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File: 1506543114729.png (2.07 MB, 3387x4500)
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>Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?

>I'm new to this thread, what is exactly the context of it?
Someone makes an offhand comment on why Anon is always alone and one of the girls goes and does a thing to try and be his friend.
>Okay, sounds good and all, but where do I start?
The completed stories list is a good place to start, or you could dive into the ongoing stories in the alive list first, whatever you fancy.

>Thread Archive:

>Completed Stories: https://pastebin.com/Zn1GXLeE

>Alive writefags:
YFNAnon: http://pastebin.com/4k2SieWK
Enemies everywhere, mysterious magical squads causing havoc. What the hell's going on, and where does Anon fit in all this?

CopAnon: https://pastebin.com/N1vBnFih
What's it like being a school cop? Fun? Exciting? Not for Anon, with past memories coming to haunt him, magical shenanigans and tough decisions.

LP: https://pastebin.com/f98Ac9jt
Thrown into the deep end of a school competition, can Anon stay afloat? Can he bring his team to victory?

FireWalk: https://pastebin.com/GAvXJnLG
Struggling to get away from his past, Anon decides to take a teaching job at Canterlot High.

Sea Urchin: https://pastebin.com/mAp0EXen
He promised himself he was done hunting, but with dark skies on the horizon, will Anonymous keep that promise?

>Unknown situation writefags
Vanguard: https://pastebin.com/40Rvw0NP
Damynorb: http://pastebin.com/UcG73ANS
MT88: https://pastebin.com/r41b2g7Y
Insanon: https://pastebin.com/1tcneuk5
Have_Some_Dash: https://pastebin.com/9kfuqGGN

>Dead writefags: Big list.

Previous Thread: >>33804703
I love the smell of a new thread I caught up with.
You said it, anon. Now we just wait for the posts to start being posted
File: 1666202.gif (249 KB, 420x560)
249 KB
249 KB GIF
That Ponka's wearing a rather slutty attire
>To fight for the right without question or pause.
>To be willing to march into Hell for a Heavenly cause.
File: 1500661099132.png (1.22 MB, 978x1172)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Pffft, she hasn't REALLY tried getting Anon's attention. Check this out.
Sorry Anons, Ponk is only interested in little boys
File: 1500666212241.jpg (362 KB, 900x1094)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
>Anon as a freshman becomes Ponk's ara ara target
>Can the CMC protect him from this thirsty bouncy woman?
>Can Anon just have some peace and quiet from crazy magic girls?
File: 1453660516100.png (554 KB, 562x650)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
Ponk is for sloppy lewd stuff in the classroom.
File: Chad.jpg (28 KB, 500x500)
28 KB
Why yes, I think Spider and Stitches are the best girls of their respective stories. How could you tell?
I am not sure, but I just had a feeling you were a man of integrity.
Who are you talking to?
File: 1482120375529.jpg (156 KB, 1024x710)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
My favorite.
File: 1513657666046.jpg (748 KB, 2538x2538)
748 KB
748 KB JPG
What happens?
File: 2066568.png (2.44 MB, 2300x3000)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB PNG
She gets dicked down real hard by you. Her skirt hiked up, panties pulled aside, jacket unbuttoned just enough to let her tits hang out, and all that. The supply closet isn't exactly soundproof and everyone gets to hear the whorish moaning of that fish slut as her hungry cunt spasms around your throbbing cock. Celestia sits in her office and fingers herself furiously while listening to the two of you fuck.

Next week, it's Adagio's turn.
File: Spoiler Image (165 KB, 700x700)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Ahh! I see it's time for the regular session of our continuing D&D game with the rest of the Dazzlings. Am I right, Sonata?
....can we get both of these put together, Anon is the lonely D&D nerd in the background, and starts getting together with the Dazzlings after they lost, and have fun games together. Without involving F.A.T.A.L.
"I wanna get past this hard dungeon and these pesky goblins. We can fuck later, okay?"
Of course. There are goblins to slay.
File: 1560487326471.png (1.06 MB, 3000x3000)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
You can't resist the siren lure.
They are finally back.
File: Spoiler Image (680 KB, 2480x3347)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
>In game they roleplay as catgirl bards
>Catgirls because of their natural fishy fear of them
>And bards because its their natural affinity
>They really appreciate Anon not laughing at their attempts at music now that they're gems are gone is really nice
>Nice enough that they decided to get a few special costumes made for games night
They plan to have a very loud "game" when they get to Anon's place and find out he made dinner for them too
>Friendship isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe
>It’s why you prefer to sit alone at any moment you can get
>Your gaze flies across the room, taking in all of the students eating lunch
>None approach you as you fold your hands together under your nose
>You consider what has brought you here
>The pain of watching your family die from starvation
>The pride they displayed, refusing to go on welfare, while they starved
>The scraps they fed you, the only food they could get their hands on.
>You consider your purpose
>To let no more starve if you have any choice in it
>And you do have the choice, that’s why you’re here
>”Are you okay? You look like you’re having a rough time.”
>A student sits across from you, unwarranted concern flowing from her eyes
>You balk internally, but externally you respond with despondency
“I’m fine, yes, why?”
>She glances down and you follow her eyes, a very small puddle of tears lays on the table.
>You look back up at her
“Look, I would like to be left to my thoughts.”
>She glances back up at you and rises from the table
>”I understand, but if you need anything at all, I’m Sunset Shimmer. Ask around for me if you need to.”
>She leaves, pushing in her chair, and you are left alone with your thoughts and plans for the few minutes you have left in the free period
>The bell rings and you leave, the weight of the world on your shoulders, to head to Mrs. Harshwhinny’s english class
>The walk home is one of initial chaos, then well-appreciated calm
>The occasional car rushes past as you walk down the street to your dingy apartment
>You pass by a homeless man, drugged out of his mind and holding a sign, begging for food
>You sigh and shake your head lightly, while he looks at you pleadingly
“The world will be a better place soon, do not worry.”
>His face twists into a scowl at your words
>”I don’t want your damn pity, I want help!”
>He almost looks as if he’s about to lunge at you, but he seems to refrain
“Soon you will have it.”
>You walk away, your apartment only one more block away
>”Not soon enough!” The homeless man shouts behind you
“Not soon enough.” You mutter imperceivable as you finish your trek home
>You slide the front door card out of your wallet and through the scanner, and the light turns green
>Slipping in, the door slams behind you and you mount the stairs to the fifth floor, to room 509
>You prepare a deep breath and unlock the door to your home
>”Hello, Anon! Back from school, I see. How was it?”
>Perhaps your only real family left in this world, Rowan Currant, your godmother
“It went well, about as well as it normally does.”
>”What went out of the ordinary then, you seem a bit more moody than you normally are.”
>She reads you well, far better than perhaps anyone could hope to, even after only three months
“Nothing truly, just a sour interaction with a stranger.”
>”Nothing? Alright then, Anon, I’ll have dinner ready in a few hours, I suppose you’ll go do your normal school things then.”
>You shut the apartment door behind you and go left, to your little slice of the apartment
>Shedding your backpack, you sit down on the edge of your bed and lean forward
>You dig underneath your jacket and pull out your locket, letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding
>You rub your thumb over the surface of the tarnished tin before stuffing it back into your shirt and sloughing off your jacket
>Standing, you head to your small closet, flick on the light and reach up to the nondescript case at the top
>Pulling it down, you unlatch it and flip it open, taking a look at the golden pocket watch that lie within, it’s six divots unfilled
>The door handle to your room rattles
>You quickly close and latch the box, deftly slipping it back into its position as the door opens
”Currant, what have I told you about letting me know when you enter.”
>She gives you a look and raises an eyebrow
>”What are you doing that requires me to announce my presence in my own apartment?”
>You sigh
“What did you want, anyway?”
>”I wanted your thoughts on the break ins that took place across town, all in museums, oddly enough. You always seem to have some kind of insight on everything.”
“I’m not too versed in those, what was stolen?”
>”A box went missing in one of the storage closets of the place. They could only tell by the disturbed dust, apparently. One of the curators is pretty freaked out, think he had a psychotic break or something, mumbling about the fate of the universe. Heheheh.”
>You suppress a sly smile and hum inquisitively
“That’s odd, though. Do they have any suspects?”
>”That’s the strange thing, the police are positively dumb founded, they have no leads, whoever it was left no trace, fingerprints, DNA, hell, even shoeprints.”
"Sounds like a good thief. I wonder what he got from the museum?”
>”I don’t think we’ll ever know, then. Another unsolved case. I’ll leave you to it, then.”
>She slips out without another word
>You pick up your backpack and rifle through it, taking out your homework assignments
>You’re nothing if not organized in your ways
>The rest of the day passes as you do your menial work, planning and thinking about what is to come
>You lie in bed, hand running over the golden pocket watch you hold
>Six slots to fill, and yet you don’t even know where to begin
>Those girls seem to hold jewelry that can change much, but they don’t match the signature of the stones
>Perhaps you may need assistance in this endeavor

>You awake in the morning in a relatively good mood, rare for yourself, but you’ve made amazing strides in your work
>The watch lays in your hand
>You slipped up and didn’t put it back in it’s unit, but you suppose that you should carry it on you
>Just in case
>You begin your routine, you didn’t wake up at 4 in the morning on a school day for nothing
>100 push ups
>100 sit ups
>And a 10 kilometer run
>It was basic, but it kept you in killer shape
>You belt out the push ups and sit ups just as expected, and put on some running clothes
>You’ll have an hour before school starts, and your search begins again
>You open your door, just to hear it slam into your caretaker
>She wobbles back
>”Wow, didn’t expect that.”
>With a slight shake of her head she looks at your cringing form
>”I thought I’d wake up with you and take a run, I’m pretty damn out of shape.”
>She slaps her thigh and it jiggles
>“Right, well, if you truly want to, I hope you can keep up.”
>”Pff, how fast could you possibly run.”
>You grin and step out the door with her in tow
>A quick exit out the building shows that it has yet to stir
>These people have no idea what it takes to wake up this early with the day jobs they have
>You immediately hit the ground running
>Didn’t make sense to not have fun
>You look behind you, and see that your godmother is having to struggle to catch up
>You blow out a harder breath and pick up your speed
>You run this early to make sure you don’t run into people
>Might as well disillusion her of the notion that she can run with you
>Three kilometers pass your normal route before you look back.
>She’s only a kilometer and a half behind you
>Not bad
>You guess her job of waitressing has allowed her to have some level of stamina
>You finish the loop, waiting at the front of the complex
>She wasn’t too far behind you the entire time
>After another 15 minutes, she makes it to you
>She’s more fit than you had originally thought
>”Wow, I say that a lot, don’t I, you can really run, Anon.”
>You raise an eyebrow
“Well enough I suppose, but not to my liking.”
>She wheezes out a laugh between her heavy breathing
>”To think I’ve only had you for like three months.”
>You trail off and head inside to take a shower and get going to school

>The walk to school was entirely uneventful, as always
>You push in the front doors and head in
>It’s a short walk to the library
>You normally go to the cafeteria, to your normal corner, but right now you need to go look at some newspaper clippings, to see if they can lead you to any clues
>You step inside the media center and look around
>Two people grace your eyes
>A purple woman, who your only vaguely recognize as a bearer of one of the magical artifacts of the school, and the librarian, Booksmart
>You know Booksmart well enough, having read so much local history in pursuit of the watch that lies in your deep pockets
>You pat there just to confirm that it’s in your grasp
>The librarian glances up at you, and back down to her computer
>You pay her no heed
>Walking straight to the newspaper section, you hope anything recent can at least give you a clue as where to start looking for any stone
>An hour remains before school starts, and you damn well plan on using it
>You start with the current year, and work backwards
>Afterall, the more recent the information the better
>20 minutes pass before someone sits across from you, obscured by your stacks of newspaper
>You can only guess that it’s the purple one
>”What exactly are you looking for?”
>You don’t bother to look up, but you do grace her with a one word response
>You hear a slight grunt from her as she considers what you’ve said
>”Is that someone’s name? Because looking for salvation in a newspaper doesn’t seem to be a very good start.”
>Your face twists into a slight frown
“Salvation lies in whatever one belives.”
>”I suppose Quick Writer is your salvation then.”
>She lets out a light chuck at her joke
>You let out a sign in response
>”My name is Twilight Sparkle, by the way. What’s yours?”
>”I suppose you’re not going to tell me yours, then. Do you mind if I call your Anon?”
>The bell rings as you finish the last newspaper you’re on
>Last year's edition, something about an odd amulet, and it’s owner who touted that it gave her indisputable power
>It doesn’t look too promising, but a lead is a lead
>You’re grasping at straws here
>Twilight has gone, she seemed the type to rush off to class the moment the first bell rang
>Normally, you would be as well, but you have a mess to clean up
>You start to pick up the newspaper, but a glance at Booksmart causes her to wave her hand at your and out the door
>You pick up your backpack and head to your first class
>Lunch comes once again, and you sit alone, but not without purpose
>You’re on a sharp lookout for a Trixie Lulamoon
>You can’t seem to see her so far, but then again you know nothing of where she resides during this time
>A small bit of time passes before you rise, it draws a few glances from the tables near you, you almost never leave your table during the lunch period
>Spotting Twilight Sparkle, you head toward her table, seeking to question her on the whereabouts of your target
“Sparkle. Where is Trixie Lulamoon at this time, normally, anyway.”
>She starts from her conversation with six other girls to stare at your for a second.
>”Anon! What a surprise to see you over here. Would you like to sit with us?”
>She grabs an empty chair from the table behind her and slides it next to her with a pat on it for extra measure
“No. Now, where is Trixie?”
>Her face contorts a little.
>”Why are you looking for her?”
“That doesn’t matter, where is she?”
>”Look, it’s kind of strange for a kind of loner, no offence, to just come up-”
“Fine, I’ll just find her.”
>You walk off without hearing her response and out of the cafeteria
>20 minutes remain in the lunch period, surely you can track down a flamboyant girl in that time
>It doesn’t prove easy, but after 15 minute of wondering and searching, you hear some light crying
>You finally see her, sagged on her knees, leaning against the wall, with her hair covering her face
>She sobs and sucks in air
>You notice her hat, torn and dirtied before her feet
>It seems injustice has struck once again
>You kneel down infront of her, gently taking her hat in your hands and examining it
>She slowly lifts her head and makes eye contact with you, tears streaming down a blackened eye
>You frown and glance between her hat, her pained eyes, and the broken wand she holds in her clutches
>All you can do is utter words of shame for those who did this to her
“I’m sorry, little one.”
Critiques would be nice, I suck at writing
All hail beach episodes
Hey it's good cause now there's something to read here. I'll take what I can get.
It's good.
>The pain of watching your family die from starvation
>The pride they displayed, refusing to go on welfare, while they starved

Fucking kek

It’s good shit man, keep up the good work.
I'm waiting for the POV to shift so that someone points out Anon is a weirdo that mutters one-liners and does Saitama's training method every morning.
What is this capeshit?
Ignore the summer child.
We gettin mighty low
We sure are.

