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Previous thread: >>33844732

Welcome to Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls & Humanized Thread! Anything with >no hooves is welcome and encouraged here. If you like to write, draw, read, or critique the humanized versions of the ponies, then this is the thread for you.

Story List:

--Recent Writefags--
https://pastebin.com/rnmM7QJk (Mane Seven)
https://pastebin.com/BFZq3W6t (Sunset Shimmer)

Pheno: https://pastebin.com/Vryifbp1 (Limestone)

https://pastebin.com/c6D2XDbL (Shadowbolts)
https://pastebin.com/Sx1M6gnB (Shadowbolts)
https://pastebin.com/4c5BLWLd (Shadowbolts)

FiftyShadesofYellow: https://pastebin.com/x9BuyJQZ (Fluttershy)

Kuragekami: https://pastebin.com/rqbyRWNU (Wallflower Bush)

https://pastebin.com/RZQmGUKU (Mane Seven)
https://pastebin.com/CRCVrvr4 (Sugarcoat)

Magicopia: https://pastebin.com/p46zndV8 (Mane Seven)

Jade: https://pastebin.com/S9JWisFy (Fluttershy/Rarity/Dash)
https://pastebin.com/Aw0tfU9E (Fluttershy/Scitwi)

TerminusAnon: https://pastebin.com/ddNn3tjZ (Midnight/Twilight)

suppy: https://pastebin.com/dqm9Bvu3 (Moondancer)

Lilith: https://pastebin.com/sPUtvkM7 (Mane Six: Space)

Teachernon: https://pastebin.com/bHH9kNwH (Moondancer/Trixie)

Liquid Plasma/NaOH : https://pastebin.com/dc6dxvwW (RD, Sunset)

--Collection of Anonymous Shorts-- (WIP)

Archival Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/FingerbangingMLP
Thread Resources: http://derpy.me/b783H
FimFiction Group: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/204505/human-eqg-fingerbang
Applications: http://derpy.me/tQSuG
Discord (wow we actually still have this): https://discord.gg/jXfKyJP
>How did this Humanized thread get started? What happened to Fingerbang?

The Humanized thread was created when the various humanized threads (including Fingerbang) on /mlp/ decided to merge. The rest is history. Quite literally as of now.
File: tea_coco.jpg (16 KB, 218x300)
16 KB
>Another day, another dollar.
>Even for the freshman like Coco Pommel, in a way.
>Welcome to Crystal Prep Academy, where the pristine uptown appearance of the school is anything but the truth.
>These walls are built by greed, supported by envy and gluttony.
>No matter how bright the lights on the ceiling are, nothing can drown out the darkness that spreads into everyone’s hearts here; it’s do or die, eat or be eaten.
>Simply the rules of nature, survival of the fittest, and the fittest here act on their greed the most. They have no fear but keep their wits about them.
>Pick a commodity.
>Fashion is one of them, clothes, fabrics, just like Europe several hundred years ago, holding a monopoly can bring great benefits, and Suri Polymare is well aware of this.
>Fund raising programs not only gain publicity but could rake in more money than anticipated.
>She often asks for larger amounts than she she needs and uses less than half of it while making it seem as though she exhausted her funds, sometimes asking for more.
>Her friend Upper Crust is excellent at lawyering her way through a conversation and making the figures that Suri put out convincing.
>Suri’s family has ties to the fashion industry, Upper Crust’s family has ties to a law firm. These two girls knew just how they could team up the very day they met and told eachother about themselves.
>The funds come in, the cost comes out and the revenue comes in after that, from attendees.
>Sometimes, the official figures about that can be altered too, but only if Suri Polymare and Upper Crust can tell lies they can easily back out of.
>This is just one of many examples of strings being pulled to obtain what Suri loves to call “residue profit”, and she and her friend Upper Crust have gotten so good at it that they’ve got new figures in the thousands every few weeks. No commas, not enough.
>And caught between all this is Coco Pommel.
>Coco is just 14 years old, and she’s looking at a world that’s better suited for business people in full fledged careers.
>People in their 40’s as they store their 40’s to celebrate with later in “retirement” after the first digit changes.
>Two 18 year old seniors have taken her under their wing as an assistant, or rather, a buffer zone for possible repercussions for all the bad things they do.
>She’s the one who puts up all the flyers and pamphlets, the one who makes arrangements for the decorations, along with other things all because she loves fashion.
>Coco loves fashion, and the two senior girls see this a a useful catalyst in their schemes.
>No one would even expect Coco to be up to something bad, whereas Suri’s and Upper’s connections are no secret.
>Whenever Coco asked why there were only so many materials and resources being used to set up an even, Upper Crust used to just tell her that they were told to cut down on their expenses.
>Which was already a stretch given how much money the school had.
>But the cat had to be let out of the bag once Suri needed Coco Pommel to be there when the ballots were being counted for competitions.
>The winners not only get the most publicity but also an amount of prize money that often played a part, which came from the ticket sales.
>Some of it went to charity, some of it went to the winner (if that was the type of competition, otherwise, it “all” went to charity).
>It’s no coincidence that the lines with ties to Suri’s group would always win in the competitions with this specific setup.
>It makes Coco a little paranoid that someone is going to find out, and that she’s going to end up getting expelled.
>But she’s in too deep to back away from it now; if it’s found out, then the entire history of everything’s going to be found out.
>And she’s part of that history now, so her love for fashion is only in danger if she helps her “friends” not get caught.
>Plus, the small amounts of cash she gets out of this helps her stay motivated… but it swells her guilt as well.
>They weren’t supposed to make this extra money, yet here it is in their hands.
>Coco is raised in a household that teaches honest values of integrity, and this contradicts her values to the greatest extent.
>This is dishonest money, but she got it through her love for fashion.
>The girl wishes she could just drop everything that has happened and make her own custom little fur coats that people enjoy, or maybe party dresses or summer hats used for shading eyes from the sun.
>And for the winter, she could stay in a little cabin in the woods and sip hot chocolate in front of the fire while watching geese fly by in the distance while being proud of her honest hard work.
>And she can celebrate her favorite festive holidays, wearing mittens she made for herself to protect her hands from the heat of the mug while her cabin protects her from the cold of the winter.
>She’s had many dreams that conclude with these scenarios, but the two senior girls’ dreams are much louder than hers, and have a stronger gravitational pull.
>But Suri understand this, and tells Coco Pommel that she’s going to be able to get her dreams even more easily after all of this is over, and that she just needs to break the rules a little bit before being able to get her name out there in the industry.
>At least REALLY get her name out there. Not all of the money and marketing needs to be honest, in Suri’s eyes, and of course Upper crust would agree.
>But that bad feeling in Coco’s heart refuses to go away, but there’s nothing she can do about it since there’d be dirt on her as well as the other two girls if the beans were to have been spilled.
>The freshman girl has to go along with the things the two seniors do when it comes to the school’s fashion program.
>And what does she have now?
>A lot of obligations on her hands.
>The two other girls have her under a microscope now when it comes to being their assistant, because they have to make sure she doesn’t squeal on them and all the business they’ve been doing.
>Coco Pommel is the one the teachers trust, the one the other staff members trust.
>When other people see her going around the school telling everyone about Suri’s awesome fashion line, they are more inclined to listen, so Suri is sure to have her spreading that word like wildfire.
>There soon comes a point when Coco wants to start her own fashion line, but the other two don’t take too kindly to this.
>They said something about her “not being ready”.
>”Why no?” Coco clamps her hands together and pleads them. “I’ve learned a lot recently! I wanna do it too.”
>”It’s too dangerous for us.” Says Upper Crust. “We already have too many ties to watch over, too many fences to mind. We can’t add something else to it.”
>They’re saying this as though Coco doesn’t have any aspirations of her own, or that she does but they don’t actually matter.
>”It’s nothing personal. Just business. Now we need you to market the new design for us on Friday, okay?” Suri tells her.
>”B-but… I wanna do my own thing too!” Protests Coco.
>”No buts.”
>Coco continues to complain.
>”You don’t wanna… throw it all out the window now, do you?” Upper Crust hints to the freshman girl in a subtly threatening tone. “Now do what you’re told.”
>”Respect your elders.” Adds Suri.
>Coco needs to find a way to break free from these two, but she doesn’t know how she’s going to do it.

So I wrote a quick extra green to start thing off with that I was originally going to post in that shadow thread first but might as well post it here too before I go and post it there along with the other things I'm about to post there.

More of the other shit up next soon.
She looks like she could use a hug
I'm actually curious where your creative drive comes from.
Save us our brave knight.
Poor Coco.
Why do you guys like this thread?
From behind, with my arms around her chest
>Crystal Prep is literally the mafia
Underwear/nude versions of that?
File: large.png (327 KB, 588x1024)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
Look up AH96 on Derpibooru. You'll find it.
>your creative drive comes from.
>Force drama
>Make the characters as OOC as possible
>Throw in some lol randum
boom typical alex green
File: .png (7 KB, 625x626)
7 KB
File: 1554732543644.jpg (110 KB, 1273x1063)
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110 KB JPG
>damage control
Feel free to prove me wrong.
That looks gross anon.
Coco's situation makes me actually angry. She should at least tell one of the teachers.
File: large-11.png (650 KB, 723x1024)
650 KB
650 KB PNG
Would be perfect if she was like 7 feet so my face would be level with her cleavage.
I did a quick hype vid for Sunday.
Maybe I should post a link to the hype vid.
There's a picture set of a lesbian foreplay (I think?) between EQG Rarity and Applejack. It is implied that they are naked, but pictures only show down to their shoulders.

Anyone willing to draw rest of their bodies in all panels? I'd prefer to see them fully naked. Try to include nipples and genitals if possible.

You may modify their body shapes to make them look natural.

https://haibaratomoe.tumblr.com/post/182977215499 (Yep, still alive.)
May I get an EQG Sci-Twi edit of a nude selfie of Gloria (from Big City Greens)?
Is Gloria supposed to be Gloriosa?
No. Gloria (from Big City Greens) and Gloriosa Daisy (from EQG LoE) are different characters.


Gloria is colored purple, so you can somehow modify her into the EQG Twilight Sparkle.
I like this character already
Alex has made me feel for more of the characters than the show has.
I want her to get drunk and try to rape me but with me secretly wanting it
This is good so far but are you sure about writing extra green again?
File: VV believe.jpg (419 KB, 880x1200)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
[Edit request]
Requesting a nude edit of Vignette Valencia. You may replace the phrase in her smartphone screen with a nude version of her "#bangs" selfie.

For "#bangs", you may use the following picture from other artist, but give it slightly bigger boobs beforehand:

Uotapo's recent Rarity image set shows that Vignette Valencia is depicted to have inverted nipples, so you may want to reflect that.

You can remove or redo the background if necessary. Be sure to make her nipples and genital(s) clearly visible.

References for nipples and genitals:
These are good images.
I never found her attractive.
I vaguely remember an edit of this already being made.
File: Yz8YGsw.png (681 KB, 820x950)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
Enjoy your vacation.
That image is safe for work, anon
It's been posted lots of times before too

What would be the bust sizes for:

Sour Sweet
Indigo Zap
Sunny Flare
Lemon Zest
My guess?
Twilight: B cup
SciTwi: B+ cup
Sunset: C+ cup
Applejack: C cup
Rarity: C cup
Rainbow: A+ cup
Pinkie: D cup
Fluttershy: D+ cup
Celestia: D+ cup
Luna: C cup
Cadance: C+ cup
Cheerilee: C cup
Cinch: C cup
Gloriosa: D cup
Juniper: B cup
Wallflower: D cup
Vignette: C cup
Sour Sweet: D cup
Sugarcoat: B cup
Indigo Zap: A cup
Sunny Flare: B cup
Lemon Zest: C+ cup
Starlight: C cup
File: large-10.png (282 KB, 692x1024)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
Have we seen camel toe(s) in the EQG?
If I can get my programs working right I'll try it.
Is it me or would Principal Celestia would be complacent with a problem?
I think that would be more 6 and a half feet.

Forgot some:

Upper Crust
Fleur de Lis
Bon Bon
I'm about ready to stream Day 4's preshow stuff.
Stream at https://derpy.me/daVFb

Actual tournament starts at 3PM CST.
Group C #1 Treehugger vs Group B #2 Sonata Dusk
Group A #1 Pinkie Pie vs Group D #2 Octavia Melody
Group D #1 Princess Luna vs Group A #2 Rainbow Dash
Group B #1 Vinyl Scratch vs Group C #2 Starlight Glimmer
Switch Rainbow and Twilight and it's perfect
You said Trixie wasn't in this one, right?
She will be on the preshow.
ooh, sweet
Trixie: B+ cup
Upper Crust: C cup
Fleur: B cup
Suri: C cup
Lyra: C cup
BonBon: C+ cup
Octavia: C+ cup
Vinyl: B cup
Alicorn > earth pony > unicorn > pegasus
Realistically: none goes beyond double DD
Fan service: they go well beyond D but only for the alicorns
Anything beyond an F cup is just ridiculous.
This to be quite honest.
Day 4 Videos:
Group C #1 Treehugger vs Group B #2 Sonata Dusk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYZ1Dxb-XPE
Group A #1 Pinkie Pie vs Group D #2 Octavia Melody - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaw6fSh0Spo
Group D #1 Princess Luna vs Group A #2 Rainbow Dash - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T62vIKS7qs8
Group B #1 Vinyl Scratch vs Group C #2 Starlight Glimmer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ2UqUgBwVI

Semi-Final #1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7fJKh_YWEI
Semi-Final #2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_2MAREHk9o

Third Place - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_zpRQmkx70

Finals - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OtaZrwMXYs

Treehugger over Sonata, Pinkie over Octavia, Dash over Luna, Vinyl over Glimmer

Pinkie over Treehugger, Vinyl over Dash

Treehugger over Dash for 3rd place.

Vinyl over Pinkie to win the League!
I love this.
And I agree with you there. However, with the magic of push-up bras and 2D animation anything is possible.
Thank you anon, glad you love it.
May I request a nude edit of EQG Starlight Glimmer? https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=74852153

You can take the bikini version as a basis of your nude edit, but I think you can take a hint from the crotch part of the clothed version for the shape of her genitals.

Whether to remove her bra or not is up to you, but definitelly remove the bikini bottom.

You may reshape her body shape and proportions a little to make them look natural.
Up from 9.
>that gravity defying ice cream
Reminds me of that one sumin art of Rarity's gravity defying drink
Not even a vinylfag but I'm okay with this
File: 1554111113007.gif (1.5 MB, 492x508)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB GIF
I'd like some glimmer too
Why does this push up bra meme keep popping up?
It's the wires, Anon. They lift and separate.
They aren't hiding their allegiances.
What does this even mean?
It means you're reddit
No it doesn't, that's just you making an excuse for not explaining yourself.
Hey, calm down, dial 8 or whatever it is you things do
File: 1493719596024.jpg (142 KB, 600x400)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
I am calm, there's nothing to get angry over. Also you still haven't explained what you mean about the beanies, or whatever these things you're on about.
It's a perfectly clear sentence in the English language hinting at a current political landscape. Failure of reading basic English reveals you to be a non-American.
Please refrain from being a redditor on a pony web thread.
I understand the sentence, but I am britbong. What I dont get is the 'allegiances thing.
File: D87KHjkUEAAbjQv.png (1.26 MB, 1606x893)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
File: large-4.jpg (419 KB, 614x1024)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
File: large-6.jpg (163 KB, 1280x931)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
File: large-6.png (247 KB, 631x1024)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
File: large-7.jpg (362 KB, 1100x900)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
File: large-8.png (749 KB, 788x1024)
749 KB
749 KB PNG
File: large-9.png (766 KB, 832x1024)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
File: large-9.jpg (127 KB, 1280x719)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
In America a beanie is a sign of a civilian antifa member in contrast to the paid thugs. The stereotype is the common observation of very thin and verbally aggressive men and women. Think of them as the other half to the landwhales and nu-males.
They're basically saying their mary sue is a socialist and that EqG will be written by such writers.
The carr that save Mongoria
I know you're probably trolling, but I want to believe, even after nine years. I want to give the writers and producers the benefit of the doubt.

