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Time for Brad to have his own thread.
...am I the only one who sees brad as a brony faggot who made it to equestria but had to pay for severe consequences afterwards?.
like a self-insert OC gary stu who wanted to be the chaddest of chad and make the dream of being the most popular boy in school dream come true, like living the heavenly anime harem MC in the highschool.
in fact, lowkey it was like those bad fanfictions about highschool.
so to me brad simply self-inserted into EQG and literally was the sole reason why EQG world exist and why the events of the movie happened.
but after that he lost relevance because he is fake, he adquired all of that but nothing to show for it, he is a OC that doesn't truly belong in that world so that world rejected him as it should.
brad is literally an autistic faggot using the body of a chad and he ended up getting the yamcha treatment, peaking up at the beginning and declining fast afterwards.
he is a nobody.
well shit
File: 1549225922866.png (102 KB, 452x423)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>"Flash, bro..what do you mean 'pony princess magic'?"
>"..Flash, they arrested Sunset and those scientist guys told us everything else was just hallucinations from swamp gasses."
>"C'mon bro..n-none of it was real."
>'No. No, I know it was real.'
>'It's real to me.'
File: flash_alone_mall.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1080)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
Reminder that Flash goes to the mall by himself and sits around like a sad lonely fuck.
Mass school shooting at CHS when?
>the yamcha treatment
now I wanna see brad get capped in the final episode. not even an on-screen death, just showing him in a crater is good enough.
File: 1472859.png (336 KB, 1280x720)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
The only thing Brad wanted was to live the dream, like each of us.
Then reality kicked in.

Do not hate the Brad.
>Only friend is the food court custodian
>"I know what it's like to watch the happy people come and go, Flash."
Remember when everyone hated brad?
Thread theme:
File: JUST.png (2.15 MB, 1920x1080)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
Brad slowly went from being hated for his original purpose to not being cared about once he lost his first purpose.

he was made to steal waifus, but wasn't ready for somebody else to take his work from him.
File: JUST'd.png (1.23 MB, 1395x1413)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
making it worse is this new look for him. This isn't the Brad we know...
look at how they massacred my boy...
Flash suffers for our sins
File: it was you, fredo.jpg (82 KB, 500x361)
82 KB
It was you, Twily
I know it was you
I kinda want him and Wallflower to just be in the background cuddling at some point. It’s a dumb enough pairing to work, and the memes would be 10/10
File: flash_alone_ferris_wheel.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
I want to see Flash live long enough to see himself become the villain.
>You can only push a man so far to the edge before he pushes back.
>Got Sunset
>They broke up
>Flirt with Twilight
>Another version of her pops out
>Try flirting with Twilight 2
>Another guy gets her
>Go back to Sunset
>Sees him as a friend
>Maybe Der-
>Bulk Biceps
>Ok what about Ly-
>Bon Bon
Goddamit, being Flash is suffering
>Alone on the Ferris Wheel
File: punished_flash.png (564 KB, 900x1211)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
The best part is how he broke it off with Sunset right before she becomes a quasi-goddess. That boy needs to learn how to fucking HODL.
File: Fuck.gif (1.49 MB, 498x280)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB GIF
>that moment when brad it just us and what we wanted to be...
>that moment when you realize that even being the best it wasn't enough and never will...
>that moment when you realize that brad just like us only wanted to be happy and would do anything to achieve his happy ending only for the world to say loud and clearly "fuck you brad, you never belonged here nor anywhere".
>that moment when you realize brad tried his best to be guy he always wanted to be and could never be in our world, he still failed.
>that moment when you realize that sunset and him swapped roles in a way, he actually received the punishment sunset should have received, loneliness.
>that moment when you realize brad tried to defeat sunset because he knew she was the typical highschool bitch that deserved eternal hate, but the world refused and even punished him for trying to do justice.
>that moment when you realize brad was hero who failed...because he doesn't truly belonged there nor he is supposed to be there, he doesn't have a future or a place in that world.
>brad was the dream that never was...the guy we ALL wanted to be and the only form that would grant us a chance at true happiness.
>he can't even become a villain because the world itself deny it and instead make other girls take the place before he can.
>the only thing left for him is to simply sit and let time pass by, no home nor future.
what a tragedy...and I just realized it now.
this song would fit him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5TSpEDSzac
File: flash_JUST_wojak.png (468 KB, 636x797)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
No, the only song that would fit him is "Last Resort".
thats when he finally gives into his hate and allow the very same power of sombra to fuel his desperation and desire to be happy.
he will snap and I would love to see brad as a tragic villain, that he only wanted to be happy and have a purpose in life but sunset took that away from him, everything.
his dream was to be your typical anime harem MC who was loved by the girls and admired by the boys, that he is alpha and a king, a good king that simply wants to do good and play that game, have tons of fun in those cliche scenarios and maybe even start a family of his own and working in his dream job, be a father and a good husband, have a beautiful wife and children.
but meanwhile he would have fun playing dumb and enjoying the harem gimmicks, laugh in private as he fondly remembers living those cliches and he is a chad too.
a dream come true...until sunset came to EQG and slowly took everything from him.
maybe he didn't even got to enjoy it.
this "brad" probably came to that world and live the dream around the end of 2012 so of course he wouldn't know who sunset is nor that he will be subjected to the plot and the story, he never saw it coming and being the autistic faggot he was he never prepared because he never though in a way it was way too good to be true, that there was a catch.
to him, he was finally the main character in a highschool with his favorite pony characters anthrofied and fit into this new dream reality, where he can be the cliche protagonist.
he had everything...and then it was taken from him, friends, love, girls, popularity, he became a ghost, he became again what he was before coming to that world...what he tried to escape and what was the most painful title, a creepy loser.
flash sentry(AKA Brad) was your typical beta sperg loser who suffered a lot, rejection and bullying, a disappointment to his parents, a ugly scrawny fuck that was fated to lose, his only comfort and source of happiness was ponies and cliches, he was a literal robot.
File: Spoiler Image (109 KB, 1100x1500)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
Guys, I got an idea to save the situation:
File: 80d.jpg (77 KB, 887x1097)
77 KB
no one couldn't have worst luck than him, talentless, ugly, weak, autistic, dumb, no one loved him, no one gave him a chance and never will, always fated to lose and never find love, manlet, his parents are ashamed of him and he knows it, he is a robot HKV that have no chance at all even if he becomes /fit/ he would never have a chance because he is a loser and forever be tied.
out of everyone, he must have felt hatred the most and desire love the most.
he only wanted to be a normal person or even the best like those animes where the MC gets all the love.
brad hated himself and was always disgusted at what he was, he knew he was a damn omega and wouldn't escape from that hell.
the only thing left for brad was ponies and cliche animes, to fill his void because his heart shattered years ago leaving only a miasma behind.
depression was a natural state to him since he never knew genuine happiness at all nor ever was capable of achieving something.
he had nothing to live for and never will, the only thing left is just mere illusions in a screen, the only thing keeping him going and at some point the show he loves so much will end, the friendship and love the ponies give is what really fills him, he loves them and really want to be the best ever to them, he wanted that intimate dream of living happily ever after with someone who will love him as much as he will love her.
but he is trapped in this world and be a loser...until somehow the impossible happened and he was granted a second chance in the form of going to EQG and be what he always wanted to be.
he accepted and never looked back, he had nothing here so fuck you earth.
the dream came true and it was beautiful, he was finally smart, normal, popular, talented, pretty, healthy and awesome, better beyond his dream, the girls really liked him for the first time EVER and he HAD friends, he could actually communicate with them and be normal.
he could finally live.
anon, wtf, take your medications
File: Fag ideology.png (10 KB, 271x828)
10 KB
he finally had what he never had, a life.
he could live and actually achieve his goals and dreams.
he could finally begin to experience life and everything good that it offered him.
his life truly began, at last.
his hopes and dreams will come true, his happy ending will be real.
brad no longer exist, he is dead but in his place its flash sentry, for all he knew brad what just a bad dream that he woke up from, he isn't and never will be brad again.
brad is dead and with him all of his pain.
he is no longer a loser but a winner and HE WILL WIN.
and win he did, he became a chad, he became perfect from his perspective, his non-existance confidence was now god like and he knew he was sexy, he is the king now and he will enjoy it.
he felt like a god and actually sperged a little when he saw that practicing actually bore fruits, he could create songs, he had hobbies and pals to hang out, pick up girls, sing, dance, everything that he desired was now his and what wasn't was in his reach to achieve.
everything was perfect and he will live like that forever.
he had everything, the girls, the friends, the smarts and looks, the talents, the perfect body, the handsome face, the beautiful colors, the reputation, the respect, everything.
until...sunshit stealer came to ruin everything.
thats reality anon, we both know it happened and still is.
those cringy faggots live what I wrote, it was merely a example.
until...sunshit stealer came and ruined everything, she was like those fucking sluts who bullied him and made fun of him when he was that fucking loser brad.
sunset was terrible and he could see that she somehow took over and dedicated to torment his favourite characters, he tried his best to help but sunset always was one step ahead of him...and just like that, she came and ruined everything, he tried to control her and keep her on a leash but she still came victorious, she always one upped him.
everything was falling apart and flash could only see how everything became ugly, everyone was suffering and he could see that, he didn't knew what to do but he knew that he had to find the ponies to help him defeat her.
lucky for him his waifu came to his rescue but he needed to be careful and play along so sunshit doesn't suspect he is helping her, flash ensured she was safe and got what she needed in order to win against sunshit.
from the shadows he ensured that twilight would have enough time to win and she did but we all know what happened next, sunshit is a sore loser and became what she always was, a she demon.
he hoped for twilight to utterly destroy her or banish her to the moon but nope he defeat her and the heartless demon was "sorry for ruining so many lives and making their life a living hell".
he would never forgive her for that and story followed his course, slowly but surely he lost everything the more time it passed.
the very unforgivable and irredimable demon slowly started to take away everything he worked so hard for despite her sins ensuring she would be forever a outcast and rightfully be treated like shit.
you just don't forgive that and yet she started getting away with everything despite deserving nothing, it wasn't fair from his perspective.
why sunset can't live with her sins and try to escape them? she did terrible stuff and she should live forever with it because she is a evil person and she should just go away, right?
but no, sunset got away with everything bad she did and really easy too.
she took everything that belonged to brad and he was left in the shadows.
now everyone love sunset and she now have what she doesn't deserve, not after what she did.
in a way, sunset and brad were the same.
both escaped their worlds for a better life, but unlike sunset, brad/flash came with good intentions and to do good.
sunset came with evil intentions and to do evil.
what a sick twist, for her to have everything he wanted and he getting forgotten in the background.
she know have friends, she is popular, she have powers, she have hobbies, she have a good reputation, she'll probably get a happy ending and she constantly saves the world from menaces.
and he worked to have all of that only to have it stolen from him.
wasn't he, flash sentry be the one with powers and saving the world? wasn't he flash sentry supposed to have the power to defeat the treats that come to canterlot high school? wasn't he flash sentry be the one to live the anime MC isekai harem story? wasn't he supposed to be what sunset is right now?.
how did he end up back to square one, thanks to plot~.
When Brad was happy we hated him
Now that he's depressed we understand him
>Flash thumped down into one of the seats outside the guidance counselor's office.
>He was almost surprised to see another student waiting.
>Some green girl.
>Nice sweater.
>Considering how often weird, crazy shit went on at CHS, it never really made sense to him how there wasn't always a five hour wait.
>CHS students be grounded as fuck, yo.
>Two students in line ahead of him was almost a shock.
>"So, what are you in for?"
>He glanced up, seeing the green girl raise an eyebrow at him.
>She looked... Tired.
>Kind of frumpy, but not unattractive or anything.
>The kind of girl that'd look nice if she tried, but didn't.
>He could respect that.
>Trying was overrated.
>He decided to just go for the shocker in the hopes that she'd leave him alone.
>He wasn't exactly in the mood for conversation, and it was kind of a personal question asking someone why they were going to the counselor anyway, right?
"I fell in love with a magical horse, but she left me. Then I did it again. That one left me, too"
>Wallflower leaned back in her chair, a crooked grin stretched across the face he'd finally bothered to put a name to.
>"Ah, good old Canterlot magical bullshit."
>Flash eyed her for a minute, watching her grin slowly falter.
>Was he supposed to laugh?
>Maybe she was trying to commiserate with him.
>Well, might as well keep this stirring conversation going.
>It wasn't like he had anything better to do.
"Yup. Good ol' CHS. How about you?"
>She seemed a bit surprised by his response.
>Maybe she'd expected him to just ignore the weird question from the weird girl?
>Maybe he had, once upon a time.
>Seemed like the kind of thing he might have done back when it mattered.
>"O-oh, you know the old shtick. Used magical powers to make everyone forget my mistakes. Guess how that turned out?"
>He wasn't surprised by the shaky start, but the way she asked that question gave him the feeling she was desperate to tell someone.
>Probably the whole reason she was here.
>if he cant have a waifu he will become one
>He wasn't going anywhere in a hurry. Why not?
"Enlighten me."
>Her eyes widened and she seemed to have to work pretty hard to swallow the lump in her throat.
>Flash knew that feel.
>He waited while she collected herself, saw a flash of pink tongue as she licked dry lips.
>What, no quid pro quo?
>"Come on. I showed you mine."
>She shot him a quizzical look, seemed to think about it for a second, then dissolved into snorts of laughter.
>Flash quirked his lips in a half smile as she slowly composed herself, 'make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh' singsonging through his mind.
>"Sure, sure, it's only fair, right?"
>She looked him in the eye, wry smile twisting her lips.
>"Turns out when you erase all your mistakes, but making mistakes is all you do, you just about erase yourself right out of existence."
>Huh. That was bleak.
"Come on, it can't be that bad."
>She gave Flash a steady look before turning her head away and shrugging.
>"Yeah, maybe not. Quick question for you, though. What's my name?"
>Flash's brow crinkled in consternation while Wallflower shot him an unreadable glance before looking away again.
>Was this a trick question?
"You're Wallflower. Sunset's friend, right? You do yearbook with her?"
>More details floated to the surface of his mind slowly, some kind of hoopla between this girl and Sunset before they'd suddenly started hanging out fairly often.
>"I... Yeah. That's me."
>She seemed kind of stunned.
>Had she really expected Flash to have no clue who she was?
>Flash knew everybody.
>Residual Cool Guy instincts or something.
"What, you figured I had no idea who you were? I'll admit it took me a minute, but I know who you are. It's not like you're invisible or something."
>The look she gave Flash told him that was very much how she felt.
>"You'd be surprised how easy it is to convince yourself of that. Well, not you, I guess. Normal people. Normal people feel like that. Sometimes."
I wasn't at the edge of the board anon.
File: 230.gif (2.49 MB, 500x324)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB GIF
Dying for the right cause is the only thing that he can do now...
>being this retarded
he should leave behind a child to take his mantle and surpass him.
brad was literally the harem protagonist that never was.
the would be leader of the humane 7.
the protector and knight of canterlot high school.
the guy was supposed to be the guy AJ, RD, flutters, pinkie, twilight and rarity, would slowly start to have a crush with.
the one who would save scifi-twi from falling into darkness.
the one would lead the mane 6 to fight and defeat the sirens.
the guy who would give his best to support the mane 6 and completely dismantle any kind of underhanded tactics from the wondercolts, midnight sparkle never happens since flash didn't let the blackmail happen.
the one that would stop gloriosa and make her snap out of it, saving her.
the one that would have exiled sunset from the EQG world and back from where she came from.
the one who would befriend and always look out for trixie, moondancer and wallflower blush.
flash was the one who was supposed to be the leader and protagonist, not sunset.
all he can do now is wallow in misery as he disappears in the background, just like how he was at the start.
>Implying his child can take his mantle and surpass him
>Implying his child won't turn out to be the same as him in the future
Don't bring in the unnecessary suffering anon

