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Previous thread: >>33849861
(Archive Link: http://yuki.la/mlp/33849861)

>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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Bedfillies are better than bedmares
File: 1540295154457.png (243 KB, 1600x1200)
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>when you come home and your goodest girl hears the front door click
File: 1552691099729.png (3.34 MB, 3840x3885)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB PNG
>when you're on the way home and notice the market received a new shipment of Equestrians
File: 1781843.png (152 KB, 512x512)
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Sweetie Belle is best bedfilly
She really love to eat icecream
Always best post.
She better have earned it!
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How did this thread start anyway?
File: 1552499991230.png (380 KB, 800x800)
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So is this why humanity enslaved ponies? To be used as broodmares?
File: 1982402.jpg (509 KB, 1920x1080)
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509 KB JPG
Ponies were enslaved as a replacement. picrelated

First thread is here: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/25297812/
Super cute how the white knights got shit on so hard and so quickly. Maybe it is time to make us great again.

In 2037, the thot menace finally reached critical mass. The US government was presented with incontrovertible, medical proof that human women were not fit for breeding, and decided that the time had come to unveil it's secret project to the world. Emperor Pence I, having just finished electrocuting the last of the gays, announced to the world the realization of his cornerstone campaign promise: he had opened a portal to Equestria.

That very day, breeding mares became available to a sex-starved male population. The mares were superior to human females in every way. Not only were they obviously much more attractive than all of the >nohooves, they proved to be caring and obedient companions who begat strong human sons and cute filly daughters.

Five years later, the thots had all died due to lack of attention, and Western civilization was restored to its former glory.
As things go this future is likely.

I imagine that the best way to end the thot menace is for men to stop making makeup, women's towel and birth control pills
Nah, this thread is mostly about comfy cuddles with your waifu/pet. The days of narrative edge are long past.
Yet it seems like a fitting return to form for the end of G4. Probably why Blinders is so popular,
>still teasing her master
She really want a round 2
File: 1479875084235.png (191 KB, 800x658)
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191 KB PNG
>humanity, having taken to the stars for centuries now and expanded to a multitude of solar systems, has been battling

a fierce, far superior alien foe
>year by year, decade by decade the fighting continued, mankind slowly but steadily losing ground, losing billions of

lives in the process
>the aliens were merciless, cleaning all claimed planets of any trace of human life before moving onto the next
>the lives of so many men having been lost, women have also been forced into service by requirement
>during these dark times worlds are still being scouted and evaluated for their ability to support human life
>one of said scouting operations revealed a planet full of strange aliens that distantly resembled Earth's equines,

with fantastical mental abilities and command over latent energies
>they were swiftly conquered, being put under a soft occupation due to their lack of serious resistance and compliance
>research into their biology and natural ability to control their surroundings began immediately, a desperation

manifesting to find a way to utilize their energy manipulation in order to gain an edge on their genocidal foes
>preliminary findings weren't looking good, all early tests to replicate any and all abilities from the locals in human

test subjects from feats of extreme strength, to making ones self lighter and more aerodynamic in order to increase

speed and dexterity, to being able to control the elements themselves, failing
>it wasn't until testing was performed on their more base, mammalian biology, that a breakthrough was achieved
>the females of the species were fully compatible with humanity's males, their ovum accepting of human sperm
>unfortunately the semen of the locals did not take with a woman's ovum, which severely limited their choices
>nearly a full year later, the multiple test groups of 'mares' conceived, showing strange effects
>all males were born fully human
>nearly fully human, that is
Shocking, but she so obviously does.
File: 1540295151447.png (760 KB, 1280x566)
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760 KB PNG
>the newborns having shown a natural affinity for manipulation of latent energy, much like their mothers, potentially giving humanity the very much needed edge it's been looking for
>all females born of the control groups, however, had been conceived the race of their mothers, 'equine'
>aside from some notable differences
>jaw structures shaped more predatory, less blunt molars, more incisors and canines, a digestive tract less suited to an herbivorous diet and more geared towards omnivorous
>all of these findings being merged, then presented to the United Human Front's high command, a plan was formed
>nearly a fifth of all active duty males were to be pulled off the line and shipped to 11 Elise c, or 'Equestria' as the locals called it, effective immediately
>two-thirds of the local female populace was to be processed and assigned a male and entered into the newly found 'Ascension breeding project'
>this would either be mankind's key to victory and continued expansion to the stars, and eventual uplifting of the 'Equestrians' with them, or one last hurrah for both species
I'm not sure why the word wrapping fucked up, but whatever. Guess I'll fix it in the notepad and promptly stick it somewhere I'll never see it again.
if she doesn't eat up all of her ice cream she might just need some discipline
Sweet Pigs haven’t had a fresh vegetable treat in a while now. Why go to the trouble when their very favorite treat is available in such abundance? I sometimes worry about a crow predating them or them getting lost, maybe I should have them under a wire cage? I’ve decided not to, I think they’re safe enough loose. I’ve never had a problem yet...

How much concern would you give to ‘internal’ vs ‘external’ security for your slaves? Would you worry more about them escaping or rebelling, or would theft or injury from outside be more likely? What’s more trustworthy: the alien ponies you enslave, or your fellow all-too-free humans?

File: 1415663403525.png (114 KB, 400x600)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Bedfillies never get satisfied with only one round of cuddles
I mean, that's kind of a hard question to answer because it depends on a (fictional) situation. Are ponies common, or stupidly rare and valuable? Is my slave a good girl (or at least one I've managed to come to an understanding with), or is she the kind I'll need to be on the lookout for rebellion?
You own a pony, he/she fulfills assigned duties, does not abuse your position of authority and treat it with respect, eventually you come to appreciate it as part of your family, one night while you sleep, you feel someone on top of you, open your eyes and see your pony before he/she stabs you with a knife, life abandons you, and you only manage to ask:

Depends on the pony. I wouldn't have much concern about Fluttershy or a little filly rebelling, but would have quite a bit to stop her from escaping (ice cream, coloring books, anime) and would be very worried about theft as all it would take is someone waving a lollipop or cheap banpresto her direction.
With Applejack, I wouldn't be worried about theft (as she would just crush the bad guy's head with her applethighs), but would be VERY worried that she would rebel and crush MY head with her applethighs.
But in general, if you treat your ponies right others may try to steal such healthy, happy animals, but why would the ponies run away or attack you?
Conversely if you treat them poorly, they are apt to run or fight and others might still try to steal them away, either because they don't care about how healthy the pony is or because they want to rescue the animal.
This why your applepone must be restrained in chains at all hours of the day. It's the only thing keeping her from putting those crushing thighs to good use on your noggin.
Not if they're Landscape Appul. Landscape Appul is a good girl
>crush MY head with her applethighs.
But... That’s why I got her...

Awesome response, I loled.
You got applehorse for the sole purpose of killing me? Damn, that's harsh.
daily reminder that princesses are for breeding
Trips confirm, for breeding.
File: 388289.png (736 KB, 900x720)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
> Behind you, Anonymous counts off on his fingers.
> “So, uh, five of your team - no, six. You said you’d be coming along… six of your team and eight flight crew.”
> “Exactly!”
“What’s behind the cockpit?”
> “Not much. It’s larger than you think. There’s a little room for supplies, but not much. Follow me.
> You shoot one last glance at the locked door to the ‘cargo’ space - at the lock on that door - and follow your owner back down to the lower deck.
> As he’d said, there’s very little room behind the cockpit.
> Mostly because it, too, is expansive and roomy just like the rest of the plane.
> In fact, they seem to have put in even more storage shelving - presumably for additional trip supplies.
> You whistle softy, peering around the entire space.
“So, four people on the flight crew - pilot, copilot, navigator…?”
> “Flight engineer.”
> Thomas points back to a console at the rear of the cockpit - littered with dials and gauges you don’t quite understand.
> “The navigator helps them a lot, actually. It’s a lot to manage.”
> Extending a wing, you point with feather-tips at a hatch mounted to the rear wall behind the engineer’s console.
“Where’s that go to?”
> “Oh, that? There’s a crawl-space through the wing spars, between the cockpit and cargo space back there. We’ve closed that up since we’ll be using that area back there.”
> Anonymous nods, patting the back of the pilot’s seat.
> “And Coulson Tankers didn’t want to lend you any of their crew, huh?”
> “You’ll train with them, but no - no lending for whole operation. A couple suggested they’d be willing to quit to join us.”
“Is that the pilot your, uh - friend? Business partner? Whitworth - is that the one he was talking about?”
> “The other pilot? Yes, that’s him. I’m going to be honest with you two: Whitworth’s going to insist on getting those two on the crew. Otherwise, you’ve got pretty free rein.”

> To your surprise, Thomas actually sounds genuinely sorry about it.
> “I know I said it would be just one, but he’s getting rather insistent. Wants his own eyes and ears on the crew.”
“And you can’t tell him to fuck off, huh?”
> Snorting, he shakes his head.
> “He’s our funder. The cargo, uh, gear - all of that is my work. But his company paid for it. And we’re all in his pocket until it gets paid off.”
> And they can take it away.
> Does anyone here truly have freedom?
“How long will we have to train?”
> “Three months, after we have the whole crew assembled.”
> From up near the front, Anonymous calls back:
> “Alright, Thomas. Mind if we poke around in here a little bit more?”
> “Sure, sure. Just don’t break anything, okay?”
> It’s all you can do to keep from rolling your eyes, but you manage to suppress the impulse at least until Thomas is gone.
> Already Anonymous had settled into the pilot’s seat, and now you join him in the opposite one - resting a hoof on the control wheel.
> You’re eyeing the control panel, but can feel your ears flicking about nervously.
“I recognize some of this, but others are… totally new. Especially the engineer’s station. Where are we going to find someone who knows about that?”
> “Some of that I know - a lot of it was fuel trim controls. But I can’t be back there.”
> You turn to look at him, one eyebrow raised.
“So… what’re your thoughts about this whole thing?”
> “Honestly? It’s bullshit.”
“I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling it.”
> “I wouldn’t mind backing up a crew with experience here. But he wants us to build a crew practically from scratch for this?”
> Anonymous shakes his head.
> “I’m sorry I got you dragged into this, Spitfire. If it weren’t for what they were holding over both of us, I’d have told them to shove it already.”
> Stretching a wing out, you touch a few feathers to his shoulder.

“-I wouldn’t want to leave you hanging on this either. I do have to ask though - have you had any ideas about where we’re even going to find a crew?”
> He reaches out as well, stretching across the gap between pilot’s and copilot’s seats to put a hand on your side.
> “I do, but I wanted to tell you first. Because I’m going to need you one-hundred percent onboard with it.”
“Why wouldn’t I be?”
> “I’m thinking about adding some ponies to the crew.”
> The line is delivered so flatly, so calmly, that it takes you a moment to process through all of what he’s just said.
> Leaping from the seat, you actually stand on the center console to get closer to him.
> “Easy, Spitfire, watch the throttles-”
“You want to buy - have ponies on this?!”
> “Yeah. I knew this wouldn’t go over well, but please at least hear me out!”
> Of course it wasn’t going to ‘go over well’.
> He’s talking about putting ponies in danger - ponies who wouldn’t have a choice!
> But you will at least hear him out.
> Trying to force down your feathers and coat - both fluffed out as anger had surged - you nod.
> “...okay, one. We can cheat a bit on the training: You taught me about pony talents. About how it lets you know things or figure things out, right? So if we find the pony with the right talent, they’ll - what, like, get a sense of what they need to do, right?”
> There is a point there.
> “Two is - look, Thomas seems on the level. But the other guy, Whitworth? I don’t like him, and I think he’s going to do whatever he can to keep his fingers around our necks - including getting his own people on our crew.”
“How’s that relate to ponies, though?”
> “Whoever they put on the crew, I can’t trust. But a pony - a pony I can trust.”
“Over another person?”
> He looks at you with one raised eyebrow.
File: 1874855.jpg (3.16 MB, 1710x2198)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB JPG

> “Spits, no offense but - I remember how bad you were at the bottom of your fall. There’s only one thing an enslaved pony wants, and I’m going to offer it to them right off the bat.”
> Freedom…
> Yes, that would work.
> At the same time, you still aren’t sure how you feel about Anonymous -
> Buying.
> Call it what it is.
> Buying ponies.
> Looking past that he technically owned you is one thing.
> Standing by while he purchased others was a whole different business.
> The one time he’d ever treated ponies as ‘business’ had lead to the worst moment you’d ever had with him.
“I’m… not sure I’m okay with this.”
> “You don’t have to give me an answer right now. I didn’t tell you anything I was planning, after all. But if you’re not onboard I want to know, Spits. If you don’t like it, don’t squish that down.”
> He looks back out the front windshield, tapping the yoke with a finger.
> “If we do this, I’m going to need you to help me put together a list. So, again… if this isn’t something you’re onboard for, I’ll tell them-”
"Just promise me two things: One, when the job is done you'll give them their freedom, and two, you’ll do everything you can to bring them back."
> You aren’t certain.
> This feels like a bad idea.
> But you do know for sure that he’s onto something, and so you trust him.
> Especially when he gives your shoulder a squeeze and nods.
> “They’ll be my crew, Spitfire. I always look after my crew. And they’ll be your crew too, honestly, so they’ll have two good heads looking after them.”
"Okay. Can't say I'm dead-on thrilled, but-"
> You give a little shrug of your wings.
"-I trust you. I'll pick a good bunch. Think of it as long-duration rescue operation."
> “Thanks, Spits. Knew I could rely on you.”


> Thomas puts down the phone with small grumble.
> “...Mr. Whitworth says he’ll agree, but only if we let him choose one too.”

“What, like in addition to the ones he’s already putting on-”
> “Yep. A pony too.”
> From the sour look on Thomas’ face he feels about this exactly like you do.
> “Don’t tell me about it. I guess he wants the same thing you do."
> You look to Anonymous, and he looks to you.
> "I won't fly with anyone I don't trust."
"He's paying for this. He won't just force an idiot on us."
> "No. Worse - a toady."
> Fixing him with a steady, flat look, you shake your head.
> This wasn't a battle to be won.
> Even so he looks back at Thomas with a unhappy expression.
> No sympathy is given; Thomas shakes his head.
> "Even if I could take your side, Whitworth would just threaten again to reveal you'd been letting Spitfire fly."
> "Ugh - I guess we don't have a choice."
"Yeah. Tell him we'll agree to it."
> "Tell him you agree, got it."
> Anonymous doesn't wait for the call to go back; he spins around and stalks from the office.
> You understand his anger.
> Threatened, his life upset, a new and untested face put on his crew with so little time to train...
> But it's not something you can allow to fester, so you follow him outside as well.
> The late afternoon had already begun to tinge warmth with feather-brushes of nights cool.
> And the lake!
> You could see why there had been so many houses lining the edges of it - the lake and hills behind it were absolutely magnificent, lit and silhouetted by the late-afternoon sun.
> Anonymous is sitting on the little jetty going out into the lake - sitting on the edge and looking at your plane tied up on its buoy in the distance.
> When you sit down next to him, he grunts out:
> "How far do you figure it is to her, Spitfire? Three, four hundred meters?"
> "Feels like a mile. Or more."
> After a glance back, you dare to lean against his side.
"It won't be as bad as you think. You started training me in less time. I didn't crash."

> "I also didn't let you do everything from the start. And there's going to be more of them."
"We'll have someone from the - the, uh, Coulson company? The ones who owned this place."
> "Yeah, and that's what I'm worried about; I'm going to have to learn too. God, I just want to swim out there, get in the plane, and give them the middle finger through the whole takeoff."
> An amused nicker tells him your answer, and he reaches over to scratch that -
> Ooooooh, yes.
> - that great spot just between your wings.
> "Well, I guess I can't really complain to you about being forced into stuff."
"No, but I'll listen anyway."
> "Attagirl, prettybird. That's why I - hey, hey! No hitting me with the wings, I might fall in."
> You fold them back up again, smirking.
> There, now there was laughter in his voice again.
"You going to come inside? I think they have another trailer for us to stay in."
> "Give me a bit. I'll come along."
> You don't feel quite as bad leaving him behind this time.
> The hill on this side of the lake is maybe even more beautiful, directly illuminated by the setting sun.
> And you half want to-
> Wait.
> A flash of blue, flittering among the trees?
> You're off the ground in an instant, voices calling out in surprise from below.
> Climbing, climbing above the treetops - eyes searching for what you were now certain you'd seen.
> That had been too large to be a bird, and too vibrant to be anything but alive.
> A pony?
> Another pegasus?
> But no matter how much you search and circle, you cannot catch even a glimpse of them again.

And thus we reveal the first big twist of this story: I wonder if Spitfire remembers enough of how to be a leader to manage them?

As always, feedback/criticism/etc is deeply appreciated. It helps me get better at writing, which is good for you too!
Digging it so far. Hopefully she can pull a few Bolts up from a bad situation.
File: h564dcs-524999410 copy.png (782 KB, 1280x1432)
782 KB
782 KB PNG
It's good call. Things were getting a bit too "humaney" Even if it distracts from what we REALLY want to read about, more ponies is good.
oshit first it was ponies on a boat, now ponies on a plain.
Why did SkittleAnon get banned? I hate being left hanging
Nobody knows and he never came back to say why.
He's blinders off now
Nothing unexpected, but still very interesting. Good job of expressing the vast scale of this new plane; more like a building than a vehicle, eh? Whitworth seems faithless here, he’s already going back on the things he’s promised when they’re not even off the water yet. Anon should tell someone else he trusts about what’s going on.

During the mission itself he will be in legal command of the vessel, right? It will be like the sailing ships of old, where the Captain is the only law. In our modern Information Age this never comes up, but Captain Spitfire will be thinking that way if she remembers her old identity. Whitworth might NOT think that way, and foment a mutiny or something! Anon (and his ex-military XO) should be thinking about that unaccustomed responsibly, and take steps now to secure the integrity of his command.

It seems Anons recruitment strategy is to lean on Spitfires personal celebrity. There will be somepony with a flying background, maybe not a pegasus but one of the old Cloudsdale crew. They’ll be in some dire situation locked in a cage and looking at a one-way trip to a dreaded labor camp (like ponies from outside thought of Slaveventure), when in walks Spitfire: THE Spitfire! She and her human owner who she trusts and endorses make them an offer they can’t refuse... It all comes down to them seeing the EUP officer of old and not a broken slave reciting human lines; that could be an interesting scene to write, especially if you throw in some sexual tension! How long since Spitfires been with a stallion? I wonder if Anon will insist on personal ownership so he can guarantee his promise of freedom, or if Whitworth will want to hold their leashes as well? If it comes down to it Anon could buy them himself out of pocket, but might not be able to afford to free them after. That might actually be a more attractive deal than pie in the sky from Whitworth, he would at least see them sold into a safe position.
>feedback/criticism/etc is deeply appreciated.
CYOS Part Two: The Sky IS The Limit! This story has too well organized a narrative structure to work as a real CYOA, but it might be fun to give us a tightly controlled choice once in a while. Would also be fun to join the two universes. What’s happening back in Slaveventure? Maybe one of these new ponies will know...?
You have my full attention. No critique yet because it's a good read so far. Just encouragement to keep up with it!
File: 2054584.png (242 KB, 1500x1500)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
I want to brush this pony
But I also want to run my fingers through her wavy mane and tail as I give her bellyrubs.

Being a pony owner means sometimes you have to make the tough decisions.

>Celestia threw a sideways glance at Anon.
“Is there something on your mind?”
>She slathered some extra whipped cream on her piece of pancake before popping it in her mouth.
>A little bit of the fluffy white goodness dribbled down her chin.
>She swiped it with the side of her hoof, then licked that hoof clean with great eagerness.
>Anon stared at her with a blank expression on his face.
>”You don't exactly act like royalty.”
>He had to wait for an answer while Celestia's knife clinked on her platter as she cut another piece of pancake.
“What is royalty without a country?”
>The piece, along with a sizeable dollop of cream, disappeared in her mouth.
>Her tongue peeked from between her lips and licked them clean.
“So why not drop the act and be the pony I haven't had a chance to be for centuries?”
>A little bit of cream stubbornly clung on to her upper lip as she flashed a smile at Anon.
>He let out a tired sigh and rolled his eyes.
>”Fine, whatever. As long as you clean up after yourself.”

>A bright dinging sound, like that of a triangle, drew Celestia's attention to Anon's pocket.
>He pulled his phone out and glanced at its screen.
>His chair scraped on the floor as he pushed it back and got up.
>Not even glancing at his slave, he tread out of the kitchen and into his room.
>He pulled the door shut behind him.

>Celestia stared at that door, her brow furrowed in deep though.
>She knew she was making progress.
>She didn't mind it being slow, but was she steering him in the correct direction?
>Humans weren't as open with their feelings and thoughts as ponies were.
>He lusted for her, but kept it in check.
>What she wasn't sure about was why.
>All he had to do was give the order.
>Did he do it because of Ann?
>Or because he considered himself above ponies?
>And how did he feel about Celestia otherwise?
>Was he as indifferent as he wanted to appear?
>Celestia shook her head and looked at the last pancake on her plate.
>She'd get her answers eventually.
>Time was the one thing she was not short on.

>Her ears perked up and swiveled around to scan the room as she heard something change.
>It was dead quiet.
>The steady hum of rain had disappeared.
>The feathers on her wings felt all tingly and the hair on the back of her neck stood up.
>That would be the incoming thunderstorm, but it was not all: her horn went all pins and needles.
>An aftereffect of the inhibitor, most likely, but she couldn't help getting an ominous feeling.
>She couldn't help glancing at the window, either.
>It was like something important was about to happen.

>She just couldn't sit still.
>Shoving the last bit of pancake in her mouth, she hopped off her chair and trotted out of the room.
>She leaped down the stairs in one go, slowing down with a single flap of her wings before thumping down on the mat at the bottom.
>The tiny bell on the shop's door rung out a bright note as Celestia pulled the door open and rushed out.

>Her hooves split-splatted on the drenched asphalt.
>There was nothing outside.
>Nothing apart from the low-lying gray clouds.
>Not even rain.
>The thick clouds turned the day so dark she wanted to turn the lights on.
>Yet there was nothing unusual about them – as far as she could tell, at least.
>If only she could go have a closer look.
>The collar around her neck felt as heavy as lead while she stared up at the mass of gray.
>She suddenly saw the shape of Tirek in the roiling clouds.
>It was gone the moment she noticed at it, but Chrysalis appeared in another spot, only to fade away as she tried to get a better look.

>Celestia flinched and almost fell over.
>Her heart felt like it'd jumped up her throat.
>”Oh. Sorry, I didn't mean to spook you.”
>Anon stood at the door, the key to his van in hand.
“No, no. It's fine. I just can't shake the feeling that there's something wrong with this storm, even though there isn't.”
>She would've looked more convincing if she didn't have a hoof on her chest and wasn't breathing deep breaths to calm herself.
>”Uh, okay?”
>He stared at her in silence for a second.
>”Anyways, I got something to take care of. Not sure when I'll be back. You don't have to wait for me if you get tired and want to sleep.”
>His shoes splashed on the sopping wet pavement as he jogged towards his van.

“You shouldn't go out tonight.”
>She couldn't help it.
>Though she couldn't stop him, she had to warn him.
>There was something in the air, and that something was not good.
>Anon stopped and turned to look at her, then spread out his hands and shrugged.
>”Why? A little rain won't stop me.”
>Celestia had to avert her gaze, and chose to look at a puddle next to her instead.
“I... Never mind. Have a good trip.”
>She should've stayed quiet.
>There was no reason to be worried.
>Human weather was different from that of Equestria.
>”Uh, okay then.”
>Celestia wished him gone during the short silence.
>”Well, take care.”
>Clunk. Thud!
>The engine rumbled to life.
>A few raindrops fell down from the sky as Anon drove off.


>Wind howled in the corners of the house as Celestia shifted around her bed.
>Neither the tingling of her feathers nor the pins and needles in her horn showed any signs of letting up.
>She wasn't used of having her warnings ignored.
>Then again, why wouldn't Anon ignore her?
>She was just a tool to him.
>Not a centuries old leader who'd experienced more history than some countries.
>...but what had gotten her so worried in the first place?

>Torrential rain pounded the window as Celestia sat in the kitchen with the shop tablet in front of her.
>Anon sometimes used it to look up stuff, including the weather.
>Celestia had no clue which of the icons she had to tap to do that, though.
>The letter icon was email and the white telephone receiver in a green circle was something she could use to call Anon, but that was all she knew.
>She tapped at one of the dozen of unknown icons on the tablet's screen.
>It went black, then displayed a stylized text logo, which then turned into the farming game she'd occasionally seen Anon play.
>It wouldn't help her with the weather, so she swiped it off.
>She managed to record her own frustrated sigh with the next app.
>The one after that was a map – useful, but not what she was looking for.
>A few minutes and some annoyed taps and swipes later she managed to find a box labeled “search” with a magnifying glass in it.
>The on-screen keyboard was tiny for her hooves, but she managed to type 'weather' and hit enter.
>The screen went light gray, then showed a dark cloud with a thunderbolt coming out of it along with the current temperature and wind conditions.
>A bit of poking around told her what she already knew: it was a major thunderstorm that would last for a good while.
>That was all there was to it, though.
>Nothing unusual.
>No warnings about it taking an abnormal path, nor about tornadoes or downbursts.

>She let out another frustrated sigh, hit a switch to turn of the screen, squeezed her eyelids shut, and focused her mind on the loud hum of rain.
>Yes, it rained.
>There would be thunder.
>That was no reason to worry.
>Storms happened.
>Her vision turned pure white.
>The delay-
>Dizziness overwhelmed her.

To be continued.

