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There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

"your waifu's complicated-but-not-in-a-degenerate-way family situation" edition

Old thread: >>33806007

Stories by Tsar Anon: https://pastebin.com/BnjZqwM3

Stories by DGCT: https://pastebin.com/u/dontgooglecrotchtits

Minty's Careful Steps: https://pastebin.com/P2aD5GVa

A Heart Longs for Another: https://pastebin.com/11TXCVXJ

Muted Heartbeat: https://pastebin.com/TPH2m6cU

The Sun Where You Belong: https://pastebin.com/WRUW1xQu

The Taming of the Harsh: https://pastebin.com/pVk0yjP7

The Broken Carousel (Part 1): https://pastebin.com/TJELn7vt
The Broken Carousel (Twilight Sparkle Interlude 1): https://pastebin.com/LvSPqhwG
The Broken Carousel (Part 2): https://pastebin.com/TBUr6F5f

Quest for the Forbidden Lover: https://pastebin.com/SRTzXyLm

Moon Dancer’s Hope Chest: https://pastebin.com/BFbyEcBg

Mate Retrieval Expedition: https://pastebin.com/U72A3jGU

Untitled /nmp/ green by Cosmic: https://pastebin.com/Xytb3xMC

Stories by Trandhal: https://pastebin.com/u/trandhal

This Heart That Fears: https://pastebin.com/0b7L24Ln

Violet Memory: https://pastebin.com/e9Ec1vd1


Express Ticket to Tartarus

Low Self-Esteem Applejack

All I want from christmas

Shape Your Home
https://pastebin.com/XMi6VhS5 (Part One)
https://pastebin.com/1TNqYU9f (Part Two)

Couch Surfing

Rocks out of the Quarry

A Journal Between Two Worlds

Inheritor Effect

A collection of miscellaneous greens since the first thread.
>There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.
But Allah (whose great name we hold in reverence) hath given man his most perfect companion in woman; who may proclaim that His design is not great? I shall not! And if Allah hath created Mare, then to her he gives the stallion; such is Allah's might and wisdom. Inshallah.
Where Maud at?
No one asked you.
Don't you have some goats or little boys to go fuck?
too busy with her fancy book learnin' to show up for the family photo, I guess
File: 1464860306993.png (35 KB, 1258x648)
35 KB
Allah didn't give us mares and in heaven he only promises unending degenerate promiscuity with 72 thots. I have no reason to worship him as no matter if I do or not I will end up in Hell
No pony is coming to save you.
It's up to you to save yourselves.
File: 1502121869884.jpg (66 KB, 400x510)
66 KB
blah blah blah, shut the fuck up, cuck
It was probably made before Maud's first episode. Marble and Limestone look strange but it seem normal if it was made before the family episode.
File: 1517437455285.png (151 KB, 604x888)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Hmmmmm .... Nah
Mare Bear Share Care Hair Where Flare Pear Snare Lair Air
>Marevis Beacon typing program for husbandos
I want to care for the mare where she lairs up in the air while we share pears, because she is a pegasus
If they're not coming what am I saving myself for?
File: 2016087.png (328 KB, 1149x960)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Explain why I'm not attracted to women anymore if mares aren't real.
Very well, then let us build a portal. Just make sure to seal it once we are through. Wouldn't want thots or other garbage coming after us, now would we?
I don’t care, I’m still free. You can’t take mare from me.
mental illness
File: 1555028922881.gif (1.15 MB, 520x521)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB GIF
care for the mare
File: 1498905537904.jpg (167 KB, 909x840)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Mares usually live pretty great and happy lives, would we really improve it for them that much?
File: a very cute mare.png (147 KB, 1042x926)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
Would you rather live a great life alone or share it with one you love and who loves you?
File: 1513254110141.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1465)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
I guess that's true as well. I just think they'd end up doing more caring for and after than we would, considering it's them saving us in the first place.
File: 1536550828974.png (43 KB, 450x634)
43 KB
hoof holding
File: 1522118082994.png (960 KB, 1028x1024)
960 KB
960 KB PNG
Not in front of the foals!
File: Heat.png (2.47 MB, 2301x1285)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
Estrus is here! Post hot mares.
File: qt birb pone.jpg (369 KB, 1494x1495)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
We're helping them as well, anon, remember. No mare should have to go through her days without someone to hold and adore her, nor should they be without the chance to have little foals of their own.
We need more pics like these.
File: 00007.jpg (520 KB, 1513x2041)
520 KB
520 KB JPG
well lucky for you i saved every pic the drawfriend did in those birb threads all those years ago
File: TheEmpressOfTheSun.png (1.2 MB, 800x1020)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Hot like the sun.
File: 1502170146699.jpg (447 KB, 1200x1123)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
File: 1493594004126.png (186 KB, 779x915)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
>We need more pics like these
We sure do
File: 1464390555507.png (353 KB, 743x744)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
File: 1545274172241.png (202 KB, 500x611)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
>ywn help her work out the frustration of millenia of estruses spent alone
>ywn make sure she never ends another estrus unsatisfied
>ywn spend eternity watching your family grow with her
File: baitpone2.png (102 KB, 513x894)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
would you a b8pone?
dude, don't feed it
If I got matched to her. I bet her special talent is riling people up except on bad days where she uses stale material.
Is this cropped? Because it looks like something more is going on behind the scenes.
as far as i'm aware no; looking at the artist's page on derpi and that's the only version there. artist is lunatac if you want to look elsewhere just in case
File: mb1111.png (801 KB, 1201x1780)
801 KB
801 KB PNG
>We need more pics like these.
True, so I did one.
Drawing my waifu always makes me feel as close to her as possible. Especially in times when it feels like I'm starting to lose the connection. It's like I can temporarily sneak into a portal to Equestria and comfort her for a moment. Such a pleasant and wholesome feel. Practice your drawing, anon. It's worth it.
File: 1468566861969.png (42 KB, 697x491)
42 KB
Bird ponies are best ponies
File: 1512079488563.jpg (319 KB, 1079x1200)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
I know that feel really well. I've gotta get back to drawing again some day.
What are the pro and cons of each ponies tribe? Including the thestral/bat pony. I'm mostly asking to see what anons think about the tribes.
It literally would not matter to me what kind of poner I got to marry and cuddle because I know that she would be pure and loving no matter what.
bat ponies are non-canon autism though
File: 1496000742508.png (744 KB, 1054x774)
744 KB
744 KB PNG
>Earth Ponies
Their mares are very cute and huggable.
Their mares are very cute and huggable.
Their mares are very cute and huggable.
none of them are real
File: mb1111.png (803 KB, 1201x1780)
803 KB
803 KB PNG
Fixed some details that bothered me, not it's done.
File: 1528314364139.png (614 KB, 3300x2550)
614 KB
614 KB PNG
Don't be like that, you just need to believe.
File: 1557608331339.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720)
82 KB
mare is dancing
>that cutie mark
File: 1557608394154.jpg (95 KB, 806x616)
95 KB
What's their story?
It's nice that even the worst episodes always have some extremely adorable mares here and there.
File: 1557608269980.jpg (22 KB, 322x203)
22 KB
It doesn't matter what their story is. What matters is their plan.
File: Hi Anon I'm CIA.jpg (651 KB, 1000x1000)
651 KB
651 KB JPG
File: 1557599126262.png (420 KB, 662x722)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
And a very nice dress and manestyle too.
She's implicitely half-dragon.
a double rainbow
oh my god
a double complete rainbow
I can't even capture it on my camera
nice. now,
two hands.
Kinda ironic, isn't it? Remove the Yak from the last episode and it leaves us with some interesting little tidbits.
File: 1557597914813.webm (481 KB, 652x526)
481 KB
File: 1538307319953.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1080)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
>ywn hug a mare
>Remove the Yak
Equestria strong
File: Sleepy moon.png (1.07 MB, 1100x960)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
This image is making me cry and now i'm going to hug a pillow to sleep and hope it carries over into my dreams.
Name your price when i get there Luna.
File: Kirin Mating Display.gif (612 KB, 2000x1262)
612 KB
612 KB GIF
>"The portal..."
>"...Invading armies..."
>"...Betas overwhelmed..."
>Cannot be stopped...CANNOT be stopped!..."
File: 1381357973318.png (650 KB, 800x768)
650 KB
650 KB PNG
Would you
File: 1426885453371.png (106 KB, 848x843)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
>Would you resist the husbando harvest?
Gods no, Mr. dubs
File: 1538819241984.jpg (2.33 MB, 2560x1416)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
>You will never have a picnic with your mare and children.
It's not fair
Maximally unfair.
>ywn help your foals grow up happy and healthy
>ywn awkwardly brush aside questions about your life in the human world once they get old enough to ask
>>ywn awkwardly brush aside questions about your life in the human world once they get old enough to ask
no no a million times no. they carry human genetics and deserve to know not only the "what" of their paternal ancestry, but more importantly the "why". why i left earth behind, why i love their mother more than i ever could a human woman that isn't my own mother, why even if they hit rock bottom in equestria they will always be better off than they would be on earth. i am and always will be proud of my ancestry as a human being, just as they should be proud to be among the first merging of both the human and pony bloodline
those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it
>'..-d would sleep all day if I let him.. GIRLS, GO GET YOUR FATHER UP!'
>"Ack! Daddy! Wake. UP! Lit'rally!"
>"Mommy, like, says we have that picnic thingamabob today, like, seriously?"
Can't we just be friends?
but you're a man and she's a mare and men and mares are ALWAYS LOVERS
"bat ponies are non-canon autism though"
nigga, did you ever seen Luna Eclipsed? She has bat pony guards. https://youtu.be/WYTjtIc1ZfM?list=PLWgJlwnblLH_Z_3q4gxzIBfTklIRf65-b&t=85
File: 1525888252769.png (228 KB, 640x960)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Could you hurt her like that upon meeting her?
Did you watch The Cutie Re-Mark? The bat pony eyes and wings are illusion magic, bound to the armor they wear.
File: 1507401951854.jpg (64 KB, 485x537)
64 KB
Mare "indoctrination" is an insidious means of corrupting human minds, "reprogramming" the brain through physical and psychological conditioning using magic fields, infrasonic and ultrasonic sweet talk, and other subliminal methods. The Mare's resulting control over the limbic system leaves the victim highly susceptible to her love.

Humans undergoing indoctrination may complain of heartaches and being nostalgic for Equestria. As time passes, they have feelings of "being watched" and hallucinations of "marely" presences. Ultimately, the Mare gains the ability to use the victim's body to amplify her feelings, manifesting as "adorable" voices in the mind.

Indoctrination can create perfect deep cover agents. A Mare's "suggestions" can manipulate men into betraying thots, trusting love novels, or viewing the Mare herself with superstitious awe. Should a Mare subvert a well-placed political or military leader, the resulting chaos can bring down nations.

Long-term physical effects of the manipulation are unsustainable. Higher mental functioning decays, ultimately leaving the victim a gibbering animal. Rapid indoctrination is possible, but causes this decay in days or weeks. Slow, patient indoctrination allows the man to last for months or years.
File: 1537385930960.jpg (1001 KB, 3600x4800)
1001 KB
1001 KB JPG
cute waifu mare
File: large.png (148 KB, 897x1024)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
cute yak mare
Red: Destroy the portal to equestria forever.
Blue: Become an alicorn prince and leader of humanity who may or may not become ponies.
Green: Everyone and everypony becomes anthro.
Void: Do nothing, the ponies win, a writer seethes that people dont like his 'creative' vision.
File: 1498265776264.png (145 KB, 274x274)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
>this thread is a testbed for mareKULTRA experiments
>the regulars are kept alive in constant state of agony due to being unable to pet & hug mares just for the sake of some sick studies
File: voidpone.png (2.84 MB, 2900x2655)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB PNG
Gimme dat void
I will always love how smug she looks.
>cadance looks through the viewing pane towards test group alpha and sheds a solitary tear.
>she hates that this is necessary.
>she looks over to the results from test group beta.
>Control sample remains stable in sterile environment.
>Test sample 1: Solution 47b: No effect, sample evaporated within minutes of leaving containment.
>Test sample 2: Magically charged crystal: Catastrophic failure, sample explosively burst containment before evaporating.
>Test sample 3: Nullite shards: Promising, sample displays no visible ill-effects, test on-going for 24 hours.
>Test sample 4: compound 37c, no effect...
>one day this will end, and they can finally come home, but only once they know its safe.
>she looks over to picture on the wall of a smiling figure.
>[12/5/1109 - 7/6/1109]
>Never again.
equestria is hazardous for 3D Man Sad?
File: 1363077362549.png (1.14 MB, 994x837)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Just a thought i had.
Most stories where equestria or magic is hazardous treat it as radiation poisoning, decided to go with it JUST being the iron that just completely 100% rejects magic, which then steadily infuses everything else by it's nature and causes the blood to essentially pull itself apart at the molecular level, generating enough energy to evaporate the liquid in the process.
Now imagine that happening to a full bodied human over the course of a couple weeks with none of them having any idea whats wrong, he goes to the horspital and when they take a blood sample it just evaporates in front of their eyes.
I am neither a biologist or a physicist, so please forgive any obvious errors.
File: DM's mightiest power.jpg (11 KB, 275x183)
11 KB
Magic's some honky bullshit.
That said, there's got to be some way to make it work.
That’s pretty scary and I hope it’s just fiction because I’d hate for anons to evaporate, I really wouldn’t want myself to *poof* either. I’d rather be John Carter honestly
File: medium.png (82 KB, 457x600)
82 KB
smug & fast mare
Void. Glory to the ponies.
Anon Carter of Mares
File: 1500354568528.png (177 KB, 365x453)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
>They need at least some time to figure out the solution
>That means they need men to test that on
>Those who volunteer are probably going to end up crippled in at least some way
Some would be up for the cause, I'm sure of it. It's a noble cause, but then you think about the mares of these men, to whom no amount of compensations or praise would ever heal their husbands. And yet that sacrifice isn't something that could be avoided completely.
>"Oh fuck. Twilight, can you bodyswap me with a magically-crafted puppet body based on mine, only rigged so it can survive magic exposure?"
>"Sure! Are you sure you wouldn't like a nice Unicorn body?"
>"Human, or magic-capable horned human. Those are my choices."
File: 1493513589396.gif (1.61 MB, 463x343)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB GIF
>Twilight gives everyone magic
Would a mare be angry at her man for volunteering for his injuries? I think she would be more angry at the powerlessness of the situation but might not be able to help being a little short with her match. If it was just something like losing an arm she’d more easily be able to push past it and instead be clearly proud, if only wishing (You) could lift AND pet [her], or carry both mare and child. Hopefully in their sleep Luna would grant them such things, maybe group sleep with all the family.

If it were too crippling would Anon have a choice in whether or not his mare got to see him? Would the risk be large enough that they take a video of Anon before the tests to show him before ‘the incident’ so that [she] could see him be happy and whole?

