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File: 1383393.png (260 KB, 1105x1066)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Previous thread >>33726443

>Shouldn't it be Ponies ON Earth?
Yes, but PiE is tasty. PiE has had this name since 2012 and it helps convey that this is the reverse of the Anon in Equestria formula.

>Please explain.
We ask what happens when one or more ponies (or changelings, or griffons, or something else) are placed in a setting where humans are the predominant species. How does one of those adapt to living in a society where they're the odd one out, and most items aren't designed for hooves? Fictional/crossover universes are a valid setting as long as they follow those rules.

Everything else your choice!

Stories can be silly, grim, future, past, present, whatever! Ponies could be as rare as bigfoot sightings or as common as next-door neighbors! Are humans friendly or skeptical of the new arrivals? Are they even new arrivals? Are ponies made by humans, as with Browser Ponies or Hassenfield Bioengineering? Is Anon around? Is he still a jackass?

The door's wide open, so come on in!

>I don't always see this thread on the board.
We'll post a new thread on the 14th of the month if one 404s from lack of bumps. Threads roll over into the next month if there's one already up. If there's demand, we'll make a new thread before the 14th. PiE is in AiE threads if there's no PiE thread up.

>Who's this pegasus OC that keeps getting posted here?
Her name is Pillow Case. She was in one of the first PiE stories posted on 4chan and has become the thread mascot. She likes soft things and wearing her hoodie. Her favorite video games are old-school role playing games because they don't rush her to press tiny buttons.

Useful links
PiE Pastebin: pastebin.com/u/Ponies_in_Earth
FAQ: pastebin.com/RjGxp6Mn
Images: derpy.me/PiE_Pictures
Threads: derpy.me/PiEThreadArchive
Recommended Stories: pastebin.com/m8YWvb4k
Authors: pastebin.com/KMbc65Zk
Images: derpy.me/BrowserPonies
Threads: derpy.me/BrowserPonyArchive
Writing guides: pastebin.com/V1ujiyJt
File: 1555785111104.png (830 KB, 2000x1860)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
Would Littlepip and Courier 7 be friends?
They'd be companions at the very least.

>"Anon, can we stop for a break? It's hot, these plasma rifles are heavy, and I'm a pony, not a pack brahmin!"

[Speech %75] "It's not too far until we're at the Van Graffs'. Just think of all the caps we're gonna get for these! You can make it!"
<Intimidate> "Even if the Fiends aren't chasing us to get their guns back, we can't stop here. This is cazador country."
"All right, take 5. I'll stand watch."

"Why 'what?' Is something wrong?"
>"You just gave me three different answers."
"I was thinking through what I was going to say."
>"Well, you were thinking aloud. And what was up with the percentage? Were you trying to VATS a conversation? I don't know all the differences between a Pip-Buck and a Pip-Boy, but I am VERY sure neither of them work that way!"
Just wait until he stops time to yank a fat man out of his pip-boy.
File: weeb pilly.png (375 KB, 1173x1152)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
Little poner I'm tired pls
File: makesyouthink.gif (211 KB, 326x326)
211 KB
211 KB GIF
Would poni call their fans "ponyboos?"
Yes. They have an art site called Ponibooru for fanart and memes. It's sort of weird that a lot of people already had that address bookmarked, but it helped establish their site.
>it’s been some time since anon climbed the rise ahead to scout the surrounding area.
>you’ve taken the brief moment alone to sling the plasma rifles to the ground, fiddling with one of them.
>complicated, sciency, smart pony stuff.
>you prefer your slug throwers.
>a characteristically staccato stride approaches, signaling anon’s return.
>you look up, regarding the green biped as he jumps dutifully toward you like a lame jackrabbit.
>he’s still wearing the awful checkered suit he took off of that asshole back in Vegas, along with a cowboy hat that’s at least four sizes too big.
>just before he reaches you, anon freezes mid-jump, hovering effortlessly with his limbs apparently paused where they were.
>you’ve stopped asking yourself about anon’s... quirks, deciding you may finish off that bottle of rye tonight after all as he rapidly begins mono-toning through three different, only tangentially related topics.
Fillies, one thing they don't tell you about earth gravity is how absolutely wonderful it feels to crawl in bed and feel your whole body be pulled down at that big 9.8 newtons per kilogram.