I see I forgot to update the bin last time. It's all there now.
File: 1376126.png (391 KB, 1280x965)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
"Staying Out of Trouble: After Story"

3 Weeks Earlier
>You purse your lips critically as you glance over the Instagram post you've prepared.
>Anon and Twilight certainly look cute, but is it too soon to post more of the pair?
>When you spoke to her on the phone The Princess stressed the need for subtlety in your new job, and it's barely been 24 hours since the last picture of the two.
>Changing your usual content too quickly could alienate your core audience or even worse, raise suspicions.
>Perhaps you'll save it for later.
>The picture of the two asleep in each other's arms, in front of the TV, is simply too cute to pass up on... but it can also wait a day or two.
>You close the app for now and instead check your email to see if any new orders have come in.
>Unlike Twilight and Sweetie Belle, master saw fit to purchase you a real smartphone instead of one of those awful stripped-down hoof phones.
>Not that he's playing favorites of course, that would be Twilight if so, but you needed the device for business as well as pleasure.
>Still, it was nice of him.
>You were sure to express your appreciation not only vocally, but in... other ways as well.
>His emotional connection to you might not be quite the same as with Twilight, but he knows how to accept appreciation from a grateful mare.
>Plus it's the one thing you've got a leg up on over Twilight! The little brat's mouth seems to only be good for sassing, no matter how much you try and train it for 'other' uses!
>Instead of making you smile though... the slightly naughty memory only makes you sigh.
>He'd missed his appointment to come to your shop for some after hours 'service' the other day, and things had only gone downhill from there.
>You'd worked yourself up in anticipation of a tight 'fitting' and then when he'd left you high and not so dry, well...
File: 1559429094903.jpg (30 KB, 403x403)
30 KB
Even native earth fillies love human snuggles
>You probably shouldn't have done what you did in retrospect.
>Oh, you'd covered your cutie mark like you always did for such shows, but you doubt he'd approve nevertheless.
>A little dancing for the camera was your stress relieving dirty secret back when you were in power. Back then it was YOUR plot to shake.
>It's his now.
>He'd never flex his ownership in such a way, but you're comfortable with the truth that your shapely form is his to make decisions about, not yours.
>So much so that he even calls you 'Rearity' jokingly sometimes when he's 'appreciating' that specific 'asset', and you DON'T feel the need to slug him!
>Perhaps comfortable isn't the perfect word to describe your feelings, but he's respectful and loving enough to make you feel at ease with the fact.
>Previous humans that laid claim to your hide were far less kind about it to say the least.
>Be that using you as a mere toy, or literal breeding stock, Anon's rule is infinitely more benevolent.
>Perhaps you should confess to your crimes once he and Twilight return.
>You expect he'll be cross, but coming forth of your own volition could lessen your chastisement to a mere slap on the hoof.
>You'd rather not see him disappointed, but a good girl owns up to her mistakes instead of trying to hide them.
>You can't very well expect to supervise Twilight and Sweetie Belle if you don't set a good example.
>It's decided then.
>As soon as he's had a chance to rest from his flight you'll tell him.

>*Knock Knock*
"Sweetie, would you see who that is?"
>Anon and Twilight's plane landed a short while ago, but surely he'd just let himself in?
>*Knock Knock Knock*
"Sweetie? Sweetie Belle, are you listening?"
>Just where is that filly when, for once, you actually need her!?
>Oh sure, she's infinitely more useful than dear Twilight when it comes to the chores, but when it comes to helping YOU?
>*Knock Knock Knock*
>You put down the order you were working on and make your way down the stairs.
>It's probably another door to door salesman or something of that ilk.
>*Knock Knock Kn-*
"I said I'm coming!"
>Some people just have no patience!
>With an indignant huff you round the corner and open the door with your magic.
>Oh you'll give whoever this is a piece of your min- oh.
>"Darling! So sorry, I thought you were a solicitor. Would it not open for you?"
>Anon laughs as he pushes past you with a sleeping purple pony riding piggyback.
"Can't reach my keys and I guess Twi's collar wasn't close enough for it to pick up."
>One room over he somewhat roughly drops the purple ball onto the couch.
>Of course, said pony continues to sleep like a rock.
"I see. Rough trip then?" you ask, alluding to his slightly disheveled appearance.
>"Delay after delay. I probably should have just let Twilight bring us home, but after that last trip I thought this would be safer."
>He sits hard on the couch and beings to rub the other pony's back.
"You poor things."
>You trot around, climb onto the couch, and slide up under his other arm.
"Are you hungry? We've already eaten, but I can whip something up."
>He shakes his head and starts his hand up and down your side as well.
>"Nah, we ate on the plane. I'm just glad to be home after all this."
>You nod and place your head gently onto his lap.
"An eventful few days to be sure. I never expected The Princess to pop back up so suddenly, much less to already be a part of her plans!"
>"You and me both. I guess we'll have to see how things go, but if all I've gotta do is have my picture taken I guess it's not too bad."
>You give him wink and confident smirk.
"Don't worry, I'll be sure to catch your good side."
>He lets out a small laugh and moves his hand to your delicate ears.
>"Good luck with that. I was never very photogenic."
"Really? I must say I find that a little hard to- "
>"Is that master?! Master! Master, you're back!"
>Oh NOW Sweetie shows up...
>The lovable little upstart skids into the room and runs at Anon so fast he has no choice but to catch her!
>"I'm so glad you're back! I umm, I need to talk to you. Please? Like in private?"
"What's wrong Sweetie?"
>The young mare shakes her head.
>"Nothing, it's nothing I just... Please master, just a moment?"
>The human seems as curious as you, but it's an innocent enough request.
>"Uhh, alright, yeah. Let's go upstairs I guess. Watch her for a minute Rarity?"
>Twilight is a grown mare, she can sleep on her own.
"Of course."
>Not that you're going to say that though.
>Oh, how he coddles her.
>You scoot over to the sleeping mare as he stands and heads off with Sweetie.
>Surely she knows how much he spoils her right?
>She must.
>Then again, he's her first and only master.
>Some fillies really do get all the luck don't they?
>A first master that not only lets her get away with murder, but genuinely cares for her.
>Ah well.
>You're happy for her of course, and now you share the same master so you suppose you can't complain.
>"Rarity? Can you come up here?"
>That was rather quick.
>You wonder what it was that was so important for Sweetie to speak to him about.
>Trotting up the stairs you head towards his office and poke your head inside.
"You rang?"
>"Yeah, come on in. Close the door behind you."
>Close the door?
>You do as you're told, but your curiosity is certainly piqued now.
"If you insist. What's this about? What did Sweetie need?"
>And where is she?
>Did she already run off?
>You thought you saw a curly tail turn the corner right as you crested the top of the stairs, but you weren't sure.
>Anon pinches his nose and lets out a tired sigh.
>"There was something she thought I should know. What about you? Anything like that that you'd like to share?"
>Something she thought he should know...?
>You have no idea what that's supposed to mean, but right now you think sleep is more important for him than anything.
"There's a few matters to discuss, but I think rest should be your priority sir."
>You say as you walk up and put a concerned hoof on his leg.
>The poor thing looks like he's about to pass out on the spot!
>"Think carefully now. Are you SURE there's nothing?"
>What on earth did she tell him?
"Nothing that can't wait darling. Just look at yourself, you've got bags under your eyes!"
>He sighs again and runs a stressed hand through his hair.
>Before you can ask though he stands up from his computer chair, pulls a different straight backed desk chair out to the middle of the room, and sits down.
"Anon, dear, you're really starting to worry me. Is something the matter?"
>You aren't sure why he's swapped chairs, but you walk to his side again to find out.
>He pats his knee in a typical 'hop up' gesture, but in a chair that uncomfortable you doubt he'd be able to hold you well.
>Instead, you throw both forehooves over his legs and try to get a look at what he's looking at on his phone.
>"I'm disappointed Rarity. I really am."
>Your confusion only grows when he hooks a few fingers under your collar with his free hand and pulls you a bit closer!
>It's not rough, but he never grabs you by the collar! Ever!
>You often forget you wear one, but to have it dig into your neck like so...
"I-I'm not sure I quite underst-"
>"Do you remember what you said when we were hashing out this whole 'personal pony manager' thing?"
>You hope he's not referring to what you think he is...
"There were quite a few details we had to work out. Which specifically are you-"
>"About my expectations of you, about who watches the watcher."
>Oh dear...
"Y-yes sir, I do..."
>"I want you to repeat what you told me then."
>Must you?
"Master, if something's the matter surely we can talk abou-"
>"Repeat it Rarity."
>He doesn't raise his voice, but the authority is there nevertheless.
"I... I umm... Well, we were talking about how I was permitted to discipline Twilight and Sweetie, but on the same note you would..."
>You can't help but trail off and bite your lip nervously!
>Why, oh why, did you say those things back then?!
>"Come on, say it all."
"You would... you would hold me responsible in the same manner. Is this about Sweetie sir? What did she tell you? I promise we can talk this out whatever it-"
>Your protests die the instant he turns the phone around and shows you your worst fears!
>The video's dark and grainy, but it's undeniably you wiggling your plot and swinging your tail for the camera in this very room!
>"You were saying?"
"I can explain!"
>No you can't!
"It was... well, I was... It was the night you were supposed to stop by for your 'fitting' so I was rather excited, but then you didn't show and I..."
>This isn't a valid excuse and you know it!
"I just felt awful about it! I was going to tell you tonight, but you seemed to tired, and I didn't know Sweetie saw and-"
>"Do you still trust me."
"I... what?"
>"Do you still trust me? I remember that night you said you trusted me to make level headed decisions about you. That you wanted, no, demanded, equal treatment as the other girls and expected me to do what I thought best. Was that true?"
>You could slap your past self right now, but if you back down from your promises now, why would he ever trust you again?
>He's trusted you with a position of power.
>You HAVE to prove yourself worthy of it!
"Y-yes sir. I stand by what I said, I just want you to know the whole truth before making a-"
>"Fetch the brush."
"Wait wait wait, please sir!"
>"I'll hear out your arguments, and we'll come to a decision together, but right now I want you to be a good girl and fetch your brush. Can you do that?"
>You gulp.
>He's not talking about any of your many mane brushes, he's talking about a very very specific brush built just for this task!
>A brush you approved, marketed, and sold for years!
"Y-yes sir."
>Those must be the magic words as he lets go of your collar and gives you a light tap on the rear to get you cantering!
>How can this be happening?!
>You were going to tell him, you really were, but that little brat...!
>Skidding into your workroom you open a specific drawer and float out a piece of wood you'd really rather not see at the moment.
>W-was it always so big...?
>You gulp as you feel its heft and weight in your magic...
>Surely you can talk him out of this, right?
>Fetching the brush is simply a gesture of obedience he wants you to prove yourself with, right?
>"Quickly Rarity."
>No time to second guess things now!
>You spin on the spot and begin your run back to his workroom only to be distracted by a slightly cracked door to your sister's bedroom...
>A cracked door and a shining eye!
"You! How dare you?! After all I've done for you!?"
>The little spy gasps and slams the door shut but that won't keep you out!
>You move to open the door with your magic when...
>"Rarity! Now! Leave your sister alone!"
>Damn it!
>You'll deal with her later, for now you have to run back to Anon's side as fast as you can!
"H-here you are si-"
>"I told you to get the brush not harass your sister for doing the right thing!"
>Oh no!
>No no no no no, this isn't how things were supposed to go!
"I-I wasn't I merely wanted to-"
>"If I hear a single peep about you retaliating over this you'll be getting lesson two three and four all at once! Do I make myself clear!?"
>H-he can't!
>Your wouldn't be able to withstand that much!
"Yes sir! I'd never abuse my position! I merely wanted-"
>"Wanted to what? Tell her to keep you secrets?"
"No! I swear I was going to tell you sir! Please, you have to believe me!"
>With a grunt he reaches down, grabs you around your midsection, picks you right up off the floor, and deposits you right over his knee!
"No! Please, wait!"
>He pushes your upper body down so floor rushes closer and closer until you catch yourselves with your forehooves!
>This keeps you from falling off and flat onto your face, but also puts your beautiful tail and delicate round derriere straight up in the air!
>He says as he places a large human hand firmly across both your alabaster cheeks!
>"Now I want to hear your side."
>Like this?!
>Surely you could have just as easily told him with your hooves on the floor!
"P-please sir this position is rather-"
>You get the message to quit complaining loud and clear when he starts to pat your exposed back end!
"I made a mistake! I was lonely without you and I... well it was an old guilty pleasure of mine seeing everyone out there that wanted me. Reading their comments, seeing that they'd pay just to watch... I was going to slip the money into our finances and never do it again, I swear"
>He listens quietly as you plead for your rear!
>His hand never once leaving the trembling flesh you wish so badly to save!
"I planned on telling you tonight, but you seemed so exhausted, I thought tomorrow would be better. I never meant to keep it a secret!"
>"So you know it was wrong?"
"Yes sir!"
>"And you were going to tell me just as soon as the time was right?"
"I-I know how it sounds sir, but please..."
>You whimper as he squeezes a handful of soft marshmallow pony!
>"If this was coming from Twilight I'd say she was just trying to get out of it, but I really want to believe you Rarity."
>Please do!
>You can't help but try and push yourself up a bit higher so the bottom of your cheeks aren't quite so exposed, but his other hand moves to hold you down!
>"You've been a model mare, and everyone makes mistakes..."
>I-is there hope...?
>"But I promised you I'd hold you to the fair standards of this house, and I'm not going to break my word to you."
>"If Twilight or Sweetie had done this how would you have responded?"
"I know I messed up sir, but-"
>A light slap tells you that's the wrong answer!
>"I'm proud that you're sorry, but don't avoid the question. What would you do?"
>Must you really say it...?
>You're already rump up over his knee after fetching your brush!
>You and him both know what you're in for so why make you confess!?
"I... T-They'd be disciplined sir. Please sir, please don't make me say it..."
>The shame and weight of your collar make you begin to shiver.
>Your old masters made you say things...
>Horrible things...
>They made you beg to be used and thank them for what they left in you...
>To your surprise though he doesn't.
>Instead of motivating you to obey he slips a hand underneath you and pulls you back up to sit on his lap.
>"Hey, you ok? Seemed like you were having a panic attack or something there."
>Are you ok!?
>Of course you aren't ok!
>You're about to be... Ugh, you can't even think the word!
>Still, he must have noticed you shutting down and his concern is genuine.
>You can't help but lean in when he pulls you in for a hug.
"I'm just... It's just some flashbacks to less kind masters. I'm sorry. I'll say whatever you-"
>"It's fine. You don't have to say it."
>You nod in his embrace.
>"I am still going to hold you to your word, but you don't have to say it. Understand?"
>Aka, you'll still be a very contrite mare in just a few minutes...
>Well, if there's no getting out of this perhaps you can face your fate with some dignity.
"Yes sir. I... I really was going to tell you-"
>He opens his mouth to interrupt you, but you return the favor with a hoof to his lips.
"But I didn't. Even if I had confessed before being tattled on, I know I'd be in some trouble nevertheless. I apologize. It's not my place to show off your property to strangers no matter how needy I'm feeling. If you think I should be... you know, then I understand."
>He rubs your back with both hands as the two of you continue to hug.
>"Well I'm sorry too. I bailed on you at the last minute and that's my fault. It doesn't excuse what you did, but I understand why you did it."
>Perhaps he'll go easy on you then?
>"I'm not as upset about you showing off what's mine-"
>He says as he slips a hand lower to grab your flanks once again!
>"-as I am with you for taking such a risk. Even if you cover your cutiemark and hide your face someone can still recognize you. What if some creep tries to track you down or somehow ties you to your 'influencer' accounts? It's a dumb risk for a cheap thrill and I thought you'd be better than that."
>That last bit stings the most.
"You're right sir. It was a mistake made by my haunches and not my head. I-I fully accept any punishment you deem necessary..."
>"There's the good girl I know."
>He says with just a hint of pride.
>Perhaps you can make him more proud if you...
>Instead of making him do it, you break the hug and climb back into position with your 'discipline slave here' spot up.
>You even flick your tail out of the way until it cascades down your back leaving your alabaster thighs and backside perfectly presented for his... consideration.
>"Very good girl..."
>He says, putting one hand on the small of your back and the other right where thigh meets cheek!
"I-I'll do my best sir, but don't expect me not to protest when..."
>When the lesson really starts to sink in!
>"Say whatever you need. Just know you'll get what you've earned no matter what."
>He says as his patting gets firmer and firmer!
>I-is he starting?!
"T-thank you sir. I know I don't deserve such kin- oh!"
>His slow cooking approach for your cheeks gets turned up a notch as his hand goes from pats to straight up swats!
"Oh sir, that's quite - Ah! That's quite firmmmmm!"
>With his pace and intensity slowly but steadily increasing it's really starting to sink in!
>He's really doing this!
>He's really punishing you!
>It's no horrible whipping or beating like some of your old masters would have done, but it's frightening nevertheless!
>You've seen Twilight's cheeks after he's finished with her and that was from their love making!
>Just how deep fried is your tush going to be after a real lesson!?
>He knows you aren't used to a blistered tail like the resident brat is, doesn't he?!
>Sure, he's put you over his knee once before, but that was a moment of passion after seeing what you'd done to his precious Twilight's cheeks.
>This is different! This is deliberate, planned, calculated!
>Making you fetch your own brush, making you admit what you've done wrong!
>"Of course it's firm Rarity, that's the only way you'll learn."
>The hand raining down on your behind doesn't take a break while he lectures!
>"What on earth were you thinking, shaking your ass for strangers like that?!"
"I'm sorry sir, I was truly - OH!"
>"I know you're sorry girl."
>He still hasn't given you a moment's break!
>Your hind legs start to kick involuntarily the darker pink your backside grows!
>"And I know you're going to be a lot more sorry by the time we're done."
"Anon! Master! I - Owwww! Ow! Ow! Ow! Please sir, there's no need for-!"
>"There is a need-"
>"And this is happening-"
>"You've dealt with a misbehaving Twilight enough times to know this isn't even the main event-"
>"And that there's no way I'll be stopping anytime soon."
*Slap slap slap!*
>How did you get yourself into this!?
>It's hardly been a few minutes and your well raised flanks are already on fire!
"Please sir! I'm not Twilight! I'm not used toooooo- MMMMmmm!"
>You try to shut your mouth and not cry out with minimum effect!
>"You're not Twilight, but you've acted just as bad!"
"I was going to - ohhhh!"
>You can't even finish a sentence without being cut off by his rapid fire ministrations!
>"And mare bottoms are more or less the same."
>He says as he marehandles yours!
>"Yours may be a bit larger."
>"And a bit firmer."
>Perhaps a compliment, but not one you really appreciate at the time!
>"But this still seems to be the best way to get a message into your pretty little pony heads."
>You really wish you could appreciate the sweet talk, but seeing as he's now moved from your lower cheeks to putting handprints all over your fat flanks you're quite distracted!
"I've learned sir, I swear!"
>It burns so much!
>With your forehooves connected to the floor to keep you from falling completely, all you can do is dance back and forth!
>"I'm proud if that's true, but we both know bad mares doesn't get off so easily. Don't we Rarity?"
>For the first time in what feels like hours, he stops swatting your stinging cheeks!
>You know he's waiting for a response, but it's all you can do to pant and wiggle you bottom in a vain attempt to cool it!
>"Rarity? I'm asking you a question."
>It's impossible not to coo when a large human hand starts to rub your smoking flanks instead of punish them.
>As shameful as it is to admit, you find yourself pushing your cheeks up just a bit to meet his soothing touch.
>What can you say to get him to stay at this stage?!
"This would just be a warm up for our dearest Twilight, but we're very different mares sir. I'm not as headstrong nor tough bottomed as she so perhaps... perhaps I've learned...?"
>Please Celestia please let this work!
"I-I could... I could even show you my contrition in other ways perhaps?"
>Supporting yourself on one foreleg is hard, but you do it anyway so you can reach back towards his...
>Enduring a spanking fit for 3 mares may be Twilight's talent, but it's not yours!
>Maybe if he'd let you use your own... 'unique' skills to apologize.
>Instead of finding his 'bit' though, he takes a hold of your questing hoof in his own hand and rubs it kindly.
>"Someone wouldn't be trying to seduce their way out of their well-earned punishment, would they?"
>He asks in a mirthful tone.
>How dare he find your offer humorous!?
>This is not joke!
"I-I'm merely offering an alternative sir. It was wrong of me to show others my body, so perhaps you could... you could reclaim what's yours?"
>To your shock, instead of laughing, the hand rubbing your apologetic cheeks instead grabs one and spreads it!
>You feel him lean over to look before laughing and letting it go.
>He chuckles again.
>"I just had to make sure you weren't Twilight in disguise."
>If he was looking for HER normal response to such treatment you're quite certain he didn't find it.
>"You're definitely not enjoying this too much though-"
>No you are not!
>"So I can actually believe your offer is real."
>Oh, why must he rub your poor worn seat so?
>It makes you squirm, wiggle, and coo in ways that are far from dignified!
>Oh just get on with it!
>"Punishing with sex really isn't a precedent I want to set."
>You groan and whimper as the rubbing turns to patting!
>"Maybe some of your old masters did stuff like that, but I'd rather you enjoy our time together just as much as I do."
>That's actually very sweet, but if he's turning that offer down then that means...
"Please sir, there must be some other agreement we can come to!"
>You can't help but beg after feeling the first few pats of the brush!
>"Shhhh, just try and relax."
>Relax?! Easy for him to say!
>It's not his bottom feeling the cold hard wood sliding across heated flesh!
>"I know you aren't Twilight. I won't give you more than you can handle."
>He's trying to be comforting with both his words and his fingers running through your mane, but you can't take your mind off the tool about to be applied directly to your errant slave ass!
>"It won't be too much, but I want you to count them."
>Oh, come on!
>The taps motivate you to respond much more than his words!
"Y-yes sir!"
>"Good girl. It'll be over before you know it."
>You strongly doubt that, but what can you do but hope it's true?
>Against your better judgement you look back over your shoulder to see just how red Mt. Belle already is.
>You won't be going out without a dress for a couple days if those handprints are anything to go by, but that's not what makes your heart skip a beat!
>The camera!
>The little red light on the computer camera isn't off!
"Anon wait the cam-"
"Ouch! Wait sir, please! The camer-"
>"They don't count if you don't count Rarity!"
"Please please please, just wait a moment! I-"
>"There's no stopping til you get finished counting! That's zero!"
>With how fast the brush is coming it's all you can do to count, much less protest!
>How does Twilight endure this thing?!
>How many humans did you sell these awful things too?!
"FIVE SIR! I'm sorrrryyyyyy!"
>How many ponies did you doom to this very fate!?
>You stand by a safe tool being for the best but-
>But holy buck this hurts!
>You'll never misbehave again!

