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This is it, Sunburst is going to fight against future spankings!

10 stories in last thread! Archive:



New stories:

Detention at the University by Joh (Flam / Twilight)
Twilight snoops around Friendship U, and gets her muzzle caught in a situation she does NOT want to be in.

Your daughteru messed up by Anon (Anon / Filly)
Anon plays a game with his filly. But she doesn't find it fun.

Welcome to the Hive (Part I) by Ice (Chrysalis / Twilight)
The pony resistance is running out of hope. Twilight goes on a reconnaisance mission into Chrysalis' territory.

The Drunk Tank by Ice (Celestia / Fleur de Lis)
Those uppity Canterlot ponies have had it too easy for too long. Celestia reminds them of the law.

Buzzy Studies by Nomine (Big Bee / Filly)
A giant spelling bee once again paddles an unlucky filly. Can she learn her words in time to end her tushie torment?
(Sequel to: https://hostbatch.com/spanking-archive/m/bad-beehive-iour.txt )

Reformation Parts 1-5 by Anon (Mane 6 / Cozy Glow)
Cozy Glow gets a more age-appropriate punishment than sending her to pony hell.

Old thread:http://sys.4channel.org/derefer?url=https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/33536866

This is the old reminder:
Be advised: this is a thread about cartoon horses. Nobody here cares about real life disciplinary methods.
File: 1999499.jpg (1.48 MB, 3264x2448)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
Nazi ponies make for some of the best spankers appearently. Love that position btw, although the tail needs to be held down so as to not get potentially in the way. Very cute artwork.
File: Flurry Flick.png (2.27 MB, 1920x1080)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
Last week's premiere has a bit of spank inspiration.
kek daddy Tirek
>The Drunk Tank by Ice (Celestia / Fleur de Lis)
I missed that one earlier.
Interesting exploration of how an incident like that might go down. Good job keeping the perspective entirely from Celestia's POV.
I unironically ship Tirek and Cozy.
Only if there's spankies!
File: c.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
Cozy Glow in this pic just on her own without context.

She knows what's coming.
Been working on a new character, but no new spankings, I am afraid
I think the writers do, too. Expect more scenes of Tirek and Cozy like this.
Spank the villain winter. Warm the cold butt.
File: Flurry hooves behind back.png (1.49 MB, 1920x1080)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
Joh had this prompt which didn't make it into this thread:

>This spanking thread theme will be, non spanking punishments. (Funny right?!)

>Here is a spankee (however old or young) who doesn’t like the spanking punishment so they ask nicely for the other to stop spanking. They do so, except now whenever the spankee messes up, they have a whole bunch of other punishments happen, they are grounded, they get a slap on the hoof, they are made to endure lines and cornertime or the yucky taste of soap. Which is better? All the other punishments or just the spanking. Take sunburst for example. Here’s his face of realization that he may not have made the best choice.

Image was this scared Sunburst vector:


Response to the prompt:
Coercion into a spanking is fun. Grounded for a month or a "simple" spanking?

Even with a completely fair choice, the discomfort of a spanking is extreme in the short-term and then less bad over a long timescale. Matching that discomfort could make somepony choose a spanking. Except when the spanking has started, then they want to get out of it.

RusticAnon drew a partial spank animation with that nazi character.

The backside of that pose is even better. I want to see her in this pose with her hooves holding up her tail, showing off her reddened rump. Perhaps in the corner.

If you want to write a Heartless being spanked, I'm all ears. Go for it.
File: 2006333.jpg (170 KB, 512x2046)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Bongo butt
File: 1935947.png (856 KB, 1920x1080)
856 KB
856 KB PNG
Ocellus gets scolded by Thorax for leaving the hive in the newest episode. (S09E03 at 5:30)


>Thorax: Ocellus!
>Thorax: There you are! The hive has been worried sick! Why did you leave without telling us? The last time you and your friends did that, it almost brought our kingdoms to war!
>Ocellus: Uh, sorry, Thorax! It was an emergency!
>Thorax: Well, next time, ask before you run off. Now, come on. Let's go home.

MLP: The Movie reference. It took the Derpibooru tags for me to figure it out.
File: Ocellus scared.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Forgot pic
Greens when?
So I finally finished part 6 of my Cozy Glow series. Hope you enjoy!

This time I tried to write the spanking a bit differently hopefully it feels unique.

Also I think I wrote Rainbow Dash to be a bit too mature, but I'll let the readers be the judge of that.

Gonna continue Warm for the Winter, so since the thread is slow I thought I may as well repost the story with the new parts I wrote.
Warm for the Winter

>She wasn't back in time... again

>Rainbow Dash sat in her living room chair, staring at the door
>her eyes closed, she bared her teeth in frustration
>That little orange filly should have walked in through that front door by now
>she was more than an hour late
>And the dinner she had spent so long trying to cook for her, some hot soup to warm her up after such a cold winter day, was still sitting in the pot on the stove

>The sun was almost totally down when Rainbow Dash heard the doorknob turn
>She glowered at the door as it swung open
>some snowflakes were blown in by a heavy gust of wind, and in she walked
>A little, orange filly, wrapped up with a scarf, boots, hat, and wearing a red snow jacket
>snowflakes stuck to the scarf, and her mane and tail

>Rainbow didn't say a word as Scootaloo trotted in casually, stomping some packed on snow off her boots and closing the front door
>She took a deep breath in and out, and swished her tail rapidly back and forth, causing the flakes of snow to fall to the cloud floor

>The older mare narrowed her eyes down at the young filly
>But Scootaloo seemed totally oblivious to Rainbow's anger
>She smiled, and sighed out with relief

>"Shew! It's extra cold outside there, today!" She exclaimed.
>Rainbow Dash's lips curled downward like she'd eaten something sour

"You're late, Scoot. Reaaally late."
>Rainbow pointed up at the clock on the wall
>her eyes glared down at Scootaloo
>But the other filly, when she looked up at the wall clock, didn't think much of it
>She shrugged, and took off her fluffy hat, tossing it onto the floor
>"Oh. My bad. I guess the snowball fight went on longer than I thought..."
"So that's where you were this whole time? Snowball fighting? You failed your math test two days ago, remember? You were grounded, Scoot."
>Rainbow Dash was trying hard not to raise her voice
>the way Scootaloo was so nonchalant about disobeying her was...
>Scootaloo looked down at the floor as Rainbow put her down on the spot
>but she shrugged her shoulders again, and a faint groan left her
>She began to whine
>"But Rainbowww... it just kinda, sort of... happened. On the way back, when I was walking, Snips threw a snowball and it hit Sweetie, so me and Apple Bloom threw one back, and then Lemon Grass and Tulip Twinkle ambushed us from the other side and..."

>But Rainbow shook her head
>she interrupted Scootaloo's story with disappointment in her voice
"But Scoots, a whole hour and a half? That's... no excuses, Scoot. No excuses."

>Now normally, Rainbow's disappointed tone of voice and harsh stare would have been enough to shut Scootaloo up
>but not tonight
>Scootaloo took a minute to hear what Rainbow Dash said, but rather than apologize, she did something very different

>she rolled her eyes
>her hoof unwrapped her scarf from around her neck and she tossed it next to her hat on the floor
>then, she grunted with a pout on her face
>"Yeah, yeah... whatever. Guess having fun is illegal now, huh?"