I feel like a lot of this could have some underlying tensions along the lines of resentment, insecurities, and jealousy from both sides. But hopefully the mares are kind and the men are fulfilled enough to move past disability.
you can’t guarantee results with a changed form. However, if you mean moving your consciousness to a new vessel in Equestria a-la “Soma” i can see that, fingers crossed your mental being doesn’t get lost or diffuse into static jumping worlds.
File: pettitm1.webm (1.16 MB, 320x180)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB WEBM
I'm willing to be a pegasus but only if I'm a stallion
Too many tgtf fags around here to risk leaving that option open
should have had the date end on 5/29/1453 to cooincide with the fall of constantinople
Earth Pony:
>healthy with good breeding hips
>probably fit and flexible
>smooth back/forehead makes hugging easy
>may come with sixth sense abilities like Pinkie
>strong family values?
>no wings to play with
>no magic

>soft feathery wings (may be sensitive)
>dainty hooves that never touch the ground
>can always find you quickly
>wingboners make it easy to see when she is excited
>might be able to carry you in the air?
>can fly away (must wait for her to come back)
>wings can get in the way while spooning
>no magic

>can do magic to create new sensations
>magic is convenient for lots of things
>can play with horn
>horn can poke you in the eye while snuggling
>may be out of shape due to excessive magic use
>no wings to play with

>magic, but upgraded
>wings, extra floofy
>she's a big pony
>lots of necc to hug
>can be the big spoon
>you could spit a whale on that horn
>she's always busy
>won't be able to relate to your aging issues
>constantly makes reference to ponies who died a long time ago
>may sleep at odd times

Bat Pony:
>flappy bits to play with
>can always hear you
>wants to stay up all night
>fangs make blowjob dangerous
File: 1490055863947.gif (761 KB, 342x320)
761 KB
761 KB GIF
>i'll be the pony instead
one step away from "I'll be the gf instead"
File: 1506601414871.png (635 KB, 1024x768)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
>Waifu is Twiggles
>All the benefits of an alicorn (on a smaller scale but still) with no "ancient royalty" drawback
The tragedy in love is when you love a pony who's already married. How would you cope with that if your waifu is already engaged with someone else and she is happy?
Well, if she's already happily married then you wouldn't have been matched with her.
If she's happy without you then all you can really do is be happy for her, I guess.
Take your platitudes elsewhere.
Well what the fuck else do you do in that situation, Satan? Hire bandits to kill he husband so you can marry her instead?
>satan wants you to go against the goal of the thread and make a mare sad for his own self-satisfaction
I always knew the bible was right about you
>not wanting to be a pony for wholesome same-species relationships
Humans in Equestria is basically Somalians in Europe
Big difference is that we'd actually try to integrate.
Get back before I break out the ketchup, fag
I was mostly asking because I've been thinking about the Maudfags and also because I pretty much like Cadance. It's true that it's better to be happy for them and it's more mature than sending bandits or being Satan.
for what fucking purpose
In that case, there's probably a therapy option and then your real waifu gets rolled out once you're back in a good place.
Because while YOU may have waifu'd Maud, she might not have been your match.
it was the final fall of the roman empire (almost 1500 years), the implication would be that the first anons cadance was in contact with were the byzantines in constantinople when it fell and she wasn't fast enough to find a way to get them to equestria before it was overrun by sandniggers
File: 1510007090714.gif (137 KB, 500x361)
137 KB
137 KB GIF
Isn't becoming a pony the ultimate form of integration?
How will you contribute to pony society without a cutie mark?
I'm pretty sure that Maudfags are in a different spot, they probably fell in love with her way before that episode. I thought you were talking about falling for a mare that was already married when you first seen her. I think it's a bit harder to cope with your waifu suddenly getting a partner out of absolutely nowhere. Even if they can block it out and ignore it for their own sake, no one else will.
Can't run your fingers through her mane without hands, but you enjoy that stallion stamina and no thumbs, bro. It's obvious there's some kind of disparity between the groups in here and their ideal Equestria.
Yes but the vast diffetences would make actually integrating pretty difficult. Zecora barely integrated in the pre-diversity era
Show of hands, who would have considered this connection? Anon your references are above my pay grade. Is this a historic green you have in mind, where mares dream of legionnaires?
And yet, Iron Will had literally zero problems, though he did have the "monster" label.
So Humans would just be civilized monsters.
equestria but ponies are innocently racist and call most extra-species “monster” off-handily
>How will you contribute to pony society without a cutie mark?
by helping to ensure that no mare has a cold bed at night ever again
by helping to ensure that every mare has that special someone to help her reach her full potential
by helping advance equestrian technology to grow alongside its society without outpacing it
by helping to sire and raise the next generation of men and mares to continue the endless cycle
THAT is how I contribute to pony society. faggot.
>Is this a historic green you have in mind, where mares dream of legionnaires?
wasn't thinking about it when i made that connection, but now that i think about it it might be interesting to see a tragic story of legionare anon. maybe a tragic letter series between one of constatine's generals and one of cadence's ancestors trying to figure out a way to get the men to safety but ultimately failing, ending in a timeskip with cadance determined to succeed where her ancestor failed
I'd read something like that, sounds like it would be feelsy as fuck.
File: 1476497046895.png (137 KB, 1000x1000)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Part of the desire to try out being a pony definitely comes from dissatisfaction with the self.
>What if I had a talent to show me what to do
>I could be cuter as a pony
>I could fly or do magic
After waifu accepts you and teaches you to accept yourself, you will no longer desire these things.
>>How will you contribute to pony society
>by helping to ensure that no mare
>every mare
whores need not apply. automatic denial.
The Mayans all disappeared to Equestria. Sacrifices work.
Immediate denial, no attempt to reapply allowed.
>Isn't becoming a pony the ultimate form of integration?
Maybe, maybe not. I bet the majority of Anons here would go pony if that is what it takes to get your match and make her happy, me included. That being said, these scenarios do not belong in this thread.
This 2bh
MEN & mare
>not realizing he's talking about men as a group helping mares as a group via monogamous relationships
>being this autistic
Jesus Christ I cannot convey the unending urge I have to touch and pet a mare. This is genuinely bordering on obsession, every other thought is 'Man I wish I had a mare right about now'.
File: 1460793.png (1.32 MB, 3070x2602)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
I get that urge too from time to time. It makes me want to cry because I feel completely powerless to change the fact that they're not real. I managed to redirect some of that obsession to other things but it never really goes away.
Love is obsession
I think the magic is possible, but I also prefer being human. That being said, from the pony side of things, do you think they’d choose to keep us human as a way to help us be more comfortable? In that case there are absolutely those who would love to be a stallion. Maybe the ponies may keep us human to have us be obvious to sight to allow us some leeway for any slight social blunders. They probably also have the obvious fetish fuel of us being tall exotics somewhere in the mix. Then they may also just want to keep things simple for all involved instead of flooding the population with all these mystery stallions, which ties back to exemption from common, pony-specific mannerisms. What else?
What a qt.
File: 1523721858537.png (221 KB, 387x414)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
A bittersweet one at that.
What would be left to buzz your sapient mind if you lost your drive for mare? I don’t feel passion towards anything else, I only work to improve myself for [her].
>moving your consciousness to a new vessel in Equestria a-la “Soma”
What would be the point? Not only would I still be stuck in this shithole, I'd be stuck here with the knowledge that I was being cucked by someone my waifu couldn't tell was just a copy of me.
Always busy, check; won't be able to relate to your senescence, check; constantly makes references to ancient dead ponies, uncheck but only because Starswirl isn't dead anymore; may stay up all night reading books and then sleep all day, check
I'm okay with being a monster.
The only reason people don't use the m-word about me IRL is because my size and strength are useful and non-threatening enough that it doesn't occur to them.
>tfw you will never win a waifu at the arcade
File: 1511853417118.png (64 KB, 316x202)
64 KB
A very quiet but persistent voice that says I could fix things if I would only take the major chess pieces off the board instead of taking the pawns. I'd be much different if not for my mare.
File: Objective_Survive.jpg (31 KB, 1024x487)
31 KB
The mare is coming to get you RIGHT NOW.
She will arrive in five minutes to snatch and grab you along with a crack team of husbando hunters.
How screwed are you or your immediate surroundings.
>At walmart working
Haha not gonna clock out
>see this 15 minutes later
>no mare
I might be able to put on my shorts and boots and equip most of my first line gear if I got good RNG and didn't waste time tying my laces out of habit
File: 1554996254768.png (374 KB, 768x768)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
>tfw still no repo mares
not when all of your offspring are ponies
File: dimorphism.png (587 KB, 853x1024)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
daily reminder that extreme sexual dimorphism is the patrician's man/mare society
You know something?
Spending your life single really isn't that bad.
As long as you have someone to talk to, being physically alone is fine.
that image is giving me a goddamn heartache
why must life do this to us
Cucked and bluepilled
Absolutely disgusting and cringe, too
writefags pls gib green
>"Cadance, no. Please don't bring me to do this."
>"Come on. Something is very wrong with him and you're the only one who can get through to him."
>The door creaks open, stirring you from a black abyss of not-dreaming
>"Get up." Cadance orders as you slowly roll out of bed
>With her is that one pony that did the eye trick with you and three others
>A tall white one, a shorter navy blue one, and a much shorter purple one
>They all had wings and a horn, which made you think maybe this Silver Arrow was missing her wings
>You look around the room, a few other armored ponies file in behind them
"Who the hell are all these?" you ask
>"We don't know what you are, but you're nothing like a normal human. I've never seen one radiate that aura since I encountered Sombra." the purple one says, stepping closer
>Silver Arrow tries to smile at you, probably that staring thing again
>You put your hand on her face and make her look to the side
"Don't you try that shit on me again."
>Cadance nudges past the purple one, pretty pissed
>"Listen. Anon. I don't think you know how much danger you're in right now. I really need you to stop with this."
>You laugh quietly
"I could say the same to you."
>"Cadance, the fact that you've brought Anon here raises some questions about the state of Earth and of the humans you've already brought over." the white one says, her tone was motherly but firm
>The navy blue pony comes uncomfortably close to you
>"Silver Arrow has told me you are incredibly proficient in the mechanisms of war." she stares you down with no effect like when the guard did
"I guess?"
>"If the others do not vote to destroy you, perhaps we can discuss your creations at length."
>The white one chimes in, looking at you with disdain
>"This is your final chance, if we determine you are not going to change your ways, you cannot be allowed to continue existing."
"So why not send me back to Earth?"
>"It would be best to destroy evil, not send it away." Cadance says
I'm not entirely clear on what Cadance et al. want Anon to do to avoid execution.
All he's done while in their custody is have bad vibes and be reasonably upset about being abducted and confined by horse-shaped aliens, so their demand that he "stop being evil" comes across like a customer calling you rude for not letting her use an expired coupon.
>Silver Arrow comes to you once again, keeping her eyes down
>"Anon, I know you've been through a lot but I want to help you."
>You sit down
>"You must've been so alone out in the middle of nowhere, but you don't have to be alone anymore."
>Silver briefly looks at you before averting her gaze once more
>"I know you're still in there somewhere, that sweet, innocent guy I saw before, I'm sorry I made you wait so long... We still have the rest of our lives to fix it."
>Silver locks eyes with you
>"If you'll just give me a chance, you'll never have to suffer alone like that again. Will you be my one and on-"
>Silver is stopped by the loud impact of your hand across her face
"Don't you do that magic shit on me again!"
>For a moment, time stands still as the tall ponies stare in shock
>The white one shoves you to a far corner of the room with an amber telekinetic force
>"I've seen enough."
>"Anon, what have you done?" Cadance asks, helping Silver up
>You try to stand up but the white pony forces you down to a sitting position in the corner
>"You're clearly not going to change, it was a waste of time to try and fix you." the white pony leans down to scowl at you, "Luna, help me."
>The navy blue one closes in on the white one's left, more disgusted than angry
>Their horns lit up with a fierce glow
>Along the bottom of the wall, Cadance could be seen holding Silver who watched you over her shoulder, a clear red mark on her face still
>Without a word, two bursts of magic overtook you
>It felt like flaming electricity was pumping through your veins and welding everything shut
>You convulsed uncontrollably as the energy built up in your chest
>You couldn't breathe, like your lung were filling with molten metal
>You might just burst at any moment from this
>As soon as it began, the sensations stopped
>Above you, Luna panted with exhaustion
>"Stay back, I've seen this trick before!" the purple one shouts
>You stand up, feeling invigorated by it
"I feel GREAT!"
Yeah no. This is becoming a full-fledged subversion of the thread's premise and I have no interest in that.
>Anon with bad attitude: "I am growing stronger"
File: aqr8VbL_700b.jpg (108 KB, 544x604)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>The room clears out in a frenzy as you look down at your hands
>A very mild purple and red glow is coming from you
>The only pony to stay is Silver Arrow, who cowers in the corner opposite the door
>You close your eyes, to be angry was the last thing you needed
>You needed to be somewhere far from here
>Somewhere peaceful and quiet
>The stone beneath your feet turns to sand in the blink of an eye
>You're standing on a beach below sharp cliffs, gray skies above blot out the sun
>With only the sound of gentle waves, you sit down on a sharp outcrop of stone and stare out over the horizon
>In the distance looks like a tall island, or a tower of some kind
>A nice backdrop
>You pick up a handful of the sand
>While some sands were soft and smooth, this one was gritty and rough
>You let it roll and fall through your fingers
>The longer you stared to appreciate the gentle cascade, the slower it fell until the sand stopped and suspended itself in the air
>It moved slowly, dancing across whatever pattern you willed it to
>You spent hours playing with the sand, shifting it all around with your mind
>As you walked along the shoreline, you left increasingly better sculptures of glass sitting haphazardly wherever you made them
>You weren't sure where you'd gone to exactly, but the shore came to an abrupt end as the cliff cut out into the sea
>You looked up, the ground fell away front your feet and you floated up to the edge of the cliff
>This was a lot of magic
>Was it magic?
>Could you do magic now too?
>The questions stopped as you surveyed the cliffsides
>In the horizon sat a city of some kind, black smoke emanated from it into the sky
>You took a few steps and blinked once more
>The city was now right in front of you
>This level of automated convenience was incredible, you wondered what else you could do with it
>As you walk through the streets, strange and ugly pig, fish, and lizard creatures give you passing glances
>Finally, a place you fit into
File: cherubim sun.png (774 KB, 1280x720)
774 KB
774 KB PNG
>strange and ugly pig, fish, and lizard creatures
File: 1434767701228.jpg (62 KB, 640x640)
62 KB
Probably art and music. I found out that I tend to obsess over guitars that I like, I have an immediate urge to play mine every time I throw a glance at it and there's another one I can't even buy yet that I can't stop thinking about daily. If not for my waifu I'd probably go mad by now.
File: 1485407758631.png (537 KB, 336x680)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
Nothing. In your mid 30's, it's already literally over.
I'm trudging on for [her].
File: 2022347.png (948 KB, 2200x1200)
948 KB
948 KB PNG
>"Hey there traveller." a gruff voice catches your attention, pulling you to a stall
>A human and a mare sit there with odd smiles
>"A fellow human, and I assume your mare is nearby?" he says, laying out a few firearms
"My what?"
>He stips for a moment, caught off-guard
>"What do you mean? You don't have a mare?"
>"Every human in Equestria is only here because of the matching." the mare says
>"Nevermind that, can I interest you in a quality rifle? You can't get these anywhere else in the world."
>You lean over and look at them
"Hmm... I'm not much a gun kind of guy." you say, "But I will take this one." you reach for a revolver
>The human stops you before you can touch it
>"Payment first."
"How about this?" you point a finger at him, "Kick to the balls."
>The merchant grabs his stomach, doubling over in pain and falling to the ground
>In the brief stint of chaos you pocket the revolver and walk off
>You don't think you killed him, but it might've been a really good kick
>The revolver darkens in your hand, taking on a villainous aura of its own
"Hey, I'm bored of this place, what is there to do around here." you call out a passing lizard creature
>It stops and looks at you
>"Uh, I think we have a few bars, I don't really drink though so I don't know which is good."
>You continue walking down the merchant streets, taking a nice cape and some strange cactus fruit while the owners were distracted
>Man, free stuff made you feel great
>You snatch a few things you didn't even want only to ditch them further down the street
>You put on the cape and it stretches down to the length you feel best works and take a bite of the cactus fruit
>The first bite was bitter but it sweetens up quickly
>You pull some random things out of pockets and get a few dollars in strange currency
>The hell's a stormbuck?
>You pocket it anyways along with a couple coins and a weird bent pencil
>But it seems you've finally attracted the attention of some odd yeti guards
>Weird town
>"Hey, Gorilla Grodd, how many of you does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
>They just stare and begin to ready their weaponry
>"Two. One to get killed by me, and the other to watch and THEN get killed by me. Ba dum ch."
File: 1552949293164-0.jpg (1.18 MB, 2894x2894)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
This cheeky cunt.
Subscribe to Pinkie Pie you fucking dune coon
Kirin beer
What the fuck am i even reading.
I think you mean Kirin pee
File: Top edge.png (109 KB, 622x729)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
File: large.jpg (151 KB, 855x1024)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
I am ok with this
Kirin fart
Holy nope, I'm outta here.
Either a very long and involved shitpost, or... uh. Edgy fanfic?
I can't really see how it's going to end aside from Discord showing up to take care of his competition and Anon getting rainbow'd. If not turned to stone.
I don't like bat ponies, but this one is really cute.
I prefer Sapporo.
Give up and find someone else, mare.
My heart is already stone.
File: 1527909846595.png (503 KB, 1041x990)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
I like to think that once I go to horseland, I'll magically just be confident and find it believable that I could be loved.
You should do that, too regardless of how fucked we are in this present life.
File: 1495385808720.gif (1.04 MB, 394x382)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF
No, fuck that. I thought I couldn't love and be loved too before I seriously fell in love with a mare. No heart is cold enough to withstand the power of mare love.
Don't worry, anon. There was never a mare for you in the first place. They don't waste their time on, and would never be matched to, pathetic self-hating cucks.
if he wasn’t overpowered i’d read, also if it were in AiE instead of my comfy home /nmp/. unless his magic burns out and rubber bands him back to the place he left or he just gets tracked down after burning out i can’t see this going anywhere besides an over the top showdown

