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Previous Thread: >>33702537

GoogleDoc Pastebin Archive:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gf8UOWR5eIfp8FqpAWt3EUrSCCocOWazrZlMiTJwAYs

Old CrazyRain's Stories' Archives:https://pastebin.com/z3CWqhnG

Prompt Archives:

WiP Story Archives:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XiJRe1NWl_kIoWsHssZ27BMV7bZAe1jgX59-dWggYkA/edit?usp=sharing
"Oh, hello, Twilight."
>"Princess C--er, Celestia! I wasn't expecting you today."
"I know, dear. My visit was rather impromptu, and as such I wasn't able to send you a letter in time. I hope I'm not interrupting anything."
>"Of course not, of course not! I was just doing a bit of paperwork, grading some tests, things like that. It's ten minutes of work that I can do later. So, what brings you here?"
"Well, I've been hearing some rather... distressing things about Equestria's guest."
"Yes, Rarity sent me a letter explaining her concerns, so I thought I'm come down here."
>"Did she? Oh horse apples... Princess, I'm SO sorry about that. I don't know what's gotten into Rarity, but I can assure you that I put a stop to her nonsense before she could do anything."
"Which is why, Twilight, dear I am here."
"I understand your desire to keep the alien safe. You're a good mare that was raised correctly; it's only natural that you'd want to protect a stallion. Especially a stallion as tail-raisingly handsome as he is."
"What you must remember is that sometimes, as a princess, you must do some horrible, terrible things to keep your subjects safe. If we need to protect not only Equestria, but the whole world itself by assaulting him with the full brunt of a mare's lust then I'm afraid that it must be done."
"In fact, I think we might need to go even further with the alien. Show him that just because he's the perfect stallion doesn't mean he can't be shown who's boss. We must establish dominance, show whoever sent him that we Equestrians are a force to be reckoned with."
>"...I'm furious right now. Like really, genuinely furious. Is this actually happening? Because it feels like I'm having a stroke."
"I say that we play hardball with the alien. His face looks like it was born to be smooched between a mare's buttcheeks, so why not do so? A good, hard fucking on the hour also wouldn't be remiss. Hooves, mouth, wings, magic; anything could be used to our advantage in this."
>"I hate this. I hate that I want to get out of this chair and smack my own teacher because she's suggesting that we molest a stallion!"
"Oh, trust me, dear, the idea of breaking this alien with our hot, tight holes disgusts me as much as you, but it must be done. But not just by anypony though. With that swinging cock between his legs, our guest could seriously hurt a courageous mare if she's not careful."
>"I think I need to arrest you. Can I arrest you? Can a princess arrest another princess? Am I actually having a stroke. Holy Luna fuck this conversation."
"Which is why we need a mare that'd is large enough to take him. There are so few that are larger than yourself, so we only have a small pool from which to work from. For the good of the kingdom, I believe that I'll make the sacrifice."
>"This isn't a stroke, is it? I'm actually sitting here listening to you talk about this. This is real life."
"It will be horrible, but I'll carry the burden of making this alien menace addicted to my holes. By the time I'm done with him the sound of my voice will make him hard. By the time I'm done with him he'll be the perfect little house husband, taking care of our foals and making me all the cake I could ever--"
"Yes, dear?"
>"I hate to say this, but please, get the FUCK out of my office.
File: 1546479113246.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1080)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
first to declare best princess and potential mother
This is why you never put homosexuals into public office. They always let their personal agenda cloud their views on important policy, like how to keep the planet safe from aliens.
If Twilight had her way, their planet would be doomed. Thanks a lot, Purple Chubdyke.
File: 1362196387961.jpg (254 KB, 1210x801)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
And then High Command sends Undesignated, their heavily battle scarred and disfigured agent who's heart has been hardened through combat to get shit done since Anonymous apparently can't.
File: file.png (603 KB, 500x679)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
I'm higher than giraffe pussy
>Rated E
>When anon go suicide his body became censored and became something nice
Describe the sensation.
Tongue fucker. Tongue. /co/ already gave me giraffe pussy tooooo much
Fluttershy takes one look at him and it's about an hour later of treacherous xeno torture as Undesignated sobs brokenly into his hands while Fluttershy pats him on the back cooing softly to let it all out then offers him tea and biscuits.

You can try all you want Anon, but the ponies will friendship the fuck outta you.
File: Best commisar.jpg (101 KB, 900x675)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
His heart wont be the only thing hard if they have anything to say about it.
Very nice. Makes me want to smash giraffe booty
File: file.png (32 KB, 594x582)
32 KB
Honestly, I'm sick of pony, dragon , diamond dog ect.
Better fuck giraffe.


if luna and anon can go into a unborn but near fully developed foal's dreams, imagine how incredibly close the foal will be with anon and luna once its born

even before it was born, the very first stimuli it receives was directly from luna and anon themselves, no proxy or anything

by the time the foal is born it'll be able to recognized its parents voice, be comforted by the feeling of anon;s hands despite being alien to ponies

real potential to be really comfy
File: 1553206435504.jpg (3.94 MB, 4000x5024)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB JPG
We hardly ever even have dragon or diamond dog, what are you talking about nigga.
Fun fact: There is currently 505,825 words total in the promptbins. That is approximately five novelsworth of RGRE ideas.
>Implying any red blooded human being can resist the soft allure of pony plot.
The ones who are dead inside can.
Then can we ever actually call that person "human"?
for any who miss it

File: 1474847037120.png (319 KB, 900x900)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
>tfw no herd of all white mares
>ywn submit the entire works of the promptbin to a book-printing company and have five entire books full of autistic horseword prompts mailed to you
no. they are hollows, bearers of the dark sign. cursed forever to go mad.
they just need a waifu to help them.
>pure white mares
>Not posting aryanne

For shame
File: 1459548616471.png (151 KB, 1182x1024)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
I was thinking about it, but decided not to. I like her pegasus friend more anyways.
I like these updates. Whoever you are, please keep it up.
>This town needs a proper library.
>You tried to talk to Twilight about setting up some kind of library outside of her castle, but when you did she got all teary and said she had something in her eye before running off.
>Must be some weird horse thing.
>And there were plenty of weird horse things to deal with.
>Horse things like horse magic and horse culture and horse food.
>Things would be much more tolerable if these horses would stop horsing around.
>You walk into the castles library, wondering if calling a pony a horse is racist.
>It's not like-
>You and Twilight stare at eachother as she slowly floats towards the ceiling.
>"I guess I deserved that for yelling."
>So it is an insult!
>She starts to flap her wings and starts to spin sideways as a result.
>"Ugh Anon, can you please help me down? And I will tell you right now that no, my magic and wings won't get me down. Starlight cast a spell on me and I can't do anything."
>Once again you're stuck cleaning up Glimmers mess.
>Thankfully Trixie's out of town.
>Knowing her she would have tried to strap a couple of fireworks onto Twi and lanch them.
>You look around the room, trying to find something to grab the princess with.
"And why did she do this to you?"
>Twilight snorts as you pick up a pillow.
>"We were testing out a new spell designed for the ponice. It uses the magic of the target to make them effectively weightless and unable to use magic for about an hour. This also means-"
"Okay before we get into all of that, why did she shoot you?"
>Twilight snorts again.
>"We were having a...disagreement when she shot me."
"Sounds like her. Hey, catch this."
>You toss the pillow up and Twilight does her best to latch onto it once it comes in range.
>"How is a pillow supposed to..."
>She drifts off as she ever so slightly starts to return to the ground.
>"Huh. I guess the spell doesn't extend to the pillow. I don't know if I should keep it like this or modify it."
>You gently grab her once she's close enough and swing her around your back.
>She wraps her two front hooves around your neck and her wings around your torso to keep from floating off.
>"Anon, I'm very sorry about this but I need to...commandeer you for awhile."
"Are you talking about sex or-"
>"NO! I would never force a stallion to have sex. We just need to find Starlight so she can undo this. Or until this spell wears off."
"So we just wander around until we find her."
>You open the door, trying to think of where she might be.
>And find her directly at your feet.
>"Oh, hi Anon. Hi Twilight. How are you two doing?"
>"Starlight I am going to-"
>"Hey why does Twilight get hugs?"
>You can almost hear Twilights eye twitching as you respond.
"Well I need to keep her on the ground so she doesn't float off. Because of that spell you put on her."
>Slowly but surely you can see the gears turning in her head.
>You're half tempted to smack them into gear before she lights up her horn.
>"So if I use that spell on myself I'll get hugs too?"
>Both you and Twilight yell at her, with you swatting at her horn as she casts the spell on herself.
>Your rage starts to boil over as Starlight 'The Glim-Glam' Glimmer floats up to eye level.
>"Soooo can I get hugs now?"
>You don't speak choosing instead to simply push her down the hallway.
>She waves happily as she goes.
>"Okay I'll get that hug later then."
>Twilight sighs and presses her muzzle into the crook of her neck.
>"I'm sorry Anon. Now she can't use her own magic and-"
"It's fine. Hey, I was here to grab a book before I went to lunch. Can you recomend something?"
>The wings shuffle around on your chest.
>"For reading or for lunch?"
"Both I guess. I'm not going to let you pointlessly float around for an hour."
>"Oh well I can think of a couple of places. A-and since you're carrying me around I can pay for our lunches."
"Are you sure? I don't mind paying for my own."
>"Absolutely. It's the least I can do to thank you."
>You shrug and walk back into the library.
"Well if you insist."


>You can't believe it.
>You were sure that Starlight was trying to mess with you when she said this would work, but now you have a date.
>It felt a little wrong since you were tricking Anon but...
>One date wouldn't hurt right?
>You keep a firm hold onto Anon as he walks past the still floating Starlight, who happily waved at the two of you.
>"You two have a nice time together."
>"Yuh-huh. We'll be back for you eventually Glimmy."
>"Thanks Anon!"
>Anon huffs and picks up his pace, allowing Starlight to give you a quick wink before teleporting away.
>Still need to figure out how to fully disable the targets magic but you can deal with that later.
>going outdoors while affected by antigravity
Not a good idea.
clever girl
I LOVE IT!!! More?
File: 1523878093976.gif (490 KB, 500x286)
490 KB
490 KB GIF
>Glimmer being a sis while pretending to be her usual shitty self
File: virginchadfriendship.jpg (151 KB, 1200x724)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
reminds me a bit of this
File: file.png (879 KB, 909x1024)
879 KB
879 KB PNG
This pony needs a doing hurtful things
Anon needs more 'hurtful things'. He is a dumb stallion that deserves punishment and abuse.
File: file.png (375 KB, 860x941)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
I really like this artist. They make very snuggly poners
File: 1552691099729.png (3.34 MB, 3840x3885)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB PNG
This is how poners should be.

Raggedy Anon in RGRE when?
The ones who are dead inside are most susceptible to a soft little mare smiling at them and hugging against their leg.

That's why we're all here isn't it?
That song takes on a whole new meaning with RGRE
File: thermoman.jpg (41 KB, 395x600)
41 KB
Fucking hell I forgot how much I love Father Ted.

Also, dumb super powerful lust inspiring hero in Equestria when?
File: file.png (145 KB, 632x670)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
>Big teaty goth gf accidentally gets a little too into maledom.
File: 1731158.png (163 KB, 1010x851)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
>Big teaty goth gf
>Big teats
Careful Anon, think of the jobs
maledom a shit.
I want to be dominated by a mare in the amazon position for the sole purpose of creating foals
I like her daughter more
File: 1480788026498.png (544 KB, 1024x1024)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
That's pretty hot
Warm, fuzzy teats that are a perfect handful each and impossibly soft, tipped with pert nipples that get goosebumps when you touch. Small on a relative scale, but on the leggy frame of a gothpone they're big, obvious signs of her superior fertility. She'll blush softly under her dark coat and gladly hike a leg whenever you want to play with them
File: 1002797.png (322 KB, 720x720)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
File: 1476127455888.png (435 KB, 897x942)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
>casually playing with your waifu's breasts to her immense arousal
This is my fetish
Confirmed retard, post disregarded.
I saw a fang and made an assumption and a mistake
File: 156805.png (222 KB, 762x626)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
Little pone nerds getting all hot and bothered by the idea of wooing a kriegsman would be funny
File: 1363375067029.jpg (84 KB, 482x638)
84 KB
File: 860896.png (845 KB, 1500x1500)
845 KB
845 KB PNG
Gentlemen, for a moment I'd like you to imagine just holding a pony. The soft caress of her fur brushing up against you, the sweet smell of her breath as she rhythmically exhales, the shape of her head as she wedges herself into the crook of your arm. There is no greater feeling of safety or satisfaction that being held in the warm, comforting embrace of a human male.
File: 1600777.jpg (176 KB, 1600x1600)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
File: 1175668.png (444 KB, 1831x1415)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
Top comfy
File: 1521507258506.png (177 KB, 803x994)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
File: 1550512081746.png (423 KB, 629x1000)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
oof, now im more sad.
>Her favorite activity is a cross between cuddling, very slow-burn heavy petting, and ending with almost trance-like sex.
>You and her can sit there for hours in a slothfully writhing mesh of man and mare, each movement carefully made to please the other.
>Of course her girls get their due attention, both with hands and sometimes with an erection nestled and rubbed to release between them.
>Before that, you had no idea an orgasm could be gentle or a drawn out affair rather than a burst.
>But more than once, you've hugged your mare tightly, hilted so firmly that you formed a seal with her, then resisted the urge to piston her when her own unhurried climax squeezed and milked you for minutes on end. You'd hit your own peak and moan into her mane, still not moving when you almost leisurely release in her, orgasm lasting nearly 2 solid minutes as she drains you dry.
>The mythical big teaty goth gf. Nowhere near as intense as a normal mare, but now you wouldn't have it any other way.
File: 265110.png (7 KB, 800x600)
7 KB
File: 1961820.jpg (343 KB, 1536x1536)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
It's too late , Anon
You're already inside her
File: ohmy.png (70 KB, 322x338)
70 KB
Soooo, when is RGRE printing a book? Let's think up some ideas, how about Autism The Spectrum, or Pony Fucker's Ballad?
I think some writefag said he was doing it. At the very least, there was a pdf being passed around a few years ago (I think it was called "to RGRE and back again") that had stories from the then-current writefags at the time.
File: 1500013663345.jpg (87 KB, 1024x699)
87 KB
pone is for marriage and having children
Yeah I remember that, I think it was ghoul or AnalPlugAnon. Unsure.
This is RGRE. You should post pictures of stallions and humans and say THEY are for marriage and children.
>No activity on the thread for over 3 hours.
>7th page.
The heck happened here yesterday? Where are my adorably sexist mares?
you just can't nofap on /mlp/
File: 2003995.jpg (86 KB, 600x430)
86 KB
File: 1441754909620.gif (442 KB, 185x316)
442 KB
442 KB GIF
Batpone Coco Pommel.
Was Seashell/Pear Butter ever called Clamshell by bullies as a filly?
>Seashell/Pear Butter

>ywn herd with Applejack and her mother
I want there to be an awkward moment where either the amnesia breaks, or where Applejack finds photos and just plain realizes that she's been in bed with her own mother.
>"At least mom can't call me a dyke if she was the one in bed with me..."
File: 1518465587721.png (224 KB, 1280x935)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
But I'm not in rgre. I'm here.

