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File: 1125120.png (786 KB, 1048x800)
786 KB
786 KB PNG
Previous Bread >>33647886

>What is a 'Satyr Abomination' thread about?
A satyr is what happens when a human and a pony decide to get freaky and end up having a child. The top half is mostly human, the bottom is from pony mom (or pony dad). This thread is dedicated to the art and written works about these lovable creatures.
>What about other species?
The show had quite a few different intelligent species by season 8, 'everycreature' and all. Pick your poison, but /mlp/ is mainly into ponies.
>What is the world/characters/personalities & attributes?
The most common setting is one or multiple Anons in Equestria. Most of the established characters are in the list below, the personalities mostly vary from green to green. Just ask the thread about common headcanons.

Satyrs by Parent: https://pastebin.com/d7T2GaDk
Story by Parent: http://pastebin.com/qFf46ep5
Author List: http://pastebin.com/RFgtrECq

Searchable Archive:



Kid Icarus ROM Hack: An alpha hack for the NES Kid Icarus game.
Nyx satyr
File: Top Bun.png (398 KB, 809x875)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
***Stargazing*** Year 28

>The bunny lies awake in her hammock, the sound of crickets and the walls lightly creaking in the wind the only reprieve from the oppressive silence.
>It had been barely a month since she had moved in with her new family, and while they had clearly tried their best to make her feel welcome, doubts remained that this was for her.
>Inhaling sharply, Cottonball releases a small cough, the smell of predator tickling her nose and the back of her brain.
>Groaning, she bunches up her bedding and hops down.
>Slinking into a tight nook between the couch and the wall, the rabbit crawls into her makeshift burrow, enjoying the secure snugness.
>As she begins to finally doze off, she's pulled from the border of dreamland by a clacking sound.
>Unsure if it was her imagination, her ears scan the room, the rest of her body staying totally still.
>The clacking continues, and her hand instinctively slips to her waist.
>Fear briefly shoots up her spine as she realizes her dagger was gone, before remembering her family had taken it out of fear of her "jumpiness".
>Slowly, Cottonball peaks out, eyes straining in the pitch darkness as she tries to make out the silhouette through a moonlit window.
>Based on the jagged body, she determines it's Firginia, who's creeping slowly across the living room.
>Curious, Cottonball watches as she slowly makes her way outside, silent save for the light click of wood on wood.
>Slowly creeping from her blankets and to the window, she watches as the young timberwolf slinks into the gloom of night
>Waiting for a few moments, curiosity gets the best of her, and she slowly reacher for the door handle, trying her best to stay silent.
>Though she lost sight of her, Cottonball figures her direction would take her toward the small shed off to the side of the cabin.
>Even as she gets close however, she sees no sign of the wooden girl.
>Carefully opening the door, she finds the shed unoccupied when she's suddenly thrown off balance as a she's attacked from behind.
>She falls, squealing as she's grappled.
>"SHUSH!" comes a familiar voice. "I'm just playing, don't wake up daddy!"
>The wolf releases the bunny from her bear hug, the panting bunny looking up at her from a fearful high.
>Offering her hand, Cottonball stares for a moment, before cautiously grabbing it to be helped to her feet.
>"What are you d-"
>"SHHH! Keep it low!" Firginia harshly whispers.
>"What are you doing out here?" the rabbityr repeats more quietly.
>"A night walk! I like the night, but daddy doesn't like me going out because I'm too little. Wanna come with?
>Surprised, the lagomorph looks around, everything past a few dozen feet being nothing more than an inky blackness.
>"I don't think that's safe, Firginia. It's dark, and there's animals..."
>"Don't be silly. Timberwolves can see real good in the dark," she shifts, showing her eyes glint in the moonlight. "and everything leaves us alone because you can't eat us."
File: G6WufbE.gif (117 KB, 500x250)
117 KB
117 KB GIF
>"I think I'll pass..."
>"Nope. Follow me, you'll like it."
>Nervous, and feeling obligated, she meekly agrees to the younger girl's demand.
>"I guess. Where are we going?"
>The puppy points into the darkness past the house.
>"There's a camp up the trail, have you been?"
>"No? I don't think."
>Flashing a toothy grin, Firginia reaches into the gloomy shed, retrieving a spear.
>"Then grab a weapon, just in case, and follow me!"
>Eyes straining in the darkness, Cottonball settles on a scythe.
>"Silly bunny. A scythe isn't a weapon, no matter how cool they are."
>"It's the only other thing I know how to use." she admits, shuffling her feet.
>And not well, she internally feared, having never lifted one before coming to the valley.
>Mr. Anon made everyone work a bit, but he'd been nice enough to just let her help in the house and a little farm work instead of hunting and hauling wood.
>Part of her still worried about if an animal wandered too close to the house, though.
>"Eh, fine. But just don't hit me if you freak out and start swinging like crazy, okay?"
>Giving her guide a nod, the two head out.
>For a time the longest time, Cottonball simply stays close, scarcely responding to Firginia's questions.
>Traveling the wilds at night like this, and out in the open no less, leaves her feeling more than a bit exposed.
>Approaching the base of the trail proper, a loud rustling startles the bunny.