So you mean everyone on this thread, then?

Hey make sure you charge mommy's phone when your done, huh champ?
Stay in the game. Everything seems hopeless right now, but we still have a chance. A slim one at that, but that doesn't matter. Try to see it like this: You can pull the plug right now and lose the game straight away. That's it then. Period and over, case closed. Or you keep going and live on to see the fated day that we all wish for. Granted, it may never happen, but we don't now that for sure. And prematurely kicking the chair out is not a good solution. You'd only rob yourself of your best chance of salvation.
Oh, was meant for >>33841697.
Keep going, Anon.
>go to equestria
>not magic resistant like the headcanons said i would be
Yeah, I think it's Emo McEdgyson trying to russle up this thread's jimmies. I've been ignoring them.
File: Tfw no humie cf.jpg (430 KB, 1600x1200)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
How would you react if MARED.com became a big thing? How do you think the normalfag consensus would react?
I would have seen it coming and been a guide for the next generation of mare lovers on the do’s and don’t’s of how to take care of and show proper appreciation for our sweet horsies.

Normalfags obviously panic until enough come around that WE are the normals
They'd pass it off as an upswing of degenerate zoophiles and try their hardest to make it illegal.
>How would you react if MARED.com became a big thing?
My dick started to erect before I even finished reading the question.
File: u_1Slsl7vx4.jpg (88 KB, 520x600)
88 KB
Let's be real here, there's no way in hell that wouldn't be outlawed the moment it gets any sort of traction.
File: Spoiler Image (898 KB, 520x600)
898 KB
898 KB PNG
>that WE are the normals
But i don't want to go among normal people!
Uhm, Equestrian mares, or IRL mares?
Mare Fixing Plane. Disregard
le ebin master trole posts from big meany meany pants (Video is le ebin trole) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr2q4nqkle8
big oof soo edgy
File: STRIPED.png (130 KB, 1172x1416)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
Equestrian of course
File: 1947316.png (668 KB, 1571x860)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
Best mare comin' through
Step aside, plebs
Good, then we can work around >>33842680 and >>33842704 to a degree. How? Because humans who get matched and get together with their respective mares will in all due likelihood wish to settle in Equestria. Means they'd happily apply plead for citizenship/asylum in Equestria. Once this is granted, they are officially out of Earth jurisdiction. The only people who are a bit harder to reach are future potential Anons. They'd have to resort to some internet wizardry to access these sites. And that should also not be a problem, because the truly dedicated ones will find a way. And who cares about the hardcore normies or thots? They will never learn to appreciate Equestria anyway, so it is actually beneficial for the cause to keep these "portal" sites pun intended below the public radar.
you wouldn’t be ‘among’ them, founders would be the highest tier citizens with first dibs through when the portal opens, should they allow us dibs
is that why the writefag abandoned your sorry ass?
File: 1555812023004.jpg (42 KB, 600x478)
42 KB
>tfw make a perfectly good "through the looking glass reference"
>it flies right over anon's heads
zoomers were a mistake
or maybe i just like to expand on these things.
Blow it out your ass
Begone, brapfag.
literally nothing
>mfw I literally LITERALLY can't see regular women as anything other than friends at best anymore
>mfw I've tried to fap to regular porn
>mfw I literally gagged and felt my dick shrivel at what I saw
>mfw I will literally never be able to love anything other than a mare
>mfw I'm ok with this
>mfw I've perpetuated the lie that I'm gonna get a wife, have kids and live a normal life for five years
>mfw I've convinced my whole family that my obsession with this show is just skin deep
if God wanted me to like women, he would not have blessed me with [her]
>>mfw I literally LITERALLY can't see regular women as anything other than friends at best anymore
Damn, that's more than I can see them. I stop at business acquaintances.
File: Slayer of THOTS.png (970 KB, 617x612)
970 KB
970 KB PNG
>Rudimentary creatures of instinct and thottery
>You touch my heart, fumbling in pride and spite, incapable of understanding
>There is a realm of emotion so far beyond your own, you cannot even imagine it
>I am beyond your hate, I am Cadance
File: 1536125963638.png (113 KB, 350x277)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
Report to the throne room as soon as possible
We'll hug, okay?
File: chad.jpg (49 KB, 560x602)
49 KB
note to self: kill the "founders" and claim to be the standard of male attractiveness among my species
>killing people who work for the sake of Equestria
I highly recommend you to change your priorities, champ.
>>You laugh quietly
>"I could say the same to you
Allright, baneposter, that was actually good
I wanna hug thotslayer
Would mares like the taste of salty cummies?
File: dr evil.gif (500 KB, 500x265)
500 KB
500 KB GIF
You mean like I should instead endeavor to be the first one there and find a way to stop anyone else from coming?
File: medium.png (210 KB, 655x600)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
Salt Mare
You shouldn’t stop the next wave of Anons, we aren’t infinite and there will always be more mares than ourselves so we should instead educate, encourage, and instill positive husband qualities in our juniors. Of course, not all pairs would want to interrupt their lives for classes but those who volunteer should be much more than enough, their passion driven enthusiasm plenty sufficient.
File: Our Lady.png (679 KB, 1094x1416)
679 KB
679 KB PNG
>Thotslayer, a label given by the Harappans to give voice to their exaltation, in the end what they chose to call us is irrelevant. We simply are.
Check em
Kill yourself then, you unlovable fat cunt.
Shape Your Home chapter 40 is out. Not much more to say here.
Have fun.
File: 40_roots.png (804 KB, 793x912)
804 KB
804 KB PNG

