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Princess Eastern has come and gone. Will She spank any equestrian? Will she be spanked? She has never been a subject in our threads. Maybe it’s time for her to face the judgment. Tan, or be Tanned.




New stories:
Had some in last thread.
Detention at the University by Joh (Flam / Twilight)
Twilight snoops around Friendship U, and gets her muzzle caught in a situation she does NOT want to be in.

Your daughteru messed up by Anon (Anon / Filly)
Anon plays a game with his filly. But she doesn't find it fun.

Welcome to the Hive (Part I) by Ice (Chrysalis / Twilight)
The pony resistance is running out of hope. Twilight goes on a reconnaisance mission into Chrysalis' territory.

The Drunk Tank by Ice (Celestia / Fleur de Lis)
Those uppity Canterlot ponies have had it too easy for too long. Celestia reminds them of the law.

Buzzy Studies by Nomine (Big Bee / Filly)
A giant spelling bee once again paddles an unlucky filly. Can she learn her words in time to end her tushie torment?
(Sequel to: https://hostbatch.com/spanking-archive/m/bad-beehive-iour.txt )

Reformation Parts 1-5 by Anon (Mane 6 / Cozy Glow)

Old thread:


This is the old reminder:
Be advised: this is a thread about cartoon horses. Nobody here cares about real life disciplinary methods.
Fuck off to >>>/trash/ with your furry-tier fetish
Fuck yea finally!
Shit I wrote last thread (you asked for pastebins or links last thread):


Also wrote some tiny promps and oneswats but they were not worh putting here.
Delete and recreate. Those stories in the op are many threads out of date. Only post new ones. Or just say there are new stories in the old thread.
But it looks like you have already gathered the new stories.
It did say stories in the last thread.
Reposting >>33877903
If you have this image please share it
File: 1558679750752.png (218 KB, 1012x1024)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Just dl and paste.

Beutifle edit.
pretty sure you can find it from bat thread's image archive check >>>33812065
File: Daylily Velour.jpg (58 KB, 834x846)
58 KB
Found it, thank you.

Quite appealing. Look at her face and how her front hooves bunch up.
Welp... with this shitty op pic I'm sitting this thread out.
Not gonna bother with the worst oc I've ever seen as headliner.
Fuck this is hot.

Spankee looks to be a teenager of sorts.
How to punish your secretary.
I think it's supposed to be teacher/student. Making their jackets the same color is a little confusing.

Judging by the comments on DB it might have been Rustic/Woox who commissioned it.
File: 1938758.png (387 KB, 1590x1328)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
I love corner time.

Can anyone recommend me a story with corner time?
Shame about the coat colour of the spankee, made the marks way less obvious than it was in the ych piece.
This is such a great pic
File: 2048773.jpg (823 KB, 1400x1727)
823 KB
823 KB JPG
Hammer time!
Kirin too op.
File: 1128200.jpg (145 KB, 1665x929)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>corner time

Corner time can be so many things, noble anon.
Subjectively, I would rank them thusly:

>Okay tier
Post spanking corner time, alone.
Time to calm down and consider what led you to this junction between walls.

>Getting better tier
Post spanking, on display
Left exposed as an example to others, open to ridicule or cloying pity. Everyone in the house is glad they're not you right now.

>Great Tier
Pre-spanking corner time, alone
You know it's coming. You hate being in the corner but you're gonna hate what comes next even worse. Every sound, every footstep or creak in the floorboards could mean your doom has arrived.

>Boner Tier
Pre-spanking stress position corner time
Kneeling on grit or a hard board, every second is punishment, but the penalty for breaking position is even worse.

>One-With-the-Universe Tier
Waiting your turn in the corner while another is spanked. Maybe she's your rival, maybe your accomplice. As soon as her bawling stops...yours begins.

Your preferences may vary.
Great list, however you forgot one thing:

>Post spanking corner time while having to sit down on a hard surface.

Sure, it may not have the spectical of a standong corner time, however it makes up for that with all thr squirming. Being forced to sit down on a sore bum is almost like getting another spanking all together. And to make things worse (or better), you can have the unfortunate spankee write lines (could be anything) or have them finish their long overdue homework or paperwork. Truly a cruel post spanking punishment.
It never happens since it needs to involve more people or role reversal. But the spanker who teases or humiliated the spankee after punishment needs spanking. In one story like sweetie belles cornertime or something like that.

Rarity and twilight tease spanking sweetie and spike. and I wanted rarity’s mom to spank them for that cause it’s mean lol.
Interesting idea, don't recall any stories with that specifically.

A babysitter situation would work very well here.
Good ideas.
The weekend is busy though. Not much time to write...

Some good stuff here
File: 0d2ea01234116884.png (2.24 MB, 3660x4083)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB PNG
Not bad.

My favourite is this. Gotto love how Glimmer is trying not to scream.
I liked that one too and the Spitfire short comic one
Yea shame we can't link it here.

This would make such a great story, big little Glimmy knowing if she makes any sounds out where they are it'll attract a crowd. And that''s the last thing she wants because she knows Daddy won't stop spanking her tushie just because of bystanders.
That sounds hot af.

Unfortunately for poor Glimmy, I'd imagine the loud smacking sounds coming from daddy's hoof would draw a croud anyway.

Now imagine some of Starlight's friends being there to awkwardly watch the whole thing.
So some threads ago I made two short stories where Dash and Pinkie had to spank their filly selves becouse time travel.

I realy like the idea of these pairings so I descided to revise those two stories and put both of them in one pastebin as they were realy short. If you want to compare them to the old version they are in the archive.

I plan on making similarely short stories with the rest of the main six and putting them in the same paste (I will of course post the updated paste when it's done).

Any requests on what pairing I should do next? If not I'll just pick one at random.

Unfortunately that's the only one in the whole set that can be posted here (maybe there's one of Lightning Dust too). All the rest are either anthro or have visible genitals, both of which will get the thread nuked.
File: 2050297.png (457 KB, 1278x625)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
These used to be my favorite corner stories:
https://hostbatch.com/spanking-archive/m/roo-s-mother-s-day-adventure.txt (not a pony story)

Some of my newer faves are:

There's a "corner" tag on the archive.

But it's outdated. There are more.

> Then, with a flutter of her heart, Pumpkin heard the door open, and started to look around before a hoof pushed her nose right back against the wall. "You stay there until your brother gets to your room, young lady." Pinkie's voice chided.

>stress position

I'm getting stressed just thinking about it. Even traditional nose/muzzle in corner time is physically demanding, depending on how the spankee is standing. There's also holding a coin in the corner, so the spankee can't move.

Missing from your ranking:
Post-spank corner time while non-family members see you. Not just household members, but an uninvolved passerby learning the whole story.

Good ranking though. I agree with most of it, except the above is my one-with-the-universe tier. And in stories I prefer post-spanking time to pre-spanking time.

>Post spanking corner time while having to sit down on a hard surface.
>doing work while sitting
This Anon gets it. Takes me to boner junction even though it's hard to pull off in real life.
Has anyone heard from KrishnaKarnak lately?

He made this delightful story (ends at the intermission though) and commissioned a pic with it on InkBunny. But outside of the story I haven't seen anything he's written in a long time.


Great list.

That is a great story. Wish he would write more. He's very talented.
File: 2050048.png (2.05 MB, 1000x4400)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
I think Sci Twi might need a talking to here.
I updated the paste with a new addition, this time with Twilight discilpining her younger self.

I think it's significantly longer then the previous two. Not sure if thats good or bad considering what I'm going for. You descide.

Now only Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity remain. Not sure which one I'll do next.

Hope you enjoy.

Fan of the squirming that little Twily goes through here.
File: Garble buttslap.webm (2.82 MB, 1920x1080)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB WEBM
Latest episode had Garble hitting Spike at 7:15. Buttslap? You decide.
More like a back slap considering how low Spike's tail was.

