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File: 1444873208554.png (202 KB, 465x584)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Public Free-use Fuck-Meat Edition




Previous sluttery
watch out you'll trigger our new local allahfag
File: 999 (8).jpg (168 KB, 800x1047)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>I can't wait for this slut's next tale of sluttery. Whore of CHS really is desperate and degenerate.
You have no idea. Yet.

>She was right; Luna is much gentler this time.
>Still a bit too rough for me to say it feels good,
>but I'm having fun anyway;
>I'm a whore,
>and I have a face full of my high-school principal's womanhood,
>and a tongue sheathed inside of her.
>So what if I'm also getting fucked by someone I don't really want to be fucked by?
>It's just whore pussy.
>So many others have already been in there, what difference does it really make?
>It's practically public pussy at this point.
>And the fucked up part about it is,
>that's just how I like it.
>Public pussy.
>I can't stop myself from smiling;
>Even though I'm buried in the muff I've lusted after for all these years,
>thinking of myself like that,
>as public pussy,
>somehow, that excites me even more.
>Sweet Celestia, I'm such a slut.
>I mean, think about that.
>Really parse what it means that I don't even care who's fucking me,
>as long as someone is.
>About how hot it makes me when other people watch it happen.
>That's got to say something about me, doesn't it?
>That I like the casualness of it.
>That I like being seen, and exposed, and groped and fucked.
>In public.
>By strangers.
>That I like the rumors,
>and the attention,
>and the reputation as the school bicycle.
>Their disdain is my freedom;
>nobody expects much when you're the slut, after all.
>And I like it.
>Fuck me, I must be damaged.
>Ponies aren't as prudish as humans, but even ponies don't go that far.
>Yet here I am.
>Loving it,
>and wanting more.
>I am such a slut.
>And I wouldn't have it any other way.
File: 00000 (2).png (480 KB, 760x1200)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
>But Celestia,
>she gets to have me in any way she wants.
>And now she wants something else.
>Something that involves that beautiful horse-dildo I'd picked out earlier.
>The white one with marbled colors and the banana curve so the one doing the fucking could slip it right inside herself, and get pleasure from the act too.
>A feeldoe, they call it,
>But with balls, and shaped like a horsecock.
>And the kids at school say artistry is dead.
>With one hand she tilts my face upward, and holds it in place.
“Open, little whore,”
>and with the other, slides the shaft down my throat, then lays back in her chair, spreading her legs wide, ordering me to slip the anchor-end inside her.
>She looks so beautiful from down here, on the floor,
>the dildo's equine head silhouetting against her smiling face, and aurora-colored hair.
>I could swear it's throbbing in anticipation.
>I know I am;
>my cheeks, and labia pulsing in time to my heartbeat.
>I can't really help it, I'm overcome with desire, and start to suck,
>my hands roaming her body as I do.
>Over her thighs,
>around her waist,
>her hips,
>her breasts,
>and most intimate of all,
>holding her hands in mine, all while deepthroating her toy.
File: 00000 (3).png (537 KB, 2268x3472)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
>Then she wants me to stand, so I do.
>A sardonic smile, and a small nod toward a bottle laying by the chair:
>A moment later it's in my hands and then, on her shaft.
>She takes my hips, and turns me around.
>she tells me.
>Slowly, inch by inch, guided by her soft, powerful hands,
>one on my hips, supporting me,
>one on her shaft, adjusting it so it goes right where she wants.
>Where she wouldn't let Luna go.
>There's a tickling on my anus,
>a pressure building.
>She stops me.
“Slower, little whore,”
>swinging the shaft up and down like an inverted pendulum.
>It's nestled between my cheeks,
>gliding smoothly from top to bottom,
>then stops.
>It's right on target, its broad head poking at me, begging for entrance,
>warning me that if I don't let it in,
>it'll force itself through anyway.
>I relax myself, and start to sit, again.
>Pressure builds,
>sweet, painful pressure.
>I'm back up again, and reaching between my legs to smear the lube back over the head.
>and down once more,
>this time arching my back, loosening my anus even more, and siting with a bit more weight.
>I can feel myself stretching,
>it hurts,
>but in a good way.
>And I'm not giving up until my Princess gets exactly what she wants.
>Sitting a little harder,
>making myself a little looser,
>rocking back and forth,
>setting a rhythm,
>then finally sweet, painful pressure changes to sweet, painful bliss;
>she's inside me.
>A little farther, and I'm sitting on her lap.
>I look over my shoulder at my sweet Princess and our eyes meet,
>I lean back and kiss her full on her mouth.
>Her hands tighten around my waist, and she starts to thrust as our tongues dance together.
>small, and careful, paying close attention to my reactions,
>then deeper and harder as she sees my pleasure.
>Finally, I feel the give as she passes my final gate, and the real fucking can begin,
File: 1351725.png (627 KB, 1280x1622)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
>Riding her,
>and sitting on her with my full weight as she sits in the chair.
>I open my eyes, mouth wide, and tongue lolling out.
>There's Luna,
>sitting on the table in front of us, masturbating.
>She's completely naked now, and her legs are spread as wide as they'll go.
>Even her harness is gone, but the same giant strap-on she'd used to make me whimper is all the way inside of her,
>then back out again as she slams it home over, and over as hard as she can.
>She sees me watching and winks, then licks her lips and pulls her legs up, into the M position, right on the edge of the table.
>She pulls out the dildo and begins to suck on it,
>running her tongue up and down the shaft,
>collecting all the little rivulets of our sweet melange smeared over its veined surface,
>then plunges it back inside herself, never breaking eye-contact with me.
>Holy Tartarus, that's so hot,
>I think, furiously rubbing my clit to the image, all while bouncing on Celestia's dick.
>But it gets better.
>With another wink, and a wicked smile, her free hand points to one of the other chairs.
>It's got a laptop in it.
>the camera is pointed right at us,
>and the image on the screen is everything I've wanted.
>I watch on the screen as Luna stands and walks toward me.
>My vision is blocked by the intrusion of Luna's crotch into my face.
>I don't mind,
>she smells so good
>Jasmine and sex
>and tastes even better
>her femininity fills my senses as Celestia's toy, and rhythm fill my nethers.
>It all feels so good,
>but I can't help wishing I could watch what they're doing to me from the outside.
>Seemingly reading my mind the 2 sisters shift and pivot,
>turning so that I can, if I look hard enough,
>see the screen through the gap between their bodies.
>They never release me, of course,
>holding me fast like a helpless animal in the jaws of a velvet vice.
>And how beautiful it is;
>Luna before me, her bared womanhood grinding against my open mouth
>my tongue inside her, lapping up the night-honey
>My dear Princess beneath me,
>reclined on her throne, with her hands around my waist, and our hips bucking and writhing out a song of forbidden sex and deep penetration.
>And me,
>The Whore of CHS in the middle of it all.
>and all of it caught on camera.
>My indignity and sluttery immortalized forevermore.
>Impossible to hide,
>impossible to deny.
>It's all so...
>orgasm builds,
>builds, and crests!
>A tsunami over a seawall.
>Blinding, shuddering, heaving orgasm,
>sweeping away all thought and sensation before it.
>And the world goes black.