On the downside, it makes getting out of bed a lot harder in the morning.
>poni rolls out of bed and bonks her snootle on the floor
File: Spoiler Image (852 KB, 634x634)
852 KB
852 KB PNG
>...Too perfect.
>You groan
"What's wrong babygirl?"
>God, he even sounds so majestic in your dreams
>"I... I'm not actually awake right now, am I?" You ask your fantasy Ye
>He frowns
"Nah, but do you really wanna wake up?"
>He DOES make a fair point...
>You shake it off
>This was just your psyche trying to keep you sane
>Sane from what?
>What happened that you'd prefer not to remember?
>Something about Earth...
"I think it had to do with--"
>He didn't finish his sentence
>His luscious lips were moving, but nothing came out
>Gosh, even in your dream your brain was trying to hide what harmed it
"You got off on the--"
>The wrong what?
>What about Earth made you regret what happened...
"Now you get it girl!"
>He laid his leathery soft hand on your head
>It's warmth radiating pure ecstasy into your noggin
>"I missed my stop... I'm in some shit show called 'Saint Paul'...." You explained to him, bummed
>He just shrugged at you
"Well? Ain't you a bad bitch?"
>You blinked, "Am I?"
"Well of course you are, you're 100% a bad bitch."
>Those words coming from His lips would usually make you soak your nonexistent Yeezy Panties
>But he wasn't real
>Still, the mental sentiment wasn't unappreciated
>"You're right, I AM a bad bitch. I can make this city my bitch and make my way to El Ayy as soon as I can."
>Kanye clapped, once again placing his hand on your head
>This time, his ebony palm pet your mane
"Now, it's time to wake up. Make me proud."
>You grinned
>Again, you knew this was just your own brain trying to make you feel better, but you grinned either way
>"Thank you Kanye. Very Cool."
>He chuckled his beautiful laugh
"Remember, I love you like Kanye loves Kanye."
>His words trailed off as you felt yourself getting pulled out from your dreamscape
"Ma'am? Oh dear, oh dear, Ma'am? Are you alright?"
>Your eyes slowly cracked open, the help desk lady holding your head on her lap
>She looked genuinely worried
>Or was she?
File: Spoiler Image (21 KB, 550x320)
21 KB
>It was just her job to worry about those who filled her paycheck
>You pulled yourself away from her, "I'm fine."
"Oh gosh, you sure deary? You just fainted!"
>No duh.
>You just found out you were stuck in some random lame ass city you've never even heard of
>"I said I was fine."
>She visibly saddened, but you didn't care
>You got up on all fours, dusted yourself off and looked back to her
>"Where's the nearest hotel?"
>She blinked, almost puzzled
"You don't have a place to stay?"
>What's that matter to her?
>You groan, "N-No, you didn't answer my question though."
>She just smiled again, was she patronizing you?
>And you thought Equestria was full of fake horses....
"Oh deary, a whole month at a hotel would cost a fortune! You sure you have the funds?"
>Did she just?
>Question your wealth?
>I mean, she's probably right
>How would she know how much money you have?
>You were obviously flexing your Yeezy Scarf, she should know you have at least quite a bit of cash
>Still... how much was a 'fortune'?
>"How much for a month at the cheapest hotel near here?"
>She pondered for a second, counting off her fingers
>Does that actually help?
>You wouldn't know
"Hmm... about $3,000 at least? You have all of that on you?"
>You almost fainted again
>You had no clue how much that was in bits, but it sounded way too expensive for you
>The lady must've noticed
"That's what I thought, do you have any relatives or friends in the area?"
>You hesitate, but shake your head no
>She rubbed her chin with her slender fingers
>Then she hummed, deep in thought
>You felt like she was just pretending to think of an idea, but then she snapped her fingers loudly
"Aha! I know, I think my son has a spare bedroom he's looking to rent out, I'm sure he wouldn't mind letting you stay at a discount!"
>She looked so proud of her idea
>You could feel yourself get sick
>You DON'T take handouts, you're a bad bitch, not a broke one
>Well, today you were a broke one
>Ugh, what to do?
Go to Anon's house!
Poor poni, turned into an angry human because she thought everyone on Earth is like that