>Rainbow's eyebrows rose
>she had been leaning back in her chair before, but now, she was sitting on the edge of her seat
"Hey, watch your tone!"
>But Scootaloo was not impressed.
>she smirked, and began kicking off her wet boots
>they flew off her hooves and hit the wall, falling to the floor
>"Whatever. It was just a stupid math test, I don't see what you're making a big deal out of."
>Rainbow was growing more and more upset by the moment
>Scootaloo wasn't listening to her at all
>The orange filly kicked off her last two boots, leaving a pile of wet, snow covered clothing in a heap by the door
>Rainbow Dash got up from her chair, and approached Scootaloo with a flame in her eyes
"It's a big deal, Scoot, because this is the third time you've just... blown me off! You've got your big final exam four days from now and you haven't studied one bit!"

>"Oh, yeah, because YOU were such a great student in school when you were a filly!"
>That one hit hard
>Rainbow Dash winced
>but her wounded heart fought back, and she didn't miss a beat
>she pointed at Scootaloo with her hoof, and her voice lowered dangerously

"Scoot, I'm warning you..."

"Uuuugh! And I thought you were COOL, but I guess not since you're making such a big deal about throwing some stupid snow around! It was just one test, I'm fine!"

>Rainbow Dash's blood was beginning to boil
>Scoots was firing everything right back at her
>not listening at all
>even throwing her snow gear on the floor, like she expected Rainbow Dash to pick up after her

>Rainbow Dash gritted her teeth
>she pointed at the discarded boots, hat, and scarf on the floor
"Pick those up. NOW."

>Scootaloo looked down at the heap of wet clothes
>then back at Rainbow Dash
>and then, she narrowed her eyes and with a harsh smirk, she replied, "Don't want to."

>Rainbow kept her hoof pointed at the clothes, silently
>But Scootaloo didn't budge
>Dash tried to keep her composure, but Scootaloo's defiant glare was beginning to bring other things to mind...
>She tried again
"Scootaloo, put them away. Now."

>Rainbow Dash's thoughts began to race
>one last, desperate option surfaced in her mind
>She grimaced on the inside at the thought
>but she didn't push it out of her mind
>one last thing she could do to get Scootaloo's attention...
>If Scootaloo had obeyed, right then and there, she would not have done it
>but her hoof was forced
>Scootaloo curled her lip into a sneer
>and then, leaving her wet winter clothes behind, she walked away, toward the stairs
>"Whatever. I'll be up in my room."

>That was it.
>Rainbow Dash growled, and as Scootaloo turned tail, she lurched forward with a flap of her wings
>Scootaloo saw Rainbow out of the corner of her eye, flying toward her, but before she could react two cyan hooves had wrapped around her midsection and lifted her up
>before she knew what was going on, her hooves had left the ground and Rainbow was flying her up the stairs in a whoosh of air

>Rainbow said in a raised voice:
"No, we're going to MY ROOM. NOW!"
>"Whaa? Wait, what're..."

>She cruised up with Scootaloo in tow, past the orange filly's bedroom, and straight into her own
>She kicked the door shut with her back hoof, and before Scootaloo could even process what was going on, she set her down on the floor

>Scootaloo whirled around, hopping back in surprise as Rainbow stood before her, a cloud wall and Rainbow's big bed behind her
>The cyan pegasus glared down at her, breathing heavily

>All of a sudden, Scootaloo's defiance seemed to be blown right out of her like a candle in the wind
>The suddenness of what just happened filled her heart with fear
>Stammering she began to speak...
>"W-wait, Rainbow Dash, I... I'm sorry, I'll go put my stuff away..."
>Rainbow shook her head, anger flushing her face pink
>she stared menacingly
"No, Scoot. Too late for that. Besides, in a bit you won't probably need those winter clothes anymore."

>Scootaloo gulped
>What was Rainbow talking about?

>"Uhh... w-why not? I don't get it..."

>Rainbow walked over to her hairdresser
>and sitting on top was a good sized wooden, oval manebrush
>She picked it up
"Because when I'm done, Scoot, your little rump is gonna keep you niiice and warm."

>Scootaloo looked at the manebrush in Rainbow Dash's hoof
>the silence in the room was deafening
>for a second, the gears in her brain turned
>putting the pieces together
>manebrush, nice and warm rump...

>The meaning of Rainbow's declaration finally sank in.
>When it did, Scootaloo gasped, and scurried back away until her rear end hit the wall
>Her tail flipped down to shield her rump and she started to stammer again
>"Rainbow, y-you don't mean... a s-s-span... a s-span..."

"A spanking. Yes."
>Scootaloo gasped again, and tears welled up.
>The "whatever" attitude from before was gone, replaced with intense fear.
>She shook her head worriedly
>"No, no no no Rainbow Dash! I've never gotten one before, pleaaase no! I didn't think you would ever..."

>Rainbow Dash fluffed up her wings to look more intimidating
>She tapped the spot on the floor in front of her with her hoof, the one not holding the manebrush
>glaring at Scootaloo
"Oh, would I ever. I didn't think so, either, but missy, you're leaving me no choice tonight! You won't listen, you totally disobeyed me, you blew off your work, you... ugh!"
>Rainbow took a deep breath to calm down as she nearly went into rant mode.
>Scootaloo watched silently while she shivered
>She'd never seen Rainbow this upset with her before
>This was serious business.
>Once Rainbow took a second to calm down, she reasserted herself.
"Now, Scoot... Scoot. Your. Little. Boot. Over. Here."

>She stamped her hoof down on the spot in front of her to punctuate each word.
>In her other hoof, the hairbrush loomed menacingly.
>The command did not leave room for argument.
>Scootaloo gulped, the hairs on her neck standing up
>Without a word, Scoot slowly started moving
>the gig was up, and all of the bravado from downstairs was now a thing of the past

>But sadly, Scootaloo's bravery disappeared at the last moment
>She began to cry, and retreated
>Her rump hitting the wall again, she made herself small and pleaded with Rainbow Dash
>"Sis, wait, p-please no, I messed up! I'm sorry, I promise I'll do my studying from now on and..."

"No, Scoot! I'll say it one more time. SCOOT. Your. BOOT."

>Scootaloo was terrified.
>Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think this could happen to her!
>For some reason, she always considered herself immune
>especially ever since Dash adopted her...
>But she had seen plenty of other fillies her age get it before
>heck, her two best friends, too!
>Apple Bloom, that one time when Scootaloo came over to play
>but instead, ran into the sight of her friend bawling, being whipped across her butt with a thin tree switch
>Or even the one time where she came over to Sweetie Belle's house, and hear Sweetie crying while getting her butt whacked with her mother's manebrush while she stood outside, listening...

>Oh no.
>Oh no oh no.
>Oh no no no, they were crying so hard!
>Scootaloo knew it must have hurt, but now it was her turn!

>The panicked thoughts drove Scootaloo's brain wild
>She quaked at the knees
>And she didn't move forward like Rainbow Dash demanded that she do.
>Oh, no.

>Instead, she did the worst possible thing she could do.
>She made a run for the door!

>Unfortunately for Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash already expected her to flee
>With a low growl, Rainbow Dash zoomed over to the open doorway
>She landed right in front of Scootaloo, blocking the filly’s would be exit
>Scootaloo nearly ran right into her, skidding to a halt
>And when the little filly looked up, Rainbow was glaring daggers down at her
>The sight made Scootaloo’s heart practically leap out of her chest!

>It was in this moment, that Scootaloo knew, she messed up.

>Rainbow Dash lowered herself menacingly to the floor
>Scootaloo, losing all the nerve she had to flee, froze to the spot
>Tears welled up in her eyes
>“Rainbow, p-please I’m sorry…”

“That’s it, Scoot. You still want to play games? You just earned yourself another spanking, tonight before you go to bed.”