But considering the thread were in I'm sure we could use our imagination.
The truth will be exposed.
Glad the corner time was worth adding.
That artwork is hot af.
Important question: Sweetie Belle, or Apple Bloom?
File: 1.jpg (219 KB, 1024x1325)
219 KB
219 KB JPG

But if only one is possible I guess Sweetie Belle.
File: Spoiler Image (596 KB, 1023x739)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
I think Scootaloo is lying there.

I also think she could use some more swats just to be sure.
He's a setup:
The CMC have fucked up, which is nothing abnormal. Their plan has become a disaster and when their parents & legal guardians find out they're doomed. DOOOOOOMED.

But there's a sliver of hope.
If one filly confesses to the whole crime no adult pony will ever find out the other two were involved. They'll get away scot-free. But the unfortunate one who confesses will get it bad. No doubt, she will get her butt blistered, badly, and will likely be grounded for a long time too How long is 'long' in filly terms? A week?, it's unavoidable.

How do they decide who the unlucky confessor will be? Draw straws? Argue about who is most guilty? Debate whose parents/granny/auntie spanks the mildest?

And will their subterfuge fail and just make things worse for them?
They play a game (ball game, cards, racing etc.) to decide.

Imagine how competetive the three of them would get when they know whats on the line and how one of them would panic every time they start loosing.

Not the best story out there, but has two spankings in case your interested (chapters 1 and 3).

Evil filly is like a gold mine of potential spankings. Wish we had more of her.
File: 2.jpg (130 KB, 1024x1325)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
The aftermath.
Talked to skye and he said krish is there so he’s probably all good.
>play a game to decide.
>Imagine how competetive the three of them would get

I think it would start that way but as the game played and it became apparent which one of them was going to lose the others would start to feel bad about it.
If this was an actual FiM episode they'd reach the conclusion that they all have to face the music together...and since they learned a valuable lesson about friendship nobody gets punished, but that's because the show writers are bad at their jobs.

For a spankfic, their contest could get so heated that they forget what they were trying to cover up in the first place. Through comedies of error & circumstance they ALL end up getting caught and spanked.

Good to hear.

Has a tiny spanking scene near the end of chapter 2.
Made another short story in the paste.

This time Applejack is the featured pony duo.

I tried to put a bigger focus on the spanking itself on this oe rather then the buildup or the reason or aftermath.

Hope you enjoy.

Any good stories with otk hand/hoof spankings? Preferably mother'daughter with aftercare after. I like implements too, but I love hand spankings.
Taking Score is a really good one.

Simple, to the point, but well written.
Link please?
File: 1844211.png (772 KB, 1388x1820)
772 KB
772 KB PNG
It's in the archive, unfortunately it won't work for me right now for some reason. Just do a quick search in it and you'll easily find it.

Its written by KrishnaKarnak.
File: 1494766324795.jpg (36 KB, 535x500)
36 KB
File: 2051796.gif (2.42 MB, 1200x960)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB GIF
looks like sleepover shenanigans
better keep the noise down, girls, or the host mom is gonna come in to settle you down
Best lightswitch.
(Saw a story in another thread. Disliked the ending so I'm "fixing" it. If this is not allowed, delete post of contact original poster so they can duel me at dawn. Daggers preferably).
Sombra took another sip of his wine, glanced over at his queen who sat beside him not in a throne, but in a hard wooden stool. It did little to hide her spanked red rump.She squirmed uncomfortably on her clearly sore bottom.
He had paddled her that afternoon because he had come home and seen her...mocking him in his cloak.
"I'm a king and royalty doesn't participate in fun activities!"
He sighed. What had he done to earn such ire from the Pony who had convinced him to peacefully negotiate with the Yaks instead of annihilating them.
And it'd been a good idea. He respected her. Didn't...didn't she?
She took a sip of wine and continued staring straight ahead. She hadn't spoken to him since the spanking. Normally her chastisements were concluded in a way that was more pleasurable to both parties.
He'd taken her throne.
His heart raced up. Commoner by birth she might have been, but she was His Queen. His heart acted like it was trying to escape from his chest. What if...she thought he didn't WANT her as queen anymore?
What if she left him?
He couldn't go back to those days.He stopped a servant. "A cushion for My Queen." He whispered to the maid. She went and fetched one. When she returned he took it in his magic, sliding it beneath Fluttershy's bottom. She offered him a shy smile, rested her head on his shoulder.
Cute, poor Flutters tho.
The original ending was very severe. I like aftercare and tenderness.
>he had come home and seen her...mocking him in his cloak.
This is clearly sexual roleplay. No way would Flutters do this if she DIDN'T want a trip across Sombra's knee.
Sombra looks creapy af in this. And Fluttershy's ass... She's clearily in for it.
Any good domestic discipline or erotic spanking stories? (If there's some way to search the threads I don't know about please direct me there.)


There should be an archive tag for it but there isn't. Fimfic has what you need but they usually lean sexy.

Old fashioned wife is a DD story in the archive.

This is sorta DD but doesn't quite say if discord and Fluttershy are in a relationship.

Erotic is easier. Fluttershy's Fetish, and all (most) of Vega's stories.

Zad has one with big Mac and cheerilee.
If I were Sombra, Fluttershy would get a long and hard spanking with a hairbrush or paddle right in the throne room for this. Followed by cornertime while he does his "royal business". Maybe a soaped mouth as well for all this sass.
Love soap! But canon sombra is totally a sub.
He could put something else in her mouth besides soap.
Oh yes soap is very nice, also a ginger root in her butthole for the cornertime
Like a carrot?

Or how about a vegan hotdog?

Maybe some baguettes?

Or perhaps a thermometer.
Maybe Flutters wants to show how sorry she is and does so on her knees.
File: 2053517.gif (121 KB, 469x570)
121 KB
121 KB GIF
Oh, so he cleans his horseshoose for him! How nice of her.
...How fucked up am I that that still turns me on?
I'm sure your not the only one.
No no, thermometers go in the butt not in the mouth of horses
Why not both? Best to make sure it gets accurate readings. It would also be a good idea to add two more to each armpit.
Nah just one that goes around all spots... I'll let you decide the order
Clearily its best to top to bottom.
Heh, bottom. Would Shy even let Sombra do that to her?
Fluttershy's into some kinky stuff.
In this universe she's appearently his wifo or something soooo.
Still, might need some "coaxing" as it might be a tad embarrassing
Like asking nicely?

Or perhaps a few "light" taps to the bottom?

Probably asking nicely.
Asking nicely first, if it's not working then asking nicely with the hairbrush
Thats perfect! Surely if he brushes her mane for her she might agree to it!
Glad we came to an agreement
This she is. She would definitely cum from a hard spanking.
File: 2054092.png (649 KB, 1000x2000)
649 KB
649 KB PNG
Derpi pic.
File: Coco spanked.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
rump bump
Ew no
Dem quads does
Great edit!
People are referencing Silent Rose by Vega. https://hostbatch.com/spanking-archive/m/silent-rose.txt

He didn't do the ending.
>clearly sexual roleplay.
>Flutters want a trip across Sombra's knee.
I remember the thread that inspired this.
The story was that Fluttershy did not know Sombra was home in the castle. She thought he was out conquering or whatever so she was entertaining the household staff by doing an imitation.

Of course, Sombra is home and sees it. All the staff flees, or tries to warn Fluttershy, but she isn't paying attention and Sombra sees her full show.

Then, spankies.
You gotta spank the Dashie. Someone needs to keep that petite blue butt in line.
Tomboy taming works best with Dash.
I can't tell if Dash is enjoying it or not.

Probably both.
She probably won't like it the very moment her tush is being paddled but afterwards... when she got a lone moment
Dash's butt is just too cute NOT to spank. I'd look for any excuse to pull her over my knee and apply a paddle to her bare flanks. Rainbow would always have a rosy red rump when I'm around.
I want this as the wonderbolt discipliner from some time ago. Dashie's rump wouldn't be safe anywhere. Any time she messes up something or does something against the rules, it's a trip over my knee no matter where. Her cute cries would be for everyone to hear. I'd carry around a little hairbrush at all times and justthe sight of it would make her and every other bolt behave. After every spanking it'd be straight back to her room for naptime or early bedtime.
>the wonderbolt discipliner from some time ago.


