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File: 2009621.png (408 KB, 1500x868)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>33674038

Thread for all your pony and no hooved yuri needs. Ignore the bait, no shipping war faggotary

Stories and old Threads

Featured Stories:
Our Last Infinite Moment (Rarity x Celestia) by Pie Anon

Vampire Quest by Pie Anon https://pastebin.com/8hnVvuFB

Losing Her Self(respect) - Rarit x Trixie by Pie Anon

Rarity gets exactly what she deserves by PhenoBarbieDoll

It's Always Sunny in Canterlot by Manly Man

Wallflower x Moondancer WIP by Pie Anon

A Very Public 'First Time' (AJ x RD) by Pie Anon

Shadow of the Oni by PhenoBarbieDoll

Bikedykes and Leather by Manly Man

Autumn's Surprises (Sunset x Autumn Blaze) by Tstar

What Happened? (Moondancer x Twilight) by Tstar

Gentle Teachings (Fluttershy x Tree Hugger) by Pie Anon

Double D's by Sadnon

LesboQuest by Pie Anon

My Own Mistress (Rarity selfcest) by Tethered-Angel

The Anniversary Gift by Tethered-Angel

Trixie Crossover Selfcest (Glim is there too) by Pie Anon

Be More Dazzling Part 4/5 by Tethered-Angel
This is, indeed, fine.Them wife-swapping is fine, too.
Dykes ar the end of civilization
Fuck. You made me think about Saikano and now I'm sad.
File: 1554967455327.jpg (699 KB, 1100x1100)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
File: bestship.png (523 KB, 1088x678)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
Would you end the world a infinite number of times for just one lesbo?
File: 219199.png (369 KB, 1800x1005)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
Gonna put Autumn on the backburner for a bit. I want to finish My Guardian Angel because it's almost done and two it's very personal to me. Also three it's one of my favorites
If it was the lesbo I loved? Sure, why not?
File: helgih-d4n6xhi.jpg (49 KB, 852x937)
49 KB
>the voice actors are writing episode 200
I'm worried you guys... What if the episode 200 features a ship we don't ship? That would mean that the VA never supported the ship we ship and that would make me sad.
File: 1478431.jpg (1.41 MB, 2400x1920)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Sounds good to me my man, it's a tip top green.
Based Jim, just confirmed Twishy is canon and that Fluttershy views Discord as nothing more than 90 yo tranny who's dying of aids. How great will season 9 be?
None of this is even close to accurate. You can't even extrapolate this from what he said with full blown paranoid schizophrenia.
Plus the new episode was shit.
File: 1461291554903.jpg (1.75 MB, 1560x2283)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
The rumor is that the dingus responsible for today's awful episode is going to be the one writing episode 200. A valid cause for concern.
File: dimsum.png (327 KB, 643x711)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
But here's the real question: will dimsum the dragon be in it?
>Her powers flare up.
>All she sees is her own face making 'fuck me' eyes, slowly getting closer and closer.
File: Dimsum-x-Jade.jpg (139 KB, 955x749)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
dimsum actually ended up getting fanart
too bad it stopped the instant people found out that restaurant stole the drawing from a little girl's deviantart account
File: vtm rpg.jpg (691 KB, 768x1024)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
Update coming soon, just replaying to a few questions people asked about the Vampo Quest in the last thread:

This quest, unlike Gilda's powerbrawler dykeshit escapades, is meant to be a lot slower burn with an emphasis on forming longer-lasting relationships. We are talking about immortal beings, after all. Mortals will pretty much be Diamond's playthings (most mortals, at least), but vampires are often jealous and territorial by nature. So mixing romance paths could get dangerous. Or fun, if you're into that kinda drama ;^

DT is still the same age as the CMC, both mentally and in appearance. She's elegantly built and fairly slender, not quite as fit as Scootaloo, but her Appearance is high for a reason.
As I said in the last thread, this dynamic pleases me.
I'm glad this one is slower paced and more time should be put into the choices; Although you are especially sadistic with the choices being all very different, and knowing we want to press the all of the above button.
Also your quest has helped with playing Bloodlines for the first time funnily enough.
File: IMG_20190413_202344.png (469 KB, 792x594)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
Oni when?
Meant to write some last week. Might do some writing soonish. Hopefully today. New thread and all. Probably gonna sleep some first. Wait for Pie's update. Stuff.
File: Spoiler Image (3.13 MB, 2480x3507)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB PNG
Best ship coming through.
Explain why you think twidash is a good ship without using buzzwords or meme logic.
File: DT character sheet.jpg (567 KB, 1256x1440)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
Night is falling once again...

Story so far:
>Diamond dragged cultist Glimmer to Luna as a prisoner
>You've earned a bit of Tempest's respect
>Octavia really wants to hang out again soon ;^
>Turns out the Princess of the Night is just a magical loli on stilts

Pastebin : https://pastebin.com/8hnVvuFB

>She thumps the spot on the bed next to her, and you walk over and gingerly sit down about a half a foot from the Princess
>"We hope it shan't hinder thee if we speak in our native dialect. Oh, how we miss it."
"Yeah. Not a problem."
>You're having difficulty getting words out, but your brain is finally starting to process what you just witnessed
>You take one more look around the room
>It looks exactly what you'd expect a room to look like if a goth kid lived to be several hundred years old
>Complete with separate shrines to both Poe and Byron
>And one to Marilyn Manson
>"We are glad to see thee appreciating our accommodations. 'Tis quite a collection, wouldst thou not agree?"
>You nod
"I wish I had something like this. My room is pretty drab by comparison."
>"Ah, well! We certainly wouldn't begrudge a future visit. If we may be frank, we find it quite refreshing to have thy company here."
"You do?"
>Luna nods, so enthusiastic that she bounces a little on the bed
>Her mannerisms seem to grow more hyperactive as she adjusts to no longer being in Princess-mode
>"There is something safe, yet alluring about thee. Thou art yet young, in appearance and in mind. Such a state is rare for the Kindred. Thou hast even now some humanity, and a bit of childish innocence in thee."
"Should I take that as a compliment?"
>"Please do."
"Thank you, your grace."
>Luna blows a raspberry
>"Please, none of that here. For thee, in here, We are Luna. Lulu, if thou feelst brave."
>She winks and elbows your shoulder
"Thank you, Luna."
>You aren't feeling brave, it appears
>She looks a bit disappointed at that
"If I may say, I think I prefer this look."

File: 718564.png (464 KB, 800x1500)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
>You find yourself relaxing a little, and Luna grins
>"We look forward to sharing our true self with thee more often! But please, thou desired to ask us questions, yes?"
"Right. I, uh, don't know where to start, now. I've been caught a bit off guard."
>"We understand. We could not help but delight in the look on thy face!"
>Luna lays down and stretches out along the bed, watching you
>Her shirt rides up to where it's barely covering past her hips
>You swallow, finding your throat dry
"Can we start with... my mother?"
>"Aha! We begin with the richest course, eh?"
"It's just... she's been on my mind a lot lately. I've never wanted anything to do with her before. Always breathing down my neck, dragging me out like a trophy in front of her friends. But tonight I saw... she does care about me. She might be better than I thought. I want to like her. I think I can. It's just... well, there's something that's been bugging me..."
>"Thou doubtest thy parentage, yes?"
"I do. Octavia told me my mom adopted me. But that doesn't feel true."
>"We suspect it is not."
"But how do I exist, then? My mom's dead. Mostly. How could she have had a kid?"
>"We do not know exactly how Spoiled contrived to bring thee into this world. She has ever shown an interest in youth, and life. And she kept strange company, some of which was done without our permission."
"Company? Like who?"
>"The Kine, mostly. Mortals," she explains when she sees the confusion on your face. "Kindred hold the belief that we are the closest to the darkness at the heart of the world, but many mortals delve even further than we could ever hope."
"So she made me with some sort of... dark magic?"
>"Perhaps. Magic, science, or the juncture where the two meet. She did come to us for our permission, surprisingly. We expect she was afraid you would be killed without my blessing."
"And you agreed? To let her make me, however she did it?"

File: Spoiler Image (119 KB, 1280x1280)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
SO she basically just saw the previous night.
>"We did, much to our surprise. Let us merely say... we had a good feeling about it."
"Well, I hope you were right."
>"Perhaps we may have been," Luna says with a sly smile. "Time will tell, we hope. You had other questions too, I presume?"
>There are no windows in the room, something that would have perturbed you as a mortal but seems strangely comforting as a vampire
>The only way to see the passage of time is jet-black, ivory grandfather-clock sitting propped against the bedroom's left wall
>It's currently four AM, and you estimate you have about two hours before you need to return home, if you want to be back before sunrise


>Blood: 10/13

>Continue talking about mom, ask where you could maybe find more info about her
>Ask about what enemy factions are at work in the city
>Ask Luna about herself, about what her long un-life has been like
>Drop the serious talk and just chat like friends
>*[Optional: Lay down next to Luna]
>those expressions, that lightning, that "sweat".
That's pretty hot, except for the fact Twilight is lacking boobs.
Laying down might be a bit too much just yet. We can get a bit more familiar next visit, since I hope we have the opportunity for more.
Let's ask her about herself, but keep it as casual as we can. Basically options C and D.
Learning about her history will probably tell us a lot about how the vampire world works around here.
Why doesn't Rainbow Dash like getting her hooves filed? Is it really because it's 'too girly' or is there some underlying fear connected to her tragic upbringing?
Ask about Mom and our potential enemies. Gotta be mindful of Octavia. Luna can be a good friend.
But *just* a good friend. Our heart belongs to Octavia.
somehow we ended up with the most boring of the girls
File: 921164.png (558 KB, 800x731)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
I have a feeling that behind closed doors Octavia is anything but boring.
File: 494706.jpg (66 KB, 706x800)
66 KB
You haven't gone hunting with her yet ;^
Our lineage hides the secret on why some factions desire to kidnap us. Keep talking about that incestuous pervert, but do like teenage girlfriends would.
Also, let’s lay down. We don’t have to fug the Woona, but we can test how thirsty she’s gotten over her long life. Stretch and writhe until something spills out of the dress and take note of her reaction.
I’d watch Tavi seduce someone and take a deep succ on their neck.
File: Spoiler Image (268 KB, 725x1628)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Best ship coming through.
You know what, drop the serious tone for now and gossip about the other girls she set you up with in the parlor the other night. Good to have some info we can keep close to our chest if we need it. Also lay down, I'm sure no lewd things can happen because this thread is safe for woona.
File: Spoiler Image (112 KB, 540x540)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
But that's wrong.
File: 1504767170071.png (85 KB, 287x315)
85 KB
Thank you for your writing. I have a question however. Where does DT fall on the humanity scale at this time? I would assume average because she is new to vampirism, but her Ventrue heritage might lower that.
Well we could chat like friends about her un-life? Ask her what being a vampire has been like for her and perhaps she will give us some general pointers that might help us. She seems to feel like opening up, so let her talk and our learning will be a matter of listening carefully and asking useful questions.
Holy shit, why didn't >>33744263 occur to me until just now
File: 4.png (455 KB, 614x1024)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
File: 1858287.png (1.68 MB, 1280x2160)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
Ignore yak, save pony girlfriend instead.
File: 51159.jpg (32 KB, 409x373)
32 KB
>Pink poofy maned pegasus with rainbow cutie mark
Time traveling magical lesbian spawn
Dating Trixie and Twilight's kid.
File: 6543245676543.jpg (102 KB, 695x839)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
the tickling sensation of getting her hooves filed also reaches her vagina
Weird way to spell Starlight but ok
File: 584076.jpg (313 KB, 801x564)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
(Cont of My Guardian Angel)