File: 1541127215293.jpg (83 KB, 1440x1920)
83 KB
Dumb whore, you forgot some of the greens. I'll have you wear your panties for a week for this mistake.


>another Shimslut
File: 627558.jpg (308 KB, 975x650)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Good. Very good. I love reading about how Whore of CHS feels like a degraded, used slut.
CHS's newest teacher Chryswhorelis is wearing her 7-inch fuck-me heels, and has you in detention.

What do, Anon?
> Sees OP's pic.
> Memory triggered.
> Be me back in high school.
> I see this girl sitting in a desk.
> She is sitting, facing the correct direction parallel with the rest of the class.
> I am sitting in a desk off to the side of the room, perpendicular to the others.
> This girl is wearing a relatively short skirt and has one of her legs crossed over the other.
> The skirt's color is nearly identical to her skin tone.
> Due to it being short, coupled with the similar color and the angle from which I am sitting, it genuinely looks like she is completely nude on the lower half of her body.
> I am shocked by this and my brain takes, like, 30 seconds to process she isn't.
File: hBC30C53F.png (153 KB, 640x601)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
>Your brain takes over 30 seconds to realize a girl is wearing a skirt
>You're a fan of my little pony
>>You're a fan of my little pony AND you use 4chan
>>>You post in Canterslut threads