>”I’ve got you.”
>Anon’s firm voice fills your ears.
>”You’re safe now.”
>The man grabs your shoulder, and although his hand is a rough as stone, the gentleness with which he holds you is lighter than a feather.
>The man wraps his arms around you, holding your body close against his.
>”Everything will be ok now.”
>That’s good to hear.
>Really, it is.
>Your heart feels lighter already.
>He tilts your head up with a finger on your chin.
>The two of you look into each other’s eyes for a while, just enjoying the company.
>Finally, he lowers his head, inching closer and closer to you until…
>You wake up.
>The images you’d been seeing vanish, giving way to frigid darkness like they always do.
>Another day inside this closet.
>You are Sunset Shimmer, and you are a prisoner here at...wherever in the Lord’s realm you are.
>How long has it been now?
>Too long.
>You hang your head between your knees and sigh.
>For a little while, you were doing pretty good about keeping track of the days through your sleep cycle, but that quickly became not an option.
>Sometimes you’d sleep who knows how long with only a few hours between slumber, and sometimes you wouldn’t sleep for what felt like days.
>The only breaks you have from this awful place are your dreams.
>You’ve noted them getting a bit more adventurous as time drags on.
>At first you’d dream about anything.
>Then it was the island.
>Then it was Anon, and then...Anon.
>God, you miss him.
>You’re beginning to even doubt if the voice you hear is his or not.
>You try to think of it, but when you’re conscious, you can’t quite pin it down.
>It seems to mix around with other voices you’ve heard throughout your life, but mostly with Tirek’s.

>You hate the fact that you can’t tell their voices apart.
>It feels almost like you’re betraying Anon, but you can’t help it.
>All you see is that jerk! Occasionally a lacky will come in and tease you, or take some anger out on you.
>That’s it, though.
>It looks like you ended up waking up just in time for one of those very men to come disturb you.
>The door of your “cell” flies open and fills the room with burning light.
>You hiss and cover your eyes, trying to shield them from the brightness.
>”Well, if it isn’t the false nun.”
>You’re not false!
>H-he’s false!
>The man steps forward and brushes some of his sweeping hair out of his face.
>”Still pretending you have any love for god?”
>You lower your arms and glare at him.
>If you had your powers…
>”Ha, look at that!”
>He points right at your eyes and jeers at you.
>”Your eyes are turning red already. Getting hungry, huh?”
>The man reaches for his pants and begins to undo the thick, brown belt holding them up.
>”I heard how hard you tried to pretend like you had a heart. You know, a few of the men even bought that shit. Look at you now, though.”
>With one quick jerk of his arm, the belt comes flying out.
>He folds it in half and snaps it shut, ringing a leathery smack out through the room.
>You can feel your fangs poking at your bottom lip as your gaze drifts down to his neck.
>It’s so thick.
>”You’re finally showing your true colors.”
>He smirks and steps forward, holding the belt up over his head.
>”Hey, let’s see if we can make those red eyes purple!”

>He swings his arm down toward you, striking the leather strap across your cheek.
>You shout and reel back, forcing yourself against the wall to get away.
>Your cheek burns intensely.
>This man!
>You grind your teeth and ball your fists up.
>He hits you again, landing a solid blow on your shoulder.
>You could pounce and sink your teeth into his neck.
>That would be his retribution, right?
>Oh, goodness. Listen to yourself.
>As he smacks you again, you shut your eyes tight and lower your guard.
>Turn the other cheek, Sunset. That’s what He teaches.
>This man will be judged. It’s not your place to do so.
>It’s not your place.
>It’s not your place.
>”There you go. Take it, bitch! Fucking vampire trash,” he shouts as he pelts you again and again with the belt.
>Your skin bruises quickly, not that you’ll be able to see it soon anyway.
>When he’s done and out of breath, he nods happily.
>The man, satisfied with your battered form, loops the belt back through his pants and secures them.
>”Take my advice and drop the nun stuff. Nobody is buying it. No fucking monster has the soul to devote itself.”
“I believe it,” you say quietly.
>”What was that?”
“I believe it.”
>”Alright,” he mutters, then begins to undo his belt again. “Here we fucking go. Let’s try one more time and see if you can grasp what I’m telling you.”

Just a little bitty update today, more of a "hey, I'm not dead" bit. Normally I'd be posting more often, but work has been pretty wild. Go figure, huh? Next part should be coming out sooner than this one did. Until then, remember, kids: don't bully the Shim. Also, here's a fully updated pastebin https://pastebin.com/mAp0EXen
Hey welcome back!
Yeah I feel you.
Welcome back, dude
We gettin low again. Anyone got any discussion prompts?
Which Anon is the strongest?
Which Anon is the weirdest?
In terms of physical strength or ability potential? Witcher or Occultist probably. Maybe Insanon. Better question, which lonely boi would be sponsored by Linkin Park
Either one.
>which lonely boi would be sponsored by Linkin Park
Someone draw him
I’d say witcher
What would he look like?
A green emo
You are.
I miss Cop
File: amuro crying.jpg (55 KB, 1280x720)
55 KB
So I accidentally lost a bunch of what I wrote in remaking my green and now I just feel silly for even trying
Sadly, we've all been there at some point.
Don't let the gravity of the thread weight you down. As long as you keep trying you will eventually succeed.
File: 1539486105294.jpg (9 KB, 383x240)
9 KB
sad Anon hours
I miss everybody.
Thought there’d be alot more actvity in thread after summer came along. But i guess most of us are actually adults with responsibilities.
Hey guys. Apologies for the absence, but life's been... life. There's been lots going on these past few months and life has been going pretty fast for me. I've had a lot on my mind and it's been hard for me to sit down and do anything as far as writing or plotting things out. To be honest, writing has been a pretty distant thought lately and I've been checking the thread less and less. Since I've seen a few Anons mention me and since I can't even remember the last time I updated, I figured now would probably be a good time to make this post. Especially since I promised to do so if it ever came to this.

I likely won't be updating anymore. I don't want to say for certain, but as for right now, the time and interest just isn't there for me. In case this is it for me, I'm going to just going to go ahead and say that it's been a real pleasure to be here with you guys. This thread gave me a lot to look forward to during some of my darker days. Writing has been something I've wanted to do for a long time, and I'm glad I finally gave it a real try here. I never thought fanfiction would mean so much to me. It's been a real blast, and I hope I was able to brighten up someone's day like YFN, Axii, and Urchin, and the others did for me. I only regret that it took me so long to give writing a try, and that I may never finish things up. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to briefly write out the rest of the plotpoints under spoilers, though I don't know if it'll do it all much justice.
Hey do what you want to do. It's your life. For right now we should look to see what happens for the future. But if this is it, then it's been a real pleasure reading your green. Good luck to ya.
Bit by bit /mlp/ is dying
File: 1540936077941.png (176 KB, 564x460)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
It’s ok man, it might be a little painful knowing that we might not hear any more from you, but we all know life can get pretty hectic sometimes. So i just wish you good luck man and do what you think is best for you.
We will always remember you and what you did for us.
Now go and show that life who's boss!
I wonder if she's wearing any panties?
Sorry to hear mate.
Life is like a river; it always flows.
Doesn't matter what you do or what happens, it keeps going.
First and foremost, you've got to take care of yourself.
It's been an honour to read some of your work and that has inspired me to write some myself.

Like you, I joined late. Like this time last year. I wish I had found /MLP earlier, seeing as how I've been on 4chan for over a decade now.
But this last year as seen some of the best things happen in my life, and some of the worst.
And even now I'm dealing with a few personal things as well, but we persevere, and become better for it.

All the best Cop.
Until we hear from you again.
File: 2058213.jpg (1.39 MB, 4299x6070)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Thanks a lot for the memories friend
Hopefully you'll stick around and enjoy reading with the rest of us once more
Regardless, I hope you can sort life out m8, and I would appreciate spoilers
Though I'd put them into a separate pastebin to give it an extra layer of "Are you sure about this?"
Until we see you again, as Cop or another of us
You've brightened up my day many times too friend, and given me a bit of inspiration to actually do something
I'll try again
We’ll miss you, bro
Up we go.
File: cheese qyeen.png (81 KB, 1000x1000)
81 KB
F. Well, you could give away your plot if that would make you feel better, but you know, you don't have to. It's completely ok to stop writing. Life's life.
Maybe Discord?

File: hug g.jpg (28 KB, 400x518)
28 KB

>You are all sorts of uncomfortable at the moment.
>Tired from school, yet luckily you didn’t have work. However, having to run a couple blocks whilst dragging a girl wearing heels and carrying bags of shopping isn’t easy.
>Soaked to the skin as it started raining as soon as you and Rarity left the alley, and it really came down just before you got back to your place.
>Starving as you haven’t eaten since recess, which is nothing new. Just today has been really tiring and you just want to eat.
>Also that cut on your arm stings like hell. You kicked him as hard as you could when he got up. You honestly don’t remember when he slashed you. Luckily it’s not too deep. At least you hope it’s not.
>You literally can’t afford to go to the doctor and get stitches, so a bandage will have to do.
>More uncomfortable than all those though, is you’re stuck.
>Rarity latched onto you tightly as soon as you entered your apartment, and she refuses to let go.
>Normally you’d refuse physical contact from others, in this case however, you make an exception. Considering what’s just happened.
>As much as you’re uncomfortable with her in your personal space, and touching you, you let it slide.
>It would be bad for your boss Marco Pierre if one of his regulars suddenly stopped coming to his restaurant.
>It would be especially bad for you because he’d easily connect the dots back to you.
>You did tell him that she was a student at your school not that long ago.
>Rarity’s sobs turn into crying and she collapses onto the floor.
>You do the only thing you know might help; pulling her into a tight hug.
>Initially shocked, Rarity reciprocates by tightening her arms around you.
>You remember the words a police officer said to you when you were younger. Hopefully they work for her like they did for you.
“There, there, you’re safe now. I won’t let anything happen to you as long as I’m here.” You gently whisper as you start rubbing her back.
“Don’t think about what happened. Just know you are safe now, and nothing bad will happen to you anymore. Trust me, I understand how you’re feeling.”
>Rarity, surprised by such gentleness, takes comfort in your words and begins to calm down.
>She buries her face into your chest and just about shrinks in your arms.Her wailing has softened to just silent tears running down her cheeks.
>They weren’t just merely words. They were comforting, and more importantly, they were genuine.
>For the first time tonight, she actually feels safe.
>After a minute, Rarity has stopped crying and brought her arms between herself and you, tucking them close to her chest.
>She looks up at you with her teary eyes as she gently places one hand on your chest and quietly whispers,
>“Thank you again for rescuing me. It scares me to think what would happen if it weren’t for you. You’re my hero.”
>Your face starts to turn a bit red.
>You’ve been called a lot of things. A hero was never one of them. So you avert your eyes and shrug it off.
>Secretly though, it does make you feel good that someone actually acknowledged you, for once.
“I was just coming home from the store when I saw you get off that bus. You looked lost, and since you were walking the same way I was going, I’d thought I’d keep an eye on you.”
>Rubbing the back of your head as you explain.
>A quick glance down and she’s still looking at you with that look in her eyes.
>Those big beautiful blue eyes staring up at you causes your face to turn rose red.
>Rarity definitely notices it, if the small smile was any indication.
>You just ramble on;
“Seeing as how this isn’t the best neighborhood in town.”
“I-I was just worried about you.”
>As you say that, you can feel Rarity tighten her grip on your shirt, causing your heart to skip a beat and your mouth to stutter.
“Y-Y’know, you’re a good customer at the restaurant and all. Yeah…” You finish rambling.
>A second of awkward silence as Rarity starts giggling with her hand over her mouth.
>You start to giggle yourself.
>Soon you’re both laughing as if you had just told the funniest joke in the world.
>Rarity sniffles as she rubs her nose, shivering just a little in your arms. She’s soaked down to her skin.
>“Right. Hold on Ms. Belle, I’ll grab you a towel. I’ll be right back.”
>Rarity rises with you as you stand, maintaining her tight hold on you.
>She looks up at you as you’re almost a whole foot taller than her.
>Her gaze is beautiful, and even more so with those teary eyes.
>You can’t help but want to just hug her back and never let go.
>“Just call me Rarity. Mis-ter He-ro.” She teases before she lets you go.
“A-Anon is fine. Please come in and make yourself at home.”
>“Thank you, darling.”
>She calls everyone that, but for some reason you can’t help but feel a little bit special upon hearing it.


“You can wear these until your clothes dry. It’s probably below what you’re used to, but trust me. They’re comfy and warm.”
>Nudging a fresh towel, folded shirt and sweatpants to the girl now standing in your living-dining room.
“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.” You remark.
>“Oh, thank you.” Rarity looks at your offering. “I’m quite famished myself.”
>Her stomach starts to rumble a loudly, causing her to blush in embarrassment.
>Again, you both giggle a little.
“Well then, I insist. Please stay for dinner.” You throw your waiting voice on again for fun.
>Rarity’s eyes dart all over, like she’s thinking about it.
>“YES!” Rarity blurts out, unlike how you’ve ever heard her speak before.
>You swear you heard her break her accent for half a second.
>“Hh-hmm.” Rarity recomposes herself. “Very well then, if you insist. What will you be ordering out?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll make something I’m sure you’ll enjoy.”
>She smiles excitedly.
>Unbeknownst to you, she would be fending for herself tonight.
>Which meant a pre-packaged salad with low fat dressing and a cup of instant noodles or some take away Chinese.
>Rarity was not the most confident cook.
>Once, she had burned hot dogs. She had boiled them and started watching a movie.
>She came back to the kitchen to grab a drink when she found the hot dogs burning in an empty pot.
>She asked her father to place a smoke detector in the kitchen after that day.
>There had been occasions when she had to eat her own burnt cooking purely for the fact that she would starve otherwise.
>Like one weekend her parents had taken Sweetie to visit her grandparents, while she stayed behind to finish an important assignment.
>Luckily for her, they cut their trip in half because her grandfather had a cold.
>Her smile looks gentle but on the inside she’s absolutely beaming with joy. No more takeaway tonight for the weight conscious girl.
>You hand her the clothes.
>“I truly appreciate it.”
>Suddenly she gasps.
>“Heavens! Your arm! It’s bleeding!” She grabs your forearm and starts to roll up your rain and blood soaked sleeve.
>When you try to pull your arm back, she doesn’t let go, holding firmly onto your leather cuff bangle.
“It looks worse than it is. It’s just a scratch.” You tell her, hoping she would believe it and just drop the subject altogether.
>She looks at you unconvinced, considering half your sleeve is soaked red.
>“Nonsense. Let me see it. It’s the least I can do for-.”
>Instead she pulls it closer so she can inspect it.
>You don’t want her to see your arm but she does, and she just stares at it in horror.
>For a second she loosens her grip, allowing you to pull your arm away.
>She struggles to piece a sentence together.
>“M-my gosh… What happened? A-are those..? I…I’m…”
>You place the clothes and towel in her hands and turn your back to her, quickly pulling down your sleeve.
“Bad things happened to me. Just forget what you saw.” Coldly and bluntly you state.
>“Anon… please.”
“You can change in the other room. I’ll turn the heater on so you can dry your clothes.”

>In the other room, Rarity leans against the locked door.
>Undressed down to just underwear and patting her hair dry with the towel.
>She’s too deep in thought; unable to stop thinking about Anon and those scars on his arm.
>Maybe Rainbow Dash was right.
>Maybe he is a felon or even a recovering drug addict.
>Although, he certainly doesn’t seem to be as violent as most addicts seem to be.
>“No Rarity, a lady simply does not involve herself in speculation and rumour.’’ Quietly she reminds herself.
>‘Bad things happened…’ Those words echo in her mind again.
>She shudders thinking about what could have caused those scars.
>'Why there were so many of them?'
>And his reaction, it certainly was cold and harsh. Not like how he was a little while ago.
>He obviously doesn’t want to talk about it, and as Rainbow Dash said, he never talks about himself.
>Yet, no one seems to know anything about him.
>Rarity breathes deeply and exhales to clear her thoughts.
>She's going to do what she can to learn about this enigma named Anon.
>After a few seconds of thinking, she puts her hands on her hips as she decides on her game plan.
>First things first; she’ll need to find out what she can about him.
>A bit of seemingly casual conversation over dinner should give her some information.
>The thought of Anon being dangerous or even violent towards her sticks in the back of her mind.
>She shakes her head to dismiss those thoughts.
>She has seen how he presents himself at both work and school to know that if we were to have a violent outbreak, then he would have done so already.
>“The way he speaks and carries himself is very well mannered and respectful, far too gentlemanly for a ruffian.”
>She’ll need the help of the others, especially Sunset, to find out about Anon and how to help him.
>“Time to put on the charm, Rarity.” She whispers to herself as she perks up her bust and presses her lips together with a pop. A habit of hers when she wants to work her charm.
>Rarity gets dressed in the clothes.
>To say they were presentable, much less wearable was an understatement.
>However, despite the holes they were very comfortable and warm, exactly as Anon said they would be.

