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Previous thread: >>33566700
(Archive Link: http://yuki.la/mlp/33566700)

>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

Are you new and want to write your own story but have no previous experience?
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https://pastebin.com/g4VpEg4f (clop specific)

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Featured Story:
Helping Her (Scootaloo) by HeliAnon
- Part 1: https://pastebin.com/j5aR9qWb
- Part 2: https://pastebin.com/8CST2NS4
- Christmas: https://pastebin.com/3hBLqyNm
- Part 3: https://pastebin.com/MMCxe9E4

Most Recently Completed Story:
Restoration of Equestria (Twilight Sparkle) by Mirta
- https://pastebin.com/FbpLXZ9z

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Bedfillies are better than bedmares
File: 1552591953062.png (578 KB, 1280x1324)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
you have good taste. i want to teach her how to shitpost
Spoon is superior bedfilly.
Unfortunately his master chained her and made her live in the yard as if she were a dog without being able to bathe and among his filth
>can be a really happy bedfilly and future lovely wife
>literally walking garbage got her instead
This isn't fair
The slavery not fair kemosabi
>really happy bedfilly and future lovely wife
>as a slave, brought to an alien planet in chains and sold to her “”husband”” for cash
This isn’t fair, or realistic. Guinea pig guy raised a similar issue on the last thread.
File: 1552515768967.png (2.04 MB, 3000x2500)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
File: Slave Cherry Twins.jpg (363 KB, 1700x2200)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
I really should get back to writing more about Blocky. I'd think she's who some of you guys have more attachment to. Until then, well, here's another drawing.

Stella Cherry and Cherry Sweetheart are twins who seem to be taking well to their newfound enslavement. Maybe their master is kind, because each day they wait for him to come home with eagerness. Either that or they've been fully integrated into the slave life. Who knows?

(Also they're British because their creator is British).
>British twins
>Eager to please
>Waiting for Master each day in lewd outfits
Be still, my throbbing dick...
Vega when? (both)
We might have seen the last of foalnapper Vega, but I sure hope OUR Vega is alive and well! It’s been a while...
The purple one has poor self control and her owner isn't much better.
>pic related
Time to nerf his favorite as punishment
Good girl example
Does Alcor know about our thread? It might be up his alley.
>cumming inside mouth
This is dangerous, the pegasus would get addicted to the taste of her master
>Starlight has become more accepted than Nyx
File: 1544136304179.png (817 KB, 1280x907)
817 KB
817 KB PNG
Ah yes, the superior race.
File: 1520298431975.gif (1 MB, 320x388)
1 MB
If Pegasi are good girls and unicorns are literal shit, what about Earth ponies?
>”Hello, can I help you with something?”
>The contrast between the salesman's words and his gruff voice penetrated into Celestia's dream.
>”I'm looking for some muscle to help me at work. Do you have anyone big and strong for sale?”
>The other voice was neutral.
>It belonged to a male human.
>That was all she could tell.
>”Yeah. They got us a new earth pony stallion the other day. I'll show you.”
>Thick steel bars were the first thing Celestia saw as she cracked open her eyes.
>Beyond the bars was the employee break room with its dirty microwave, sputtering coffee machine, and threadbare sofa.
>”This one? He looks good but I'm searching for a strong pony, not a pretty pony.”
>A dull pain radiated from her shoulders and hindquarters.
>Those parts pressed against the bars of her cage despite how she'd tried to curled up.
>At least she fit under the patched and scratchy blanket she had.
>”Uh, well... There's another one. They said she's strong but her record is... bad. She's in the back room. Follow me.”
>They were coming to see her?
>That meant a chance they'd let her out of the cage.
>Then she'd get to stretch the worst pain out of her muscles.

>The door swung open and two men strode in.
>The first was the thick, burly and strong-jawed shopkeeper, and the second was someone Celestia had never seen before.
>He had an average build, was of average height, had a face that said nothing to her, and wore clothes that didn't stand out.
>”Well she's big, all right. Looks delicate, though.”
>She tried to meet his eyes.
>He was only interested in her hooves, and studied her like she was a piece of furniture.
>Her hooves, and her flank.
>Hey, my eyes are up here.
>Is what she wanted to say.
>Or just anything, to make them treat her like a living being.
>”Do you want a better look? I can let her out for a while.”
>But she'd learned that loose lips led to punishment, so she pretended not to notice how he stole glances of how her butt was squished against the bars.
>For a second, her collar felt like it was made of solid lead.
>They'd shock her if she said something.
>Or maybe they just wouldn't let her on her daily walk?
>”Can you show me her papers first? I'm not paying any extra for the horn and wings combo, nor for the fancy mane, and you said she has a bad past. Let's have a look at that first.”
>”Oh, yeah. I'll go get them. Just a minute.”
>The burly salesman patted his pockets before rushing out of the room.

>”That cage is too small for you.”
>He looked at the sofa, gave it a try with his hand, then sat on it.
>It creaked as he put his weight on it.
>”It's no good for your spine. Do they ever let you out?”
>He met her eyes this time.
>His brow furrowed as he rubbed the stubble on his chin.
“Yes. Every day. I heard them talk about ordering a bigger cage, but it'll take a while before it gets here.”
>”How long have you been here?”
“Four days, I think. They've let me out for 'a daily walk' four times now.”
>The door swung open again.
>”They weren't where I thought they were. Sorry for the delay.”

>”Age: Unknown, Past: Classified, Training: Classified.”
>Celestia's potential new owner tapped a finger on the stack of papers he'd got.
>”That's a lot of red flags right there. Makes me feel like you're hiding something.”
>The alicorn squeezed into one corner of her cage the best she could.
>She stretched a rear hoof towards the opposite corner.
>Age: over 1000, Past: Ruler of Equestria, Training: shown that misbehaving results in having to watch other ponies get beaten.
>They were afraid other ponies would rally around her if they kept her in the same room.
>Or so she'd heard.

>”I said she has a bad past. That's why she's so cheap.”
>Celestia switched hooves and stretched her other rear hoof.
>The ache in her hindquarters started to fade.
>”Hm. She's cheap, all right. Makes me think there's something wrong with her. But...”
>There wasn't anything she could do about her shoulders.
>Not while locked in her cage.
>”...I'll take her. On one condition: full refund if I return her in seven days.”
>Her head and her ears perked up.
>And that made her horn knock on the ceiling of the cage.
>She saw nothing but rippling colors for a second.
>A sharp pain radiated from her horn, specifically from the ring on it.


>”I know how to set up her collar so just hand me the keys and the remote. I'm supposed to open shop in 45 minutes and 30 of those will be driving.”
>She was on a leash.
>Like a dog.
>”Uh, okay. Just remember that letting her outside without a collar is illegal. Have a nice day and enjoy your purchase!”
>Not only that.
>Every pony in the store was watching her.
>They all recognized her.
>They all thought her being there meant Equestria had fallen.
>She couldn't tell them that Equestria – a little more than half of it, at least – was safe and mostly untouched.
>All thanks to her and Luna.


>The van's front seat was uncomfortable.
>Her tail squished into the gap between the backrest and the part she sat on.
>The seat belt strapped her hooves in place.
>Her horn kept hitting the vehicle's ceiling.
>At least it was padded so the blocker ring didn’t go crazy.
>”Your name's Celestia, right?”
>The human threw a glance at her before returning his eyes to the road.
>”Well, Celestia, why are both your past and training classified? Did you do something stupid?”
>She shifted a bit on her seat, trying to get her tail out of the hole.
“I lived in Canterlot and worked in the castle. I guess they thought somepony could recognize me and remember their rulers.”
>The seat belt held her in place.
>Her attempt failed, but her tail slid to a slightly less uncomfortable position.
“My 'training' was some sort of experiment, they had me lie in a machine that only buzzed and beeped as far as I could tell.”
>They'd tried to find the source of her magic and why the horn ring only blocked the unicorn parts of it.
>From what she knew, they failed.
>They never said so, of course, but that'd explain why she was sold.

>”A high ranking government pony who's had some sort of experiments ran on her?”
>Celestia's new owner nodded his head.
>”I guess I'll just believe you. For now.”
>He stuck out a hand towards her.
>“I'm Anon. You'll be working for me from now on.”
>She managed to slip a hoof out and stick it in his hand.
>He gripped it firmly and shook it before returning his hand to the steering wheel.
>”I'll try to be a fair owner, but know that I work hard and will expect the same from you.”
“I hope you don't expect me to do anything that requires precision.”
>She glanced at her horn and the thick metallic ring on it.
“I've used magic for that all my life and now it's gone.”
>”Hah! No, I sell car parts and bought you to do the heavy lifting. You're going to carry the parts from my storage to the customers. You're also going to keep the shop open while I search scrapyards for more parts. Then you're going to...”


>”Here we are.”
>The seatbelts' locks clicked as both Anon and Celestia pushed the release buttons.
>”I'll show you around real fast, then it's time to show you the ropes. I hope you're a fast learner.”
>Celestia wedged her hoof between the handle and the door.
>It was just enough, and the door swung open.
>She swished her tail back and forth as soon as her hooves hit the parking lot's pavement.
>Finally free of the tail trap.
“I'm more of a teacher, but Starswirl did call me gifted back when I was his student.”
>She glanced up at the blue sky and the gray clouds rolling overhead.
>It'd been far too long since she'd had a chance to fly.
>So long the massive flight muscles on her back twitched for action.
>”My system isn't exactly complex. I'm sure you'll get it in no time.”

>”We got about 20 minutes. Do you need to eat something, or can we get right into it?”
>The lock rattled and clicked.
>He pulled the door open.
>Celestia stared at him for a split-second as her brain processed his words.
“Uh, no thank you. I already had breakfast.”
>”Did I say something I shouldn't have?”
>Anon arched a brow at her.
“It's been so long since anyone has asked what I want that I forgot what to do. That's all.”
>”Okay then.”
>Anon shrugged.
>”You just look a bit bony.”
>He cast one more glance at her and how her ribs were visible through her coat.
“My previous owners insisted everyone gets an equal share, despite me never seeing another pony in that place. The shop fed us based on weight, though, so I'm fine.”

>”Here's the kitchen. The tap water's good to drink, so don't go thirsty.”
>Celestia peeked into the room and saw nothing out of the ordinary.
>Fridge, oven and stove, cupboards, table, chairs.
>And a folded newspaper on the table.
“Mind if I take a look at that?”
>She nodded at the paper.
“I haven't got the slightest clue about what's been going on while I was experimented on.”
>”I guess you can.”
>Anon shrugged.
>”Come downstairs in five minutes. I'll show you why I bought you.”

>Celestia trotted closer to take a look at the front page – something she hadn't had a chance to do since her capture a few months ago.
>Some local politician opposed the building of a new swimming hall, some team won in a sport she'd never heard of, and moderate wind and light rain was to be expected.
>Nothing out of the ordinary, in other words.
>It was dated-
>The date.
>She'd been captured in November.
>And kept captive for a month or two at most – she had lost track of time – but nine months?


>”Celestia! Get down here!”
>Anon's shout carried from downstairs.
>Just as she'd found a comfortable position on his sofa.
>She hoofed the remote next to her to turn off the TV before hopping off the couch.
>Her hooves clattered on the bare concrete stairs, filling the ascetic stairwell with their noise.
>Downstairs, where the shop was, was just as dull and no frills, only filled with parts and gizmos she knew little of.
>Just that they made cars go.
>But upstairs was completely different.
>That was where Anon lived.
>It was warm and cozy, if a little cluttered.
>His apartment had a bathroom, kitchen, and two bedrooms.
>One was his, the other now hers.
>Her room was full of stuff, ranging from old TV's to ventilation pipes, but she wasn't about to complain.
>She had a soft mattress, a warm blanket, a proper pillow, and she could go to the bathroom whenever she wanted.

“What did you need me for?”
>Anon stood behind the register, tapping at its screen.
>An old female human stood on the other side of the counter.
>”She needs a new cylinder for her Honda.”
>Tap tap tap.
>”Item 196. Go get one.”
>Anon made a shooing motion with his hand while the old woman stared at her mane.
>Celestia squeezed past her owner and pushed open a door with a “Staff Only” sign on it.
>She pretended not to notice how he glanced her way.
>She pretended not to notice how his eyes fixed on her hindquarters for a bit too long.
>He'd owned her for three days now and kept looking at her like that.
>He hadn't acted on his desires yet.
>But it was a question of when, not if.
>It was something she'd have to accept.
>Or even push for.
>She had no desire for him, but it could help her secure a more comfortable life.

>The bare concrete floor amplified her hoofsteps as she trotted down a hallway between two rows of shelves spanning the entire height of the room.
>The storeroom stank of oil, engine degreaser, and dust.
>180... 183... 185...
>She kept track of the tiny number plates on the shelves as she passed by.
>190... 193... There.
>She pinned the part that looked like a carpenter's mallet, made of metal, between her barrel and wing.
>If only she could levitate it.
>If only she could feel the magic flow through her horn.
>It felt like the part of her mind used for magic was locked in tiny cage.
>Just like she was, until three days ago.

“Here you go.”
>She let the part clunk on the counter.
>”About time. Are you always this slow?”
>”Thanks, Celestia. No, she's just new and barely knows her way around. I only got her the other day. Credit or debit?”
>Anon had a salesman's smile, and his eyes didn't leave his customer's face.
>He reached out behind himself, towards Celestia.
>She ducked out of his hand's path and watched it pat at air.
>He was her owner.
>Not someone she had to like.

>It had been so long since somepony had touched her.
>She had a burning desire to feel a friendly touch.
>She stuck her head under his hand.
>Five fingers pressed into her scalp.
>Five soft and warm fingers made short back and forth motions.
>Waves of relaxation rippled outwards, spreading to her entire body.
>His hand stayed on her head as she leaned in and pressed her head on his side.
>His overalls were made of rough cloth and were stained with oil, but his warmth flowed through them.

>The bell attached to the shop's door drew Celestia back to reality.
>She froze in place.
>She realized she'd pressed her muzzle into the soft spot between Anon's hip and ribs.
>His hand had moved to scritch her ears.
>”You remind me of my mother’s dog. He was huge but loved pets and cuddles more than anything.”
>What'd she done?
>”Just try not to do it in front of a customer, okay?”
>Had she truly sunk low enough to throw herself at even the tiniest bit of affection?
“I'm sorry. I won't do it again. It's just...”
>Her flank bumped into a wall as she backed off.
>”It's fine. Just save it for when it's quiet.”
>He ran his hand over her ears and down the back of her neck.
>”I trust I can leave you alone for a few hours. You still haven't cleaned the parts I got yesterday, have you?”
>It's just that she missed Luna, Twilight, and the others.
>The ponies who were her friends.


>Celestia squeezed a droplet of oil onto a spot of rust on the part she was cleaning.
>She held the oil bottle between her hooves, with the part on the floor.
>If only she had her magic.
>She let the rust dissolve for a moment, then scooped up a piece of steel wool and rubbed the spot.
>It got smaller, but didn't disappear.
>Oil. Wait. Rub.
>Just a tiny speck remained.
>Oil. Wait. Rub.
>She lifted the part with her hooves and let light gleam off the spot.
>Like new.
>Anon would be happy.
>And making others happy, even if it was her human owner, made Celestia happy.

To be continued?
Story name not final. It just means that this won't be another 72k word story with a 8k side story.