"I'm telling you, we can clear that quarry out, no problem."
>"And I'm telling YOU that we're not ready. There's how many deathclaws in there?"
"Something like twenty of 'em. We can take that."
>"How many mini-nukes do you have?"
>"Yeah, no. That doesn't add up. We're going back into town, buying every landmine they have, and then we're setting up as many traps as we can at the entrance."
"Better idea: we do it now, and we don't have to waste any time or money. Follow my lead."
>"Anon, no."
"Are you with me or what?"
>"Don't make me do this, Anon."
"Do what? We've got this, you coward."
>Savage.esp activated
>"Do that."
>"Ma-cho Madness, oh yeah, it's Macho Madness."
>"Right now! YEAH!"
>"Snap into a Slim Jim!"
"...Maybe my idea needs to be reworked."
>"Knew that'd change your mind."
"Fine. We're going back into town. Bitch."
>"Bitch who just saved your life! You're welcome."
"You're buying those mines with your own money, or I reinstall CBBE."
>"You can't threaten me with never having to watch my figure again."
"I'll give you an ass so big you'll fail every sneaking check."
>"Touche. Mines are on me. Next round of drinks is on you."
I don't see Fallout, but Mr. Sark playing with friends on DTX map for CS:GO
File: 1522331.png (2.04 MB, 2611x3000)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
Scootasad, why?
File: Spoiler Image (15 KB, 525x350)
15 KB
>You shift uncomfortably in your seat
>You decided to take up the offer the 'nice' lady offered you and you waited for her shift to end
>After that you both got in her 'car' and made your way through the city
>You question if it's actually a car because it looks nothing like the cars Kanye and Kim both drive
>It shakes almost as much as the vessel you came to Earth in, and it smells like pine
>It made your tummy rumble
>You would've reached into your bag to get yourself a quick bite, but you forgot she put it in the trunk
>You groaned, deciding to distract yourself by looking out the window
>It was quite a big city, and you'd be lying if you said it wasn't mesmerizing
>How could this not be El Ayy?
>Is this small compared to your promised land?
>You didn't know if the excited you or scared you
>Either way, you were not gonna stay here any longer than you had to
>You thought since it was cold out people wouldn't be walking out and about
>Humans are a lot more resilient than you thought
>They're walking around as if it were nothing
>You could even swear you saw a young human boy wearing just a hoodie, basketball shorts, long socks and sandals
>Who wears that?
>Imagine thinking that not only is this good enough for cold weather but that it's a good look?
>You rolled your eyes and faked a gagging motion to yourself
>Whatever, at least he could handle this weather
>Another thing is that it was so dark out and yet there was still people out and about
>You looked up at the night sky and wondered if everywhere on Earth was like this at night
>While staring up at the sky something caught your attention
>That bright red #1
>At this point it taunted you
>This city was obviously not the biggest or the most pleasant
>You look back down towards the streets to keep the sign from angering you
>With it's bold lie and bright light
>Red isn't a #1 color anyways
>Fuck it
>You were grumpy and you didn't care at this point
>Your day was ruined.
Just help her up, anon. You can be tired together and fall asleep in a warm furry hug.
Do you not want to scratch the cute poner behind the ear and feel her relax and nuzzle into your neck, before finally letting the dream world take her?
File: aaaaand it's gone.jpg (59 KB, 1280x720)
59 KB
>"Bits, huh? Neat!"
>"Well let me be the first to congratulate you on opening an account with us, Ms. Poni!"
>"So! First off, let's set you up with a manageable savings plaaaa-and it's gone."
>2008 in US in a nutshell
You know, one thing is a bank raping my wallet and stealing my cash, but THIS. THIS is stealing from an innocent pony, who saved their bits to visit Earth and learn more about humans.
I'd not whiteknight the pony, I'd just cut this fucker into puzzles with a plastic knife and kick his tiny balls into scrabled eggs, until he returns all the cash he stole from ponies
>"Oh, hello, Mr. Anonymous!"
>"You'd like to help Ms. Poni with her overage fees? Super!"
>"We're just going to borrow a small percentage from your retirem-aaand it's gone."
File: 1498572738502.png (76 KB, 429x283)
76 KB
>"...Twilight, I have some concerns."
>not keeping your money in the mattress
>used to treat my mattress like the atm
based and 2chainzpilled
Well, I had a very close call a few years ago, I withdrew everything from my account and 2 months later the bank was gone
File: demandtits.gif (1022 KB, 320x180)
1022 KB
1022 KB GIF
We best be landing at Anon's
>being this grumpy
This poner tries its best to be more like a human than a pony
But she says "up", not "hug". I'd definitely pick this one up >>33905397, because she looks like a filly who needs hugs and ear scratching
Why not both? First comes the up, then comes the hug, and what could be better for a sad little filly than a hug sandwich? Maybe sprinkle a few back rubs in there too.
>"Greetings, fellow human civilians."
File: finger_blast.png (19 KB, 820x649)
19 KB
How is Strawberry doing lately? I haven't heard much about her.
File: CEASE.png (116 KB, 589x493)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
It's a dumb shitpost give it up anon.
It's actually a fun thread meme.
She's ok, living with Michael and being friends with Pillu
I remember, big long ago I visited Las Vegas and there were dudes on the street handing out flyers for topless revues and strip bars.
>"Hey slugger, you like mares?"
>"Take this voucher for a free boop at The Wild Mare's gentlemans club!"
>"That's right, Wild Mares Gentlemans Club; Come for the boops, stay for the buffet!"
That's a very good mommy
She can't be that good. Why is she even in that part of Vegas with her child?
What if she lives here?
People actually live there? I can't imagine it. It'd be like living in the middle of a lifeless neon desert.
In gta san Andreas there were houses!
I had a transfer between flights at Vegas' airport. They have suburbs like any other city. City center is full of casinos and there are people living in the drainage system, but other than that it's a normal city with a bunch of tourist attractions.
How does seeing homelessness affect Poni?
>Just feet away from all the vibrant activity and street performers in Venice Beach, she passes a homeless encampment of shopping carts and tents
>She rode the subway system in New York ONCE after a homeless woman complained she was "In my house, you unclean animal!"
>Outside every mall filled with smart phone shops, designer outlets and high brow restaurants she can count on people asking for handouts
>homeless poni
Not possible. Number of ponies in Equestria is probably just several thousand, it's not like they're gonna flood our streets and don't get enough food or money. Just by being ponies people would adopt them with no problem.
No, I meant how does it affect Poni to SEE homeless people.
They have no cutie marks to give them a purpose; are some humans just born to do nothing? How do you tell her she can't help them all because a lot of them don't want help?