>A torturous 20 swats later, you can only moan and whimper pathetically with your now colorful ass in the air.
>Your cheeks are THROBBING and your makeup absolutely ruined!
>You know you made your own bed on this one, but did you really need to be thrashed so hard!?
>To his credit, as soon as your lesson was over he'd put the brush down and taken to massaging your remorseful hide as best he could, but still!
>"Shhh, it's ok. It's over now. You're a good girl again."
>A good girl?
>If you are you certainly don't feel it.
>Still, you'll take what comfort you can get.
>You unabashedly lift your dark red hind end as high as you can to meet the soothing caress.
>The needy maneuver makes him chuckle quietly and dig his hand into slightly swollen pony seat a bit more.
>At least he doesn't tease you about your eagerness to be soothed.
>Tease you? That's right!
"M-master the computer camera! The light's still on! I-It's still recording!"
>Surely you closed the stream right??
>Heavens above, if all your followers just saw you reduced to the naughtiest of slaves...!
>"Oh, so now you don't like being on camera?"
>What kind of question is that?!
>Of course you don't want others seeing your master taking a firm hand to you!
>Not only that, but you're stark naked for your punishment! There's nothing keeping your spanked diamonds or identity hidden!
>"Relax. I just turned it on to prove how dangerous it is. No one saw this but you and me."
>That bastard!
>You can admit you understand the idea, but to frighten you like that!
"A cruel twist sir..."
>But an effective one.
>"You're right, but I think it worked. Want me to fetch you some clothes to make up for it?"
>So the other girls don't see your shame must be his thinking, but cloth clinging to your derriere right now is only going to make things worse.
"N-no sir. The open air cools best, but thank you for the offer."
>He pats your back in silent understanding with his right hand and continues to tend to the site of your discipline with his left.
>"Sure, your call. What about an ice pack? You look like you could really use one."
>Well yes, he made sure of that!
File: 75702.png (173 KB, 910x770)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
"That would be nice sir, thank you. Perhaps in a moment though..."
>You rather need the kind and soothing hand back there at the moment!
>You can't stay like this for too long though.
>You're still supporting most your weight on your firmly planted forehooves and they're getting quite tired.
>"If that's what you want. That position doesn't look too comfortable though."
>How attentive.
>You try and let out a weak laugh.
"Not physically or mentally sir!"
>Hearing that, the human hands quit what they're doing to slide underneath you and pull you up into a slightly more comfortable position.
>Your soft belly rests on his knees now instead of most your body hanging off the edge.
>"The lessons over now girl. You don't have to be uncomfortable. In fact, why don't you go lie down and I'll fetch that ice pack for you?"
>The bed does sound divine...
>"Can you walk?"
"Well, I should hope so."
>You joke as you slowly slide off his lap to the floor.
>Walking does feel a bit strange you admit, but it's nothing you can't handle.
>"You good?"
"Yes sir."
>You say, as you turn to inspect your ass in a nearby mirror.
"As good as I can be at least... An icepack would be truly appreciated though."
>He stands and walks over to look in the mirror with you.
>Your alabaster rear is absolutely covered with hand prints, brush marks, and an overall red and beaten appearance!
>To your surprise and embarrassment he doesn't just look though!
>Without warning he drops to one knee and turns to really inspect his slave's discipline!
>You blush as he takes a hold of you with both hands and rubs a thumb over a particularly spanked spot!
>"Sorry. Just not used to seeing this ass like this. Twilight's lucky her coat hides a lot of the color huh?"
"Sometimes I think she was born for it sir. Others, like myself, aren't quite so lucky."
>You giggle quietly as a thought that pops into your head.
"I must say thought sir. I know you're quite fond of purple rumps, but I was hoping you'd be satisfied with hers and not try to make mine match!"
>He laughs, gives said rear a gentle pat, and actualls leans in to kiss it right on one of it's worse spots!
>"I like white too you've just gotta behave yourself!"
>You try!
>"Now go lie down. I'll be there in a sec."
>You nod.
>No need to tell you twice, you're practically dead on your hooves! Plus him kissing your sorry flanks has you rather embarrassed!
>Exiting the office he goes one way and you go the other.
>Fortunately, your tattletail sister seems to be hiding so she doesn't get a view of your agonized rump sashaying down the hall.
>Oh how good it feels to lie down!
>You curl up on your side, careful not to put pressure on any sensitive areas.
>Why on Equus did you give him permission to discipline you!
>It's only right for you to be held accountable the same as the other girls, but a little special treatment never hurt anypony!
>Well, ok, that's exactly how mares get spoiled but still!
>Perhaps you can renegotiate your terms with him sometime soon...
>It doesn't take long for him to show up with an amazing looking bag full of ice!
>"Do you want to or should I?"
>He asks, offering you the bag.
>Usually your pride would have you do it yourself and banish him from the room, but attitudes like that make for a naughty mare.
>Instead, you roll over onto your stomach and flick your tail out of the way for the second time today.
>He brings the bag closer, but to your surprise, instead of putting it on your tormented tail he first grabs you by the hips and pulls said tushy closer to him!
>What on earth is he...?
>Oh, that's nice.
>With your legs partially over the edge of the bed your flanks are in the perfect position for a dual handed massage!"
"Mmmm! Thank you sir. I must admit, I'm impressed by the aftercare. I can't seem to recall Twilight receiving such attention when she's in trouble."
>A hoof twitches in pleasure as he grabs your flanks and really works the sore flesh!
>"To be fair I'm usually balls deep in Twilight right about now."
>He laughs and gives you a careful squeeze.
>"Sorry but it's true!"
"I know but..."
>Come to think of it...
>He has you laying on the bed with your hooves dangling off the side.
>With him standing directly behind you.
>With his hands working your backside and your tail tossed aside.
>Naughty boy...
>You did offer to service him as an alternative punishment, but that was mostly to save your frightened hide from a licking!
>You're as disciplined as they come now though and he's...
>Well, he's not really doing anything but his positioning...
>Perhaps you're reading too much into things, but you're quite sure this is how he takes Twilight after she's been reddened!
>A test maybe...
>You spread your hind legs slightly and turn up your hips.
>If he doesn't do anything different then you'll - oh!
>Just as quickly as you spread, his hands start to attend to your inner thighs as well!
>The abruptness takes you a bit by surprise and before you can think about it you've spread and angled yourself even more!
>His fingers move even closer to your...!
>Oh thank Celestia!
>He not only stops, but he removes his hands from your lower end all together!
"A-are we? I mean are you going to...?"
>He lays a gentle hand on your upper haunch and rubs gently.
>"All up to you. I thought I saw some signs, but I'm used to reading Twilight and we both know she's a little wild."
>A little wild indeed.
>You aren't like her though.
>Not that his hand doesn't feel nice, but he just got finished...
>In your contemplation you don't notice his hand being to wander until he's making small circles on your cutie mark.
>There's no denying it's soothing, especially since half your diamonds were in the, ahem, designated discipline zone.
"You know, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to seduce me sir."
>"Seduce you? Now why on earth would you think that Mrs. Rarity?"
>Mrs. Rarity is it?
>Back to being his slave handler now instead of his troublemaker?
>He did say you'd suffered your lesson and were back to being his good girl you suppose.
"Well sir, unless this is how you treat all your contractors then your hands on my - Oh!"
>You can't help but bite your lip and look back as he grabs quite the handful!
>"Just the pretty ones." he whispers as he leans over you.
>A hand besides your head supports his weight so he can lean down and...
>"Unless you'd rather I go. I just thought you'd feel better-"
>Getting you all worked up then offering to leave.
>He probably gets some sort of pleasure hearing his mares ask...
"Hush you." you say, slapping his side with your tail. "You know what you've started and you'll darn well finish it."
>"Is that so?"
>He may be back behind you now, but you can hear his smug grin without even looking.
"I'm not Twilight though. Gently!"
>You command as he begins to silently position you!
"And don't you get used to this either! I never plan on being in such trouble again much less...."
>Much less having your hind legs slowly spread so he can stand between them!
"A-are you listening to me back there...? If you make me even the slightest bit less comfortable I'll - Ah!"
>Why is he putting that there?!
>The cool lubricating liquid he pulled out of who knows where is several inches north of where you were expecting him to be focused!
"S-sir?! That's not-"
>"Do you trust me?"
>Of all the times to ask that he chooses now?!
>Of course you trust him, he's currently hot dogging your buns in a way you'd never allow someone you don't trust to, but still!
>You thought he'd...
>Well, not there at least!
>"Do you trust me? If you don't enjoy it we can try different things, but I think you'll like it if I'm careful."
>Even carefully a rod like that is really going to push your plot to it's limits!
>You're no stranger to males and their fascination with your wrong hole, but Dusty wasn't quite as large as Anon!
>So very meaty though...
>You bite your lip, and thank the stars he can't see you blush as he rubs your hot buns with a very different body part of his!
"V-very well... but if I say stop then - oh!"
>Prodding! He's prodding!
>You bite the bedsheet as his tip grows more and more insistant at your back door!
>It's so large!
>It'll never fit!
>It'll - Oh!
>Oh my! It's feels every bit as large as your eyes told you it would!
>"Mmmmmm! Good girl! Such a good girl!"
>You gasp and claw at the bedsheet as inch after inch of him slowly vanishes!
>You knew he was bigger than any stallion you've been with, but you don't remember him being this much to handle!
>Where does it end!?
>A heady mixture of pain, pleasure, shame, and desire fight for dominance as his hips suddenly accelerate to meet rather firmly with your once white ass!
"O-oh! Oh sir!"
>Not only does the hip spanking sting your bright red derriere, but you've never felt so full!
>You're thankful he stops to give you a moment to adjust, but you aren't sure you'll ever be equipped to deal with THAT dominating your tush!
>"Holy shit, it's just like I imagined! Very good girl! Just like that!"
>The lewd clenching you suspect he's referring to isn't entirely voluntary on your end, but you just can't help it!
>"You doing alright? You're awful quiet down there."
"Y-Yes, well, it's a bit hard to focus when- Oh, goodness!"
>If he wants coherent words out of you he's certainly not making it easy!
>His final few inches work in and out in short thrusts making your flanks jiggle and sting in a way you suspect he deeply enjoys!
"I can't...! Gracious, please I - Oh! You brute! You absolute fiend! You'll ruin me!"
>If your time over his lap didn't clue you in, then the long deep thrusts absolutely having their way with your backside make it crystal clear! You're his!
>You're his, but it's different than your old masters.
>He disciplined you reasonably.
>He's taking you with consent.
>He's even looking out for your pleasure if that questing hand is going where you sorely hope it is!
>You may end this night hot on the inside and out, but you won't go to bed weeping as you have in the past.
>You'll go to bed loved.
File: 1504757584797.png (200 KB, 1024x535)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Wow was that longer than expected! I know this doesn't really answer any lingering questions, but Rarity's only been in trouble once before so I couldn't really resist. Everypony makes mistakes though and I'm sure she'll be a quick learner unlike a certain other unicorn under Anon's watch.

On a different note I've just added this to the end of the act 7 paste for now since act 7 is rather short already. I could move it so it's own paste if it gets long enough, but for now I don't really think it's a problem.

Anyway tell Rarity she's a good girl now or add any other comments, complaints, or capitulations.

My dick is diamonds like Rarity's ass
This is the hottest thing I've ever read on this thread. Oh my god
Poor Spike, he never had a chance
Clear skies when?
>Lurker when?
>Mirta when?
>Vega when?
Oh wait: ALL TODAY! It’s already too much, I’m saving Vega for tomorrow. If there’s a Clear Skys update ready it should actually wait a bit. We need time to savor every precious character.
You mean sweetie belle? she will be cucked forever
Nah, I referred to Spike who lives in the "reservation" that Luna and Candace keep "hidden" in what is left of the Crystal Empire in Equestria, also Anon considers Swettie a mare that suffered from the abuse of humans and only wants to help her overcome his past to have a better future, and although somepeople imagined that Swettie at some point in history was going to become a Yandere obsessed by his master willing to kill Twilight and Rarity in order to possess him because of his brainwashing in the center of learning our good friend Vega until now has made her a little bit nosy, naughty and ... in the process of recovery.
Spitfire sure has been getting cozy with Anon.
>Literally no important authors or stories
Finally finished reading all previous F&S parts/shorts/etc.

>Forced into work
At least they will get paid!
>Secret cargo
>When signed the NDA it just turns out to be science equipment
Why the huge secrecy then? They could easily tell them that its measuring equipment and everyone would have been happy. I dont think Anon needs to know specifics, but only that the basics like "is it dangerous, toxic, alive, fluid,... "
I have a hunch that its not what they are telling its for.
>Touching fire without protective equipment
At least she likes to be pet.
>your owner
Just noticed this that you use "your owner" as a synonym for Anon. Aren't they close? I know Spitfire dont want to forget that she is owned by someone else.
>selecting crew + ponies + forced crew + ponies
I dont know why but I have a bad feeling why Mr. Whitworth wants to force his own people into the crew. Like a suicide squad or something.
Also ponies? They will have to re-do every control to be usable by them! And where will they find suitable ponies and train them in such a short time?
Spitfire will have a mental breakdown while reading the papers:
"No, I cant save this one, not the right talent."
>Huge plane
I wonder which spot will they choose to sleep. Or if the ponies will sleep separated from the humans.
Spitfire should ask for a hatch to be made so she can easily enter/exit the plane while flying.
Does Spitfire feeling homesick not sleeping in the plane?
>mysterious pegasus
Damn you and your cliffhangers!

Short idea:
Anon with wingsuit + Spitfire flying together

Thanks for this new green/update.
File: 1485738.png (88 KB, 1001x1092)
88 KB
I will buy the cute earthpony bedfilly, I will make her wear a lot of cute clothes. Thanks
File: 1559503172169.jpg (157 KB, 982x661)
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157 KB JPG
Must be difficult owning a group of mares.
Man this was long. I hope that from now on Rarity wont associate beeing a bad girl with punishment then tender anal. Where did Anon get the lube from? Did he planned this all along? Possible he fucked Twi until she fell asleep from the hundreds of orgasms. And now he wants more. But if he wants a tight hole why not Sweetie?
I did not intended to fap tonight, but now I must go and heat up my pure white penetrable toy.

Thanks for the update.

> Your first day on the streets. You're awake before your so-called hosts. The van seat isn't the most comfortable of beds and you're quite done with it after about nine or so hours.
> It still beats a tile floor or the ground under a bush. Hopefully you'll get used to it in time. For the moment, you try to loosen your muscles a little.
> The odd slant caused you to sleep a bit crooked, so your neck now feels tense, but it should be fine once you stretch it out a little more.
> First, however, you walk to the bucket and take a sip of water in lieu of breakfast. Yeah, there probably won't be breakfast. Looking at the sky, it seems lunch is nearer than breakfast anyway.
> You wonder if Sky Light has any plans for that and go to the back of the vehicle to see if the pegasus is awake yet.
> The best you can say is that she is in there, somewhere. The night has been quite chilly and it's not too strange that Sky Light and Terry ended up cuddling for warmth. You would have done the same, if you didn't have both your night gown and the blanket.
> All you can discern is a mass of clothes, but you hear two people breathing and you leave them alone. They don't look like they're ready to wake up yet, so you go back to the dark, cold fire barrel and sit down to wait.
> You also need to pee, but it's not urgent yet and you don't see a toilet anywhere nearby. Yesterday, on your way here, Sky Light had directed you to go behind some trash cans in an alley, but that was some distance away and you don't remember which direction.
> It would be rude to just pee near the place you sleep.
> On the other hoof, judging by the smell around here...
> In the end you decide to hold on to at least *some* decency for as long as you are able. Besides, the pressure isn't urgent quite yet. You can wait awhile.

> Maybe it's because of the good night's sleep, but you feel better than last evening. The shock of being an outcast has worn off and now you're numbly accepting your new life.
> Sucks that you don't have anything to do, though. You haven't had many idle days in your life and you're not used to it. Maybe you could find a few small jobs around here to keep yourself busy?
> For starters, you can flap your blanket around a few times and then fold it up. No reason to live like a slob, even if you are on the run. You've always made your bed and even if your bed is now a car seat it still counts as one.
> That takes all of five minutes, but then you spot how grubby and muddy the floor mats are in the van's cabin. Have they ever been cleaned, ever?
> You don't have a brush, but you still take them out and beat as much dirt out of them as you can, then shake the rest of it free by flapping the things around crazily.
> While you're placing them back, you hear the van's back door squeak open. At this point you're eager to have any company so you go there.
> "What in hell are you making all that racket for?" the pegasus asks, sitting on the ground and rubbing blearily at her eyes. She has already pushed the door closed again to give her human a few more minutes of shut-eye.
> "Jeez, it's not even morning!" the mare grumbles, despite the sun being quite high above the horizon.
"Well, I couldn't sleep," you explain.
> Your muzzle goes a bit red, but you stand your ground. You won't apologize for making your impromptu home a bit nicer!
"We ought to clean up around here a little."
> Sky Light looks at you with narrowed eyes, as if you're some dangerous, escaped convict or something. She doesn't look as if she'll say anything, but you return her stare and wait.

> Finally, the mare relents. "Well, *maybe*, okay! But not this early, you lunatic!"
> Victory! You decide to let the jab slide, Sky Light didn't sound as if she really meant it.
"Um... speaking of clean - is there a toilet?"
> Before your friend can answer, she lets out a mighty yawn which makes her stretch her forelegs as far out as she can reach. After a moment she stands up and extends her wings, nearly bumping your nose with one.
> "Number one or number two?" she asks, brushing her mane into a semblance of order as best she can with her hooves.
"N-Number one."
> The pegasus shrugs, yawning again. "Jus- aah. Just pick a spot, it doesn't matter."
> That *would* explain the smell around here, but you're still not sure.
"Just... right around here?"
> "You can walk someplace else if you want," Sky Light explains, her tone conveying that she herself is too lazy to do that every time. "Actually, I need to go number two. Let me show you where and you can pee there as well, if you insist, your majesty."
> That sounds a bit better, even with the joke title. A proper toilet would be much preferable, despite having to walk a bit for it.
> The pegasus sets slowly off and you fall in step with her.
"So, this is some restaurant or something that lets you use their toilet?" you ask.
> Sky Light stops and gives you another of those long, studying looks. "Not... exactly. Come on, I'll show you."
> As you resume walking, the mare asks very carefully: "So, feeling better today?"
> That reminds you of how you cried last night and your ears fold down in embarrassment.
> "That's good," Sky Light says cheerfully. "You'll get used to it. We all cried at some point or other. Nearly everyone I ever met on the street, really."
> That actually reminds you of her promise.

"You said you'd tell me about cutie marks!" you remind the mare.
> "Sure, but let's do the toilet thing first and then we'll see if we can scrounge up some breakfast. I'll tell you back at the van, okay?"
> You can wait a little longer, so you nod before realizing Sky Light isn't looking.
> The pegasus leads you to a set of narrow, concrete stairs up from the canal you are in. There's only room for one pony, so she goes first and you follow right after. It's a bit scary because the railing is missing in some places, but you're quite steady on four hooves.
> "Slept well?" Sky Light asks about halfway up.
"It's a bit uneven," you admit truthfully, "so now my neck is a bit stiff."
> The pegasus takes the news in stride. "You'll get used to it. It's better than that lumpy mattress. If you don't believe me, we can switch."
> Sleeping in the same bed with a human?
> Well, you've done that with Lillian, but that was different. She is a little girl and you were her pony. It would be... awkward to do that with Terry.
"I'm fine, I'm fine," you say hurriedly.
> Your tone makes Sky Light chuckle, but she doesn't push the subject. "We'll see how you feel during winter. Well, at least you've got some clothes. All I had were my feathers and they didn't do the trick, let me tell you."
> She barks another laugh while you're feeling sorry for her. "Good thing Terry didn't mind sharing!"
> There's suddenly something more on your mind, but you're not quite sure how to say it.
"Um, are you two..." you ask, not quite able to finish the sentence.
> "Not really," Sky Light says. "I mean, we've *done* it. It can get boring out here. But we're not in love or anything."
"Why not?"

> You stop yourself before blurting out that they seem like a good match. That would be monumentally stupid and completely insensitive. For all you know, the only thing Sky Light and her human friend have in common is that they are both homeless. That doesn't sound like something you'd bond over.
> "Just not. I dunno, we just don't feel like that."
"But- you've, um, done it?" you use her own words.
> The mare reaches the top of the stairs and turns around to look at you while you join her on the upper level. "Your point? We're allowed to have fun, okay? Who are you to judge?"
> Your ears go as flat as you can make them and you can't meet Sky Light's gaze.
"Sorry. I didn't mean to sound like that."
> As you glance up, you see the pegasus still studying you intently. "Humans and ponies can- you know," she explains. "It works. But we can't get pregnant, so that's good. I think I read somewhere that we can't even catch diseases from one another, so that's another bonus."
> You're blushing furiously at the unexpected and embarrassing topic and Sky Light quickly catches on.
> "Oooh, you haven't been with a colt yet, have you? How old are you exactly?" she asks, almost gleefully.
"S-Sixteen and a h-h-half," you stutter.
> The mare comes closer and lays a wing around your withers. "Don't worry, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Do you- uh, did you have a special colt, or a boy where you came from?"
> You almost shake your head, but then pause. It's making your muzzle bright pink, but you still say the truth.
"Well, there's Paolo..."
> "Colt or boy?"
> Sky Light gives you one of the sultriest grins you'd ever seen. "Sweet! They're bigger than humans, usually. Most of them can't go for very long, but it's amazing what you can make them do if you know how!"

> You're not meeting her eyes, which is quite hard because the mare is hugging you and staring at your blushing muzzle from about an inch away.
> "Don't worry, girl, you're in good hooves. I'll teach you a trick or two!"
> All you can do is nod, completely and utterly mortified.
> To your immense relief, the pegasus crosses her hind legs and grunts. "Ugh, right now I really need to go. Come on."
> She walks away and you follow, grateful that the conversation is over.
> "Tell me about this colt," Sky Light prompts.
> At least you *thought* it was over...

> ~~~~

> Sky Light let you go first, but that means you have to wait for her to finish while trying to ignore the sounds she is making.
> It's the strangest place you've ever been to, now that you have a moment to look around. Apparently the pegasus and her human friend are using an old, decrepit bathroom in an abandoned factory.
> Somehow the water installation is still mostly intact, which means the filthy, grime-encrusted toilet can be flushed, but Sky Light told you to try and use it during the day, if you can.
> She said it's too spooky at night, because none of the lights work anymore. Not to mention all the jagged pieces of metal and wood strewn around the place. It's also dirty and it stinks, but you guess beggars can't be choosers.
> You still wonder why Sky Light hadn't taken the matter into her own hooves and at least cleaned up a little, especially if she and Terry use the place often.
> Maybe you'll do that one of these days, as a small thank you to the pair for taking you in. Well, if you can find any cleaning supplies anywhere around here, you will.
> The building is relatively intact, but the floor is filled with old, rusty machines and boxes, some intact and some smashed.

> You can probably remove most of the debris and sweep up a little, even if you can't find any cleaning liquid for the toilet itself.
> Strange that no one had wanted to take all this stuff out when the place went out of business. You can't be sure, but you think industrial machinery is usually quite expensive.
> "So, how are you holding on out there?" comes Sky Light's muffled voice.
> You look around again, taking in the small, high windows, the broken down machinery and the pigeon-guano-covered floor.
"Could be better, I guess."
> There's no further questions, so you pose one of your own.
"Are there rooms in here? I mean, like offices?"
> "No good," Sky Light answers, guessing what you're aiming at. "Full of pigeon crap and I don't trust the floors. Who knows how long this place has been abandoned."
"Well, maybe one of the other buildings?"
> Surely there's a better place to make your living than a broken down van, right? Like a broken down factory.
> At least it's *technically* a building!
> "You're welcome to look, but the ones where we were able to break down the doors..."
> Your pegasus friend falls silent in the middle of her sentence.
> There's the sound of the toilet being flushed, then Sky Light comes out of the tiny cubicle. "Anyway, the ones we could get into are pretty much like this. I guess anything with any value has been stolen by now and what's left is either rotten, or rusted, or both."
> You follow the mare out the door, looking back so you're sure you remember the way if you ever want to use the toilet by yourself.
> Now that the unpleasant business is done, you bring up the real question.
"So, about cutie marks?"

> Sky Light's head slumps a little and she exhales, as if in exasperation. "Sheesh, fine already. Come, let's go to the city and look for some food, I'll tell you on the way."
> You follow the mare around the corner and down a cracked asphalt road. It looks like it passes above the underpass where you guess Terry is still sleeping in his van.
> "Right. So. Back in Equestria all ponies got their cutie marks when they were around ten, or eleven or something."
> This is important and you focus your ears on your friend so as not to miss a single word.
> "It's supposed to be a sign of your true talent. What you're meant to do in life and so on. Like-"
> Sky Light pauses and glances back at your flank, even thought the mark is hidden under your gown. "Yours, for example. I guess you're good at growing things?"
> You nod enthusiastically.
"Yes! I got it just after the Boones let me start a garden of my own!"
> "See? Well, I'm a gambler, that's what this means," Sky Light explains, absentmindedly tapping her own flank. "Sometimes, if we have some extra money, Terry lets me buy a lottery ticket. We win more often than not, though never a whole lot."
> She chuckles, as if she had said something funny. "I wish ponies could play poker. I'm *sure* I'd be great at that! Or blackjack!"
> You walk in silence for a few moments, waiting for the mare to get back to her story.
> "Anyway," she continues, "Aiden - remember, I told you about him? He drives around with a trucker dude?"
> She has mentioned a pony like that, but not by name. You nod your head anyway.

> "Well, his cutie mark was a compass. He's like, super good with maps. Just let him take one look at a map and he instantly knows where he is and where to go. Last time I heard, the guy - the truck driver - they're really good friends. They drive that thing around the country all the time, so they spend most of their time on the road."
"So, why are humans this scared of cutie marks?"
> Sky Light takes a deep breath and her ears lower.
> "I'm getting to that part. So yeah, cutie marks, special talent, destiny, blah blah. Got all that?"
> You nod again.
"Yes, I think so," you answer.
> "Well, back on Equestria, cutie marks were always a good thing. There used to be this thing, 'cute-ceañera'. It's like a party for when a filly or a colt got their cutie mark. One of the older ponies who was born there told me."
> You still don't know where Sky Light is going with all of this, but it's interesting so you don't interrupt her again.
> The next bit seems to be giving the mare some trouble, though. Her hoofsteps slow and her ears flatten even more. She gives you a sad, soulful look, as if deciding if she can trust you.
> At long last she speaks again, albeit in a quieter voice: "On Earth... not all cutie marks are good."
> Her gentle tone sends chills down your spine.
"W-W-What do you mean?"
> The pegasus angles herself so her gait brings her closer to you. She is staring right into your eyes with a kind of burning intensity. "I guess it depends on society a little. Everyone was happy on Equestria - well, mostly. The cutie marks reflected that. Here on Earth, though..."
> The fur on your back rises and you gulp, afraid of what Sky Light will say next.

> "There's been cutie marks for-" Sky Light begins, but then pauses and looks around to see if anyone is watching. After making sure, she leans in and whispers the final word: "-terrorism."
> Your legs feel like they're made of lead and you almost stumble and fall. A cold, scary feeling takes your insides in a grip.
"T-Terrorism?" you squeak.
> Sky Light nods, sagely. "Cutiemarks for... killing people. Destroying stuff. Shit like that. It was pretty bad..."
> You can imagine. You'd never touched a plant in your life, but once you got your cutie mark you instinctively knew what to do. You can't imagine what a cutie mark for killing people would do to you.
> It'd be your calling. Would you do it, or would you rather be miserable your entire life for not obeying your destiny?
> What could even bring a pony to get a cutie mark like that?!
> You have to ask.
"Um, w-what did ponies do to... to-"
> "To get a cutie mark for killing people? I don't think it was what *they* did. It was more what was done *to* them, if you understand me."
> You remember the show you'd seen and shudder.
> How close have you, yourself come to... an *evil* cutie mark? It could have happened that day, by the sound of it.
> "In any case, ponies on Earth were getting cutie marks later and later anyway. It was in the news - some study that cutie marks were dying out. Some ponies never got one. I guess the humans prefered that, so they started studying us to try and just- eradicate cutie marks altogether."
> Despite the possibility of a cutie mark in terrorism, what Sky Light is saying sounds... evil. It's not a good solution at all.
> "For a bit it seemed to be working. There were fewer and fewer of us and we got marks later and later in life. But it wasn't bulletproof."

> The pegasus heaves a sad sigh and shakes her head. "There was this huge massacre. It was in all the news. A pony did it," she says softly. "It went downhill after that. It became law to report young ponies when they got their marks. At first they were just studied, but later they were just taken away and never came back."
> You're about to ask, but Sky Light lifts a hoof up to forestall you. "The ones who already had good cutie marks were okay - the ponies from Equestria, or those of us who got it before the panic and so on. Just the new ones were problematic."
"But why do ponies who get cutie marks just vanish?!" you blurt out.
> Surely once the humans determined they were safe, the pony could come back to their life, no?
> "Dunno about that one, really. It's just another law they came up with eventually, all ponies with cutie marks have to be reported to the police. No one knows where they're taken, or what happens next," the pegasus answers truthfully. "I got that post-mare's uniform to hide mine if I go out in public, just in case. 'Official' ponies are okay, you see?"
> "I can also do this." Sky Light fluffs her wings for a moment then folds them back so they completely cover her flanks. She only holds it for a moment before relaxing.
> "Not too comfortable, but it works in a pinch. Anyway, good thing you have that dress. Make sure it doesn't rip or something, okay? I'll try and get you some kind of an uniform, too."
> You glance at the fabric. It's a bit flimsy, but mostly okay. Just a bit dirty in places.
> It's silk, so you'll have to figure out how to wash it without destroying it. You hope Sky Light can find you something more permanent soon.