>Scootaloo gasped at the harsh declaration, and she shrank back from fear
>Regret was apparent on the filly’s face as she stammered back
>“A-Another s-spanking? No, please Rainbow Dash! I’m sorry, I take it all back, I-I’ll…”

“Too late for takebacks, Scoot. Obviously the only thing that is gonna get through to you is another warmed backside, so that’s what I’m gonna do. Now…”

>Another regretful moan from Scootaloo
>Rainbow Dash cooly walked past her, back to the bed
>And once again, she sat down on the side, and patted her lap expectantly
>Burning gaze fixed on Scootaloo
“Unless you want to earn ANOTHER spanking tomorrow morning, then I suggest you get over here right. NOW.”
>Scootaloo initially remained frozen to the spot
>It took some time to process everything being said to her
>but when it finally sank in, Scootaloo finally gathered up the courage
>and she found herself slowly dragging her hooves forward
>almost on autopilot
>“O-okay… I’m coming, I’m c-coming…”

>Rainbow Dash watched Scootaloo practically creeping toward her
>fighting back sobs as she did, not meeting Rainbow’s fiery gaze
>But now, finally, Scootaloo was obeying
>Rainbow nodded her head in grim approval

“Good, Scoot. Almost there, come on.”
>She patted her lap again, and Scootaloo pinned her ears back with fear
>but she still, to Rainbow’s gladness, obeyed her command at last
>Dash slid her hoof aside to make room as Scootaloo finally made it to the bed
>and then, Scootaloo hoisted herself up, and at last, obediently laid down with a little hiccup across Rainbow’s lap.

>The little filly’s newfound position was one she would have given anything to get out of
>Her front legs gripped Rainbow’s thigh, with her head resting on top of her hooves
>behind her, her back hooves dangled in the air, free to kick
>and most importantly of all, bent over and perched on top of Rainbow’s right leg, Scootaloo’s little orange butt now lay totally exposed
>Panicked thoughts raced through the little filly’s mind
>How badly did spankings hurt?
>How long would Rainbow spank her for?
>Would she cry like Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle had?

>But Rainbow couldn’t hear the filly’s inner turmoil
>Wordlessly, Rainbow laid her left foreleg down over Scootaloo’s back and tail
>And once she felt Rainbow Dash’s grip on her, pinning her down and rendering her unable to escape, Scootaloo felt the panic coming back
>She began to stammer again
>“I’m so s-sorry, Rainbow Dash… please don’t spank me, I’m sorry…”

“No, Scoot. It’s too late for that now.”
>Her last pleas rejected, Scootaloo fell silent as Rainbow Dash adjusted her position over her knees, better centering Scoot’s bare orange rump over her thigh
>She gave Scootaloo’s tail a short tug before pinning it onto her back with her hoof, which forced her bottom to stick up higher in the air
>And then, Rainbow picked up the hairbrush, laying the cool wood down on Scootaloo’s trembling bare cheeks
>The feeling of the cold hard surface on her rump made Scootaloo clench her bum and squeeze her eyes shut
>Rainbow closed her eyes and took a deep breath
“Alright, Scoot. Get comfortable, because you’re not gonna leave this spot for a good long while.”

>Scootaloo sniffled
>Well, she supposed that there was the answer to the question of how long this would take...
>“O-okay, Rainbow Dash. I’m s-ssorry…”

>Rainbow picked up the brush, and raised it high above her head
>Scootaloo hid her face in her front hooves, closing her eyes with a little whimper
>her bum did an anxious little wiggle
>Rainbow waited a brief moment for Scoots’ rump to stop moving, took one more deep breath, and swung the brush down

>It swished through the air, and then... THWACK!
File: 1615810.png (426 KB, 3000x3350)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
Holy shit I remember reading this some threads back. So happy to see it continue. Can't wait for the rest!
I’d need to learn a tad bit more about the character but I would consider it lol.

So if I were to write my next story, any character/character requests. May not take yours specifically but I’ll choose my favorite or the one I think people will like of the options given.
This could be more than a green if it were given a bit more story line and emotion added, it has more than most Greens do already.
>Scootaloo howled as the brush clapped down, spanking across both cheeks
>It was only the first spank, but already Scootaloo couldn't stop herself from crying out
>Immediately, Scootaloo felt the burning pain like a hot iron on her butt right where the brush had landed
>The pain almost took her breath away!

>Oh gosh, it hurt so BAD, thought Scootaloo
>Oh gosh, spankings HURT!

>Rainbow Dash held the hairbrush on the filly's quivering bum, letting the pain soak in before raising it back up again
>then, she swung it back down again, this time aiming for Scootaloo's right cheek

>whum, THWACK!

>the brush flattened her right bumcheek with a harsh spank, and Scootaloo howled once more
>and just like that, with only the second spank delivered out of what was sure to be much, much more, Scootaloo's eyes filled up with tears and she began to cry

>After two test spanks, Rainbow Dash had put Scootaloo's butt to the test
>And after hearing Scootaloo's vocal cries and seeing the two red ovals beginning to form on the filly's butt, Rainbow knew her spanks were just the right strength

>And so, with her eyes fixed on the wriggling bum sticking up in the air over her lap, Rainbow began spanking her bratty, naughty filly in earnest!
Corner? Cornertime? Will it happen or will it not.
>One after another, the spanks rained down on Scoot's behind
>alternating left and right, back and forth, and up and down the girl's naughty cheeks
>Scootaloo's cries after eack spank soon blended together into one long, pitiful wail

>Over Rainbow's knees, Scootaloo's bottom began to shake helplessly, trying so hard to wriggle away from the hairbrush's onslaught
>When the brush peppered her left cheek, Scootaloo squirmed her poor butt to the right
>and when spanks landed on her right cheek, Scootaloo tried desperately to shake her rump to the left
>and when the brush spanked down on her sit spots, right on the crease where her reddening buns met her upper thighs, Scootaloo's butt tried to pull forward, away from the punishment
>but unfortunately, all her efforts served to do were inadvertently stick her bum higher up in the air, making it a more inviting target

>With Rainbow holding onto Scoot tightly, pinning her down onto her lap, she used these wiggling patterns to spank Scootaloo's quickly reddening bottom up, down, and all around the center of her lap
>keeping her bum right where it needed to stay, arched up and ready for more punishment
>Rainbow Dash fell into a rhythm, smacking Scootaloo's rapidly gyrating tush with the same speed and strength no matter where it wiggled off to
>Scoot's hoofies kicked uselessly in the air, and her butt continued its dance on her caretaker's lap
>dark orange cheeks turning quickly to red, and redder, and even redder...