Therefore mare is for marriage and having children.
>the amnesia breaks
>She suddenly recalls who she was, and how her husband's death nearly drove her mad with grief. All it took in her unstable state was one good blow to the head to lock all the painful memories away.
>Over 10 years ago she wandered away, settling in a port town and becoming a clumsy but beloved seashell artist in a shop near the surf. The personality overhaul even gave her a new cutie mark. In all but body, Pear Butter was dead.
>So Seashell lived, made friends, found purpose, fell in love, and started a family. Until she was suddenly Pear Butter again all at once.
>She finds herself horrified that she forgot her children, remarried, and mothered another foal with someone else.
>The confused mare has no idea what to do.
She does what anyone would do.
Brain herself until she was seashell again
Luckily, she has the support of her family and Anon. Earth ponies are strong, she'll get through this.
>Forgot a family with foals
>Remembers that family
>"Oh well I'd better beat myself over the skull until I forget them and possibly my current family too."
Anon please stop having the dumb
>hits herself in the head to become Seashell again
>turns out giving yourself severe head injuries is a good way to fuck yourself up
>Anon and AJ now have to take care of her as she can no longer care for herself due to brain damage
> Pear Bombshell can't take being a burden on her family anymore
> Throws herself off a cliff and dies
> Haunts a ship on Earth as the kabuttermare
Shit this kind of works. Pear Butter confirmed for haunting doomed ships?
Why a giraffe?
>Turning into Seashell again
>Selfishly denying her poor son a mother figure in his life
I bet that's why his sister tried to set him up with Cheerilee: because of her motherly presence.
Nope fuck off
Only happy times are allowed in my wish fulfillment thread
That's boring as shit.
You gotta mix it up a bit.
Need a little sadness and downer endings once in a while.
Fuck yeah bro

but a klabautermare is super good tho
Nobody knows what a fucking kablauter-whatever is, and someone already made effort to make a one post story about it just to shut up the guy who kept going "but what about muh sea monster". It's shit. It's shit and nobody likes it, trips be damned.
Gonna be real honest. I just kablooterpost when someone tries to inject needless drama and suffering into an otherwise nice prompt.
>Kablooterman only appears to crew of a damned ship
>You only post about him when shit gets pointlessly edgy
Does this make you a kabloot
Anonymous will get them to join the Empire / Federation / Whatever through his masterful dickplomacy skills.
>Pear is too afraid to confront her old family, so she keeps living as Seashell.
>It's... pleasant. Strange but pleasant. Obviously Seashell is part of herself, so it makes sense that she'd enjoy her new life with her memories returned.
>But a new husband and having a foal at almost 40 is something that takes getting used to.
>Life continues, and she settles into it with surprising ease.
>Seashell/Pear's husband notices his wife is suddenly more alert and less clumsy, but her behavior isn't suspect. She makes the same cute noises when he touches the right spots, recalls their private moments easily, knows little Whirlpool's quirks, and still enjoys his fresh-caught shrimp dishes with the same enthusiasm as ever. She definitely isn't one of those changeling things.
>After some time, Pear starts letting her old life go, instead willingly becoming Seashell, the shell artist, wife, and mom who lives by the coast.
>Pear Butter is gone. Ghosts of the past should remain in the past.
>Then one day at the market with her husband and little Whirlpool napping on her back, she hears a voice that chills her blood.
>"M-Ma...? I-Is that you..?"
>Seashell turns slowly.
>Behind her is a shocked Applejack and her equally shocked friends.
File: 1501479403572.jpg (39 KB, 600x600)
39 KB
I'd read this
We are all kabloots, in our own ways.

I don't know. It could make for a story but I can't help but feel the drama'll be forced.
jeez i'd read that, but it seems like one of those greens that really gives a guy feels. how could you reconcile with the family you had literally forgotten until recently while they thought you were dead?
I liked it when Bombshell was her own separate mare.
She is, this is an else world story.
Young man, I think you left something. An example to all sons, and a hope to all fathers!

Fucking degenerate. I bet you don't like dong rings or teat-twisting either. You will have no luck on the high seas.
Don't you make presumptions about me! I twist my mare's teats every single day! And I still have the dong ring she used to propose to me on a necklace that I wear all the time.
It was Helianon.
Haven't seen him in a while. I'm still hoping he'll finish his Celestia green and the goosebumps one someday.
I like thing
I see through your lies, kablooterhater. Your days are numbered. In base four.
He won't, he's dead. They all are.
Son of a bitch, that means I can't even figure out how long I have left to live! This is psychological warfare and it goes against the Geneighva Convention!
Hey, I'm not dead.
I'm dead on the inside.
File: 1358991726349.png (125 KB, 945x945)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
that's what a dead person would say
He's got you there, anonymous writefriend.
Neither am I. I'll be back at it by the end of the month
I'm not dead either. Sure is nice not to be dead isn't it Anons?
>You can try all you want Anon, but the ponies will friendship the fuck outta you.
how long have you been dead on the inside Anons? how long do you think you'd be able to resist their attempts at friendship?
I know each of you would just immediately give it a chance, I'm talking if you actually tried to keep yourself dead on the inside how long could you last?
I've been dead inside for years and I'd wager I'd probably only last until whenever Hearth's Warming came around
>Stay cold and heartless through hearthswarming
>It gets so bad that Windigos pop up and tell you to go make some friends
File: 7s4e47231897159202.jpg (307 KB, 1134x1126)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
>It gets so bad that Windigos pop up and tell you to go make some friends
>Windigos pop up and you offer some cold fug
>Anon with clinical "Legitimate brain problems" depression in equestria.
>Always tried to be pleasant and friendly, but it was tiring to try and force it all the time.
>Ponies picked up on that and were uncomfortable about it, always trying to help you.
>Fuck off into the mountains to get away from the latest attempt to cheer you up.
>Windigos find you because misery loves company.
>You're so far past giving a fuck that when one comes straight to your face wondering why you havent frozen yet that you just push it aside and absently pet it.
>It realises that feels pretty damn good and follows your hand.
>Others come up to you wondering what the fuck larry is doing and soon discover the wonder of headpats themselves.
>Start moving your hands around while you walk to see if they follow, inadvertantly making them dance as they fly and curve around each other.
>Make your hand movements more intricate, ice and snow start flying everywhere as you conduct their movement, the windigoes catching onto the 'game'.
>Harmony magic sluggishly kicks in as the consistant frown you've had since you left ponyville slowly eases from your face.
Ponies become the only xeno race that humanity allows on the basis of them being harmless. Inquisition sees potential and begins using them to reform trouble areas and prevent cults from forming.
I really don't like the idea of what becomes of the little mares when a world is taken by Chaos or overrun by Orks.
Surely there are so few that they are a valuable resource, there’s gotta be at least some agents looking after them.
>"So wez putz da little finga out like dis?"
"That's what I've seen my friends do."
>"You're humie friends?"
>"Hmm maybe dem humies are onto somefin with this tea thing."
If the Orks are this comfortable on-world, all her human friends are already dead and likely macabre ornaments for their vehicles.
Would you believe your waifu if she said she had amnesia when she gets confronted by a 2nd family?
They would have been but the ponies distracted the warboss with an impromptu tea party
You just read the avatar comic or something?
If you're willing to go to FimFiction there's a story about just that, but the Tau are there too.
It's something rather rare for Fimfiction in that it's actually a good story. At least in my opinion.
The short version of it without spoilers is Tau ship crashes, Iron Warriors come chasing them and then ORKZ. There's also a couple of fun sub plots, one of which includes Applebloom getting a Daemon engine as a pet and becoming a worshiper of Nurgle.
pic related
File: 1341628936309.jpg (773 KB, 900x1004)
773 KB
773 KB JPG
I feel like, in any other setting, humans and Orks would get along like a house fire.
Never forget Gigganobs, son
>Applebloom getting a Daemon engine as a pet and becoming a worshiper of Nurgle
That sounds incredibly horrible and nightmarish.
Daemons would get the harmony blaster and either be banished mega hard or be reformed into happy spirits ala Discord. Orkz would get friended by Pinkie as she introduced Orkz to their new best friends the Yaks. The Yakistan mountain range is still ringing with the dull thuds of copious amounts of headbutt smashing between the two races.
I don't know why but this post just made me think of an ork with a music box but instead of music it plays the sounds of gunfire to make the ork to fall asleep.
Would yak saxophone lull an Ork to sleep? I mean, yaks have a very deep and thought provoking musical history.

That said their whole idea of good music is the enthusiasm that can be detected in the singer's efforts. So an Ork using DAKKA DAKKA SO GOOD DAKKA would fit i feel.
File: Planet of Guardsmen.png (586 KB, 1089x2066)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
Nah, it's probably just the planet of guardsmen.
Okay, this doesn't explain what happens to the ponies on OTHER planets though.
>Instead of screaming WAAAUUUGH when they charge they scream YOOOOOOO
I'd I like to imagine rough riders trying to ride a pony is meet with mixed results
with the combined fire power of all those lasguns from all those guardsmen, they finally managed to harm a lightly armored enemy.
Praise the Emperor
Hey I was trying to be culturally sensitive by misspelling it. Orks aren't known for their works of literature you know.
The scary part is the lasgun is actually more powerful than anything infantry can carry now.
>She's on her side so you use her as a pillow
>Of course your head is rested on those soft maretits.
>You can hear the very quiet slosh of full mammaries when she moves.
>Music to the ear.
File: 146349.jpg (97 KB, 733x619)
97 KB
>"Oh, a colt who likes to play rough! Kinky~"
Harmony magic or the daemons want to corrupt the ponies, but the ponies on a twist of fate wind up anticorrupting the demons until they turn into butterball lovers.
Doesn't work when Tartarus exists.
No porn of the giraffe shame.
It's always been amusing to me to consider that the gentle and relatively weak ponies have one of the few weapons in all of fiction that could unmake the Ruinous Powers, the heaviest hitters in a setting full of things capable of wiping out everything in other settings.
>Harmony magic sluggishly kicks in as the consistent frown you've had since you left Ponyville slowly eases from your face.

>This kills the windigo
File: 1454201983715.png (321 KB, 430x454)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
File: 1367717086039.png (183 KB, 663x550)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
>"Harder daddy..."
>Twilight had a goth phase where she enlarged her teats to be non-conformist.
>Celestia was not idle with her thousand years
>She tasted the finer things and gained an understanding of many things
>But there's one thing she never got to experience mostly due to her size
>The idea of someone pinning her down and rutting her ragged always gets her a little moist
>And this odd hoo-man is just the right size to try it with her
>Now she just needs to figure out how to broach the subject
File: RIP Peetzer.png (754 KB, 1400x1050)
754 KB
754 KB PNG
>downer endings
absolute shit.
Stories that give feels are one thing, but pones are not for suffering.
File: super peetzer 2.jpg (236 KB, 760x715)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
who did that to the peetzer?

I would make these horses all of the food. It'd make me furious, since they'd just want sweets and nothing healthy, but I wouldn't be able to help myself
I like to picture ponies as generally behaving like dog-sized cats. This is because the mental image of Rainbow Dash licking Scootaloo's mane like a cat grooming another cat is adorable to me.
File: large (13).png (687 KB, 1024x1024)
687 KB
687 KB PNG

Shut the fuck up.
'Original comic by Junji Ito'

Whelp that is almost guaranteed to end in some fucked up way.
The smeared art design is such a turn off.
You do know that horses groom each other's coats to bond, right?

>It was a dark, cold, moon-less night when you perched upon the jutting gargoyle, water running over you, the chill settling into your bones
>The world had become a dark, bleak void, sapping the strength from your very soul
>Every night you went out to fight crime, only to stagger back home the next day, beaten, bloody, and broken, until you found yourself wondering
>Did anything /really/ matter?
>What had you accomplished with your life?
>No friends, no family of your own, other than your parents, who were slowly dying in their home, like so many other ponies
>Even your magic which you'd thought was /so/ important turned out to be nothing but a curse that hurt those around you
>Still, you had a job to do, one that you'd see completed one way or another
>The back door of the the warehouse opened up, dingy light briefly illuminating the roach-infested alley
>Only when the light touched the Pony laying further down the alley did you notice them
>They blended in with the trash so well but then, so did much of this world
>Still, she wasn't what you were here for, letting you put thoughts of her out of your mind
>Looking back to the door, a muscular mare poked her head out from beyond the illuminated doorway, glancing around until she saw what both of you wanted
>The buyer
>Using a camera, you recorded the interaction, watching them talk until they both retreated inside
>That was your cue
>Leaping from your perch, a single Feather Fall spell let you drift down silently onto the roof of the building, unnoticed
>From there, you moved to the small peephole you'd cut out two days ago, peeking into the building, a hearing-enhancement spell allowing you to listen in
>"So, you got the goods?"
>"Yeah, mare, I got it I got it. You have the money?"
>"Of course, the Blood Breakers always keep their word."
>Razor Edge!
>You adjusted, taking in the sight of the huge Mare looming above the buyer
Yay, more Villanon!
You posting anymore, ApA?
>Broly in RGRE

Unless it’s New Broly, this is going to end in him killing innocent poners. Then again, Dragon ball characters are stupid and the Saiyans especially are too autistic to have any defenses against magic.

The Elements of Harmony might work on him.
File: 846115.png (3 KB, 482x406)
3 KB
>When you spill your squash but he keep liccing
File: Muching Stops.jpg (16 KB, 193x181)
16 KB
>New Broly
do you know what those mares would do to poor New Broly, he just wants to make friends with giant deadly monsters, but all the females he meets keep becoming waifu material. This could even work for an RGREQG with all the Primarch sized Anon prompts maybe mix in Streamer Sunset as he just sits and watches Sunset Stream acting sneaky behind her in the background of the webcam. might right a prompt for this later but I need sleep now. don't expect it to be good though since it'll be my first prompt
>Broly is an RGREqg magical girl
>poners think Broly’s just a nice guy with a rough exterior due to his childhood
>add in some righteous anger when he explains that his father put a shock collar on him
>he tries to explain how dangerous he can be when he gets angry and loses control, but they don’t get it
>ponies can’t fathom the levels of power that Dragon Ball characters have
>still, he likes his new friends
>that changes when the newest Big Bad rampages through Equestria and nearly kills one of Broly’s new friends
>10,000% MAD
>ponies knew Broly was strong, because the guy prefers to hunt for his food in the Everfree and always comes out without a scratch
>but this a level of power unheard of in Equestria and the sheer ferocity in his eyes makes him look like a wild animal
>Princesses manages to subdue him with a triple strength sleeping spell before he destroys everything
>now they’re unsure if they should even wake him up
>Broly is obviously a kind soul underneath it all but his rage and power could easily eradicate everything they’ve ever known
>Seat Twilight in your lap back-to-chest and put your arms around her while out in public.
>Ponies think you're just hugging around her middle and Twilight's loud sweating is her being a sperg.
>Really, hidden behind her trembling forelegs, you've reached between her hind legs and are playing with her fat alicorn teats.
>Hers were bigger than normal as a unicorn. As an alicorn, they're perfect handfuls, impossibly soft, and slowly lactating. Something about a deactivated spell from her teen years reactivating she said.
>Nevermind that though. Titties.
>You rest your chin on her wither as the purplest princess shakes and shudders. She barely holds back an unmarely squeal when you tweak a nipple.
>Lapful of mare, handful of titty. Today is a good day.
Wake up you dykes
Ah, but do they do it like cats? I don't think so. Checkmate, atheists.
I like thing
Please make more of thing
> Dragonborn in RGRE
> Finds an anvil, works tirelessly for days making iron daggers
> Mares drool over his sweaty body
> Hunts in the Everfree with legendary iron armor
> Big bad shows up
> Ponies go woah when he defeats the big bad
>Twilight comes up with an idea
>makes an enchanted crown for Broly
>whenever it senses that he’s going berserk, it automatically puts him to sleep so he can calm down
>much more humane than a shock collar
>Broly is hesitant, but agrees
Congrats on summing up 90% of the prompts we get here.
>what is this blatant wish fulfillment here
At least make it subtle. All you're missing is a link to a youtube music video for your favourite song and a ">anon can play music and everyone loves his taste and mares squirt squash soup when he strums on his guitar".
I've never had two cats. I don't know how they groom eachother. The picture posted is how horses groom eachother through and it's fucking wholesome.
This is the greatest story ever told and we need more.
Twi-milk is so full of mana that it acts like caffeine with no crash. Squeeze some into a mug of hot chocolate for a perfect morning.
>anon has access to youtube
>It's stuck in 2006 youtube and ninety percent of the videos are stock music and notepads
"Truly this is the worst timeline."
Because Why not
"I always found it weird how you have a fantasy section in your books?"
>Twilight shifts around on your back for a moment as she readjusts her hold on you.
>"What do you mean? Do you not have fantasy in Earths literature?"
"No. Well we do, it's just that this place is practically the ideal fantasy world to me. Mythical creatures, magic, and not a single elf to be seen."
>"What's an elf?"
"They're kind of like those rainbow colored changeling, but a lot more snobby."
>You let the horrible mental image sink in as you open up the main door to the castle.
>It took you nearly an hour to find the right book with Twilights help.
>She tried to get you to read nearly all of them but-
>You look back at Twilight and then follow her eyes to see what she's looking at.
>And immediately find yourself groaning.
"No just-Did Starlight do this to you, Flutters?"
>Fluttershy, who was a bit smaller than a squirrel and sitting in front of your shoe, nods in response.
>"I-I wanted to be closer to my smaller animal friends. But now I need to do chores and I'm not big enough to carry the bags."
>You bend down, offering a hand to her for her to hop on.
>Pulling her up to your face, you get a good look at her.
"Well I've got some bad news for you, Fluttershy. Starlight can't use her magic right now. We know because she just used the same spell on herself that she used on Twilight."
>She scrunches up at that.
>"Really? Because she just-"
>She drifts off for a moment, staring at somoething just over your head.
>You don't even bother looking, you're just concerned about who else Starlight got to before she zapped herself.
>"Uh, okay. A-Anon, do you mind-well only if you want-and I don't want to force you into this but-"
"You want me to help you with your chores?"
>Flutteshy ducks down, trying to hide behind her mane but nods all the same.
>"I-if you don't mind. I'm sure you two are busy and-"
"No no, I'm fine with that. What about you, Twi?"
>The fuzz on Twilights muzzle tickles your neck as she nods.
>"That's fine with me. We were actually going to go and have lunch if you wanted to join us, Fluttershy."
>"Oh that would be wonderful."
>The yellow mare deflates slightly in your hand.
>"But I don't have my bits on me."
"Well you can't eat a whole lot right now anyways right? I could just share a bit of my meal with you."
>Twilight nods again.
>"I could share a bit too. No reason to make you go hungry just because you couldn't carry your own money."
>Fluttershy smiles at both of you.
>"Oh, that would be so nice. Have you decided where you're going to eat yet?"
>You shake your head, reaching back to pull Twilight off of you.
>"Hey what are you-"
"Not yet, but we'll figure something out."
>You set Twilight on the ground before gently placing Fluttershy on the center of her back.
"There now Twilight won't fly away and you won't get squished."
>The pair look at eachother for a moment before Twilight takes a step forward.
>Her movement looked a bit like the footage of those guys running around on the moon.
>Twilight smiles at you as she takes another hop forwards.
>"Well at least I don't have to worry about flying away. Now let's see about lunch."
>Or you'll see who else Starlight screwed over.