Further reading:


>I'd carry around a little hairbrush at all times and justthe sight of it would make her and every other bolt behave
The hairbrush would be humiliating. A little brush for brushing hair/fur, when applied to the tail, suddenly turns an adult pony into a crying filly.

But what about a small paddle instead? Spankees need to know they're on notice, and let's not let them try to explain away their discipline as anything but bare-bottom spankings.
Page 10
Can anyone recommend me a story where the characters are as show accurate as possible? Its so much more immersive if the characters are believable and immersion=boner and enjoyment.

I mean that the less ooc they are the better.

Preferably disciplinary spankings over sexual.
Emergency bump
File: 1464645.png (151 KB, 1024x640)
151 KB
151 KB PNG

Gotto love them machines.
Realist but also has spankings are a weirdish mix cause many wouldn’t go for it.
Photo Finish story by Ice
Weekend Detention by DC
Naughty Pie
A Lost Bet 3.5
Act of Kindness
Celestial Retribution
A lot of the Apple stories by Zad
Long Rarity spanking scene by Vega: >>33905143
Just what I needed
File: 1856160.jpg (137 KB, 1920x1080)
137 KB
137 KB JPG

>Twilights School of friendship.

>Recently, there has been an incident with a prank gone wrong.
>Through thorough investigation Twilight and co. discovered that somehow every single student at the school was involved with the prank in a negative way.

>Twilight already had some ideas on how to punish the perpetrator, but did not expect the crime to be such a large scale operation.
>She thought long and hard with her friends before desciding what to do.

>School essembly.
>Everycreature was gathered.
>Twilight spoke.

As we all know by now, a horrible and destructive "prank" has taken place within the walls of our establishment.
After careful investigation, we have discovered that the perpitrator was literally all of you.
Needless to say, we are very dissapointed, and after a long debate, we have descided on the methon in which we will deal with this revelation.
Starting tomorrow, we will select one student at random. Said student will be escorted to my office, then we will subject said student to corporal punishment.
I had hoped that I would never had to resort to such measures, let alone on so many of my pupils, but I believe this is the best and most fair way to handle this.
I can assure you, you will all be getting your turn soon enough.
Then the young six who were involved, found out the mane six were accidentally part of it as well; and tell the school; who bands together to spank then too
Muh boner
File: 1615499.webm (375 KB, 1210x700)
375 KB
File: 1935113.webm (2.44 MB, 1280x1080)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB WEBM
Machines are fun.
Why let a machine take away the pleasure of spanking a butt yourself? I never understood that. Machines are a huge turnoff for me
An unfeeling and untiring machine can go literally as hard as you want, wont get tired, you can sit back and watch, infinitely customizable, offers something diffrent, can be humiliating in its own way as you can sit back and enjoy the show, allows for a wider range of non spéanking punishments during the spanking since you don't have to worry about holding down the spankee, can be left on while you do something else, automation ftw.
Does no one not notice the fucking balls and sheathe right on display?
Because everything else about it is so well drawn.
mlp is a sfw board...
Yes, and some of us were staying quiet about it so the image and potentially the thread doesn't get zapped.
Newest episode is quite strong for spank inspiration. I believe Granny Smith even slaps Big Mac on the rump to encourage him.
File: Granny Big Mac.webm (2.4 MB, 1920x1080)
2.4 MB
File: AB bent over.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
Needs an edit.
Ah-Ah know I oughta spank ya good 'Bloom...but Ah just cain't do it...
>even AppleJack knows sibling spanking is dumb
Or maybe she's looking at the results of a Granny Smith spanking.
Trainee uniform for Soarin and no uniform for Dashie. Ponies will make fun of their wonderbutts for sure.
File: Soarin uniform527982.png (418 KB, 1280x720)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
>Trainee uniform
Nah, I think that's the uniform he wore in the Canterlot Wedding episode. See the necktie hanging below his wing?
Maybe Dashie had to take off her dress
I don't know what the artist's original intent was but I've always assumed Dash & Soarin were disciplined for fraternization. Members of the same chain-of-command are not supposed to have romantic relationships, ESPECIALLY between ranking members and junior subordinates.

It's the reason I never liked the Soarin/Dash ship. One of them would have to resign from the Wonderhorses.
Thread is slow. Post stuff that could be spanking related but isn't tagged spanking. (I searched Derpibooru for angry, colt for this one)

Here we have Thunderlane getting fed up with Rumble's antics.
Yeah, I've got some of that...
There's a prequel pic I didn't know about:

Derpi helps us out:
>Say your prayers, Soarin.
>Your rump is doomed.

We're on the same wavelength. In my most avant-garde faps I've thought there should be a story to go with that pic.

Closest we have is this:
Imminent spanking is a good (underused) tag too.
Alright, page 10. Again.
We've got no momentum going here, nobody has any new art or stories ready. I'm not bumping it again.
If the thread drops let's take a break and re-convene in a couple of weeks.
I've got a story I'm working on, I'm not sure if its a concept that's been done before, but we'll see how it goes. I'll probably post updates every couple days, but if we fall off I'll just save it for the next thread.
Rosey Glow was a young entrepreneur residing in Canterlot. For a unicorn living in the City of Fashion, she dressed practically, avoiding all of the sparkly and showy dresses of most mares her age. Instead she wore basic glasses with black frames and a tight black business vest. Her coat was a soft white, and her mane, which was pulled into a tight ponytail or bun depending on the day, was a soft rose-colored pink. With her practical outfit and hairstyle, paired with a deliberate gaze that could be equal parts ice and fire, she appeared to most passing ponies to be quite a bit older than she truly was.
On her flank, which was never covered (Rosey thought pants on ponies were a pointless flashy fashion statement) was her cutie mark: A wooden spoon.
Ponies often asked her if her special talent was baking. It was not.
Rosey Glow’s calling was a bit more unique. Nopony in Equestria had anything quite like it.
On the day that she received her cutie mark, she had been at home, babysitting. Her parents had left her in charge of watching over her twin sister, who despite being the exact same age, was not nearly as responsible. Rosey had left her sibling unattended for no more than a moment, and had come back into the room to see her sister recklessly climbing a giant stack of precariously perched boxes. In an instant, without hesitation and on pure instinct alone, she used her magic (which was quite strong for her age) to grab her sister down from her perch, open a drawer, grab a spoon, and drop her sister over her lap. The rest was history.
Rosey’s parents had initially been surprised by the development of their daughters…atypical special talent. Though it didn’t take long for it to start to make sense. Rosey had always had a passion for keeping things organized, had a strong sense of right and wrong, and was always keeping a close eye on her sister. Despite their initial confusion, they were proud of their daughter’s cutie mark, whatever that mark may be.
Yet Rosey Glow’s parents were still uncertain of what this actually meant for their daughter. She was a strong magician, an excellent organizer, and was able to excel at any project she put her mind to but…what would someone with a mark like hers actually…do? How would their daughter make a living? What was her calling? How would she make the world better?
But they had no doubt Rosey would find a way. And she did.
As soon as she was old enough, Rosey packed her bags and moved to Canterlot. With bits on loan from her parents, she was able to get an apartment and rent out a small boutique space on main street. Combining her skills as an entrepreneur, her aptitude in magic, and her carefully honed woodcrafting ability, Rosey Glow created her own business. Simply named: Rosey Glow’s.
“Quaky, please put these out on display. We open in 10 minutes.”
“R-right away Miss Rosey!”
Rosey Glow levitated an open box over to her employee, Quaky Boots. Quaky took hold of it anxiously. Rosey held it in place for a moment to make sure Quaky could get a good grip on it with her jaw. Quaky Boots was a young earth pony with a light sliver coat and a light violet mane curled in all sorts of odd directions. She was naturally a bit shaky, but seemed to be even more so when talking to her boss.
“Do you have a hold of it? Be careful.”
“Yush, I’ve ghot iht.” Quakey said through her clenched jaw.
“After that make sure to unlock the door, flip the sign, and get the logbook ready.”
“You sure you’ve got it?”
Quaky then proceeded to turn around, start her slow trot over to the window display, trip over her own hooves and immediately crash into the floor. With her went the box, sending more than a dozen hard wooden spoons that Rosey had been working on sprawling across the floor.
“Quaky, are you alright!??” Rosey ran over to her fallen employee. “Are you hurt??”
Quaky’s looked at Rosey, her eyes filled with terror. “I’m s-sorry Miss Rosey, I’ll pick everything up right away!”
“Quaky, its fine. Are you all right?”
Quaky scrambled to her hooves so quickly she almost tripped again. Rosey Glow steadied her.
“I’m so sorry, Miss Rosey! I don’t know what happened! I’ll pick them all up right away.” Quaky Boots sputtered, tripping over her words.
Rosey placed her hoof on her employee’s shoulder. Their eye’s locked. Quaky quivered.
“Quaky, its fine. It was just an accident. Just…be more careful. Maybe walk next time, alright?”
Quakey trembled a little bit. “Yes Miss Rosey. I’m sorry. Sorry.”
“I know. You go set up the log book, alright? I’ll pick these up.”
Quaky sniffled. “Okay.” She carefully made her way over the counter.
Rosey sighed and began to pick up the spoons. Quaky was extremely clumsy, but Rosey knew she had a good heart. She knew that Quaky was scared of her special talent, but Quaky had been a hard worker in the few weeks she had been here. Rosey so far had never had a reason to use her talent on her. She didn’t believe in punishing accidents, unless they got dangerous (She didn’t tell Quaky that though. She tended to be more careful that way).
Rosey took a close look at a few of the spoons to make sure none of them had been damaged, but she knew they wouldn’t be. Not from a little fall like that. They were made of beautiful, polished, light blonde wood: Golden Oak, to be specific.
It had taken her forever to find some, but her material supplier, a stallion named Oak Hoof, had really come through. Rosey had dozens of kinds of wood tested on herself over the years, and she thought that Golden Oak might be one of the best.
She looked at her latest design, proud of her work. She had been working to develop these for weeks, creating the perfect shape, the best wood, and the perfect finish. Testing, recreating, perfecting. And now that her design was done she had made hundreds. She had a feeling they were going to be good sellers.
At the very bottom of the handle, like with all of her items, Rosey had personally carved her initials: R.G. She took great pride in her work, and wanted people to know that the work was quality, and that the work had been hers. She wanted her items to be remembered. And maybe one day, when some fillies grew up and had fillies of their own, they would know where to come.
Rosey Finished picking up her spoons and placing them lovingly in the window display. She looked out the storefront of her boutique.
Today was the start of Canterlot’s Spring Festival, and even though it was early, the streets were already bustling. Rosey unlocked the door and flipped the sign to open. She had a feeling it was going to be a busy day.
Interesting concept, reminds me of this:


A pony who's cutie mark is about spanking can lead to many fun scenarios.

Can't wait to see where this leads.
I made content!

This is an alternate ending to a certain early episode and features two underutalized characters as spankees.

Hope you enjoy!

Crimson Brush doesn't have to be the only author / OC with a spanking talent. Even I have a few paragraphs of a spinoff of The Many Uses of a Brush.

Come to think of it, this story fits the theme of the thread more than anything else posted so far.
Theres a spinoff? Neat!

Link please?
I wonder if spanking underwater like this makes it hurt more or less.
If you could only spank one, which would you choose?

I'd go with Sci-Twi because she would probably be a lot more sensitive and give better reactions.
File: 2056224.png (957 KB, 1920x804)
957 KB
957 KB PNG
Water resistance should make it near impossible but maybe Novo has some kinda crazy Mantis Shrimp arms I'm assuming everyone knows about Mantis Shrimp.

Ain't gotta explain shit.
yes water resistance is the problem, if she can make a air pocket around a bottom then poor red behind awaits.
Whatever the case it seams that Novo can make that backside red. Must be some neat seapony magic working there.
I adore Cheerilee's expression here.
File: sunset kicking.webm (298 KB, 1062x760)
298 KB
Definitely Sunset for me: the feistier / more defiant the spankee, the better. Look at the scowl given in the shot, it makes it all the sweeter when she finally can't deal with the pain and humiliation anymore and is reduced to a squealing, kicking, teary eyed mess.
This was discussed in an old thread. Conclusion: Skystar is in for some pain.

I said "few paragraphs". It's just a seed of an idea. People don't usually like you taking their hard work and making something not as good.

The idea was to bring Apple Bloom + Applejack to the store (sorry, DC, no [grand]parental discipline here). Apple punishment usually involves switches, but AJ is getting squeamish about how irregular and perhaps dangerous they are. A nice hairbrush would provide a consistent red bottom every time.

Then some embarrassment from AB at all the spanking discussion, then a trip to the demo room because AJ's spankings aren't getting through to AB as much as they used to.
I made this story based on something that may have actually happaned in european history (it probably did).


>Times back then were very different and many strange jobs were practiced.
>One of these jobs was the whipping colt (or sometimes filly, but usually a colt).
>You see, the nobility of the unicorn tribe believed themselves to be of purer essence then the lower classes (a belief that lasted until the modern times for a few of them) and as such, beneath the typical punishments given to the masses.
>Unfortunately, royal blooded colts and fillies had a tendency to be just as naughty as the rest.
>Do to their “innate purity”, it was considered improper spank these foals for anypony except their parents or a higher ranking individual (monarch, higher ranking noble) and parents were often reluctant to discipline their offspring in such physical ways.
>This is where the whipping colt came in.

>” What didst thou doth mine son?!”
>” I am sorry father!”
>” thou needs to be taught a lesson!” He turned to a pair of guards “Get me the whipping colt!”
>The guards soon returned with a young colt, about the royal colt’s age.
>” What is going on?! Why are thou-“ He saw his employer and the colt next to him and knew what was coming “Oh come on! Again?!”
>Without another word, the whipping colt was bent over a chair by the two guards facing the naughty young noble and a servant grabbed a smooth thin stick used specifically for discipline.

>” Ten strokes!” Said the noblepony.

>’Thwack!’ “Ouch!”
>The stick was a painful tool of discipline as the poor whipping colt found out. He could never hold back his tears from its usage.
>The noble colt had to watch as the boy got punished for his misdeed. It was of the hope that the pain the whipping boy suffered would somehow transfer over to a misbehaving young noble along with the shame of the consequence of their actions. For this colt in particular, the pain did not transfer over, although he always felt guilty watching the other colt get the stick for his transgression. It didn’t do much to improve his behavior though.
>The whipping colt was by now, already squirming in his place, trying to get away from the hard strikes from the stick, however the two strong guards holding him down forced him to take every stroke. He could do nothing but cry, hoping that it would be over soon.
>The servant, while she did feel bad for her victim did not go easy on him, the young master had to learn his lesson after all.
>Soon the final strokes landed and the whipping colt could finally nurse his bottom, which now sported ten painful red lines.
>” I hope thou learned thy lesson mine son!” He addressed the spanked colt. “five bits for thy service.” Said the father as he levitated said bits on to the table next to the whipping colt. He left with the servant and the guards, leaving the two boys alone.

>The aftermath was always awkward for them, with the whipping colt silently rubbing his butt and the young master staring awkwardly.

>” I’m, uh sorry for that. I’ll try to be better, I promise.”
>” Right.” He had heard that line many times before.
>” Um, bye!” Said the noble colt as he hurriedly scampered off.

>The whipping colt sincerely wished that his employers son would improve his behavior, it would save him a lot of pain.
>He collected his bits.
>Although it was nice to get a paycheck out of this.
I wonder what else could come from this concept.
File: 2058250.gif (67 KB, 555x449)
67 KB
What if they had spells that shares the whipping colt's pain with the noble colt?
That is an amazing idea. Can't believe I didn't think of that.

