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File: image.png (2.69 MB, 1080x1350)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB PNG
Lazy Saturday edition

Previous thread:

After saving up you've landed yourself with a waifu. She looks a bit like her but something is off... Upon closer inspection a couple of parts are off-color or working funny. Would you still love her as is, or would you start arguing with the dealer or try and do something for her, or do it yourself?

Green Archive: https://pastebin.com/AVrqPxmt
Thread Happenings: https://pastebin.com/HK9nAJA4
Binned the CYOA. Looks a bit crude, but at least I can guess where is the comment and where is DM.
As a colt, some words go over your head.

> "I just..." The mare sitting next to the filly sighs.
> "I know you're right Morning Dew, but we've got so much on our plates already with the #$%@# sale. How are we supposed to juggle that and raise Ocean if we got...?"
> Her voice trails off into an unsure huff of frustration as she leans out the window for air.

> "Ocean Avenue is going to be just fine. If anything having another little one around will be good for her. A friend she won't have to leave behind when we travel." the mare next to you — Morning Dew — replies, patting you softly through the blanket.
> The filly looks up at the mention of Ocean Avenue, giving a big smile before returning to her book.
> The other mare whispers something, moving back from the window to lean up close in an attempt to keep Morning Dew from hearing.
> Whatever she said though ends the conversation, the mare next to you giving an annoyed whinny before taking a book of her own out to read.

> The silence is stiff afterwards, the unnamed mare's face tense even as she looks out the window of the carriage.
> She was clearly talking about you, like some sort of terrible burden.
> It weighs down against your chest, in an all too unpleasant feeling that makes you feel short of breath.


> Trying to banish those feelings, you turn inward and try to recount what you could.
> The rain and thunder.
> The horrible chill and the cough that came with it.
> Thinking about it, you can still feel an itchiness in your throat, which no doubt will eventually become a cough soon enough.
> You must be in the carriage you tried to stop...
> There was also that dream you had just now.
> It's fading from your mind, but the image of a strange creature with a uniform.
> Something seems so familiar about it, but as you dwell on its means the memories drift away.
> Leaving you to wait until the oppressive silence of the now finished conversation resides.

> As with all things, time does eventually clear away the mood.
> The mare next to the foal is asleep.
> Ocean Avenue has taken to looking out the window, her book stowed under her seat.
> Morning Dew is still snout deep in her book, mumbling big words occasionally as she reads.

> And you, your still wrapped tight in a soft blanket.
> The smell of rain is still present, soaked into the fabric.
> Quietly, you loosen your wrappings and sit up.
> It takes a moment but eventually you've freed yourself.
> Sitting feels... Strange, and it takes a moment to balance yourself and get used to the gentle swaying of the vehicle.
> But the cold and aching is gone, and other than some irritation you feel much better than you did before your 'nap'.
> You close your eyes and take a deep breath, the cool air from the open windows refreshing you.

> When you up them again, you see Morning Dew.
> She's sitting opposite of you, her eyes glued to yours.
> Her wings are tucked, but they buckle with excitement.
> Now knowing you are aware of her too, her mouth goes wide into a smile.
> Her two front teeth a bit larger than the rest, it looks a bit goofy as she leans forward.
> You almost speak, but remember the adults next to you.
> With them in mind you lean over as well, getting as close to the pegasus as you can without falling.
> It's really kind of awkward, but the filly just shakes happily as you awkwardly try to find your balance.

"Hi... I'm..." You start to whisper before stopping.
> You realize as you whisper you're not really sure who you are.
> Which is strange, but clearly you have a name.
> In the moment you paused Ocean speaks up, whispering as well.
> "I'm Ocean Avenue, it's nice to meet you ..." she makes an exaggerated pause, trying to keep a straight face.
> She fails and giggles again.

> "Ocean, please try to be a bit quiet, Aunt Cherry is trying to take a nap."
> "Yes m'am."
> Ocean giggles again, this time under her breath as she looks back to you.
> "That's my god mother, Morning Dew. She really likes books, even more than I do."
> Sure enough, the mare next to you hasn't moved an inch nor moved her eyes from her book.
> "So... Are you feeling better? You were all wet and sneezy when the ponies pulling our carriage brought you in."
> You nod.
"Not cold anymore, I feel a lot better."
> "That's great. Maybe when we get to Thorny Brooks we can play."
> Her wings flutter for a moment in excitement, before she tucks them with a cautious look to the other two mares.
> Neither seemed to notice.
Ocean is a qt. Ask her what book she was reading
File: cyberpie.jpg (266 KB, 851x1024)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
How much cyberware does a pony need, before it becomes a bootleg?
You'd have to go full sci-fi with a damaged clone or cybernetic brain to create doubt that it's the original, which could lead to questions such as, "Are copied memories still the same pony?" and "What if the new brain develops it's own personality that conflicts with the original?" Then again there's nothing on the books against originals, so bootleg bodies might work. Shoving Fluttershy's mind into a companion cube sounds pretty bootleggy.
File: 1510943922703.png (1.1 MB, 2000x1829)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
I just imagine Celestia some how getting trapped in a 'smart' lightbulb now.
Whatever happened to the inflatables?
File: Cherrybubblewip.png (89 KB, 494x394)
89 KB
Pretty sure it was just one anon keeping that afloat. Wonder if he's around, or is that anon you?
One of them. Cherry was such an adorable filly.
Going to move on despite only one response Once I wake up (I'm going to bed right now). Hope you're all enjoy it so far. Things will definitely open up once the cart ride is over, I promise.
>>33655894 I don't think he realized that the CYOA continued to the next thread.

> You weren't familiar with a Thorn Brooks.
> Or anywhere else, now that you think about it.
> But the dust in your throat keeps you from following that train of thought.
> You haven't had anything to drink since you woke up at the bust stop.
> Water
> Juice
> Anything to quench your thirst really, you want.

> "Is something wrong, ....."
> Ocean mostly contains her giggle when she uses a hiss of air in place of your name.
> But her look is still one of concern.
> "Are you hungry? I still have half of my daisy sandwich."
> Inwardly you feel a strange sensation of revulsion to the thought of eating flowers.
> But it goes just as it came, a stupid thought.
> You love flowers, though you find tulips to be tastier than daisies.
" No, I'm just thirsty."
> "Then just ask my mum for a drink silly. She brought a whole pack of juice boxes for me, but I'm sure she'd let you have one."
> You flinch as you look up to the mare next to you.
> She had seemingly been defending you, but the fact she was in that conversation with the other mare still lingers uncomfortably for you.
> Ocean just rolls her eyes at your hesitation.

> "Mum, may I please have another juice? I'm thirsty." She says in your stead.
> "Oh uh... Yes one second dear."
> Morning Dew doesn't even look up from the pages of her book, instead her horn starts to shine as a blue glow slowly slides across the cabinets above the seats.
> When it come across the second cabinet, it opens and pulls out a juice box, dropping it into Ocean's lap.
> A moment later though, the mare sighs and lowers her book for a moment.
> "I'm sorry Ocean for being so busy this ride, I just really need to make sure I know everything before we get there for the $^@#$ sale. You've been so good, I promise we will do something fun after it's over."
> The attention makes Ocean beam and giggle a bit.
> Morning resumes reading the book, though you can see a smile on her face that wasn't there before.
> "See, she isn't scary at all."
> You find the juice box being tossed into your lap.
> It's pear flavored.
> You quickly empty its contents.


> For a moment you just enjoy the feeling of not being dehydrated.
> Eventually though the boredom sets in, along with the stare of the Pegasus across from you.
> You lean forward to talk in whispers again.
"So uh... What was that book you were reading earlier?"
> Ocean tilts her head in a confused manner.
> "Book? Oh, you were watching me then too? Boy, you really are sneaky aren't you."
> She giggles as quietly as she can.
> "It's the Adventures of Spacemare Spiff; it's about a filly who plays pretend and imagines all their problems as a big galactic adventure, with aliens and zap rods."
> Her voice raises as she explains, clearly excited about it as she leans down to retrieve book.
> It's still as massive as it was before, and it takes a bit of effort from Ocean to pull it up and hand it to you.
> "I finished it earlier, but you can read it. Oh, I've never had another pony to talk to about books before. Maybe we can start a book club or something."

[Perception - Success]
> As she talks, you see Morning Dew look to her god-daughter...
> And you.
> Before she speaks or you feel uncomfortable she smiles are returns to her work, pretending to not hear her daughter.
> "So... Read it, and tell me what you think. There are some big words in there, but the pictures help with that."

Prompt: Read the book? Say books are for nerds? Something else? After the book you'll be arrive shorting, and things will open up after that.
hnnng ocean avenue is adorable

start reading the book. maybe shed like to read together and point out the best parts
> Turn off the light
> It turns on again
> Confused you turn it off from your phone again
> ON
> Grumble and fight with it
> You get a text
> It's... From the Light Bulb.
Books are probably for nerds, maybe. I don't know right now because I'm having trouble remembering if they were or not.
Read the book as to find out if they are truly for nerds.
>only one response
dont want to say i told you so but i told you that you were better off making it as it's own thread. which is a real shame because it's well written.
Then why not make it two responses?

Let's read the book! Then we can play pretend as space mares with Ocean later. really love the Calvin and Hobbes reference
Don't want to appear ungrateful to such a caring mare. Work up the courage to thank Morning Dew for the juice.
dont remember his pic, looks super cute already

Thank you, I still feel like my writing is really rusty and a bit rough. It's good to know it's not inedible green. As for the audience, I'm fine with a small one. As long as somebody enjoys it and this thread is able to stay alive, I'm fine with it being 'small time'. Also, if you have any criticisms about the characters or pacing let me know. It's invigorating to know what people specifically like and don't like about what I make for them.

Working on a post, will post ~~shortly~~ eventually.
[Courage Test: Success]

> You take the book from Ocean Avenue.
> The weight of it almost tips your out of your seat, but you managed to reel it back to your lap with a soft 'thump'.
> The cover is bright and vivid, showing a mare in a white jumpsuit and a bubble-like helmet, holding a rod that fires red beams at monsters crawling out of a hole in the ground.
> It looks like it'll be a fun book to read, and you reach to open it.
> But stop, and instead look to Morning Dew.

> Even though you weren't privy to the entire conversation you picked up that if Ocean's god mother hadn't been here...
> You might still be in the cold.
> Possibly even...
> You shudder as a wave of fear passes up your stomach and through your heart, leaving as a shaken huff.
> She also gave you juice (even though you were too afraid to ask her yourself).
> There's a bit of guilt, that you didn't even thank her.

[Etiquette - Success]

> But you get the feeling that she really is busy.
> Whatever that book she is reading, she isn't doing so for fun.
> Instead of bothering her right now just to get some guilt off your chest, you instead make a mental note to thank her when she isn't working.


> You open 'The Tales of Spacemare Spiff : Attack of the Mathamagorians'.
> The book is laid out with a picture on the left page, and text on the right.
> The first picture shows a filly sitting in class, as her teacher calls her out to answer a question...

[Logic - Great Success]

> As you read, you feel yourself drawn into the world of the book.
> As the filly gets called up to write the answer on the black board, she starts to...
> N-a-r-r-a-t-e
> Based on the what's happening in the story, you quickly realize that narrating means to tell a story or explain what's happening.
> She's narrating the fantastic adventure she's having, pretending the questions are dastardly mind-traps being thrown at her by aliens called the Mathmagorians.

You have increased your vocabulary. You now understand more words.

> While your zoned into the book, you can still see Ocean Avenue across from you.
> She's watching you, eager to see when you smile and generally trying to gauge your interest in the book.
> Whenever she catches you looking back though she (clumsily) tries to look engaged in something else.

> You're halfway through the book when the cart comes to a stop.
> At some point during the ride 'aunt Cherry' woke up, but you hadn't noticed.
> Before either of the mares can say anything though, Ocean Avenue starts trotting in place on the seat excitedly.
> "We're here, we're here! Oh, can I go take my new friend and play mum. Pleeeease?"
> Cherry just rolls her eyes and exits.
> Morning Dew though chuckles, putting the book on her lap and waiting a moment for Ocean Avenue to sit down.
> "I know you're excited to have a new playmate, but you'll need to wait a bit longer. Why don't you help Aunt Cherry with the luggage?"
> The filly pouts, but resigns herself to the task as she flutters out of the door her aunt left through.
> Leaving Morning Dew to face you.
[Judge Intentions (Opposed Test) - Minor Success]

> For just the tiniest of moments, she pauses as she looks at you.
> You have no idea whether it's concern, thoughtfulness, or something else.
> But you get the inkling that it's clearly significant some how.
> Regardless though, the moment is gone and she speaks.
> "I know you probably have a lot of questions, but right now I have to talk with some very important ponies. Miss Cherry Street will start a bath for you and make both you and Ocean Avenue some food after she's done with the luggage. I'll be back later tonight, and then we can see if we can find your parents. Ok?"
> She pats your shoulder as she ends her little speech.

Prompt: Really, it's opening up now to more interactions and choices.(though you will take a bath soon, something important for a last bit of character building will happen there).
Well, continue to read the book if we still have it. It was rather engrossing and stopping halfway through is rather vexing.
If we don't still have the book get out of the cart and take a look around, see if we can go help Ocean move luggage.
You still have the book in your lap. Ocean Avenue didn't have a chance to take it.
Ah, then yes I'd say continue reading.
I didn't see it being taking from us but I wasn't sure that I didn't miss it somewhere so in case I do I added that little extra option if we didn't have it.
Going to wait awhile before posting again. It is the middle of the night/early morning in burgerland.
Fair enough, it's pretty late where I am too now anyway.
what exactly are we?
We don't know yet, presumably we'll find out during our bath later.
Morning Dew's manor I believe, but where that is? anyones guess.
That Anon meant "What *Species* are we?"
oops derped and thought it was "where exactly are we"
Yup, it'll all get handled at bath time. Which happens after the luggage gets sorted. Right now we have one vote to let Cherry Street and Ocean Avenue handle the luggage while MC reads. I'll make a post in about an hour, that should be enough time to get some more votes.
wait is there supposed to be some multiple choices of what she said to us? i figured we would just go along to the bath since this mare just rescued us from the cold rain (and death).
Like I said it's pretty open from here. Only one person actually posted an action (to read the book while they unload). If you want some prompts though...

