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Remember when the staff gave Glimmer a lot of screen time for being a main character? What the hell happened? This season has been absolutely awful with the sheer lack of my favorite pony barely appearing this season.

Yes I'm mad.
Stop shitposting, everyone with half a brain knows nobody would unironically bitch about Starlight# lack of screen time. If anyone in this thread actually believes you, they're some of the most rerarded people on 4chan.
>Remember when the staff gave Glimmer a lot of screen time for being a main character?
Yeah, it's hard to forget such dark times.
Remember when this shitstain didn't exist as a main character?
The execs told them to cut it down. Just like CNN the numbers aren't in her favor.
If a character is divisive, something's wrong with it. They fixed it by giving her less air time. That should have been the original fix way back in season 6. She should have stayed in the Crystal Empire with Sunburst and only made rare special appearances like Cadence and Shining Armor.
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>yfw you remember the show before cousin oliver showed up
>yfw you're stuck with poochie now
>yfw she'll likely be waving bye to you in the last episode
>"Bye, Anon! Just think of what could have been without me ruining the show!"
>Remember when the staff gave Glimmer a lot of screen time
Never understood this meme. She was only important in two episodes in season 6, besides the two-parters. She was in a couple more in season 7, but she wasn't very important in the two-parter. Her screentime diminished quickly for season 8/9.
She appeared in 8 entire episodes during season 6. That was enough for butthurt depressed bitter husks of men here to project their irrational insecurities about the show onto her whenever Glom did appear.
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She was the main character of the most recent episode. What are you even on about?

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