It is a wordy beginning and not much happens, and I wasn't sure if it'd be worth posting. Did a little trimming here and there that should've helped somewhat. Do tell me what you think, and whether it's worth continuing.
I dig it.
File: 0101.png (155 KB, 1280x833)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
>Story name not final.
But you name it already and finished this before for some old discord contest

"Stained White"

Copy in case of deleting to damage control

Why are you doing this again?
Why would I want to delete any of that? I'm not ashamed to admit I'm salvaging the usable parts of something else I've written. Am I not allowed to use my own writing in whatever way I want?
You're allowed to do whatever you like. But realize people who follow you will know your shit.
I'm just a little disappointed, pretending that your previous attempt for that discord shitpost(one of the source that we lost a lot of peoples here) don't exist is kinda fucked up.
>that mechanic-anon short is getting a proper version
Good, I liked that opening but it wasn't long enough to tell a real story.
>aloe&lotus fic deleted
What a fucking shame, that one was really good
>being this butthurt about a contest that never got off the ground
>so mad that months later youre convinced that it made people abandon the thread
stay assravaged, its pretty funny
He ragequit life for a couple weeks, was going through a lot of rough stuff. Emptied his whole bin and dropped the discord. Next time I see him I'll ask if he's going to put it all back. If not I have backups of everything.
>and dropped the discord
Who norlf? He's in discord right now.
File: 1870349.png (311 KB, 1280x1126)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
Let's not do anything extreme...


Quit giving away my secrets! I'll have you know I already hit my league goals
>He's in discord right now.
Which means only bad shit is happening to his green.
>>being this butthurt about a contest that never got off the ground
Not him but there's a reason for that, it started off on a incest fic, kinda wrote it's own death certificate at that point. You want a writing contest you start off easy, move to a character requirment, then some other shit, but you minds well just commission a story if you want a fetish.
File: fake contest.png (279 KB, 1302x1263)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
The fake ones sound better to be honest
Wish it was more popular. We got some decent smut from it but before ten of the twelve participants bailed there was a bit of brainstorming themes for the next couple contests and some really good ideas came up. Including one I'm hoping to dump soon
I like it. Your last one never really caught me, especially from the confusing beginning. This first chapter is much more approachable, even though it raises plenty of questions. I really sympathize with your Celly, I'm sure Anon will trust her enough to loosen the horn ring soon enough, and then the story will really get going. How can Celly be worthy of that trust, and still stay true to her old responsibilities for all her little ponies? The conflicts could be really interesting here. In the meantime, scrubbing dirty old engine parts will not have done her white coat any good: BATH TIEM.
File: 1552714577675.gif (3.15 MB, 900x1000)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB GIF

> Your news comes as a shock to all your roommates. Iskra in particular doesn't seem to want to let you go as she sniffles with her face pressed against your neck.
"Hush, sweetie. It's just an assignment. A little earlier than I expected, but just two years."
> The pegasus manages to unstick her muzzle long enough to give you a sorrowful look. "Yes, but by then I'll be on *my* assignment and so will the others."
> Her wailing is really starting to affect everyone.
"We'll stay in touch, I promise! Instructor Martha said I can send her letters and she'll pass them on to you."
> The pony squeezing you almost in twain isn't too comforted by the promise at all. You really wish she would stop weeping, or else you might start as well.
> A glance at your other friends tells you they feel the same. Even Amethyst, despite her forced smile.
"This isn't forever, okay? Who knows, maybe I can visit sometimes. And I already promised I'll write," you argue.
> Valentina gathers up her courage and steps closer to pry the crying pegasus off your shoulder. "We know, Rosa. We trust you."
"Besides, this is an amazing opportunity. I'll have two little humans to watch over and Mr. Boone might donate some more money to the School. That way you all get nice things!"
> It sounds hollow, even to your ears, but such is life. You'd always known you'll part from your roommates someday. It's just been bumped up a little.
> This would have been your final year no matter what.
> You decide not to point that out.
> "We're really happy for you," Felicity pipes up with a brave smile on her muzzle. "We all believe in you, right girls?"
> There's a chorus of vaguely affirmative squeaks. You decide to spill the surprise you'd been saving up and lighten the mood.

"Instruct Martha said we can have a going-away party. She'll get us some sweet punch and chips, and she'll let us borrow a few board games from the rec room."
> The news helps a little and your roommates are starting to smile for real now.
> You still haven't told Paolo, but at least that solves your indecision about the colt. Definitely nothing happening with him now.
> So.
> Your first real assignment. True, it's not one you've been expecting, but it's close enough.
> A bit of light housework, which you don't mind, and taking care of two lovely children.
> Just as you start wondering what they'll be like, Amethyst jabs a hoof in your side. "Hey, snap out of it. You belong to us for the next four days, okay?"
> The forceful way she said it makes you smile.
"Okay," you agree.
> "Good. So go get the iPad from the colts and let's watch another movie!"
> It does sound good, except...
"I'd love to, but I have to finish my homework."
> "Subject?" Felicity asks curtly.
> The mare makes her way to the locker beside your bed and opens it.
"What are you doing?"
> She barely glances back. "I'll finish it for you, while you get the movie started. I don't mind missing a bit of it."
> That is completely not the point of homework and you open your muzzle to tell her so, but Valentina blocks your mouth with a hoof. "She's right," she says. "Who cares about homework *now*. Get the movies."
> She also prods the other mare at your side: "Amethyst, you probably have something from the kitchen stashed behind your bed, right?"
> Your head spins around.
"You know? Since when!?"
> "A few days," Valentina answers, blushing a little. "I asked Amethyst why she and you were late Tuesday night."

> Your partner-in-crime doesn't hesitate as she goes to her bed. There's a scrape and a rustle as she moves it aside and brings out a chocolate.
> "I was saving this," she says as she hobbles back on three legs so she can hold the treasure out to you, "but I think now is a good time."
> It's one of those big, milky chocolate bars with hazelnuts. You gape at it for a moment, then look up to Amethyst's face.
> "Will gave it to me," she admits, her normally apricot muzzle going pink.
> They both look at you expectantly and you wonder what they want.
> "Um, the iPad?" Valentina points out.
"Oh! Right! Sorry!" you nearly hoof yourself in the face.
> Even Iskra seems to be cheering up a little as you make your way to the door. It's early enough that the guard hadn't yet come around to check on you, so ponies are still visiting with their friends in other rooms.
> Maybe it would seem a bit strange if whichever human was on duty tonight found you with the colts, but they probably wouldn't make a fuss, other than remind you to be back in your dorm before ten.
"I'll be right back. Let's hope they let me have it tonight..."
> Felicity looks up from the desk. "Tell them it's your last week. They can't say no if it's your last chance."
> It sounds reasonable.

> ~~~~

> "You're what?" Paolo asks in wide-eyed shock.
"I got my assignment. I'm leaving on Monday," you explain again.
> The other colts are also staring at you, but none seem as disappointed as your pegasus friend.
> "B-But you c-can't," Paolo stutters a little. "I was- we were..."
> His words fail him and his ears flop down. He even blushes a little. "I really like you."
> "You can still do it, you know?" Martin points out. "Just hide in the shower. Adonai can stay at the door and listen for the guard."

> Your cheeks now look as red as the wrapper on Amethyst's chocolate. So do Paolo's, for that matter.
> The older colt looks from you to him and back. "What? I thought you were going to do it. Should've done it, anyway."
"B-But it's-" you mumble, then fall back to more certain ground: "It's against the rules."
> All the colts look at you strangely now. Then Martin and Jon start laughing and even Adonai is holding a wing over his muzzle.
> "I'm not *like* that!" Paolo mutters at his roommate angrily. "We were... just friends."
> The loss in his voice is palpable.
> "Hmph," Martin huffs, then steps between you and the miserable pegasus. "Well, his loss," the large colt tells you. "I can still give it to you good. Y'know, a going away present. If that featherbrain pipsqueak doesn't want it."
> Your mouth gapes and you unconsciously shrink away and hunch your shoulders, trying to look small and unattractive. It doesn't quite work and Martin leers a bit at you.
> "Got a cute rump there, I wouldn't mind giving that a go."
"N-NO!" you finally manage.
> The pony shrugs to himself, but doesn't seem too disappointed. "Shame. But suit yourself."
> You nearly rush out of there, but you don't want to face your roommates without the promised movie.
"Can you let me borrow the iPad a few times before I have to go?"
> The insulting colt leans his head on his side and looks at you appraisingly. You just know he'll demand something in return. Something you will be unwilling to give.
> You're just about to sigh and walk away, when Martin speaks up. "Sure."
"You will?!"
> There's an inkling of gratitude working through the mountain of annoyance at his forward manner. You *might* forgive him if he lets you borrow the iPad every night until Monday.

> "You're leaving Monday, right? Bring it back before breakfast."
> You almost can't believe it. This sounds downright decent of-
> "Oh," the colt interrupts your thoughts. "That is if you'd do us all a little favour. Especially my good friend Paolo here."
> With this, Martin grabs his pegasus roommate and pulls him into an unwelcome hug. Poor Paolo is still quite red in the muzzle and won't meet your eyes.
"What?" you ask slowly and cautiously, not wanting to appear as if you're agreeing to anything.
> "Oh, nothing much," the colt says and his muzzle splits into a wide, insolent grin. Even his eyes twinkle as he winks at you. "When you leave, just make sure to... sway a bit."
> He heaves a sigh at having to explain it. "You know, tail up, hips moving, give us a look at what this filly has to offer."
> It's downright shameful and your blush undoubtedly says so. You're not sure if he's asking for it just to see you squirm, or if he might actually get some perverse pleasure from seeing your rump.
> Even his roommates don't seem too comfortable with the idea.
> "Martin, I-" Jon starts, but the leader holds up a hoof and Jon falls silent.
> "Come on, sweetie," he coos gently, "it's not so much to ask, is it? And you can have the charger too, so you and your friends can watch all the movies as much as you want, no?"
> You do *really* want to make your friends happy. It would make for amazing last few days, not to mention that you all have Sunday off so you could see some of your favourite movies again.
> Your ears can't go any lower, but you swallow nervously and let your breath out. Martin's grin widens even before you say it.
> "Splendid!" the pony praises. "Adonai, give her the bag."

> The pegasus is a bit slow to move, but at a glance from his leader the pony goes to a locker and digs through some old notebooks.
> He brings out the iPad and accessories in their bag and takes them over to you.
> Your muzzles touch as you take it from him. He whispers: "Sorry about him," just before you part.
> Nopony else could have heard it.
> "Now your part of the bargain," Martin insists.
> Paolo tries to squirm free, but he can't win against earth pony strength. "Martin, don't-"
> "Hush!" the bully commands. "This is mainly for you, Paolo. It's what you've been clopping to in the bathroom, isn't it?"
> The poor pony only whimpers in embarrassment.
> In fact, you feel so sorry for him that you don't even mind hearing about... what he's been doing.
"I'll talk to you tomorrow, Paolo, okay?" you say, making sure you smile.
> The pegasus just nods.
> Then you take a deep breath and slowly turn around. You glance back where Martin is staring at you hungrily, while the others are modestly averting their muzzles.
> Paolo is squeezing his eyes firmly shut, determined not to look.
> Maybe he is a bit of a gentlecolt, you think. He definitely doesn't deserve a roommate like Martin.
> Still, you made a promise. Face burning so hot that you're afraid it might char the door, you take a step.
> "Tut, tut!" Martin cautions.
> Your ears go down, but you obediently lift your tail up. With the next hoofstep you make sure your rump sways from one side to the other.
> There's no more admonition from behind, so you focus your eyes on the door and try to get through it as quickly as possible.
> Unused to this strange gait, you nearly lose your balance a few times before you reach the doorknob and the safety of the corridor.

> A wave of relief flows through you when you slam the door shut and clamp your tail back down as tightly as it will go. You could almost physically feel Martin's eyes on your... bits.
> It made you feel dirty.
> Nopony had said anything, even while you've half expected Martin to whistle or comment something inappropriate. Maybe the silence was worse. No doubt he was quite enjoying the view.
> Not the others, you don't think. They were all just as embarrassed as you.
> It might be a good thing that you're leaving soon. You're not sure you can look any of those colts in the muzzle after this little show.
> A word forms in your mind and you try to push it down. Slut.
> At the very least you got the iPad on loan for the next few days. Surely that's worth it, isn't it?
> > Its weight is reassuring in your mouth and you quickly make your way to your own room.
> The guard might come to check and ask what you have in the bag. You haven't really thought about this scenario and it now worries you deeply.
> If you say it's some notebooks to help with your homework they shouldn't care too much, but there's always the danger that they might check.
> That would be really bad.
> Luckily you see neither pony nor human on your way and you're quickly back in your room. Only then do you relax.
> "You got it!" Iskra exclaims. "Here! Try this!"
> She rushes over on three legs so she can cram a bit of chocolate in your muzzle. Her wing expertly hooks the bag so you can spit it out just in time.
> Sweet, sugary, chocolate-y goodness fills your mouth, taking away some of the embarrassment you've just been through.
> "You okay?" Amethyst asks. She's always been good at reading you.
"Fine," you answer while chewing.

> Her head leans to the side as she doesn't quite believe it. "Okay, if you say so."
> She'll undoubtedly drill you about it later. Your only hope is that she'll like the movie and forget about her question.
"Here, set this up? I'll just grab a quick shower."
> You showered only this morning, but for some reason you really want one now.
> Maybe hot water will make you forget, and if that won't work, chocolate and movies might.
> Worth a try.

> ~~~~

> You catch up to Paolo in the park, just after lunch. You can't keep your ears up, partly because of the embarrassment and partly because it's already Saturday afternoon and you hadn't had a chance to speak with the colt yet.
> The pony looks at you listlessly. "Hey," he replies, eyes and voice downcast. After a moment he glances back at you with a small blush. "Um, sorry about Martin. He thought he was being funny."
"Forget it," you tell him.
> "I swear I wasn't-" the colt begins, twirling around so he blocks your path. "I wouldn't... do what he said. You know. Thinking about you."
> He doesn't have to spell it out and you give him a quick hug, mainly to stop him from saying it.
"Don't worry. I don't mind."
> It came as a bit of a shock, but the thought of Paolo finding you so attractive he had to 'handle' it by himself in the bathroom was at the same time cute and strangely warming.
> Besides, you probably won't see him again after tomorrow, so there's that.
> "Rosa, I-"
> You squeeze him harder.
> When you pull back, he has tears in his eyes.
> "I really like you," he says, looking down at his hooves.
"I know. I like you too."
> He heaves a sigh and sits, right down on the pavement. "D'you think- if- if you didn't have to leave, we could... we might..."
> You touch your nose to his.

"I don't know. Maybe. You know the rules."
> True, you've been considering breaking it off with him just to play it safe, but now you're starting to think you'd have let it happen. Slowly, carefully, but yes.
> It turns your cheeks nice and pink.
"Sorry it happened this way," you try to get the dialogue back to the right track. "This is a huge opportunity for me - and for the School!"
> Again he sighs. "Yeah, I know. I wish..."
> He doesn't finish, but you know what he wanted to say.
"Yeah, me too."
> The colt sniffles and turns his tear-filled eyes on you. It nearly breaks your silly little heart. "D'you think- maybe," he asks, hesitantly, "we'll see each other again? S-Someday?"
> It takes effort to keep your smile, but you make sure you do.
"I hope so. Maybe it'll be a different place. Maybe we can... get to know each other better."
> "It's not fair, you know," Paolo grumbles, his shoulders sagging so much that his wing feathers are starting to drag on the ground.
> He might go full waterworks, so you hug and nuzzle him to distract the pony from his thoughts.
"I know, but it's not so bad. At least- nothing happened."
> You don't think you could have stood it if there had been a romance between you and Paolo, which this news would break up so suddenly and prematurely.
> Maybe it was a piece of luck neither of you moved faster.
> "Yeah, I know," the pegasus agrees, sighing against your neck. His breath is incredibly warm.
> You don't know why, but you pull your face away, only a little, so you can catch his lips.
> It's not a perfect kiss. Probably not even a good one, since you don't know what you're doing really. It's just a kiss.
> It lasts a few seconds and then you withdraw. Belatedly you realize you're out in the open and glance around hurriedly.