Depends on a country. For example, in Eastern Block countries, on the beginning of 90s a lot of people lost their jobs and homes because of switching from socialism to uncontrolled, wild captalism; people would accept any kind of help, but without it many commited suicide, started drinking and died a few years later, etc.
Poni would love to help all of them.
>Ponies only number in the couple thousand
>The IUCN immediately classifies them as an endangered species and introduces several breeding programs as a result
File: donald_says_have_a_you.gif (443 KB, 480x238)
443 KB
443 KB GIF
File: 1358695910527.jpg (524 KB, 700x800)
524 KB
524 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (970 KB, 320x240)
970 KB
970 KB GIF
>People can (and do, there are documentaries on this) live comfortably in the flash-flood drainage tunnels under Las Vegas
>Seriously, you can drive a pickup truck inside and not even come close to scraping the walls or ceiling
>I'm talking about an F450 with aftermarket off-road suspension
>Pegasi can prevent flash flooding by pushing clouds around
Manehattan looked big enough for ten thousand all on its own. I'd say there's at least a million
Is it just me?
Or is it getting ponier out there
File: 1476051638773.png (216 KB, 850x1024)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
First time coming here. Can anyone recommend me any good stories? There seems to be quite a bit to choose from in the pastebin. Preferably anything without anon or at least where he is not an annoying self insert character.
>there are people living in the drainage system
What the fuck?
It's not like they can bum it or panhandle on the strip, and it makes sense to go underground to get out of the heat. Not him, but I also saw it in an ep of CSI.
Not him but it wouldn't surprise me. On the West Coast the homeless problem is completely out of control. Sidewalks are blocked with literal tent cities. City governments give them free needles and dope and they use drugs right out in the open, in front of people walking by. The gutters are full of used dirty needles. There's been a typhoid fever outbreak ongoing in Los Angeles for months now, and it's spreading.
She likes cloth!
File: brick pls.png (104 KB, 362x302)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
Poni loves lamp?
I'm not sure, let's ask poni
File: 1876774.gif (873 KB, 1920x1080)
873 KB
873 KB GIF
100% of mothponi agree. Lämp is gööd.
I wonder if there's any money in selling flashlights to mothponies?
Is this even a thing?
File: maxresdefault_1.jpg (26 KB, 818x461)
26 KB
>pony comes to earth
>everyone tries to capture with animal control
>also confused for furry because is pny that can talkz.
>adjusts fine within job.
>yearns for other pony.
>no one understands me.exe
>wants to be back home.
>takes trip back to pnyvlle 2 visit.
but little did they know...
about the anon starring through her window from across the street.
>always stands in line at the subway by his work but afraid to ask her out,
>the pony just gives an awkward look and sits alone, calls human friend on her cell for company.
>you deperately want to say something but nothing comes up.
>await the return of pny.
>she deides to come back, and pack her things.
>you over-hear she's leaving.
>you need to ask her out thisisyourlastchanceomgomg
"Hey, I heard you were leaving soon and I've um, i know you don't know me, and I was wondering if you'd maybe like to go on a date?"
The pone looks weird at you.
"I'm honestly surprised no one has asked me out before as a human.
"I am human."
"that came out wrong, I meant... well you know."
"oh yeah yeah, anyway, if your free, we could get coffee?"
This is very cute, though I am curious about the image you posted for it, which does not seem to have much to do with the story.
yaaaaaaay, human friend
>>also confused for furry because is pny that can talkz.
>"I'm honestly surprised no one has asked me out before as a human.
I'm confused. Does pony turn into ponigirl when visiting earth? And whose line is whose at the end?
Together with odd "style" of writing, the image suggests that the author is no stranger to writing after getting high.
File: Derpy_explained.png (337 KB, 500x1500)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
Story with Pillow Case
File: Spoiler Image (19 KB, 620x330)
19 KB
>After a drive that felt like eternity, you arrive at some tall yet wide building
>It was made mostly of bricks and windows and had the occasional balcony
>Did he own the whole building?
>Maybe this wasn't too bad
>The 'nice' lady took a bit too long finding a place to park her dinky car
"Alright, this is it, I'd introduce you to him but I know if I come in I won't leave for a few hours haha!"
>She chuckled as she and I both exited the car
>She fetched my backpack from the trunk and we made our way upto the entrance
>You forgot how freezing cold it was outside
>You looked around and noticed that there was still quite a lot of lights on in the buildings
>Humans sure are night owls
>After the lady opens the door the two of you head up the staircase
>Was there no elevator?
>You cursed this man for building this place without one
>Your hooves were sore and your thighs ached
>You've been up and about all day and your body hated you for it
>You ignored it's cries for rest as you reached the top floor
"Alright hun, his door is the last one two the left, you might need to knock twice he's usually sleeping!"
>You nodded, you were glad she wouldn't be in your mane anymore but anxious about meeting this guy on your own
"Ok sweetie, I'll be seeing ya!"
>She pet your mane and made her way down the stairs again
>Why do humans like petting horses manes?
>Was it how soft they were?
>You shrugged and made your way over to the door
>The door had a small peep hole and a sign that read '404'
>You turned and noticed the other doors were similar in design and had numbers leading up to 404
>You sighed
>You were about to spend your first night in Earth in a strangers home
>And NOT in the sexy way
>You groaned outloud
>You reached out your hoof and hovered it over the wooden door
>Knock knock knock
>You waited...
>And waited.......
>....and waited.
>Should you knock again?
>You gulped down your anxiety and knocked again
>Knock knock kno--
>"Hello! I've just recently moved in next door and I'm obligated by law to inform you the pink mailbox means that I-"
File: gun-safety.png (1.17 MB, 3000x4493)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
File: 1493836009599.jpg (44 KB, 686x489)
44 KB
>"Alright, now you want to get your hooves shoulder width apart, put your weight forward on that front hoof..."
She's a kind of pony I'd love to tease and annoy just to see her scrunch and be flustered
Hey, I want to know what is the pink box for
>"Anon, I dropped a bit on accident and a bunch of guys in weird hats with big noses literally came out of nowhere and fought over it."
Jesus christ Raimi Poni
US is such a weird country
File: 1984345.png (395 KB, 1000x770)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
The US is what happens when 50+ countries get together and try to be a single country. Remember the Austro-Hungarian empire? Like that, but with less language barriers and a whole lot of Jesus.