> Continue reading the book and wait for Ocean and Cherry to finish unpacking.
> Help with the unpacking yourself
> Get some fresh air and watch them unpack.
> Rest your eyes while they unpack.
im sure we're too weak to help with any unpacking but i dont know if we're that aware of our own limits. right now being in the carriage with ocean's book is the most comfortable we've ever been so i think we would want to keep reading.

I missed the part that Morning was talking to us directly, so wed nod to her but probably too intimidated to talk to a big mare. if she wants us to do something then i figure she would ask.
I guess I should elaborate more. She said that Cherry Street would draw you a bath and then cook dinner for Ocean and you, AFTER they got done unloading.
if ocean started to unpack i think we might try to help, since copying her might get us on the adult mares good side.
but if ocean isnt unpacking with them then i dont think we'd try either if we dont know whats happening.

> You feel the same guilt bubbling up in you as before.
> It fights with the returning dryness in your throat, and the intimidation of the entire situation.
> As Morning Dew turns to walk out of the carriage, you bite your lip.
> You're scared to ask her anything, and feel skittish about offering to help but...
> You still need to thank her for the juice earlier.
> And apologize.

"U-uh... Miss Dew?"
> You try to be polite as you speak to her, but it feels off somehow.
> The niceties rub something unnatural, but you can't quite figure out why.
> But given that she was so nice and proper herself, you dismiss the feeling as she turns back to you.

[Judge Intentions (Oppose test) - Success]

> She puts a kind face on, but the way shrugs when she stops and turns her head...
> She tired and stressed right now.
> Not angry, but clearly wanting to resolve whatever adult stuff she's dealing with.
> But you already drew her attention, it'd be mean to just say nothing.

"I wanted to thank you for earlier. A-and apologize."
> She grows a bit of confusion on her brow.
"You uh... Ocean asked you for juice, for me. I'm sorry I didn't ask you myself."
> Your head drops a bit as the guilt passes from your body.
> Whatever stress or annoyance she might have had disappears as she kneels down and faces you.
> A moment passes with a warm smile.
> Then she just nods and walks out the door, absolving you of any doubt you might have had about behavior with nary a word.

[Your relationship with Morning Dew has improved]

> You're left in the carriage alone, though the shaking of luggage slowly being unloaded reminds you that the lonliness is just confined to the interior.
> You briefly consider helping them, and look out the door that Miss Dew left open.
> You see Ocean Avenue flutter-walking some of the smaller bags into the manor, while Cherry lugs the larger bags with a grunt.
> You think that maybe you should help them...

> But then again, you still feel a bit shaky.
> Miss Dew didn't ask you to help either, nor did the other two.
> The seat you were on being comfy and warm also complicated matters.
> And the book was still on your lap, big and inviting as ever.
> Unable to resist its tempation, you crack the tome open and start reading again.
> Spacemare Spiff is imagining the teacher who's sending her to the principal for being 'disruptive' as a jailer marching her to the evil kings of the mathmagorians.
> You end up reading three pages before you're interupted.
> Ocean Avenue excitedly flutters up into the carriage, but misplaces a hoof and stumble-lands on the seat next to you.
> She manages to stay standing, but only just.

> "We'r- Oh, you're still reading? Do you like it? What page are you o-"
> Before she can finish she facehoofs and takes a deep breath.
> Under her breath you can hear her whispering about being a good filly and following directions.
> "S-sorry, Aunt Cherry wanted me bring you up to the bathroom. She's already filled the tub for you."

Prompt: Do you follow? Ask her a question? Talk to her on the walk to the bathroom?
thats okay, time to get out of the carriage
we can talk about the book along the way. sharing our favorite parts and asking whats hers
I've gotta call it a night early since I have a truck to unload tomorrow at work. I'll have time to make another post in the morning before that though.

Before that though I'd like to get the prep work for 'creating the body' done, or at least started....

> Left Leg (Really anything, go wild)
> Right Leg (Really anything, go wild)
> Left Forearm (Really anything, go wild)
> Right Forarm (Really anything, go wild)
> Torso (Must be primarily poner, but can have accents specific to it)
> Head (Must be primarily poner, but can have accents specific to it)
> Horn (Kirin, Unicorn, Changeling, Antlers, something weird, or none at all)
> Wing (Bug, Dragon, Bird, Bat, or something weird, or none at all)
> Tail (Kirin, dragon, cat, something weird, or none at all)
> Accent (A particular kind of mane-fur, or maybe a minor feature like scales/chitin/feathers, or fins... Features that are minor but not restricted to a single body type)

Discuss and think up of what kind of random assortment of pony parts are going to make up our adorable bootleg. I'll try to incorporate as many people's ideas as possible, but the more well described and effort-fill posts will probably have more impact. Also feel free to have friends you know pitch in, even if they aren't interested in playing in the CYOA proper. Lets make us an abomination for Bootleg General to love.

Also this would be a good time to finally settle on whether we are a Filly or a Colt
I admit that i thought you already decided on colt, but re-reading it from the beginning there's no hint on what sex we are at all.
File: 1543108829119.png (15 KB, 434x527)
15 KB
> We were a reverse trap the entire time
i dont know how daily life is going to be, but we might have a chance of getting a crush on ocean avenue later.
Give us one of those cool back and forth bug horns like Chryssy has, Kirin back scales, dragon wings, and cloven goat hooves.

Also this.
I think one of our legs should be Full chitin. Otherwise the horn might seem lonely.
idk but that pic is sick
>full chitin
holes included or just exoskeleton?
Well of COURSE we have to have holes.

Bug legs with goat hooves in the back, bug legs with griffon claws in the front.
kirin zebra-striped scales, changeling antlers and maybe transparent wings. seapony fins for a mane.
The bug leg's 'hooves' should have the goat split on them, but still be black and chitiny. I can't see a changeling leg end in a non-changeling hoof.
>cant see a changeling leg end in a non-changeling
so you're approaching it like a second discord?
I doubt this monster will look as balanced as Discord.
right we're basically something that shouldnt exist. in mlp. so all body limitations are off, we could have a hoof half one color or type and half another.
One tail for each creature that makes us up. We have all the tails.
how many tails is that?
File: 1553527959360.gif (64 KB, 398x330)
64 KB
Alrighty, going to bed for real now. Just dropping by before I do. If you guys want you can also design Ocean Avenue, Cherry Street (thinking about renaming her Cherry Lane since it sounds better. Let you all decide on that), and Morning Dew. And Spacemare Spiff too, why not. Love the crazy ideas you're all coming up with btw.
sleep well. im also on board with >>33661004
it fits the whole mistakes into miracles thing going on with this quest
Help with the packing, lazy bum. At least you'd need to imitate the activity, not very polite to sot and read while even little filly pulls her weight.
I vote for erfpone colt. Let's have a proper character for a change, not the powerplayer's wet dream, unbalanced and having health issues and a shlong lobger than its body.
there's no way wed just be a standard earth pony or they wouldnt have called us an IT when first finding us by the roadside >>33642379

but nothing says that the changeling horn is fully functional or functional at all either. otherwise we might be a freak-alicorn but like an alicorn none the less.
Simple: they thought it's a dog and only up close it looked like a pony.
you're in for a bad time when we find a mirror in the bath.
Dirty and tangled after the rain, seems believable
maybe it would be, had the cyoa been any other thread. the QM prompt asks for crazy ideas, not just normal pony stuff.
we could be part sphinx even though there's only one in the show. it's still pony-like
I didn't imply we look beautiful when cleaned lol. I simply have a hard time imaginimg something as bootleg as Discord, but non-matching colours from different palettes (pastel for body and some crazy 80s' neon for eyes or something) and maybe limb joints should be as bootleg as it needs. Remember that bootleg stuff is trying to resemble normal stuff, not a frankenstein; iphone clones, for example, don't include external antennas, tv tuners and slider qwerty attachments.
>no franken ponies
but wheres the fun in that?
Our torso has quite a bit more chest fluff than normal.
How about a British London accent? (or an Egyptian accent if we go for being half sphinx)
Voting for sphinx.
Basically all our legs are big cat legs and we have a cat tail, some bad standard Pegasus wings and sharp teeth. Plus some slit irises.

Ooo~ Now that's an idea. So what that'd make us slightly bigger than normal (for our age) but basically a catpony Pegasus? I could live with that and it'd sort of make sense why they couldn't tell what we were.
The fun comes when they are able to perform at least a small number of basic living being activities without being visible from ISS
File: scary_serenade.gif (2.51 MB, 650x650)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB GIF
If we have wings, go vestigial or damaged to keep things hard mode.
What if the bug parts are porcelain (and pink?) to give a more artificial look, like a toyish golem? Then it'd make a cute tink noise while walking around.
Maybe it'll look less like Frankenstein's monster if we tried to coordinate colors? Zebra stripes has been suggested, and I'm suggesting pastel pink over the black limbs. What prominent colors would we use without going full rainbow power?
I'm a sucker for egyptian themes, throw in some mummy bandages!
If we're going with stripes, we need cherokee cut.

But really, just imagine story possibilities when, as with any bootleg, someone sees a normal pony in the distance, and the wrongness becomes apparent only up close. No edgebuild can do that.
I mean we could wear some bandages but that would be incredibly weird and disturbing if it was an actual part of our physical body rather than just something we choose to wear.
another option for wings is that are different sized on each side so flight is near impossible.
so what youre saying is we should be blinking with the power of a small city
What part of "without" did I misspell?
So now I try to incorporate at least a little of everyone's ideas together.

Unfortunately that time has passed. Sorry! You can apologize to her for not helping though if you want.

> Bug horn, Kirin Plating, Dragon Wings
> Changeling Legs in the back
> Kirin Plating is striped, wings are translucent like bug
> Changeling legs end in cloven hooves, but still chitin
Not sure if this would be a bit much.
Erf ponies are considered abominations by Unicorn racists, but that' about it.
Front legs of a Sphynx and
cat fangs, slit iris, slightly larger, lotsa chest fluff
Egyptian Eye Markings and 'porcelain' colored changeling legs to match color scheme (but in old-bug style).

It looks like a pretty mixed bag by now, just a few more considerations: What kind of chest fluff (pony fluff, kirin fluff, pegasus down feather fluff, etc), and what kind of ears (cat, bat, poner, etc), and tail (the idea of having every tail is amusing, but would probably be too busy even for this character. Feel free to describe some sort of hybrid tail if you'd like that though).
File: flutters_smirk.gif (933 KB, 960x720)
933 KB
933 KB GIF
we're only visible from the ISS when using magic if we got any, problem solved
If she was a mare I'd pump her
File: Spoiler Image (276 KB, 1089x1030)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
>we're almost every saptient kind of mlp race in one, minus the d-dogs.
I'll admit I think it'd be better if we were a bit more sphinx, but whatever at least we are symmetrical.
Still pretty adamant on the Egyptian accent.
Our large amount of chest fluff is just pony fluff.
Cat ears.
The base of out tail is thick and dragon like covered in scales, then it it tapers into a lion's tail.

It was not really addressed but are we a colt or a filly? Or are we really going to end up being a reverse trap?
File: 0ur2ih.gif (1.78 MB, 400x306)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB GIF
Since we're going all out bizarre, we need a big clumsy seapony tail, like a betta or butterfly koi. Keep it translucent to match the wings
Let's just make it part of us. We were the ISS all along.
File: Mongrelman.jpg (21 KB, 259x398)
21 KB
We're basically rolling a mongrelfolk pc at this point. Better dump all our skill points into Disguise, lest we see many pitch forks and torches in our future.
anon the accent wasnt like how we might sound but stuff like having the eye markings. think of how the kirin have a scale-plating on their front muzzle. thats an accent
Oh, how about a DD tail then? We can whack stuff with it!
where's the first post of this quest?
nice. is this archived?
Not that I'm aware of.
Well yes I understand that, but it did make me think of us having a vocal accent as well.
thats the premise pitch.
pretty sure first post was >>33636589 unless you count the polls which didnt go anywhere due to ties and low vote count

might need a name for it before we can archive it
Well, what do you wanna call it then?
Boolet Quest of Highest Quality™?
File: file.png (260 KB, 763x1140)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Bootleg General CYOA would be the boring but obvious choice
File: 1553704302130.gif (1.08 MB, 244x244)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB GIF
please god no.
if Longname goes with a more plain and obvious choice then something like "Mishmash" would be infinitely more informative and accurate than a totally soulless title like that
File: 1553012917206.png (176 KB, 570x539)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
It's your CYOA to play, what not name it too (along with your character).

Also I'm just dropping by before work. I may or may not make a post after work. Depends on how late I have to stay and how tuckered out I am. I hate truck nights.

Would be sweet to get this archived on Anonpone, but that black magic is beyond me
Did being a mishmash ever change something in the story? Like, how many cyoa writefags ever used or even mentioned these bizarre features and not just treat OC as a very normal pony? I'd rather pick something from the plot, if nothing good, then some dumb rain metaphor at least.
File: fabulous Sahelanthropus.jpg (81 KB, 768x1024)
81 KB
So wait, is this thread a CYOA thread now? I've been away for a while and I don't really see anything aside from that.
well we dont know anything about the plot unless you look at the premise.
>rain metaphor
thats about the farthest removed from plot
Everybody's trying to create a duckface giraffe with diamond dog claws and dragon wings, this will disappear once actual story resumes.