>Slowly, Derpy's form began to move and stir.
>The muffled sounds starting to become clearer.
>And the familiar orange color was a comfort for her sore eyes.
>As Derpy's vision began to focus the details began to show.
>Applejack's face.
>Eyes looking like she hadn't slept in days.
>Hair looking like she hadn't bathed in days either.
>But the smile when she saw Derpy wake up.
>It was like Christmas
>"Derpy?" Applejacked muttered.
>The evergrowing smile on her face.
>Tears were pooling in her eyes.
>Derpy felt tears in her eyes as well.
>There was no word to describe the relief in Applejack
>And the joy seen on Derpy
>But the bed bound girl thought of one.
>Her mouse-like voice cooed.
>Derpy's eyes went wide as she felt the words leave her tongue.
>Her heart soared towards the heavens.
>The feeling was completely foreign to her.
>It was something new.
>Something scary.
>But the pride in Applejack's smile took her fear away.
>Applejack leaned forward and hugged Derpy.
>Like a gentle embrace from a comforting blanket.
>"Yer okay" her voice whispered
>"Ah'm here now" with a slight crack in her tone.
"...You never left" the warmth of Derpy's reply like a peaceful fireplace.
>Like home.
Between the color scheme and cutie mark, it could go either way.
File: 1316765.png (608 KB, 1000x1000)
608 KB
608 KB PNG
Plot twist it's Starlight and Lyra
Turns out BonBon was barren of the magic of love so they used Starlight as a surrogate.
How, you ask?
Motherbucking Changelings.
File: 1954252.jpg (288 KB, 885x708)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
pegasi are the best. Anyone that doesn't have a pegasi special somepony should feel shame
File: 1659391.jpg (238 KB, 1180x1000)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Let be honest. No one want to get married with a fat smelly yak
File: 408806.png (144 KB, 1280x720)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
People discuss "would they make something canon before it ends?" but what if you/anon going to equestria caused a shift that led to a pair becoming 'canon'?
>needing to travel to equestria and force characters into romance instead of letting it happen naturally
That's some serious damage control. Episode 200 will decided the fate of the ships. No word is stronger than those of the VAs.
I'd probably try my best to end up in an Octavia/Vinyl sandwich.
I don't think I'd manipulate the dating scene beyond making 'just fuck already' comments when I noticed two pones had an interest in each other.
Well, no, I'd do one thing. Get close to Pinkie, visit her family farm often, bring friends that the Pie sisters might fancy. The thought of Marble, but most especially Limestone, living without love pains me.
i want Trixie to kidnap me
File: 2013355.jpg (109 KB, 1045x1632)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
She crossed over with a mission:
Fuck Trixie's human counterpart until her pelvis turns to dust.
get in line buddy
I must have missed that tweet.
Patrician taste, mini-Pinkie
File: imageproxy.png (146 KB, 542x600)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
"I had a few," you say, stretching out on the bed. "Questions, I mean."
>You lay back on the bed, still keeping a bit of distance between you and Luna
>The dress you're wearing is far from comfortable; it clings to your body in all the most vulnerable areas, threatening to expose you for the second time tonight
>Luna's eyes do wander, but not in the perverted way Starlight's did
>Instead she seems almost curious, and weirdly appreciative
>You notice she's not fixating on any of your private areas, but instead on your hands, your feet, your hair, your neck...
>She meets your eyes and gives you a friendly smile
>"And so? What can we assist you with?"
>A storm of questions-- about Starlight, your mother, the various deadly things that lurk all around you --dance around your head
>But you find you lack the energy to delve into them now
>Tonight has been the most trying night of your short time as a vampire, and you find yourself reluctant to continue talking about such dark, dismal topics
>Instead, a very different question seems to arise on its own
"...I wanted to ask about you."
>Luna blinks in surprise
>"About us? Surely there are more interesting topics at hand, yes?"
"Maybe. But, I mean, you're the first vampire I've gotten to really *talk* to. Maybe you could tell me a bit about yourself? How does one even become Princess of a whole city?"
>"'Tis a long, long tale."
"We have a few hours. If that's okay with you."
>Luna giggles
>"We must admit, much time has passed since we've told this story. Perhaps we shall fail to do it justice."
"No matter what, I'm listening."
>You prop yourself up on your elbow, giving Luna your undivided attention


Sorry, short update today, but tomorrow I'll have one a lot longer than usual. Feel free to respond to this post with any specific questions you'd like to ask Luna about herself.
Just general stuff, if she doesn't cover it with her story. How long's she been a vampire? Are there many vampires as old as her? What does she like about it, and what doesn't she?
She can probably help us wrap our head around what we've gained and lost in exchange for immortality.
Maybe commiserate with her about how it might have been nice to be a little more 'grown up' before we were turned.
In regards to Rarity ships, do you ever see her partner adapting to her high society lifestyle? (ie living as rich, high-class ponies in a mansion with servants)
As in taking on snooty mannerisms? No.
File: 1516432437847.png (746 KB, 800x800)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
Off the top of my head
1. How old is Luna
2. Who was her sire
3. Can we finally park in the school faculty lot
I'd really like to know #2 as well, but it might be a touchy subject.
File: 1500556.jpg (116 KB, 1366x768)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Has she always put on the big tall cold princess facade or was there a time when she was queen bitch and still a angsty nerd? And why even keep it up at this point, least of all with ol armless there to tear any neighsayers to shreds.
None shall have access to the forbidden parking zone, not even Tempest has a parking permit.
When did she meet her entourage, Octavia and the Sheriff and the rest?
File: 464572.png (260 KB, 800x800)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Ask her if she's had any lovers. We definitely need some advice on relationships since we're gonna be living for a long time and need to know how to handle breaks up and such.
Oh, we should totally get some dirt on Octavia, too. Hopefully Luna knows some stories that would make her blush.
Well a few questions come to mind:
1. What was vampire society like when Luna became a vamp?
2. What threats did vampires face in that era? Do those threats differ to these recent nights? In what ways?
3. Where do vampires of our clan generally fit into the masquerade? Into Luna's domain?
4. General advice about feeding without botching everything up.
File: nightmarespookity.png (448 KB, 700x793)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
Why stop there, we can get the low down on all the girls that were at the elysium the other night.
Time constraints. It's not a bad Idea, but we have to get back to our house before dawn, so I'd rather focus on Octy as opposed to the shotgun approach for now.
File: Femish10.png (286 KB, 500x511)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
Time for some more of this. Not sure how much.
Where did we leave off again?
Oh, right right right...

>... Fever dreams.
>I could tell right away I was sleeping.
>It felt real, but everything looked washed out and hazy.
>What was everything?
>To be honest? Not much.
>A hill sloped down, it's short grass lengthening into long as a wide field seemed to stretch out away from me forever.
>Just dull green grass and slate gray skies.
>I tried to turn my head, but it was useless.
>My body wouldn't respond.
>Normally I think I would have panicked at that, but it wasn't important right now.
>I was waiting for someone.
>They were coming to get me, right on this hill.
>It felt like I'd been waiting forever.
>Or maybe they'd been waiting for me to get here?
>It didn't matter.
>I was here and they were coming.
>If I could have moved my mouth I would have smiled.
>It was nice to have such a good dream while my waking body writhed and sweated.
>To be perfectly honest, I wasn't looking forward to waking up to the awful things my body had been putting me through all of a sudden.
>Remembering the pain felt like it would bring an echo of it into this calm place I rested so peacefully in.
>I forgot all about it.
>Instead, I remembered the pretty dress someone had bought me.
>White and blue, with pretty flowers like the pretty flowers in my hair. Who put those there?
>The tree I sat against shifted slowly, petals drifting down through my vision.
>It would have been nice to look up and see the blossoms, but they were coming to me instead.
>The person who's back mine pressed against sighed.
>"How long?"
>The soft voice slithered past my ears, shockingly familiar.
>My lips moved, the word I never meant to say came out.
>Why couldn't I control myself?
>I missed it.
>Control. The voice. My body.
>I missed it all.
>Was I going to wake up soon?
>I wasn't sure how much I liked this dream anymore.
>The girl whose back supported me moved to the side.
Are we wearing crusty panties in the dream too?
File: Femish+.jpg (628 KB, 1920x1080)
628 KB
628 KB JPG
>I was falling backward, but the ground was soft.
>White hair mixed with black was my bed.
>The girl in the black dress.
>Her black hair obscured her face, but I knew she was pretty, just like me.
>Small, just like me.
>In the pretty black dress someone had bought her.
>Just like me.
>The petals fell lightly on my cheeks, but the girl didn't move and neither did I.
>The flower in my hair slid from behind my ear.
>Red, like the flowers on my dress.
>The slender horns parted the black curtain, and I could almost see her eyes.
>I didn't want to remember.
>The black curtain parted and she smiled.
>It was too hard to remember.
>Cracked lips dribbled blood, while teeth to sharp and white smeared pink.
>She was gone.
>"I'm almost home."
>The soft voice slithered out.
>I knew who it was.
"Hurry back."
>My lips moved, the things I'd never ever say crawling from between them.
>The treetop crackled, heat licking at my upturned face.
>Ashes blackened the tears and sweat on my cheeks.
>The rags I'd bound my wounds with shone crimson in the light of the fire.
>My tree was burning.
>I wanted to save it, because it was mine.
>My lips opened, for the first time because I wanted them to.
>Arms flung out to the sides, I took a deep breath.
>The girl never stirred, but the roaring flames danced in the wind of my breath.
>It came to me, the fire and smoke and ash.
>I swallowed it all, and it tasted sweet.
>The girl smiled, sharp and bright.
>I wanted to leave.
>Just because I'd waited, that didn't mean I had to stay.
"Let me go, Mom."
>Smiles like knives, in the dark.
>A drop a warm blood spattered against my cheek.
>My mother leaned down, light crazing behind her bright blue eyes as she lapped at my cheek.
>The blood smeared as more dripped out to join it.
>"Much better... Now, come on, hun. Don't you want to catch up?"
>I didn't want her to catch me.
"You're gone."
>Hot breath bathed my neck, warm blood pooled in the soil, I felt the prick of razors on my chin.
Hoping for Malk Twi in the future.
File: Spoiler Image (572 KB, 1280x1019)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
Shit, now I want this.
File: Femish12.jpg (141 KB, 596x380)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>"Hush, deary. We're together again. Finally."
>Knives tore at my throat, spilling the warmth on the grass.
>I felt the fire coil inside me, and turned to face her.
>It was burning me up.
>Hurricane winds traced with flame whipped back her hair, showing me the twisted grimace.
>Her hands dug into the soil as her body lifted from the earth.
>She flapped in the gale like a pennant, boneless and alien.
>Hands scrabbled at the grass before they lost their grip, but her strong jaw locked into my flesh.
>She growled, and I felt it shiver through my bones.
>My flesh tore, and she was gone into the distance in a crimson spray.
"You're... Gone."
>I choked out the words as the last wisps of flame caressed my lips.
>The plain was withered and gray, and the sky had blackened with ugly clouds.
>My eyes traveled back to my tree.
>Blackened by flame.
>Was it alive?
>It was mine.
>The first flakes of snow touched my bare skin, burning me with their chill before I fell into numbness.
>It was so cold now.
>I wanted to be warm.
>My tree was so close, but I knew it was too far.
>Even so, I could try.
>Flipping over on my stomach and reveling in my freedom, I crawled.
>Red stained the snow, and the few feet seemed like miles.
>Impossibly, my hand reached out inches away from my goal.
>Of course, instead of warm bark my hand passed through greasy smoke as I fell into blackness.