Oh, and here's what I was talking about earlier with the Las Vegas drainage system. You could fit so many fuckin' bat ponies in this thing.
File: dolan_believes.jpg (47 KB, 720x439)
47 KB
>in Montana women like Surprize Buttsecks
What a happy filly!
File: twz.jpg (48 KB, 240x443)
48 KB
The fuck is that hat? It looks like she has a shield glued to the back of her head.
It IS a shield. DYEWTS?
Is this?... A pony?!
Not merely a pony, but a purple pony.
File: kenny logginses.png (225 KB, 570x550)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
>"Sup, sportsfan? You lookin to impress some babes and get really higher than you've ever been?"
>"..Air force? Nah dude, we sell equestrian weed..you down?"
>"marhiruanas? Have no idea what's this, we sell the best garden weeds on market, it makes your feathers shiny! You don't have any feathers? Well, it works good on mane too!"
Midget pony riding tournaments when?
How offensive! You call him a >LITTLE PERSON
Do they sell those purple flowers that pop up in farmers' fields every Spring? They're pretty and I want to replace my lawn with them.
File: hqdefault.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
LITTLE PERSON pony riding tournaments when?
Ductape a gopro to the LITTLE PERSON'S head
Yes, but it's really strong stuff, don't tell police or their parents
Whose parents?