>This feels mean.
>You don't like lying to Anon.
>He could be a little harsh sometimes, but he always tried to be polite.
>Okay maybe he doesn't try as hard as he could with the being polite thing, but he's very nice to you and your friends.
>The same group would often talk about herding together and Anon...
>He's far from colty, but maybe that's what the six of you need.
>After all, six mares in a herd was quite a bit more than the usual two or three.
>And there were only so many stallions interested in keeping up with lives as exciting as yours.
>You shuffle around on Twilights back, watching as the floating Starlight lights up her horn and disappears from sight.
>You don't know why she motioned for you to keep quiet, but maybe everything will work out.


"So the bird did what exactly?"
>Fluttershy covers her mouth with a hoof as she giggles.
>"She took the sticks around the east side of my cottage. But that's where the Jays live and they were very upset with Ms. Cardinal for taking something they thought was theirs."
"Huh. I didn't think birds could get all territorial and stuff."
>"Oh, absolutely. I have to break up fights all the time, and that's just with the birds."
>Twilight, who had forgone walking in favor of a big hop and a short glide, turns around to face Fluttershy.
>"Didn't you get those bird houses just to keep them from fighting? I would think they'd stick to their own homes instead of picking fights."
>"Yes but-"
"Oh god damn it."
>The pair, who were currently at eye level with you, turn to look at you with Twilight being the first to speak.
>"What's wrong?"
>You point to the center of the market where the Applejack had set up her shop.
>But there was no Applejack.
>Only a giant apple next to her cart which had an orange muzzle sticking out of it.
>You're going to kill Starlight.
>Twilight tries to pick up her pace as you march over to what is surely Applejack.
>You reach down and boop the exposed snoot once you're in range, making it scrunch up.
>Going to kill her.
>"No wait. I know that feelin'. Anon?"
>You pat the oversized apple with one hand and place the other in your face.
>"Anon, as much as I'm enjoying this-"
"Wait, you're enjoying this?"
>You look at the two mares who had followed you, both of them shaking their heads.
>"Would ya kindly help a mare out'a a jam, partner?"
"Uh, yeah. Girls?"
>"Girls? Are the others here?"
>"It's me and Fluttershy, Applejack."
>"Twilight! It's good ta hear ya. I swear somethin' has gotten into Starlight. She's actin' worse than Discord in a ball a yarn."
>"Hehe yeah. I'll be sure to talk to her once this spell wears off."
>"Spell? That varmint got you too, didn't she?! Oh when I get out'a hear I'mma teach her a lesson about respect that her mothers seem to have forgotten ta teach her."
>You nod, smacking a hand against the apple as you roll your eyes.
"Hey, we're going to lunch. You want to join us?"
>Applejack goes quiet for a moment, the only sign that she heard you being her muzzle once again scrunching up.
>"Ah reckon ah'd have some trouble eatin' partner."
"I could feed you so long as you're careful about not biting me."
>"Well...shoot. Ah am a might hungry and really appreciate that. Are you gonna bring me back some food or-"
"We'll just roll you there."
>"What do you-whoa nelly!"
>She continues to protest as you start to roll her down the street.
>"Wait, is mah hat on the cart?"
>Looking back, you see that yes, her hat was still there.
>You reach back to grab it and place it on your head before rolling her along.
"Got your hat, AJ."
>"Thanks sugarcube."


>You should be upset.
>This is humiliating and it's all Starlights fault.
>But right now you're over the moon about finally getting to live your dream.
>You are Applejack.
>And you have finally become an apple.

"Geez, how heavy is this thing?"
>"Well the average apple weighs about-"
"That was a rhetorical question, Twilight."
>"I didn't say anything."
>You turn around, looking at Twilight and seeing two tiny blue eyes peak over her head as Applejack chuckles.
>"Sorry about that, partner. I get real into my apple trivia."
"I-I'm sure you do, AJ."
>You roll the apple upright, allowing you to use it as a seat.
"I'm just going to sit for a moment girls."
>That thing was easily three hundred pounds and you're willing to bet a good portion of that is finely packed earth pony muscle.
>Twilight smiles sheepishly as she sits next to the apple.
>"Sorry. I'd help you but-"
>She pushes against the apple and actually ends up pushing herself away from it.
>"There's currently an issue with that."
"You're fine, Twi. And you too, Flutters. I don't want you getting caught under this thing."
>"Whadya mean, Anon? Did something happen to Fluttershy?"
>You look at Fluttershy who immediately perks up.
>"Oh I'm tiny now."
>"Is this related to your Neighponese mangos?"
>Fluttershys eyes nearly pop out of her skull as she starts to spit and sputter.
>"N-no, of course not. I-I mean uh, is that Pinkie?"
>Oh god damn it.
>You're willing to bet a leg that Starlight got to her too.
>You look up and see Pinkie looking...
>Oddly normal.
>Yeah, Starlight hit her with something.
>You can't help but whine a bit as she happily trots up to you.
>"Hi girls. Hi Nonners. How are all of you doing?"
>You look at Twilight and Fluttershy, who seem to be a mixed of confused and relieved.
"Uh, we're sitting for a moment. AJ is stuck in this apple and it's kind of tough pushing her around."
>"Well let me push that for you, Nonno. It's not right for a mare to just stand by and let a stallion do all the work /Twilight/."
>You hop off the apple as Pinkie places her hooves on it.
>"Wha-hey! I can't-"
>"Excuses! If you're going to be in a herd, you need to take care of your stallion."
>You have no idea what she's talking about but pat her on the head anyways.
"Thanks Pinkie. Want to join us for lunch?"
>"Of course! Fun increases exponentially the more ponies you have and this party hasn't even started yet."
>You, Twilight, and Fluttershy watch as she rolls Applejack down the street before you simply shrug.
"Maybe Starlight didn't get her."


>What would be a good place for lunch?
>Non-non doesn't eat much hay so you have to think of somewhere with stuff that he can eat too.
>There's that one place with the spaghetti but that seems too fancy for lunch.
>He doesn't seem to like flowers either so...
>Go home and make pizza bagels?
>That sounds great!


>"So then I tell the yak 'yeah, yeah /yak/ it up big guy.'"
"Okay as funny as that is, isn't that racist or something against yaks?"
>Twilight does another hop before nodding.
>"It absolutely is and I don't need to remind you of all ponies that yaks are very tempermental and that-"
>"Twilight, do you know the difference between yaks and ponies?"
>Twilight blinks, her mind clearly racing as she glides towards the ground.
>"Well yaks-"
>"Have a sense of humor."
>The scrunch is real on the purple princess as you start to laugh.
>Pinkie giggles along with you as Applejack speaks up.
>"How close are we? I'm gettin' a might dizzy."
>Fluttershy perks up, poking her head around Twilights to try and get a look at AJ.
>"Do you want us to stop?"
>"Nope. Just curious about-"
>Your small caravan stops dead in its tracks as Rarity comes charging.
>"Twilight, darling! Darling please tell me you can help me. This is absolutely terrible. I can't use my magic!"
>"Gee welcome to the club."
>"W-what? She took your magic too? Oh that ruffian must be planning something absolutely wretched if-"
"She was probably just trying to get out of work."
>Twilight scrunches at you.
>"Anon, that's not something nice to say about your friend."
"I wouldn't exactly call her-"
"And there's number six. What did Starlight do to you, Dash?"
>Starlight must have been up since...actually she could have done all of this pretty quickly this morning because magic is bullshit.
>"She made it so I can't bucking fly! What kind of mare messes with another mares wings?!"
>Applejack snorts.
>"One that ain't right, I tell you what. Shoot, I'm an earth pony and even I have the decency of not messing with something like that."
>Rarity waves a hoof at her horn.
>"A-and what of this? She should understand how distressing it is for a unicorn to lose her magic."
>Twilight swats Rarity with her tail.
>"It's not that bad."
>Rarity puts a hoof to her face as dramatically as she can.
>"Did the element of magic just say it's okay to be without magic? Oh the end times are upon us! We are doomed. Doomed!"
>You roll your eyes and toss Dash over your back the same way you did with Twilight earlier today.
"There you go, Dash. You're flying now. Rarity we're all going to have lunch. Do you want to join us?"
>She blinks, both confused and annoyed at the proposition.
>"With all due respect Anonymous, I feel there are more important issues to deal with right now."
"Like your pity party."
>"I-it's not a pity party! I-"
>"Am I invited too?"
>You look over your shoulder at Dash.
"What do you think?"
>"That I'm your best friend and I'd really appreciate lunch."
"Just-Rarity, come with us."
"I'mma smack your butt if you don't get it in gear. Now get going."
>Rarity scrunches up but steps in line.
>"Well since I can't finish my work anyways I may as well."
>You nod and gesture for the group of mares to follow you.
>What a mess.
>At least you're with friends though.

>You watch the seven of them laugh, eat, and drink.
>It had been a practical nightmare getting this all together, especially considering this was a spur of the moment thing.
>But if you're lucky your efforts will bear fruit.
>Your horn lights up and you send out a pulse of magic which tugs at the linchpin holding the respective spells together.
>You watch for a moment longer, making sure they're all okay before teleporting to your room.
>That was-
>"You put in quite a bit of work today."
"Bucking horse! What the buck?!"
>You watch, bewildered and very upset as Princess bucking Cadence does an angry little stomp.
>"Oh come on. I had a speech ready to go and everything."
"Why are you in my room? And why are you wearing an eyepatch?"
>Cadence rolls her one good eye.
>"Look, when you have an alicorn for a foal, they tend to fly. And when they fly they usually point their horn forward, especially at high speed."
>"Yeah but enough about that. I'm here to talk to you about the initiative."
"What intiative?"
>"That's just what I'm calling it right now. I haven't come up with a proper name yet."
"Okay...Can I just say no and have you leave?"
>"No! C'mon, you set up a six mare herd in a /day/ Starlight. Do you think I, the princess of love, wouldn't notice?"
"Hey, I just did that so I wouldn't have to write friendship reports and stuff to Twilight as she gets used to herd life."
>That finally gets her to stop.
>"So everything you did today-"
"Was a gamble. A gamble to try and get Twilight and the rest of the girls off my back."
>A grin that is just a bit too big settles into place on Cadences face.
>"Helping ponies find love even though you don't know if you'll get anything out of it. You are exactly the pony I need."
>>"Is this related to your Neighponese mangos?"
>"You're coming with me to the Crystal Empire."
"No no no."
>"You're going to set up happy herds all across Equestria."
"Not a chance."
>"And I'll even pay you."
>You blink.
"Excuse me?"
>"I'll pay you to do the same thing you did today. And you won't even have to send reports to me like you do with Twilight."
"Buck it. I'm in."


Glimmy Glams is going to be really upset when she finds out she's going to be paid exclusively in peetzer.
File: large.jpg (959 KB, 1024x1024)
959 KB
959 KB JPG
>Glimmy Glams is going to be really upset when she finds out she's going to be paid exclusively in peetzer.

Good shit, Anon
If you haven't yet done so, please put it in a pastebin and link it back here. Good work on that story, was a fun one.
Probably should have done this earlier but I'm feeling kind of out of it. I'll probably come back and patch it up later because I ran out of steam at one point.
thanks for the story cc, good suff
>off by 1
>Sombra pic
I want to protect his smile.
File: 1526456890121.webm (1.11 MB, 720x720)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB WEBM
Has la phantoma been propellered? It's been a while since I've been here
A fine use of those sixes. Digits confirm that human fucks the pony.
File: 1427253257210.png (125 KB, 900x800)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
This was absolutely ridiculous, and highly entertaining. Would read more.
So... about this 'initiative.' Sounds oddly familiar.
>Anon doesn't actually get together with them
Or ... stoked?