>Slowly she opens the door, the wet clothes wrapped in the towel.
>She’s been in the room for a noticeable amount of time.
>Immediately Rarity is hit by the wafting smell of sizzling meat and the light aroma of garlic.
>The delightful smell makes her stomach rumble again and quickly she walks into the dining room, eager to see what’s cooking.
>“It smells incredible, darling.”
“Oh, Rarity.” Your voice no longer cold and blunt like a little while ago.
“You were in the room for a while, I was starting to worry. Is everything alright?”
>“Uh, yes darling. My apologies, I just needed some time alone, considering everything that’s happened tonight.”
>A quick glance at her, before lowering your eyes back on to the frying pan.
“I understand. If there’s anything I can do to help, just ask.”
>“You’ve done more than enough. I can’t thank you enough. Hero.” She playfully teases again.
>You reply with a little giggle.
>“Is there anything I can help with?”
“No, not really. You’re my guest, so please just try to relax in the living room. Dinner will be ready soon.”
>“Very well.” Rarity replies somewhat relieved, knowing full well she’d probably make a mess of dinner if she helped.
>Stepping into the living room, she drapes her clothes out on the airing rack near the heater.
>She looks around the room, noting how bare and shabby it is.
>It is very basic, even for a teenage boy, and certainly not like the other boys’ rooms that she has been to before.
>There is only an old TV on a small stand in the corner, a three seater sofa, a bare bookshelf with only a couple books and CDs, and a desk with a chair.
>Everything is old and worn.
>The bookshelf has numerous nails hammered into the sides to keep the shelves in place.
>All the books on the shelf are tatty and falling apart, with pages turning yellow.
>The CDs are mostly old classical albums. Most picked up from goodwill by the looks of them.
>The sofa has rips and stains, but otherwise the cushions still look comfortable enough to sit on.
>There’s a leg missing on the television stand that’s been replaced with a brick, causing the TV to slant downwards ever so slightly.
>And the television itself is quite old. It wasn’t an old tube TV, but it must have been one of the early generation flatscreen plasma televisions when they first came out.
>It also has a crack in the corner.
>The desk has a mess of papers strewn all over. The office chair cushion fares the same as the sofa.
>The desk looks remarkably in good condition, despite the peeling melamine revealing the chipboard underneath.
>Anon’s laptop looks to be almost a decade old, similar to one Rarity had when she was younger.
>Old, tattered text books, a couple manila folders, novels with worn out covers, various note books and loose papers with class notes written on them.
>“What’s this?” Something catches her eye.
>Sticking out from under a few pieces of paper is a folded purple cloth.
>She shifts papers out of the way, trying not to make any noise less she draw attention to her ‘snooping’.
>Or reconnaissance as she prefers to calls it.
>Snooping is not something Rarity would normally partake in. However, her curiosity is piqued at what is buried under those papers.
>Sitting atop the folded cloth is a beautiful blue crystal pendant on a chain necklace.
>These two items certainly stand out in an apartment that is devoid of such luxuries.
>Bringing it closer to her eyes, she examines its beauty.
>Engraved on it is what looks to be a symbol, or a crest of some sort.
>Looking even closer, trapped within the blue crystal are spots of carbon, forming a small swirl in the center of the piece.
>The formation of the carbon almost makes the piece seem artificial.
>Such a pattern would be extremely rare to form naturally.
>Nonetheless, it is a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece, one that no doubt would be worth quite a sum.
>Placing it down on the desk she picks up the cloth.
>Pure cashmere. She can tell by the feel.
>Very luxurious and very hard to come by, not to mention very expensive.
>Holding it by the corners Rarity lifts it up and it unfolds as it dangles.
>It definitely was bigger at one point, unfortunately cashmere only lasts around ten years before it starts to fall apart.
>Sadly now it is nothing more than a tea-towel sized tattered rag.
>In one of the corners is the same symbol that was on the necklace, embroidered in fine silk.
>‘Why does he have this?’ She begins to wonder.
>‘Could he have maybe stolen it from someone?’
>Sounds of footsteps approaching causes her to hastily return the items to how she found them.
“Dinner’s ready Rarity.” You find her next to the heater, looking out the window at the approaching thunderclouds.
>“Thank you. My, this storm won’t let up.” Saying as she closes the curtains.
“Doesn’t look like it will any time soon.”
>“Would you mind if I freshen up first?”
“No, ofcourse.” Stepping back, unblocking the doorway. “It’s the second door on the right, opposite the bedrooms.”
>“Please excuse me for just a moment.”
>“Anon, this is simply delicious. Where did you learn to make this?”
“Thank you Rarity. When I was younger, I’d use to help out in the kitchen. Then when I started working in the restaurant, the chefs taught me some recipes, and even let me cook sometimes.”
>“My, sounds like you are quite the helper. How did you come to work at Pierre’s?”
“Through some people I know.”
>“Friends of your family?” She innocently asks.
You almost choke on your mouthful, swallowing quickly. Hopefully she didn’t notice.
“Something like that.” You remark casually before drinking some water.
>Through your peripheral, you notice Rarity glancing at you occasionally as she eats her carbonara.
>Catching her looking at you again, you ask her.
“Something wrong rarity?”
>“Oh, um, does your arm hurt?” She cautiously asks you, careful not to have you snap at her again.
“It hurts a little, but I’ll be alright.”
>Rarity frowns a little, still feeling guilty that you were hurt because of her.
>You pick up on this, and try to make her feel better by continuing.
"Small price to pay but at least you're safe."
>Her smile returns.
“After dinner, I’ll take you to the police station. They should be able to get you home.”
>“That won’t be necessary. I don’t particularly feel like recalling that dreadful event. I would much like to forget it ever happened.”
“Are you sure Rarity?”
>“And besides, I’d rather not run the risk of catching a cold.”
“Is there anyone you can call to pick you up?”
>“My phone died. And I don’t remember any of the girls’ numbers.”
“In that case then, I’ll call you a taxi.”
>“Please, you needn’t trouble yourself, Anon. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I may have over spent…”
“I’ll cover the fare, Rarity. Your parents must be worried sick about you.”
>She blushes a little bit at your concern before she continues.
>“There’s no one at home tonight. My parents are at a party and won’t be back until Sunday, and my little sister is staying with her friend.”
>Placing your fork down, you lean in closer.
>Dropping your tone, you continue.
“Rarity, it sounds like you don’t want to go home. Is everything alright?”
>She waves her hand dispelling any misunderstandings.
“Please don’t misunderstand me Anon, I’m not trying to make excuses. It’s just…” She averts her eyes away from you, and her porcelain white cheeks turn a little red.
>“I’m still a little scared to be all by myself tonight. I guess I am still a little shaken.”
>Sighing in relief, you lean back in your chair.
“For a second there I thought it was something much more serious, like family problems.”
>She narrows her eyes at you.
“Err, not that it’s any of my business.” You quickly try to save face.
“Well, it’s not much, but you’re more than welcome to stay here. You can have the bedroom. I’ll take the couch.” You generously offer.
>Rarity beams her appreciation with a wide smile and a thank you.
“Say,” You start. “What was that back in the alley?”
>“Whatever do you mean?”
“That glass thing you hit me with. What was that?”
>“Oh, you mean this?” Rarity touches her pendant and forms a small diamond shield that hovers just above her palm.
“Whoa.” Is all you can muster at this amazing display.
>“It’s a diamond shield. I can create many at will, and in any size I desire.”
“That’s pretty amazing.” You remark. “How’d you learn to do that?”
>Rarity begins to briefly explain how she and the girls all got their magical powers over the course of dinner.

That's it for what I've got done.
There is more, but I need to work to fit the rest of the story I've planned out.
Trying to cut the irrelevant bits and keep it short and succinct as possible.
Bretty good so far.
File: He Mournes.jpg (95 KB, 800x450)
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Great stuff mate.
Back up.
Once again.

>Holy shit, you’re hungry.
>You are Anonymous, and boy, it’s been a hot minute since you’ve eaten.
>That dollar menu shit from the other night is the only thing you’ve had in recent memory.
>Your stomach growls continuously for something to go inside of it.
>A large part of you wants to ignore it and continue working, but with your body still recovering from the beating you took, you really should get some calories.
>Besides, you can already hear Sunset nagging you about giving your body the fuel it needs to go through a day.
>Man, you miss her cooking.
>You sigh as you pull up to a convenient store just outside of downtown.
>It seems acceptably slow inside, so you lock up the car and head in.
>Just as you walk through the door, you spot a few officers at the front counter buying some donut-related items.
>Shit, you didn’t see any cruisers outside!
>You turn on a heel and waltz out, but end up bumping into someone.
>The two of you stagger each other.
>”Watch it,” snaps the dark woman.
>You glare at her and open your mouth to speak, but catch your tongue.
>Best not to attract the cops.
>You huff and shove past her, making way back outside.
>She follows you, grabbing onto your bicep.
>The woman spins you around to face her again.
>Now the both of you regard your respective scarred faces.
>Hers has a gash along the forehead, with another one coming straight down over her blue eye.
>Something tells you she didn’t get those from a biking accident.
>”You wouldn’t happen to be that guy on tv, would you?”
>You yank your arm away from her and take a few steps back towards your car.
>If you’re fast, you could get in and leave her in the dust.
>”You know, I got pulled away from clearing a nest of hobgoblins to come find you.”
“So you’re telling me there’s a nest of hobgoblins out there because you didn’t want to do your job?”

>”It’s not a matter of want. Tartarus is looking for you, and they’re not going to stop. Why don’t you just come with me? Or you could fight, which I kind of hope you choose.”
>Right at that moment, the two cops you saw leave the store, bumping into the both of you.
>”Sorry, folks,” they say casually before walking off, likely to find the cruiser you didn’t see.
>You duck your head down so that the bill of your cap shields your face from them.
>Alright, maybe you should have kept the beard, but how were you supposed to know everything would spiral out of control like this?
>As the officers wander off, you tip your head back up to look at the purple bitch, who now stares at you with a familiar smugness that you want to grind into the concrete below.
>You grab her by the collar of her black blouse and pull her towards you, lifting her onto her tiptoes.
”It doesn’t matter what anyone wants you to do. You let those damn things go when you were on the job. What kind of hunter are you?”
>”The kind who doesn’t run away for two years.”
>She slaps your hand away and pushes you back, staggering you a few feet until you hit your car with a metallic thud.
“I earned that!”
>”Oh, did you now? I didn’t know your life was so much more tragic than everyone else’s.”
>That’s not what you meant.
>”You’re not the only one who has a reason to hunt. At least the rest of us keep going until we kick the bucket. You? You ran away, and now I’m here to bring you to Tartarus. I don’t know what they’re going to do to you, but it doesn’t concern me. So, Reaper, are you going to fight me, or not?”
>You can feel your index finger twitching already as fresh fire begins to course through your veins.
>Ran away.
>You didn’t...you…
>You were tired, ok? Is that so bad?
>Why are you always the bad guy?

“You want a fight?”
>As she grins, you pull the door of your car open and hop in.
>The engine roars to life as the vehicle begins shaking with power, ready to peel out.
>With the ceremonial flip of the bird, you speed the fuck out, leaving her in the dust.
>Eat it, bitch. That’s what a V8 sounds like leaving assholes in smoke.
>No need for a fight, especially one with a human.
>Especially...wait a minute.
>Has that car followed you for the last three turns?
>Oh god damn it.
>God damn it!

>God fucking shit eating stupid mother fucking--!
>Your knuckles turn white as your grip on the steering wheel tightens like a vice overdoing itself.
>In the rearview mirror, you see a souped up mustang keeping hot on your tail, and you can only guess who the fuck is inside it.
>You’ve been had. This car is burned.
>Worse still? You’ve got to lose this bitch before you can lose the car.
>You hope this old girl has some horsepower left in her.
>You press the gas pedal down to the floor and watch as the traffic on either side of you turns into blurs.
>The charger’s engine howls like a beast unleashed as it tears through the busy streets of Canterlot.
>Purple bitch isn’t far behind you, though.
>Her vehicle is more than capable of keeping up, and at such a degree that you can even see her steely gaze through her windshield as she kisses your bumper.
>Without any regard for traffic laws, you cut left across a few lanes of traffic and dart into a four-way intersection.
>Several cars honk and skid out of your way as you do so.
>For a moment, that bitch is left behind, but she soon weasels her way through the maze of potential insurance incidents you left and hops back on your tail.
>If only she treated her real job like she’s treating you.
>Leaving hobgoblins to fester? Fucking ameture.
>You snarl and slam on the brakes suddenly while jerking the wheel right.

>Smoke shoots out as the wheels skid along the ground, turning you right around and heading down the opposite lane.
>She can’t keep up with that maneuver, at least not once enough cars get in her way that she can’t make it through the gaps.
>You’re relieved for a second, but that only lasts until you run into a squad of cruisers coming hot up your front.
>You swerve out of their way and turn down the street again, coming left onto Shade Avenue.
>Hey, you almost got laid here once.
>Your trip down memory lane is short lived.
>There’s a large abundance of police officers determined to get their greasy hands on you and, if your math skills are right, four on one is pretty shitty as far as odds go.
>You put the pedal to the metal once more, forcing your vehicle well over the speed limit and sending every gauge on the dash into the red.
>Except for gas. You’re good on gas.
>As you cut across several more lanes and come onto the freeway, you’re met with a police barricade just down the way.
>How are they setting this shit up so fast?!
>Your heart beats almost out of your chest as you pull a hard right, screeching the tires again and driving straight off the freeway.
>Spots of dirt and grass fly into your windshield as you drive over a small park to get away from the freeway.
>If there’s one thing chargers weren’t built for, it’s off roading.
>The car protests with every foot gone until you hit pavement again and make your way into the proper lane of a less busy road.
>You can’t even drive for ten seconds without seeing another cruiser though.
>Alright, so obviously you can’t shake these guys by car.
>God, it’s a long shot.
>As quickly and seamlessly as you can, you speed through town to the abandoned business district.

>It had been shut down years before you even hit high school and was left to rot until some politician that never came could gentrify it.
>Once you see a few boarded up buildings, you turn down one alleyway nestled between two of them.
>The cops follow, of course, so you turn the car and slam the front into one building with the trunk scraping along the other.
>They alley is functionally cut off, giving you just enough time to throw the door open and make a run for it.
>Thankfully you’re wearing fresh knee wraps, or else this would kill.
>To be honest, you’re probably going to feel it later either way.

>”Stop right there!”
>”You’re under arrest!”
>Their yells turn into background noise as you dart down the alley, popping out on the other side and frantically searching for another one to disappear into.
>You do so quickly and head for it, this one sitting between what was probably an old clothing store and a coffee shop, if their worn out signs are any indicators.
>Even though you’re probably far enough away, you don’t stop for a second.
>You need as much distance between you and--HOLY JESUS!
>You dig your heels into the ground and skid to a halt, almost falling over on your ass in the process.
>At the end of the alleyway appear two officers about your size.
>One of them has their gun raised and locked onto you, whereas the other brandishes his billy club.
>”Stop right there!” commands the first.
>His buddy adds in, ”Got you now, bastard.”
>Your breath comes quickly, your chest heaving frantically as you pant.
>Your eyes dart every which way, looking for any way out of this situation.
>A few feet to your right, there’s a door leading into the coffee shop.
>Fuck it. Full send.
>You charge and throw your weight into the old structure.
>The rusted hinges of the door do little to stop you as you fly through it and into the long-since cleaned store.