>The burning, searing heat cooked Scootaloo's behind, turning it crimson
>the pain was beyond what she could have imagined!
>Her bottom was just so HOT, but it kept getting even hotter!
>She wanted to pull her poor bum away, but all of her wriggling and shaking did no good at all
>Scootaloo's dock twitched as she tried to cover her burning bottom with her tail, to try and get just one second of relief, but it was pinned to her back
>She moaned and howled with agony, tears soaking the floor beneath her face

>Scootaloo had tried to keep track of the number of spanks, but lost track after 30
>that had felt like an age ago
>There was no end in sight, and the pain and heat was only continuing to grow
>she wept and sobbed with desperation, but the sound of the brush whapping her burning hot rump continued to echo around the room

>Rainbow gradually shifted over from harder, slower spanks to faster, more peppering flurries of whacks to both buttocks
>Scootaloo noticed the change in pace, and with a howl of pain she began to push herself up on Rainbow's lap and kick her hooves more frantically
>like she was trying to swim away, to propel herself off of Rainbow's lap
>Dash gave Scoot's tail another hard tug, pulling her rump back into position, and pulled up on it to lift her wriggling bottom a few inches into the air
>then, with a harsh flurrry of spanks, Rainbow walloped her young charge's bumcheeks with rapid fire
>Scootaloo wailed at the top of her lungs, feeling the searing heat spread like wildfire all over her crimson red behind
>Rainbow kept up the bottom blazing pace for several more seconds, intending for this finale to really soak in, before finally letting go of Scootaloo's tail

>Scoot's bum fell with a dull thump onto Rainbow's lap, and Scootaloo gasped out with a long, tired whine of pain
>and Rainbow, for a brief moment, surveyed the damage she had done to the girl's poor, blazing butt

>No longer orange, Scoot's little boot had been turned a proper shade of flaming malbec red
>The glowing heat radiating from her bare buns could have been felt be felt from the other side of the room!

>Rainbow dropped the brush onto the bed, and with a grim nod of satisfaction she decided to end the spanking here.
>In just a few minutes, the little orange filly had gone from a smirking little brat to a very sore, very sorry little filly
>Rainbow Dash unpinned Scootaloo's tail, and spoke over the sound of Scootaloo's sobbing

"Okay, Scoot."
>Rainbow reached under the crying filly and lifted her up off her lap
>setting her down on the floor, she pointed to the corner, and spoke calmly to the crying, sorry little filly at her hooves
"You go get your snotty little nose into that corner over there, missy. And I don't want to see any rubbing, got it?"

>Rainbow made her voice firm and direct, and Scootaloo, through bloodshot eyes, met her gaze
>She was still crying, but through her sniffles, she mumbled a "Yes, maam"
>and obediently, to Rainbow's surprise, she turned around and walked over to the corner
>Scootaloo stuck her runny nose into the corner, her spanked red bum sticking out
>Rainbow did observe, though, Scootaloo's tail begin to swish back and forth over her blazing cheeks, fanning cool air over the skin
>She frowned

"Scoot, tail up. Keep it still!"
>Scootaloo yelped at her command,
>but, with some reluctance, she stopped swishing her tail and lifted it up, once again fully exposing her butt to the air and putting it on full view
>her hind legs bended and lightly shuffled behind her, and even with her nose in the corner Raimbow could still see Scootaloo's face scrunching up
>her butt still throbbed and burned even though the hairbrush wasn't spanking her anymore
>standing in the corner, Scootaloo squirmed and wiggled her cute behind back and forth and around in circles
>trying and failing to provide her blazing cheeks with some relief

>Rainbow was satisfied with Scootaloo's compliance with cornertime
>This was something that her own parents had done to her as a filly whenever she had been spanked
>it helped her to calm down, get her crying under control, but also continue to feel the burn of the hairbrush spanking on her bottom
>Rainbow looked up at the clock, and set a mental timer for ten minutes

"Okay, Scoot. Ten minutes in the corner, alright? I'm going to go to the kitchen and get some water boiling for dinner tonight. When I come back, I had better not see you reaching back, got it?"

>Scootaloo groaned and squeaked out a barely audible reply, but it sounded like another "yes maam" to her ears
>Rainbow nodded her head
"Good girl. I'll be right back."
Alright, that's all for now! Now I have a question for you all:

Do you all want Rainbow Dash to come back and either A.) She catches Scootaloo rubbing her behind, or B.) Scootaloo has been a good filly and hasn't been rubbing at all?

And if you chose option A, what is the additional punishment in store for Scootaloo? Some more swats, or perhaps even that third spanking the next morning for our disobedient little filly?
Hard choice considering what Scootaloo just got.

I'd pick option A but only if the extra punishment is a reletively light one. She still needs her bum slightly intact for her second spanking after all.

Great story so far by the way! The spanking itself is very well written and I love the corner time shenanigans.
A, but maybe having to sit down and write some lines, she rubbed to relieve the pain, so she should feel more pain, or cornertime one two hooves which is more uncomfortable.
Option A. Added swats in the corner, maybe some lines to write on a hard stool or chair.
I can't think of a good reason Scootaloo would disobey. She already has a second spanking coming.

Extra punishment could happen after the second slamming but before she goes to bed. Make it a lighter spanking but she has to write lines after, or spend longer in the corner.
This is good. I liked how you used the cloud. More feedback later.
I think having her sit down on a hard wooden chair for a while under Rainbow's watchfull eye would be the perfect punishment for rubbing. No writing lines needed as that would only distract Scootaloo from the pain.
Why is spanking so hot?
I would totally fuck him up the ass
Maybe she has to sit down on a hard chair at dinner? Or that she has to study on a hard chair until bedtime, then it's time for her bedtime spanking
So I got this wierd idea and realy wanted to write it down.

It involves Pound and Pumpking (a bit older).

Looking back at it I think the ending fits the "non spanking edition" thing quite well.

Very cute!! Siblings are fun
A really interesting and cute concept! I love the ending, it came as a surprise and I laughed pretty hard at it. You got the sibling bickering down pretty well!

I loved it Anon, thanks for the paste!
>Rainbow walked down the stairs instead of her usual flying
>For once, she thought she would take her time
>After all, watching Scootaloo squirm in the corner almost felt like she was TRYING to catch her doing something
>Scootaloo was obeying her now, and she could trust her surely

>Now that her first time spanking Scootaloo was over, Dash's adrenaline was coming down
>And as she filled up the pot with water and got the box of pasta out from the cabinet, Rainbow was starting to think harder
>about what she had promised Scootaloo before
>about the SECOND spanking still to come

>Rainbow turned the dial knob up and closed the lid to the pot
>Her tail swished back and forth as she contemplated what to do next

>She had sure spanked Scootaloo hard, Rainbow thought as she lightly flapped her wings up the stairs
>But did she really need to follow up on her threat?
>Did she really have...

>When Rainbow flew into the bedroom, what she saw next made her stomach sink
>Scootaloo gasped, and while she was quick to pull away her hoof
>sure enough, she had been rubbing away.

>Rainbow stared at the now cringing filly in the corner
>Scootaloo was holding her breath
>staring straight ahead at the wall, trying to pretend like she hadn't been disobeying
>hoping that maybe, just maybe, Dash didn't notice...

"Scoot. I told you. No. Rubbing."
>Well, Rainbow took away the veil of mystery from the whole situation right there.
>Right away, Scootaloo began to stammer, nose still pressed in the corner

>"N-no, Dash I'm sorry, I thought..."

"You thought I was still gone? Well, you thought wrong. Scoot..."
>Rainbow spoke as she went back to pick up the brush.
>Looks like she was gonna go through with all this after all.

>Scootaloo couldn't see her, but somehow, her spanking senses began tingling
>She started to squeak out some kind of plea for mercy, but Rainbow cut it off
"Scoot, hold still. You've earned some extras."
>Scootaloo may have tried to say something, but it died with a whimper.

>Well, no use hesitating.
>Rainbow pushed Scootaloo's tail aside, re exposing her naughty rump for the extra punishment it had earned, and tapped the brush against her buns to aim
"Stand still, Scoot, and keep your tail away from your butt or we'll start over."