They've had lots of opportunities to get cloyingly and stupidly PC, which they've passed over. Maybe a beanie hat is just a hat, especially since it isn't being worn with the other "fashion accessories" that normally go with what you're talking about (black mask, red-and-black anarchocommunist flag, etc.). I want to believe.
>being this outraged over a beanie
could it be possible that it’s just a damn hat and you’re just grasping at things to be triggered like an opposite spectrum SJW?
Fuck you Mongorians.
Next time I see a red arm bind with a white circle and black symbol in it I will refrain from drawing conclusions to some past reich. Thank you, I have finally achieved enlightment.
Didn't that artist have a comic?
Right, so american bullshit made up by retards, got it. Like this anon said
, you're grasping at fucking fibers to give yourself a reason to hate Starlight. Or a reason to whine about something else.
>using SJW at anyone not subservient to Soros
I get it. You aren't Americans. I don't care if you're Europoor or from other shitholes.
This is the pony board and ponies are made with anglophone symbols in mind.
File: 1560527365526.png (112 KB, 294x256)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
I don't know what you mean by using SJW, and I don't know who Soros is. You say this is the pony board but now you're talking about anglophone symbols. Are you just pulling words out of a hat and slapping them into a sentence?
How different your life would have been if you either went to CPA or CHS?
No different at all in the slightest. I'm under no illusion that I would somehow be someone special just because I went to a fictional school.
File: 1362672756_333366031.gif (1.38 MB, 385x251)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB GIF
I got good at typing a lot of long sections of text on the spot. Also, it's fun to keep existing when posters like >>33967597 >>33967616 think I'll quit because they go out of their way to try to stir shit.
If I continue this, it'll probably be the second half of the entire thing since it wasn't meant to be a lot of posts.
See above.
Welp, Pinkie almost made it.
Previously: >>33958879
>It’s funny how Crystal Prep actually had to close down completely.
>None of the uniformed school students know what the fuck to do now that their lives aren’t confined into a grueling daily schedule, except the money driven ones of course.
>Some of them just wander around town or maybe stay in their rooms reading books.
>As if they need to be constantly reminded that they’re in school somehow.
>But surprisingly, none of the Shadow Five are part of this group anymore.
>Zest and Zap are completely alone hanging out in workless sleepovers until seemingly the end of time.
>Sunny Flare spends a lot of time with Upper Crust and Suri Polymare as they help her prepare for the college they helped set her up to go to.
>Sour Sweet has nothing better to look at than the inside of a jail cell, and maybe through the lens of her medication she has to take now.
>While Sugarcoat sometimes gives up the lens of her glasses in favor of the lens of her tears.
>She still wonders why the former dean won’t even try to contact her back.
>All of the issues should be over for him by now, and she’d love to start things over with him; no one else has made her feel this way.
>But no matter how long she waits, he messages fall upon deaf ears.
>And there’s one night when she’s staying up late, wishing she had what it took to read herself a book just like she used to, before her heart started caring about things so much.
>He’s still not answering anything she had sent to him; and nothing new was sent to the man since, to not seem desperate.
>But going through this feels like wading through a thick swamp, trying to get to the other side of a bayou without knowing if anything’s even there… and Sugarcoat’s rational side addresses her in the mirror once again.
>”What’s going on with you?” Her reflection asks. “Get ahold of yourself!”
>”What can I do?” Asks Sugarcoat. “All of the blackmailing ended but he’s saying nothing. How am I supposed to make him care again?”
>”Let. Him. Go.” The reflection uses the same tone as last time. “He’s not worth it. You have a life to get on with. The only one continuing this is you with your feelings.” Her imaginary words cut into Sugarcoat’s tired ears.
>”But… what if I can’t do anything about them?”
>”Do you hear yourself? Sour Sweet’s bullshit really changed you, hasn’t it? And now you can’t even read a damn book on your bed without getting all emotional and mushy.”
>”But what do I do?!”
>”Forget about the fucking dean already! He’s not your problem anymore. You have to just do it, there’s no other way.”
>”But what if I can’t?”
>”Shut the fuck up, yes you can. Now do it. Delete his contact info, put him out of your mind, and read your god damn book.”
>”But… but I…”
>”That’s all I have to say for you.”
>And then, Sugarcoat’s stern-faced reflection transforms back into the reality of a tear-drenched mess, lines of eyeliner over rippling cheeks that can do anything but force a smile.
>Sugarcoat’s hands shake uncontrollably, her book motionless on the bed, the bags under her eyes only becoming more visible as they glisten with tears.
>It takes a couple of minutes for her to make her wya back to her bed, then to go downstairs and get herself something to drink.
>When she comes back, fatigue takes her down, and she falls asleep without even touching the book.
>She still has all of the lawsuits and the contract to worry about anyway… maybe it’s for the best that the former dean should be the least of her worries for now.
>Summer’s always been a hasty time for Mulberry because school’s out and he’s in the spotlight almost 24/7.
>Like a deer in the headlights, or crosshairs, he knows he has to watch his back. Even in the public library’s computer lab.
>He has to sit around on the computer compensating for his site dying early because he overslept one morning on an eventful day and let it slip off the edge of pruning.
>It’s like a good punchline at the end of a really long, bad joke.
>And now, like a toy-less toddler, he stomps over to the places where people usually laugh at him, orange dust on his frantic fingers and keyboard, and plans how he can blame them without looking stupid.
>But that fell apart instantly; all he can do now is shitpost however he can until the salt is out of his system and dust off his fingers.
>He doesn’t care how many times he has to reply to himself or the same person multiple times, he’ll never let it end at him being blown the fuck out.
>Hoping he can turn this around and scare off his natural predators, but alas, Summer is hunting season.
>Mulberry isn’t ready to have to watch his front, because here they come out in the wide open.
>The morning after Sugarcoat talked to herself.
>”So you’re saying I can get my own Lamborghini under this thing?” Sunny Flare looks at the new contract that Padded Briefcase slid across the table towards her.
>”Absolutely. Lots of foreign exchange students do something similar to this all the time. And you don’t have to worry about convincing your father to get you one this time.” The man replies.
>Sunny Flare’s mind drifts away to mental Hollywood.
>There she is, tweeting pictures of herself standing in front of her car, taking 20 thousand selfies with 20 thousand hashtags each.
>All these things she starts to imagine to herself.
>So many new followers from her new source of clout, from her entrance into the gated communities where celebrities live.
>She might even get to see [insert generic pop singer name here] in person, all she has to do is drive across the country and keep enough money to get into clubs.
>A bright yellow Lamborghini would surely so the trick to get heads turning and get people to think she’s a hotshot, it certainly worked for GumRice, or whatever that kid’s name is.
>”Yeeeeah! Let’s do this shit!” Sunny throws her hands into the air with an energetic flare. “Where do I sign?”
>There are many places where Sunny Flare needs to put her signature and/or initials, and she happily fills it all out like it’s a required school essay she’s surprisingly eager to complete.
>”Holla!” She struts out of the room as collared shirt man beckons her to follow him so she can pick one of the vehicles from the nearby garage out.
>In the corner of the room, Upper Crust giggles under her breath with her fingers locked.
>Fingers as locked as the current situation she put Sunny Flare in. There’s gonna be a biiiiiig paycheck soon.
>It’s not long before Sunny cruises away from whatever fuckin headquarters Padded Briefcase works at and heads back home to brag to her father and mother that the car is legally hers now under that contract and there’s nothing they can do.
>They never wanted her to get a Lambo because they were afraid she’s get into another accident after finding out how fast those things can go.
>But now they got one traveling up the driveway, and they’ll see what kind of car it is once it gets close enough to be easily seen form the windows.
>Sunny could feel the aura of concern from the tone of her father’s voice, especially since she’s an adult anyway and he can’t really do anything to stop her.
>She just goes up to her room and continues to boast on Twitter how she got a hip new exotic car, and how it’s going to change her whole life just like that one pop song she fell in love with after it played on the radio 50 times in a row.
>Her blogging about her car is only halted by a direct message from Sugarcoat coming in.
>[Sunny, can we talk?] She obviously wants to do this online.
>Sunny’s so caught up in her personal parade. [u want me to drive over?]
>[Do you have to?]
>Sugarcoat, tired of this already, gives in so this can be over and done with already.
>She lets Sunny drive over with a “surprise” for her.
>The horn blares in the driveway are much shorter than the times Sour Sweet was there to pester Sugarcoat when she was trying to sleep.
>It seems like it was two seconds ago Sugarcoat was looking out the window at the fancy car she wasn’t surprised to see there due to the fact that she has social media.
>”Do you like it?!” Sunny bounces up and down in place. “Mr. Briefcase got it for me!”
>”You mean to tell me that… nevermind, that’s not what I wanted to talk about.” Sugarcoat goes back to the question she wanted to ask. “Did you ever hear anything about the dean recently?”
>”Wait… you mean the guy that was fired?” Sunny is hesitant to go back tp the memory, not enthusiastic about the details it brings. “Why do you still care abou him?” She chuckles.
>Sugarcoat just stares at Sunny, which gets the message across just fine.
>Sunny’s eyes widen a little but not too much due to the shortage of surprise. “Oh my gosh, really?” She covers her mouth. “You really did like him?”
>”Just… did you hear anything about him or not? Yes or no?” Sugarcoat stiffly stands there in her room, wishing she made Sunny just talk to her online.
>”Uh, no. I didn’t hear anything.”
>”Okay… thanks.” Sugarcoat sits down on her bed and expects Sunny Flare to just leave at this point.
>But Sunny stays, looking directly at Sugarcoat on the side of the bed.
>That dark cloud over Sugarcoat’s head that was growing starts to slow down.
>Sunny sits next to her friend. “Hey now… is everything cool?”
>Sugarcoat hesitates and then lets out a sigh. “Honestly, no, but thanks for asking.”
>”Well I guess I’m better now that you care.”
>Sunny lets out an awkward giggle. “Yeah, well that’s nice to hear.”
>”Yeah…” Sugarcoat is just glad her friend stayed.
>”So you wanna ride in my lambo or what? I GOTTA show it to you!” Sunny’s tone instantly changes back. “Come oooooon, I drove all the way over here!”
>The metaphorical dark cloud turns into a piano and drops onto Sugarcoat’s head.
>”It’s so cool, you gotta hear what kind of sounds it makes!” Sunny continues. “And I didn’t even have to pay for it though I totally could! I swear it’s the best deal of my life. And we’re under the same contract anyway so I just thought… why do you look so angry?”
>Sugarcoat’s eyes tell Sunny Flare to leave, but her mouth says something different. “Did you sign an extra contract to get the car?”
>Sugarcoat groans and buries her face into her hand. “Oh my gosh, you’re stupid. Did you even read the thing?”
>”Mr. Briefcase said to me it was like the same th-”
>”No, it’s not! He probably ripped you off and you probably have a huge lump sum of money to pay now.” Sugarcoat tells her. “If there needed to be a separate contract, then it obviously said something different! How could you be this stupid? I could get affected by this too, since we actually ARE under the same contract.”
>”Well, I…”
>”I hope that thing was separate enough to not include me.” Sugarcoat crosses her arms. “What did you even do this for? Instagram?”
>”Obviously.” Sunny Flare shrugs. “I dunno, maybe we could go on a road trip together before going to the university. Could be fun.”
>Sugarcoat already hated how this looked on her academic record despite what the now apparent con men said to her.
>It’s like she didn’t earn going to school here through academic achievements, which is anything but like the way Twilight did it.
>And she wants to kick herself for not thinking straight when she signed the initial contract to help herself get out of the messy situation that the thing with Sour Sweet left.
>She keeps forgetting that Suri Polymare and Upper Crust are always on their toes, especially when others aren’t.
>And it’s all because of the way she felt for that dean. It blinded her.
>Sugarcoat takes another look into the mirror, this time sober with the lack of fatigue.
>That stern face she sees is for real now, after having started to scold Sunny Flare for the stupid decision she just made.
>”Sunny.” Sugarcoat stand up. “I’m not going to ride around in your prop car with you. I’m going to get out of this contract before something bad happens.”
>”Aw come on! What’s the worst that could happen? I got a Lamborghini deal all because we’re under a contract for a free pass to go to college.”
>”You need to think more about the phrase ‘too good to be true’, Sunny. You’ll need it.”
>Sunny is eventually kicked out of Sugarcoat’s house while Sugarcoat starts making some phone calls to see where she can go with this… but not before deleting some certain contact information from her social media.
>Despite this being a rather odd way to become a guidance counselor to a school, you already like this better than the last job you had.
>You don’t even mind being paid less.
>The currently graduating seniors are to be dealt with by the Principal and Vice Principal themselves, so you really don’t have to do anything regarding that, which is more than fine by you.
>But a couple of the students at this place keep coming to you about the episode that apparently happened last Friday.
>There’s been some drama going on surrounding that one girl being rejected, and a couple of her friends are coming to you asking what the hell is going on.
>The most frequent one is Rainbow Dash, an athlete girl who’s basically Indigo Zap but nowhere near as pushy as far as you can tell.
>She’s always racing over to your office, telling you what’s going on, and every time she tells it to you, parts of it keep feeling familiar to you even though they’ve never been a part of your life before… yet they feel like they have.
>Apparently, this girl that got rejected by that guy likes him so much that she’s not giving up… and refusing to take no for an answer.
>And another one of her friends is helping her, you think you already saw this play out the first time they were here.
>Now the lovestruck girl is trying to do some publicity stunt, or something? You kind of stopped paying attention and Rainbow Dash said she’ll be back with more details later on, but you’re distracted by Padded Briefcase entering your office unannounced.
>”Hello there.” He greets as he sits down.
“Uh… come in.” You half-sarcastically reply.
>”So I have a few… questions for you regarding your desired flexibility in the contract.” He already has a paper in his hand. “Since I’ve been getting contacted by a few others under it, and I want to make sure that you and I are on the same page.” He sounds like he means this in a literal sense.
File: large9.gif (875 KB, 480x275)
875 KB
875 KB GIF
Just now updated pastebins (of what is now this whole chapter)
https://pastebin.com/c6D2XDbL Part 1
https://pastebin.com/Sx1M6gnB Part 2
https://pastebin.com/4c5BLWLd Part 3 (current)

If I get time outside of irl shit, I'll surely post more Moonflower today too.
Do not trust that motherfucker
I wonder how it well end
will* end
Do you have any advice on how of becoming a better writer?
I guess it's true that the more you read, the more you can write. But I'd recommend reading irl books and not greentext fanfics on 4chan.
So the new special came out early >>33982306
File: 1553700441268.gif (512 KB, 480x264)
512 KB
512 KB GIF
Eh. I don't really care. We already got the yoga scenes anyway.
The Dazzlings did come back and it did kinda look like they were villains again at first but it wasn't them doing shit
Also they ruined Pinkie's character again so you at least missed that
File: Spoiler Image (37 KB, 571x571)
37 KB
It was okay
They never were villains. They were antagonists. That's what made them special. They didn't want to take over the school - they wanted to use everyone's hearts to go back home.
Finishing up WW with Day 4 highlights.
>Think I'll quit because they go out of their way to try to stir shit
>Jumping to conclusions
>Forces more drama for attention
>Acknowledges he is a hack
Case closed
This try was not good.
Why do you insist on being trolled? You're only hurting yourself.
>Also they ruined Pinkie's character again
No they didn't
Another terrific update.
File: 1491105722315.jpg (23 KB, 300x269)
23 KB
He thinks he's the one doing the trolling. Let him have his little fantasy so we can keep laughing at him.
Life's sad enough already. I can't laugh at this. I know it won't do any good, but at least at the end of the day I can say I tried.
Fair enough. I'm still enjoying it though.
I'm sure he'll pop back in to double down soon enough. I doubt the well's dry.
How so?
>Accused of trolling
>Everything I said is true and nobody can refute it
>Alex admitted he hates the source material
>Never said anything about stop writing
>Anons create a strawman, use ad hominem and project; for dare criticizing their dear leader.
>Making a mountain out of a molehill
Bizarre how criticism is enough to get all these panties in a twist.