If it wasn't for the fact that EQG is basically dead right now and about to be shut down, I'd expect a set of episodes/special where he tries to go tuxedo mask and gets bitched out by sunset for being useless, and then ends up later corrupted by a magic spark to be the villain of the episode before he and sunset get back together.
File: tuxedo brad.png (301 KB, 641x480)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
>Flash as Tuxedo Mask
This. I've been wanting this for the longest time, it just seems to make sense for where his character is at right now. The guy is helpful, I'm sure he hates being seen as a damsel and wants to contribute (if only to get Sunset to notice him again after getting friend-zoned hard in LoE), but sadly is lacking in packing any magical might of his own. But the Bradinator wouldn't let something like muggle-hood stop him, and he'd pick up a secret identiy of his own to step up when the girls need him the most... either to actual effect, OR getting blown the fuck out comically hard and getting a good chewing out from Sunset and the girls for putting himself in danger. Not that he would let either stop him from trying again and making him even more endearing.
flash sentry would be a good final villain because if done right, he could permanently traumatize and fuck up sunset bad by stating that her sins will always pursue her and those who carry her blood for the rest of eternity until she truly pays for what she did.
File: zzubandwode.gif (687 KB, 256x223)
687 KB
687 KB GIF

what in the fuck was that
>Flash chuckled awkwardly, trying to break her out of the funk she seemed to be settling into.
"What, I'm some kind of freak, now? Well, I guess you've got a point. I did manage to fall for the only two magical horses in, well, for all I know the world."
>It seemed to work, Wallflower glancing back at him.
>He was a bit surprised to see a faint blush accompanying the quick smile she gave him.
>"I'd say it was the magical part, not the horse. I think I would have heard about you spending time at the local stables."
>Flash raised an eyebrow at the girl before adopting a pleading expression, hands clasped in front of him in supplication.
"I swear, officer! She told me she was a homo sapien!"
>Wallflower smothered a giggle, putting on a stern expression.
>"Tell it to the judge, son. I would've thought the whinnying would have given it away, though."
>They held character for a few more moments before breaking out into a fit of hysterics.
>'Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh...'
>Knuckling tears out of his eyes and getting his diaphragm unter control, he glanced up to see Wallflower in a similar state.
>He couldn't keep a grin off his face as she hiccuped quietly, glancing up at him with a mortified expression.
"That shouldn't have been that funny. It's kind of horrible."
>She nodded awkwardly hands clasped over her mouth and eyes wide as another hiccup squeaked cutely out of her.
>He rolled his eyes, unable to wipe a smile off his face.
"Hold your breath for a bit then swallow a couple times. That always works for me."
>Nodding slowly, she held her nose, staring at him as her throat moved.
>Flash was suddenly extremely conscious of how much attention he was paying to that slender neck, jerking his eyes back up to meet hers.
>She was just as wide-eyed as ever, letting go of her nose and taking a few deep breaths that Flash decidedly didn't notice heaved that sweater rather enticingly.
>"I think it actually worked. My hero, hehe..."
Alright, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued as to where this is going. Please continue, good sir.
Nah, flash wouldn't work as a final villain, he doesn't have the chops. It wouldn't feel satisfying, plus would center everything around her, not the group.

if you wanted to have a villain going on about her past sins (Yet again-- we just had wallflower), have sunset satan somehow break off from her as a sentient mass of her negative emotions.
File: 1558208175066.gif (1.59 MB, 280x210)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB GIF
>have sunset satan somehow break off from her as a sentient mass of her negative emotions.
Genius and it could be the perfect chance to introduce human sunset.
Demon sunset takes over human sunset and she starts to do her magic in the background until she totally make everyone against her again.
I can almost savour how they would encounter each other, in the most pleasant and sarcastic of situations, a coffe and a table.
>It ends with pony Sunset return to Equestria and human Sunset agree to take her place
>The Flash thread is the best thread on the board
No-Hoovesfags win again
That's because we have no threads moving on the board right now.

The recent pony material in the show has been pretty poor, and everyone's retreated into the china bunker.
Reminder that even though human Brad suffers, his pony counterpart just go on with his daily lives as a normal guard.
Imagine pony flash meeting human flash

How would pony flash react to his human counterpart and his endeavors?
File: 855818.png (200 KB, 800x600)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Did pony Flash Sentry really have the hots for Twilight?
File: flash_alone_bus.png (2.53 MB, 1920x1080)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG
Pony Flash is noble Royal Guard, a proud member of Equestria's elite military. Human Flash is just a faggot who sits by himself on the bus. Pony Flash would pretend that he doesn't even know who that faggot is.
Pony flash might suggest him to be a cop or detective
They tried to tease it since Flash was being set up to be twilight's ken doll in that movie.

Fans reacted... poorly, leading to them nixing that. And then, ironically, giving her timber, though at least timber has some chemistry and works, plus its human twilight.
>Instead giving the poor flash a Sci Twi to forget the pony Twilight, they just throw her to Timber
Jesus Christ
File: waifu lost.jpg (50 KB, 535x720)
50 KB
>lost his horse gf to a guy with a wood pun for a name
>Flash jerked his eyes away, waving a hand.
"Sure it did. Only thing that ever works for me. Flash to the rescue."
>There was something in Wallflower's voice that was making him a little nervous.
>Something that told him she was paying more attention to him than her own thoughts, maybe.
>Well, that's what he'd been going for, right?
>Get her mind off her troubles?
>Mission accomplished?
>"Flash to the rescue. Right."
>God dammit. Those dull tones told him he'd managed to fuck this up somehow.
>He'd been too dismissive, right?
>Turned helping her into just something he always did, not something he'd done for HER.
>Okay. Okay... He could fix this.
>He turned back to her, reaching over and touching the back of her hand resting on the arm of the chair before drawing back.
"Hey, I was enjoying the conversation. I didn't want a case of hiccups interrupting us."
>Okay, casual contact, compliment, consideration.
>The three C's.
>Never failed.
>He could see that quick tension bleed out of her after his touch, the corner of her mouth turning up, her breathing deepening.
>"You're smooth as ever, huh Flash? "
>He blinked, taking in the wry grin Wallflower was giving him and chuckling ruefully as he rubbed the back of his head.
"Heh, you caught me. Seemed like the thing to do."
>She seemed a bit surprised he'd just admitted to the attempted manipulation so easily, but waved it off.
>"It's fine. I get what you were doing. Consider me distracted."
>She didn't quite meet his eyes, but that tone was back in her voice.
>Here in the moment, not stuck in the past.
"Well, I try. It's not like the 'special' people have it all that much better than everyone else. Having your every move scrutinized by everyone around you isn't any easier than no one looking to you at all."
>Wallflower looked down, hands clutched in her lap.
>Yeah, that might have been a bit too blunt.
>"And what would King Flash, Ruler of Cool know about that?"
>He couldn't help it.
>Flash burst out laughing.
Good shit. Keep writing.
Meh, flash works better with sunset anyways. What's really funny is how they've turned him from "Uber chad and most popular character in school" to basically a joke about how pathetic he is.

he's even a crazy stalker in the books.
keep this going, man. I like it.
what they should have made him be since the start is a fusion between the pathetic loser he is today and his chad self from the first movie.
an odd but lovable goof who tries his best to help people and try his best to make them feel better, if he can even help them with their problem.
he is annoying sometimes but they all know he have your best intentions in mind and you can count on him being a bro.
if you are actually in danger, even if you were mean to him he will risk his life to try and save you.
a true nakama and have a purity in him that no one else seem to have.
bump to keep this alone going
File: d96.jpg (43 KB, 500x500)
43 KB
>if you are actually in danger, even if you were mean to him he will risk his life to try and save you.
He did save someone at that cruise ship disaster
Okay, okay, be patient will ya? Jeez...Glad you're all liking it.
File: 1533686988796.png (478 KB, 2457x3263)
478 KB
478 KB PNG
>"Leave Ace Thruster to me!"
>Wallflower glowered at him, eventually reaching over and slapping him lightly on the shoulder.
>"What's so funny you ass?"
>Flash wiped a tear of mirth from his eye, idly catching her hand as she tried to swat him again.
>She jerked it back and fumed at him as he finished getting himself under control.
"What's so funny? Okay, seriously, did you honestly think I was 'King Flash' from the minute I popped out of the womb?"
>Wallflower squinted at him, rubbing the hand he'd caught absently.
>"What's that supposed to mean?"
>Flash rolled his eyes.
>That'd been pretty straightforward, right?
>Well, in for a penny in for a pound.
"It means I wasn't always the cool kid. I wasn't even A cool kid. I didn't even have many friends until I got into High School."
>Wallflower scoffed, turning her back to him.
>"Get serious, Flash. Why would I ever believe that?"
>Flash sighed, reaching over again and touching her shoulder.
>She whirled around to face him, mouth open to snarl, but his expression stopped her.
"Why would I lie about that? Just to make you feel better? Have you ask around and come back tomorrow to plant a boot in my crotch?"
>She watched a halfhearted smile crawl across his doleful face.
>"Fine. Fine, I believe you."
>She brushed his fingers off her shoulder before settling her hands back in her lap, eyeing him as he settled back into his chair.
"Good, I don't think I would've survived much more of that savage beating."
>Wallflower couldn't help letting out a chirp of laughter as he mock-cowered away from her.
>They sat in silence for a minute, Flash doing his best to look nonchalant while Wallflower traded off scrutinizing him and her hands in her lap.
>"So, what changed?"
>The quiet question drifted through the still air to Flash, who tilted his head back and stared at the ceiling.
"Not much. I made a friend over the summer, he got me into sports. Turns out I was good at most of them. That's honestly pretty much it."
>flash would become a jonathan joestar if he had the chance to tap into magic like the humane 7.
File: 1470345751506.gif (932 KB, 500x529)
932 KB
932 KB GIF
really digging these interactions
File: good grief.png (624 KB, 1280x720)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
i'm sensing a pattern in these posts...
File: 1542348639552.png (366 KB, 786x720)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Can Flash and his motley crew rescue the girls?
File: Flashdust Crusaders.png (743 KB, 1076x831)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
The Journey Begins.
>probably not
>but then we remember that highschool girls have been using powers they are severely unqualified to use
File: Spoiler Image (465 KB, 1000x1773)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
>Needs a sister edition
Applejack, Twilight, Gloriosa, and...hey, wait a minute...
It'd be nice if they saved the day utilizing their powers more often, or got into some fights against villains where they use them effectively.