>Dust and must fill the air, suffocating you as you scramble to your feet and make it deeper into the store.
>”Get back here!”
>”It’s time you answer for your crimes!”
>You can hear their footsteps as they follow you inside.
>The front door is in sight, but beyond it lie three cruisers that produce even more problems for you. The back door is behind the kitchen, which you could get to if you’re fast enough, but you’re not sure what’s out there.
>If you make it past the two cops inside, there’s no telling what mess you’ll be walking into.
>At least through the front, you can see what you’d be dealing with.
>Decisions, decisions…

That's it for tonight. We're just about caught up with my reserves, so probably one or two more updates until it's back to live writing for me. Damn, and I quite liked having that bank. Oh well, all good things must come to an end. Hopefully Anon can catch a break soon, though. Hope you catch a break too, Cop. You did brighten many Fridays for me, don't you worry. Thank you to all the dear readers who have been keeping up with the story so far. To the new ones just hopping on the ride, welcome! To both of you, I leave this fully updated pastebin https://pastebin.com/mAp0EXen
A bit of a late reply, and sad to see your story end, but I will say that your story did indeed brighten up my day whenever there was an update.

You do you Cop; stay safe and all the best.
Great update.
Long time no see!
Another awesome update.
I hope everything is going good for you now.
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>scandalizing for SciAnon
>waiting for Without
>now coping for CopAnon
Why is life so unfair? what's next? yelling for YFN?
Oh I'm always lurking. Can't completely abandon my favorite thread.

Better, not perfect, but definitely better.
Still really sorry what happened to you.
What happened?
He got rejected from the military because of the retarded MEP's ignored a serious injury.
Shit, bro. Welcome back. I just started another run through of witcher 3 not too long ago
Up we go.
>he does not cook well but he made it for them
repeat the line "he made it for [me]" and you will understand how a woman thinks.
Were Sunset and Anon going to hit it off? Or at least develope their relationship?
And again.
What does everyone think of Alone?
That our stars are slowly dying out.

I know I am late to the party on this and probably won't get read by Cop but gosh darn it, brah. Life gets on top of ya and that bear won't let go. It's sad to see you go, my good man, but fare thee well and good luck with your future. And thanks for your story, for giving it your all and writing something engaging and spectacular. But always remember, the ride never ends and we'll keep your seat warm for ya. And yes, do post your plotpoints, our story was always a good'un, don'tcha know?

It's good to see you're alive and kicking as well, matey.

Great stuff as always, writefags, keep the quality up.

If anyone's interested about my story, I've put on pause. Now, don'tcha worry about; it's that I've got a one-shot story to sort out first and I want it done as soon as. It's for /fsr/ and that March Gustysnows thread that's popped up, if ya interested.
I'll take a look at them.
Good night Alone.
Goodnight, anon
You can pick one Anon to protect you, the rest will try to kill you. Who is it?
>not choosing Sci
Anon, suicide is never the answer
I just started reading a story a couple of months and I wish I started earlier. I know I said this a thread or two ago, but since I’m late to the story, Witcher reminds me of Trevor Belmont.
Back up before bed.
Id like to see these two fight
Who Would Win?!
Witcher would.
You guys seen the new short yet? It’s fuckin baller.
Hunter would.
Page 9 again, jesus christ we’re dying
We haven’t gotten any green in a while. Anyone know where YFN is?
Once again.
Urchin and MT88 posted recently.
That's true.
File: 1498474859257.jpg (187 KB, 807x989)
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187 KB JPG
I'll try and post something tomorrow, vut please don't expect anything. For now here's a bump.
Take your time, but I can't wait for it.
Hot biker Sunset!
Up we go.

>You yawn and stretch out.
>Man, it’s been a long day, hasn’t it?
>You’ve been cooped up in your room all day, searching the internet for leads on Anonymous.
>You’re probably Sweetie Belle, in this case.
>In fact, you definitely are.
>It’s getting pretty late.
>Maybe you should go out and get some dinner?
>Can’t do any detective work on an empty stomach, after all.
>You’ve actually found out a fair bit about Anonymous today, but nothing has gotten you closer to where he is right now.
>You sigh and shake your head as you close your laptop.
“Right. Food it is,” you say to yourself.
>You snatch your keys up and leave the room, making sure to lock it behind you.
>”You ok, son?”
>”Fuck off.”
>You raise an eyebrow and turn your head down the hall to see who is being so rude to the concierge.
>Hey, wait, isn’t that the same guy from earlier?
>Damn, he looks like he had a bad day.
>The guy is hunched over and clutches his left arm to his chest.
>His limp has gotten so bad that it looks like he can hardly put any weight on the leg at all.
>What’s most alarming though is the blood dripping off him.
>That reeking denim jacket of his is torn to hell and is covered in spots of blood that look pretty fresh.
>He catches you staring, and his chilling eyes seem to harden even more than they already were.
>”What?” he snaps. “See something?”
“N-no,” you stammer you, taking a step back.
>The man finally comes to his door, right next to yours, and reaches into his jacket for his keys.
>After some fumbling, he finally retrieves them, only to drop them on the floor once they touch against the lock.

“I got it,” you say quickly.
>”Don’t fucking--”
>Before he can say anything else, you’ve already snatched his keys up and offer them to him.
>You keep your eyes on his chin, unable or unwilling to meet his gaze.
>You can see his jaw clenched and the veins in his neck popping as your shaking hand stays outstretched.
>Finally, he takes a deep breath and lets it all out.
>That seems to do something for him, because suddenly all his rage seems to have been replaced with a tiredness that causes his whole body to slump over.
>That’s all he says before taking the keys and opening his door.
>He pulls the sticky looking door aside and shuffles in.
“Hey, are you...ok?”
>”Don’t worry about it.”
>That’s all he says to you before slamming the door shut.
>You hear the deadbolt lock into place, and suddenly it’s like he never existed.
>That was...odd.

>You make way to the front lobby--if it could even be called a lobby--and stop in front of the desk.
“What was that guy’s deal?”
>The old man shrugs.
>”He does that.”
>So it’s a habit?
>Nasty habit. You wonder if he does some kind of fight club thing.
>Out of curiosity, you grab the dusty old book off the counter that you put your information into when you checked in. Yours is the first name on the page, so you turn back one and read down the list.
>One name, right at the very bottom, jumps right out at you.
>You know that name.
>That was...that was the name of Anonymous’ father!
>Your eyes widen almost out of your head.
>Quickly, you dig into your pocket for your phone and whip it out.
>The recent article about that man is your current homepage, so his face is front and center on your screen.
>It’s not the clearest image in the world, but between it and the glimpses of the injured man’s face you’ve seen, you know it’s him.
>It’s really him.
>You’ve been rooming next to Anonymous this whole time!
>You tap away at your screen and bring up the phone dialer, tossing 9-1-1 in and calling them right away.
>It rings for about half a second before someone picks up.
>”9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”
>Anonymous is currently in the Charlemane, send every cruiser you have!
>That’s what you should say.
>This is your chance to have him sent away to answer for his crimes.
>He’ll probably be put to death.
>You...you would never have a chance to find out why he did it.
>Why did he kill Rarity?
>Furthermore, why shouldn’t it be you that avenges her?

>Those are questions you need answered.
>You, a small girl with no training and barely the weaponry to fight a regular person, can’t just go up to Anonymous of all people.
>No, you need something on your side. You need an edge.
>Luckily, you’ve heard of just the thing during your travels.
>Even you didn’t believe they were real at first, but you saw them in action once.
>In your room, and in your bag, there’s a locked box right at the bottom.
>You fish it out and pop the lock off with a key tucked into your shoe.
>Why all the layers of protection?
>Well, this little beauty cost you a few paychecks, and given how useful it is, you don’t want it getting away from you.
>You take the object out of your box and hold it up to the light.
>It’s a small orange sphere, about the size of a jawbreaker.
“Hello, power pill.”
>You’ve been told they’re easy to use.
>Put it in your mouth and bite down on it.
>The powder inside is supposed to cause some chemical reaction in the blood that forces your muscles to...well, science stuff.
>You don’t remember the details.
>You’ve seen it in action though, so you know if you popped this, you’d definitely be able to take him on.
>All you need now is a way to get the jump on him.
>To that end, you decide to study his habits for a little while.
>Any good detective can do that.
>You do your best to monitor him through the room during the day, but it is unsurprisingly difficult.
>Thankfully, he ends up leaving again later that night.
>It’s a good opportunity which you seize to convince the concierge that you’re his sister and need a key to the room.
>Perhaps it was risky, but the man is also probably in his nineties, so you doubt he’ll even remember the conversation soon.
>With the key in your hand, along with some other fun toys, you make it into Anon’s room and begin snooping around.

>You’re taken aback by how messy it all is.
>This is not the room of a methodical planner, at least not one you’ve seen before.
>There are clothes everywhere, dirty and covered in blood.
>There are papers scattered about, and in the center of the room, a broken mess of computer parts.
>You’re not sure how much time you have, so you take pictures of everything you see.
>Can’t disturb anything.
>After that, you find some key places in the room to leave bugs.
>Before all that long, you feel like you’re pushing your luck.
>A shiver runs down your spine.
>You’ve come to trust that more than anything in the last two years, so you book it out of there.
>You exit and jog back to your own room.
>Wouldn’t you know it? In walks Anonymous, hobbling past the front desk looking just as messed up as before, if not more so.
>He also looks significantly more upset than last time.
>There’s a heavy air about him, one that you’re not interested in interacting with at the moment.
>He makes it into his room without dropping the keys this time, at least.
>Once he’s inside, so are you.
>You rush to your laptop and open it up.
>Once you’ve connected with the bugs, they begin playing audio for you, letting you hear every word the man utters in his solitude.
>It’s not much, and what there is doesn’t make sense.
>You hear a lot about assholes, hypocrites, and a rotten bunch of people from Tartarus.
>Wasn’t that supposed to be Hell for the Greeks? Yeah, you imagine people from there would be nasty.
>You’re not sure what any of this has to do with mythology though.

>Suddenly there’s a sharp yelp in the speaker that makes you jump.
>”Fucking needle.”
>Is he on drugs?
>No, not drugs. He looked pretty messed up earlier.
>Is he stitching himself up?
>Well, you guess that makes sense. It’s not like a wanted murderer can wander into a hospital, especially not with the city on high alert looking for him.
>From what news reports suggest, his two excursions today got him a lot of attention.
>You’re willing to bet that something similar will happen tomorrow.
>”Tomorrow for sure.”
>And there it is.
>What exactly he plans on doing tomorrow?
>You have no idea, but you’re content to wait.

Not sure what happened to Sunset Biker Anon, but I haven't seen him post yet, so I'll go ahead and throw this up. Anon has been discovered now, probably by the person who most of all shouldn't have. What will happen? Stay tuned to find out! We're all caught up with what I have pre-written, so everything is fresh from here. We're on this journey together. Time for me to go for now, but in my absence, I leave this fully updated pastebin https://pastebin.com/mAp0EXen
Woo-hoo doggy!
File: seein some shit.jpg (22 KB, 210x240)
22 KB
>>It’s a small orange sphere, about the size of a jawbreaker.
>“Hello, power pill.”
>>You’ve been told they’re easy to use.
>>Put it in your mouth and bite down on it.
>>The powder inside is supposed to cause some chemical reaction in the blood that forces your muscles to...well, science stuff.

>It’s as if someone just bit through a jawbreaker and used the remaining strength in their mouth to grind through the dust.
>You turn around and see the man you’d just put through a wall running right for you, with some strange orange powder on his lips.
>No way. A monster?
>That’s definitely not human strength, but...but you thought Tartarus was against monsters.
Awesome update.
Great read, bro
To the top
Where is YFN?
I'm posting what I salvaged (shuffled a few characters around)

UC 0087, 7 years after the end of the One Year War
>The principality of Zeon's attempt to gain independence from the Earth Federation failed
>Many of Zeon's soldiers went into hiding or were killed by the Federation
>A tenuous peace has fallen on the colonies and the earth sphere
>The Earth Federation has created a spec-ops group of soldiers, the Titans, to combat would be terrorists and destabilizers
>The site of the Titan's main base is on a space colony orbiting earth called Canterlot Greenery
>It is also a civilian colony housing 400,000 people

Canterlot High School UC 0087
>Be Twilight Sparkle in the gymnasium
>Today, is Judo day, and there's this one kid not participating
"Have you ever wondered why that kid is always alone?"
>The girl's eyes wander towards the green loner fiddling with his tablet
>"You should go talk to him, Twilight. He doesnt seem to have any friends, I hardly see him interact with anyone"
"Good idea, maybe he'd like to join us here"
>Twilight walks towards the green loner, who was too busy fiddling with his tablet to notice Twilight approach.
>Twilight stopped in her tracks and turns around to where that yelling came from
>It's Coach Iron Will
>Anon doesnt say a word, stands up and faces the coach
>"I'm gonna be late for something, I got to go"
>"Oh no, you're not getting away from my class that easily"
>He backhands Anon on the cheek
>Twilight gasps at the coach's action
>Anon falls to the ground clutching his tablet and rolls away
>He stands up but he doesn't fight back
>He instead bolts for the large gym doors
"Hey, wait!"
>Twilight runs after Anon out the doors
>"Get back here you two! Damn kids, oh well they'll be back probably."
>Coach Iron Will sighs and returns back to teaching judo to the class