If I was trolling it'd look like this
>Discord faggots mad I hurt their fee fees and said things to their autistic writefag who needs validation from them so they can complete their escapism from reality on a board dedicated to imaginary colorful and magical equines.
>How dare I enter their safe space
>It's hard to hear what they're saying with his dick in their collective mouths as they seeth and foam at the mouth in complete asspain while pleasuring him lol.
>These faggots are no different from those fucktards weebs that post pictures of 2d annamay becuse they make their pee pees hard.
>Literal fan of the fandom fuckboyz
>There is a funny parallel between those weebs and these oxygen killers
>They reduce characters to a collection of traits or a checklist in a way that is more extreme than weeb's
>Both practice a form of fetishism, but at least weebs are more willing to admit it.
>These asstards are the hieroglyphs of thought disorder, inferiority, servile attachment, and emotional reactivity
>Have sex, incels
>No U! and assravaged response in 3..2..1..

See the difference?
One is pointing out a known fact while the other is trying to get a rise out of you.
For some reason, my first post is doing the latter.
>No one took the bait so it must be true but lemme keep going anyway
>Commence wall of text of salt
Yeah, we surely must be the ones making a mountain out of a molehill
You don't even deserve a direct reply anymore
Go try to derail another thread
>How dare you point out my flawed logic
>It's bait because I say so
>No U
>You don't deserve a direct reply
Case in point
You even did the No U in my fake shit post example. That's just sad.
You seriously need to be a Europoor to think trolling isn't peak Internet use.
Maybe if you browse /v/, /int/, /pol/ and /r9k/.
Aren't villains and antagonists the same thing?
Maybe if you're an American.*
Fixed that for you.
Semantics. Villains are evil, antagonists have differing goals. Antagonists can become anti-heroes, villains can't.
I agree except for the last part.
Villains can become antiheroes and even join the good guys especially if they are redeemed villains.
Not him but I think he meant that villains are less likely to become anti heroes because they're against the heroes by their own choice where antagonists are more likely to be against the heroes because of their situation.
That's what I thought
>redeemed villains
They stop being villains when they're reformed. Antagonists don't need reforming but it helps.
File: costanza3.png (258 KB, 500x375)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
I don't even read the guys green but you sound like a colossal limpdick
Is there a difference between heroes turned antiheroes and villains turned antiheroes?
It's nice to see the Dazzlings briefly come back so we know if they moved on or not
>Story title change
Holy shit you weren't kidding
File: 1558152462643.jpg (94 KB, 563x861)
94 KB
File: 1558152946987.gif (413 KB, 800x450)
413 KB
413 KB GIF
File: 1558163639935.jpg (137 KB, 1139x724)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
File: 1558299561223.png (352 KB, 854x480)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
File: 1558386275878.png (439 KB, 700x880)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
File: 1559145731594.png (234 KB, 893x1024)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
File: 1559795300060.jpg (103 KB, 829x1280)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
File: large-16.png (448 KB, 1280x720)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
File: large-17.png (415 KB, 1280x720)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
I can get on board with this mindset.
I believe so.
File: large-16.png (870 KB, 576x1024)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
>But not the cutest
RD is a sexy woman.
>Acknowledging that Diana is Sunset and that Amanda is just RD
Who are they?
LWA characters
Please continue this one soon I need to know what happens
Why did you make her into a jester?
What do you mean? Also I'm pretty sure that's not his own art.
flat is justice
I always loved how that show has obvious references to MLP characters in their characters.
>Sucy is supposed to be a Filipina
>but she looks stoned all the time
>ALL the time
>these girls are supposed to be, what, nine years old?

not sure how to feel about this
I've seen a couple.
Is it good?
Watch the OVAs. They're good. The anime is hit and miss.
Is pheno back with more limestone green yet?
I can't even remember how long since the last update it was
I love how it looks like obvious clown hair just like RD's hair
>obvious clown hair

honk honk, fren
Not him but I might give it a watch
It HAS been a long time. Still kicking, just busy/not feeling up to writing. Can't say when the forecast will improve.
Hope to see ya again soon.
At least you're not ded to the point where you're not even here anymore
Her hair looks like a jester hat
that's pretty fucking hot
Bumping nude edit request.
It does look like it.
File: 1531876012724.png (1.47 MB, 1280x1646)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Is EqG Lyra obsessed with hooves? Does EqG Bon Bon ever say "Lyra, you li'l shid?" If you whispered to her "pony wears the saddle," would she follow you anywhere?

So many questions.
>Is EqG Lyra obsessed with hooves?
She'd browse this board, then.
I really liked that story. Do take your time, though. No rush.
Seriously I'm curious
Was that autist a tryhard rusemaster or did you actually like piss in his cheerios one day and he still hasn't recovered?
What's everyone's favorite story?
File: 1528080883676.jpg (199 KB, 1280x1600)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
I don't have just one favorite green, but the ones I like most is Sarge's Werewolf story, Alex's Shadow 5 story, BG9's JoJo story and Lilith's (RIP) Space Adventure story
Why is Flutters dress up like a wicca?
That's not hot.
Too thick.
File: 1560441974043.png (87 KB, 440x562)
87 KB
you're a real chapped butthole aren't you?
Insecure about taste yikes.
There was no reason for your post except to stir shit up.
Then how replaying it not consider stir shit up?
Luna a qt.
I'm surprised it's so popular, since it's basically Anon cockblocking himself over and over again.
Winter Formal Dash and Time After Time.
Apparently, a "Humanized/EqG Nude Edits" thread was set up. Please request such edits over there.
I'm debating doing a pony wrestling thing because of the holiday.
Happy 4th everybody!
happy 4th anon
These. E is already stretching it.
>bra size joke
>"stretching it"
...so, RD and Purpledrank are the only ones in the normal human anatomy range, and every other postpubescent female character in the EqG world is a god damn titty monster?
File: 1547210744_xtodoubt.png (31 KB, 1300x864)
31 KB
>C cup is titty monster
I did a few more random matches with no commentary.
Gilda vs Derpy in a Deathmatch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3sS6CNyWXM

Fluttershy, Glimmer, Treehugger vs Sunset, Spitfire, Octavia in a Cage Match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohfK7kqseEU

Rarity and Applejack vs Lyra and Bon Bon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBPKIi8yPD0

Adagio, Aria, Sonata vs Pinkie, Maud, Limestone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdzzSmMbfaY

Celestia vs Luna vs Cadence vs Twilight vs Chrysalis vs Dash vs Vinyl vs Trixie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3HVxSLiovI
C-cup is on the upper end of average for not-yet-adult femals.
They're aged up to adults here
File: thumbs.gif (1.98 MB, 480x268)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
wew nice
Which cup size is the best?
Thanks for reminding me that Yakuza 6 has been on my backlog for some time.
So I should play it.
After I make maybe one more waifu.
Probably Silverstream because of someone I know.
Either B or C
Adult women with C-cup tiddies are either morbidly obese or have had plastic surgery. FITE ME IRL
File: 1516343182184.jpg (19 KB, 480x242)
19 KB
Misato isn't normal, Shinji. Not anatomically, not psychologically either.
Judging you pretty hard right now if I'm honest
I didn't want to say anything, but same.
t.C cup fatty
How accurate is this if the EQG antagonist were victorious?

Sunset Satan Blitzkrieg the mane 5 and 3 princess. Capture the Crystal Empire and now in a eternal war with Equestria.

The Dazzlings get enough magic to get home and now faces off with Tirek.

Midnight Sparkle explodes due to magic overload.

Gaia Daisy get's nuke.

Juniper get permabanned and makes money by cranking under the table.

Wallflower ghost for the rest of her life.

Valencia makes a giant mess and is now hiding.
This is Fingerbang. You have to go back.
File: large-10.jpg (178 KB, 826x1000)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
More like both.
C-cup is actually average. In the West :^) D is above average just like a 6´´ for men.
Implying that the samefag.
I was just about to say.
I remember one or two talking about Hearts of War in the previous thread. Saw this and figured I'd come here and let you know:
This but also Magicopia and mostly WFD
>you will never have a precious memory where she taught you how to masturbate
I had been gone a long time. Like a really long time. And didn't know yet if I should ask this because no one would know what I'm talking about but fuck it. Anyone know if Flutterhigh ever returned?
I found this realistic good job.
Been here about five years and I don't recognize the name, unless you mean Flutterpriest? Probably before my time on FB.
Does everyone consider Fingerbang one of the most popular threads on this board?
>Caring about thread popularity
Refer to >>34008816
New to watching these but they are pretty entertaining
Not Flutterpriest, there was a writefag named Flutterhigh here once
Got curious so I checked the archive, last post unless they re-branded was late 2014. Seems like they're fully gone, sorry mate.
I wouldn't think/say so, but honestly haven't given it much thought. How do you even judge that? Thread speed? Poster count? You're never going to know how many or few people are lurking.
Oh well. I kinda miss that guy but I guess if he's gone then he's gone. Thanks anyway.
And since I'm replying anyway
>How do you even judge that
It's only important to shallow insecure autists who force braindead discussions for >muh thread speed
Don't think too deeply about it
File: 2076002[1].png (402 KB, 670x1192)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
Since Sci-Twi is probably a Trekie, I wonder which of the EQG girls would want to be a Jedi? Sunset is the easy pick since she's the secondary nerd of the group, but since the last special paired her up with Pinkie rather than Twilight again I'm wondering who else would be into it? RD or Rarity wants to secretly wear the slave outfit? AJ would go into smuggling? Fluttershy the Jedi Consular? Or perhaps Pinkie would just like to blow stuff up with a pink Deathstar?
I'd say Rainbow and Fluttershy would probably be the Starwars fans.
Rainbow would appreciate the simpler high adventure, good vs. bad dynamic, while Fluttershy would like the kinder tone and more diverse alien biology.
Thank you anon.
I do a lot more stuff for the actual league, commentary, stream, etc etc, but I thought these dark matches should just go as is.

Actually, I do stream the dark matches, but I don't really tell people about it. It's not like an actual full show.
File: 2042303.png (1.08 MB, 1024x1024)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Sci-fi is not terribly popular outside a small group. Sci-Twi is nerdy, and Flutters is canonically an otaku. If any of the M6 is going to be into Star Wars it's going to be them.
I'm feeling a little bit of both of these:
Didn't somebody do a crossover with EQG and Starwars?
Yep, that was Sergeant Nonymous.
1) Star Wars is more like science-fantasy, a pulpy adventure with space being just a setting rather than the focus like in say old Star Trek series
2) it's anything but unpopular, despite it's current state - it's an adventure movie that people go see together and it pulls in whole group of friends
Not even close to next Elites(September), but here's the early breakdown.
A: Trixie, Berry, Vinyl, Luna
B: Rarity, Gilda, Pinkie, Sonata
C: Chrysalis, Lyra, Treehugger, Octavia
D: Applejack, Spitifre, Dash, Glimmer
Neat, you plan this ahead pretty far in advance
File: 1660098[1].jpg (339 KB, 1524x894)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Simple: all of them.
Thank you.

I wouldn't say super plan, I just have the rankings sheet in front of me, and this stuff is basic Elites seeding. #1, #8, #9, #16 in same group, and so on.

Oh, I might be doing something for BronyCon, despite me not going to it.
>I might be doing something for BronyCon
Oh really? What do you have in mind?
File: D-2rg2kVUAAH1IK.jpg (108 KB, 552x817)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Stream? Special Tournament maybe? Just throwing ideas at a wall, to be honest.
>I wonder which of the EQG girls would want to be a Jedi?
Twilight because she's the nerdiest. RD coming in second place because she's a closet nerd and loves physical activity.
File: 1561044657128.png (458 KB, 658x826)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
I want to have basement couch sex with wallflower at 4 in the morning with the lights dim
There's kind of a green for that. Wallflower couch sex anyway.
That's good.
Link to it?
I think it's in the Anonymous shorts paste on the front page, but here's the link.
Thanks. Will read later.
Yo Alex, can you sort the OP in /alone/?
Oh hey I forgot Pheno wrote that one.
File: boomerang man.png (1.57 MB, 1440x1552)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
Hey, it's nice to see that guy again. I was hoping he'd come back at some point and was sure I'd miss it.
Why are you asking me of all people this? I don't have anything to do with their thread, haven't even lurked there in forever. That's their business, not mine.
But if you're currently there right now, how've you guys been?
Aye, I wasn't.
Speaking of which, I've been working on a lot more (early) Time After Time recently, since I made the truth obvious by now. I've been tying the portions together, and I'm going to continue updating it here and the other thread as long as the Shadowbolts are major characters in the story. If you're reading, you're in for a surprise or two but those recaps are still coming.
I don't remember if I said that this was only the beginning of a huge thing, but if I did say that, I meant it. I'd go on and on about the story but this post is already getting long, so I'm just gonna wrap everything else up.
Sorry if I took forever, had to map out how I tie everything together before actually posting anything. Also, I'm not on 4chan very much so that's a thing.
Relating to above, I'll be connecting the earlier part of the story to this but again, you don't have to read it since it wouldn't add anything that the recaps won't.
There will be an update coming, I'm getting tons of green I typed ready to drop soon, probably tomorrow morning, afternoon latest. Just making it known so it's no secret exactly when I'm going to be here.
He doesn’t care how much he has to pull out of his ass, he just wants to pick fights and act like it angers people.
You can tell he hates not being taken seriously, tried to justify his own posts but only made himself look worse. It's almost fascinating:
Here's my plan over the next 4-6 months.
>#1 - Make more Waifus(Silverstream, Autumn Blaze, Ember, Tempest, etc etc)
>#2 - (Not At) BronyCon special tournament. 16 or 32 Waifus, fighting in a voted on match type(Poll is already running), only one Waifu will win. Random or Chosen Entrants by anons.
>#3 - Sporadic random matches to give more content, probably fan-picked ones..
>#4 - More GM Mode/Yona Story Mode content.
>#5 - Don't forget September's Elites.
>#6 - Ciderfest Panel if okayed?
Anons, being no hooves is sometimes suffering when it seems the rest of the board is filled with screaming autists who despise human females.