>And off the bed.
>I laid on the floor in a shivering heap, fingers hesitantly exploring my neck.
>Of course, it was fine.
>Just a fucked up dream because I was sick as hell.
>I know it's silly, but I don't think I'd ever been happier to hear Fluttershy's voice.
>Lifting an arm to wave lazily above the edge of the bed, I crossed the other one over my face.
>Even the meager light filtering in past the curtains on the window was like daggers in my eye sockets.
"Down here. M'okay."
File: 1045860.png (666 KB, 1000x1000)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
>Fluttershy's mussy head popped over the edge of the bed and looked down at me, sleepy eyes widening in concern.
>"Are you okay, Fem? What happened?"
>Taking stock of myself for a moment, I came to the conclusion that I felt... Kind of weird.
>Not sick, but weak and... Light?
>My whole body felt like it had lost a little heft.
>But since Fluttershy was probably more concerned with whether I'd busted my skull open on the floor, I figured I could reassure her.
"I'm okay, Flutters. I think I just rolled off the bed."
>She blew out a sigh of relief, stretching out a hand.
>"Get back up here. You still need your rest, okay?"
>I rolled my eyes and shakily go to my hands and knees before accepting her help back into bed.
>Squinting at me, she ran her hands down my sides slowly.
>I couldn't help but squirm a bit at her cold hands, but at the same time my cheeks lit up as she scrutinized me so intently.
>"Fem, what's... can I turn on a light?"
>Grimacing, I flopped down on the bed lightly.
"Can you not? It's already too bright in here as it is."
>Fluttershy stared at me for a few moments, while I absorbed the fact that we were both very naked and on a bed together and she looked absolutely amazing in a way I hadn't really been able to appreciate when I'd felt like I was half dying.
>"Fem, It's really dark. There's almost no light at all. I can barely see you."
>My lips twisted up in a sardonic grin as I shuffled closer to her on my knees.
>Was she trying to mess with me again?
>She had a better sense of humor than I'd thought.
>Or, maybe a worse one since this wasn't much of a joke.
"I mean, maybe my eyes are just sensitive right now from being sick, but it seems pretty well lit to me. Are you messing around?"
>She reached out a hand, almost missing my cheek before she found her bearings and cupped it.
>"I promise I'm not. Are you really okay?"
>Moving closer, I pulled her into my arms and nuzzled against her neck.
The quiet ones are the thirstiest
File: Femish8.jpg (34 KB, 800x491)
34 KB
>I could feel her shiver against me, but her warm flesh felt so good pressed against mine I couldn't help holding her tighter.
"I'm fine, but you're cold, right? Let's get back under the covers."
>She nodded slowly, settling onto her side and pulling me down with her as as she snatched up the edge of the blanket, pulling it over us.
>"Do you want to sleep longer? I don't think anyone else is going to be awake yet."
>I couldn't help being a little distracted, so it took me a few moments to really take in the question, and a few more to actually assess myself.
>Everything still felt very strange.
>Not bad, except for my head, but definitely strange.
>Tired was close enough to what I felt, I supposed.
"If you want to, sure. I still feel really out of it, honestly. My head's killing me, too."
>I couldn't help but melt against the taller girl as her hand slowly stroked my head, the flow rise and fall of her chest against mine both comforting and thrilling.
>The buttery softness of her skin drew me down into it in moments, and I could tell by her breathing that she'd already drifted back to sleep.
>Hopefully she wouldn't even remember my little pratfall.
>As we warmed up under the covers, my mind drifted back to the dream.
>It had felt so vivid, but it was already fading at the edges.
>The feeling of helplessness and dread it had inspired had bleached away to a dull wariness.
>I wasn't really the type to put much stock in dreams, either.
>The only thing that was hanging me up was...
>I never dreamed about her.
>Tried not to even think about her.
>She'd torn my world apart and I was finally in a place where I could see just how deep the damage went.
>But then, maybe that was why I'd had the dream in the first place.
>I couldn't deal with it right now.
>Maybe not ever.
>All I knew was that as I drifted off to slumber-land in Fluttershy's arms, I prayed I wouldn't see her again.
Damn, I just got over having the flu and is pretty much spot on for the experience.
File: don_t_be_shy.jpg (18 KB, 300x489)
18 KB
>When I woke again there were no dreams I could remember.
>Instead I felt like I'd gone from general drowsy contentment into a supernova.
>I mean, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it was blindingly bright and my eyes seriously hated life right now.
>Letting out a strangled yelp, I screwed my eyes shut tightly and felt around for the covers before yanking them over my head.
>This was seriously not normal.
>The room plunged into blessed darkness... Well, not so much darkness as not eye-gouging brightness.
>"Fem! What's wrong?"
>I'm not too proud to admit I whimpered a bit as I felt the bed next to me give under Fluttershy's weight.
"Is this room lit with halogen flood lamps?"
>I was honestly surprised at how strained my own voice sounded.
>Had my fever cooked my eyeballs in their sockets or something?
>"Fem, it's just... Normal light bulbs. Lamps and a ceiling fan. Nothing like that."
>I shuddered.
>What was wrong with me?
"It's so bright I feel like my eyes are burning, Fluttershy. I don't know..."
>Trailing off miserably, I rubbed my eyes with the heels of my palms.
>I felt her weight leave the bed, followed by slow unsteady footfalls.
>"There's a dimmer switch. Tell me if it gets too bright, okay?"
>Pulling the covers off of my head, I looked over to see her standing next to the door, her hand on the wall switch.
>I nodded slowly, slitting my eyes against what I was sure would be terrible brightness.
>"Fem? Can you hear me?"
>I couldn't help but gape at her.
>She wasn't even quite looking in my direction.
>That must mean that it was pitch black to her, but to me it was like noon.
>I'd always had great night vision, but this was crazy.
"I can hear you, Shy. You really can't see right now?"
>Her head turned, tracking my voice to look fully at me.
>She had a worried expression on her face, but her voice was steady.
>"I really can't. Is it okay if I turn the lights on? Just a little bit?"
>Catching myself nodding, I grimaced and slit my eyes again.
File: FemishRed.jpg (18 KB, 233x330)
18 KB
"Yeah, I'll tell you if it's too bright."
>It was bright right from the start, but she slowly brought the lights up.
>I really had no reference, but after a few seconds I couldn't stand anymore.
"A little bit less, Shy? I think that's all I can take."
>I had to squint really hard to keep from being blinded again, but it wasn't getting any worse.
>From the way she carefully walked back to the bed, I could tell it still wasn't very bright to her.
>As she got closer, her eyes grew more and more worried, and by the time she sat on the bed her lip was trembling.
>"You look so thin. What happened to you? What..."
>She cut herself off with a soft gasp, her hand cupping my chin as she drew my face closer to hers.
"Fem... Open your eyes. Please? I'm sorry if it hurts, but can you do that for me?"
>Her voice was so soft it was scaring me, and her fingers shook against my skin.
>Clutching the blanket closer around me, I nodded shakily.
>I couldn't hide how much it hurt, but slowly but surely I widened my eyes while Fluttershy's face crumpled.
"Shy? Is it really bad? What's wrong with my eyes?"
>Her hand slipped from my chin while her eyes fell, to my lap.
>"I don't... I don't know. There's something wrong with them. I need to think."
>We sat there for what seemed like hours, Fluttershy wringing her hands in her lap and glancing up at me only to look away quickly.
>I pulled the blanket tighter around myself, not knowing what to do, or what to say.
>How was I supposed to comfort Fluttershy when I was even more confused than she was?
>The blanket stretched across my back so tightly I thought it would rip apart, so it shouldn't have come as such a surprise when it actually did.
>I let out a startled yip as my straining arms shot across my body to either side, feeling the fabric split from the back of my neck to my tailbone.
>Fluttershy's answering shriek might have been comical if I hadn't been able to see the edge of hysteria in her eyes as she jerked toward me.
You know... that's actually a very good fusion/child/gene splicing, not because of the rainbowy bits. Who is that background character?
File: Femish14.jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
>I felt like it should be telling me something that she leapt toward me instead of away, but I was still too shocked by the shoddy blanket.
>Looking speechlessly down at the fabric clutched in my hands, I started again when I felt hands on my shoulders.
>It took me a second to connect the hands to Fluttershy, but when I finally looked up she smiled at me encouragingly before pushing the blanket away from my shoulders.
>My hands relinquished the death grip they'd had on the blanket, letting it slip out of them as it pooled around me on the bed.
>Her soft exhalation of breath shook me.
>What I saw as the blanket slipped away rocked me to my core.
>It looked like I'd starved myself for a month.
>All that baby fat I'd always complained about seemed to have melted away, leaving behind nothing but whipcord and bone.
>I wouldn't have gone so far as to say I was emaciated, but I wasn't far from it.
>Half dazed, my hand went to my chest to cup a meager breast.
>I felt a tear slide down my cheek as I looked up at Fluttershy and choked out a laugh.
"What was I ever complaining about?"
>Her arms slid around me and she pulled me against her, rubbing my back as strangled laughter bubbled up from me and tears rolled down my cheeks.
>Everything was wrong except the girl crushing me to her.
>"It's okay, Fem. W-we'll find out what happened and fix it. You'll be okay."
>This wasn't just wrong, this was impossible.
>My mind reeled, trying to rationalize something, anything about this.
>Was I dying?
>Would I just wither away to nothing until I fell apart?
>"We'll fix it, okay? We'll fix it and everything will be alright..."
>I don't know how long we stayed like that, but eventually Fluttershy led me to the shower, helping me wash away the dried sweat and evidence of our passion.
>We passed the bathroom mirror twice, but I couldn't bring myself to look at it.
>I didn't need to.
File: 1411359.png (179 KB, 390x580)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
>My hands had told me everything it would, teaching me the new contours of this stranger's body I'd woken up in.
>I didn't have to look in the mirror just so I could not recognize myself.
>Half carrying me back to the bed, she disappeared for a few minutes before coming back with a familiar backpack.
>"Are these your clothes? You should get changed, okay? I need to get something, but I promise I'll be right back. Okay? You'll be alright for a few minutes?"
>I managed to nod mutely, but before she could turn turn away I surged off the bed and wrapped my arms around her.
"I'm sorry..."
>I wasn't even sure what I was apologizing for.
>Well, maybe I was.
>Maybe I was sorry I'd gotten her involved with me.
>She just shook her head and held me, but we both knew no matter how good it felt it wasn't solving anything.
>Eventually I settled back onto the bed, fingers brushing the lips Fluttershy had just kissed.
>It was impossible to think that she saw a stranger in this body.
>She still kissed me exactly the same.
>I pulled the backpack over, beginning to rummage through it to see what my Dad had packed for me.
>She'd find me lying back on the bed ten minutes later, my clothes strewn all over the floor as I chuckled brokenly.
"None of it fits, Shy. Isn't that funny?"
>A completely unexpected voice answered.
>"Well, if that isn't a fashion emergency I don't know what is!"
>I looked up, shocked, to see a beaming Rarity force her way past a quietly protesting Fluttershy.
>"She's, um, not decent right now Rarity. Please stop pushing! P-please!"
>I didn't even think to cover up or anything, just staring at Rarity as she came to a stuttering halt a few feet past the doorway.
>Fluttershy wrung her hands for a few moments, then closed the door and stood with her back to it.
>"We can't tell them, Rarity."
>The aforementioned fashionista spun around to face her, jaw hanging open.
>Final season
>Still no canon dykeshit