Due to the "Little girls show" stigma they haven't been able to do much lately, making things like sunset's non-combat Mind reading powers ironically the most helpful/often used thing for saving the day. (Plus her apparently being able to fly randomly in the spring break special)
File: cat fight.gif (1001 KB, 499x281)
1001 KB
1001 KB GIF
Brah even little girl shows from Japan have the heroines using their powers efficiently and getting physical. Just look at Pretty Cure.
File: smiff.png (76 KB, 297x333)
76 KB
>needs a sister edition
yo i wanna fuck that slut
File: badgerss.jpg (105 KB, 630x456)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
You know that comparing a japanese girls show and a western girls show is like comparing a european badger and an american badger.

There is an absurdly massive difference in stigmas between the east and west for what should be depicted in violence and for the genders.
Fuck, this is why the east is beating the shit out of the west so badly in the action show department with animes vs. home grown western shows.
File: springbreakdown42.png (332 KB, 740x420)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
What happened after this?
>Flash didn't take this chance to talk with Twilight
missed opportunity
they went back home
File: jazz.gif (3.46 MB, 570x319)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB GIF
1) Why haven't there been any male villains in EqG yet?
2) Would a male villain work?
3) Could Flash Sentry fill this role given the right circumstances?

I don't know, seems kind of odd they didn't try this at least once but gave us multiple magical monster girls. Just lazy maybe.
>The quiet voice interjected again, a little less incredulous, a little more curious.
>"That's really it?"
>Flash tucked his hands behind his head, keeping his eyes on the ceiling.
>He got the feeling Wallflower was feeling pretty vulnerable right now, and might not appreciate him seeing her like that.
>Might be better for him if he didn't see her like that, too.
>He wasn't immune to the whiles of a damsel in distress.
"Sure, pretty much. I just rolled with it while it was happening, and all of a sudden there I was, King Flash. Everybody's pal and hometown hero."
>He waved a hand idly, dismissing it all.
"It's not like I changed much. People just decided to start paying attention to me."
>He heard a heavy sigh and couldn't help glancing over.
>Wallflower had drawn her legs up into her chair, hugging her knees to her chest.
>Her eyes were downcast, and Flash couldn't help seeing the moisture glistening in their corners.
>"So why did that never happen for ME...?"
>Flash couldn't hep but wince.
>There was a lot of pain in that question.
>A lot of pain and nothing he knew how to answer.
"Maybe... It just hasn't happened yet? I'm not saying it will, but you never know, right"
>She sniffed lightly, glancing at him and giving him something halfway between a grimace and a leer.
>"Very comforting, Flash. You're losing your touch."
>Getting up slowly, Flash moved over to the seat next to Wallflower and sat down.
>She watched him noncommittally, neither moving away or getting closer as he settled into her personal space.
"So... How about this, then? Sit with me at lunch tomorrow."
>She gave him a puzzled took.
>"I, um, I mean, sure. Why, though?"
>Flash ran his fingers through hair absently, looking up at the ceiling again.
"Well, I know I'm not exactly king of the school anymore, but I'm still kind of popular, right? So, people see you with me, maybe they start to just see you, right?"
>It was really all he could do, right?
>1) Why haven't there been any male villains in EqG yet?
>2) Would a male villain work?
>3) Could Flash Sentry fill this role given the right circumstances?
Yes to all of them. Easily.

MLP has tons of male villains (Heck, the majority are actually), and there's no reason that can't follow through in the human world. You don't even have to have them be corrupted humans, they cold be magical beings that escaped into the human world or were banished.

They just haven't had any because we have a very, VERY small number of legitimate "threat" specials with most everything being shorts, so there's not exactly a very large number of chances we've gotten so far.
Hell, I'd love to have a michael morningstar type villain show up.

As for flash, sure, I think something like >>34028061 would work.
Still digging this story line you've got going here. Eager for more.
>You don't even have to have them be corrupted humans, they could be magical beings that escaped into the human world or were banished.
You mean like those three girls who were never reformed and are possibly the best villains of the series? Meh, could work I guess.

>Hell, I'd love to have a michael morningstar type villain show up.
That could work. Like some sort of 'magic hunter' or maybe an Equestrian figutive who's also charming and manipulative.

>As for flash, sure, I think something like >>34028061 # would work.
>corrupted by a magic spark to be the villain of the episode
It's a stretch but I could see the Pony of Shadows filling that role. It's trapped in limbo but the portal is cracked and leaking magic. If it managed to escape and attach to Flash he could become a magical Venom. Stygian and Flash have similar positions of powerlessness in respect to their stronger friends(although Stygian is not quite as useless) so I could see Flash's repressed negative emotions towards Sunset fuelling his transformation. Sounds like bad fanfiction but so do a lot of recent canon stories desu.
There's always the sorceress who took the memory stone into the human realm, and the time turner just randomly ending up there (with twilight being like "I have no idea how the hell it ended up there) could easily lead into someone pulling artifacts into the human realm for some reason.
no idiot its just equestrian magic dumass
I have a mIGHTY NEED
>Wallflower gave him a sour look, but it was impossible to miss her blazing cheeks.
>"Um, 'with you'? What's that supposed to mean?"
>Oh, uh...
"It means... Even if this doesn't pan out, at least you've got a new friend, right?"
>She regarded him neutrally for a few moments before tilting over, her head landing softly on his shoulder.
>"Yeah, we'll see I guess."
>Flash tensed up for a moment, but slowly relaxed back into his seat.
>They sat like that together for a few minutes, maybe just waiting, maybe just getting used to each other's presence.
>Neither of them really had anywhere to go right now, although they both felt like a counseling session might be a bit redundant.
>"Hey, Flash?"
>He started so hard he almost knocked her head off his shoulder.
>Had he been nodding off or something?
"Sorry for the jolt, what's, uh, what's up?"
>He looked down to catch her eye but she avoided his, looking straight out.
>He could see her arms tighten around herself.
>Was there something wrong?
>He'd figured they'd made their way to a pretty good place, but maybe it wasn't quite that easy.
>"It's not a big deal or anything, but... So like, hugs."
>Flash blinked slowly.
>Wallflower shifted nervously in her seat, arms chafing at her legs slowly.
>"Yeah, um, friends give eachother hugs, right? Because I could really-"
>Before she could even finish her sentence Flash's arm slid behind her, pulling her against him.
>Her legs slid down as she carefully wrapped her arms around his waist, his other arm pulling her closer against him while his hand cradled the back of her head.
>He did his best to ignore the hot, steady breath against his neck; the particulars of the anatomy pressed against him.
>He didn't quite manage it, but hopefully did well enough for her not to notice.
>"Is this really a friendly hug, Flash?"
"Uh, yeah. Very friendly."
>A heavy sigh gusted against his skin, sending warmth billowing through his chest.
The dumping of magical artifacts is a long standing tradition apparently. So much so you can just walk across one in the middle of the woods.

Personally I subscribe to the theory that as more magic surfaces in the human world(whether new or old), the border between the worlds grows weaker. That's why something like Spring Breakdown occurred with new portals surfacing. Sunset Shimmer was the catalyst and Midnight Sparkle's attack was basically a preview of what's to come.

Hopefully Brad can save them all from interdimensional doom.
>"Whatever. Whatever it is, I really needed it."
>Flash tilted his head back until it hit the wall behind him, rubbing her back slowly as he felt her relax against him.
"Yeah... Yeah, I think I did, too."
>Presently, the door to the guidance counselor's office popped silently open.
>A pink blur sailed past them and out into the hallway, the only thing Flash really getting a visual impression of being a massive thumbs-up.
>'Fuck, no one is safe from that girl,' Flash thought to himself.
>Not that he was complaining.
>The guidance counselor stepped out of his office, scratching his head lightly.
>"Um, right... Wallflower, I'm ready- Oh. Um."
>His gaze swung over Flash and Wallflower's entwined forms, paused.
>"I'm all set."
>Wallflower's muffled voice tickled Flash's skin, the brush of her lips moving against his neck causing his eyebrows to slowly creep upwards.
"Yup, all set."
>The counselor resumed scratching his head.
>"Well. I'm going to go ahead and take a late lunch.'
>Without another word he walked out of the waiting room, closing the door behind him.
>Wallflower burst into a fit of giggles, wriggling in Flash's arms quite distractingly.
>"Is this bad, or did we just get a pass?"
>It took Flash a moment to collect himself.
>He was getting a distressingly good idea of Wallflower's more intimate dimensions.
>Her normally frumpy attire was very misleading.
"Y-yeah. Definitely."
>Okay, maybe he needed a bit more time.
>It might have escaped him that more time in this position probably wasn't going to help.
>Or, you know, it might not have.
>"So... As hugs go, this is a pretty long one, right?"
"I guess so, yeah?"
>"Does this still qualify as a hug?"
"What else would it be?"
>"Good point. Nice abs, by the way."
"I think it's safe to say we both have very nice fronts."
>"I'm surprised you could tell, with how much attention you've been paying to my back."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
>"Your hand's been massaging my ass for the past five minutes?"
>Flash froze for a second. Ah, yep, his hand was definitely a lot lower that he remembered it being.
>This was, strange.
>Flash had been feeling off since the moment Wallflower had wrapped herself around him.
>Not off.
>Almost the opposite of off.
>It was all too familiar.
>Not like a girl in his arms familiar.
>like rolling his thumb over this hip would produce...
>Yup, that sound.
>Something very strange was going on here.
>He had to consciously stop himself from slipping his hand down Wallflower's pants, but he managed it somehow.
>The girl stiffened in his arms,tilting her head up to look at him.
>"Flash, you don't have to stop. I really, um, don't want you to stop."
>There was a hitch in her voice that had nothing to do with his hands on her body.
>He could almost hear the words she was leaving unsaid.
>She met his eyes, and whatever she saw there set her off something fierce.
>"Flash, please please please don't freak out. Just forget about it for now, okay? No, no, DON'T forget about it! Just, don't worry about it for now, please?"
>A hand reached up to cup his face, and that was too familiar too.
>Orange peel and something floral wafted past his nose, Wallflower's smell.
>He KNEW that smell.
"What am I supposed to be forgetting about, Wallflower? Or, not forgetting about?"
>She was shivering, and regardless of what was going on, he couldn't help pulling her close again.
>His hands moved like they were on autopilot, smoothing down her hair and stroking the nape of her neck.
>Her shivers stopped, her body's tempo changing as his hands moved across her, calming her down.
>It was the strangest thing Flash had ever felt.
"Just tell me."
>She wouldn't meet his eyes, but she nodded slowly.
>"I didn't mean to."
>Flash felt warm splashes against his collar, felt her take a shuddering breath.
>"I didn't mean to make you forget."
>He could barely hear her confession, but things Sunset had mentioned started to come together.
The writers are commies. Of course they hate Poles.
a bump for more, please.
I'm basically asleep at this point. I just erased a whole segment instead of posting it a few minutes ago, so I'm rewriting that while I still remember most of what I wrote then I'm going to bed.
Take your time
File: tenor.gif (170 KB, 360x346)
170 KB
170 KB GIF
flash my man
>She'd said she made everyone forget her mistakes.
"Was I one of your mistakes, Wallflower?"
>He had to ask the question, even though he knew it was a mistake.
>It surged up from his roiling gut like bile, and he knew it would hurt her but he couldn't stomach it any longer.
>Wallflower shook her head wildly, teardrops spattering across Flash's cheeks.
>"No! No, it was a mistake to make you forget! I was so mad, and I didn't know what I was doing, and before I knew what was happening I made you all forget us! I made you forget me..."
>Flash felt her shudder against him, fresh tears spattering against his neck.
>He wanted to soothe her, and his hands did the work for him.
>A stroke over her shoulders and her quaking body stilled.
>He leaned forward and kissed her neck just there, that spot he knew would make her coo and hold him tighter.
>He found he knew a lot, but he didn't remember a thing.
>How long had Wallflower had to regret this?
>a month? Two? Ten?
>How long had it taken to learn her body as well as he seemed to know it?
>When had it started? When did it end?
>Her ragged gasps had evened out into deep breaths that filled her chest, pressing against his with a warm, familiar feeling.
>His fingers rubbed a swatch of her sweater between them, KNOWING that feeling...
"Why did you do it?"
>He didn't want to hurt her any more than she'd already hurt herself, but if he didn't start asking questions he might never know what he'd lost.
>He tilted her chin up and she didn't resist him.
>She met his eyes with her own hollow gaze, red rimmed and stained with regret.
>"You still don't remember?"
>Flash shook his head slowly, finger tracing the line of her jaw and watching her eyes shudder closed before snapping open.
"Tell me, please."
>His hand slid lightly down her neck, past the hollow of her throat to splay out across her collarbone.
>Wallflower's breath quickened again as his fingertips played across the sensitive flesh.
File: 531.gif (3.46 MB, 283x204)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB GIF
Now that the story is on hold until that guy is done sleeping, we gotta keep this thread alive until he comes back.
honestly brad is the best boy in the series
come anon wake up sleep is for the weak
trips demand you wake up
File: brads new waifu.png (787 KB, 1280x938)
787 KB
787 KB PNG
found some fan art for this
you know, if they had children...they would look really human compared to the rest of the EQGhumans.
the skin of both parents will give the children a normal albeit little pale human color, they would also have pretty normal eye color too.
even the hair, if they got it from brad then they would pass up as your typical human.
They make a good couple
File: flash.png (729 KB, 1288x1204)
729 KB
729 KB PNG
File: flash_feels.png (168 KB, 687x1164)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
That will never happen. Flash is destined to be a sadfuck until the end.
Brad bump
This thread ain't dying until the writefag comes back
We GOTTA get the writefag back!
he was the chad until sunset took everything from him
Please. Flash "weak hands" Sentry dumped Sunset right before her ascension to demigoddess status. He bought high and sold low.
I'm back, I'm back. Yeesh. Woke up and my power was out, so I went back to sleep. Getting something to eat then I'll start working on this again.
>"Life. Here in the crowds, in this town. Pretty faces without expression."
>"The girls and boys, hidden impressions. Higher and higher, I take a deep breath. Farther and farther, I plunge into the depth." >"This is my identity. No one on this earth can take this from me. Who am I, I am me I never want to wake up from this dream."
>"Welcome to reality, more painful than I ever imagined, this is what I really need. Right now I want to feel like I’m alive In a world made only for adults I want to believe I can be a hero."
>"Be soft towards others, be hard on yourself, make an effort to be true, now’s your only chance to move."
>"Look at me, I haven’t hit zero. Time, I never had doubt or fears way back then. Always had an answer inside, that voice from my own heart."
>"Deeper and deeper, I get so lost in the darkness. Faster and faster, sometimes this speed is too much."
>"I’m not a robot. Don’t lump me together with the rest of them. Don’t run away, can’t run away, won’t run away no more. Gotta look ahead, always look ahead, have to look ahead."
>"To my future 'I like you just the way you are.' It was the gentle way you said this to me.
>"Right now I want to feel like I’m alive"
yeah right, after everything sunshit did she gets a free pass.
I wonder how would you react if flash and sunset had reverse roles and he was the one who pulled all that shit...I bet you would have a different reaction.
that he was the bully chad and then twiggles spergles defeat brad, then he goes through the same process sunset did and becomes a good guy, redeemed and with friends as if all the bad stuff he did was forgiven.
instead of sunset stealing the crown amd becoming a demon, it was flash instead who becomes a demon.
how would it be? if sunset was the brad and flash was the demigod? would she have bought high and sold low?.
File: 1764988.jpg (797 KB, 1250x1000)
797 KB
797 KB JPG
Flash Sentry? Oh, "he" doesn't attend CHS anymore. Wants to start anew and would rather "become what he couldn't have" or something.
Calm down, sperglord. Holy shit. Anyway, the fact remains that Flash broke it off with Sunset right before she did a 180, and now he wanders around alone like a giant faggot.
Yeah but if the roles are reversed in that universe, then twiggles spergle dated Sunset, then left, and the next Sunset was left with watching the other twiggles get swept up by gloriosa. It’s basically the same shit but they switched hats and they’re probably gay. By your own presented idea, she would have done the exact same shit as brad.
File: 849855.png (112 KB, 350x386)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Of course not. They would have broken up, but once the magic show finished she'd have taken him back instantly, saying he wasn't in his right mind, the magic corrupted him, blah blah blah.
He'd have gone back to her because dat ass.
The problem is, with Sunset the villain, her motivations from the very start were different.
She never actually liked Brad like that, he was just a means to an end, an easy way to gain popularity and become the school's IT couple. By the time Brad caught on she was fucking evil, she was already the IT girl and didn't need him anymore anyway.
Brad's motivation in any scenario would only ever be DAT ASS. As the reformed villain he'd get back with her because she'd take him, her being good and all and knowing he was always good inside and loved her deep down et al.
Reformed Sunset won't get back with Brad because she knows those feelings were never real, and she doesn't want to lie to herself or him anymore. Being with him would remind her every day how badly she used him, so it's unlikely she'd be able to stay in the relationship even if they did try getting back together.
Reformed Brad wouldn't think that deeply about it, handwaving it all because they were happy together now.
People think differently. Not just men vs. women, as individuals. Brad and Sunset would have wildly different outcomes with a role reversal because they don't look at things the same way, and who's to say who's way is better?
He couldn't get the gf so he became the gf.
I thought he was twisting his neck, I've been forced to see too many neck memes.
Here's a story of Flash I wrote a while back.