Anyone else ever got that feeling?
>since it wouldn't add anything that the recaps won't.
I hope so
Are you updating your other greens too?
>#4 - More GM Mode/Yona Story Mode content.
Surprisingly interested
I shouldn't miss the special tournament cause I'm not going to bronycon either, if it airs exactly then
not really, because it doesnt seem like the whole rest of the board at all
Really? Whenever I bring up a case of FemAnon I always get one or two dickheads who start spouting "Women are evil, they wouldn't be allowed innaequestria".
I'm one of those apparently rare beasts, unicorns if you will, that likes both. Watching people tear into each other over such a frivolous thing never fails to at times amuse, but unfailingly astound me.
File: 137469154.png (434 KB, 499x534)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
Not the other guy you replied to, but /alone/ has been doing alright but it's slowing down. Though the rest of the board is slowing too so I don't think it matters
Me as well, I find it hard to believe 50 percent of the population is evil by default.
Seriously, the man and mare is teeming with the people you described. RGRE has a few as well.
File: 2020156.png (305 KB, 611x732)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
>He doesn’t care how much he has to pull out of his ass
What was pulled out of his ass?
You did admit you hate Equestria Girls on discord
Eh, you run into them all over the place, and it's personally hard not to just tell them to get the fuck over it.
I actually ended up spending a lot of time in /Lesbo/ to get away from it, but even there some autist from the opposite end of the spectrum pops up and I just want to bury my head in the sand and scream.
True they do seem inconsolable. Just ignore them like I do. I love Applejack and I'm okay with women, I don't have to choose one or the other.
I tried to tell some of the posters in the mare and man thread to get over it and they whined and screamed for jannie who nuked the thread.
That spoiler's a big oof. Nice to know I'm not the only one that gets fed up with it from time to time, though.
Yeah, i've noticed quite few threads have some secret caveats on 4chan. Breaking them brings you know who, in those moments im honestly reminded of Reddit threads, ew.
Way to misrepresent yourself in a plea for sympathy you shitter. You rolled into their thread and called them out for promoting bestiality, then called them incels. I regret commiserating with you.
>That spoiler's a big oof.
>Why are you asking me of all people this? I don't have anything to do with their thread
I thought you made the threads
All of them, yup.
No I mentioned another idea and they screamed like retards about women. You got it backwards.
I read the archived thread which includes your dozens of moderated posts as well as the deleted responses. I didn't get anything backwards.
File: Running Hunter-Warrior.gif (777 KB, 400x225)
777 KB
777 KB GIF
Looks like our threads are in the same boat, then. But that's fine, I'm honestly glad the board's slowing down.
The last time I even posted at all in /alone/ was almost three years ago in September-ish 2016. No, I've never made any of their threads, that makes no sense.
>Basically nothing to do with how to write greentext.
You did this to yourself.
Good to hear, man.
Well it's going to take several posts to get the whole first part of the story summarized, but that's still going to be like 5 percent the size of the actual thing, at most.
>Are you updating your other greens too?
Yup. Here's one of them now:
>Moondancer’s head hurts like hell when she fades awake.
>She struggles to sit up after realizing that she can’t even remember what she dreamt, and only has to face the sharp pain in the muscle tendons in her scalp now.
>”Ugh… what the fuck…” She has to stop herself from rolling off of the bed.
>What’s all those loud noises?
>Can they fucking stop?
>”And then I swear it all turned into a fuckin’ kraken! All of her dreadlocks morphed into tentacles! With the suction cups and everything!” The noises turned out to be enthusiastic talking. “It was sooooo sick!”
>The nonsense makes its way to Moondancer’s ears, which she doesn’t recognize until she remembers the nature of the things she tends to write down in her little book.
>But there are a couple of voices she hears now that weren’t here last night.
>”There is many ancient legend about kraken!” Trixie’s recognizable voice makes Moondancer’s eyes shoot open. “Many stories and fables about how it sink ships. Am surprised how it entered dreams now.”
>Moondancer ignores her pain and clenches her fists. “Excuse me, what the fuck?!”
>In the room are five other people now.
>Wallflower sits in her computer chair turned away from her desk, listening intently to the story that Mary is telling her. Mary is grabbing Treehugger’s dreadlocks and wiggling them around for dramatic effect, making monster noises to imitate the kraken in her dream.
>Trixie and Starlight stand together in the room next to the bed, fascinated by what Mary is telling them.
>Wallflower is just glad that Starlight keeps turning to her and asking her if what she dreamt was the same story as Mary is telling, being very considerate of her side of the story and giving her attention.
>But then Trixie interjects and tells them all about how her dream last week was more intense since she was (slightly more) sober when she heard her tales about the kraken.
>”I said… what are you doing here?!” Moondancer repeats to the two foreign exchange girls who were just ignoring her. “How did you get in here?”
>”Hey! You! You’re finally awake!” Trixie is delighted to see that Moondancer is not dead and hugs her.
>Moondancer turns to Starlight, the one who’s more likely to explain. “How did you get in here? Tell me.” She’s concerned about ways she could get in trouble in proximity of however the event was played out.
>”We found… ways.” Starlight answers. “But do not worry, that is not of importance. What is important is that we are all together as friends!”
>”Did anyone see you get in here?” Moondancer inches her way towards the window to search for police cars below.
>”We are the stealth!” Trixie loudly announces in a blaring tone. “Just like assassins in the night!”
>”Shhhh! Lemme tell you more about the kraken!” Mary menacingly whirls Treehugger’s dreadlocks in circle.
>Treehugger giggles in response. “Agh! Stop! That tickles!” She playfully falls away from her friend.
>”If the cops were gonna come, they would have been here already.” Wallflower tells Moondancer. “Are you alright?”
>Moondancer has gone back to gripping the side of her head.
>”Whoa, you’re so fricken’ muscular!” Compliments Treehugger. “Have you ever beat anyone up?”
>Moondancer gets ready to tell her that she’d rather not answer when she realizes that she’s only in her tank top and sweatpants. “Fuck…”
>She scrambles around for her sweater, not used to being seen without it on herself outside of the gym.
>”Relax, we’ve already seen how muscular you are all morning when you were passed out.” Says Mary. “I even poked you a few times. Treehugger just forgets a lot.”
>”I didn’t notice yet!” Treehugger replies. “I was too high!”
>This type of crap goes on for some time, but the conversation shifts into what everyone actually dreams, and through her annoyance and migraine/hangover, Moondancer manages to follow along everything that happened and finds herself pleasantly surprised.
>Everyone dreamt of a similar plot… a message in a bottle in the ocean being delivered to them from the ocean.
>Mary’s was about Treehugger going swimming in the ocean, getting lost and then becoming a kraken before eating a pirate that had the bottle, Wallflower became a pop star and had the bottle tossed up to her while onstage, Treehugger was lying on the ground in the grass as a limousine went by and the bottle rolled down to her off the top of a knoll, and Trixie had a dream where she was defending a very important city during wartime from a giant kraken monster like it was a Godzilla movie, and she ripped its hear out and put it into an empty vodka bottle she found on the street and then the heart said something to her she can’t remember.
>Starlight said she also vaguely remembers dreaming about a glass bottle recently but forgot the details.
>”I remember what the little paper in mine said, though.” Mary announces. “I was sooooo lucid!”
>”Did it say anything about going to live in the wild like the Scythian people from long ago?” Asks Trixie. “That is what Trixie had lucid dreams about even if no kraken! They were fascinating.” She clamps her hands together.
>”I think it did!” Mary gasps. “And it had some math homework problems on it too.”
>With this, Trixie starts to boast about her deep knowledge of the Scythian people from the ancient times when “everything was simpler”.
>It very quickly becomes an obvious history channel tier revisionist story about why all of society was on the right track in those days before some random crap about religion came barreling in, or whatever it is Trixie starts rambling about with Starlight backing her up every couple of sentences.
>Trixie isn’t hesitant to mention how easily she could survive out in the wilderness on her own, apparently capable of raising hunting wolves in the Urals and hunting bears for food.
>But of course, Mary and Treehugger are instantly blown away by the story like they’re watching a movie, while Wallflower sits there with a skeptical look on her face as Moondancer grips the side of her head waiting for her migraine to let up just a little.
>Is there any orange juice in the fridge?
>So this is quite the interesting group of friends.
>It started off with these two antisocial girls, not realizing how lonely they really were.
>They weren’t as understood by society as they wanted to be, and it really drove them to want to stand out yet fade in in only ways they could hand pick in their minds that would never work when applied in real life.
>In this bottom text society, you’re either invisible or a behind-the-back laughing stock if you do the whole life thing like this.
>Get attention and make sure it’s the good kind by being normal, but Wallflower and Moondancer just can’t help but not do that. Normal is too, weird for them.
>However, it’s not like they aren’t more impressionable than they’d like to be either.
>In came a couple of young ladies from out of the country, Starlight and Trixie.
>Met Moondancer after an episode at the gym occurred, and the three became fast friends soon to ass Wallflower as a fourth.
>The bonding over disdain for modern politics was strong, and it worked like magnets with none of them knowing how the fuck it happened.
>Their own version of having fun while sleeping worked well too, at least a little bit.
>Moondancer wasn’t too opposed to hanging out with Starlight and Trixie since she didn’t have that many other people to talk to that agree with her.
>Wallflower just wanted more people to talk to her.
>Mary and Treehugger were just wandering around looking for somewhere to have a good time, and they happened to stumble upon two friends who were superstitious enough to pine up to the fact that they look like them, and think that the universe must have done this on purpose.
>A few run-ins and semi-convenient interactions later, and here we are.
>Starlight and Trixie met Treehugger and Mary through mutual friends they have.
>Not much happened between them besides the weird storytelling and the dumb dream thing that Wallflower and Moondancer do all the time.
>That and the episodes where Mary and Treehugger are too high to care what’s going on and entertain the others while the favor is returned due to the effects of the substances they took.
>Wallflower finally has a group of friends that care about her, and Moondancer finally surrounded herself with like-minded people that buy into the “wokeness” she has.
>And now summer is here, and the six friends can hang out like the bunch of protagonists a couple of them see themselves as.
Yes you did, it was you who was involved with the endless reeeing about it, because you want your thread to have special rules apparently.
>It’s a slow day for Wallflower, and it’s easy to tell this when she stays in bed a lot more often than even sitting in her computer chair playing video games or something.
>She just can’t find the energy to be only half as lazy as she is now, and it’s comfy this way because she’s under the warmth of the covers in opposition to the chilly air-conditioned room, in opposition to the scorching sun outside in the summer atmosphere.
>Wallflower would just turn the AC off and open the window but that would require too much work.
>Her phone vibrates, and it’s eventually picked up 30 minutes later.
>[hey can you get something at the store again? I’m gonna be at the gym longer than I planned today] Moondancer’s message from 11:45 AM reads.
>Wallflower sighs. [does it have to be right right now or can it be in a few hours]
>[just any time today before 8 pm if that’s okay with you]
>[sure] Wallflower figures she might as well find a reason to get out of bed that isn’t computer related.
>She knows she’ll wake up on her own in a couple of hours anyway due to her sleeping pattern, so she just lets herself fall back asleep until further notice.
>Wallflower scans the sides of the aisles she walks down at the grocery store, looking for the giant bowl of mac n cheese Moondancer wanted.
>Literally just a giant bowl of already prepared mac n cheese that’s apparently sitting on one of the shelves somewhere, spoon included.
>The girl continues her dreamlike pace down the aisles as she finds more and more bizarre things on the shelves.
>She’s about to turn a corner when she hears a deep and rather angry sounding voice talking to someone, and she slowly recognizes the topic as the voice rants on.
>”It’s bullshit! Daenerys should have won! Game Of Thrones is basically about saying ‘fuck you’ to plot armor and having the strongest people with the most legitimate advantages survive. AND it’s been anything but hesitant to kill off tons of characters and showing that the bad guys can win too, so this finale is a fucking letdown.” The voice sounds really salty.
>Oh shit, it must be those same people from the last time at the store when Wallflower embarrassed herself.
>In one lumbering motion, Wallflower backs up into one of the aisles, loses her balance at the same time, and knocks the shelf over.
>The entire row of selves of the aisle, with the contents of the shelves and all, goes barreling down to the tile floor, with a deafening, continuous crashing sound that follows the falling shelf down its connected length that falls over further and further.
>The shelves basically had ceramic plates and stuff on them, so the crashing and shattering is unpleasant to the highest degree, only going on and never stopping as more of the aisle falls.
>Wallflower’s horrified eyes can only watch as the massive mess grows more and more as all the attention in the universe is directed towards her like it’s making up for all the times she was ignored.
>The opposite end of the aisle falls too close to the adjacent aisle for some reason, and the entire next aisle (of once again, ceramic plates) continues the chain reaction as the next step of the domino effect of Wallflowers epic unintentional destruction of the store.
>Aisle after aisle topples over, multiplying the noise of shattering plates like there’s an army of Logan Pauls in the store with no dead people to film because George R. R. Martin is still on vacation.
EQG rewrite when? Also how are you?
>Everything in the store is totaled, and this is exactly what lingers in Wallflower’s mind as she slowly lifts out of the dream world.
>Wallflower wakes up in a cold sweat.
>Breathing heavily and shaking all over her body, she forces herself out of bed and into the chair, as unenthusiastic as ever about going to the store.
>Moondancer continues her usual gym routine.
>She works up a hell of a sweat as always, and wonders how much longer it’s going to be until all of this pays off, and the apocalypse comes and she can make good use of her physique she’s building.
>Looks like Wallflower just texted her back.
>Moondancer assumes she just got back from the store since it’s definitely been a few hours since she agreed to go, and now she just wants to ask what she specifically wants her to pick up.
>[hey uh I overslept and still didn’t go and things came up]
>Annoyed, Moondancer grunts and texts her back. [fine I’ll do it]
>She then turns to the clock and realizes just how late it actually is; she might as well have gone anyway at this point because it’s almost 8 PM.
>Within the next twenty minutes, Moondancer heads to the showers and gets re-dressed in her normal clothes over an extra set of workout clothes she brought.
>She leaves the place right as the sun is about to set and heads over to the store on foot.
>It might be a little annoying walking the shopping bags back right after wearing herself out, but she’ll manage.
>It’s a good thing the store is open because the walk over itself was already annoying enough as it was.
>Thighs burning, Moondancer goes and grabs the things she wants off of the shelves.
>Right as she gets enough in the basket before it would be too annoying to carry while exhausted, a middle aged lady approaches Moondancer for the sole purpose of smalltalk.
>”I see you’re dedicated to your studies.” She says to Moondancer. “Must be stressful, eh?”
>Not in any mood for smalltalk, Moondancer swallows what she wanted to say and simply nods, wishing she’d just walk away.
>Why do these locals HAVE to fucking talk to everyone?
>”Are you a freshman?” She asks, unable to hear moondancer’s teeth gritting.
>”Mhm.” Moondancer forces her voice to make a sound just to answer with something.
>”You sure have a long road ahead of you. I’m sure you’ll make it through okay since you’re even staying the summer to work on your academics.” The lady CONTINUES.
>”When I was your age, I went to a lot of parties in my freshman year. But I learned my lesson after my grades started to slip, and one of my friends was dismissed from the university because of her grades. That’s what made me get right down to business and focus on my grades.” She starts to ramble on and on and on.
>Moondancer wonder, oh she wonders, what the hell it was that made her appear to be the talkative type to this lady.
>Was it the turtleneck sweater in July? How could that even be a sign?
>Can Moondancer just go home already? Instead of being stuck in this grocery store aisle with this lady she really doesn’t want to talk to.
>But the lady just keeps talking on and on and Moondancer doesn’t know how to end the conversation because she’s not experienced in conversations, so she just stands there trying not to frown.
Planning to write it if I ever catch up with the new specials.
>The lady eventually leaves her alone, and then it’s off to the checkout line.
>Guess who gets in line right behind Moondancer?
>”Oh, I love that brand of coffee! I got the same one, see?” The same lady from the last eternity approaches yet again for the next eternity.
>Even the cashier can see Moondancer’s unwillingness to keep this going, and moves along quickly and stalls a bit with the lady so Moondancer can make her escape from the store with her packed bags after everything is paid for.
>Moondancer decides to take the shortcut home since she spent longer in the store than she intended; it’s already dark.
>At least all she has to do is make it back to the dorm and then she can fall down onto her bed until tomorrow afternoon.
>All she has to do now is get through these alleyways back to campus and then get to her building.
>Moondancer proceeds in the direction she’s trying to go until she sees someone walk out from somewhere, blocking her path.
>She pauses, already able to tell how sketchy this situation is.
>But when she turns around to walk the other way instead of confront this mystery man, there’s another man standing behind her, accounting for the light footsteps that Moondancer barely even noticed until just now.
>She turns back around to find the man blocking her path is now standing a couple of feet away from her, with his friend obviously blocking her from behind.
>These two are probably in their late 20’s, almost look like they’re crackheads.
>They don’t look very strong, pretty out of shape too.
>Moondancer’s slightly taller than both of them.
>”Hey there.” The man in front says with a smile in a raspy voice as his friend closes in.
>Moondancer doesn’t say anything, wondering what the hell to do with the groceries she’s carrying.
>Does she just put them down? Does she whack the guy in his face with them? How close is the other guy standing behind her now?
>But then the man tells her. “C’mere. Why you walking around all alone? How about you put your groceries down? You look tired.”
>Moondancer gets fidgety, keeping the bags in her hands.
>The man pulls out a closed switchblade. “C’mon now. How about you put your groceries down?” He can be seen eyeing his friend inching closer.
>Moondancer knows she must put the groceries down.
>”What’s a pretty girl like you doing out this late?” The man in front fiddles with the closed switchblade in his fingers. “You lost?”
>A third man appears on the far end of the alley where Moondancer had entered, this one extremely scrawny and wheezing with quiet giggling.
>”Why you wearing a sweater? It’s not that cold out.” The man behind suggestively comments as the grocery bags hit the ground. “Aren’t you hot in that?”
>Moondancer can’t think of anything to say, but she’s seen enough dark-themed movies to know where this is going.
>She steps closer to the man with the switchblade, who makes sure to stay directly in front of her in case she tries to run.
>”Whoah, now. Take it easy, we don’t want much.” He grins with his eyes wandering down. “Just need ya to do something for us.”
>Moondancer makes sure she’s close enough to him and still far enough from the guy behind her.
>She gathers up whatever strength it would have taken to walks back to the dorm and balls her hand into a fist.
>”Wh-” The man with the switchblade’s sentence is cut short by a sudden hook in the jaw. A surprise sucker punch.
>It’s a good thing today was leg day.
>Both of his friends could hear something in his neck let out a sickening crack as he’s spun around by the impact.
>He drops the switchblade, then drops himself. Moondancer kicks the weapon further down the alley out of reach as the man behind her grabs her.
>She pushes him back with all the force she can, making him run into a couple of trash cans and stumble to the side after noticing his friend not getting back up to help him.
>Moondancer turns around as the two other men now stand before her, the scrawny one reaching for her groceries.
>They freeze when they see her slip out of her sweater so she’s just in her clean sports bra, revealing insanely more muscle than they imagined.
>”Shit… she’s jacked as fuck.” The scrawny guy drops the grocery bag, intimidated.
>Cracking her neck and knuckles, Moondancer angrily struts over to the retreating alley cats.
>They’re both unsure of what to do next, after having seen their frontman with the weapon go down in one punch; their brains panic.
>With this, they turn around and flee as the downed man comes to and starts to writhe in pain, blood dribbling down to his chin, one of his teeth lost underneath a trash can.
>Moondancer hears him start to incoherently holler out loud.
>The last thing Moondancer would ever want is a situation that draws lots of attention to her; she just wants to walk home and this disoriented fuck is making all this noise.
>She’s pumped with adrenaline, her brain is rushing around in panic, and no one else is around at this point.
>One kick in the head while he’s down wasn’t enough to completely silence him, but it definitely lowers the volume to moaning.
>She doesn’t know why but she kicks again like it’s football.
>Moondancer had already fled the scene with all her belongings before the panic left her system and her brain started thinking rationally again.
>What the fuck did she just do? Is he alive?
>Imagining cops already on their way to the scene, Moondancer evades the entire situation and startles Wallflower with a hasty entrance to the dorm.
>Moondancer’s energy now disappears entirely and she can’t even sit up in the bed.
>Moondancer has been up all night, only having fallen asleep as the sun was coming up.
>She doesn’t say a word to Wallflower about what happened until after she gets up, once again not having remembered what she dreamt.
>She then tells a watered down version of the story to Wallflower so she doesn’t freak out, and explains that one of the guys that tried to jump her in the alley might have died.
>There’s… really no easy way to water this story down.
>But for the next couple of days, both of the girls nervously check local news websites for any hints about whether or not they should stay concerned.
>And then, after two and a half days, a peculiar story pops up.
>A man died in the hospital after experiencing a severe concussion caused by traumatic blows to the head. Local law enforcement is still investigating.
>There’s no pictures, but it’s easy to put the pieces together after reading more of the details; it’s him.
>His friends apparently must have came back to the scene and rushed him to someone’s house before deciding to call an ambulance.
>Moondancer watches her hands tremble, not having imagined that it would feel like this to have murdered another human being. Especially in such a barbaric way.
>She vomits from the tension, staying in bed breathing heavily in this sinking belief that she’s going to be arrested by the capitalist police that always find everything out ever in this surveillance state she has always envisioned.
>…But nothing happens.
>To Moondancer’s absolute surprise, nothing else comes of it. Not after a couple more days, not after another week or two, not after a month… and so on…