> The pegasus starts walking again and you follow, glad to be doing something, even if it is just following and thinking about clothes.
> "Some people got really scared about ponies with cutie marks, no matter what they really were. Some people don't care. You get all sorts, but it's best to keep it hidden. Oh, and unicorns. *All* humans got really frightened about unicorns."
"Why unicorns?"
> Sky Light gives you a flat stare. "Can't you guess? Try to imagine: a cutie mark for killing people and magic powers. Okay?"
> Yeah, come to think of it, that does sound like a really bad combination.
"H-How do you know all this?"
> You really really wish Sky Light was wrong, but somehow you don't think she is.
> The mare shrugs with her wings. "Well, I talk to ponies. There's a few of us living on the streets. Sometimes I go hang out at the trucker stop, and I talk with people. Some of the truckers let me listen to their radios. Then there's newspapers in the trash... you know."
> For some reason your mind focuses on the strangest thing.
"What are you doing at the trucker stop?" you ask.
> Sky Light gives you a blank look. "That's not important," she says.
"Tell me!"
> She heaves a sigh before answering. "Look, sometimes it's between starving and doing something... unsavory."
> It takes you a few moments to put two and two together.
"You go and-" you gasp, stopping and covering your mouth with your hoof. "With the truckers?!"
> Sky Light shakes her head. "No, of course not!"
> You start to relax a little, but then the pegasus opens her muzzle again. "Just a quick tongue job. They really like that."
> You groan and close your eyes, but it does nothing for the mental image.
"Yuck! That's... low. You shouldn't-"

> A wing slaps your muzzle closed. "Not a word!" Sky Light hisses angrily. "You don't get to judge! Doing *that* for five minutes means fifty bucks. Thats meals for a week or two!"
> Sky Light's eyes narrow. "We'll see how high and pure you are after a month without eating!"
> You make a face.
"I'd rather eat grass!"
> Sky Light shrugs. "Fine. But when you come crawling to me in the middle of winter, begging to teach you how to suck a cock, I get your first pay. All of it. Understand?!"
> You shake your head angrily.
"I'll never do that!"
> The mare watches you sadly, then sighs, deflating. "I wish you won't have to, sweetie. I really do."
> You watch each other for a while. Your heart is sinking as you imagine how bad the situation would have to become for you to seriously consider... that.
> Pleasuring men for money.
> You feel like crying once again.
> Luckily, Sky Light hugs you and then pulls you up on your hooves again. "Come on - I'll show you where we can get some breakfast around this time of morning."
> She sets off once more and you follow, lost in unwelcome imagination while your guide to the horrible world of homelessness keeps explaining.
> "You'll probably complain, but the food is in wrappers and people just throw it all away when they're in a hurry or they've had enough. Plus, no one comes around to the trash cans except employees and I know all of them."
> She looks at your troubled expression, then chuckles. "Don't worry, they have vegetarian options, too."
> Well, you think, at least you've got that going for you.

Moving it along, as time permits. Hope it's a fun read!
Paste is here: https://pastebin.com/D8eBZPe0
So humans being a dick because a random pony make a disaster and can't use logic to figure that a gardener cutiemark isn't dangerous?
Welp, I guess I will wait for your next green, this is another "humans are bad just because" fic
*"humans are bad and stupid just because"
Here come another flashback. I hope this one reveal what is actually happening to her right now. Maybe removing her ring wake up something suppressed in her memories
File: Best filly.gif (1014 KB, 514x600)
1014 KB
1014 KB GIF
Some fillies are better than the other ones
I hope terry and rosa fuck in exchange for news about her school
I can already hear the van rocking
>Be Cloudburst
>In the bathroom, peeing
>Embarrassed, ashamed and terrified that you've been...
>A bad girl
>You neglected your appearance thinking master would never find out
>Drinking and not bothering to bathe for three days behind his back because you figured he'd never know
>That's not what a good girl would do
>If you were doing something you didn't want him to find out about than you were actually being...
>Two bottles of cider is a lot for you
>Thankfully you'd drunk them over the course of the afternoon then fell asleep
>You're still drunk, but can speak without slurring if you concentrate on it
>The shower is right next to you
>You shouldn't keep master waiting, but by the same token he shouldn't see you in the state you're in
>How fast could you put yourself at least halfway together?
>Realistically ten to fifteen minutes - that's too long
>But you could improve the state of you quite a bit in a mere five
>You flush the toilet and open the door to call out to daddy
"Daddy, is it OK if I take five minutes to... freshen up a little?"
>"Take ten," he answers. "I'm going to order delivery. Thai sound good?"
>You weren't planning on eating today, but something salty sounds really good right now
>Not that you deserve it
>A quick look in the mirror confirms this
>You look like shit, and you can't believe you let daddy see you like this!
>You are so ashamed and rush to turn on the water in the shower
"Thai sounds wonderful, thank you!"
>You hope that sounded more cheerful than you feel - at least you got it out without slurring
>It would be wrong to let daddy down any more than you already have
>You know he's disappointed in you at the very least
>But it's probably worse than that!
>You shiver as you get into the shower even though the water has yet to get hot
>Making him wait for you will only make things worse, no matter what he says
>You hurry through your shower, not even bnothering with soap or shampoo
>Even a wet mane and tail will look better with a quick brushie than what you just saw in the mirror
>You really should blow them out, but taking the time to do that seems unwise
>Making daddy wait for you a second more than absolutely necessary is a bad idea
>So as much as you'd love to grab the drier you resist doing so
>At least you smell better now
>You can't believe he hugged you like that
>What if he was disgusted?
>He certainly SHOULD have been - you were fucking disgusting
>He should never have seen - or smelled - you like that
>Stupid, lazy and self-indulgent, that's what you are!
>And drunk, but a quick look in the mirror reveals you're now borderline passable
>Still not fit to be seen by him, but in the best shape you're going to get yourself without making him wait any longer
>With your ears back you emerge from the bathroom to find daddy sitting on the couch looking at his phone
>As you approach him he looks up
>"Tere you are," he says gently, "Feel a little better?"
"A little, but you should never have seen me like that. I'm so sorry, daddy"
>"I'm the one who surprised you. Ended up surprising myself in the process"
>You lower your head to look at his feet because you don't deserve to look him in the eye
>You feel his hand on your wet mane
>"I'm not upset. I'm not pleased, but it's not your fault. This is my doing"
"You're very indulgent daddy, but I can accept responsibility for my own actions. I know I was bad"
>"No you weren't. This is my fault. I get you drunk a bunch of times then leave you cooped up for days on end with nothing to do"
>You can't believe what you're hearing!
>You have to tread very carefully with what you say, and being drunk isn't helping
>You can't contradict him, but he's making way too light of this!
>You KNEW you'd let yourself get into a state he'd disapprove of, but you did it anyway
"I was the one who let myself go, which I never should have done. I'm sorry"
>"I'm the one who put you in that position. I'm the one in control here. I should have known better"
"I'm sorry to have made you feel like that daddy, and I'm ready to accept the consequences"
>You have to bring up punishment if he won't
>He's never punished you before, and the idea is terrifying
>But things can't get back to normal until it happens - that's what you were taught
>And like it or not now is the time
>You'd hoped this time would never come because you figured you could be a good enough girl to avoid it
>But you've failed at that
>And as kind as daddy is trying to shoulder some of the responsibility for your transgression
>You were still bad and have to be punished
>He's giving you a puzzled look
>No need to beat around the bush
>Just say it
>So with ears all the way back, eyes on his shoes you summon your most contrite voice and say:
"I think we'll both feel better after I'm properly punished, daddy"
>Be VP
>Your little pegasus just asked you to punish her
>This situation makes you thankful your sadistic streak is very short and narrow
>Because while visions of physically abusing her flew through your head for a second there's no way you would actually go there
>You can see how guys get off on that shit, but that isn't you
>Poor little thing
>She really expects some kind of physical retribution - she believes that's what she deserves
>Maybe Sunrise has a point
>The training they put private property ponies through really fucks with their heads
>Owning a sex pet is a level of fucked up you can deal with
>But facing a situation where she'd actually be relieved if you beat the shit out of her right now?
>She's actually expecting it
>That's a little more fucked up than you want to deal with
>Railing her a little too roughly is one thing
>Beating her is another entirely
"I'm not going to punish you for being depressed, Cloudy"
>She's looking at your shoes
"Look at me"
>Slowly she lifts her head, but doesn't quite manage eye contact
>She looks ashamed, but also scared - she's shaking
"I'm not going to punish you"
>"I'm sorry I disappointed you, daddy. I know what I deserve"
"I said it's not your fault. You're depressed, and that's my fault. I've been neglecting you, and I'm sorry for that"
>Now she looks confused
"That's what it looks like. I'm not a psychologist, but getting drunk alone in the middle of the day while watching TV?"
>She blushes
"Yeah, that sounds like you're depressed"
>"Isn't that selfish of me?," she asks in a very quiet, small voice
"What do you mean?"
>"I was taught depression was a luxury for people, not ponies. We're not supposed to be depressed"
"A luxury? I don't know about that. But let's say it's true. Your circumstances are more luxurious than you've even known before, right?"
>"That makes it worse. I'm not just selfish, I'm ungrateful. I'm so sorry daddy"
"Stop apologizing. It doesn't work that way. Look at a guy like Tony Bourdain - he was living the dream"
>"I don't know who that is"
"Was. He was a guy who had it all - fame, bestselling books, several hit shows, got to travel the world - all on his own terms"
>"What happened to him?"
"He killed himself"
>"Why would he do that?"
"Because he was depressed"
>He pupils go narrow
>"I would never do that, daddy"
"Of course you wouldn't. His depression was chronic, yours is acute - different things"
>"I don't understand"
"We can make a few changes in your life and make you happier, I'm pretty sure"
"Yeah. something to give you more of a purpose, keep you busy doing somethng you like"
>"I have a purpose - pleasing you, daddy"
"And you're very good at it," you say running a hand through her mane
>She looks at you pleadingly
"You are a good girl, Cloudy. But pleasing me doesn't fill up all the days in the week, does it?"
>"No...," she says looking away
>You look at her flank - her cutie mark looks like a brush and a pencil - what's that supposed to mean?
"Why don't you tell me the story of how you got your cutie mark?"
>"We're not supposed to talk about our lives before, daddy"
"Who told you that?"
>"It's what we were taught"
"You were also taught to do what your master tells you, right?"
>She nods
"So tell me the story of how you got your cutie mark"
>She hesitates, then brightens a little
>"Well, you know all of us girls were taught how to keep ourselves looking good for the masters we'd have someday"
"Of course"
>"Some of us were better at it than others. A lot of the girls would go too heavy with the makeup, which doesn't look classy at all"
"So they looked more like whorses than bedmares"
>"You have to be subtle with it. I understood that"
"Obviously. I never realized you wore makeup"
>"This is the first time you've seen me without it I think. I still think you should punish me for that"
>Boy is this one lucky you don't get off on that kind of thing
"Continue the story"
>"So one day Lily shows up looking like a... what you said, and I took her into the bathroom with some of the other girls who were having trouble"
>She smiles at the memory
>"I not only fixed her up, but showed all of them how to do it right. And since the blow dryer was right there I blew out her mane as well"
"I bet she looked great"
>"She looked amazing! Then it happened. A hairbrush and an eyeliner appeared on my flank"
"So your special talent is being a stylist who could someday end up teaching at a beauty school?"
>"If I weren't so much more valuable as a bedmare, maybe that would have happened"
"I think it still could. Give me a minute to think"
>You know a pegasus stylist from work - pink and gay - what the fuck is his name?
>He's really good, too
>He does both Hippodrome and Blinders Off
>Vidal! Of course that's his fucking name!
>You can call him tomorrow
"Would you like the chance to put your special talent to use? Doing hair and makeup for ponies?"
>Now her eyes go wide, pupils as well
>"You'd DO that for me, daddy?"
"Plenty of men let their mares work. And it's not like there isn't work for stylists at the network I happen to run"
>She claps her forehooves together, which is adorable
>But then she gives you a confused look
>"I don't understand it, daddy"
"Understand what?"
>"I feel like I was a bad girl, and instead of punishing me you're rewarding me"
"You're not looking at the big picture. I created a small problem and solved it before it became a big one"
>She considers this
"And that solution might just make your life a little brighter, which is good for both of us"
>"Then I should make your balls a little emptier"
"Look who's all raunchy"
>"Sorry daddy. I'm still a little drunk"
>You unbuckle your pants and unzip your fly, giving a growing Little John some air
"It's OK. You should make my balls a little emptier regardless"
>She's immediately on you with almost calf-like desperation
>You don't even last a minute
>And as you're zipping your fly back up the buzzer rings
"That would be our dinner"

Cloudy is such a good girl.
I wonder if your post won't have a line through it tomorrow but
yours will...
>Vidal! Of course that's his fucking name!
At least he is gay or she would turn into a rose 2.0
I hope cloudy remain as a good girl until the end of VP
Serious question. You people actually enjoy this?
Yes now stop trying to bait this same argument
It happens every other thread and is always "I don't like this story so it shouldn't exist" "but you can just filter it and never have to see it ever again" "but I don't want to press a couple buttons so this one guy needs to leave forever to maintain my safespace" spread over 150 posts
Welp, Meri confirmed made into glue. Wonder what a cocksucking cutiemark would do to a hoers.
No, I usually skim past it or skip it altogether because I can't give a shut about any of the characters. Not from a lack of trying.
Absurd question. Haven't the people spoken on this like a year ago?
Stop trying to save the general, the general is dead. all these people are retarded and have tainted spg beyond saving. They comprise most of the threads now since sim imploded and the spg you once loved is far dead and gone. Leave these autists to squander and wallow in their own idiocy. None of the good writers are coming back or finishing their green. None of the art fags come here anymore. The fandom is dying and this toxic shithole is just the start. Sorry your community you'd grown to love has willowed to nothing. I'm just as frustrated as you are but spamming the thread just serves to hurt you more. Remember spg when it was good... not this friend.
There's plenty of other writefags still making content. Just don't be a drama queen and filter things you don't like.
For a moment I thought that humans were envious of ponies because they could be special by having a cutiemark and they did not.

Cowards and idiots, good definition for humans
Whoever was trying to get in touch with swf last thread, he'll answer if you send him a message through pastebin, it just might take a couple days.
We could always start a Pet Pony thread where we have slave stories but without the autistic obsession with pony suffering. A place where we can nudge things back toward the direction of comfy and leave the autistic shitters here to wallow in their fetish filth.
pet pony is already a thread. its about people going "i wish i was a pony, hey you can i stay at your house and fuck you so i don't have to work?"
if you dislike blinders that much you can just
you don't have to start up a brand new thread and even if you did it wouldnt work because you have no way of content control over there either
either use the tools that 4chan gives you and everyone else already uses, grow thicker skin, or leave. if he bugs you so much you might be happier cutting the whole thing out of your life
It's not just about blinders, it's about the autism that's allowed low quality garbage like him to flourish. We COULD have quality control here, if people would start ignoring garbage content instead of actively encouraging it. This "all content is good content and welcome here" attitude is what is actively killing this thread and you people are too fucking stupid to understand it.
>if he bugs you so much you might be happier cutting the whole thing out of your life
You mean like most of our best former contributors already have?
if they were upset enough to abandon a thread they put time effort and creativity into because it now has someone they dont like in it, staying on this website would only make them miserable.
Once again you seem to be missing the point. This isn't about "one person they don't like," this is about a shift in thread culture toward something absolutely disgusting and cancerous, and the fact that everyone seems a-okay just going with the flow instead of having any fucking standards whatsoever.
I think we should start a new spg that cuts out these edgy faggots and brings spg back to its glory days. I'm down for a pony pet general
Fucking this
>shift in culture
do you not remember the early days of cyos? or even earlier, before spg got its name. its always been this way, the only thing thats changed is for a while we had some comfy green to balance it out
you want to go back to that point? write some
if you keep it updated often itll have the result you want, i promise
I don't think the retards here will ever understand this. This general was never about fetish fuel but here we are being constantly bombarded by the fact that purple is a spank conisour and that blinders really really likes urine for some reason. have you noticed how much he mentions it in his story? Anytime he tries to be remotely sexual pee somehow is always incorporated
also sexualizing fillys and colts...
come on guys that shits not cool
you guys should ask gilf to help you make spg2. he has a good track record with that
make sure you include "nice posts only or well ban you" in the op so everyone knows before they post
Someone is a bit tender? Glad you support this degeneracy
You are such a good girl, Rarity. You honor Anon with your trust, and he deserves it.

"I can explain!"
>No you can't!
It’s difficult to keep the voices of Twilight and Rarity distinct sometimes, but you manage it. Their two personalities come shining through the dialogue. I’m interested in Sweetiebell too; it was not her idea to be here and she doesn’t have as much history with Anon. Would she trust him the same way? What does Anon really think of her snitching? Anyway, I just love every bit of this whole scene.
>blinders really really likes urine for some reason
I'm glad I'm not the only person who's noticed this
I like SPG, and I like Blinders. Make of it what you will.
You sick fuck
I don't understand what the point of these generals are anymore. No one has written green in months and all you assholes can do is argue.
honey berry when?
File: Spoiler Image (187 KB, 732x1000)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
Clearskues when?
have you seen the effort he went through to recreate the discord in his image? its 40% politics 40% shitposting and 20% a mtf transexual begging for attention. nobody talks about the thread, they barely talk about ponies at all.
he did it because he had a grand vision to make spg what he knew it always should have been.

if youre filtering blinders awf mirta vega lurker AND tgn then why do you keep coming back? just drop the thread

died in a car crash in spring, stop asking
Fang is still alive you retard
I'm waiting for good writers like blocky and clear skies to come back you fuck
>No one has written green in months
What are you talking about? There's never been green in this thread. Quit reading shit and learn to filter.
>died in a car crash in spring, stop asking

Yeah he posts in discord almost daily.
Tell him to fucking update clear skies
Rosa will have to let go of her previous lifestyle (cleaning and stuff) if she plans to live the homeless way. But I dont think is this what you have planned for her.
>cutie marks
Umh this feels wrong. Raking all ponies away who got their cutie mark to never be seen again?
Also I have a feeling that the only one cutie mark thing is due to the humans doing something to them. Maybe secretly drugging them? And take away who still got their cutie mark to examine why.
Need more info about this.

Thanks for the update!
File: 1976706.jpg (159 KB, 903x1072)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Here your new bedfilly. She is a really good girl
This. From the start there has been edge and fetishy shit associated with slave ponies because the very idea stokes that up in many - especially those who know anything about actual slavery and slave play in a BDSM sense. For a while comf was the overriding aesthetic here, but it was never universal. Over the last year it seems like the comffags have been bailing. But the number of posters and the amount of green has remained pretty constant. It's not that spg is dying, but the culture seems to be shifting a little. That's nothing new, but I see how it's disconcerting to the comffags.
He's managed to include a pretty wide range of fetishes beyond mere piss. He's done lactation, rough anal, constant throatfucking, choking out, filly, older on younger, mother and daughter... Even the language of the latest update has a bestiality ring to it using the words "calf-like desperation" to describe a blowjob. He's so much more than just piss.
Fetish based content never makes for a good or compelling story, I think that's the thing that strikes a nerve.
Those of us who enjoy Vega's work would beg to differ.
Vega's story was never good for anything but a fap, I like it but at least I can admit that much.
I don't even find it fapworthy, just amusing.
No one ever thought it was flap worthy. You'd have to be actually fucing 12 years old and beyond sheltered to think it was.
I mean, that's explicitly what he set out to do so mission accomplished I guess. If your an autist like >>33910814 that's fine, but clearly enough people liked it to make it one of the most hit stories in the thread.
>one of the most hit stories in the thread.
There's the issue. You have a minority crying about the thread being not comfy enough and too fetishy, yet Vega and Blinders are very popular. It's kind of hard to tell people what they like is wrong.
Fetish content in my fetish thread? Would people just do that?

They're allowed to not like things, but when all they do is bitch and moan they can fuck off. If you don't like the content then create your own content. If you aren't willing to even try then quit crying when others make what they enjoy instead.
That's... why I'm here.
Vega and blinders are just not good
It's OK to have an unpopular opinion. Just understand it makes you a minority.
>Fetish content in my fetish thread? Would people just do that?
This was never intended to be a fucking fetish thread you fucking newfag, congrats on being part of the problem.
You know why those people are a minority now? Because you fetishfag and edgefag autists have driven away the majority of this thread's "old guard" with your autism, a lot of whom were really good people and the heart and soul of SPG. That's not something to be proud of.
>Slave Pony General
Nope, no fetish around here!
It’s not just fetish, there’s plenty to say about the psychological, legal, and economic implications of modern chattel slavery of intelligent aliens. Any good story needs to say quite a bit about that world-building stuff to stay interesting. But to say fetish was not always a big part of it is just kidding yourself. It always was and still is a big part of it.
Times change, culture changes. Deal with it.
What an entitled little shit you are.
Fucking millennials.
It's OK to have an unpopular opinion. Just understand it makes you a minority.
>you drove them away not me, the humble fetish peddler who showed up at the same time the writefags jumped ship
Rose 2.0 but she starts from a different mindstate.
Vidal will re-think his gayness.

Thanks for the update.
>Fine. But when you come crawling to me in the middle of winter, begging to teach you how to suck a cock, I get your first pay. All of it. Understand?!"
You, sir, owe me a new ass because I just laughed mine off. That's just brilliant.
File: ...wait.jpg (16 KB, 369x406)
16 KB
>> A flash of blue, flittering among the trees?
No reponses? For shame!

It's neat to see Celestia struggling with her back-and-forth uncertainty about how to present herself. On the one hand, she's very good playing at "dropping the mask" and becoming the pony she actually is rather than a ruler. On the other hand, though, it almost seems like there's a bit of a mask in that too: Celestia doesn't just look out and help him because she wants to use him for her own ends, but because she genuinely seems to want to help him and fear him being in danger. Her urge to see him safe, to want to warn him and figure out what's wrong, feels like it isn't just because he's a useful piece of the puzzle.

As others said - maximum unf. Now, though, I'm just wondering if Sweetie Belle is going to catch her comeuppance - whether or not what Rarity did was wrong, Sweetie was a right cunt in this segment, and somebody needs to get that conniving pony in line before she does something worse?
Have to admit, the cutie mark things feels super off to me too. I could totally see that as being the basis for making a registry or background checks for cutie marks, maybe even deliberately engineering ponies getting them in contained conditions. Maybe they need a cutie mark passport, or something like it. But to have any pony with any cutie mark sent off to oblivion because they have a mark, without any consideration of what the mark is? That's like saying "A boxer beat someone to death, so now we have to arrest anyone with muscled arms no matter how they got them."

Like >>33908580 said, this feels like just another "people are evil and/or dumb" thing.

I remember a while back when we were talking about Rosa's schooling, and you commented that they waited to teach the ponies about sexuality until very, very late because the school's curriculum was written by someone hopelessly naive. But right now, it feels like everyone is hopelessly naive. - nobody bothers to do due diligence and just jumps to the most foolish conclusion, even when the alternative would be clearly better.
It's because mirta isn't good
Feeling that feel. Sorry, Mirta! Love your story, just didn’t have anything useful to say. Don’t get discouraged or feel we’re ignoring you, I’m just lazy!
But people ARE evil and dumb.
>comparing Vega to that drivel.
He's not the best writer, Lurker TGN and AWF have that title for me. But comparing him to blinders is pretty insulting imo. They are popular for different reasons. One is fun, and while a lot of the characters are ooc, they're still somewhat likeable. and it doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, and the other is popular because another Anon who doesn't like the story is very vocal about it every update.
Yes, also you
Pony good and intelligent
Human bad and stupid

This is the 90% of SPG greens
We could write pro-slaver propaganda, where the primitive and stupid ponies are invaded and enslaved for their own good. It would be extra-cool if we researched popular literature during the Age of Expansion when that was a common sentiment, and used some of those old assumptions in a modern context with little ponies! For most of our stories written from a more normal perspective though, a slaver society IS going to be bad and stupid. There might be a few bright spots in it here and there, but slavery is something the whole society does together.
Enjoying the thread is entitled? Entitled seems more like whining about how it used to be better and telling anyone who disagreed to get off your lawn.
People have legitimate gripes with the direction the thread has been taken, being extremely dismissive of everyone who doesn't like what you like and implying anyone who disagrees with you is "whining" and should just "deal with it" is extremely fucking entitled.
Consider suicide you fucking child.
Being extremely dismissive of everyone who like the way things are, and implying anyone who disagrees with you is "a child" is extremely entitled.
>People have legitimate gripes with the direction the thread has been taken
Didn't those people leave? Yet somehow the thread is still going strong. Why could that be? Maybe we didn't need them.
People that are genuinely upset over what they've lost here are the entitled ones?
The absolute lack of self awareness here is mind boggling.
We're supposed to give a shit about those who abandoned us?! Fuck them.
I'm not saying you have to give a shit, I'm saying it's pretty fucking autistic to not realize that you're the intruder here and that people have every right to be angry with you and your ilk for swarming in, shitting all over everything that THEY built, and proclaiming this was always your home.
>you're the intruder here
That's funny. I've been here for years.
>assuming they have to be new because they disagree with you
>implying we haven't always had a mixed reader base
You can lie to yourself but you cant lie to us
Well this has been fun I guess. Enjoy your cesspool that you seem to be so fucking proud of. Maybe one day you'll realize you've been wallowing in utter filth and feel just the slightest hint of something approximating shame.
Shame is useless and filth is fun.
See you in an hour
We all need to take a break from things once in a while.
Fuck you
He got you though.
Every time blinders shows up this whole place goes down the shitter. I think it's time to admit that blinders is a detriment to this general
pretty close
>Worshiping writers who bailed on us while shitting on popular ones we still have
Great strategy for keeping a general alive
File: 1559607444046.gif (937 KB, 265x228)
937 KB
937 KB GIF
>ignore pointless argument that happens every other thread and is always exactly the same because it's always started by the same people and has the same people bite the bait
>post cute mares that would be a good girl
File: .png (268 KB, 547x600)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Kinda bratty outside to look cool but a total cuddler and boop slut in the bed
Is she drinking an egg cream?
File: 1309760.png (542 KB, 861x819)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
>your mare is the face of rebellion
>you already know this, you allow it because it's adorable
>she pretend to be rebel outside
>but she is totally a slut for her master inside where no other pony is watching
>her favorite activity is kissing her master
Does this mean VP is gonna have a fling with Sunrise?


