"Just be happy you didn't go for the lips "wink wink" hee-hee~" Fluttershy started to get that lustful look in her eye, same look when she went all "Cougar mode".
>You smack her ass away.
>She giggles in delight.
>You turn her around and give her a quick peck on the head.
>She lights up at this and lets out a soft "Yay~" for her reward.
>Fluttershy takes her leave for the night.

>The next morning you woke up.
>Cleaned yourself up as best as you could.
>You go to grab your skate board.
>But wait, there's...A note?
>"Dear Anon, stop by my place for your first bit of helpful day of work! I know you like to sleep i'll expect to see you this afternoon" <3 Fluttershy.
"Jokes on you I woke up early so I could get a headstart and skate at the park for the rest of the day!"
>Your leg was a bit sore but you push through the pain and coast on to Fluttershy's place.
>You wonder what she had planned for you.
>Knowing that crazy Cougar something dumb like cleaning her gutters, fixing her sink, dusting the cobwebs out her chimney.
"Wonder if she'll ask me to try and fuck her again...Nah, I think she's cooler than to try that shit again."
>You say to yourself confidently.
>You finally reach her place.
>You knock on the door.
>"Agh! Rainbow Dash I told you it takes time for me to get my hair straight an-"
>Fluttershy opens the door.
>She looks at you wide eyed and embarrassed, surprised to see you so early.
"Yo Shy, sorry if I'm a bit early, but I wanna get this dough and go so I can hit the skate park earrrly?"
>You eye Fluttershy up and down.
>She still had her hair in curlers, that guacamole stuff on her face and she still had her skimpy lookin night gown on.
>"A-Anon?! W-What are you doing here so early?" Fluttershy says flustered.
"I just said I wanted to hit grind rails early, so whatever work you want me to do let's get to it!"
>"Right, right, sorry tell you what just head to my back yard and will get started." Fluttershy closes the door quickly to put herself together.
>You go to her backyard.
>She actually has a bomb ass pool.
>Goes 5ft deep too.
>Only problem is.
"What the fuck is this Nickalodeon slime?!"
>Pool water was greener than the puke you yacked up after eating a gas station sandwhich passed it's expire date.

>"Haa~ Sorry you had to see me like that Anon but I'm ready now and-"
"Fluttershy, why the FUCK is your bomb ass pool green as fuck."
>Fluttershy looks at her pool curiously.
>Then at you.
>She shrugs "I guess I got distracted helping my friends so often I forgot I had one at times."
>You leer at her begrudgingly.
>You then turn your leer towards the pool.
>If it was just clearing the damn leaves this wouldn't be a a problem.
>But just looking at the mess of this god forsaken pool you knew this would be a all day job.
>You let out a frustrated sigh and curse under your breathe.
"God damn it, things I do for rent I swear to fuckin God."
>You begin to take off your clothes.
>"A-Anon? Is that really necessary? N-Not that I mind or anything! Oh...Oh my~" Fluttershy begins to blush.
>You had stripped down to your boxers.
"Alright Fluttershy lets just drain the pool and start from scratch, got any bleach and scrubbers or somethin? Fluttershy? FLUTTERSHY!"
>Fluttershy was staring at you with that hungry Cougar, literally salivating over your young teenage bod.
"Fluttershy we're burnin day light here!"
>"O-Oh sorry!" Fluttershy fumbles to find the function to drain the pool.
>You roll your eyes as she tries to figure out what to do.
"Here let me, or else will be here all day."
>You flip a few switches and the pool begins to drain slowly.
>Takes damn near 3 hours and you had to clear out cloggings of gunk occasionally too.
>It was high Noon soon sun was beating down on you.
>"Anon I think you need some sun screen." Fluttershy offers holding up a bottle of SFP 50.
"I don't need sun screen! I just wanna get this pool finished and jet!"
>"Anon, please? You'll end up red as a boiled lobster!" Fluttershy tries to convince you.
"I'm in the sun all the time, I'll be fine."

>"Young man, it's almost 100 degrees out. Now please let me put on some sun screen for you!" Fluttershy begs
>She comes in close with glob of the stuff in her hoof.
"Fluttershy I said I'll be fine!"
>"I don't want to see you in pain again!" Fluttershy says more sternly.
>You look her in the eye.
>She was serious.
>You look at your skin
>it was starting to turn kind red.
"Okay, okay fine just put it on quick."
>Fluttershy's distress quickly turns around
>She smiles at you like kid who just got her way.
>You stay still for her and she applies the sunblock accordingly.
>Finally it was time to scrub down the pool from top to bottom.
>This took another couple of hours having to take breaks so you the bleach and heat wouldn't kill you.
>By the time you finally got the water back into the pool you it was now closing into the evening.
>You were exhausted from the heat and the manual labor.
>You look at where the sun was.
>It's way past Noon, sky was orange with a tint of red.
"Damn it, so much for the skate park..."
>Fluttershy pats you on the back "For what it's worth you did an excellent job, Anon. I felt like I was more in the way if anything!"
>You look upon the pool and upon the hard work you put in.
"Yeah, yeah your welcome."
>You didn't want to admit it, but some part of you did feel like you accomplished something today
>And it sure as hell beats breaking bones over a lame skate trick.
>"I'll go get you something cold to drink along with your pay, be right back." Fluttershy leaves by the pool.
>You step on over near the deep end.
>You dip a foot in the pool.
>It's nice and cool.
>Clear as the ocean in the Bahamas.
"Eh, screw it, might as well have some kind of fun today!"
>You back up a bit for a running start.
>You go for it.
>But slip on the pool side before you could really jump.
"Wait! Shit! Fuck!"