There's a lot to come. And the other greens too.
I wasn't involved until you came here to drum up sympathy. In another thread I read about your actions from the perspective of that thread. The two stories didn't match up so I investigated.
You posted inflammatory shit, got snubbed for it, and went off on a tirade. Their response was warranted but excessive.
Tl;dr Stop replying to me. Seriously.
Good stuff as always, Alex. Sorry for the kerfuffle.
If you are this anon>>34023061
Then no, my shit was joking at best, they reacted like man children and then I defended myself appropriately. The Jannie then banned any of my attempts to defend myself.
I love these greens.
Yes, that's me. Just went back to the archivved thread, juuuuust on the off chance I'd misinterpreted what'd been said.
Your first post was "There is nothing more pure than the love between a man and a woman, don't fuck animals."
How in flaming fuck did you think the conversation was going to go with that as your opener? You instantly poisoned the well.
Just stop. I'm a sucker for punishment, but there's really nothing left to say.
Thanks friend Alex. If you've got a special waifu that you'd like to see involved in the (Not At) BronyCon Tournament, let me know.
How was I supposed to know a light joke would cause everyone to scream insanity? Their responses were no better. And not everyone even saw the first post, so most of the outrage is unwarranted.
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This conversation would be more fitting in a thread that's actually related to the man+mare thread. I'm pretty sure half of us don't even know what you two are talking about.
>Basically nothing to do with how to write greentext.
You're known for your drama. He's not wrong but he said it in a dickish way.
When I think back on Fingerbang over the years, drama isn't really a word I'd associate with Alex.
Especially compared to other writefags.
File: Spoiler Image (1.45 MB, 478x270)
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>>It’s like a good punchline at the end of a really long, bad joke.
got a giggle out of me, mate
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Can't wait.
Shadow bolt story when?
Give him time.
He probably already wrote the update.
Clearly, you forgot the spat he had with Nameless King.
I did, actually, but I'd still say there've been many writefags that deserve the title of 'controversial' more than Alex.
As an aside, doing something in another thread that I'll probably repost here soon, as well as another story I need to finish and polish up before dropping it here, so look forward to some green.
Controversial isn't what i'd call alex more like unnecessary drama writer. His calling is probably in the same category as "Snowqueens Icedragon" aka E.L. James. Anyway looking forward to your green.
I don’t do the whole having a waifu thing, but after a tiny amount of thought, I guess Trixie, Luna, Lemon Zest and Sweet Leaf. They're my favorite characters.
Unless they're already in there, since I haven't been paying that much attention on account of lots of projects distracting me.
Depending on when the streams are going to be, I might miss it due to not so much writing but irl stuff that’s been popping up since the beginning of this year.
My take on EqG itself in chats doesn't correlate to the drama in the greentext.
Roping it in as an example is no argument, don't make me laugh.
Same for this.
>Picks one of the least significant people I interacted with
Well here’s another update, I guess. I really wouldn’t call it the Shadowbolt Story for long, though. Given what I’ve explained in the previous thread about it.
Even though Lemon Zest’s and Indigo Zap’s arc is going to be the one one out of the Shadow Five’s that’s going to actually end up continuing.
File: 'zappie'.png (457 KB, 836x1024)
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457 KB PNG
>The more time that goes on, Lemon Zest and Indigo Zap plan to spend more time together. It IS summer, after all.
>The Trojan War has ended, and victory is in the hands of those who hunt the mulberries down like deer.
>Achilles will always go down as one of the bravest and worthy of being remembered.
>But his rage burns on in the hearts of the living, his spirit ablaze over the shoulders of their souls.
>Indigo races through the neighborhoods on her bike, wanting to never go back to simply running for the time being, seeing how fast she can go with this thing.
>The school probably can’t do anything about one of their motorbikes being taken; what are they gonna do, send her to back prison again?
>She sets her gaze upon the gentle rolling hills in the distant park as the wind rushes through her hair. The rest of the world silent; her ears deaf to it.
>There is a chance that Indigo Zap believes in the afterlife, and if she does something in the near future that introduces her to those who dwell within it, then so be it.
>What even is this world anymore?
>So many ways to rationalize it but the truth always bubbles back up. Every single time, and it got so repetitive that Indigo wants to see what the top speed of this bike really is.
>She has one life to live, but what’s the point of protecting it if you don’t do whatever you want to do with it before it ends?
>Indigo snarls in ambition, now riding along the path between a few of those gentle hills that used to be in the distance.
>Introducing her to a new perspective with each location she rides to; open air mirroring her mind.
>There’s a whole world out there, one of physical landscape and one of possibility.
>There she is. Lemon Zest.
>Unsuspecting of Indigo having taken the shortcut.
>The very thing that blossomed in Indigo’s mind and heart blooms in Lemon Zest in all the same ways.
>The front wheel of her bike lifting up off of the asphalt and colliding back down with each time she headbangs to the metal playing into her undying spirit.
>All the clouds above her head wave down to her from the heavens whenever she looks up with carelessly happy eyes.
>Blue behind the vivid colors, airplanes like stars in the realm of the gods and goddesses.
>It’s blending together in such a beautiful visual flow.
>To only be interrupted by the sound of the subtle motor from Indigo’s bike through the music suddenly closing in and passing.
>Sideswiped, she finds herself… taken by surprise but luckily, since the motors are just loud enough to be apparent.
>This is something Indigo didn’t take into account, and the girl in the lead is under the assumption that she still has the element of surprise for a few seconds longer than she actually does.
>Winning is in Zest’s dreams just as much as they are in hers.
>She’s taken by surprise when Zest almost regains her lead within seconds, enraged that her element of surprise was all for naught.
>Second place is tossed back and forth by each front wheel of the bikes, racing fast enough to peel the Crystal Prep Shadowbolts designs off of them from wind resistance alone.
>If they went any faster, the tires would surely blow in the hot Florida Summer air and pavement.
>Incinerated by the fiery rage between the two competitors.
>Trying with all their might to best one another.
>There it is, the finish line and final destination, Lemon Zest’s house once more.
>Underneath a soon-to-darken sky, the girl who lives there switches to the next song in her playlist, one she loves to play on vacations.
>It continues playing.
>After tire tracks fill the grass in the yard and a VERY FRIENDLY debate is had, Lemon Zest and Indigo Zap agree that the result of the race was a tie.
>They laugh along together and playfully punch eachother in the arms with smiles on their faces as they quickly hide the school property bikes before anyone realizes what they’re doing.
>It’s a REALLY bad time to be stealing school property for the sole purpose of having fun when they’re in the middle of a lawsuit storm, but neither girl cares.
>They don’t even go to school there anymore, and they’re planning on not going to society anymore either.
>Forget it, maybe they’ll take their bikes with them.
>Claim them as their own and ride them around some beach resort until they fall apart. After that, Indigo could refurbish them while teaching Lemon how.
>The two sit in the living room with their lightly packed bags sitting in the hallways closet, ready to be taken out in a rush at a moment’s notice.
>Zest’s parents figured they could just go on their own vacation away from all the noise now that school’s no longer in the equation, so this task should be easier to carry out.
>With this, the two best friends watch movies and play some more video games together, cleaning out the fridge of exclusively the food they like.
>They’ll need it; they won’t get a chance to eat anything for a while given what’s about to happen.
>As they’re getting ready to return to another night of relaxing fun, Indigo’s keen eyes notice a police care stop right outside the house.
>She has no idea how lucky she is to have chosen Zest’s house to stay at this time over her own house, because it has already long been too late at her house.
>Unbeknownst to her, the place has been surrounded immediately and crashed into, due to Indigo’s criminal record.
>But at the same time, one car stops in front of the house of Indigo’s apparent best friend.
>But only one car, since Lemon Zest surprisingly never got the same kind of record as Indigo Zap.
>Just drove over here at the same time just in case, with contact to other nearby units.
>And yup, they’re looking for the motorbikes that the school reported missing, and guess who the primary suspect was?
>Indigo Zap Toretto, who now has a deep feeling as to why the fuck the cops might be here, like she has a sixth sense for running form the law like this is “Fast and Furious 19: Faster but Furiouser Too™ (now give us money)”.
>And as though this movie was actually real, Indigo Zap springs up from the couch and alerts her best friend, who springs up just as fast but with fury.
>They instinctively grab their bags from the closet and race out to the back where they hid the motorbikes, somewhat glad that this works into their plan since they already took a bunch of money from the bank a while ago.
>With the money in one of the bags, some clothes in others, and other things in the last bags, Indigo Zap and Lemon Zest rev up their engines quickly as one cop is already coming to the back of the house.
>Yeah, NOW he comes, just like the movies that totally make no fuckin’ sense.
>”Hey! Stop right there! Stop!” The cop reaches for his taser as dirt is kicked up in his direction.
>Within the minute, Zest and Zap are out in the street. Speeding away with their packed bags on their backs, having gotten an early surprise farewell party.
>Sirens distantly blare behind them, and soon not so distantly.
>These bikes better have enough fuel in them to effectively evade these guys enough to run out of fuel at a safe place.
>Officers of the law follow in hot pursuit like a large storm that just won’t go away.
>Zest doesn’t have to imagine anything; the action is in real life now.
>It’s easy for them to follow the bikes down the regular roads and streets, and that’s pretty obvious to Zest and Zap.
>The problem arises when they try to seek out a place to turn off of these and find somewhere where only a helicopter could follow them to, and even that would be a problem once that becomes a reality in this situation.
>Now there’s three vehicles in pursuit, now there’s five- no six.
>The two girls riding motorbikes will soon be heard about on internet news sources, whichever ones want to deliver the Florida news first.
>In any case, Florida is just fucking awesome. It’s like that one state that’s the embodiment of a crazy action movie that you can’t help but enjoy.
>Not even to mention the epic storms they get there (as long as people stay safe).
>Block after block, the growls of the motorbikes are spread, and the blaring of the police sirens tries to catch up.
>Indigo leads Lemon down a side path along a downtown park area where there’s lots of grass and sidewalks.
>But then into an area with trees blocking the cars.
>The handlebars must be held onto tightly when going over the grassy knolls, some of those knolls acting as ramps when the bikes are traveling fast enough to catch serious air off of the sides of them.
>And thus, the spirit within Zest’s heart can’t help but cheer out in glee, as she flies through the air and hits the ground speeding once again.
>Indigo grins along with her friend, leading the way into a hiking path with lots of rocks where the cops would definitely need to get out of their cars in order to follow someone.
>”Careful not to hit anything!” Indigo calls back to her friend.
>Lemon Zest replies with a giggle of joy and a thumbs up.
>There’s one rocky ledge the girls can use to leap with their bikes over a small gorge with a stream running through it.
File: WHY YOU DO THIS?.png (420 KB, 1280x556)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
>The terrain is kind to the motorbikes, but the police vehicles cannot follow.
>The sounds of helicopter blades echo over the thick forest and shrubbery.
>But it’s hard to trace where the engines of the motorbikes are sounding off now that it’s hard to tell if it’s coming from anywhere or not.
>The lead that the cops had is slipping away, and they could hardly get a helicopter in the air in time in the first place.
>But the search continues, and the locals of many surrounding towns are asked for tips.
>All of this effort wasn’t going to do much; as Indigo was smart enough to know to turn off her phone and prompt Lemon to do the same… after they stopped to camp out in the middle of the woods.
>It’s a good thing they took all of the stuff they packed with them, because there’s some food there too to serve as quick things to eat when there’s nothing else available.
>But it’s going to be practically impossible getting those tickets now, since they need to show some ID for that.
>But there’s easily enough money taken out of the bank to afford more food as long as it’s the cash used to pay for it.
>With this, the two camp out in the woods with intention of staying there so long as the chance of encountering an alligator stays low.
>The ground beneath them is soft with the bushes on the ground in the way, and the sky is almost completely dark now.
>And the playful mood has been replaced with grouchiness from fatigue.
>”It’s your fault for wanting to take the bikes, Zesty!” Indigo pouts after finding a comfortable position up against a tree. “Now we gotta do this earlier or else it’s all over.”
>”We made it away, didn’t we?” Whispers Lemon Zest after she pulls her headphones off for the first time in 900 billion years.
>”Yeah, but for how long? We still need plane tickets! And the cops are super fuckin’ good at finding people. And now the whole state’s going to be on the lookout for a couple of girls on motorcycles by the time it’s morning.”
>Lemon Zest groans and rolls her eyes.
>”But don’t worry. I’m thinking something up. Just go to sleep and I’ll tell you tomorrow.”
>”Tomorrow? Why can’t we plan tonight? We should try to make a campfire and do that now.”
>”No, don’t. It could give us away. Just go to sleep now. If we stay up, we’re gonna be leaving the woods when they have more daylight.” Indigo points out. “Ugh, just trust me, okay? I’m tired.”
>”Well I’m not and I can’t just fall asleep.” Zest feels the pattern of her computer game schedule taping her eyelids open.
>”We have to. There’s no other way. Understood?”
>Zest groans again with her headphones slipping over her ears once more.
>The two actually manage to find the adequate amount of fatigue through their exhaustion.
>Having no idea what in the world they’re going to do once they leave the cover of these woodlands, or if law enforcement has already started to follow them into here with bloodhounds hot on their trail.
>This thought jolts Indigo back awake.
>All of a sudden, she’s starting to give more of a shit about whether or not she goes back to prison.
>The stressful night drags on.
>Canterlot High still seems a lot better than Crystal Prep.
>Even with all of this stuff surrounding a certain student, you’ll still take it over the dumb shit you got sucked into in the past with the richer school.
>This student, and her friend too, appear to be the only real problems around here, aside what Padded Briefcase lectured to you that you already forgot.
>Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer.
>Hey, one of those names sounds familiar… isn’t that…?
>It is!
>Twilight was that one student who supposedly graduated from Crystal Prep Academy, and most likely moved onto an Ivy League university or something similar to that.
>This already makes zero sense.
>Why would she move /down/ a level in schools after overachieving in an elite school then graduating? Obviously, that didn’t happen.
File: She still a cute though.png (315 KB, 1024x1319)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
>So what the hell is this girl doing here? What is she REALLY doing here?
>You don’t have access to file cabinets or whatnot, so there’s nothing you can do except watch her come to your office a couple of times throughout the day on one of the last days of the school year.
>That outfit she likes to wear looks like it’s from the 19th century or something, which you find odd but not helpful as to why she might be at this school she clearly doesn’t belong in.
>”Anyway, he’s been super distant to her and doesn’t even want to apologize.” Twilight tells you for the fifth time. “I mean, he obviously likes her, but she can’t get him to admit it.”
>She seriously thinks this is her problem?
“Well, uhm, Miss Sparkle… if you want my take on this, I feel like you should leave this for your friends and her guy friend to decide on their own.” You tell her.
>”I know, but they aren’t talking, and I want to help them get together for the sake of friendship. Could you at least bring them in here together to talk? Maybe tomorrow at 11 AM?”
>That sure was a specific time.
“I’ll see what times are available.” You say before quickly sending her off.
>She’s definitely the more suspicious one.
>During the night, it’s like everyone’s on edge by default.
>Sugarcoat’s still sitting up alone at night, questioning her foolish motives for still trying to get into contact for some guy she hasn’t known for even a year yet, while Sour Sweet can’t contain her misplaced disdain for how she was locked up because her plan backfired due to her not being the only sociopath in town.
>Suri Polymare and Upper Crust await the next slew of excited text messages from Sunny Flare asking them where they want to take the Lamborghini next.
>Almost amazed at the fact that Sunny seemingly refuses to catch on to the fact that she’s in the situation she’s in, and only seeks further vanity.
File: Exactly what it says.jpg (17 KB, 384x384)
17 KB
>Mulberry has to tell someone who republished his site to postpone to later when he has access to a computer lab again, then goes to someone else’s pages due to his hesitation to make a new Neon site because he’s shook after being cracked down on.
>Indigo Zap and Lemon Zest get moving right before sunrise after a night of troubled sleep in the woods alone, rolling their musty motorbikes along the ground as quietly as they can while listening out for any signs of followers nearby.
>There seems to be nothing, and the buzzing of mosquitos and calling of birds helps to mask their footsteps that creep through the trees and shrubbery.
>And of course, you yourself stayed up for quite a bit wondering about the true origins of this Twilight Sparkle.
>Now that you think of it, she does look a lot like the girl you vaguely remember seeing in that portrait that Cadance showed to you a long time ago; you barely thought about it until now.
>It was just “oh, so that’s what she looks like, cool whatever” and that was all the thought you gave it. But now, it’s different.
>There’s no way she’s going to Canterlot High after graduating from Crystal Prep, something’s definitely up.
>You’re going to get the two other students talking to eachother first thing before 1st period starts before this shady Twilight Sparkle has a chance to do anything.
>And that’s exactly what you have on your mind when you’re sitting at your guidance counselor’s desk, waiting for the bell to ring.
>You contact Celestia and Luna regarding which students you’d like to see, since they’re the ones who are in charge of calling students down.
>Unfortunately, you’ve started this so soon that you can only catch Sunset Shimmer right now, but that’s enough anyway.
>The girl enters your office, red and yellow hair somehow making you freeze in place like it did last time.
>Why is there something odd about this girl too? It’s like you recognize her as much as you do Twilight somehow.
>Your whole world has been running together so much tat she might have come over to Crystal Prep for something and you just saw her then.
>”Is this about…” She’s almost too nervous to say his name.
“Yes. So Twilight was here yesterday and wanted me to help you two set this straight. She wanted me to get the two of you in here at the same time at eleven, but I’m… extreme busy today.” You hope the tone of your voice doesn’t change as you enter fibbing territory. “So since you’re available now, I’ll just get your side of the story now.”
>Sunset nods, and you feel like something is peering over your shoulder, you swear it, but there’s nothing there when you turn to look.
>As if Sour Sweet was somehow here, but you already know that’s impossible.
>Sunset begins by proclaiming her love for this guy in school she loves, but you’ve already lost focus and are no longer following along.
>Hearing her talk like this is making the atmosphere around you feel funny, funny in the same way you felt around Sugarcoat.
>Which only takes you back to the time you spent with her, which leads to more and more intimate thoughts that distract you from whatever Sunset is saying now.
>You should contact Sugarcoat once more and make things up with her. Yeah, that should happen.
>”Anyway, thanks for listening.” Says Sunset. “I appreciate this. I hope Twilight is okay.”
“Oh, uh, yeah. Yeah.” You’re too lost in all the times you had tons of “fun” with a certain three of the Shadow Five.
>Sunset reaches over to shake your hand, which you reciprocate by leaning over the desk to avoid standing up for certain reasons.
And now reality fully schisms.
Actually, his situation gets worse lmao.
Couple of posts left, just needed to find pic related in folder.
>Her hand feels nice in yours, making you imagine thing about what you did with Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat and Sunny Flare. Which leads you to imagine what that would be like with this girl… through that same strange atmosphere in the air.
>Sunset’s eyes grow distressed when she makes contact with you, like she just saw something horrible happen.
>You can feel her want to pull away immediately through her apprehensive grasp.
“I-is something wrong?” You ask.
>”…No…” Sunset stands there, visibly shivering as she backs away closer to the door.
>Those scenes in your head where you were reminiscing the times of intimacy with various Shadowbolt girls fades away as it’s replaced with concern regarding Sunset’s sudden behavior after shaking your hand.
“You sure? You look tense.” You stupidly say to her as she then reaches for the door handle.
>She’s back out into the hallway before you know it, after a quick nod with frantic eyes looking for escape.
>She was acting a hell of a lot less suspicious than Twilight before this moment, what happened? Was it something you said?
>There is something in the atmosphere that’s telling you that you may or may not get fired today.
>But it’s interrupted by someone else’s entry. “Hello there.” Padded Briefcase enters the room.
“What’s up?” You shuffle around in your chair.
>”You… made up your mind, right?” He asks.
“About what we talked about before?”
>”Yes. Just felt like I’d check in and see if everything with the contract is okay.”
>He did mention this a lot yesterday, despite you not paying attention on account of all the fancy words he was using. It’s almost like you completely forgot what he said.
>Give him a quick nod.
>”Splendid. Glad you like this job.”
File: Time After Time.png (147 KB, 1926x450)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
>You’ve already been feeling really iffy about Padded Briefcase, but now the things he’s saying are straight up troubling you.
>This doesn’t feel too much like resolution.
>”Anyway, have you been in contact with Sugarcoat recently?”
“Oh… uh, not really.”
>”I’ve been talking with her about the contract as well, said the same things I told you. And in the process, I think I’ve found a solution that will make everyone happy.” He talks like he’s in a TV commercial.
“What’s the solution?”
>”If there’s a time you could meet me in my office at my building at the same time as her, we can hammer out the details.” He says to you. “When you have time, no pressure.”
>You’ve been feeling a slight need to reconnect with Sugarcoat, but you’ve also been doubting this contract a lot that she’s also under.
>Like, where did this guy come from all of a sudden? He wasn’t around during the whole first part of the school year, and only appeared after shit hit the fan with Crystal Prep.
>The more you think about this, the more you want out of this contract so everything’s done and over with; but you don’t want to just lose this job.
>”Suri Polymare is going to be there too, since she and Sugarcoat have been acquaintances for a while anyway.”
>You know just how to contact Sugarcoat, and you think you know what to say by now.
“I uh, let me see if there’s anything in my schedule I can open up. In the near future.” You try to sound like him a little in the way you talk.
>You race home after the day is over, get onto your computer and send Sugarcoat a direct message on social media, intending to converse about the contract.
[You there?]

