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Concerned Princess Edition.
In these threads, we fantasize about an utopian Equestria where sex is not a taboo and is considered completely natural.
An Equestria, where it is not uncommon for stallions to try to mount mares or for mares to present themselves to passing stallions (or human males) in public places if they should happen to get the urge.
Mares casually conversing with their friends or going about their own business, paying little or no attention to the stallion eagerly rutting them, would be a common sight.

Some suggested guidelines for the setting:
- If a mare for whatever reason does not want it, they will just push the stallion out and gently nudge him off and he will try to find another mare instead
- If a stallion (or human) masturbates in public without first trying to mount any mares around, they would consider it an insult to their attractiveness

These are merely suggestions, and the exact details are of course entirely up to headcanon.

Story Archive: https://pastebin.com/23yPRUKv
>It's Equestria but they all act like modern western women
>Your hopes of getting an easy casual lay are dashed in front of you as an unruly zigger pushes past you
that's what i'd say to her
That damm pic remind me old fimfics
File: Spoiler Image (188 KB, 800x1000)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Gonna get us started with some small green. Kinda just whipped it up so tell me if you guys want more.


>The Carousel Boutique, like many businesses in the sleepy town of Ponyville, had it’s slow days.
>You wouldn’t know it the way Rarity worked though.
>While the entire boutique sat empty save for you and her, she flitted back and forth between her work stations, busy as ever.
>With three locations across Equestria, there were always orders to fill, designs to keep fresh, stitching to fix.

>“I’ll be right with you, dear. I just need to make sure we have enough silk for an order in Canterlot,” Rarity called over her shoulder to you.

“It’s fine, Rare. I’m in no hurry.”

>”Ooh, but I hate to be a bore of a host.”

>You watched with rapt attention as she trotted over to another desk, leafing through pages of an inventory book with her magic.
>Your eyes were drawn to her rear, where a small blue ribbon had been tied at her dock, preventing her tail from covering her at most angles.
>Nestled between her cheeks sat a brilliant diamond butt plug, glinting off the lights as she moved around.

“Oh, I don’t think you have to worry about boring me…”

>When you first arrived, Rarity had been ecstatic about new fashion possibilities.
>A whole world’s worth of clothing designs had opened up to her, and you had been happy to oblige her with a vast array of high fashion knowledge.
>All of which was untrue, unless one considered strippers and porn stars to be icons of fashion.
>Regardless, nobles and commonpony alike ate up your new fashion suggestions, and Rarity had even named a line after you.
>In several major cities now, high socks, fishnets, and striped panties were all common sights, as well as decorative plugs and tail adornments.
>Of course, in Equestria, it was perfectly normal to go around completely nude, as well as casually ask for a quick fuck anywhere.
>Didn’t matter who was there watching or what was happening at the time.
>Family dinner at the cakes?
>What sort of host doesn’t offer relief for their guests?
>Ms. Cake was eager to go under the table while you talked with her husband and the twins had a miniature food fight.
>To ponies, sex didn’t really have the sanctity it did for humans.

>Not that you were complaining of course.

>Especially when Ms. Cake asked sincerely if you’d let her swallow, as if you’d be doing her a favor by allowing it.
>Yeah that was probably the point when the hot overwhelmed the weird real damn quick.
>So you’ve been rolling with it ever since, and pushing the limits to boot.

>Rarity let out a small moan, her rear legs rubbing together for a moment before she returned to her task.
>Speaking of pushing limits…

“Hey, Rares, how’s the plug feeling?”

>”Oh,” she said, blushing a bit, realizing you’d caught her little moment of weakness. “It’s quite wonderful, darling. A bit distracting at times but I’ve gotten used to it for the most part.”
>”I can certainly see why human mares love to wear these and show them off.”
>”It looks absolutely gorgeous, and adorns such an intimate part of me. Oh, and the utility! Not only does it look good but it helps keep me stretched and ready for anal any time.”
>She shakes her head, and giggled to herself.
>“Leave it to fashion to show me what Coco sees in anal.”

“So you’ve gotten used to this one?”

>”Oh, I’d say so. I barely notice it anymore. Just between you and me, dear, it used to hurt a bit and I hated when they Stallions asked stick it up my rump, but now I feel uncomfortably empty when I don’t have something up there. Can’t seem to sleep without a plug, in fact.”
“Ah, well in that case have you thought about increasing the size to keep going?”

>She paused in writing something and turned to you, a worried look on her face.
>”Increasing the size? Whatever for? I’ve finally gotten used to this one.”

“Well, maybe it doesn’t matter for ponies, but for human mares… Eh, nevermind,” you said, waving a hand.
“It’s just a human fashion thing. You probably wouldn’t care.”

>”Wh—no! Of course I care, darling,” Rarity said, looking hurt now.
>”Please tell me. Do your mares really use much larger ones? Is that… fashionable?”

>You nodded solemnly.
“I’m afraid so. Simply settling for a small plug is considered somewhat shameful. In fact, our mares regularly show off how large a plug they can shove in their bum. Some get in plugs bigger than my fist.”

>Rarity’s mouth dropped and her blush came back full force.
>”My word…”

“Mmhm, the bigger the plug, the higher the fashion. Our high society galas are typically populated with humans mares wearing gargantuan plugs, showing off how far they’ve come.”

>”I see… well I suppose I’ve rested on my laurels for far too long.”
>Rarity began to pace, muttering to herself about the new manufacturing costs and how to start a new line of plug accessories.
>And so your corrupting deed of the day was done.
>As you stood to leave, Rarity spoke up, reaching a hoof after you.

>”Oh, Anonymous, wait! Could you please give me some advice? I can’t order a new plug yet but I know a simple enlargement spell I can try for now. Would you tell me when you think it’s appropriate for my next size?”
>She turned around and shifted her tail to the side.
>Without warning, her plug was enveloped in a baby blue aura and began to shake.
>Rarity groaned as the plug swelled, stretching her wider and wider.
>It had started about the size of an average plug, probably an inch and a half at its thickest, and while you could only see the diamond stopper, you imagined it pushing past two inches now, perhaps getting close to three.
>Rarity shivered and let out a small, pained whined as she spread her legs to accommodate the new plugs girth.
>She looked back at you, silently begging for the sign to stop, but unwilling to without approval.
>You let the plug swell for a few more seconds before finally holding up a hand.
>Rarity’s magic faded and her legs nearly buckled.
>She took a small, tentative step forward and a long, low moan escaped her lips as a long strand of marecum dripped down to the floor.

“That looks perfect, Rarity. You look just like a high society human.”

>Rarity, red faced and sweating, gave you a pleased smile as she carefully, slowly, made her way back to her desk.
>”Oh, my, this is unng. OH, Celestia, it’s just like when I first tried plugs. B-But now it’s much more stimulating. A-Are you sure this is considered fashionable? I can feel my cheeks spread. Does it really look alright? It just feels so big now.”

“It looks wonderful, Rarity. For our women, it’s a point of pride to be able to take something so large and not let it break their poise. That’s part of why it’s admired.”

>”Th-That makes a lot of sense,” Rarity said, breathing heavily, laying her torso across her inventory desk for balance.
>”I suppose I have a long way to go in that r-regard. Ooh, Anonymous I feel like I’m going to cum. It’s so big…”

>You gave her a shrug and shook your head.
“Nobody said fashion was without sacrifice.”
File: 1311603.png (948 KB, 992x1136)
948 KB
948 KB PNG
>Rarity nodded in understanding.
>”Of course… humans really are all willing to push their limits for their art. It’s so fitting for such fashion geniuses. They suffer for their art then show the fruits of their labor as part of their ensemble. Oh it’s such a beautiful concept.”
>She turned to you, somewhat awkwardly, but when you met her eyes, they were shining.
>“Anonymous, thank you so much for sharing this with me. I promise I’ll work hard to live up to human standards.”

“I know you will, Rarity.”

>”Oh but I MUST get this news out. I have a contact who publishes Canterlot Vogue, and I’ll announce a new line of plug sizes post-haste!”
>A small chime rang out followed by the front door of the boutique slamming shut.
>Rarity’s ears flicked towards the sound.
>”I’ll be right there!”

>>”It’s just me, Rarity,” a squeaky voice called back.

>Rarity whipped around to check her wall clock.
>“Oh dear, it’s already 4. I’ll have to get someone to watch Sweetie Belle. Oh and she’ll need help with her homework so hopefully I’ll have time to swing by Twilight’s and see if Spike will help her.”

>Odd choice but you suppose Twilight would have taught Spike how to do most subjects well enough.
>Twilight could even check their work.
“Aren’t Twi and Spike visiting Ember for the ritual of flame this week?”

>Rarity put a hoof to her face.
>”Oh, that’s right. How could I forget. I’ll have to send her to Applejacks. Maybe Big Mac can help.”

>Sweetie trotted in then, hefting her saddle bags off her back.
>Her face lit up when she saw you.
>>”Mr. Anon!”
>She galloped across the room and lept at you, and you, having been through the routine with the little scamp enough times, caught her mid leep and held her princess style.

“Hey, how’s my favorite squeaker?”

>>”Hey, I don’t squeak!” she said, her voice cracking her last word.
File: 419730.png (1.21 MB, 1500x1036)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
>You gave her a smug look and her eyes darted to the side, tail coming up in an inadequate attempt to block her blush.
>Dang, these little horses are gonna be the death of you.

“It’s okay. It makes you super cute. It’ll go away when you’re older anyhow.”

>>”Well… maybe it’s not so bad.”

>”Anon, would you mind taking Sweetie Belle to Applejacks for me?”

>>”Wait, what?” Sweetie Belle said, turning to her sister. “I thought you said you’d help with my homework. You’re like… the best at this kind of stuff.”

>”I’m sorry, Sweetie, something drastic has come up.”

>Sweetie Belle narrowed her eyes.
>>”Does it have to do with stupid fashion stuff?”

>Rarity gasped and scowled at her sister.
>”Fashion is NOT stupid. Honestly, Sweetie Belle, for a girl your age, you really should be more interested in looking fashionable. Especially if you want to grab the attention of a certain someone.”

>Sweetie Belle’s eyes shot wide.

>”Oh hush,” Rarity said, as she began packing several suitcases with clothes, this time moving much slower and taking small, shuddering breaths now and then. “B-Besides, hoo my, I’m sure you’d rather do your homework with Mac instead of me with a polymorph potion. Celestia knows i wouldn't last long right now anyhow...”

>>”I guess…” Sweetie Belle said, letting out a sigh.

“What kind of homework is this?” you said. “Maybe I can help?”

>You could feel Sweetie Belle tense in your arms, and she looked up at you, mouth slightly open.
>>”R-Really? You’d want to help me?”

>”Sweetie, don’t you start pressuring Mr. Anon. I’m sure he’s got plenty of older mares hoping for his attention today.”
File: 1349768.png (550 KB, 1100x1400)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
>Well… admittedly that was true.
>There were quite a few mares poised for a go at you for a number of reasons.
>Rumors of how you treated your partners had spread like wildfire since you started helping yourself to a fuck here and there.
>Your stamina, along with the angles you could achieve with your size meant you could leave mares a quivering, drooling mess if you really wanted.
>And you did.
>But the reality was, you had no hard set obligations.
>Just a bunch of feisty mares looking to sate their curiosities.
>Or go for seconds.
>Whatever the case, the townsmares could wait a day if it meant helping out Rarity’s sister.

“No, really. I don’t mind, Rarity. I’m happy to help.”

>Rarity hesitated, looking up at you while biting her lip.
>”Are you absolutely sure about this, darling? Normally this is something her father would have to do. You really don’t have to.”

>Sweetie didn’t say anything.
>She just watched you, fidgeting with her hooves over her chest.
>The filly looked almost hopeful for some reason.

“Well… what kind of homework are we talking about here? If it’s just math or english, it’s not really a big deal, right? I bet I can even help with writing. Hands and all that.”

>>”Oh um,” Sweetie said. “It’s nothing like that. It’s an oral assignment.”

“Oh, easy. We’ll run through your material than you can practice until you nail your presentation.”

>Sweetie Belle’s mouth slowly dropped open, looking for all the world like she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
>Suddenly she squirmed out of your arms and dashed down the hall to her room.
>>“I’ll go pack my toothbrush! Have fun in Canterlot, sis!”