>"What was that!?" she shrieks, holding the handle of her scythe close to her chest.
>"It's the wind, silly Cottonbunny~" she teases, "Come on, it's not far up."
>The duo travel a ways up as the wind continues to kick, now howling across the mountain range.
>Suddenly, Firginia juts her arm out, blocking her rabbit follower.
>"Stop, animal."
>Cottonball's large, spooned ears rotate in alert, scanning the area the timberwolf's looking at.
>Sure enough, even amidst the heavy winds, her superior hearing picks up a distinct scratching and rustling from a shrub up ahead.
>"Wh...what is it?"
>"Probably an armydillo! Or a porcupine... or a skunk."
>"Why do you think that?"
>"Because! Because it's small, and we're not being quiet, but it's not scared of us because it doesn't have to be scared."
>The two watch the bush for a moment. A rustle, pause, the sounds of digging, then more rustling.
>After a few moments the creature steps onto the rocky trail.
>"Prickle pup!" the wooden canine exclaims "Tasty! Have you hunted before Cotton? Here."
>Handing the lagomorph her spear, the rabbit looks at the weapon anxiously.
>"I don't know about this, Firginia. I don't wanna hurt anything."
>Her concerns are brushed aside.
>"It's just nature, we'll need breakfast." Firginia tells her as she's gently pushed forward.
>Taking a deep gulp, Cottonball sets her scythe down and cautiously approaches the porcupine.
>Noting the creature approaching it, the rodent quickly exposes its back to the bunny, squeaking out a threat.
>"Go on. A quick jab is all it takes. Go for the heart or the head."
>Cottonball readies her spear, trembling as she looks back.
>"Firginia, I don't think-"
>"Don't think! Hunt! Just stab!"
>Shutting her eyes, the satyr thrusts the spear forward.
>A faint clink can be felt as the rodent begins to squeal.
>Opening her eyes, she sees the spear deep in the creature's back, piercing its spine and leaving its legs useless.
>Panicking, she reaches in in a vain attempt to undo her attack, tears streaming down her face.
>Her knee jerk altruism only earns her several quills to the side of her hand, however.
>"No! You only hurt it!" Firginia says, running up.
>Without hesitation, she slams her paw hard into the porcupine's head, quickly ending it with a short spasm.
>"Daddy says it's wrong to hurt them more than you need to. Gotta make it quick.
>Glancing down, she sees the bunny holding her quilled hand.
>"Let me see." she demands, taking her by the wrist.
>"It really hurts!" Cottonball cries.
>"I know, I know. But it's only a few." she states, helping the rabbit up. "Don't try to pull them out now, there's a trick to it. Come on, camp's close."
>Sucking it up, Cottonball chokes back her tears before taking up her scythe again, Firginia keeping their kill safely on the spear.
File: 1123377.jpg (343 KB, 564x700)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
>A short time later, the two arrive at the camp, a small mountainside cabin beside a waterfall, its stream cutting off the cabin off from the rest of the open flat.
>"Well, here it is! What do you think?"
>Cottonball squints as she looks across the flat. Despite the time, Cottonball finds herself surprised at having to adjust to the relative brightness of the full moon outside of the gloomy trail up.
>"It's actually kinda cool, but... We're kinda far out. Won't Mr. Anon be mad?"
>"Yeah! Daddy HATES when I sneak out. He's worried. I left a note, don't worry."
>"Anyway, can we please get these spines out?"
>"Oh! Sure. Lemme get a fire going."
>Loosing a simple knotted rope lowers a short draw bridge across the small creek.
>Presumably as an extra deterrence against animals.
>"Alright," the puppy whispers, "let me check if anything's snuck in first."
>Spear in hand, the wolf slowly creeps into the open air structure, depositing her kill to the side.
>Moments later, a clatter can be heard before a family of raccoons scamper out, disappearing into the dark.
>"You better run!" the timberwolf shouts to the vermin, shaking her spear before motioning the rabbit inside.
>The two take a seat by the hearth as Firginia tries to light it.
>Several strikes of flint later yields no effect on the kindling.
>"Want me to go get some try grass or something?"
>"I got it!" she states before reaching down.
>In a single deft motion, she peels a long layer of bark from a segment of her leg.
>"BY THE!" Cottonball exclaims, wide eyed "Does... does that hurt?"
>"Nope!" she casually replies, bending and stressing the piece until it's frayed into fluffy fibers. "Was getting dry and itchy."
>A few more strikes of the flint gets an ember glowing, slowly growing into a proper fire.
>"There!" she announces as the girls adjust their eyes. "Now, where's those pliers?"
>The bunny studies her surroundings as her adoptive sister rummages the shack.
>Truthfully, there's not much to the place. Just some essentials.
>Basic tools, some blankets, some more wood stacked in a corner, a few boxes, and what seems to be a tarp strung to a line to be used for the fourth wall.
>One box, she notes, is damaged.
>Getting closer, she notices stacks of crackers inside, broken and half eaten.
>"What's this, Firginia?"
>"Huh? AH! Dumb raccoons got into the hardtack!"
>"Hardtack? What's that?"
>"Oh. Umm. It's like crackers, but they're bad and really hard to chew." she explains, pausing. "But they don't go bad, I guess. So we keep lots around. Anyway, pliers. Show me your hand, bunny!"
>Complying, Cottonball presents her quilled limb to the wooden puppy.
>A couple dozen of the spikes are simply plucked away with no effort or pain, having barely penetrated the skin. Those left are deeper, drawing pained grunts from the rabbit when agitated.