There's also another one I haven't had a chance to read yet called MGS: My Great Sadness Phantoms' Pain.

I can't find the link but maybe another anon knows it from this thread last year.
If you're gonna dump it I'll hold off on posting mine, unless you meant to post a pastebin link.
where are the links?
Danke bump
>that writefag from earlier supposedly went to get food and never returned.
>I can only assume that this dude went MIA over a fuckin sandwich and a Sprite.
>will he return?
>will he bring snacks?
oh shit here you go.

I was trying to find the Flash one.
I think it was called the Great Bradening or something.
he had to.
I shall wait for you no matter how long it takes.
>"You can do th-this to me, but you still don't remember?"
>Flash grit his teeth.
>Didn't she think he wanted to?
>His hands itched to show her just how well they remembered her.
>Before he even realized it one of his hands was cupping her mound through the fabric of her pants.
>Wallflower squirmed against him, whining into his neck while her hands scrabbled at his arm.
>"Flash! Oh my god, touch me, yesss... I-its okay, touch me all you want! I missed you sooo much..."
>He could hear the raw yearning in her voice.
>Feel it in his bones, in the way her body moved against him.
>He wanted to know what had happened, but it was tempting, so tempting...
>She wanted him, NEEDED him, so badly.
>Flash wasn't exactly disgusted by her either.
>Nice, pretty funny, a little or maybe a lot sad.
>Beyond his body's apparent mind of it's own, she felt fantastic against him and he didn't even really feel like he needed to see her in all her glory to know it was glorious.
>Speaking of his body...
>While Flash had been internally debating his hands had taken over, fingers pressing into and stroking Wallfower's needy flesh.
>He might not have even noticed if he hadn't felt the unfamiliar slickness against his fingers.
>Well, not exactly unfamiliar...
>Unexpected, maybe.
>Very arousing.
>What was he thinking about again?
>Fingers sliding through the short hair at the nape of his neck before they yanked his head downward?
>A hand fumbling at his belt?
>Warm lips crashing into his while sparkling brown eyes bored into his with single-minded intensity?
>His hand twined in her hair and cradled her head, and he honestly couldn't say if his hands or him made that move.
>Her lips opened and his tongue danced lightly with hers, avoiding her sensitive teeth as much as possible.
>Letting her push his tongue back out of her mouth, the corners of his lips quirked up in quiet amusement as she played in his.
>It always made him want to laugh, how she'd made such a big deal about kissing.
wait, are they still outside the guidance counselor’s office? Location-wise, I’m a bit confused...
File: TheYellowOne.jpg (26 KB, 768x352)
26 KB
So, there's a waiting room off the main hallway that they're in, and his actual office is past another door.
>The guidance counselor stepped out of his office, scratching his head lightly.
>"Um, right... Wallflower, I'm ready- Oh. Um."
>His gaze swung over Flash and Wallflower's entwined forms, paused.
>"I'm all set."
>Wallflower's muffled voice tickled Flash's skin, the brush of her lips moving against his neck causing his eyebrows to slowly creep upwards.
"Yup, all set."
>The counselor resumed scratching his head.
>"Well. I'm going to go ahead and take a late lunch.'
>Without another word he walked out of the waiting room, closing the door behind him.

For more context, they're sitting in a chair like pic related, at first one either end, but then Flash moved to the middle seat.
Flash is reasserting his dominance by fucking Wallflower where everyone in school can see them
Thank you for explaining.
I can just imagine the crowd of students surround them as they do... uh... each other, I guess.
>I can just imagine the crowd of students surround them as they do... uh... each other, I guess.
I wonder if the girls will feel envious as everyone remember why he was the most popular boy in school.
also I can totally see this ending into a teen mom situation.
just ask otako here, she wanted some guy to do her like he would do galko and look at what happened.
Brad reclaims his harem.
>one girl
this needs a edit
wallflower pregnant of course
the blonde one as sunset and the other one as scifi-twilight
you have to start from somewhere...
I fully support this. Princess Twi might work better, might not though.
Wallflower works better for this given thread.
File: flashedededed.png (784 KB, 760x1024)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
I meant Princess Twi as the other one in the background instead of SciTwi, not as the pregnant one.
Wallflower gets the big belly, obviously.
let’s break this down.
Flash fucked:
>the two magical horse girls
>two of the pie sisters
>two of the three half-fish horse girls
>the great and/or powerful trixie
>the apple farmer
>and the vice principal

fuckin’ stellar work, Brad, but you still didn’t think to wear any protection.
File: Limey2.png (640 KB, 800x1210)
640 KB
640 KB PNG
He needs to get back in the trenches and finish up those sets.
Pic related first. After her everything else is a cakewalk.
You don't fuck Lime, she fucks you.
Damn, I actually really like this look for Limestone... she’s a cute.
>It's not like he didn't get it.
>She wanted to feel confident and in control when she kissed him, not overpowered.
>He wasn't so insecure that he couldn't let her have her way in this, and he didn't mind the way she liked to kiss at all.
>His hands clamped down as his eyes widened, almost jolting out of the chair and dumping Wallflower onto the floor.
>Flash remembered that.
>He could actually picture it in his mind.
>[What's so funny, you ass?]
[You're just making such a big deal out of it, that's all.]
>[Is it so crazy that I don't want to feel like you're eating my face?]
[Hey, come on, I never said it was crazy. You're just getting really worked up about it,]
>[I'm... I'm NOT, okay? I'm not acting crazy about this... I'm just not comfortable with it like that...]
[That's all you had to say, Bud. I like kissing you any way you like it.]
>[Ugh, please don't call me that.]
[What? It's cute, right? My little flower bud? Come on.]
>[... No. I can fix this. Just... Just hold on a second.]
[Uh, sure. Oh, hey, that's pretty cool. Where'd you get it?]
>Flash winced, squeezing his eyes shut at the bright light and dissonance that assaulted his mind.
>"Flash! Are you okay?"
>He looked down into her strained face, taking in the tightness of her neck and lightly bitten lip.
"Y-yeah, I'm okay. What about you? You look like you've got a hernia."
>Her already red face exploded into crimson as her eyed widened, and he watched her bite her lip harder before she blurted something out.
>"Y-your hands are... Really strong."
>Oh... Yeah.
>He was kind of muckled on to the back of her neck and her, uh, downstairs bits...
>Loosening his grip immediately, he watched her sag against his chest with a whimper of relief.
>Amazingly, after only a few moments her hips started squirming again, her hand finally working the buckle of his belt loose.
>Flash just took a few deep breaths, trying to collect his thoughts
>What had that been all about?
"It must have been a memory, right?"
>Wallflower stiffened against him, slowly looking up to meet his eyes as her hands stilled at his waist.
>"You... Remembered? Really?"
>There was so much hope in her voice, Flash wasn't looking forward to disappointing her.
>He got the feeling she wasn't going to be too happy with the memory he'd unearthed.
>Fingers absently playing over the back of her neck, he looked down at her and nodded, an apologetic look on his face.
"Just a flash, I guess. I remembered how you had a little meltdown about how I was kissing you."
>She blinked, and the color drained out of her face.
>Nodding, she turned her face away from him slowly and wrapped her arms around herself.
>"That was... The first time I made you forget. I didn't want you thinking I was some crazy girl, I guess."
>Flash grunted. The first time, huh?
"You used it on me a lot, huh?"
>She glanced back at him, mouth crumpling in on itself when she saw his forcibly bland expression.
>Turning away again, she covered her mouth with a hand to muffle a sob and nodded jerkily.
>After a few moments, Flash reached around behind her, rubbing her back softly.
>Eventually they ended up how they started, Wallflower pressed against his chest while he wrapped her in his arms.
>"It was always just little things, you know? Five minutes here, half a conversation there... It was like I was editing the bad parts of myself out."
>Flash sighed after listening to the quiet voice explain herself.
>He probably shouldn't be taking this so well, but who was he going to take it out on?
>Wallflower? She'd fucked her own life up way worse than his. He didn't even know what he was missing.
"You had to know that wasn't going to work forever, right?"
>She sighed into Flash's chest, shaking her head slowly.
>"Maybe I did deep down, but in my own little world everything was perfect. You were perfect for me and I was perfect for you... Ha..."
"Noble Royal Guard". The fucker stands around in the Crystal Castle doing fuck all. Dumbass was probably the first to go in Sombra's third invasion.
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I'm I the only one who never got Brad trian? His name is flash sentry. Get it right.