>You are Anonymous Bidan
>The son of two big shot military engineers who dont have the time to take care of their kid
>And you just got your shit slapped by Coach Iron Will
>Why can't that stupid bullheaded coach understand that you have better things to do
>You're cutting gym class because a transport captained by a hero from the one year war is docked at the spaceport
>You're not gonna miss this chance to meet Capt. Shining Armor of White Base in person
>You are also being chased by a cute purple haired girl from gym class
>"Hey, where are we heading?"
>The girl asks as they sit on the tram heading to the spaceport.
>"My name is Twilight Sparkle by the way."
"Spaceport. Name's Anonymous Bidan, you can call me Anon."
>"Why the spaceport? Planning on leaving Canterlot?"
>I tell Twilight about Capt. Shining Armor and tell her a few stories about the famed captain of the white base
"I'm a bit of a fan of him and the White Base crew"
>"I can tell" she giggles
>"I don't think the captain is all that though to be honest" she adds
>You just shrug off her comments, I mean not everyone can appreciate the heroes of the one year war
>Though I hope she doesn't think I'm a freaking creep for geeking out about Shining Armor
>The tram stops and both of you leave the terminal
>Unlike the rest of the colony, there's no gravity around the spaceport so you float your way towards the docking bay window
>"Wow, It's beautiful out there"
>You turn around and see Twilight admiring the stars on the other side of the spaceport facing the vast emptiness of space
>"I wonder what's it like exploring that vast space" Twilight asks
>You face the window and see the shuttle "Temptation" enter the colony
"There it is!"
>You push your face towards the window excitedly
"It's Capt. Shining Armor's ship, the Temptation. I gotta meet him."
>"Why the rush?" Twilight asks as she follows you down
>You float further down the building trying to navigate through the military hotshots surrounding the spaceport
>Twilight follows you down awkwardly trying to adjust to zero gravity
>Several wrong turns later you two end up being lost in the spaceport in front of a "no civilians allowed" area
>Twilight, lagging behind you yells out your name
>"Anon! Wait for me!"
>Some rainbow haired military girl in a black federation uniform faces you
>She's surrounded by fellow soldiers wearing black federation outfits
>One of them a woman with fiery red hair, the rest you cant figure out
"Anon, that's a weird name. I could've sworn that's a girl's name though"
>You overhear the military girl say that and for some reason it feels like time slowed down
>You feel an overbearing rage come across your entire body.
>you push aside Twilight
>Holy shit you feel really mad
>Anon isn't a girls name you son of a bitch
>before you knew it you jumped off the barricade and punched the snooty officer in the face
>the fiery haired girl gasps and just looks at the display of violence
>"Holy shit he just decked Dash!" one of the men say
>her comrades try to stop you but the first guy who comes near you gets a face full of fist
>you give the next approaching soldier a solid left hook to the stomach
>but eventually you were out-manned, though you punched the snooty officer out cold, you were restrained by the remaining soldiers and taken away
The next part I'm still trying to write out again because I forgot to save
I love this!
Something to read. Good.
>As you and your friends get yourselves comfy in chairs, you stretch your legs out and let out a content sigh.
>Wait, you have friends?
>“Well duh, since you are Sunset Shimmer silly.”
“Oh ok, thanks Pinkie.”
>“No problemo Sunny,”
>Deciding to shove the odd exchange out of your mind, you rustle up your bag and rummage for your snacks.
>You turn to Pinkie, who’s already got a large tray of cakes from what you can only assume is thin air.
>A perfectly normal thing to do, for Pinkie anyway.
>You latch onto something, and pull it out the bag.
>Aw Yes! The Saturn bar you wanted.
>Dropping the bag, you tear apart the wrapping.
>You take a bite and chow down, savouring the chocolate mixing with the caramel and nougat.
>”So when’s this thing starting? I’m getting bored.”
>You swallow the chocolate before you speak.
“It won't be long now Rainbow, I think Anon said it would be half an hour before it starts.”
>Well that didn’t really help, as Rainbow groans and slumps back in the chair.
>”I-i don’t mind waiting longer,” Fluttershy quietly adds.
>”There ain’t nuthin’ ta worry about Shy, it’s just some robot thingies destroyin’ each other.”
>”Yeah! They’re gonna crash and bash and smash each other to bits”, Pinkie chimes in, punching the air.
“And I bet you can't wait to get some data on the robots fighting capabilities, huh Twilight?”
>You look to Twilight, as she nervously taps her pen on the notepad.
“Are you okay Twilight?”
>You put a hand on her shoulder, making her jump at your touch.
>”Oh, the robots and data. Yes haha, I can't wait.”
>Something’s bothering her.
>Maybe it’s magic related?
>”Heyo, you’s alright?”
>Twilight freezes, only for a split second before she relaxes again.
>You turn and look to Anon.
>Is it him Twilight’s freaking out about?
>”When’s the fight starting? I’m getting seriously bored here.” Dash groans to Anon.
>”When I’m ready, get on your bike if you can’t be arsed waiting.”
>Rainbow silently replies with an angry pout, which Anon casually ignores.
>”Applejack, you busy? Could do with a hand with this crowd, just in case they get rowdy.”
>“Uh yeah, can do sugarcube,” She replies.
>”Sound, I’ll be down there.” Anon replies as he spins around and walks off.
>Applejack follows, while Rainbow hangs her head, groaning to no one in particular.
>As they walk off a good distance, you whip round to Twilight.
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
>”Of course Sunset, why wouldn’t I be?”
>She puts on a smile that's clearly forced.
“Well for starters you’ve been awfully quiet, and just then when Anon was here you froze up.”
>Her eyes dart a little, before looking back to you with only the tiniest of panic in her eyes.
>”I can't tell you, well here at least.”
>What the heck?
“What? What do you mean Twi?”
>”It’s about Anon, but I can’t tell you here.”
>Okay, now that sounds weird.
“Okay then, how about later on at your place? You’re still up for the sleepover right? I packed my physics homework and everything.”
>Twilight thinks for a moment before sighing.
>”Okay...But don’t tell anyone else, please.”
>What could be so bad that she can only tell you, and in private.
>What if he…
>No, he doesn’t seem like he would.
>But you have only just met him.
“Alright… I wont.”
>”Thank you Sunset”, Twilight replies with a sigh of relief.
“No problem Twilight, but we will have to tell the others if-”
>You cut yourself off as two children make their way towards your group, one girl and a boy.
>Following behind are who you assume to be the parents.
>Someone Anon knows maybe?
>You’re pretty sure this is meant to be the VIP section so you they must know Anon.
>The kids scramble past each other, only to stop when they see your group.
>The girl stares at Rarity before turning back to her parents.
>”Mommy look! It's Rarity!”
>You look over to Rarity, who looks equally as confused as you are.
>The mother looks over, a smile forming on her face.
>”You make really pretty dresses!” The girl beams at Rarity.
Now that you get a good look at her, you notice she has a similar hairstyle to Rarity’s.
>Only differences are it’s shorter, and her hair is yellow, with strands of orange and brown.
>Like leaves in Autumn in contrast to her magnolia like skin.
>She must only be about six years old.
>”Why thank you darling”, Rarity replies with a big smile of her own.
>”Sorry about that,” Her mother apologises as she walks up to the group.
>”Oh it is no problem at all, I always love meeting a fan”, Rarity beams.
>”I’m Sunny Skies, and this is my daughter Autumn Leaves.”
>Autumn Leaves?
>How… appropriate.
>The father steps up next to Sunny.
>”This is my husband, Rusty and our son Ratchet.”
>Ratchet only looks a couple of years older than Autumn, with a similar build to Rusty.
>A bit rotund, but not particularly fat.
>Like his father he has short brown hair, with light orange skin.
>”Heya girls, good ta meet ya”, Rusty greets you all, “Good to see you two again.”
>He looks over to Twilight and Rainbow.
>They’ve met him before?
>You and the girls say your greetings and make room for the family to sit down.
“So, how do you know Anon?” You inquire to the Rusty while the rest of your group chats with the family.
>”We were neighbours back in Manehattan, knew ‘im since he was ah baby. We also babysat ‘im when his folks went away on business trips.”
“So his parents weren’t around alot?”
>”Kinda,” He replies with a small frown, “But ah don’t think Anon would ‘preciate me talkin about all this with a stranger. Speaking’ of which, why are ya so interested in Anon?”
>He leans forward a little amd narrows his eyes slightly, like a police officer interrogating you.
>What does he think you are up to?
"We just want to be friends with him, he always seems so lonely at school", You quietly reply.
>His eyes soften a little, before he gives you a smile.
>"Ya seem alright ta me, and he could do with some new friends."
"New friends?"
>"You want my advice?" Rusty quickly deflects, "give him a job. No use invitin' 'im over for tea parties and shopping."
>So just give him something to do?
>That should be easy, surely you could find something that can keep him occupied.
>"Make sure ya have cash though, he aint usually one to turn down cash in hand work; unless it don't suit him."
>Making new friends seems to be getting costly now.
>But that doesn't matter, what matters is Anon making some friends and being happy.
"Well, that's okay. Anything to make a new friend," you reply with a smile.
>Hopefully it will be easier than you anticipated.
>Not much time passes before Applejack returns to your group.
>"Howdy Ya'll", the cowgirl tips her hat.
"Hey Applejack. Where's Anon?" You ask her as she sits down.
>"He's talkin' to them guys with the robots, he won't be now."
>That means the show will be starting soon.
>You take a glance around, taking in the surroundings.
>Even though this part of the junkyard isn't very big, the place is still packed with people.
>It seems like all the seats are taken, minus your part of the arena.
>These robot fights must be pretty popular for a crowd this size to show up.
>It makes you wonder how much money Anon makes from this, it must be a good amount.
>Speaking of Anon, you look over as you spot him coming up the stairs holding what looks like a modified Gamebox controller
>"We ready to rumble then?" Rusty gets up to ask Anon.
>"More or less yeah, just need to get started now, I can sort it though."
>He nods to you all before heading into the announcing booth.
>So now we wait?
>You watch him move about, no doubt setting himself up and checking everything is up and running.
>You could offer him help, but you doubt Rusty would think it's a good idea right now.
>Plus he seems quite happy doing it himself.
>Instead, you look through your bag for that other chocolate bar you swear you packed.
>You dig deep, shuffling everything about until your fingers brush against plastic wrapping.
>Yes! You knew you had it somewhere.
>With a light thunk, you drop the bag and tear apart the wrapping.
>Before you can even take a bite, a horn blares through the arena and making your ears ring a little.
>It's loud enough to make you jump and drop your chocolate.
>You look down to the dirt covered floor and stare at the chocolate bar.
>Of course, the wrapping fell off, leaving the whole bar covered in dirt and grime.
>"Don't you worry Sunny", Pinkie pops up next to you holding out another chocolate bar.
"You can never have enough snacks!"
"Thank you Pinkie," You reply.
>Okay, lets try again.
>This time though, you manage to open it and take a bite.
>The audience cheer and shout, eager to watch the show.
>The excitement seems to be contagious as the roars get louder all around.
>Even your friends are cheering, Rainbow and Pinkie being the loudest of you all.
>"Ladies and gentlemen, ARE YOU READY!?"
>Anons shouts into a microphone, inciting the crowd to shout louder.
>"I SAID ARE YOU READY!?" He shouts again.
>The crowd replies with even louder cheers and shouts.
>It's so loud it makes your ears ring.
>Poor Fluttershy must be terrified of it all.
>You look over to her, as she hides in her hair.
>The horn blares again even louder than before.
File: kilrde.png (589 KB, 1280x1006)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
Sorrt I'm late, got tires. I know its not much or what you were expecting, but at least its something.
And sorry for the silence, works been heavy and I've been dealing with other issues and the like. I'm working on tryng to do more regular updates, or at least post a bit more. I need to kick some habits and I'm trying to make writing a decent distraction
Thanks for covering me mates, good stuff.
Hey welcome back. And I feel you work and personal stuff gets to me to. Sometimes I don't feel like checking threads because at the end of the day I’m tired but I always do. So you're not alone. Literally.
Thatks m80, i'm alwways here lurking, its my favourite thread and I wouldn't completely abanodn it. And I like makjng sure the thread is up and looks nice, gives me a reason to stay.
plus I use clover because I'm a dirty phoneposyer and a poorfag
Am I having a stroke?!
Use Kuroba m8
Good to see you back man!
I like that you changed Sunset for Twilight, that way we can have more interactions with this version of Bright.
Rainbow is going to be the Jerid of this story? Interesting choice.
Looking forward to see how many times Anon gets slapped!
Back up.
Back up
File: backup.jpg (27 KB, 750x354)
27 KB
Sexy Rary.
I love this image
Happy 4th Anons!
File: sunny.jpg (209 KB, 900x1060)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
>As adorable as the tiny chirping of baby birds was, I had something else on my mind.
”Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?”
>My friends, huddled around a fallen bird’s nest in the sunbathed schoolyard, turned to look at me.
>Fluttershy’s hand kept offering the little fluff balls pieces of her sandwich even as she replied with an uncertain nod.
>”I suppose ah have,” AJ acknowledged matter-of-factly.
>”Why do you ask? Do you feel like he might need… some help making friends, Sunset?” Twilight asked carefully, an empathetic look in her eyes.
“I don’t know...”
>I sighed and sneaked another peek at Anon, who was sitting cross-legged under a huge willow, tinkering with something.
>Maybe I was just projecting and Anon was fine.
>”If Anon needs help making friends, there’s nothing better for that THAN A PARTY!!!” Pinkie screamed, startling the baby birds and Fluttershy in equal measure.
>”Oh quit it, Pinkie, you’re scaring the little ones,” Rarity hissed and turned to me.
>”I’ve been thinking quite the same, dear. It’s such a waste to not collaborate when one is such a fine craftsman!”
“Craftsman? Is that what he’s doing hunched over all the time?”
>”Indeed, dear! Anon is a jeweler, can you believe it? And a fine one too, from what I’ve managed to sp… what I’ve happened to erhm… notice,” Rarity cleared her throat and looked away. Her cheeks were taking on a rosy hue.
File: ehhehehe.png (267 KB, 500x510)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
“Oh. Maybe you could go talk to him, then?”
>”Oh! Oh… I’m not sure that’s such a good idea, Sunset dear. You see, I’m… I have to go now, I forgot something on in the -- the classroom, yes!” Rarity sputtered in an attempt to retreat.
“So you’ll talk him after you’re back, then?”
>”No no -- I believe it’s best you talk to him, dear. Creatives like us don’t get along, we make a bad first impression, you see... it’s best if you introduce us, I think…” she said, sounding squeakier by the second.
>I furrowed my brow.
“Are you sure? Maybe I should, then…”
>I did bring it up, after all. If Rarity was going to chicken out...
>Fine. I’ll do it.
>I raised my chin up and began striding towards the tree Anon was sitting under.
>”Wait, is she actually gonna do it?” I heard RD’s voice from behind me. “No way! Go Sunset! Woo!”
>”WOOO YEAH!” Pinkie howled along.
>”No cheering, you’re scaring the birds!” I heard Twilight chew them out behind me.
>I was nearing Anon’s sitting place when he suddenly looked up from his work and met my eyes.
>I stopped.
>His irises were a beautiful mixture of orange and red, like a desert at sunset, wreathed in fire.
>I hadn’t really seen them before -- or I had, just not really. Not like this.
>Then he smiled and waved me over.
>I sat beside him underneath the willow. It was an ancient tree. You couldn’t really appreciate how ancient unless you studied its bark and felt its complex texture. It pressed up against my back, asserting its age and wisdom.
>”Hello, Sunset Shimmer,” Anon said with a calm, soft voice.
File: ring.jpg (10 KB, 300x300)
10 KB
“Hello, um-”
>It occurred to me that I didn’t know Anon’s full name. He’d used mine -- I hadn’t expected that and I felt a little bad.
>”Hello Anon.”
>I tried to remedy not knowing with a friendly smile. I prayed it didn’t look creepy or intimidating.
>”Oh please,” Anon said, smiling in kind, “call me me Annatar.”
>He offered me his hand and we shook.
>The cold metal of a smooth golden ring on his index finger touched my skin as we did.
”Annatar is your… last name?”
>He burst out laughing.
>”Gods no -- no, just a nickname of sorts. May I call you Sunset?”
“Yeah, of course!”
>I giggled, feeling a little embarrassed but relieved. Anon… Annatar was easy to talk to, contrary to what I had thought.
“So what are you doing here all by your lonesome, Annatar?”
>He smirked and picked up the pincers on the grass that he’d laid down when I had approached.
>”I was finishing one of my rings. I used these to set the stone for it,” he explained, holding the tool out.
“Oh, I heard you made jewelry. Did you make that ring on your finger too?”
>Annatar looked down at the plain gold band and smiled wistfully.
>”I did, though it is still a work in progress. It lacks a certain final touch.”
>Then he pulled another ring out of his pocket.
>It was golden with ornamental indentations along the band and a big, beautifully shimmering ruby which rested in the care of four golden prongs.
>”Do you like it?”
“It’s amazing.”
>I could hardly think of anything else to say. I hadn’t ever been that into jewelry but this ring was -- well, there was something that drew me to it. It was more than beautiful, it was awe-inspiring.
File: willow.jpg (76 KB, 600x399)
76 KB
>”Thank you, I’m happy you like my work,” Annatar said, smiling gently and placing the ring at my feet on the grass.
>The sunlight danced on the ruby and gold like something from a fairy tale.
“You make stuff like that often?”
>”I make rings quite frequently. You could say I specialize in them… but this one is special. It has great value, beyond its weight in gold or precious stones, and it is imbued with great meaning, and power.
>I stifled a giggle.
“I thought artists were supposed to be modest, guess that’s a silly stereotype.”
>Annatar flashed me a mischievous smile. “You don’t believe me? That this ring is powerful?”
“Hey, I’m not saying I disbelieve you. Maybe it is! It looks pretty powerful.”
>”Sunset, you are alone.”
>”You are still wracked by the guilt of what you did -- this is understandable. But this causes you to feel as though you are an impostor among your friends,” Annatar said with a carefree expression.
“I… what…”
>He turned his head my way and locked his eyes with mine.
>I felt the creases of the elder willow’s bark dig into my back.
>Creases and bumps, like the body of a primordial serpent.
>I tried to look away from his fiery eyes but I couldn’t. He stared at me -- into me, with dispassionate but intense clarity.
>It hurt.
>I wanted to speak but I realized that if I tried to say something now I’d start crying.
>He was right. I was alone. I hadn’t let myself open up -- not fully.
>I bit into my lower lip.
>”Do not despair, Andúnë, for your song is yet to be written. It is not too late to make up the words,” Annatar spoke, now with a soothing, hollow voice that seemed to echo from somewhere very far away.
>That strange word, or perhaps the way Annatar’s mournful yet comforting voice sounded, kindled hope in me.
>Hope like fire.
File: Narya.png (304 KB, 375x523)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
>Before I realized it I was holding the ruby ring in the palm of my hand and staring down at the fiercely glimmering red stone.
>”This is my gift to you, Sunset. It is a Ring of Power, one of many, but unlike any other. It will grant you protection from despair and domination, empowering you against the fear which enslaves you. It will break the shackles of self-loathing that lord over your spirit and allow you to see clearly through a world of shadows. It answers to the name ‘Narya,’” Annatar spoke in that unearthly tone.
“Thank you…”
>It was all I could manage to say.
>The hot summer sun dried the tears on my cheeks before they could reach my quivering chin.
>”As a Ring-Bearer you will be transformed. You will become great. You will see great things, do great things, but you will be bonded to your ring forever. You must not give it away. You must not tell others of it -- especially not your friends, for Rings of Power are strange things.”
“W-why... not?”
>Annatar smiled tiredly. He looked much older than he should, but I couldn’t place why.
>”Power breeds jealousy, and the Rings have an attraction of their own. If you value your friendships, you will keep your ring secret. Safe. Do not share it with anyone, and no ill will come to you. This is the responsibility of a Ring-Bearer.”
“H-have you given out these to other students?”
>Annatar shook his head. “No -- not until now…”
>He fell strangely silent after that.
>I looked down at the ring in my palm, raised it up to admire it, then-
>I put it on.
Yay new green!