Anon I'm sorry about your terrible mental illness
Ok, 30 is a bit exaggerating. Also, it really was a surreal moment. I was stunned and didn't know what to even think. I couldn't believe this girl was wearing nothing on her lower half in a classroom. I guess it was really more like 10 seconds.
File: 15373891672292.png (681 KB, 1280x2294)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
>”Why’re you still not undressing,Anon? Trixie thought you WANTED this threesome?”
Great and powerful cocksucker
File: 1488140899318.png (90 KB, 238x276)
90 KB
This the thread where you guys pretend you're the slut?
>rolled up skirt
Trixie is a slut.
File: b72.jpg (159 KB, 1280x720)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
The Dazzlings subsist on negative emotions. However they also want to be adored.
Are adoration and lust related? Is it flavoring to them?
Do they want others competing for them?
File: 1753220.png (1.2 MB, 3000x1893)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Hey guys quick question, can little girls be sluts?

asking for a friend
File: eqg_twilight.jpg (45 KB, 425x922)
45 KB
Turboslut is canon hot in hose & heels:
File: 1555139187136.png (944 KB, 2924x2160)
944 KB
944 KB PNG
Little girls lack the baggage requirement for becoming sluts. So, no.
Flat sluts are best sluts tho
There are sluts of all body types anon.
File: Rainbow 1527626780069.jpg (80 KB, 595x983)
80 KB
Patrician taste, my friend

Wiser words were never spoken

they're sluts in training, I'm sure they're big sisters told them about how wonderful sex was now they're basically racing to lose their virginitys.
File: f3734da2f7296ee.png (340 KB, 1280x771)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
Who do you think loses it first?

>Applebloom finds a rough and tough country boy and takes him back behind the shed

>Scootaloo goes to chill and watch a movie with her stoner friend who pressures her into a blowjob and fucks her

>Sweetie Belle hooks up with one of Rarity's older more experienced guy friends and he fucks her silly behind Rarity's back

The girls make a pack to all get pregnant before highschool ends.
I can't tell if you meant pact, or not.
I obviously meant pact
If you want it
File: 1383435179289.png (924 KB, 800x496)
924 KB
924 KB PNG
"We can conquer any challenge we're in," hard strong-ass whore says.
they unironically deserve this for being so retarded
Not obviously. They're small, they'd need to form a pack to overpower someone, if they wanted to do it that way.
File: 1361399079569.jpg (71 KB, 698x719)
71 KB
>Rabid horny loli sluts mauling cocks like a pack of wild dogs

PLEASE nigga my dick could not possibly be any more ERECT
*Emergency News Bulletin*
>"This just in: A pack of around half a dozen horny teenage girls have been spotted in the old warehouse district."
>"Reports coming in say they've accosted and abducted several men on the streets and dragged them into secluded areas, where they've forced the poor males to perform multiple lewd and lascivious acts against their will."
To the top
>Also by sheer coincidence record numbers of men have decided to take residency within the old warehouse district
>All but one of them was traumatized to the point of being unable to speak about the experience.
>One, Mr. A. Nonymous, was not as severely affected by the event, and was even able to give us a statement of what he thought about it all.
>He had this to say