The twilight ship actually kept him get from any character development. Just because twilight is a slut doesn't mean Falsh can't have his arc. Ffs
>"So we have a rough idea where that bastard took 'em?"
>"Micro Chips seems pretty certain Ace's signal can be traced to Mareis in Prance, Flash. Must be where BOI keeps their headquarters."
>"Over 5,000 miles away... they sure aren't making it easy on us."
>"We estimate we have about 50 days before they're through processing the girls. They'll take their time learning all they can about their abilities, extracting everything they know about Equestria... then they'll ship them off to who knows where, and that's IF they don't..."
>"Hey, Shining... we'll get her back, man. We'll get all of them back."
>"This isn't going to be easy. BOI has authority over the police, the media, even if they somehow don't see us coming and we keep a low profile, we'll probably be hounded by their agents every step of the way."
>"And that's not even considering what we'll do when we get to Ace himself... you say what kind of fire-power he was packing when they were taken."
>"Sunset, Twilight... none of them have ever hesitated when it was our asses they were saving from whatever magic monster crawled out of the portal. I'm sure as hell not going to just leave them to those paranoid suits."
>"Damn straight. And I'd be a pretty sorry excuse for a boyfriend if I just let them keep Twi-... oh, sorry-"
>"No, it's fine. Good to know my sister has someone like you looking out for her, Timber. No objections from me."
>"How about you big guy? You all set to go?"
>"Alright. Get ready, Ace. And just hang in there a bit, Sunset..."
>"We're going to BOI Headquarters... LET'S HIT THE ROAD."
File: 1535001129077.png (162 KB, 600x335)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
>Still can't believe we survived that plane crash.
>How the hell did they know which flight we were on, Shining?!
>Beats me Flash. I guess BOI must have figured someone would come after the girls sooner or later and were monitoring all flights coming in and out of Canterlot City. That was my bad, we should have driven over a state or two first before hopping a plane...
>What a crazy bitch to run into, anyways. Who the hell was this 'Gilda' chick and why was she so fixated on keeping us from Dash?
>Bad blood in Rainbow's history, maybe? Your guess is as good as mine Timber.
>At least our flight made it to the east coast before touching down in the water.
>Yeah, Manehatten... never thought I'd get the chance to see this city.
>No time to take in the sights Flash. We're not taking any more planes to Prance, I'm looking up to see if there's a ship that'll ferry us there instead.
>Come on, Shining, surely the girls would understand if we stopped to see one show on Bridleway? What about you Mac, you seem like the theatrical type.
>Tough crowd. But really, we could at least stand to eat somewhere first. Haven't had a bite since we left Canterlot.
>On that, you got me. Will need time to find a ship anyways.
>All the places we could have gone to in Manehatten, and you picked Chineighse, Timber?
>What, it's all good! I've seen you eating sushi before, I figured you'd be stoked for some oriental food.
>Yeah, when Sunset's feeding me I can get excited about it. I don't know how you even hold these fuckin' sticks...
>Excuse me, gentlemen...
>... Bulk?! Bulk Biceps? What the hell...
>I never figured to see you all here so far from school! What a funny coincidence, running into you all here!
>Yeah... 'funny'...
>I couldn't help but notice you all sitting together from my lonely table. You don't mind if I join you four, do you? I think we have a lot to catch up on...
File: mac attack.png (499 KB, 1274x723)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
>"What the-!"
>"Our table!"
>"Sorry, Flashy-boy... but your road trip ends here!"
>"Bulk, you're-?!"
>"YEAAAH, I'm BOI alright! Glad I ran into you, I freaked that Gilda found you first! Never know what's going through that coo-coo's head! But now I can send you back in one piece!"
>"Why? They took our friends! Pinkie, Fluttershy... you're going to stop us from saving them?!"
>"Noo! Oof, I mean, YES! But for your own good! You guys are gonna wind up dead, and that'd make the girls sad!"
>"And leave them to Ace? He said they were a menace! Who knows what they're going through right now!"
>"Nothin' you or ANYONE can do, Flash! Ace'll never let you get close. So go home. That's what she'd want for you. To be safe"
>"...maybe. But right now, I don't care what Sunset would want. I care more about kicking your pasty ass-"
>"Wait, Flash"
>"Shining, let go!"
>"He tossed a 300lb table one-handed through the wall. We need to make a plan and- Mac?"
>"Y'all can sit this one out. I'll handle this."
>"Mac, Bulk's a freight train. We should gang up on him."
>"Nope. I'll handle it. I'm the only one who can. No offense, but none y'all spend 16 hours a day workin' a farm"
>"Timber, Gilda had a knife to my throat while the plane was fallin' out of the sky. You took 'er out from behind and saved my hide. Let me pay y'all back"
>"...if you insist, but let's move elsewhere. We gave the restaurant enough trouble, and we need less attention"
>"Reckon you're right. Follow me, saw a nice spot"
>"Central Park. Classy choice."
>"YEAH! If you won't back down, I'll make ya! Wanted a crack at you since you graduated, Macintosh!"
>"Pardner, y'all are standing between me and my lil' sister. There's a lot a guy like me will let slide, but the one thing ya don't do is get between an Apple and his kin."
>"You're no good to your sis pushin' up daisies! But forget it: real men like us talk with our muscles!"
>"I'd say you done enough talkin' as it is."
File: Big mac.png (444 KB, 700x1061)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
>"There goes another tree."
>"Big Mac's holding his own, but Bulk's unstoppable."
>"Least he's faster, Timber. Mac's punches might not be doing a lot of damage, but Bulk's hardly landed any."
>"What do they feed you at CHS? That's the fifth park bench he's broken over Bulk's head, it isn't natural to be that strong."
>"Maybe Mac was right about that good ol' country living, Shining. Should ask him if they need an extra hand around the- MAC! He got hit!"
>"I could hear that from here... Bulk may have just broken his jaw!"
>"YEAAAH! I'll give it to you, Macintosh, you're no wimp... but I knew all I needed was one solid hit!"
>"Ee..eyup, *cough* not gonna lie, that last one smarted somethin' fierce..."
>"HAH! Look at you actin' tough, you're barely standing! You're one tough apple to crack."
>"You mean 'nut'. Y'all don't 'crack' open apples... agh!"
>"We'll see! One more, and-"
>"Y'all ain't gonna get one more, pardner. That was your free shot."
>"Free shot? The hell's he talking about?"
>"Who cares, he's in trouble! Let's get down there and-"
>"Wait, Flash, look at him. Mac's *smiling*."
>"FREE SHOT?! You expect me to believe you LET me hit you?!"
>"Only fair, seein' I was about to finish this an' all."
>"Your fists barely tickled since we started! My muscles are so thick, a tank-shell would bounce off!"
>"You like doin' things quick, Bulk. Building up those big ol' muscles to knock me out in one hit. But that sort of work always ends up sloppy. REAL work is slow and steady. Y'all might think you've been walkin' them blows off, and maybe you have, but all those lil' aches and pains start to pile up. Y'all start movin' different, favorin' spots. And I've been noticing..."
>"Y'all been protective of your legs-!"
>"YES! He kicked the legs out from under him!"
>"He's off balance... is he going for a grapple?"
>"Got you!"
>"AGH! No fair! I've got weak ankles, those are tender! Lemme go! What can you even do, you've hit me with everything ya got!"
>"Not true... I ain't hit you with the HEAVIEST thing around yet."
>"Uhh.... whasat?"
>"You put him head-first straight into the CONCRETE. The hell?!"
>"Huff... not exactly the same as plantin' fence posts back home but, close enough."
>"I see... nothing would hurt him, so you 'buried' him instead?"
>"Is he gonna be alright?"
>"He's still moving. He'll probably either muscle his way out, or someone will come by and help. Either way, we'll be long gone."
>"Right. Let's get moving, I found a boat for us to take. Great job out there, Mac, you really saved us."
>"Heh. Nothin' special. Granny always said a softie like me should learn to throw his weight around a lil'."
File: bulk.png (1.94 MB, 1920x1080)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
>"Docks are just up ahead."
>"What was the ship's name again, Shining?"
>"The Sea Mule. It's a freighter that carries exports between Manehattan and the Braytish Isles, as well as small groups of passengers. It won't be luxurious, but BOI probably won't think to look for us on it, and once we arrive we'll be right across the Channel from Prance. And then-"
>"HEY! Yeah, YOU! Stop right there!"
>"What th-? Bulk!"
>"Got to be kidding me... how did he get out that fast!?"
>"WAIT! Just... *huff* gotta work on my cardio... hear me out!"
>"Back off, Bulk. We told you, you or your BOI buddies aren't stopping us, so unless you want my good buddy Mac here to-"
>"I don't wanna stop you! Not anymore!"
>"I'm sorry. The truth is, I wanna rescue the girls too!"
>"They don't deserve to be locked up! Timber, you and Applejack saved me from drowning at the beach. Fluttershy gave me the comfiest wig ever when all my hair got burnt off. They're the nicest people I ever met, of course I wanna help them!"
>"Okay, okay! No need to start crying, big guy."
>"I don't buy it. If you wanted to help save the girls, why the hell are you with BOI?"
>"I joined to get close to Ace Thruster. We got... history to settle."
>"...I fought Ace myself, once. A long time ago, so far back it's hard for me to remember why..."
>"So, what, last week?"
>"I'unno, maybe? Anyways, I took him on myself. But my muscles... they weren't strong enough. Not fast enough. I made a big mistake... and he took me down. To this day, it is my greatest shame. The day he beat me, I swore an oath: THAT I, AND I ALONE, WOULD FIND THAT PRETTY BOI, AND SETTLE THE SCORE TO REGAIN MY BICEPS HONOR!"
>"Okay... then, why stop us?"
>"I meant what I said: I didn't think you were ready for Ace. I seen what he can do firsthand. I didn't want you guys to get hurt, and thought I could save the girls on my own. But you showed me how wrong I was! Maybe I can't beat BOI alone... but with all us together, we might stand a chance! So lemme come with you, please?!"
>"I guess we can use all the help we can get? Flash?"
>"I dunno... I still don't trust him."
>"We'll keep an eye on him. But Timber's right: someone with Bulk's strength is better to have with us than against us. Any issues Mac?"
>"YEAAAAH! Alright bros, let's get on that boat! I'll get you guys toughened up before we get to Prance! Brought enough dumbells for everyone!"
>"I think we may have just made a mistake..."
File: sailor bulk.png (268 KB, 909x969)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
>Be Flash Sentry
>Be on the top deck of a freighter called the Sea Mule, looking out across the ocean on a sunny afternoon
>Keep gripping the handlebars again and again: you're getting cabin crazy and it's barely been three days
>Just wish something would happen when suddenly something grips your shoulder
>Turn back as a white hand with a long purple sleeve retracts back, Shining Armor's eyes wide with surprise
>"Shit, sorry. Catch you at a bad time?"
>Shake your head, reaching up to rub a hand through your spikey blue hair
"Couldn't have said 'hi' first or something?"
>"My bad." Shining repeats, giving a casual shrug. "Just thought I'd check on you."
"...fine. Thanks. How's Mac?"
>"Still throwing up. Timber's down there keeping him company."
>Can't help but give a sympathetic chuckle.
"Big guy still doesn't have his sea legs huh?"
>"Nope. I hope he isn't like this the whole trip."
"And where's our other big guy?"
>"I'm on Bulk duty. He's running around the ship again looking at everything... the amount of enthusiasm he's got going for him is kind of exhausting, I'm just decided to take a break."
>From the bow of the ship, you and Shining both turn your heads towards a distinct shouting
>Shining crosses his arms, letting out a tired sigh, before raising an eyebrow as he peaks at your hands, still gripping and re-gripping the rail
"I feel like I'm just waiting for something to happen. Got ambushed twice so far, I'm not getting taken by surprise again."
>"I understand the feeling, but I think you can afford to relax a little now. BOI's got resources but I'm confident I picked something they won't expect to look for us on."
"I almost wish they would. Least if someone like Gilda or Bulk popped out of the blue right now, we could take care of them and then maybe I can relax for the next day before the next one shows up."
File: captain ironwill.png (1.66 MB, 1420x1402)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
>"We'll run into more of them, sure. But working yourself up isn't going to make it easier."
"It's not going to be as easy next time, I know it. Doesn't help that our biggest gun is stuck below deck hurling chunks."
>"We have Bulk."
"I don't trust Bulk. Whenever Ace's goons show up again, it's going to be on us."
>Both you turn your attention towards the loud, boisterous voice shouting at you all from behind.
>A large, imposing figure of a man dressed in the garb of a sailor (with the sleeves looking as though they'd been torn off) stomps out onto the deck, his mohawk and goatee blowing gently in the breeze as a snort through his nostrils shakes the nose-ring dangling from them.
>"Iron Will wanted to make sure Iron Will's passengers had everything they needed today."
>Give an annoyed grunt: not what you were looking for right now was another headache
>Try to be polite
"We're fine, Cap, thanks."
>Shining turns offers a much more courteous smile.
>"Yeah, I think we've got everything we need. Thanks again for letting us book this so last minute."
>"Iron Will is happy to be of service! Still got plenty of sea ahead, so if there's anything else Iron Will can do, let Iron Will or his crew know."
>The chiseled man turns his head left, eyes glowing with anger as he shouts at a few ship-hands. "HEY! Does that cargo look secure to you?! If you don't tie it down, I'm taking you to town!"
>He runs off to give his crew a lecture, as you give him a glare
>DEFINITELY didn't need the volume
"You really know how to pick 'em."
>"Best I could do on short-notice. He's... a character, but I had to really dig to find him. We're off BOI's radar."
"Well, you're the smart guy. If you say it it must be true."
>"Just try and relax for the rest of the trip, at least. I'm going to go make sure Bulk hasn't broken anything."
>Shining turns to go chase after your wayward jock, and you decide to look back out over the waves, trying to focus on your own anxiety.
File: 1554594703920.png (396 KB, 1234x844)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
>Be Flash again
>Another day of failing to follow Shining's advice to relax
>How could you? BOI could be around any corner
>Look to your right to see Bulk half-way over the side of the ship, eyes glue to his binoculars
>Your turn to watch him: fancy speech or no he could be a double agent, already worked for BOI once
>"Man, I don't get it Flash! I've been searching for days now but I can't see any fishes!"
"Guess they must be scared of you, Bulk."
>"WHAAAT?! But why would they be scared? They don't even know me!"
>Chuckle to yourself
>The guy has his moments of entertainment at least
>Look out over horizon, sun starting to set
>Makes you think of her
>Hope she's okay... and the rest of the girls too, of course
>Suddenly, something stands out against the horizon
>Squint hard, but it's not clear
"Bulk, you see that?"
>"YOU SEE A FISH!? Is it a carp?"
"No, you mor... just no, look over there: see on top of the water?"
>"Huh... kinda, but hard to make it out."
"A boat? We haven't see one since we left Manehatten."
>"OH! Hold on, I'll use my 'nocs..."
>Bulk puts them up close to his face again
>"OH! OH yeah bro, it's definitely a ship! No fish, but cool. Kinda looks like..."
>Bulk pauses, taking his binoculars down, his eyes narrow
>Turn up towards him in surprise: he usually doesn't look this serious.
>"We have to warn everyone."
>Be more alarmed.
"Warn them 'what'?"
>"That's a BOI ship! I know it, they try to make it not stand out but I've seen it when I was with them! They found us bro!"
>Let go the railings, can't help but afford a small grin
>Fucking. Finally.
"Right. Let's go, we'll need a plan with Mac sick."
>"Why don't we tell the Captain? I LOVE the cut of that guys chin!"
"'Jib', Bulk."
>"No, 'chin', Flash! You see how ripped Iron Will is?! He's a chiseled masterpiece! I've been lifting weights with him the past few days, he's a total bro! He'll help us."
"He doesn't have any part in this, Bulk, it's for his own good we leave it that way."
File: ironwill.png (997 KB, 1395x1388)
997 KB
997 KB PNG
>Retreat below, making your way to Shining Armor in the galley
>If anyone will have a plan, it's him
>You and Bulk turn the corner fast, skidding across the deck floor
>You knew this was coming, you fucking knew it
>Try to remind yourself to rub it in Shining's smug know-it-all face later
>Reach the galley
"SHINING! We got a situation man, where-"
>There you see Shining... in a choke-hold, the last light of consciousness snuffed as he's knocked out
>Gripping him is none other than your charismatic captain, Iron Will, who gently lays Shining down
>"There you boys are! Saved Iron Will the trouble of having to track you down himself!"
"...you... you're with BOI?!"
>Bulk looks distraught, more so than even you
>Iron Will lets out a laugh
>"Sorry, kids, but Iron Will wasn't left with many choices with a deal like what those suits were offering. I don't know what you all did, but Iron Will is always happy to serve his country."
"You sold us out!"
>Grip your knuckles in a fury, while Bulk is still blubbering
>"H-how... it doesn't make sense... your abs... your pectorals... even your glutes! They're all toned to perfection! No one with muscles like yours could be evil, they just CAN'T!"
>Iron Will smiles, crossing his arms sternly
>"Who are you calling evil?! Iron Will is just doing the patriotic thing. YOU'RE the criminals here. BOI is with the government, and they offered Iron Will a great deal of money for any information on where you boys were headed... good thing too, Iron Will was getting a little short on cash."
"You bastard, you have no idea what's going on! BOI are the bad guys, they kidnapped seven innocent girls and we're just trying to get them back!"
>"Likely story, scumbag! But if you don't fess up to the crime, you better be prepared to do the time!"
>You ball up your fists, getting ready to take him down
"Alright Bulk, he's way past talking to, we have to handle him first... Bulk?"
>Bulk is all but in the fetal position, still completely shocked at this turn of event
>"I-IF you can't trust a dude's muscles... what can you trust in this world? This just can't be..."
>"HAHAHA!" ゴゴゴゴ Iron Will lets out an annoying laugh, "Looks like it's just you and Iron Will, Flash. Took out your other blue-haired buddy here so he couldn't warn the two below deck. By the time we rendezvous with BOI's ship, it'll be too late for any of you."
"...Not if I have anything to say about it."
File: iron vs flash.png (221 KB, 1163x1041)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
>Be Flash Sentry again
>Presently getting your ass handed to you on a silver-platter
>Turns out charging a guy who could probably bench-press a car isn't that smart
>Even with a lot of pent-up rage
>You're pretty sure you hear (and feel) something crack as you are thrown into the metal wall of the ship, sliding down in a slump to the floor as you hold your gut, struggling not to vomit
>Iron Will's punches feel like a sledge-hammer
>You still manage to look up at the big, cocky traitor, cracking his knuckles