More of one of the other stories soon. Got a headache from staring at the screen so much when I typed that's not going away but I'll manage in a couple of hours.
I actually expected him to have some kind of brain hemorrhaging flashback, not just dump a bunch of amateur porn in Sunset's brain.
This is fun, too.
If someone died from violence then the police will keep asking around until they have a lead, moonie should lay low
I'll read later when theres time
>he doesn't have a waifu
fuckin casual
When writefags have waifus you get situations like Holy.
Nobody wants that.
Awesome update. But also take your time dude. I also got a headache yesterday from playing too much AB, so I feel you.
bumping request
>getting defensive
>uploaded whole discord conversation while arguing with Nameless
Hmmmm indeed
I think she should be just fine. No one has any lead, and the guys that tried to rape her will never tell what really happened. I think she was safe letting Wallflower know since the police wouldn't even notice her.
Out of the whole group, Moondancer's the most careful. Trixie and Starlight just don't know what they're doing. Wallflower doesn't need to really do anything because she never goes outside. I don't think I need to explain Sweetleaf or Treehugger.
You have a thread for that >>34005276
I wouldn't call her the most careful. I'd say she's more or less the most paranoid.
She could still be the smartest though.
You might be right on that one
But still, the smart thing to do would be to lay low anyway. Which is what she did so far, so go figure I guess.
File: 1559493761988.png (283 KB, 592x685)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
File: panic.png (377 KB, 500x733)
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377 KB PNG
>she saw everything
File: Spoiler Image (70 KB, 607x1076)
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Anon's done for forever now, rip
At least we still have Indie and Lemon's arc
>almost 600k words
File: rd.jpg (103 KB, 774x828)
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103 KB JPG
Didn't see that. Thanks for your tip
I'll be posting more of this soon too. As well as the other part I've been preparing.
Also, there might be a flashback scene anyway, but this was just one where Sunset just saw into his head because she simply has the ability to read minds through physical contact.
I don't think there's a difference between a writer having a waifu and anyone else having a waifu.
But in any case, no, I'm not getting a waifu any time soon. I just don't do that.
Yeah yeah, I get it. You wanna go “u mad”, move goalposts then sneak it back to your first whine like you did in >>34028538
That's actually exactly what I was thinking when I was typing what I'm about to post now. Though, it's also a good reason to have them in their room sleeping a lot because there's lots of fun scenes I wanted to write which you're about to see after I finish the Coco story I promised.
Here it is.
File: Cold hearted one.png (846 KB, 960x720)
846 KB
846 KB PNG
>Coco is told by her “friends” that she has everything, but she is told by her heart has nothing.
>All of the things she loves are right in front of her, but she can’t do anything with it because of those who are superior to her telling her to do her job for them instead of do whatever she wants with her passion.
>So she just sits in the fashion room or the studio all day either making Suri’s webpage advertisements more popular or stalking people aligned with rivals over the phone or social media to be a little birdie.
>Those things only the new ones among Coco Pommel’s tasks… she hates it all.
>There are so many ideas looming around in her head, and she wants to weave them into reality, but salt is sewn onto her soil when all the drawings she spent hours on can only remain what they are.
>And they are not allowed to enter the material world… because Coco Pommel doesn’t know how to keep secrets about possible false advertising, or whatever it was that Suri told her.
>It was all a bunch of hogwash that screamed “we don’t trust you to not mess things up for us, but we depend on you to make our ways of corruption easier.”
>The last thing Coco wants to lose is her politeness, so she doesn’t protest this anymore. Maybe they’ll let her go her own way one day.
>Maybe after they graduate.
>But for the time being, Coco figures she’s just going to have to suffer through it.
>There’s this one day during recess when Coco is sitting alone eating a sandwich.
>She look across the courtyard after hearing a bunch of laughter. She would have never guessed who she’d find there.
>Unironically mad
>Nerve definitely struck
>Posting at night on a Friday
My excuse is that I'm Australian and it's daytime here. What's yours?
File: Adorbs.png (363 KB, 500x648)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
>There’s Marble Pie.
>A couple of girls who snuck over from another school to “hang out with the better kids”, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon seem to be taking lots of joy in the fact that she’s in high school in current year and still wearing overalls.
>Like that’s even out of fashion these days.
>When they’re not loudly chortling at her, they’re snickering silently behind her back, and then right in front of her face.
>Marble seems to be okay with it, just sort of faking a smile and going along with it.
>But Coco knows better, she knows that deep down, Marble isn’t okay with it.
>With that, she walks over as Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon turn to face her. “What are YOU doing here?” They sneer with grimaces.
>”Leave her alone!” Coco brings out an assertive side she didn’t know she had.
>It’s fueled by empathy, something she could never feel around Suri Polymare or Upper Crust. Empathy for Marble Pie.
>Marble and the other two girls exchange glances, with Marble agreeing with Coco with her eyes.
>Coco repeats herself, then realizes what had been bottled up inside of her all this time.
>The other two girls shrug to eachother and walk off to somewhere.
>Needless to say, Marble Pie and Coco Pommel sit together at lunch and recess every day after that.
>And they begin to talk about things they like, which makes Coco feel more at home due to the fact that she feels less at home when she’s around the other senior girls who boss her around and never let her follow her passion.
>What she has her is greener pastures to turn to, but even more than she realizes at the moment.
>Many days later.
>It’s the same routine as usual for Coco Pommel and her two bosses.
>They’re getting her to do all of the shady work while they focus on how they’re going to make more money off of carefully told lies.
>Coco feels lost in life whenever she’s with Suri Polymare and Upper Crust.
>There have been multiple occasions where she had asked to leave and do her own thing with fashion, but it was only met with subtle hints at blackmail.
>Coco isn’t allowed to use any of the material that the school has to offer at this point, and it’s breaking her heart.
>But that’s okay, she has a friend’s house to go to after school and hang out.
>Marble Pie has been friends with Coco Pommel ever since they met, and they love talking to eachother about their interests in life.
>There was a moment when Coco brought up her love for fashion and clothes, and how she wishes she could make real clothes out of actual materials instead of just drawing her ideas on paper, but she’s not allowed to at Crystal Prep and she doesn’t attend Canterlot High.
>Marble happened to announce that her older sister Pinkie Pie attends Canterlot High, something about change in paperwork.
>Well that and the fact that Pinkie would pick the “most fun” answers on exams, which didn’t exactly earn her a spot in Crystal Prep.
>In any case, Pinkie Pie is friends with Rarity, who happens to be Suri Polymare’s main rival. And Suri Polymare is very jealous of Rarity because of all the different styles and materials she has.
>One thing leads to another when Coco visits Marble’s house.
>After a while, Coco is introduced to a bunch of spare fabrics and other materials that Marble’s sister Pinkie got from her friend.
>They’re all so elegant. And not under the category of Crystal Prep property.
File: Coco is happy now.gif (56 KB, 233x324)
56 KB
>Coco Pommel can already see exactly what she could use to being her outfit drawings to life, she gets excited, jumping for joy with a tear of happiness in her eye.
>Coco Pommel now hangs out at Marble’s house practically every day, and she brings her drawings with her.
>Marble is more than thrilled to have finally made a friend that cared about her, cherishing her friendship with Coco Pommel more than anything else in this world.
>Unbeknownst to Suri Polymare and Upper Crust, Coco is now regularly living the dreams she’s been having when she goes to her fellow freshman girl’s house to design clothes.
>To this day, they never wonder why Coco seems a lot more content with them, but that’s mostly because it just makes their end of the deal easier.
>Coco soon went on to start working with Rarity, but in secrecy due to the fact that Suri would try to get her to spy on Rarity if she found out.
>Luckily, nothing blows up into something bigger, as Suri Polymare and Upper Crust graduate before ever having a chance to find out what Coco has been doing now.
>And with that, Coco has the next 75% of her high school experience to enjoy doing what she loves with friends.
The end.
Nothing special, just a quick cute little green I decided to write out of nowhere.
>Forced back into initial vocabulary and posting style.
Congrats, you cornered yourself.
Maybe you’ll have more luck derailing some other general.
Next green up in just a bit.
It was cute.
I love how you can post green and still calmly dismantle shitposters
File: My-Eyes-Are-Opened.gif (2.77 MB, 420x236)
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2.77 MB GIF
Oh shit, it's Australian. This explains everything.
>Congrats, you cornered yourself.
>Maybe you’ll have more luck derailing some other general
>You must be the original poster
>pssh cornered
Nah i just like tickling your autism but if it helps you cope go ahead and think that m8 lol
I also know you're an amerimutt so I'm wondering why you're still up on Friday.
g'day ya cunt
>I'm Australian
Nah. Australia is fictional, like Wyoming. Also all the people there were eaten by drop bears.
oi lad, we don't joke about drop bears
You should stop replying to him. Especially after he lost his cool the way he just did.
Crikey this cunt is mad!
Nope, I'm bored and a little fencing practice sounds like fun.
My cunt takes offence to that you sheepfucking wallaby. Go blow a salty.
Not as mad as your historical preservation society was after I dynamited 'I heart Ponies' into the side of Ayers Rock.
Oi that the kiwis and only abos care about that big rock.
File: kek.jpg (24 KB, 453x500)
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>Where were you when an american writefag outsmarted an australian shitposter
Never thought I'd see the day
Right, you've never dipped your stick in a bit of mutton. Suuuure.
As for the rock, fuck the abos anyway, but they're better than you.
>He truly believes this
>He's white knighting
lol what a poof, lighten up and have a nice juicy emu burger.
Nah, a salty shelia on the other hand. Abos are worst than drop bears and huff all the petrol.
I've seen it happen once before. Wasn't a writefag who did it that time though.
Still this was pretty impressive.
To be honest you really aren't helping by feeding it. Let him blow off his steam on his own.
Not a bad trade for roughin' your mum in the dream-time, but at least you admit they'd feed you your own trousers in a tussle.
>Abos are worst than drop bears and huff all the petrol.