"Shit was pretty cash money!"
It always freaked me out that Sunset is the same color as my piss.
Why is your pee flesh colored...
That might be true. There's a tendency for younger girls and younger women to develop quite the emotional dependency to their first time.
File: 2013632.jpg (444 KB, 1042x946)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Some sluts just can't contain themselves. Look at this derped-out slut exposing herself in front of the camera.
File: D-don't do this here!.png (424 KB, 1024x1190)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
>It feels so lonely.
>Being like...well..."You".
>You walk the halls of Canterlot high, books clutched tightly to your chest, with a melancholy sigh.
>Your name is WallFlower Blush, and you...you have a problem. A big problem.
>Keeping your head down, you meekly weave through crowds of students to your locker, to prepare for the day.
>You start inputting the combination on your lo-
>A green fist bangs against your locker, making you jump.
>Your eyes shakily trail the arm to its owner.
>"Hey slut."
>He wickedly grins, towering over you.
>"Why didn't you come see me? Did you forget your DUTIES?"
>You bite your bottom lip, legs trembling.
"A-Anon...please...! Let's not do this...?"
>He grabs you by the neck, making you slink down to the floor, back tightly against cold steel.
>"Did I ask for Back talk?!"
>He starts to undo his jeans.
"Anon! No! Please! N-not here in front of everyone-"
>Your eyes tear up as students stop to watch what's happening.
>A hand strikes you across the face, sending waves of excitement through your body.
>"Don't even try to pretend you're not turned on, WHORE! Open your mouth!"
>You ball up your lips, crossing your legs.
>"I said open your mouth, BITCH!"
>You "reluctantly" open wide,only to get a mouthful of cock shoved in.
>It touches the back of your throat, making you gag.
>"Oh my god!"
>"Look at her! She just took it all..."
>"Wallflower has no shame at all! She's like a bitch in heat!"
>Their jeers, and stares are so harsh...so judging...!
>Anon viciously begins to thrust into your throat unrelentingly, causes your larynx to tighten.
>"Aaagggghhh-yeah...You better not throw up slut. You're gonna swallow all this meat-"
>Tears start streaming down your cheeks, your nose running, as you pound on his legs with weak fists. You can't breathe!
>"She's so disgusting..."
>"Sje actually looks like she's enjoying herself! Gross!"
>Your pussy is DRENCHED. Keep looking everyone! This is a true Slut! Judge! Gawk! Just keep looking!
>"Oh shit...I'm about to cuuuuuuuuum-!"
>Warm, salty cream slither into your mouth in long spurts, nearly causing you to heave then, and there, as Anon withdraws from your mouth.
>"H-haaaah...Look at you. Did you cum from having your throat fucked?"
>You just nod, sitting in a puddle of your own juices.
>"Next time, bring your ass. You have responsibilities!"
"Y-yes sir."
>He slaps you with his drooping cock.
>"Now say thank you."
"Th-thank you."
>He grins.
>"Good girl, Wally....Wally....WALLY!"
>You shake your head repeatedly, holding your locker door open.
>"Wally! Are you okay??"
>What just-
>Anon is staring at you, concern in his eyes.
>"Yeah! Are you alright? You've been standing there, with this glazed over look for like five minutes!"
"I-I was?"
>He takes a deep breath.
>"You seem alright...don't scare me like that."
>This is what you were talking about. Your problem.
>You are Wallflower Blush, and you're a closet slut.
Drink more water, anon.
>closeted skank
damn son
>closet slut
What’s so hot about closet sluts? Like you don’t even know they are sluts so it’d be kinda hard to fuck em
I think it's kind of like one of those "I think she's hotter when she's still wearing a little bit of clothing, because of the mystery" type of deals
You don't know if that prim and proper, by-the-books girl you're talking to has a secret "i want my ass destroyed daily, so whenever i sit down, the ache makes me think about you" fetish
>Warrior sluts
>Sole purpose is to capture the strongest male soldiers in the world and bring them back to her village to breed
File: 303534.png (1.6 MB, 1480x1690)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
This basically
The best kind of sluts are closeted ones that can't bring themselves to wear outright slutwear but will "accidentally" expose themselves whenever their need for the dick overpowers their mind.
I meant more like I know the feeling of being a closet slut. Not so much that they're hot.
>I know the feeling

>I know the feeling
lmao fag
Tits or gtfo

Gilda is the street slut who just goes up to strangers and asks them 'Want sum fuk?'

...and beats the crap out of them if they say 'No'
>one of those "I think she's hotter when she's still wearing a little bit of clothing, because of the mystery" type of deals
This actually has a name by the way. Chiralism.
Are there any Canterslut stories with Cheerilee?
I hope so

Did someone say Cheerilee? Because here's that seamed stockinged cougar of CHS:

Her cleavage & cunt ready for cocks.
We're in a sfw slutposting thread on a laotian animal husbandry forum. How many actual girls do you think are here? Besides, we went over this in the /trash thread; I'd post tits if I had 'em.

Show us your nips anyways, man whore
n-no homo tho
Fuck this thread
Is that a request? Do you want to fuck this thread that badly?
File: 1546036863506c.jpg (227 KB, 904x622)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
The night is full of sluts. The night court is less about legislation and more about... Lewdna's needs.
File: 1431376951702.jpg (499 KB, 1200x800)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
What are your thots on 3D sluts?
new version.