File: 2004301.png (3.65 MB, 3960x3800)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB PNG
That's it for now. Just throwing up a little filly fun since I saw people wanted that last thread and we didn't have any yet. Gonna have incest too.
File: 1415511510252.gif (1.6 MB, 420x363)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
>Gonna have incest too.
Today is a good day after all.
File: 1553741187800.jpg (111 KB, 1280x1280)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Socks are the height of high class fashion. Luna struggles with their lewdness because she has seen Anon's dreams.
I liked the plug thing more desu I also like the idea of Anon introducing plugs that do things for different styles as well, like plugs that give slight shock to make the wearer look cute (from the constant squeaking), or vibrating plugs to express that someone is looking for a child, or even anal beads with the ring base to specify that someone would prefer anal over vaginal or oral.

Really like this, please keep it going!
File: 1494548392687.png (257 KB, 1024x576)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
I hope you continue this, that was pretty great.
File: gertrude approves.jpg (172 KB, 1074x323)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
I know others like it but I don't get the plug thing. Pretty good other than that for me.
File: 1368257.png (3.98 MB, 2400x3600)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB PNG
File: 1548812906475.png (435 KB, 897x942)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
File: 1542953533989.png (98 KB, 346x336)
98 KB
On average, how many foals do you think one stallion sires per year?
Two or three, I'd say. I don't think there are a too many mares looking to have kids at any given time. Though there are always the broodmares who just love raising kids and having a big family. I imagine they're more the exception rather than the rule.
>stallions actively do sex
>mares just passively receive it
> [It's not uncommon] for mares to present themselves to passing stallions (or human males) in public places if they should happen to get the urge.
>mares just passively receive it
Learn to read, Anon. You'll sound smarter if you actually know what you are talking about.
I never fail to be pleasantly astonished that I found the corner of the internet that thoroughly understands and defends horse mating habits.
Bump save
> Stay at a hotel
> Tell them to wake you up at a certain time in the morning
> Call the front desk to send up a mare
> Have fun, fall asleep spooning her
> Wake up to a blowjob at the time you wanted
> She helps you shower, and fools around a little
> You pack up and leave, giving her a tip for good service
>> Call the front desk to send up a mare
Not sure why, but this reminds me of a prompt where ponies were horrified that Anon slept alone.
Don't know if it was this general or another one, though.
I remember seeing that in the RGRE threads a few times. Was an interesting idea.
Yeah, that's probably where I saw it. It sounded pretty comfy and wholesome.
Fuck that I need pockets
Get Rarity to make boxers with pockets.
Crotchless pants.
>If a stallion (or human) masturbates in public without first trying to mount any mares around, they would consider it an insult to their attractiveness

>yfw stallions neg mares by walking up to a group and jerking off
I was thinking of a scenario where Anon eases into public nudity. (when in Rome, right?) Problem is he can't walk more than a couple of blocks without being offered some relief because his junk always 'on display'. Starts wearing boxers all the time and when asked why he says it's his equivalent of a sheath. If his boner's sticking out then he needs some 'relief'.
>Ponies pass legislation where you have to be naked because they're afraid you're hiding erections out of some degenerate conditioning by mares in your world
>Get used to it pretty okay
>However mares weren't prepared to keep getting eyefuls of your exposed package.
>Most males have it tucked between their legs in a sheath so it's easy to ignore
>You're just right out there, at head height
>Mares that accidentally snoot boop your manhood immediately get a big whiff of musk and go into an insatiable heat for a few hours
>Some mares start getting addicted because the sex is so good in that state.
>Mares start "accidentally" bumping your junk with their noses
>It eventually comes out that human hormones and spunk have addictive properties
>Required to dress again.
>Sorta become this incubus icon where, if you undress, mares start to get insatiably horny without being able to help it.
>Sell a bit of human spunk on the side to get by.
File: 938792.jpg (1.11 MB, 1280x1634)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Does prostitution still exist in a land where everyone is willing to relieve each other sexually?
Maybe prostitutes are who you hire to help you improve your technique? They're more like personal trainers with an emphasis on sex
I could see it as a legitimate part of a massage parlor.
I always canoned that prostitutes are all specialists. Like they have a cutie mark in fucking so that's what they're allowed to do and they get state funding. Those are the ponies who are mind blowingly good at sex and train hard to be the best, sorta like a olympic athelete of fucking.

And some ponies do it on the side and offer something really weird that average ponies will refuse like loving cuddles or pillow talk and flirting.

As a typical career choice for the downtrodden, it wouldn't exist. Ponies are too charitable and sex is devalued, so there'd be no sex trafficking or shady prostitution rings.
Of course anon. Somebody has to relieve ugly ass fat neckbeard autistic losers that the average mare won't touch, even if it makes them seem impolite.
> Pinkie Pie throws a party
> One of the games is putting on a blindfold and giving oral to your friends, then guessing who it is
> It's too easy for mares to guess when you are the only human, so instead they guess which fruit you've been eating a lot recently
> Applejack always spits when it's strawberries or pears, but swallows and offers a discount if it's apples
They are the ultimate sex Ed
Yes, but it's a high class profession, like being a chest master/wrestler. Ponies regularly compete in televised competitions for prize money and titles.

Amateur contests also exist, and it can be an important part of PE class.
Why are you aroused by animals fucking
Birds of a feather yiff together.
Because it's his turn next.
Because horse pussy is good pussy
No, he’s aroused by fucking animals.
I've lost appeal for real wimmenz
You’ve ALWAYS been unappealing to real wimmenz.
File: 1369600629093.jpg (61 KB, 550x432)
61 KB
Then we're in accord
File: Best Pussy.png (157 KB, 839x813)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
I cant imagine too many do outside of marriage, sex is quick but kids take time. Im assuming if someone wants a kid outside of marriage, they have professional studs with high pedigrees that deliver. Or a family member can help out so the bloodline continues.

I assume the vetting process for studs is vigerous and unforgiving, they have to play with a babies for two full days nonstop, change diapers, feed and provide great moral and emotional support to teenagers
File: 2011811.jpg (270 KB, 871x1000)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
File: 1425693755708.jpg (278 KB, 1251x1300)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
File: DtG1UhIW0AAtUFV.jpg (74 KB, 800x800)
74 KB
File: howmanyfuk.png (513 KB, 1280x1280)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
File: 1491169.png (595 KB, 1000x1000)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
File: CellyButt.png (1.14 MB, 1195x1024)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
File: PinkieBath.png (1.27 MB, 1280x949)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
>best horse
You are a saint
File: 1494999869206.png (90 KB, 1260x868)
90 KB
What a cute little tubbo.
Straight haired pank needs more love.
File: 1552101345397.png (179 KB, 719x600)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
File: 1530078592668.png (450 KB, 808x2200)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
But now you’ll have to put up with Angel.
File: 1496397053971.gif (2.27 MB, 480x270)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB GIF
That Celestia...WEW
Eh, I'll fuck him too if he wants. He'll have to wait his turn, though.
Read the whole thing in her voice.
File: 1950766.jpg (232 KB, 948x646)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Sorry, Sunset. But this is a suppository.
This thread is a sin. Allah says, and He dictated to his prophet that a woman, or mare in this case must remain pure for her marriage

>Lewd women are to be confined to their houses until death. 4:15
>If any of your women get lewd, cut off their inheritance. 4:19
>If your slave wives are guilty of lewdness, punish them half as much as you punish your lewd free wives. 4:25c
>Allah made virgins to be lovers and friends to those on his right hand. 56:36-37
Your prophet was a pedo. He can burn in hell as a false prophet.
File: 442880.png (1.99 MB, 3237x3050)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
Priapism treatments sure are strange here.
File: 1491613185129.png (391 KB, 3000x3000)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
Then let your moon god get off his ass and do it himself
Felt a disturbance in muh job when I saw this picture.
File: 1542774611742.jpg (274 KB, 605x795)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Discount on what, apples or aj?
File: jontronsweat.gif (742 KB, 245x172)
742 KB
742 KB GIF

>While walking away (with a little extra sway in her rump, of course), Flutters ever so briefly flicks her tail to the side to show Anon what he could potentially be getting
at what age do colts and fillies start having casual sex?
File: Allah looking.png (994 KB, 1280x720)
994 KB
994 KB PNG
Allah is benevolent and prefers to reward those who follow His way with virgins in heaven, virgin mares if they so wish.
Whenever they start getting boners and/or wet, I would assume.
File: 1540934567186.gif (1.48 MB, 1588x1012)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB GIF
I require more casual anal rarity
File: 1555706333768.gif (789 KB, 500x281)
789 KB
789 KB GIF
File: 1521570734676.png (230 KB, 540x516)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
Exams wrapping up so hopefully more of that soon. I was thinking of doing Applebloom and Sweetie Belle x Anon. The Rarity bit was just how I ended up writing the first scene. If people want just Rarity anal stuff, I don't mind but I was thinking of just doing foalcon with some family helping out.
> Help wanted:
> The ESS Airship Nimbus requires a stud for the comfort of its crew
> Males must be
> 1) Non-pony
> 2) Capable of climaxing at least 5 times a day
> 3) Able to perform oral sex for 1 continuous hour
> 4) Willing to perform as a dom or as a sub
> 5) In reasonably good health (No major physical handicaps, no diseases affecting stamina)
> Interested applicants will be interviewed at Fort Knifepeak, Ewetah
Take out the willing to sub and we have a deal
Take out #4 completely and I'll sign up too.
> The recruiter sighs
> "Anon, do you have any idea how hard it is to get good fighting mares who are also submissive in bed?"
> She ruffles through her papers
> "Well, you're in luck. The supply ship Cloud Seeding has an opening. The comfort stud there is overworked and the mares are getting restless. You'll be assigned a personal guard to make sure they don't get out of hoof over some fresh dick. You'll want to work out some signal if a mare gets too aggressive. If all that sounds too much for you, there are some border outposts that should be calmer."

> The recruiter rolls her eyes
> "It's always the human males. Anyhow, the ESS Ponemice is a submarine, and the crew has gotten sick and tired of Dom/Sub fetishes, ever since the last stud kept making "sub on a sub" jokes. You won't see as much scenery as on an airship, but this should match your tastes better."
Does #4 involve pegging? I'll sub but not if it involves things in my anus.

also i'm a fatass but otherwise in good health, does that count against #5
> The recruiter makes a note on your application and puts it into a folder
> "Don't worry, it'll be posted alongside the other rules for having time with you. About the issue of your weight..."
> She slides two photographs across her desk
> "Most studs find that the job more or less takes care of that problem."
> You lean forward to take a look
> One shows an earthpony stallion that could generously be called "plump"
> The other shows the same stallion significantly slimmer, his cutie mark stretched over some defined flanks
> You smile at her
"Sign me up, this looks great!"
> She takes the photos back, and clears her throat
> "It's no guarantee, so the military has an incentive program. You start off getting E-1 pay, and get a 'promotion' as our become more physically fit and better at pleasuring mares. Still interested?"
Sign me the fuck up
Well I'M not like those other prudes, I'll be down for pretty much anything!
And I do mean anything.
I am in pretty good shape, can cook like a motherfucker, AND I'm not a bad shot with a rifle either!
> The recruiter laughs and shakes your hand
> "Glad to hear it! Just sign on the dotted line, and we'll have you in the skies and between some thighs in no time!"
> You quickly scribble your name and the date, checking over the contract just in case
> You can't find anything wrong, so you hand it to the recruiter
> She slides it into a tray, then waves a hoof towards the door to her right, hopping off her chair
> "Right this way, we'll have you start with the practical."
> You follow behind her, smiling at her swishing tail
> She opens the door
> It's a relatively bare concrete room, containing a treadmill, five empty shot glasses on a card table, and a pretty mare laying on her back on a dark blue mat
> Your eyes are drawn to the mare's glistening pussy, and she winks at you twice, only once with her eye
> Time to show em' your stuff
Maybe make a CYOA? This is pretty neat but don't want to get too role play-ish if possible.
Honestly, I wasn't intending on going any farther with it. I mostly wrote them as an extended prompt, and to poke a little fun at the responses people gave.
File: 1418190439935.png (142 KB, 641x837)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
>Sending nudes and explicit photos is as normal as a selfie
>Your friends, regardless of whether or not you have sex with them, constantly send you pictures of their bits
>Sometimes with toys inserted
>Profile pictures on social media are often "rear views"
>Instead of titty streamers on Twitch, ponies just get brutally fucked while playing vidya
Oh okay. It was pretty cool idea. Was hoping for someone to expand on it.
File: 1552255078080.jpg (141 KB, 1246x934)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>ponies just get brutally fucked while playing vidya
These ponies know what's up.
>ponies just get brutally fucked while playing vidya
Pone needs to git gud then. No one wants to see a scrub playing.
>there will never be content of them running a train on her
Stalions would have to rotate due to low stamina and refractory periods.
Can you imagine how many dudes would be in line if someone streamed for more than an hour or two on pony stamina?
Shit, I'd get in line if some twitch thot paid me to fuck her on stream, sounds like a nice gig if it can pay the bills.
Any green is welcome senpai, marshmallowhorse and pooperfun just so happen to tick the right boxes for me
File: 1535765877562.png (2.21 MB, 5065x2963)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB PNG
we need gleaming
File: 1786964.png (1.25 MB, 1126x1126)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Gleaming best r63 mare
File: Lewd Thoughts.png (583 KB, 1200x1350)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
File: 1443496022835.png (435 KB, 1389x1084)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
Are you supposed to fuck the mare?
File: 1938285.png (2.07 MB, 2133x1280)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG

No, you're supposed to have a conversation with her about the ethics of casual horse sex
I wonder if Derpy has a high or low libido.