>#deca.mare still maintains her "grip" around you.
>You could ask her to release you, since you have finally struck a mutual deal.
>Yet you do not.
>No, there is no point to it; you are going to get it on with her in a few hours anyway.
>And it does feel comfortable to be hold by someone who loves you and who you can love in turn.
>But as a caring partner, you want to give #deca.mare something as well.
>So you give her an opportunity to open up.
"Hey, #deca."
"How do you feel right now?"
>#deca.mare breaks the eye contact to look into the distance.
>"Hm, where to start?"
"Just do like I did. Start at one point and let it out."
>"Relieved, excited, nervous, anxious even, but also happy. A bit of those."
>So you are not the only one, good to know.
>Though you did not expect that, since #deca.mare was so adamant to get your agreement to her advances.
>"I feel a little bit like being stuck in a wonderful dream. As if I could wake up any moment. Alone."
>You quickly grab one of #deca.mare's forelegs.
"You know this won't happen. I'm real and here to stay."
>"I do, but the uneasiness remains."
>You see a weak grin.
>"This is my irrational fear."
"This may seem uncouth to ask, but how can you think that?"
>"You underestimate the scope, Anon. Time is the key term here. The last days have indeed been wonderful, if not the best of my life. And I have to thank you for it."
"I smell a but."
>"But what are they, compared to the centuries prior? At least in terms of time, that is. I fell in a steep routine which you have shaken up. Everything feels so unreal now."
>You apply a little more pressure on her limb.
"Stay in the present, #deca. I promise I won't magically disappear."
>You wonder how often you will have to remind her of that fact.
>If necessary, you would do so every day without hesitation.
>However, you would prefer a way to overcome #deca.mare's mental struggle altogether.
>Perhaps the next night might help her in that regard.
>Like a therapeutic treatment, only with highly unorthodox methods.
>But one step at a time.
>This will come later.
>For now you simply sit together in a forest glade.
"Hang on, #deca. I've got an idea."
>You wiggle yourself out of #deca.mare's grip.
>She reluctantly lets you go.
>You lie down on the grass beside her while reaching for her shoulder.
>You say nothing and gently pull her backwards as an indicator to do the same.
>#deca.mare's body follows your motion, as she gradually tilts towards the ground.
>You embrace her with one arm while you two lie side by side with your backs on the grass.
>You look into the sky with its bright blue hue and fluffy clouds.
>A curious thought crosses your mind.
>In the actual world, the true Equestria, clouds like these may be inhabited.
>And if #deca.mare's words are any indication, she plans to realise this exact feature too.
>What a strange and simultaneously exciting concept.
>Despite all the recent hiccups, your life is certainly getting more and more interesting from now on.
>"You did this with an intent. What is next?"
"Nothing. That's the intent. Relax and enjoy nature. It's said to be healthy. Or at least recreative."
>#deca.mare cuddles up closely to your side.
>You grin.
>She just cannot help it.
>Her desire for physical affection is nigh insatiable.
>Anyway, moving on.
"Many people spend social time together in such places. I know, ponies are not humans, but I think we'll have at least that in common."
>Plus, you have every reason to believe that ponies have a much stronger affinity to nature than any human being, which further supports your point.
"Heh, some even say that an extended period of time in nature can get people in touch with one's own 'spirit' if you will. Though I'm not a fan of the paranormal undertones within this presumption."
>"In all due likelihood an evolutionary effect. Something I cannot relate to personally, I am afraid."
>One of the drawbacks that being conceived on a shipyard entails, you figure.
>#deca.mare said she has never been on a terran colony herself.
>In fact, it seems she has, technically speaking, never been on any planet before.
>At least not as herself; you do not count drone flights and hijacked video feeds in this context.
"Well, time to catch up on this, I'd say. This here may not be a proper substitute, but just try to get a feeling for it. I'll help you."
"You will see. No, actually, you won't. Close your eyes. It's my turn to do something for you."
>You look over to her.
>#deca.mare has followed your instruction.
>She lies in your arm, motionless, and with her eyes shut.
>You cannot detect even the faintest move.
>Under any other circumstances, one might wonder if she is still alive.
>Unfazed by this deceiving look, you concentrate on what you are about to do.
>You rummage through your memories for some of the stories you have heard in your earliest years.
>Some of those are about nature with a wide variety of subjects.
>A few were silly child stories, others had kernels of realism in them.
>You are currently looking for the latter.
>#deca.mare has shown a great deal of interest in the anecdotes you have told about your family, so chances are, she might also be interested in those.
>The only fear you have is that she might have already gotten hold of them back when she tapped your brain.
>That would defeat the purpose.
>Regardless, you have to try it at least.
>Wait there is one.
"Time for another story session, if it suits you."
>"Always, Anon."
>And here you go for a second time.
>You recite a few of the different nature stories you have come across during your childhood while you lie beside #deca.mare.
>You tell them as parts of loosely connected tales.
>And despite having only a mediocre narrative value by themselves, said stories can nevertheless improve an already comfortable get-together.
>Especially when people, or in ponies in this case, are not familiar with them.
>Some are comparatively realistic accounts, others are more akin to folklore tales.
>Still, you deem them interesting enough to tell, at least on this occasion.
>You do not look at her directly during your performance, which means you are unable to see how she reacts exactly.
>But given that she does not comment on something and restrains from making any sort of negative remark, you simply assume she is content with it.
>She would make it known if she had a question or any particular dislike.
>Granted, you are also not exactly a skilled storyteller yourself, but you play your role adequately.
>You mange to fish up four or five consecutive stories before you call it quits.
>#deca.mare listens the whole time, without a single interruption.
>You guess she would not mind even if she knew the stories beforehand.
>Simply having a dear partner who happily digs out something just for her is a welcome gesture of affection.
"Oh, by the way, telling tales is also a popular social activity. Preferably around campfires. You can use that to your advantage."
>"I am aware of that, Anon. Unfortunately, my personal arsenal is, shall we say, rather limited."
>A short pause.
>"My own life is not a good source for a pony audience either, for obvious reasons."
>You laugh.
"Yeah, those might be pretty hard to explain. But that doesn't have to stay like this."
"Yes. As time progresses, we will be able to find our own adventures in Equestria. From what I have heard, the possibilities there are almost endless."
>You look over to her with a smug grin.
"Believe me, my sources are trustworthy. And then we can amaze others with our own tales."
>A pause.
"My point is, it will all smooth out over time. And speaking of tales and adventures, isn't another show session the next step on the list?"
>"It is. But can we stay and relax for five more minutes? I like the way we are lying here."
"Of course, #deca."
>You look back up, close your eyes again and begin to stroke #deca.mare's fur with the hand that already holds her.
>Like #deca.mare suggested, you just relax.
>You say nothing, do nothing, think nothing.
>You have each other and no reason to be concerned about anything.
>It seems that even #deca.mare is swept away by this calm aura.
>She simply rests beside you.
>And despite the close physical contact, she does not show any sign of excitement or arousal.
>A moment of perfect serenity, for the two of you.
>But that moment ends eventually and you slowly rise up.
>You have no idea if you lay there for five minutes or not.
>As far as you are concerned, it may have been longer than that.
>Not that it matters anyway; the act itself counts more than the exact amount of time you spent on it.
>You stretch your body while #deca.mare materialises a door nearby.
>You head back to the command deck.
>The surreal sight of a doorframe standing in the middle of a seemingly normal glade does not really surprise you anymore.
>This includes the rather abrupt transition to the deck itself.
>Seems like these things have quickly become a part of your routine.
>#deca.mare and you take a seat in your familiar positions.
>Upon sitting down, you are greeted by the unexpected sensation of the chair's cushions on your bare back.
>You have apparently forgotten to rematerialise your shirt on your way.
"Oh, where are my manners?"
>Just as you begin to form the command in your head, you get nudged by #deca.mare.
>"I do not mind if you stay like this."
"Hm, I've got the impression you try to direct me more and more to a pony standard of modesty."
>Which is barely existent at all when it comes to clothing in public.
>Hell, even their rulers wear nothing but regalia made out of gold and gems.
>"I do not wish to impose anything on you, Anon, but it might help you in the long run if you familiarise yourself with pony conventions. After all, you should feel at home too."
>This brings you to an interesting question.
"Hey, #deca? How exactly will this work?"
>"You mean us living in Equestria?"
"Yeah, what about the details? You can create a replica of your own body, but I don't think I'll run around there just like that."
>"No, that would be far too risky. Equestria is comparatively peaceful, but unlike ponies and all the other creatures, you are not compatible with my security measures."
"Because of my organic brain."
"Hmhm. One simple irregularity might be enough to..."
>Keep her from completing that sentence.
"I see what you mean."
>And you appreciate her adamant stance on your personal security.
"But knowing you, you have cooked up an alternative."
>She nods.
>"I do. And it is easier than you imagine. You are right, by the way I can create my own physical body."
>She looks at you with a serious expression.
>"And I can render you the same service."
"You mean a second body? One which I could use just like my own?"
>"Sure. Think about it. With a mechanical unit as a brain, or in this case a substitute thereof, it does not differ that much from controlling, say, one of our units. Plus, I will not include the ability to develop an own individual while shaping said body."
>#deca.mare makes a short pause to give you the time to process her words.
>"And since this body will not become a being on its own, you can utilise it remotely without any risk or moral stumbling blocks."
"Like an avatar."
>"If you want to call it that way. This process is no problem at all, but there is still a related issue we have to discuss."
"Something tells me that I won't like the topic."
"No, not that bad. It is nothing disastrous, but still a serious issue.
"So what is it?"
>"The question of what sort of representation you prefer. I could theoretically recreate a realistic replica of your natural body, that leads to some inconveniences."
"You mean I would stick out like a sore thumb."
>"Hm, not necessarily. This can be camouflaged with the means I have shown you. It is, however, not an elegant solution."
"I think I can see where this leads to."
>#deca.mare takes a breath.
>"Could you please consider a pony body for our life on the surface? Is not mandatory of course, but it would make some things much easier."
>The idea sounds strange to you at first.
>Flying missions with a vessel embodiment is one thing, but living on a planet with another body altogether?
>"Well it should, technically speaking, not feel as abstract to you as piloting a ship through the neural link. The one is a mostly organic body while the other is completely non-organic."
>Fair point, although you have significantly more experience with fighter crafts than you do with equine anatomy.
>But you are sure that #deca.mare can tutor in that regard.
>With emphasis on anatomical "features".
>She would probably love to have partner who looks more like her.
>You instinctively shake your head.
>"No, Anon. This is incorrect. You are fine the way you are."
>#deca.mare puts a forehoof on your leg as a gesture of affirmation.
>"This is only a matter of utility and efficiency. I do not want to alter you."
>You raise an eyebrow.
"So no secret plot to turn me pony? You are not embarrassed by my 'alien' shape, right?"
>You intentionally put an emphasis on the wording to signify that your remarks are not truly serious.
>#deca.mare is visibly aghast anyway.
>"Of course not, Anon! I love you in your true form. Only a shoddy partner would insist to fundamentally change the own lover."
>You agree with her view an appreciate her moral integrity.
>Which is why you will also never ask #deca.mare to change herself for you.
>Courting a pony might be... unusual, but you rather put up with this little detail than demand anything selfish.
"Fair enough, #deca. But I need some time for that."
>"Of course, of course. We can work on the details later on. Just consider this offer for now, we are not in a hurry."
>#deca.mare focuses on the large main screen.
>"But back to the reason why we are here. Are you ready for the next season?"
"I think so, yeah."
>"Alright. Only one last note: You may notice some smaller changes in the way how the narrative is presented."
"Why's that?"
>"Long story. The best way to sum it up is by calling it an artistic discrepancy. Nothing too extreme, yet one of the reasons why certain adaptations and streamlining are necessary on our part."
You chuckle once.
"And if I recall correctly, you have already devised such a plan?"
>She nods.
"Heh, I should call you Twilight."
>#deca.mare produces a quiet nickering sound.
>"Oh please. We have nothing in common. She has a horn and w... never mind."
>She does not complete that sentence.
>That seems to have hit home.
"I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch that. Is everything okay?"
>"Nothing wrong. I am fine."
>Before you can make any further remark, #deca.mare lays her upper body on your lap, still looking at the screen.
>This is her way to tell you that you shall quit your bantering and concentrate on what is about to unfold.
>"On your mark, Anon."
>You take a long breath and lean back, deep into the chair.
>The cushions feel perfect; they have an ideal texture.
>Yet you catch yourself thinking that it can never be as comfortable as the fur of a certain pony mare.
>But that is a matter for tonight.
"Alright, do it."
>#deca.mare initiates the process.
>The status screen dissolves and you are greeted by a now familiar composition of lively bright colours.
>A garden scene is coming up.
>The Canterlot sculpture gardens, as you quickly find out.
>And this is how you learn about an entity called Discord, amongst other things.
>Just as before, you cover the whole season, episode after episode.
>True to her word, this season does indeed cover some more aspects concerning pony society and history.
>The reappearance of Princess Luna.
>A somewhat romanticised version of pre-Equestrian history and the founding of Equestria.
>Ponyville's origin story.
>Further, and partly odd, pony festivities and events, such as Hearts and Hooves Day, Hearth's Warming Eve, the regular restocking of Cloudsdale's water supplies via hurricanes, or using the power of love as a tactical defensive weapon.
>And the introduction to other species, like bat ponies, donkeys, dragons (as a larger faction, not just a few hoarding hermits), minotaurs, more alicorns beside the Royal Sisters, and changelings alongside their notorious Queen.
>Needless to say, some make a better first impression than others.
>Credit roll of the season two finale.
>Your head is brimming with input.
"Oh man, I see why you need to bring more structure into this, #deca. Twenty minutes per topic is far from enough to cover the subjects at hand. You can probably write books to fill the unmentioned gaps within the lore."
>#deca.mare looks over to you.
>And since her forelegs are still on your lap, she rolls her body to the side to do so.
>As a consequence, she automatically reveals her underside, revealing her chest, belly, and more.
>Without any naughty intention on her part this time.
>You try not to get distracted and return her look.
>"Not only probably. That actually happened, Anon. There are more unofficial takes on certain scenes than you can imagine."
"I remember, you mentioned that before. Have you used them for your work?"
>"No. The problem with those is that they vary greatly in many aspects, from the sheer quality of writing to individual tone and style, as well as personal interpretations and preferred genres. I have a vast collection in store, but I ultimately designed my plan on my own."
"And remain as close to the source as you can in the process."
"How close exactly? I mean, I know you want to reconstruct all Equestrian places. What about other things, such as the characters?"
>"They are included in my plans for the world. Which means they will take their place in the grand scheme of things. But keep in mind that the world, unlike the show, cannot revolve solely around a select roster of ponies. Equestria is a vast realm, Anon, with many ponies and stories. In fact, it will be more than ever before."
"I can see this working for most ponies, except some of the extreme cases."
>"Who do you have in mind?"
"Ponies like the Royal Sisters, for instance. You have made it perfectly clear that they won't be able to move planetary objects at will, much less a star. Or even Discord. He may be a chaotic villain in the show, but what shall we do with him? Creating a monster with the sole purpose of being beaten and perpetually sealed away is just as cruel, if not worse."
>"Yes, I have covered this. While the princesses will indeed not possess any explicit solar or lunar magic, they are nevertheless fit as rulers. They have other abilities at their disposal which they can utilise for the benefit of the realm. Plus, they act as an essential symbolic beacon for Equestria and its unity, especially in the kingdom's early years."
>#deca.mare winks.
>"And Discord... let me say this much: There is an agreeable solution for him as well. Trust me. It will all work out in the long run."
>You accept her word on this matter.
>If someone is able to create such a scheme perfectly, it is #deca.mare.
>But you must admit, it will be hard for you to remember all the details in only one run.
>And you have to cover seven additional seasons.
>"True, We rush a little bit through the show, but this is intended. It shall be a first crash course to give you a general overview. We can repeat any lesson at any time, if you need it. Do you have any more questions right now?"
>You shake your head.
>"I think we are done here, then."
>Which can only mean one thing.
>It is time for you to hold true to your word.
>No more escapes, no more delays.
"So here we are. Somepony called for a candlelight dinner?"
>You hope this did not sound too overblown.
>But #deca.mare plays along with a smiling nod.
>Luckily for you, she has not exactly a high standard in terms of romantic efforts.
>But that is no excuse for you to slack.
>On the contrary; you want her enjoy this evening.
>Every single second of it.
>Because this shall become a night she remembers.
>Perhaps even her next big step towards an inner piece.
>And who knows, you might also derive more pleasure from it than you initially thought.
>Stranger things have happened for sure.
Done. And now comes my ultimate bossfight. Wish me luck.
>inner piece
good luck romancing the ship, Anon.
It's tough writing romance between a man and a massive hyper intelligent ship that takes the form of a small cute mare.
>"No, not that bad. It is nothing disastrous, but still a serious issue.
should have been a greenline
so the celestial sister's won't actually have power over the sun/moon... interesting. that raises several question: would the fact they don't control the sun/moon be common knowledge and they rule by merit alone? or would #deca just do a global illusion of them doing their "raising the sun/moon" thing? would #deca do the eclipses when NMM was happening and if so how?
christ almighty dude i have a mighty need for moar horsewords. best of luck with the romance scene
Does anyone know if the guy writing A Journal Between Two Worlds is still working on it. Anon meeting Sumi an accepting her could be the ending, but I'm hoping for me.
File: forever alone.jpg (303 KB, 2560x1440)
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303 KB JPG
There is no hope.
File: 1457184101275.jpg (122 KB, 1152x823)
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122 KB JPG
mmm mare
File: AMOR VULT.png (247 KB, 680x486)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
The Sun may set.
The Stars may fade.
Our Love shines eternal.
The Sun may set.
The Stars may fade.
Its fine, as long
as I get laid.
>not married
What happened to this thread?
infested by incels
One of these days I need to get this quote stamped into sheet metal or something.
cringe and bluepilled
You're a liberal, aren't you?
Fixed the mistake in the bin, thanks.
Agreed. I hope I can do it justice.
Also fixed.
>so the celestial sister's won't actually have power over the sun/moon... interesting
Yep, because it would be wholly unfeasible to pull off in a believable manner. The required energy alone is murderous, not to mention what that could potentially do to the star system itself. Far too many variables. And putting all that technology into an Alicorn shaped pony? No dice. This green has never been hard science fiction, but since it is (very, very vaguely) inspired by the technological level of the X-universe, it tends to be at least somewhat close to reality.
>would the fact they don't control the sun/moon be common knowledge and they rule by merit alone?
Well, my take on it is this: The princesses have of course a very symbolic function as heralds/guardians of the day and night, which means there is a fair bit of mysticism around them. And they partially foster this image with ritualistic events like the Summer Sun Celebration. Some ponies perceive these acts simply as a way to maintain a spirit of collaborative unity in Equestria, while others see it from a more religious perspective. Allegations that the princesses neither confirm nor deny. Not to put themselves on a pedestal, mind you, but because it helps to keep harmony within society.
That being said, they are nevertheless capable leaders and know how to act in times of strife and crises, as well as how to manage periods of peace. Plus, they have special talents like everyone else; these are just not what people/ponies would expect. I will not spoil what exactly that entails right now, because this is going to get covered later on. Fun fact: I didn't even have to pull these talents out of my behind; they are already mentioned within the show.
[Need to split post.]
>or would #deca just do a global illusion of them doing their "raising the sun/moon" thing?
Neither. She will not actively mess with their reputation in any way. This uncertainty creates a special charm around these two.
>would #deca do the eclipses when NMM was happening and if so how?
She will have to prepare for these events to make them look convincing. In the case of NMM, she can resort to temporarily blotting out the sunlight by altering the weather patterns in the atmosphere. Far more elegant than to tinker with the planetary trajectory. Discord, however, will be another matter. He simply doesn't work without illusions. At least it befits his character, so the conclusion is not that far off.
>christ almighty dude i have a mighty need for moar horsewords. best of luck with the romance scene
Thanks, I promise I will do my best.
File: 1555327267176.jpg (47 KB, 598x489)
47 KB
based chad dabbing on those incels.
Go back
File: mare holds the bag.png (141 KB, 420x421)
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141 KB PNG
Jesus Christ I love mares so much
It's good he's trying to get #deca to just 'be in the moment'. Nice update. I look forward to reading the next one.