It is ironic that someone who does not enjoy the pain of others has produced a program focused on it.

>Cloudburst cutiemark

I do not know, I would have liked more than the special talent of Cloudburst to focus more on artistic drawing or graphic design, I do not reject the talent of the stylist, but that she was capable of being creative, translate ideas of her own being a slave conditioned only to please and obey would have been for her the first opportunity to explore her own mind and improve, discover a world beyond.

Good green FBHPBO
If the ponies are as smart as it is that they conquered them?
This reminds me of the mini story where a group of ponies plan a revolution only to be interrupted by the leader's mistress who brings them refreshments.
Dashie a good girl
>It is ironic that someone who does not enjoy the pain of others has produced a program focused on it.
Remember he bought Roseluck because his wife wanted a stallion. He probably had some unresolved hatred toward ponies when he created Hippodrome. Then he fails at a reality show with Bronc and Mare while his relationship with Rose is failing. Blinders Off feels like his penance.
Got a screencap or link to paste for this?
It's because vp is mentally handicapped
I remember that one. It was adorable.
>TFW no more comfy mare slaves
>TFW no more silly rebel ponies
>TFW no more celestia teaching her owner's great-grandkids
>TFW no more ponies taking care of the one who sheltered them when he is older
>TFW no more lesbian murder horse
>All these stories, lost in time
>>TFW no more ponies taking care of the one who sheltered them when he is older

SHUT UP!!!! SHADUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just got through it now. Really enjoy how bleak it got so quickly. And Rosa's innocence being destroyed is delicious. Keep up the good work!
File: 2057173.png (811 KB, 1200x1200)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
Batponies make good slaves too!
>also sexualizing fillys and colts...
>come on guys that shits not cool
Posting this in the bedfilly thread....
Just take care of your fangs Unless that is your fetish
File: unf.png (1014 KB, 1246x1024)
1014 KB
1014 KB PNG
>take care of your fangs
he's already taken
File: Master arrive .jpg (750 KB, 1033x967)
750 KB
750 KB JPG
>also sexualizing fillys and colts...
It's not out fault... We only wanted a cute pony to hug but they want more than hugs...
Wait, what was that last one?
Project Redux: a fatalistic unicorn under a deferred death sentence, working for a bounty hunter on pony-related cases. Good stuff, but dead story.

File: lesbian murder horse.png (597 KB, 966x1227)
597 KB
597 KB PNG
One more reason never to trust a unicorn.
Wicked Eclipse would not even disagree with you, even as she added another kill to her tally.
File: IMG_7648.png (531 KB, 1280x902)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
File: bedfilly.png (285 KB, 600x900)
285 KB
285 KB PNG

Sunbutt is too mortified by her sister's wanton behavior to take lawyer dick.
She's taking notes to use in bedroom later
She's got your shirt on because it smells like you and she loves smelling like you.
That's gross, I'm buying her, her own shirt.
>undressing the filly
She'll just take your dirty ones out of the hamper and put them on when you're not around.
Could be worse.
Could be wearing your fapsocks.
Why would you have fapsocks if you had a bedfilly?
Besides the obvious that bedfillies are for cuddles not fugging?
Because the bedfilly is a new acquisition and you haven't done laundry yet?
Because they got shoved way under the bed and never made it out, but little fillies are inquisitive and good at getting into small places?
Because you don't and they aren't yours and oh god oh god where did she get those?
>you don't and they aren't yours and oh god oh god where did she get those?
She's rubbing them all over herself because she loves the way they smell.
File: IMG_7998.jpg (54 KB, 241x400)
54 KB
Corona when?
Freedome Fiter will never submit. NEVAR! (except for snack break).
The silly rebel ponies were really sweet, but there was still the hopelessness of real slavery lurking in the background to make it bittersweet. I keep imagining when he grows up, and has to be serious about being a good slave, or have his new owner serious about him being a bad one. He has such an innocence about him, and growing up is never easy even when you’re freed at the end of it.
File: IMG_7999.png (56 KB, 600x600)
56 KB
Shiny and corona when?
File: .png (294 KB, 1280x720)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
Bedfillies also have needs but that problem can easily be solved by having two of them until they really want some advance cuddles with master
Anon, have bad news for you..
Good strategy.
File: Icecream night .gif (1.54 MB, 478x294)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB GIF
Is Rarity “eating icecream”, or is she just eating icecream?
File: First icecream night.gif (987 KB, 421x222)
987 KB
987 KB GIF
After some training she actually enjoy the ice cream night.
File: .gif (1.04 MB, 522x540)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF
But other ponies are just natural
Rarity ate ALL the icecream, in a totally “eating icecream” way.
>All that ice cream
Her first master was brutal. He probably share Rarity in some sophisticated party
File: 383405.jpg (22 KB, 344x330)
22 KB
>But other ponies are just natural
Ice cream cutiemark
>free pony
>prostituting herself
What a fucking surprise
That's what she gets for buying into the freedom meme.
File: good girl.png (664 KB, 1771x1825)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
What do if a unicorn insult your good girl pegasus?
Report her as a runaway so she gets taken to the Pound.
Just hug and kiss my good girl in front of her.

> Getting settled into this...
> What would you call what they have here?
> Encampment?
> Facility?
> Operation?
> Whatever it is, the living is better than you have had in years.
> A real bed in a sleeper trailer and fresh, hot food from any of the nearby episodes?
> Luxury!
> Unfortunately, you don't have long to relish:
> Work begins quickly - yourself and Anonymous spending hours in the cockpit of the Mars, familiarizing yourselves with the controls.
> On the fourth day, three new faces turn up:
> A man and woman, he was broad with lined and wrinkled skin while she was young with hollow eyes that seemed to bore into you.
> Curious as you are about the fierce gaze she was spearing you with, it's he who is the most immediate concern:
> They might be another species, but you can tell when two males are sizing each other up for a dominance competition; if he and Anonymous were pegasi, they would be circling each other with wings spread, tufts fluffed out, and tails lashing.
> There might even have been whinnying.
> As it was, they simply eye each other over for a few moments before extending a hand to shake.
> Tensely.
> You let out a silent breath of relief.
> Male dominance contests could be ugly; you’d never tolerated them among the Wonderbolts.
> Professionalism was mandatory.
“That’s Anonymous, my owner. I’m Spitfire - his co-pilot and navigator. You’re…?”
> “Renaud Laplier. That-”
> He gestures to the woman, who is still spearing you with a fearsome gaze.
> “-is Alicia Millicant. We were pilot and flight engineer respectively for Coulson Tankers; now I guess we’re on this gig with you.”
> Anonymous chuckles.
> “Oh, so you’re the ones Thomas managed to rope into this?”
> “There’s a third - Terry’s somewhere around here; he’s our other flight-engineer-and-navigator.”
> Three of the original crew - out of eight.
> That’s not great, but at least you weren’t going to be going into this totally blind.

> You’d made do with far less before.
> Especially in those last final days as Equestria crumbled apart.
> While your thoughts wander, Renaud’s gaze turns down to you.
> “So, a pony who flies a plane, huh? Can’t say I’ve ever heard of that before, but the stuff Thomas sent is pretty clear. He told you what this is all about.”
“More or less, yes.”
> “Think you’re able to deal with it?”
> Is that a challenge or a test?
> Whichever it is, answering to quickly would be foalish - but so would hesitation.
“I’m confident in my skills as a flyer and Anonymous’ as a pilot. But I’ll admit I haven’t tried anything this big before, so I know I’ve got a lot to learn.”
> That’s the answer you’d have hoped for out of any brand-new ‘Bolts; hopefully it plays well enough here too.
> Hope pays off - Renaud gives something that might generously be called a grin; the lines on his face do most of the grinning for him, but it’s still enough.
> “Fair. We don’t have long to teach, so I hope you - and the other ponies - are going to be fast learners. What do you think, Alicia?”
> You hadn’t really been hoping for a ringing endorsement - not with the way she’d been looking at you before.
> But that doesn’t mean you aren’t a little hurt when she just snorts and walks from the room.
> Renaud watches her, a frown passing briefly over his lips.
> “Ah, she’ll be better once she knows you.”
> You doubt that.
> Like most officers, you knew a lie when someone tried to feed you one.
> This was going to be trouble.
“What about the third of you - Terry, you said?”
> “Terry? Aw, no - he’ll love you. He’s the freshest among us; I think he’s the most happy to do this.”
> As if summoned by his name, a young man sticks his head through the doorway.
> “Hey, does anyone else know why Alicia just went running out like she’d eaten a bug and - oooh, hey! You must be Spitfire! Good t’meetcha!”

> Your hoof is being shaken even before you can fully register how quickly he’s crossed the room, and it takes some effort to resist the urge to leap back.
“Oh! Uh, hey. Good to meet you… too?”
> “Word is we’re going to be getting a few more ponies to help fill out our crew. Can’t wait to meet them too! You know who any of them are yet?”
“We, uh… we’ve been making some initial selections, Anonymous and I. But we wanted your input before making any certain decisions.”
> “Yeah.”
> Anonymous shakes Terry’s hand too; unlike with Renaud, there’s none of that typical stallion-ish posturing.
> “We’ll have some initial choices ready soon for you to review if you’d like. We didn’t want to make any final decisions on this without you.”
> Terry and Renaud look at each other.
> The latter speaks first.
> “We should probably get Mr. Atmos to see that too, since he’s the boss.”
> “Sure, sure. What about, uh - Alicia, that was her name?”
> This time the pause between them is a leaden one.
> “I… think she’ll be okay with the choices we make.”
> Your eyes narrow and Anonymous raises one eyebrow at Renaud’s lingering tone.
> This dancing around an issue going to be a problem.
> Right now, though, your owner does not pursue it:
> “Alright, then. We’ll run that past you and Atmos soon; we’ve both been going over the lists to see who’s available.”
> You aren’t sure how much of a lie he realizes that is.
> Though you knew how to find the sites on the computer that listed ponies for sale, making yourself actually go to them…
> You find yourself stalling uncontrollably.
> Leaving him to be caught in a lie seemed wrong, though, so you force yourself regardless of how nauseating a task it was.
> It felt like another betrayal.
> Yes, he had sworn to have the ponies freed.
> But even just taking part in this whatsoever left an unfathomably bitter taste in your mouth and piercing ache in your chest.

> Because when anyone else scrolled through those profiles, they only saw values.
> Opportunities.
> Costs-and-profits.
> You saw lives.
> Some of the faces were scared, some were angry, some neutral.
> Some looked like they’d been hit with drugs before the pictures were taken.
> And for every pony you chose to be purchased, there were so many more you had to pass up on.
> Ponies who you had to deny the chance at freedom.
> All those emotions you crush down beneath a mask of professionalism.
> You’d broken dreams before, denied ponies a chance at the Wonderbolts and the dreams they’d chased since foalhood.
> Even kicked out a few prospective cadets.
> If you could do that, then you could do this too.
> Hopefully.
> ...huh.
> You must've spaced out a moment; the three men had moved on leaving you behind.
> Turning to head back down the stairway to the lower level, you instead nearly bump into Bell Curve coming up on the same sharply-curving steps.
> Rearing back up, you beat your wings twice to leap up out of the way.
> Fortunate that you had head space to do that!
> "Sorry-"
> Bell Curve comes the rest of the way up and heaves his saddle bags to the side.
> Almost immediately he's pulling a bottle from one, drinking deeply.
"...long day?"
> "Yeah, I've been running back and forth for a while. Bringing things up to the, uh -"
> He gestures with a hoof towards the back of the upper deck, where the 'cargo' is locked away.
"Ah. 'Cargo'."
> "Yeah."
> Leaning in, he whispers into your ear:
> "Sorry. Thomas doesn't like us talking about it openly. Not when we're outside."
"S'fine. I wasn't exactly screaming out that I flew for Anonymous, y'know?"
> Settling down on your belly, you extend a wing in offering for Bell Curve to do the same.
> "Sorry, Spitfire. Nothing against you, but I think if I lay down right now I might not get up again."
> Yeah, you can smell that - the hefty, musky scent of a stallion having been given a good working-out.
> Yeah, you can smell that - the hefty, musky scent of a stallion having been given a good working-out.
> He does drop to his haunches, though - tucking a bit of his long mane back behind an ear.
"That bad? Does Thomas really push you that hard?
> "Eh..."
> Bell Curve shakes his head, and the mane comes back down again.
> "Not really. Hell - he's the third owner I've had, and he's probably the easiest. No bowing, scraping, or pushing - just lets me do my numbers and is happy."
"Heh. Lucky."
> "Lucky to be up here, honestly. No offence, but we hear some horror stories about what can be like in some of the States."
"Yeah, like you said with the shock collar."
> "Uh-huh. I was in uh - Britain, I think it was, before this. That was a bit more rough."
"Never been there myself."
> "Not the country. Fine place. But, my boss there - he seemed to get the idea it was my fault when the money-numbers didn't line up. He was like that with his human employees too, but he could beat me when he couldn't touch them. It was a bad place. A lot of hollow eyes, human and pony both."
> You lean a touch.
"So... Thomas is pretty relaxed? How'd you get on this team anyway?"
> Maybe - just maybe - you could get an idea of how this was going to go down...
> "Well, it was another branch of the same company. Word went around they needed a pony good with numbers, I, uh... I got someone to put my name in for it, thank Celestia."
"And you went to Thomas."
> "Uh-huh. God, I was terrified at first hearing I was going to the States. But then Thomas... I got in early to this, uh, project, understand? And he didn't just treat me nice. He actually listened to my ideas about it."
"Like, what?"
> "Well, at first we were just thinking about trying to replicate the basic control-"
> Bell Curve hesitates.
> No!
File: 2015704.jpg (82 KB, 900x1350)
82 KB

> So close to getting something!
> But the stallion gives an apologetic nicker and shakes his head.
> "...sorry, Spitfire. Nothing against you, but - I really don't know what I can say."
"S'fine. Besides, I bet you don't want to get in trouble with Thomas. Or get him in trouble."
> "Yeah."
> Cracking a half smile, Bell Curve pushes himself up onto all fours again.
> "Can say that again. I owe him a lot, Spitfire. Just like you owe your human."

A shorter section this time. I hope to have the next bit out pretty soon, though! Next time: Choosing our ponies.
When are they going to fuck?
Never, Anon is going to leash him to the cot, so that it's practically choking him and then he's going to fuck Spits in the ass right infront of him.
> There might even have been whinnying.
You just nail her exasperated tone here! Would be even more fun if she encounters another mare sometime, and she or Anon make an ironic comparison.

> You’d made do with far less before.
> Especially in those last final days as Equestria crumbled apart.
They’re not relevant to the story, at least yet, but I’m always interested in those little glimpses of history. Cadences account of her capture in Slaveventure was especially moving.

> And for every pony you chose to be purchased, there were so many more you had to pass up on.
> Ponies who you had to deny the chance at freedom.
Spitfire is very alert to polite lies from Renaud, but she seems to uncritically trust this ‘work makes free’ idea. Why, exactly, does she believe the ponies she selects will be freed by Thomas or whoever ends up owning them? Because of a promise made by a corporate persona to a non-person?Would she have believed that when she was in the cage at the start of Fire And Sky? Maybe she’s actually doing the bigger favor to the ponies she rejects...

>Bringing things up to the, uh -"
"Ah. 'Cargo'."
> "Yeah."
You’ve been coy, keeping Spitfire and us in the dark, so my imagination is running wild with it. Some sort of horrible machine made out of unicorn horns or even still-living (sort of) unicorns, right? That would be out of character for you, maybe it’s something else.

>Next time: Choosing our ponies.
Any update from you is a good update, but that promises to be especially emotionally difficult. Looking forward to it!

Maaaybe, but not seeing it with Bell Curve. Story probably needs some pr0n in there somewhere though.
Nice work. Please keep it up. And thanks.
I want to see a sissy stallion get fucked in the ass by his loving master is that too much to fucking ask for?
But we need more mares cucking their master
File: Rose.png (178 KB, 1024x1035)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
And people complain about Blinders being too fetishy.
File: 420396.jpg (530 KB, 1950x1050)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
>he's going to fuck Spits in the ass right infront of him.
I can't believe that this is the only pic with spitfire eating an icecream
Speaks volumes.
>Story probably needs some pr0n in there somewhere though.
inb4 lurker blueballs us with another story where Master goes without sex
Look like soarin already know the rules and what is about to happen to his friends but the real question is if soarin will eat icecream too
File: 1480899.png (1.58 MB, 1463x2100)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Just the other day I decided to reread F&S and saw you started the sequel. Ive been looking forward to this for a while m8 keep up the good work.
>being gay is a fetish
Wew lad, fuck off back to pol you degenerate fuck
>anything I don't like is /pol/
Why always this argument in a place like general like this? we barely talk about politics
>being gay is a fetish
Well, it's sort of a political identity now too, but it falls into the category of "sexytime fun things to do" so it's a fetish in that sense.
Kinda silly and childish for the younger anon to feel he has some kind of rivalry with a much older and more experienced pilot.
They can lie about it but once they feel that hmd rubbing inside of them, they're hooked. The only reason they'd cuck master is because they want to get fucked even harder later. They know upsetting him makes him less lovey and gentle about it.
Be the change you want to see.
why a pet collar makes pone so much hotter?
Because you’re the sort of person who lurks /Slave Pony General/.
But dude, the flare. Mare are supposed love that sensation even with the shitty one minute stamina of any regular stallion I wonder if any mare can actually go back to the stallion after being fucked by a human for 15 minutes without any interruption
I didn't. Until today.
I might have a new fetish now tho.
True, but reminder a human can hit different spots if you play around with different positions too, spots a mare wouldnt even know about, like the g-spot. A human could even get a female off anally if they're in missionary because it'll put pressure on the cervix through the flesh inbetween. Doing it quadruped style is fucking boring. Flexibility and adaptability are everything.
This is all true, but still no flare. Even on a pony that flare can be 4-6 inches across. That's got to make a mare feel full up against her cervix.
>I wonder if any mare can actually go back to the stallion after being fucked by a human for 15 minutes without any interruption

>Brutally raped by an asshole master?
>Lovely sex session with a lot of foreplay and aftersex cuddler?
Hell no, just look how no one returned with Dusty after anon properly claim Twilight. Even the a damaged one like Rarity fall for the human charm after a gentle fucking with anon
Poor Dusty. He was a good boy but those humans keep taking all the mares.
File: IMG_7779.png (550 KB, 3000x3000)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
Blocky getting her womb filled with human seed when???
File: 1741939.png (78 KB, 274x274)
78 KB
>twilight/rarity feel bad for dusty
>ask authoritation to anon
>[introduce any bullshit to make anon say "yes" here]
>twilight/rarity go with dusty
>dusty finish to quick
>twilight/rarity accidentally say "that was fast"
>dusty pride, soul and mind get destroyed
Never, the main writer want to create a random "friend" to take her virginity.
Blocky will join to the "cucking master" club with Rose and Red Sky
You're assuming all mares WANT lots of foreplay and after sex cuddles. Some mares want to get right down to business and be taken properly. Cuddles after optional.
What the fuck blocky anon?
>Red Sky
That poor young stallion was the victim here.
Red raping that colt barely count as cucking
And Lawyer-Anon never got to see Equestria, in chains. It would have been presently symmetrical if he ended up enslaved somehow himself.
This. It was statutory rape with a colt who's been clearly mentally fucked with being in a tiny stall and beaten whenever any nut doesn't end up in a cup. I forget if it was written how long he was in there, but a few months of isolation can psychologically alter the hardest men and they're outlawing it as a punishment. Those same men get some paper and shit if they're behaved which implies some human contact, and they definately get moved to walk outside for a little bit and fed.

This was a young colt that also had the isolation treatment but replace getting to walk around with getting wanked off by a plastic glove, or get pushed into fucking a wooden post vaguely resembling a quadruped while people are watching. I'd say he's barely even sapient at that point. It's more like masturation than cucking.
>statutory rape
That doesn't apply to animals.
File: 1559853051309.jpg (418 KB, 1280x1805)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
Did you make this, if so send link to instructions
Goddammit Hasbro. Why did you have to give us shitty playsets of crystal palaces and schools instead of masterpieces like this? I'd have bought this in a second.
Afraid not, not idea where it came from.
Just trying to lure Blocky back. She's cute.
Kinda lurking, bud. Had surgery about a week ago and I've been kind of preoccupied. Might try continuing to write while I'm out of order. I've been drawing some, and if I get confident enough, I might try drawing another slave thing.

Never could really tell if this was shitposting or not, but I do kind of regret bringing the virginity thing up. It has nothing to do with Blocky inside this thread's story, but I think from this point I should keep info about her unrelated to this story out. As far as the story I'm writing is concerned, she's not losing her virginity to a rando.
>but I think from this point I should keep info about her unrelated to this story out
You better do. The last time that someone was posting a not slave related story he was filtered to dead
Blocky needs to lose it to her loving master
Fuck that. Blocky needs to lose it to an ejaculating Lego dildo.
File: .png (668 KB, 750x750)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
So... everytime we're innactive a bedfilly get icecream?
Sweet Pigs don’t know about my surveillance system. They sometimes try to hide if they think I’m watching but now I’m ALWAYS watching, or at least recording. I no longer have to guess about who pooped in the food bowl (Blonde Pig) or flipped over the shelter (Black Pig). It’s also a comfort to check up on them when I’m away from home, just to make sure they’re still alright.

My pet-cam is hardly questionable, but what about the privacy of slave ponies? They don’t have ‘privacy rights’, or any other rights, as chattel property of course. Does the very concept of privacy even apply to a non-person? Would you allow them some refuge from your overt surveillance where they could relax and be themselves? Would you bother to use concealed cameras there to create the illusion of privacy for them, or would you respect their desire and actually choose to not know what they do while they believe you don’t know what they’re doing? If you have a recording of them doing something cute, funny, stupid, sexy, or otherwise interesting in ‘private’, would you think twice about sharing it publicly?

Would it matter to you if your own private property saw you in private either? Would you respect their judgement of you enough to have any shame in front of them, or would it be more like being ‘watched’ by a mirror?

As the corporations who own us all gather more and more intimate data about us, the morality of privacy is becoming more relevant. Do you care if someone, or something, knows about you if you never have to know about it? Why?

There seem to be a few people dedicated to keeping the thread up. Only an organized or automated raid can get past us.