I wonder if pegasus and earth pony nobility (if they have any) would hire unicorns just for this purpose.
Could be interesting if the spell could magnify or dampen the pain the noble colt would feel. The father could even lie and say that he's only feeling a tiny fraction of the pain the whipping colt is feeling, for extra guilt.
Magnifying pain... I wonder if the whipping colt would be paid extra for convincingly acting like it hurts more. And wheather or not the spell would require a certain proximity to the whipping colt or the noblepony would get to dance all around the room in pain.
I'll like to think that the range is big enough for a small room.
What if the two colts are friends though? It would make this method of punishment interesting.
Yes, getting in trouble together could let the spell transfer to his friends as well. Or perhaps the spell would only link two ponies and extra whipping colts would be needed... Or just give the same one multiple spankings for each friend.
Perhaps the spell is very flexible, and if they have a good mage, they can cast the spell however the Noblepony wants it.
Magic ftw. I wonder how much they pay the spellcasters and if other races hire unicorns for this purpose. I'd imagine a spell like this would be good for a large group of misbehaving ponies in general when there's only one spanker.
Twilight so smol.
Twilight hugged Sunset as she stepped through the door and then got on her knees, her plaid skirt sliding into her thighs. "Welcome home, Mistress."
Sunset patted her pet's hair. "Good afternoon. Were you good while Mistress was away?"
Twilight looked away. "No." She pouted. 'I didn't do any of my chores. Are you mad at me?"
Sunset continued stroking her hair. "Nah, you deserve a break."
Twilight tugged her collar. "Then, um, I spent your money to buy a new shirt."
"You deserve something nice."
Twilight stood up, pranced over to a desk and knocked over a vase." "Whoopsie." She twitched her rump. "Oh no! Will Mistress punish me?"
Sunset shrugged. "Accidents happen."
Twilight growled. "Gods damnit Sunset! Spank me because I'm fucking horny!"
Sunset put her hands on her hips. "Did you just swear in the presence of your mistress? Now you're in for it!"
Nice, looks like SciTwi and Sunset are into some kinky shit. Not bad for two high school students. I wonder if their friends know about this.
>A week and a half later.

>Apparently the young master didn’t try hard enough to be better as he got himself into trouble once again
>And once again it was up to the whipping colt to get punished for it.

>The poor colt had to suffer another ten strokes from that horrible stick in front of the young master and it hurt just as much as the last time.
>This time, however the young master must have done something extra because it was determined that corner time had to be served after the spanking.
>As such, before the whipping colt could even begin to rub his bottom he was dragged by the guards to the corner and told not to move his muzzle from it.
>This was a rare punishment for the especially bad misdeeds.
>Of course, the whipping colt knew he had to stay in the corner and not squirm too much lest he receive some unpaid extra strikes from that horrible stick.
>He couldn’t help but squirm very slightly though and shuffle his hind legs a bit. While ten hits may not seem like much, that stick was practically designed to get the maximum impact out of just a few swings, as such it hurt just as much as a few minutes with a brush.
>The lord didn’t mind the squirming as he believed it helped set a message to his errant son, who had to stand at the opposite corner facing the whipping colt so that he may see the consequence of his misdeed.
>While this punishment was certainly quite bad, the whipping colt couldn’t help but remember another, even worse one in the not so distant past.
>It had started out, with of course the young master getting into trouble (again), but this time he most likely did something exceedingly offensive.
>After the ten strokes landed the guards grabbed the whipping colt before he could rub, but instead of putting him in a corner like now, they had him sit down in front of a desk on a had wooden chair. He was then told to sit still in fear of further stick strokes.
>The young master was told to do the same by his father. He then had to write an apology letter of sorts with his bare hooves.
>The whipping colt had to sit still while the young noble wrote his letter under heavy supervision and was not allowed to get up until it was complete.
>Unfortunately, the young master was a slow writer, especially with his underused hooves. This left the whipping colt squirming on the chair for an excruciatingly long time.
>To make things even worse for the poor colt, when the letter was complete, it was thoroughly checked for form and grammar.
>Naturally, given how sloppy of a writer the young master was there were many mistakes.
>It was decided that for these mistakes, an extra four strokes must be given.
>It was not a fun time for the whipping colt. That was perhaps the worst he had to endure in a single session.
>Not worth the extra four bits.

>Back in the present (or past) the whipping boy continued his light squirming in the corner.
>Oh how much he wished he could just rub.
>At least he wasn’t having to go through what he had to back then.

> Son! what didst thou doth to thine chamber pot?!
I'm planning on writing a bit of commopence for the young master sometime later.

Also, do you think I went a bit too far with the olden english style diologue for the talking bits?
>Also, do you think I went a bit too far with the olden english style diologue for the talking bits?
Feels fine to me, it isn't hard to get what they're saying.
Good. Glad it didn't come off as annoying or anything.
>Today was a very special day for the whipping colt as this day marked the new worst punishment he had to endure for the young master.

>Thankfully it was over, and the colt was about to take his leave for his room with his red hot Derrière.
>On the way there, he was greeted by his employer at the hallway.
>” Is there something I could doth for thou, milord?”
>The noblepony tossed his employee three bits.
>” I believe some added compensation is owed for today after thy service.”
>This was certainly odd “Grammercy, milord.”
>” Cherish those bits’ boy, mine son shall no doubt get into his usual shenanigans again soon enough, yet after that thou may be getting far less opportunities for more.”
>” With all due respect milord, that would make myself quite joyous, although I doubt mine workload shall decrease.”
>The noblepony chuckled. “Oh trust me boy, it shall.”
>” I eagerly await that day, milord. Goodnight.”

>The lord of the castle was right in that the young master did indeed get into his usual shenanigans soon, just two days later in fact.
>It was a rather public stunt as well, a juvenile, but no less disruptive prank.
>As the whipping colt was being led to the private classroom where the punishments typically took place, he knew that he would be getting ten strikes again. At this point he was hoping to be at least spared from a corner time or especially a sitting time.
>The guards soon shoved him into the room where he was surprised to see a professional looking unicorn standing next to the lord of the castle. His horn was glowing signifying a spell being cast and the whipping colt could see the strange unicorn’s magical aura right behind the young master, who seemed to be just as confused about this new pony.
>Then again, it’s not like he cared too much, he would be getting spanked either way.
>The guards bent him over the chair and held him down as always.
>” Thou may link when you’re ready.” Said the lord, much to the whipping boy’s confusion.
>The unicorn walked behind him, horn still glowing and he felt magic cast right on his bottom. Was this some new form of punishment?

>” Ten strokes! yet first, a single test stroke.”
>So he was getting eleven, wonderful.

>The stick was raised and the whipping colt closed his eyes awaiting the first stroke.
>He grunted in pain, it was just as bad as ever, but he was also surprised to hear a loud ‘Yelp!’.
>He opened his eyes to see the young master stroking his buttocks with visible tears in the corner of his eyes. Definitely an unusual sight.
>” F-father, what was that?!”
>” I see the spell hath proven to be a success.”
>” What?”
>” From henceforth, whenever thou are to be punished thou shall feel the same pain the whipping colt doth.”
>” What?!”
>” Thou may proceed.” Said the noblepony to the servant with the stick.
>” Wait, father! I-AAH!”
>And so what was technically the young masters first real spanking has begun, and it was worth noting that he was not taking it very well, although this was not a surprise to anypony that knew him, as the closest thing he ever got to a spanking was at his birth when the nurse was stimulating him to take his first breath.
>As far as the whipping boy was concerned, he did everything in his power to try and focus on the young noble even through his own pain.
>He watched him with wide eyes, desperately doing everything in his power to not close them as he took in the young masters screaming, begging and “dancing” with a morbid satisfaction.
>The young master was indeed “dancing”. In that he was trying whatever he could to stop the burning sensation in his flanks, but to no avail. Jumping, screaming, skipping and even rubbing did nothing to ease his pain.
>The whipping colt almost wished this session would be a longer one just to have that brat of a noble get what was surely coming to him.
>But alas, it had to end at ten strokes and soon both colts were let off.