Also Happy Independence Day Ameribros.
Shoot some guns and blow some shit up for me too!
File: sunjean.jpg_large.jpg (92 KB, 886x1024)
92 KB
That's all for now, consider it a chapter 1
It's good.
File: haah.jpg (225 KB, 768x1024)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.
Interesting way to start the story.
How should we refer to this story and you. TolkienAnon?
Sounds about right, I approve it.
New green? Now we’re talkin!
File: a.png (134 KB, 600x600)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
What threat to the universe would require all the Anons uniting?
The one thing that irks every Anon...waifu stealing!
Hunter's waifu got stolen
That's more of a Civil War material.
Only so much waifus to go around, after all.
What's the Team Cap and Team Iron Man of this thread?
Then maybe something coming from another thread?
Someone fucking write a story where a dimintional rift causes witcher anon, hunter anon, and YFN anon to meet. I’m begging
File: 1427354195315.gif (1002 KB, 272x198)
1002 KB
1002 KB GIF
>demands a story
>cant even spell dimensional properly
I’m mobile fagging at work to keep the thread alive when you faggots won’t
File: 1427763435390.gif (869 KB, 400x265)
869 KB
869 KB GIF
Also not everyone can bump all the time.
I agree. Phoneposting is almost always cancer. I normally only lurk on mobile unless threads get really low
How about fingerbang
how would such a meeting go?
My guess is it would go like the first time Cap, Iron Man and Thor fought against themselves to see who would capture Loki.
I don't recall fingerbang having a story with an antagonist that could face the guys in here.
Maybe the superhero thread, or /bug/, /dzg/ or even /jojo/?
Or the Glimmer thread
What's everyone's favorite story? For me it's hard to choose cuz they're all so good.
Cop and witcher are my favorite
File: 1547619769601.jpg (29 KB, 500x500)
29 KB
Anon's Paranormal Predicament
fucking 10/10
Witcher for me.

Which Anons would be in the Avengers?
Hey OP, could you add summaries in the OP for the USWF list and inside for the DWBL list like you did with the Alive writefags?

That would be extremely helpful.
Witcher and YFN
Hunter's stories
Hunter had some good stories
File: 1475755080345.gif (2 MB, 300x300)
2 MB
we have no beef with fingerbang tho
File: D_C7XNpVAAIaZnn.jpg (147 KB, 736x900)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
I thought the bold text said "Mari luana" instead of "gamer luna"
Which Anon do you think has the best backstory?
Witcher or hunter
Sci-Anon. Our boi got thrown off the stairs and has an unreasonable feeling of betrayal from a girl that didn't treat him all that good.
Hunter. Love the backstory. I'd love a prequel as much as a sequel
Why the ded?
Who the fuck knows
Don't know.
File: Spoiler Image (576 KB, 1440x1440)
576 KB
576 KB JPG
Greetings lads, sorry for the late update I was busy building this beautiful gunpla kit I bought the other day. Now let's return to the adventures of Space Autist Anon and giant robots!
UC 0087 Aboard the battleship Argama
>You are Quatre Bajeena, Lieutenant of the Anti-Earth Union Group or AEUG
>You and your squad have been tasked with gathering intelligence on a bunch of earth federation prototypes
>Prototypes being stored and tested in the civilian colony, Canterlot Greenery
>You board your red Rick Dias and start the engines.
"Quatre Bajeena, Rick Dias, Launching."
>You ignite the thrusters and launch yourself out of the Argama
>your two squadmates, Braeburn and Surprise follow suit
>After dodging Earth Federation patrols around the colony you and your squad find yourself near the unguarded emergency hatch to the colony
>Just as the intel stated
"Surprise, keep a watch out for any Federation troops that might approach"
"Braeburn keep a lookout too"
"There's only room for one mobile suit so I'll investigate this colony myself"
>"Roger that lieutenant"
>The emergency hatch only had space for one mobile suit just as expected
>You head down towards the hatch and park your Rick Dias near the main entrance
>You turn off the engines and exit the mobile suit.
>You apporach the security panel and use your security cracking device to open up the door to the colony
>You then enter the doorway
>As the door closes behind you, you realize that this area has breathable air so you open the visor to your helmet
>You prepare your pistol in case of any enemy engagement and proceed with caution
>After passing through several doors and hiding from guard patrols you find yourself in a hallway that leads to a bright light
>You're not sure what it is but the intel you got tells you to head towards it
>It's a hidden entrance into the colony proper
>You exit through it and find yourself on some rocky cliffside
>As you exit you hear thrusters and your trained ears recognize it as a mobile suit flying around
>You face towards it and see a black mobile suit with an unmistakable v-fin
>It's a Gundam! No doubt about it
>You take out your camera and take pictures of it for the crew of the Argama to confirm their suspicions
>The gundam is just flying aimlessly around, doing barrel rolls and whatever.
>You assume it's just testing out its flight capabilities
>You turn around a bit and notice there's another one.
>There's something strange about it's flight pattern though
>It's like it's heading towards you
>You jump behind a boulder as a futile attempt to keep yourself hidden
>But it's too late, the pilot saw you and aimed its vulcan cannons on the head of the gundam on you and started firing
>You jump away from the gunfire, narrowly escaping death
>Guess it's time to skee-daddle Lu- I mean Quatre
>You dash towards the entryway you came in and ready your pistol for combat
>Surely they've raised the alarm by now
>Just as you think that, you hear the alarm sound off and hear footsteps approaching you
>Federation guards engage you in a brief firefight as you retreat back to your mobile suit
>A lucky shot hits your side as you run away from the guards
>Shoot some door consoles to prevent the guards from chasing you further
>Finally, you reach the emergency escape hatch and board your Rick Dias
>You patch yourself up with the first aid kit in the cockpit and take some morphine for the pain
>Damnit, you lost your camera in the heat of the escape
>An idea forms in your head
"Braeburn, Surprise, I found the prototypes and I have an idea..."
Yeah I didnt get much done because of reasons. But I'll try to post more frequently to keep this thread alive
Hey it's good man.
How's this? I haven't done the dead list yet because there's a fair few stories in there I haven't read, so it'll take a bit of time

>Unknown situation writefags
Vanguard: https://pastebin.com/40Rvw0NP
Stranded in a strange land, Anonymous' chances are slim. But a magical group of girls might just give him a way home.
Damynorb: http://pastebin.com/UcG73ANS
Desperate to escape a life of crime, Anonymous moves to Canterlot, but is he already in too deep?
MT88: https://pastebin.com/r41b2g7Y
When the girls come across anonymous' child in the mall, they're stunned to learn Sunset is her mother, or is she?
Insanon: https://pastebin.com/1tcneuk5
Hallucinations, chaos and mental trauma. It can be pretty tough for Anonymous, but can Sunset and her friends help him?
There's a new student in school, but is not what he seems. Why does he seem to wield strange magic? And where is he really from?

Good stuff mate, you got a pastebin?
Cheers, I'll add you to the op.
File: agony.jpg (53 KB, 371x433)
53 KB
bretty gud

thanks, familia

Now to wait for the dead writefags list.

Your work is much appreciated, Anon.
Does anyone know what's going to happen to this board once the series ends?
Will it be nuked straight away or will it still be here for some time?
Not bad man. I like how well you wrote the infiltration scene, it feels like you paid a lot of attention to the episode and reacreated it fantastically.
Is Luna supposed to be Char?

Who's this Luna you speak of? Didn't she die in the one year war?
Up from 10.
Once again.

>The next day, you wait for him to leave again.
>He does so, departing into the open world with a baseball cap to hide his face.
>You watch him leave, hobbling down the road with a bag slung over his shoulder.
>No car this time around?
>Oh, right. He crashed it.
>That’s good for you.
>You head out quickly, following the man as he moves along.
>He’s fairly slow, at first, but once he’s about a block away from the motel, he picks up speed.
>You notice that every few blocks after that, there’s a distinct change in his gait.
>Is he trying to throw off trackers?
>That would be an easy way to do it.
>Too bad for him, you’re already on his tail.
>He heads into a small pharmacy on some street corner, but you don’t follow him in.
>That would be a bit too suspicious.
>Instead, you wait at the end of the street on the other side.
>About twenty minutes later, you begin to get worried that you lost him, but thankfully he emerges once again.
>The sack slung over his shoulder has been replaced with a black backpack, and that disgusting denim jacket has been traded for a black coat that looks much warmer, albeit cheaper.
>He’s even started walking taller as well, without that limp.
>The only way you can tell it’s still him is the baseball cap and the black locks poking out of it.
>He’s moving again, but not without you.
>Like before, he changes his posture and gait every few blocks.
>You keep your eyes padlocked on him though, never letting him get more than a couple dozen yards away.
>Where the hell is he going?

>The man disappears into a thick crowd at some point.
>Worried, you speed up to try and close some distance.
>You push your way into the crowd, searching for the pitch black hair you recognize as his.
>Suddenly, a pair of firm hands wrap themselves around you.
>Before you can even scream, one clasps over your mouth and squeezes down with enough force that you could bruise.
>You’re swept off your feet and carried quickly until coming to an alley.
>You can only think of one person who would be doing this.
>Damn, Sweetie! You blew it!
>The power pill. It’s your only chance.
>You reach into your pocket for the orange ball.
>Just when your fingers wrap around it, you’re shoved hard into a wall.
>You cough from the force and drop the pill onto the ground.
>It rolls further into the dead end alleyway, lost in the shadows.
>”You better have a good reason for following me, you son of a…”
>Anonymous holds you against the wall with a hand on your shoulder and another on your mouth.
>Now that you can properly look at his face, you’re taken aback by the spare details on it.
>He’s got some fairly noticeable scars that you don’t remember Rarity mentioning.
>The eyes match perfectly though.
>”Sweetie Belle?”
>His grip softens enough that you could push out if you wanted to.
>He lets you go entirely though, even backing away to give you a foot of space.
>The anger on his face evaporates, leaving visible confusion.
>”What are you doing here?”
“What am I doing here?”
>You cast your eyes down at the dull glimmer of the power pill a few feet away.
”I have a better question.”

>You lunge for the pill.
>You make it halfway there before he grabs onto your arm and pulls you back in front of himself.
>He pushes you against the wall again and leans in close enough to your face that you can smell the cheap shaving cream he used to clean himself up.
>”What are you doing here?”
“Let go of me!”
>You flail your legs around, kicking wildly and landing a good hit on his leg.
>He shouts and lets go of you immediately, stumbling back and throwing himself against the red brick wall behind him for support.
>Wow, you didn’t think you hit him that hard.
>With him out of the way, you dive for the pill and scoop it up off the ground.
>You jump back up and spin around to face him.
>His breath is shaky, along with his legs as he forces himself to stand up.
>You pop the pill into your mouth and bite down as hard as you can.
>It feels like your teeth are going to crack, but thankfully the pill gives first.
>Your mouth is filled of a tart, dry powder that coats your tongue and teeth.
>As soon as you’re able, you swallow it down.
>Almost instantly, you begin to feel more energized, like a second, third, and fourth wind hit you all at once.
“I spent a long time trying to find you, and here you are.”
>You narrow your eyes at him.
>”You tracked me down?”
“Why’d you do it? What did my sister ever do to you?”
>He furrows his brow and straightens up his back.
>”You found me?”
“Answer me!”
>You feel your anger growing.
>You ball up your fists so tight that they begin to shake.
“Why’d you kill my sister?!”

>His face shifts to one of disgust and shock.
>”How dare you?”
“How dare I? You killed my sister and that’s all you can say to me?”
>”You have no idea what you’re talking about,” he protests. “I loved your sister, Sweetie. I loved her more than I’ve ever loved anybody else. You really think I killed her?”
>Your mouth gapes.
>The nerve of this guy!
>To lie straight to your face like that!
“You’re a liar. I know it was you!”
>”I’ve spent the last two years trying to find the people who did it. How do you think I wound up back here?”
“You’re just returning to the scene of the crime, that’s all.”
>”You’re right, I am returning to the scene. The scene they made!”
>You can’t believe he actually thinks you’d buy a lie like this.
>He...he doesn’t really think you’re that dumb, does he?
>”Tartarus took Rarity from me. I’m going to get them back for what they did to her. Can’t you understand that? You loved her too.”
>He was talking about them last night.
>As far as he knew, he was all alone. Whatever he said back then was the truth.
>Could it be?
>”Are you really going to keep me from avenging your sister?”
>But that doesn’t make any sense. That goes against all the evidence you have!
>Or does it?
>In all the news you’ve searched, you can’t find any activity from him in the last two years.
>He wasn’t on a killing spree like earlier. Was he investigating? Keeping a low profile?