>"Iron Will thinks this is the part where you throw in the towel, son. You clearly ain't the brawlin' type."
>This motherfucker
>Struggle up to your knees, spit out some blood
"I've been in fights, jackass. Only difference is most of the kids at my school aren't juiced on steroids."
>"Steroids?! HAH!" Iron Will lets out a laugh, "Iron Will's body is a temple! Iron Will knows that only LOSERS are ABUSERS!"
>How the fuck did this walking PSA get the drop on all of you?
>You turn towards Bulk: you may not trust the guy but he's the only one here who can go muscle to muscle with this meathead
"H-hey, Bulk: you plan on helping out?"
>The big white body-builder is still in a daze, his world irreversibly shaken by the realization that a man with muscles as impressive as Will's could be so misjudged
>"Am I really good, Flash? I mean... I thought I was. I know pumping iron is good, so if you pump a lot of iron, you GOTTA be good. But Captain Iron Will is bad... how can I say for sure if all that iron I pumped was for anything good?"
"Fucking damn it, Bulk-"
>"Hey!" Iron Will shouts, picking you up by your shirt, "You kiss your mother with that mouth?! Just cause we're sailors don't mean Iron Will tolerates that kind of language!"
>He punctuates the lesson by throwing you over the shoulder onto one of the lunchtables of the galley, your body flopping over to the side
>God that hurts. A lot. Swearing is off the table but apparently kicking a teen's ass is A-OK?
>Getting harder to think straight the more your head hits solid metal
>Need to think of SOMETHING: the longer Will kicks you around like this, the sooner that BOI ship will intercept the Sea Mule
>But what can you do?
>You don't have Mac or Bulk's strength, or Shining's smarts. You can't even keep your cool like Timber
>Can't just give in either: if there's one thing you know you got, it's the grit to keep going
>Just need to think how to use it
>Iron Will cracks his neck, coming in close as you crawl underneath one of the tables
>Desperate, but you'll take desperation over whatever Iron Will has planned
>"Running won't help, kiddo! Time for you to throw in the towel, turn yourself in. Few years in juvie might do you punks some good."
>You get beneath the table, but already feel the body-builder gripping and lifting it up easily
>Swiftly move underneath to the adjacent one
>Think, think, think... what would she do in this situation?
>He tosses the table you were just under aside, letting out a laugh as he moves to the next one you had crawled under.
>Quickly move on to the next again as he starts to pick up that one too, when an idea hits you.
>"Hahaha! Iron Will is a little old for hide and seek, but Iron Will accepts your challenge!"
>When he picks up the next table in line, instead of crawling to the next one, you quickly grab onto the tables' legs, holding on with all your strength
>As you predicted, the table is lifted up off the ground by the power-house chasing you, and you look down at the top of his head as he hefts the entire table up and over himself like it was made of cardboard
>"Gotcha-... huh?" He says, looking down in confusion at where he was sure you were a moment ago
>Now's your chance
>You let go of the table, dropping down on top of Will's shoulders, gripping tightly around his neck with your legs
>Iron Will throws out a shout of surprise: he won't give you long to do this
>You're not entirely sure what Sunset would do these days
File: battle flash.png (1.14 MB, 1115x620)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
>But back when you and her were dating?
>She would have fought DIRTY.
"Up here, jackass!"
>As he looks up, quickly throw your fist right down at his eyeball, full-force
>When it connects, you hear Iron Will let out an inhuman scream of pain, his hands dropping the table to the floor with a loud metal clatter
>Before he can reach up and throw you off, you get a second hit in, practically squishing the other eye as you jam your knuckles in
>You grin: so much for a clean mouth
>Don't get to revel in your victory long before you feel yourself grabbed and thrown from Iron Will's shoulders, again sliding across the floor
>But you did what you meant to do: Iron Will is grabbing at his face in pain
>Now's your chance!
>You get up, ignoring the pain coming from every part of you as you make a rush for Shining Armor, still knocked out
>Start slapping his face repeatedly, no time for a gentle wake-up call
"Shining! Shining wake up, now, we gotta get the hell out of here!"
>It takes a few moments, but between you slapping him around and Iron Will's wailing in the back, Shining's eyes eventually flutter open
>"F-flash... what the-"
"No time to explain! BOI's on their way here, Iron Will sold us out! We have to go down, grab Timber and Mac, and get the hell out of here!"
>"W-what?! Flash, I don-"
"I just fucking said no time to explain, come on!"
>You grab his arm and pull him off the table, the Crystal alumni struggling to find his legs as you force him into a run towards the exit
>He looks back, "Wait, what about Bulk?"
"Forget him! Guy just sat around having an existential crisis while I was getting the shit kicked out of me, he's useless!"
>Without further explanation, you leave behind the rampaging Iron Will as he throws aside multiple tables and a blue-screened Bulk as you race for your friends' rooms
>Not quite sure what do after, but you're apparently pretty good at coming up with quick stupid ideas
>Continue to be Flash
>Running up through the upper-decks of the Sea Mule after successfully retrieving Timber and Big Mac, still clutching his stomach as he runs, from below as you and Shining plan to make your escape
>After one small detour...
"I can't believe we're going back for him... I explained how he did nothing while I got the crap kicked out of me, right?"
>Timber shakes his head, one of Mac's arms over his shoulder as he and Shining help guide the sea-sick apple farmer
>"Yeah, I heard, but it doesn't sound like he MEANT to let you get hurt, Flash"
"Oh, really? Well, that makes my broken ribs feel SO much better!"
>"I hate to admit..." Shining comments, "But if what Flash said is true, that's exactly the sort of thing we can't afford on our mission. Maybe he'd be better off..."
>"Look, we have to go back through the galley either way to get out of here. We might as well check on him." Timber retorts
>The four of you break through back to the galley, only to dodge an oncoming table thrown at you as you all look on at Iron Will, his eyes bloody and full of righteous fury, faces off against Bulk, seemingly pulled out of his earlier stupor as he blocks against another table that was thrown at him
>The white body-builder, shirt torn and bloodied, gleefully looks to you
>Big dopey smile on his face, like that asshole did nothing wrong
>"HEY GUYS! Good to see ya!"
>Fuck you Bulk
>"Bulk!" You hear Timber shout behind you, "We're getting out of here, come on!"
>"Not yet bro! I finally figured it all out!" He responds as he raises up his arms to block against a chair swung down on top of him by Iron Will
>"IRON WILL can't see so good right now... but Flash, if that's you over there, soon as Iron Will is finished with this kid, I'm going to find you and wring you like a towel!"
>You need to get off this ship. Now.
>"Iron Will!" Bulk shouts, shooting forward to grapple Will, holding him steady, "Listen to me! I get it... you're NOT a bad guy after all!"
File: bulk flex.png (314 KB, 860x718)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
>"Of course Iron Will isn't! YOU'RE the bad guys!"
>Relieved that you're not the only one giving an exhausted sigh at his response
>Not what you guys needed, though expected of Bulk
"Thanks Bulk, that'll convince him"
>"NO! That's not what I mean!"
>Bulk grunts, his impressive strength being exceeded as Will breaks through the grapple and puts him in a choke hold.
>"I mean you only think we're bad guys! No one who respects his bod like you could be a bad guy, but you can be a tricked guy! That's what BOI does!"
>"HAH! Spare me: they got government papers and a nice bonus for Iron Will's crew proving their side of the story, what you got? Even if your little girlfriends 'were' taken, why should I believe they didn't have it coming?"
>Bulk is turning blue, the hold strangling him. Fuck. You can't just watch, even if you're still pissed at him
>You're about to make a move when Bulk holds up his hand, signalling you to hold off
>"Bulk Biceps- I mean, *I* got proof, Captain!"
>Your eyes open in shock: he does?
"What's he talking about?"
>Thinking, Shining forms a smile
>"Of course! He worked for BOI before defecting, he must have something from their base detailing the abduction."
>"Oh crap..." Timber grins widely as well, "That could actually make things a lot easier going forward, too!"
"Hate to admit but, yeah, the law might hear us out if we had hard proof BOI were kidnappers."
>You look expectantly to see what he has up his non-existent sleeves
>Iron Will lets out another boisterous laugh
>"That so?! Well, then, Iron Will might be willing to hear you out. Where is it?"
>"You've... got it... in your... biceps... bro."
>"...Iron Will is confused?"
>"My... neck muscles..."
>Iron Will loosens his grip in confusion, Bulk capitalizing to pull lose, catching his breath
>"No more riddles! Where's the proof?!"
>"This IS the proof!"
>Bulk strikes a pose, tensing up every single inch of himself as he flexes, destroying his tank-top in the process
File: iron flex.png (309 KB, 1098x669)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
>Meanwhile, you immediately re-contemplate leaving this idiot behind as you look to Timber and Shining for approval
>A few firm head-shakes say no
>Iron Will continues staring at Bulk, before slapping his knee and howling
>"BAHAHAHA! What? Am I supposed to be impressed? I told you yesterday when you were spotting me, son, you got a LONG way to go to catch up to me."
>With a deep breath, Iron Will lets loose with a pose of his own, his captains' uniform likewise tearing at the seems as he flexes to match with Bulk
"I'm not seeing his proof. Do you?"
>Timber shakes his head
>"Uh... not so much at the moment, no."
"Great. Then, the exit is that way, right? Let's move it before they notice us."
>Meanwhile, as Iron Will and Bulk have their flex-off, the sailor lets out a huff of frustration
>"What... IS... this supposed to prove anyways, Bulk?"
>"You know exactly what it's supposed to prove, Cap... every day since this cruise started, we pumped iron together, lifted together, spotted each other... you're just like me."
>"Yeah? And your point is?"
>Bulk turns up, tears forming in the corners of his eyes
>"Do you REALLY think anyone that trains every inch of their body like us could be bad guys...?"
>Iron Will pauses, his flex wavering, before he intensifies his pose
>"You've got Iron Will's respect for your body, Bulk, but don't be naive: YOU could have been the one lead astray here."
>"Not a chance! I know what I'm doing now, and every inch of my chiseled bod agrees with me! My pectorals, my abdominals, my biceps! What we're doing, its the right thing!"
>"We'll see about that!"
>You stand there stupefied wondering what insanity you're being subjected to as Will and Bulk begin what you can only surmise to be a battle of posing and flexing
>Sweating and tearing more of their shirts as though they were preparing to shoot some sort of action flick... or something *way* more uncomfortable
File: brotherhood of flex.png (445 KB, 1418x797)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
>Awkwardness is palpable as you all are lost in what you assume to be language exclusive to meatheads, until you hear one of them drop to the ground
>Iron Will falls to his knees, panting and huffing
>"I... I can hear it. Your spirit is speaking to Iron Will through your muscles. They tell me... even if I were to break your bodies and all of your bones, there's nothing I could do to break your wills to get where you're going."
>Bulk falls as well, simultaneously exhausted
>"I... *huff* I told ya so, Cap."
"What... what the fuck is going on right now?"
>Shining shakes his head
>"Don't ask me, I'm lost too."
>Behind you, Big Mac holds back yet another retching sound, struggling to speak up
>"Sorry. Y'all wouldn't get it."
>"Get what?" Timber asks in an equally confused tone. "What the hell just happened?"
>"What just happened is... Iron Will has changed his mind." The big blue brawler states, looking back at all of you.
>"I want you all off my ship. I've gotten enough trouble out of this as it is."
>Bulk grins like his big dopey self again, running to wrap his arms around Iron Will in a hug
>"YEAAAAAAAAHH! Thank you, Cap!"
>You're skeptical
"What about that big pay day they offered you?"
>"Technically, the guy I spoke to... Agent Klatch, that was it. He promised Iron Will money just for agreeing to bring the ship about."
>"If you were, hypothetically, to escape underneath my nose-ring? Well, I guess that's a tough break for him, but I still came through on my end."
>Shining steps forward with Timber and Mac
>"Where exactly do you recommend we go? We're nowhere near Brayton yet."
>"No, but the Mule ain't far off the coast of Coltugal now. Take one of the lifeboats, it should get you there in a day or so. Iron Will doesn't care where you all go from there."
"The BOI ship we saw has to be close in on us now though, right?"
>"Just quit your worrying, punk: I'll see what I can do to distract him. So long as you absolute pains in Iron Will's ass get moving."
To be continued ===>
Holy shit, dude. That was fucking rad.
Not my green just reposting it from the Ace Thread. All credit goes to that writefren he even edited those pics too
Did the writefren ever return to continue it, or are we left with yet another unfinished story?
He returned it's just he's busy with other stuff but said he plans to finish it.
Does he have a pastebin, or anyplace where I could find his other works?
if he doesn't then we need to give a identity.
what about blushieflash?
Is that a name recommendation for the author, or the name of another writer?
I’m running out of pictures of Flash to use to bump the thread.
for the author, he doesn't have a name.
so I decided to name him blushieflash, the guy who made the first wallflower blush x flash sentry.
I was talking about the JoJo Flash story’s author. However, that isn’t a bad name for the other guy...
I already have a name, lol. I'll keep it quiet for now, though. Y'all can guess if you want. As a hint, I write for Fingerbang mostly.
Anyway, starting back up on it now. Might have it wrapped up by midnight , but more likely in the wee hours.
File: 1541240367809.jpg (357 KB, 1280x960)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
>I write for Fingerbang mostly
Time to read through the archives again...
Hell yeah art bump
File: 1543059131327.png (422 KB, 1280x720)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
What is up, dudes? It's that cool guy you should always invite to parties the Picasso of noodles himself Timber Spruce.
Why is this thread popular?
Because we all share an appreciation for Brad.
I definitely didn't foresee Flash Sentry becoming one of my favorite characters.
File: RararaCar.jpg (382 KB, 1131x720)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
He's kind of ourguy, and there's a seemingly decent green, although the writefag's being a flake.
File: flash_loner.png (103 KB, 676x673)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
Most of my Flash pics are JUST'd themed.
A challenger approaches...
Why that pic?
Be thankful that you're not a fluttercuck, Brad
>Flash sits alone in the parking lot
>Janitor Discord pulls up with Fluttershy in the passenger seat
>"The grind never stops, Flashington! We don't love these hoes!"
>janitor discord
So, HE’s the one deleting all the threads...
File: 1868571.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
I ship him with Marble. Both will make their own columbine massacre
maybe they won't.
I mean, if they found love in each other then they'll go full loud house.
11 children and inbreeding on the background.
File: another waifu gone.png (1.43 MB, 1920x2160)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Looks like waifu stealing is gonna be a big part of EqG. Will Flash redeem himself? Will he get his pony girl?
in canon?
probably not...unless he end up with human sunset
File: 2065495.jpg (222 KB, 463x1920)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Pony Twilight does not like Timber Spruce
>unless he end up with human sunset
this would literally be a valid reason to introduce human sunset but also to introduce her as a married woman
I can almost picture human sunset and him having actual chemistry and a nice time until her husband picks her up and a little child hugs her leg, then she turns around and presents her family to him as her husband actually greet him with a firm handshake and the little child waves the little hands at him
the perfect way to kill someone
File: shot_down_again.png (1.91 MB, 1920x1080)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
No pony shimmer, no pony twi, no human twi, no derpy. No human shimmer might push him to the edge. How much JUSTing can one man take?
File: 2085169.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1080)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Let be honest here. Flash never wanted derpy, he always ignore her until she just get tired of trying. Then she found her gentle giant totally perfect for her
File: 1075941.png (105 KB, 500x282)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
well if wallflower and trixie also just him, then it will be over.
the option number 1: he subtly kills himself, not even a note since he write a diary until he didn't bother to write anymore and decide to end it all in the everfree through hanging himself.
we won't know for sure but just like you said, there is only so much he can take until he can't.
the option number 2: he becomes a villain, probably find something related to sombra and becomes like him.
in this scenario, he tries to get back what he had in the first movie at all cost, even if he had to do the same thing sombra did and enslave the entire city.
the tainted power soon consumes him and make him transform into a demonic tyrant, a pseudo alicorn or some shit.
Flash Sentry is mortality wounded by a magical explosion between random flower named magical villain chick and the Humane 7.
He's awaiting transportation to the hospital as Sunset Shimmer holds his hand and tells him he's gonna make it and that the girls will find a way to save him.
As the ambulance drives away they don't notice it get stopped and the medical crew and driver pulled out and change directions by mysterious men in black cars.
Flash feels a light slap to his face and opens his eyes to see a young looking man wearing sunglasses.
The man smiles at him and asks him if he wants to power to protect those girls.
Flash nods and the man tells him that if he's given this power he has to tell them all he knows about the girls and were the magic they've been picking up is coming from.
Flash hesitates as the young man continues "You're dying Flash, it's either work with us and receive a new life with the power to protect the things important to you or die."
Flash accepts but asks the man "what if I decide to stop you?"
The mysterious man gives an amused grin and says "Then I'll stop you"
Flash laughs weakly, agrees to it and ask him his name.
"Names Ace" he says as they seal the deal with a handshake.
"Don't worry Flash, you're gonna get a new body and a new lease at life"
Flash closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep with the help of the morphine being administered to him.
When Flash opens his eyes again he has a new cyborg body and greeting him is another mysterious young man.
"Who are you?" Ask Flash
"I'm Coffee and that's all you need to know."
"I'll be asking the questions here. Tell me about the magical anomalies"
"Where is the portal?"