Actually now that I think about it, I wonder which mares need a lot more attention than normal. I'd definitely peg Rarity and Pinkie to be megasluts, but the rest of the girls probably just take requests from stallions or mares and that's enough.
File: 1505070195482.png (163 KB, 800x600)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
>I wonder if Derpy has a high or low libido.
I don't know, but I'd certainly let her sit on my face for a little while if she needed to take a break.
File: 1808693.png (266 KB, 1280x597)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
> Every Anon knows, life is good in casually incestuous Milfquestria:

> Hiding under the podium to lick Auntie Mare's hot cunt while she's giving a speech in town hall.
> You might be old and grizzled, but Cookie still thinks her Daddy's dick is the best she's ever had.
> Making Bow proud of how his boy reduces Windy to a quivering mess whenever you take her from behind.
> Lying in your parents' bed, sucking on your mommy's left nipple as Fluttershy is latched to her right.
> Showing your nephew/son, Button Mash, how to please your sister, now that he's going to be the man in the house while you're away on a business trip.
> Being at the beck and call of your high-strung cousin, Stellar Flare, whose number one way of mellowing out is a hard, quick fuck.
> You and your older twin siblings like to drive your mother insane with embarrassment and arousal. Today, she has to man the till at the bakery while trying to hide the butt plug in her bare ass with a skirt that's much too short.
> Hate-fucking the bitchiness out of Spoiled Rich while Diamond is humiliating her, calling her an insatiable slut who's become a slave to her son's cock.
> Proving to Cloudy Quartz that even if Daddy's lost interest, you still find her to be a very desirable woman. Surprisingly, you also find her to still be a very fertile woman.
> Aunt Harshwhinny is used to getting what she wants. What she wants most of the time is to push you down onto her bed and grind her pussy onto your face.
> It's been years since she passed away, but you never stop thinking about your cousin Pear Butter and the sweet kisses you shared and the moans she made as you made love to her in the orchards. Her daughters are more than willing to fill the void she left behind.
> Grandma Twilight Velvet likes to be used. You have her arms tied back and her legs spread as you hold her on the brink of orgasm with your fingers. She begs to cum, but she's not allowed to before you're balls deep in that wet pussy.
A repost from the Incestuous Relationships thread (>>33417818).
Good lord, Anon. I can only get so erect.
Woah momma, I need more of this in my life.
God, can you imagine living in casual sex Equestria and fucking CELESTIA shows up. She gives you a sexy look. Holy shit, you're going to fuck the goddamn princess.
She'd probably appreciate not having to lay down for once.
>implying she and Luna won’t retire from sex and leave it to twilight and her friends

>implying they aren't retiring from ruling to sextour Equestria.
>implying they weren’t popping out royal guards as breedmare princesses and want to give their gaping vaginas a rest a retighten
Honestly the guards aren't really there for protection. The princesses are demigods so the only explanation is that they're ornamental eyecandy. In CSE they're a super harem sworn to tend to the sexual needs of the princesses as well as nobles and diplomats.

Anon, seeing as he's a kind of honored guest, has an entourage of mares who "guard" him. They're confused and pent because he never calls them to his bedchamber. Eventually one of them asks if he'd prefer stallions or if there's something wrong with them.
But how are the mares preventing pregnancy exactly?
Where is the Ephermal story?
Nice to hear y'all appreciated it. Did you mostly enjoy the incest or the MILF aspects?
File: 1555585778949.png (3.31 MB, 5330x7772)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB PNG
>Did you mostly enjoy the incest or the MILF aspects?

And I've got a massive boner for Stellar Flare.
Finished up with exams recently and started work on it again. Gotta orient myself still but it'll be up within a week probably.
Definitely both, but a big part of it is how the incest is treated in most of these. It's like it's the most natural thing in the world, or even a positive way to handle a family, and that is hot as hell.
Until you actually think about it applying to yourself. Then suddenly the concept loses all appeal.
>Meet a nice mare
>She introduces you to her family and everything goes well
>Her mother approves of you after a nice brunch and quick fuck
>Her father approves after a relaxing tag-team
>Eventually get married
>Unlike with human weddings, the bachelor's party is thrown by all the bachelorette's marefriends (and her party by your homies)
>You happily marry, spend a long night together, then take a long vacation filled with expensive prostitutes
I'm amazed there are still prostitutes in a casual sex world.
They do none sexual things, like listen to your problems while giving you a manicure and doing your hair.
Those Spa Sisters are Ponyville's biggest whorses.
People can rub each other's shoulders, but professional masseuses exist. Same thing.
Sounds cute.
File: 1503246.png (1.09 MB, 5677x6930)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Would you a young, virile ms. smith?
shinodage possibly one of the best pony artists I've seen.

He's definitely up there with the best of them.
> Boys soccer little league wins a game
> Gangbangs their coach in celebration

> People in the front row seats at the highschool football game get blowjobs from the cheerleaders
File: dave, stop dave.png (1.5 MB, 948x1024)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Haha I hide this thread whenever it shows up because it's something that's just so far removed from my scope of reality that I can't even fantasize about it.
It's so far removed from my scope of reality that I do want to fantasize about it. It's a nice "what if".
I'm not sure I get that logic and I think you're either being really autistic or it makes you uncomfortable for some reason. If you just can't imagine it, why do you need to hide it? Why don't you just ignore it?
Not that anon, but isn't the point of hiding threads so you can ignore them?
I suppose, but hiding to me seems more like "I can't stand seeing this thread exists" than just ignoring it. There are plenty of threads I just ignore that I don't feel the need to hide, because I'm not interested in them.

Hey! I have a green in the works right now. This is the anon who posted the first part of something a month or so...

I dropped off the internet, sorry about that... health problems I won't get into. Better-ish now. I have a green I am working on. Let me know if I should continue.

Gonna have to post it in two parts...
>Be Anonette
>Be weirdo, chubby /tg/ and /vr/ dweeb going to college taking a bunch of IT courses.
>Two weeks ago you were on your way to one of your last classes before winter break.
>You didn't see a patch of ice, as it was dark and early.
>You slipped and fell, landing on the road.
>A coach bus that didn't see you until the last second ran you over.
>You were killed nearly instantly.
>Two weeks ago you woke up laying on your back in the forest. The last thing you remember was the loud hiss of air brakes; then a bright white flash and you were suddenly transported to some forest clearing.
>At first you thought it was the afterlife, but you soon wandered across a small herd of pastel coloured ponies that took you back to their village.
>It took a lot of convincing from the small horses that you weren't actually dead, and this wasn't some sort of heaven or hell... but you still weren't 100% sure. If you were ran over... wouldn't there have been gore on your clothes? Besides some dirt from the woods... when you first got to town your clothes were pretty much spotless...
>They were all so friendly, and it wasn't long before you were introduced to almost everyone in the settlement named Ponyville.
>You were like some sort of giant. At best the horses came up to your waist. They were about the size of medium to large dogs, and there seemed to be three different sub-species. Ones with wings that could fly, ones with horns that could use magic, and normal ones that had inane magic
>For some reason you were the talk of the kingdom. You got to meet the rulers of the kingdom, and a group of six ponies from the first town you wandered into all took you under their wing so to speak.
>The ponies seemed nice enough.
>Hell, the farmer-pony Applejack even let you stay in her barn (one of the only buildings you could comfortably stand up in) until they figured out a more permanent lodging.
>There was one potential deal breaker though...
>Everywhere you looked, you could see ponies "fooling around". Apparently, these little pastel coloured equines have no problem getting pounded out in public!
>At first you thought it was just a few oddballs, the town perverts...
>But no... It's everyone almost. After having been in Ponyville for two weeks, it hit Anonette that she had literally seen every pony you knew by name have sex within spitting distance.
>You're never solicited for any of the smutty fun, but also never asked. Animal-fucking was never really your thing, so it wasn't like it bothered you.
>However, you didn't know that your chaste nature was bothering some ponies... You didn't really care though. All you cared about was making some tea and maybe breakfast...
>You also didn't know that somepony had been bothered by it so much, they went and tattled on you... You also don't know how much trouble you're in...
while you were making yourself some tea, a letter had materialized in a puff of blue and yellow smoke and a brief flash.
>You open the letter and give it a once over...

Dear miss Anonette,

It has come to our attention that your domicile is in direct violation of the Equestrian residential habitation act, section U-I-46.5. We will be sending compliance officers to your domicile or dwelling on or after the date this letter was sent. If for whatever reason you are not in your domicile or dwelling on the day the compliance officers show up, form J-qRD 54.7.23 will be affixed to your door and sent through magic methods with the date the compliance officers will return. Failure to allow compliance officers into your domicile or dwelling will result in further fines for every day your dwelling or domicile is found in violation of the Equestrian residential habitation act, section U-I-46.5.
>You read it again... It doesn't make any more sense the second time... Why were you getting fined for some residential housing bylaw?!
>You didn't even own the property. Oh well... Looks like you have to put pants on now. At least Rarity was kind enough to pretty much make you a new wardrobe, as you only showed up with one outfit... covered in blood and brain from the accident that brought you here in the first place.
>Would they even show up today? Fuck, ponies have magic but no phones? That still boggled your noggin...
>First thing's first though... The kettle on your cute little, hoers-sized wood stove is boiling!

## Fucked up a > there, but whatever.
## I know its probably trash but whatever. I had fun and I think I've never seen anonette greens.
## Anyone want moar?
more green is always appreciated, looks good so far
>...If you were ran over... wouldn't there have been gore on your clothes? Besides some dirt from the woods... when you first got to town your clothes were pretty much spotless...
>...At least Rarity was kind enough to pretty much make you a new wardrobe, as you only showed up with one outfit... covered in blood and brain from the accident that brought you here in the first place.
So which is it?
Thanks for pointing that out. Fuck. I need to not write when I'm running on 24+ hours no sleep.
What is continuity. I believe a nap is in order
thing good. want more thing
## I know about the gore-stained clothes being a continuity issue. I wrote half of this a month ago, added like 2k more words on zero sleep.
Still haven't slept yet, so forgive any derps. Also to the anon who called out the continuity issue... Anonette didn't notice until the evening she got there that the back side of her clothes had gore stains like she was laying in a pool of her own giblits.