>” I hope thou learned thy lesson son. Remember, this is what thou hast to look forward to for thy naughtiness from now on.”
>The two boys were left alone and the usual awkward silence would commence. This time, however, both were nursing sore buttocks.
>” D-did this hurt s-so much every time?” Asked the still sobbing young master.
>” Yes.”
>” I’m so sorry.”
>” I’m sure thou are.” Sarcastically said the whipping colt.
>” Doth thou t-think father was joking?”
>” I hast never known thy father to be much for jokes.”
>The young noble could only whimper at this.
>” I doth hope mine services will not be needed as often from now on.” Said the whipping colt as he grabbed his five-bit paycheck and left.
This is the end of this little trilogy of short stories. Hope you liked it.

I plan on getting these and putting them in a single pastebing and perhaps making it look a bit nicer as a single story as well.

I also have another idea for this concept. This time it will involve fillies instead of colts.
Heh, poor Scoots I bet if one were to lift her skirt he or she would see the results of her previous spanking.

Reminds me of this:
Made the pastebin version. Did a few edits to make the whole thing look a bit better. Not much.

Currently working on the other story based on this concept, although with how slow this thread is I'm kind of feeling like it would be better to hold it off until next thread, we'll see, I might just post it anyway if I finish it as a bump or something.

Hope you enjoy!

>if one were to lift her skirt
Here we go...

>Be you
>Anon; 7th grader at Canterlot
>Same class as Scoots, Bloom, Sweetie and all the others
Between 4th and 5th period...
>See Scootaloo in the hallway
>Wearing a ridiculous frilly dress
>Totally out of character for her
>Hear her grumbling about her Mom not allowing her to wear pants
>You see an opportunity
>An evil opportunity
>For revenge
>Evil revenge
Wait, why do you want revenge on Scootaloo?
>Shut up, reader, let me tell the story
>Scootaloo got you in trouble a week ago
>Knew you and Silver Spoon were making out in the supply closet
>Ratted you out to Vice Principal Luna
>You didn't get paddled
>Worse...both of you got a letter home to parents
>Get signed and return
>You and Silver were both squirming in your seats the next day
>Not so bad for you, because you're a nasty little spanko who kinda liked it
>But Silver Spoon got it pretty bad
>Now she won't even let you get to second base because she's afraid of another spanking
>Oh yeah...Scootaloo deserves revenge

>She's not paying attention right now
>Talking to Snails about some homework shit
>Stalk her like a jungle cat
>You flip up Scootaloo's skirt
>Holy sheet...the panties match the dress
>Little yellow ones with cute ruffles and bows
>A few faint marks remaining from her last spanking
>But you don't get to appreciate the sight for long
>Scootaloo hauls back and punches you right in the face
>A good, solid jab. Scoot hits hard for a girl her age
>She totally phoned it in...you could have blocked
>But that wasn't part of your evil plan
>For revenge

>Scootaloo stands there smugly
>But she gets yanked back by her collar
>"No fighting in the hallways! Scootaloo, come with me this instant!"
>Principal Celestia saw the last half of it
>You timed your skirt flip perfectly, but Scoots punched you at the wrong time
>"But, but! Principal Celestia, he..."
>The Principal is not in the mood

>This is not the first fighting violation for her
>Scootaloo is a tomboy, she's been busted for this before
>Principal Celestia sends you to the school nurse
>You do have a little nose bleed
>But instead you follow to watch the show.

>Principal drags her along by the wrist
>Scootaloo cries and pleads her innocence
>But the school is taking a hard line against violent bullying lately
>No witnesses step forward to help poor Scoot
>She's doomed and she knows it
>Gives up defending herself and just begs for mercy
>No mercy is given
>She's pulled right into Principal Celestia's office
>But no attempt is made to close the door

>Things have turned out better than expected
>It's Celestia's unofficial new policy for fighting and bullying
>She leaves the door wide open
>Let the whole school hear what's going on
>After some scolding and a lot of pitiful crying the smacks begin
>That skirt was so short...it must have ridden up as she was bent over
>The sound of the wooden paddle is only dampened by a thin layer of cotton panties
>But it's Scootaloo's bawling that fills the hallway
>Not so tough now, eh, tomboy?
>Okay, that's not exactly fair
>Everybody screams under Principal Celestia's paddle, even the toughest Senior students
>But usually the door is closed so the humiliation is private

>Some students hurry past with worried looks on their faces
>Some linger to listen to the performance
>You hang out for a minute, then go on to see the nurse
>Revenge has been accomplished
>Now you and Scoots can be cool again.
File: 722137.jpg (141 KB, 896x1070)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Undeserved spankings can be fun in the right cercumstances.

We need more Principle Celestia. Poor Scoots, I don't think she'll be "cool" with the nerrator anon any time soon.

Now, to have her walk home on a windy day...
Fun and funny story. Nice and unique.
Fuck it, I'll post it. Will make a pastebin version for the next thread if this dies. Will also continue after a timeskip.

I gave the characters names this time as it felt better this way.

I also felt a bit disturebed writing this one due to the ages involved.

Hope it is sufficiantly different from the last one and that you enjoy it.
>Count Knightly had a daughter.
>Said daughter, Lily has recently reached the age of five and her behavior suggested a need for a spanking.
>As such, he needed a suitable pony to be spanked in her stead. Physical punishments were a big no-no for a filly of his daughter’s stature after all.

>Lily’s first punishment of this nature began when she was caught sneaking around in places within the castle which were off limits to her.
>Her parents had already brought her to her room and were awaiting their best guard to bring them their newest castle staff member.
>The guard soon returned with a filly the same age as Lily, this was Blossom.
>Blossom looked very similar to Lily, she sported the same colors and even had a similar stature and voice. The only difference was the tone of the colors and some stripes.
>Count Knightly took great care to employ a pony who looked like her daughter as much as possible. he believed a close resemblance might have a bigger effect on Lily during punishments. This particular pony was took quite the effort to hire, but the count believed it was more than worth it.
>”I hast brought the whipping filly as ordered.”
>”Good.” Said Countess Grape. “We may begin the punishment.”
>”B-but, already?!” Said Blossom, who had just got here earlier that day. She had been rather nervous about her new job as one would expect and didn’t expect her young mistress to get into trouble already.
>”Of course! Mine little lily won’t learn her lesson by herself, after all.” The countess took a seat on an armless chair. “Now, let us begin.”
>Poor Blossom didn’t know what to do. Being only five herself this was to be her first spanking ever and this left her naturally terrified. She was told that everything would be sorted out when the time came so she just stood there, not sure what to do.
>The guard suddenly picked her up with his magic and deposited her on Countess Grape’s lap. It was tradition for a guard or two to place the whipping colt or filly in the required position and hold him or her down if needed.
>This particular case was unusual in that the countess herself was going to be holding her down and delivering the spanking personally. It was rare, as the task was generally relegated to guards and servants, however the Grape insisted on handling this personally.

>The countess patted the scared, sobbing filly’s bottom. “Make sure Lily’s watching the whole thing, Knightly dear.”
>”Of course, mine love!” Said Knightly as he put his hooves on his daughter’s shoulders. “Tis the most important part, after all!”
>Grape stopped patting Blossom’s bottom and raised her hoof high, and brought it down. Blossom gasped and leaned forward as much as she was able.
>The countess did not stop and showered the whipping filly’s flank with hits from her hoof. They weren’t particularly hard, but Blossom’s young age and the fact that this was her first time got her kicking, squirming, squealing and begging.
>Grape ignored these mid-spanking antics and Knightly was actually rather glad for them. Spectacle was important to drive the lesson home, after all. He was also impressed by his wife. She was spanking his employee hard enough to elicit a proper reaction but light enough for a quick recovery afterwards. Blossom was perhaps the perfect whipping filly for Lily. He was going to have to put in a lot of effort to keep her.
>Lily, for her part was forced to watch the whole thing. She had not known what a spanking was before this. Surprisingly enough, watching this filly get punished for her made her feel very guilty. She couldn’t help but reach back with a hoof as she watched her mother’s hoof at work.
>The spanking kept going, perhaps a bit longer than necessary, but Countess Grape wanted to drive the lesson home to her daughter. She would pay Blossom an extra bit for this anyway.
>Weather or not the extra bit was worth it wasn’t up to Blossom as her thrashing body was held down and her cries ignored by all but Lily, who was actually hoping this would end.
>Thankfully, it did end. Grape let the filly sob on her lap as she and Knightly scolded their daughter on the importance of playing in safe places.
>” I’ll grant the whipping filly her payment, shall thou keep with lily?” Said the countess as she put Blossom down.
>”Of course.”
>And with that, Countess Grape Escorted Blossom out of the room.
>The count gave her daughter one more short lecture. He told her that the only reason she wasn’t the one suffering over her mother’s knee was due to the whipping filly and if she didn’t want her to suffer, she would have to behave herself.
>As for Blossom, she was congratulated for a job well done by the countess and was given three bits and a bag of various candies, which was somewhat of a commodity at that time. Despite all this, she was hoping that the young mistress would not get into trouble for a long while.
File: 2059970 (1).png (2.92 MB, 2100x1385)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
"Applejack is a spankaholic"