>A faint, moaned out "yes maam" from the corner
>Rainbow sighed, and without further ado, she raised the brush



>Rainbow raised the brush again, but grunted with frustration when Scoot's tail swished back down
>She shook her head with a loud tsk tsk
"Scootaloo! Tail!"

>Scootaloo sobbed, but when Rainbow barked the command she flicked her tail quickly back off to the side
>"SssOOoow! S-Sorry, D-Dash..."

"Starting over. Stay still..."


>Rainbow delivered the spanks methodically to Scoot's now faintly squirming seat, reigniting all of the fire that the little filly had put out with her rubbing
>Scootaloo crossed her hooves, trying so hard to stay still and keep her bottom in place
>it was clearly hard, but she bravely kept her tail lifted up and her butt bared for the brush, dock twitching


>Rainbow at last delivered the final spanks to Scootaloo's very sore tush
>Twenty in all
>Rainbow tossed the brush away, and spoke firmly over Scootaloo's sobbing
"Alright, Scoot. We have ten more minutes back on the clock. Aaand..."

>Rainbow flew over to the desk, and picked up the hard wooden stool she had tucked away underneath
>It was a seat she seldom used at all unless she had paperwork to do, but it was one that was about to see some use this evening...
>Five minutes ticked by, and this time, Rainbow wasn't leaving this spot until Scootaloo had served her full sentence.
>but this time, Scootaloo's beet red behind was planted firmly on the hard wooden stool
>while her nose remained jammed in the corner
>The little filly's butt wiggled and squirmed with pain and discomfort on the seat, the sore spanked skin stretched uncomfortably
>but this was the price she had to pay for disobeying

>Rainbow watched Scootaloo intently, eyeing the clock until finally, ten bottom squirming minutes had at last ticked by
>She clapped her hooves, and declared, triumphantly
"Okay, Scootaloo. Time's up, you can rub now."

>Rainbow watched as almost right away, Scootaloo jumped up from the hard stool
>and within seconds, Scootaloo was doing the dance of the well spanked filly all around the room
>"oww"ing and "ouch"ing all around, reaching back with both hooves and rubbing her red hot buns furiously
>Eventually, Scoot settled on laying with her face down into the carpet and her bottom sticking straight up in the air
>drumming her hind legs and bouncing her cute rump up and down while her hooves kneaded her cheeks and more little yelps and owws escaped her

>Rainbow Dash got a front row seat to the show, and couldn't help but smirk with accomplishment.
>one thing was for sure...
>Scootaloo had learned what a hard spanking felt like today!

>Rainbow Dash got up, taking one more look at her hoofwork before walking to the door
>She spoke to Scootaloo, who was basically now sticking her bum right in her face
"Alright, Scoot. I'm gonna be downstairs, now. I'll ring the bell when dinner is ready, and then I expect you to come down, okay? Shouldn't be more than 15 minutes."
Okay, next part is done. Now, I have another choice for you all. Since Scootaloo has obviously gotten quite the butt warming tonight, how hard is Scootaloo's second spanking going to be? Choices are:

A.) Just as hard a spanking as the first. The redness will surely have faded by then! (Hairbrush, bare butt, just as long)

B.) Going a little easier this time around. Scoot's boot is still going to be pretty tender by then. (Hairbrush, bare butt, not nearly as long)

C.) Make this more symbolic of a punishment. That's all Scootaloo needs for now. (Hoof, bare butt or over pajamas, not long)
Hoo boy, I'm leaning toward choice A, but I think realistically B or C. I guess I'll have to go with B, then. Poor Scootaloo.
Same, a is so tempting, but b is so much nicer. She needs to learn, but is a too much...
Twilight and Spike.

Either that or some wierd, unusual and unused pairing (i.e Rainbow Dash and Sweetie Belle).

Honastly at this point I feel kinda bad for Scoots so I'm going to go with option C.

I think that is what Rainbow would also go for.
Yeah spike spanking twilight would be funny, bump.
File: 1464645.png (151 KB, 1024x640)
151 KB
151 KB PNG

This one is a fun read.
What is your favourite spanking position besides otk?

And does it change between age,specese, gender etc.?
This is a toughie. It's coming down to what the dick wants vs. what is probably best for Scoot, which means a decision between options A and C. I think Option B is a good compromise, so I will go with that!
A, light her up
>15 minutes flew by, and soon, the spaghetti and tomato sauce was all finished.
>Rainbow wasn't a huge cook like some of her friends, but luckily, Scootaloo's favorite dish was pretty easy to make

>Dinner was quiet, much more so than usual
>Scootaloo sat down on her wooden chair with a face scrunched up in pain
>but when she saw the big old plate of spaghetti in front of her, her face had a little smile on it since her butt warming began

>Scootaloo took two full helpings of it, which made Rainbow smile
>she barely said a word at the table, but the spaghetti cheered her up enough to be noticeable on her face
>Poor Scootaloo needed a little reprieve from her punishment tonight!

>Soon though, dinner was over and it was already 7 o'clock
>Rainbow was shocked by how much time had passed already
>The spanking had taken up a lot of extra time, and now the evening was almost over
>Rainbow washed their plates in the sink, and when she had finished, she looked over to Scootaloo who was now nursing her very sore rear end with her hooves

"Alright, Scoot. I want you to go up to your room, sit your butt down on that stool, and study your math. I will be up a little later, and then... we'll give you your second spanking."

>Scootaloo's expression may have been gladder before, with the big plate of spaghetti in front of hed
>But when Rainbow Dash brought up the dreaded spanking still to come, her face turned pale
>Scootaloo began to stammer, and her eyes filled up with water
>"R-Rainbow Dash... d-do we HAVE to, p-please, I'll be good. I'm sorry I was s-such a brat..."

>Rainbow couldn't say she was unmoved by Scoot's pleading
>She looked pretty pitiful as it was, and at this point she did not doubt that Scootaloo was a sorry little filly
>but she promised her what would happen.
>Rainbow Dash knew there was no second guessing herself.

"Scoot, no. Now, go on upstairs and do what I told you to, okay? I mean it, missy."
>While dinner went by quickly, the next hour and a half dragged by
>Rainbow read a Daring Do book while Scootaloo studied upstairs with her red butt planted on the wooden stool

>When the clock struck 9, Rainbow Dash felt her heart flutter with nervousness
>It was time.
>Rainbow closed the book, set it down on the table in front of her couch, and flapped her wings up the stairs

>When Rainbow Dash walked into the room, unlike the last time this time Scootaloo was doing exactly what she was told!
>Math book opened up, and a piece of paper had lots of writing on it with the pencil Scoot held firmly in her mouth
>She looked to be hard at work!

>however, curiously enough, Rainbow immediately noticed something else
>Scootaloo also had her pajamas on.

>soft and silky red shirt and pants, qhich she had pulled up and over her spanked bottom

>Rainbow eyed this development with an increasingly critical stare
>Those pajamas, definitely, felt good on Scoot's rump
>undoubtedly made sitting down much easier
>Rainbow did not have that in mind when she told Scootaloo to sit her butt down on the stool
>She had Scoot's bare bottom in mind

>But when Scootaloo noticed she was in the room, and her fearful eyes turned to face her, Rainbow softened
>She supposed that it was still what she had asked Scootaloo to do
>And besides, maybe a cushioned tush made studying easier!

>Scootaloo stopped writing, and dropped the pencil down on the desk
>She stared fearfully over at Rainbow
>"H-Hey, Rainbow Dash... I've b-been studying, look!"
>She picked up the paper, and showed it to Rainbow with a sharp point of her hoof
>"See? I've b-been practicing!"
>Well, it sure looked like it!
>Rainbow smiled sadly, and nodded her head in approval.
"Very good, Scoot. It looks like you've been working hard..."