Is that what happened in The Road Warrior?
Short, sweet and straight to the point.
Ten out of ten
What's that? All that time spent south of the equator must have scrambled your eggs.
Can you even tell up from down anymore?
All I see is 'oy oy I'm mad as fuck you soya'.
I wouldn't pick you up in the fruit aisle.
>Amerimutts don't know how to banter
What a Barry Crocker
Coco's super underappreciated. It's kind of sad she never got a chance to be in EqG
I feel like she'd go to Canterlot High if she was in Equestria Girls
And Suri would be that mean girl from the rich school that bosses her around
If you want to get into the bants, use a language we both understand instead of that pidgin britbong prison language.

Oy, jannie, that shit was uncalled for. We're havin' a gab, right?
inb4 this gets deleted too.
You've gone troppo m8. You’d best pull your head in.
Would Upper Crust know her, then?
She'd know Suri. Would be just an acquaintance to Coco.
They rewrote the rules recently, now there's a specific rule for ironic shitposting. Australians get that by default
So, nothing to say, then?
Did you not notice your down-under rant got deleted?
Pottery. Pure pottery.
You got a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock, bootlicker. she'll be apples
>I feel like she'd go to Canterlot High
Does she live in Ponyville in FiM? That would answer it.
I don't know, actually. But she would more likely be a Crystal Prep student.
We would have seen her at least once. Though then again I think the writers were just lazy and decided not to put her in.
whatever you say, tosser. I'm not the one riding an emu off a cliff blindfolded.
And I already told you I'm not picking up any of your fruit. Not my cuppa, dig?
They just didn't have a reason. If she was important to the plot in any way then she'd be in. Or maybe if she was in the background.
>I'm not the one riding an emu off a cliff blindfolded.
Going off your own post that's exactly what you're doing m8. Your faffing around m8.
File: coco4.jpg (74 KB, 1280x720)
74 KB
This scene was too wholesome
To be fair, would Coco be important to any eqg plot anyway?
That depends on the plot and you know it.
But yeah, if Coco was in a plot, it would have to be a short with Rarity in it. I like Marble and Coco together though.
File: moon5.png (212 KB, 800x1000)
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212 KB PNG
I mean, you haven't really said anything, right?
What am I supposed to do, sing you a story?
I don't care about your mangos, and other than that you aren't even managing to talk in circles.
If she exists in the setting, she can interact with whoever and become as integral to the plot as she makes herself, right?
Sounds about right.
Not if she's made a background character.
You just complained about my "pidgin britbong prison language" so why the contradiction m8?
You're as mad as a cut snake
Marble and Coco together is pretty nice. I'd read a longer story about their time as fashion partners.
I'd first want to see a special with the two of them if anything
File: Maud2.png (95 KB, 3018x4512)
95 KB
Let me spell it out for you, then. Stop flirting with me. It'd never work out. We live in different hemispheres and your toilets flush the wrong way 'round.
*short, excuse me
I doubt that will happen
But I'd like that too
You're a drongo earbasher m8. You know ya want me to lob in.
Oh, I can see a short happening. If it was one of the one to five minute ones.
>Next green up in just a bit.
Yes, please. Which one?
It would hardly have any kind of plot. Can't really fit something like that into a couple of minutes. It's a shame because Coco a cute.
File: Densh.jpg (1.27 MB, 1896x3508)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
I hear the abos are way better. I might take a swing at grandpappy Mantis. You? Pass.
Will you stop feeding it? We're trying to have actual discussion here and you're the only one talking to him.
I'd be up for a short with all four of the Pie sisters.
>You? Pash.
lighten up mr super serious
This. We already have something going on in this thread.
We already got a scene with Pinkie and Maud but Limestone and Marble still need to appear in eqg at all.
Wasn't it more than one scene? I remember Rainbow Rocks having one where Maud scares the shit out of Sunset. But I haven't watched the new content yet.
You do you, mate. Is our conversation detracting from yours somehow?
I'll run a plotline by you, then.
>Coco wants to get into using more gems in her fashion.
>Rarity hooks her up with the Pie angle, but everyone's busy on the farm except Marble, so she trucks over to Coco's place with some samples.
>They hit it off, commiserating about the struggles of being a timid girl and trying to make something of themselves.
>Coco designs a line and has Marble model it for her.
>Marble has a hard time, but she knows exactly how to move to set off the facets in her clothes, focusing on that and creating an amazing show just short of a laser light show.
>Critics call the ensemble 'Brilliant, blindingly refreshing'.
>Marble gets some fame, but she's not interested in that kind of life and pushes it off like Fluttershy did with Coco's help and some made up exclusivity deal.
>Coco and her keep designing together, pooling their talents to put together a few small limited run clothing lines.
This thread is for serious discussion only
File: 644032.jpg (90 KB, 500x700)
90 KB
Pretend this is a human.
There was a recent short with Maud I think, can't remember.
I'd probably watch that if it were a short.
It might have been one of the episodes on FiM.
But if that's the case I'd have remembered Mudbriar. If it was one of those episodes.
>Not a short with Fluttershy
That one's more realistic
>Girl working in Fashion
>Not more likely to be in one with Rarity
It's literally Coco's thing.
Probably the most annoying and cringiest character on the show desu
I guess it's more about what kind of short or special we're talking about.
In Alex's green, Coco's with Marble which makes it seem like more of a slice of life type of relationship. If Coco were to do something with Rarity, it would be more like they're working together on something but it's less about them being friends and more about them getting something done. The Anon here >>34033026 was right in that it depends on the plot. I think a slice of life plot would be more enjoyable though.
Yeah, that Anon was me anyway.
A little late to the party but
Moondancer's already used to being a neet. Laying low is literally no problem for her lmao
Oh well there you go.
Ah, but how long do you think she can stand being in such close proximity to the other girls?
They'll drive her so crazy she'll escape TO the outside world.
You know, I was thinking about that. About how long would it be before Moondancer finally snaps after putting up with them. She was fine with just Wallflower. But now there's Trixie's annoying attitude, and then a couple of potheads.
To which I don't think I have an answer. And it maybe was already written anyway
She hates the outside world more. All she needs is online blogs to remind her
File: moon7.png (572 KB, 2100x2100)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
I guess we'll find out.
I'm sure she does, but the acute exposure might force her into a panic reaction.
As long as the other girls don't start becoming more like the outside world.
That's a cute moonie
I curated a bunch of Moon pics for a story about her getting blackmailed into camgirling that I never ended up writing.
So, now I have a bunch of Moon pics.
Oh. I'd read that.
Coco's so adorable.
File: moon6.jpg (259 KB, 520x986)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
I could never quite work out the logistics of the plot, honestly. Maybe someday I'll take another crack at it, but I kind of doubt it.
File: 2756284.jpg (9 KB, 259x259)
9 KB
>Australian loses it and chimps out at some writefag I don't care about
>Thread ends up staying on track and on topic anyway
What sorcery is this? This isn't the Fingbang I know and love
We've changed a lot. Fingerbang used to be endless shitflinging with only smut greens. Now we're just another greentext thread with fully developed stories, fused with discussion thread and image dumps.
I don't miss the old days t b h
Ah okay. Well thanks anyway.
File: Spoiler Image (72 KB, 900x900)
72 KB
I don't miss the way it was so much as some of the people that aren't around anymore.
I'm not exactly as around anymore either, though, so what can I say?
I do miss the artfags, though. I can't remember the last time I saw one.
After doing it for more than five years straight, you kinda get good at it.
>That tantrum
Let it go, sperg; it’s over. Take it like a man and close your mouth.
Or keep crying me a river, whichever option you prefer.
I'd add more to the story but I really have Time After Time to work on, and that along with Moonflower is going to require all of my focus. I did enjoy writing it, I already knew it was going to seem cozy to at least someone out there.
I could try to write it directly into that story if you want.
Obviously Moonflower, like I said in >>34032800
And when I said “just a bit” I actually meant that and not the next day or something.
Anyway, here's even more green just as promised.
>Wallflower walks between the grocery aisles she’s grown to despise.
>Now carefully walking and peering around for anything to go wrong as though the whole universe is out to get her.
>Wishing she was more invisible than she really is, now that her wanting to be noticed so badly was cut short by that one embarrassing event she refuses to think to herself about.
>Gets several cans of beans, ravioli, bread, milk, that’s just the beginning of the list.
>Moondancer got her a long shopping list and a ton of her money to use to stock everything up. And Wallflower is pretty much the only one that’s safe to go out in public.
>No one would even notice her, and she’s sort of happy about that at this point.
>This wasn’t exactly the way as she planned to come to terms with it, but this is what she gets.
>And now Moondancer has to stay within unseen seclusion, while Wallflower makes sure there’s enough food and other resources to last the next few months, especially once the weather starts to get colder again, but that’s not going to start up for another several weeks.
>The cart is a hell of a pain to push, making wallflowers shoes drag against the store floor.
>This definitely means she has to take a taxi since she doesn’t have a car; this is a huge fuckload of groceries. Not even Moondancer could carry this much at once.
>But it’s fine, Moondancer covered the expenses for that as well with the amount of money she gave Wallflower.
>With this, Wallflower goes through checkout without uttering a word until she makes it tot he cash register, and she keeps an eye out for anyone her age who might be talking about any TV shows.
>It’s like she has schizophrenia now… one little humiliating event happens in her life and she never wants anything to have to do with anything that reminds her of it again, and she starts to look over her shoulder in the checkout line every time there’s even the slightest noise.
>The cashier gives Wallflower a super confused look as if all of these groceries were bananas or something, but only a handful of them are.
>Maybe it’s the way Wallflower is acting, that has to be drawing the attention.
>It’s like the sheer amount of groceries is the only thing the cashier notices, as if they’re waiting on their own to be bought.
>Nah, that’s stupi-
>”Cash or credit?” Asks the cashier.
>The second weirded out look was warranted, due to the fact that Wallflower pays for everything in cash.
>The cashier is watching all these twenty dollar bills floating over to her side of the counter.
>After the checkout is completed, Wallflower accepts that she will have to call up a taxi in order to get all of these back to the dorm on her own.
>She forces herself to make the phone call, and starts to reconsider her decision to not take multiple trips to the store.
>Nah, fuck that, that would be awkward. Talking to the same cashier so many times and increasing the chance of running into talkative shoppers.
>The taxi comes, there still enough money to pay for the ride over… but there’s one problem.
>The groceries themselves.
>Wallflower isn’t the type to carry lots of bags in one trip, even if that trip is a few feet.
>The driver impatiently waits as he watches all these shopping bags mosey their way into the back seats of the vehicle, with nervous giggling right behind them.
>At least Wallflower won’t have to worry about this guy remembering her, though the little stunt she’s pulling right now might beg to differ.
>The bags take up the entire back row of the cab. This is ridiculous, but the driver allows this for some miracle of a reason.
>”Heh… sorry.” Wallflower rubs the back of her head and apologizes.
>The drive over after everything got loaded up is long, quiet and awkward.
>Wallflower almost once again considers wishing she’d just take multiple walking trips, since her not being remembered by anyone might apply to the same cashier in the store.
>But it would take longer and require her to do more talking.
>Wallflower sends Moondancer a text, very politely DEMANDING the she help her with the groceries, to which Moondancer agrees.
>There was just enough money to pay the cab driver for his time, and there was just enough stamina in either of the girls to get all of those groceries into the place.
>And just enough food in the mini fridge to fit a third of the food. But it’s a good thing only that amount of it needed to be refrigerated.
>Most of it just sits there in one massive mountain in the middle of the room like an unhealthy volcano of junk food about to erupt with sugar and calories.
>Moondancer formally apologizes to Wallflower for her bullshit, but assures her that she’ll take everything form here aside letting her eat a lot of the food to help minimize it, to which Wallflower has less than any objections to.
>Technically free food is always nice.
>Waiting out the heat could be fun if one just tries to find something to do while the ordeal lasts.
>All you really have to do is stay quiet and work with whatever resources you have until it’s safe to show your face in public again; “nope, I don’t exist right now, come back when you’re not searching anymore.”
>This is the perfect time for Moondancer and Wallflower to see how far they can go into the whole “dream world” thing they’ve been exploring for the past year-ish now.
>Classes only start up next week, so there’s plenty of time to stay in bed and do nothing.
>Wallflower agrees to go to the local gas station to pick up some NyQuil or something to help with synchronicity. It’s only a little bit to carry and no one goes to that place at the times Wallflower can go.
>Before they decide to fall asleep at the same time, the two girls have fun on the internet once more.
>Not so much on 4chan anymore, just expanding their territory out to other sites where they can get into that good old meme culture that all the young-ins like them are into nowadays.
>Before pushing a wagon wheel down a dirt road with a stick became an obsolete variation of personal amusement.
>Nowadays, it’s apparently playing video games and summoning satan in your dreams.
>Those soccer moms were right, video games are evil, as well as that rock music that has lots of vulgar lyrics.
>But of course, after the fun-posting has concluded, Wallflower and Moondancer make sure they take their NyQuil to fall asleep at the same time.
>Maybe they’ll run into eachother in their dreams, maybe they won’t.
>”I uh, still feel bad about what happened.” Moondancer finally says it. “I mean, not about the guy, but about how I have to stay here all the time.”
>Wallflower looks over to her. “Hey don’t worry about it. We’re still fine now. I say we give it until right after classes start and then you can start going back to the gym.”
>”I guess you’re right.”
>Wallflower considers what she just said, thinking back to how she felt about Moondancer whenever it was clear she was more fit than her.
>She almost wants to convince the other girl to stay laying low so she weakens up like her, but that’s not something she has the heart to do, especially now that she already said something totally different that would have to be contradicted.
>”Something wrong?” Asks Moondancer. “Is there something I should know?”
>”No… I’m just… kind of sad. About life.” Wallflower reveals, swallowing her envy.
>”I know you know how it feels but, I’m just kind of feeling left behind, you know? Like I should have gone far by now but didn’t. And it’s all because no one cared about me.”
>”Hey, don’t tell yourself that.” Moondancer scoots over to her on the side of the bed. “It’s only beating you up so bad because you made yourself want social interaction more.”
>Wallflower lets out a genuine but also exaggerated sniffle, prompting Moondancer to pat her on the back and continue talking softly to her.
>”Having lots of friendships is a crutch. It’s a lot of people to depend on. It’s better not to get close to people because that’s how you stay yourself.” Says Moondancer. “People tend to like being alone sometimes for a reason. But society teaches them to hate being lonely.”
>”But… we are friends, aren’t we?”
>”Well, yeah. But that’s different because we don’t follow the social norms.” Moondancer is on the verge of ranting again. “Besides, I’d have probably gotten caught a lot easier had I had lots of friends who know me. Police go to people who know the person to get info.”
>Moondancer holds Wallflower closer.
>”Don’t cry okay?” Moondancer continues. “You don’t need friends, they’ll just turn you normal. You have me, and those two stoner girls, and Trixie and Starlight. We’re outcasts together and we’re stronger if we stand together. Not as friends, but as a team. Against society.”
>Against society. lol
>”Yeah…” Wallflower realized that Moondancer needs her company, which is more than fine by her.
>If anything, the two girls need eachother’s constant company.
>Something something eternal depression.
>Now they both head on off to sleep.
>This setting is one hell of a landscape.
>Res fog all over the bottom of whatever place this is, with extremely thin skyscrapers ascending beyond the glowing haze.
>Someone standing on the tops of one of them better hope they don’t fall, because that looks like a certain death that would probably only result in waking up but scary nevertheless.
>Atop one of the towers is a lone person, standing straight up with their spine perfectly perpendicular to whatever level ground there would be below.
>She stands with a straightened spine, glaring at figures in the distance as though they’re watching her.
>All of her feelings that she kept inside and locked away run around rampant now, waiting to be used on something that dares to come near.
>A voice catches her off guard; it came from behind. “So you think you know the answer to everything, huh?”
>Moondancer turns around to find Trixie standing on an equally high up tower.
>”Why do you keep coming here. This is Trixie’s realm to conquer. Not your personal classroom.”
>With her index finger, Moondancer fixes her glasses. “Why would I leave the classroom if I am the teacher?” She questions.
>Trixie smirks. “Don’t be so coy. Trixie knows why you choose to come here. It’s all around us. You come here to vent your emotions that cloud your judgement. Those ones that made you angry when Mary and Treehugger smoked in your dorm room.”
>”I was merely annoyed by it. Don’t take it too deeply. The only thing that angered me was the fact we could get in trouble.”
>”Oh? Then what is that?” Trixie’s arm jolts out into open air, pointing directly at a giant pair of stone hands.
>Within the grip of those stone hands, is one of the girls that Moondancer recognizes from the waking world: Treehugger.
>They’re holding her by the throat.
>Moondancer’s eye shoot wide, and her whole body tenses with shock. “Wha… what is this?”
>”You know what it is.” Trixie continues. “You surely do. It’s your fantasies.”
>”I wasn’t thinking straight when I had these!” Defends Moondancer. “I wasn’t myself and you know that!”
>”Are they not your hands?” Trixie points out the sweater sleeves.
>Moondancer takes a deep breath. “No… they are not. They are the hands of someone who needs to be more like me.” She pauses to let the wind breeze by, as if she is closely listening to it.
>”Trixie knows you’re thinking something.” Trixie mutters in a low tone.
>Moondancer’s eyes gaze back up at the other girl, then past her towards the defenseless Treehugger in the stone chokehold.
>Treehugger gives a smile and a weak thumbs up, eyes almost bugging out of her head as she strains something out of her voice box.
>”Trixie will show you that this is who you are on the inside, do not try to deny it.”
>”No…” Moondancer clenches a fist. “What I imagine doing to people when I’m tired and angry is not something I would do to a… f-friend.” She struggles to get the word out.
>”What was that last word?” Trixie mocks. “Trixie didn’t quite catch that. Did you just say you have… friends?”
>Moondancer grunts.
>”It’s too bad you didn’t get to bring them here.”
>With a sudden jolt, Moondancer springs off of the tower she was standing on, making dust fly off of it.
>The wind drastically picks up, and Trixie is floating right in front of Moondancer within the same second.
>”Out of my way.” Warns the girl trying to keep her glasses from falling off.
>She steps forth in thin air like a Coyote and Road Runner cartoon.
>”Oh, you dare to be approaching the Great and Powerful Trixie?” Trixie’s eyes light up first a deep purple, and then a bright red.
>”Actually… does the Great and Powerful Trixie truly wish to stand where I will tread?” Moondancer tilts her head. “You are my compan…ion as well, but I will not hesitate to choose one in danger over one blocking me from them.”
>”Those are bold words.”
>Moondancer rips her sweater off of her body, prompting Trixie to gasp and wish she could safely take a step back.
>The hands around Treehugger’s neck motivate Moondancer even more, and she breaks into her battle stance, chiseled arms, shoulders and abs almost glowing from the redness below. “I dare to approach those who hurt my friends!”
>Trixie’s hair starts to stand up like she’s about to be struck by lightning, but Moondancer lunges forward in a flash with her strong arm stretched out.
>”Then you dare to approach yourself.” Trixie grabs onto one of Moondancer’s arms.
>She has to dodge quickly, because each blow would be nearly fatal; two of which would render her unconscious.
>But Moondancer’s swings are rather slow, more focused on strength.
>Trixie spreads her arms and cries out. “Taste the wrath of Trixie’s power! Iron Eagle!” A deft flash of light engulfs her, and a sharp protrusion careens itself towards Moondancer’s chest.
>Moondancer’s heart skips a beat, the sound of it sending a shockwave throughout the air.
>Time freezes just enough for Moondancer to process where to dodge to, wisely knowing the nature of Trixie’s stand.
>But she is not intimidated, furrowing her brow and tensing her muscles that Trixie hopes she wouldn’t have to deal with, but some things in this world are inevitable.
>”How did she-“ Trixie thinks to herself for the most split of seconds.
>”POUNCING TIGER! DEFEAT ME!” Moondancer extends one leg and spins.
>She uses Trixie’s massive blade against her, spinning around in one hundredth of a second with the side of her shoe ringing the metal like a church bell.
>Like a gear, Trixie is spun around by the force transferred from Moondancer’s kick, the blade hopelessly attached to her so long as her stand is in use.
>Trixie spins faster until she is a blur to the world, and the world is a blur to her.
>Moondancer wants to wind up a punch, but only holds her fist out without any movement, waiting for Trixie to spin uncontrollably towards her.
>Assuming Moondancer won’t step forward yet, Trixie gets ready to hold out a dagger from her pocket, and plans to slice Moondancer up like a blender, but she gets a cold hard surprise.
>Trixie’s face meets the still fist, square on the cheek, her own momentum used against her.
>Cracking noises sound, and Moondancer does not lunge forward towards the stone hands until Trixie flies down to the ground with a weak remaining downward spiral.
>Her impact with any kind of ground level is never heard.
>Moondancer flies forth, meeting her now attacking fist with the stone to shatter it in one blow.
>The sculpted has become the sculptor, breaking away the parts of the hands that choke Treehugger and replace them with smaller, softer hands with kind smoothness in their texture.
>Hands that have let go of her friend.
File: Killed a big one today.png (932 KB, 711x919)
932 KB
932 KB PNG
>Moondancer wakes up with the heaviest jump.
>The whole bed shakes with the sheer force of her strength.
>And the first thing she think about is how she’s going to put up with the other girls telling her the story of their dreams once more.
>She looks over and only spots a peacefully sleeping Wallflower in the room with her.
>After a deep breath, Moondancer lies back down and stares at the ceiling for a couple of minutes before remembering that she should write down what she dreamt.
>What could all of this mean?

