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So I've decided to get to back to the show after few years of staying clear from it and the fandom too and I think the quality of the animation has improved rapidly over season 6. Like a real big lot.
For instance, I absolutely love how the put SO much work into this little shop that appears there literaly for one scene with Discord. pic related, It's so damn beautiful and cozy looking! The color scheme and everything And it's not just this, but everything. From aesthetical side, this is absolutely gorgeous.
I heard the story writing got worse, but I loved the tales too. I honestly never enjoyed it more. Even the songs are mostly catchy and listenable, as for someone who still hates the singing in movies.
I'm so glad I stayed long enough to actualy appreciate all this. Cause this is what it was meant to be.
Not obsessing over characters, not drawing porn, not nitpicking every little thing about it, not shipping two mares because they hugged each other.
The pure enjoyment of the show! This is what felt like when I saw it first, I should never have let it evolve into unhealthy fapping obsession I got so sick of I had to leave eventualy. It didn't bring me any hapiness.

What are yours favourite parts?
Come on, can we have an actual apreciation thread?
>he quality of the animation has improved rapidly
No it hasn't. It's gotten much worse.

They became more experienced with using flash, yes. but this experience was offset by either laziness or unwillingness to maintain proper standards they had in S1-3 (which even then had some minor cracks show as it progressed).
>Human poses.
>The loss of basic things like ear flicking and snout exhales.
The only thing that is debatable is how much of the 21st century infestations were down to them or the writers (who equally stopped giving a fuck), such as that fastfood restaurant (in Ponyville of all possible places)

Spending more time on certain details in backgrounds or on faces at neglect of immersion is not improving animation. It's procrastinating.
>The pure enjoyment of the show! This is what felt like when I saw it first
So you didn't like the characters or the stories.
You liked those details.
That also according to you kind of starting appearing in season 6.
Uh huh yeah sure why not.

>I should never have let it evolve into unhealthy fapping obsession
>tmw you masturbate so much that the old writers get replaced with new writer who don't know anything about the show

And yeah, the tea shop was beautiful, Anon. Very nice. Good thread.
Have you seen the manga? Go take a look at it if you feel like it and tell me what you think of it compared to the show recently.
>So you didn't like the characters or the stories.
>You liked those details.

Not exactly what I've meant. I always like the stories and the characters. But the problems is overattachement. When you're so concetrated on your waifu or whatever else, you forget the bigger picture. That the show itself is actualy marvelous. I couldn't enjoy it, because I've been concentrating on it's flaws, not the things I love.

Also, I kinda like the memefaces. I'm not sure if it was like that before, but I've counted when trying to get one screencap, that there's like 5 or 4 frames for like one second of talking. It feels real fluent in real time. I mean, memefaces are literaly based of real humans. We do silly faces by accident sometimes. It's only more realistic for ponies to do so too. At least that's what I feel.

Haven't seen the manga, is it official or fanmade? Might take a look.
File: 1564066571835.jpg (1.73 MB, 2948x4280)
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1.73 MB JPG
>the quality of the animation has improved rapidly
>I think the quality of the animation has improved rapidly over season 6.
>compliments the backgrounds
Are you retarded? Since when do static backgrounds have anything to do with the movement of objects, characters, terrain?

You know I'd just like 1 time for the real executives and producers behind the show to shill their bullshit on 4chan so I can tell them to go to the psychiatric ward to get fixed.

MLP's backgrounds are disgusting to look at. They look like they were made in XP MS Paint.
Invader Zim had good looking backgrounds and was done in Flash.
Wakfu had good looking backgrounds and was done in Flash.
Tron Uprising, Motorcity, Randy Cunningham, The Looney Tunes Show, Bunnicula had good graphics and good backgrounds.
Avengers Earth's Mightiest and Young Justice had good animation and backgrounds.

Motorcity and Rise of the TMNT had good animation.

MLP is a piece of shit, MLP doesn't even use outline lightning, not even filter color lightning and filter shading, it barely uses gradients, it doesn't use anything that Flash is good at. MLP is a gigantic pile of shit.

S2-S9 don't even use the walking and running cycles anymore, the ponies don't even run anymore. They don't turn around anymore. Their head turns aren't smooth. Any action done in S2+ is stilted and tweened.

I've seen more movement and lightning effects in 10 minutes of TT GO and Bunnicula than 10 episodes combined of MLP.
The manga is officially licensed by Hasbro as much as IDW comics but the writing is better since the S1 oldfags were doing the writing and art
Gas the Romanians
Cringe and schizopilled
Gas the samefagging Phillipino. I know you're underage and skip school you little shit.
File: 1731301.png (1.79 MB, 1280x1440)
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1.79 MB PNG
But OP is right about the backgrounds even though he called them "animation" for whatever reason. Backgrounds are literally the only thing that improved.
While the writing became completely asinine and the animation became a disgusting showcase of shit like >>34149447, shit like lightning and shading and all that crap are the only things that got some attention.
Based. I wanna fuck that bunny and Fluttershy too
I disagree

Ive lately seen some scenes from s1 and theres some reaaally stiff animation and pseudo 3d going on there, like some low budget series knowing it wont make it post season 2

Also backgrounds have improved a LOT. And memeface is a degrading, stupid word for cartoony exaggeration. I dig that shit, because nothing is more offsetting than some characters with 24/7 concrete sameface like in some lil girl shows where you can only read emotions by the rotation of eyebrows and mouth. Sheesh no thanks.