> No one around, thank god.
> That could have been a bad mistake.
> At least it had been worth it. Paolo is left with his eyes closed and an almost-smile on his muzzle.
"Something to remember me by, okay? Who knows, maybe we'll come back from assignments at the same time."
> The colt opens his eyes and you can't help noticing what a lovely shade of violet they are.
> You have to glance away before you get lost.
> "M-Maybe," he agrees, tentatively.
"If I do a good job on this, Mrs. Gaeta says I can pick my next appointment. I'll ask her when yours ends and if she can find me one that ends around the same time. Then we'll get a couple of weeks, okay?"
> Your optimistic tone is working and the pegasus is now really smiling, even if it is a sad smile. "Okay."
"And who knows, if we both do well, we might get into the breeding program. You know they let you choose your first, right?"
> His ears go all flat. You're not sure if it's from embarrassment or something else, but Paolo turns away. "I d-dunno about that," he mutters.
"Well, they do. So- you know. Something to look forward to."
> "Y-Yeah," he says in a husky, scratchy voice.
"Are you okay?"
> "Fine."
> You swear you'll never understand colts and their bouncy, rapidly-changing emotions. You give Paolo a quick hug from behind.
"Anyway, we're allowed to have a small going-away party tomorrow. I'll ask Instructor Martha if you can come, too."
> "Okay. Thanks."
> Lacking any other response, you give Paolo's neck a nuzzle, then pat his shoulder.
"Good luck, Paolo. I'll come say bye tomorrow if Martha says no."
> It would mean facing Martin and the other colts, but you'd brave that for a proper goodbye.
> Your sneaky mind supplies the word 'kiss' after 'goodbye' and you blush. It's a good thing Paolo isn't looking.

> "Yeah. Bye."
> He's acting a little strange, but maybe he's just trying hard not to cry in front of you. You should go before you make it harder than it needs to be.
> You slowly turn around and go back to the dorm building, mind already returning to where it was before you met Paolo on the way.
> Amethyst has gotten her kitchen-friend Will to give her a few more movies. Something appropriate for a goodbye.
> She said they were about a dog called 'Lassie'. You're kinda looking forward to them, to tell the truth.
> What little Will had shared with your friend sounded very moving.
> As you trot you start to hum a little melody to yourself. You usually don't notice it, and when you do you can't remember where you heard it.
> It's just something you'd always hummed when you were particularly happy, or particularly sad.
> Maybe it was from TV or something - the few School-approved programs you were allowed to watch.
> Probably a commercial - those usually had catchy tunes.
> You put it out of your mind, but you keep humming it as you walk, nodding to both ponies and humans you meet along the way.
> Most of them wave back or smile. By now they'd all heard about your amazing opportunity and are happy for the chance you're getting.
> You swear to yourself you'll do well by Mr. Boone and make sure the School gets some more money.
> If you're really lucky, you can even suggest an improvement or two for the ponies when you deliver the news to Mrs. Gaeta and Headmaster Freely.

I didn't think it up in time, but maybe I should do chapter markers. This would be the end of Chapter 1, next time we start looking into Rosa's new life with the 'Boones' in the start of Chapter 2. That should be fun.

Pastebin here: https://pastebin.com/D8eBZPe0
I really enjoyed that. Particularly the Martin character.
I'm expecting Paolo to get a really useful for human cutie mark that will help him to survive outside and can meet rosa in the future as a mature stallion
File: Slave Ivy.jpg (316 KB, 1700x2200)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
Alright, another one, and then I've actually been thinking out the next chapter for Blocky, so I'm hoping I can start writing that soon.

In any case, this here is Ivy (who, funnily enough, is a friend of Blocky). Ivy, like Dala, isn't entirely pleased about her role as a slave, but unlike Dala, isn't so much of a fighter who hates not being in control. Instead, her master has ordered her to lie down and just be a nice little trophy to look at (probably for guests at a party), and Ivy, with no other choice, obeys the command, albeit in a bored, disinterested manner.
Depends on if they keep their strength or even if they are just physically stronger than earth horses
More goodgirl Blocky when?
>More goodgirl Blocky when?
Assuming I start writing now and have time to finish it, I'd wager sometime today or tomorrow.
Cross your fingers, anon.
Wait, there are humans here?
Oh fuck
Aspiring what the literal fuck?
>I'm not going to lewd the fillies
>proceeds to lewd the fillies
Jesus fuck aspiring what the hell happened? You said making them for sexual was the last thing on your mind and then you go out and super sexualize them in this update. Just fucking be honest next time. I don't understand how we went from innocent rosa to her lifting her tail and talking about having paolo's foals in a "breeding program". Why the fuck does that exist here? Why? Shit dude what are you doing.
Rosa will be a very sexy bedfilly for her master and will drain her new master every night for the next two years . Rosa was for lewd since the first chapter
Go lewdpost somewhere else, Rosa is for hugs and headpats.

Yes, I see the problem. In my mind, this went under the heading of 'bullying and abuse' - it wasn't meant to be lewding. I was more worried about people calling the overly dark undertones of it all, rather than pure lewd.

Thanks for saying it, tho! The chapter ends anyway and the next part is a change of tone and setting.
And tail lifting for the colts. Loved that bit.
Why people can't handle an adolescent acting like an adolescent? Everyone in that institution have at least 15/16 and don't deserve the title of filly/colt anymore

To be honest you need to stop calling rosa filly and start calling her young mare.
I feel like it was pure lewd. You could have handled that differently without dipping your toes into that perverse direction. You made it seem like paolo hit the gold mine against his will and has hours of ball busting fap material that makes rosas exploitation ok. It would have been ok if you stopped there but then she comes around and starts talking about having paolo fuck a foal into her. Like just stop dude. If you're going to take it this far just make the story lewd and have them fuck or something cause this shit definitely ain't kosher anymore
Fucking pedophile
Follow the advice of this dude >>33628237
and turn your green 100% lewd. He really want to lewd Rosa
Just ignore this whole mess and continue dude, everyone here are just memeing. Just try to keep the lewd for the last chapters when Rosa turn into a mature mare with a cutie mark
>I feel like it was pure lewd.
I think any sexually charged situation just sets off your ass burgers.
>dipping your toes into that perverse direction.
This is the kind of sexual bullying that you would see in an institutional setting where the inmates have no freedom.
>It would have been ok if you stopped there but then she comes around and starts talking about having paolo fuck a foal into her.
I think it's a reasonably good show of the kind of awkward fumbling that first love is, especially in a half innocent unrequited way like this.

I think he's doing a great job showing the way one does not lose their innocence all at once.
Either lewd rosa with paolo at the end and give them lots of happy foals or have rosa turn into ultimate bedmare with her assignment, the dad buying her from the organization to sait his throbbing need for horse pussy
These characters are adolescents, not children. This is how adolescents think and behave.
File: large.png (95 KB, 862x666)
95 KB
>stop calling rosa filly and start calling her young mare
>everyone here are just memeing
half are memeing, half are VERY angry two teenagers that were starting a relationship might have feelings for each other. the autism isnt faked
That's bullshit and you know it.
File: 1552056251909.png (1.06 MB, 985x1085)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
>To be honest you need to stop calling rosa filly and start calling her young mare.
Fucking this, everyone would stop bitching if you don't use the term filly with a not filly.

Pic related is a filly
First love isn't "put a child in me"
The fuck are you saying? Do you even read what you type?
Bullshit? This update was actually pretty nuanced and well written. Just AWF showing what a good writer he is. I just think you have some kind of hang up about sexuality.
I read what AWF types and enjoyed this update quite a bit. The characters are clearly adolescents and portrayed very well.
Nice job projecting.Glad I don't have to live with your mind.
>*Pic related is a bedfilly
File: 1830023.png (328 KB, 1944x781)
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328 KB PNG
To be honest Rosa probably look like pic related
This OC isn't a mare but can't labeled as filly too. MLP never have a term for the adolescents, only mare/stallion and filly/colt
File: 1552768788115.png (205 KB, 999x710)
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205 KB PNG
We need more floof in this thread.
Love her.
File: 1981947.png (320 KB, 1000x774)
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320 KB PNG
well trained good girl confirmed
To bad that her master don't giver her the proper attention even when she already have a cutie mark
i know that feel
Trained well enough that she'll call me daddy?
Did you named him Mr Boone because Rosa's ride will never end there?
Poor heartbroken colt.
Thanks for the update.
Nice update. Now time to bet the stereotype for both rich kids
I'd be more than willing to help her out.
File: 1552367135574.png (2.4 MB, 2598x1756)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
we wait
File: 1552790788594.jpg (96 KB, 765x1045)
96 KB
File: Blocky Generic 13.png (203 KB, 1500x1500)
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203 KB PNG
>It was a fresh Sunday morning, and you'd just given Blocky her usual weekend bath.
>You finished showering a bit early, so you were actually able to meet Blocky in the laundry room while she washed her outfit.
>"Hello, Master!~" she chirped, a cheery smile spread across her face.
>Her hooves wiped away at the plate bra, the polish doing its work and making that thing sparkle like no other.
>"Oh! There's my skirt!"
>The little pony opened up the dryer, retrieving that fine, silk cloth you loved having around your feet.
>She unraveled the skirt, hugging it a bit against her face as she enjoyed its warmth.
>"That always feels so nice!"
>After, Blocky attached the skirt back onto the panties and held it and the rest of the outfit up to you.
>"Ready to suit back up!"
>You gave it a look, pondering to yourself.
>The shining metal bra invited you to grab it with its splendor.
>But you felt a little different today.
"Actually Blocky..." you trailed off. "...how about you just leave it on top of the washing machine?"
>Blocky was flabbergasted.
>"Really? I don't have to wear it today?"
"Yeah...yeah, go ahead and keep it off for the rest of the day."
>Blocky's face was a mixture of perplexed and eager.
>"Sure! ...I guess!"
>The pony trotted out of the laundry room, humming to herself as she did.
>That left you alone with the outfit.
>You gazed at it a bit more, trying to remember how long ago it was that you'd even gotten that thing.
>If you remembered right, it was some kind of collector's memorabilia you'd gotten from some distant uncle you weren't familiar with.
>Through some legal process you didn't understand and a complex inheritance bout you weren't even aware of, you got some of this uncle's collector stuff when he passed away.
>You weren't really into the movies they were from (Space Balls or something?), so you'd kind of shelved them. At some point they'd probably be worth a good chunk of change anyways.
File: Blocky Slave 1.png (425 KB, 1136x1500)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
>It was only the fourth or fifth day Blocky was here that you decided to make her wear it.
>"W-where are you taking me, Master?"
>You and her made your ways to your bedroom.
>It was just today that you'd remembered that outfit you'd gotten.
>As you were still green in terms of this slave-owner deal, you figured to better get yourself into the mindset, you should constantly remind yourself that she was your slave.
>What better way to do that than to dress her up as one?
"Just keep following me, Blocky."
>Once you arrived, you directed her to the closet, and she went over and opened it without hesitation.
>"What am I looking for?"
"There's a box in there with 'collector stuff' written on it. I'd like you to bring that out."
>At least your commanding tone was getting better.
>Her hooves fiddled about in the closet, the rustling of cardboard and clothes being the only noise heard in the room.
>Eventually, she pulled out a big box with a grunt, the exact words you said written on its side.
"Good girl."
>Slather it on, Anon.
>Blocky looked up at you, expecting another command.
>Seemed she only really thought she'd be retrieving the box, but not opening it.
>Well, that was fair. Only you knew what you wanted out of it anyways.
>Wordlessly, you sat on the bed and flipped open the top of the box, several pieces of collector's items greeting your eyes.
>There was just one that you wanted, though, and it was fairly visible.
>You couldn't miss that shiny gleam, after all.
>Grabbing it from the bottom of the skirt, you pulled out the whole pile: bra, panties, collar, and braid.
>You grabbed the bra and panty combo and presented them to Blocky.
"I want you to wear this."
>You audibly heard her gulp as she stared at the outfit, wide-eyed.
>"Th-that looks like..."
"Something a slave girl would wear? Yeah, I know."
>You didn't really need to be familiar with the series this thing was from to get the idea.
File: Blocky Slave 14.png (1.26 MB, 3000x2500)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
>Blocky instantly knew, so it seemed even Equestrians had some understanding of the extent slavery could reach.
>Checking the straps on both the bra and panties, you were relieved to learn that they were adjustable.
>She seemed a little bigger than a kid, so hopefully this thing could go down to that kind of size.
"On your hinds."
>Blocky did as she was told, her reddened face turned away from yours.
>You started by fastening the panties together on her pelvis, the skirt hitting the ground as it unfolded.
>Nice fit!
>A bit too nice...
>You had made sure the skirt didn't go over her tail, and odd as it was to try that, it managed to work out.
>The back of panties sat comfortably just below her tail dock, covering her nethers while still fitting around her just fine.
>Next came the bra.
>The straps went on her back, and you tightened them until the bra fit snugly on Blocky's chest.
>"Wh-what is this used for, Master?"
>It was a fair question, considering ponies didn't have tits.
>Well, at least on their chest.
"It's for covering up some parts of human girls. You don't have those parts, but I'm still going to put it on you, Blocky."
>The braid would be an interesting experience.
>You Googled some slave girl hairstyle on a whim and found girls dressed just like Blocky.
>Weird, but you'd roll with it.
>Your hands moved to Blocky's mane, and you started by bunching up the back of it.
>Fumbling a bit with the braid in your other hand, you managed to clump it on her mane.
>Checking the reference and then Blocky, the bunched up hair she had was...good enough.
>You'd probably get better at this the more she had it done.
>Finally, the collar was clamped onto her tender little neck, with a small knob mechanism built in to keep it locked.
>The chain attached seemed to be more cosmetic than practical based on its miniscule size, but hey, maybe it'd find some use.
>Facing Blocky, your eyes scanned her now-costumed form.
>"H-how do I look, M-Master?"
>She was quivering a bit as she spoke, and while her face was forward now, her eyes still averted yours.
>There was one part of her your eyes stopped on.
>This wasn't something you said often, but you MAY have had a thing for tummies.
>And this outfit?
>It made sure it was the only thing not covered on her torso.
>That bra actually had some use after all.
>F-fuck, she had a cute little belly, too.
>A nice, lean figure with a small, pudgy roundness at the bottom.
>Was it right to sexualize a pony?
>You never really got those dudes who were into them, but right now your dick did not care at all.
>She crossed her front hooves together bashfully, covering up that nice tummy of hers.
>It was enough to bring you back to the real world.
>Holy Hell, that was a powerful asset she had.
"You look uh...you look great, Blocky," you stammered out.
>"O-oh, thank you, Master."
>She took the compliment as an indication to get back on all-fours.
>One thing was for sure after today: This slave outfit thing was probably the best decision you've made since owning Blocky.
>And it really was.
>As you looked down at this outfit in the present day, it was weird how this one collectible item turned out to be a real game-changer for your slave-owning experience.
>Would Blocky ever catch on that you just REALLY liked her belly?
>Granted, that wasn't the only part of why she was still ordered to wear this thing, but still.
>Even if she did learn, would she care?
>The belly rubs, once she stopped getting tickled, seemed to relax her, so she wouldn't have any real reason to complain, right?
>It was a little weird, but it'd probably be even weirder if she learned.
>It may be best to just not say, and that's that.
>You left the outfit in the laundry room, but she'd come back and wear it tomorrow.
>For some reason, you felt like she enjoyed it.
>Wouldn't it be funny if she did?
>You chuckled to yourself as you went on with your day.
>Blocky, outfit or otherwise, remained at your beck and call.
>What a good girl.

I feel as though these aren't all that big or satisfying in terms of stories, but I guess it'd be better than trying to force out padding. That being said, I guess I should say that I didn't exactly plan for these to have some kind of overarching story, so consider these just brief slice-of-life things with Blocky the slavepone. I'd hope this at least satisfies people who like these stories.
Also, go 3 AM posting. My timing is impeccable.
Oh, and before I forget, here's the pastebin for anybody who wants it.
File: 1552809051590.jpg (114 KB, 1048x1024)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>this is what clear skies did before she found her human
A good thing to wake up to, thanks anon.
>living in the janitors closet, along with the mop and floor polisher
That story really illustrated the vulnerability of slavery. Nobody cared about Clear, she was just a thing to them, and not even an important thing. Even now with Anon who she loves, would he still value her if she wasn’t so cute?