>"Alrighty, FIRST! You gotta clip the tips." she tells her patient as she repeats the process on each needle.
>"Why?" Cottonball asks between winces.
>"I, hmm. I forget, I'll ask daddy later. But you should. Clip!"
File: 1147928.png (56 KB, 735x879)
56 KB
>One by one, the barbs are cut down.
>"Now, you just twist and pull. Straight up. Like so." the canine demonstrates using her hands.
>The modified hairs pull free from the fatty tissue with ease as the unfortunate victim squeaks in pain.
>This process is repeated several times until all that remains is a single barb buried down to the bone.
>Flesh bends around the penetration, signaling it's severity.
>"Alright Cottonbunny. Last one, this one will hurt."
>Nodding, Cotton grits her teeth in anticipation as Firginia grabs the base of the quill with her pliers.
>Spinning it, the rabbityr cries out as the agonizing intruder is pulled free, blood trickling out after it.
>Freed from the quills, the bunny pulls back her hand, lightly crying as she nurses it.
>"I think I'm gonna go wash this, okay Firginia?"
>"'Kay. I'm gonna cook. Remember, moving water's cleaner!" she shouts back as the rabbit leaves.
>Sitting at the bank of the small basin bored into the ground by the tiny falls, Cottonball stares up at the sky, zoning out as she enjoys the cool mist spraying from the water.
>The water beads on her skin, soaking up some of the warmth of the balmy night.
>A chill runs through her as the wind picks up again, far stronger than before.
>Scooting away a bit, she resumes her reverie for a moment before her ears perk up to the sound of crunching grass behind her.
>Tensing, she notices the sound stops briefly, and in that instant she bolts to the side.
>Looking back, she sees the timberwolf crouched where she had just been.
>"Aww, you heard me?" she giggles. "But you looked so relaxed."
>"Why'd you try to jump me?"
>"Because it's funny."
>Huffing, Cottonball simply watches as the younger hybrid washes the blood from her arms.
>"So, the food?"
>"Skinned up and cooking. Kinda messed up the skin though..."
>The two sit in silence for a few moments before Firginia pipes back up.
>"So you like it out here? Out of the city?"
>"I like having a home, but..."
>"I'm not used to being around the same few people. And the quiet hurts." she sighs.
>Figinia is taken aback by the claim, trying in vain to wrap her head around it.
>"How does quiet hurt?" the wolf asks, admitting defeat.
>"Well... I guess the city is usually so noisy, I just feel like whenever it gets too quiet, it means something bad is about to happen."
>"OH! Same thing happens out here! Be careful if all the birds and bugs go quiet, means something big's hunting."
>"That... doesn't help. Wait!" she begins, realization hitting her. "Then why do the birds still sing near the house with all you guys?"
>"Because they couldn't hide if they wanted!" Firginia replies with an exaggerated flex of her arms before giggling. "Used to us, probably."
>The timberwolf calms down a bit as the two sit, listening to the crickets and frogs and chatting as they wait.
>Without notice, the wolf suddenly motions the older girl up.
File: jvruqaF.gif (981 KB, 500x475)
981 KB
981 KB GIF
>"It's about to rain." she states plainly.
>Looking up, Cottonball sees nothing but radiantly twinkling stars.
>"Are you sure?"
>"Uh huh. I can feel the air change." she tells her as she rises, her wooden lower half groaning and scraping against itself more than normal. "Probably coming with the wind."
>It hadn't occurred to her, but the wind had been picking up and sweeping down into the valley.
>She had no way of knowing what was beyond the mountains.
>Silently taking her adopted sister by the arm, she leads her toward the edge of the cliff and takes a seat.
>"Cottonbunny! Watch the stars with me before the clouds get here."
>"Shouldn't we get back home?"
>"PFFFT!" she brushes the suggestion off. "And waste good meat?"
>The wooden puppy pats the ground, beckoning the rabbits to sit.
>Finally acquiescing, Cottonball takes her place at her side.
>Firginia slowly points up, drawing Cotton's eyes along her finger in the gloom as she takes in the breadth of the night sky.
>Before her lay an enormous tapestry of many colors, twinkling in the wind.
>A sense of insignificance falls over her as she takes in the vast oceans of stars and clouds spacedust that have overtaken the bleak, empty city sky she knows.
>"First time seeing it?"
>"Yeah, uh. I've stayed in at night since I got here."
>An uncomfortable silence hangs in the air for a moment before the wolf speaks back up.
"I hate the city. It's loud and smelly and way too bright."
You mean Mal?
File: 1039350.png (727 KB, 5051x3146)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
>Cottonball doesn't respond, her gaze lazily drifting down to the field below.
>She takes in the vast plains of grass moving in rhythmic waves as it dances to the winds whim, flashes of silver moonlight carried on their crest.
>A surprise hug breaks Cottonball from her thoughts.
>"I hope you like it here, Cottonbunny." she states hopefully, nuzzling her.
>Smiling, she returns the embrace as clouds slink past the moon, reducing the light to an eerie gray haze.
>"Guess you missed your chance to howl at it." Cottonball giggles.
>"SAYS YOU!" she bounds up, letting loose a series of chipper calls across the valley before she collapses back down giggling, Cottonball laughing right along.
>As the two calm down, they decide it'd be best to get inside.
>Pulling the curtain closed, the two prepare for the night as the sound of rain begins pattering across the roof.