On a different note, this Pre-Captain-Marvel Marvel reference has made me nostalgic and full of regret.
File: file.png (2.13 MB, 1653x1653)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG
It's not like there aren't winged pedestrians at every turn who can't catch Twi if she somehow couldn't figure out how to fly against it while suspended in 0 gravity.
>Anon and the M6 don't even end up as a herd.
>they just have lunch, then Anon goes off to find Glimmer to get her to fix her shit.
>Everything returns to normal except Glimmer has more friendship reports to make, since she clearly hasn't learned anything.
File: gigatight.png (679 KB, 524x638)
679 KB
679 KB PNG
She starts off smooth as silk and sweet as candy, then next thing you know she's got you cumming so hard they you're ruined for anyone else.
File: Apples.png (839 KB, 4246x4552)
839 KB
839 KB PNG
>>You should be upset.
>>This is humiliating and it's all Starlights fault.
>>But right now you're over the moon about finally getting to live your dream.
>>You are Applejack.
>>And you have finally become an apple.
What a wholesome appul
File: 1462984596145.jpg (3.39 MB, 2159x2347)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB JPG
>Awkward teen marefriend gets flustered when you cuddle
>Awkward teen marefriend blindsides you with a new horse-meme that you aren't on the up-and-up with yet, leading to her giving you the affectionate nickname of "old stallion"
>Awkward teen marefriend asking you to walk her home from horse-school, and you nearly have a panic attack when one of her teachers waves at you (a non-family member who is walking away with a teenage student) cheerfully
>Awkward teen marefriend not telling her parents that the "colt" she's dating is not only the town's (and Equestria's) only human, but an OLDER human to boot (much to the jealousy of her friends and the pride of her mother)
>Awkward teen marefriend being on the receiving end of people humming the tune of "Mr. Robertson" to her, and she doesn't understand why
>Awkward teen marefriend losing it when you go down on her and write out a love letter with your tongue against her inner walls.
>Awkward teen marefriend going through her edgy teen phase
Where are all the replies? Have we given up?
File: 1347494028084.png (425 KB, 900x900)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
Activity ebbs and flows. Hell, some days we go through 2-3 threads, other times it's a few days between threads. Just be patient. In the mean time, I decided to cap the "twi dealing with thirsty mares" story as I haven't seen a pastebin for it yet.
I'm writing for fimfic right now, so ur shits delayed lol. #sorrynotsorry
Whatchu writin nigga
File: rgre anon hasnt had sex.jpg (109 KB, 1450x1000)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Anon is friends with Pinkie Pie and Rarity
>The topic of sex comes up, and Anon admits he's hasn't had sex
>That can mean that he's never had sex since he arrived in RGREqG and that he's had sex in the past, or that he's just plain a virgin - either way, the results are identical
>Pinkie Pie is surprised and upset that Anon hasn't had that kind of "fun" yet (allegedly)
>Rarity, on the other hand, is thrilled that Anon has remained pure ("For marriage of course, darling~") and that he's not slutting it up
Wrote my first clop nigga. Now I'm gonna write a comfy lesbian kissy-kissy hoofholding mid-flight-hugs fic.
I fucking love wholesome Applejack. Best waifu. She'd like snuggling just as much as you do, and she'd be overjoyed to see how well you get along with Apple Bloom.
File: 1504452339935.png (499 KB, 856x721)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
Nigga why
File: 1536718940817.png (1.78 MB, 3150x2100)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
File: file.png (576 KB, 800x600)
576 KB
576 KB PNG
Weebshit for you

>Shiro Emiya dies.
>Instead of being brought before Alaya to get tricked into being a counter guardian, he is instead reincarnated into RGRE as a unicorn colt.
>It's a bittersweet feeling, leaving behind his ragtag 'family' in Fuyuki formed from hardship to a gentle and loving life with a blood related family.
>He keeps his memories and his basic spells like reinforcement and tracing.
>But most importantly, he keeps his Ultimate Blade Works, and his cutie mark manifests the instant he has a grasp on magic.
>Big surprise, his cutie mark is a sword.
>At least his enjoyment of cooking and housekeeping isn't weird here.
>His family is naturally worried about his self sacrifice issues and his fascination with sharp objects.
fuck that's cute
I like how this image implies that Twilight was so shocked by how l-lewd something was that she reared up on her hind legs.
If you think about it, all Anons should strive for political positions of power in their own nations.
Once enough of us are in power, we can begin a worldwide joint research project to develop robotic companions and AI under the guise of military research for robotic soldiers and command AI.
We continue gaining power, and get more anons elected while we're at it, ousting politicians that get in our way.
We create an autist deep state.
By then, we should have control of a majority of our respective governments.
Any detractors can simply be shouted out by superior funding and campaigns.
And then, when the hour is ripe, we can reveal our true intentions.
File: 1554095347876.png (444 KB, 900x700)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
Welp, here is a greentext I have been working on. Its very early stages, but I thought I would share what I have. I dont want to shit up the thread with it so ill just post the pastebin.

That was some good stuff. I'd still like to see how the herd turns out though. Thank you for creating and sharing.

I'm ok with that. Can you share a link when it's ready?
File: 1551126920431.png (348 KB, 809x568)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
>not the superior "self insert anon" fic
Gave a look see and I’m liking what I’m seeing.
>need something were ther biggest concern
where the*
definitely need some proofreading, but i'm down for some filly tia and luna
Next thread anon. Its been a busy month for me
>entire show is about girls
>complain about it
Fucking homos
You're the one writing gay shit faggot
File: Free_Shrugs.jpg (58 KB, 501x493)
58 KB
Lesbians and gays are not fun to read about unless you are one.
Platonic friendships are great and i can usually enjoy gay fics for that aspect alone since most writers are fucking terrible at romance but i tend to skip over or just stop reading if they start on the sex or being overly blatant with the HEY REMEMBER THIS IS TWO DUDES/MARES IN LOVE, LET ME DESCRIBE THEIR EVERY FEATURE FOR THE 100th TIME.
Herds can be an exception to this, since a hetero relationship is still the core, it's just got some extras.

For some reason that just made me start thinking of how big a herd could feasibly get and i just imagined an entire village like ponyville or 'our town' being one big herd.
The sheer logistics of that would be weird, and probably more like a cult than anything.
>more like a cult than anything
A guy's gotta have a voice like David Hayter to keep a cult that big without threat of force.
> Lesbian sex is not fun to read about unless you are one
You have some weirdly specific tastes, Anon. Most straight guys can appreciate lesbian porn because it's two females in a sexy situation, instead of just one.
No, that fetish is just shit
legitimately intimate and loving relationships is where it's at now
I'll just say your love for vanilla is admirable, and agree to disagree on lesbians.
You need that kind of thing for cults with destructive ideals or methods, but a more benign one would probably be an easy sell depending on circumstance.
>Fertility cult
>Every pony is part of one big family that supports one another.
>Encourages every pony to be strong and healthy.
>Encourages every pony to take care of their nearby land.
>Encourages constant pregnancy.
The biggest issues would be the peer pressure towards being pregnant for newcomers and the potential for in-breeding.
Ponies more than likely leave now and then, whether it's due to being a bit quirky, a traveller putting idea's in their head or simple wanderlust.
Maybe they grow to appreciate their family and come back to stay, possibly with a more unsure spouse.
Maybe they decide that kind of life isnt for them and make a new home for themselves, but never have a bad word to say other than "Yeah my family tree can make you go cross eyed."
Cult's probably the wrong word for the idea in my head, and i'm not really going anywhere with it, just fun to think about.

It's a matter of perspective for me personally.
You have 1+1 = 2 in the case of lesbian porn for the sake of getting a guy hot and bothered.
But in the case of two lesbians just going at it for their own sake it's more like 1x1 = 1, since i know a dick in that situation would just be an unwelcome addition.
I've gone so far off the deep end of degeneracy that unironically >>33728722 is my fetish at this point, and it usually requires mental gymnastics on my part to enjoy smut.
While I agree /mlp/s greatest legacy would be actually managing to make ponies real.
4chans greatest power has never been sending people out into irl to hold positions of power.
You'd probably do a lot better convincing the increasing number of incels that what they really need is some hot mare puss, using meme magic.
Thereby increasing exposure wich the media will complain about leading to more exposure and demand.
demand will lead to funding for AI research centered around mare based male wish fulfillment.
>Implying lesbians can't be in a legitimately intimate and loving relationship
>Shiro's unicorn body is one giant magic circuit.
>Being a creature of magic, his prana reserves are massive compared to a human.
>And to top it all off, the consciousness of Equis doesn't try to dispel magic like Earth's did. Hell, sometimes Equis helps magic along.
>Shiro in his teen years tentatively tries to trace Excalibur, only to be shocked when he he actually can.
>Granted, it takes up a lot of his prana and the copy still has flaws, but the fact that he can make a Divine Construct at all is earth shaking.
>Shortly after, Shiro joins the Royal Guard, confident in his ability to do good in the world.
No implication
it's explicit
File: don't want.png (178 KB, 941x1024)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
There's enough dykeshit on the board already.
Porn and romances are two very different things.
Porn is just two people engaging in the carnal act of pleasuring each other.
A romance is getting to know another person, accepting their flaws, trusting them, and becoming willing to sacrifice one's time, resources, and even life for the other person.
>implying you can't legitimately win the lottery
Highest rate of spousal abuse.
Also this.
My nigga
>Go to bed
>Come back
>See lots of new posts
>It's nothing but faggots going back and forth about how hot/gay lesbians are
For fuck's sake, you guys. Go jerk each other off somewhere else.
That's gay.
What are you, a fag?
Aha! How would you know that touching another man's penis was gay unless you already tried it? Checkmate, Anon.
Masturbation is gay because you're touching a man's penis.
Unless you're a trap.
Then it's okay because its a girl's penis.
>Masturbation is gay
It suddenly makes sense how everyone here gets called a faggot.
>Go to bed
Haha bet you wont do that again
You BED I won't. Ehh? Ehh?! Yeah? No? Y-You get it? Do you... do you get it?
Since the lightning causes thunder, and thunder has travel time due to the speed of sound,
How how much time passes between Trixie Thundercunts orgasm and your awareness of it?

Please show all your work on this exam question, to receive partial credit
It could use some proofreading but it's not bad. I like the premise. The content of the intro felt like something Douglas Adams would've written. I look forward to seeing where you take this.
>A calm night cuddling on her bed, enjoying peetzer, and watching animeigh.
>Young marefriend is in heaven.
File: 1546743166011.png (374 KB, 768x768)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
God damn it anon I can hear him in my head now.
nice one
>Anon and Rarity are having a date when they are attacked by Rainbow Dash who wants to take Anon vgfor herself. Rarity manages to knock her out and throws her into the trash. At Rarity's request, Princess Celestia will punish Rainbow dash for her unappropriate antisocial behaviour. This is a night that Rainbow Dash will never forget
Anon trust me, lesbians are bad news
t. Fag
>Rarity gasps and shoots awake, alone in bed.
>Even in a dream the idea of Rainbow leaving Anon doesn't seem realistic.
>Rarity sighs and falls back into bed, not even bothering to be disgusted with the damp sweat clinging to her.
>Rainbow Dash, the last mare any one ever expected to settle down did so. Less than a year later, she was both married and pregnant.
>Now, Rainbow couldn't help but strut around town like a puffed-up pidgen with her husband at her side and her weeks-old son riding on her back. She even got a colt on the first try.
>'I made this.' a smirking phantasm of Rainbow says before Rarity. 'See, look!'
>The unicorn turns and grits her teeth in frustration.
>Life isn't fair.
>>Rarity gasps and shoots awake, alone in bed.
>"Luna! Quit sending me dreams about me being a cuck!"
>Anon wakes up, wondering why his dreams have gotten so weird lately.
I always wonder why donkeys are made so ugly in MLP. Donkeys can be cute, and are closely related to horses. I want a cute whinny donk gf.
>Pinkie Pie wakes up, bed soaked with squash soup
>"Anon, a unicorn, AND a pegasus?" she whimpers, "Mama didn't raise no filthy xenophile..."
i like dis
File: Octavia.png (103 KB, 829x531)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
ere you are mate, got you one pretty lil donkey i ave
Is she calling you fat?
Best part, Donkeys mate with only one.
In rgre, fat is thicc.
>colt wins a marathon race due to muh human stamina genes.
>dash cheering in the stands.
>"I made this!"
>little colt idolises his mother and also grows up in a love filled household that doesnt neglect his personal desires.
>points and waves to his mom in the crowd.
>"She made this!"
>Mares like colts who have a little bit of cushion
>Not fat, but just having a little bit of chub on the belly
>"More cushion for when he's pushin'."
>Anon's love of beer had given him a thin layer of fat over his stomach, and now suddenly this is a desirable trait to some mares
File: Family.jpg (233 KB, 1280x886)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
I want to be a loving husband to Cream Heart and a good father to Button Mash.
File: 1531772618249.png (256 KB, 960x825)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
If that boy becomes a twitch-thot imma whoop his ass.
File: 544554234.jpg (318 KB, 799x796)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
>"Where the mares at?"
>Button Mash raised by his colty mom and Anon as his dad.
Jesus. Converting that to an earth equivalent is wierd to think about.
>Like being a girl with an arguably metrosexual dad who works in the maternity ward and a mom who is a 10 foot tall amazon with the personality to match.
File: 1533342553670.png (1.42 MB, 1071x1262)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG

Thanks for the input anons, I dont write that often and im not very good at proofreading considering i did it twice and still missed a ton of shit, so im really greatful for your feedback
You'll get better with time. I'm poking at my older stuff and it looks like something made by a chimpanzee genetically engineered by the CIA to trigger fits of autism. Just keep writing and you'll eventually be able to spot that stuff easier.
If you want a bit of hilarity, run it through a text to speech app. That'll make the errors stand out for you. Also, this >>33729743
also don't be afraid to make mistakes. this place is brutally honest with its criticism, but long term it will make you a better writer
Flurry heart is one of the better things to come out of the later seasons of MLP
>Flurry heart is one of the better things to come out of the later seasons of MLP
That's been a heck of a surprise. Everyone thought she was going to be a travesty, and she's actually adorable.
>Lay back and let her take charge during her nerve-wracking first time, gently guiding her when she needs it.
>She spears herself with you in her nervousness and you have to hold the trembling young mare until the sudden shock of pain passes.
>Then urging her to take her time and do what feels good, you make her first time incredible. She's an exhausted, jelly-legged puddle afterwards, but all smiles.
>Then you tell her it was your first time as well, and you're glad you waited to give it to her.
>She tries to be a tough mare, but her eyes glow with small pink hearts behind the shine of overjoyed tears.
10/10 would bounce her on my knee and raspberry her tummy
>>She tries to be a tough mare, but her eyes glow with small pink hearts behind the shine of overjoyed tears.
>Hundreds of miles away, Cadence climaxes violently
>Suddenly, watching her daughter play in the park while surrounded by a bunch of dads has become incredibly awkward
i put that 110% on the animators. i'm reasonably sure that in the script any time flurry makes an appearance the instructors are just given the instructions "flurry does something cute"
not even mad that i wrong about flurry
File: 1991005.jpg (212 KB, 2048x2048)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
How could anyone hate this cute little sweet potato? She's just a baby, man. She can't help what she is. I feel like 90% of the hate for Flurry Heart came from being another alicorn instead of a regular unicorn like some people wanted, and also some fucking up of the lore, I guess?
People have definitely turned to be in favor of her but the initial reveal of her was kind of nuts at least appearance wise. Her wings were as big as she is and her horn was pretty big too. Which makes me think about how hard it must have been to birth something with a horn that size.
I know some animals are born without their horns/tusks and will grow them later. Do you think alicorns/unicorns are the same?
Gay shit is unacceptable and you don't need to lie about that fact here.
I need some help accessing pastebin. Whenever I try to go to the website it won't let me and it pops the recaptcha. And when I finish the challenge to prove I'm not a Bot I can't reach the the button to verify. Btw, I'm using a tablet, a shitty one. Why does pastebin have to have an extra step for their security?
Is there a way around this or not? But if not, I'll just wait until I can get a better tablet and let most of the promotes and update stories pile on.
Might just be something about you using a tablet because I have no issues.
>Which makes me think about how hard it must have been to birth something with a horn that size.

>Princess, the head is crowning!"
>>"Oh, thank Faust. I-AAAAAAAAAAAARHG!!"
File: ass2phatforthislibrary.png (2.06 MB, 3960x2507)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
Would you an embarrassed Sunset in the library?
File: Whammy.png (78 KB, 1000x800)
78 KB
>and also some fucking up of the lore, I guess?
I just choose to think Shining is just that much of a chad that his genes + cadence already being an alicorn = Flurry rolling natural 20's across the board during character creation.
I'd sexually bulli the shit outta that horse
>Shining is such a NERRRD that he literally uses a d20 whenever he and Cadance roleplay during sex.
>Cadance thinks it's silly but plays along with his stallionish whimsy
>Shining rolls a natural 20 right before he nuts
Something like that happened to my friend when we went to a comic con. He bought a pair of jeans for 5 bucks a week or so before and they were so bad they exploded like that. I ended up macguyvering that shit back together using the safety pin badges to make due until he went back to his room to change into a spare pair. We gave him shit about it the rest of the con and he never bought cheap pants again.

Do you think the girls would do the same? Help her out but give her shit for it during and after?
Yes, they want to save money and as a previously homeless chick, even though she makes sushi now, can't get over spending money where it isn't needed. Also games can be expensive, so that is a factor too.
File: 1546868714175.png (694 KB, 1800x1950)
694 KB
694 KB PNG
As a human, your hands are big enough to cover her, this is five hours later.
>Shining rolls a natural 20 right before he nuts
I bet he has weighted die.
Try a different browser if you think the tablet can handle it.