What have they got to lose!?
File: 122233.png (347 KB, 628x600)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
Well, I'm about to pass out. I'll pick this up again after I get some sleep.
Sorry the story's taken something of a weird turn.
This was always a planned element of the story, and it's going to be going through something of a tonal shift for a bit here, so I hope you'll bear with me.
Y'all be good.
File: coincidence.png (170 KB, 405x404)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
Fluttershy is a succubus and is sucking Fem dry, quite literally. I KNEW IT
Like, she was already a perfectionist with a secret crush on her adoptive big brother, but after she got succed by her sire she got even worse about them and now she thinks she's always being watched and always being judged when she's not good enough and talks openly about how it's not creepy that she's attracted to her brother because he's not biologically related to her.
And she has a thing with the Sheriff, who she likes a lot partly because she reminds her of Shining Armor-niisan.
File: 1504037056707.jpg (45 KB, 426x364)
45 KB
sleep tight! dream of raridash~
It'll happen with Rarity and Applejack in EQG. Well, probably not.
File: 819126.png (138 KB, 451x477)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
I like weird, keeps things interesting, excited to see where this train is headed.
File: 1912938.png (1.73 MB, 2560x2560)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
I was thinking Pinkie might be a bit more suited for that, with her metagame knowledge and all. Could be anypony though, you don't choose Malkavaian, it chooses you.
Por que no los dos?
File: 697171.png (347 KB, 906x760)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
Es perfecto
I love the expression on Twilight's face, the look of having seen this shit before and giving no fucks.
>"I cut my own thumb off, Twilight! Isn't that weird?!?"
>"Not really."
File: 2014410.jpg (397 KB, 1280x1137)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
Sunset is angry at you for flirting with her girlfriend. What do?
Then again, Song Smile could be a Ravnos like Trixie. She is a gypsy witch with the voluminous hair of a temptress, after all. Praise Smooze that White Wolf frowns upon dual-splat shenanigans. Who knows what damage she could do by going back in time to save her parents.
File: Shim1.png (887 KB, 1000x1000)
887 KB
887 KB PNG
Flirt with her, too.
File: 2014756.jpg (302 KB, 1600x1200)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
File: LXiUDnm.jpg (80 KB, 1000x1351)
80 KB
Sorry about the delay on updating. The university where I teach is coming up on exams, and somehow I'm even more busy with them now than when I was a student.

Regardless, I'm going to try and get an update out as soon as possible. It'll be an extra-long one containing lots of Lulu backstory, so hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

I won't spoil much, but Twi is going to be a really important part of Tempest's arc, whenever that happens.
Would as soon as possible mean tonight? I was planning on doing some more writing and I don't wanna step on your toes.
pleb tier
top tier
File: 1785385.png (108 KB, 757x928)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
Well thems just plain facts right there
I usually write my whole update in one go and then drop it when it's ready, so don't worry about interrupting me. Just post whenever you feel like it and I'll drop my vampo nonsense when there's a lull in the thread.

Ideally I'm hoping to have it up in about 4 or 5 hours, if that gives you a frame to work around.
mean for
Roger roger. I'll probably drop a few posts over the next couple hours then.
File: RararaWorried2.png (301 KB, 564x640)
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301 KB PNG
Pretty sure I mentioned our pretty dress.
Heh, thirsty.
Being sick is the pits, and the insane dreams your baking brain comes up with are usually crystal clarity and utterly horrifying. That and the fact that after a few days with a high fever kittens could take you.
Sleep is achieved, and the train rumbles on. Clacka clack, yaknow?

>"But, we simply..."
>She saw the look in Fluttershy's eyes, turning to glance back at me for a beat before facing the taller girl again.
>Wiping a hand over her face slowly, she blew out a heavy sigh.
>"No, you're quite right. They'd never listen. At least I understand why you need them now. I was half afraid there'd been some kind of domestic situation."
>Turning back to me, she pulled a pair of tinted wraparound sunglasses out of a pocket in the rather chic jacket she was wearing and carefully slipped them onto me, smiling reassuringly.
>Straightening up, Rarity turned back to the door and walked up to Fluttershy.
>She put a comforting hand on the girl's shoulder, squeezing gently before moving her aside.
>The trembling girl let herself be moved, staring pleadingly at Rarity while her whitening fingers clutched at her dress.
>"I'll be back in a moment to see what we can salvage of Femanon's wardrobe. Lock the door behind me, hmm?"
>She swept out the door after tossing a strained smile in my direction, and once again I found myself thanking whatever higher powers were out there for sending that girl into my life.
>It might be a stupid move, but I trusted Rarity implicitly.
>Fluttershy shakily threw the lock on the door, then slowly slumped to the floor.
>It took me far longer than it should have to scooch to the edge of the bed.
>Stumbling on legs that didn't feel like my own, I skipped to me knees in front of Fluttershy, practically tackling her into the wall.
>Her arms wrapped around me mechanically, but the hands on my back stroked me gently.
File: Femish13.jpg (149 KB, 850x850)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
"I don't like this, Shy."
>I knew I sounded like a fucking simpleton, but everything that was happening was so fucked up.
>Forming a more complicated thought was just beyond me right now.
>My thoughts swirled with ridiculous theories, tossing out standard diseases immediately and moving on to pseudoscientific theories I'd heard flung about the internet.
>I was pretty sure losing so much mass literally overnight should have killed me, beyond being something the human body just wasn't capable of.
>So of course, my mind wandered back to Sunset's constant diatribes about horse magic and her demonic research.
>No, research on demons.
>Her fucking obsession.
"How could I be a demon and not even know it?"
>That didn't make sense, right?
>And shouldn't I have some kind of demonic powers?
>Did I just have the stupendous magical ability to be a fucking twig?
>"You're not a demon, Fem."
>I started in Fluttershy's embrace, and it took me a few moments of internal screeching before I realized that the taller girl didn't have mind reading abilities, I'd just said that out loud.
>Pulling back from Fluttershy, I hugged my arms around myself and looked down at my lap, eventually coming to a decision.
"It was me on Halloween, Shy. And... And at the school. With Rainbow. Sunset was right about all of that. So why shouldn't she be right about what I am?"
>She didn't hesitate to reach out and gather my hands up in hers, bringing them up to clasp them over her heart.
>"I know, Fem. I know it was you, and I want to know what happened between you and Rainbow. But I also know you're a good person, and whatever you are, it's not that."
>My mouth dropped open and I slowly brought my eyes up to look at her face.
>The worry was still strongly in evidence in her eyes, but she smiled at me with more confidence than I'd have ever given her credit for.
"How do you... Know? How do you know that? Don't you care? I put Dash in the hospital God dammit!"
A succubus and a spy, what the fuck Flutters
File: 1444283.png (145 KB, 720x1020)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
>I tried so damn hard, but my face was twisting up into a grimace of remorse despite my best efforts.
>Tears stung my cheeks, but through my blurred vision I could tell Fluttershy's smile never wavered.
>She levered herself upright using the wall at her back and pulling me up with her.
>"Come here, I'll show you."
>She pulled me along to the bathroom, speaking quietly as we went.
>"You didn't mean to do it, did you? Hurt Rainbow, I mean."
>Her hand tightened around mine.
>I knew how I answered her right now was really important, but my thoughts were still so jumbled I was sure I'd make a mess of it.
"No, of course not. She just wasn't dressed, and she was running around in the snow so fast... I just wanted to get away, but she kept chasing me..."
>She jerked to a halt and I almost walked right into her, but she shook her head lightly and started walking again.
>"We'll... Talk more about that later. You were the one that called Sunset, right? She showed me her phone. You did your hacking on it or something, right? Sunset was really mad when she couldn't, um, backtrace the, um, something or other."
>I couldn't help cracking a grin at Fluttershy's attempt at technobabble, but it was fleeting.
"Or something, sure, yeah."
>She pulled me forward to stand in front of the mirror and I cringed at what I saw.
>It was like looking at a completely different person.
>Her hands settled on my newly spare shoulders and she drew me back against her.
>"Would a demon do that? Wouldn't a demon have just let Rainbow d-die out there in the snow?"
>I couldn't help thinking back, and I realized it probably hadn't even been twenty-four hours since all this craziness had happened.
>"You helped her, and I bet you didn't even think twice about it."
>No, I supposed I hadn't.
>"You called Sunset, got her help, and stayed to make sure it came even though you could have been caught, right? She told me she saw you when she was waiting for the ambulance."
File: 2012971.png (327 KB, 1000x700)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
File: fluttershy_human.jpg (96 KB, 787x1015)
96 KB
>Grimacing, my hands reached up to cover hers and squeeze them.
"Sunset... Knows it was me, too?"
>Fluttershy shook her head slowly, leaning down to kiss the hand covering hers.
>Her soft voice floated up to my ear, and her words lifted a huge weight off my shoulders but sank my heart into the pit of my stomach.
>"I think she suspects you, among others. I think she started being friendly with you to see if you'd let something slip. You can't deny you fit the description of her 'demon' pretty well."
>Of course, it came as no real surprise to me, but that didn't stop fresh tears from sliding down my cheeks.
>Sunset was never as stupid as I'd thought.
>She was just making friends to see if I'd clue her in to my true nature.
>Yeah, that made plenty of sense.
>I couldn't really think of anything else to say.
>"Fem, don't let that get to you. I said she STARTED being friendly because she suspected you. She also stayed your friend after she'd decided it wasn't you. Don't start thinking you aren't really friends because your friendship started out a little bit... Strangely."
>Letting her words sink in, I knew it wasn't going to be so easy.
>Still, it was something I just couldn't bring myself to think about right now on top of everything else, and I couldn't help blurting out the question that was burning in my mind.
"How do You know then, Shy? Sunset investigated me, but somehow you know when she doesn't? How do you explain that?"
>She sighed against my hand, pulling hers away.
>"Maybe it's because I'm always looking at you. I can't help it, you just always seem to catch my eye. I thought it was a trick of the light at first, but it's been happening more and more often."
>As she said this, she tilted my head up and to the side, kissing me gently as she pulled the borrowed glasses off.
>The brightness almost blinded me again, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been before.
>"Mmmnn... Your body isn't the only thing that's changed, Fem."
File: Femish15.png (1.32 MB, 2444x1629)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
>Seeing the clear confusion in my eyes, she glanced at the mirror we stood in front of, nodding her head toward it slightly.
>It was harder to look directly at it without the sunglasses, the vanity bulbs surrounding it pushing my new sensitivity to the limit, but after a moment I had a clear view of exactly what she was talking about.
>Instead of the slate gray orbs I was used to, scarlet eyes stared back at me.
>The more pronounced cheekbones and slightly sunken cheeks lent an alien cast to the face that was still unmistakably my own, but these eyes...
>"If Sunset or Twilight see you like this... Well, we'll just have to hide it for now."
>Nodding woodenly, I watched Fluttershy brush back my hair and lean down to kiss my neck gently.
>Watching her kiss the neck of half a stranger was too much for me right now, and I spun around to bury my face in her chest.
"Ooooh, I don't like this. What's happening to me?"
>I sounded pathetic, I'm sure.
>That made sense, considering I felt pathetic right now.
>All I could do was cling to Fluttershy as she stroked my hair gently and murmured reassurances to me.
>"We'll find out, Fem, don't worry. We'll explain it all to Sunset and Twilight, and they can help us figure everything out, okay?"
>Her hand roamed slowly across my back as she pulled me hard against her, a kiss on my forehead drawing my eyes up to look at her.
>She smiled placidly down at me, but her fingers traced hungry patterns across my smooth skin.
>Leaning down, she kissed me softly, murmuring as I haltingly reciprocated.
>Even with everything else that was happening, I still couldn't fight the desire her touch brought boiling up inside me.
>"Fem, would it make you feel any better if I... If I showed you it doesn't matter how much you change?"
>My cheeks burst into flame, and apparently my changing body hadn't done anything to change the heady feelings Fluttershy's advances stirred in me.
"I don't know. It... It might."
File: 1616381.jpg (205 KB, 1621x2048)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
That's gonna be it for now. I'll probably end up doing some more tonight, since I'm feeling the flow lately. Pretty nice, since I haven't been able to write a thing for the last little while. Anyway, be good.
She's not a succubus, lol. She's just a healthy girl with a possibly unhealthy obsession. Give her a break =P
File: 1533812070185.jpg (90 KB, 736x1024)
90 KB
I see what AJs doing. Strawberry Sunrise is basically an aged-up Apple Bloom.
Give Pheno's trip back, Fluttershy. The cat is out of the bag, not even dubs can help you.
File: 788980.jpg (484 KB, 800x800)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
Son of a bitch! You're right
>Big Mac essentially dates his mother
>AJ essentially dates her sister
Christ, Apples.
How are you this stereotypical?
Keeping it in the family, indeed.
I'll admit that if we didn't get Rarijack that would be my next favorite thing.
congratulations! it's now your next favorite thing!
Time for a heavy lore dump, everyone buckle in!