>Well, you weren't expecting company, much less "official" company.
>Should you tidy?
>You take a quick look around. Beyond your over-sized hammock, a shelf with some cups and plates and whatnot, and the clothes Rarity made for you... You didn't have much, so there wasn't much of anything to tidy.
>Make yourself a cup of orange pekoe and enjoy the morning silence.
>For a second you wanted to mention something to AJ, but you didn't want her to get upset... although you hadn't seen an upset pony yet... but you were in no hurry to piss them off.
>One thing you did have to take care of though, before you met with some "compliance officer" was get dressed.
>You never really were for anything "girly" or fancy, so you opted for a simple, but low-cut sky blue t-shirt type garment along with a dark grey skirt that stopped a couple of inches above your knee.
>Again, skirts weren't really your thing, but you wanted to look _somewhat_ put together when the compliance officer
>As you grab your cute litte tea cup to kill the last of your drink, there's a knock on the barn door.
>You slowly make your way toward the other end of the barn and pushed the door open gently as not to bash someone with the door.
>Looking up at you is a disgruntled looking brown-furred mare with a pink, beige mane and two manila envelopes as an ass-picture. Ouch... She really lost the coat colour lottery...
>At least she wasn't some giant, simultaneous elongated and bloated elrich horror from beyond the stars. Maybe that's why the ponies don't ever ask you to join in on their "fun".
>Who knows? Who cares? You had more important things to worry about.
"Hello! Come in!"
>You're trying to be friendly, but the unicorn mare is having none of your "charm".
"Look. I'm a busy pony. You got the letter, you know you're in violation of U-I-46.5... Just get running water in here so you can wash and go to the bathroom."
>The mare paused. She seemed to take a mental note of this.
"Hoo-mans do go to the bathroom, right?"
>Her stern demeanor softening for a moment. She seemed genuinely curious.
>You nod
"Good... well... you have one week to get this domicile into compliance or you'll be fined 25 bits a day, up to a maximum of 2500 bits per year... I really don't want to have to come back here... or fine you -"
>You cut her off.
"You know I don't actually own this barn, I'm just... like a boarder. Shouldn't this be on the property owner?"
>The unicorn rolls her salmon pink eyes and sighed.
"Look, it's addressed to a miss Anonette... You might be just a boarder, but I'm JUST doing MY job... and now YOU have a job... Getting this place into compliance with U-I-46.5!"
>The unicorn actually raised her voice.
"Fine, I will make sure there is running water in here, or try to find a better living situation... I didn't plan on living in this barn forever. Would I still get fined if I moved?"
>The unicorn looked unsure for a moment.
"You know... I am not sure. I would have to look into that for you."
>You nod.
"When you find out, could you send me another letter?"
>The unicorn nods.
"I could arrange something."
"Well, thank-you. Is that everything?"
>The mare nods. With that, she turns to leave.
>Did she really just suggest you shack up with a pony guy?
"Umm... I'll keep that in mind."
>With that, you close the door to the barn as the unicorn whose name you never caught wanders off, but not before using her magic to poof a notepad and pencil out of the ether to take some notes.
>Well, there goes your Saturday. Thought you'd get to relax and maybe read some of the books Twilight gave you about pony history and other random topics...
>But no, fate decided that you either a) had to get plumbing in a barn or b) find a new place to live in a week.

>Be By-The-Books, Equestrian Housing Compliance officer.
>Be on the way back to the office after laying down the "law" to that weird monkey thing that just sort of showed up out of no where.
>At least the meeting wasn't a total waste of time. You make a quick note before you look up at the departure and arrival times for the trains.
"Goes to the bathroom. Has genitals?"
>You write that in your notebook. You know two coworkers who owe you twenty bits each now. They were guessing that Anonette was like a doll and didn't have anything there.
>Stallions were so dumb.

Leaf make thing
Leaf hope grug like!
Code Enforcement troubles all started from a bet on whether she had genitals or not. Hilarious. I've been looking forward to a FemAnon story. Please continue.
>>Did she really just suggest you shack up with a pony guy?
Did I miss something? Where did she suggest that?
## I think I might have derped copy-pasting from the notepad app I'm using. Its also coming up on 48 hours no sleep. Apoligies for any mistakes.

I literally need to sleep though. I wonder if horse tranquilizers are a thing in Equestria?

"Remember, You have one week to get this place up to code, or to find a new place to live. I'm sure there's plenty of stallions that would be more than happy to have somepony as... unique as you share their bed."
>Did she really just suggest you shack up with a pony guy?

## That should be at the first of that post. Sorry if I am fucking this up. My first real attempt at a green. I'm also only semi-conscience due to lack of sleep.
>orange pekoe
Anonette confirmed shit tier.
Earl Grey master race.
File: Celestia_go_to_bed.png (183 KB, 725x700)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Ah, that makes sense now. Get some rest bud.
> Shouldn't this be addressed to the property owner?
So, are we to assume that a local government official purposefully threatened to fine an innocent alien I order to settle some bets?
I really hope Anonette consults Twilight on this, and gets some measure of justice. That said, I am curious about what kind of other things Anonette will do to solve the problem, and how the casual sex setting will affect her.
>Well, this was a minor set-back.
>A plumber you were not.
>The only "marketable skill" you had was stuff related to IT...
>Like how to properly run cable
>How to set up and manage servers remotely...
>In a land where magic was a legit thing, and the most advanced thing you've seen here were steam engines and mechanical cash registers.
>You sigh and look toward your knee-high wood stove and thought about making more tea.
>That's just stalling though, so you opt to actually start your day.
>Grab your washcloth, towel and a small (for you) bottle of pony shampoo
>You grab your washcloth and head toward the water pump on the other side of the barn
>After wetting the cloth with the hoof-pump you look around
>Sweet! Nobody's around!
>SUDO hookerbath -cold
>You take your shirt off and lay it across the "handle" of the pump and hike your shorts down to your knees and wash the stankiest parts of your bloated frame
>But on the plus side, without a steady supply of junk food, cola and takeout, you think you've actually lost some weight.
>You finish your whore's bath and get your shirt back on.
>As you turn around you see a very flustered looking red earth pony Stallion who was trying his hardest to look everywhere but at you.
>Judging by his expression, you figured if he wasn't already firetruck red, he'd be blushing. For the record, you've only heard maybe six words come out of Big Mac's mouth since you got here.
>Holy shit, did he just watch you take an impromptu bath?
>Try and play it off like nothing happened.
>You give him a bit of a smile and fixed your hair a bit.
"See ya later, Mac. I gotta head in town and get some running around done. Apparently the barn is in violation of some residential code or something."
>You addressing him seemed to fluster him even more. He bashfully looked away and nodded.
>Stallion of few words... as always.
"If I were you... I'd talk to Princess Twilight."
>Holy shit! That was the most you've ever heard him talk!
>Before you turned to leave, it donned on you that maybe you should go have a word with Twi, and show her the letter. Just to find out if that unicorn was being honest.
>It wasn't like she showed you anything proving that she worked for whatever branch of the government she said she was with...
>You grab the letter, and your bag of bits, tucking it into your plain black shoulder bag you brought here with you and start your way toward the village the Apple family's farm bordered.

## Just woke up. More is coming. I have plans. Anonette is going to have to go to Canterlot or Manehatten to get plumbing stuff, but I am still bouncing ideas around in my head. She might opt just to find a different living arrangement. Next post will have smut, I promise.
>SUDO hookerbath -cold
You are not on the list of sudoers
This incident will be reported
Anonette, just try to circumvent the law. Like, she gave you 7 days, so become de jure homeless on the sixth day. Then "return" back to barn (again de jure), this mare would be forced to come to barn again and to give 7 days for you "to get this domicile into compliance". And again. And again. And again.
Repeat it until this mare would reconsider her life-choices and would become actually useful to society.

For example until she would become a janitor.
## Interesting idea, but what are Equestria's vagrancy laws? More greens will be coming when I finish my coffee. Ended up falling asleep at my desk.