The ponies?

The police?

The flowers?
File: the laugher.png (458 KB, 1278x719)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
Is it just me, darlings?
Or is it getting gaudier out there?
And I call zis make up... 3000 Röntgens.
Horn poni would make good workers for jobs with dangerous materials. They could handle all sorts of hazardous things without having to get close to them.
File: 1547334987230.png (174 KB, 634x617)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
As someone who hasn't watched the episodes with her, can someone redpill me on Crazy Glue here? What exactly did she do that merited sending her to Tartarus?
File: btas ref.jpg (74 KB, 600x602)
74 KB
She aided and abetted a known felon in his 2nd attempt to destroy/take over Equestria/steal all their magic.
I hate spoonfeeding.
File: Twilight sfw.png (894 KB, 2500x2500)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
You find Twilight in the bushes what do
preen consensually
>Mojave vaults are built from old storm drains once ponies took over the weather
Ask her what's she doing, why is she blushing and what's that sweet smell
"Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter."
>"Say no more, fama-lama-ringa-ding-ding, baby!"
"Wait what? I didn't actually ask for a winter come back"

And then Caesar's Legion freezes to death due to their staunch refusal to wear pants.
File: dale gribble.jpg (50 KB, 870x870)
50 KB
>I told you, Hank
>What other reason could a Princess have to hide in the bushes?
>She's definitely involved in the Kennedy assassination..
File: 1812826.png (674 KB, 2000x1059)
674 KB
674 KB PNG
Scoots would like it on Earth. There wouldn't be so many other ponies flying around reminding her that her wings don't work as well as theirs.