OP has rediscovered the show for himself because he was able to cut loose from the overattachment the majority of the fanbase has, which yes, can be a bad thing. You stop to see why you liked the show and just keep comparing new stuff to old episodes, perception brushed up by nostalgia googles

Gratz for rediscovering the joy op
I really want doomfags to fucking die.
Sure smells like Derpibooru in here.
Man, the show never had a goal to have outstanding animation as wakfu, and they cant go out with gradients and shit because they have to stick to an artstyle continuity which was set up at the very beginning, where budget was probably a bigger question. Only way to break free from that is a new gen if youd want a stylistic change as a producer

Jerk off your superior taste somewhere else if you hate this place so much
He can't go back because he was banned from his lastest safehaven.
File: 885647.gif (2.01 MB, 807x453)
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2.01 MB GIF
I wonder how many locations and sets and stuff they've updated.
File: example.png (3.08 MB, 1280x2260)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB PNG
>theres some reaaally stiff animation and pseudo 3d going on there
Are you describing seasons 2-3 you little bitch?

I think MLP G4 would have worked greatly for a few episodes with the sparkly Winx and Monster High aesthetic where they go bananas with the cheap ass effects and tons of super tiny accessories nobody pays attention to.
Animation quality improved.
It's execution has worsened.

>>34149502 is a near perfect example of such.
That background is gorgeous, but the scene is fucking terrible.
>tfw you need overly exaggerated expressions to be able to understand basic emotions
Doomfag-fiesta. Guy tried to enjoy things ones for a while, and look - all those brainlets are here to prove him wrong.
At some point, I'm starting to think that it is not a show who went bad. It's you, faggots.
Suck my fucking dick, you asshole hasdrones have been ruling the board between 2014-2017, I'm glad the movie made even the angriest-born Glimmerfag finally admit defeat in silence and fuck off.

We could have had nice criticizing hatejerk threads like /co/ did, but noo you assholes had to go the opposite way and be drones. Thanks a lot asshole, you have nobody but yourself to blame.
>if you enjoy the small things despite all other shitstorm around then you're a hasdrone
Your unstoppable anger about "THEY DIDN'T MAKE IT LIKE I WANTED" is affecting your brain.
Go back to Derpibooru, austard. It's so fucking obvious it's you again.
>I honestly never enjoyed it more.
File: 431980.png (1.63 MB, 1684x1433)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
Guy literally mentions porn and masturbation as things that stop people from enjoying the show.
There are things to enjoy in the show? Sure, plenty of them. Not only I agree that the tea shop was beautiful, I actually loved the episode the tea shop was in. And even the shittiest episodes sometimes get nice scenes. But if someone comes here and pretends that if you don't like seeing how the show WE used to love is becoming a parody of itself, it's because you beat your meat too much, OP can go chew a bag of nails for all I care.

I'm all down for appreciating the small nice things in the show, but I won't buy false narratives about how those small things are all that matter, and about how anyone with a different opinion is wrong.
It's more like "If you dislike anything, and I mean ANYTHING from the show, you are a MEANIE HATER and should feel bad for not being a good fan like myself!"
They always use extreme examples to make clear they are the nice ones and how everyone is wrong, because they don't have the mental ability to make a decent argument, much less to accept that other people don't have to like what they like so much.
In other words: OP has autism and it shows.
File: 1536872338283.png (177 KB, 640x693)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
>We could have had nice criticizing hatejerk threads like /co/ did,
Honest question, do you enjoy that? "Doomfags" aren't a recent phenomenon, I remember some people with that attitude even before this board was created but I never knew why did you all continued to keep at it for so long.
I also didn't like some of the ideas new writers implemented into the show I loved but I talked myself into accepting all this shit (perhaps except Diversity 6 episodes) as the alternative seemed undesirable.
Fuck off, gypsy shitter. You're not even an oldfag you idiotic tryhard psycho.
>decent argument
To what, exactly? Memefaces?
>memefaces ruined everything!
>they was at earlier seasons too
>not so often
>as much as now
File: 1281005.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
I really like the changeling hive from S6E26. It looks awesome, and was a cool piece of lore, learning that bugponies live in a big termite-mound spire that constantly shapeshifts just like they do.

That doesn't change the fact that it was completely destroyed at the end of the episode, or that the episode was terribly written and had a contrived, asspull ending solely because Haber and Vogel wanted to make a Starlight-centered series finale at all costs. There really is a noticeable disconnect between background artists (and music producers) and the rest of the writing/animation staff, as >>34153549 points out.
I think the nu-ling design was a terrible choice but this episode wasn't that bad. First episode has very weird pacing but the second one isn't all that bad. The first part with Starlight's friends all sacrificing themselves one after the other was good (bonus points for writing Discord well) and imo outweighs the Deus Ex Machina ending.
File: 1563485420985.gif (865 KB, 640x360)
865 KB
865 KB GIF
>Quality animation
>proper standards
Are you fucking blind? Or with taste that shit? I rewatched S1 recently and it aged really badly. Some backgrounds are literally 90s scribbles that look like crap in comparison with S4-5, never mind animation in S8-9, and that's without even starting on the movie/rainbow special level of quality. Anyone saying anything good about early animation (save for maybe 1-2 scenes) and dozens of lazy copy-paste ponies (where animators didn't even spend 3 seconds recoloring them, we just had 4 Lyras in scene because FUCK YOU) is complete retard whose opinion isn't even fit for trash bin.
>Austard unironically says "REEE" to defend the undefendable
Take your medicine and ask your guardian to reduce your internet time.
>aren't a recent phenomenon
The same autist has been spamming that word non stop since the end of last year. It's been used three times today, all in this one thread.

It's a fake term for something that doesn't exist used by a filthy autist that can't stand people criticising the show.
Oh wow. That... That just doesn't look good. That don't look good, doesn't fit the show at all.

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