And done.
Pastebin will be updated shortly. Comments appreciated.
you can't be this stupid... right?
A good read as always. Any plans on continuing to write the others around this age?
Nothing really specific for this age, but I've decided to briefly focus more on them spending time closer to home instead of on trips to keep close to the original comfy intent.
You know, flesh out the characters more. Before I get back to the grandkids I'll need to design up some for Firginia and the twins so they're not just inexplicably absent when they'd reasonably be around. And that's a lot to get around. As was mentioned last thread, I want them to be characters, not caricatures.
Anyway, I'm rambling.
Nice, I like the more comfy setting that deals more with character interaction.
File: Firginia teases Mera.jpg (39 KB, 480x480)
39 KB
Thanks, lad.
One day I shall achieve maximum comf.
Cute story.
>tfw no qt Equestrian Diamondback daughteru
Not with that attitude.
File: nettle.png (68 KB, 1023x1590)
68 KB
I've been messing around with computer generated satyr stories. It's actually surprisingly decent at forming a narrative.

Interesting. Might see what this can do to form some basic premises.
File: nettle.png (63 KB, 1050x675)
63 KB
It can certainly generate some pretty hilarious stuff.
Damn it, blue jumpsuit Anon, that's just fucking typical for him.
Piss Anon pls, write some urethral incest stories for us.
>Nettle's dad
Someanon must be her dad.
Nettle is a pony x femanon satyr.
File: Nettle_Ride.png (53 KB, 674x956)
53 KB
But her dad is horse.