That implies these pones aren't littler than terran pones. If these horses are indeed knee high or just above they'd feel stuffed either way.
File: 1301223.png (433 KB, 1280x1280)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (60 KB, 500x500)
60 KB
Know what else is 4-6 inches across?
>Be mare
>He wants to meet in a so called neutral place
>So you chose a coffee shop that has a mixed clientele - two legs and four, light and dark colored people
>This time of day there's just a few people on laptops and one pony couple patronizing the place
>He's sitting at a table by himself, and stands to meet you as you walk in
>He looks so much better without the beard
>You like to think you can play this cool, but you can't
>You run into his arms to be rewarded with a somewhat hesitant hug
>Not what you were hoping for, but not unexpected
>By the time her releases you 47 has taken a seat at the bar, leaving you some privacy
>"I got married last weekend, you know"
>You knew he was getting married soon, but didn't know it had happened already
>Of course you wouldn't - there was no way he was going to invite you!
"So it's definitely over between us?"
>"You knew that"
"Well your timing is shit. YOU convince me I deserve to be taken care of, give me a little taste of it, then leave me hanging!"
>That came out sounding angrier than you meant, and you don't stop yourself from adding:
"It's not fair!"
>"Since when did you give a shit about what's fair?"
>Good question
>Its never been something you thought about before
>But now it's something you hear all the time
"I live with a free colt. What is and isn't fair is a really big deal to him"
>"There you have it. You're settling in to being a free pony"
"I guess. But it's lonely"
>You don't want to make a fool out of yourself, but you hear yourself saying in a very low voice
"I ache for you"
>He gives you a loving look that quickly turns sympathetic, and lifts his left hand to show you the gold ring on his finger
>"I can accept being the guy who allowed a magical creature to seduce him to cheat on his fiancee"
"That was a two way street and you know it!"
>"Fair enough, but I'm not the kind of guy who cheats on his wife"
>You don't know why that's such a big fucking deal, but he seems adamant
>"Can I get you something?"
"A coffee, I guess"
"A little milk, thanks"
>You feel a little like a fool
>For the second time in recent memory you're practically throwing yourself at a man who you KNOW is going to reject you
>But when he returns with the coffee you try just one more time
"Plenty of married men have pony mistresses"
>He gives you another sympathetic look
>"You're not going to make this easy for me, are you?"
"Can't blame a girl for going after what she wants"
>"You're a free pony now - you can do better than being some man's mistress"
>You'd love to have a comeback for that, but he's right
>"You were happy being married, weren't you?"
"Of course. But I can't just run out and buy a replacement for him. He was one of a kind"
>He sighs
>"No offense, but he was a notorious wreck of a drunk. Talented and good looking? Sure. Obviously madly in love with you, too. But..."
>You feel anger rising - if he says anything else bad about master you're going to...
>You don't know what you'll do
>"I know what you two had was special, but you're such a kind beautiful mare... You can do just as well of better when you're ready"
"And how do I do that?"
>"Socialize. Meet some ponies"
"I don't know how to do that!"
>"Doesn't Ponytown have a nightlife scene?"
>You think of the little bar a couple blocks from your place
"Not really," you lie
>You could easily meet somepony there
>Certainly a Mr Right Now if not a Mr Right
>Then again master was hardly a Mr Right by most standards
>The life of ease in the penthouse with America's sexiest stallion was great
>But the constant drinking was something you had to actively overlook
>He wasn't nearly as sexy when he was red-eyed and slurring and only half-hard
>Which was the end of every night
>And that might have become a problem over time if it hadn't killed him
>The morning sex was fire, though
>And master's dick was bigger than this guy's
>You almost want to say that, but it seems cruel to punish him for being right
>Then again it was cruel of him to awaken something in you and just walk away emotionally
>While you still have to see him at work
>That's probably why workplace relationships are frowned upon, or it's one of the reasons
>But can you REALLY do better?
>Find a stallion as sexy as master, but as emotionally supportive as this guy - as he was for a minute at least?
>Do those two things even go together?
>"I'm not going to be cheesy and tell you you'll find The One. It'll probably be hit or miss out there for you like it is for everyone"
>You nod absently
>"There is no The One. But there are probably hundreds of stallions out there that you would be very happy with"
>Again you nod
>"I'm just saying don't settle for less than what you deserve, like being someone's mistress"
>Fuck, he's probably right again, though you would never have been able to admit that before now
"I want you, but I guess it's good our timing was such shit"
>"Why is that?"
"Because you being right all the time would have gotten old really quickly"
>He smiles
>"It's not like I haven't heard that before"
"Guys love being right. It's annoying"
>"Sorry to be annoying"
"I'm not kidding myself though, right? You really do give a shit. You really do care and believe in me, right?"
>"Of course I do. I put my fucking future in jeopardy just to show you"
>That makes you feel a little better for some reason
>But the message is clear
>His life has moved on, so yours should, too
>"That and the obvious," he adds
>Now you smile at him
"The obvious was good, too"
>"Good enough that I still feel guilty about it"
>That makes you feel a little better as well
"No point in that. We did what we did. It wasn't meaningless, but it's over. And you can still say you're not the kind of guy who cheats on his wife"
>Knowing the way men are you have to add:
"At least for the time being"
>The walk home with 47 is uneventful
>As you climb the steps to the front door you see a unicorn mare leaving his apartment
>She quickly pushes past the two of you, eyes downcast
>Her mane looked like shit, and her make up was pretty awful
>She was skinny and scraggly, too
>You know exactly what she was - a skank
>A streetwalker
>You shoot a questioning glance at 47 even though it's obvious what the situation is
>"You weren't supposed to see that, Ma'am"
"I'm in no position to judge"
>But you are judging her hard
>Not for being a whorse, you'd never look down on anypony for that
>But for not taking any pride in her appearance, and probably none in her work, either
>Generally cheapening the profession
>And lowering the value of mares in general
>Because she clearly wasn't a real pro
>She's doing it to feed a habit, and is most likely making a beeline to her dealer right now
"What do you think she was on?"
>"Meth, from the looks of her, Ma'am"
"Out of professional curiosity, if you don't mind me asking... What does a mare like that cost to...?"
>"She'll ask for fifty, but you can always negotiate her down, especially if she's having a bad day"
"How far down?"
>"Depends. Half that if she's desperate"
>You know what clients of your former organization pay for similar services
>It's A LOT more than that - beyond an order of magnitude more
>Suddenly you remember being a filly at the brothel
>Spying on a couple of workmen there doing something involving wires
>They were talking about a mutual friend's new girlfriend in a less than flattering way
>One of them said, "I wouldn't fuck her with your dick"
>And it was all you could do to keep from laughing so hard they would have heard you
>But you managed to keep quiet
>Now you can imagine 47 walking in there and saying that to 42
"You get what you pay for, I guess"
>Walking into your apartment you're greeted by the sight of Cuddleslut sitting in the kitchen
>Completely engrossed in some game he's playing on Rose's smartphone
>He's gotten so big so fast
"Where's mommy?"
>"She's having a playdate with Miss Chrissy. They're in our room talking about grown up stuff"
>Miss Chrissy? Who the fuck is that?
>The door to their room is shut
>But you hear hoofsteps and Rose opens it
>"How was your thing?," she asks
"Exactly what I expected"
"Is that good or bad?," she queries
"Neither. How's your 'playdate'?"
>She opens the door a little more to reveal Crystal is in there with her
>"We're having fun," Roseluck answers with a nervous giggle
>The smile on Crystal's face and molten look in her eyes suggests what Kind of fun
>Are they hooking up?!
>That's kind of what this looks like
"Hi Crystal! Planning the revolution?"
>"More like entertaining the troops," she replies
"Well if I'd have known you were coming I'd have picked up some wine"
>"I brought a bottle," she replies, "I'd offer you a glass, but we finished it"
>Rose giggles again
>Well fuck, look at that
>You may not agree with Crystal's politics, nor do you think she'll be a good influence on Rose that way
>But you'd been hoping Rose would find a marefriend sooner or later
>Crystal is a good mare, though
>You don't have to agree with everything somepony says to like them, and you consider her a friend
>Hopefully this showmance will work out better than yours did
"Should I run out and get another bottle?"
>"The place on the corner delivers now," Rose says turning to the colt, "Let mommy see her phone for a second, sweetie"
>"But mommy, I'm in the middle of a game!," he complains, "That's not fair!"
>Rose is fucking her barely-horse-legal girlfriend in the room right next to her son
>Mare's anger at the other prostitute is about her being shit at her job
I love this kind of casually-fucked-up-people.
No-beard seems like a decent guy here, I wonder if he ever talked to Hippodrome competitors like this before or after their big day? That’s not a show that needs a whole lot of writing, but someone still needs to keep the plot on its rails and that would be him, right? Does he keep in touch with any of the victors (or secret losers) for old times sake? This caring side of him seems so dissonant.

That glimpse of the mare enslaved to addiction was interesting; she might well be better off with a strict master, even one who didn’t care about her more than economically. If pony slavery is a thing, it seems it should function as a social safety net too. Could she sell herself in a more literal way?

>"That's not fair!"
I just know you’re setting up Cuddleslut for some unfairness later. Try not to be too hard on him when it happens.

And thanks for keeping the magic of this thread alive!
But crystal was not a mature mare?
If she's a cameramare she's probably older than Mare and Cloudy, but maybe not by much.
File: get the book.jpg (91 KB, 254x478)
91 KB
>decent guy
File: 1044409.png (407 KB, 1300x1063)
407 KB
407 KB PNG

> Anonymous sits down at the table opposite you, pushes the remnants of both your breakfasts to the side, and motions to the papers nestled in a small pile beside your spot.
> “Those your choices?”
> You wipe away a last bit of grease and slide them over.
“Yeah. I’ve… picked a couple of possibilities.”
> “ ‘kay. I”ve got a couple to lay out myself, but you start. We’ll go back and forth.”
"So, here's our first."
> You slide the first print-out over; Anonymous stares at the displayed image for several long moments before looking up with one raised eyebrow.
> "...Spitfire, what exactly am I looking at here?"
"Batpony. Thestral. Nocturne. Chiroptequus. They go by a few different names. Best known for forming the core of Princess Luna's personal guard - which, oh, coincidentally, this one was."
> "You know her?"
"No, but I know what a soldier's history looks like. Kalendae served. Might've been still serving when she was caught."
> "Profile says she's 'aggressively violent, repeatedly attempts escape, hostile to all attempts at conditioning'."
"My report says something similar. Or said, when you came and pulled me out of that cage. I know how a soldier thinks, Anonymous. I can talk to her. Plus, she’s disciplined, familiar with Equestria, and - the report says - ‘tolerant of working near aircraft’. That’s three points in her favor.”
> "Fine..."
> Running a hand through his hair, Anonymous grimaces.
> "...but if she goes Dracula on me, I'm throwing her out of the plane. Midair. Over the ocean."
> You shudder despite knowing he is joking.
> Death by exhaustion over the ocean was no joke - one of the few things you truly feared.
"She won't. For one, they don't drink blood. And for two, I think if she comes after anypony it’ll be me.”
> “You?”
“You’re just a slaver. I’m the traitor. Who’s next?”
> Thankfully he takes the topic-change in stride.

> “If that first pony was in the military, we might have trouble keeping her off this next one too.”
> The paper slid to your side of the table shows a far-older griffon - his coat beginning to gray places.
> Signs of time spent soldiering are in evidence here too; one eye is covered by a dark eyepatch, while his feline hindquarters are clearly scarred.
“Gerard Hildesfattir.... I think I know this griffon!”
> “You what?”
“By reputation, anyway: He was a Claw-leader - that'd be a captain under our system. A good strategist and officer... and not fond of ponies.”
> “Fuck. Should’ve figured there was a catch. Unfortunately, he's the company's choice. Whitworth’s, I mean."
> Your stomach falls.
“You’re kidding. They’re forcing that on us?”
> “Will he be picking fights?”
“I doubt it. He's smart enough not to do that, but they'll want him watching our every move for anything out of line - and who better than a griffon?"
> "Can you deal with him?"
"I can. If anypony else tries something, I'll deal with them too."
> The finality with which you say that draws a raised eyebrow from Anonymous.
> After a moment, though, he nods.
> "Next?"
> You draw a deep breath.
> At least this one wouldn’t be as difficult a sell as Kalendae had...
“Renaud. Whether or not Whitworth is going to try and force us, I want him on the plane. He’s experienced, used to the plane, and we’d be idiots not to.”
> “Agreed. So why do you sound like you’re trying to convince me?”
“Because there’s just one issue:”
> Standing up, you put both forehooves on the table.
“I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but you two get into bristling matches every time you see him. Seriously. If you were stallions I’d have told you two to take it outside and have a good fight just to get it out of your systems. Go fence with your stallionhoods, or whatever.”
> “It’s....”
> He rubs his face a little grumbling.

> “...we’re both normally captains of our own ship, so to speak. And now we’re being asked to work together, I’m on his territory but we’re going to be flying in my area of experience… yeah, we probably are jumping at each other a bit.”
“I get that. But you know what? He’s also a long-timer. Knows that plane better than either of us do. So, are you going to go fight him or what?”
> “Did ponies actually do that?”
“What, fight over stuff?”
> “No, the dick-fencing thing.”
“Fuck no. But I would let them get bit of sparring off if that’s what it took.”
> When you give a little nod, Anonymous chuckles.
> “Damn. I never knew.”
“Not a real fight, just a little sparring. But yeah.”
> “Well, I’m just going to have to go tell him outright. Make it clear we’ve got to stop if we’re working together.”
“Good. Your turn.”
> Another sheet is slid your way for review.
“Mistral, huh? I don’t know about this one, Anonymous… there’s a lot of bad hints here.”
> “Like?”
“Okay, here. ‘Right here, there’s a comment appended - ‘attentive and eager to learn’. But right down the next, she ‘avoids all responsibility and duty’. And the pattern keeps repeating.”
> “Isn’t that less bad then what it said about - who was it, Kalendae? She was outright hostile to authority.”
“Normally I’d agree. But it keeps happening with new owners… Mistral’s issue is that she isn’t reliable. Kalendae I can convince, and a pony doesn’t get into the Royal Guard while being unreliable. But Mistral works when she wants to.”
> “Okay… that’s a no, then. But you’re not going to like my next choice any better.”
> Your eyes narrow.
“Oh yeah? Not another griffon, is it?”
> “No but not much better. I’d like Alicia on the crew, for the same reasons you wanted Renaud.”
> Groaning, you sink back onto your haunches.
> Yep, he was right.
> You’re not liking that choice any better.

“I don’t know what her issue is with me, Anonymous.”
> “Neither do I. But just like what you said about Renaud: She knows this better than we do, and we can’t afford to be tossing away relationships.”
> Groaning, you extend a wing to to rub the back of your head.
> “Just - try to talk to her, okay?”
“Fine… I’m guessing you’re going to want Terry in on this too?”
> “Unless you have a problem…?”
> You actually manage a grin this time.
“Nah. I’m good. He’s good too. Who’s your last? We still need another navigator.”
> Anonymous rubs his head awkwardly.
> “I don’t actually have one… Mistral was my best.”
“Oh. Well, fortunately I do.”
> With one hoof you scoot the sheet over; Anonymous knits his eyebrows as he examines it.
> “Cloud Patch… sounds like a pegasus, but he’s an earth pony?”
“It happens sometimes. A weather specialist without wings - can’t move a cloud, but can tell you anything and everything about the land and the weather.”
> Leaning back over the table, you tap the relevant lines with a hoof.
“See? Read here and here.”
> “Yeah, I get what you’re talking about… then that’s eight. Two full crews. We’ve got our team.”
> He steps from the table with the remnants of breakfast;
> You start to follow him, but as you do one of the profile-pictures catches you eye:
> Anonymous’ copy of Mistral’s profile page; he must have held the complete copy back.
> Her picture - a white-coated pegasus, mane and tail of sky blue and vibrantly yellow eyes - stares.
> The impact slams into your gut with the force of a hurricane, leaving you wobbling in place.
> That wasn’t just an image, a profile.
> She was a pony
> A pegasus mare just like you.
> And you had just denied her the chance to join this team.
> To eventually win her freedom.
> Where would she go now?

> A pony with that kind of history - obedient one moment, hostile the next - might avoid the worst labor camps, but not forever.
> Would she have done better if you had taken her in?
> Related to another pony, rather than a human owner?
> Your mouth opens to call for Anonymous, but he is already at your side - arms circling around you and concern in his voice.
> “Fuck! What’s wrong, Spitfire? It looked like you were just about to fall right over!”
“I - just -”
> There’s bile in your throat; you have to swallow it before continuing.
“Don’t know why it just hit me now. Selecting - choosing - ponies to come with us, and… denying them. It just - got to me.”
> Words aren’t coming easily; you’re disjointed at best.
“I’m sorry, I just can’t-”
> “Shh. Hey. C’mere.”
> He was sitting down himself on the floor, back to a cabinet, so that you could lean against him.”
> That is sorely needed, and you just stay there a while as proper sentences form in your mind.
> Hands stroking down the back of your neck is helping.
> A lot.
“Choosing ponies to accept or reject - I’ve done that before. But choosing them to be get their freedom or be tossed back into the system feels…”
> “Like you’re turning on them?”
“Abandoning. Like I’m abandoning them.”
> He doesn’t say anything more.
> Might not even have anything more to say.
> But he does stay there, until you manage to get yourself upright.
“I’m better now.”
> “Liar.”
> You grimace.
> He was good at reading you these days.
“Okay. I’m not good. But I’m not going to keel over again.”
> “You sure?”
> No.
"Swear to me, Anonymous. Swear that they'll - they'll actually go free when this is all done. Abandoning one - I can... can deal. Losing them all-"
> "Shhh. Shhh. Hey. I already swore, Spitfire. Once the purchase goes through, they'll be owned by me. Not Thomas, not Whitworth, nobody else. And I will free them. You know I will."
File: 1528477135718.jpg (57 KB, 636x800)
57 KB

> His hand is in your mane, and normally that would be a pleasant feeling.
> Not this time.
> You shrug away, spinning around on a hoof to face him with a whinny and ears pinned back.
> Letting him see your narrowed eyes and the definitely-not-tears dampening them.
"And what if they decide to alter the deal? Then what?"
> "Then we tell them to fuck off, that wasn't the agreement and they don't get to pull that kind of bullshit."
> Anonymous is - allowed to rest a hand on your withers.
> After a moment, you extend a wing out to hang over the arm.
> "You're not my slave, Spits. Remember that. You're my partner, and when I promise you something then it gets fucking done."
> Head hanging, your ears flop down.
"I don't know. I'm just... this whole thing, it's eating at me."
> "Yeah, I can tell. That's why I'm saying, let it be my problem to deal with."
> Somehow he is able to reel you in until you're resting against him again.
> Celestia above, if anyone catches you like this...!
> "You shouldn't need to worry about it. You trust me, and I tell you it's going to happen."
" 'fraid it's not that easy, Anonymous. Sorry."
> "Heh. You don't have to say sorry. I'm the one who came up with this dumb plan."
"It's not dumb. It's just... this is harder than I thought it would be."
> "I gotcha. You okay now?"
"No. But I'm good enough."
> Still, he releases you; fluttering your wings a little you make your way out of the trailer that had become your temporary home and back into the thick of things.
> The side of the aircraft was open; you followed two workers lugging mattresses for the bunks in.
> More storage and equipment had already been brought inside, and your hooves don’t tap-tap quite as hard and headed straight for the cockpit.
> At least one of the seats is already occupied; Renaud has already settled in and appears to be working through the computers that run the aircraft.

> As he finishes, you catch him stroking the control wheel with an almost affectionate touch.
> Now that was a familiar action.
> Anonymous had something familiar many times to-
> “Waiting for something, Miss Spitfire?”
> You manage to avoid jumping in place.
“...just looking to see what I can learn first.”
> “Well, come on and have a seat. I don’t have a copilot right now, so that’s open.”
> You do, sliding into the seat and resting a hoof on the copilot’s side control yoke.
> “I’m guessing when you fly, that has to be changed out for something better.”
“We bolted additions to the one on our plane. I think they’ll have to do the same on this one.”
> “Huh.”
> Again he touches the pilot’s side wheel with that almost familial touch, and you crack a little grin.
“You’re fond of this plane, aren’t you?”
> “I’ve been working on it for quite a few years now. Flying fire-fighting jobs with Coulson…”
> That, you remember, was the company that had owned the plane before this.
> You let your ears flop down and head tilt to the side.
“I hope you aren’t angry about all this…?”
> “What, it getting sold? I knew it was coming. They’d been trying for years.”
> “I don’t blame them, not really.”
“But it still hurts. Having something like that taken out of your control.”
> He looks at you with a raised eyebrow, and you give a little shrug of your wings.
“I know something about being sold against your will.”
> “...yeah, I guess you do.”
> He regards you with a new eye, and you cock your head slightly.
“You know you’re still coming along, right? I made sure Anonymous understood that.”
> “Yeah, I do.”
> You can still hear the discontent in his voice, though, and your lips draw down into a frown.
“...and I told him to sort it out between the two of you and make it clear he’s not stealing something that belongs to you.”

> Loud laughter erupts from Renaud as he bangs one arm of the pilot’s seat in amusement.
> “Was it really that obvious?”
“Look, I have a lot of experience marshalling competing egos. I also told him if the alternate option was fighting you for dominance, he should do that too - whatever it takes to settle this.”
> “I’ll pass on that idea, thanks.”
“Good, I’d prefer not to have him beaten silly.”
> This draws another round of laughter from Renaud; he lifts a wrinkled hand to rub his equally-wrinkled forehead.
> “I’ll bet. Besides, word is the fat-cat running this thing didn’t give you two much of a choice.”
> You raise one eyebrow.
“...Thomas tell you that?”
> “Yep. He’s young, a little eager about all this… a good guy. But yeah, he mentioned it.”
> Rising from his seat with a groan, Renaud turns for the stairs down to the exit.
> “Okay, okay. I’ll go settle things with Anonymous. Thanks for the chat, Spitfire.”
> As he’s heading downstairs, one last question suddenly jumps to mind.
“Hey - real fast - we wanted all three of you to come with us, honestly. And I’m glad you and Anonymous are going to settle things, but do you know what Alicia’s deal with me is?”
> Renaud must have heard you.
> He even paused for a second, the break in his regular footsteps being caught by your sensitive ears.
> But not for a moment does he stop walking down those stairs.
> You ponder following him - a good captain doesn’t let issues fester and linger.
> But there will be time to sort this out and you don’t think being a nag is the proper course now just yet.

Fun random fact: The scene where they're going over the various prospective crew and choosing between them was one of the scenes I had thought out at the very beginning of the story.

Next time, we meet the rest of the crew in person! Or in pony, at least. Pastebin has now been updated as well.
Why do unicorns always have to suffer? By Faust they are ponies too!
>This caring side of him seems so dissonant.
He's the one who gave her the bath on the Christmas update. It's possible he had no idea the lives some ponies lead and what it does to their heads until he started working on Blinders Off. Then he fell for Mare a little and couldn't resist when she returned his affection. So he tried to do the right thing because he wasn't even aware there was a right thing before that. And it still led him to something of a moral transgression he knew he was getting into anyways.

That's my read on it, at least.
They were, or certainly thought of themselves, as the Canterlot elite. Even ordinary unicorns living far from the capitol had that cachet. Their magic is far more visible and spectacular, 'real' magic as opposed to the more subtle effects of the other tribes.

Then everything changed for them. Now they are less suited to the roles slavery offers, and distrusted by the master race. The chains just tend to ride a bit heavier on them than their fluffier, cuter, stronger, and more obedient peers.
Good stuff. Shit, I wonder what that lady's deal is. Maybe a pegasai shat on her windshield. Or maybe she's bent about Anon being her preen slave. She's onto the cute horse's antics.
>meet the rest of the crew in person
yay, bath times ahead hehe.
>bath times ahead
The bathening is upon us
Scootaloo is for the lovely way in the right hole
I love them being cute together.
That's exactly why she gets ice cream.

> Forget disgusting, eating food from the trash is *embarrassing*! You know it's silly and you shouldn't care, but you're deeply ashamed when Sky Light tosses a wrapper out to you.
> You keep looking around for people to spot you and cry out in disgust. The feeling of being judged is so bad that you let the package slip from your hoof to the ground.
> Maybe you can wait until lunch.
> Except... lunch won't be any better, you fear. It's stupid to refuse good food.
> Despite knowing that, you still don't pick it back up.
> Sky Light grunts and lifts herself back out of the large garbage container. She lands on her hooves with a flap of her wings, shaking loose a few bits of paper and a crumpled can. There's half of a hot dog in her mouth and the pegasus is chewing industriously.
> She sits on her haunches and takes the food in her hooves so she can talk. "There. Dunno why these idiots don't sort their trash, but it comes in handy. Digging through the biodegradables bin is... bad."
> After a moment she spots you with the wrapper on the ground beside you. "Huh? What's wrong?"
> You really don't know how to explain it to her, especially after she takes another bite of her dog with every sign of enjoyment.
"I- uh... I'm not r-really hungry..."
> It's an obvious lie and Sky Light knows that. She frowns a little at you. "What are you talking about? It's not meat, I swear. Just a vegetable burger."
> You know. You can smell it and it's making your mouth water. Stiffening your resolve, you pick it up and peel the paper away.
> There's a few bite marks, but about two thirds of the burger is still there. It's cold, but you don't mind that part, at least.

> The pegasus gets hold of the wrong idea. "Look, just eat around it. It's not like they blow their nose in the thing or anything like that. At worst it's just a bit of spit or a fingerprint."
> You wish you could adequately explain all that's wrong with what you're doing, but you don't think Sky Light would understand. Not with the things she's had to do to survive.
"I- I... It's-"
> Giving up, you let your hoof slump, nearly dropping the burger on the asphalt. Your ears flatten and you keep your eyes firmly on the ground, unable to look your friend in the face.
> Sky Light heaves an exasperated sigh. "What the fuck is it now, Rosa?! I swear to God..."
> It's worse than getting whipped. The pegasus has offered you a life. She took you in and now she's trying to keep you fed. You're just being difficult because of your silly, nonsensical sensibilities.
> While you're staring at the ground between you and Sky Light, the other mare quickly shoves the last bit of her hot dog in her mouth and chews. It's gone in moments and then she walks closer.
> "What?" she demands angrily. "It's been in the wrapper! It's clean. Besides, a bit of dirt won't hurt you!"
> You look up at the mare, your eyes filling up with tears. A lot of it is shame, but there's also frustration, disgust and a realization of what your life is going to be like.
> You don't want any of it. All you want is to go back to the School, have your meals in the mess hall, spend evenings talking with your roommates, or reading, or doing homework.
> Teachers were once so overbearing, but now you wish they were here to tell you what to do.
> Before you realize what's happening, there's a wing around your withers and strong hooves pressing your head against pegasus chest fluff. It's quite soft.

> Sky Light plucks the burger from your feeble grasp before it can fall on the floor.
> "There, there," she says, more gently. "I know it sucks, sweetie, but you gotta eat. Here-"
> Through blurry vision you see the pegasus nibble on the vegetable burger. "Here, pretend it's mine and I'm full. Will you help me finish, please? No sense in tossing good food, right?"
> She brushes a bit of lettuce against your muzzle and you open for it. "That's it, just a small bite, okay?"
> The moment it hits your tongue your mouth fills with saliva and you swallow almost without chewing.
> Your belly gives an ominous rumble and you realize just how starved you are. The beans last night hadn't done nearly enough, not after two days of trotting with no food.
> Trying not to think too much about it, you put you hooves on Sky Light's and pull the burger close enough so you can take a proper bite.
> It's easier this time. Imagining it's Sky Light's really does help. You're still sniffling a little, but you quickly devour the whole thing while keeping your eyes firmly shut.
> Afterwards you're still hungry, but both you and the pegasus understand it would be a bad idea for her to go dig up something else.
> You're too ashamed as it is, so you just cling to your friend and wait until you feel better.
> Only this time it's shame at being so weak that Sky Light has to hoof-feed you.
"I'm s-sorry," you sniffle.
> Rather than an insult you were expecting, you get a nuzzle. "Hey, it takes us all hard. I've had all these years to get used to it and I cried sometimes when I was starting, too."
"H-How old are you?"
> "Ugh," the pegasus grunts, rubbing her muzzle thoughtfully. "Dunno, I kinda lost count. Thirty-something? Seven, maybe. Yeah, I could be thirty seven."

> Before you can ask your next question she goes on: "I've been on the streets since I was nineteen, I think."
> You can't help feeling sorry for the pony, but you're suddenly curious. It's something to distract you from the shame of having eaten food out of the trash..
"Um, did you run a-away when you got your cutie m-mark?"
> Sky Light shakes her head. "No, I got mine at fourteen or so. Back then it wasn't such a big deal."
> She gives a mirthless laugh. "They poked and studied me for a week, but then I went back home," the mare explains. "No, I ran away after the bastard I lived with started hitting me."
> You've almost stopped crying, but now you're close to starting again as you hear that.
> Sky Light interrupts before you can even say the whole question. "He started drinking after the divorce. I guess I know why his wife left him. I just don't know why the court gave me to him, rather than his wife. I actually liked her."
> It sounds like the pegasus had someplace to go.
"Why didn't you go to her when you r-ran away?"
> The mare laughs again. "Didn't know where. I know it sounds stupid, but I didn't have the faintest idea where to look. Besides, I ran into a group of other runaway ponies and I was just getting into my rebellious phase, so I decided to stick around. We lived in some huge pipes on an old construction site, until the humans started building there again."
> She releases you and you can look in her muzzle properly once more. You're grateful for both her smile and her story, letting you know that you're not alone in your misery.