>You still went in the pool.
>But no Cannon ball was made.
>You dive head first.
>The impact was made on your head with the pool floor.
>Darkness takes you.
>Before you knew it you were just letting the motion of the cradle you.
>In those few moments you could feel your body getting heavy as you hit the pool floor.
>Was this death?
>"OH MY GOODNESS ANON!" You hear a faint voice shout out.
>You felt your body being tugged.
>Suddenly you felt like you were out of the water.
>But you still felt limp and immobile.
>Next thing you know you felt something wiggling in your mouth.
>Air being pushed down your throat.
>This happened again.
>Then again.
>And again.
" *cough* *cough* Achk! Jesus! *cough* *cough* "
>You come back to life.
>You look around woozy.
>Fluttershy held you close.
>She had tears rolling down her face.
>"Anon?? Sweetie are you okay!? Anon! Say something sweetheart!"
>Your head hurts.
>You could barely put together a sentence.
>Fluttershy goes in for another kiss of life.
>A force of air enters your throat again.
>You spit up pool water after this.
>You gasp for air as you try to gather yourself.
"W-Who, wha?! Fluttershy?"
>Fluttershy lets a scream of joy "Don't you ever scare me like that again mister!"
>She continues to smother you in her chest.
>You felt to weak in the body to smack her ass.
>Although considering what just happened you figured that you'd let her have this one.
>Saved by the Cougarshy.

Alright that's it, for now, maybe, I dunno.

I'm gonna to the store for a pack of smokes, see ya'll later.
I wasn't expecting this today, but I'm glad it happened, hope you keep it going.
File: Flutterbutterbutt.jpg (212 KB, 1837x1651)
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212 KB JPG
File: 80s.png (1.41 MB, 926x943)
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1.41 MB PNG
Would Fluttershy still try to get into Anon's pants if he was a wrinkly old man?
>YWN be suffocated beneath Rara's perfect, porcelain, perky, posterior.
Why live?
Nice and much better than the start. Let the fucking Fluttershy put some wisdom in this boys head.
damn that was a sick burn, especially for Flutters
she's willing to get nasty for that d

fucking excellent, Cog
of course

File: ooga booga boopa.png (97 KB, 577x492)
97 KB
>While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her stead and attempt their own versions of rape
Anyone know of a Zecora flutterrape? if not, is there a possible repository of written greens that some kind hearted anon knows that they wouldn't mind spoonfeeding?

then just go through the author list and pick out anything else that look intersting
I think I’ve only ever seen one, but her and Anon played a game where you have to drink a potion that makes it so you had to speak in rhymes, if you didn’t rhyme you’d lose your voice, and decided to see who could rhyme better.
Our dear Smudgey-kins wrote that.
Yeah, also didn’t notice it was linked in the post right before mine.
File: Building power.gif (43 KB, 560x420)
43 KB
I feel like this one actually sums up their relationship perfectly.
Hey, this is pretty groovy though.
File: Buns.jpg (206 KB, 1280x1076)
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206 KB JPG
At least she tries to put some effort into her pickup lines.
File: 1567744117882[1].png (1.29 MB, 2800x2800)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
I really like the way this guy handles Fluttershy, Makes me feel like he might hang out here a bit too.
File: Rape University.jpg (623 KB, 1440x1080)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
File: fillies.png (228 KB, 834x1023)
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228 KB PNG
Anybody here seen Knock Knock?
File: Smug as fuck eqgshy.png (376 KB, 1362x1153)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
This is the face of sex offence.
File: rape club.png (1.16 MB, 2353x1718)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Slow day today, so have this gathering of xenophiles.
File: 1511576698772.jpg (30 KB, 512x351)
30 KB
>that fucking burn
God damn.
>Fluttershy continues to give you a big hug, a hug so tight you're being smothered by her breasts
>Anthro crap
It’s not that bad, it’s not like it really effects the quality of the story.
When she catches you alone in the locker room.
Not him, but that ruined it for me. I'm not here 'cause I don't like ponies, although I'll admit that seems to be a popular thing to do lately.
Well i'm not gonna try to change your minds or anything, to each their own and all that, I just don't see it being something worth stopping his green over.
>It’s not that bad, it’s not like it really effects the quality of the story
Is this some kind of bad joke? Where do you think you are right now? In /trash/?

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