Still closer than any bodily feature yet, unless OC breaks 5 out of its 10 legs and we'll get "Rear window" refefence. Start of the plot is significant enough.
>we had writefags, green and drawfags
>people asked for a cyoa and many options were put on the table
>nobody committed and the one who was going to got sick
>writefags continued to writefag
>we lost writefags after they finished up a story and thread activity dropped
>someone committed to a bootleg cyoa with a brand new idea
>thread activity improves
>[you are here]
>writefags can write, draw and discuss bootlegs if they want
Nah it's still Bootleg General. Got any cute inflatables?
>name your character
im drawing a blank here, id be okay with getting a name assigned to us. dont know about everyone else, since cc usually includes names
Double. That's an ok name.
eh doesnt really feel like it's something that we'd get named in Morning Dew's household. maybe there's some kind of space alien pony in the book that Ocean Avenue liked?
File: 1486726256312.jpg (98 KB, 750x750)
98 KB
So it's pretty much just CYOA and sometimes inflatables now and the CYOA is the only thing keeping the thread active. Well shit. I spent so much time here I don't really want to just close the tab and move on but at the same time I don't care about CYOAs. Bummer.
Who's your favorite bootleger whorse?
Rare is still the best but I like Derby a lot too.
discussion was pretty thin for a long while even when there was writefagging and drawing, it's what this place needs the most besides ideas for bootlegs that get writefags or drawfags interested.
if a story is being told then there's really not that much difference between green and a wordy cyoa.
>write a bootleg
>talk about bootlegs
>learn how to draw a bootleg
be the change you want to be, a lot of people's first work came from here.
File: 1542788602069.gif (1.64 MB, 997x800)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB GIF
File: 1495167810568.jpg (32 KB, 450x577)
32 KB
Lots of choices on the tail. We got big fishponer tail, cat tail, DD tail. It's a core aspect so I need it before I finish up some mechanical things behind the scenes.

Also, we'll need a color scheme. Mane style too. You can have a standard color scheme for the whole 'pony', or you can change it a bit.

As for a name... If you do want to not know your name that's cool too.
I'm on board with the Diamond Dog tail.
I like >>33661410 's color idea.
And I'm fine with the name being Anon.
one color for all the different parts might be a way to avoid going full sparklefur after everything or would that be more sparklefur?

are you suggesting pink stripes over black 'changeling' 'pony' parts?
Throw Nirik colors in and we're good. I like the Fishponer tail.
File: 1545384125983.png (732 KB, 2000x2000)
732 KB
732 KB PNG
Oh no, >>33661065 suggested zebra stripes for the kirin scales which I noted might be black and white but wasn't specified. Then unrelated I threw out a lighter color to replace black for the bug parts (limb/ horn) if anons were up for a more cutesy look. Said anon was also the only to suggest a mane so far with seapony fins.
So we go full black edge then? It lines up with the original black bug legs.
God no ow the edge. This is an anti ore on edgy coloring. Also the porcelain changeling legs are cute and need a pretty color to go with them. I'd prefer to keep the color scheme to 2 body colors just to avoid sparkle fur bs. Maybe some artfags can suggest colors?
Shit, I meant antiVOTE not anti ore. Fucking phone.
Fish tails are cute
whats that supposed to mean?
are we going for diamond dog tail or fish tail?
Subtract one from the tally, instead of adding to another.
How about a shark tail? That's vicious like a DD but fishy like a fish!
there's no shark ponies in mlp, dont know what longname would say about it. but a DD tail might have some practical use of smashing shit, which is rare to have anything workable in our favor for our ponish freak.
didnt know there was any support for edgelord colors. im fine with something cute, but having nirik is kind of close to edgelord isnt it?

il try to scribble out this abomination tomorrow
And then our secret shame. We're just an ordinary changeling who got creative with the shapeshifting.

Well, fish tails that don't take both the legs don't exist either. I'd allow it if that's what people would like.

A fish/shark tail would help with swimming. DD Tail would help with smashing. And all limbs are going to impact your character.

As for colors... The changeling legs are pink, and the Kirin shell has 'stripes' of different colored plates. The colors (other than the legs) are still being decided by YOU, the PEOPLE. Or by whatever artfag decides to draw something up and no one else can get the image out of their mind.
I think that's what people were assuming when they picked fish tails. Shark tails work too. Oh now I really want to vote for the diamond dog tail.

We. Purge the zigger out of us. Let's have a peach colored mane and tail highlight (No fucking clue how this is gonna work) and a brown everything else.
I'd vote shark tail if we're not going with a cat tail.
And I'll be honest I don't really mind what colors we are I just kind of want to get started.
File: file.png (740 KB, 1407x922)
740 KB
740 KB PNG
scribble fag here, here's what I have in taking everyone's suggestions.

>Main body color is in between a Nirik and Sphinx
>The back Changling cheese legs are pink
>Mane is a peach color, it's fishpone/hippogriff texture
>Eyes are slits like bat or cat (from the Sphinx)
>The iris color is from the Sphinx too.
>Eye shadow is from Nirek colors
>black Egyptian eye accent on face
>Shark pone tail with a peach accent
>Kirin back, striped like a Zebra but Sphinx-like ornamental colors
>Crooked evil Changeling horn, same color as main body

For right now I left out the wings and nu-ling antlers if people still want that. Honestly I dont think that we need the wings, it makes the design needlessly complicated because of the kirin back plating. If I got the cheese legs wrong on how they attach then let me know. I don't think it looks edgelord, but I could be biased.
this is perfect
the best king of mismatch kind of perfect
you are the best drawfag anon
i admit the mishmash turned out far better than expected by thinking in terms of 'dominant' species instead of just having a franken-pony of multicolor rando parts
I think this works well, and you might be right about the wings and antlers it'd probably start looking way too busy with those added.
yeah kinda, the kirin scales could be moved to be more narrow and go further along the tail but then that might be cheating the ideaof the cyoa from parts of ponies misplaced into genetics gone wrong
File: cyoabootlegalt.png (168 KB, 996x806)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
I respectfully concede. You did an outstanding job, and my color theory is so shit I'd take another day to get anything decent. Had the same problem with the wings. My rendition is too girly anyway since I assume we're still rolling with a reverse trap. It's funny that I was initially against DD tail, but it works well with the sphinx theme.
this is cute too and looks like sphinx being the dominant species is the popular choice and you made that part of the bug horn too. some egypt symbol? You added a little more kirin in as well and the cat ddog does combo well.

As for the wings if we have em then I think just changeling bug wings could work since they're fully transparent, instead of going with dragon wings.

>too girly for rev trap
they could be boyish with a blockier muzzle or it could just be your style on how you draw colts it's hard to really tell.
I also dont know what sex we are going with so I just kind of made it a little androgynous blocky-but-rounded instead of just full colt-face and stallion later.
It's not edge lord at all, you're right... But I have an idea for the wings. Instead of dragon wings, what if we have some sort of weird nirik 'flame' cloak wings? The kirin scales could get enshrouded in shadowy stuff and turn into a single unified half-circle 'wing'. Kid of thinking of Howl's Moving Castle when his cape turns into wings. just keeping it as some weird magical cape wing instead of become raven wings

We are 'big' apparently, maybe we have more muscle than most mares so it gives us an androgynous look?
File: Spoiler Image (1.26 MB, 373x354)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
>nirik fire wings
we TFH now?
Hmm... I didn't really like the idea of a DD tail when it was first suggested either but you made it work really well with the rest of our body, I'm not sure which I like more between it and a shark tail anymore.
File: A5uraeus.jpg (35 KB, 450x620)
35 KB
Uraeus tend to be perpendicular to the face, so if you we want a horn inspired by that... Maybe make the changeling horn's base wider at the bottom (more like a kirin horn) but and go up more than diagonally out. Also, maybe have it end at an abrupt 'up' twist so it keeps the feel of a changeling spike?

I really like the look of the shark tail. It helps keep the design from looking like 'a sphinx with some extra stuff tacked on'. Also swimming is fun. Smashing is for bad girls.
File: file.png (334 KB, 1036x894)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
heres a shitty colorjob. since only partially colored vs full color isnt really a fair comparison.
since someone suggested a brown body before that's the main pick here. this is even less edgelord than the other, and looks quite cheery, like a happy accident oc.
Awesome work you two! Love how it looks.


This should help decide once and for all what tail is best.

Also yea. Shadowy magical kirin magic wing would be acceptable if that's what you'd like.

After we decide on the tail and what/if to have wings we'll be done and I'll post your character sheet. Then we can continue.
nirik wings sounds cool but might be better off for another character or cyoa

Even if it can solve the design from being more a clusterfuck, how would you avoid a power-player situation? kinda why alicorn quests are no where to be found. I mean look at the potential advantages our freak is packing.
>Better swimmer than pone (shark tail)
>Better night vision than pone (sphinx slit eyes)
>Better offense than pone (ddog tail / claws)
>More armored than pone (kirin plating, and tougher back cheese legs)
>Magic if the changeling horn works (maybe even changeling only magic)
>Wings that can count as another kind of magic (a double perk if they can be used for flight)
I forgot, there's more
>Bigger than average pone (more muscle thanks to sphinx)
>and the biggest perk of all (being able to rhyme and freestyle on ponies with ease thanks to our zigger parts)
Also, I didn't say it before but I like the horn design.

That might possibly be true, but I like the sphinx look I voted for entirely sphinx in fact. So you could see why that particular point might not be as convincing for me.
The choice is still hard, swimming or matching slightly better with our other parts.
There is a lot of pros to both, I really like the little extra detail of the small feeler fins on the shark tail (for some reason I feel like the underside of our shark tail should be white, to be more sharklike I think?) but I can't deny how well the DD tail suits us.

I think I would vote for no wings. We look good as is no matter what tail we pick, we have two lovely pictures to prove it.

>Bigger than average pone (more muscle thanks to sphinx)
Can't forget that.
Okay so it's looking like wings are are up in there air so one last poll


Also we are tied on DD vs Shark/Fish. If it's not resolved by the time I get back I'll just bump it to what I think is cool and neato.


Ugh, maybe you should just pick what you think is neat. I'm still having a hard time choosing between them.

Can we have the underside of our tail colored white if it's a shark tail?
I'm happy with the DD tail as is but if we end up going shark tail I think it would add to it a little.
Shhh, I'm not here contradicting the 'final' post comment. But yes if you have a shark tail you can color the underside.
>another tie
saw that coming. tie-twister the quest.
Looks like Shark Tail is winning, with no wings. Wew lad!
Ah good, I just kind of want this vote over so we can get to the quest. We'll look good either way.
but then we have to vote on the colors ):^
File: 1492657641839.png (317 KB, 709x550)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
Alright! It seems that Shark Tail and no wings has w-

Fug. Right. Okay One Final FINAL final poll. Nirik colors or the soft brown, those both seemed popular.

File: Spoiler Image (387 KB, 1380x840)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
>those both seemed popular
i mean they were the only ones on the table. if you want more or tweaks just say so. :<)
>3rd poll option
File: Ponk Bomb.gif (606 KB, 598x453)
606 KB
606 KB GIF
> Now the votes are three way split
> It's worse than the last ties
Well, I can still post the character sheet while the colors are being worked on

Personality Qualities

Eccentric: Logic +2, Savy +2, Panache -1 (+1 Accademic)
Social: Penache +1, Willpower +1, Savvy +1 (+1 Influence)
Neurotic: Panache +1, Willpower -1, Savvy -1, (+1 to expressive mediums, -1 Lying, -1 Ettiquette)

Limb Qualities

Left Leg: Procelain Cloven Changeling (+1 Penache, +1 Control, +.5 Unnerving)
Right Leg: Procelain Cloven Changeling (+1 Penache, +1 Control, +.5 Unnerverving)
Left Foreleg: Sphinx (+1 Quick)
Right Foreleg: Sphinx (+1 Quick)
Torso: Kirin Plating (+2 Tough, -1 Quick)
Head: Egyptian Markings, Cat Eyes, Cat Fangs, FLUFF (+1 Moxie, Low Light Vision, +1 Unnerving, +1 FLUFF)
Horn: Bug Horn ([Magical Focus: Horn], +1 Unnerving)
Wings: None (+1 Tough, +1 Quick)
Tail: Shark (+1 Buff, +1 Swimming, +1 Unnerving)

Form Qualities
BIG (+1 effective Robustness, may affect social and physical interactions)
Child: (-1 Tough, -1 Buff, -1 Logic, -1 Savvy)
No Wings!: +0k1 on all magic related tests. Telekinesis is treated as having a skill of 0 instead of untrained.)
Shark Week, Every Week: +0k1 for swim checks.
Mysterious Malformed: (+1 Moxie, +1 Unnverving, History = 0)
File: file.png (304 KB, 1065x889)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
embrace the ties and become the decider of your own fate. have filly to calm you down.
hows this for ocean avey's scheme? with a name like that i tried to imply the beach
It's adorable and she is now even cuter. You're a good art friend


Robustness 2+1
-Tough 3
-Buff 1

Smarts 2
-Logic 2
-Savvy 2

Moves 3
-Quick 3
-Control 3

Personality 2
-Panache 4
-Willpower 1

Moxie: 2
Unnerving: 10
+ Social Mallus: 5
+ Intimidation Bonus: 5

You are an absolute UNIT, and ponies will remark about "the absolute size of that lady. You're about as strong as an average adult unicorn or pegasus, and gifted (but not unusually so)

with a sound mind. Your catlike aspects really shine through, both quick and deft. You have a strong personality to match your strong emotions, but you are definitely prone to the throes

of childhood whims. While your changeling legs are rather unnerving, the soft hue and gentle sheen helps make them less threatening. Your horn and and predatory features however make other uneasy.

Unnerving is a special attribute that measures your general 'wrongness' and unnatural nature. Its base rating is equal to the number of different species represented, but can be modified by certain

threatening aspects. Half of this stat (rounded down) applies as a bonus or mallus to social rolls with those that are not comfortable around you.