I'd help her out in any way I could.
Two of them, actually They're also very fuzzy
File: 1551383109938.png (415 KB, 331x643)
415 KB
415 KB PNG

>Sunset Shimmer is like a certain yellow sponge and rips her pants
>has to hide so she isnt found out
>class is gonna start soon and she cant afford anymore absences
>cant call any friends because her phone died and cant risk walking around in her underwear because she would die from embarrassment
>starts to sob because there is nothing she can do
>Now you are Sunset Shimmer
>"Everything all right Sunset?"
>OH SHIT! ITS FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT ANON! being from another universe makes you foreign i think
"A-ah! Anon!"
>You shoot up and put both hands on your butt trying to conceal your cheeks
"I-I-Im fine! W-why do you ask?"
>"Im only asking because you were crying and your pants have a huge hole on the back."
>Oh great! Why did it have to be Anon?! Now he is going to gossip to all his guy friends and the whole school will laugh at you!
>You fall down to the ground in defeat, tears falling from your eyes once again
"Im not fine! My pants are are destroyed, Im gonna be late for class, and you as well as everyone are gonna laugh at me because I ripped my pants! You say in a half shout half whisper (its still a library)
>Your certain he is gonna start laughing any moment now, but he never does
>Instead he smiles and kneels down and starts patting you on the back
>Your so surprised you cant even form sentences
>"I wanna help you out Shimmy."
"What? Why do you wanna help me out?"
"Because where I come from, a man always helps out a lady in need."
>He says this with a serious look on his face while looking up at the ceiling as if he were trying to emulate those super hero's you see on the front page of comic books
>Despite how cheesy that line was and how it technically should be the other way around you find yourself feeling somewhat relieved hearing Anon's words and you give him a warm smile
>however your smile is short lived as you remember the direness of you situation
Take off your pants ANon, you must do this to protecc the smile.
File: 1553742418418.gif (1.76 MB, 202x268)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB GIF
She knows what she's doing
File: 1551499652273.png (606 KB, 1200x1083)
606 KB
606 KB PNG

"I appreciate the thought Anon, I really do, but unless you have another pair of pants I dont see how you can help me out."
>He takes his hand and puts it up to his chin as if he were deep in thought
>After a few moments of rubbing his chin he gains an excited expression
>"I've got it!"
>"I have a pair of shorts in the locker room, Ill just go get those!"
"But the locker room is all the way on the other side of the school, I will have missed most of class by the time you get back."
>"Oh yeah thats right." he says as he returns his hand to his chin.
>Your done for, nothing can get you out of this mess
>Tears start finding their way to the corner of your eyes once again
>"Haha, the answer was so obvious!" Anon suddenly blurts out making you jump
"What? You have an idea?!"
>"Yup, and this one is full proof."
>Your face is now beaming with happiness
"Thank you Anon! I knew I could count on you!"
>In your excitement you embrace Anon and he returns your affection by giving you a calming pat on the back.
>You take a step away, a little red in your face because of.....reasons
"So whats the plan Anon?" You say with new found optimism
>"Oh, one second."
>He starts to undo his belt and begins dropping his p-p-p-p-p.......WHAT!?
>You quickly cover your burning hot face with both your hands in order obscure your vision as well as hide how red you are
"A-anon! W-w-w-what are you doing?!"
>"Im giving you my pants." He replies as if nothing was out of the ordinary

Wow you fucking guessed it.
File: 1548548026322.png (71 KB, 575x473)
71 KB
File: 1476033332321.gif (2.15 MB, 428x535)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB GIF
>Implying Sunset is embarrassed by nudity
>Implying she doesn't just put up with wearing clothes because of these stupid "laws" she has to obey now (because it might trigger a bunch of males)
>Implying that she doesn't use clothing to her advantage by making Anon flustered and horny
>"Mare, this is the best. Back home, it was the stallions who'd show off their bodies! It's such a buckin' novelty that I - a mare - can make Anon flustered just by showing him my flanks."
>Coltish whimsy + actual belief in the significance of dice rolls + magic = Shining's dice actually having results in Flurry's conception
I like that either she keeps shrinking or Anon keeps growing in those pics. Soon she will be his little devil that is on his shoulder telling him to do lewd things. Who would be the little angel on his other shoulder?
>Teenage women in RGREqG are generally strapped for cash
>"Gotta pay for vidya AND gifts for a boyfriend? I'm broke!"
>They go for deals (because that's what mom taught, the frugal bitch) and end up buying things like 10 pairs of socks for $10, and a pair of jeans for $5
>"Mom would be so proud."
>The socks are shit and uncomfortable and are just cloth tubes sewed shut at one end, and the jeans rip almost immediately
I like to think that, if Anon is that girl's boyfriend, then he'd be fine with her choice in pant purchases.
Sounds legit.
It would either be Twilight, or Sunset booking it around the back of his neck to reach his other shoulder.
>"You should lewd up Sunset."
>"Yeah! What she said!"
Logical idea: just take your sweater and wrap it around her waist. It seems like it'd be enough maybe in the pic.
Anon, an intellectual: Have pant.
Of course tis a most devlish of ideas for it will inspire riotus lusts in the horse grills that they shan't notice the fact Sunset is wearing dude jeans.

Tis fool proof!
>Shiro is reborn as the ironically named Saber Gleam, middle child of the Sparkle family.
4chanX was glitching on me and wound up getting me banned for a day or so. Lets try all this again.

>It was a dark, cold, moon-less night when you perched upon the jutting gargoyle, water running over you, the chill settling into your bones
>The world had become a dark, bleak void, sapping the strength from your very soul
>Every night you went out to fight crime, only to stagger back home the next day, beaten, bloody, and broken, until you found yourself wondering
>Did anything /really/ matter?
>What had you accomplished with your life?
>No friends, no family of your own, other than your parents, who were slowly dying in their home, like so many other ponies
>Even your magic which you'd thought was /so/ important turned out to be nothing but a curse that hurt those around you
>Still, you had a job to do, one that you'd see completed one way or another
>The back door of the the warehouse opened up, dingy light briefly illuminating the roach-infested alley
>Only when the light touched the Pony laying further down the alley did you notice them
>They blended in with the trash so well but then, so did much of this world
>Still, she wasn't what you were here for, letting you put thoughts of her out of your mind
>Looking back to the door, a muscular mare poked her head out from beyond the illuminated doorway, glancing around until she saw what both of you wanted
>The buyer
>Using a camera, you recorded the interaction, watching them talk until they both retreated inside
>That was your cue
>Leaping from your perch, a single Feather Fall spell let you drift down silently onto the roof of the building, unnoticed
>From there, you moved to the small peephole you'd cut out two days ago, peeking into the building, a hearing-enhancement spell allowing you to listen in
>"So, you got the goods?"
>"Yeah, mare, I got it I got it. You have the money?"
>"Of course, the Blood Breakers always keep their word."
>Razor Edge!
>You adjusted, taking in the sight of the huge Mare looming above the buyer
>More muscles than you could count rippled under her flesh and fur, while fearsome, sharp spikes stuck out from her shoulder pads
>A half-dozen pouches circled her legs, and her tail was gone, torn off in one of her innumerable fights
>A huge, razor-sharp Samoorai sword hung in the air, suspended threateningly by her blood-red magic
>As they spoke, it swayed like a guillotine, just waiting for it's time to strike
>You longed for Radiance right now, as she would have that sword encased in an elegant sheath within seconds, but she was far too caught up with her destroyed home town and something about "getting all the jewelry"
>Saddle-Rager was on the run from the military
>Zap was helping with the fallout of Geponesha
>Fili-Second said something about "saving her dad from dying" and had run off...somewhere
>Mare-Velous was off fighting demons or Ares or some such thing on her hidden orchard
>Lastly, poor Hum-Drum had been killed by Maneiac
>Even now, your very soul ached with hatred for that monster, insane or not
>"Alright, here you go, one foal, Colt and all."
>Stifling your inner rage, you took stock of the scene happening below you, disgust and disbelief rising within you
>Razor Edge took the foal from the seller, a murderous grin stretching across her face
>"Finally, everything's ready for the blood sacrifice!"
>It was time to act
>Powering up your horn, you blew a hole in the roof, the rubble falling and landing on top of three of Razor's henchmares, knocking them out
>You dove through the hole you'd created, a hail of blades flying past as you landed on a large shipping crate
>Razor Edge was one Tartarus of a tough criminal, but foal sacrifice?
>That seemed like it was a step too far, even for her
>Moving from one crate to another, you let off a series of weaker shots, ones intended to stun, rattling your enemy's brains
>It wasn't likely to be fatal
>"Masked Matter-horn! I don't know how you found me, but you won't stop me this time!"
>Razor’s sword lashed out, slicing at you, but you managed to roll off the crate right before the blade came down, cutting it in half
>You dove behind one of her henchmares seconds before she brought the blade around again, decapitating the mask-wearing Pony
>”Damn it, don’t get in my way!”
>Scrambling, your magic grasped the hilt of the now-dead Pony’s own sword, pulling it free in time to parry yet another swing
>Parrying and dodging every swing that came in, the two of you maneuvered through the empty space, henchmares galloping out of the way of their homicidal boss’ swings, the slow ones not able to get away in time
>Normally you would have helped them, but you had to focus on avoiding each of these deadly swings
>You couldn’t even really blast her back because she was still holding the foal and, as you were beginning to realize, she was working her way towards an altar set up against the back wall
“Let them go, Razor, you don’t know what you’re messing with here.”
>”Of course a pathetic “hero” like you would be afraid of /true/ power!”
>She reared back, sending her blade flying up high into the air, piercing the ceiling above the two of you
>A twist of her neck sent her blade through the building with ease, dropping a huge chunk of the ceiling down
>You managed to jump back at the last second, the debris piling up, blocking Razor from your sight
>”The next time you see me, I’ll be stronger than Daybreaker herself!”
>Growling, you dropped the pilfered sword, beginning to charge your horn so that you could blast the rubble out of the way, only to feel the cold steel point of a blade pierce your side, cutting into you
>Crying out in pain, you twisted on the spot, looking back to see one of the few henchmares that was still up grinning at you, an unhinged look on her face as she buried her dagger in your side
>Letting the blast you’d been charging up at her, she was sent flying, but the wound was more than enough to inspire the other three, each of them charging you with blades drawn
>Two Pegasi and one Earth Pony
>You sent your spell out, imagining cords wrapping around one Pegasi’s wings, the mare in question noticing a few seconds too late as her wings slammed together and she dropped to the ground, her chin striking the cold, blood and dust-coated floor
>Her allies continued undeterred and, as you held the sword once again, you could hear the sound of Razor chanting
>You had to get there in time
>You ducked under a swipe from the remaining Pegasi, just barely managing to block the Earth Pony’s swing, her sheer strength enough to push you backwards while the Pegasi looped around for another strike
>You squirmed under the pressure coming from the Earth Pony’s blade, all of your strength going into holding her back, knowing that slipping up would give her the chance to cut into you
>The Pegasi flew closer still, readying her blade to stab you while the other Mare nearly had you up against the rubble, keeping you locked in place, straining your magic to hold your blade aloft, the flat of the blade digging into your fur
>You weren’t sure what to do
>they were both upon you and you didn’t know how to get out of this position
>Your mind flashed to thoughts of what would happen after this
>Razor would complete her ceremony, sacrificing the foal, as well as some of her own soul, for an incredible, costly, power
>She’d unmask your corpse, and would no doubt take great delight in hunting down and killing everypony related to you
>In the end, it wouldn’t just be you dying tonight
>Right as the Mare brought her hooves forwards to stab you, you tripped, a piece of stone catching your hoof sending you toppling backwards
>>"I've got it!"
Not just taking off his own pants and giving them to her, simultaneously helping and teasing
>With the amount of force and weight the Earth Pony had been using against you, the sudden lack of an opposing force caused her to lurch forwards, her head taking the place yours had been
>Her ally’s sword pierced the side of her skull easily, a look of shock and horror growing on her as she shuddered, mouth twitching, as if she was trying to speak
>As you laid there, panting, her blood gushed free of the wound, pouring down onto you, soaking into your costume and fur, while the only remaining henchmare hung there in the air, stunned
>With only the blade holding her lifeless corpse up, the Earth Pony soon slid free, collapsing on top of you, the weight almost knocking your breath out, but you had enough presence of mind to focus your horn at the only remaining mare
>With a blast of flame, you scorched her head and wings, sending the now-screeching Pony down, charred fur and feathers adding to the stink pervading the air


You took a moment to steady yourself and catch your breath before you hauled the corpse off your body and rolled onto your hooves
>Your own blood oozed out slowly around the still-embedded dagger, adding to the mix on the floor, but you didn’t have time to think about that
>The foal came first
>Digging your aching hooves into the rubble, you forced your throbbing legs to keep moving, climbing up and over the top of the pile slowly, taking in the sight of the ceremony
>Unnatural, tainted red light illuminated the area, shining out from the altar, casting a huge shadow of the chanting criminal
>Her sword had been sheathed, a different blade now suspended above the sacrifice, drawing slowly closer with each verse
>It was curved and ornate, bearing numerous, minor gemstones and incantations, while twin snakes wound around the hilt, forming the small guard
>Leveling your horn at her you charged, and then let loose, a heavy beam meant to send her flying but as it drew closer, it seemed to wrap around some kind of invisible barrier, peeling off into the distance, slamming into yet another crate
>You let off two minor shots, both of which seemed to strike this mysterious barrier, being deflected off
>Pausing her chanting, Razor took a moment to grin back at you
>”I told you you wouldn’t stop me! Your magic’s nowhere near tough enough to pierce this shield. Enjoy watching me helplessly, Matter-Horn. You’ve lost again!”
>Razor let out a laugh and then began to chant again, the blade drawing closer and closer still, while the air seemed to grow thick with the stench of the abyss, wisps of unholy power starting to creep out around that barrier
“Damn it, let me through!”
>Spell after spell flew out, but they simply bounced off the shield, leaving the Mare inside it unharmed, the tip of the dagger pressing against the foal now, the pain causing it to cry, it’s wails drowned out by the chanting that was growing louder and louder still
“Razor! Razor stop, don’t do this!”
>”You’re too late, Matter-Horn, ultimate power, it’s finally mi-“
>You shut your eyes as a thin, green beam struck the barrier, shattering it in a burst of light
>When you opened them again, you saw Razor laying on the ground, her spell fading away, and your arch-enemy looming above you, unharmed foal cradled in one gauntlet, lightly suckling on a bottle of milk
>”Matterhorn. We need to talk.”


>You'd been left exhausted after the fight, leaving Villanon to easily capture you
>He set a gauntlet-covered hand down on your head, and you felt a pulse of his magic, forcibly putting you to sleep
>It seemed surprising that he didn't just kill you then and there
>When you woke up, you found yourself in a room that was colorful enough to almost blind you
>Comical, wide-eyed flowers and bumblebees smiled at you from the walls, still images painted on to disguise the criminal's nefarious ploys
>A part of you wanted to stay in the bed you'd found yourself in, hoping the covers would keep you trapped until you rotted away alongside them
>What else did a failure like you deserve?
>Unfortunately for you, you had work to do, and you'd keep fighting the "good" fight until it killed you
>Pushing up and out of the comfortable confines, you came to stand on your hooves, accidentally stepping straight into four slippers
>From the heat, you'd have guessed they were pre-warmed, but you had no clue why
>It was only as you looked down at them did you realize something terrible
>You weren't in your costume