I wish for more as well.
File: 1557932158925.png (287 KB, 839x711)
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287 KB PNG
File: 1496594314611.gif (1.42 MB, 400x366)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB GIF
Every mare is precious and needs to be loved.
File: pack of mares.png (840 KB, 1280x720)
840 KB
840 KB PNG
File: cider cider cider.gif (2.34 MB, 600x338)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB GIF
It hurts, bros
File: 1535418039882.png (20 KB, 612x612)
20 KB
What, being an incel? I guess having trash genes and being a biological dead-end must be depressing.
Or were you just talking about the fact that CHAD stallions are fucking your "waifu" while you sit here on earth and fantasize like a cuck? lol
File: 1515709602897.jpg (57 KB, 458x443)
57 KB
It only means you are still capable of longing for something better. Once you lose that and the pain stops you're just gonna be dead inside and that's it.
At some point I'm going to need an outlet for marelove and I'll start a shrine to Epona or something, even if I don't believe in pagan gods
File: 1504932892284.jpg (42 KB, 340x499)
42 KB
That's one way of dealing with things. Love can inspire and drive a lot of things, to harness the power of those feels, both good and bad, is to overcome one of the most hindering obstacle of all art - lack of a muse.
imagine spending time on typing this pointless bait
File: 1531300694040.gif (136 KB, 400x534)
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136 KB GIF
seething and rent-free
>2012 was 7 years ago
jesus christ where have the years gone?
Get. the fuck. out.
they’re not real
Imagine seethe for not getting (You)'s
But Anon, what if they are but we aren't real?
Can you feel pain?
If yes...
Then you are real, for sure.
File: 1556965614280.jpg (147 KB, 822x960)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
More the case of your mind is real but the environment is simulated
Ponies created a dimensionally transcendental object to display their stories like a 3D book and our minds gained self awareness
Regularly rut your mare
File: image.png (3.83 MB, 1920x1080)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB PNG
Is pain real?
Not in his sanctuary. Synthesize yourself today!
File: 1557033304867.png (78 KB, 1008x2326)
78 KB
pegasi Mares
Just one sortie from wolf armor, and they make it a grineer excavation
>men are bred by mares in a simulation designed to shape their mind to deify and crave mare's love, then select few are harvested to provide 100% pure love for the Chrystal Empire
>there's so many imperfect specimen that it takes a whole different scale of a simulation to just get one or two actual candidates a year, so the world has to be self-sustaining, introducing an even bigger obstacle for the potential target to be raised in a way that's beneficial to Equestria's cause, many just settling for whatever is before them
>thus this living fuel cell has to be made so desperate that Equestria makes it happy enough to basically become a magical supernova when transported to their designated mare, emitting love energy that is capable of feeding the Chrystal Heart all their remaining life
>A few generations of such purebred living batteries saturate Equestria's total pool of magic like nothing else, provided they are harvested and reunited with a pony at the peak of their despair
File: Husbando simulator.png (201 KB, 998x967)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
Then i'm glad this hell does not exist and that there is a mare out there in the world doing mare things and being cute.
I'd like to leave this place of course but i'm fine if they're fine.

>tfw you're part of an experiment using their version of machine learning and your entire existance is geared towards becoming the perfect husbando alongside hundreds upon hundreds of concurrent programs all using slightly changed variables.
>tfw we might get to interact with a mare towards the end of our development cycle.
>tfw our universe is actually a simulation, and 'god' is a lonely mare trying to perfect her golemancy A.I.
Please just let us out
I don't know, this sounds very dark for Equestrian standards.
That equestria was taken over by changelings. Thus the love as commodity instead of love for love's sake.
>Little Pip
>implying the FO:E canon is sacrosanct
>implying most lesbians aren't just there for the author's pleasure
>implying that you can't fuck the dyke out of them
FoE wasteland dykes are just prison gay; they wouldn't be interested in clam slamming if there were enough stallions to go around
just like Lyra and Bon Bon

>How long does it actually last?
>Never enough.
>When the tears have been shed and your emotions put out in display to all to see, you and Sumi slowly start to peel away from each other.
>Before you’re completely apart from her, Sumi locks your hand within her magical grip and presses it against her cheek.
>She coddles your hand with one of her hooves as you wipe away the tear streaks with your thumb.
>Your hand never felt so warm before.
>Before she frees it, Sumi gives your heartfelt kiss on your fingers.
>You place the kissed fingers on your lips, making the mare blush as she turns to hide her smile.
>As both of you slowly return to reality, the two of you turn to the audience observing your displays of affection.
>Flurry looks at the scene with twinkling eyes as she smiles.
>From the adults, you could see a calm smile on Cadence’s face while Filbert puffs his cheeks.
>Sumi hides her face away from her father and giggles.
>It’s contagious because soon you and everyone else start to join in.
>”I’m glad that first impression went off well.” Cadence chuckles.
>You get up and brush your pants.
“Very well!” you agree.
>You walk up to Flurry and motion Sumi to you.
“Sumi, this is Princess Flurry. She’s been a great host while I was waiting for you.”
>Sumi bows her head.
>”Thank you for watching over my Anon, Princess.”
>Flurry instead gives Sumi a warm hug.
>”My pleasure, Sumi! And you can just call me Flurry!”
>”Sure thing!”
>Cadence smiles and turns to Filbert.
>”You and Sumi are welcome to stay for a night in the castle,” She proposes, “You must both be tired from your long journey to the Crystal Empire.”
>Filbert shakes his head.
>”I’m sorry Princess, but we intend to leave as soon as we got Anon. We’ll be leaving in several hours.”
>Flurry’s smile weakens and her ears droop down upon hearing the news.
>”That’s alright, Filbert.” Cadence nods, “Anon, I believe now is a good time to prepare for your departure.”
“Sure thing, Princess.” you accept.
>”I’ll help you pack, Anon.” Sumi said.
>”Actually, Sumi” Cadence calls, “I’d like you for to remain here for the moment. There’s a spell I need to teach you before you leave.”
>Sumi raises her eyebrows in surprise, but nods.
>”Ok Princess.”
>”I’ll help Anon pack!” Flurry volunteers.
>”We’ll be quick.” you promise Sumi as you and the young princess exit the room.
>The two of you march to your room your.
>Your steps echo through the crystal halls before Flurry breaks the silence.
>”So it’s your last day.” she speaks.
“Yup.” you nod, “It’s a shame, I’ll miss the Crystal Empire, Mr. Stone, Cadence, and you too”
>Flurry moans.
>”What are you gonna do until your train arrives?”
“Guess I’ll walk around the city one last time, with Sumi?”
>You remember Jonathan’s offer from a few nights ago.
>”Take her to Delectable Delights for the ‘best cinnamon rolls in Equestria’,” you continue, “And of course we’ll need to take a tour guide with us.”
>”Ok!” Flurry beams as ears shoot up.
>There isn’t much work that needs to be done as soon as you enter your room.
>There’s only a few sets of clothes and some toiletries that you and Flurry pack into your wheeled suitcase.
>You just enjoy Flurry’s company as she helps you pack.
>The last thing you get is your two journals, already packed in the rucksack that Princess Cadence gave you.
>You groan as you lug it onto your back.
>With a light grip, you pull your luggage with you and leave your room with Flurry back to the others.
>You hear Princess Cadence’s voice as you open the door to the waiting room.
>”Here’s a copy of the spell, Sumi,” she says, “It’ll help Anon, whenever his hands hurt.”
>Cadence levitates a slip of paper to Sumi and sees you approach.
>”Ah. Anon! How are your hands,”
“A little sore, Princess.”
>”Time for a test,” she says to Sumi, “Come here for a moment, Anon. Hold your hands for me.”
>You walk to the pair a and do as ordered.
>Sumi turns towards you and points her horn towards your hands.
>A sense of nervousness is painted over her face as her horn glows yellow.
>”How do you your hooves feel, Sumi?,” Cadence asks.
>”Th-they feel...ok, Princess. Comfortable. Alright?”
>”Good, good. Now, I want you to share that with Anonymous’s hands. Concentrate on that feeling and nothing else,” Cadence instructs Sumi.
>Sumi closes her eyes as a yellow, magical aura envelops your hands.
>The soreness in your hands disappear, replaced with a warm sensation that soothes your hands.
>”How are feeling now, Anon?” Cadence asks again.
>You wiggle your fingers with ease.
“Pretty good.”
>Sumi looks up at you and grins.
“Thanks, Sumi,” you congratulate her.
>”That’s good,” Cadence sighs, “If you made a mistake, you’d be more likely to hurt Anon.”
>Sumi gasps from Cadence’s words.
>”But, don’t worry too much,” Cadence assures Sumi, “Just stay calm and focused, and you’ll never have to worry.”
>Filbert looks at the scene with pride.
>”That’s my girl,” he beams, “Now that we’re all here, let's just rest here until the train arrives.” He lets out a massive yawn, “I’m pretty pooped.”
“Well, Mr. Brushstroke,” you chime in, “I was thinking about taking Sumi around the Crystal Empire before we leave. Of course if, Sumi’s ok with it.”
>”I’d love to!” Sumi approves.
>”Oh, ok” Filbert consents, “Let’s all go together.”
>”Actually, Dad,” Sumi interrupts, “It can be just me and Anon. And you’re tired anyway, so you can just rest here until the train comes.”
>”But what if you get lost?” Filbert asks.
“Oh, you don’t worry about that,” You try to assure to him.
>”Yeah!” Flurry adds, “Don’t worry Mr. Brushstroke! I’ll watch over them! I know the Crystal Empire like the back of my hoof!”
>”Flurry…” Cadence hums, “I think it’s best if we left Sumi and Anon alone and let them have more time together.”
>For an instant, you can see the young filly frown before she looks to the ground.
>”Ok, Mom,” Flurry mumbles.
“Oh, I don’t mind at all, Princess,” you said, “In fact, we do need the best tour guide in the city. Is that ok with you, Mr. Brushstroke?”
>”I guess that’s alright,” Filbert acquiesces, “We can meet up at the train station then.”
>Flurry looks up again to smile at you.
“Alright then,” you address Flurry and Sumi, “Let’s go.”
>As the three of you start to walk out Filbert speaks out.
>”Uhm, Sumi! You remember what time the train will arrive?”
>”Yes, Dad.” Sumi says with a smile. "We'll leave ahead of time before it arrives.
>”And do you remember where the station is?”
>”Yes,” Sumi sighs.
>”Oh and the stairs!”
>”Don’t worry, Mr. Brushstroke,” Cadence speaks up, “I’ll help Sumi down the stairs. Just rest here for now.”
>Cadence then follows after your party.
>Sumi’s wheels squeak throughout the whole walk to one of the castle’s stairs, turning the young Unicorn pink.
>”Sorry about the noise,” Sumi apologizes, “I haven’t been able to oil my wheels”
>”Oh you don’t have to worry, Sumi.” Cadence smiles, “I’m glad you and your father came here as fast as could for Anon.”
>”Oh, well I uh.” Sumi stammers, “Yes.”
>She looks back at you to see your smiling face before quickly twisting her head back.
>When you finally approach one of the castle’s spiral staircases, Cadence addresses Sumi.
>”Sumi, Like before. Are you ready?”
>”Yes, Princess,” Sumi sighs
>”Alright. Flurry dear, would you please help Anon and his luggage?”
>While you luggage levitates in the air, Cadence has Sumi float in the air as everyone descends the stairs.
>The wheelchair-bound mare blushes as her eyes try to avoid your gaze.
>”How have you been, Anon?” Sumi chuckles, “I didn’t bring my journal with me when we left.”
“That’s ok,” you respond, “I'm Having a swell time here. I’m really moving up the social ladder! I’m already making friends with two princesses!”
>You win a giggle from Flurry.
>Once you all descend the stairs to the outside, Cadence sets Sumi on the ground before making her way back up.
>”I’ll be returning to my duties so I may not see you two depart,” she says with a bow, “Farewell, Anon. Goodbye,Sumi. I wish the two of you the very best.”
>Sumi rushes over to hug one of her legs.
>”Thank you, Princess.” Sumi says, “Thank you for everything.”
“Yeah,” you add, “Thanks, Princess,”
>Cadence smiles and her eyes sparkle as she wraps a wing around for a brief moment.
>”You’re, welcome.”
>As Cadence retreats back into the castle, you turn to Flurry and Sumi.
“Hey Sumi, this is your first time here, right?” you ask
>”Uh, yeah.” Sumi nods.
“You hungry?”
>”Yeah, I guess I didn’t get to eat a lot since morning,”
“You’ve had Cinnamon rolls before?”
>Flurry’s ears twitch upon hearing those words and releases a grin.
>Sumi giggles as she peeks at the filly’s face.
>”What? Yes, I had them before, why?”
>You pass a knowing glance to the young princess and she nods.
>”Follow me, Sumi,” Flurry calls out as she starts to move. “There’s a place I want to show you.
>Sumi gives you a crooked smile before she obeys the princess’s command.
>While Flurry leads on, you walk alongside Sumi as you lug your luggage along with you.
>Several times, you steal a peak in an attempt to read her face.
>Many times she’s off taking in the whole scenery, occasionally you'll see her staring right back at you.
>You both share a smile just as quickly you both break your gaze from one another.
>Then you feel her brush against your leg.
>”Oops” she giggles.
>You react by bumping into her side.
”My bad,” you chuckle.
>It goes back and forth between the two of you to the point where you’re both pressing against each other.
>You hardly notice that you’re already at Delectable Delights until Flurry shouts, “We’re here!”
>You rush ahead and hold the door open for Flurry and Sumi.
>You can already hear Moonstone welcoming them.
>”Ah, Princess, Anon. Welcome back!” Moonstone greets you before her eyes rest on Sumi, “Oh! And who is this?”
>”This is, Sumi.” Flurry answers, “Anon’s special somepony!”
>Moonstone brings a hoof to her lips as she smiles.
>”Aww! The two of you look adorable together!”
>You scratch your head and stare at the cafe’s ceiling while Sumi blushes turns her gaze to the floor.
>”Oh ho!” Moonstone laughs, “Sorry. Where are my manners? Moonstone. Nice to meet you, Sumi.”
>”Uh. Nice to meet you too,” Sumi nods.
>”I’ve heard many good things about Anon. I hope he doesn't disappoint.”
>”He’s everything I could ask for.” she declares with a smile.
>Moonstone gives Sumi a big smile before she speaks again.
>”Aww… I’ve been holding you all for too long.” Moonstone motions to some vacant tables. Please take a seat. Jonathan will help you soon.”
>As you walk to a table, you swear you just saw Moonstone give you a wink.
>Flurry takes a seat, while you pull out a chair for Sumi
“Need any you help?” you offer.
>”No thanks, I can do this myself.” Sumi shakes her head.
>She slides onto and rests on her stomach as she undoes the straps of her wheelchair with her telekinesis and sets the device down.
>You can finally get a clear view of Sumi’s cutie mark: a wet brush with blank, peach, canvas on an easel.
>You listen to her grunt and watch her squirm as she settles on her haunches.
>Once done, you push her chair closer to the table.
>”Thank you.” Sumi mumbles.
>You sit across from Sumi, while Flurry sits between the two of you.
>Flurry is the first to break the ice.
>”So, Sumi… I heard from Anon that you like to draw?”
>”Yes,” Sumi answers. ”I like to focus on landscape painting, But when Anon and I were growing up, we would draw together with our journals. That's where I got most of my practice.”
>”Cute!” Flurry squeaks, “Anon told me the two of you drew together for a long time.” The princess gives you a devilish grin. “I heard it from Anon, but I want to make sure it’s true by hearing it from your words. Is it true that Anon’s the best?”
>Sumi’s eyebrows shoot up from the question.
>"He said that?" She giggles, "Oh… I just let him believe that every now and then just to boost his confidence. Anon learned a lot from me over the years, honestly.”
>You roll your eyes and smile.
“Oh yeah…” You chuckle, “Gonna give me another lecture why hatching is the best shading technique?”
>”I’ll be sure to drill that fact into your head,” She proclaims before turning her head to Flurry, “Anyway… Anon may not be the best artist, he’s certainly been my best friend for all those years, as well as the best special somepony a filly could ever have.”
>You can’t help but feel your face warm up as you hear those words.
>”Ah, my favorite customers returns once again!” A familiar voice sings out.
>Jonathan Stone approaches your table carrying a tray with three plates of cinnamon rolls.
>”Hi, Mr. Stone!” Flurry greets him.
>Jonathan sets the three plates down on the table as well as three sets of forks and knives.
>"Anon, Princess, welcome back!"
>He eyes Sumi.
>“Well hello there.” He speaks gently, “Anon’s special somepony I assume?”
>Before she can answer, Jonathan jerks his head towards you and barks, “Anon don’t be mute! Introduce her to me!”
“Oh! I...this is, Sumi.” you stammer, “My match. Sumi, this is Jonathan Stone.”
>”Nice to meet you, Mr. Stone.” Sumi bows her head.
>”Jonathan is fine enough for me, Sumi.”
>Mr. Stone looks at Sumi, especially at the ends of her hind legs.
>Sumi flicks her tail over her legs.
>”Oh! Sorry!” Jonathan apologizes, “I didn’t mean any offense. Here, look.”
>He kneels besides Sumi and taps the right side of his eye, making a “clinking” sound.
>”You’re in good company here.” he consoles her.
>”I’m sorry,” Sumi utters, “I didn’t mean to react like that.”
>Jonathan throws up his hand.
>”No, no!” He laughs, “Don’t worry about it. Just uh… looking at you, For Anon’s case, you’re worth the wait. You’re a very pretty mare, Sumi.”
>”Not as pretty me though,” Moonstone chimes in, “right, Johnny?”
>”Of course, Mooney my dear!” Jonathan retorts, “Nothing can compare! I was just about to say that.”
He turns back to Sumi.
>”Anyway, welcome to the Crystal Empire. Dig in. And Anon, first-time couples eat free, so it’s on the house.”
>”What about me, Mr. Stone?” Flurry calls, “I brought someone who hasn’t been here before.”
Jonathan refutes the argument by saying, “True but they also have to be human. So…”
>”Well…can you put this on my tab?”
>”For my best customer? Sure thing.” He motions to the cinnamon rolls on the table before he retreats to the back, “Enjoy yourselves.”
>All three of you start to dig into your treats.
>The glorious trifecta of oozing white glaze, sweet cinnamon, and the warm soft bun that keeps it together melts in your mouth that delivers an experience just as good as your first.
>No, for some reason it tastes even better than before as you look up at Sumi taking a bite.
>Flurry’s already halfway through her roll before she asks Sumi through her food, “Soah… Whaat doah tink?”
>Sumi gulps down her bite before saying, ”It’s pretty good!”
>Yah mee-” Flurry swallows her food “-Like the best you ever had?”
>”Um… They’re best I ever had in the Crystal Empire.”
>”Well ok then, that’s-hey! You just got here! I'll have you know, Mr. Stone’s cinnamon rolls are the best in all of Equestria.”
>”I can’t just say that. I mean, you did eat every cinnamon roll in Equestria to make such a statement, did you?”
>”Then I guess we can’t really know for sure until then.”
>Flurry starts to groan, “Ugh… You and Anon are made for each other.”
>Sumi looks at you and giggles, “Well, I learned from the best.”
“That’s usually my line,” you mumble to yourself while smiling.
>”But it’s really good, Flurry!” Sumi compliments, “It’s high up there in the best things I’ve ever eaten. Thanks for taking me here.”
>”Don’t mention it,” Flurry smiles, “It’s just my favorite place here.”
>”And thanks for watching Anon for me while he was here. I can't say that enough.”
>”I do that for every newcomer. It’s my duty as a princess.”
>”It still means a lot to me. Thanks for being a good friend to him.”
>Flurry blushes and focuses on finishing her treat.
>”Your welcome.”
>You all eat your cinnamon rolls and finish off with a cold glass of milk.
>As you get ready to leave, Jonathan and Moonstone come to see you and Sumi off.
>The man gives you hug.
>”Best of luck to both of you!”
>”Yes!” Moonstone agrees, “Have a safe trip back.”
>You return the expression with gusto.
”Thanks for everything, Jonathan. How can I ever make this up to you.”
>He waves you off.
>”Don’t worry about it!”
“I really want to return the favor in some way.”
>”Well,” he sighs, “You wouldn’t happen to be going to Ponyville would you?”
“Ponyville?” Sumi repeats, “I live there.”
>”Oh! How convenient,”
>Jonathan digs out a small pouch from his pockets.
>The contents inside clack together as he jiggles it.
>”If you’re willing to, can you give this to Spike.”
>”You mean Cousin Spike?” Flurry asks.
>”The one and only,” Jonathan nods, “It’s for saving Moonstone and many others in the stands from a giant block of ice that was gonna crush them back when the Equestria Games were in the Crystal Empire.”
>”I remember hearing about that,” Sumi recalls, “That was a long time ago!”
>”Yup and I never would’ve met Moonstone if not for him.”
>”Johnny, you don’t have to do this.” Moonstone protests.
>Jonathan responds to his wife by scratching behind her ears, winning a coo from her.
>”It’s well worth it every time I look at you.” he says.
>He uses his free hand to hold out the pouch to see if you’re still interested.
>You take the pouch from his hand.
“It’s the least I can do. Thanks for everything. Goodbye.”
>With that said, your group departs as Jonathan and Moonstone waves farewell.
>”That was good!” Flurry huffs, “Where do you want to go next, Anon?”
“You tell me,” you reply.
>You and Sumi follow Flurry throughout the Crystal Empire.
>It’s a bit of a struggle as you maintain a balance between listening to Flurry’s words as she gives you an endless stream of info and trying to steal another peek at Sumi.
>All the while, tugging your luggage along with you.
>But it’s all fun, even if when you start to sweat after several hours.
>When Sumi finally tells you that it’s time to leave, you can’t help but feel disappointed to leave so soon.
>But it doesn’t compare to the young princess.
>Her ears sink down, her eyes gaze to the floor, and she bites into her lip as you all march towards the train station.
>This time, following after you and Sumi.
>The station is bustling with activity.
>Passengers exit and enter the trains come and go.
>Stallion, mare, Human, Earth Pony, Unicorn, and Pegasi.
>From them all, you can see a mishmash of clothing: ten-gallon hats, hats for winter, well-trimmed suits, overalls, and desert robes.
>Some move together in groups, others as a couple, and a few by themselves.
>Immediately, many greet Flurry Heart with bows while she tries to return the expression with a quick wave and smile.
>You and Sumi find Filbert already on the platform waiting for you two.
He smiles in relief as sees you approach and hugs his daughter.
>”Just in time!” he states, “The train will be arriving soon. How was your walk?”
>Sumi smiles and says, “It was fun, Dad. Flurry Heart took us everywhere.”
>Filbert brushes Sumi’s mane aside to see her smiling face.
>”Glad to hear it.” He looks to you. “Anon! You ready to go to your new home?”
“I sure am.” you nod.
>You hear a mighty whistle in the distance and see another train approaching the platform.
>”Here it comes,” Filbert announces to you and Sumi.
>You turn and kneel besides Flurry.
“Well, this is it.” you whisper, “Thanks for everything, Flurry.”
>”It was fun, Anon,” she smiles, “Will you come back to the Crystal Empire?”
“I don’t know. I’ll have to settle down in Ponyville, look for a job. It’s… it’s gonna take me a while before I can even think of returning.”
>You can see the filly’s smile crack and it stabs at your heart.
“Hey… I’m sorry, Princess,” you apologize, “I didn’t mean to hurt you like that.”
>”No, no… It’s ok, Anon,” Flurry sniffs, “Go live with Sumi in Ponyville. I’m used to this.”
>Flurry looks to you, half-expecting a response.
>You stare into her sparkling eyes and see your own reflection that has old memories play back in your mind.
>Memories of final goodbyes to friends that came and went.
>The things you could’ve done or said to help make friendship last as long as it could.
>Instead, you let it wither and allowed those memories to vanish into depths of your mind until it took a sniveling princess to dig it back up again.
“I can relate,” you mutter. “When I was little, I had friends who left me. Not because they hated me. They were also sad to lose a friend. I would just accept that as a part of life, but I knew deep down it hurts.”
>You place a hand on Flurry’s shoulder.
“I’m sorry to hurt you by leaving, Flurry. But I don't want you to go through what I did. I wanna leave you with a gift before I go.”
>You sling your rucksack forward and carefully dig out the second journal.
>Flurry’s eyes widen.
>”Is that…”
“It is.” you nod as you hold out the journal to her, “I want you to have it, Flurry. For being such a good friend to me these past few days. We can be pen pals!”
>Flurry tries to search for something to say, but the approaching train deafens the ears with its high whistle and squealing brakes.
“Keep it!” you shout, “We’ll keep in touch!”
>Flurry Heart levitates the journal out of your hands and sets it on the ground before she hops into arms to embrace with her hooves and wings.
>You hold onto her for as long as you can.
>Footsteps and the shouting of the conductors replace the sound of the train’s engine.
>”I’ll take good care of it, Anon.” Flurry sniffs as she brushes her eyes.
>You do the same.
“I know you will,” you smile, “you’re a good kid.”
>Flurry finally peels herself away and levitates you to your feet.
>”Time to board the train.”
“Yup,” you nod, “Surprise with me a cool message when I get to Sumi’s place ok?”
>”Sure thing!”
>You wave goodbye to each other as you enter the train with Sumi and Filbert.
>"Goodbye!" she shouts
"Goodbye!" you respond
>You settle in a compartment and as soon as you finish placing your luggage and the rucksack in the racks above, you take a seat besides Sumi.
>Filbert sits across from you, about ready to fall asleep.
“You don’t mind me giving my journal to, Flurry?” you ask Sumi.
>”No, I don’t.” She reassures you, “I have you now, don't I?”
>She cuddles up to you and wraps a hoof around your arm and yawns, “That was really nice of you, Anon.”
>With a shout from the conductor and a whistle from the train signals its departure.
>The entire train rocks forth, completely taking you by surprise as it throws your back into your seat.
>Sumi silently groans, her eyes already closed.
>You stare out the window to look for Flurry and see her cradling your journal with her forelegs.
>You wave to her with a free hand and she thankfully notices it and returns the wave.
“Goodbye,” you mouth as you continue to wave to your friend until disappears from view.
>The train continues until the track loops around heads back to the rest of Equestria.
>Your compartment window views the surrounding countryside.
>You release a mighty yawn.
>All that walking has you drained.
>Looking at the other side you can see Crystal Empire slowly getting smaller.
>You stare at the Crystal Palace as long as you can until you finally fall asleep.