>Scootaloo nodded her head furiously
>She set the paper down, and gazed down at the floor
>Her tail, though, went to curl around her pajama covered flanks
>She sniffled, and closed her eyes
>"I h-have, Rainbow. I sh-should've been studying before..."

"I know, Scoot. I'll bet just a little studying tonight made the math feel easier already, huh?"
>Scootaloo nodded her head furiously again.
>She quickly darted her eyes up and down at Rainbow
>Dash smiled again, and nodded her head sagely

"Scoot, you're a smart filly. Smarter than I was at your age. I knew you failed your test because you didn't try hard enough, not because you aren't smart enough. Cheerliee knows that... and I know that."

>This got Scootaloo's ears to stand up
>She looked up with surprise at Rainbow Dash, with her jaw open wide
>Rainbow met Scootaloo's eyes with a more gentle gaze
>And Scootaloo, for the second time that night, had to smile

>Rainbow knew this happy moment was going to be short lived, however.
>She sighed, and then, slowly walked over to the bed
>where the manebrush was still laying down right where she gad tossed it

>Right away, Scootaloo's smile faded
>When she saw what Rainbow Dash was doing, she looked away
>Rainbow picked it up, and then, with an air of dread hanging heavy over both of them like a cloud, Rainbow said
"But Scootaloo, I made you a promise that I have to keep. So now... I need you to come over here and get over my knee."
>Scootaloo whimpered pitifully
>but Rainbow was not deterred
>The cyan mare patted her thigh, and looked over at Scootaloo expectingly
"Come on, Scootaloo. Let's get this over with."

>Rainbow waited patiently for Scootaloo to gather up her nerve
>For a moment Scoot stayed seated, fighting back new tears
>but with an obedient nod the little orange filly with the red behind slid off the stool, and slowly padded over to her
>"Yes, m-maam..."

>When she reached the bed, Rainbow Dash reached under, lifted Scoot up, and set her back down in the now familiar place over her lap
>Scootaloo once more gripped Rainbow's left thigh tightly, while behind her, her pajama covered bottom did a nervous little shake back and forth
>Here she was again, only a few hours later, ready to get her bottom tanned an even darker shade of red
>Scootaloo sniffled and closed her eyes

>But when she felt Rainbow Dash reaching into the waistband of her pajamas, Scootaloo's eyes shot back open
>then, as Rainbow wordlessly pulled her pajama pants down to her thighs, Scootaloo whined and kicked her little hind legs
>but the silky fabric now bunched around her legs and hooves kept her legs from kicking very much at all
>the red stretchy fabric framed her now bare and exposed butt while serving as an unintentional restraint to her kicking
>Somehow, Scootaloo had hoped that Rainbow would have left her pajamas on, but with one short tug those hopes were gone

>When Rainbow tucked Scootaloo's twitching tail onto her back, pinning it down, Scootaloo realized just how helpless and exposed her bare little bum now was
>she whined once again as Rainbow pulled her tail, arching her butt a little bit into the air to make it a better spanking target
>then, she felt the cool wood resting against the hot, well spanked skin of her bottom
>Rainbow tapped both of Scootaloo's buns softly with the brush, making her eep
>Rainbow inhaled slowly, then spoke
"Okay, Scoot. Remember, you earned every swat tonight. But no matter what... I still love you."

>Rainbow Dash raised the brush, and brought it down with a good, hard, THWACK!
That's all for now! I do have work shortly, but Scootaloo will get her just desserts. Hope you all like what I have so far!
Love it! Can't wait for the finish!
Hot af nigga
Diaper changing position ftw.
>Scootaloo hollered with the harsh spank to the middle of her rump, flattening both cheeks
>Rainbow Dash did not waste any more time and gave another quick pair of spanks, one to each cheek

>Scootaloo, already so sore from her first spanking, suddenly felt all the fire return
>The little filly shrieked and squealed as Rainbow started her second spanking properly, quickly getting into the rhythm
>left, right, left, right, and on it went

>Rainbow held Scootaloo pinned tight over her lap
>With the pain and heat of her first spanking reignited, Scootaloo was already struggling so much
>but with her pajamas pulled down and bunched around her back legs, Scootaloo couldn't kick very much
>just like the last time, Rainbow used the pattern of Scootaloo's wiggling to spank her bottom around in one big circle over her lap
>no matter how much the filly tried to dance her butt away from the whacks, Rainbow always found it with another hard spank
>some good smacks to her sit spots made Scootaloo buck her hips, popping her behind up in the air and making Rainbow have to pull her back down before she could deliver the next whack
>but deliver it she did, and Scootaloo mournfully wailed and cried

>Pretty soon, Scootaloo's kicking became so frantic that her pajama pants slid down her hind legs, tangling up around her hooves
>Each spank felt like a hot iron searing her butt when it landed
>Tears made a puddle below her
>It hurt so much, but Rainbow kept on spanking!
>She bucked her hips again, and tried to pull her body forward to get away from the punishment, but another quick tug on her tail put her butt back into place
>Where it then encountered another hard flurry of spanks right on the sit spots
>Scootaloo hollered and sobbed with pain, kicking her little legs some more
>until her pajama bottoms were dangling from one leg
>Soon, Scoot's red rump was glowing like a lightbulb again
>and another hard peppering of brush spanks all over her butt sent her legs a kicking, sending her pajamas across the room
>no more "oww"s and "ouch"es came from Scootaloo, only one long wail

>It felt like forever to Scootaloo
>but really, only about half the time had passed compared to her first spanking
>Rainbow Dash still showed no mercy with the strength and speed of her swatting, but now it was almost time to wrap it up
>It was time for the finale.

>Rainbow raised the brush, and with precise aim, she began to spank Scootaloo's bare cheeks with eye blurring speed
>In the span of only a few seconds, five hard THWACKS had landed on the curve of both buns
>And Scootaloo's crying, so melancholy and weepy at first, turned to howling
>Her butt starting to gyrate over Rainbow Dash's knees, wriggling and squirming desperately
>Up and down, side to side, hips thrusting and jerking in every direction
>But Rainbow simply bit her lip, laser focused her vision, and bounced the brush off of Scootaloo's burning hot rump over and over, showing no slowing down

>This is what she grew up with
>The finale. The big ending to the spanking that she always got from her parents as a filly always served to spank the remaining brattiness out of her
>Now being delivered to her own adoptove daughter
>Rainbow counted in her head the seconds, and she was on 15...



>23, 24, 25...

Okay, cliffhanger time. This is all I can spare for today!
File: Wynky.png (392 KB, 1503x1667)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
Just got this picture of a new character day before yesterday, trying to imagine how spanking him would work.
Spank him like he was wearing a skirt. That piece of clothing could probably be lifted like one.
Maybe Luna finds out about him when he gets cocky and tries to mess with her dreams, she catches and spanks him, but then adopts him as he own.
File: 2009224.png (1.42 MB, 1920x1080)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
Chrysalis and Cozy Glow.

Tirek is too lazy to discipline her and Grogar doesnt care.

Someone has to give that filly a much needed buttwarming.

That's a nightgown, so yes, it certainly could be lifted like a skirt.