>Fang when?
>Why people can't handle an adolescent acting like an adolescent? Everyone in that institution have at least 15/16 and don't deserve the title of filly/colt anymore
Because if we give the mods a chance we could end up like Anonfilly.
that thread have literally a minor in the green with really explicit details on the lewd. This green would be the equivalent of the greens of EQG where there everyone are just teenagers
Bullshit. This thread has a mod advocate.
File: 1309760.png (542 KB, 861x819)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
>Rebellious pegasus that never meet a human and was brainwashed by unicorn propaganda
>Human just place hand in chest fluff
>Pegasus forget everything and turn into a good girl

Very solid advice, thanks. I've been sprinkling "filly" in there in the same way human ladies sometimes call each other "girl", but maybe that's not the right call in this case.

Anyway, done a shortish update, posting now...

> It happened too fast. No, really. You'd barely slept after your going away party on Sunday and suddenly it's Monday morning and you're getting out of the car at the Boone Manor.
> It's the only title that sounds appropriate. The house is a big, decorated and imposing affair in terracotta and stone, with what looks like miles of hedges and flowerbeds.
> It's two storeys tall and the few glimpses you catch through the windows show you the lavish decoration inside.
> You almost feel like you're dreaming. It's a wealthy and classy place, where the decor and architecture alone inspire awe. So lucky you get to live here for a while!
> Instructor Martha opens the door for you and you jump down from the seat. You take a quick glance in the shiny metal of the car door to make sure you look okay.
> Mane is still fine, tail nice and combed, fur almost sparkling clean.
> It'll do nicely.
> As you examine yourself from nose to hooves, the Instructor opens the trunk and pulls out your bags. You don't have much stuff, but all of it is in there.
> Mainly a mane brush, a coat brush, a tooth brush and a few pieces of cloth you own. A scarf and a coat for cold, wet weather and a special umbrella wide enough to cover you and which you could hold in your mouth.
> Practical stuff.
> There's also a simple make-up kit Martha had gotten you and what is left of your perfume bottle.
> "Zere. All set?" the woman asks as she lays the bags over your back.
> You give the woman a quick hug around her legs.
"Thank you!"
> She ruffles your mane, but you don't mind. Most humans find a bit of a ruffle more cute than perfectly combed. "Just remember all zat you learned and you will be fine. Now come on, let's get you introduced."

> You follow the woman to the front door, where she presses a button on the wall. A deep, rich-sounding bell plays, just once.
> Even the doorbell is classy!
> It isn't long before a balding human comes to open. You're wondering if the Boones have a butler, but Martha shakes his hand and greets, confirming the man's identity.
> "Ah, good morning, Mr. Boone. I have brought ze pony."
> The man looks you over and steps aside so you can enter. "Good. May I invite you for a cup of coffee, Mrs?"
> He leaves the unspoken question hanging in the air.
> "Agnesha. Zank you, but I should be going. I still have some classes to teach today."
> "Of course," Mr. Boone says with a nod. "Come on then, let's get you settled." This last part was meant for you and you scurry inside. You're not sure if you should offer to shake his hand or not, but Martha saves the moment again.
> "You already know young Rosa. Please call me if she is any trouble, okay?"
> Your ears flop down, but the man laughs at the good-natured joke. "I'm sure Rosa will do an exemplary job, won't you?"
"Of course, Mr. Boone," you hastily assure him.
> The Instructor gives your new Master a card with her details, then says goodbye and leaves. You imagine you feel her last scratch of your ears lingering for a while.
> You look up at the human. Luckily he knows how this should go. "This way. I'll show you where you'll sleep."
> He starts walking and you gratefully follow. Something to do makes the situation a lot less awkward. You still don't like the silence, so you clear your throat and try to lessen it.
"I u-understand I'll help out with chores around the house and with the children, sir?"

> You are watching carefully and Mr. Boone nods in approval. "Yes. Nothing difficult, but I'll expect certain standards of behaviour from you. Benjamin is twelve, so he does most of the things for himself, but I will expect you to watch him despite that, understand?"
"Yes, sir. I'm looking forward to helping out."
> Again the barest hint of a nod, before the man continues. "Then there's Lillian. I'm hoping you will get her to engage more. She's too quiet. We hardly know what she's thinking, most of the time."
> By this time you've reached the top of the stairs and you look around curiously. The hallway has a purple carpet on the floor and a couple of cupboards at the end.
> On one side is the railing, which overlooks the living room below and on the other there is a series of doors. You wonder if one of them is yours.
> Suddenly you realize that you've been silent and Mr. Boone is waiting.
"Oh! Of course. Most ponies are very good with children, Mr. Boone. I've had special training."
> "Good. Now for some ground rules," the human continues smoothly and starts walking again. "Number one: the safety of my children is far more important than yours, do you understand?"
> You gulp, but force a nod. It's no different than what Instructor Martha had always taught you, but you didn't expect a client to say it this bluntly.
> Still, he has every right to be concerned, of course.
"Fully, sir. You can trust me with their care," you say meekly.
> "Second, you are to do everything I or my wife tell you, without question or delay."
> That one is also reasonable. When you get a pony to help out, you have to be sure you can trust her to follow instructions. It is a little strange he didn't include his children in the list of people who can give you orders, though.

"Yes. W-What about the children?"
> For the first time, Mr. Boone smiles approvingly. "Nicely spotted. The answer to that is rather complicated. I want you to humor Benjamin and Lillian as much as you can, but use your common sense. If you're not sure, come to me or their mother, okay?"
"Fully understood, sir."
> You've reached the last door and the human pushes it open. You crane your head around the frame to peer curiously inside. "One last thing," he says.
> It's a luxurious room, at least compared to the School. The bed is a bit high - made for a human, no doubt, but the mattress looks a lot thicker than the ones in your dorm, even Iskra's.
> There is a lot of pristine, white furniture around - wardrobes, dressers, a writing desk, bedside table. You look down and note with relief that at least the carpet is the same dark purple as in the hall.
> It would have been tricky if it was white. Humans can take their shoes off, but you don't have that luxury with hooves and every trace of dirt would have been instantly visible.
> The bedclothes are, once again, white, but that is okay. You look around for a bathroom, but there is no door out of your room except to the hallway. You can ask about that later.
> All these things pale in comparison when your eyes land on the window. You cannot stifle a small gasp of shock.
> It covers almost the entire wall! At the top there is a bit of a frame, but at the bottom it reaches all the way to the floor.
> You wonder if it opens at all, but you can't see a handle or any hinges. Even if it doesn't, the view is more than worth it!
> The window is overlooking the back yard and it looks very green and inviting. There's a few clumps of trees with reclining chairs under them. There's a constructed roof with a barbecue pit.

> Strangely, there is no pool, but that's alright.
> So many flowers, though. Either Mr. Boone or his wife must really enjoy gardening, you decide.
> It had taken you a few seconds to take it all in, but the human is already standing in the room and waiting for you to join him. You quickly scurry inside.
> "Shut the door, please."
> It sounds ominous, but you're so happy with what you're seeing that you hardly notice. You nudge the door with a hoof and it silently closes.
> "Now, this is a very delicate matter and I will expect the utmost discretion from you, understand?
> Your ears fold down and you swallow again. It sounds scary, but you steel your resolve and nod.
"I promise, sir."
> "Benjamin is at that... sensitive age for a boy. Lillian is younger, so it's even even more important with her, if you understand."
> You don't but you hope you'll pick up more clues as he continues talking, so you just bob your head.
> Mr. Boone opens a wardrobe and brings out a hanger with a small dress. You try to picture it in your head and suddenly realize it's shaped for a pony.
> "You will wear this at all times, understand?"
> The human lays the cloth over the bed and you look it over.
> It's a maid's uniform, all black and white. The sleeves are lacy and there's a pattern of frills on the hem.
> There are even black hoofguards! You wonder how much it had cost - pony clothes were rare on Earth and beautiful ones like this even more so!
> Another item lands on the pile.
> White panties.
> You look up at the man in confusion.
> "At all times. You will cover yourself, do you understand? This is a polite house and I will not have my children exposed to any smut."
> You suddenly understand. A memory of Martin flashes into your mind and you can't help but blush.

> At least Mr. Boone is strictly against that sort of thing and you're very grateful for that. True, wearing clothes all the time is going to feel strange, but you'll get used to it.
"Of course, sir. I completely understand."
> He pulls out something else and lays it beside the maid uniform. It looks like a towel, except it is shaped like a coat.
> "You can use this when you have to shower. The bathroom is two doors down. And-" He adds yet another thing to the pile.
> This time it is something thin and silk and almost translucent.
> "Pajamas. You are to sleep in them. Got all that?"
> You wonder why the man is so strict. No other human you'd ever known had commented on the ponies' nakedness. You hardly even noticed it - it was just how you were.
> Ponies had fur to keep them warm and tails to keep them modest, after all.
> On the other hand, it's his house, so you guess it's also his rules.
> If these are the worst demands he can make, then you should have no problems living here.
"Yes, Mr. Boone. I will follow your instructions to the letter," you vow.
> That earns you an approving nod. "Good. Make sure you don't expose my little girl to any... smut, and we will all get along very well."
> You slide the pajamas aside and examine the panties. There is a hole deftly sewn into the back, a place for your tail to poke through. That is good - you were starting to worry just how uncomfortable it would be to have it bunched up against your rump all the time.
"Can I meet the children?"
> "Soon. They are at school and will be returning after lunch. I suggest you get dressed and then familiarize yourself with the house. I have to go back to work, so you will be on your own for a while."

> You don't mind that. It will give you a chance to explore a little and memorize the layout of the house in peace.
"Is there anything I should do?"
> "You can sweep the living room floor," Mr. Boone says with definite approval in his voice. "The brooms are in a closet downstairs - I don't doubt you'll find them."
> You incline your head and focus your attention on the dress again. A thought strikes you.
"Um, may I ask, sir, what if the dress doesn't fit?"
> The man looks blank for a moment, but then shrugs. "I asked the school for your measurements and then had a tailor put it together. If it's not right, tell me and I will take you to get it altered."
> It strikes you that the human had been really determined to get exactly you, and no other pony. Either that, or very confident his request would be met.
> Obviously Mr. Boone had a lot of pull at the School.
"Thank you, Mr. Boone," you say and incline your head. "I will get dressed now."
> For some reason, it would feel incredibly weird and uncomfortable if he was in the room to watch it, even though you're currently wearing nothing except your saddlebags.
> It's strange how quickly you started thinking about modesty after Mr. Boone had told you.
> Maybe he was right? Perhaps walking around with nothing on was very rude out in the world?
> You wonder why no one at the School had ever mentioned it, though. Or maybe it was something for the final year. You can't expect fillies and colts to understand human sensibilities.
> Possibly, the teachers were just waiting until you'd turned into a proper and polite young mare before telling you all the nuances of socially acceptable behaviour among humans.
> A mystery to ponder for another time, or maybe something to ask Martha in your letter.

> Your gaze strays to the writing desk. You can see a cup with pencils and you have no doubt Mr. Boone will let you have some paper to write your friends, if you ask politely.
> Despite the confusion about the dress, it is still going to be a wonderful and exciting time for you!
> Oh! Hopefully Mr. Boone or his wife will agree to take a photo of you in your maid's uniform, so you can show your roommates back at the School.
> Just imagining the look on Valentina's muzzle makes you smile.
> With the human gone, you carefully wipe your hooves on the carpet, then jump up on the bed. You sink nearly to your ankles, then wade your way closer to the window.
> Yes, with a large garden like that, you're bound to have a nice time. You can almost imagine curling up under one of those trees with a good book on a summer afternoon.
> After you'd done all your chores, of course!
> Oh! And maybe with little Lillian leaning against you.
> You'll read to her, you decide. Some of your favourite stories.
> You clap your hooves together and barely suppress a squeal of excitement. You can't wait to meet the children!
Pastebin is updated (I haven't put in the chapter markers or anything - might do that at some point...)

Anyway, here's little Rosa turning a new leaf and starting a new job. Felt a tiny bit like the first few bits of Cellyboo, actually.
Nice. Enjoying this one so far AWF. Keep up the great work!
>Benjamin is twelve, so he does most of the things for himself
He sound like the rich boy that take everything serious to maintain the name of his family but always forget that he is still young and need to enjoy his childhood/adolescence before turning into a really successful but frustrated and empty adult.

>"Then there's Lillian. I'm hoping you will get her to engage more. She's too quiet. We hardly know what she's thinking, most of the time."
Shy or the "special girl" of the family with lack of emotions

Good update, let check the personalities in the next chapter

Believe me, no one will complain about this, Rosa don't sound like a filly at all.
Thanks for the update.
I still fail to see the main conflict if there is any (besides the industrial level of brainwashing).
I'll go ahead and reveal my stupid level but fuck it
Was there ever a Luna green?

>"I gueth, thir," Red answers, her eyes dartin' back an' forth between you an' him.
>You can guess what's runnin' through her head - the choice between answerin', an' answerin' *fast* at that less he or you get angry, an' what to actually say.
>Mostly you, gotta suspect.
>She don't know him, but she does know you.
"I'm... uh..."
>She ain't gonna be comfortable with you here.
"I'mma head over here a bit."
>"But... mith...?"
"You'll be fine, Red. I just wanna check on... I mean, over there -"
>"Oh, right," he says quickly and smiles at you. "You must hear the ponies. I've got a Maud bringing down a group to check on our building site. They were right behind me, but I didn't think they'd catch up this fast. I mean, they *were* walking..."
>He looks back to Red an' - an' almost pats her head.
>It's as endearing as it is infuriating.
>"Hey... uh... Red. How'd you like to -"
"Don't worry about it. You two can stay here an' chat. Was there somethin' you needed me to tell 'em, or..."
>He raises an eyebrow.
>Okay, so that weren't so smooth on your part, but -
>"Nothing comes to mind. They know what to do. Oh, and Silver should be with them."
>"Yeah. She wanted to see the site. Said something about -"
"Wait, she's *walkin'*?"
>He nods.
"You - you *ASSHOLE*! She can't be walking yet!"
>He smirks like a fucker an' shakes his head."
>"She's doing fine, I swear. Why don't you go check on her? They should be just on the other side of the trees."
>You look back through the tangle, but even with all the leaves down it's too thick to see clear through.
"'kay, but if she's hurtin', I'm comin' back to make sure you don't do that again."
"You'll be fine, Red."
>"Ith that Thilver *Thpoon*?"
"That's not -"
>"Yeah, she's living here now."
>"Mith? Why can't thhe walk? Pleathe, can I -"
"Talk with my friend, Red."

>Before Lauren walks off, she gives you the nastiest glare you've seen in... in a pretty long time.
>What's her deal?
>She's being kind of... what? Crazy? Hormonal? *Pissy*?
>Something, for sure. Not quite herself.
>It's not as if *you* asked *her* to bring a pony over for... for why, exactly?
>Surely her family's ponies are used to dealing with humans - *they* still have farmhands, after all.
>If something was wrong, then...
"Oh, yeah. Sorry."
>You smile for the little pony's benefit.
"Don't worry, the mean lady is gone for now."
>You laugh.
>The pony doesn't.
"I was just joking."
>She nods.
>"Thhe's a lot nicer than her father."
"Uh... huh."
>Okay, crouching like this is uncomfortable as hell.
>You sit down, legs crossed.
"So... what's your name?"
>"They call me Red, thir."
"Yeah, I picked up on that, but what's your name?"
>She blinks and looks at you, kinda vacant eyed.
>She can't even remember -
>"... Twitht."
>Thank God.
>And how cruel. Her parents gave her a name she can't pronounce.
"So, Twist -"
>"Don't! Thhe'll get angry!"
>You shrug.
"Lauren's been angry at me before. I can deal with it."
>She looks around anyway, though not *quite* in the direction Lauren walked off.
"Hey, Twist -"
>She jumps.
"- you were walking a little stiff there, is your leg okay?"
>"Y-yeth, thir!"
"Good, good. So... how are you?"