>”She talked about you a lot. She really loved you, you know?”
“Shut up…”
>”I’m willing to bet you feel the same if you hunted me down like this. You want justice, don’t you?”
>Anonymous steps forward.
>”You want the bastards who killed her to get what they deserve.”
>More than anything.
>”They took her, Sweetie. I’m going grey trying to find them.”
“You...you mean it?”
>He holds his hand out to you.
>It felt so strong when it was over your mouth, but now it looks as fragile as a shaking leaf on the breeze.
>”Help me find them. Help me get revenge. Don’t they deserve it for what they did to her?”
“You’re a killer.”
>”Which makes me perfectly suited for the job.”
>Do you really want anyone to die?
>You want vengeance for Rarity.
>It’s all you’ve been able to think about for the last two years.
>School, friends, your job, everything fell to the side when you heard the news.
>Here you are, face to face with the man you thought did it.
>Now he’s offering you a real way out?
>It’s all so crazy to think about.
>It’s like something out of a book.
>”Help me find them. I’ll take care of the rest.”
>You’ve never felt closer to avenging her than you did when you saw his face.
>Maybe...maybe that was a sign.
>Maybe you were right to feel that way, but not for the reasons you thought.
>You look into his eyes.
>As hard and icy as they were before, they look so sincere now.
>It’s the sad, desperate, yet hopeful look of someone at the end of their rope.
>Slowly, you reach out.
>Your fingers brush against his.
>He slides forward and grasps your palm.
“You promise we’ll get them?”
>”I’ll stake my life on it.”

That's all for this update. Way to go, Sweetie, continuing the family tradition. I don't have much to say or even to ramble about this time around. All I'll say is thank you to everyone reading and keeping up with things. As a gift to you, here's a fully updated pastebin https://pastebin.com/mAp0EXen
Awesome! can't wait for the next update
Stop dying bump. Jeez im legimately thinking of writing some shitty green just to keep thread going a little
"Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?"
>Your friends stop their conversation and look at you incredulously.
>"Are you really asking that?" Says Rainbow Dash.
>"And during lunch?!" Adds Pinkie with a mouthful of donuts.
"Why? What is so wrong about it?"
>"Why do you care so much about him?" Asks Twilight with a bit of venom in her voice.
"I just thought he looked lonely. Maybe we could have lunch with him some other-"
>"Darling, if this is a joke then it is not funny." Interrupts Rarity.
>What is wrong with your friends today?
>You turn to Applejack, the only voice of reason in the group.
"AJ, could you please tell me what is so wrong with what I said?"
>She looks at you in the eye for a good ten seconds, her gaze scrutinizing your very soul.
>"Well I'll be a hog in a bird's cage. She really doesn't know about their kind!"
>You barely hear it, but still find your way to look at Fluttershy's direction.
>"She means he is... green."
>She covers her mouth right after, her face furiously red, as a child being caught saying a dirty word.
>The table explodes with all of your friends explaing at once.
>"Their kind are a lazy bunch is what they are, all day in their 4 chens and whatnot."
>"They have no sense of fashion, or rather they use the same suit every day!"
>"They spend all day watching children anime and then write stories about making the female characters their wives!"
>"They keep saying they want to come inside me!"
>"They all have the same name!"
"Woah. You all have... really strong opinions about it."
>Wait a minute.
"What about Wallflower? Didn't we become friends with her?"
>"Hell no! That crazy green mind wiped us all!"
>"Yeahn we are all doing our best to forget about her."
"And Lyra?"
>"Darling, she isn't green. She is mint colored. There is a world of a difference."
>"Look Sunset. Ah don't know how you didn't pick this up since you came here, but we don't like their kind."
>"Yeah! That's why their seats are in the back of the bus or why they have their own water hoses to drink from."
>"I'm still surprised they have clasess with us. This wasn't like that in Crystal Prep."
>"Yeah, next thing you know they might wanna vote."
>Your friends all laugh at that comment and proceed to pick up their trays and go to their next class.
>The lunch break still isn't over.
>You give Anonymous one last look.
"Are they really that different from us?"

A little prompt idea I had during a feverish dream. What if the whole EQG world was racist against the Anonymous kind?
Feel free to expand or disect the idea as much as you want!
I like it so far.
File: 1520665164062.jpg (17 KB, 480x426)
17 KB
>>"They spend all day watching children anime and then write stories about making the female characters their wives!"
hol up
It is good as a one time joke.
But it may be a delicate subject to treat without offending someone don't you think?
Are you joking?
File: pinkie flying.jpg (130 KB, 767x669)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Nigger where do you think you are?
Incoming update!

Canterlot Greenery UC0087
>You are Captain Shining Armor of the White Base
>Well, formerly of the White Base
>You're now Captain Shining Armor of the Temptation
>After the White Base's destruction and the One Year War, the Federation set you up to become a prestigious captain... of a freaking transport ship for politicians
>Not bad considering what the others got
>It's like the Federation has some bad blood with the White Base crew
>Anyway, back to present day
>You just finished escorting some Federation politician to Canterlot Greenery
>Heard some kid got detained for breaking into the area and assaulting some poor Titans soldier
>Hope that won't be a bother
>I should visit Twily while I'm here though
>But I should report to the officer in charge here: Sombra Om, Field Marshall of the Titans
>You sigh
"This is gonna be a long da-"
>Your train of thought was interrupted by the sound of an intruder alarm
>You quickly make your way out the spaceport and to the military base when a two familiar mobile suits fly past you
"No. It can't be..."
>But it's unmistakable v-fin pushes away all doubts
"They're testing Gundams in a civilian colony? This is insane. What if the AEUG attack?"
>You hop on a military jeep and bark out orders
"Take me to the military base. Now!"
>This can't be right, I thought the Titans were testing out armor and all that shit not weapons like those.
>Twily- no, everyone in this colony might be in danger!
>Various thoughts rush through your mind as the driver makes his way to the base
Canterlot Greenery: Earth Federation Military Base: Interrogation Room
>"Anonymous Bidan, 17 years old, 3rd Year at the Canterlot High School"
>You are Anon and some schmuck is reading out your credentials
>While you're handcuffed and in this dark room like some criminal
>"First Place at the annual mobile suit design competition, also first place in the mobile suit piloting competition"
>"We also have your internet search history"
>Now that got your attention.
>Eyes wide, you look at the interrogator
>"Pretty normal teenage stuff, but something piqued our interest"
>Oh God, I hope it's not the robot porn
>"Apparently you've been researching about the AEUG"
>You give out a breath of relief
>"Are you an AEUG sympathizer?"
"What does it matter to you? Don't you know who I am?"
>The officer slams his hands on the desk
>"Kid, I'm not messing around here! Tell me or else!"
"Then make me."
>The officer grabs your collar and slaps you in the face
>"This is just the beginning, kid. Now tell me about AEUG! Are you working for them?"
"Go to hell"
>He punches you hard, so hard that you fall off the chair you were sitting on
>"We're gonna be here all day kid, if I were you I'd-"
>Another military suit enters the room
>"Excuse me, sir. It seems we were mistaken, this kid is Sgt. Franklin Bidan's son"
>The officer faces the guy who entered and rubs his chin
>"Sgt. Bidan, yeah that makes sense."
>"Your mother is here to pick you up" the suited man says to you
>The interrogation officer uncuffs you and places the cuffs on the tablet
"Yeah sure."
>"What were you thinking punching a Titans officer in the face?" the suited man asks
>"Engineer Bidan has been worried sick all day"
>"Guess it's your lucky day, punk" the interrogation officer says
"What a jerk, I'll teach you a lesson not to mess with me." you think to yourself
>As you exit the door you kick the officer in the shin and knee him in the stomach
>You follow up the move with a quick right hook that makes the officer topple to the ground
>You then proceed to run, when suddenly an alarm goes off
>Crap, I hope this isn't my fault
>The ground shakes and suddenly the room's ceiling gives in and you duck for cover
>Once the dust settles you see a black mobile suit lying down on the among the rubble
>Must be a new prototype, you think
>You then run in the opposite direction towards the lobby, dodging the federation soldiers making their way towards the mobile suit
>You didn't get a good look at the mobile suit, but you had more pressing matters to attend to
>Like giving that interrogation officer a piece of your mind
>You run past the lobby and see your mother among the panicking people in the building.
>"Anon!" your mother calls out to you
>You ignore your mother and leave the building, hiding among the crowd
>You then hijack an unguarded military transport and drive off in the direction back to the city
>You weren't actually planning on returning to Canterlot soon but you wanted to do something
>You tie down the controls, making sure that the transport drives past the bridge to the city
>You then jump off the transport and roll down the hill
>Reaching the bottom, you stand up and started running towards the treeline
>You pant as you make your way through the woods and past some trees
>You reach fenced out area that looks familiar to you and walk past the entrance
>You know the hangar is around here somewhe-
>"Hey you! What are you doing here? This is off limits for civilians."
>Crap, a guard. You should've expected this
>"Wait man, don't you recognize this kid?"
>Oh great two of them, and he knows who I am.
>"It's Bidan's kid, he has clearance to walk around here. It's better to just leave him be"
>The two guards then retreat back to their posts and leave you be
>Huh, you were expecting more resistance to you practically breaking and entering a military base considering today's events
Up next on Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Anon: Lt. Quatre's plan and Anon stealing the Gundam?! What happened to Twilight?

You will see through the tears of time!
Updated the pastebin: https://pastebin.com/GrU2e6kS
Good as always Newtype friend.
Here is a link to add to each of your final posts for the update.
Scoopty poop
Scoopty woop
This is a good thing to treat here. We may get mad over not updating stories, over leaked episodes that we are still going to watch over and over again, about whose waifu is the best, over a tragic character death in a fictional story. Heck you may even think people just complain all over the internet just for the sake of it.
And still, most of us are not invested in race or class segregation, which one may argue are more important things to be concerned over.
It is true that it may be a sore subject for some people, yes. But I believe those individuals would also have the tact to treat it as a satire in a work of fiction with no ill intention if given enough time to think about it.
And if they don't... well I guess we would at least get more interesting responses than just saying from where we are bumping the thread.

Here is a question.
>What racial slur should be used to describe the Anons?
>What racial slur should be used to describe the Anons?
Tripfags? Greanbeans? Grassytrolls? 404s? Guacos? Blankface? No-eyes? Broke suits? Boards?
>if you're chill with them
File: stats.png (56 KB, 800x600)
56 KB
Post stats of Anons and we guess who they are
File: stats template.png (72 KB, 800x600)
72 KB
template included
File: what a guy.png (78 KB, 800x600)
78 KB
Hint: my name is A__ T_______
No idea who this is
it’s clearly Andrew T Miracles
File: 1450665237855.jpg (12 KB, 266x285)
12 KB
Give me drawing requests

Degenerate and non-degenerate welcomed

Can make a 1 page comic as well
Draw a beat up Sunset training under Witcher anon's tutelage. Bonus points if there is a reference to her dream version of Twilight going "TwiTwi!" Hidden somewhere.
Good stuff.
Draw Sunset and Cop Anon sitting on a couch and kissing each other with Stitches smiling and watching from another chair, or that same situation with Sunset and Stitches switched.
Draw the girls throwing stones at an Anon yelling "Go back to where you came from you filthy VERDE!"
Draw SciAnon/Sunset in any dominant/submissive position of your choosing respectively.
Make it as degenerate as you want.
Bonus points for SciAnon saying "NOW we're even!".
>subby sunset
Your taste is trash
The funny thing is that normally I would agree.
But SciAnon's Sunset is a special case.
Sunset still in full bully bitch mode dominating SciAnon somehow and declaring "Remember your place, trash!" or something along those lines.
Hunter and Sunset sitting on a beach enjoying the sunset
the duality of man
This but she is also pushing him from the stairs.
Draw a compilation of all the times a Sunset Shimmer has suffered through all these greens.
Draw copanon raping sunset for being a jailbait cocktease
Oh no....................
Draw Anons or their ocs from their respective stories. Stitches. Mirage. Etc.
I'll kill you bitch
>the first request without Sunset
Aria is definitely the type to force another girl into filthy acts with a guy for her own sick amusement.
I hope his plan is to expand resources rather than decimate the population. Unless he just snaps away the blacks, Hispanics, and certain asians.
Pastebin? I dont recognize this story.
Is there a summary of the active and finished stories anywhere?
Please write in second and third person. First person is for journals and nothing else.
I see that Sauron is as manipulative as ever. Unless he's turned a new leaf, which is unlikely.
Draw a comic where witcher anon decides to accept iron will’s offer and uses the dazzlings as his personal cumdumps
Draw copanon and stiches Hugging eachother warmly, cause they deserve to be happy
I forgot I made this post.

I probably will forget I made it again and deliver nothing

I am not sorry about it

Here you go bud
File: 1189687023703.jpg (42 KB, 325x407)
42 KB
They're in the OP and completed stories list.
Hang on, so the story about the child and other sunset is dead?
What story isn’t dead in this thread?
It's not dead, I've started re-writing it, I just get distracted.

I should ask OP to change that link I suppose.

Yes this is a new story entirely.
File: Spoiler Image (22 KB, 249x213)
22 KB
That's why I asked, I'm cleaning up the op so it'll fit in one post and sorting through the links. and moving Cop to the dead
File: Spoiler Image (191 KB, 459x599)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
File: image.jpg (23 KB, 739x415)
23 KB
Okay I'll try to make the requests
I want YFN back
That's hard for me to say.
They all seem dead
This thread seems dead
It's been more active this week than in a long time. I can actually get home and update it seeing either new green or something other than "to the top"
That’s truep
That’s pretty gross, anon.
do it on me
We movin up
Movin up again
Death be upon us

>Well, it seems fate has a funny way of working, now doesn’t it?
>You, being Anonymous, of course don’t believe in fate. Damn though, if this isn’t a convincing argument.
>When you saw Sweetie Belle in the Charlemane, you had thought it a breathtaking coincidence not worth spending your time on.
>Who the fuck would have guessed she’d be your meal ticket to finding Sunset?
>You can’t believe your luck.
>As shitty as things are, you got your hands on an actual detective!
>Well, maybe not actual as in licensed, but after she brought you back to her room and showed you all the research she did, you bought into it.
>Kind of creepy though, not going to lie.
>”And this actually took a bit of digging to find,” she claims, holding up a burning factory in a faraway town you visited some years ago.
“Is that what I think it is?”
>”Cloudsdale six years ago. They tried to cover it up, but I found connections. Enough stories lined you up there a day before the factory burned down.”
>Her triumphant grin vanishes, replaced by a greyer, scareder look.
>She shrinks away from you and sets the photo down on her legs.
”What is it?”
>She looks away toward a wall covered with different newspaper clippings and pictures of you that surfaced in the last few days.
>”How many people were in that factory?”
>”I’m helping you, but that doesn’t change the things you’ve done, does it? You’re still that monster that the papers call you.”
“Is that what you think?”
>”That’s what everyone thinks.”
>That’s fair.
>You suppose you haven’t given her any reason to think otherwise.

“I promise there was nobody in that factory.”
>”I don’t believe you.”
“And you never will. All I can do is give you my word for whatever it’s worth.”
>She glances at you again, then gets up and walks over to the coffee maker set on the slime-coated microwave standard to every room in this place.
>”Want a drink?”
>The girl, as young as could be, looks remarkably grown up as she prepares the both of you your respective cups.
>You remember a time like that.
>Life hit like a freight train and suddenly you couldn’t be a kid anymore.
>It sounds like a bad soap opera when you try to think about it.
>Thankfully, you don’t have to think for long.
>Sweetie Belle takes the reins on that.
>She begins working through every thin lead you had on Tartarus while you ease back into her couch, massaging your knee, or stomach, or shoulder, or back.
>Hours pass like that, with her quietly working and you enjoying some cheap sludge barely passing for coffee.
>Does she buy store brand or something?
>Well, you guess you can’t complain.
>Soon, night does fall.
>When the moon rises, the girl yawns and stretches out.
>”Wow, it sure got late. I should hit the hay, I guess.”
>Huh? It’s only nine.
>She looks at you expectantly.
>”Aren’t you tired?”
>You down the rest of your coffee and shake your head.
>”Well I am. I’m going to bed now.”
“Did you find anything?”
>She raises an eyebrow as she closes her laptop, shutting you out of whatever files she might have.
>”You mean on Tartarus?”
>You move to get up, stopping as the dull throb you’d been feeling intensifies.
>With a wince, you ease yourself back into the couch and rub your chest.