Plus she'd get an entire new pantheon of extreme sports athletes to worship.
>I-..I meant to do that, heh
Plus humans are smart, she could get wing extensions
File: she attac.png (116 KB, 333x300)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
what has science done
I chuckled.
An you spend the whole day listening and watching her doing tricks, and then you carry her home on one hand, holding the scooter in another. You gently kiss her forehead after she falls asleep on your chest. This is a rare occassion to do it since she doesn't likes kisses.
File: scootablood.jpg (100 KB, 828x966)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>"Nooo, not in fronta my homies, d-dawg!"
Edgi poni
That reminds me, someone said they'd riot if there wasn't a continuation to that Microsoft Edge story that was posted a while ago. Should we get the tear gas ready or what?
how does poni use gps or mapquest
>"Slow down there, kid. This is a lot to take in!"
>"I mean back in Ponyville there was just ONE road! Now I have to acclimate to zip codes, avenues, lanes, streets, and even the occasional boulevard!"
Where the poni is more fucked?
>European city, where streets doesn't look the same, but the street naming is random
>North American streets, where every intersection looks the same, but streets have actual numbers
>run the risk of being gangraped or kidnapped by refugees in european city
>will get shot by the cops for 'displaying threatening behavior' in american city
i made myself sad and angry again ree
>run the risk of being gangraped or kidnapped by refugees in european city

...right, let me rephrase it. Central/eastern/southern/northern minus Sweden European city
>but streets have actual numbers
They do? Outside of major roads in the downtown area I've never seen a numbered road. In the cities, at least. Out in the smaller towns and country it seems like even the driveways are numbered.
Uhh... Edmonton has vertical streets and horizontal avenues, just a few of them have actual patrons
File: 1483160021747.png (149 KB, 414x486)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
>vertical streets
what the fuck is wrong with leafs
Am I retarded or does this post not make much sense?
>going west-east are avenues
>going north-south are streets
File: 1548825349464.png (161 KB, 400x400)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
had me going for a sec, I thought 'how the fuck do they drive straight up?'
Very carefully.
*Very politely
File: sensible_chuckle.gif (993 KB, 250x250)
993 KB
993 KB GIF
Sweet girl
File: DJ SC4LE5.png (408 KB, 1280x720)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
>"Hey hey, hows it going out there, party people?"
>"This is DJ SC4LE5 making your night magic, out here at the Woodlawn High junior prom."
>"Any requests?"
>"I-I think I heard Kool and the gang 'ladies night' so here goes; hold her close, fellas'."
>The price of dairy products has risen sharply today after a string of brazen vandalism against milk storage facilities
>Authorities have released this footage of the suspect
>chocolate milk
>uht milk
I don't know how people can drink this shit, it's either tasteless or filled with tons of sugar.
Real milk spoils after a few days, not years, smells like a barn after you open the bottle and tastes like heaven, like the best melted ice cream
File: qt case.jpg (21 KB, 254x605)
21 KB

The Entire Dairy Industry
1 Purple Boi
Some popculture references from the show make me uneasy
My money's on Purple.
Cute little Scoo
File: fs ftymi.png (252 KB, 584x576)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
yikeroonies my guy
thats def not lit af rn 2bh smdh irl tyvm
File: nacreous clouds.jpg (210 KB, 1920x1080)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
How would you explain stuff like pollution to poni?
>humans being humans
"You know how we make a lot of stuff?"
>"Human industry is the stuff of legends back in Equestria. I know."
"Sometimes when we make stuff, it means making stuff that we don't want in order to make stuff we do want."
>"What sort of stuff?"
"Scraps of material. Smoke. Sludge. Sometimes we figure out we can actually do stuff with that stuff. Plastic was invented when some guy figured out all the goop from making kerosene could actually be used for something."
>"And what about the stuff that nobody finds a use for?"
"It gets dumped somewhere out of the way."
>"Is the ocean 'out of the way' enough for dumping?"
>"See, this is why the seaponies hate you."
>that feel when in distress but the seaponies won't help
By setting Cleveland's river on fire and then taking them to Pripyat.
File: its_greentext_time.png (98 KB, 500x631)
98 KB
File: 1410756202185.png (1.34 MB, 4672x5000)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Pilly never used her cooch
>Unused reproductive organs in prime condition
Why does this sound even more appealing when worded like that?
It's true. She's prime waifu material.
File: 1420232368350.png (1.69 MB, 4500x4500)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
File: 1538079082248.png (356 KB, 999x562)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
G'day cunts
Lovely winter we're having, eh cunt?

I wonder how confused poni would be that each half of the world has opposite seasons?
File: rand mcnally.png (514 KB, 1174x1024)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
>"What do you mean you wear shoes on your hands and hamburgers eat people here?!"

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