I don't mind them
unf, that’s a slutty dress
File: 1138416.jpg (194 KB, 1024x1024)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Sluts get me
Rock hard
File: 1326120.jpg (866 KB, 4133x3507)
866 KB
866 KB JPG
>Ever wonder what it's like to come to in a strange room covered in sweat, and sexual fluids, aching inside and out, totally sober, remembering every shameful thing you did, and how many people must have seen it, and getting turned on all over again by the thought?
>Probably not, if you're like most people.
>But I do,
>hell, I even know what it's like.
>And I love it.
>I smile.
“The whore is awake,”
>That was Luna.
>My smile grows and I turn my head to look at her.
>She's standing over me, clean, and dressed in a nice suit.
>Must have showered while I was out.
>She finishes adjusting her cuffs, and pulls a small wad of cash from her pocket.
>The solid platinum money clip goes back inside, but the bills rain all over me.
“A tip, whore. You did well. We'll see you again.”
>I writhe happily in the cash, and degeneracy, and idly wonder if the camera is still on to catch me doing it.
“Happy birthday to you, Dear Sister. We wish we could stay longer, but it is morning and we are needed at school. Enjoy your day off.”
>And with that, she's gone, disappearing out the doorway.
File: 1504728788972.png (3.08 MB, 2550x2652)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB PNG
>Celestia smiles, and lays down on the cushions with me
>On the floor.
>Weren't those on the table?
“Good morning, Sunshine.”
>I smile again.
>”Good morning Principal Celestia.”
“You called me something else, earlier. 'Princess.'”
>I did? I must have.
>It's not like she'll put 2 and 2 together, is it?
>I could tell her.
>Yes, Principal Celestia, I could say.
> I called you that because you're the humanized twin of my former friend, and mentor back in talking candy horse land, and I agreed to come here and do this tonight not just because I'm a huge slut, but because part of me was hoping you'd show up, and fuck me, and maybe put some of my self-esteem and abandonment issues to rest by giving me the closure I can never have from the Celestia I grew up with.
>Who's also the Princess of talking candy horse land.
>So when I was fucking you, I was *actually* just fucking her.
>I'm sure that would go over swimmingly.
>Instead, I just nod.
“I like that,”
>she says.
“Say it again.”
>”Princess Celestia.”
“Good, girl. Just like that.
File: 1487719326325.png (292 KB, 600x800)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
“From now on I'm your princess, and that's what you're going to call me whenever we're alone together.
“Do you understand?”
>”Yes Princess,” I answer obediently.
>Maybe I will get some closure after all.
“I'm your princess, and from now on you're going to do everything I tell you to do, won't you?”
>Closure would be nice.
“No matter what it is, no matter where it is. Every day you're going to come to school, and obey me in every way, won't you?”
>”Yes, Princess.”
“You're going to dress how I want you to, undress when I tell you to, eat pussy, and fuck me, and get fucked by me, whenever, however, and wherever I want. Do you understand?
>Closure, or punishment?
>I deserve punishment.
>And I'll get it.
>”Yes Princess.”
>And maybe that will be my closure.
“Good girl, Sunset.
“Clean yourself up, and get some sleep. I'll arrange a room here, no charge, if you want. Don't forget your phone this time. See you at school tomorrow. You're going to have a very busy day.”

File: 18824456.png (139 KB, 345x875)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
>You're going to have a very busy day
Ohhh shit, is she gonna get paraded around at school in her slut attire?

I hope Celestia slow-roasts that slut. Make her show up wearing layers of panties. And covered up in proper clothes, make her desperate to peel them off. The Whore of CHS will get to take them off one by one if she does as she's told. Deep throating Princess's strapon will let her peel off her granny panties, revealing sexier panties underneath. Flashing and sucking off boys in the hallway will let her take her jacket off. And on and on.
Great story! Will it be going in Pastebin?
File: 0000 (5).png (795 KB, 1440x2880)
795 KB
795 KB PNG
That's hot. You should write it.

Thank you! And it already is, on my pastepin anyway. If somebody's making a thread pastebin they can add it if they want.

That slut wearing a gown dress is so hot
Here we go
File: sunset 1531432727161.png (390 KB, 755x930)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
And you just know she's not wearing a damn thing underneath
Thank, didn't want Ponkslut to be lost
Ponkslut was hot. Too bad she never was finished
File: unknown-10.png (813 KB, 1280x2294)
813 KB
813 KB PNG
Best image
Page 10 already?
That’s one sexy nun
It is not humanly possible to top this image.

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