>She drags a pillow towards herself and curls up around it, holding it against her chest
>When she speaks, her voice lacks the childish energy that suddenly flared up in it; now she sounds somber and much, much older than she looks
>It was 327 years ago, she tells you, when the city of Canterlot was still young and clogged with the filth of pre-industrial life
>The city was ruled by several lines of nobles: counts or dukes or whatever they were; the titles changed often, and they were impossibly far above Luna's head
>She had been born poor, to a mother who she hardly now remembers
>By a stroke of fate, her mother had the oppurtunity to give her up as a servant to the palace, an offer she quickly took
>Luna muses that, though it must have hurt terribly to give up her child, she must have known that a life in the palace, even one of servitude, would be far better than a life of poverty
>So Luna grew up sequestered by alabaster corridors and glass lamps, listening to the clatter of estate dinners above her while she scrubbed dishes below
>Her life probably would have flickered out quietly like millions of others, had it not been for her love of the night
>While the palace slept, Luna would explore
>Scrawny and naturally dextrous, she could slip through the dozens of secret passages that traced through the floors and walls of the palace grounds, and she had a nose for sniffing them out
>Her curiosity was ravenous
>One night, the nobility of Canterlot accepted a visiting party in secret
>The visitors were taken in during the dead of night; extremely unusual for a royal visitation
>Luna was painfully curious, and she slipped out from her meager bedchambers in the palace's lower levels and shimmied up an old, unused latrine shaft, emerging right inside the old count's bedroom

File: a77.jpg (68 KB, 600x452)
68 KB
>She crept to the door, expecting to see the same bizarre, fleshy rituals she sometimes caught the count performing with his servant girls
>But instead, she found the old count trembling in the arms of a woman so radiant the feeble lamplight seemed ashamed to even attempt to illuminate her beauty
>The sight overwhelmed Luna, and she let out a sharp gasp of mixed terror and awe
>The mysterious woman dropped the count and raised her head, looking directly at where Luna crouched at the privy door
>Ever horror-stricken instinct in Luna's body fell silent, and she mechanically rose to her feet and approached
>The woman-- who she would later learn to call Celestia, an Elder vampire of the sorcerous Tremere clan --dropped the limp count and took Luna in her arms instead
>When Celestia held her, Luna experienced something her young self had never known, and that she had never realized how badly she needed
>Affection, which quickly turned to love
>For the next few years of Luna's life, Celestia's visits were her greatest joy
>The vampire stayed in the city, and was often in the palace, welcomed eagerly by both servants and nobles alike
>All loved her and fell over themselves to please her
>Celestia smiled easily and accepted their adoration
>But only Luna could bring true happiness to her face
>Celestia told Luna everything she could about the world outside Canterlot, of hundreds of years worth of history, culture, and life that existed beyond the palace
>But, as time wore on, Luna began to notice that the vampire-- who she looked on as being almost like her own sister --was deeply sad, in a way that the young girl couldn't begin to understand
>On one night, though, they sat in the gardens and watched the full moon bathe the city in pale, clean light
"Do you miss the sun?" Luna had asked her
>Celestia said that, yes, she did
>She missed the day, and she missed feeling a true, selfless love for mortals

File: 342613.png (665 KB, 637x949)
665 KB
665 KB PNG
>As her un-life had worn on, it became harder and harder to see them as anything more than food
>Until she met Luna
>At that, the two embraced, and Celestia explained she would be leaving soon
>She couldn't stand her life as a monster, and the was determined to seek the state beyond vampirism, the blessed peace known as Golconda
>And more than anything, she was terrified she'd one day hurt the one she cared for most
>Luna begged her not to go, but Celestia refused
>She admitted her desire for the young girl had been growing, and she wouldn't allow herself to feed on anything so pure
>Furious, Luna opened a vein in her own neck with a shard of stone, knowing Celestia could not resist
>When her sister's fangs met her neck, Luna was happy, terrified, and dismayed all at once
>They shared that last night together, locked in a painful, shuddering embrace, as Celestia drained all of Luna and then emptied a little of herself back into the poor, tiny vessel
>Luna awoke many days later, a monster
>She didn't see Celestia again, after that
>From there, she learned of the new, frightening world she'd been thrust into on her own
>More vampires flocked to Canterlot, many older and far stronger than her
>She fought, and many times she lost
>But none could fully destroy her, she had something to live for that her foes lacked
>In time, she learned of the powers her bloodline had passed to her
>And so she rose, and gradually earned the respect of those who remained, in time they came to call her Princess
>Luna trails off as she reaches the end of her story
>You realize that, unconsciously, your hands have clenched around the blanket
"I'm so sorry, Luna."
>"There is no place for apologies. 'Tis history now. Though we do still hold out hope we shall find her, someday. We know not where, nor when. But we feel that we would know, somehow, if she were gone, and we've not felt it yet."
"And Golconda? Does it exist?"

File: full (14).png (119 KB, 833x899)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>Luna shrugs
>"Perhaps. We believe it very well may, though it existing and it being possible for any of us cursed wretches to achieve are very different matters."
"I suppose..."
>Luna reaches out and lightly punches your shoulder
>"Hey now, do not let our woeful tales dampen your spirits! We have lived long, and well, and we have made many wonderful new allies in our time. And we hope we are making more, even now."
"I don't think I could ever be anything to you like she was."
>"We agree, and we do not expect thee to be. We are happy to have one to confide such a story in. But please, talk of happier things, now! Anything thou wishest to know, please, we would love to help you."
"I want to know more about you, if that's okay."
>Luna beams
>"We find it hard to believe we are so interesting."
"But you must know so much. About the world, about the kindred, about everything."
>"We have tried our best to keep up to date," Luna says with a wink
"You said there were other vampires, trying to kill you. Why? There's so few of us, it seems like we should..."
>"Band together for safety?"
"Or something, at least."
>"An old rivalry, the Jyhad, keeps us apart. Vampires, by our nature, are solitary creatures. Immortal, predatory, territorial. To maintain any sort of camaraderie in our present state, sadly, seems nearly impossible."
"Then... have you not had any friends before? Or anything... well, more?"
>"Any lovers, you mean?"
"Or something of that nature," you say, trying to sound as mature about this as possible
>"We have experimented somewhat," Luna says, a sly hint in her voice. "With mortals as well as kindred. But it has failed us each time. Jealousy, either from within or without, has always destroyed it."

File: 1551376886958.jpg (919 KB, 1500x2250)
919 KB
919 KB JPG
"That's not exactly encouraging."
>Luna shrugs
>"It is an inevitable part of our way of un-life. But thou art young, and there are still traces of humanity in thee. Please, hold onto it."
"I'll try. So we're really the biggest danger to ourselves, huh?"
>"Essentially. Mortals hunt us, but they can be cowed and avoided. Werewolves, nightmarish and nearly invincible beasts, stalk the forests, but they do not interfere in our affairs unless trifled with. No, for us, our own Kindred are the true threat."
"Then what about Octavia, Tempest, all of them? You said they were your allies, right?"
>"Allies they are. Friends, well... perhaps, perhaps not."
"Tempest seems loyal."
>Luna smiles
>"Funny thou wouldst say that. She's a traitor to her own clan. But we have reasons to believe her allegiance to us will not break easily."
>"Indeed. Though that is her story to tell. Octavia... we know her but formally. She impressed upon us well, though. Far better than some that have attended Elysium..."
>You somehow get the feeling she's talking about Trixie
>"Rarity, we fear somewhat."
>"She is no match for us in terms of power. But she can be devilishly beguiling, when she wishes to. And her clan, Toreador, is easily captivated by beauty, sometimes to the point of obsession."
>You feel a slight shiver touch your spine
>"Others of our court exist, whom thou will likely meet. But enough about them, for now. The hour grows late, and Spoiled did wish you home before dawn."

>Blood: 10/13

The night's just about over, what you gonna do?