+ Running: -
+ Swimming: 1
+ Acrobatics: -
+ Flying (Requires Flight): -

+Math: 1
+Science: 1
+Langauge: 1
+History: 0

+ Brawling: -
+ Melee: -
+ Archery: -

+ Negotiation: 1
+ Etiquette: 0
+ Judge Intentions: 1

+ Spellcasting: -
+ Telekinesis: 0
+ Arcane Theory: -

+ Sneaky -
+ Lying: -1
+ Intimidation -

+ Tracking -
+ Foraging -
+ Navigation -
> Absolute size of that lady

It should be "Absolute size of that lad y"
Ah perfect. So we're going with reverse trap then?
That's what people pretty much unanimously agreed one. I image it's due to her size and comparative bulk due to her sphinx influence that gets poners confused.

Okay, if anyone wants to add any more input on the last 'story' post now's the time to do it. Otherwise it'll just be >>33660946

And possibly >>33661249 turning into an apology.
Yea that's probably what it'd be, big muscular and tall we fit the bill for being a colt/stalliin pretty well. This is going to be a lot of fun.
Nope, go ahead.
i cant really decide on the colors since i made them both, but looks like the brown one is winning atmt. so that might go nicely with looking like we fit in with ocean
don't forget we'll need to vote on [/spoiler]a name :)>[/spoiler]
>fugged the spoil
We can call it "YouGetToVoteOnTheName"
Eh, this is all too much. How about we just go with that we don't remember and get back into the story?
im fine with that, and il be getting back to making a milf
Which one? Cherry Street or Morning Dew?
well theres only one whos a confirmed mom
She's a god mother. It's not known if she has her own child.
>"Then just ask my mum for a drink silly. She brought a whole pack of juice boxes for me, but I'm sure she'd let you have one."
"Mum, may I please have another juice? I'm thirsty." She says in your stead.
> "We're here, we're here! Oh, can I go take my new friend and play mum. Pleeeease?"
> "Ocean, please try to be a bit quiet, Aunt Cherry is trying to take a nap."
> "Yes m'am."
> Ocean giggles again, this time under her breath as she looks back to you.
> "That's my god mother, Morning Dew. She really likes books, even more than I do."
do you want a milf or not?
No... And I don't want a god-milf either, I want a MILF GOD
So I'm posting with this instead of trip, because if we get graced by a spot on anonpone I don't want to clutter up DM posts probably should have done this sooner.

Reason I'm posting is because I stepped out due to my cat freaking out over something. I went out and comforted him til he went back to sleep, and then got busy tidying the house. Bit too late for me to post now. I'm gonna go to bed now and give morning friends a chance to add to the 'what do with Ocean Avenue on the way to the bath' question.

ps: Artfriends are great. It makes me happy to see everyone getting excited and involved in character creation. I'm gonna try my best to make sure this quest is a good time for everyone. Sweet dreams /bootleg/.
which one out of the adults is the pegasus? and which ones the earth pony. got any input on what they look like?
Morning Dew is a unicorn. Cherry Street is a Pegasus.. Their colors haven't been mentioned yet and art friends are free to decide on that matter.
we cant all be nips
> The two ponies in question talking are adults, a pegasus and an earth pony.
no really which one's the earf
I fugged up then. Morning Dew is a Unicorn and Cherry Street is a Pegasus. Sorry...

I also kept switching Morning Dew and Ocean Avenue's names around a bit. Whoops. I was really tired when I wrote those, just like I am now. I am really actually going to go to sleep and not gonna think about all the cool stuff on the internet.
we all make mistakes. night
File: donut_steel_cyoa.png (312 KB, 924x751)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
All this planning has me hyped. Have a defunct bootleg pc.
Thank you based artfriend, I've no words. Your coloring possessed me to finish what I had planned for the fish tail before the choice morphed into shark. And just for fun, did an attempt at the dragon/bug wings when that was still on the table; definitely too much going on.
I'm relatively new to this. What does "+0k1" mean?

No worries, as far as I know I'm the only QM to use this kind of system. Here's a pastebin that gets into specifics:


A short version:

Robustness, Smarts, Moves, and Personality are "Characteristics". The stats under them are "Attributes". When you need to make a check, the following happens:

> Add the skill and relevant attribute together, this is your 'dice pool'
> Roll your dice pool.
> If any 10s come up, you may re-roll that dice and add the new number to that dice's 'value' (so a dice can have a value greater than ten). This is called an 'exploding' dice, and your dice in your dice pool can only 'explode' a number of times equal to your MOXIE rating.
> After you're done rolling, you choose a number of dice equal to your characteristic to 'keep', which you add together.
> That sum is your result, which determines how well you did.

So +0k1 means you get to keep an additional dice when you make that check, but not roll any additional dice.
>that long tail train
ok now you can say its too girly.

> Before you can respond to her, the filly has fluttered out of the carriage and to the ground below.
> You put her book on the seat with a soft 'whump', and hop out through the door.
> The ground makes its own 'whump' as you land on the packed dirt.
> Ocean Avenue crooks her head back to look at you, giving a chortle as you balance yourself from the impact that was a bit more than you were expecting.

> After you regain your sense of up and down, you can see that immediately outside of the carriage is deeply overgrown.
> A single wooden platform a little bit wider than the carriage you just got out of penetrates into the forest.
> Listening though you can hear the sound of slowly moving water, and birds, and other things.
> When you turn around and look to the other side of the road however...
> It's open fields, dotted with ruined fences.
> Weird.

[Judge Intentions 3k2 (Opposed) - 11 (Minor Failure)]

> You turn around when you hear Ocean's hooves clitter-clatter against the wood.
> With a quick hustle you bring yourself up to walk besides her.
> It's awkwardly silent.
> Every now and then Ocean looks to you like she wants to to say something, only to reverse course.
> She isn't being cold...
> You just can't really figure out what shes being.

> You clear your throat to catch her attention, which it does.
"So Spacemare Spiff, how'd you fine a neat book like that?"
> The filly's face lights up, but again she dims it in favor of averting her gaze.

[Perception 2k2 - (44) Perfect Success

> " Cherry said to be quick so the the water gets cold. I can't dwaddle with talking or playing, that'd be bad. But walking and talking wouldn't slow us down. Yea, that's ok, I'd still be doing what I'm told then."
> Ocean Avenue quickly rattles off an inner dialogue under her breath, her voice getting caught on the breeze.
> Almost immediately after she finishes her train of thought she snaps to you and gives a big smile.
> "I didn't, my Aunt bought it for me for my last trip. She knows how bored I can get on long carriage rides."
> The path wraps around a particularly large tree, as you walk and talk.
> "How far did you get? Oh, it's going to be so great being able to talk with somepony about fun stuff like this, but I don't want to spoil the story!."
> She does a quick trot of excitement in step, unable to contain herself.

"I'm about half way through book one. But I'm kind of confused why it called the first story a book."
> Ocean snorts.
> "Because it's an #^$%@ silly."
" A what?"
> "Anthology, it's like... There are lots of Spacemare Spiff books, so they took the first ten and put them into one big book!"
> It was like a deck of cards, but in book form.
> Neat!

> The two of you spend a minute talking about the book before Ocean Avenue proudly announces:
> "We're here! Come on, don't want to let your bath get cold. Cold baths are terrible!"
> The wooden platform drops to a packed dirt path, that leads to the manor.
> It's impressive, but vines and other flora growing on some parts of the building.
> The paint is stained in some places, but you can't see any actual damage.
> Following the Filly inside though reveals more oddity.
> The inside is in perfect repair, but dusty and almost completely unfurnished.
> What little there is has white cloths covering it.
> Being towed along however you haven't the time for anything other than a cursory glance.
> As you follow Ocean Avenue up the stairs you see Cherry Street coming down the hall.
> She smiles at the filly.
> "The bath's all ready, would you like to help me make some sandwiches while our guest takes a bath? I'll let you decide on the dressing."
> "Really? I can choose WHATEVER dressing I like?"
> The filly rushes up the stairs to hop in front of her aunt with Glee.
> "Mmhm, why don't you go ahead of me?"
> With a happy chirp Ocean hops over you and flutters to the first floor, rushing off into an unknown part of the manor.

> "I left the bathroom door open, it's down the hall to the left."
> Cherry Street starts down the stairs as she talks.
> Just as she is about to pass you, she stops.
> "Oh... I guess I should ask; do you have any allergies?"
> You think for a moment.
"Not that I can think of. I really like tulips though."
> "Good, well off you go then. I'm sure Ocean will be happy to grab you once we're done with lunch."

> You continue up the stairs with that, and Cherry continues down to follow Ocean Avenue to the kitchen.
> When you get to the top you look both ways.
> Like Cherry said, there is a door open to the left.
> When you look inside, you see that this room isn't dusty at all.
> A fancy looking bathtub is built into the floor, allowing you to simply walk in.
> It's already filled with water, warm ribbons of vapor coiling off of its surface.
> As you walk to get into the bath though, you catch yourself in the mirror that has been pushed into the corner.
> Your mind goes blank and you're drawn to the mirror.
> There's...
> As you reach up and put a hand to the mirror-
> There's a dull headache that passes your mind.
> as you reach up and put a hoof to the mirror-
> A scratching in your mind, a noise of buzzing
> As you reach up and put a paw to the mirror-

> Something deep inside stirs.
> It's uncomfortable, and makes your lungs small.
> Too small, each breath not big enough as you try to stop your head from spinning.
> You step back, and then again.
> A sense of wrongness overtakes you.
> Every pace you retreat from the mirror, it grows worse.
> Then you feel the ground fall from under you as you slip on the edge of the tub.
> You wake up floating in the tub.
> You can't help but feel a sense of katharsis.
> It's quickly replaced by a sense of panic.
> You still need to bathe!

> looking around you find a loofah.
> You grab it and start rubbing it over your plate, chittin, and tail.
> Once you're satisfied, you then dunk your face into the water.
> You rub your face, and up and down you forelegs.
> Working the sudsy water and working out the dirt and muck.
> Suprsingly, you can feel quite a bit come off.
> You were dirtier than you thought, gifts from that horrible rainy night.
> Finally you put a claw out and pick through your fin-mane, excising whatever small bits of grass or mud remain.

> You find yourself suddenly feeling very relaxed.
> Just enjoying the feeling of floating under the surface.
> You open your eyes as you relax.
> It was a mistake, the soap stings!
> You jump out of the water with a loud splash, and grab the shower head.
> With a bit of frantic fiddling you manage to turn it on.
> You ALMOST apply it directly to your open eyes, but realize that hot water might not being the best idea.
> Instead you give it a moment to cool, and THEN let it rinse out your eyes.
> After a bit of blinking, your eyes are back to normal.

> Just in time to hear a knock at the door.
> "Lunch is ready, are you all done in there?"
> You walk out of the tub and look around for a towel, but to no avail.
"Uh... Kind of!"
> "Kind of?"
"Yea, kind of!"
> You hear a giggling from the otherside of the door.
> "What do you mean kind of?"
"Well.. The kind of not having a towel kind of"
> "Oh... OH, one second!"
> You hear her gallop off.

> You wait...
> While drip drying is an option you would rather not wait that long to eat.
> The rumbling in your tummy is quite insistent on that.
> Then without warning the door is thrown open.
> Ocean Avenue has a towel in her mouth, folded and clean.
> With a swift toss it flies towards you...
> Only to unfold and fall on the floor in front of you.
> "Whoops."
Eh, close enough
So, if anybody even needs the bin of the CYOA, I'd kindly ask the author to do that. There is a bin in the green archive in OP that contains previous thread's text, but I don't know if I want to keep it updated. The way I usually went was hysterically copypasting everything before my browser crashes/ communal services mess with electricity/whatever closes the tab of locked thread. It kinda worked with regular greens, but it'll take an hour to collect the whole thread of green and arrange all the answers and recommendations and quotes and so on. I won't delete mine bin for a few threads if you need time, just make sure you have backups if you need them.
Good enough, I suppose. We can reach and pick it up ourselves.
Hopefully it will be added to anonpone eventually. Until then I've been saving each finished thread as an HTML. If this thread reaches archives and it's still not up on anonpone then I'll go back and make a pastebin for it.
Question, I'm not quite sure but are we supposed to respond to this post?

In case we are.

Pick up the towel and start to dry ourselves with it.
picking up on the pattern that "#U*$#!" doesnt mean swears but words we cant understand. neat idea
Miss Cherry was angry about us and she could be passive aggressive but I hope not, let's just think it was an accident pick it up and thank her.
> Then without warning the door is thrown open.
> Ocean Avenue has a towel in her mouth, folded and clean.
Silly anon, that's Ocean Avenue not Cherry Street. You got your addresses mixed up.
shit you're right. need to read more spacemare spiff
gib MILF.
File: file.png (295 KB, 866x868)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
sorry got busy today but heres a prev scribble. i might change the mane around, not completely satisfied.
> Tired and over worked
> Still does her best to provide and care for her god-daughter.
> Takes in a freak off the road even though it'll just be another thing on her plate, because she wants to do the right thing.
She needs hugs. Lots of them.
Your art is absolutely adorable and I love it! I'm eager to see the full picture, and excited how you will render the now finished character design too.

Super short update before work. More options with how to respond.

> Ocean Avenue backs up with a sheepish laugh.
> You're not even mad though, just glad to have a towel.
> You grab it in both paws, sitting down with a 'clink' of your chitin and start to dry yourself off.
> Face, check.
> Forelegs, check
> Belly, Check
> You give yourself a quick shake to get any loose droplets still on your 'hard' parts off.
> A snap of your tail does the same for your back end.
"All dry!"