> "After that," Sky Light goes on, "some of us started train hopping. Moving from place to place, you know? It wasn't bad, especially in the summer. A few years later, I ended up here, in this city, and I met Terry. I was about twenty three, maybe twenty four. We stuck together ever since."
> It's too many questions, but the pegasus doesn't seem to mind. "Dunno - we just kinda work together, you know? Sometimes we do odd jobs for a spot of money. With the mail-mare uniform I can-"
> The pony shuts up, then shrugs a little to herself before continuing. "I can fly to other places, scrounge up a bit of cash... stuff like that. Besides, it's good to have company. I wouldn't have made it alone, I think."
> You're extremely glad to have *her* company right now.
> Feeling a little better, you stand up and Sky Light releases you. You take a deep breath, but that causes your poor, undernourished belly to give a loud grumble. It just makes you blush, but the pegasus chuckles at your misfortune.
> "Fatso," she chides gently. "Look, let's go back to the van. I have a piece of cardboard that says 'starving pony, please help'. With your big, sad eyes, people should drop a bunch of money in no time!"
> It's outright begging on the streets, but you've already fallen so low. What's a bit more? You nod, if a little reluctantly.
> "And turn the waterworks back on, that always hits them in the soft bits. Oh, and if you can make your stomach grumble again, that'd be great" Sky Light says with a big, shit-eating grin. You wonder if you could get away with slapping her.
> She goes on: "Once we have enough, we'll buy a meal, okay? Would that make you feel better about it?"
> You blush some more, but nod. Anything would be better than digging through trash.

"Okay," you say quietly. "Um, should we get Terry something, too?"
> The pegasus smiles proudly. "See? You're already fitting in. We look after each other. Now come on."

> ~~~~

> You hadn't quite believed her, but Sky Light really does have a cardboard sign in the van. It says 'starving pony, need help', drawn in big, sloppy letters. The thing looks almost as if a child made it.
> That's the whole point, you realize. Humans have a hard time telling how old a pony really is. The pegasus is banking on the people not realizing her age and thinking she's some young, vulnerable filly, fresh out on the streets.
> Her lithe, almost skinny frame just further enhances the illusion.
> Your friend shrugs into her worn saddlebags and pushes them quite low on her back, so they cover up the cutie marks.
> "Your dress still okay?" she asks, walking around to check.
> You look as well and see that the night gown covers your side well enough. Despite that, you try to straighten it out a little, so it doesn't look too scruffy.
> "Good," Sky Light says. "I'll take you to the trucker's stop tomorrow. A few of us ponies meet there. I'll see if I can get you a uniform or something."
> "It won't work for mooching, but it should be good for when you don't wanna be noticed."
> Sky Light bumps you with a wing. "Besides, you should meet the gang. It'll be fun, you'll see."
> You don't mind meeting other ponies, but in your mind the trucker's stop Sky Light mentioned is irrevocably tied with what she'd said about...
> It's a bad word, so you pause before you even think it.
> *Prostitution.*
> Hopefully you and Sky Light can come up with alternatives before that becomes necessary. Maybe all she needs is a friend to motivate her to find something better for you two to do.

> As you're leaving the van you realize you hadn't met her human friend.
"Um, where's Terry?"
> The pegasus looks around, then shrugs a little. "Dunno. He'll turn up - we usually meet back here for lunch."
> She doesn't seem worried so you aren't concerned either. You follow the mare back to the stairs, trying to imagine what it will be like to beg.
"Where are we going?"
> Sky Light pauses to look back, then points with a hoof. "There's a public park a few blocks that way. Three minutes flight or fifteen minutes trot. We'll set up on the grass next to the parking machine."
"What's that?"
> The pegasus stops again and leans her head to the side. "You never seen one? It's where people can pay for their parking."
> You haven't really traveled from the School at all, but you remember it from a movie.
"Oh. I think I know. Why, though?"
> Sky Light grins proudly. "It's an old hobo trick," she explains. "You see, people who take their own cars into the city usually have money. And paying their parking means they probably just got a bunch of change, so they can't lie and say they don't have any!"
> It's actually quite clever.
> "Just don't push it, okay? Actually, don't even say anything. We'll use the card today. Get you used to it nice and slow."
> Her warning sounds serious and your ears lower a little. You're about to ask, but Sky Light explains on her own.
> "People can get really pissy if you badger them for money. It's a fine line between getting a polite 'no' or getting a kick. Or worse - someone calling the police. Doing it just right is basically a form of art. Of course, it helps that we're ponies, but it still takes practice."

> The mare laughs a little. "My first month trying, I made about two bucks. Good thing Terry taught me a thing or two. And now I'm gonna teach you."
> You feel like you have to say something.
> "Just stick with me, girl. You're gonna do just fine!"
> You hope so. Your entire life has turned upside down and now you no longer have a profession, or a calling. For all you know, you're a fugitive.
> Should you say anything to Sky Light? You'd already told her about Mr. Boone and how rich he is.
> What if there's posters of you? Or maybe you're all over the news. Any one of those humans could recognize you.
> Your steps falter and you stop. Sky Light continues for a few more steps before realizing you're not there anymore.
> "Huh? What's wrong?"
> You take a step back down and let your head lower a little.
"M-Maybe it's not a good idea for me t-to go..."
> Sky Light cocks an eyebrow. "Oh? Why not?"
> Swallowing, you try and steady your voice.
"They may be, uh, looking for me. I r-ran away," you say the obvious.
> The pegasus chuckles. "Think a lot of yourself, don't you? Listen, sweetie," she says, not unkindly, and comes back down the stairs to put a hoof on your shoulder.
> "They don't care. Most people won't even look at you twice. That's useful advice - people tend not to see someone who wants money from them."
> She lifts your gown a little to reveal the cutie mark. "Keep this under wraps and you'll be fine. Oh, better idea: let them see your blank side!"
> It's a reasonable thought. Maybe if people saw an empty flank they'd automatically assume they are both like that? It's actually kind of clever of Sky Light.

> The mare sees your indecision and smiles. "I'll keep an eye out for cops. Even on hoof, ponies run a lot faster than humans. They won't get you, okay?"
> Reassured, you force a smile.
"Ok-Okay. Thanks."
> You're still worried, but it's hard to be terrified in the face of Sky Light's certainty. The mare has survived on the streets for nearly two decades, she *obviously* knows what she's doing. It's going to be fine.

> ~~~~

> Most of the time during your 'mooch', as Sky Light calls it, you spend with your muzzle firmly pointed down and a blush on your cheeks. It's not as bad as eating food from the trash, but you can't meet anyone's eye.
> Mostly, you wish you weren't there at all. The two of you set up on the grass beside the parking machine, the pegasus holding the sign upright with her hoof and smiling pleasantly at the people walking past.
> She had a plastic dish in her saddlebags and placed it in front of the sign.
> Most often someone would just drop a coin or two and silently walk on, but every now and then you had the people whom Sky Light called 'bleeding hearts'.
> Older ladies, in particular. They'd 'aww' at you both and bemoan how sad it was that you had nowhere to go. A few of them even reached over to pat your mane in what they probably thought was a comforting manner.
> One of them gave you an apple.
> It just made you blush some more. You still ate it, though.
> At long last your friend lowers the sign and then folds it. "There, I think that's plenty. Don't wanna be standing here all day."
> You don't reply, but you're grateful the ordeal is over.
> "You are a natural!" Sky Light exclaims as she tips the plastic dish into her saddlebag. There's the unmistakable sound of many clinking coins.

> It takes the mare a few more moments to slide the folded sign under the strap which holds her bags in place, then she gives you a hug.
> You don't wait around for Sky Light to let you go, but simply stand up so you can get out of here as quickly as possible.
> "Oh, right. Lunch," Sky Light remembers. "This way, I know a good place near here."
> You keep your eyes on the pavement and your ears flat until you're well out of the park. There's still a lot of people around, but just like Sky Light had said no one is paying you much mind.
> Despite that, you'd feel a lot better if you left the busy streets. It was a piece of luck that you hadn't come across any cops so far. Regular people might be too busy or uncaring to question who you were and what you were doing, but the police would surely be more nosy, right?
"How come p-ponies are just allowed to walk around like this?"
> Sky Light flashes you a smile. "I told you, no one cares."
"But- but Instructor Martha said if I ever went out alone without my papers and a uniform, they'd catch me and put me in prison!" you explain.
> "Well, obviously she lied. I know plenty of ponies and no one gives them trouble. Most people don't even care if you're walking around showing a cutie mark!"
> You glance at the mare.
"You're hiding yours right now," you point out her low-riding saddlebags.
> She glances back, then shrugs her wings a little. "Better safe than sorry. Every once in a while you get some idiot who tries to make trouble."
> Good thing you're still safely hidden, then.
> It's a bit of a relief when you leave the main street and walk down mostly empty alleys. All those people rushing around were making you nervous.
> "There, it's just around the corner," Sky Light says.

> She leads you to an open door with a sign you can't quite read. Letters aren't supposed to have dots on them, are they?
"Donner Kee-, uh," you give it a try, "Kee- bab?"
> Now that the ordeal with you begging is over, you're starting to cheer up. Nothing bad had happened and by the sound of those coins you've got quite a lot. With luck you won't have to do anything else gross or embarrassing for a few days.
> "Follow me," Sky Light says and simply walks into the place. You pause at the threshold, trying to discern all the weird smells in the air.
> There's the unmistakable odor of burned flesh, but there's also spices, vegetables and an overall, stale smell you can't quite place.
> It reminds you a little of the kitchen in the Pony School, except it's much more pronounced here. Probably they don't clean it as well as Mrs. Evelyn and her staff.
> "Hey hey!" a jolly, fat man behind the counter greets, making you pause some more before entering fully. "My favorite customer!"
> Sky Light barks a short laugh. "You say that to everyone."
> Without skipping a beat the human explains: "All my customers are my favorite customers!"
> There's a slight accent there, but you can't quite place it. The man is more brown than you're used to - maybe he has some black ancestry, or maybe he spends a lot of time in the sun, you can't really be sure.
> His grin is accentuated by a very thick, black mustache, which provides an interesting counter to his vanishing hair.
> "And who is your friend?" he inquires.
> The pegasus beckons you inside with a hoof and you walk to her. "This is Rosa," Sky Light introduces you. "Rosa, meet my good friend Arda."

> You're nervous, but the man's grin is welcoming and he comes around the counter to offer a hand. It's not what humans usually do with ponies, so you're a bit surprised at first, before remembering yourself and lifting up a leg.
> A quick shake, then the man goes back to his post.
> "So!" he exclaims and claps his hands together, "what brings you two ladies to my humble `lokanta`?"
> "Um," Sky Light says, suddenly appearing much less sure of herself than she was a minute ago. "Rosa and me-"
> The pegasus lowers her ears and looks at the floor, while you stare at her in astonishment. "We're... um, hungry..."
> The picture of a distraught, starving pony is nearly perfect, but the human, Arda, slaps his thigh and bursts out laughing.
> "Good one!" he yells and you see Sky Light's mouth curling up in a slight smile. The man wipes his face with a cloth, still chuckling. "You always try this, and it never works. I thought you would have learned by now!"
> The pegasus shrugs. "It's worth a shot..."
> She turns her smile up to maximum sweetness. "Then... maybe a- a discount?"
> Arda looks from the pegasus to you, thinking. Then he grins. "Tell you what. A dollar off-"
> Before he even finishes the sentence, Sky Light shoots out: "Each!"
> "Hey!" the man shouts. His voice sounds angry, but he's still smiling and he gives you a wink when you catch his eye. "I'm trying to run a business here! I can't go around giving away free food!"
> "Bah!" Sky Light makes a face. "You call this food?!"
> The two watch each other, but then Arda's smile widens. You relax a little. "Okay, okay, eight dollars for two kebabs. Now what'll you have?"
> You open your muzzle to ask the pegasus about Terry, but she beats you to it. "Ten and you give us another one to go!"

> Without skipping a beat, the man goes: "Twelve!"
> Sky Light jumps a little in excitement. "Deal!"
> You're not a hundred percent sure what has just happened, but you surreptitiously glance at the menu and try to figure out how much money the pegasus has just saved. It seems you're ordering the first thing on the menu - a 'kebab', which means you got nearly four dollars off the whole order.
> That's quite a bargain. The only problem now is that from what you can see, all the food items here are full of meat.
> Sky Light doesn't seem to hear you. She's already ordering: "So, that'll be beef kebab for me and chicken for Terry. Everything on both, except onion."
> The mare notices you looking at her and whispers: "I have to share a bed with Terry. Don't want onion breath." Then she winks.
> "And for you, miss Rosa?" Arda asks, even while he starts cutting into a big lump of flesh on a stand against the wall.
"Um..." you don't know what to say.
> "She's vegetarian," Sky Light explains. "Just fill up a bun with veggies and she'll be okay."
> You're only too happy to agree.
"Yes p-please!"
> "Hot sauce?" the human asks. You look at the pegasus to help you decide and she gives a little shrug.
> Maybe you shouldn't risk it. You're not used to spicy food.
"No thanks."
> While Arda is preparing the food, Sky Light rummages in her bag until she fishes out enough coins. She has to rear up on her hind legs to reach the counter, but she deposits the change there.
> The man must trust her, you decide, because he doesn't even check if she's given him the correct amount. Instead, he's bustling around, making whatever this 'kebap' really is.
> "Well have ours here," Sky Light proclaims. "They're best when they're warm and it's tricky walking an eating at the same time when you have four legs."

> You don't mind either way. Now that you're used to the smell, the place seems quite welcoming. Also, it's away from prying eyes.
> Strange how this Arda manages to stay in business when his eatery seems deserted. You look around curiously at all the empty chairs.
> The question gets the best of you and you sidle closer to Sky Light.
"Um, there's no one here," you whisper. "Doesn't seem very profitable..."
> Sky Light replies in a whisper as well: "It fills up in the evening. He's just opened for today and it'll stay open until midnight."
> That would make sense. If Arda has his diner open late at night, other places nearby would be closed and people would come here.
> You guess.
"Oh. Thanks."
> Very soon the food is done. Arda brings out two plates from behind the counter, along with a plastic bag with something wrapped in aluminum foil. Terry's lunch, you assume.
> After jumping up on the seat, you inspect yours and Sky Light's meal with interest. It's triangular pieces of bread, slit on one side and filled with vegetables and - in the pegasus' case - meat.
> Sky deftly picks up hers in her hooves. You're about to remind her to go wash up - you'd been walking on dirty city streets, after all - but the bread is wrapped up in paper.
> The pegasus isn't squeamish, you know that from this morning and she just bites off a chunk before you can speak. It makes her sigh and fold down her ears. Her eyes go all unfocused.
> Her reaction makes the human smile a little, but then he looks at you. Before he can comment, you gather up the elaborate sandwich, careful not to touch it directly and nibble at it.

> There's tomato, lettuce, cabbage and some kind of sauce you can't quite identify. It's definitely not bad and you're still starving. You forget about the human watching and start cramming it in your mouth as fast as you can, barely pausing to chew properly.
> Luckily, Sky Light is taking it more slowly and talks softly with her human friend while you stuff your face. You're not even paying attention, though you catch your name a couple of times.
> All too soon you're done and licking the inside of the paper clean of its delicious sauce. Then you put it down and lean back, feeling full for the first time in days.
> A small burp escapes you, making the owner chuckle. "See? And you said my food was bad!"
> Sky Light waves the comment away with a hoof and focuses again on her plate.
> You could get used to 'kebap'. You echo Arda's smile.
"It was very good!" you praise. "Thank you!"
> His huge hand ruffles your mane. "A friend of Sky is a friend of mine," he says.
> Nodding, you find yourself in agreement. You're about to ask how he and Sky Light know each other, but you hear someone entering the place so you stay quiet and turn in your seat to look.
> A couple of younger humans have entered with backpacks and you guess they are students.
> The man, Arda, gives you a final smile and stands up. "Welcome, welcome!" he bellows at the newcomers and hurries back behind the counter to take their order.
> You find the place less comfortable with more people in it and glance at Sky Light to see how close she is to finishing.
> The pegasus seems to guess your thoughts, because she nods and stuffs the final piece in her mouth, chewing quite quickly.
> "Come on, we have to take this to Terry!" she says, grabbing the plastic bag and slipping it into a saddlebag.

> It looks like the kebab will get squashed a little, but Terry probably won't mind, you guess.
> While the two newcomers are making their order, you and Sky Light slip out behind them. The pegasus pauses for long enough to wave at her friend.
> "There, that was nice," she comments when you emerge back into the alley. "Arda likes to haggle and you can usually get a lower price. It's normal where he comes from."
"Where is that?"
> "Turkey, I think."
> You try to place it on your mental atlas. It's in that 'Middle East' area, right?
> "Anyway, no one around here haggles and he says it's driving him insane. Remember that - it'll save you some money if you come here to eat."
> Nodding to the pegasus you look around, trying to commit the alley to memory.
"Thanks. Um, how much money do we have left?"
> Sky Light shrugs a little. "About twenty bucks I think. We'll split it back at the van, okay?"
> You didn't mean it that way and open your muzzle to tell the pegasus it's okay and you don't mind if she holds on to the money.
> Then you snap your muzzle shut. Maybe it isn't a bad idea for you to keep some cash on hoof. You can't expect Sky Light to keep dragging you along everywhere she goes. You have to start learning to be more self-reliant.
> It means you'll need bags or something to keep your stuff in. You wonder where you could get some, or buy them, but by now you're back in the crowd of humans so you save the question for later when you and Sky Light are alone.
> All in all, the day is turning out better than it started.

Things are starting to look up for young Rosa. It's a hard transition, but she's handling it.
The paste was getting too long so I had to start a 'part 2', yikes: https://pastebin.com/5AxmiVxJ
When are they going to fuck?
>> But not for a moment does he stop walking down those stairs.
Answer the question you bastard
It’s not his question to answer. He could have given her the straight dope here, but he doesn’t have some sort of duty to gossip about his crew with this pushy new pony. Who happens to be the property of this pushy new pilot. If Spitfire wants an answer she’ll have to mare up and ask her herself.
She doesn't seem to want to talk anyway.
I'm liking this new relationship between Rosa and Sky Light. I don't know what direction the story is moving toward, but I kind of like that uncertainty. I feel so bad for Rosa, but the overall tone is still somehow happy and it's fun to read. Looking forward to the next update!
File: filly.jpg (638 KB, 1668x887)
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some fanart its Mare, Durril and Snowdrop.
fuck that's cute
Really nice work on the poses and anatomy. I can really get a sense of the motion with Durrils mane and tail flowing like that. Snowdrop seems to be floating though; the impressionistic background is a good idea, but you should have given her something to lay on.
Holy shit! That is awesome!
Was that inspired by the felafel story about two years ago in the NEETpone thread?! If so that was me.
Time to get ready the icecream
Obviously you're wrong. And that's beautiful.
You don't exist anymore.
Filly was thicc in the perfect proportions
And with bangs. Not how I envisioned her, but she's still beautiful. Durril is stunning though!
A former whore not getting any while literally everyone she knows having it. Dont let her develop depression.

Thanks for the update.
>Snowdrop seems to be floating though
But the crazy eyes are nailed. I always think of her as very sweet but borderline psycho.
Yeah, I'm getting a Huge Oliver Twist vibe and I'm really digging it. Minus the petty crime, of course . I wonder if the small jobs Sky mentioned have anyhing to do with that though. Hunger could make that more appealing. Especially when the alternatice is sucking trucker cock.
>Sometimes we do odd jobs for a spot of money. With the mail-mare uniform I can-"
>The pony shuts up, then shrugs a little to herself before continuing. "I can fly to other places, scrounge up a bit of cash... stuff like that.
Don’t worry: there’s plenty of petty crime to go around here. Diversity of income is the key to stability, Sky does what she needs to do to get by, when she needs to do it.

And awesome work, Aspiring.
I want to make Durril my personal bedfilly
I expected Spitfire to have a moment and I was right.
This crew is sure colorful. Is this two crew for the two planes or two crew for a single plane?
I wonder how military will Spitfire get to establish a sort of chain of command. Especially with the griffon.

Thanks for the update(s)!
so, I'm kinda new in this thread and I was wondering if the story "A deal is a deal" is being continued or, is it dead?
It’s very much active! He’s got another story here at the same time so it’s slow going, but another update is due now-ish.
File: days_by_xjenn9_dd8sa1z.jpg (591 KB, 3000x3000)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
uhh... cyka vodka putin blyat?
something along those lines, yes
Love the art style, with those gradients and brushes. Obviously digital, but with hand-drawn heart. No idea what language that even is though let alone what it says.
Yep, the next update has been ready for a few days. Just waiting on some art for it.
If you're waiting on a certain someone who should be drawing, you're going to be waiting for years.
This is my fault for trying to write something happy enough I thought it deserved art.
There must be suffering.
Oh fuck how many people are going to die
I would draw you something if i could, my beloved faggot.
I feel that as things go Mare could eventually have the position of VP and direct the programming of a generation of humans and ponies more politically interested in the development of interspecies relationships, become something more than their cutiemark and all their masters expected from it and finally leave a mark in the world.

That's Mare?? It was not like I imagined it, it's even better.

It was a great chapter of The Adventures of Rosa in the big city, what surprises and worries me is that she has moved away from the reach of the family that "adopted" her, although it could be that they happily let go of the matter now that Rosa has fled but we must not forget that being part of a prestigious school of education her caregivers could investigate her whereabouts, after all she is one of her best pupils of her generation and a lot of time and money was invested in her so that simply forget their existence who says that they did not implant a subdermal chip in case one day they took it away or the unthinkable case that she fled Although I would prefer to see most of the members of that family mockery dead, I suspect that it will not be the last we will see of them.

For now Rosa has known the good and humiliating life in the streets for a vagabond, but still need to see the other side, how much can protect her from her naivety before the world corrupts her? What will cause in her this new world that is to be discovered? How long you should wait for your other Cutiemark to appear, I want to know

Good work AWF
i'll draw you something, i just need a description for Lauren. im too lazy to find it
she's pretty much just humanized aj, though i don't remember mention of a hat or ponytail
File: 1559069007044.gif (1.05 MB, 312x215)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB GIF
Rosa just follows Sky. The keep the money thing was her first real decision. I have a feeling that you do not intend to keep this living on the street thing going for too long. Maybe for a few days or a week.

Thanks for the update.

>Small hard wheels clacked rhythmically on seams between tiles.
>An endless row of blurry fluorescent tubes whizzed past overhead.
>Her coat was still a little damp, thanks to the very rough and quick toweling, but the two blankets piled on her kept her warm.
“Weah go-n?”
>The man pushing her bed glanced down at her.
>His lips were pursed.
>Her vision was too blurry to make out anything else.
>”Yes, we're going. I don't know where. Just away for now.”
>Clack, clack, clack, clack...
>”Don't worry. I won't leave you alone. Got to keep you safe since you can't do it yourself.”
>He stretched out his hand and slipped it under the blankets to ruffle the coat on her chest.
>It reminded her of... something.
>She wasn't sure what, but it was something very pleasant and desirable.

>”You really aren't pretending, are you?”
>His tone turned more serious.
>The clacking of wheels stopped and blurry lamps came to a standstill.
>His face appeared above hers.
>She felt like there was something off with the face looking down at her.
>What was it, though?
>”They really screwed you bad, didn't they? And now you're- you're like that.”
>He had a frown on his face.
>That's what it was.
>The corners of her mouth twitched as she smiled.
“Is 'ood!”
>Her voice was very weak and quiet despite her trying to be chipper and joyful.

>It had the desired effect, though.
>His frown turned upside down.
>Like... like somepony used to say.
>She felt like she should remember the name.
>The hand on her chest moved to cup her cheek.
>He drew a deep breath before letting out an equally deep sigh.
>”Yeah. It's time for this to end. You deserve better. Property or not, you're a living thing.”
>The lights above her spun as the man pushed the bed around.
>Clack, clack, clack, clack...
>They were going the other way, back to where they'd come from.
>That was probably important for some reason.
>He looked different.
“Is 'ood?”
>The look made her concerned.
>If only she knew why.
>”Yes, I'm all good.”
>He reached down to stroke her cheek.
>”Better than I've been for a long time. Just wait. I'll make it better for you too.”


>”You could've gone to bed if you were tired.”
>Celestia flinched awake as something made her head bounce off the hard surface it rested on.
>Her head laid on the kitchen table and Anon just slammed a heavy bag of groceries on one end of said table.
>She blinked a few times in rapid succession and glanced around.
>The only thing out of the ordinary was that the microwave's clock showed 00:00 and was flashing.
>A steady rain, no longer the torrential downpour it was earlier, filled the room with its hum.
“Huh. I guess I fell asleep.”
>She could've sworn she remembered a stroke of thunder making her go under.
>Yet even if it did happen, he didn't need to know about it.
>It had to be magic related so he wouldn't understand it even if she told him.
>”Actually, why don't you take care of this? I'm going to go check if the thunder did anything other than reset the clock on that thing.”
>He nodded at the groceries, then at the microwave, then turned on his heels and headed out of the kitchen.

>A stream of stuff from the bag floated to Celestia and parted ways, each item going to its own destination.
>Canned tomatoes to the cupboard, cheese and lettuce to the fridge, rice in another cupboard.
>The glow of her magic enveloped everything in turn.
>It was something to do, but not enough to wholly hold her attention.
>The buzz of her magic blended in with the hum of rain and the occasional distant roar of thunder.
>Her horn felt like it always did and her feathers no longer tingled.
>The thunder moving away explained her feathers, but her horn?
>If only she could talk with Twilight about it.
>Celestia may have been old, wise, and intelligent.
>Yet she still didn't hold a candle to her former pupil's raw genius.