Just in time before I leave for work! Sorry for missing a thread. You guys are very smart and are able to come up with accurate predictions in the story as if you're reading my mind.


I'll be sure to update the pastebin later tonight.
File: large (84).png (164 KB, 1042x1024)
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164 KB PNG
Wasteland mare rehabilitation is a very important job that you need to be immensely passionate about
HNNNNG that was cute. The only oddball thing is how stiff Anon's character feels whenever he says "goodbye."
Life is suffering.
>“Need any you help?” you offer.
Flurry sure got attached to him after a short time
She's a good kid.

Nice update, man; good to have you back.
I really want to GIVE attention, I want to dote on, spoil, and listen to all the little things. Anons, do you have ways to relieve this pressure in my heart if you feel this way too? I wouldn’t really know how to be listened to etc, but I know how to give, and I love it, but I really wish I just had my mare to give the world to. What if it was disqualifying of us to want this? If we had to be like the Anons in our greens who had no clue or inclination towards these things we dream and hurt over
That's the stuff, man. Adorable as hell. Can't wait for more.
>do you have ways to relieve this pressure in my heart if you feel this way too?
Not really. This isn't something any substitute can ever fully replace, unfortunately. A pet can be nice to care for but they won't really answer your affection in the same way. A woman can reciprocate your affection but spending it on thots is a huge waste.
>What if it was disqualifying of us to want this?
Why would it be? If making someone feel loved is what you seek than it's already one less worry off Cadence's Comprehensive List of Big Worries About Connecting Couples (sponsored by Twilight).
>If we had to be like the Anons in our greens who had no clue or inclination towards these things we dream and hurt over
I think it's just a lot of stories deal with people who don't actually expect being transported somewhere. I doubt that people who are aware of the possibility to be with a mare and crave it with all their heart would be excluded from Equestria. Seems a bit counter-productive.
>You pray to Celestia that Anon doesn't wake you up.
>You're already awake, but he doesn't know that.
>How could he, he's asleep.
>But he can't stay that way for too much longer; now is about the time he usually gets both of you out of bed.
>You've got the blanket pulled over your head, and you try to think about keeping your breath shallow and rhythmic.
>You like to think that you're pretty good at pretending to be asleep.
>But you being asleep hasn't stopped Anon before now, so there's no reason to think that it will this time.
>But you still hope it will.
>All these early mornings and active days have replaced what you actually wanted.
>As soon you found out Pinkie would be giving you a place to stay, you had hoped that meant you could go back to doing the same things you always used to do when you didn't have any work to do, sleep.
>But you haven't gotten a day to yourself since leaving home; which was more than two weeks ago.
>And that's more than enough time to tire you out from social, and physical activity.
>Though despite your desire to avoid everypony you can today, you don't mind the fact that Anon is lying just across the room from you.
>It's not that you "don't mind" he's here; your're ecstatic he's here.
>Your heart beats subtly faster just thinking about it.
>You only wish you could hear his voice while you try and go back to sleep.
>"Marble? Marble, you up?" Anonymous' asks, sounding very awake for somepony who just got out of bed.
>Your response is to continue to pretend to be asleep.
>You feel his hand gently shake you, "Marble? Get up, Marble."
>You ignore him, staying still and quiet.
>Which almost becomes impossible when he softly rests his hand on your barrel. Halfway between your belly and your back.
>Luna save you; his fingers feel heavenly.
>You hear him sigh.
>You feel his fingers close into a loose fist.
>He takes his hand off of you, and you hear him walk away after that.
>”Horse apples,” you mutter.
>Your hoof unconsciously starts rubbing the spot his hand was.
>You soon realize how heavy your breathing is.
>You're surprised Anon didn't notice that you're awake.
>He didn't try very hard to wake you, so it makes sense.
>He must have decided to go get coffee or something before making you get up.
>You wish you could somehow convince him to give up on coffee and just come back to bed.
>Maybe you can ask him if you get a rest day or something.
>Or of course you could just do whatever you want and not listen to what Anonymous has to say about it.
>But doing something like that isn't a realistic possibility.
>You should just go and talk to him.
>And so after a drawn out moan, you get out of bed.
>But before you can anything, you have to shower.
>As much as you don’t really think Anon cares, you still prefer to freshen up before seeing him.