>One short, disgustingly fragile panic attack later, and you were slowly padding the halls of this strange, cheerful building
>Perhaps you'd finally snapped and somepony had thrown you in Ark-Ham with the rest of Luna's loonies
>No, life could never be so merciful
>Currently, you were only wearing two things, your mask (which had been placed on your bedside table) and the robe you'd woken up in
>You had to keep your cutie mark hidden, like a shameful brand
>A strange scent rose into the air, foreign and sweet, reminding you of happier times
"Long gone now, Matter-Horn, you idiot. Focus."
>Keeping your snout in the air, you followed this scent down a hallway, a low, musical humming causing your ears to twitch
>You moved to be flush with the wall, your magic moving a tiny fragment of a broken mirror into place, letting you peek into the room beyond
>Staring at the broken glass, you were soon granted a bizarre sight
>There was Villanon, a shirt and pants wrapped around his muscular frame
>His socks-clad "feet" were tucked into slippers, and covering his body from the front was an apron
>Overall, he was the picture of what most Mares wanted out of their husbands, dressed up and in the kitchen, Tartarus, he was practically barehoof
>Well, bare-“foot”
>Overall, this display of domesticity had your stomach turning
>Just what was he planning?
>Stallions could be deceptive things, and Villanon stood out among even the worst offenders, rising to his own peak
>The only thing you had to go off of when it came to him was that frustrating level of condescension, alongside the humiliation he so loved to dish out
>Glancing back at the mirror, tilting it slowly to get a good look at his figure again, a second conclusion came to mind
>If he was wearing his clothes and his clothes alone, then it meant you were at a far better advantage than usual
>Before he’d gotten the amulet, he’d been dangerous due to his intellect, as well as his suit, letting him go hand-to-hoof with even Saddle-Rager
>Without it though, you had a Mare’s physique on top of your own magic
>Sure, Villanon was huge, even when not in the suit, but that tall body also meant he’d be far more top-heavy than you, since you were closer to the ground and had four limbs touching it
>Making up your mind, you removed your slippers silently, lifting them into the air with your magic
>As you rounded the corner, the first one flew out, launched like a shuriken with three more following suit, each one delayed just after the other to distract him long enough for you to get close
>Turning, he didn’t seem startled by your assault, though he raised one arm up to block the soft strikes, leaving you time to leap up at him, a barrier forming around you from the tip of your horn outwards like a fountain, flowing over your body
>As you drove your head into his gut, you felt your horn run up against some kind of magical barrier, one that repelled you and your own
>Undeterred, you saw him set the pan back down on the stove out of the corner of your eye, and took that chance to sweep his legs out from under him
>Again though, even with your moves amplified by magic, his own barrier blocked your blow, physically pushing you back
>”Careful, you nearly made me drop the pan.”
>Still thinking about cooking even when under attack?
>Skidding back over the freshly waxed floor, you diverted the power of your shield up to your horn, shooting a net out to restrain his movements
>It hit his barrier once again, but instead of being repelled, it used the magic he was putting up as a power source, wrapping around it, and him, growing larger and more durable by the second
>”Hm, now this is new. Is this something you made to capture Ponies, Matter-Horn, or was it a gift just for me?”
>There was something odd about his voice, it seemed far too lilting, like he was enjoying this
>Well, you wouldn’t give him a chance to enjoy himself, not this time
>As he rotated on the spot, the barrier around him shrinking faster and faster, you caught a glimpse of the Alicorn Amulet behind your bonds
>Leveling your horn at different points on the villains body, you let three more nets loose, each one merging with the others, quadrupling the strength of the original
>”Uh oh, this is starting to look bad, isn’t it? Let me ask, do these cords block teleportation as well, or will they move with me instead?”
>The barrier continued to dwindle until it broke, letting the net snap shut around the Stallion, pinning his arms to his sides, locking his legs up beneath him
>”Surprisingly strong. Well done, Matter-Horn.”
“I don’t want your damn praise!”
>Rushing forwards, you focused on the spot you remembered the amulet being, a new spell weaving around you
>It took some inspiration from Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, and a certain forbidden spell crafted by Dr. The Bearded when that Demoness had tricked him
File: 1553973874596.png (177 KB, 565x600)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
>Oh he cant be serious about this
>You hesitantly lower your hands and see exactly what you had feared
>Anon with pants and belt in hand was exposing his underwear to you!
>You immediately put both hands back up to your face
>You were not ready for this
>Sure you had seen plenty of pictures online, and even ogled the occasional "Victor's Secret" mannequin, but this was on a whole nother level
>You had never been so close to a man this naked in real life before
>You would think coming from a land where everpony is naked would kinda desensitize you to this kinda thing, but nope
>Your certain your face hasnt been this red since when you turned into a demon during the fall formal
"T-thats okay Anon! You really dont need to g-give me your pants. I-I dont want you to walk through the halls without any pants."
>"Dont worry about it Shammy, I insist."
>He pushes the pants and belt towards, giving you no other option other than to take the pants
>You unwillingly take them, eyes now glued onto the floor
>"Plus I have boxers on which when you think about it are kinda just like thinner shorts." He says while pointing down to his underwear with his hand
>You dont know what to say, you arent sure you can say anything at all, your face is burning hotter than the sun and you cant stop looking at Anon's........
>"Alright, now that thats settled you might wanna hurry up and get you to class!"
>This is the last time you ever wear skinny jeans to school

>After sliding Anon's huge pants over your torn ones and fastening on Anon's belt two times over you start to make your way to class
>Maybe if you act casual nobody will notice your wearing dude pants that are obviously way to big for you.......right
>You start to make your way to class, but are suddenly froze in your tracks by a voice
>"Those fit you pretty well."
>Its the now pants less Anon
"Anon what are you doing?! If you follow me people might think......"
>The redness returns to your face
>You didn’t know the exact effect it might have on a living creature, but at this point, Villanon was simply too far gone
>If we wouldn’t given up the Amulet, this would have to be the way things-
>”Anti-Magic Field.”
>You watched as the world around the two of you lost some of its color, the netting simply melting off the Stallion’s body
>Without your spell, you slammed into his chest, but before you could hit the ground, his hands found your legs, grabbing at you
>Strong “fingers” dug into your fur, holding you tight even as you struggled and kicked, his grasp on your hind legs keeping you from easily punching him
>As he started to walk towards the table set up in the middle of the kitchen, you recognized the effect that was taking place
>It was the exact same one that happened the night he broke Nightmare Moon’s back
“You…did you just take away…magic?”
>”Only temporarily, and it’s not a large area, but yes. I suppose you could think of it as my having closed us off from it. Aside from powerful artifacts, of course.”
>He set you down on a wooden chair, letting you readjust while he touched the still-glowing amulet around his neck, his fangs on display as he grinned down at you
>”Now, sit still, would you? The food’s almost done.”
>With that, he returned to the stove, his back to you while you tried to ponder what was going on
>The world felt…heavy without magic, even more so than it usually did
>What little color that was left in your life had been drained away, leaving the room looking dull
>The bizarrely happy wallpaper and colorful appliances seemed like a mockery of you and your world
>Did you always feel this tired?
>”Alright, the food’s-What, did your best friend die or something? Cheer up, I made pancakes and hay bacon, just for you.”
>A part of you wanted to hate him, but you simply didn’t have the energy
>Even as he set the plate stacked high with pancakes down in front of you, you could hardly muster the strength to lift a fork
>Absentmindedly, you tried to use your magic to levitate your utensils, but it didn’t respond
>No magic…was this how it felt to be Villanon?
>Did he go through life for all those years feeling this…worthless?
>Was he always this tired and…you couldn’t even think of the right word to describe it
>The Stallion in question sat down across from you, his own meal prepared, something meat-based that made your stomach twist about yet again
>”Are you really going to be like this for the whole meal? Fine then, but you best not try anything, alright? I’d hate to have to be more violent with how I handle your outbursts.”
>As if it was easy to undo, Villanon’s form tensed for a second, his amulet glowed brighter than before, and then the “field” around you two was gone, magic rushing back in, filling the void
>It was akin to being hit with adrenaline, your senses felt like they were on fire as they crackled with the joyous essence of life
>The world seemed just a bit brighter now
>”I suppose it’s due to the fact that you Unicorns are as dependent on your magic as you are, but you lot always seem to get the biggest kick out of that.”
>To test that, you focused on the fork resting beside your plate, your magic easily grasping it, lifting it into the air, causing it to twirl before you stabbed it back down into the stack
“Not that I don’t care for banter, but the less time I spend around you the better. What do you want?”
>Your knife rose to match your fork, sinking into the thin, soft cakes, easily sawing through them
>”Why Matter-Horn, I’m hurt. Surely you’ve thought of this possibility before, have you not? The two of us coming to understand one another, maybe even becoming, dare I say it, bosom buddies. It would make your life a lot easier, would it not?”
>The fork currently holding the plane piece of pancake paused in front of your mouth, slowly returning to the plate as you glared at the incomprehensible Stallion
“This isn’t some kind of simulation, is it? Or are you trying to mind-control me? Is there something in this food that you’re trying to slip me or what? You really can’t expect me to simply forgive you for everything you’ve done, and if you do, then you’re more air-headed than Ponies say you are.”
>Villanon laughed at that, a deep, booming below, one that showed off his teeth yet again.
>"I can assure you, there is nothing in those pancakes, other than my hard work of course."
"And this! What /is/ this? You should be trying to kill me, taunting me with yet another unstoppable plan or inescapable trap. Why are you acting so weird?"
>Villanon took up his fork and knife and began cutting into a waffle, slowly moving his blade parallel with the squares
>"Matter-Horn, have you noticed anything odd about the world, recently?"
"What, other than the fact that you've taken up being a stereotypical househusband?"
>He rolled his eyes, but his smile remained, only being broken to take in his food
>"I was referring to the state of the world, Matter-Horn. You /were/ covered in a lot of blood, you know. Your suit's in the wash, by the way."
>With that, you stood up from your seat, almost knocking it to the ground
>You braced yourself, ready for an attack of one sort or another, though nothing came, Villanon just kept eating
"...What's going on?"
>He sighed, setting his plate to the side as he rose up as well, his apron fluttering
>"Lets walk and talk, Matter-Horn."
>He didn't even give you a chance to answer before he left the room, continuing down the hallway
>After a moment's deliberation, you followed after him
>For the time being, sticking nearby him seemed like a better plan than wandering about on your own


>A door opened at the end of a series of hallways, Villanon striding through, allowing you to follow
>You were in a large, empty room, each wall pale white
>Look at that subtle coloring
>The tasteful thickness
>Oh Faust, it even has a watermark
>Villanon raised a hand, and a mirror rose up from the floor, emerging from seemingly nowhere
>"Matter-Horn, if you wouldn't mind, would you please stand in front of that mirror?"
>For a moment you didn't move, expecting some sort of machine or magic to forcibly drag you over to the center of the room, only for nothing to happen
>Your instincts told you not to trust him, but you mentally reminded yourself of how easy it would be for him to slaughter you right now
>Walking up to face the mirror, you lost a mental battle of wills and turned your head to look at Villanon instead
"What am I supposed to be doing here?"
>"Take a good, long look at yourself, and tell me what you see. I know it's not going to be as easy as when you're in that new, black suit, but with how ripped up it was, it didn't seem prudent for you to wear it."
>Adjusting back to the mirror, you carefully took yourself in
>The last time you'd stared into a mirror had been in your own dingy bathroom, right before you slammed your hoof into it, fracturing it into a thousand shards, just like your broken heart and soul
>Your mane was frazzled, sticking up and out like you'd been electrified
>Your tail was normal, if messy
>The bandage around your head looked like it had been freshly changed, no doubt by /him/, though your eyepatch seemed untouched
>All in all, you looked like you felt, haggard, exhausted, and close to cracking
"Are we done here? I have streets to patrol, you know, I can't hang around playing house with you all day."
>Seeing his face was still odd to you, as you'd grown so accustomed to the mask, and yet you'd already grown sick of his smile
>"Not quite."
>A finger twitched and a large image rose up and out from some hidden slot in the floor, coming to levitate alongside the mirror
>Glancing at it, you quickly recognized the smiling Pony
>"Recognize them?"
>He asked, walking up beside you, a motion that caused your fur to rise, but you held your ground, looking from the picture to him
"I didn't realize you were such a fan."
>There on the hovering picture was you from what felt like ages ago
>You could glimpse portions of your friends in the background, but whatever this photo was, you hadn't been aware of it
>You were back in your old suit, staring off into the sunrise, your glowing magic catching the sun's rays, tinting them
>"I was thinking to myself about how much you've changed."
>You shrugged, looking back to the picture
"The world's a hard place, Colt. I guess I hardened up some too."
>You didn't have to look, you knew he was no doubt smiling down at you
>"Yes, I can tell that you have. Do you know when that photo was taken, by the by?"
"A long time ago, I can guess that much."
>"About three to four weeks ago, give or take a few days. Definitely less than a month however."
>Your still-sore neck protested as you whipped your head up towards him
"No way. Do you know how long it's been since everything happened? All the things I've gone through? The Ponies I've lost, the lives that have been sacrificed?
>"Three to four weeks."
"That's Minotaur shit and you know it. Geponesha was destroyed ages ago, and Coast City was destroyed by Mongrel before that!"
>"Two weeks ago for Geponesha, and Coast City was only four days before that. Three to four weeks."
>You stormed out of the room, mind reeling as you tried to make sense of what Villanon was saying
>There was no way that all that could have happened so quickly
>There was absolutely no way
>You tried to rack your brain for some memory of when that picture might have been taken, only to realize the most obvious answer
>He'd faked it!
>Villanon knew tech as well as stolen magic, it would be so easy for him to fake something like that!
>Following a different hallway you'd seen earlier, you found yourself winding deeper and deeper still into the villain's compound
>You weren't certain of where you were going you were just...going
>It was a strange thought, but it felt...right to go this way
>Almost as if you were /supposed/ to take one turn, and then another
>You found your hoof pressing a hidden panel without any thought in the process, a disguised door sliding open, revealing a large room, empty of everything but Villanon and a smaller figure
>"You seemed upset, so I decided to let you go for a walk before bringing you back. Considering how reluctant you were to accept what I was telling you, I though somepony else might be better at getting through to you."
>He stepped to the side, revealing the short figure that had been standing behind him
>You recognized the red helmet immediately
"Red Hood! I wondered where you disappeared to, but I couldn't imagine you'd go running to Villanon of all people!"
>Magic flowed into your horn, a few choice spells coming to mind
>You might not be able to catch Villanon right now, but with how callous he was, you couldn't imagine he'd care too much if you tried to take Red Hood down
>Your magic faded away as Red Hood began to remove their helmet, a changed, but instantly familiar voice reaching your ears as a long-lost face came into view
Alright, that's all for the moment. Like usual, the pastebin: pastebin.com/6w73tzYv
Hope you all enjoy! Thoughts, critique, criticism and all that is appreciated.

Sorry NAWA, I didn't realize you were continuing when I started posting, my bad.
What in the heck? Are we invoking Infinite Crisis on Infinite Earths rules now, or something?
File: sweat.png (133 KB, 629x645)
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133 KB PNG
>He looks puzzled
>"I left the key to my gym locker in my school locker
>The same locker that was right next to the class you needed to be in
"A-alright, lets just try to get there quickly."
>"Of course! Im starting to get a little chilly anyways."
>You both start walking as casually to your class as possible, making your way down the empty hallway
>So far so good, not a person in sight, maybe this isn gonna be so bad
>However as soon as you turn the corner you see the hallway is packed with student
>Your heart stops, and you keep your eyes focused on the ground, trying to avoid anymore attention
>Your heart isnt the only thing that stops however, as the once bustling hallway is now dead quite
>You can feel the eyes of every student focused on you and Anon
>Not a word was said by anyone
>This is almost certainly way more embarrassing then walking around with no pants on, why did you even agree to this?
>You glance around slightly at some of the faces you pass
>Surprisingly there is a multitude of different emotions you see, most are just shocked, but you make out some sad, and angry expressions?
>Were some of these students actually jealous of you?
>You see Trixie and her face appears to be as red as yours.
>Despite the current situation, not a word was spoken by anyone and you finally make it to your classroom
>"This is your stop it looks like."

Shit, sorry, it wasnt supposed to be this long, Its almost done, but I gotta rush of to work. Ill finish it if I can tonight
I like it
I also like this. I hope it has a happy ending.
I like that Hum-Drum is in on this too.
It's kinda starting to remind me of that one isekai manga where a class gets transported to another world and one of them ends up falling down a few dozen floors in a dungeon and learning that the 'villains' from ancient history were actually just people who found out the gods were toying with them for entertainment and tried to go against them, but lost.
Daddy issues is the worst
Its all good senpai, i like your stuff
>There is a language barrier between you and the ponies. Their language is simple enough to learn and understand, but speaking it is impossible because your vocal cords just can't make the same sounds.
>So you understand them, but they can't understand you. Only Twilight has a good grasp on English and she can't spend all her time translating for you.
>But the magic of song is universally understood by ponies. If you sing, then they understand your words (for the most part). You even get the perk of a beautiful voice even if you didn't sing well before thanks to magic.
>The more you put your heart into a song, the more powerful the impact. In a moment of genuine depression, you muttered a few verses about missing home and made even a macho mare like Rainbow emotional. Poor Fluttershy was there too and about burst into tears.
>So you've just resigned yourself to non verbal communication unless you really need something and need to sing.
>Combine the singing with being male, tall as an alicorn, long periods of stoic (to them. They have a hard time reading your face) silence, and an exotic appearance, most ponies think of you as the equivalent to a giga elf princess.
>Whether you like it or not, you've earned yourself more than a few admirers.
>most ponies see anon as a sexy exotic being much like in Fluttershy’s mangos
>those who kinda understand him see him as the autist he is
Has potential
Why are you apologizing, you were posting first.
Not quite, Anon. There's a method to this madness, I promise.