>Be anonette
>Be told by "da gubmint" you have to get indoor plumbing in your "domicile" in a week or you're going to get fined out the ass.
>You didn't have that kind of money to pay a fine, and you weren't even sure if you had the money to get running water in the barn...
>You think about what Big Mac said - going to see princess Twilight.
>So after a loser-lap around the main drag, taking a peek at the different stores and getting an inadvertent show as you did.
>A trio of ponies were making the cutest little Eiffel tower on either side of a mare by the fountain while a unicorn stallion on a bench was getting a sloppy blowjob from a grey-furred pegasus mare.
>Whelp - there goes your master plan to suck and fuck fine money out of these little ponies. Were hookers even a thing in this fresh hell? You were starting to figure it a "no"... Why would one pay when mares seem to be giving it out for free?
>Lost in thought you nearly trip over a green-furred unicorn stallion on top of a cream coloured mare with curly red hair.
"Sorry, nearly stepped on you two."
>They didn't even respond. They both looked rather occupied.
>You didn't see a plumbing or even a hardware store on the main drag of shops so you make your way to Twilight's friendship castle playset.
>You give the door a push open and walk inside. Ponies don't seem to lock their doors - Something you've noticed since you showed up.
>You wander the halls until you find Princess Twiggles in her office, shuffling through a stack of papers.
>You casually knock on the door frame and purplesmart looks up from her work.
"Oh, Hi, Anonette! How are you doing? Any friendship updates to tell me about?"
>At least she didn't seem pissed off to see you. That was a plus.
"Uhh... Fine, I guess. I'm not really here on a social call though."
>You dig the letter out and hand it to Twilight.
"This was sent to me today, and I had a visit from the..."
>You had to think.
"...Equestrian residential habitation office. A unicorn mare stopped over and said AJ's barn wasn't up to code - there needed to be running water in there."
>Twi was silent, looking the letter over.
"Anonette... I... Don't think that pony that stopped over today was who she said she was!"
>You raise an eyebrow
"What do you mean? So there's no such thing as the Equestrian Residential Habitation office?"
>Twilight nods and hands the letter back to you, her hoof pointing to a blank spot on the paper.
"See, here is where the royal seal should be... but as you can see..."
>Twilight nods.
"Now, Anonette... What did this mare look like?"
>Why did you feel so dirty? Like you snitched on someone just to be petty?
>It was a weight off of your chest though, knowing that you weren't on the hook for getting plumbing in the barn.
>You stopped at Sugarcube Corner and got a cute little pink and white paper bag of donut holes of various flavours. You always were so indecisive when it came to picking out snacks.
>Snacks in tow, you head back up the road that lead out of town toward the apple farm.
>As you walk under the gate of the fence that surrounded the farm, you spot Big Mac bumbling around outside the barn, like he's trying to figure out if you're back yet.
>You smile a little. It's just too cute. You pick up the pace a bit and come up behind Big Mac, who was staring at the bottom of the barn door, his ears darting about.
"Hiya, Mac!"
>He jumped a bit.
"Oh, Hi, Anonette... Didn't see ya there. I got somethin' to ask ya, if you don't mind."
>Again, this is weird... You've heard more from Big Mac today than the whole time you were here. He also seems nervous.
"Well, sure! What's on your mind, big guy?"
>You give him a bit of smile as you push the barn door open and gesture to him to follow you inside.
Dialogue that isn't from the POV should be greenlines, fyi.
>big guy
When's the negro in charge of the story where Anon fucks his way through the entire population of a school gonna come back
Going to prison for pedoshit. Because barbieshit is pedoshit.
File: medium (1).png (556 KB, 579x600)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
Can't wait!
Anyone interested in a casual tongue kissing green?
Heck yeah.
Sure, let's see what you've got.
extra lewd touches
Why not.
File: 1534487628783.png (132 KB, 521x483)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
Go for it, that sounds fun.
File: 1240970.png (154 KB, 800x957)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
File: Pinks.png (39 KB, 423x498)
39 KB
>You walk into Sugarcube Corner and make your way to the service counter.
>"Hey Nonny! What'll it be today?"
>You wave at the perky pink pony and look at the menu on the billboard behind her.
>You really didn't know what you wanted. You've had everything the bakery had to offer, twice.
"I'll take a uh..."
>Something new catches your eye.
"Wait, what's with the new offer? It says half off your order if you guess the chef's flavor?"
>She snickers, "Geez Nonny, isn't it obvious? It's a scheme to tap into a wider market segment now that the new tax laws are taking more money from the middle class."
"Yeah but how does it work? I mean, you always taste like yourself whenever I eat you out?"
>"Oh. Well duh of course that part of me tastes like myself silly. You're supposed to guess the last flavor I ate."
>That's a twist.
"Huh, seems simple enough."
>She quirks a brow and ducks behind the counter for a second. She surfaces a moment later, licking her lips clean.
>If whatever she tasted had any color it was pink, because you couldn't tell the difference.
>She leans over the counter, "You gonna keep the customers waiting?" She motions to the line forming behind you.
>No sense in stirring up trouble this early in the morning.
>You lean in, leading with tongue as you taste the outside of her fuzzy lips for hints of any flavor, but her own tongue had done a good job of cleaning that up.
>You press harder against her in a proper kiss and the bubbly mare giggles as she lets you probe around for clues. On her tongue? Nope. Under it? No joy. You pull her head into yours and press deeper to sample the crannies of her back teeth. Her wildly swirling tongue wasn't making the task any easier, but you finally pick up the slightest hint of apples and cinnamon.
>You grin on her muzzle and pull back with a string of saliva connecting your lips.
"I'll take half off your signature Apple Cinnamon fritter."
>You peck her lips for fun.
>She grins happily, "You got it, Nonny!"
>Her bobbing mane ducks behind the counter once again and the mare returns with a plate containing a fresh pastry, minus one obvious bite.
>"That'll be 2 bits!"
>You drop the bits in her hoof and wipe your mouth before snagging a napkin and heading to the outdoor patio seating.
>What a nice day it was.
>You pull up a seat adjacent to a couple who looked like they came here for a real lunch and had now moved to dessert.
>The stallion nods at you, his marefriend's head buried between his legs, audibly slurping around his member.
>It was a bit distracting, but nothing out of the ordinary.
>You dig into your pastry only to be assaulted by a rush of air and a characteristic voice.
>"Heya Anon!"
>You turn around to see Rainbow Dash trotting up to your bench, clearly sweaty from a recent workout.
"What's up Dash?"
>Her smiling muzzle makes a beeline for your mouth and she leaves your lips with a coat of salty sweat from her peck.
>"Hey, was that Apples and Cinnamon?"
"Yep, wanna bite?"
>"Nah, I'm on a diet." She pauses before leaning in and licking a bit of crumbs and creamy filling from the corner of your mouth. "Heh, Apples Cinnamon and Anon."
"Is that better or worse than just Apples and Cinnamon?" You grin at her.
>She takes a seat next to you and fans her wings over herself.
"You smell like a locker room ya know." You remind her as you take another bite.
>"Eh, you'd still do me over any other mare in town."
>You swallow and refrain from commenting, she was right after all. That athletic body was amazing and she could do some incredible stuff with her wings.
>The blue pegasus sits idly and watches the mare at the other table wipe some cum from her muzzle, her stallion trowing a foreleg around her and hugging her to his chest with a grin.
>Her eyes turn to you.
"Yeah I know, you could bust me in half that time."
File: Screenshot_1.png (1012 KB, 1490x868)
1012 KB
1012 KB PNG
>She smirks, "Heh, I was actually going to ask if you had any spare bits so I could go grab something."
"So you're saying you couldn't finish me off in half the time?"
>She grins, "You're really not being that subtle ya know."
"Subtle about what? You're the one so competitive about this stuff."
>"Not gonna work buddy."
"What won't work? You sucking my dick? Yeah I do have quite the stamina."
>"Nice try, but this is a 'I scratch your back you scratch mine' sorta deal, I've been pretty pent up."
"I don't know if I'll let you get too close until you hop in a shower."
>"That's never stopped you before?"
"So you admit you're not here for the snacks."
>You finish off the last bit of your fritter and turn to face her, only to get interrupted by her face intercepting yours.
>Her muzzle invades, her lips sealing with yours as her tongue slips in to scoop the recent bite from your grasp.
>The pegasus pulls back, ignoring the connecting strand of saliva on your lips and chewing with a smile.
>"I never said that! Now drop those pants."
>Complaining never even crossed your mind as you hurriedly remove your lower garments.
"Ok how do you want to--oof!"
>The energetic mare hops on your lap, her wings lightly flared, a around your neck.
>The other moves your rapidly hardening penis against the slick fur of her muff.
>"I've got an itch I need to scratch so don't try to pull out this time."
"But it's so fun to watch you lick it off your teats!"
>Your glans glides between her slimy folds and she sits down slowly, looking blankly at the passers by as your cock sinks into her.
>"Yeah whatever, just...I need this alright?"
>Fair enough, who are you to turn down the honest request of your friend.
"Ok but don't..."
>She hugs you and buries her muzzle in your neck to huff your musk, staining your shirt with her spicy sweat.
"...make a mess of the shirt...whatever."
>You grip her slick fur as best you could and drive up into her warm canal as she clings to you like plastic wrap.
File: Spoiler Image (161 KB, 1550x750)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
Anyone interested in me continuing?
why not just make this
>ponies displaying normal horse behavior
This is exactly how real horses work. Stallion are unable to rape mares. That's why the breeding mares have to be tied down.
yar, just sleepy.
If you don't I swear I'll be very sad.
please do
Alright then I'll pick it up in the morning.
So far so good. It's neat to have unintended consequences of the setting, looking forward to see what else you have.
I do,
what about horse dick?
File: 1546810586418.jpg (157 KB, 640x740)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>why not just make rape thread
>I cant read: the post
Because those are animals running on instinct and mlp ponies are sapients with monogamous mating tendencies.
File: fun.png (869 KB, 760x489)
869 KB
869 KB PNG
>It was safe to say there were a lot of mares who felt pretty much identical down below. Not only in the texture and tightness of their holes, but also in their mannerisms and sexual appetites.
>Carrot top, for example, was just like Fluttershy in that she never pushed into you--both of whom also mirrored Twilight and Colgate in their pattern of winks and time it took to reach climax.
>That's not to say they were all boring to you, but it was a refreshing change to have a wildcard on your dick.
>That is to say, Rainbow wasn't your average fuck.
>Being a world class athlete put her in a league in which she was currently the only member.
>For a while, she was actually quite the prude, but after your camping trip together, your friendship developed and you got to watch all manners of depraved behavior blossom forth from the depths of her animalistic libido.
>Some of the stuff you did together you actually were too afraid to do in public...which was saying something...for both of you.
>The crevice between her hindlegs is even hotter after her workout; spicy humidity warms your legs as your grind enthusiastically against one another.
>Nothing got her in the mood like working out, and whether she'd admit it or not, she needed this more than you did.
>Her sweaty pelvis mashes into your crotch as she spasms wildly around your few inches of penetration--trying to do little more than rub your naked cock on and in every corner of her excreting sex.
>You cared for all your friends, but Dash was a special case. You weren't sure why exactly, but it was absolutely adorable to see her change as you fuck the feistiness right out of her.
"You don't have to rush you know!" You grunt.
>You clamp down on her torso and freeze her hips with another hand.
>Unable to move, she resorts to putting her all into her vaginal clenching--as evidenced by the obnoxious squelching that comes in sync with the sensation of her juices dripping down your scrotum.
File: Screenshot_1.png (881 KB, 1359x591)
881 KB
881 KB PNG
>"Speak for yourself, you weren't the one who flew all the way from Canterlot for some dick."
"You flew all the way back for my dick? Must be a pretty special dick."
>"Nah I was just...uhh..."
>Got her there.
>"I was coming back to Ponyville anyways so--"
"--So you just stopped by to see your favorite human along the way?"
>She reaches back to push your leg to the side, trying to get you to trow it over the other side of the bench.
>"C'mon dude, you know how to push my buttons."
>Fair enough.
>You concede her unspoken request. Your now spread legs lets her narrow rump sit down all the way to the hilt.
>"Gahhh..." She sighs and tucks her muzzle down the neck opening of your shirt, shamelessly sniffing at your masculine musk.
>As far as sex goes, she was getting pretty into it. Almost enough to start making you self-conscious...almost.
>"Hey Nonny! Whoa! I didn't know you were in town Rainbow?" Pinkie exclaims, walking around the corner with a serving platter.
>"Just got back!" The prismatic mare's rushed and muffled response comes between deep breaths.
>You pat the part of her head sticking out of your shirt.
"She's just working off some steam. Hey, Pinkie...ah! You still have that cookie box deal you were promoting last week?"
>Her brow quirks as she watches Dash's tail pull back just in time for an audible splurt of crystal clear mare goo to connect her shivering butt crack to the wooden bench.
>Your finger snakes down to rub around her naked dock crevice--making her anus reflexively flare as she moans.
"Can I get one of those? I have a feeling this one will need the energy boost when we're done."
>"Mmm right here ya know..." The pegasus groans, still spasming from her explosive orgasm.
>You reach around with your free hand to find your wallet in your shorts.
>"Geez Anon, you really know how to treat a mare. Remind me to visit you for a homecoming rut next time I take a trip!"
"Heheh, sure thing Pinkie!"
Sorry i hope you mean FANTASY horse mating habits
>She trots back inside, abandoning her two drops of lubricant on the stone patio as she retrieves your cookies.
>You set the bits on the table and your attention returns to Dash as you grab her wings and push her down by them.
>"Ngah! Yeah keep that up!"
>Her frazzed mane hangs loosely above her dopey expression as she emerges from her pheromone hotbox in your shirt.
>Her cries are drown out amidst the din of the busy street corner.
>Your pace slows to a steady rhythm as you rut your way to the finale.
>"H-hey, can you do that thing with your finger?"
"I swear, if you keep asking me to do this one day I'm going to shove my dick in there."
>You move from her muscly dock and reach between her asscrack to wipe up some of her juice. The stingy lube spans your fingers as you massage it into her flexing ponut.
>"Anon...you know that's too b..." She trails off bashfully and tucks her ears.
"What was that?" You ask with a bemused expression.
>"I said it's too big." She whispers before looking around, as if her timidity to get rammed in the ass was something to be ashamed of.
>You slip two slick fingers into her butthole up to the knuckle.
"I can work you up to it."
>"Here's your cookies! One dozen, half chocolate chip half raisins and oatmeal!"
>You both snap out of your intimate expressions.
>Her eyes narrow.
>"Yes. You're gonna eat 'em and like it!"
"Ok ok! Dash can have the raisin ones since she's on a diet anyways."
>"Hey! How come I get only the raisin ones?"
"Because you literally just told me you're on a diet."
>"And I was literally joking, dummy."
"How am I supposed to know..."
>You grimace and close your eyes as you lean into her warm neck.
>Your nose runs up the base of her jaw, tickling itself with her soft fur.
>She needed a shower but...it still smelled nice.
>The rushing in your loins was rapidly approaching its peak and the pegasus responds in kind.
>"Finally dude...agh!"
>She grabs your waist and humps a bit harder on your dick, each tug seems to be in sync with your throbbing heartbeat.
>Your move up her cheek, nuzzling against the softness, down her muzzle, reveling in the hot air you breathe from her.
>"Heheh, Anon quit! Sorry Pinkie, thanks for the cookies...pthhfp!"
>The pegasus snickers and grins as you loose your mind to instinct and start licking at Dash's teeth.
>As intrusive as it was she couldn't call it annoying, something about feeling so inherently desirable really made her happy to oblige your little quirk.
>Her ears tuck and her chuckling keeps her smile alive for you to taste as she makes eye contact with Pinkie and shrugs.
>"Heh, thowy...yoh know how heh ghets-tttpt!"
>It becomes too much of a spitwad to juggle so she opens her mouth in the hopes you express your enthusiasm in a more controlled environment.
>"No problem! You two enjoy!"
>"Yep. Will do!" She manages without breaking the string of saliva connecting your bottom lip to hers.
>Finally, you hilt.
>"Ngh...thee we goh...hhat's what ah neehed-ohohohooooh buck!"
>The pegasus talks dirty, indifferent to the extra tongue getting between her and her words.
>Amid all the warm stickyness connecting you two, something new rushes into the mix--hot semen, spritzing her cervix--giving her the same relief as taking a cool shower on a hot summer day.
>She closes her eyes and groans, simply enjoying the long sought relief that now washed over her at the pace of your twitching dick.
>Her hot breaths wash over your cheek, the lewd squelching of your moist genitals now swapped with that of your mouths.
>The pegasus remained more or less tranquilized by your injection for the next minute.
>You pull away from her muzzle and tuck a lock of hair behind her ear.
>"How come you never rut me like that?" A young, turquoise mare asks dreamily at an adjacent table.
>"Because you're my sister, Sage." The stallion responds tiredly, his eyes on his own menu.
>You spin around on your butt so you can lounge against the table and let your juices drip on the floor rather than the bench.
>Dash makes no effort to pull away, but rather shoots you her characteristic smirk.
>"I woulda popped ya faster with my muzzle, I swear."
>You ruffle her mane and place a cookie between her teeth.
"I'll have to see it to believe it."
>She just snickers before bumping the other edge of the cookie to your lips.
>You take a bite, appreciating her kind gesture before she wolfs down the rest of it.
>You give her rump a few pats.
"Good to go now?"
>"Yeah hold on, lemme just..."
>She grunts and pushes, expelling your flaccid dick along with a dallop of white jizz.
>"Dang that was a lot dude." She comments, sitting up and straddling the strings of elastic connective fluids still connecting your genitals.
"Hold on you're going to get it all over the place."
>You reach for the napkins and hold her hindleg out of the way while you wipe her muff clear.
>Her fur is already starting to stick every which way in a matted mess.
"There we go."
>She skitters to her hooves, her hinlegs a bit jerky as her tail flicks at the air.
"Want a cookie for the road?"
>"Heh, nice joke. How about this, you can take my cookies back to your place and I'll swing by tonight for the movie and snag them then."
"Alright I promise I'll leave the raisin ones for you."
>"I swear Anon..."
"Nah I'm kidding!"
>You wrap her head in a hug and smooch the side of her muzzle before letting her go.
"Now don't swing by with someone else's creampie and expect a rut again, ok?"
>"Pfft! Not my fault your carpet stains easily!"
"Get outta here before I find another job for that fiesty mouth of yours!"
>She sticks her tongue out at you and dodges away as you go to spank her, only to duck back in for a parting peck.
>"Later Anon!"
"See you Dash!"
>And with that the mare takes off...dripping on a few passers by who wipe themselves off in annoyance.
The overarching plot of sorts is to work Dash up to anal on movie night...a movie night that Anon will slowly invite everyone else to as he encounters and doinks them.