>Before you walked away, you gave him a look he didn't deserve.
>Silver is fine. Gotta be. He wouldn't make her walk if she couldn't, impossible though that is.
>But if she's not -
>You make your way through the trees an'...
>No ponies.
>Not *here*, they're a bit off.
>That's not a surprise.
>You hadn't heard anything, just made up some excuse to leave so Red could talk to him like a real person without worrin' you'd whup her.
>God, what is *wrong* with you today?
>You get why she'd worry, but not why you're so... so *pissy* about it.
>All you wanted was to spend some time with your friend... and... well...
>... it's okay.
>Silver is your friend, too, an' you can just make her out in the small herd headin' your way.
>Seems like she's doin' fine.
>... huh.
>Okay then.
>You start to walk up the - you're not as young as you used to be.
>Nah, you wait patiently for her to get to you. She's comin' this way anyhow.
>Don't take long, particularly when she sees you.
>There's a moment where she waves.
>An' you wave back.
>... an' she's broken into a gallop, leavin' the others behind.
>Can't even process that 'fore she's barreling into you.
>Damn near knocks you off your feet!
>Thank God she hit your legs, not your belly, because the way she's squeezin' 'em would probably have undone all of Dr. Alda's work!
>Next thing you know, you're on your back, huggin' Sil as she laughs wildly.
>It's infectious.
>The two've you must look like a pair of lunatics to the others.

>Master Sterling's face run through a range of emotions before settling on disbelief.
>"You said the last violin stopped," he says bluntly.
"Vinyl may be dead -"
>"You don't have any proof of that."
"No, but... I... I felt it. But now... I suspect I may be wrong."
>"Before that you told me you couldn't hear anything at all. You've been telling me that for years."
"Something... changed."
>"And you aren't just saying this so I go easy on the new ponies, are you?"
"Of course not."
>Master Sterling glares at you over his desk.
>That's a surprise.
>He's never doubted you before; you've never lied to him and he knows it.
>There's never been any cause.
>"Okay," he sighs and leans back in his chair. "I believe you."
>Thank the sun.
>"It doesn't make any difference. They have to work - but they can start with support duties. Though -"
>He shakes a finger at you.
>"- you've lost the music before. I'm not giving up on Steirs' research. Those mares will have to work."
>You dip your head.
>"Eventually. It can wait a week, but I *need* that income."
"I understand, sir."
>You're so relieved that you almost miss his excited grin.
>He's worried, distracted, stressed, and this - this doesn't *help*, but he's still excited.
>Despite it being one more thing on his plate.
>"Do you..." he starts slowly, visibly pushing his other concerns aside for the moment, "... do you think the new arrivals caused this...?"
"I -"
>You don't *think* so.
>But you can't be sure, can you?
>It started with Derpy hugging you - or did it?
>Was it because they were here - because of their proximity?
>Or perhaps -
>You can't be sure.
>Perhaps you can save Sweetie. Perhaps... perhaps more, if you show progress.
"It is a possibility, sir."
>That's not a lie.
>It's possible. All things are.
>And -
> - more importantly -
>- she needs a friend.
>You do too.
>And isn't the magic of Equestria the magic of friendship?

>Behind Sil, the other ponies get to work.
>You recognize a few, but not all. There's the angry little unicorn, the deadpan grey one, an'... um...
>Sil follows your gaze an' looks over her shoulder.
>"Maud wanted to start marking out the foundation," she explains. "Maybe even start digging."
"But... the ground is frozen? Ain't that gonna be hard?"
>The got a few shovels between 'em, but surely they ain't plannin' to dig down with that, not after the rain an' the snow and the freeze?
>"Shouldn't be a problem," Sil giggles.
"Oh, he got together the money to rent a digger...?"
>Only thing you can think of.
>"Oh *sun* no," Sil laughs. "I tried looking up the price of those - and I do *not* remember them being anywhere near that expensive! He could have *bought* one a few years ago for what it would cost to rent one for a month!"
>You nod.
"... everything's so much more expensive now. Particularly machinery like that."
>So that means -
"Don't tell me he's going to have y'all do it by hoof?"
>"It won't be so bad," Sil grins. "You have *no* idea."
>"Silver -!" one of the other mares warns her.
>"Whoops," Sil rolls her eyes. "Neeeeeeevermind, but don't worry. It'll be *easy*."
"Uh... huh. Kinda like how you're up on your hooves again without... without *anything*? No therapy, no time, nothin'! Am I supposed to think you magically got better for no reason?"
>"If that's true, wouldn't *magic* be the reason?" Sil flutters her eyelashes at you, like a john she's teasin'.
"Stop that! Y'know what I mean."
>Sil smiles an' nods.
"You should be in bed, Sil, even if you *can* walk. Why'd you come down here?"
>"I wanted to get a view of the area myself. I always liked to do that before breaking ground on a new building. I don't have Maud's knowledge - and I don't know *anything* about construction, not the actual work involved - but nothing beats actually seeing the area for oneself."
>You shrug.
"I suppose."
>"Now..." Sil hums an' scoots over to sit 'side you.
>She bumps her shoulder into yours.
>"... I don't see a truck. Why'd *you* walk here?"
>You shrug again.
"Cheaper than drivin', I suppose."
>She rolls her eyes and sighs.
>And bumps you again.
>"Yeah, but *why*?"
>You shrug. Hard.
>You gonna tell her you were feelin' lonely?
>That you wanted to be with your friend? *Friends*?
>That everything at home felt like... like... it was all a bit off.
>Like a pie where the fruit'd just started to turn or with a touch too much salt in the crust.
>An' pie's pie.
>Ain't to be turned down less it's *truly* awful.
>Not worth complainin' about.
>You ain't that weak.
>Besides, it don't feel like that now.
"I... uh..."
>Tell her the truth?
>The *other* truth?
"... y'know how my family's ponies are... well..."
>"That they aren't even allowed to have *names*?" Sil scowls. "Yes, I remember what you told me."
>She shudders and shakes her head.
>"Bleh. At the time it sounded worse than being owned by Sterling."
"Yeah, well, at least we don't let the Sheriff kill ours."
>"I said 'at the time'," Sil whispers back. "I didn't realize how bad it could be. Being the low mare on the pole is a lot different than life for the rest of the mares there. I got desperate. I made stupid choices. Still..."
>You shake your head.
>Enough about that.
"My family's ponies... they ain't too used to dealin' with people."
>"And that brings you here today because...?"
>You look over at the others, make sure none've 'em are listenin' in.
>They're all hard at work an' laughin' at each other's jokes.
"Well, I'm guessin' you're neck deep in all this -"
>Sil nods.
"- so you know how our ponies're bein' hired to help out with buildin' the rest stop?"
>She keeps noddin'.
"Well, I thought it'd be good if I got a few've 'em used to talkin' to folk again. Y'know, to people that'll treat 'em as... as *people*."
>"And that brings here because?"
>You scowl at your friend.
>She laughs.
"Because I thought he'd be a good guy for them to talk to."
>Sil nods.
>"And you brought a few ponies over to meet him?"
"Just one for now, but yeah."
>Sil don't react. Just stares at you.
"Y'know, *Red."
>She slowly shakes her head.
"I know we spoke about her. You even said she was your friend back from Ponyville."
>Sil shrugs.
"She... uh... got a red mane?"
>"I think I could have guessed that," Sil rolls her eyes at you, "but that's not as unique as you think it is. Just here, there's Apple Bloom, Moondancer -"
"Okay, okay. Kinda... kinda the same colors as Apple Bloom? But less... yellow?"
>"Like Moondancer?" Sil giggles softly. "Or -"
"She has a lisp."
>"That's better," she continues to laugh under her breath. "I know humans think every pony is so unique and could *never* share the same coloring as -
>"Wait. A *lisp*?"
>Her eyes grow wide.
>She smiles.
>And then laughs, loud enough the other ponies stop their doing to look your way a sec.
>A few smile back before they get on with their work.
>No questions - they're just happy to see *her* bein' happy.
>"*Twist*" Sil whispers loudly. "It's *Twist*!"
>Oh, right.
>That's her name - her real name.
>"You left her alone with him?"
"Well... yeah."
>Must be frownin', cuz Sil giggles.
>She always did that when you frowned.
>Said it reminded her of someone she knew.
"Look, she was actin' all skittish with me there!"
>Raised your voice too loud - but thankfully none've the ponies are payin' you any attention.
"I had to leave him. Her. Leave her with him. Damn thing couldn't act normal with me there, an' that means it's all a waste..."
>"Except we got a chance to gossip," Sil adds. "Just like old times."
"Yeah... glad to see you're back on your hooves."
>"Thanks," Sil huffs. "Good to know I'm not an *afterthought*"
"I didn't mean it like that, Sil! Didn't cross my mind you'd be up to talkin' with anybody yet."
>"What you mean is I didn't cross your mind at all."
>She nudges your shoulder with hers. Gives you an innocent smirk.
>"You know I'm teasing. Everybody's surprised."
>You reach over an' hug her tight to your side.
"I'm glad you're doin' okay. Always nice to hang out with a friend."
>"Yeah," Sil sighs happily, then does this weird lil' shake of her head.
>"Well... can I see her?"
"That... ain't a good idea."
>"Why not?"
"Because... because you know how we treat 'em."
>"Ah... right," Sil mumbles. "So this is one of those situations, like how an employer doesn't want his employees discussing their pay."
"I... guess?"
>"And you think we might say something that'll make Twist...?"
"Make her what?"
>"I was going to say 'uncomfortable', but I'd be worried if she *was*. 'Unmanageable' might be a better choice."
"Yeah, basically. Plus if daddy finds out they talked to any've the ponies here, it'll be a beatin'."
>You sigh.
"Mainly that."
>"Don't worry," Sil smiles. That damn innocent smile. "I understand. And I'm sure *he* won't say anything that might cause problems."
>Why's that grin of hers not lookin' so innocent now?
>"You know..." she teases, "he turned me down at the Stables."
>"Because he turned me down?"
"Because he went there at all."
>Sil leans into further, until she's practically laying against your chest an' lookin' up at you.
>"You should be careful," she whispers. "Maud thinks he has a type."
>"Mares with red manes and cream coats."
>"Is that a problem?" Sil giggles.
"No! Of course not! Why would that be a problem?"
>"Because you look like it is."

Sam's chapter of Overtime is Mandatory is still in progress, but taking longer than I hoped.
Should have known better. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
It's just really hard to write from the point of view of a child, particularly a sober child.
Getting close, though. By the end of the week for sure.
So here's the issue, in my eyes. It's a two-parter. First, all these characters are of completely undefined age and there's no clear indiciations to tell me how old they are. Given that they're apparently just discovering puberty with no sex-ed, it comes off as if they're 12-14. As >>33628235 said, you needed to stop calling her 'filly' if you didn't mean her to be a filly. If you meant them to be older, that's fine - but you never defined it, and that is literally allowing the shitposters to leap all over you saying that you literally did the thing you promised not to do. Which... is pretty much exactly what you did. I see that you intended to have this be a moment with a different theme. But in the end, you spent so much time focusing on the actual lewds rather than Rosa's emotional state that it does not come off as a tough inside moment at all. Instead, it seems like the full-lewds are the full-on focus of this scene, and that's definitely been reflected in peoples' reactions. And honestly, it is a little creepy.

Plus, Rosa apparently knows what is going on and is aware of the effect it will have, but has little in the way of thoughts about being used to humiliate a pony who might be her friend.

And we're back on track, with our first glimpse outside of the school! I'm again surprised the topic of 'modesty' has never been brought up to the ponies in the school, but so it is. Our new owner seems strict, but fair. In the end, I'm sure you had fine reason to be putting so much work into school scenes: Informing on Rosa's character development, or setting up characters we'll meet in the future. But I'm also glad to have the major plot moving along too. Next time: Meet the kids!
We've had a couple of abortive stories, none of which reached any real conclusion:
>Jingles' "Broken Princess" has gone the farthest, but still stands uncompleted: https://pastebin.com/1wKaVmci
>Stripes' "Moonshards" is adorable, but literally only a few posts long: https://pastebin.com/2SFXZW8Q
>Hunteranon's "A Moon Among the Stars" is also quite short, only just setting up some sci-fi scenario: https://pastebin.com/kPU95B3v
>Lurkernon also did a shorter oneshot story about Celestia and Luna as slaves, but it doesn't seem to be in the pastebin.
I’m always happy to see a /tg/ update, and always a bit sad after one from this story. It’s a downer, but we need those sometimes too. Thanks for writing.

>"- you've lost the music before. I'm not giving up on Steirs' research.
Sorry, I kinda lost the plot here. Anyone want to spoiler me on Octavias ‘violins’ and Steirs ideas?
We have great writefags now too, but I still miss the old guard. Corona wheeeen?!
>discovering puberty with no sex-ed, it comes off as if they're 12-14
but somehow know about the breeding program
Wow. That was a big ol' update. Glad youre still with us. Im go to save the bulk of it for later, so i have something to look forward to after work.
Lauren it's too good for him anyway
I hope that Mr. Boones does not have a fetish with the young mares that dress as servants

Good luck in you new job Rosa, I suspect you need it.
It's so nice to see silver acting so normal, but her seemingly total recovery does feel a little weird with how she was just a few updates ago. I hope things continue on this trend, even though I know we still have to deal with poor DT.

As for Sam. I can see how that would be freaking hard to write convincingly. But you can do it. I know you can.
Top of my head I think Sterling started out with wanting to make money through Octavia's music, even bought an auditorium for it. The diner and hotel was suppose to be side businesses for the sake of that. But due to Octavia slowly losing her mojo/magic/motivation/the "violins" due to all the shit happening and the supressants, she couldn't write music to bring in the crowds. Because Sterling couldn't find Vinyl or other similarly talented ponies to make back his investment, he turned to having the ponies he couldn't sell off turn tricks in his diner. When she lost the last "violin" she took it to mean that Vinyl was definitely dead since she couldn't her song anymore. She decided to stop taking her suppressants recently and started to hear the music again, getting back her optimism and drive to play.

As for Stiers, he's some doctor that Sterling is bankrolling to research something and he made a breakthrough on it.
Silver teasing Lauren is fun.
>It's just really hard to write from the point of view of a child, particularly a sober child.
There are some weird implications.
It's good to see you the old Silver again, you too TTGAMEN
File: 1551408643583.gif (2.87 MB, 970x546)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB GIF
get to writing
Was there ever a Zecora green?
Music has been a running theme since way back when Moondancer explained to Farmer Anon what it felt like to lose the magic of Equestria.
Steir hasn't been explained, but he's probably a mad scientist trying to give humans the ability to use magic like ponies.
Where is blinders off?
Busy in the filly brothel. It's heat season for the fillies
I'm working on it, honestly


>”Hey. I'm back.”
>Anon's knuckles rapped the the door as he pushed it open.
>”Anything happen while I was gone?”
>Celestia gave the part in front of her one last rub before turning to look at him.
>He had his eyes fixed on her oil-stained hooves.
>She even had some dark splotches on her chest.
“The shop phone got an order as an email. From 'Sam's Garage.'”
>The mail had a specific car model and a list of parts on it, but those were just strings of letters and numbers to her.
>”Right. I'll check that out. You finish that part and clean up, we got some shopping to do. And not just for dinner.”
>The door slammed shut behind him.
>Celestia arched a brow, shrugged, and returned to scrubbing the part.
>She had a feeling that he wasn't too happy with how oily she was, and that the shopping had something to do with preventing such messes.