> Ocean Avenue giggles at the whole display once your done.
> "You look pretty silly when you wag your tail like that."
> She trots up next to you as she talks.
> "Speaking of... Your really funny looking in general. What kind of pony are you"

Prompt: How respond? What do? How Feel?
>How respond?
Something along the lines of "Huh... I never really thought about that."
>What do?
Avoid the mirror I guess. Don't want another mini panic attack.
>How feel?
I guess tell her about the "wrongness" we feel about ourself.
What do you mean? I look normal I think, and if I remember correctly I've been called a sphinx and a changeling so I'm not sure.
>How respond?
Say that we don't know
>What do?
look at your paws in a thinking gaze, then to Ocean, and then heads up to lunch
>How feel?
We feel that something is wrong, and not only with our body, but don't know what it is.
>ive been called a sphinx and changeling
i dont think we've met anyone else, the street and rain was our first solid memory in Equestria. the rest is just strange contradictions like hand/hoof/paw and hating flowers / loving tulips
If I recall correctly, we remember nothing from before we wake up at the start of the CYOA, so I think that we don't even know what a changeling or Sphinx is
and the dreams, if those can be considered memories.
>How respond, what do, how feel?
pained silence scared if we remember the mirror disphoria, maybe she can pick up that it's a painful subject? would we hyperventilate? i hope not.

if we're back to normal then just say that we dont know and cant remember, maybe there's something about us in another book like spacemare spiff?
We seem to have an odd mishmash of knowledge. Who is to say what we do or don't know?
Wait, isn't Morning Dew a unicorn?
yeah thats was an old sketch made before that detail
Is it just me, or does Ocean come of as being a victim of abuse when she talked to herself?
>your 'hard' parts
>the whole display
Put that towel back on, she doesn't even know our name yet!
Think that was a reference to the changeling legs and Kirin plates
>----------------------->the joke
>your head
"i can only be thing i am, me"
A little bit of anxious, a little bit of sass, a little bit of admission of anxiety is what I'm getting. Gonna make some beans and rice, then I'll whip something up before work
Had a surprisingly hard time writing this one. Ocean doesn't like being a simple character to write it seems.

> Your paw goes to touch the bloody bead, then raise it to your eyes to see the red mark.
> Ponies don't have paws either.
> You feel bad.
> Not sad or angry.
> Just not good.
> Like the feeling of crying, but with only the tension and not the tears.

> You're a pony, because that's the answer that feels wro-
> You're a pony, because that's the answer that feels right.
> It's always been what you are.

> You shake your head, trying to throw everything out of your brain.
> All the strange loose-end thoughts.
> The frustration.
> The creeping feeling that makes you feel unwell.
> And then when you open your eyes, feeling a bit more clear headed...

> You see Ocean Avenue timidly shrinking away from you.
> Bumped up against the wall and looking down at the floor

[Judge Intention 3k2 - (14) Minor Success]

> The way her ears fold.
> The way her breathing is uneven.
> She isn't scared, but self-conscious.
> And very upset.

> You wipe the rest of your blood from your lip and approach her.
> "I'm sorry, mom told me not to ask... I didn't mean to upset you."
> Her voice is quiet and defeated.
> Without looking up she turns away from you and starts walking out the door.


"I'm me!"
> You say the first words that come to mind with a smile.
> She stops and turns to look at you, unsure.
"I-i'm me, and I say I'm a pony. So I'm a pony right?"

> The smile on your face grows so wide and awkward Ocean can't help but crack one herself.
> She quickly covers it with a hoof though.
> Once she gets it under control she looks back again.
> "Y-you're not upset? You looked so unhappy when I asked."

> She really seems worked up about upsetting you.
> You shake your head and trot up next to her.
"Nope, not one bit."
> "But you got all quiet and upset. You don't need to lie to make me feel better."
> You pause to try an figure out the best words to use.
"-sometimes think about what I am, and it makes me feel scared and frustrated."
> Her ears droop again.
"B-but you're not why. I just have weird thoughts, because I'm a weirdo."
> You try to reel her back from her guilt.
> "Y-you're not a weirdo though, you like Spacemare Spiff a-and..."
> She realizes she hasn't really know you for all that long.
> For a moment it looks like she was going to say something, but then she just returns your grin.

> "W-well, if you're a you and I'm a me, I think WE should go get a lunch."

Prompt: The usual about feelings and thinking... Do you want to talk to her more about it on the way there, or try changing the subject? Ask her questions?
Lets talk about Spacemare Spiff on the way.
I am really hungry... Sure, let's go get lunch I don't know when I last ate was.
I do like spacemare Spiff, do you know of anything else like it?
Start to follow her to lunch.
>bloody bead
where'd that come from? did we get a concussion in the bath?
good idea Ocean
we talked about spacemare spiff on the way, i dont know if wed just go right back to it. maybe we can ask about they made?

Since she's self conscious about being friendly to us and we dont know anything about our life, we can ask about hers later and we can be better friends. getting a feeling our partpony is going to need a lot of therapy hugs
Whoops. When I copy pasta'd from note pad I missed a line. You bit you lip wearily, but you have cat fangs and drew a bit of blood.

At work right now on my phone, so no update posts unfortunately.
okay carry on.
some QMs roll with it and I could have seen a big scene at the table if we showed up with a bleeding forehead while we were already seated
What's a partpony?
>part pony
>partly pony
>pony of parts
>What's a partpony?
That's the burning question everyone wants to know now isnt it?
Is it referring to us, or our friend Ocean. Because she seems like she needs more hugs than us
>She seems like she needs more hugs than us
cant it be both? they basically need eachother even if they cant tell. the MC is traumatized by what we are, needs some consoling, hugs and acceptance to help us get over how we look, which if we cant is only going to be bad for our esteem. And she needs a friend to listen and break out of her timid shell for not doing things by the book.
>mfw I was one of the people who made pony ocs out of the flavor teams
>embraced the shitposting and took a side in the battle
>Aprilfools is here and it sucks, nothing but circlejerking
Remind, how is this cyoa thread-related. Barely bootleg, not even waifu.
File: The perfect boy is a mare.jpg (388 KB, 1200x1600)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
All is fair in love and mare.
>reverse trap
>adorable filly
>not even waifus
are you even trying with your bait?
File: sdg40gk3.jpg (166 KB, 536x402)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
2 out of 3 ponies are concerned with your statement. 1 of 3 is aroused.
Not really

None of them look like artificial waifus. Unless writefag introduces a plot twist where these are runaway droids, hiding in rural area, they are not very close to OP description.
another case of purple being best
give her a little boop with our soft paws for reassurance when we're at the door before we head to dinner
Every post you complain without posting a bootleg, is a post I don't care what you say.
I hope it gets its own thread but please stop complainimg
>"Those that can, do. Those who cant even, scream into the void in the middle of the night on an anonymous peruvian cave painting board"
We come from beyond the board, for your waifus. Resistance if futile
Yeah, I've heard it a hundred times in /spg/, and how did it end?

Funny you should say that.

What the green needs is an excuse, a small paragraph to connect the lore to thread topic, and there's plenty of time and options here. I even suggested a little something in the previous post. So, again, what makes it bootleg aside from every cyoa's favourite mishmash of limbs? If you have an update coming, I'll gladly read it.
Counter proposition.
>find them a husbando who will waifu them
>don't take any waifus and we get to show them some hot monkey dick.
we dont know what longname has planned for the cyoa, and it literally just started so have some patience will you? he knows very well what this thread is about since he lurked it for months.
Being in the box is a prison. Being out of the box is torture. What will these poners do?
File: The Extended Family.jpg (134 KB, 890x482)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I found the sisters.
welp another time i was trying to write a new green and i end up in the hospital. fml
What happened?
I've been sick for longer then a month. Flu with post nasal drip in my throat. I took SAM-e to kick me out of depression but found out later that you're not supposed to take it on a compromised immune system, which can promote a growth of the bacteria. Well a couple days ago I was feeling pretty good. but then just the other night worse than ever so I upped the amount of stuff I was taking to fight it off.

While i was writing up something for an april fools bootleg green I had a fever that hit me out of the blue, it was hard to walk trying to find a thermometer, didnt find one gave up and went to lie down. both my hands were tingling like crazy and it was hard to talk with shallow breaths, sometimes not breathing at all and my sore throat from the sickness felt like it burned like crazy.

they dont really know why it happened since i took so many different things, but the culprit they believe is overdosing on vitamins or supplements since i took a combined amount of over the counter stuff and might have shocked my system. it got much much worse at the hospital, the worst part about it is how in both cases i felt completely fine one minute and the next like im going to die when everything starts locking up, tingling and shutting down while my heart and breathing are all over the place. The second time it came in, in the hospital my heart rate was about 150.

the discharge paper says it's a near syconpe, which is just a fancy word of saying nearly losing consciousness, it's a self-defense mechanism your brain uses. but being consious during the whole process just made everything worse, imagine lockjaw over your entire body cramping and muscles tighting refusing to move even got to the point where my throat felt like it was closing up and my lungs were struggling to move before they finally gave me a muscle relaxer and the nightmare ended.
that last bit just made me imagine a grape just having its skin contracting until it pops, this shows one should be really careful with pills even vitamins even just c vitamins but i hope you get better so take care and dont die in your sleep like my 18 old buddies buddy fucking died at new years eve and he was health and sporty just fucking heart stop while sleeping

> You nod.
> Or at least you try to, but your stomach gets it's own two cents in with a loud rumble before you can.
> Ocean Avenue giggles and snorts at your belly's voice, dispelling any remaining pall on her mood.
> "Lets go then, before the flowers get all soggy and yucky. Don't want your tum to get any angrier right?"
> You huff, trying to hide your embarrassment as you saunter towards the door.
> You do a very poor job.
> The filly pats you on your back with a smile as she passes in front of you.
> Or tries to, you're tall enough standing that she just touches the side of your back-plating.
> "Don't worry, my tum is loud too when I'm hungry. Aunt Cherry says it's 'cuz there is a monster in there, and if I don't eat my asparagus it gets upset."

> As she guides you downstairs and to... Wherever it is you were going to eat, you get a chance to see more of the house.
> As you pass through the hall and see other rooms, you catch more glimpses of the rare piece of furniture covered in white sheets.
> It almost makes it look like the snow banks from Spacemare Spiff's adventure in the laundry room.
> You really liked the book, even though you were only able to get a book and a bit into the anthology.

"Hey Ocean Avenue?"
> "Mmhm?"
> She does a hop mid step, and starts walking backwards while talking.
> "What's up?"
"I really like Spacemare Spiff. Are there any other books like that?"
> She squees happily at the topic.
> "Yup! Maybe later tonight I can take you to the library!"

> A library?
> A whole library in a house?
"No way, you don't have a whole library. It's probably just a room with some book shelves."
> "Yuhuh! It's true.. It's mostly empty, but we have a library here. Mum even let me choose a section to be mine, and it has alllll my books."
> This isn't a house apparently.
> Not even a mansion.
> It's more like palace.
> Built in the middle of a swamp and almost entirely empty kind of palace.
> But that's more palace than you've ever seen, so it's still really cool.

> "Oh, maybe Aunt Cherry will let us have a bookcamp tonight. She did say I was a very good girl this trip."
"A... What?"
> The pegasus giggles, waving a wing at you.
> "A bookcamp. I cooould tell you, but where's the surprise in th-"
> She bumps into something, causing her to lose balance and slip forwards onto the floor.

> The bumpee is Miss Chery, who is rubbing her forewhead in disbelief with her wing.
> "Ocean dear, how many times have I told you to not walk backwards? You're going to get hurt or break something. I'm sure that's not the kind of surprise you want to get excited about."
> For a second Ocean freezes on the floor.
> Then mumbles and covers her face with her wings.

[Judge Intentions 3k2 - (14) Minimal Success]

> Cherry Street sighs again, her wings relaxing a bit.
> She pauses just a moment, and her tone shifts slightly as she helps Ocean up to her hooves.
> "How about we just focus on those sandwiches we made, hm? You wanted to show them off to your new friend right?"
> She tosses you a look when she mention 'new friend'.
> You're not sure what the look means.
> Maybe she doesn't either.
> "Oh... Right."
> OCean puts on a weak smile and starts leading again.
> This time with you and her aunt in tow.

Prompt: Observations the PC makes? Feelings towards Cherry or Ocean? Comments on the house?
I like Ocean, but I'm uncertain about Cherry. Also, why is everything covered in sheets?
ocean looks like shes more scared of cherry than us despite how she looks. we'll have to ask about it later, i dont like how she was freezing up and hid behind her wings. but it would make a scene with cherry if we brought it up now.
This place is absolutely huge, we're not going to get lost in here are we? I'm pretty hungry already walking around lost wouldn't be fun.
Let's attempt small talk with Cherry to dispel some uncertainty between us. Ask her about the manor and how she feels living in such an odd home.
File: 1552774801422.png (142 KB, 500x594)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Did art anon die? Will we ever see all four of these poners together in full color?
File: Spoiler Image (1.29 MB, 1000x750)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
>did art anon die?
well one of us almost did. I had a big electrolytes imbalance and yes you can die from that.
agreed and support
so we have two that nearly died thats scary
read both posts on who almost died. it's the same guy with the same diagnosis. trying to write and draw for bootlegs
what about this one >>33693323 and why'd he delete it?
Let's give both of them space. I feel like there is a lot of tension that we shouldn't be butting into.
this is probably the best option. cherry already has a bad impression of us when they first picked us up and it hasnt even been a day. file this in the back of our mind but dont make trouble now
sorry, guna take at least one more day for me. i feel pretty much normal, but ive got to do all sorts of paperwork and sending off things to the family who want to get to the bottom of what caused it so I dont go through it again. but I still have the file open, so shes not forgotten.
File: Luna Wink.gif (981 KB, 500x348)
981 KB
981 KB GIF
You take however much time you need to get better. I'd rather have a player be healthy and able to enjoy the CYOA than being miserable and feeling obligated to make art. Also, going to be writing up a post soon. If you wanna put in a vote now'd be the time.

> Your curiosity is hard to keep.
> Why is the house so big
> Why is everything covered in sheets?
> Why does Ocean get all shy and scared when she does something wrong?
> Even more whys form at the edge of your thoughts.