Feedback, comments, critiques welcome!
Everyone? Even Sage?
Seriously though, nice work.
>anal on movie night
You have my attention.
File: 1545015689193.jpg (99 KB, 445x397)
99 KB
>Luna keeps you in place with her magic as well as wraps a wing around your back
>Her saliva is thick
>It coats your balls, your legs, and her entire muzzle as she noisily sucks you
>Her mouth is thrillingly warm, and she sucks you so hard that it takes your breath away
>Her tongue snakes and coils around your shaft
>It probes and tickles, trying to find your most sensitive spots
>When she finds them--when you jerk or moan just a little louder than normal--she attacks them as she bobs and twists her head
>Each time she takes you to the hilt her muzzle smooches against your pelvis
>Her tongue snakes out of her mouth to lap at your balls
>Your tip tickles the entrance of her throat
>If she's being particularly aggressive--she changes her speed and technique seemingly at random and without warning--your tip enters her throat, which is so warm and tight that your eyes cross
>She doesn't stop or slow down even when you cum, simply swallowing your load or allow it to fire directly into her gullet
>Most often than not however, she pulls back until just your tip is in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it to give you an especially hard orgasm
>She seems to enjoy the taste, though never admits it
>After a few rounds your cum covers her muzzle along with spit
>It also collect around her chin so that it can drip onto the floor
>She sucks on you for hours, using her magic to keep you producing cum for her
>Her record was five hours, after you booped her in front of the Saddle Arabian dignitary
>You weren't able to walk straight for two days after that
Well done, writefag. Love the casual playfulness of their encounter. Think that's what definitely adds to the CSE experience.
Which stories are Twilight-focused?
I liked it. I got the sense that they're starting to mean more to each other than just casual sex partners. Good job writefriend.
Yeah I guess I'm just shitty at this because I've written a lot of Dash smut and I'm in love with her but I'm going to try to work that whole relationship angle in without nuking the concept. It'll be fun. Plus now I actually have direction to the story.

>Well that was refreshing.
>You look down at your sweat soaked shirt. Soaked with not your sweat.
>Perhaps your definition of refreshing has shifted since you've been here.
>You were going to need a shower anyways, she always leaks like faucet.
>Speaking of which...you reach for a napkin only find the dispenser empty.
>With a frown, you fold the wet napkin you have in your hand in half and try to wipe up.
>You only succeed in making a bigger mess.
>"Geez Nonny, are you sure you're not mates or something? She gushed like she's really into you!"
"Whoa! Hey Pinkie? What are you talking about? How long have you been standing there?"
>"Oh just for the bit where you were like ng ng ng! and she was like mh mh mh! and then whooosh!"
"So...the whole time?"
>"Yep I just love seeing ponies having a good time! Well, ponies and humans hahaha!"
>You try to laugh nervously with her. You can't.
>She trots up and licks the clear string dangling from your tip--making you flinch.
"Hey! Careful it's super sensitive right after--"
>"--I knew it! You're the only stallion I can taste in her my guess is she hasn't let anyone frost her buns since last estrus!"
"What are you talking about--waah!"
>A cold pony nose ducking under your cock and pressing against your balls almost sends you flying off the bench.
>Her tail flags and a pink hoof moves between her legs.
>"Cuz last estrus I was tossing her salad and I could taste every stallion she'd taken since last May which was less than I expected and I was like, hey Rainbow I didn't know you rutted Thunderlane and she was like 'yeah he it was super lame he was all..."
>You try to push her off as she rambles on but she doesn't budge, so rather than make a scene you try to relax amidst the hot breath flooding your recently vacated testes.
>What was with these ponies and musk? It was like an aphrodisiac to them.
>Whatever, just let her do her thing and she'll be done in no time.
>You zone out of her rambling to reflect on what she'd said about Dash.
>Could it really be true? Did she actually like you? Well, of course she liked you but...what does it even mean to LIKE like someone?"
>You look over at the mare giving you a dreamy look and her brother trying his best to find something interesting on the menu.
>You start sifting through Pinkie's wiry mane as her nuzzling turns to licking.
>If you weren't on the recovery you'd be more into her, you almost feel bad. She must've gotten pretty worked up watching as much as she did.
>At least this way she got what she needed and you got somepony to clean you up...sorta.
"Excuse me, miss."
>"Sage Brush..." She responds as if she'd been waiting for you to talk to her.
"Yeah, miss Sage Brush--"
>"--Just Sage is fine..."
"Ok, Sage. Do you mind if I ask you a question?"
>"Anything at all..."
>Her brother elbows her shoulder but she just shrugs him off.
"Say you've been best friends with a mare, or uh, a stallion for a while, how would you go about letting them know you like them?"
>Her soft gaze lingers on the pink pony vigorously getting off to her oral satisfaction.
>"I'd probably meet them at a cafe for a coffee and rut..."
>"Sage quit."
>"Shutup Wheat Field!" She pushes him away.
>Pinkie hums as you scratch her ear so you keep scratching it. Her tongue worms behind your left nut making you snicker.
"No I mean like, how would you show them you really like them? You know?"
>She seems to ponder for a moment before leaning forward on the table and licking her lips.
>"Well, since you asked. I'd make sure I get nice and worked up for our meeting, maybe run a few laps around town since I know he'd like me nice and dirty."
>You nod and lean in, completely enthralled with her explanation.
>"Then. I'd get him to order me something, a pastry...maybe a cookie."
>Dang Dash kinda did that didn't she?
"Yeah? Then what?"
>Her tone comes back barely louder than a whisper.
>"Then I'd make him sweeten it with his cum and eat it bit by bit while he licks my--"
>"Sage I said quit it!" Her brother swats the back of her head with the menu.
>With a groan and a dopey grin, Pinkie surfaces and wipes her muzzle clear of evidence... with her gooey hoof...then the dry hoof.
>"Yeah, you might wanna not take advice from Sage." She whispers, "She's kind of a pervert."
>Says the mare who just rubbed off while sniffing your nuts in public.
>"But seriously dude, after that I'd get us alone together. Maybe to try something new or something I'd never tried with another stallion...which isn't much." Sage ponders.
>"Not much at all."
>"Heheh!" Pinkie laughs in agreement.
>If Sage's advice was to be taken seriously, it might just fit Dash's profile.
"Thanks Sage!" You wave bye and she sighs disappointingly before turning to face her brother.
>You can't tear your eyes away as a blush spreads across both yours and Pinkie's faces.
>You reach for your pants and put them on before you have to explain an awkward boner.
"Y-you came, right?" You stutter amidst the background noises.
>"Yep." Pinkie's still watching. Was that shock on her face?
>You glance back to see some blueberries being used very creatively on a very embarrassed participant.
"Sheesh. Some ponies man." You zip up your shorts.
>Pinkie shakes her head and wipes the streak of pegasus and human cum from her nose.
>"Yeah man, some ponies."
I like your writing style. More !
3rd Anon here. It's not a literary masterpiece but it's not bad either. I don't expect perfection in greens. You got some world building happening and it seems like things are getting set up nicely so far.
I like it. Please continue
Sisterly reunions often start by showing off new moves as well as some classics for old times sake.
It must survive.
File: 1539816134004.png (1.61 MB, 1600x1570)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
Not sure where to go with this but i came up with the following
>kirin in casual sex-verse
>instead of the stream of silence, they adopt all kinds of gags to stop each other fron talking
>gags range from simple ballgags to full tack with bits and blinders
> instead of yellowquiet and applehoers visiting their village, rarara gets send
>turns out the kirin got bored with their old gear and wanted here to design new stuff
>something something, buttplugs, ringgags and steamy quiet/gagged sex happens
>afterwards, rarara brings back new ideas to ponyville

Maybe a bit too SiM for the thread but i had to post it, after being too late for the kirinthreaf. Maybe someone nonretarded can come up with some good green
Thanks! Keep the thread alive I'll try to post after work tomorrow!
Got a Pastebin?

Story is titled "Casual Friday"
File: 1091990.png (390 KB, 1280x853)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
Filly fun?
File: apple_bloom_being_sexy.png (241 KB, 1017x1024)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Hang in there. Work came up but expect some Raributtsmut on Thursday
So, casual incest impregnation?
> Attend a lecture at college
> Signal for one of the TA's
> 24 year old mare hunkers down between your legs and gives you a blowjob
> Swallows, glances at your notes and smiles before heading back to the side of the lecture hall
Only thing I like about an is her red hair
Quality quads. Unf.
Looking like this thread may be dying. All our writefags are gone.
YOOOOO I'll write a green later

Casual tonguefuck anon is still here
Pone pusse pls
cute spa horses
Except why would it be private though
Hey, if they're making money from their techniques, why do it in public where people can copy their secrets?
They share breath with you.
This is a blue board, you absolute degenerate.
File: 1538584275435.png (129 KB, 620x347)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
That was fucking fantastic. Kissing is so underused in fics. You're a fucking champion, man.
Smooch the mare right on her mouth
File: 1520921873779.jpg (341 KB, 1400x1050)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
>Only after interrogating you on your movie night plans does the pink mare trot back to the sales counter, trailing some fresh pheromones.
>You gather yourself and make your way back home.
>Home being the budget apartments at the edge of town.
>As you make your way through the busy streets, you reflect on your first time here.
>It was a bit deceiving how everything looked so normal on the surface, ponies milled about, happily chatting about the weather or whatnot.
>There were very few indications that nearly no one had any shame when it came to their bodily needs.
>The fact that clothing was nonexistent should've tipped you off.
>But it wasn't until one morning a month ago when a certain pegasus mare chose greeting you with her wet lips that you figured out something was up.
>Be it coincidence or lack of awareness, you hadn't seen any overtly sexual acts in public up until that point.
>A lot changed that day.
>For the better too.
>Needless to say that may be why you always felt partial to Dash. She was your first after all.
>What are you talking about?
>You're just friends. Pinkie's gossip is just getting to your head.
>You freeze in your tracks before you walk past the Carousel Boutique.
>You had a few new shirts on order from Rarity and she was the only one who could properly dry clean the delicate shirt you were wearing anyways. Might as well stop in and say hi.
>A short knock precludes your entry.
>"I'll be with you in just a moment!" Comes her sing-song voice from somewhere in the back.
>She seems to be talking to somepony else...probably in the middle of a custom fitting.
"Ok, take your time!" You close the door behind you.
>You take off your sweat-stained shirt while you wait, turning over the damp fabric in your hands.
>A few cyan hairs pop out--vibrant against the maroon background.
>The scent of pegasus sweat starts to tickle your nose.
>She really wasn't that bad. A bit spicy maybe, but with a soft, earthy overtone...what's the word...
>Petrichor. The smell of fresh rain on dry dirt.
>That's it, she smelled like rainy BO.
>You chuckle to yourself. How cool is that?
>The Rainbow pony smells like rain.
>"Anon! I thought that was your voice!"
>You snap out of your trance and fold up the shirt.
"Hey Rarity. Just wanted to stop by and see if my t-shirts were finished?"
>She quirks a brow and smiles.
>"I see you're quite eager to try them on already?"
>You look down at your bare torso.
"Oh, no uhm...I mean yes. I just, this one got a little messy."
>"Oh, quite understandable darling, I can take care of that for you in a snap."
>She reaches for a dry cleaning tag.
>You hesitate.
>Don't do it. You're just going to make things weird.
"...it's fine. Just spilled some water on it is all."
>Aw shit you've gone and done it now.
>Your cheeks flush and you feel guilty like you just stole some panties or something.
>It wasn't that bad was it?
>It was just a comforting smell...
>Yeah, no you're a pervert.
>What would she think of you if she found out you were stealing her scent for...whatever it is you plan to do with it?
>Well it wasn't stealing, it was more like pirating.
>And since when have you been into musk?
>"Darling are you alright? I asked if you could follow me back to the fitting room?"
>Did she? You didn't even hear her.
"S-Sorry! Coming!"
>You follow her to the back room and notice another mare you didn't recognize sifting through some articles of clothing.
>"Take a seat Anon." She points to the bench as she trots over to her clothing rack.
>You do as you're told, and enjoy the scenery as she filters through the dozens of finished products.
>Something catches your eye, and you lean over to get a better look.
"Hey, Rarity, is that a plug I see?"
>You point at the glittery item peeking out from under her tail.
>"Oh? This?" She looks back and pulls her tail to the side, presenting her bare pink genitals, complete with a gem-studded butt plug.
>You'd be lying if you said the sight didn't get a rise out of you.
>Even with how accessable sex is, and how recently you just came, you find yourself rearing to go again.
>"You haven't seen it before? I could've swore I had it in last time we fornicated."
"Nope, never seen it. It looks nice though!"
>Your other head agrees.
>"Oh how sweet of you darling! I find it makes it easier to entertain company back there."
"Interesting, so do you have different sizes or...?"
>"Mhm!" She nods and unhooks your shirts after finally finding them.
>She floats them over to you on a blue aura before making her way over to you.
>You start trying on the first shirt as she explains.
>"Most mares start off small and work their way up to a medium size. This is somewhere in between."
>A blue aura drops the item in question into your other hand.
>"I find it keeps me just loose enough that it's not uncomfortable and just tight enough to satisfy."
"That's...very considerate of you."
>You examine the sizable metal spade-like object. It was a lot longer than you thought it'd be, and warmer.
>The polished metal stud is a bit tacky on your fingers as you hand it back to her.
>Rather than take it she just turns around a lifts her tail--revealing the slightly agape cherry red orifice it originated from.
>"If you would moisten it a bit please..."
>You glance awkwardly at the other mare in the fitting room, she was going about her own business but spares a glance your direction.
>You pop the plug in your mouth and lather it with your tongue before pulling it out like a lollipop and pressing it back in.
>For some reason, the sight of her wrinkled anus stretching to fit the bulb is exremely satisfying.
>Almost as satisfying as it is to feel her plothole clench as you bottom it out and give it a twist.
>"Mgh! Thank you."
>She turns around to check the fit of your shirt.
>"Good. Next one."
>You repeat the process with the next article of clothing, this time a button-up.
Lewd. We need more Chryssi in CSE.
File: 1975381.png (137 KB, 557x753)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
I wouldn't mind.
Nice. I think he's coming to the realization the significance Rainbow's scent means to him. I like it. It's not my thing but that is considerate of Rarity. I look forward to reading the next update.