Oh by the way, I got up in the middle of the evening because my headache lasted all day. lmao
More soon. Fokin bring, it ya cowards.
>No continuation
Aw I really liked it. Oh well, maybe another story.
Also wew nice regicide
Is Moondancer a stand user?
File: tenor.gif (668 KB, 320x240)
668 KB
668 KB GIF
damn son
>two stoners, two slavs and two neets
Don't count on it
Same here
You're on a roll here.
Old but gold artstyle. Long before Equestria Girls existed.
Never change, writefriend. Never change.
Because RD is a clown
he's definitely going to come doubling down again at some point isn't he?
No problem. I'm sure they could use more requesters.
Case in point and that dumbass australian shitposter wasn't me.
I see you have fangirls that will cheer for you no matter what you do and make you cocksure but you should take my criticism into consideration instead of a tu quoque.
This scene was interesting
Lots of guys on this board already do that when they fap alone with no one else around.
File: vinnie.png (1010 KB, 819x1024)
1010 KB
1010 KB PNG
Why does this thread and the Lesbo thread not get along?
File: 1539855933524.jpg (132 KB, 880x660)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
What are you even talking about? Their thread and ours never had bad blood. That was the Norman thread. And it ended years ago.
Norman thread died from inactivity.
But they gave a lot of bios for background characters.
File: 1489385938165.jpg (693 KB, 1600x1200)
693 KB
693 KB JPG
anyone else checks out the Alone in Equestria Girls Verse general? I tried but got confused by all the different types of MCs
They were still alive when the pointless feuds ended. Even if it wasn't for much longer, but their inactivity and all that was unrelated.
I honestly forgot what the feud was about.
Like >>34035515 said, I'm not aware of any bad blood between here and /Lesbo/.
The only rumbles in the jungle I really recall were between here and /Alone/, and I haven't seen any of that in forever.
Nope, and I find myself slowly drifting away from this place. Once the show ends I will be free.
I don't remember much but it was something about which drawfags/writefags visited which general more. Just dumb petty shit only autists care about.
They are pure Yurifags and don't like male characters but I don't think they care about this place.
>Just dumb petty shit only autists care about.
This is 4chan after all.
There's honestly some great stories over there. I'd particularly recommend CopAnon's story, but they're all pretty entertaining.
Just don't mention FemAnon.
This is 4channel bud
I might check it out.
This was a remarkably good thread. Nothing like we've had before, but it was good.
Damn what a waste
Can the person who makes the next thread do me a solid and add the part 2 of my pastebin?

Well, you kind of have to, now.
Was good, da. Hopefully I'll have something done for the next one.
Tsk tsk, Alex is slacking.
Actually I think he's just thrown himself into his writing as well as irl busyness.
Just nudge him. I wouldn't be surprised if he's making the new thread right now.
/alone/ is a pretty good thread, I like them.
I actually just got back up and got online. You are kinda right that I'm making the next thread, just gimme a couple of minutes.
>thinking the ride ever ends
No hurry, just make sure you get Magi's new paste in there =P
She is, yes. I found it an interesting concept to fuse with dream sequences since pretty much anything can happen in those anyway.
I may or may not have yet another update of this by tomorrow.
You called it. >>34034163
Thanks for letting me know. Added.
New thread:
I think it's an okay idea. I liked it when other writefags used the idea in the past. Hopefully this one will work too.
>no argument
Trixie(Current Elites Champion) and Luna are made and involved heavily. Lemon Zest was on the old game but I haven't transferred her yet. Haven't made Sweet Leaf though.

We'll have some kind of stream during BronyCon, probably at our regular stream time(So 3PM with a 2PM pre-show) but it's gonna depend on what days I have off and stuff.

Other than that, next league is September.
This thread is nearly reaching the end of its life.

As a reminder for those who have submitted nude edit requests here, please use the separate thread instead.
>damage control

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