Jesus that tag
Holy fuck I didn't even noice that somehow. Great tag.
File: 1692327.png (652 KB, 1280x720)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
Ear pulls lead to spankings. It's just science.
File: 332.jpg (168 KB, 1605x1150)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
The energies of the cosmos flared around Twilight. Black wings sprouted from her back and an ominous mask covered her eyes where her glasses had been. Cackling madly, she threw open holes in relaity, ignoring the cries of the ants beneath her.
"Twilight Aurora Sparkle!"
Twilight paused looked down at her mother. "I am beneath you now, Mother. I have tran-OW!"
Velvet jumped, snatched her daughter's ear while she flailed around. "Mom let me go! Mom!"
Velvet held on tight, dragging the magical miscreant towards the benches. "I TOLD you what would happen the next time you threw a tantrum!"
Twilight gasped "I was six!"
"Yes and you're behaving like a six year old now." Her voice softened as she sat down and yanked the struggling teen across her lap. "I realize it's hard to resist peer pressure, but that's no excuse!"
"W-wait, Mommy, you're not going to-"
SMACK! Velvet's hand slapped down on her bared rump. "Spank you? Yes I am. You've earned a good spanking for your behavior tonight!"
"Not in front of everybody!"
Velvet was merciless, bringing down firm spanks on her daughter's pinkening bottom. Twilight squirmed and her wings receded, the dark magic fading away, leaving only a teenage girl across her mother's lap, her skirt pulled up and her bottom being soundly spanked.
Velvet brought down a quick, rapid succession of swats to Twilight's sit spot, leaving her bottom red.
Velvet sighed and helped the crying girl up, wiped away her tears. "I'm sorry Twily, you're punishment's not over yet."
Twilight sniffled and nodded, allowed Velvet to lead her to the wall, her face against the brick, her chastised bottom on display for everyone.
"No rubbing and after this you apologize to everybody."
"Y-yes Ma'am."
Twilight waited, occasionally shifting as she stared at the wall. The cool wind was nice against her bared rump.
After a few minutes, Velvet pulled her into an embrace. "Alright, you're forgiven."
Twilight smiled, pressing her face against her mother's warm bosom, wrapped her arms around her. "I-I'm really sorry."
"I know Twilight, tell them that." Se rubbed her daughter's hair. "If any of them make fun of you, I'll be certain their parents give them the same treatment."
Twilight left her mother's hug, looked down at the ground. Her fellow students and the Canterlot girls were staring at her, a few snickering, but a glare from Celestia quickly ended that. "I'm um, really sorry everybody."
She was surprised to find six girls suddenly wrapping her up in a group hug. They were the rival team. She was briefly confused, but returned the affection.
""It's okay we all make mistakes." A redhead-Sunset Shimmer?-told her.
"And sometimes we get our butts whooped for it." Applejack offered.
"Not making fun of you about THAT cause my mom's in the audience and she carries her hairbrush in her purse." Rainbow Dash offered.
Twilight giggled. These girls seemed really nice. Maybe...maybe they could be friends?
Heh, this is probably the first story made based on that artwork, which is pretty surprising.

Nice to see Valvet take charge. I wonder if someone gave Sunset something similar after her rampage.
She-demons tremble at the thought of a trip across their mother's knee.
That would mean that almost every EQG billain got one at some point.

I wonder who would punish the Dazzlings...
File: large.png (744 KB, 1280x905)
744 KB
744 KB PNG
Yea that looks about right.

I bet the others are working on the other two
It'd be funny as hell if after the first movie Principal Celestia called Sunset's mother and she showed up and gave Sunset a spanking right there in the principal's office.
Does Sunset even have a mother? I mean, she lives alone and even if she did have family in Equestria (never mentioned) how would Celestia call her? It would be even more funny for her to call Princess Celestia for a double Celestia spanking.
She could be an orphan and Princess Celestia is her adoptive mom.
I guess that would make sense for a scenario. Now I'm thinking of the castle staff getting to spank her as well.
>"I am beneath you now, Mother. I have tran-OW!"
Wouldn't Mother be beneath Twilight?

I don't follow the logic of keeping her bare-bottom for the apology, yet not wanting people to make fun of her. It's hot though.
When you just can't make it hurt enough.
Darn it! Is there an edit button? (Glad you liked it though)
Nope! Sorry.
OC or not, this situation is hot.
Indeed, public spanks ftw.
>Your daughteru messed up by Anon (Anon / Filly)

Can we have a pic of it?
Or a continuation?
File: 1743233 (1).png (161 KB, 704x1070)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
The prequal.
Is that an edit?
Sure is. Says so in the filename.

The number matches this:

I like ponies on uncomfortable stools and chairs. The newer way they sit makes no sense to me.
That's a happy little poner!
>you catch filly Scootaloo smoking a cigarette after school

>wat do
Let her smoke and not want to do so again after the inevitable caughing fit.

Best way to teach children.
File: I'm so fucked.png (899 KB, 1745x982)
899 KB
899 KB PNG
>tfw Your aunties kept a list of all the bad things you did while your parents were away and now they want to have a "talk".
Honestly from what I've seen of Scootaloo's parents in that episode I think their the one's that need a spanking.
100%. They really were dolts when it came to understanding their daughter. Poor Scoot.
Spank obv
File: 92739__UNOPT__.jpg (193 KB, 1280x1280)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Scotaloo's parents are so far the worst in the show. First they made a child, then they abandoned it, went on adventures, living their dreams, not giving a single shit about her daughter. Poor girl can't fly, she couldn't get her cutie mark for so long, she was bullied - and her parents were not there to protect and support her. It looks like sometimes the aunts visited her house, but that's it. She adores her parents, but they do not deserve even one percent of love from her. Then, after so many years, they come back and want to fuck her life up just because they want to. I don't uderstand why the show creators presented the whole situation like that, accepting cruelty and egosim as something completely normal for parents.

That episode was just very sad, it was another blow to the magic of this show.
Would have been a lot better if the epsiode just acknowlaged them as shitty parents rather then just misunderstanding. At this point I dare say even Spoiled Rich is a better mother to Diamond then those two because atleast she was there for her daughter and at least seamed to listen to her when diamond finally descided to speak up.
I felt so bad for Scoot. No wonder she latched onto Rainbow so much.
This episode made me respect Scootaloo so much.
Have we ever had a Starlight spank green?
Thread is dead. :(
No. Nomine considered two:



The second one fell through because of me. I didn't put in time for it, like how I don't put in time to a lot of projects.

There should be at least one spank starlight story on fimfiction.net. Naughty Ponies or You are Corporal Punishment is my guess.
A real shame. She's one of the besz candidates.
Finally descided to do the continuation.

I will make a pastebin containing both parts later.

I have one more idea for a story with this concept which is set in modern Equestria. Not sure when I'll write it.

>Years later.

>Lily and Blossom, now fourteen became best friends.
>This was very rare due to the nature of the relationship between a whipping colt/filly and young master/mistress.
>It was, however always encouraged by the noble parents, seeing your friend get punished for you does tend to make a good impression after all.

>The two had just finished with their daily classes (whipping colts/fillies were given the same education as the noble sons/daughters due to the fact that they had to live in the castle) and were summoned to the count’s and countess’s bedchamber and a guard was escorting them there. They had no idea why.