>Ask to spend the night with Luna
>Get a ride home with one of Luna's hench-vampires so you can see your mom
>Ask Tempest very, very nicely to escort you home
Politely ask one of the minions for a ride home.
File: 1535654985428.jpg (14 KB, 320x362)
14 KB
>Mfw AJ and Strawberry Sunrise only pasted a short time and is rarely seen anymore
Applejack has too many members in her harem, can't give enough love to all of them.
based tarzan poster
god, if only vamp lesbos weren’t so territorial...
get a henchie to take us home
File: gf.jpg (360 KB, 1200x1800)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Flutters best waifu.
some fan art btw
shit that's nice
Get Tempest to take us home. It would be nice to talk to Luna more, but hell hath no fury like a mother scorned. Plus, we couldn't be safer than with the walking embodiment of death that is ghosty arms.
That's some hype shit drawfriend.
Thank her for taking time out for us, then ask for a ride home from a flunkie.
Ask about what's going to happen with Glimmer before we leave, though.
Do we want to be there when they question her? It's probably gonna be horrifying.
This is awesome! Thank you so much, and you're absolutely right.
If we do end up asking about Fizzlepop, only do so if she's not guarding Glimglam. If we ask but Fizzy has important (most likely snek) things to attend to, ask if Octavia can give us a lift.
File: 302659.png (2.47 MB, 2048x2048)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
Didn't even think about Glimmy, that's a good point. But if we ride home with some random house worker, how do we know they wont just drive us to the secret evil base because of course everywhere will be filled with spies. Octy would be the best choice, but I doubt she's still hanging around this late after her arrival. Unless she really is that thirsty.
Best case scenario would be that Octy's still around, but I doubt it.
Asking Fizzle would be a bit presumptuous, but we might be scared enough after what happened tonight to only feel safe with her. If we go with a flunky, we might want to ask to borrow a gun, too.
Good Lore there. I was hoping we would learn of the concept of Golconda sooner rather than later. And Luna being Tremere? Good thing we decided to avoid snark with here. Thaumaturgy is a sonofabitch.

My vote for next action is >>33754396
It would be useful to get to know Fizzie a bit better, but you really gotta watch those Settites. If Fizzle is unavailable, see if Octavia is willing to drive us home. If so, we can arrange to spend some time together in the coming nights. We also have some urgent questions for Mum, but that may have to wait
File: 1504619.png (616 KB, 1446x1615)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
File: 80851.png (340 KB, 915x822)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
File: 2001326.jpg (43 KB, 874x591)
43 KB
>your girlfriend is feeling sick
>No horse apples
Golden opportunity missed, there.
No, I don't dislike AJ, I just think it would've been funny.
File: full (3).jpg (55 KB, 773x950)
55 KB
"Wait, really?"
>You stare at the clock in disbelief
>In the time you've been talking with Luna, all two hours you had remaining have passed
>"Indeed. If thou willst request transport from our vassals, we are quite sure one will assist you."
"Thanks, Lulu."
>You use her pet name, and the Princess wriggles in delight
>"Ah, 'tis good to hear our old name again."
>She reaches out and takes your hand, squeezing it between hers
>"Sadly, we cannot bid thee to spend every such night with us. Many duties must be attended to, and appearances must be maintained. Quite literally, we are afraid."
"I understand. But I'll be able to see you again, right? I mean, like this."
>"We certainly hope so."
>Luna smiles
>Both of you sit up, and she pulls you into a tight, friendly hug
>"Now go. We will hold you here no longer, lest you turn to ash on our behalf!"

>You head back down to the basement, where Tempest is sitting cross-legged on the floor
>She looks almost as if she's in a trance
>The shadows have dispersed from what remains of her arms, leaving only bare, scarred stumps
>When she hears you approach, she looks up
>"Enjoy your audience with the Princess?"
"I did."
>"She must see something in you. Hope you know how lucky you are."
"I have a pretty good idea."
>You can't help but stare at her wounds out of curiosity
>Tempest clearly notices, but makes no attempt to hide the stumps of her arms
>She gets to her feet nimbly and easily
>"You coming to ask for a ride home?"
"I considered it, but I'm sure you have more important things to attend to here."

File: download (12).jpg (7 KB, 197x256)
7 KB
>Tempest shrugs
>"This is the safest place in the city for a Camarilla vampire. Someone has to make sure it stays that way."
>She casts an eye towards Glimmer, who's still paralyzed on her stone slab
>"We'll be questioning her tomorrow night. If you'd like to be there for it, you may. But I'm not going to ask a whelp to sit in on an interrogation."
>You bristle a lot at being brushed off
"I *was* the one she was after. And it was pretty easily to tell how interested she was in me. Maybe I can help."
>"I won't stop you from joining. What did you come down here for, anyway?"
"A weapon. There's no way my mom'll ever get me a gun."
>A tiny, tiny, tiny hint of a smile touches Tempest's mouth
>"Guns aren't gonna help you too much, kid. Only work on mortals. Most kindred can just spit the bullets right back out. What you need is something like this," Tempest says as she reforms one of her shadow-arms
>From her belt, she pulls out a black, tactical-looking sheath, from which she reveals a glistening, razor-sharp little knife
>"This'll cut through anything, even with your scrawny arms."
"Hey, at least--"
>You almost say "at least I have arms," then shut yourself up real quick
"What do I do with it?"
>"Shove the pointy end at their heart and pray for a miracle. If you get lucky, you might just survive. The damage from this will take longer to heal than a bullet, at least."
>She passes the weapon into your hands
>"Now get along. And if that saves your life, you know who to thank."

>You store the knife in your bag, and politely ask one of Luna's servants to take you home
>As it turns out, you end up getting a ride with Echo, who's bizarrely chatty and way too positive for an undead, in your opinion
>Still, she fills you in on a bit of gossip as you drive; apparently Octavia, world-class musician, also has attempted to write love poetry
>And it's insanely, insanely bad

File: download (18).jpg (10 KB, 183x275)
10 KB
>Still, she's a sucker for any sort of "shall I compare thee to a summer's day" type nonsense
>You file that info away for later, then thank Echo and head out after she's dropped you off at your family's estate
>The sky above is already turning a dim gray as twilight approaches, and you hurry inside, instinctively afraid of what even a single, weak ray of sun may do to you
>Something rustles in the well-tended gardens that flank the driveway, and you get a brief sensation of being watches as you hurry up inside
>You turn and scan the surroundings, but see nothing
>If it's another vampire, you figure he or she will vaporize before they have a chance to try anything, and you slip inside, locking the door behind you
>Just beyond the foyer, you step into the living room, where your mom is waiting for you
>She's wearing a silk robe and has her legs crossed
>The picture of maternal authority, except for the fact that her right foot is anxiously bouncing
>How long was she waiting her for you?
>A glass of still-steaming blood is clenched in the fingers of her right hand, and she fixes you with a cold, weary look
"Hey, mom."
>"You came back on time. I'll admit, I'm surprised."
"I did promise I would, didn't I?"
>A weird, awkward silence descends between you
>Your mom's face softens a tiny bit
>"Well, late is better than never, I suppose. Come, let's get you to bed."


>Blood: 10/13

>Obediently go to your room
>Ask mom if you can sleep in her room, to feel safer
>Interrupt her, tell her that you learned the truth from Luna; tell her you *need* to talk ASAP
>*[Bonus]: Thank her for defending you today
I wanna say option three, but we don't have to be a cunt about it. We've been softening toward our Mom, and it's probably going to work out better for us if we approach it gently.
entertain her “incestuous” side and ask to sleep with her. f-for nonsexual reasons. someone’s probably in the garden and it might be one of those apple-themed vampire hunters.
File: carbonite.jpg (296 KB, 900x1026)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
I like to imagine that Glimglomp is stuck in a slab like this except her expression is indignantly angry and she's got her snek tongue frozen while forking out.
File: 6542314567.gif (3.44 MB, 496x388)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB GIF
gotta sleep with her
That skank is taking selfies in the background while her girlfriend is being “comforted” by the quiet, life-sucking shy slut. She needs to wake up and start asserting her squeeze before there’s nothing left on that apple to squeeze.
File: 1715567.png (606 KB, 1024x1244)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
100% we are sleeping in her room tonight, what are we not not gay? Also thank her for going after a snake monster with nothing but determination and a dinky little gun. Maybe now that she's seen how quickly she can lose us, her plans for us might have changed.
Let her finish, thank her for saving you, then tell her you need to talk about what Luna told you.
I really don't get why these anons keep pushing for us to sleep with our Mom. We kind of hate her, ya know? Not so much lately, but she still neglected us our whole life and KILLED us.
And that’s why it’s a perfect set up for an unhealthy sexual tension where “sleeping with mom” just amounts to mildly sexual spooning and Spoiled dying to cop a feel but having mixed thoughts of predatory desires and parental love.
Mixed, nothing. As thirsty as she is, we get in bed with her and she's punching our card with authority.
What happen to that artist?
It's just Ragyo samefagging.
>we are now a member of a secret organization called Tempest's knife
>we are now the anonymous gangbanger of the 21st century
>we are now 100% BLACK
I've actually been trying to think of a good/appropriate weapon for us to use.
The only thing I can really think of is the ball and chain ala Gogo from Kill Bill, but our physical skills suck and we've got no training.
We'd be more effective climbing up on something and falling on people.
Sleep in mum's coffin tonight. We need to ask her about option 3 eventually, but there's not in enough time left to get a real answer from her before Diamond passes out.
Yeah, at the moment we're an all Seduction/Persuasion build, we're fucked once we reach the Sewers.
This right here.

This is an excellent question. I would tend towards something easy to "aim" like a shotgun for now until we can get competent with a proper weapon. Problem being, we probably weigh all of 90 pounds, so hopefully the vampiric strength will offset our lack of mass. That knife will be pretty good for now due to its (middling) effectiveness, but also concealability.