And so starts the story of Punished Flash, BOI agent.
File: Old Ace.jpg (1.25 MB, 1879x2957)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
We get to see him fight Rogue agents, monsters, and one than another major threat to the human world, totally augmented!
He'll be like Adam Jensen at first, but then he discovers he isn't augmented: the real Flash died in the accident. BOI only could save his memories and transfer them to a cyborg.
He betrays BOI and when he escapes, he resets his memory but leaving a backup.
In the future he lives in a small apartment with a holographic Twilight, thinking everything is ok.
Something bad happens around him, allowing him to find a part of his old memory, and he meets Moondancer who is investigating some cases from the past. He helps her because she looks like Twilight, and he "feels" he can trust her.
As he discovers what happened, he meets a very old Ace and Coffee, discovers Twilight is a fake, and the organization that creates chaos around the city was a rogue branch from BOI that profited after Flash betrayed the latter.
It will end with him giving a last stand to help Moondancer discover the truth, and Ace and Coffee going to a portal where they see the impossible: Equestria.
File: 1536867153329.png (111 KB, 500x281)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
File: the pain wont stop.png (464 KB, 1600x2263)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
>They tell me keep it simple, I tell them take it slow. I tell them take it easy, they laugh and tell me no.
>They tell me I've been sleepin, I say I’m wide awake. Do you feel me? Talk a look inside my brain. The people always different but it always feel the same.
>That’s the real me. Pop the champagne. The haters wanna hurt me and I’m laughin at the pain.
>They tell me that I’m special, I smile and shake my head.
>Stayin still, Eyes closed. Let the world just pass me by. They let me lie to them and don’t feel like they’ve been misled. They give so much to me, I’m losing touch get me?
>Can you heal me? Have I gained too much?
When you become untouchable you’re unable to touch.
>Is there a real me? It hurts me just to think and I don’t do pain.
>Pain pills, Nice clothes. If I fall I think I’ll fly.
>Lay still, Restless. Losing sleep while I lose my mind. Lean in, Let go.
>I feel fear for the very last time
So, update on that Flash/Wallflower green. It's going to be a bit longer than I originally thought, so It's taking a bit longer than I thought to finish it.
Whether I finish it tonight or not I'll dump what I have done.
Take your time brah. No need to rush things.
I know, I'd just like to get it finished before this thread is done.
Also have other things I should be working on, too.
as long as blueshieflash shows up then every thing would be fine
File: sunset_flash_eyes.png (548 KB, 1280x720)
548 KB
548 KB PNG
File: flash_cool.png (371 KB, 1280x720)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
why is he so perfect?
he is not BUT he have really good genes.
his children would be beautiful.
He's not perfect he's flawed and that's why we like him
his flaws make him perfect
wow...if he was real and heard that then you would have probably got a new best friend and bro.
Just wait until he found out that Twilight is hooking up with some unknown stallion.
File: 1538184525942.jpg (21 KB, 397x317)
21 KB
option number 3: joins the royal navy and become gay.
where are you?
the guy who was writting the wallflower x flash fic
Day 3 since last story update:
the writefren has vanished... all efforts to keep this thread afloat are becoming muddled by a lack of hope...
...where has the writefren gone?
File: 1955509.jpg (119 KB, 1485x542)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Funnily enough, right here.
So, like I thought, I didn't finish it, but here's what I ended up getting done.
Inc dump.
File: 1660188.png (387 KB, 1200x1600)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
>Flash wasn't really sure what he was going to do about all this, but he was getting mighty sick of making the girl in his arms cry.
"So tell me about it. Maybe I'll remember more."
>Wallflower pushed off of him lightly, red eyes looking up at him.
>"You want me to tell you all the things I was so self-conscious about I literally erased them from your memory?"
>Flash smiled weakly at her incredulous expression.
"Got a better idea?"
>She regarded him for a few moments, obviously not thrilled with the options being presented to her.
>Turning away from him, she started to get unsteadily up from their chair, almost stumbling until Flash hopped up to support her.
"Are you okay? You can barely stand up."
>Wallflower grimaced, stamping her feet a few times as her knees threatened to buckle.
>"I'm fine, Flash. My legs are just asleep."
>Snatching his hand up in hers, she tottered over to the guidance counselor's door with him in tow and turned the handle.
>The door swung open and she smiled at the turn of luck.
>His hasty retreat had resulted in the counselor forgetting to lock his office.
>"Come on, we can have a little more privacy in here. I'm surprised no one came in while we were, um, hugging, as it is."
>So, this was probably a pretty good idea, but Flash couldn't help feeling a little apprehensive as he watched her lock the door behind them.
>This was probably trespassing or something, right?
>Wallflower led him over to the surprisingly nice couch Flash had gotten pretty familiar with over the last few months.
>Climbing up onto it, she sat on her ankles facing the opposite end she was sitting on and patting the cushion in front of her.
>"Come on, Flash, sit down. I want to try something."
>He nodded slowly and sat next to her, throwing an arm over the back of the couch and turning to face her.
>She was acting pretty fidgety all of a sudden, but she smiled weakly at him and managed to set him a little more at ease.
File: 1659979.png (2.11 MB, 920x1560)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
"So, what are we doing? Should we even be in here?"
>Wallflower rolled her eyes, but slowly spread her arms out.
>Flash quirked an eyebrow, looking her up and down.
>His eyes told him what he already knew.
>A petite body under a frumpy sweater, said sweater hiding the swell of her breasts but failing to cover up the thin waist and surprisingly womanly hips.
>"Anything? Any memories popping up?"
>Flash slowly shook his head, unwilling to lie to her but unhappy to let her down.
"Sorry, nothing new. Not that I mind the view. I could stand to take in in a while longer."
>Wallflower's cheeks flared crimson, huffing at Flash in annoyance.
>Her hands shot down to the bottom of her sweater and stripped it off in a single motion, tossing it at his goggling face.
>He kind of caught it, but mostly caught a face full of sweater, pulling it off his head and staring at the girl.
>Wallflower sat on her heels, hands on hips and face as red as a tomato.
>She tossed her hair and looked away for a moment before turning back to meet his eyes with a glare.
>Flash's breathing picked up a little as he took in her graceful limbs, the flat little tummy on her spare frame with honestly almost incongruously large breasts perched on her chest, restrained by a foam green bra.
>They weren't massive or anything, but when you're expecting a scanty B-cup and find yourself bumping your estimation up a full cup size it can be a little disconcerting.
>The splash of freckles across her collarbone had his hand reaching out to stroke them before the thought even registered in his head.
>Wallflower's eyes squeezed shut as a gasp of pleasure was pulled from her mouth, but her hand reluctantly came up to catch his.
>"N-not right now, Flash. This isn't abut me, it's about my sweater."
>Flash blinked at her, drawing his hand back as he looked down at the familiar sweater in his other one.
>It was just her normal sweater, right?
>The same one she always wore.
File: 1699805.jpg (67 KB, 800x1067)
67 KB
"What about it?"
>She frowned at him, motioning toward it again.
>"Come on, really look at it, Flash. It doesn't bring back any memories?"
>Staring down at the garment, he lifted it up to his nose and sniffed deeply.
>Just like before, orange peel and something floral.
>Wallflower's scent.
>As much as he ran the fabric through his fingers or across his skin, staring at the simple pattern until his eyes dried out, it was just Wallflower's sweater to him.
"It really isn't the one you always wear?"
>Wallflower sighed, hands falling to her sides.
>"It is and it isn't."
>Flash gave her a quizzical look, moving to hand it back to her, but she waved it off.
>Setting it between them on the couch he scooched closer to her, picking up one of her hands in his.
"What's that supposed to mean, Wallflower?"
>She glanced up at him, a touch of sadness in her eyes, and smiled lopsidedly.
>"A couple weeks after we started dating, my sweater got destroyed. Don't ask how. The only way you're ever finding out is if you remember it."
>Flash's brow crinkled.
>What kind of lead in to a story was that?
>It was at about this point that he noticed she was blushing furiously.
>Suddenly a few scenarios cropped up in his mind as his own cheeks started to redden.
>Wallflower clamped down on his hand, her blush deepening but an ecstatic smile blooming across her face.
>"You remembered!"
>Flash grinned at her ruefully, shaking his head, and her smiled began to wilt.
"No, I just, um, think I made a pretty good guess."
>She hung her head with a groan, staying in that position for a few seconds.
>"A-anyway, you felt really bad about it, so you ran all over town trying to find a replacement. It took you a whole week, but eventually you did."
>Her free hand reached down to finger the soft fabric, a small smile turning up the corners of her mouth.
>"You bought me a couple things before that, the usual stuff a guy buys a girl, perfume and that kind of thing."
File: 1662550.png (938 KB, 1414x1616)
938 KB
938 KB PNG
>Picking up the sweater, she pulled it in to her chest and sighed happily.
>"This was the first gift you bought me that really told me how much you cared about me."
>It should have made Flash happy, the expression on her face, but more than anything it left him wishing he could share in the memories Wallflower was obviously reliving.
>Setting her hand down on her thigh, he reached out to cup her cheek and leaned toward her.
>Wallflower gave him a startled look, but her eyes quickly half-lidded as she leaned in to meet him.
>Eventually Flash broke off the kiss, turning his head away and cursing under his breath.
>Wallflower watched him as she tried to recover her breath, confusion and a faint touch of hurt in her eyes.
>"W-what? Is... Something wrong?"
>Growling softly, Flash drove a fist into his thigh in frustration.
"No, nothing's wrong, the kiss was great. I just thought, maybe, if I kissed you again some more memories might come back. It was stupid."
>Wallflower sat silent for a few moments, watching Flash carefully.
>Eventually she reached for his hand, smoothing away the fist he'd made and kissing his palm softly.
>"I think I know how it works, Flash."
>His eyes snapped up to meet hers, silently begging for an explanation.
>She sighed, letting go of his hand and moving hers to the back of her bra.
>"You saw the first time I made you forget."
>Unclasping her bra and stripping it off, she let it fall to the floor as she leaned forward.
>Her palm pressed against his chest, snapping him out of the bewitched state her bare chest had left him in.
>He let himself be pushed until his back met the arm of the couch, licking dry lips as she swayed toward him on hand and knees.
>'Swayed' being the operative word, her bare breasts bobbling from side to side with the motion of her body.
>Reaching down, she tugged his shoes off and motioned for him to swing his legs up.
File: 1946858.jpg (256 KB, 768x1024)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
>Flash's eyes widened and his pants became noticeably tighter as Wallflower crawled between his legs, hands on either thigh.
"Uh, Wallflower?"
>Was she going to do what he thought she was going to?
>Giving him a quizzical look, she followed his eyes to his bulging crotch.
>He watched her eyes shimmer with heat, watched her chest expand as she took in a deep, heavy breath.
>"Oh, that could be a problem, huh?"
>Her hand reached down slowly, but she suddenly shook her head, sighing regretfully.
>Almost mechanically, she flicked open the button of his pants, pulling the zipper down quickly.
>Flash sucked in a quick breath as he instantly shot up to full mast.
>It sure seemed like Flash was about to have a pretty good time, but one look at Wallflower's face dashed that conflicted hope.
>She stared regretfully down for a few seconds before turning her back to him, lowering herself slowly backwards until he caught on and caught her shoulders, helping her lay back against him.
>It was a little uncomfortable with his roaring stiffy sandwiched between his stomach and her lower back, the band of his boxers cutting into the middle of his shaft, but a quick adjustment had his length pressed fully against her soft skin.
>She tilted her head back, sharing a bashfully blushing glance with him before looking away.
>Her arms crossed over her chest, not covering her breasts but instead settling under them, creating a rather enticing view for Flash.
>Green hair spread out over his chest in a fan, the top of her head tucked under his chin, the length of her body sprawled out over his.
>Beyond the obviously lovely sight of her bare breasts, framed so delightfully by her arms, his eyes were drawn to her hips.
>The faint outline of her pelvis retreating under the low-riding waist of her pants drew his eyes like a magnet, and he found himself swallowing heavily as she shifted her hips to get comfortable.
File: 1866213.jpg (69 KB, 600x337)
69 KB
>He could feel himself throbbing, practically digging a hole into Wallflower's back, convinced his heartbeat must be deafening her.
>Flash laid his hands on her shoulders, squeezing lightly before he slid teasing fingertips tracing down her arms.
>He felt her shiver against him, and her every movement left him practically gasping.
>"Anything coming to you? Does this remind you of anything?"
>Her breathy inquiry had his left hand moving of it's own accord, slithering down to cup her breast while his thumb swirled around the tip of her already rock hard nipple.
"This one..."
>The words left his lips in a hesitant whisper as his mind swirled into the past.
[I still get surpised by how beautiful your breasts are, Wallflower. You always wear that sweater. It totally hides your figure.]
>[Oh, come on, they're nothing special]
[No, seriously, you should wear something that shows yourself off a little better sometimes]
>[*giggle* Whatever, Flash. They're, um, not even the same size. One's a little bigger than the other.]
[... This one? *chuckle*]
>[*grumbling* You know, Flash, when a girl says something like that... You probably shouldn't immediately point out the flaw they just admitted to.]
[What flaw? I think it's cute. It makes you unique.]
>[Unique how? Most girls' breasts aren't exactly the same, you know.]
[Sunset's are]
>[Flash, do you really think now is the best time to bring up your ex?]
[Um... No? Wallflower, don't get crazy now, okay?]
[Ow! Ow, Wallflower, stop it!]
[W-where are you going?]
[O-okay, Wallflower, seriously. Don't start throwing stuff or anything.]
>Flash clutched at his forehead, the same blinding light and blaring tone stabbing into his mind, leaving behind the scene he'd relived.
>"Ow ow ow ow ow..."
>Flash relaxed his hand immediately, prompting a relieved sigh from Wallflower.
"Ah, shit. Sorry, Wallflower, I... Sorry."
File: 1892255.jpg (273 KB, 707x1000)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
>She reached back to cup his cheek, thumb stroking his chin gently.
>"It's okay, I kind of figured that was going to happen. Still smarts a little, though..."
>Her hand covered Flash's, fingers pressing into his until he got the idea and started gently massaging her globe.
>"Mnnnn... That's better."
>Flash watched Wallflower smile up at him, the hand on his cheek sliding around behind his neck to trail across his skin.
>Her other hand left his to it's work, sliding down her side to hook a thumb in the waist of her pants then sliding further, pulling the low-riding jeans even lower on her hip.
>He sucked in a quick breath as foam green panties matching her discarded bra came into view, the fingers of his free hand itching to follow hers down her body.
>"What are you thinking about, Flash?"
>Wallflower's low voice slithered into his ears, simmering with heat.
>All he could manage was a deep breath, trying to steady himself.
>His hand inched down her side, tracing across her ribs and drawing a fluttering sigh from her.
>Closing his eyes, Flash settled his chin on the top of Wallflowers head, looking out across the office.
"I'm thinking you really whacked the crap out of me for that whole tit thing, and I'm wondering why you're trying to distract me so hard."
>Wallflower was silent for a few moments, her only movement the steady rise and fall of her chest and the whitening of her finger as they dug into her hip.
>"I'm sorry, Flash. That was the second time I made you forget, and I d-don't want to make you remember the third."
>Flash barely caught the tremble in her voice, but he could feel the tenseness of her body against him.
>He slowly slipped his arms behind hers, hooking them under her armpits and lifting her up his body.
File: 1979155.png (611 KB, 782x846)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
>Her butt settled in his lap, and although he regretted the loss of her bare skin against his rod, he felt like the warm groove he slid into was a fairly even trade.
>More importantly, he was able to wrap his arms around her from behind, hugging him close to her.
>Setting his chin on her shoulder, he settled in to wait.
>A minute passed before the arms hanging limply at Wallflower's sides lifted to cross over Flash's.
>Her head tilted back and away from Flash, shaking lightly to clear the hair away from the neck and shoulder closest to him.
>Flash didn't hesitate, moving it to nip and nuzzle at the smooth expanse of flesh afforded him.
>Soft sighs and whimpers were his reward, as well as a soft rocking of her hips that left his breath gusting against the reddened skin his ministrations left behind.
>He wasn't too proud to admit he wanted those pants that were rubbing against him the FUCK off of the girl in his arms.
>It felt like there was a hurdle they should tackle before they went any further though, so his lips reluctantly retreated.
"Just tell me what I'm in for, okay? I doubt it's as bad as you're making it out to be."