Anon pls
Does he have a name?
If not, he can always be a pony-Anon.
File: Thinnora.png (253 KB, 548x917)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
Before being pregnant with Oresus turned her EXTRA THICC, Lenora had the perfect tomboy build.
Finally some fucking beef
File: stronk meow.png (122 KB, 499x785)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
and that's the good stuff
I need more abs
We all do, bro.
Homesteading makes for built ladies.
Which satyr was on the football team? Were any of the parents coaches?
Icarus and his parents for sure.
Apple Anon and Utah might be involved in that sort of thing too.
Cici might've given it a shot before she got into boxing.
>"U-Uncle Unknown, I don't think my opponent is going to be p-punching back there."
>'HEY. You never know. There may come a time when they DO and then what?'
>'Yeah. You're gonna remember all the deflections and blocks I taught you.'
That's lewd, but I like it.
I miss /sad/
I need some titties and BOIS
I miss it too. It feels weird to post MLP satyrs in the hybreed thread.
I think i mostly miss the lewd (and no, i dont care about your incest)
Give me some dirty satyrs!
Give me love
>he doesn't keep it in the family
that's definitely a yikes from there pard'
My daughters are for cuddles, love and happy family times.
Now your kids.. they are sluts
This, daughters are for comfylewd.
Nothing Gumdrop loves more than for daddy to whip her cunt red, fuck it raw, then cuddle her and wipe away her tears while telling her she's his princess.
Who wants to go camping now?
What are some good spooky stories to tell your satyr while out camping?

File: 1561356.png (541 KB, 1400x1600)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
Virginia, maybe. Just go out and have some time with her pa.
File: Spoiler Image (100 KB, 488x488)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
This one scared the fuck out of me as a kid.
Did somebody say camp?