Glad you do, Anon, though I can't say one way or another yet.

His being here will be explained next installment. I'm happy to have brought him back into the story again (aside from the non-canon Hearthswarming story, that is)

I don't know that one, Anon, but I can understand where you're coming from with it.

Thanks, NAWA, glad you're enjoying it too!

Sorry Anon but, >>33730415 was before even >>33730522
And that post was almost 30 minuets give or take 5 before yours, then nothing. You had right of way and no reason to apologize. Being banned for a day because 4chan is retarded is irrelevant, because you restarted and continued immediately. It is his fault for interrupting>>33730721
If you stop and don't continue then the floor is open.
>Reports on reports on reports.
>You had reports and-
>Oh Celestia, please no.
>"Psst. Hey, Twilight."
>You sigh and push the papers away from you before turning to Rainbow.
>She clamps a hoof over your mouth to try and silence you as she starts whisper yelling.
>"Don't be so loud. I don't want to distract him."
>Having absolutely none of it, you grab the hoof with your magic and throw it off.
>Dash pouts for a moment before nodding to the other side of the table where your...guest currently sat.
>It was hard to decipher a whole new language, but you were making progress with him.
>"Why does he do that? Is he meditating for some super kung-fu thing or..."
>You give Anon a quick glance and see just what you expect.
>The far off look, the usual silence, a slight tilting back of the head which made it look like he was looking at the ceiling.
"He's hungry."
>Dash scrunches up as you drag some of the papers back to you.
>"Wha-no. He looks so...I don't know, zen or something."
"He's just hungry, Dash."
>"W-well what about when he sticks his hand thingy up and points that one finger out of the top? Isn't that a sign for peace and love or something?"
"I am ninety nine percent sure that is an insult."
>"Well how about when he sways, like he's swaying with the wind to attune with nature or whatever."
"That's just the cider. I don't know where he keeps getting it, but I find bottles everywhere."
>Dash seems genuinely upset now.
>"Does he do anything cool?"
>You move on to the next report and give Dash a short nod.
"He gives fantastic ear scratches."
>most ponies think of you as the equivalent to a giga elf princess.
File: Laughing Luna.gif (1.71 MB, 853x480)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB GIF
>Baby unicorn horns are soft and floppy until after they are born.
This is about the only thing I can think of that makes sense if you want to avoid momma getting ripped open either during birth or during the pregnancy with the baby moving around.
The "baby teleports out" solution solves the first problem, but not the second one.
There's also the issue of live birthing something with wings, which could drastically damage the foals wing bones as they are being born.
Unless the memes are true and pegasi lay eggs.
Sounds like Main Character potential to me.
I would assume that the wings would have their movement restricted via the amniotic membrane, or "white bag", which would eliminate most complications with wing birth.

Horns I would assume work like Rhinos... or hedgehogs. Either they don't exist at birth and grow in over the span of a few weeks/months (Rhinos) or they exist, but are hidden under thin a membrane that dries out and falls off within a day and you get a little nub of a horn (Hedgehogs).

Either way. Baby teleporting out seems silly and I'm more partial to that being an extreme case medical treatment equivalent to a c-section.
Better than something like the magical lines or circuits that run thru both foal and mother reacting and trying to destroy the other because they are considered two different beings and don't belong to the other.
So, issue with the Google Docs. Top one is alright on 'current' authors (which is horribly out of date) but no so good on dead ones, and the second link is dead. Either it's actually down or we have the old case of the link being changed slightly.
Basically, we might want to use the old version of the top one, which is a link at the bottom of it, or figure out what happened to the second link. I forgot what Comfy's pastebin name was and it was rough to find.
>Either way. Baby teleporting out seems silly and I'm more partial to that being an extreme case medical treatment equivalent to a c-section.
I spoke to someone who got a c-section instead of doing a natural birth because of some medical problem, and she described the sensation of having a big mass just leaving her body all at once as incredibly nauseating. It's apparently like when you drink a huge amount of water all at once, and it makes you feel sick, only it's a lot of something exiting your body instead of entering it.
I keep both in my open tabs for paranoia reasons, not to mention I can accept edits on the second now.
Comparing the two below, the misspelling theory is right.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b1jASUKcbpyp6u1nk0d8m8m_toNwUGSlesl7F1IPa4o/edit#heading=h.lo64gd9lo8lv Correct
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b1jASUKcbpyp6u1nk0d8m8m_tơNUGSlesl7F1IPa40/edit#heading=h.lo64gd9lo8ls Incorrect
Well that's good. Hope whoever makes the new thread this time remembers it, or at least a reminder is posted near the end.
Nice to know thread traditions carry on, even if they're the annoying kinds.
Ok, I'm intrigued with this turn of events. Please continue, and hopefully sooner rather than later.
>takes an autist to understand an autist
Please continue
File: file.png (932 KB, 1200x1021)
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932 KB PNG
Would you be okay with the mares in your herd being into each other as much as they are you?
All right Im back, lets finish this properly

>Anon turns around and makes his way to his locker
>You should say something to him.
>He has helped you out so much today, but so many eyes are fixed on you and him right now that your afraid that anymore interactions between you two might make the inevitable rumors about you two worse
>Your unsure what to do
>The last thing you wanna do is make thing worse than they already are
>However he did help you out of your ripped pants situation and even made sure you didnt miss your class, he even went as far as to lend you his pants so that way you wouldnt have to do the walk of shame through the halls! even though it still kinda happened
>So the least you can do is say thank you.
"A-anon! you stammer out
>He stops in his tracks and looks back at you
"I-I just wanted to uhhhh..."
>You fidget nervously in place trying to get the words out, face still burning hot
"I just...I mean..."
>Why is this so hard? Just say thank you!
>"Dont worry about it." Anon says nonchalantly while waving a hand back at you.
>Anon smiles
>"Its no big deal Shimmy, just make sure to return the pants when your able to
>For some reason his calm collected words relieve you of some embarrassment and your able to find the words your looking for
"H-heh yeah, will do......Thanks Anon."
>At this he waves his hand back at you again while continuing towards his locker
>Anon sure is pretty amazing when you think about it, you dont know many girls and especially guys that would go through this kind of embarrassing situation to help someone out.
>Especially the way he was able to do so without so much as a concern to what other might think of him
>You can see why some your friends and maybe even you have an interest in him
>With a face now absent of any sort embarrassment, but not absent of a content smile you make your way into the class room

but wait, there is more
I mean, I guess it would be pretty awkward for the entire herd if everypony felt uncomfortable when sex involved more than one of your mares. But then again, the mental imagery of everyone muttering "no homo" constantly throughout sex is pretty funny.

>"Mom was *wrong*, dammit! I'm *not* a dyke!"
The girl-on-girl action is a big selling point of the whole herd thing, so they better do.
Idk, I've pretty much decided to kill myself at thirty at this point. I don't mean it to be edgy, I've just lived for so long with an inability to feel positive emotions for more than a few minutes that I think it would be better if I just stopped. I figure that by thirty people will have drifted far enough away from me that it won't hurt them as much when it happens. I'll try to make it look like an accident, so they cant blame themselves. I think it's the best way. I'm not sure if even going to Equestria or whatever would help me at this point. Apologies for the depressing post, I just wanted to vent a bit.
If they can hit him. Considering he can move at around the speed of light, that would not be easy.
File: ss.png (462 KB, 708x977)
462 KB
462 KB PNG

>"Sunset Shimmer!" an irate Cranky Doodle yells. "Your late!"
"Hehe yeah, sorry about that. Im not absent however!" You say with a nervous smile
>His eyes narrow at your words
>"Hmmm yeah. Well hurry up and take your seat, your interrupting class!"
"Right away Cranky!"
>You quickly shuffle down the rows of desk making your way to your seat situated between your two good friends Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash
>A brief glance around the room shows that all eyes are focused on you, or more so your pants.
>You can see that Rarity had pulled one of her dramatic faints at some point when you entered the class room
>Dash looks like she is gonna burst if she holds in her laughter any longer
>At least Apple Jack looks somewhat concerned for you
>Seeing all this you makes you let out a defeated sigh
>At least this whole ordeal is over with
>You finally find your seat and with that Cranky continues with his lecture
>Apple Jack leans over to you and whispers "Now dont take this the wrong way sugarcube, but ah think those pants might be a tad big on you."
>Hearing this Rainbow lets out a little snort of laughter
"Geez I didnt notice." you reply sarcastically "Listen, to make a long story short I kind of had a rough time getting here and I didnt have a lot of options when it came to uhhhh.....pants, so I would kind of just like to focus on something else right now." you say in all seriousness.
>"Sorry Sunset, didnt mean ta pry. Sounds like you had a rough morning, so me an Dash wont give you any more trouble. Right Rainbow Dash?!" Apple Jack says apologetically while now staring daggers at Rainbow
>"R-right, no more trouble, nope!" Rainbow says while fighting off laughter
"Thanks guys." You say sincerely
>With that you begin to relax and focus on the lecture.......that is until you hear a knock on the door.
>"What!? Who is it!?" Cranky shouts.
Literally who?
Does grown up Flurry have the fattest and longest horn-dick ever recorded?
>rolling d20s at chargen
lmao fucking poser
Most shit is point buy now, but the standard used to be 3d6 or 4d6 drop lowest per stat. Scrub.
File: 5f4.gif (625 KB, 379x341)
625 KB
625 KB GIF

>The door slowly opens only to reveal to your horror a still pants less Anon who for the first time today is wearing a shade of red on his face
>Oh please no.
>"S-sorry, didnt mean to interrupt. Its just I kinda forgot my wallet and phone and I really need them." he says nervously
>You reach into your pockets only to feel both are occupied with the previously mentioned items
>Somehow Cranky is the only one in the class who doesnt seem to notice or care about Anon's lack of pants as he shouts "Well hurry up and get them! Your interrupting class!"
>With that Anon hesitantly makes his way to your desk
>All the eyes in the class are on him
>Both Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash have their mouths wide open in surprise, a little drool starting to slide out of Rainbows mouth
>He looks nervously to you, face now red as a tomato, and mouths the words "Im so sorry."
>Expressionless and with a face as red as his, you can only stare
>He stops at your desk and shuffles around nervously
>You stand up in one swift motion
>You reach into your pockets and slowly withdraw the aforementioned objects
>Rarity must have regained consciousness at some point because you can hear her dramatically feint again as soon as you retrieve Anon's wallet and phone from your pockets
>He hesitantly takes them from your grasp while giving you an awkward yet apologetic smile
>Now with phone and wallet in hand Anon quickly makes his way out of the class room
>With no more distractions Cranky returns to his lecture
>However the classes attention is currently focused on you
>"So, care to explain how you got those pants?" Rainbow Dash asks with an unamused look on her face
>Is now a bad time to mention the rivalry going on between Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash for Anon's affection?
>"Hehehe, ahm sure there is a reasonable explanation for all of this, right Sunset? Apple Jack nervously chuckles while looking at you with a smile that is as wide as it is forced.
>Be Anon, talking with Rainbow "straight as an arrow" Dash
>She was telling you about how she and her friends being a "stallion-less herd" was completely normal
>Pinkie was there too, but she was being strangely quiet as you two argued
"I don't know Dash, it sounds pretty gay to me."
>"It's not gay, Anon! We're all super straight mares! We just haven't found the right stallion yet."
"Uh huh. So, say you girls did have a stallion and say... Rarity wanted to make out."
>"Yeah, and?"
"But she doesn't want to make out with him, but with you. Would you do it?"
>"What? Why wouldn't she want to make out with him?"
"I don't know; he's busy making out with Twilight. The question is, would you do it?"
>"Buck yeah, I wouldn't leave a herd-sis hanging."
"And that isn't gay."
>"No, we're both straight, so it isn't gay."
"So, if you and Flitter were to kiss, that wouldn't be gay?"
>"Ew, no, that IS gay."
"Well, what's the difference between kissing Rarity and Flitter then!?"
>"Dude, me and Rarity are herd sisters. It's a special bond that you just can't have with just any random pony. It's a relationship where a few mares can be together without it being gay."
"Well, if you all aren't gay, then why don't you have a stallion in your herd?"
>"Well, uh, we just... haven't found the right one yet, that's all."
"So, you can't pick up a guy, huh?"
>"What?! We can! We can totally have any stallion we want!"
"Oh yeah?"
"Oh yeah!?"
"Well, then go find one!"
>"I will!
>"... Wanna go out with us this Saturday?"
>"Cool, pick you up at 8, wear something nice, gottagobye!"
>She flies off with a slight blush on your face, leaving you and Pinkie alone.
"... Pinkie, tell me the truth, what you girls do is gay, right?"
>She nods happily
>>"Super gay!"
>She then leans over and gives you a quick peck on the cheek
>>"But hopefully not for much longer~

>Rainbow Dash only seems to grow more annoyed with you while Apple Jack tries to force her smile wider
>Both eagerly awaiting answers
>However you cant answer anyone right now
>All you can do is lay your head down on your desk in defeat
>Im never wearing skinny jeans again you think to yourself

ugh, thank god thats over. shit wasnt supposed to be this long. Maybe one day i will learn how to prompt correctly. Anyways here is the paste, goodnight!

File: lyra emoji.png (301 KB, 875x1024)
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301 KB PNG
>Not even posted for two minutes on pastebin
>already 47 unique visits
>probably because its titled "Sunset rips her pants"

I didnt know I could clickbait on pastebin
File: Flutters and Dash.jpg (201 KB, 863x863)
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201 KB JPG
It's practicality a necessity for a larger herd, even with the muh stamina meme in full effect, you can only satisfy so many mares at the same time.
Unless you convince twilight to try some magic bullshit that leads to you being one guy with six bodies.
File: 1521827263566.gif (4 MB, 499x281)
4 MB
forgot what this is post
That shit belongs in strange waifu thread, which is thankfully dead, never to be resurrected.
>Ywn protect your diamond dog girlfriend from harassment
It'll live. All we have to do is get the main thingpone author back into their old shit job so they turn to writing in order to stay sane again.
Happens to every paste I post. Bots skimming for exploitable content.
Why would you give me such feels, Anon? For what reason?
>Twilight will never teach her daughter Nyx how to be a proper mare
All according to ching-chong word for 'plan'.
I guess the title matters a lot for the bot. I used to writefag for another thread and this would happen a lot of the time, but sometimes I'd give it a weird name and the numbers would ever so slowly creep up. My pastes would normally get a few hundred views, but these slow ones would never breach 70.
Would Twilight be considered a cuck in an RGRE version of Past Sins, considering she is essentially raising another mare’s (Luna’s) foal?
Rainbow is so adorably pure.
>Deadbeat Mom Luna refuses to pay child support
I never understood how adoption is the equivalent of cucking. A child or foal in this case needs a parent. Are people that insecure about themselves that they see someone elses kids and immediately run away screaming about cooties?
I like to think that they also lose their shit if they ever go to buy a pet and there aren't any newborn kittens or puppies available, and their only choice is to adopt a previously-owned animal.
It’s a weird reasoning yeah. Like, if your wife secretly cheated on you and led you to believe that the kid was yours for years I’d get it. But even still those would have been years spent loving that child as if it were your own, and that child would likely see you as his/her father regardless. Plus it isn’t the kid’s fault if their mother is a cheater. Why punish them by not caring anymore?