>Taptaptaptap. Tap. Ta-tap.
>Anon sat behind the counter as his fingers danced on his tablet's screen.
“I got most of them clean. It'll take me an hour or so to get the rest.”
>He glanced at her, then pushed a button on the tablet's side.
>Its screen turned black just before he set it down on the counter.
>”Good. I expanded the allowed radius on your collar's satellite positioning system. It covers a few blocks in every direction now.”
>Celestia touched the collar on her neck with a hoof.
>It had an alarm that'd go off if she went too far, and he'd set it to minimum range at first – so low that the system's inaccuracy had sometimes caused the pre-alarm to beep even when she'd been in the shop.
“Thank you?”
>Anon reached out to rub the spot between her ears.
>She flattened her ears and bowed her head to give him better access.
>”You can do the groceries for us now. I'll even give you a bit of pocket change so you can get something nice for yourself. But it's time we get going now, the store I'm thinking of will close soon.”


>Celestia's hooves pounded the footpath in a steady rhythm as she trotted beside Anon.
“You sound like you know this place. I didn't think you were someone who frequents fashion stores.”
>Anon had his hands in his pockets and his eyes set to the gray skies.
>”I don't go there for the fashion.”
>There was the tiniest hint of red on his cheeks.
“Oh? Let me guess: it's the girl you're always texting with.”
>A sly smile sneaked on her lips as Anon glared at her.
>She hadn't spent a thousand years with gossiping nobles without developing a hair trigger for crushes.
>”It is. She works in the store, but this time we're going there because she told me there's a talented pony seamstress there as well.”
>Celestia's ears perked up.
>It couldn't be.
>Rarity and the other Elements were safe, in Equestria with Twilight.
>The last, and ultimately unnecessary, line of defense against the humans.
>”I bet you'll like the other pony who works there. A pegasus stallion, who I've heard is quite the looker.”
>It was his turn to have a cheeky smile on his face.


>”Hey, and welcome to- oh! Hi there.”
>A human female, who looked about the same age as Anon, spun on her heels at the sound of the bell attached to the door.
>She waved and smiled at the duo who'd just come in.
>”Wow. You said she's big, but I didn't think she'd be *that* big. I've never seen a pony her size!”
>The clothes rack she'd been arranging, one of the many that filled the shop, made metallic clinking sounds as the jeans on it slid back to place.
>”She was a bit of a risky buy, but I think I won that gamble. Or are you going to let me down, Celestia?”
“Why would I? You've treated me well so far.”
>The woman had dug out her phone and had its camera pointed at Celestia.
>”Anyways, Ann, about what I-”

>”Celestia? Princess Celestia?”
>Ta-ta-ta-thump. Ta-ta-ta-thump.
>Somepony galloped out of the back room.
>A small earth pony mare, with a cream-colored coat, light cyan mane and tail, and a feathered hat for a cutie mark rushed at Celestia.
>The little pony's eyes glimmered with hope.
>”You're okay! I was-”
>She thudded into Celestia's chest.
>”-so worried, nopony heard anything of you for ages!”
“Yes. I'm still alive.”
>She wrapped a hoof around the earth pony's shoulders, pulling her into a hug.
“But I'm no longer a princess. I'm just another pony now, someone's property, just like you.”
>Both of the humans stared at the mares.
>”Do you know anything about home? I've heard some rumors...”
>The slightest bit of dampness seeped into Celestia's coat where the little pony's face was.
“Equestria is safe. Luna and I closed the portal.”
>She didn't have the heart to say that it meant they were trapped in the human world.

>”You didn't tell me you bought a princess. Doesn't that make her, like, their queen or something?”
>Ann, the woman who worked in the shop, sipped at her coffee.
>Her, Anon, Celestia, and Coco Pommel, the earth pony mare who'd rushed out to hug the alicorn, were in the break room.
>It was a small room, with just the barest of essentials like a microwave, a small table, and a coffee machine.
>Celestia sat in the middle of the room, Coco zipped around her with a measuring tape to get her sizes, and Ann and Anon sat at the table with cups of coffee in hand.
>”I didn't know who she was when I bought her, but found out as soon as I punched a description into my search bar. Turns out there's only four like her, and two of them are still ruling their magical horse kingdom.”
“Equestria. That's our home.”
>She saw no reason to hide her identity, even if she wasn't entirely comfortable with the secret being exposed.
>Being just a nopony tempted her, but it wasn't like she didn't stand out.
>It'd been just a question of time.
>She stretched out her rear hoof as Coco tapped it.
>The little mare measured it with her tape and jotted some numbers down in her notebook.
“I was the ruler, together with my sister Luna. Twilight and Cadence now rule in our stead.”
>Celestia hadn't heard a word of her sister since the day of their capture.

>”Hey Ann, I-”
>A pegasus stallion, with a light blue coat, dark blue mane, and a cute mark depicting a lightning bolt splitting a cloud, trotted into the room.
>There was something faintly familiar about him, like Celestia had seen him before.
>He stared at Celestia with his mouth left hanging open.
>”Princess Celestia? I thought you were...”
“I am still alive and well, or as well as I can be without Luna.”
>She put on her warmest smile as she stood up to let Coco measure her hindquarters.
>Both the pegasus' and Anon's eyes fixed on her twin suns.
>The pegasus instantly averted his gaze as a hint of red appeared on his face.
>Anon didn't bother hiding his stare.
>”I- I hope that means the rumors about the portal are true, too? That it's gone and Equestria is safe?”
>The stare earned Anon an angry glare from Ann.
“Yes. The portal is closed.”

>”Thank you for you patience, Pr- Celestia! I got your measurements. Your clothes will be done in a day or two.”
>Coco jotted the last numbers on her notebook.
>”Soarin will deliver them to your door so you don't have to come pick them up yourself.”
>Soarin of the Wonderbolts.
>So that's why he'd looked familiar.
>He'd already left the room, for another delivery if his word was to be believed.

>Coco scurried off to pick up her notebook.
>”You'll come visit some other time, right? I'd love to have someone other than Soarin and Ann to talk with.”
>Celestia threw a glance at Anon.
“If I have the time.”
>Anon's chair scraped the floor as he pushed it back and stood up.
>”As long as you do what I need you to do, I don't care what you do with the rest of your time. Visit her as much as you like or ask her to come over. You have a room for yourself.”
>He lifted his hands over his heads and pushed his shoulders up until they made a quiet popping sound.
>”Nn. I think it's time we go do the groceries. Maybe I'll even have you make dinner tonight.”

>Ann patted her lap.
>”Coco. C'mere.”
>The little earth pony looked up from her notebook, then trotted to the woman and hopped on her lap.
>”I was just trying to measure the fabric in my head. Her overalls are going to take a lot of cloth.”
>Ann stroked the side of Coco's neck, then ran her fingers through the mare's mane.
>”It's closing time. You can relax now.”
>Celestia glanced at Anon.
>A part of her wanted to trot up to him and nuzzle the back of his hand so he'd pet her, just like Ann was doing to Coco.
“I'm not much of a cook, so don't go thinking I'll make anything good.”
>She wouldn't let herself be reduced to a lap dog, though.
>...which didn't mean she couldn't enjoy the occasional petting, of course.
>She, like all other ponies, had always loved gentle affection and physical contact.
>She didn't ever recall having such a craving for it, though.
>Maybe it was because she hadn't had any for several months?

To be continued.

There we go. Another piece. Enjoy! This time about meeting the rest of the cast.
>You know, it only takes one time to get hooked.
>It doesn't matter what reason you have to partake.
>Sooner or later that reason will just be to get your next high.
>The only way to stop is not to start at all.
>the system's inaccuracy had sometimes caused the pre-alarm to beep
Say you have some cheap-ass owner who fits you with some janky knock-off collar, then sets a minimum hard radius ‘cause he’s an asshole too. The position error is wandering all over, and when it gets too far it shocks the piss out of you. Do you just lay there and take it, or do you scurry back and forth, hunting for the center of where this stupid thing thinks you should be? Crap-gadgets are bad enough when they’re NOT locked around your neck!
>Celestia hadn't heard a word of her sister since the day of their capture.
That would seem her first priority, once she’s settled in and has a free moment. If Anon can type her name into a search bar, why can’t she type Lunas?

>“Yes. The portal is closed.”
Celestia spent a thousand years awaiting Luna and Discord. Twilight and Cadance will be no less patient: what was open, then closed, can be opened once again in time, and alicorns have plenty of that.

Anything could happen to humanity in a millennia, we could have colonized the stars, or reverted back to the stone age. If the current system prevails, compound interest can make them billionaires with zero effort. With just a little luck the sisters will waiting, perhaps as Princesses once again! Immortals still have to take it one day at a time though, and today it’s overalls and greasy engine parts.

>The stare earned Anon an angry glare from Ann.

>She flattened her ears and bowed her head to give him better access.
Too late, lol!

Anyway; the whole thing is developing marvelously and I think you’re on the right track. Good work!
File: Spoiler Image (342 KB, 779x1024)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
Rosa is a sweetheart but this new master seems like a hardass. I feel like it's only a matter of time before Rosa gets into trouble for something. I hope she can be friends with the kiddos!

Good work AWF!
> but this new master seems like a hardass
To me he looked like he didn't know what to expect of a different race and he is unable to be casual in new situations, so he defaulted to strict dad mode. He still has time to relax around her if they talk more.
>Be mare
>Riding home with Rose in the network van after taping this week's episode of the show
>It was all about her foalnapping experience
>You even had Agent Abseloff on
>He gave a speech about how the FBI has seen to it from the start that kidnapping wouldn't be a thing on American soil
>Then he caused a stir by saying that applies to all Equestrian ponies - free and private property as far as the bureau was concerned
>Rose is explaining to you why that was a big deal, but you get the feeling she's not entirely sure herself
>"You know plenty of things that would be crimes against free ponies are not against slaves," she says
"Sure. Rape, assult, battery, sexual harassment... all those things still seem like strange crimes to me"
>"Because you grew up a slave. They'd seem like common sense if you'd grown up free"
"Well I get assult and battery because nopony wants that. The rule at the brothel was no rough stuff"
>You pause to think about it and add:
"We were all afraid that if we didn't stay pretty enough we'd be sent somewhere where rough stuff was allowed"
>"That's horrible. So how did you end up being into rough stuff?"
>You blush
"What's the term people use? Forbidden fruit? You can't tello me the same thing doesn't turn you on"
>"I'm not into rough stuff at all"
"No, but forbidden stuff. There's a colt waiting for you right now who looks exactly like somepony who was your forbidden fruit"
>"He was more than that, but yeah. When you're told you're not allowed to do something that does make doing it more exciting"
"Which is exactly why I had to share him with you. I knew how exciting that was for you. So back to what the FBI guy said"
>"Right. Slavery has been a states' rights issue. A federal agency saying it doesn't draw a line between free and slave when it comes to foalnapping..."
"Is a big deal?"
>"Yeah. I don't know exactly how, but it opens up some legal challenges. If foalnapping is a crime how is holding a pony against her will not?"
"Because you own her, so the idea of her will is meaningless"
>"That's what we've been told. This could be evidence that the federal government sees things a little differently"
"Don't things go badly when the states and the fed end up at odds? Like riots in the streets and civil war?"
>"It makes for trouble. You've heard Crystal make the parallels with the Civil Rights movement"
"Mostly off the air, though. She'll only hint at that on the show"
>"For good reason. If something big ever goes down we want the support of those whose ancestors lived through something similar"
"I know. If we seem like we're co-opting their cause it'll turn them against us"
>"THEM is right here," a male voice says from up front
>You'd forgotten about the driver
>You had noticed he wasn't your regular driver, then promptly forgot about him once you were on your way
>He's black
>This is what happens when you get used to just being driven around everywhere
>You forget there's a person driving you who hears everything you say
>"Don't think we didn't watch in horror as this shit went down," he continues, "and speak out against it"
"You did?"
>"As much as we could," he replies, "but by the time your kind arrived here it was pretty much a done deal"
>He adds, "Still you'd be hard pressed to find a black man who thinks it's right"
"What about Kanye?"
>"Name one other black man who owns a pony. One"
>You can't
>"But we still have our own shit to deal with," he continues. "A generation of white people only just became aware of what's going on"
>"Systemmic racism?," Rose asks
>"I'm taking just the tip of that iceberg - like a few of them just noticed it's a thing so they bought Black LIves Matter t-shirts"
>He practically spits the word "t-shirts"
>"Yeah," he continues, "The stuff we deal with everyday that's invisible to them. The fear we have for our children"
>"I get that now. The cops shot Mr Blue, um, José when they rescued me, and then just left him there like his life didn't matter"
>"And that kid died," the driver replies, "Do you think they'd have been so quick on the draw if he was a white kid?"
"Probably not"
>This is a little uncomfortable, but interesting
>You've never spoken with a black man more than simple pleasantries at a shop or with a driver
>It's explaining a few things you've only had vague ideas about, but saw in action with people
>"Definitely not," he answers firmly. "And what happens when white people finally start becoming aware of this shit?"
>"A rise in hate crimes and mass shootings. And when you hear about a mass shooting who is behind it? ALWAYS?"
>"A white man," Rose answers
>"A white supremacist," he replies. "They just usually leave that part out, just like how they refuse to call it terrorism"
"It is terrorism though, right?"
>"You only get to call it terrorism when it's the oppressed people behind it. Now if a pony ever did something like that you can be sure..."
>"Nopony would," Rose cuts him off. "We're not like that. That's inconceivable to us"
>"And you speak for all ponies?," he asks
>"On this matter I'm pretty sure I can"
>"Well let's see what a few more generations of oppression does to you," he replies, "It took us 400 years to produce Malcom X"
>"He was shot too?," Rose asks
>Assassinated, like Dr King, but you know what it really was"
>"Terrorism?," she replies
>"Sent a pretty clear message to those uppity negroes, didn't it?"
"I never understood the guns thing. What's the big deal about changing the gun laws if they cause that much suffgering?"
>The driver laughs
>"Whitey loves his guns. They're all he's got to feel safe when there's black men around"
>"You'd think he'd love his children more," Rose answers, "Kids are getting shot at school"
>"The only way you're gonna see gun laws change is how it happened in California"
"How did it happen there?"
>"California used to be all bang bang shoot 'em up wild west cowboys. Open carry all the way"
"What changed it?"
>"A group of Black Panthers showed up at the state capital exercising their legal right to bear arms"
"I'm guessing this has nothing to do with the movie"
>He laughs and says, "Civil rights protesters. And all it took was a bunch of armed black men in front of the capital"
"Weren't they afraid of getting shot?"
>"Of course they were. There's a reason this went down in California and not Mississippi. They weren't stupid"
>"So a bunch of armed black men in the streets was all it took to change the gun laws?," Rose asks
>"It's the kind of thing white men have nightmares about"
"So their fear of you is stronger than their love for their guns?"
>"They've gone hand in hand through history. Without guns how were they gonna keep us down in states where we outnumbered them?"
>The van turns down your street
>"Thank you for being so frank with us," Rose says, "We don't get to hear much from your... perspective"
>"They don't want you to hear it," he answers, "But of course Imma be real with you - you're the ones sticking your necks out"
>"Sticking our necks out?"," Rose asks with a little trepidation
>"Yeah," he says gravely, "That kind of terrorism they'll never call terrorism..."
>Then he brightens a little and adds, "But maybe your struggle will be easier than ours. You're not fighting hundreds of years of oppression and prejudice"
"Something to be hopeful about, at least"
>"No small thing," he replies, "Just remember that for all that land of the free home of the brave beacon of democracy shit"
>He double parks the van in front of your building and continues
>"Don't get me wrong - that's true. But there's also never been a time when this country wasn't deeply fucked up"
>"Never. And right now ponies are on the receiving end of a lot of that. It can crush you"
"Noted. And thanks"
>"Take care of yourselves," he says as you and Rose exit the van and shut the door
>As he drives away you notice Rose looks a little shaken
>Understandable given the weekend she just had and over an hour of reliving it in front of an audience
"He was nice. And I don't know about you but I feel like I learned a bunch of things"
>"Same here.Drivers usually don't talk like that. He felt compelled to. Do you really think we're sticking our necks out?"
"I was trying to figure out what he meant by that. Didn't strike me as a good thing"
>"It means we've put ourselves in a dangerous position. Not in an exciting way like being free mares in Brooklyn"
"Which turned out to be more dangerous than we thought it would"
>"No shit. I didn't expect to get foalnapped"
"That was probably a fluke. Just a bunch of dumb kids with a dumb idea"
>"That's how Agent Abseloff portrayed it to me in private. You know what else he said?"
>The one they haven't caught yet - the hacker? He said they have the ability to track him down but they're not legally allowed to use it"
"That can change depending on who writes the laws, right?"
>"A lot can change depending on that"
"What do you think about what he had to say about terrorism?"
>"If he was trying to scare me he did a great job"
"Yeah, it's scary. But the idea that black people are more sympathetic to ponies than they're willing to let on actually makes me feel safer here"
>"Well there are a lot of them here. You got that from what he said?"
"I got he was warning us to be careful in a way he wouldn't have if there'd been a white person around"
>"Yeah, I picked up on that. Maybe you're right. He certainly had a point about black people not owning ponies"
"I don't think I ever saw a black man at the brothel growing up. Though I've seen a few interspecies couples here"
>"I have too. But you never hear the mare call the man master, do you?"
>As you enter your building you notice the door to the apartment across the hall is open ans Micah is standing there
"Hi Micah! How are you doing?"
>"Very well, thanks G-d"
>He looks to Rose and says, "And you! Such a blessing to have you safely back among us!"
>"I suppose it is," she replies
>"Not to stick my nose where it doesn't belong, but after something like that it might be a good idea to find somepony to... talk to"
>It still amuses you how he pronounces the "g" on something like a "k"
>"What, like a councellor?"
>"Might be a good idea for both of you. Maybe the little one as well"
"Do they even have pony counsellors?"
>"They must," Micah replies. "I have a sister in law who is a therapist. I can ask if she knows somepony. It never hurts to talk"
>It never hurts to talk?
>You suspect that's a white lie
>It might help in the long run, but you're pretty sure talking about some of the things you've been through would be painful
>For both you and Rose
>While looking at Micah you notice the apartment behind him is nearly empty
>"Sure," Rose says. "And thank you"
"What happened to our neighbors?"
>A cute couple maybe just a little older than you live across the hall
>You expect to see her with foal any moment, but it hasn't happened yet
>"They're moving upstairs to the three bedroom," Micah answers
"Good for them! Does this mean she's...?"
>"I didn't ask. Not my business. But I know it's not the reason for the move. Still might be an incentive"
"What, did they win the lottery or something?"
>"In a manner of speaking. The new tennants insisted on this apartment and were willing to help subsidize their move"
>Speakink, willink
"New tennants?"
>"I haven't even met them. I just have assurance they'll be quiet and well behaved in the form of a large security deposit from the network"
>"The network?," Rose asks. "As in our network? Fox?"
>Micah nods, "Of course. I thought you knew"
"These aren't free ponies, are they?"
>"I didn't think to ask abuot their status that way. But it's two stallions moving in tomorrow"
"Our security detail"
>"I actually don't mind," Rose says. "I should, but I don't"
>"Then it's a blessing all around. You are safer, the building is safer, your neighbors get a nicer apartment..."
"And I'm guessing it's a good deal for you as well," you say with a little smile
>"Why should I make bad deals? Where's the sense in that?"