> You restrain your burgeoning questionnaire though.
> Even though you want to open your mouth, you don't.
> It's a very uncomfortable feeling, since you normally like talking.
> Maybe it's one of those adult feelings with strange names?
> Probably, adults were dumb sometimes but they had lots of good words.

> Eventually you reach the end of the hallway and it opens up into a large room.
> One entire side has curved glass walls, overgrown with vines and letting the warm sun in.
> There are six tables as well, solid pieces of stone that are arranged in a semi-circle around a pool in the center that spreads up to the very edge of the wall.
> The center table is the only one that has chairs around it.
> The rest are without companions, but everything is covered in the same white fabric as you've seen else where.
> Again the scope and grandeur of this place seems completely off with the number of ponies here.
> More questions, but you still hold you lip.
> Actually stepping into the room the scent of flowers and seawater fills your nose.
> The dread that weighed on Ocean Avenue floats off her wings, dispersing without further fuel to feed it.
> "We'll take care of the sheets dear, why don't you get the platter out for us?"
> "Okay Aunt Cherry, should I bring the tea too?"
> "Can you handle that much at once?"
> Ocean Avenue taps her chin with a wingtip for a moment, then smiles with a pleasant huff.
> "Nah, I better make two trips. I don't want to spill anything."
> With that she retreats to through one of the doors on the wall opposite of the glass.
> Cherry takes on of the sheets over a chair with her maw and pulls it off.
> Not wanting to seem lazy or uncaring, you take a corner of the sheet in one paw and pace backwards.
> The gentle clinking of your legs draws a momentary glance from Cherry, who is now sitting down and folding the sheet with her hooves and wings.

[Judge Intentions 3k2 - (21) Success]

> "Nice to see your in the mood to help."
> She has already returned her gaze to the sheet by the time she quips.
> For a moment you feel a heat in your cheeks, but...
> Something about the fact she feel the need to watch you makes you relax.
> Feeling a bit more comfortable you pull one of the sheets off of the chair with your paws.
> Then you watch Cherry masterfully fold the sheets with her wings and hooves and mouth.
> You could try doing that with your paws, but you only have two of them compared to Cherry's two hooves; two wings; and a mouth

> Instinctively you feel a warm sensation in your head.
> You have a horn?
> You feel a bit of dizziness, but shake your head.

> After watching cherry fold her sheet with the help of her four limbs and mouth, you realize it'd be silly to try to do that with only two paws.
> You could try using magic to fold it.
> Do you even have any experience using magic?
> You feel a bit of dizziness, but shake your head.
> After watching cherry fold her sheet with the help of her four limbs and mouth, you realize it'd be silly to try to do that with only two paws.
> Especially when you know a little bit of telekinesis.
> ... Okay, maybe just a tiny amount.
> You've grown up with it so you know some very basic 'grasping' telekinesis.
> But your experience is limited to just the most basic of motions.
> Still you really want to try and get on Cherry's good side.
> Or at least show her you're not going to be dead weight on Morning Dew's hip.
> You almost start to push your desires through your horn, but pause.
> Thinking about it, maybe you should just let her do it.
> She clearly has a better grasp on folding than you do...
> You might just screw up and make a mess of things if you tried to push yourself.

Prompt: Attempt to use magic to fold it? Try to do it with your paws? Hand it to her?
Use telekinesis to hold it in place, but use our paws to fold it. We don't know how *strong* our magic is, so we don't want to risk tearing the sheet.
Maybe we can use our magic when we're feeling better and not as hungry. Plus we should try it when we won't accidentally embarrass ourselves.
Fold it with our paws trying to be careful.
just try to fold with our paws. it might take longer but have more confidence in our paws than horn. if we're having difficulty then we can ask Cherry for help to show us how to do the complex folds but just handing it to her would be rude. After we offered to help I think we'd give it our best shot
feeling pretty good today so il probably be able to get back on the horse later.
Disregard paws, utilize magic!
well. it might be time to vote again v:)
for morning dew's color scheme
File: file.png (1.15 MB, 1222x937)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Sorry I drew her off the page. poor planning. hows this look? does this qualify enough as a milf for you guys? I also did a tweak making her smile since that was in the cyoa. but i dont know which to go with.
It looks great, you did an amazing job. And between you and me she's pleeeenty milf.
File: file.png (994 KB, 1139x834)
994 KB
994 KB PNG
smile or no smile? incidentally, if i took off one of the color layers for her hair I dig her mane as silvery too. anyones free to make color suggestions too.
I think she smiled when she saw us getting along with Ocean Avenue, but was otherwise stressed with the book she was reading. I think both smile and frown work.
Oh, and why make her man some sort of faded uh.... Dew color? Idunno im not good at color theory.
File: file.png (1.1 MB, 1246x917)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
I was kind of going for a faded grassy sort of look since and blues but now since you said that I cant unthink it's closer to Mountain Dew.

So here's an alternate mix of greens and a little more yellow (morning). she looks closer to related to Ocean the more yellow/blue way, even if pony colors mean little to nothing for genetics.
I think the non smile works better just because of her generally tired look. But the smile works to offset that look, making her still seem tired but satisfied or happy so it's a nice contrast.
Damn anon. Hope you're doing well
dem breeding hips
Agreed more of a tired smile face her frown feels so weird looking at it
I think a frown works, but not the toothy frown like in >>33699995
>frown feels so weird looking at it
how so?
It looked to low at the muzzel looking unatural
Also why would she be frowning
I would cuddle a bootleg horse
not really a frown, just a relaxed lip. her eyebrows arent pointed down so coupled with the lower eyelids she just looks tired.
She's having to read over important stuff for work I'm guessing?
alright so whats cherry street / cherry lane going to look like to differ from cherry bubble?
So, if we get the opportunity we should absolutely get boots on all our legs right?
but why tho
To get a bootleg waifu.
>no carlos pic
use paws and magic, but more paws
Can't, on phone and the board was near death.
>>33711455 (checked)
il consider your crime pardoned for the greater cause of your dubs.
Still doing good work. I too am phone, otherwise I would post concerned poner with boots shooped on
Okay. going to try something new. I havent written in a while so it might be a rusty start
>You're anon... and you just recently had a big X marked off on your calendar.
>Let me tell you that it sucked, that day specifically had been a thorn in your side.
>Every time that number of that year rolled around you were the butt-end of every joke.
>But this year, this year might have been the worst of them all.
>Yes it was /that/ day again.
>April Fool's
>Just thinking about it again just brings back bad memories.
>Ever since you were a kid you've been an easy target and
>Memories of bucket after bucket being dropped on your head soaking your head and shirt as you entered into a class room, laughter exploding after building up from silent snickering as you found your seat drenched and dripping.
>Every spitball and whoopie cushion, all the cheap store bought imitation tar paint and the plastic feathers that came along with it.
>It never really changed either, once you grew up the same pranks found you again and again, and some new ones too.
>A classroom or an office. It didn't really make a difference.
>You were just always the butt-monkey of choice.

>Sometime later you found some refuge in a dumb cartoon show, eventually you tried to just stop caring.
>You embraced that shit hard and everything that came with it.
>Maybe people thought you were a push over in real life, and maybe they were right
>But in that space you were an invincible force.
>The world always seemed to find a way to fuck with you on that day, but hey at least you had ponies.
>The colorful coats, the way they smiled and waved their frilly stylish manes.
>A bat of their long eyelashes settling on a come hither look.
>A wink
>And that plot.
>Sweet /Celestia/ those plots. It's enough to kill a man.
>The attraction was all too real.
>It wormed its way into your head quite early, and stole you away from everything else.
>You used to be into all kinds of shit, but those days are over now.
>Like a lantern in the fog came on, and suddenly you were drawn to it.
>You could see the truth.
>Everything else faded away leaving only the purity of the four letter word.
>Not just pony, but beyond that, something that you yearned for and never knew you wanted.
>Who can really blame you? Those beings were perfection, some kind of godly combination of cute and sexy.
>No one could have merely came up with it themselves, some of those you talked to were convinced it had to have been ordained as a vision.
>It was nice to believe.
>You had started to believe it too.

>They had been burned into the dreams of the one everyone called 'Mom' until the day she put it down on paper and history was made.
>The thick thighs of an earth pony, toned muscles of an athlete after a sweat, a bubbly fuzz butt.
>The way that a sun-kissed sun-butt would look in the morning rain.
>Even the more exotic ones like the black bug got a little something out of your dick.
>You loved every last one, it's impossible to pick from any.
>So you decided you wouldn't try.
>You would go for a different plan. To have them all.
>It's what every red-blooded man would do isn't it?
>A harem of voluptuous mares waiting for you. Ah it would be like /heaven/!
>Like flavors of different candies all wrapped up nice and tight.
>Any one you could pick for the day, and anyone you could pick for the night.
>They made everything better...
>or so you thought.
File: 1542959766711.png (477 KB, 700x600)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
Is there more of this?
Since everyone's all over the place, I'm gonna say it's Paws + Magic, with an emphasis on quality over speed. Each raise increases the DC 5. Raises happen when you try to improve the quality of an attempt where 'doing more/better' would make the action itself harder. In this case, attempting to do a perfect fold is easier to fail than a sloppy one. In the future I'll prompt when a raise declaration would be necessary.

[1 Raise][Telekinesis 4k3 - (27+5) Great Success]
[1 Raise][Moves 3k3 - (15+5) Success]
[Willpower 1k1 - (6) You take 4 stress damage]

> You grab two corners of the sheet and hold them high as you turn away from the table and sit yourself down.
> Then you imagine your desires, pushing them through your horn into reality.
> ... And then the other edge of the sheet take on a deep green glow.
> Carefully lifting the corners in your paws you bring the far corners close.
> When the two edges meet within the glow, you let go.
> The sheet holds still in the air, and you reach down to grab the bottom and repeat again.

> Once more you fold it, but now you need to fold it the other way.
> You focus, trying to image your desire precisely.
> You feel the world push back ever so slightly, but it doesn't resist as your glow spreads round the corner and turns the entire sheet 90 degrees.
> Then you fold once, and twice.
> With the sheet exquisitely folded, you turn around and hover it over pile that Cherry Street had started.

> Your desires manifested the deep green light begins to fade, blinking out entirely when the sheet meets the pile.
> You feel a slight headache as the now empty desire returns to you.
> You close your eyes for a moment though, and it fades.
> When you open them again you see Cherry Street looking at you intently, as she places the final sheet on the pile.
> Or rather, your horn.
> Then they drift down to your eyes.
> She chews her lip.
> Without warning though looks away with a contrite smile, then back again with a soft look.

> "A-aha-a-aaa.... Phew!"
> Before either of you can say anything though, Ocean Avenue comes stumbling through one of the side doors faster than she probably should.
> She has a large platter on her back, supported by two outstretched wings.
> Said wings are trying to lift a tipping side back up, and she's compensating by moving in the that direction.
> Before any of the sandwiches can fall though, she manages correct herself.
> Conveniently right in front of the table.

[Your relationship with Cherry Street has improved]
[You are at 4 of 40 Stress. You are not suffering any stress penalties at the moment.]

Prompt: How do you feel about what just happened? Offer to help Ocean Avenue with the platter? What sorts of things do you want to talk about over lunch?

Sorry for being absent. I have the next week starting on Monday off and my work is putting me to the grinder to make up for it.
help her with the platter possibly having her rest a wing on our back so she does not tip to the side
there will have to be.
>stress penalties
that doesnt sound good.

I'm sure our sphinx muscles could help her out. theres no reason a filly should do it all by herself.
Must do moah magic. Gotta try eating food with magic, but failing that and being unable to catch fallen food, eat the food off the ground.
Not that I want to eat food off the ground. Just saying, if we fail to catch it, waste not want not.
talk about them while eating
Help carefully take the sammiches off her back to be placed onto the table. THEN try magicing up food to face.
>Later after private browsing sessions, it came back.
>With the high of living out your fantasies, that old sensation would creep back once the rush passed.
>The same one you've known for basically your whole life.
>Occasionally it would hit you in the middle of the night, or if not then, it would come the very next day after you drifted off to sleep.
>A cool breeze running through your hair, the subtle embrace of soft laughter and prickling sensation on top of grass.
>And then you would be abruptly jerked away by a loud beep and land right back to where you started.
>A shadowed room, only dimly lit by another colorful plastic pony-shaped nightlight in the corner.
>Synthetic sheets, man made.
>Everything around you was fake.
>An empty bed. With no one, and definitely no pony to share it with.
>Life had cruelly made you born a chump faggot on the Earth.
>You were human, and that was it.
>Stranded on this god-forsaken rock that seems to get worse every day.
>Unable to reach that utopia in your dreams, the one you used to see on the screen every day.
>They weren't real to anyone and could never be.
>No matter how much you clung to your pillow-y pony pals.