Adoption is an entirely different situation.
I really want to see a story about Anon marrying a mare with a foal(s) and then her old husband comes running back after his new herd fell apart and his foal(s) don't remember him, or consider him their father.
>Anon, Derpy, and Dinky
>Father was a slutty unicorn who kicked Derpy out of his herd when he found out the foal he had with her inherited her eyes
>"What good is a unicorn if she can't see straight? She'll never amount to anything."
>Derpy and Dinky move to Ponyville
>Derpy makes friends with Anon, and they get on like a house on fire
>Anon likes foals, and Dinky seems to look up to Anon
>It's not long before Derpy proposes to Anon, and they end up happily horsemarried
>Meanwhile, the slutty stallion's behaviour comes back to bite him and his herd disperses
>He figures that since he kicked Derpy out pretty early on, she won't dislike him as much as the other mares do
>It never occurs to her that she might have found someone else
>When he goes down to Ponyville to pick up the scraps of his life, he's shocked to find that she's in a committed relationship with another creature
>He wonders why his chest hurts when Dinky jumps up into Anon's arms and calls him "daddy", or when she looks up at him with a complete lack of recognition
>Meanwhile, the new family is very happy together
>Take Anon Jr to the pet shop
>He wants a dog
>It has a limp and is missing an eye
>But worst of all it had a previous owner
>You immediately start to beat Anon Jr
>You're such a good dad for teaching your boy not to be a cuck
>"No son of mine will ever adopt used goods!"
Time for everyones favorite, "Universes Meet"

>In one universe, Past Sins RGRE, Twilight tries to raise Nix with little help and limited success for her efforts.
>While stallions find single mothers endearing and charming for their bravery, instincts still tell them that it's better to find a mare without prior commitments so conflicts of interest don't happen. With so many mares around, that's not hard.
>Twilight is charming and plenty pleasing to the eye, but the positive signals she sends by taking in another mare's foal do her no favors when the negatives are what ponies focus on.
>Sometimes there is such a thing as "too nice".

>In another universe, Nix never came into existence.
>Instead, you get dropped in as the universe's major change.
>Twilight, being as nice as she is, is the first to take you in.
>It's not long before her charm and adorkable personality chips away at your reluctance to look at ponies romantically.
>You shyly ask her to dinner one night, and after some shock she's overjoyed to accept.
>The rest is history.
>Just a couple of years later, the recently crowned princess is the proud mother of a little alicorn-human hybrid colt, the first alicorn colt ever to boot. The full experience of romance leading parenthood and family, she got it all.
>Many look up to her as an icon of mareliness. Taming a janefilly, going on adventure, being a badass, being fertile enough to get knocked up from alien seed, giving birth to an alicorn colt, etc.
>Stallions try to play coy and flirt with her even though she's married and she has to awkwardly dance around it until you come to rescue her.
>Your adorkable princess still had a touch of the Tisms even after becoming an alicorn.
>Then one day, baby Mysterious Gleam wanders into his mom's workshop and accidentally finishes a spacetime portal formula that's been baffling Twilight for weeks.
>That portal leads right to Past Sins RGRE.
Wouldn’t the stallion and herd keep the foal(s) most of the time if a mare gets kicked out?
If it's a colt then maybe.
I'd rather two Past Sins RGREquestrias, but one where Anon became a father figure to Nyx and one where he just didn't exist.

I added your short to RGRE sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XiJRe1NWl_kIoWsHssZ27BMV7bZAe1jgX59-dWggYkA/edit
File: Spoiler Image (176 KB, 500x250)
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176 KB PNG
>Charlotte Brulee and Charlotte Katakuri in RGREquestria
They deserve to be happy
If you insist on shoehorning weebshit try to make it weebshit that isn't terrible at least.
>My favourite anime in Equestria
It's never good and only fucking weeaboos like it.
File: hqdefault.jpg (47 KB, 480x360)
47 KB
>If you insist on shoehorning weebshit try to make it weebshit that isn't terrible at least.

>Trigun in Equestria
>Vash says something stupid
>Meryl Stryfe smacks Vash upside the head
>Gets arrested for stallion abuse
File: Heresy.jpg (118 KB, 500x661)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>One Piece
Wow, what a turn of events. Thanks Aponymous. This was a good; if sad & dark update. I look forward to reading more.

Ok, anymore ideas to this?

kek. Please continue.

Of course I would but it's not required. Herdmates love and support each other regardless.

A chivalrous Anon indeed. Nice bit of SoL. Comical yet believable. Good job NAWA! Thanks for creating and sharing.

Herding with the M6 isn't unique but I LOVE how this starts it. Good prompt. I'd love to see how the date goes. How do RD & Pinkie tell the others. Who panics? Who's ecstatic? And why? (Hard mode: not Twi or Shy) I could see this being a proper green should someone have the time. I'd sure read the heck out of it.


One Piece is okay if you don't mind lumpy children's drawings and noodle people.
Still makes for a shit crossover, along with most battle manga.
D'awww. And that guy got what he deserved.
This, but with Cream Heart and Button Mash.
What? Also One Piece isn't a battle manga. A shonen sure, but there's a hell of a lot of world and character building to go with it. It isn't like Dragon Ball where it's just one fight right after another.
"No stop, it's fine. She does it all the time."
>[Distressed horse noises]
"Plus she's super nice. She never even tried to kill me for the bounty on my head."
>[Confused and distressed horse noises]
>Gets Meryl out of horse jail and ends up flirting with the princesses
>Princesses flirt back and both sides are terribly bad at it
>[distressed person noises and facepalms from Wolfwood and Meryl]
>Something about how Vash can make friends with anyone from Milly
File: 1331274959454.png (44 KB, 363x342)
44 KB
>other MLP races
>not belonging in the rgre thread
What the fuck are you smoking?
> World and character building
Sure. But take the characters out of the world of tyranny and slapstick humor, and they don't have anything to do in a settled, mostly peaceful land of ponies.
>Milly and Pinkie become the absolute best friends
>Wolfwood quickly takes up volunteer work somewhere and ponies think he's brave and kind for the work he does
>Ponies just think Meryl is a whiny bastard who needs some dick
>Ponies just think Meryl is a whiny bastard who needs some dick

>They're not wrong

>Trigun Gang and the Princesses are having tea
>Celestia asks if Vash is a prince
>Collective spit-take
>A very confused Meryl chokes
"What in the world would make you think Vash is a prince?"
>Celestia looks to Vash
>"Can't you sense his power? He's basically a human alicorn."
I'm not sure if they should put Vash and Luna together or keep them apart. He has a history of smashing moons.
Live their lives? Save the day from the disaster that happens every other week? Anything at all?
That's the point.
This results in either a slice of life work that doesnt need the transplant characters or (usually) a huge power jump with disasters to justify the transplants stepping in where the usual main characters normally do. It's either unnecessary or a rehash and people only like the idea due to fan service.

Crossovers only work between settings of similar strength and usually only when both settings are entirely mixed.
Have you ever heard the term 'over powered' before?
File: 1554243066553.png (44 KB, 326x285)
44 KB
And it's usually the sign of a hack writer.
Overpowered characters are only interesting when they experience conflict that cannot be easily solved by flexing their power.
There is no need for a One Bleachuto Ball Z character in Equestria. They have ties to their setting that make them settling down out of character. If they can effectively be exiled without a desire to return home, you get yet another "weary retired badass kicks ass when his beer bottle is knocked over by the season antagonist."
You could potentially port over someone like Sanji, where their personality and interests interact with rgre in a meaningful way. That's why the Johnny Bravo crossover worked so well.
>>There is no need for a One Bleachuto Ball Z character in Equestria. They have ties to their setting that make them settling down out of character.
Overpowered characters are only interesting when they experience conflict that cannot be easily solved by flexing their power.
>>Overpowered characters are only interesting when they experience conflict that cannot be easily solved by flexing their power.


>Upon his death, instead of going to the Pure World, Itachi Uchiha awakens in RGRE, his body whole and ailments gone.
>His time as a shinobi is over and he's content with how everything turned out. Now he has the opportunity to live the pacifistic life he wants.
>The RGR and world of ponies is strange, but pleasant. Conflict is rare, and even then most villains have lines they won't cross and can be talked down most of the time.
>Finally, he can live peacefully
>...That's when Itachi realizes he doesn't actually know HOW to live in a peaceful way. The traumatized child soldier turned criminal had been in conflict almost nonstop since becoming a shinobi.
>His guard won't fall simply from years of habit, he's absent of skills outside of being a ninja, and now he dwells on the traumatic experiences he went through with so much time to think.
>And try as he might, he can't hide his mental or physical scars from his new friends. Ponies can sniff out pain like sharks do blood.
>Just having friends itself is an experience he has difficulty approaching. Outside of Kisame and Shisui, he never had true friends, and never more than one at once.
>Itachi gasps and snaps out of a building panic attack. His friends around the cafe table politely pretend nothing is wrong, already knowing Itachi doesn't like public fuss, but he knew he was getting talked to later.
>The mare to his right leans in and gently presses herself to him, offering silent comfort.
>The man flinches and resists the urge to pull a kunai from a holster that isn't there.
>Nothing is ever easy.
File: 1485318435632.jpg (11 KB, 375x392)
11 KB
Why do you do this?
With naruto of all Jump franchises.
Why naruto.
This makes me interested in how a story about actually ptsd would play out

I can never seem to find one where the author understands that a truly traumatic experience can’t be fix by a quick snugg and or fugg with (insert favorite pony here)
Not him but i like Itachi as a character, even if the story of naruto is weird.
He's also perfect for shit like this.
>almost comically edgy by nature.
>slight to severe autism.
Hit him with some bullshit so he only has reflexes and none of the strength or magic powers, call him anon and i'd read his journey of learning how to not flinch when hugged.
>Not him but i like Itachi as a character, even if the story of naruto is weird.

Itachi fans literally ruined the story.
To the new thread OP, remember to deal with this >>33731366
I would argue Kishimoto being a sasukefag is what ruined Naruto. And/or handing out redemption like cheap cigars.
>almost comically edgy by nature.
That's the only problem I have with him.
Itachi is the best character in the entire series.
Even better than Pain, I would argue.
But naruto as a series was a dumpster fire.
The only reason it went on for so long was because people were already invested.
Naruto should have been a story about exploring the world of the shinobi and learning/using Jutsu.
In the process they could have dealt with Naruto's inner demons created by isolation, maybe abandonment.

It should not have been the
>existence is pain
>I must sacrifice everything self-destructively
>everybody is grown-up and hard boiled
>yet somehow even more retarded than they originally were
clusterfuck it turned out to be.
One of the better arcs in Naruto was the Zabuza and Haku arc.
It served as a brutal awakening to the young genin to what the world of shinobi actually was.
The series peaked at the genin exams.
It was all downhill from then.
Just like bleach.
I loved Bleach, up until beginning of the fullbringer arc.
Bleach should have ended at the Aizen arc.
Is there any anon that can update the pastebin on a regular basis?
Being a Sasukefag for his own work would have been okay if he hadn't completely destroyed the logic and justification behind Sasuke's "become a bad guy" arc by making Itachi "a good guy all along.™" That decision turned the whole thing into an unstoppable tide of pure nonsense.
You mean the old google docs that were abandoned until the owner came back? I keep up with it regularly now since he gave me permissions.
Well, I was hoping someone else could assist you with that.
Any volunteers?
Other than the obvious Fluttershy, which pony is the most likely to be a piece of trash horseweeb?
either glimmer or scootaloo, with the latter mainly making her own manega with a poorly concealed rainbow dash MC
File: sb.png (733 KB, 1280x969)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
>Fluttershy tries to get Twilight to come watch the pony play adaptions of her mangos
>Twilight is a strict books only weeb
File: 871221.jpg (23 KB, 512x288)
23 KB
>"I swear he smiled! It happened!"
>'C'mon handsome, with those eyes I bet you'd just 'light up' a room with a smile.'
>The cloak hides a small grin
File: 1517397576391.gif (2.9 MB, 636x341)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB GIF
>Anon in Animequestria
>Everyone is a fucking weeb
>Like, the worst weebs
>The weebs that gave weebs a bad name and make people cringe
>Twilight goes around wearing a naruto headband
>Scootaloo speaks very poor Neighponese whenever she can
>Fluttershy eats nothing but rice, Equestrian-ized sushi (which is to say, it's about as Neighponese as taco bell is mexican), rice, and horse poki
>Glimmer has taken on some terrible anime's fighting style and tried to emulate it with her magic
>Anon can't go two feet without watching two unicorns square off, screaming and casting different spells to change the colour of their manes and to make them themselves glow
>Pegasi crash into the ground as they hoof-slap each other ala any dragonball mid-air fight
>There's at least 5 ponies Anon knows that try to act all broody and edgy and shit
>Everyone expects Anon to act like this weird meek japanese housewife who behaves like a wallflower is so pure and innocent that he can somehow use the power of love to end threats
>Anon only sticks around because he knows the other countries are even worse
Pic related: it's Anon's many suicide attempts that don't work because he ends up falling harmlessly onto some pony cosplaying as their favourite main character from a harem story.
File: 1462030467496.png (824 KB, 1920x1920)
824 KB
824 KB PNG
>>Scootaloo speaks very poor Neighponese whenever she can
That actually sounds pretty adorable.
File: 1539201053408.jpg (48 KB, 300x260)
48 KB
>"Anon! Hey, Anon!"
>Scootaloo scampers over to you, nearly tripping over her hooves in her excitement.
>She's borrowed Twilight's Naruto headband, and it's just a little bit too big for her; it's drooped down over one side of her head, covering her left eye.
"What's up, Scoots?"
>She jams her legs out and skids to a halt.
>"Check it out!"
>Screwing her face up in concentration, she opens her mouth.
>Horse-weeb comes out.
>It's rice-nigger words, and she seems to be having a hard time pronouncing it.
>After a few syllables, she grins up at you and wags her tail happily.
>"That means, 'I love you' in Neighponese!"
>This fucking horse.
>You lean down and scoop Scootaloo up, making sure to catch the loose headband when it inevitably slips off of her head.
"I love you too, Scootaloo."
>She snuggles into your chest and makes happy horse noises.
>You know what?
>Even if it means spending an evening watching nothing but anime, you really love foal-sitting this filly.
>Best daughteru.
"Aw, fuck."
>Did you just think the word 'daughteru'?
>The bastards finally got you.
OP here. Challenge accepted. It'll be short, but I'll post it in the next thread since this one is about done.
File: 1396222093662.png (268 KB, 500x478)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Yes, excellent.
File: sea pony.png (76 KB, 250x250)
76 KB
>"Ko ni chi wa! Anon-Chan! I hope your mourning is very sue...goy!

Oh god, I can hear this for some reason
You're a saint, Anon.
Lesbian PORN is hot, a lesbian fic is just cringey if not weird. Watch two bitches eat eachother out is different to reading it.
Watching to dykes getting dicked is Kosher.
File: Pinkie-Keikaku.jpg (46 KB, 500x490)
46 KB
Good kek.

2nd Anon here. I look forward to it.
File: 1525660883451.png (778 KB, 1144x1851)
778 KB
778 KB PNG
You cannot resist, this is a camp for training human boys to accept Pone Girls.
I guess you don't realize that you could be forever banished from Equestria for this kind of abomination.
File: Spoiler Image (140 KB, 810x1085)
140 KB
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Gloriosa isn’t a pony
Oh no doubt. Shit is fucking hot to watch, but reading about just two dykes fucking isn't a turn on, especially show lesbos, mostly because shippers have gotten annoying as fuck to deal with, to the point they force them in shows. (Rwby, kora, Transformers comics, GI Joe Comics, Adventure Time, I think Star Vs the forces of evil[?].) Honestly I didn't have a issue with it when it wasn't shoved in people's faces then preach about how 'If you don't like it don't watch it!' when they're forcing it in things it originally wasn't.
Obviously only a pony is truly capable of showing human boys the wonders of horse pussy.
>Obligatory FUCK YOU
Fuck off you god damn faggot, you wait till 500 you dumb shit.
Anon-kun... we can’t not fuck together.
Because that gay son
Fuck you
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Old docs isn't on the OP
Kill yourself.
Why are you saying Nix instead of Nyx?
Adopting is fine if you're infertile, or if you already have children of your own. Otherwise, by intentionally not having children in order to adopt, you are killing off your entire bloodline which has survived for billions of years. Your ancestors would be incredibly, seethingly angry and disappointed that their struggles were for nothing.
Tl;dr: If you aren't infertile, have kids first. Then adopt.
Dinky's eyes are fine. Come up with a better reason.
Diamond Tiara is such a weeb that she did the double peace sign with her tongue sticking out for a picture with a famous Instagram thot equivalent in one of the EQG movies.
ah yes
a true american
It's a backlash, it built into a boiling point over cuck stuff and my wife's son and ect, then came flooding back disproportionately. This always happens.
She was born cross-eyed but they uncrossed a month or two later, after Derpy was thrown out.
Or: She was born cross eyed, but after being thrown out Derpy worked extremely hard to save up enough money to get her magical eye correction.

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