>another long update where nothing happens
But on the other hoof, you pack meaning into every line. It all makes me think a bit. You nerf the magical abilities of these ponies for plot reasons, but even imperceptible effects would completely revolutionize physics. Eventually somepony will develop technology around that, and all three flavors of pony magic will become valuable, and dangerous. Not sure if that’s good or bad for the ponies themselves.

In the nearer term, I’m keen to meet this pony protection team! Are they slaves themselves, and how do they feel about the job? How long before they get mentioned on the show, then invited themselves?

>"What about Kanye?"
He’s a law unto himself.

>An hour goes by...
And no Fuck You Guy. Is he sick or something?
File: 1415882.png (1.37 MB, 5830x8022)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
>no fuckyou
there was a shooting a couple days ago. new zealand australia and china have started blocking any website that is allowed to talk about it
fuckyou might be gone for a while. does anyone have a replacement?

maybe we can get a pony to constantly lurk and spam "angry scrunch" to every update
>"Name one other black man who owns a pony. One"
>You can't
To be honest this sound kinda bullshit. But again, this green is just a political/pol bait the 90% of the updates.
Wow. I noticed this board suddenly slowed way down starting a couple days ago. Didn't put 2 and 2 together.
It's hardly much of a stretch to think is ponies were enslaved in our world opinions about it would break along political and racial lines.
Yeah, I can see mare being BLACKED in the future thanks to this update. I can't wait for the comment of how superior they are compared to the white man.
File: 1933281.jpg (781 KB, 2560x2013)
781 KB
781 KB JPG
Good thing all his stories take place in a self-contained, horribly depressing world that has no impact on the rest of the green in this thread and doesn't effect your enjoyment of the overarching concept

I'll just be over here with the real Roseluck. The pet one.
yea, to paraphrase an anon from a couple days ago: NZ went from the shire to stalingrad in three days. some kid is facing 14 years no bail for simply sharing the video, and that's just one case so god knows how many islandfolk are being "reeducated"
>how superior they are compared to the white man
We are and everything bad in this world always happened thanks to a white man.
File: 1367291.png (102 KB, 634x636)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>"Whitey loves his guns. They're all he's got to feel safe when there's black men around"
Yeah, you usually held a gun when you're surrounded by these creatures. They never are alone
She will never cuck her master?
Let me guess, you're black.
File: I am dissapoint.jpg (18 KB, 600x600)
18 KB
>that 3rd paragraph
God the cringe is real.
Post that on /mlpol/ is you just want to fish ... don't shit up your story with an entire update dedicated to poorly-made baiting like that, it just make your characters look retarded.
File: 1738938.jpg (302 KB, 1864x1664)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Unlike other, fake Roselucks, she will love her master unconditionally and protect him from all dangers (>pic related)
(Filling in for Fuck You Guy)
File: FillyScrunch3D.png (112 KB, 436x404)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (689 KB, 540x610)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
Can't wait, I always thought zecora had some nice ideas to mess around with
That's just an excuse, if you had no minorities to hate the white people they would hate each other
No anot, him is green
>implying this isn't true
>Good thing all his stories take place in a self-contained, horribly depressing world that has no impact on the rest of the green in this thread
idk. The intro to AWF's new story felt a lot like Filly Brothel. And I've seen an increase in anti-unicorn racist posting that feels like his influence on the general. As much as you might want to write him off people read his stuff here and at least some of them seem to internalize it.
Kill yourself.
Are you behind seven proxies?
Sucks to be in NZ. I know Australia has been looking to ban the 4chins for at least a decade. Looks like they have it now.
Fuck off you fucking cunt
There he is! Don’t worry; we covered for you.
this is peak fucking autism, genuinely
Peak autism = punctuation valley?
This is the biggest /pol/bait update. How much antiwhite updates are coming?
>this race relations angle is all just bait
Maybe, but if it is it’s bait worth taking. It’s hardly an uncommon viewpoint in the real world, and Blinders presents it here in an absolutely believable way. I’ve spoken with people exactly like this! One of the (many) great things about this story is the amorality of it’s narration: there’s many different viewpoints and they all get a fair representation.
Nothing antiwhite about it. It's just one black character's perspective when talking to a couple high profile former slaves who are starting to publicly speak out against it. Personally I have no skin in the /pol/ game, as I don't view the world as a struggle between races and religious ideologies. But I understand that has shaped history and will continue to do so. Which means there will be characters in my work who take that view. Our protagonists, being kind of naive to this whole thing will have to sort out their own opinions about it for themselves. Personally I couldn't give two fucks about /pol/. They're the kids I would have made fun of in high school for not getting the joke.
File: Good luck, writer.png (15 KB, 512x139)
15 KB
Fine, I guess I will stop with you until you make the next arc and change your name, the continuous forced philosophical updates were just annoying but sometime enjoyable, but this blatant political bait kind of update is more than annoying. Good luck
>using the best weapon of the humanity in the early chapter
Fucking madman. I wonder if he will use the bellyrubs in any case of rebellion
- Slavery got legalized in US on a *black* demand, as he wanted to import Irish slave.
- 99% of the black slave trading & owning in the US where done by jews.
- Most of blacks living in the US are descendant from South America's slaves, give your complaint to latino.
- Indian reserves refused to free their slaves for decades after white people abolished slavery.
Yeah, I know I took the cheap /pol/tard bait, but this an /his/ matter.
I don’t know (or care) about american history, but I’m doubtful.
Fuck off
It's incredible to me how many of you still ride this blatant shitposter's dick. A definite case study on severe autism here.
>I don't care about /pol/
>proceed to attract even more shitposter to this thread with every update
>this time you're attracting /pol/fags
Do you even cares about the other writers that will be affected to the new audience thank to your updates? You actually want to slowly destroy this general? Are you actually Gilf?
Fucking this
Gilfposter detected.
Damn, this is running for 4 years.
I dont remember a lot of the plot.
Eg, I did not recall Lauren calling Silver Sil. That conversation was written/read 3 years ago.
Would have to re-read it all but its getting damn long to do that with my daily schedule :(.
Thanks for the update.
Fuck you guy and blinders off are the same person because "fuck you" got banned around the same time blinders didn't post and they both magically showed up at the same time three days after the last shitstorm
It couuuuuld be. Can’t say your wrong, but the evidence is hardly conclusive. People said the same thing about Somewritefag and Fagfag. What if I like Fuck You Guy AND Blinders? Would that foil his / their evil ruse? FUG has become part of our thread tradition, it would not be the same without his dedicated (So dedicated!) service.
I might get banned for mentioning it, but evading an IP ban is trivially easy. For a ponephoster like me it’s as easy as sliding the ‘airplane mode’ switch back and forth. PC fags have their ways too. How about we straight-up ask him: “Blinders, is this true or not?”
I really doubt it. When someone gets banned for spamming their entire post history gets wiped. Fuckyou got wiped a few times last summer and it didn't take any green with it. And I know for a fact that mods aren't fooled by phoneposter evading if someone is causing an actual problem.
In my experience they just delete the post that's reported and not everything that person has typed in the thread unless it's part of the problem
Yes, I admit that I am Fuck Off Guy too. I’m just trolling myself for lols! You can tell it’s really me by my lack of a trip: I’m the only writefag that doesn’t use one.
Fuck off
>tfw Vinyl-fag is so dead that people forgot he doesn't use a trip

Those ponies are never getting off the boat, aren't they?
>FuckBlindersymous confirmed every single person on 4chan and 4channel that doesn't use a trip
What an interesting way to show the perspective of someone outside the idea of dominating ponies.

Make no mistake, there is no doubt that other ethnic groups would have no moral problem in taking the freedom of a sensitive creature and do with it what they want, just look at what we do to our own species, the best way to strengthen the fight for its emancipation in putting in evidence the moral shame with which we defend our freedom while we submit to the multicolored ponies only because they are 'weak' and 'cute' and we 'strong and ' Fair '

I almost regret Blue's death, but I'm more worried that the Hacker is still free, that reinforces the need for better security for Mare and the others, what once did can be done again and unless it happens to the president's bedmare it will not become an issue of national importance

Great green FBHPBO, keep it up
Fuck off
File: 1551045157352.jpg (25 KB, 640x480)
25 KB
They were never going to get off that boat, even if he didn't disappear.
Reminder that Vega needs to put down the vidya and write more spanking smut.
File: 1474766529866.jpg (359 KB, 2668x2138)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
You speak LIES!
Weren't they just getting off before the writefag gave up because it was too hard?
That is lewd selfcest right there telling yourself to fuck
Just Anon and Dash. Everyone else was staying on the boat until they returned. I think.
Reminder that Rarity is getting big for her britches again and needs to have some more good old fashioned discipline with the big hairbrush on her little white butt
Get off the computer Sweetiebelle, you should be making breakfast right now
Yes, this. I’m missing Vega too, especially now that the story is approaching its climax. Having Celestia suddenly appear on TV blew my mind just as much as it did Twilights!
>Zecora gets bought to work in a pharmacy.
>Though technically illegal, she proves her knowledge of plants and medicine extensive enough that the owners let her work with the medicine.
>Things are normal for months as they all settle into a comfortable routine.
>Her owners treat her more like a good employee who's not allowed to quit than a slave, and she seems happy.
>Then a news story breaks about numerous deaths around town, and it's quickly traced back to their pharmacy.
>Zecora had earned their trust, helped their business boom by making quality products at half the cost, and became a friendly, cute face that everybody in town loved.
>She did it all so that she could poison as many disgusting humans as possible in one foul swoop.
>She doesn't deny it when questioned, and then they ask why.
>They have the nerve to ask why, and so she grits out her motives.
>They treated her well?
>She was their slave.
>Their property.
>They treated her as well as they did any of their equipment of expensive objects.
"Death before submission," she hisses. "Your death was my mission."
>now she's pleading
>puppy eyes and pout on her lips
>but it's too late
>Rarity knows she went too far
>knows she overstepped
>you pull her by the ear and she squeaks and yelps down the hall
>pretty soon she's on your lap
>face down, ass propped up by the pillow on your knees
>brush walloping her sorry cheeks
>Rarity is awfully vocal while her buns ripple and shake
>kicking hooves drum on the bed
>sorries and pleases moaned out
>but she knows the drill
>her white butt doesn't leave this spot on your lap
>not until it's as red as her lipstick

>the sun starts to go down
>the spanks still go on
>and the neighbors walking their dog hear her sobs from the street
>plus the claps of wood meeting bare butt

>you know you'll have a contrite, good little mare when this is all over
>sometimes the only way to Rarity's head is with a harsh spanking
>she knows it
>you know it

>and you both know she's still got a long way to go
>spank, spank, spank
>moan, squeal, cry
>spank, spank, spank, spank, spank...
Around zigz, watch your 6.
Rarity's Last Chance part 4 when
Fetish fags literally ruining this thread.
There's a fucking thread for this spanking garbage, fuck off
I like it. Freedom is more important than life. Murder and suicide are totally legit responses to enslavement. Zecora has good self control, she could act the happy slave while moving towards another goal entirely. It will be interesting how the legal system views this. Is Zecora a person to be punished, a dangerous animal to be euthanized, or is this entirely her masters fault as her owner, like she’s a malfunctioning machine?

Good rhyme at the end too!
>Fetish fags literally ARE this thread. Who do you think is going to Slave Pony General?! It’s all just spanks, bondage, and bath scenes over here, with some philosophy and property rights stuff thrown in.
File: 1483117013230.jpg (175 KB, 768x1024)
175 KB
175 KB JPG

>tfw you can't even get a good toiletslave story anymore without people reeing about fetishes.

I just want a cutie mare to swallow my piss and then laugh about it, I don't understand why everyone is so against that.
Skittles was the greatest story this thread ever had.
I wouldn't mind a green like that myself to be honest.
Sounds good to me
Sweet, sweet revenge, nothing is better than letting it mature until the fruits are ready to be consumed, and in them the just retribution, but I wonder if Zecora could live what remains of her life knowing that some of her victims were innocent?