1. effeminate; affected in mannerisms, dress, etc
Mini moo!
I'm sure her and her family in general love the outdoors. Maybe she joins the filly scouts when she's little.
Would give her some more girls to play with of her own age, yeah?
Doesn't Utah mostly just have sons?
It does and as far as I know, he mostly has boys when it comes to kids.
Yeah. Virginia only has brother's until she's about 8 or 9.
The only other girls around are her mothers.
It's always good to interact with other girls her age. Sure her brothers care about her and all, but it'd be good for her to join the scouts. Maybe even get a few free boxes of the cookies they sell as well.
Pfft, Virginia can bake her own cookies way better than anything that comes in a box.
>Sure her brothers care about her and all
Those boys would break bones if someone messed with her.
Virginia's brothers, yes.
I thought she only had one brother. Who are the others?
Dakota, here twin brother. Caddo, her half brother by Feather Heart. Yukon, her half brother from Sue Tei (the Yona satyr).
Utah took the phrase "cowboy" pretty literally.
The latter two got pictures yet? First time hearing of them here.
File: Suu Tei.png (289 KB, 647x1007)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
Got a picture of Suu.
There is one of Caddo, but it's bad and the design is in need of a rework by an actual artist anyway.
No pics of Yukon yet. These characters are part of a story in progress, though.
I thought this was just a general yak satyr, not specifically a yona one.
She might be. Up to the lad writing her.
Yaktyr is for shearing.
Yak is for sexual
Yak is for food
Suu Tei give husband many hapa babies.
I will seduce her with the song of her people.
Yak is best steak
For some reason I really want to walk with her through the pouring rain. I wonder if she's naturally resistant to the cold and damp like an actual yak. Also I wonder if she has to fight the urge to headbutt things when frustrated.
Yes and yes.
File: 1465268765885.png (211 KB, 700x1000)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
>I wonder if she has to fight the urge to headbutt things when frustrated.
Suu Vs Ariana headbutting contest when?
Both girls end up in the hospital for concussions because neither wanted to admit defeat.
>Utah and his family move to the outskirts of Tall Tale when he got with Suu so she could be somewhere cold and close to home.
>Theseus stays with while he's working as a guard in the area.
>Ariana visits, and she and Suu end up in mompetition over who is strongest mom.
It's not going to be much of a contest if Ariana is fully grown.
They possibly met as teens. Alternately, Clio or Thalia could do it. Especially Thalia, the little hothead.
It's the size difference that makes it cute.
Did that ram just win?
File: A tall Thalia.webm (2.23 MB, 640x640)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB WEBM
Adorable gote.
File: gote jam.gif (1008 KB, 200x208)
1008 KB
1008 KB GIF
Very adorable.
What sort of non-human behaviors do various satyrs retain?
lack of clothes
Approx. 33% population has ability to fly.
"Flat is aerodynamic!"
t. Tonbo
flat is justice
File: 1557452067905.png (1.26 MB, 1233x1223)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
titlets be like
File: mal butte2.png (273 KB, 1242x1677)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
Mal butte
File: gale ugh.png (334 KB, 757x1000)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
and pastel goth Gale
Mistake standing between Murmur and Yuzu.
She be SEETHING over them fat bat tats
Nah, she's totally cool with constantly getting mistaken for a boy, honest. Why, did somebody say she was mad about it? Well she's not, gawd!
File: A match made in heaven.png (210 KB, 480x1227)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
She got a lot better about it when she found out about BatAnon preferred body type.
Why'd you delete it?
Something besides wincest came up at the same time I posted it. I didn't want to intrude.
Ah, repost it later then.
So since conversation died, I like the idea of Mal's dad being well off, and she gets to live the perpetual neet life in exchange for being his cocksock.
Maybe he works as a high price lawyer, and he gets infinite tail how, when and where he wants it.
And she gets sex and all the anime trash she can hoard.
"Younger, Mistake."
>"I don't know how much younger I can get."
How young can she transform to look? Because that young.
Who knows. Maybe there's a hard limit on how much mass the thing she's trying to turn into can have in relation to her real form. Like she can turn into anything, but it can be no more than 20% larger or smaller than her actual body.
A fifth smaller than her normal form when she's already neotenous is very young looking.
I like that headcanon.
Nothing like bonding over anime and anal.
Imagine coming home from a rough day at work and watching tv with your daughter while her ponut squeezes your member in sync with each twist and turn of the show.
She enjoys a good fight or at least a tussle
Yak strong, yak always eager to prove.
But can Suu Tei play a saxophone?
No, but holy lord can she rock the kazoo if given half a chance.

Suu Tei play you song of her people now!
what would you have me draw?
Alex being given a noogie by her dad.
What about another picture for Yak girl?
What are the kids gonna do now that school's out?
Besides sleep in, being sleepy little satyrs that they are.
Oh, look, it's a cute satyr!
This satyr girl looks cute.
Too bad the rest of the picture doesn't
>pregnant, milky waifu
You got bad taste, son.
That's nasty
File: kumis.png (880 KB, 970x728)
880 KB
880 KB PNG
Nah, it's like cow's milk, but a bit thinner and sweeter.
File: viola and lyrica.png (37 KB, 937x1105)
37 KB
File: viola and hope.png (37 KB, 447x968)
37 KB
Who is this pone?
File: 1079963.png (532 KB, 1182x821)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
It's Lyrica. She's one of those Canterlot noble ponies. I'm leaning with the idea that she's Lyra's mom, so Viola is Hope's aunt and such.
Make sure to check the closet for monsters.

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