Aaaand that's all she wrote for now. Hopefully it won't take me another two days to finish it, and I hope you enjoy this segment.
Also, I need to fucking edit myself better. Just glancing over it I can see at least two fuckups.
righteous update friend, this is great.
>[Flash, do you really think now is the best time to bring up your ex?]
Flash just SEEMS like the special kind of idiot to bring something like his ex up in front of a girl (a girl with a sordid history with his ex, no less). A smooth operator he is not but that's why you root for him
pastebin when?
I guess I'll get around to it tonight at some point.
>hes dead
File: 122233.png (347 KB, 628x600)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
What's that supposed to mean? I've just been busy the past little bit.
Here's the paste. I should have more done by tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully the thread's still up, but if not, I'll finish posting the story in Fingerbang.
thank you based writefriend
File: 2071320.jpg (269 KB, 1280x763)
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269 KB JPG
So Twilight Velvet cringes at Timber and Shining thinks he's a loser. How would they react to Flash?
Timber’s just a fucking flake. Flash has been downtrodden so many times that they’d probably take pity on him.
Does Flash have his own song yet?
They'd still tell Twi to drop him like a hot potato if he ever had a major injury.
I'm sure they can tell without sports he has no future.
Page 9
Would you guys be okay if Brad becomes an antagonist?
It would be interesting to have a male antagonist.
Sadly, it won't happen.
File: 20901_normal.jpg (32 KB, 355x500)
32 KB
we need a male antagonist like this.

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