>You'd spent some of your savings and splurged again.
>Sure, you were more than willing to show your power level to anyone!
>But more often than not, that didn't turn out so hot.
>It's easy to just share your passion with people you never see and might never know, but hard to explain it to someone who doesn't already get it, you know?
>You've screwed your chances a number of times on a potential date.
>And you think you lost some friends over it too.
>It was becoming a problem to everyone around you.
>Maybe it was a problem.
>Maybe you had a problem.
>Maybe you were the problem.
>That didn't mean you had any intention to stop!
>It's all you have left to turn to in this world for affection.
>There was few things that gave you some security and peace of mind, and this was one of them.
give ocean a smile and a helping paw. we can talk about the house, since cherry is here it'll be something adult ponies know better. what is this place?
I kinda wonder what it'd look like with different fur colors. Brown seems... I dunno, really harsh?
I liked that purple preview
That 'it' is a she, thank you very much!
*over dramatic harrumph*
other colors like what?
yeah but browns won the vote over purple
The vote is never over
but it literally is
maybe we can change colors since we're part changeling. waking up one day and just be a different hue
mines doing the thing again
it always happens between 11pm and 2am or when it's storming

kind of makes sense ehn you think about it would not be strange if we changed body parts suddenly
Not sure about changing whole body parts. But hues and colors would be fun
hint hint QM
Just saying I really like the purple over the brown if we have a shark tail.
>mood swings also change colors all over.
>end up looking like a purple polkadotted LSD trip, half striped and checkered.
>looking at yourself in the mirror makes us nauseous
>Photo Finish would want to make us a modern pony model if she spotted us
changeling puberty is hell.
> Be a model for Photo Finish
> Remember a bad memory on the walkway
> Your color changes
> Suddenly your outfit is clashing
De magiks, ugh its feinished

> Even though she stand stationary, Ocean Avenue still wobbles in place.
> She tries to lift the heavy platter with her wings, to slide it on to the table.
> But she's struggling to lift it high enough.
> So you help, sliding off your chair and lending a paw.
> Much to your surprise the platter seems...
> Not light, but not nearly as heavy as you expected.
> With your paw on one end, she shimmies underneath and takes the handle manages to take the other end in her mouth.
> Together you lift it on the table.
> With a slight clatter, it finds its home.
> Cherry Street leans forward to pull it the rest of the way into the table's center.
> Both you and Ocean take a seat as she does so.

> The platter in front of you has 12 sandwich slices, with a sweet scent wafting from them.
> 11 after Ocean reaches up and grabs a slice and starts to peck away at it.
> You and Cherry follow her lead.
> The sandwich is filled with chopped mixed flowers with a pinkish tangy sauce that tickles your tongue.
> You can't help but smile as you eat.

> The mood of the entire room relaxes as the three of you eat your lunch, with Cherry only momentarily excusing herself to retrieve a pitcher and cups for drinks.
> As you all eat, a question from before bubbles up to your mind.
> The first is about the cloths, which Ocean Avenue is happy to answer.

> "Well, that's because my mum and aunt Cherry and I are gone a lot. Cuz my mum has to travel to visit ponies to sell their homes. So we put sheets on things so they don't get dusty or bleached."
> You're not sure what you we're expecting, but that was a pretty solid answer.
> Mundane, but solid.

Prompt: More questions? ask something specific of Ocean or Cherry? Just finish lunch?
Why do you have such a big house? This place is huge!
How can I magic better.
This house seems awfully big for just 3 ponies. Who lived here before?
Is there any more ponies who are going to be?
this is really good, whats the sauce?
> Ocean in her name
> She made the sammies
> Pink Sauce
Come on, you already know this.
not following anon
Not to be nosey, but where's morning dew?
might have finally come up with part of a name. Tetra
partly so Ocean can call us her big Tetty Bear
Support important questions
she got the sammies, but they could have been made by someone else you know.
File: file.png (969 KB, 1882x750)
969 KB
969 KB PNG
Cherry Lane is more elegant of a name than Cherry Street. But I think one of the ways to differ from the two is longer hair. the question being what kind of a mane to go with. any opinions?
File: 64g2 - Copy.jpg (884 KB, 2060x1504)
884 KB
884 KB JPG
I'll just leave these here. Available at my local wal-mart, and probably your too.
File: tf53h - Copy.jpg (635 KB, 2312x1301)
635 KB
635 KB JPG
you know you want it.
she's a big mare
No joke, I legit do!
Are we going for names now? I vote Charlie.
She made them with Cherry.
File: file.png (316 KB, 499x768)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
here's a quicky before bed. since her head shape is such a big part of her design I didn't g4-ponify her completely
ha nice. very fitting for a unicorn names "Sprinkler"
I like the third.
not very 'equestrian' but i guess 'normal' names can exist too
>she's got a big mouth
She looks adorable!
That pony really makes me wet
Do think Cherry Lane as a name is better, and I like the leftmost mane option. It looks much more elegant.

> The conversation continues as the three of you leisurely enjoy the good weather.
"But, why is the house so big? Did some sort of king live here before?"
> Cherry Lane puts down her cup of ice water.
> "Sort of, it's a rather complicated affair. The short of it is that this used to be the home of the largest plantation owner in the region. He'd invite fellow plantation owners, important ponies, and even the deer that used to live in the forest here for all sorts of events."
> Ocean Avenue nods with the statement.
> "Mmmhm, and they'd have dress up parties with fancy masks too sometimes."
> Cherry giggles under her breath and shakes her head.
> "It's a Masquerade sweetie."
> Her niece's eyes go with and her mouth turns to an O as she remembers.

> "If you're really that interested in the history, you can ask Miss Dew; she has a book on the history of this place in her study."
> Cherry takes another sip, though she quickly aborts her sip and puts the cup down.
> "When she's not busy of course. She has some very important business to attend to that will take some time."
> Ocean Avenue's ears droop and her wings sag as her aunt says that.
> "Really? But sh-..."
> Her disappointment shuffles off into a sigh.
> It prompts a sigh from Cherry Lane, who uses her wing to lift the filly's chin up.
> "Don't worry dear, it will only be a day — two at most 'til she's done."
> Avenue gives a weak smile, but her wings grain some of their firmness and she returns to the meal.

[Etiquette 2k2 - (9) Minimal Success]
[Judge Intentions 3k2 - (18) Great Success]
> You get the feeling that it might not be the best thing to bring up right now.
> Even though she's smiling, her eyes are still heavy.
> Disappointed, but not just at the fact she has to wait.
> You get the feeling she's feeling frustrated as well.
> That she's be reassured like this before.
> Given that she has been on a long trip, you can only guess she hasn't had much time with her mother.
> Perhaps she's tired of being told to wait 'just a bit more'.


> The weight rubs against you poorly.
> You look down to your sandwich, the sauce trickling from the chopped greens within.
> It was your favorite, you always enjoyed the taste of Thousand Island, it reminded of the time you'd spend wi-
> You look down to your sandwich, the sauce dripping on the plate that it sits on.
> It's mildly sweet and sour at the same time, and makes every crunchy bite of chopped greens within uh...
> Bang? Burst? You're not sure how to say it but it's good.

"I really love the sauce you used... Didn't you make these Ocean Avenue?"
> Now her ears perk back up as well, the Filly's eyes blank for a moment of surprised as you jar her from whatever her thoughts were dwelling on.
> Then she snorts in an attempt to giggle, which just makes her laugh harder.
> "Y-yea. Yea! Aunt Cherry helped me with the knife but I got to choose what went in them!"
> She opens her her sandwich as she talks, as if reviewing a page she just wrote.
> "It's Thousand Island, I love how sweet it is and it goes well with onions. I love onions too! They're crunchy but a bit spicy, but not too spicy!"

> The lunch finally begins to wind down as the conversation drifts away to a discussion of chores that need to be done.
> It was mostly boring with Cherry Lane listing off the tasks she'll be doing, and what Ocean Avenue will need to handle.
> "So... I need to clean up the lobby, the study, and the guess room near the stair right. Got it!"
> Ocean Avenue flaps her wings a bit in excitement, energized to tackle the 'freshening' now that she's home again.
> Which shows as she almost falls off seat as she scampers off into the mansion.
> Her Aunt watches her scurry off before getting up herself.

> "Well then, follow me. Can't have you getting lost."
> Cherry Lane picks up the now empty platter with one wing and puts the various cups and plates on it with her other wing.
> Then she picks the pitcher and heads to the door that Ocean had stumbled out of earlier.
> You follow in tow, into the kitchen.
> While not covered in sheets, it is almost entirely empty except for a stack of boxes in the corner and a few bits on the center counter.
> "Be a dear and bring me one of those boxes would you?" She says as she turns on the sink and begins washing what had been used at lunch.
> You do so, though the boxes are so heavy that you have to ease them to the ground and then drag them over.
> When she opens them up you see they are full of neatly arranged plates, which she then tells you to put away.
> She joins in shortly after once finished with washing.
> This continues with the other boxes; when you're not sure where something would go you'd ask and she'd reply.
[Judge Intentions 3k2 - (15) Minimal Success]

"Hey Miss Cherry?"
> You ask as you unpack another box with your paws, looking up to her.
> "Yes?"
"... I uh, how do I get better at using magic?"
> Her face goes blank, then dumbfounded.
> "I... Would guess practice? I'm not sure, but you seemed competent enough for a colt your age."
> She pauses as she sorts some forks out into a drawer.
> "I suppose you'd need a tutor of some sort, I doubt self-learning would be safe with that kind of magic."
> Her voice pops with emphasis when she says 'that', though in concern or distaste you're not sure.

Prompt: Ask anything else? Just keep working until something comes up? How do you feel?

Also, question: Does the character know if they are actually female? Also how would you want to handle the naming, would you rather be named, or have it come to you in a dream, or just remember it, or something else?

Sorry for the weird post splitting, probably could have done it in fewer posts but I wasn't paying attention. Whoops.
File: PyzinYxbM50.jpg (349 KB, 1280x960)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
Just have some small talk while working feel happy in a small way
That's some intense chemotherapy.
I'd go with we don't know we're female as we don't really know much at the moment plus I find that's a more fun angle to explore depending on where this quest goes. And I don't really have any stake in the naming thing but I think being named sounds best.

Screw our face up a little bit in confusion.
With what what kind of magic? What do you mean?
She has no mouth, but she must cringe
> Her voice pops with emphasis when she says 'that
If she doesnt elaborate, then she could at least recommend a book in the library. You can at least lift rocks in the garden or something.
support i am also confused
>Does the character know if they are actually female?
I agree with >>33741283
>Also how would you want to handle the naming
A dream makes more sense to me.
If that's how you want us to be named I'm fine with that.
I was just thinking we could have one of those blurry memory-dream sequences where someone calls our name, and when we wake up we're excited because we remember our name, then Ocean says something along the lines of "Huh... Your name is 'X'? You look more like a 'Y'."
That first part sounds fine, but I kind of thought our name would be foreign enough for her to not be able to tell what gender it's supposed to be for.
But even if it's not I don't know if I want it to be found out so fast that we're a filly. Sure if she just thinks it's weird though that's fine.

> You finish putting away a large pot under the counter.
"That magic?"
> Your fin-mane falls to one side as you tilt your head, your mouth opening slightly in confusion.
> Cherry Lane returns her own look of confusion for a moment, setting down the box of forks she was putting into a drawer.
> An uncomfortable feeling turns her head aside soon after.
> "It's nothing."
> She isn't convincing in the least, as she silently tries to pass her unease for nonchalance while putting away the rest of the forks.
> Leaving the clinking of the silverware to emphasize her attempt.
> The silence persists, and the shelves and drawers replenish.

> As she opens the last box and drags it to the center of the kitchen, she finally stops.
> Then sighs.
> Then shakes her head with a huff and sets her eyes on you.
> When she sees you tense, she returns to her previous sigh.
> "It's changeling magic."
> Her voice seems mechanical, as if her words are being forced out.
> "It's not normal,-"
> As she talks she starts plucking spice canisters from the box and putting them in the holders on the center table.
> With enough force to evoke rattles and clinks.
> "you're not normal,"
> Her motions speed up as she continues.
> "but Morning Dew asked me to be kind to you,-"
> She pulls out a paper towel holder and slams it down with such force that it makes an exceptionally loud clatter.
> Which seems to pull her back from her forced tirade and give her pause.
> She puts out a few more knick knacks, but they are placed without the frantic energy of before.
> "I just don't know what to make of it all, and I..."
> Her words drift off to nothing as she just looks at the holder.
> Or perhaps the hooves that bashed it against the counter.

> Deflated, Cherry Lane takes the now empty box and stacks it on top of the rest.
> "But I guess I'm just yelling at a colt, which doesn't do much other than make me look ridiculous."
> She passes by you, gesturing with a wing to follow as she goes to the door.
> "Look, let's... Let just make a little deal. If you promise to not tell my Niece or Morning Dew of this little outburst of mine, I'll get you a book for magic. That's a fair deal, right?"
> She gives an smile that seems unusually awkward as she puts a wing to the door awaiting your answer.
> Clashing with the poise she carried herself with since...
> Well, the entire short time you've known her.

Prompt: Usual of what do, what say, what think.

For the name, we have Tetra and Charlie as contenders. Keep discussing, the name vote will be decided on soon.
i would not have told them anyway its rude talking behind someones back
so should we go for a name like patch or patchwork?
did something bad happen with changelings and her?
Shift a little uncomfortably.
'Does she really not like me?'
Okay... I promise.
I kind of like both Charlie and tetra as names, Charlie because it's so boyish and Tetra because it fits in with the Egyptian theme well. If there was a more boyish sounding Egyptian name then that would be perfect but do far I'm leaning towards Tetra.
well if we want egyptian theme I got some choices from research
>god of creation and rebirth
>man with scarab beetle head
>considered a female name despite being the name of a god and not a goddess
>egyptian for newly born
>female name but sounds like wallace which is a male name in the west
I like Khepri more, but that might be biased because Wallace is not really a name I'm particularly fond of. Is Wallis said any differently then Wallace similarly how is Khepri pronounced, Eh I guess both of those questions don't really matter since its not like we're going to hear them said.

With all that said I think despite my misgivings that Wallis might be the one to go with, it being so easily mixed up with a male name is hard to pass up. (does that even apply though? It's a human name, but I suppose it might be male griffin name since they have human names.)
at least thats what they sounded like when I looked up pronunciations
on a side-note wallis is more known for its english roots(Its a variation of Wallace) then egyptian roots so maybe its not the best choice, and I have a hard time finding more info on the egyptian roots because of that.
Really? Damn, that's a shame. That name might be out now.

That's a good find.
its very hard to find purely egyptian names, since a lot of egyptian names are actually african or muslim, but used in egypt. However I think I found a pretty good one

Chisisi(Ch-Sigh-See) is egyptian for secret, which I think is kinda fitting

besides this one I couldnt find anything better, so either this or Khepri for egyptian names
Why can't we have a pony name given to us
Hmm... I suppose we vote on those then.
I don't really mind which we go with but I think Chisisi I'd pretty neat.