As >>33757414 points out, our skill definitely do not lie in combat, so until we can address that weakness it would be best to avoid combat whenever possible. It is for that reason I'm keen to try and learn celerity from Octavia.
Sleep with her and thank her for defending us.
I don't think we can learn celerity. Pretty sure it's an intrinsic trait you get based on the type of vampire you are. We've got dominate, fortitude and presence and that's all we get.
Actually, I looked it up and apparently you can but we might need a teacher and might need to swap blood with said teacher.
Apparently it's looked upon as DM discretion whether we can just learn it instinctually or need a teacher/blood, with the physical focused ones like celerity and stamina more often ruled as instinctually learned.
Personally I hope we have to seduce a lil' succy succy out of Octy...
File: 1969425.png (660 KB, 1177x1024)
660 KB
660 KB PNG
>Up to DM discretion
Well then it wont happen, Pie has been very clear before he doesn't like Octavia at all. Not one bit. Definitely not enough to have her be our blood bonded teacher of vampire secrets.
File: 1524933995448.gif (342 KB, 640x360)
342 KB
342 KB GIF
>Actually, I looked it up and apparently you can but we might need a teacher and might need to swap blood with said teacher.
Oh my. Diamond is going to be quite the succ slut by the end of this story isn't she?
He also mentioned some vamps have a blood sharing fetish and ever since I've secretly hoped it was Octy and we'd have yet another way to suck each other off.
I'm a degenerate, I just think it's hot
It's not like I'm against incest, it just makes no sense for the character. Maybe down the road when we get to know her and the reasons for how she treated us, but right now it's just ridiculous.
I mean, you kind of change your view on things when before it was being bratty about bedtime and where she can go to have sleepovers, to a world of death and factions vying for her or her death. Plus her attempting to see her mom in a new light might be the tiniest of good ideas if were going to live for hundreds of years, might as well try and make some peace with the bitch.
I agree. That doesn't mean I think we should let her diddle us. We're manipulative, and that's a hell of a poker chip. We can cash it in later for something worth a hell of a lot more than some familiai bliss we can achive through other means.
In my opinion, she has the power and inclination to take advantage of us if we put ourselves in her hands right now. That being said, it's just my opinion and I'm just one player.
Yeah, you right, Spoiled's entire persona is power control so I can see why you would think that. I think the consensus was more get in the bed cause it's cute just like we did with Luna. We have plenty of harem to go to for lewds if need be. Plus, what's more Chad than to put ourselves on a platter for her and not let her have any to eat.
File: 2008651.jpg (149 KB, 1237x1754)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
What kind of vampire is Chrysalis and who is she succing on right now? Hopefully Aunt Coco's penis
It depends on edition and system. Old WoD has rules that say you can learn disciplines outside your clan's specialty, they just cost more points. New WoD has a different view, and I havn't read 5th edition yet so I can't speak to that. For the most part, clan determines which disciplines come easily to you. You can learn other ones, but you need to put in lots of effort and have a good instructor. Some exceptions exist though, and for anyone interested, the World of Darkness General on /tg has PDF's of main rulebooks and splats for most editions under the "mediafire" link.
Not that I disagree, but what makes you think we'd have a choice? If she wanted to, which she obviously does, she could easily make us.
At that point it would come down to whether her desire and gratification were worth the negative sentiment her actions would cause.
She's old, her humanity's probably slipping, and she knows if we get bent out of shape she can just dominate us.
Besides, it's such a little thing, right?
Not a vamp. A changeling. Probably a House Balor sidhe. If she ever crosses paths with us, it will be as a business partner of some Sabbat fucking shits. Pray it never comes to this, because she could easily kill us like a small dog.
File: 2016005.png (596 KB, 1280x734)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
File: 1939215.png (144 KB, 431x421)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
It's good to see Rarity getting use out of that sleeping nook Applejack made for her.
>it's not Sweetiejack
go to bed, Sweetie Belle. stop trying to steal your sister’s girlfriend.
File: 65234145678.gif (2.94 MB, 519x457)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB GIF
Things are getting so stale. We need more shipping fuel from the show. Proper ones.
File: 953377.jpg (390 KB, 1419x915)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
Quality degeneracy anon
Who are we to keep mom from getting her rocks off? If she wants to diddle us for a bit, that's just the debt we owe for all the power we have now, isn't it?
Just me, making my opinion known. She took as much as she gave, and none of it with our consent. I'm not saying you have to agree with me, just saying what I think and why.
If you think it's likely that Diamond would be fine with that, that's your prerogative. I'd love to hear why, though.
File: 2016514.png (764 KB, 1800x1400)
764 KB
764 KB PNG
We need more dinner date episodes
me on the right
File: 2016881.jpg (399 KB, 1419x2000)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
File: 1504732.jpg (419 KB, 867x1280)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
>Taller Fluttershy
File: 1086012.png (900 KB, 753x1200)
900 KB
900 KB PNG
Fully stacked and ready for fun
File: 2012971.png (293 KB, 1000x700)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
File: 1529621395848.png (616 KB, 750x750)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
Diamond should have been Malkavian, because the voices in her head are all at odds with each other and want to indulge their own specific fetish.
File: 1555721811922.png (130 KB, 398x486)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
>Rarity dresses up Rainbow to bring her to a high society event
Another dinner date confirmed! Based season 9
I-Is that Rarity's cutiemark on her dress?
I love season 9
File: 1086011.png (767 KB, 785x1200)
767 KB
767 KB PNG
The mistress enjoys marking her property. It lets everyone know of the nature of their "relationship."
File: 2015357.jpg (132 KB, 709x1049)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
It's becoming clearer by the day that FiM Rarity dates Rainbow while EqG Rarity dates Applejack. Do you think the Rarities ever partake in girlfriend swapping?
DT is young and has many conflicting fetishes. She needs an adult who can influence her and help her focus on fetishes that are congruent to each other.
How fun did Rarity have dressing up Rainbow Dash like that?
File: 967713.png (428 KB, 1024x726)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
File: spoiled rich.png (299 KB, 900x692)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>The softness in your mom's face diminishes
>"Diamond, it's been a tiring night for both of us. I've risked myself multiple times, all for your sake, and--"
"I don't want to sleep alone."
>Your mom blinks in surprise
>"Excuse me?"
"I don't want to be alone right now. Not after everything that's happened."
>You hang your head, embarrassed to be asking for this
>But you were able to see a Glimmer of a different side of your mother tonight
>A side that does care about you as something more than a possession
>Inside of you, there's still a childish longing for her affection that's never really gone away, and after the attack, meeting Luna, and everything else that's happened tonight, you feel opened up and vulnerable, enough for that insecure little part of you to leak out
>Your mom gives you a very strange look
>She quickly raises her hand to her mouth to hide her expression
>"Wanting to keep close together? You're learning so quickly, Diamond. Please, join me. My bed is more than big enough for two."
"I was thinking I'd sleep on the floor--"
>"My own daughter, on the floor like a peasant? No, no. Nonsense. Don't worry, I'll let you have your space," she says with a wink. "Unless you'd rather I hold onto you and--"
"I'm fine staying on my own side, thanks."
>You cross your arms, already feeling like this was a bad idea
>Still, you're somewhat relieved you won't be spending tonight alone...

>You haven't been in your mom's room in years
>At some point when you were little you snuck in hear to play on her bed, but were chastised severely and haven't been allowed back in since
>The bed had seemed like an ocean of velvet sheets and real down throw-pillows to little Diamond, and it's still pretty big to you now
>Your mom excuses herself to the attached bathroom, and reemerges in a nightgown of fine black silk
>You change into a far less thematic bright-pink dress, and crawl into bed next to Spoiled

>The windows in here are blacked out, something you remember being perplexed by when you were little
>Even though you can't see the sun rising, you can feel exhaustion overtaking you as day envelops the city
>Your mom almost immediately lays back, stiff as a board with her hands folded over her stomach
>She doesn't bother with a blanket; what would be the point?
"Hey, mom?"
>She sounds barely conscious
"I need to talk to you tomorrow. It's important."
>"I see," she mumbles
>A long silence stretches through the bedroom
"And mom?"
"Thank you. For today. I was... lucky to have you with me, today."
>You sigh, then give into your own fatigue, and sprawl out next to her
>Just as you're sinking into your own death-sleep, your mom reaches out and places her hand protectively on your arm
>And then you rest


>Blood: 10/13

Diamond's tumultuous third night as a vampire has ended. She's learned more about herself, her powers, and the plots that surround her. There's several things she could do with her next night, but there's only so much time. What should she prioritize?

>Getting some private time with mom to talk
>Meeting with Octavia to strengthen that growing bond
>Contacting Tempest to assist with interrogating Starlight
>Investigating whatever may be stalking her
>Return to Crystal Prep for more blood
I guess I'll say prioritize talking to Mom and spending time with Octavia. We promised her we'd see her, and although spending time with her last night was definitely thrilling, it wasn't exactly what we'd had in mind.
Interrogating Starlight is important too, and being there would probably earn us some points with Tempest, but it'd probably be pretty traumatizing as well. I'd like it if we could squeeze it in, but it's not as much of a necessity to me.
Talking with Mom about our conception and leveling up our Social Link with Octavia, like >>33763503 said.
File: 2016872.jpg (166 KB, 293x2048)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>girlfriend in makeup and pretty dress
wetter than water
unexpected background lesbos
thirstiest thot in the seven kingdoms
they are cute
green and porn when?
File: 1555777420649.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
Perhaps one of the greatest episodes of our time. The fact that the VAs wrote this is amazing. They really understand character dynamics

If only they were in charge of things...
This seems solid. However, we should mention to mother that there may be somebody skulking about on the property, so some extra security/caution would be in order. I would argue against being there for the interrogation however.

It's obvious that Starlight is after us, so being there during the interrogation would be a mixed blessing. Our presence could be used as leverage yes; however our absence would be more useful in my opinion. That would allow the interrogators to suggest to starlight that we have been relocated to another city (or continent if necessary) which could help to convince Starlight to cooperate. Being staked and held captive in a hostile domain, and then learning that her target is in another time zone may be enough to make Starlight crack.

We certainly should meet with Octavia and perhaps hunt with her; we could use some pointers. Might be wise to avoid Crystal Prep for a while, but after the shenanigans, going back for damage control could be the best choice. We need to at least deal with Scootaloo and try to explain away our huge swan dive, and talk with Babs about why she woke up with our coat on her.
File: 904_webm_14.webm (1012 KB, 1280x720)
1012 KB
1012 KB WEBM
They're not real ponies. The bar scene is a figment of Rarity's imagination. Is it a hint at Rarity's secret lesbian sexuality?
File: mpv-shot0021.jpg (209 KB, 1920x1080)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Look at that.
That's the look of a mare who's going to fuck everyone in the crystal table room.
File: mpv-shot0022.jpg (161 KB, 1920x1080)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
File: mpv-shot0026.jpg (244 KB, 1920x1080)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
I wonder what their hatefuck sounds like
Get some private time with Mom. She should be our priority.
File: ZMP-screencap_png-19.png (442 KB, 960x540)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
why are they such a perfect duo?
>They're not real ponies
>>33765069 begs to differ although I don't remember where this is from