>Should she try to contact her?
>Send a scroll to Spike?
>There was a chance it could work.
>She hadn't tried that, and specifically forbade Twilight from even thinking about it.
>It would be risky.
>If magic could traverse the worlds, Twilight would find a way to do so herself.
>She wasn't the embodiment of magic for nothing.
>Even trying to contact Equestria would be too risky.
>A funny feeling in Celestia's horn wasn't enough of a reason.

>”Celestia! Come here!”
>Anon's voice carried from the stairwell.
“Just a second!”
>The last thing in the grocery bag, the bread, floated into a cupboard.
>Her hooves thudded on the mat as she trotted to the hall and peeked down the stairs.
>Anon stood at the bottom with a flashlight in hand, looking up at a small metal door that was on the wall above him.
>It was just high enough so he couldn't reach it.
>”Get me the stepladder from the storeroom. We got a blown fuse.”
>He showed the piece of porcelain he had in his other hand, then looked up at the door again.

>A smile crept on Celestia's lips as an idea crossed her mind.
“Oh, but we won't need a ladder for that.”
>The tingling of magic enveloped both her horn and her owner.
>His arms flailed like he was about to fall over and both the fuse and the flashlight fell to the floor.
>Or, would've fallen to the floor if Celestia's magic didn't catch them.
“Just tell me how high.”
>Anon stared at his slave with his mouth left hanging open as he floated up to the fuse box.
>”E- Buh. Just, okay. Holy hell this feels funky.”
>He glanced down at his legs and tugged at his pants in an attempt to touch the magic.
“Aren't you forgetting something.”
>The fuse floated close to his hand.
>He stared at it for a second, his face blank, before snatching it.
>”Right. This thing.”

>The fall was only from knee height, but Anon fell over regardless.
>”I'm so never getting used to that.”
>He patted the mat at the bottom of the stairs.
>”It felt like the air around my legs just suddenly became solid.”
>Celestia's hooves clip-clopped on the bare concrete stairs as she climbed down.
“I should probably have told you about it. Ponies get used to it early on, either because their parents are unicorns or because they have some unicorn friends who do it to them.”
>She kept her gleefulness out of her voice with the expertise of a hardened politician.
>”Yeah, I guess that's everyday stuff for you...”
>His gaze fixed on her horn as his brow furrowed.
>Celestia offered him a hoof, but he didn't react to the gesture in any way.
>Not before she nudged him.
“Here. Or would you like me to carry you up?”
>He glanced at her hoof, then at her horn again.
>”No thanks. I kinda like having something beneath my feet.”
>His fingers wrapped around Celestia's hoof.
>A quick pull brought him back to his feet.
>”But thanks anyways. That was... not something I thought I would ever experience.”
>Five fingers dug into the mane on top of Celestia's head.
>She bowed her neck and flattened her ears.

To be continued.
I just hope that twilight don't try to open the portal on the other side.
Maybe we need a little flashback to know if twilight get the order to never try to open the portal even with Celestia in the other side
That would be amazing! She's basically as >>33929852 said - humanized AJ but without the hat fetish.
lauren had green eyes? i though they were blue, my bad i guess
File: 1560225753713.png (22 KB, 683x384)
22 KB
Don't worry, I'm a licensed professional
This. Durril is now best bedfilly.
File: 2060204.png (612 KB, 900x900)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
Home videos are a fun activity you and your pony can both enjoy.
Hope Rares is ready for her spanking. Rarity is for spanking.
You can't record that Anon, that would just be mean.
File: 1560217978320.jpg (31 KB, 425x425)
31 KB
>never touch your pet again
I wonder if master will kiss her in the lips
>the big smooch
She's a good girl but that's moving too fast.
>premarital kisses
100% degenerate
File: 1751618.png (293 KB, 1308x1502)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
>implying master would resist the most kissable bedfilly
>She asks to be picked up.
>immediately starts peppering your face with kissed because she likes how flustered it makes you.
>She also knows kisses on the mouth are off limits (for now) because of how young you think she is.
>This is how she's going to wear down your resistance, one peck at a time.
>You think she's your slave, but really, your are her's, a sweet big goofball that makes her feel safe, and she's never letting you go.
>Be Cloudburst
>Nervous about starting your new job - internship - today
>Daddy said you'd do great, because how could you not? It's your special talent!
>But this is such a big deal
>Daddy makes TV shows but he isn't famous
>You're going to be working with ponies who are actually ON TV!
>It all seems so glamorous, even more than when daddy takes you out to fancy restaurants
>But you're nervous because you've been trained how to behave at restaurants and fancy parties
<You don't know a thing about how to act in the workplace, and you don't want to say or do anything that'll make you look stupid
>Especially in front of celebrities
>Daddy was confident Vidal would show you the ropes and you'd be fine
>It's important to show him his confidence was not misplaced
>It's also important not to call him daddy at work - it has to be master or sir - he made that clear
>Just riding in the back of the black car with him on the way to work was exciting
>But now is the moment
>Daddy - master - leads you to makeup
>"If you want to go in on your own you can," he says, "He's expecting you"
>You realize what he doing
>He wants you to feel like a big girl who can do things on her own without needing her daddy there
"Thank you, sir. I've got this"
>You sound a lot more confident that you feel, but it gets a smile out of your master
>"Good girl," he replies and turns to walk away from you
>You walk into the room alone
>There are a few chairs facing lit mirrors along the wall with counters under them
>And there, looking down at his smartphome is a stunningly beautiful pink pegasus stallion
"Oh my god, you're gorgeous!"
>He looks up from his phone and gives you a very quick look up and down
>"Honey, I could say the same to you and it would be no lie! You must be Cloudburst"
"Yes sir!"
>"Oh, none of that sir shit, please. Call me Vidal. Do you go by Cloudy?"
"Yes, I do"
>"Then welcome to Makeup, Cloudy. I hear it's your special talent, so you should fit right in"
"Unless my cutie mark is lying to me. Thanks"
>"Cutie marks don't lie.Sometimes their meaning isn't obvious, but that's not the case with us"
"It's good to be here, to get the chance to put my special talent to use"
>"Damn right it is. That was the first thing I told the BF when he bought me. I've got to be able to do what I do best"
"The BF?"
"You call your masteer your boyfriend?"
>"He is my boyfriend. Legally he may be my master, but I he didn't buy me to be a bottom"
"A botttom?"
>"He bought me because I'm obviously a top, and I'm going to act like one"
"A top?"
>"Oh, you're a sheltered little thing, aren't you? It's a sex thing, a gay thing... think about it"
>You do and end up blushing
>"OK, I don't need to say anything more. I'm guessing you have a very different relationship with John"
"He's definitely the top"
>"I would think so. It's not like you have the equipment to be one"
>You blush some more
>"Does he make you call him master?"
>Do you tell him?
>In spite of making you blush you like him
>You've never met a pony so frank and self-possesed before
>Fuck it, tell him
"I call him daddy"
>Vidal laughs
>"Oh, that old pervert! I get it though. Who wouldn't want to be your daddy? If you're going to rob the cradle may as well own up to it"
"Rob the cradle?"
>"You are half the age of his last mare. That's the kind of thing some ponies will tut tut about. Especially free mares"
>Makes sense, but it feels like he just called you a filly
>You may be young, but you're not a filly anymore
>"They're just jealous, you know," the stallion adds
>He continues: "And speaking of John's ex and your maturity level I'm going to continue styling Roseluck until I know there's no weirness between you two"
"Fair enough"
>Good, actually
>You weren't exactly looking forward to meeting her
>Not after how she betrayed daddy - master
>And how he still looks out for her even though he has it so much better with you
>You don't like that
>So you don't like her, really
>You're actually thankful Vidal sees fit to keep you two separated, at least for a while
>That actually relieves a little anxiety
>"Any questions so far?"
"No. It seems a bit more freewheeling here than I expected, that's all. Not as proper as I thought a professional setting would be"
>Vidal laughs and says, "You mean raunchy? I know I'm raunchy. I hope you can deal with that"
"Of course I can. It's just a little bit of a surprise, that's all"
>"Talent and creatives have a lot of leeway here. We can get away with shit among ourselves that would have the office drones calling HR"
>He continues, "So as long as you act proper around them we get to keep our little bubble here"
>He suddenly looks a little sad
>"Hell, Bronc - rest his soul - used to come in still drunk from the night before. He drank on set! He made a lot of work for me"
"I've never been allowed to watch that show, but everytime I saw him on TV he looked great"
>"My doing. Well he was a beautiful stallion - except for that stupid mustache, which was John's idea. But he lived HARD, and I had to cover that up"
"From what I saw of him you did great! Like in the wedding! But I've never actually seen Hippodrome"
>"Nor should you. It's evil. I have no part in it beyond making the hosts look good, and that's more than enough"
>You hope you don't have to work on anypony associated with the show, if it really is as bad as everypony says
>"As long as we're on the topics of bad behavior and the level of discourse you know everypony sees the bond with their stylist as sacred, right?"
>You're not sure what he means by that
"I think so..."
>"They're going to tell you things. Overshare. TMI kind of stuff"
>You nod
>"Anything juicy you're going to share with me. This place is the nerve center, and I HAVE to know what's going on with everypony"
>So part odf this job is going to be gossiping with Vidal about the celebrities you style
>That sounds pretty good, actually
>You've never been much of a gossip, but you've never had much to gossip about
>Nor have you ever had a gorgeous, raunchy gay pink stallion to gossip with
>This is going to be a lot more fun than watching TV all day alone
>"But this bond is sacred," he continues, "which means anything said in this room stays here. Discretion is part of the job"
"I understand"
>"That goes double because of your relationship to an executive"
>Uh oh, that doesn't sound good
>"Johm is a smart guy. He knows everything that's going on here. You can't let him lean onm you for intel"
"I can't put myself in conflict with him, you know that"
>"There's no conflict," he replies, waving a wing dismissively
>It sure sounds like the possibility for some
>"I'm just saying discretion is part of our professional courtesy. John knows that, so of course he expects you to be discreet"
>That's a relief
>You sigh
>There's no way daddy would put you in a position where your loyalty was being split
>"It's just that if he ever forgets that it's on you to remind him"

Gramar nazi part:
> <
>but I he
There are probably more that I missed.

Sooo VP is ashamed of it? But not ashamed to bring his personal cocksock to "work".
I dont think Cloudburst will be a good one to keep them.
>Mental development
These free ponies will be a bad influence on Cb.

Thanks for the update.
>Sooo VP is ashamed of it? But not ashamed to bring his personal cocksock to "work".
He bought Rose a flower shop. An internship for Cloudy is the least he can do! And Vidal could be a good influence.
File: 1392238.png (1.06 MB, 1604x1624)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
>from bedfilly to mistress
>from master to bedhuman
It's only matter of time
So... clear sky:earth pony edition?
That poor human turn into a tool for that horny pony
Editing isn't my strong suit. And I'm doing better than the GMLTR days when I typed the each update blind drink into Notepad and posted it directly from there.
>blind drink
kek, I'm drunk now.
What happen with Applebloom?
Oppress me!
You want her back? Done. Brace for Sunrise's new best friend.
Thanks for the update, Blinders. It feels like your setting Cloudy up to put herself in conflict with her Daddy, but not seeing it. He IS a smart guy, to smart to lean on a stylist he has a overpowering relationship with for intel. Really liked the glimpse of Vidal’s relationship with the BF, it must be full of complicated boundaries. Maybe we’ll get to see them crossed sometime.
>the glimpse of Vidal’s relationship with the BF
Buying a stallion top is one confident bottom.
File: 2063425.png (920 KB, 1339x1000)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
This but with applebloom
I suppose Vidal is the boss when it comes to sex, and BF is the master when it comes to life. It’s not that simple though, the two blend together. Vidal will fuck up sometimes, he’s only human (except ya...), how does BF discipline him without also fucking up the relationship he values so much? Does BF have a safe word, but not Vidal because one is a real person and one is a sextoy? Does Vidal respect or even love BF, or is he ‘making the best of slavery’ as a lucky slave like him must? I have no idea, but there’s some feels in there somewhere! Would be interesting if they had a real difference of opinion on some important ethical matter; how much is each willing to loose here?

>confident bottom
But he bought a lover that can’t reject him instead of braving the meat market like everyone else. That makes things ever so much simpler in some ways, but it suggests a certain insecurity in others. What happened in BFs previous relationships?
Hey Vega, Beach episode when??

File: 1558551789525.png (45 KB, 572x573)
45 KB
>race traitor
Fucking disgusting
File: 1398132269524.jpg (501 KB, 800x1700)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
Look who speak
Go back to starving in the street and enjoying your freedom
How I can get a cute tsundere unicorn? it's basically impossible with all the shit unicorn in the market and street
File: .png (2.09 MB, 3000x2800)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
Try to find unicorns betrayed by her own race.
This one was betrayed by canterlot unicorns when she was trying to evacuate. The poor girl was captured in a hole trap and the unicorn that she was escorting just leave her behind because "she will be a good distraction for the hunters"
>unicorn that she was escorting
“Princess of Friendship” my purple ass.
File: 1560116864491.png (2.6 MB, 1535x1535)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
If you have the money you can acquire one of the re-educated ponies in the learning center, they are expensive but of a guaranteed quality and obedience, they only exist to serve and please their superior human masters
>finally believing in friendship again
I bet that she fall for the human charm in the first bellyrub
File: 1556508161105.png (518 KB, 1000x1029)
518 KB
518 KB PNG
All you have to do is go to the park, find Trixxie and observe all her magic act to earn money to survive in our world, pretend emotion and amazement, applaud with each trick and give her a couple of bucks, if you invite a lunch and let him ask for dessert, once you spend the whole day listening to his great and wonderful feats, when you see that it is getting late you propose that her accompany you to your home, surely she lives in a refuge or in the street so she would be convinced that she would not find better offer and anger with you.

At home you force her to eat a basket of eggs
File: 1558054473919.gif (2.07 MB, 720x480)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB GIF
Hey Hey, crazy new idea: how bout a green about slave pone before being broken psychologically by a fucked up master, like what happened to all the pones before they met comfy green Anon?
I’ve often thought about the backstory to “PTSD roommate slave pone” that is skimmed over by our faithful formula. The problem is that the submission was too mandatory then, those scenes don’t fit very well in the “comfie slave” thread. Aspiring came close in Break, and got some flak for it at the time. We love to say “GB2 /SiM/“ here, but in all seriousness: if you want that sort of story they’ve got plenty of great material!
It amuses me that the comfiest thread on this board is the one about slavery
It would get filtered and screeched at here, but our sister thread would actually appreciate that story >>33792837
And they could definitely use a second writefag if you're feeling up to the challenge.
>like what happened to all the pones before they met comfy green Anon?
Filly Brothel and Hippodrome managed to be both comfy and fucked up at the same time. Jury's still out on Blinders.
Blinders Etc is not typical of /SPG/. I love him, he’s a refreshingly literary change here, but not as comfie as some.

>Corona when?
Agreed. But there are some very comf moments in the midst of it all.
Corona when?

Is dead Jim.
One WIP comes to mind. PFP's "Dog days of war". Still full of errors and bad grammary. But that's the nature of unfinished projects:

Guards collapsed to the ground, too weary to move. DG-forces rushed to grab them all. Tying them swiftly, all four legs together with the sturdy ropes. The wings of the pegasi were likewise bound against their bodies and the few unicorn had conical cup fitted over their horns. all got briddles wrapped over their heads and bits secured into their mouths. After that, they were helpless. Even after their strength returned.
L'lysa struggled, being too stubborn to give up. That intensified as the captain of the guard was tied to the low platform for all to see. She struggled as much as L'lysa, but had no chance as her front hooves were re-bound together without backhooves. Then securely onto the platform, folded under her without a way to stand up. Her briddles were tied to the platform as well. Both her backlegs were spread and tied to the platform. The leader of DG walked to the captain. Whip in hand. Giving a short speech: "You are no longer guards of the Equestria. Neither a prisoners of war, because we don't count your "country" as a proper participate of the war, less as an nation. From this day on you are property of the Diamond Empire. And property only, to use and process as we see fitting. A few of you may still count on escaping, fighting back perhaps, but we will find a way to assure you how weak you really are. Capable only to serve. As your captain soon demonstrates".
He touched gently captain's sticking flank. Then landed a blow of whip onto it. She jerked and gasped, trying then keep herself silent. Not to show any kind of weakness. If it was a whipping she was getting, she could take it and show everyone not to give in to the despair. She was way stronger than those dogs might even realise. After a few strike she felt herself even more determined. But then it changed.
Suddenly, instead of whip, a dog's hand landed onto her flank. While it didn't hurt as much, it felt more sensual. More humiliating. The captain struggled again, having her flank slowly spanked, rubbed and feeled, then spanked again. "No respectfull prisonment for you": dog shouted. Another dog lifted her tail.
Everyone heard her muffled, angry growl, as she was rubbed and kneaded more humiliating between the spanking. Fingers of the dog digging between her legs. Feeling her pucker and folds, which she clamped shut as tightly she could, traveling lower, cupping her teats on her crotch. Fingers played with each nipple at a time, another spank, continued feeling her teats while spanking hand rubbed her flank.
She fought the feels and emotions it caused in her, then felt his hot breath on her spread and exposed ass. Her determination was quickly turning into desperation, as she felt dog's muzzle between her legs. Dog holding her tail started to rub her flank as well. Yet another dog lowered down at her head, starting to pet her, rubbing her head and ears. She struggled again. Now afraid of what the dogs were going to do to her..
She squaled, as wet tongue lapped her crack, and squirmed as it kept teasing her. Dog massaged her teats with both hands and licked her spread crotch, again and again. Dog at her head massaged gently her ears and licked and kissed her face. The one keeping her tail up with left hand, used his right to massage her flanks, occasionally rubbing under the tail, teasing her clamped pucker.
L'lysa scuirmed as well. Angered of what was being done to her captain. One of the dogs had came to keep her down, and used his other hand to rub under her tail as well. Seeing what was done to the captain, feeling fingers at her own sensitive places enraged and humiliated her further.
She saw the captain having now rather pitifull expression, cheeks red and tears flowing down them. Her ass jerked occasionally, dog's muzzle pressed tightly between her legs. Unable to anyhow escape the handling, she occasionally gave a muffled whine, her legs going stiff, muscles flexing. L'lysa could see small droplets dropping to the ground between her legs. Captain gave a bigger whine, eyes losing focus. More moisture dropped to the ground. The dog rubbing her head cooed softly: "That's it. Learn your place. Let the pleasure teach you your new purpose". She scuirmed at hearing this. Clearly trying to resist the forced pleasure. But that was rapidly failing, as more moisture leaked. Dropping between her legs and trailing down at them. Her eyes were now unfocused and half-closed, her crotch bucking slowly against the muzzle. Still struggling or just at the mercy of pleasure was uncertain. L'lysa hated seeing her captain so helpless, but couldn't help her own wetness leaking onto the hand teasing her own crack. This didn't escape from the dog holding her "Liking so much of what you see"? She blushed furiously and scuirmed again. For no avail.
Captain whined again. Using her own moisture, the dog holding her tail had lubricated his finger and pushed the slippery finger past her asshole. Now pumping slowly in and out. Her sex was winking against her will and pushed out her clitoris to be further sucked and licked. For a moment she just lied there, helpless and whining. Taking the humiliation and teasing. Then dog teasing her crotch rised up. Feeling his hard member pressing against her slippery pussy, she turned her head and looked at the dog with pleading eyes. Gag keeping her silent. If she was pleading not to be fucked or to be was hard to tell, as dog took a good hold of her waist and buried his bone into the hot slippery heaven, hard and deep.
Captain let out a muffled shreak, her head stretching forward, eyes closed tight. Dog just grunted and started to grind her. L'lysa growled and kicked as much as her bindings let her, but found slippery fingers at her own holes. Pressing against them. Sliding in... "Better get used to this. Your leader loves to be fucked now, and soon will you." whispered the dog and slowly pumped his fingers in her. L'lysa would want to trash, but she saw captain now just taking the fucking, eyes crossed and half closed. Helpless and whimpering like a beautiful sacrificial offering. She felt herself completely helpless as well and just watched her captain getting fucked. Now the captain was certainly just enjoying the rough sex and groping by several dogs. Her instinct weakness rendered her just as a plaything. Mesmerized by the show L'lysa whined as dog pulled his finger out of her, then bent her, positioning himself. She only gasped, mmphing quietly into the gag, when hot prick found her leaky hole and pushed in. She felt soon as her own instincts took over, and when hard meat slapped in and out, she just quivered bound and gagged, watching captain orgasming. Feeling her own wasn't far. Dog fucking the captain pulled out and stream of dog and marecum flowed down. Another dog took his place and she just accepted this with almost closed eyes and soft satisfied grunts. L'lhysa couldn't contain her own pleasure anymore. She came. Together hogtied legs trembling.. Whining and her pussy milking the shaft inside her.
As the pleasure inside her continued exploding, so did the hot shaft within. Dog just kept her pinned and made sure she took every burst of cum deep inside. Then hold her still for a while, and pulled out. Another dog aproached her, and she thought she should to do something. Dog took hold of her legs and pulled them all up, lining himself crouching next to her mooning ass. Something she definetely should do. When large dong pressed onto her pussy, slipped in, and dog continued the fucking, she realised this was just a proper thing for a pony bitch like her to do. Clancing to the direction of her captain confirmed it. She was there, under the assault of horny dogs. Whining and rocking her hips to the relentless grinding. Crying out her shameless squeals of pleasure. Apparently orgasming again. L'lysa closed her eyes and concentrated to her own pleasure. How the hard meat slided in and out her love canal. Rubbing her sensitive meat all the way. Another dog took hold of her head and licked and kissed her face. She came again, hips grinding and vagina milking the prick to release it's load. Squealing happily as she felt another wet explosion deep inside her.
Other hogtied ponies watched this jiggling orgy in boundless horror. They knew the same would happen to them as well. And inevitably would, given enough time.
After all the dogs had satisfied themselves, they didn't have to keep captain and L'lysa bound anymore. But certain measure of safety was still necessary. Having bound only with briddles and bits,leashes hanging from them, both was commanded to lay down their upper bodies, back legs spread and tails tugged to the side. After both had complied, the dogs took large stretchy dongs and greased them, rubbing them to the wet and leaky, winking pony sexes. To other ponies it was horrendous, how these ponies let it done to them. Like they slightly squirmed, but only as in anticipation for more sex. Dongs were however pushed against the rings under their tails. Both ponies surrendered that hole willingly, and dongs were pushed in. Small reins tied the dongs to their docks. Keeping them in even if they didn't want it to stay. Both ponies whinnied, pleased grin around the bit and eyes drooping. Apparently the dongs in their ass gave them enough pleasure to keep them in their submissive stupor.
Both were harnessed to the front of large caged carriage. docile and obedient. Occasionally when some dog checked their harness or rubbed their short fur, one of them would lower her head to sniff near the crotch of a dog. Otherwise they just stood still. Sometimes pussy idly winking.
Rest of the ponies were lifted and carried inside of the cage. Their left legs were separated from the right ones. Otherwice still hogtied, and bodies were positioned so, their heads were at the center floor of the cage, legs next to the low end of the bars. Asscheeks pressed to the bars. Their briddles were bound to the floor of the cage and their legs to the bars. Unable to move at all again. Everyones tail was raised up, and tied to the bar above it. Both sides of the carriage presented colorfull assortment of pony asses. Spread and revealed. "Now that's a show I want to present in the glory of our great victory" -the leader said. "Give them the plug pacifiers too. It isn't enough to break them, but gives them something to think and distract any thoughts of escape." The chorus of ponies protested and squaled when greased dongs pressed against their puckers. Leader of the dogs watched as line of backsides squirmed. Wet squelch with stiffening legs here and there. Soon all of them were stuffed and whimpering. Some of them futily struggling against the bindings. The travel to the fort could now begin.
Can’t deny that it’s kinda hot, but it’s not what we do here. Off topic. Their submission is just too mandatory: GB2/SiM/.
Damn. I misunderstood the thread then. Sorry.
They'll love this over in SiM. It kinda sucks that we have to have two slave pony threads, but that's autism for you.
This general fucking sucks because half the retards here are hold outs from /sim/ and get off to torturing animals and the other half are autistic egomaniacs that echo chamber their weird fetishes. Old /spg/ died and took all the good writers with it
I like both SPG and SiM. At the end of the day I don't really care about old news from years ago or writefags who abandoned us for whatever autistic reasons. As long as we have AWF and Vega I'll hang here.
File: suggestive.png (2.21 MB, 2586x3300)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB PNG
Same here, I like both threads as well. And Vega and AWF are the best!
What the fuck are you talking about.
Very specifically the idea behind this thread is: It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being. This is stated in the OP. This Diamond Dogs story is not at all modern in sensibility - it's practically Roman.
hes saying it would do better in the other thread: >>33792837
this one is for pony house pets and employees, while our sister thread Submission is Mandatory is for bdsm / domination / punishment / rape / etc. some people enjoy both sides but the threads have very different approaches.

blame gilf, he went out of his way to make drama and cause a shitstorm to get rid of people he didn't like. the whole thing pissed people off and some writers completely checked out so they didn't have to deal with his shit anymore. a couple others are still around but dont visit the thread anymore. you know that guy who cant stop talking about blinders off, spams the thread with his assmad, brings the story up when nobody is talking about it, and forces the thread to talk about it whenever it gets quiet? thats gilf doing what hes always done.
during that forced drama he posted a picture where he cut the threads name into his arm. really wish he pushed that knife deeper. would have fixed a lot of problems.
tl;dr whenever you think the thread has gone to shit, its because of things that changed because gilf wanted them to change
Burning the thread
File: 1159545.png (1.26 MB, 1500x1750)
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>thats gilf doing what hes always done.
Getting his posts deleted? That's what he's reduced to now.
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