>"Someone up early," Anon says slyly before taking a sip of his coffee.
>You stand in the doorway, nervously twisting your hoof into the floor.
"Uhm, Anon?"
>So far so good.
"Wh-what do y-you say to uh-a uhm, staying home today?"
>You see Anon's content expression fall slightly into disappointment.
>"You haven't been enjoying yourself."
"It's not that!" you blurt out as soon as you look up and see his face, "I really enjoy hanging out with y-y-you," you're only able to mutter the last word
>It's way harder to get these words out than you thought it would be.
>You feel like you're being crushed by the weight of all Anon's broken expectations.
>Dear Celestia, all you're doing is telling somepony that you'd rather stay inside today.
>No normal pony would get torn up over this.
>What would Limestone think of you?
>Probably the same thing she's always thought of you.
"But is it okay if I stay in today? You can go do whatever though," you get the words out faster than you have time to think them over.
>"But there's so much to do out there. We've only scratched the surface of what we could do."
>He sees the looks on your face, and tries again, "Come on, there has got to be something you want to do."
>Your eyes fall to the floor and your hoof twisting gets weaker,"Y-yeah, okay, l-lets g-go out."
>You sorry excuse for a mare.
>You couldn't even manage this.
>You can hear Limestone's voice mocking you in your head.
>"Really, Marble? How did you ever manage to run away if you can't even hold your ground for this one little thing?"
>"Don't worry so much. I know we'll find something you'll click with," Anon says, trying to reassure you.
>You can't help yourself from glancing up at him; and as you see his face, you're almost certain that he's trying to reassure himself even more.

>"I smell a but."
>"My own life is not a good source for a pony audience either, for obvious reasons."

I disagree. with some embellishments it could be great
>there once was a powerful princess with no home, and no kingdom.
>she wondered far and wide doing great good for it's own sake, and accomplishing many tremendous deeds
>she learned everything there was to learn and saw many wondrous things, but something was missing.
>one day, as the princess wondered along a familiar path she heard a call for help...
An update chock full of adorableness. Thanks Anon. I look forward to reading the next one.

Aww, Marble. You know you like the guy. Mare up girl. Thanks for the update I look forward to the next one.

Oh, I like the way that sounds.
It stinks.
it's almost like she's set in stone.
not if it's mare but
Kek same
File: 1452819848751.png (193 KB, 817x740)
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193 KB PNG
Just sit in the park and pet the mare
John Wick but they took his waifu
I expected them to talk a lot, not to be dominated by Flurry. And this dad cant come, but take Flurry is a bit contradictory.
>leave instantly
Why the rush? Would have been nice that the father leaves and leaves the two alone for the first day.

Thanks for the update.
Anon can experiment with it like right now. Maybe this makes a funny thing to do while trying to romance.
Dont over stress yourself writing the romantic scenes. They are both inexperienced, so if it comes out awkward then that will do.
Doing something together is always a good starting point.

Good horse words.
Thanks for the update.
Marble is cute, but she needs to stand her ground and request a whole day of snuggling!

Thanks for the update.
File: hold the mare.jpg (510 KB, 1809x3321)
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510 KB JPG
>It's not uncommon for man/mare couples to take "snuggle days" off from work even after the initial few weeks of acclimation
Imagine getting a day off just because the little mare in your arms didn't want to let you go that morning.
Imagine someone wanting to be near you intimately, much less refusing to let go
File: raspberry.jpg (41 KB, 429x371)
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Look deep into your mare's eyes when you cum inside her.
Anons i read a fic with cheating in it and i want to throw up. i fucking hate it now. Can I get some sweet, pure, man x mare lore/pics
forgot to delete reply numbers, just distressed.
Netorare a shit fetish. SHIIIIIT!!!!
File: 1503662318508.png (304 KB, 729x943)
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304 KB PNG
File: 1505321315996.jpg (253 KB, 809x857)
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253 KB JPG
File: 1512637956661.png (307 KB, 1280x1531)
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307 KB PNG
File: lovelyplum.png (59 KB, 899x949)
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Thank you so much! I didn’t even realize how anxious i was until it got beyond something take back-able. I was panicking and hoping it was a nightmare sequence. I feel better now, being here instead. I need to reread nmp.

Remember guys, not all greens are safe out there in the bad world
File: 1482823946468.jpg (69 KB, 447x447)
69 KB
>you will never hold your waifu's face in place to stare into each others eyes while your tip just barely kisses her cervix and cum floods her womb
bad feels man
>implying she wants to see my dumbass nut mug
It amuses me that you're actually mad about this.
feeling bad =/= mad
File: Tempest affection.jpg (83 KB, 1280x409)
83 KB
>Blushing RD
I need more of this.
File: 1522260619416.png (1.49 MB, 2000x2000)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
Gotchu senpai
File: 1434493545527.png (467 KB, 835x956)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
Don't worry senpaitachi
File: forTheLoveOfAnon.jpg (701 KB, 1000x1414)
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701 KB JPG
File: Pony tail.png (465 KB, 952x999)
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465 KB PNG
Ponytail on a mare is the best mane style, change my mind.
I agree, but all ponies have pony tails
File: 1415510019055.jpg (505 KB, 1300x1027)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
>change my mind
But I agree
File: Squishy cheeks.png (732 KB, 1500x1500)
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732 KB PNG
I have a very large crush on this mare, but it's a bittersweet feeling as i'm more of a bookworm than athletic, i imagine she'd prefer someone more physically active.
A guy can dream though.
I know that feel
File: lovestruck mare.gif (1.9 MB, 809x455)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
You forgot lurve.
File: loving mare.jpg (14 KB, 461x166)
14 KB
File: 1497042565575.png (847 KB, 1262x1282)
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847 KB PNG
That's something you just have to expect. It's one of the reasons why I avoid most stories not posted in this thread of specific waifu threads.
>You take a sip of your drink.
>You hate to say it, but you're thankful you ran into Twilight that first time.
>You may not have found this place on your own; it's really hidden.
>Wouldn't want to expose all these innocent village-ponies to the dangers of a bar, you suppose.
>You snort.
>You even feel like the coats of the ponies here are colored brighter than back home.
>Thankfully, you don't see much of other ponies.
>You spend your days helping Maud out with whatever rock projects she's working on; and your nights are spent right here.
>You feel like you've been missing out all your life.
>You've never had enough time, bits, or freedom to go out very often, but now you have plenty of each.
>The last of which you've been enjoying the most.
>You take another sip of your drink.
>You glance to your right and see a good looking, dark yellow coated stallion sitting next to you.
>You've seen him before, but never talked to him.
>You've noticed him glance at you too, so you assumed he'd approach you first.
>But so far, no luck.
>You've tried you best to avoid everypony you can so far; but you don't think you'd mind spending some time with this stallion.
>You glance to your left, and see a blue mare staring right at your stallion.
>You put your drink down and glare at her for a few seconds, trying to make sure she doesn't get any ideas. But she ignores you and just keeps eyeing that stallion.
"Fuck it," you mutter roughly before changing seats, picking the one right next to the stallion.
>You lean on the counter, trying your best to block the other mares view.
>As soon as you sit down, he starts to smile with unique heir of confidence.
>Its one hell of a smile too.
>"You're new to town, aren't you?" He immediately tries to get the conversation going. Sounding exceptionally casual.
>You can tell he knows what he's doing.
"How would you know that. Have you been watching me or something?"
>He catches the slight playfulness in your tone, "Maybe a little. You've become somewhat of a regular here, and the only ponies that visit this place are regulars."
"That so huh?"
>"Well, mostly. So, where're you from?"
"Some tiny little town south of here. You wouldn't know it."
>You decide to follow his lead of sounding casual, but it doesn't come nearly as natural to you as it seams to for him.
>"Try me. I've been all over Equestria. I'm Train Car, by the way. But call me Car."
>Your mouths turns up into a small smile, "I think I can guess why you've traveled so much."
>He chuckles softly, "I'd be worried if you couldn't."
"I'm Limestone."
>"Very nice to meet you Limestone. So, what's that towns name?"
>You scrunch your nose slightly, "I'd rather not talk about that."
>"No worries. Hey, some time away always helps me to get a better perspective on things."
"I don't need to change my perspective, I need to move on."
>Great. Here you are, talking about it. Yet, you don't change the topic.
>"Anypony who wants to move on won't get very far unless they're able to get past where they came from." You see him think for a moment before continuing, "And take it from me, frequenting a bar won't get you away from anything."
"Bullshit. This is the one thing that's pushing me forward," your retort sharply.
>You glare at him, but you can't look him in the eyes for very long.
"Is this what you do?" you come back quickly, "You go to bars and convince mares to come home with you by acting like you care? I mean what is this, some sort of surprise therapy session?"
>He backs off, "Sorry-sorry..."
"So you get to travel a lot, hm?" you say, softening your voice as much as you're able.
>"Yeah, for work. But when I'm home, this is my usual hangout."
"Do you like it?"
>"I love it."
"I... think it would be nice to do that."
>"Yeah? Well you know-"
>You turn you head and see the blue mare from earlier standing there, completely ignoring you.
>"I'm Sky, and I just wanted to see if you'd like to come to a party my friend is throwing."
>You hear Car's voice respond, but you have no idea what he said.
>Every ounce of your attention is stuck to this mare.
>This mare who snuck up on you out of nowhere, and is trying to steal your stallion.
>You try your best to scare her off with a look, but she stills pays you no mind.
>Just as suddenly as she appeared, you get tunnel vision.
>You can't think about anything else other than how much you hate the stupid smile on that mares face.
>Then, she puts a hoof on his shoulder.
>You're off you seat quicker than either of them can notice, but just in time for the mare to look at you and perfectly expose her face for a punch.
>You swing at her without a second thought.
>A mixture of your strength and the surprise causes her to fall over and crash into the floor with a yelp.
>She looks up at you with wet eyes and a red face, clearly terrified.
>She's too stunned to do anything else.
>For a single heartbeat, you relish the look of fear in her purple eyes.
>In the next heartbeat, you lose yourself in those purple eyes.
>And after that, and for the first time in your life, you think to yourself, "What would Marble do?".
>But you don't have time to think about it before you're outside in the cold night air.
>You stomp down the dark, Ponyville streets, not sure where you're going.
"She wouldn't have done that, that's for sure," you mutter to yourself.
>You turn around, expecting to see Car standing there.
>But its Twilight.
>You don't respond, you just look at her.
>She slowly steps toward you.
>"You look so tense. I-is everything okay?"
>You respond, still driven by instinct, "No."
>She jumps at the chance to talk, "What's wrong?"
>You stand there, breathing heavily
>Still not calm.
>Still hardly able to think.
"I don't know how to move on."

File: 1907862.gif (65 KB, 360x360)
65 KB
Hm, that's an interesting idea. Now I feel tempted to turn #deca's story into a fairy tale á la Brothers Grimm.
so that's what's bothering her.
File: medium.jpg (84 KB, 800x450)
84 KB
I wanna take her to the danger zone
Rawdogging it
File: 1458870935773.png (627 KB, 1169x860)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
I wasn't prepared for this level of cuteness
the story behind it is sweet too
>Basically, Twilight assigns Tempest to go apologize for what she’s done and make friends. Understandably, not too many ponies are quick to hear Tempest out after all she’s done. Tempest accepts the reality of the situation she put herself in and gives up trying.
Twilight, however, comes up with an idea and convinces Tempest to try one last time. Twilight sets Tempest up to apologize to Derpy. Tempest not only apologizes, but the two end up getting along rather well.
Derpy empathizes with Tempest and explains that when she was younger, she was an outcast as well. She can understand why Tempest felt the need to ’fix’ herself at any cost to fit in with others. Derpy goes on to explain that as she grew up, she realized she didn’t need to ’fix’ herself at all to fit in. She was true to herself and those that gravitated to her wound up being her true friends.
Tempest and Derpy bond over their somewhat similar pasts. Tempest succeeds in apologizing, makes a new friend and even learns a bit from Derpy and her life. Tempest sees that this whole making friends thing may not be all that impossible after all.
fuck it needed more arrows
The only problem is Derpo wasn't ostracized on account of her eyes potentially electrocuting other ponies whenever she uses them.
Still sweet, though.
Are there pictures of cute frothy mares? Not human sweat: CUTE. MARE. FROTH.
File: 1502147194444 copy.jpg (174 KB, 1200x1123)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
unfortunately frothy horse sweat was discovered in the waning days of the fandom and never caught on like other horsey things
File: 1070877.jpg (69 KB, 478x648)
69 KB
>You're not going to find love without a bit of effort
>A mare, linked to you in an unchangable way, is currently on an alternate version of Earth with a ready portal to Equestria
>She is currently being held against her will by a wealthy businessman on the coast of Oregon
>He's additionally been linked to the Equestrian slave trade
>I know you might be angry, but he is the only target you have to take in for interrogation
>Your job is to enter the property and... remove any security before taking him in for questioning
>Once you've completed the mission, summon a temporary portal inside and a clean-up crew will take care of the property
>You are not to look for your partner until after you've taken the target in, but she is on the property along with an unknown number of other victims
File: John Wick triggered.jpg (113 KB, 684x479)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>>Mare is being held against her will by a wealthy businessman on the coast of Oregon
>>along with an unknown number of other victims
File: Dangershy.png (1007 KB, 1032x774)
1007 KB
1007 KB PNG
007 confirms
I think if you took the people from this thread, put them in Equestria, handed them a knife and then pointed at someone and said 'They're hurting mares' you would immediately get the most insanely rabid berserkers imaginable
Absolutely underrated. I need more.
File: 1510093043816.gif (165 KB, 400x355)
165 KB
165 KB GIF
>women have gone full 'muh body muh choice' and are screeching in the streets to murder your children
>waifus are an entire dimension away if they even exist at all
>only option is robo-waifus with tech that doesn't exist yet
>implying a clump of cells is a person
>implying ponies don't have access to free and convenient abortion via magic
o i am laffin
File: e0d.jpg (45 KB, 1000x1000)
45 KB
no (you) 4u
i don't think the tech is /that/ far out; maybe 20-30 years, less if a rich guy or few decide to invest in the tech
>free and convenient abortion via magic
btw, real life mares can terminate pregnancy at will without any magic.
At what point does that clump of cells turn into a person? First couple of months there's basically nothing there but for the end of it they really should carry through since they had a chance to terminate early on.
File: Capture.png (58 KB, 596x393)
58 KB
>murder your children
pic related
>life: the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.
ergo, not alive. you got a reply out of me though

I believe in non-Alabama states and countries,
legally you're not allowed to get an abortion after 27 weeks, or when the third trimester of pregnancy begins.
There's really no point between conception and about 25 years where you can say "yes, this is a 100% legitimate fully-developed person entitled to all the rights and privileges of personhood" without someone being able to have a reasonable objection.
These compromises of "oh, it's not human until it has a heartbeat" and "oh, it's not human until it's viable outside the womb" and so on are absurd and only make any sense at all in terms of politicians playing games with each other.
VA governor Ralph Northam got in hot water just a few months ago for supporting an abortion law that would allow w*m*n to terminate a pregnancy after giving birth.
Just like gun control advocates ultimately want to ban all guns, abortion advocates ultimately want to legalize infanticide.
File: extreme thinking.gif (458 KB, 256x256)
458 KB
458 KB GIF
Why are people charged twice if they kill a pregnant woman
because killing a pregnant woman is preventing an abortion, and preventing a woman from having an abortion is a misogynist hate crime
File: moe.jpg (19 KB, 500x449)
19 KB
I'm fairly certain even the most sign-toting hair-dying womyn around would agree that after you give birth, and the baby is self-sustaining, and is by all definitions of the word 'alive', which I helpfully gave, it would no longer be considered an abortion and would just be considered murder. Why the fuck would you want to abort (kill) a baby after you give birth when you can just give it away.
>abortion advocates ultimately want to legalize infanticide
I regret typing this reply. But I already did so I'm going to post it anyways.
years old stale bait
Whilst we're on the topic of pregnancy, i like the idea of estrus, although not the meme levels its taken too sometimes (outside of cheesy porn).
Just a period of time where they can be about as randy as the average human and are capable of becoming pregnant, but outside of that period they prefer to cuddle.
Good job on Limey's characterization and showing there's more bothering her under the surface. She had a completely believable reaction to both the stallion and the mare. Good update. I look forward to reading the next one.