hot and sticky I bet
Yes, but they aren't real in the context of the scene, ie dialogues/actions of everyone are imaginary.
File: 1555780916672.webm (868 KB, 1280x720)
868 KB
One is an unrepentant slut. The other is a closeted slut. They both get a kick out of whoring each other out to the gender that they'd never have sex with, but have no problems with teasing them endlessly.
File: hurl.gif (3.43 MB, 826x464)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB GIF
>stallion in her face
>almost vomits
Rainbow Dash confirmed as an 'eater of carpet'
Let's kill two birds with one stone, meet with Octavia (I'm sure she wouldn't be impressed if we blew her off two nights in a row.) and we can return to Crystal Prep to hunt together. Just so long as Octy knows Babs is ours.
File: 1555778349561.gif (3.2 MB, 298x437)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB GIF
>getting ready to thigh-crush some mares
File: 1785445353242.webm (967 KB, 1920x1080)
967 KB
How many fractures has she inflicted onto Fluttershy's pelvis?
Shattered in half.
The resulting inflammation of her... fleshy bits, her pelvis healed in a very dilated position, causing it to become much wider than before. She's dummy thicc in the rear now and it only makes Applejack lust after her more than ever.
File: 88f19994.jpg (707 KB, 1404x661)
707 KB
707 KB JPG
I mean, why on earth would you want Fluttershy's brother when you've already had Fluttershy as many times as you could possibly want. The ultimate downgrade.
This, Octavia and Mom are first priorities, other things can happen if there is extra time, but like Pie said, it's a slow burn, so no need to rush.
File: 2017959.png (1.14 MB, 1060x1500)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Succ the Tavi in the tiddies
and in the bagina
File: pretty-girlfriend-01.gif (249 KB, 676x488)
249 KB
249 KB GIF
Rarity's a happy camper~
Now just back dat ass up...
Christ that's a fine Octy. This is the uninhibited beauty I want Diamond to unlock.
I think the skulking might be our resident weeb vampire trying to come check in on us. We did give her our garter after all, so she's been sniffing that thing up a storm, probably worried about us, hearing about the attack through the grapevine.
That is an excellent deduction. Hopefully you're right, and she's just moping around in the shrubbery asking the local mice to steal our unmentionables.
Anyone have those screencaps of Dash and Rarity with "first date"/"second date"? I can't find it
I have it, but why do you need it? Not for anything malevolent I hope?
Just going to show it to my friend who's into Raridash
They're going to edit Applejack's face onto both of them so everyone is appeased.
File: Spoiler Image (3.21 MB, 640x358)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB GIF
Are Rarijack fans still seething over the fact that Rainbow Dash canonically asked Rarity out on a date?
File: 2manyapuljaks.png (446 KB, 1280x904)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
No, all ships need to bow down to the one truest ship of them all, AppleJack
File: 2017738.gif (1.67 MB, 806x451)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB GIF
>Enough shipping fuel to keep this thread sated for a few days
>Consistent characterizations based off years of the show
>Bones tossed to two of the most undervalued of the cast
So why isn't the VA staff more involved in the show?
Pinkie still gets tossed to the background because everyone how to write her, but can't have everything.
At least she's sitting on her own throne. Imagine the clusterfuck of conspiracy nutters that would have come out if she'd been sitting on Celestia's.
Would have been funny if she set the goose down on Celestia's throne, though.
>None of the VAs wanted hardcore tribbing.

Wasted opportunity.
"The princess is dead, long live the princess."
>Bones tossed
More like VAs confirmed for shipping raridash, aka best lesbian ship in the series! :^)
All other shipping fuel is negated thanks to this episode. Any other ship is now labelled 'dishonest shipping', forced by the show staff onto viewers. No matter what their characters do or say in the show, tabitha, ashleigh, etc still considers raridash their otp and will forever keep it in their hearts
Your attitude sucks. 10/10 trolling, I'd avoid you irl.
/lesbo/'s double standards suck. Unless a ship features a copious amount of sneed, a ship will be shrugged off despite its obvious shipping fuel. Maybe if you avoided 'selective shipping' all together and stopped putting certain ships on a pedestal there wouldn't be an 'attitude'.
File: 179830.jpg (304 KB, 850x721)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
Take your persecution complex and go back to whichever echo chamber you came from
based and righteous
I'm really not sure what you're trying to say to me. I can't speak for the whole thread, but I can promote my personal ships without putting down others.
File: 1522570848032.png (736 KB, 1920x1080)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
There's no reason why popular ships SHOULDN'T be put on a pedestal. They're popular for a reason! Celebrating them above others is natural. Nobody's here's going to bend the knee to some crackship nobody's heard of!
>dress up rainbow dash for stallions
sasuga raridash cucks
File: 785.png (417 KB, 1600x900)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
Where my twilightxrarity niggas at?
I'd like it too
File: 8660.jpg (358 KB, 1000x1147)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
Yo waddup fool
File: 1527826201150.png (252 KB, 1124x949)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
TwiXRarity ship is criminally underrated, so much so that I have nothing to contribute.
Here's my top ten for your disection. Some of them are popular, some of them are mutually exclusive, and some are just insane. For your sake my number one just covers the miriad Trixie ships I have, since if I listed them off they'd make up most of the list.
>Trixie x Everyone (Top picks being Twixie, Tridash, Triglim and herself)
>Vinyl x Octavia

For those that notice AJ appears nowhere on the list, I just want to say that it's nothing against her. Like I've said before, I just fundamentally can't ship her for some reason.
I also have a couple straight ships, but the only one really worth mentioning is Macindash.
Have at it.
File: 1394109.jpg (523 KB, 1280x640)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
Top 3 in the Twilight crackships next to Twilight and Lightning Dust, and Twilight and Octavia
File: milf.jpg (257 KB, 1000x1500)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
mom route all the way. Art btw
You don't have a single raritlight picture? That's a bit sad anon
File: 167144.gif (293 KB, 700x372)
293 KB
293 KB GIF
g-good lord...
>mom wears totally age-inappropriate dresses with lewd cutouts that belong in the runway
i can see it
Hope you're right. She's a gangrel if I recall, and they enjoy sleeping outdoors. I just hope it's not a fucking hunter. That's just what we need.
It’d be more tragic if we woke up to find our panty drawer rifled through and the sexiest pair missing.
File: 994555.jpg (817 KB, 1400x990)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
I would think hunting at the manor of a vampire would be like pro league level dumb, but we have made major league magnitude of choices, so who the fuck knows, could be retaliation. Plus while vampire don't really care about guns unless it's buckshot to the face hunters go down just as easy as any normal blood bag.
That's some hype shit. Yo you got a place where you post your art or anything like that?
Anon, I need specifics about this scenario you're proposing.
Bless you, artfriend. I like your style.
These “hunters”... There’s a subset of them that hunt more than just their bloodsucking antagonists.

Of course, I speak of none other than the Panty Raid. An obscure rite of passage, forgotten over time, rediscovered and perverted by the horny young huntresses. It was once a way to strike terror in the succ-sluts by messing with their intimates. Now, these young huntresses derive sexual gratification from the act.

The thrill of snatching up sultry little strings that are barely wide enough to cover their quarry’s privates is too much for these huntresses, and some give in totally to the pursuit of this lewd act. More than a few promising young ones have ruined their lives, locking themselves in a tiny hideout filled to the brim with frilly things, sniffing the night away.

May the Princess protect DT’s undergarments from such fallen creatures.
Pray, rather, that she catches them at it.
File: 1549131.png (276 KB, 714x900)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
Maybe it's Silver Spoon sneaking in for some panty-related lewds.
File: 1286188.png (382 KB, 648x864)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
>DT bashfully thanking Spoiled for protecting her from Sneklight Glimmer
>DT bashfully "rewarding" Spoiled the next day
I AM looking forward to us seeing Silver Spoon again. The context might not exactly be my cup of tea, but at least it makes more sense than >>33768272 this.
Good fucking lord please, if there is any God and he is truly loving, let this happen
File: Spoiler Image (124 KB, 614x938)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
>These “hunters”... There’s a subset of them that hunt more than just their bloodsucking antagonists
Do you mean to tell me best boy is going to make an appearance?
It makes no fucking sense, Anon. You don't have to defend it, though. I know there's no arguing characterization or logic with a fetish.
>One of the main antagonists is Anon, perving on lesbo Diamond
This actually sounds kind of hilariously appropriate.
File: 290771.png (158 KB, 455x537)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Disgusting. No boys allowed.
File: little_miss_cunt.png (155 KB, 449x692)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Okay, it looks like Mom is top priority with Octavia following closely behind. I'm going to take a short break from the CYOA (like one or two days) in order to plan out stuff for the next arc of the story, but we'll be back with night #4 really soon. It's been really cool to see you all discussing the choices and putting a lot of thought into the character relationships and the world. I'm hoping the romance path(s) that Diamond goes down will be worth the effort.

Also, I'm seeing a lot of interest in Spoiled as a lewd/romance partner, and I wanted to confirm that her path is 100% available. However, both of them have a fair amount of issues to work through before they descend into momcest.

This is awesome! She kinda looks like Tilda Swinton a little bit. Definitely gives me a much more noble, motherly, yet cold vibe than Spoiled's canon appearance does. From now on, this is probably how I'll be imagining her when I write.
i like to imagine that Spoiled x DT is going to be one of those relationships where the sexual tension is at the breaking point and all they ever do is come uncomfortably close to going to the second base whenever they have a conflict. maybe a really hateful makeout once in a blue moon, but the fact that their relationship is not at all healthy keeps both of them from pursuing it further despite lusting after each other. meanwhile, DT’s main squeeze would be Tavi, who has only the vaguest idea about DT’s tumultuous relationship with Spoiled.
>Octavia:"What's the deal with you and your Mom, anyway?"
>Diamond: Punches a hole in a wall while humping the edge of a table.
"It's complicated."
File: 2016260.jpg (534 KB, 1740x969)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
A break is more than fine, with as much work as it takes for each update and planning out the choices as well, I assume it gets tiring.
The Deb of night when?
At some point I want to run a short Malkavian Ponk quest, as a sort of side-story to the main events. Instead of choices, every Anon will just play a different voice in Ponk's head, arguing and telling her what to do. Kind of like a lesbian version of Everyone is John. It'd be a trainwreck, but hopefully a fun trainwreck.
Sounds like a mad spot of fun. Hopefully we get to ask Flutters why a raven is like a writing desk.
Would a Malkavian Twily quest give too much of your plans away? And if not, do you have a sire in mind for Purplesmart? Because I've been thinking Glacierclear's Bitchdence would be perfect for that.
Not to sound rude or anything.
imagine the comfort fuck Tavi would allow DT after telling her it’s okay to let out all of her mom frustrations on Tavi. lots of curses and whimpering hip thrusts.
I do. Often.
I might go into more detail at some point.
Wonder if Pie would mind if I wrote up a little vignette...
Please do. I’m always in favor of more lewd content
File: dt vamp.jpg (123 KB, 817x724)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Really loving the story so far so I drew this.
>that toothy grin
god, imagine the succ
How many reassuring succs does Tavi need until she’s comfortable in her skin like that? It’d be a sight to see her over at the Tiara mansion’s pool and striking suggestive poses in a skimpy swimsuit.
File: PRR.gif (1.87 MB, 511x287)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
>Rarity out on a date?
Can you tame your faggotry for five minutes?
File: ry-5436464634.jpg (66 KB, 551x552)
66 KB
>forced by the map to spend time with shitty mudponies
Thanks, Denny Lu
Cute! always good to have more drawfriends
It was one of the better Ponk episodes where she had an actual role instead of screaming a lot.
Secret and Pies were better
Once again, thank you for your writing. I have a question though. My understanding from WoD books is that vampires are extremely territorial and jealous. How much of that is reflected in this story? Will there be serious consequences for two-timing or are the vamps not so concerned about that? or does it depend on each individual? How closely related to the World of Darkness "canon" is this world you are writing? My autism wants an answer, but I also want Diamond to avoid the final death for as long as possible.

Again, its a good story and your writing is appreciated.
File: 2016699.png (196 KB, 1000x1000)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
File: 1974459.png (8 KB, 468x493)
8 KB
Dew it
Even at her most sinister, she's adorable. No wonder a world ending vampire war is going to break out over who gets hold hands with her the longest
At your command.
I'll leave that up to the thread to decide. Hopefully not many, or conversely, many many many.
Who's that lil' lady flashin' fang at? Such a tease...
Cute arts friendo, glad you're liking Pie's story as much as I am.
>DT has her final death
>We shift over to Fizzy
>Die immediately because we forgot to plug in our arms to charge during the day

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