>” Why doth thou regard we were summoned by mother?” Asked Lily.
>”I doth not know mine mistress.” Answered Blossom, although she had a good feeling that she would have to do her job again.

Upon entering the bedchambers Countess Grape was already there to greet them.
>”Welcome mine daughter, how was thy day?”
>”It was good, mother.”
>”And how were thy classes?”
>”They went well, mother.”
>”And hast thou been listening to thy tutors?”
>”Of course I hast, mother.”
>”Are thou sure?”
>”O-of course I hast.” Lily was a bit nervous now.
>”Then what is this?” Grape asked, now showing a test paper.

>Lily went from nervous to scared and so did Blossom as her fears were confirmed, the countess was a stickler for her daughter’s education.
>”A t-test.”
>”Thy test. And what are the results of this test?”
>”Failure?” Lily whispered.
>”Failure! How doth thou expect to be a good successor to our titles with such stupidity?!”
>”I’m s-s-sorry m-mother, I shall-“
>” Save it. I hast already spoke about this thee father. Whipping filly, come here!”

>Blossom sighed, having already come to terms with her fate walked up to the countess and the guard put her over her lap, as tradition. The countess, being one to handle punishments herself even after all these years cast a linking spell on her daughter and the whipping filly.
>The linking spell had only been invented around four years ago but quickly spread amongst the noble unicorn families due to its use as a way to effectively spank a naughty noble without actually hitting them.

>”Wait, mother! May we talk about this?!”
>”There is no need. Guard, fetch paddle!”

>The guard handed the countess a thin, lightly holed paddle used for punishing her daughter. The countess wasted no time as she gave a few light taps to Blossom’s bottom causing her to close her eyes in anticipation and causing Lily to beg for mercy.
>She ignored her daughter’s begging and landed the first strike causing both fillies to cry out in pain.
>”Mother please-EEP!” Lily was already crying by the second stinging hit.
>Countess Grape kept quiet and focused on torturing the whipping filly’s, and by extension her daughters tush any by the fifth strike Blossom was crying as well. The whipping filly always took it a bit better then Lily, but not by much.

>As the spanking went on, Blossom started kicking and squirming. For most other noble families, a guard or two would stop such things, but this countess didn’t mind as she wanted her daughter to see her friend suffering even as she was suffering as well.
>Lily was jumping around the room and desperately trying to rub her Derrière in a futile attempt to alleviate the pain.
>By now, Grape was at number twelve and it showed on Blossom’s now completely bright red flank.
>Lily tried to get close to her mother in an attempt to grab her hoof, but the guard pulled her away before she could get too close, as ordered by the countess.
>The same guard was also responsible for making sure the young mistress didn’t hurt herself or break anything during her frantic “dancing”.

>By number twenty both girls were tired. Blossom stopped her kicking and just laid on her mistress’s lap, wailing while Lily kneeled down next to a chair and buried her face in her hooves.
>After five more hard hits, Grape had decided that her daughter was sufficiently punished. After a long sigh she let the whipping filly off and walked up to her daughter and made her look into her eyes.
>”Shall thou listen to thy teachers from now on?”
>”Yes mo-‘sniff’-mother.”
>”And shall thou study harder?”
>”Yes mother.”
>”Good. Whipping filly, to the corner! Thou to Lily!”

>Blossom did as she was told and walked up to one of the two empty corners in the room, planting her muzzle into it, while Lily stood in the opposite corner with her back turned to it.
>This was a typical after-spanking thing that Grape made them do and was quite common in many noble households.
>Lily, perhaps had it worse here as she had to put pressure on her unreddened, but still sore bottom while having to watch her friends very much reddened one.
>Needless to say, it was a very squirmy corner time.

>Lily would apologize to Blossom afterwards and would focus more on her studies in fear of another, perhaps even worse spanking from her father.
File: 2063365.png (146 KB, 550x523)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Why ever could she be crying in that position?
cuz she's a bitch
Now why would you say that about best filly?
(AU-Rarity is Sweetie's Mom)
n Rarity came home from the store, the first thing that caught her eye was a fashion disaster. Sweetie Belle sat in the middle of a pile of misshapen, nauseatingly poorly colored things that looked like the unholy cross between a poncho and a dress.
Fabrics and knitting needles-her life's work-were scattered all over the floor. Rarity's breath hitched and she slowly counted the missing fabrics. All of it in less than an hour. Rarity was trying not to hyperventilate.
She glared at Sweetie who only blushed. "H-hi Mommy. How was your trip to the store?"
"You told me you were going over to Apple Bloom's." Rarity trampled towards Sweetie Belle and picked the filly up in a magical aura. "Instead what do I find? My fabrics gone! My sewing machine is not a toy! It is how I feed us! You know this!"
"I...I wasn't playing!"
Rarity's mouth puckered. "Do you want the soap in ADDITION to the spanking you're about to get!"
Sweetie shook her head. Her eyes welled up with tears. "W-wait! Listen to me please!"
Rarity sighed and walked towards the dreaded spanking stool in the corner of the room.
Rarity plopped Sweetie across her knees while Sweetie squirmed. "Please!"
Rarity's hoof cracked against Sweetie's bottom. "I take no pleasure in this, Darling." An equally firm spank landed on her behind, leaving a pink mark. She pulled back her hoof against and quickly spanked Sweetie's reddening rear. "But I can't have you putting my livelihood at risk! This is more than you making a mess! Do you understand?" Each word was joined by a spank connecting to Sweetie's behind. Sweetie Belle only squirmed and cried as a cascade of swats painted her bottom pink. "I-I'm sorry Mommy!"
"In addition," Rarity didn't pause in bringing down the spanks. "You could have seriously injured your hooves! I don't want you hurting your little hoovsies!"
Sweetie kicked her legs while the swats from Rarity's hoof moved to her sit spot. Rarity brought down more spanks, increasing the tempo. A cascade of stinging spanks peppered her now dark pink rump. Rarity patted her mane. "That's the most important thing! Knitting needles are not toys!" She popped her rump. "Understood?"
Sweetie Belle sniffled as she was taken from Rarity's lap and placed on the hard wood of the stool.
Rarity paused and glanced at her hooves. "You poor darling, look at your hooves."
Her hooves were scratched up so Rarity lit her horn and caressed them with the simple healing magic her own mother had used on her foalhood injuries.Sweetie only sniffled and avoided Rarity's gaze while she was situated to facing the corner.
Rarity grumbled and started cleaning up. Sweetie squirmed on the hard wood of the stool, knowing time-out would be over when the mess was cleaned up, The seconds ticked by then became minutes. An hour crawled by for Sweetie as she sat on her stinging behind. Rarity walked back over to her and picked her up in her aura, this time for a warm embrace. "I'm sorry I had to do that, Darling."
Not sure why Rariry had to be the mother here but nice story regardless. Very cute.

Love that Rarity has a stool in the corner of what I assume is her living room or workroom. I wonder if Sweetie's friends ever got a chance to sit on it.
Sweetie nestled into Rarity's chest floof. "I was trying to help."
Rarity rubbed her back. "Explain."
"I know you have a lot of orders, so many that we couldn't even go playing in the park together so I thought I could help."
Rarity sighed and squeezed Sweetie close."You should have asked."
Inside, her heart broke a little bit. Had she been neglecting her without realizing it.
Sweetie sighed. "I know I mess up a lot."
"I'd have still said yes." She let Sweetie go. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to take you to the park and Applejack had to. I wish I could have come." She wiped away a tear. "I do need to work on more orders. Perhaps as one extra punishment, you should assist me."
Sweetie grinned. "Really?"
"Oh yes. You'll be helping all night." She nuzzled her. "You won't be leaving my side."
Rarity was nearly bowled over by the force of Sweetie's hug. She returned it. "Alright, you naughty filly. Let's get to work."
This was a load of dawwww. Cute and to the point, I like!
I think I gave myself diabetes writing the phrase "little hoovsies."
Glad you liked it. ;)

Good how the telepathic spankee has to watch the real spankee.
If nothing else I'd say Lily had it a bit worse then Blossom.

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