We technically could but the name coming to us in a dream seems more popular.
we can though, its a vote after all. feel free to make a pony name
Im okay with that name
Kepri Sun
ask what is a changeling?
>Capri Sun
>K(h)epri Sun
that's genius

it gotta be this. it's the perfect mistake of sounding like it could be equestrian, but has a hint of the old life
Anyone interested in some green of this newbie?
Green away mysterious stranger.
That could be really interesting. I would like to see what you are thinking, or at least hear your ideas if you don't green.
You don't need permission silly, go for it.
That's too silly even for me.

i like this fun and fits all the themes
go for it i want to see it
im the one that came up with tetra, wasnt really digging the egyptian naming until this one just clicked
good then I already started writing, I'll post it a bit later tonight when I feel like I have a good chunk built up. I was doing a dripfeed last time I started to write, may have jumped the gun on posting it before having enough to hook some interest.
pausing this, want to come back to it but i have bigger plans for it later. >>33712741
for a little spoiler it will involve >33685073
No idea for a title but here we go.

>Your name's Anon, or at least that what you tell everybody, but that's not important.
>What is, is that Summers' almost always your favorite time of year, but this really isn't really marking up to be one you'd care to remember.
>This time it's been an absolute living Hell. And you've been finding yourself wishing your house was buried under 3 feet of snow right about now...
>Wrapped up in four to five extra layers, nice and comfy as you hibernated for another 3 months.
>Chalk it up to just one of those times where being in Equestria would probably solve all your problems.
>Too hot?
>Just make a small nation-wide fight break out between the Unicorns, Pegasai and Mud ponies and soon a nice cool breeze would roll on in.
>It probably wouldn't even be that hard to do.
>Sure they might be mad at you for a while, but they'd forgive you if you analogized enough and felt reeeally sorry.
>Of course, you'd be a lousy liar already having cartoonishly propped up a hammock or lawn chair.
>but they'd get over it, they're ponies after all!
>Enjoying your momentary utopia where you can have a snow shower in the middle of the year, you can already picture being scolded at by purplehorse and maybe even Spitfire would chew you out for messing with the weather.
>Ponies and their weather schedules are serious business.
>In between her hyperventilating and short-circuiting trying to process such an act.
>"Anon... you nearly caused a WAR and you brought back an ancient evil that because... because you were too STUFFY?"
>"Are you crAZY!?"
>Your only response would be a shrug and introduction to the chilly northern elements right to her face.
>RainbowCunt would join in and then from there it would all snowball, might have even be one of the first ones, knowing her.
>Soon all the danger would be quickly forgotten by the end of a giant snowball fight.
>And maybe even the Windigo would play ball, wouldn't that be a treat?
>Anyone who would have her on their team would have an instant advantage.
>Maybe it would go too far and in the moment she'd accidentally send Equestria into the next ice-age.
>But everyone would end up with a new friend, so no hard feelings.
>Escapsism is great.
>Ponies are great.
>Neither is going to help you deal with your problem when it's too damn hot out to even daydream before too long.
>It's been record breaking temperatures all week and you're sick of dealing with it.
>You've had to wake up in sticky sweat repeatedly, sometimes just losing sleep all together because you're busy being baked into a nice cooked vegetable. That was no way to die.
>Last night was the last straw.
>You practically had to peel yourself out of your clothes and it was sticking to you like it was some kind of a second skin you had to strip off like you were part reptile.
>The heats' only felt like it's been getting worse since your AC broke, probably from overuse.
>Didn't really have a timeline to keep track of when exactly it happened... you just think it sometime last month.
>Then the heatwaves came, and it felt like they'd never leave.

>Today you're not in Equestria, and you might not be able to summon a Windigo into town.
>God knows we needed one.
>But you're going to take matters into your own hands some other way.
>It was time to put the old man's clunker to some use.
>You don't drive out much on the account of all the gas burning a hole in your wallet but today was an emergency. >You kind of feel bad having a hand me down gathering dust in the driveway, but you figured that you're doing some marginal good anyways, what with everyone complaining about emissions and global warming or whatever.
>Didn't really matter if you believed in it or not, just one less thing for people to harp on you about, which is just how you liked it.
>You kept to yourself and your nosy neighbors kept to their own business, the only privacy between you and them was a wooden fence too tall to see over, like in that old TV sitcom.
>Wasnt your idea, but you weren't complaining. It did the job just fine.
>You decided to cash in some of your savings, and put it towards a way out of this sweaty nightmare.
>With the front door now closed, you stuffed your beat up leather wallet into your back pocket.
>Keys twirling in your hands momentarily, you turned and left the door alone as you made your steps down to the old sedan.
>You had considered locking it but that would be pointless around here, you've got nothing to really steal just a collection of junk nobody would want and it's not a ghetto.
>Of course that didn't include the car, but it wasn't really anything to look at either.
>A faded and dull blueish green, the white trim had been peeling paint and flaking off.
>You frowned looking at the state it's in, especially the tires.
>They had started to crack too, with little black veins carved in threatening to turn it into a death trap at any given moment.
"Ah it'll probably be fine..."
>You're not going on a country road trip just an errand run.

>Getting yourself seated in the tanned pleather seats you fired her up and after moment of choking you shared with the car, in the car-now-oven you went to tune the metal nobs only to feel like you just pinched a piece of coal, immediately reflexively recoiling and cursing.
"Ow! son of a cocksock, that's HOT!"
>"Sheesh. if it's already this bad out in the early morning..."
>'Then you don't want to know what it's going to be like later.'
>Using a makeshift cover you grabbed it with your shirt covering your sensitive fingertips and searched through static...
>And after couple blips of what could have been music, you settled the dial and pulled out.
>"-ooking like another sunny day here in-"
>The antenna jerked to the side, the sudden motion of the car sending the radio back in and out of static.
>'Probably should get that fixed sometime'
>The news forecast, not terribly exciting but for what you have in mind, it's an essential piece of the puzzle.
>You'll drive a little slower than usual... and let the antenna settle.
>You listened intently while navigating the many potholes and cracks along the drive that were just part of a daily obstacle course, now and every time you got in the car, that handled more like a boat.
>Plus there's another reason, the one doing the weather forecast was a new girl.
>Sounds kind of like one of those anime girls you used to watch when you were a weeb.
>She just started a few weeks ago and still had that brimming optimism to her, still hopeful before having those hopes grind into dust on this Earth.
>If you weren't such shit at socializing, a parallel universe you would probably drive down to the station to ask her out.
>And then parallel you would immediately make an ass out of yourself because you don't even know her name.
>"Today we're headed for the upper 90s and even climbing into the 100s later in the week yow!"
>Groaning from the news and dreaded looking ahead, looks like Mother Nature had it out for you this month, or was it Sunbutt giving you some kind of divine punishment? You mused.
>You can't think of any way you could have 'offended her' and shrugged it off. You don't really believe in that kind of stuff anyways, some people were just loopy but it's fun to think about now and then.
>You hope you have enough to cover all the necessities to not land yourself in debt.
>Or bigger debt anyways.
>But at least it's kind of comforting having a passenger to listen to, even if they weren't really there with you.
>"Make sure that you're inside, you don't want to get caught out in the sun and end up toasting your buns"
>You chuckled to yourself pulling up to the parking lot before finally turning in and parking the car.
"Thanks weather girl, but this guy has a little something different in mind."
>"And stay hydrat-"
>With a turn of the key you brought silence to the radio, and only the birds nearby picked it up.
>Slapping the sedan's door shut, they immediately scattered and you strolled into the market.
>You had a busy day ahead of you, but you're ready for anything.

>The line was longer than you had expected.
>Way, way longer than it has any right to be.
>Or maybe that's just due to how many different places you've been today that it's all kind of blurred together?
>You began listing off those so called 'necessities which were anything but.
"Let's see fans, popsicles, a whole lot of bagged ice from the gas station. Water's covered"
>It's around mid afternoon now with the sun fully beating down on you, you're sweating but you cant help but smile.
>You've been back and forth a couple times to your place but the last trip was well worth it.
>Even with all the looks you got in the line after you wound up, a grown man in the toys isle of the local super-market.
>Yet again.
>No stranger to these sorts of isles since picking MLP up, but this time you were in for a surprise along side your main draw.
>A large box sitting by it's lonesome self on the bottom shelf caught your attention
>It was crammed into the water toys section along side the knockoff SUPER-Soakers.
>Kneeling down to a squat.
"Hel-lo~, what do we have here?"
>You traced your fingers along the face of the bold black letters reading it aloud.
"Ginormous Unicorn SPRINKLER..." "Over 6 feet tall"
>You let out a little whistle, genuinely impressed.
>Now here's a Summer toy, where was this kind of stuff when you were a kid?
>Actually come to think of it, would you care back then since My Little Pony was just for girls?
>Ignoring the part where people you've met, and even more people you haven't that would tell you it's still only supposed to be.
>Never heard of them, but looks like they're doing everything right.
>It's a pony, so that's already a win.
>She looked cute if a little stubby.
>Closed thick stencil eyelashes, really helped bring a tranquility to the design.
>But a bright white 'coat' with a long wild mane of three twisting crayon like colors painted on suggested a completely different nature.
>Even though it's just paint, she looked wet.
>And it suited her with a big gray horn atop her head where all the water shoots out of for all the kids to run under their very own rainbow.
>They really knew what they were doing!
>You were a little envious of the idyllic family on in picture, but it quickly passed.
>You know...
>Now that you think of it she she kind of looked a little familiar, like you've seen her somewhere before?
>Well that's going to be in the back of your mind for a while, but you quickly pushed that thought aside getting right back on track.
>Not official merch.
>But MLP isn't the phenomenon that it used to be, so people moved on and stores went back to normal.
>Besides, Hasbro wouldn't ever make something as cool as this.
>But who knows?
>She might have even made someone's waifu if she was more in a g4 style and put on the show
>Grinning from ear to ear, you just found the ideal companion to share your afternoon with.
>The box was a little beat up around the edges but otherwise looked like it was in good shape, and it was the last one here!
>She'll go hand in hand with your main prize of the day, a JUMBO kiddie pool.
>They probably put her there just so it would be easy for those little gremlins to pick up and cart off to their moms and their collective "I want it" would eventually make the mom cave.
>'Clever girl'
>Rubbing the palms of your hands together in excitement.
"She's Perfect!"
I like it pls keep going
that's all i've got written for this update chunk. but feel free to give me some input on what you think she should be like.
nod and take the deal. don't know what upset her but dont want her to get worse if we didn't take the deal.
That was a surprisingly fun read, great work!
>ywn pull a Homer with a giant white, serene, unicorn looking over you.
thanks anon,
i wont be able to get back to it for a bit since I'm a slow writer but I hope that the next update is as well received.
I learned my lesson on spending way too long in the setting introduction the last time I wrote anything. but wasnt sure if this would feel rushed
The more I see it, the more I'm not happy with voting brown.
Agree to the book and don't forget to say your thank you's.
Let's ask her, what are we?
I'm sticking with my vote of Charlie. A "strange" name for such a strange creature.
suprisingly fun
what were you expecting?
>leftist most mane or third mane
do we need to have a vote?
>1 vote leftmost, 2 votes right
>Do we need a vote?
Doesn't really look like it IMO.
yeah maybe not
File: file.png (471 KB, 925x929)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
been a bit, but im still alive. tried to do a little bit of a merge of both manes. thoughts?
So elegant!
File: file.png (832 KB, 853x922)
832 KB
832 KB PNG
Now in scribble color.
File: file.png (810 KB, 804x912)
810 KB
810 KB PNG
I added green because of the real color of stems from cherries, but i might like her eyes as a more ruby red.
alternatively suggest some colors. dont want to end up in the limbo of our MC colors
She must look stunning in a white sundress and hat, oof.
But limbo colors are best
only if you're part changeling where your coat might end up differently depending on the stars alignment
What's the term for aunt youd like to fuck?
you mean fucc
File: Krazy-Kelly.png (362 KB, 1200x1200)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
new bootleg cereal box poner
>>33747276 >>33755311 >>33762559
I did the crotchboobs pic, so if anyone wants an edit here without the crotchtits then I'd probably get to one next week
We do have changeling magic apparently. ITS GREEN EVEN
>try to use changeling magick to transform
>only our hindlegs change
>Be Kepri Sun
>You need to use stealth
>try to use changeling magick to transform
>everything but our hindlegs change.
I thought our colors changed like a mood ring.
not established in the cyoa so far
I have a Kraving for Krazy
havent been able to write much but want to get back to sprinkler this weekend. do you think small updates would be preferred over waiting between chunks?
its up to you honestly. this thread is kinda slow except when theres something to discuss
yeah that's how it's always been. for whatever reason people stopped spitballing and discussing anything like any other thread. no prompts either. ive thought about if the general needed some time to rest but people still bumped it or kept making the OP when its on life support.

Like I've said for awhile, i really think there's good potential in the idea of the thread, just never really explored or talked about. The cyoa is good because it replaces the need for life-support but we need some other stuff too. I've got too many bootleg ideas and not enough time to write em.
its just the way things go nowadays. some threads are literal graveyards of bumps and imagedumps. its sad really. Thats kinda why i like the cyoa. it helped breathe some life into this thread
> Thats kinda why i like the cyoa. it helped breathe some life into this thread
yeah same, even if there's not really a solid tie to the general so far.

I'm awful with making prompts, so all I can do is write or draw but i'm slow at both and basically there's no regulars left. I thought the writefag behind apuljiyak would stick around but he burned himself out. I'm the writefag behind Twill, but after the mold issue. it's been so long after finally being able to get back to normal life to start writing that again, or get back into the flow. That's why I wanted
to start Sprinkler off with a jumpstart, I wasted so much time on Chapter 1 in MLH
File: Spoiler Image (816 KB, 833x1094)
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816 KB PNG
Lower our tail and ears a little.

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