I like the premise. I'd love to read a green of this.
>I'm fairly certain even the most sign-toting hair-dying womyn around would agree
You have much more faith in the female race than I do, it seems.
You're an optimist.
they hated Anon because he told them the truth
mares only "self-abort" under the same circumstances that human females would "miscarry"; there's nothing "at-will" about it and it's incredibly stressful for the animal to the point that they can die from it
>they hated Anon because he told them the truth
They hated Anon because he fell for a meme that exists to advocate for infanticide by another name.
File: full (2).jpg (89 KB, 656x872)
89 KB
This, also mares only make love with someone they've already married and want to start a family with. They don't go around fucking random t*nder dates like thots and require abortions because they'd rather not use a condom, or spermicide, or birth control, or plan b pills.
>the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.
a 5 year old child can’t reproduce, it has the capacity to do so later on however. that “clump of cells” ‘grows’, it’s ‘functional activity’ is it developing, it ‘continues to change’ as it develops into fuller being. It’s really all word games to justify promiscuity
but your sperm can't do anything on its own, it needs an egg to fertilize, that's when life starts
not when it goes out your dick, or when the heart starts beating
File: 1479875084235.png (191 KB, 800x658)
191 KB
191 KB PNG

but youd have to start pretty young
youd have to be 18 when you both start

I really like this picture, it's so sweet and cute.
I prefer that 'definition' too, it's sometimes so blow out of proportions it's ridiculous. Don't really like the idea of a mare becoming a complete mindless sex zombie. Leave that to drunk thots.
I want to cum inside mare pussy
Imagine cuddling and snuggling and hugging and petting your mare at night in bed before you go to sleep.
You're massaging her all over, just getting completely lost in the sensation of [her] as she writhes and gently groans in your embrace.
I liken the feeling to the 'afterglow' of orgasm, but stretched across the whole experience and without the mess.
File: epona close.png (52 KB, 368x69)
52 KB
Holy fuck I just found this captcha I had saved from 2017 and forgot about
Anyone having some greens with crystal ponies? They have been criminally underrated overall.
File: 1524180500246.jpg (977 KB, 3144x3904)
977 KB
977 KB JPG
I fantasize about that sort of thing a lot. Being so close together and feeling someone longing for you in your embrace is probably the best thing ever.
Something is seriously wrong with Limestone.
Why is Twiggles always there? Does she spies on her or what? Does she have a crush on her?

Thanks for the update.
File: Shitty_Knight.png (258 KB, 800x764)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
I did make tiny green last summer about Anon from the medieval age.


Pic very related as this is one of two made for the green.

This is the other one.
Aw, It's a comfy green, thanks.
There is no gravity.
This world sucks.
File: 1547312286735.jpg (29 KB, 442x494)
29 KB
>probably the best thing ever.
i know that feel and i felt it with a real human woman
its tiresome
>human woman
Found your problem.
You have to go back.
I don't see the point of love anymore. I consider it an aberration.
>And a rock feels no pain.
>And an island never cries.
File: 1722966.png (192 KB, 500x805)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
What good is having a heart if it won't be used? All it serves to do is hurt when I see a picture of a cute mare.
File: 2034814.png (1.04 MB, 2073x1209)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Did you ever get so enthralled by the implied world around a picture that you lose yourself in it?
This one got me, it looks like she got herself tangled up trying to wrap a gift. Obviously it's for our friend's wedding, but that gets me thinking, it's about time we said those special words and made it official. I start thinking about what's the best way to propose, when's a good time, then the wedding itself. Where's scenic enough to be memorable but not so scenic as to be a huge trip for the wedding, nevermind that, the wedding could be a short trip and the honeymoon is gonna be somewhere far.
Do we invite my parents? What about hers?
And then I remember it's just a picture and everything comes tumbling down.
File: 2023504.png (1.95 MB, 1604x1801)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
Null reference point IQ right there.
File: 1558243958117.png (115 KB, 500x229)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Stop this madness and return to the humanity to be normal. You're just escaping from your problems
No, the problems we face will never be solved. Accepting them and being normalfags changes absolutely nothing. The sooner you realize this, the better for all of us, Marche.
>You're just escaping from your problems
Our problems cannot be solved by any other way than civilization ending conflict.

We go the way of Rome, now.
File: 1494799719168.jpg (12 KB, 185x255)
12 KB
That particular feel wasn't tiresome, everything else was. I regret knowing how good it can feel because now I crave it like nothing else and in this world it's never worth it.
File: 1527246008814.png (45 KB, 430x372)
45 KB
Lyra enjoys looking at you
File: mare on top.png (662 KB, 2123x2812)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
Twilight enjoys fucking you
I did not consent to this, Twilight.
This is >rape, Twilight.
Too bad I'm not into femdom
For what purpose? To end up like the guy in this comic >>33860882? No, thank you very much.
>return to the [sic] humanity to be normal. You're just escaping from your problems
Bitch, [The Current Year]'s humanity is our fucking problem. How do you fail to understand this?
It's a meme, in the vidya that pictures from he, his brother and friends are in an alternate world of magic n monsters where:
>He is readily adopted into a clan no questions asked.
>The brother is no longer crippled nor illness ridden and is leader of a clan.
>One friend is literally a prince (with his dead mom alive again as queen and his dad as Judge dredd.)
>The other is no longer bullied relentlessly and is also a respected leader of a clan.
Meanwhile that chucklefuck basically did the equivilant of walking up to a black guy and saying "Hey nigger where the cotton at?" and decided from there that the entire world of wonder and fantasy needs to be destroyed and had the absolute gall to call everyone else selfish.

Imagine if a turbonormie got sent to equestria along with three other horsefuckers and all of you could do magic and shit, and then that asshole made it his goal in life to drag you back to earth "because it's not real!" and that's basically FF-TA.
Did she get killed? Have an odd unfortunate accident, at least? I don't think there'd be any other appropriate response. If no then the game's shit
The mom died from sickness.
Arguably that part is actually fake, since it's not his actual mom but instead the mechanism that transported them all there in the first place.
Marche is still a top cunt though.
Thanks I didn't know that.
>and decided from there that the entire world of wonder and fantasy needs to be destroyed and had the absolute gall to call everyone else selfish.
Jesus, that character is the worst type of villain.
File: Dancing ponka.gif (154 KB, 500x400)
154 KB
154 KB GIF
Yeah, funny story.
Thats the main protagonist.
File: 1519725090919.gif (565 KB, 275x288)
565 KB
565 KB GIF
Wow, now I'm glad I have never played Tactics.
>with that jawline
Here's your husband, bro.
Marche did nothing wrong.
He did literally everything wrong.
Burn it all down and start over.
It's funny how the only that want to return to the real world is the only one without any problem IRL.
File: twiAqt.jpg (134 KB, 849x941)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Twiggles a QT.
Her snootle is very cute.
File: Twi.png (200 KB, 500x628)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
But I don't want my mare to explode. She is so much better in one piece.
File: 1476714517962.png (19 KB, 622x538)
19 KB
>Everything below the neck on pone is erogenous zone e.g parrots
File: Anoooooon!.png (94 KB, 179x258)
94 KB
I'd assume maybe they don't like being pet like animals, because we also might not like some mare wiping her hooves on our heads.
the occasional pat might be nice though
Okay, so no petting. And massages?
Are you saying you wouldn't enjoy a mare petting you?
I'm not too keen on being touched at all, but aside from that, I'd think there wouldn't be too much enjoyment to be gained from a blunt hoof messing up your hair.
Hugs and snugs are good though.
>I'm not too keen on being touched at all
Well it's your loss.
>ot too keen on being touched at a
Sounds like autism
>some mare wiping her hooves on our heads
I never realized how much I needed this until now.
>he doesn't find the idea of being rubbed by tender mare frogs appealing
File: 1555191241275.png (97 KB, 232x369)
97 KB
>tfw getting aroused by even subtle touches if they persist long enough to be considered deliberate
>even a thought of cuddling gets me hard
I wish I never knew what it feels like so I couldn't imagine it in full detail now. Fuck being a tactile person. Imagining how soft a mare would feel in my hands or against my body drives me crazy every single day.
File: 1556415141280.png (21 KB, 592x652)
21 KB
No it's called I'm not comfortable with being touched because I'm too sensitive for that shit and it drives me crazy.
And imagine burying a side of your face in her mane while hugging her. This thread gives me more and more things to love about mares every day.
Didn't he use KSG? That one looks too off to be a KSG.
File: 1524981568984.jpg (1.43 MB, 3664x3312)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
I do imagine it almost every day. I bet mare's manes smell absolutely wonderful and are also very silky to touch.
>imagine the warmth
Depends on the mare. I bet mares like Moondancer and Limestone have unkempt, matted manes that would require many hours of patient brushing and shampooing to get into presentable shape.
File: Y'know your tummy zone.jpg (148 KB, 1075x1435)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>limestone's mane smells of sweat and rock dust
>moonstone's smells like books, horse, and desperation
>are their matches bad enough dudes to hold them in one place for the pampering of a lifetime?
Moondancer. Apparently I only read half the words I write before hitting submit.
File: 1499333327907.png (104 KB, 654x590)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
I'm a big guy; I'm sure I could flying leg bar a mare who breaks rocks with her body all day and keep her there long enough to pretty her into submission.
Moondancer is basically Limestone but with reading books instead of mining; it's understandable that you'd mix them up.
>I'm a big guy
I'd make my mare as beautiful to others as she is to me no matter how extremely painful it might be.
File: 1Hw9qVU8L8Q.jpg (79 KB, 453x903)
79 KB
God please yes I'm ready PLEASE
File: 2000259.jpg (571 KB, 853x1000)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
Look at her, she's so sleepy. I want to take her out for a milkshake with two straws and go watch a movie or something.
But she's not real, and I'm going to find a way to pass this exact pain onto whatever demiurge thought creating me was a good idea.
File: 1992557 (1).png (2.22 MB, 2500x1800)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Look at these big fluffy wings, this pony is an angel.
I want to make [her] happy, Anons. To see her smile.
File: 1552850413084.jpg (72 KB, 638x900)
72 KB
That is one comfy mare
File: 1555787956124.jpg (71 KB, 499x354)
71 KB
Are you me?
File: 1555781908117.jpg (19 KB, 235x291)
19 KB
Oh yeah? Too bad SHE'S NOT REAL
File: 1493557546310.gif (69 KB, 550x428)
69 KB
>she smiles and you know it's because of you
I'd do anything for that feeling.
File: 1546159767449.png (368 KB, 700x642)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
Man I really love mares. How can everything they do be so cute I mean it shouldn't even be possible.
File: 1556768381277.png (22 KB, 662x478)
22 KB
>/spg/verse starts to steal /nmp/verse mares
>your own mare gets taken in the night
In a situation like that, should /spg/verse be allowed to continue existing? On one hand, it'd be a genocide plain and simple, I doubt Cadenza would approve of it. But on the other, they took your waifu and it is the antithesis of /nmp/ and an absolute bastardization of the purity of man and mare cannot be allowed to exist.
How about we don't bring this shit up in the first place and don't shit up a perfectly good thread for its last 20 posts.
File: sweetie.gif (720 KB, 495x600)
720 KB
720 KB GIF
You're right, let's just post "MARE" 20 times instead.
Talk about your waifu, fucknut, or post some content/ideas.
File: 1523298066294.png (124 KB, 300x446)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
File: 091.png (412 KB, 680x777)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
>she laughs and you think the joke you just told wasn't even THAT funny
File: Idle_Flying_qt.gif (2 MB, 576x1024)
2 MB
Did someone say mare?
File: 1437188433506.gif (784 KB, 427x435)
784 KB
784 KB GIF
Even if no one did, someone should.
File: Peppermint qt.png (152 KB, 345x416)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
I'm gonna say the M word.
what word?
File: image_12.jpg (11 KB, 406x397)
11 KB
You brainless lemmings are why Cadance left us here to die.
File: 1555773468625.jpg (141 KB, 959x1054)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
File: 1543653220440.jpg (384 KB, 597x714)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
You dont know what you've done anon
File: 1548890594814.png (335 KB, 717x610)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
you're right i don't
File: 1491696381047.webm (230 KB, 802x1080)
230 KB
They've heard it and now they are coming for you!
File: qt minty.png (508 KB, 705x772)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
File: 1511649873081.jpg (276 KB, 1500x1518)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
All mint mares are cute and lovable. But then again all mares in general are.
>John Wick but instead of killing everyone because someone killed his dog, he kills everyone because someone stole his waifu
File: 1551385037010.png (578 KB, 849x787)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
Miraculous minty mares make my morning more marvelous
File: 1482380857579.png (456 KB, 453x373)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
File: 00006.png (137 KB, 461x451)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
new bread where?
File: 1468519455708.jpg (701 KB, 960x1280)
701 KB
701 KB JPG
Why are birdmares so cute
File: 1545375382204.jpg (510 KB, 1440x2521)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
Good, I'm almost done with an update.
File: 1511583105199.png (174 KB, 800x450)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
why would you say that and not (((gryphon)))?
Ponk seems exactly like the kind of pony that would hold up a refugees welcome sign and you know it. They all would, but ponk especially. Mares need strong male direction
File: 1513455669941.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
>Mares live great and happy lives
>career driven and destroying their societies hegemony with unchecked immigration and capitalist style "equality" anyone can be anything meme
File: 1486842496731.png (596 KB, 1280x839)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
>gotta be some way to make it work.
Do.. do I really need to explain it?
It seems strange for a thot to solve this but the solution is simple. Humans and their cold iron destroyed the magic of their home-world long ago. with a masterwork sample, you can enchant cold iron to become magical in nature, but it takes a very significant amount of gold bits. If all goes well, it would be thousands per individual. Theoretically, you could also cast magic fang at a high enough caster level, but it would be rapidly unsustainable without constant application. humans manufacture blood at a constant rate.

I don't really know what kind of processes you have for permanent enchantments of humans though. It's a lot easier when all the iron is in one place and you can beat it with magic and fire.
>It seems strange for a thot to solve this but the solution is simple.
Wait, what?

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