I can see Chrysi giving Sex advise in CSE. Stamina coaching, "How best to please your partner", etc.
Changelings coaching ponies to improve their skill at sex sounds like a neat idea. Especially with the whole transformation thing.
Rather than having to find a trainer from each tribe, you just need to find one changeling.
File: 1552371061747.png (251 KB, 800x878)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
>"Why are you interested? Do you want to borrow my training plugs--"
"--No! Ahh, not my cup of tea."
>She smirks. "With how much time you spend with mares I'd say that's not exactly surprising."
"I was just asking because Dash and I...uh."
>"Oh? Rainbow was asking about it?"
>Should've kept your mouth shut.
>Now she's going to be mad at you for spilling her secret.
"Well, not exactly."
>"Oh do tell dear, is she trying to branch out and try something new?"
>You sigh in defeat.
"Lately she's been asking me to slip some fingers up her plot, but she's been too nervous to try anal. She's coming over tonight for a movie and...aww..."
>Spilled the beans there too dumbass.
>"A movie night? That sounds fun! What time?"
>You rub the back of your neck.
"Around seven...anyways, I was going to see if she wanted to give it a shot."
>"Hmm...that should work with my schedule."
>"Oh yes, sorry, um...well that's an improvement I suppose."
>She checks the fit of your final shirt and you take it off.
>After a quick glance down at the tent in your trousers, you shuffle out of those as well.
>If she's going to crash your party you're going to crash her ass.
>Rarity levitates over a bottle of lubricant and passes it off to you.
"Wait, an improvement?"
>She looks at you with mild surprise. "Yes, she's always been a bit bashful of her plothole, I'm surprised she's even going as far as talking to you about it."
"Really? Since when?"
>"Since forever darling. As far as I am aware your appendages are the only thing she's let anywhere near her."
"Huh. I had no idea."
>You squeeze the bottle only to find that it's empty.
"Um...you're out of lube. Do you want to just..."
>She looks over at you as her pert anus distends and pushes out her plug into her waiting hoof.
>"Oh, I could've sworn that was full a week ago."
>She sighs and leans in, her nose doting around your already sticky tip a few times as her hot breath makes you throb.
>The thoughts filling her mind are a mystery to you as she smells her rainbow friend's scent lathered all over your midsection.
>"In her defense, it's a big step for most mares."
>She takes you into the hilt in one gulp. Her talented tongue escapes her bottom lip to taste your balls.
"Why's that--ngh!"
>The tickle of magic rippling up your gooch jerks your hips forward as you reflexively thrust into Rarity's warm maw.
>The refined mare gags, her eyes squinting as she pulls off in momentary discomfort--a thick string of saliva connecting your member to the back of her tongue.
>"Gah! Ahem!"
>She composes herself and blinks away some tears.
>"Whatever for darling?"
>Your turgid spire was slicked with dripping pony spit so you don't waste any more time positioning against one another.
>Rarity lays on the bench next to you and you lean down to hock a wad of spit on her plothole.
>She remembers her train of thought as you massage it in.
>"Well, it's a bit of a trust thing you see. Until you get more experienced like myself, it's rather frightening to feel a cock there...especially if the stallion's a bit driven."
"Yeah, well I don't blame you. You mares are too good to us you know."
>She nods, "Well, I am the element of generosity, and if that's any indication, I would suspect the element of loyaly would need to feel like her relationship is more than a just heated romp before she opens herself up in that way."
>You position your tip against her and start pressing.
>Her clench immediately relaxes and she lets you pierce her well-trained anus.
"You think so? She's always shied away from those sorts of 'mushy' conversations."
>The unicorn smirks as a forceful thrust sends a jiggle through her rump, "Of course she does. She's awlays been shy about that sort of thing, but her actions won't lie."
>You smile and give her tail a playful tug as you come to a stop buried balls deep in her plothole.
"So you think she's hinting at something?"
>Her magic tickles your back door and forces you to thrust quite forcefully into her.
>She snickers as you fall back to a steady rhythym, "I don't think the only reason she's broaching the topic with you is because of your magic fingers, I'll put it that way."
"But why not, she's always-ngh! Talking about how great they are!"
>You reach down between her hindlegs to grope her squishy teats.
>"Oh dear, you still don't understand how mares work."
>She readjusts to lay on her back, spreading her legs and giving you a glimpse of her winking clit.
>"I think you should be focusing more on how you plan on popping her plot cherry."
>You grab her thigh and push back into her rectum, your balls tucking nicely into her dock.
"What is there to plan?"
>"Oh all sorts of things! If you handle a brand new mare like you're handling me you might just scare her into next week!"
>You pause.
>"...Please keep going, I'm far from fragile."
>You continue to buttfuck.
"Ok so take it slow, what else?"
>She sighs, "I'm afraid sex has lost its intimate appeal in todays culture."
>You move your other hand to get a better grip on her hips; she moves it back to her teats.
>"This is a trust excercise between you two, you can't take it lightly or else you'll alienate her."
"I'm not taking it lightly I lll...like her!"
>Why did you slur your L like you were indecisisve about your word choice?
>"I know you do, Anon, and that's why we're having this conversation."
>Her forehoof touches your hand and makes you pause, "Just calm down and let me help you."
>Calm down.
>You are calm.
>Heavy breathing, the sweat on your brow, and the froth of fuck juices piled up on Rarity's flushed red anus say otherwise.
>You didn't take the situation between you and Dash lightly. She may be a tough cookie to crack but she had a soft, gooey interior that was very fragile indeed.
>...so...so gooey
>"Anon, are you listening?"
>She quirks a brow but continues anyways, "Alright, listen. Every mare is different. How you work up to it is something only you two can figure out, but I can show you a few tricks that will make her happy with her rut."
>Rarity has your attention back immediately.
"I'm all ears!"
>"Good." She readjusts and tucks her hindlegs to her abdomen. Her tract immediately loosens up and you find yourself sink suddenly to the hilt with the resistance mostly gone.
>"Holding her legs up like this will make it easier for her to pass you...as I'm sure you can tell."
>You give a few experimental thrusts and notice your dick sinks into her slick butthole almost as easily as it did her pussy.
"Whoa! Yeah, that's a lot smoother."
>She nods, "She'll barely be able to clench so she'll feel very vulnerable if you do this. If it's the only way she'll take you, be gentle with her."
>You nod, feeling some burden of responsibility with this newfound power of sorts.
>"For your first time I'd also recommend you do away with the humping motion; rather, just stay inside her so she can get used to the sensation."
>She uses magic to freeze your hips as you hilt, keeping you balls deep as you throb against her warmth.
>"Thrusting creates friction, friction creates heat which will dry her out and cause her most sensitive parts to chafe. It may not be the most stimulating for you but she'll definitely appreciate your patience."
>You reach down to stream her messy tail between your legs, her winking seems to have tapered off so you graciously circle her clit to work her up again.
>She moans as her lips twitch and expel a drop of crystal clear juice.
"How can I tell if she's enjoying it?"
>Her sphincter clenches around your cock root and forces you to flare deep in her butt.
>"She'll let you know." Rarity responds with a flushed smile.
File: Screenshot_1.png (770 KB, 916x818)
770 KB
770 KB PNG
>"Now, for a bit of extra credit you can rub on a hot spot most mare's have."
>Her hindlegs clamp around your waist as she circles her rump around your piercing flesh.
>"Right...around...there!" She grunts and clenches hard.
>You feel your member pushing towards the back of her tract, the underside of your rod rubbing against a particularly noticable bump.
>"A few dozen nudges against that will be enough to finish even the most experienced of mares."
>Rarity takes it upon herself to rub it against you as she groans.
>Her marehood leaks against your pubes.
>Sticky strings squelch lewdly as they span between her muff and your crotch.
>If the matron of sex herself was having this much fun you can't help but imagine what Dash's virgin reaction will be.
>You still remember the expression on her face when you were able to hit her G-Spot and finger her clit at the same time.
>Apparently she'd never had that done before.
>You've never gotten so many happy pony kisses in your life.
>That was a fun day, and not just because of the sex.
>What you'd give to experience something like that again.
>To feel her tremble and squeal, unable to express anything but pleasure.
>To see the look of submissive content in her magenta eyes as she leans in to lick your face.
>To feel her hot breath and soft fur in all the right places as she snuggles up against you without a care in the world.
>Your joints strain and your cock swells as the physical manifestation of your emotions surfaces rather explosively in Rarity's plot.
>All you can feel is the seed flowing from you--into the hole that's so graciously milking you for all you're worth.
>The sound of giggling finally convinces you to open your eyes.
File: Screenshot_2.png (435 KB, 558x728)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
>You see the other mare in the fitting room lounged against the back wall, a juice-slick coat hanger prodding at her clenching labia.
>She's obviously been enjoying the show.
>"Hehehe! Sorry Rarity, I'm afraid you're not getting any gratitude from this one."
>Rarity just smiles, "Oh it doesn't bother me any, Coco. It's actually kind of cute don't you think?"
"Who? What are you talking about?"
>The daze of pleasure almost made you forget where you were at...and who you were in.
>The mare apparently named Coco just hums in agreement and stirs at her cleft some more, "I was kinda hoping you'd leave some stamina in him for me."
>The pearly unicorn releases her hold on your hips, letting you slide out and uncork the dam of cum that gushes from her rectum.
>A sizable wet spot on your lower belly--adjacent to her marehood a moment ago--told you she found the relief she was looking for.
>"Sorry but I'm afraid to say there's not much left in him after that little daydream!"
>She moves to clean up.
"What daydream, what are you talking about?" You...didn't say her name out loud did you?
>"Oh that's just adorable!" Coco squees, "Would you be a gentlecolt and lend me a hoof?"
"Uh...I guess."
>The two grinning mares are enjoying their little secret too much to let you in on it.
>You sigh and walk over to her, your post-ejection erection dripping a mix of clear and white cum.
>Her eyes gleam as she spreads her legs and watches you guide down into her messy, musky hole.
>Soft labia squelch as you part them with your naked, slimy penis.
"Not sure how much longer this'll last."
>"Oh don't you worry stud, I'll be there in jippy!"
>You press back into another warm hole, this one much squishier and wetter than Rarity's plot.
>A decent bit looser too.
>A myriad of glistening juices pile up on her lips as you hilt, but all you can think about is what was going through your head in that last moment of climax.
>"Mmm...there's still so much cum."
File: Screenshot_3.png (351 KB, 292x644)
351 KB
351 KB PNG
>Yes you silly mare did you think it just magically disappeared?
>She grabs your hips and slouches farther against the wall as she gyrates against you.
>You make sure she's on cruise control before letting your thoughts wander.
>Did you really feel that strongly about Dash? Or was she just your favorite fuck?
>Regardless of what you think you find yourself loosing temper.
>You lean in to Coco's muzzle and meet her in a deep tongue kiss.
>Your thoughts race to this morning, and the feeling of Rainbow snickering as you tasted her happy smile.
>The taste of her mouth was different; it's shape: narrower. The rainbow mare's movement's were excited and happy, rather than lusty--a difference you could tell as you kissed the horny earth mare.
>The pegasus always licked at your tongue like it was a reward in itself too, rather than simply dodge around it.
>The pony you're rutting against the wall screams and jerks wildly, her hindlegs twitch as a warm rush of stringy fluid sprays out of her cleft and across the floor--expelling your now limp dick in an audible queef.
>Good timing.
>You weren't going to keep her going much longer...especially not with how much perfume she was wearing.
>You find yourself longing for the pure, earthy scent of your friend; in anything just to relax against and enjoy the afterglow.
>Her wingpits always smelled like rain.
>"Oh Celestia that was good! Thank you, Anon."
>Her slick muzzle sucks another kiss from your lips before she slumps to her hooves.
>Back to reality, Anon.
"No problem, Coco. It was nice to meet you. I haven't seen you around here before, are you friends with Rarity?"
>"Only the best of friends!" Rarity responds from the other side of the room.
>She's still trying to dry her plothole with a rag.
>You put on your new button up first, before Coco cordially pulls you to the bathroom to wash off her mess.
File: Screenshot_4.png (217 KB, 284x644)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
>Her soft hooves hand you a wet rag before she wets one of her own and starts wiping down her crotch.
>"Sorry about that I haven't squirted on a cock in months!"
"Don't apologize, I'm just surprised I could work it out of you going soft like that."
>She giggles and flushes, "Heh, don't sell yourself short hot stuff!"
>You finish cleaning yourselves and Coco grabs a dry towel to dry off. She flosses it between her hindlegs before hoofing it to you.
>You almost swap it for a fresh towel, but offending her wasn't worth the risk.
>She really was a sweet mare.
>Besides, it'd still be the cleanest you've been of mare cunt all day.
>You file out of the bathroom and finish dressing before heading for the door just as a stallion and his marefriend walk in clearly looking to do business.
"Well, I won't keep you any longer. Thanks again for all the advice, Rarity!"
>You take a knee and give the mare a hug before pulling back to plant a lingering kiss on her mouth.
>She was a good friend and definitely lived up to her reputation as the element of generosity.
>She smiles and wipes her lips.
>"Anytime dear. Have fun tonight!"
"Coco." You nuzzle her giggling face--still flushed from her explosive orgasm.
>A second, steady kiss on her lips seals your acquaintance.
>Unlike Rarity she licks her lips in response.
>You get a feeling she's a lot wilder than even the veteran unicorn.
>With that you leave the two, frazzled, leaking mares in the boutique, old and new shirts under arm.
Raributtslut arc complete. Comments, critiques, lewd requests welcome
And thus, the movie night guest list starts to expand. Thanks for the update, friend. The surprise Coco was cute.
What >>33836902 said. It's nice to get a bit more of the character setting/relationship building/defining before we get to the Anon and RD section again. The build up will be worth it.
Really good also i love how you describe kisses.
Let me guess, the next one is Fluttershy, right? RD best friend ?
source on the image?
I couldn't say it better than these two >>33836902 >>33836910 . I'm not a fan of buttfun. I just don't get how it would be pleasurable for either party. That said this was nice. I love how Rarity was looking out for both Anon & RD. It's touching really and not a single hint of 'drama-i-ness' either. I like it! I'd totally ship with this Rarity if I wasn't harboring a heart-boner for RD at the moment. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading the next update.
Indeed. An idea struck me where Anon becomes a frequent visitor because he's developing feelings for Chrysi even in her normal form which confuses her.
File: 1350082.png (468 KB, 1000x1000)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
File: 1556696641452.png (240 KB, 413x515)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
File: 1979268.png (2.29 MB, 3596x2471)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
File: Good Pony.png (582 KB, 1276x643)
582 KB
582 KB PNG
please continue, that was amazingly written
Wow was that our deadest day yet?
Thanks, I will. I have to work pretty long hours so hang in there and I will try to update every night
File: -mlp- 9.png (174 KB, 421x431)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
File: large.jpg (578 KB, 1024x1024)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
kek. You know, it took me a while to get what was going on in the pic the first time I saw it.
>casual molestation
Is it me or does anon in that image seem more uncomfortable than turned on by the situation?
>"A-Anon, are you sure this is the best way to relieve you? Oh! Why am I so wet?"