>”I don’t have anything solid yet, but I’m getting close. No use in tired sleuthing, though.”
“Then have some coffee.”
>”That won’t help.”
“You’d be surprised.”
>”Is that what keeps you awake?”
>You give a simple nod.
>”What, can’t sleep with your conscience?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
>Sweetie’s eyes widen and she gulps.
>The girl turns her back to you and briskly walks to her room, shutting the door behind her.
>”I’ll see you tomorrow!”
>She needs an attitude adjustment.
>Not that you’ll give her one.
>Someone will straighten her out eventually.
>You only need her to find Sunset, and then you never have to talk to her again.
>The sooner the better.
>You need to find Sunset, and besides that, you detest spending time with someone related to that bitch.
>Who does she think she is anyway? Talking to you like that!
>For all she knows, you could…
>You sigh and finally find the nerve to stand.
>Your legs are shaky, especially your left.

>She’ll get closer tomorrow.
>Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.
>God, you don’t want to wait that long.
>You head back to your own room and throw on a pot of coffee.
>As the steaming brown liquid pours, a dizzying wave of exhaustion hits you.
>Well, you were going to go sit, but that’s out of the question now.
>You know right damn well that if you sit, you’ll fall asleep.
>Come on, body. You’ve gone longer than this.
>Once it’s finally done after too damn long, you pour yourself a cup and throw your head back, downing it all.
>You wait patiently for the rush to hit, but even with the second and third cup, it doesn’t.
>Fucking bum coffee!
>You grab the half full mug and throw it across the room, shattering it against the wall and splashing hot joe everywhere.
>You’ll never buy this trash again.
>Hell, maybe it’s you.
>Maybe you’ve just been babied for too long.
>Getting eight square hours for the last two years must have ruined you.
>You rub your eyes and meander over to your couch, plopping down and leaning against the arm rest.
>Alright, fine.
>You allow your eyes to close.
>Mere seconds later, you’re asleep.

>It happens again.
>You see her eyes and awake screaming, throwing yourself off the couch and onto the floor with your hand extended.
>It feels slick at first, but as you gather your bearing, that sensation fades.
>A long, heavy sigh leaves your chest.
>For most people, that would probably be all it takes to feel awake.
>You, however, feel no different from yesterday.
>Well, that’s not entirely true.
>A little more pissed off.
>You get up and head back to Sweetie’s room, expecting something out of her.
>The smart thing locked her door, so you have to bang to get her attention.
>You can hear her running to answer.
>”One second!”
>When it opens up and she sees you, her face visibly darkens.
”Yeah, glad to see you too.”
“You’re not. It’s fine.”
>You push in past her and walk right over to her little detective station.
“So what do you have?”
>”Nothing new. I’ve only been up for an hour.”
>Isn’t this shit supposed to go faster?
>It always does in movies.
>Oh wait, you forgot. Your life is a bad soap opera, not a movie.
>How could you have been so mistaken?
>Sweetie comes over and walks around you, keeping a foot away at all times, and sits in her tiny chair in front of her tiny, cluttered desk.
>She seems tense as she works with you looming over her shoulder, so you end up walking off and standing in the corner of the room.
>A small leg of time passes with her buried in her work and you watching her intently.

>Every page she brings up, you try to read.
>From this distance, you’re not able to well make out whatever is showing.
>Well, not everything.
>You do spot a picture of yourself on there.
“Am I interesting?”
>She freezes mid keystroke and glances at you over her shoulder.
>”I forgot you were there.”
“Not very good situational awareness for a detective, huh?”
>”Were you this much of a jerk when you were with my sister?”
“Not always.”
>”What did she see in you anyway?”
>Everything you wanted her to.
“Who knows? I always thought she was too good for me, but somehow I got lucky enough to end up on her good side.”
>She turns around in her chair and looks at you in the eyes.
>”I don’t understand. Why did you do it?”
“Do what?”
>”Everything I find about you just says more and more that you’re some...some terrible, awful person.”
“I’m not seeing the question here.”
>The girl’s hands find her knees and clutch them tightly as she lowers her head.
>”I don’t get it. Why did you love her?”
“I have a heart, you know. Shocking as it may be, I too can feel human emotion.”
>”Or you lied.”
“Excuse me?”

>”She talked about you, you know. She talked a lot. She made you sound like the second coming of Christ. You were handsome, you were funny, you were smart, and you were oh so charming. I don’t see any of that now.”
“That’s because you’re looking at your knees.”
>She picks her head up and looks you over.
“That was a joke. A bit of humor for the mood?”
>She’s quiet.
“Yeah, well, tell me how well you maintain proper societal function when the woman you love is ripped from your arms.”
>”I’m a woman.”
“Or guy. Whatever. It’s an analogy.”
>”I guess you’re right,” she admits.
>Another few moments of uncomfortable silence pass.
>Is she going to work, or…?
>”Did she ever talk about me?”
>God, what a whiny kid.
“Often. She had a lot to say about you.”
>You smirk and limp over to her couch to sit down.
>Man, you have to change these wraps out.
“Some of it was good. I promise.”
>”Very funny.”
“I know. But really, she had a very high opinion of you. I always wondered how amazing you had to be to earn such praise.”
>”I guess I’m a bit of a disappointment then, huh?”
“Actually, you’ve proved her right so far.”
>She doesn’t say anything after that.
>She remains in that position, quiet, for a minute or two before turning back to her computer and getting back to work.
>Good girl.

That does it for this update. Isn't meeting people fun? Getting to know each other, talking things out, planning revenge. Let's see where this goes with the next update, shall we? For now, I'll be heading out. Not without leaving one thing though: a fully updated pastebin https://pastebin.com/mAp0EXen
It sure is.
Great stuff.
>factory in Cloudsdale
Could it be?
I thought we were dead. Welcome back
The rainbow factory
Vanguard Anon.
Oh shit, I get a description for my green. Nice.
Sorry for the long absence guys, here's an update!

>“And that’s where I wish to be when I finish school.”
“Wow Rarity, you’ve really figured your life out.” Hearing her enthusiasm and passion for what she loves puts a smile on your face.
>“Yes, I like to think so, it is my dream.” You can see the sparkles in her eyes.
>“How about yourself Anon, what are your plans after finishing school? What are your dreams?“
“I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll even finish school.”
>Rarity leans forward in disbelief. “Why not? What will you do?”
“I’ll probably just work at the restaurant or find another job.”
>“What about your family? What would they think if you just quit?” Rarity probes, a hint of worry in her voice.
>You hesitate to answer as your eyes drift to the floor.
“Uh…that’s…uh…” You mumble as you quickly try to think of an excuse out of answering.
>You don’t want others to know about your situation.
“So anyways,” You try to change the conversation. “Mr. Doodle really is a real hard-“
>“Anon…” She puts her hand on yours.
>“You can tell me. We’re friends, are we not?”
>You can see the sincerity in her eyes when you look into them.
>She called you a friend. Did that mean she trusts you?
>Yet you barely know her. Do you tell her? Can you trust her?
>You’ve never thought of her or anyone else as anything other than as just people around you.
>People that would never notice you, and if they did, they’d probably quickly forget about you.
>That’s why you keep a low profile and don’t draw attention to yourself.
>It’s how you prefer it to be.
>Yet, the thought alone warms your cold heart.
>Another glance into her eyes tells you she’s waiting on your reply.
>What do you do?
>It’s a weird feeling; you feel like you can trust her, like you don’t want to lie to her.
>Still holding your hand, she rubs your fingers with her thumb.
>Gentle persuasion, she’s letting you know she’s here for you.
>It wouldn’t hurt to open up to someone once in a while, would it?
>Or maybe not?
>The last time you did though, you paid greatly for it.
>It’s the reason you-
>No, don’t think about it.
>However, she has always been honest and genuine with you every time you’ve interacted with her.
>So do you trust her?
>Drawing a deep breath, you make your decision.
>In a solemn voice you reply;
“I’m an orphan, Rarity. I’m all alone.”
>As you tell her this you avert her gaze. Every time you’ve told someone the reaction has always been the same.
>You steel yourself for the incoming ridicule, the laughs and the jokes.
>Yet no laughter comes.
>Instead she wraps her arms around you and pulls you into a soft hug, not as tight as the one earlier.
>“I didn’t know. I’m so sorry Anon. I didn’t mean to pry.” The sincerity in her voice puts you at ease. >“Thank you for telling me. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to tell someone something so personal.”
>The fact she understands makes you feel good.
>And the hug makes you feel cared for.
>A feeling of calm and warmth rushes through you, and you can only mutter these words.
“I don’t know why, but I feel like I can trust you, Rarity.”
>“Worry not, your secret is safe with me.”
>As gratitude, you hug her back.
“Thank you Rarity. It means a lot to me, really.”
>After breaking the hug you sit back down in your seat.
>“I was just wondering, why have you never talk to me at school?”
“Well… isn’t it obvious?”
>Rarity tilts her head, unsure of what is supposed to be ‘obvious’.
“You’re one of the hottest girls at school, along with your friends.”
>She blushes a little.
“And I’m just the loner kid. As if you’d risk your reputation being seen with me at school.”
>Rarity furrows her eyebrows at that, almost insulted.
>“Anon, my friends and I are not that shallow.”
“But isn’t popularity everything to a high schooler?”
>“Pish-posh Anon. I insist you join my friends and I at school. That is non-negotiable.” Rarity crosses her arms, having the final say.
“Fine. I’ll try.” You relent. “No promises though.” Stating to Rarity as she claps her hands in glee.
>“I’d certainly like to get to know you better.” She says as she starts to yawn, covering her mouth.
“Maybe another time.” You yawn as well.
>“It’s getting late now, we should probably get some sleep.”
>You stand and help Rarity to her feet before saying good night.
**The next morning.**

>The gentle rays of sun light rouse Rarity from her sleep.
>She sits up in bed, stretches, and rubs her eyes before yawning.
>Despite the noise from the rain and thunder last night, she had a good nights’ sleep.
>Rarity exits the room and quickly darts to the bathroom, to make herself presentable.
>After a few minutes she exits and walks into the living room.
>Empty sofa with folded blanket.
>The clock on the wall says 9.45am, not particularly unusual for Rarity given she enjoys her beauty sleep.
>Rarity checks finds no trace of the young man.
>She does find a note on the dinner table.
[Good morning, hope you slept well.]
[I have to work this morning, but you are welcome to stay as long as you like, please help yourself to whatever is in the fridge.
[To get home, walk down the street and turn left at the first light.
[The bus stop there will take you back to the school.
[Please lock the door when you leave and make sure all the lights and heating are turned off.
[Also, it’s a little cold so please take the jacket.
[I’ll get it back from you at school.]
>She smiles gratefully at the thoughtful note he had left her.
>Under the note was a familiar twenty dollar note.
>It was the same one she had left on the table as a tip weeks earlier.
>She knew this by the moustache someone had drawn on the face on the note.
>After having something to eat and cleaning up a little, Rarity changes and prepares to leave, writing thank you note and leaving it on the table.
>It wasn’t a very long walk home from the bus stop near the school.
>Rarity unlocks the front door and is immediately tackled to the floor by Sweetie.
>Her parents, all her friends and Shining are all there, with worry evident on their faces.
>Sweetie hugs her tightly, scared that if she lets go her sister will disappear again.
>“Rarity! Thank goodness you’re home!” Sweetie squeaks, choking back tears.
>Rarity pats her gently on the head, soothing her sisters’ worries.
>Everyone now runs up to hug you.
>“What happened?”
>“Are you alright?”
>"We were so worried about you!"
>“Are you hurt?”
>“Where did you go?”
>Everyone bombards her with questions.
>“Mother, father, please. I’m quite alright. I’m not hurt at all.” Rarity reassures everyone as she gets back to her feet.
>After explaining to everyone what had happened, omitting the part about nearly being raped, she reassured them that she was well looked after.
>“I do apologize Shining, for you driving around all night looking for me.”
>“Hey, don’t worry about it. All that matters is you’re safe now.” Shining says with a relieved smile as he bids everyone a goodbye before leaving.
>“So Anon did that, huh?” Applejack nods slowly in disbelief.
>“He didn’t try anything on you did he?” Rainbow Dash questions, a little unconvinced.
>“Dash!” Twilight scolds.
>“It’s quite alright Twilight. And no, darling. Anon was quite the gentleman. Not once was he ever unbecoming towards me.” Rarity reassures them.
>“I’d certainly like to meet this young man sweetie. Please bring him around sometime so we can thank him.” Cookie says with a hint of enthusiasm in her tone.
>“Oh come on Rarity, I’d at least like to meet the boy that saved my little girl.” Hondo says with a wink.
>Rarity pouts as her face turns a little red, giving the other girls something to giggle about.
>“Well, we’d better get going then honey.” Cookie says to Hondo.
>“Oh that’s right.” Hondo says, “Sweetie needs new shoes. Would you like to join us honey?”
>“No thank you father, I’d like to just rest here.”
>“We’ll let you get some rest Rarity.” Sunset says, ushering the other girls to the front door.
>“See you tomorrow at Sugarcube Corner?” Dash questions as she puts her shoes on.
>“Absolutely. See you then.” With a wave Rarity closes the door.
>A little time passes before she lets out a long held sigh.
>Finally some peace and quiet.
>Back in her room she charges her phone and enters her ensuite bathroom to brush her teeth.
>She breathes into her hand and inhales, disgusted by what she smells.
>After brushing her teeth and freshening up, she picks up her phone.
>Dozens of missed calls, messages and voicemails.
>One, from her ex, catches her eye.
[Hi babe, I’ve been thinking and I’d like for us to talk. How about lunch? My treat.]
>Rarity thinks it over for a second before typing out a reply.
>With a few hours to spare, she begins working on the blazer Anon had loaned her.
>At her sewing machine she starts by sewing all the holes, tears and seams together.
>Holding it up infront of her, she’s not satisfied with just fixing it.
>A spark of inspiration hits her and she starts to measure and cut material from the jacket, altering it to better fit the young man.
>Rarity’s talents were such that she was able to tailor it to Anon’s shape.
>She blushes deeply thinking about when Anon hugged her back in his apartment.
>Specifically, his strong core, broad chest and strong arms. All things she inadvertently made mental notes about.
>To finish the piece, she sews a small label inside the breast of the jacket.
[~Thank you Anon, Rarity~]
>She signs all pieces she works on, hoping that one day she will be recognised.
>“Simply Magnifique!” Proudly Rarity examines her handiwork.
>Hanging the garment up on a hanger, Rarity begins to get herself ready.
>Rarity locks the front door behind her, dressed appropriately for a casual lunch.
~Later that evening~
>Rarity awakens and sits on the edge of a bed, wearing nothing except for a blanket.
>She takes a minute to adjust to her surroundings as well as find her phone to check the time.
>The unfamiliar-familiar bedroom. She wonders how she wound up here and where her afternoon went.
>She mentally punishes herself for letting it happen. Again.
>Too late now. What's done is done, she berates herself.
>After wiping herself with a wet-wipe and putting on her brasserie and underwear, she begins picking up other articles of her clothing off the floor.
>Tiptoeing around the room as to not to wake the person sleeping in the bed.
>She straightens out her ruffled hair and checks her make up in her mirror.
>Regret plastered all over her face as she quietly closes the door behind her.
From line 440

Sorry about the short update, I had written more, but everytime I proof read it, I change something.
Then that little change ripples through the rest of what I had planned and then I struggle to re-work it all back into the original story plan.

What I mean is the whole next part of the story I wrote two different versions.
and today I was close to just deleting them both and starting all over.
Now that's a reference I didn't expect
Hey this is perfect. Another good update.
Nice to see another story updated.
I know that feel
And we’re dead again

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