He's not a dreamweaver. You're thinking of my other two little spirits, like Violet.
Isn’t he still a dream pony with the half stage between sleep and awareness? He would be able to make people sleep deeply or wake abruptly so I thought he would be connected to Luna as well.
Cozy looks so out of place
Yea dat size difference
Freas >>33753267
Dreams are fun because any scenario can happen in them.
File: 667575.png (372 KB, 1195x876)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
Reminder that pony hooves are very flexible.

Also this drawing is super good.
File: 1128104.gif (627 KB, 640x480)
627 KB
627 KB GIF

I mean, wholehearted agreement on the enjoyment of dream scenarios, so long as one avoids the "and it was all just a dream" cliche.

But Wynky isn't really a dreamweaver like Sable and Violet are. He's more the spirit of Bedtime than anything else.

And heck, I still haven't even finalized his design, nor yet what his plushie should be. I'm nowhere near ready for a story with him.
What if someone’s power was to make effects of dream come true, it could be bad, but could be funny like being spanked in a dream, or getting a pie to the face and they taste it when they awake.
File: 1660111.jpg (234 KB, 1920x808)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
So how would Twilight go about disciplining her dragon assistant?
Honestly it would probably be the other way around
File: 922608.jpg (311 KB, 1280x720)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Dunno... Would be kinda wierd.
Nooo it is how it is supposed to go lol. He is more mature and level headed, she would lose it and be beings her back to center. Whenever she has a test, she always gets spanked cause you always study harder with a red rump.
File: 24257.png (544 KB, 1366x768)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
Not sure if he's always more mature and I thought he was a kid.

Although I would expect Twilight to test out some odd methods for stress relief.
File: 819518.jpg (179 KB, 1088x1005)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Now that I think about it time travel is a possibility.
What is a spirit of bedtime? How old is he anyway?
File: eQiHwXp.png (120 KB, 589x623)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
File: 877131.png (130 KB, 700x600)
130 KB
130 KB PNG

Mentally and Physically, he's five. Chronologically, who knows? Even i haven't decided yet.

As for what he is, it's exactly what it sounds like. He's the embodiment of everything to do with bedtime for a foal.
Sound hawt
File: 1x7YcE4.png (202 KB, 810x900)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Is Twilight in the middle of a spanking here?

Has Velvet just finished with her and is carrying her to the timeout corner?

Or is she being prepared for a second spanking for whatever reason?
Horseshoos are way to underutalized.
Are they? It's all fantasy, but a metal horseshoe sure would hurt. Or you know, break bones.

Now a special horseshoe made of less dense material (wood, perhaps), specially designed for punishing naughty foals...
I sense a marinus here.
horses are way more tougher than humans. they can take the beating. so is Dragon scales.
Now that I think about it I agree, metal isn't a good material for spanking.

But I think a wooden horseshoe is still an amazing implement (you could imagine Twilight using something like that in the drawing).

All the intimicy and simplicity of just using a hoof but with the added pain of an implement.
Love the position of Twilights cutie mark here.
Love this position
File: TwiVelEqG.png (382 KB, 1896x2081)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
>tfw you're at your first fancy reception with lots of important people you'd like to make a good impression on and your Mom tells a story about the most recent spanking you got.

And it was only two weeks ago.
>With Thorax becoming the King of the Changelings things changed.

>Changelings under his rule were granted a lot more freedom than under Chrysalis.

>A few changelings used this newfound freedom to move out of the Hive into Equestria, their new allies.

>One of these was a red changeling with yellow fins called Stinger.

>The ponies of the town which Stinger had moved into were apprehensive at first, but were quite friendly once they got to know him.

>One time, Stinger got lost when he had to go to a part of the town he had never gone to before.

>There he met a young earth pony colt (blue coat, orange mane and eye, no cutie mark) named Cobalt Dawn, whom knew the place quite well and offered to help him.

>Due to a series of events they went through a bit of an adventure together, during which they bonded. Turns out Cobalt was an orphan.

>One thing led to another and Stinger ended up adopting Cobalt. The adoption process being rather difficult due to him being the first changeling to do such a thing.

>Now the two lived together comfortably in a small house.

>Cobalt wasn’t a bad colt, but he did have some behavioural issues.

>Stinger knew this would lead to some troubles further down the line so he got himself a book about raising foals and asked the parents of his classmates (whom he met with during parent-teacher conferences).

>It was generally suggested by both book and parents that Cobalt needed some discipline.

>He first tried grounding him for a week and while Cobalt took his punishment for the first few days he quickly started sneaking out thinking Stinger wouldn’t notice.

>He noticed.

>He didn’t confront him about it, but he clearly needed to try something else.
>Pony parents were all suggesting spanking him. Even the book had a whole section on this particular punishment.

>So that's what he decided to do.

>First things first, he read through the spanking section of his book.

>According to it, the first thing Stinger should do is talk to Cobalt about it.

>Later that Friday night, Cobalt and Stinger had just finished eating dinner, but before Cobalt could go to his room his guardian had called him to the couch for a talk.

>”I know you’ve been sneaking out when you're not supposed to.”

>This caught Cobalt by surprise. He was sure he had covered his tracks.

>”I used to be a spy under my former queen you know.”

>”But then why didn’t you stop me?”

>”I was looking for another was to punish you.”

>Cobalt gulped
>”And after some research I have come to the conclusion that a spanking would be the most fitting punishment right now.”

>”And after some research I have come to the conclusion that a spanking would be the most fitting punishment right now.”

>Cobalt had never been spanked before in his young life so he reacted as well as one might expect.

>”No! Not that!”

>”Sorry Cobalt, but I think this is the best punishment for you. The parents I talked to said so as well.”

>”Well they're wrong! You definitely don’t have to spank me!”

>”I tried grounding you, but you kept sneaking out.”

>”I’m sorry Stinger I won’t do it again!”

>”But you already did. How would I know that you won’t try it again?”

„”Um, I promise?”

>”I’m sorry Cobalt but I need to be sure.”
>”But why? Can’t you just let this go?”

>”I can’t, your behaviour won’t improve otherwise.”

>”What’s wrong with my behaviour?”

>”It’s not exactly optimal, I’ve been getting plenty of complaints about it.”

>”Who cares what others think?!”

>Stinger calmly looked down at his colt, the book had suggested that he try to calmly explain to him why he needed to be punished.

>”Well Cobalt firstly, not learning how to behave now can have numerous negative consequences for your growth into stallionhood, second, bad behaviour can lead to needlessly dangerous behaviour and I don’t want you getting hurt, third, others complain about it because it negatively affects them in a way, fourth, It is a bad influence on your fellow classmates and finally, if it gets too noticeable the authorities that allowed me to adopt you may decide that I am unfit to take care of you and might have you taken away from my care.”

>Stinger made his points in a clear and calm tone that lacked any sternness whatsoever, just like how he was talking to his charge beforehand. This had a slightly unnerving effect on Cobalt, who was especially scared by his last point. He loved living with Stinger.

>”I don’t wanna be taken away.”
>”I don’t want that either. That is why you’re getting punished.”

>”I’m not getting out of this, am I?”

>”Nope, sorry. I think it might be best if we got it over with quickly, don’t you agree?”

>Cobalt nodded.

>Stinger smiled.

>”Let’s get started then.”

>To Cobalt’s surprise, he got off the couch and walked to the middle of the small living room. Green flames soon erupted around him as he shapeshifted. That now stood in front of Cobalt was a small, metallic, thin box with a cushioned top. Mechanical looking cuffs were attached to the side of the box seemingly a perfect fit for Cobalt and from the back of the box came out a thin robotic arm with a paddle for a hand.