I want to awaken Fluttershy's pet fetish.
I don't think Anon is uncomfortable with this situation at all, he's more or less just taken by surprise at the sudden stimulation he's receiving. I mean, how would you react if you were simply minding your own business and then out of nowhere you were deep throated by some random mare, you would be assaulted by a barrage of sensations that you could hardly describe the position you were in as "uncomfortable" to say the least.
>You sigh as you make your way back to your apartment.
>Today did not go as planned.
>Not that you had any particular plans for it, but it still didn't work out how you would've liked.
>Normally, nothing could keep a grin off your face after mating three mares in an hour, but your thought's wouldn't allow you a peaceful moment.
>Mainly because you'd single handedly scuttled your plans for tonight.
>It was supposed to just be you and Rainbow.
>A good old fashioned popcorn and movie-style shindig.
>The kind that made you reminisce of the few childhood sleepovers you had with friends.
>Somehow the added company could turn your unremarkable basement and boring videogames into a whole new exciting adventure.
>And that's what you felt when Dash was around.
>She really came out of her shell when she was alone with you, and that was fun.
>She made life exciting again.
>But with the whole slew of ponies showing up, it wasn't going to be like that.
>There wouldn't be any snuggles under the blanket, or shared bowls of popcorn, or dramatic leaps forward in sexual experience and trust.
>She'd never allow such a strike on her reputation.
>There'd be other mares, sure. Others that would be more than amenable with whatever you could dream up, but...you didn't want that.
>Why is it that human greed is never satisfied?
>You could have all the mare puss in the world lined up in front of you and still wish for more.
>But you don't want more, you want less.
>You just want to spend some quality time with your best friend...is that so wrong?
>Your eyes snap to a diminutive young dragon blocking your path.
"Spike!" You respond with mock astonishment.
>"Twilight's...are you mocking me?"
>"Twilight told me to tell you that she knows what you don't know and didn't know if you knew that she knew what you don't know and is willing to help."
"...So is that a question, or..."
>"Just come on she wants to talk!"
"Uhh...are you sure she's not tangled up in another violating vine spell and needs me to come untangle her?"
>"No not this time."
>What is this cryptic nonsense?
"Fine, but only because you almost passed out asking me."
>To be honest, the princess of friendship was a bit exhausting.
>If it wasn't some sort of experiment or inspection, it was some other perverted stunt disguised as an experiment or inspection.
>It's like she couldn't just ask for dick.
>Spike leads the way and you follow along.
>You had a few hours before seven anyways, and you might get some fresh ideas along the way.
>What could go wrong?
"You know, I don't think that's what she actually said."
>He quirks a brow at you.
>"I think you forgot what she said and remembered bits and pieces that somehow fit together in a coherent sentence and then refused to admit it knowing I'd probably just count it as one of Twilight's inane ramblings."
>He just huffs and looks forward.
>You really shouldn't be such a dick.
>And you wouldn't be, except that whenever he got horny he really turned into some souless pussymonger.
>Other ponies tolerated it, but you didn't take that shit.
>And he definitely was not going to touch Dash.
>Stop thinking about her.
Oh boy. Concern is growing. Thanks for the update.
File: 1476082288807.png (201 KB, 1200x1000)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
Dash looks good with that manestyle.
File: 399654.png (170 KB, 600x653)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
alt manestyles are my jam
Yes, this pleases me.
File: 1552394347570.png (517 KB, 516x609)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
> While Mrs. Cake is opening up the bakery, Pinkie Pie helps Mr. Cake with his morning wood

> Anon works at Sofa and Quills
> Mare comes in, trying out the different couches
> Finds one she likes, asks you to rut her on it to make sure it's sturdy and comfortable enough
> After the stress test, she buys it and has you deliver it to her home
> Tells you to.drop by any time you need to unwind
File: 1440336852565.png (415 KB, 1280x720)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
I'd a goo pony
>casual sex equestria, but Anon doesn't understand the language
This frustrates the pony.
File: 1512438959806.png (1.21 MB, 2684x2616)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
casual teat touching
But what if she tries to stick goo up your ass?
I liked that prompt from RGRE where it was RD who goes to Anon after a training session just so he can scratch that area right between her teats that she just can't get to. Showing up all sweaty, flopping down on her back right in front of Anon and telling him to just go for it.
I know exactly whay you're talking about and when I finish this green I'd love to try my hand at that!
File: 1999228.png (711 KB, 2400x2400)
711 KB
711 KB PNG
Go for it, man. That sounds like fun.
>FOUR socks
Somepony's pent up.
File: chryssi.png (329 KB, 768x1024)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
>"Mnngh~ yeah...stir me up....!"
>Be Anon.
>It's another day in CSE, and another Mare looking to be turned inside out.
>You're enjoying yourself in Ponyville Square, hammering the backside of Roseluck, while the denizens merely go about their day, as if you were reading a newspaper on a bench.
"I'm gonna fill your ponyhole up FILLY!"
>"Nngh! Yes! FILL ME TO BRIM!"
>You get close to your third Orgasm since this morning, but you do something absolutely unthinkable, and completely forbidden.
>As you start cumming into her, you lean forward, and grab two handfuls of Chest Floof.
>Everypony stops what they're doing, their jaws dropping in shock.
>You look around questioningly.
How many years do you go to jail?
It’s still gonna end in a helluva mess.
30 whole minutes. Right when your favorite show is on.
Hey, I didn't see Roseluck complaining. Who's to say she doesn't get off to someone clutching her floof?
Must be incognito. Anon would never do something so horrible.
What green are you writing right now?
The one with everyone getting invited to movie night
File: 1477362816260.png (105 KB, 500x260)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
I'm loving that shit so far.
File: 1542598325665.png (487 KB, 1411x1437)
487 KB
487 KB PNG
File: 1542428969173.png (1.42 MB, 2358x1983)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
I-is t-there a nude version?
File: it-begins-31419828.png (138 KB, 500x609)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
WEW, thank you, kind Anon.
Love me a sweaty stinky touchy mare
>Anon was surprised at his current predictement, and a little bit afraid.
>Rape was a serious charge, and he had no idea grabbing chest floof counted as it.
>What would happen to him now?
>He could only imagine how common anal sex was going to be in this world's prisons, and with all those hardened pony criminals, they might not take no for an answer...
>The court case was over fast with so many eye witness accounts, and it's not like he could shift the blame on some other human.
>Of course he was found guilty, now he was only waiting for the verdict.
>"Upon being found guilty of floof grabbing without permission, we sentence Anon to six months of chastity!"
"Uh... what?"
>Before Anon knew it, he was in a a forge of some sort, a blacksmith pony pounding out some underwear-looking contraption out of metal.
>A mare walks out of a side room, a similar device around her hips, her head held low.
>"Hope that puny jaw of yours is sturdy," a guard comments to Anon. "Lot of ponies see it as there public duty to teach you sexual deviants proper manners. Once saw a stallion eat out at least a hundred vags and ponuts in a day. He was slurring his words by sun down."

>Thus Anon was forced to wear a chastity belt for six months, not being allowed to make use of his tool the entire time.
>Surrounded by sex, but not being able to go to pound town.
File: 1549328963187.jpg (2.4 MB, 3300x1369)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
Chastity is my fetish :3
>Thus Anon was forced to wear a chastity belt for six months, not being allowed to make use of his tool the entire time.
>Surrounded by sex, but not being able to go to pound town.
>Anon becomes a villain, putting magic-proof chastity belts on everyone
What's his super cool villain name? The Chastitiser?
More ominous. Everyone just calls him 'The Wizard'.
File: 1555128261014.gif (243 KB, 161x211)
243 KB
243 KB GIF
>The Wizard
I like it.
File: meem.png (92 KB, 253x218)
92 KB
CSE except it's less fucking in the streets and more receiving random invites from friends to bone all night
That's basicly my take on it too. Not that I don't enjoy the "fucking in the streets" greens as well.
Who dis?
RD is so cute
This is honestly the best version of CSE.

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