>Stinger had spent some time finding the perfect thing to spank Cobalt with before confronting him. He had found this contraption by accident in a magazine clearly made for the more „horny” ponies. He forgot where he got that magazine from (it didn’t belong to Cobalt) and he wasn’t sure why a machine designed to discipline was being placed next to such sexual images, but after looking at the pictures of it and getting an idea as to how it might work, he had an easy time shapeshifting into it and even adjusting its size for a young colt like Cobalt (the ones in the picture looked way too big

„Well, hop on!”

>Cobalt just stared. This was not what he had expected.”
>”I’m gonna need you to lay tummy first on this.”

>Cobalt slowly made his way to the machine, creeped out by Stingers disembodied voice speaking from it. He had a good idea as to how he was supposed to lie down just by looking at it. He was quite nervous.

>The box was a perfect fit, allowing Cobalt to comforably lie down on it, his hooves dangling down the sides.

>”Put you hooves on the cuffs, Cobalt.”

>”Do I have to?”

>”Mhm, wouldn’t want you getting hurt.”

>Cobalt obeyed and soon he was stuck on the box unable to move.

>”Now raise your tail.”

>He did that as well an to his surprise, a large, previously unnoticed cuff came out from the middle of the box. It wrapped around his back and pinned his tail um place. He whimpered as he realized just how trapped he really was.
>He could do nothing as Stinger raised his new mechanical paddle hand, and after a few seconds of delay swung down with a loud „Crack!”

>”Youch!” That had hurt more than expected for young the young colt whom had never gotten spanked before. And this was just the first swing.

>”Crack!” „Smack!”

>Two more swings each in different areas of the butt, that mechanical arm was surprisingly strong and flexible.

>”Crack!” „Crack!” „Slap!”

>Cobalt was trying very hard to squirm out of the paddles way and was already crying quite heavily. Unfortunately for him, the machine proved too strong for him and he still had many painful paddle swats to go.

>Stinger picked up the pace, much to Cobalts displeasure. His butt was getting redder and redder with each hit and all the poor colt could do was squirm and cry.

>Cobalt soon resorted to desperately begging for Stinger to show him mercy. Stinger didn’t respond to these as the book suggested that he should keep quiet until the end, so he silently kept torturing the poor colts bottom.

>Soon the begging became blubbering as the spanking continued on with the same loud „Crack!” and „Smack!” noises accompanying the colts cries.

>”Crack!” „Smack!” „Smack!”

>Cobalt’s butt was a hot, painful looking crimson now and with a the pain to match.

>Cobalt’s cries increased in volume as Stinger finished him off with faster, harder and louder spanks intending this to be a harsh and memorable lesson.

>He then stopped, just as quickly as he had started. The changeling waited a bit before shapeshifting back into his natural form, his colt landing perfectly on his back.
>”And done. Hope I won’t have to repeat this again, Cobalt.”

>Cobalt didn’t respond. He just laid limply on Stingers back.

>Stinger placed the colt gently on the couch and looked his still crying charge over.

>He sat on the couch next to Cobalt, who soon laid down right next to him while nursing his tortured butt.

>”This could have been avoided had you just listened to me. You know that, right?”


>”Are you going to try behaving a bit better?”

>Cobalt nodded.

>”Good, your ungrounded by the way.”

>Cobalt did indeed try getting better after that, he still wasn’t perfect, but no one had any doubts that Stinger could look after him.
Kinda messed up on a few places when I copied this stoty from word to 4chan. Hope its still sufficiently coherent and readable.
Changelings, interesting.

>Rudolf’s nose ain’t the part of him gonna be glowin red b’fore long. lol
Great pic
Anyone have any good ideas of pics/themes for future thread thumbnails? It'd be great to commish willing artists or even just utilize what few drawfriends we have here.
Related question, who are some artists you'd try to commish for pone spanking art if you had the cash?
File: clop.jpg (411 KB, 1280x720)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
fixed it with my shit tier photoshop skills
I'd be down for a Rarity spanking pic. Dream artists for commission include lumineko, marsminer and hioshiru
Some unusial pairings would be nice.
How about this idea:

>Twilight's parents wanted to leave for an important meeting
>but then, Twilight exploded her bedroom
>for the 4th time in a month
>they repainted it week earlier
>it's ruined again
>Twilight is covered with soot and a bit dizzy, andgives a sheepish smile to her angry parents
>they don't have time to deal with her
>they promised her a spanking if she detonate something again
>not like they prevent her from learning chemistry, but her room it's not a proper place to mix dangerous ingredients
>they hear Shining Armor is back from school
>they ask BBBF to help Twilight clean the room up and then give her a spanking with her paddle
>they'll check if her rump is pink enough later
>before Shiny can protest, they teleported away to the meeting
>Twilight looks at her big brother with a mix of fear and curiosity
>would he pull her over the knee and clap her butt?
Well of course! It's not like she'll get away without one.

Reminds me of this:
Yeah, like >>33769128 said, real similar to one that's already been done. Celestia orders Shining to do the deed in that one though.
I like the part when Shinny accidently whipped her butthole.
I tell you what, if my older sister was ordered to spank me when I was younger, I'd have a good reason to bust my nuts for a few months, no matter how rough she was.
Vito made some spanking pictures and he did it for free

>Shining tends to overhear Twily's spanking.
>Sometimes he watches them in secret.
>Turns him on like crazy.
>When asked to spank Twilight he gets both excited and nervous.
>How is he going to keep his dick in check with his sister over on his lap?
What pairings do you consider unusual?
Do you know that masturbation and orgasm relieve the physical pain? Thanks to hormones and stimulating the brain, it works like a strong painkiller, making the pain cease and the stress to go away.
No wonder why Twilight feels dread for the incoming spanking from her big brother and his heavy hoof, but also she feels relieved she'll get a good rubbing under the tail from him after the deed is done. Also, her parents don't nuzzle and cuddle her after a session of butt tanning.
Something that doesn't come up in these threads or any stories from the archive.

Pretty much the opposite of a typical RD/Scoots scenerio (not that its a bad one).

Something like RD/Spike, AJ/Sweetie or pony Main Six spanking there EQG counterparts.
Oh this is so fucking hot, Jesus
File: Pinkiata_medium.jpg (116 KB, 520x600)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Who else saw this and immediately thought of the Royal Guards knocking off the back half of Ponk's disguise and whacking her rump with sticks?

Hell, old WB or MGM cartoons would have had the balls to do it.
So who made the first step?
>Shining poking Twilight with his hard dick during a spanking and making her curious after it
>Shining accidently slipping his hoof between her cheecks when he rubbed the sore butt and discovering, she is wet and winking
>Twilight spreading her legs apart during a spanking, making it visible for Shiny she's winking
>Twilight pushing her butt against his hoof during a rubbing
>Shining asking Twilight if she wants to learn how to get rid of the pain
>Twilight asking Shining to rub her slit because it always helps her relieve the stress and pain
>something else?
Literally all these scenarios are boner
I always heard that masturbating before spanking makes the pain worse. May not be accurate. But! From personal experience masturbating helps relieve stuffer noses and sick feelings for a few seconds. So nice.
>Colt learns that masturbation makes pain after spanking lesson.
>Starts to masturbate after every spanking.
>Gets in trouble.
>Mom is coming to spank him soon.
>Colt starts thinking.
>If masturbation makes the pain go away after spanking, wouldn't it help if done before it?
>Desperate race to ejaculate before mom comes begins.
But would colt get in more trouble for cumming

He should wait before relieving himself

Also getting it on moms lap in not very nice

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