Then I remember that many of the ponies were innocent as well
>some of her victims were innocent
Every single one of them paid for the product of her forced labor though, I think she’s pretty safe.
>I want Landscape Anon to fall in love with Appul
>I want them to come back from work one day all tired and sweaty
>Appul has finally gained some weight since when Anon first bought her
>at a normal weight now
>her butt is firm and toned from all the new muscle from working so hard
>and she's still so eager to please

>Anon and Appul still take baths together
>but now it's for a different reason
>Appul loves the feel of Anon's fingers massaging her mare bits and her shapely rump
>she cums and shakes while he scrubs her pussy with the washcloth
>so happy that she and her sweet master are at this stage of their relationship at last

>but even Appul has her limits of people pleasing
>she waits until Anon is all clean before she thanks him
>in their bedroom
>with her body nestled between his legs and her mouth filled with Anon's cock
>she sucks and lets him grab her mane tight
>moans appreciatively while he hilts into her mouth
>then cums inside

>Appul swallows every drop of warm liquid
>closes her eyes, bulges her cheeks, and gulps

>the two lovebirds take only a short break
>til then, Anon grabs Applejack roughly, and pins her belly down beneath him
>and she moans while he pistons in and out of her aching, dripping pussy
>hips slapping up against her upthrust flanks

>Appul is a good girl
Pet GlimGlam. She likes it.
File: 1953756.jpg (691 KB, 3000x3000)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
Ponies just really like petting
>no hornring
>fucking glimmer
Poor mind controlled human
Jokes on her: she has an anti-magic implant like Shining in Somewritefags story. Her master has an attenuator ring somewhere, but only puts it on her if he needs some particular magical job done. He watches the show too, eh!
Master idea. He have a mindcontrol fetish but Glimmer isn't naughty enough to make something more lewd than forced petting
Source on the pic?
File: Slave_Profile_Template_2.png (186 KB, 1500x1050)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
I know I would be conflicted about it. I would feel like a hypocrite.
I'm...actually kind of interested in filling this thing out for Blocky.
Might do that real quick.
This is for some FATAL-style trash, isn't it?
Please don't let the autism overtake you. Sperg responsibly.

A new drawing is mandatory. Blocky is cute.
I have no idea what FATAL is, I just lurk the /d/ slave thread for pics and thought a few people here would have their interest sparked by it.
>Breast size
I somehow suspect this was not meant for ponies... still, it almost makes me want to make one for ponies.
>He doesn't like his pony slaves with big ass crotchtits.
I was gonna attempt a little profile shot of her, yeah. Problem I have no tablet to work with. My best shot with digital is MS Paint doodling, because God knows I have no idea how I'd manage anything in SAI 2 with just a trackpad.

My thoughts exactly. There's a couple other spaces I don't really know how I'm gonna fill out, but if you make one specifically for ponies, I'll gladly fill that out too.
File: 857599.png (259 KB, 795x565)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
Remember, obsessive need to categorize is a sign of actual autism. In small amounts it can be a good way to spark new content, but if it burns out of control it can consume you. Don't let things go down the path of /nst/ where they ended up creating galaxy map / flow chart combos to explain the relationship between all the poster subfactions and alliances between preferred ships.

FATAL is a bad thing. Think D&D but built around sex as a core game mechanic.
Its even worse than what you're imagining.

All ponies are cuddlesluts, some even BEFORE MARRIAGE. They just need to learn that humans offer the absolute peak of snuggles and they'll be throwing themselves at the ponycatchers.
>pic related
think "Magical Realm: The Game". the game unironically uses calculus for game mechanics, it's known as the date rape rpg, and the phrase "roll for anal circumference" came from. its only redeeming quality is that it is so terribad that it's fun to laugh at
>That time /tg/ tried to simulate a single fight in the FATE system.
>They couldn't do it.

File: Blocky Slave Sheet.png (242 KB, 1500x1050)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
This admittedly looks a little funky because of two things.
1) I was lazy and used the circle tool to make Blocky's head.
2) I was an idiot and did the lines in her coat color.

Those aside, there were a few things I put into these boxes that I just thought were kind of random or guesses (height and weight I tried basing on the averages for IRL ponies), but a lot of this stuff does tell you a bit about who Blocky was and still is.
And yes, they did tests to see if her teats were milkable.
File: 1685772.gif (406 KB, 800x800)
406 KB
406 KB GIF
>Teats: milkable.
>Breeding record: N/A
So is there a starving or dead young foal out there somewhere? That would be sad even by /spg/ standards. Does she have some weird hormonal condition where lactation is always turned on? Or was the condition intentionally induced with some technology or magic?
>sex: male
I'd say they manually induced it through hormones of some sort. Basically to see if some kind of milk could be made from her.

I had assumed that second space was for the owner's sex. If it ain't, well, I guess I'll change it.
That one is for the owner
ooohhh, i didn't notice the two "sex" areas. that's my bad, sorry anon
Fineeeeeee. It's like... half done right now? I know it's been forever, but video games, and then I had a fun time with the flu.

For real, I'm hungry.
>half done
Hype. Sorry you were sick and stuff, really looking forward to it. Your Twi is so earnest, but also so spankable. I’ve come to really care about her and the gang.
File: 1550955948766.png (1.19 MB, 1600x2133)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
File: 1553270041864.jpg (629 KB, 1024x1024)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
She is perfect
File: Spoiler Image (782 KB, 1976x1608)
782 KB
782 KB PNG
Like any pegasus, a horny good girl for human dicks
human fucker
File: 1327926.png (154 KB, 700x700)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
>having a stick up your butt that's so big it pokes its way out your forehead
Give in. Let yourself be happy.
t- unicorn
The first generation of unicorns is doomed and will never accept their master. The only solution is breed them with pegasus and educate the next generation of unicorn to suppress their "unicorn pride"
>implying you could even find a pegasus that wasn't already in their master's bed
earth ponies are the most numerous and their racial talent is breeding hips.
>implying you could even find a pegasus that wasn't already in their master's bed
Even the males one? Maybe artificial insemination with pegasus sperm would make the deal.
Especially the male ones.
File: 1553297163589.jpg (3.17 MB, 3000x2250)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB JPG
>a unicorn mare putting away her pride for a few minutes
>colorized, circa 2018
File: 1551915812803.png (678 KB, 1200x758)
678 KB
678 KB PNG
>after ponies are enslaved very few of them find a chance to have sex with each other
>almost all pony reproduction is done through artificial insemination
>after 200 years of the only the goodest girls getting to bear foals, ponies are now a subservient race of slaves


>”I'm not sure about you, but I'm getting pretty hungry.”
>Anon and Celestia headed down a hallway formed by two rows of shelves in the canned goods section of the neighborhood supermarket.
“I'll be fine for a while, and so should you if you were serious about having me cook.”
>Celestia wasn't quite sure why anyone would want to buy canned beef, but multiple sorts of it were for sale regardless.
>”I was serious, but we're just getting something fast now.”
>He swiped a can of pineapple crush and dropped it in the cart she was pushing.
>”How would you feel about tortellini? The stuff they sell here is decent.”
>Two cans of peeled tomatoes clunked on top of the pineapple crush.
>Tortellini sounded familiar, but-
>Ah, filled pasta.
>That's what it is.

“Sure, I'll eat it it if you want it.”
>Why did he ask her about it, though?
>She arched a brow and glanced at him, only to notice him staring at her barrel.
>”Nope. That won't do.”
>He piled another can of tomatoes on top of the others two.
“What do you mean?”
>”You said, and look like, you were underfed in the place you used to be in. I'm just getting you back in shape.”
>It would've been fine if he'd said he'd shove a footlong dildo up her ponut, then have her suck his cock with a bullet vibe up her cooch.
>But deciding that she's too thin?
>She liked to think she could still decide on some aspects of herself.
“I see.”
>Not that she could do anything about it.
>They said they would keep watching her, and take her back if she misbehaved.


>Tok. Tok. Tok.
>Anon's wooden spatula cut the tomatoes into pieces as they simmered on a pan.
>”Right. All it has to do now is boil gently for about 15 minutes. Add the garlic and basil in 10, then turn the heat all the way down but not completely off.”
>He set the spatula down next to the pan.
>”Turn the heat on for the water when you add the seasoning. I'll be in my room; knock when the water boils.”
>A few long strides and a slam left Celestia alone in the kitchen.
>He'd chopped the garlic for her.
>She glanced at the basil, still growing in its pot, and let out a sigh.
>Which tool could she use to rip some leaves off?
>Scissors weren't exactly compatible with hooves.
>She could bite them off, but had a feeling that Anon wouldn't like that.
>Even if they would get sterilized when mixed into the simmering tomato sauce.
>Then again, what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him.
>She stuck her muzzle in between the leaves.
>Not as aromatic as what she'd had back in Equestria.
>She did like how they sold whole plants, though.

>A column of steam rose from the pot of boiling water.
>”All you have to do is dump the pasta in there for a few minutes.”
>Anon ripped open both of the plastic packages.
>The bundles of filled pasta made little splashes as they fell in the water.
>”Set the table for us.”
>He pulled open a drawer, took out a fork, scooped up a tiny bit of tomato sauce, and stuck it in his mouth.
>Celestia stuck her head into a cupboard and took hold a platter with her teeth just as he sprinkled some salt on the sauce.
>”You really have no idea how to cook, do you? I didn't think I'd- Do you really have to do it like that? With your mouth?”
>He stirred the sauce, then dipped his fork in it again.
“Wi'oot m mahik?”
>The table made a wooden clunk as she set the platter on it.
“Yes. I'd be done in the swish of a tail if you took the ring off.”
>She reached into the same cupboard again, and took out another platter.
>”I've watched Coco sew clothes, and she definitely doesn't need magic for that.”
“'e ish-”
“She's an earth pony artisan and has lived her entire life without magic. I'll learn to live without, but it'll take years for me to get on her level.”
>Celestia glanced up at the ring on her horn.
>Such a tiny thing, yet it felt so heavy.
>”I see.”
>He returned to stirring the sauce.

>Celestia blew at her steaming pile of pasta and tomato.
>She had a fork and a knife waiting on the table, but how was she supposed to use them?
>Besides, she was going to be a very messy eater.
>Anon wasn't happy with her clumsiness.
>Another nudge could make him remove her horn ring, though it probably wouldn't be the last straw.
>But Celestia was patient.
>She had time.
>She'd keep up her antics for a few days to see if it'd change anything, then take another step.
>Like sneaking into his bedroom at night, then complaining she can't really show him what she can do without her magic.
>She knew how to take a stallion to heaven in seconds, and how to keep him there for minutes.
>No magic needed.
>Anon didn't have to know that, though.

>The red tomato spatters were very visible on Celestia's pure white coat.
>Anon watched her as she bent down to slurp in another delicious sun-dried tomato filled bundle of goodness.
>She fumbled with it and let it fall back on the plate, splashing even more tiny droplets of red on herself.
>Anon rolled his eyes and skewered one tortellini with his fork.
>She'd had hundreds of years to perfect her poker face.
>He'd never call her bluff.
>”I wish you didn't always make such a mess when you eat.”
>He popped the pasta in his mouth.
“I can't help it. Besides, you don't seem too unhappy about having to scrub me clean, despite it being something I could do on my own.”
>His fork drew circles in the air.
>”I haven't heard you complain about it, either.”
>She didn't exactly hate his soft fingertips or the massaging motions of his palms.


Short and a bit rushed?
My apologies for that. I wanted to have something out before the weekend, but got stuck.
>It would've been fine if he'd said he'd shove a footlong dildo
It’s jarring to see our pure Celestia being so crude, even in her own head. She’s gone from diarch, to research subject, to Anons parts washer, without ever serving as a sex slave, right? Where’s that coming from?

>it'll take years for me to get on her level.
Celly does have inherent earth pony powers though, including magically dexterous hooves, right?

>Such a tiny thing, yet it felt so heavy.
Feels like that ring is going to play a big part in the story, tell us more about it. Is it made from some artificial alloy (like aluminum) unknown to ponykind, or is it familiar and magical, perhaps made in Equestria? How is it stuck on; can Anon unscrew it, or must he destructively grind it off and not have it available? Is an adjustable or electronic version available? Celly will ponder these questions and risk damaging her horn as she becomes more adept with Anons tools...
>Where’s that coming from?
she's projecting her sexual frustration on him and seeing things that aren't happening
File: 1553268985202.jpg (220 KB, 1280x777)
220 KB
220 KB JPG

What’s this from; why is their human ‘surviving’ in the ‘outerland’ and why are they waiting for him?
it's a joke about pets thinking you die every time you leave the house to go to work or something
Thanks, Mirta! That was almost a four day drought and I was getting worried. Not much to comment on, but I’m liking it.

>damaging her horn
She does not have to be desperate enough to turn on his bench grinder and press her horn against the wheel. Strong acids like in a battery will dissolve aluminum *amazingly* quickly, and be sorta-safe for her horn. Gallium is harder to find, but will quickly destroy its properties with no risk. Anon might not even realize it’s been done. Alum solution will dissolve small steel parts in a day or three and leave surrounding materials untouched. People who work with old machines usually have some around for just that reason. If she decides not to wait on Anons trust, an engine shop gives her several options.
Oh: they’ve marked out the path of the sunbeam through the window to tell time! I’m getting it now: super cute!
This is unicorn worst fear, reject their precious unicorn pride to enjoy the pleasure of a human partner
Nice update. Anon look like the man that only see his celestia like a luxury additional tool, he take care of her only for the sake of his comfort. No abuse but at the same time no communication/bonding
Anon is worried about how skinny she is, and seems to care about her. It's early days yet, we'll be having tender snuggles and heart to heart conversations about slavery and friendship in no time
File: 1552500531875.gif (356 KB, 1500x1125)
356 KB
356 KB GIF
I wonder that will be thinking of each one of the mares?
File: 1884008.gif (486 KB, 899x899)
486 KB
486 KB GIF
It can go even cuter
>Celly does have inherent earth pony powers though, including magically dexterous hooves, right?
Yep. She does. She just never learned to use them because she's also had unicorn magic.
>heart to heart conversations about slavery
I wonder if some day we will meet an anon that just don't cares about the slavery. He know that the whole shit is wrong but really convenient and he will just take cares about his slave but nothing else. He know that someone else with more power and influences will take care of this problem, he will not make the difference and only want a comfy life
That sounds a lot like Slaveventure Anon. He kinda knew it was wrong, or at least not fair, but he kept doing it because of the money and his daughter. He did care about his herd, but his own needs always came first.
When she’s getting frustrated with it all, you should have a unicorn show up. One who’s worn a horn ring a long time, or even had it cut off or something. Have him casually demonstrate how well he does without even having earth pony hooves, and inspire Celly to try harder. There’s feels to be mined out somewhere in there.

Pic related: hooves can do more then you might think!
Shitcunt when?
i knew mountain goats were insane but that's some grade A bullshit
Never soon enough! I think of that story often, and even write some fanfic of it. Does anyone on discord know if he’s still around?

Subtitle - a gentle reminder that this happened after Sam went trick-or-treating and approximately concurrently with Anon finding out that spanking is considered capital punishment after Fluttershy splattered paint everyfuckingwhere trying to paint a Gunpla
subsubtitle - that fucking weebhorse, holy fuck

>This is new! And exciting!
>And maybe a little bit scary.
>But you aren't really *scared*, exactly.
>More like nervous.
>That's it.
>You've never done this before, so of course you're nervous!
>Anyone would be nervous!
>Especially since people keep looking at you.
>Totally not like when you were living on your own.
>It was like no one could see you then.
>Now it feels like the whole world is staring.
>Your voice squeaks a little.
>"Looking forward to your first day of school?"
>Well, *yes*, but...
"Did we *really* have to do that?"
>"Do what?"
"You know, the thing with the... the papers!"
>"The guardianship," Berry says.
>Oh, yeah. That's what they called it.
>They were *your* papers!
>And now *he* has them!
>"School wouldn't let you in without a legal guardian, Sam," Anon sighs. "We didn't have a choice."
"But they're *my* papers."
>"I know, I know. I'm just holding on to them. As far as I'm concerned, you're some tiny horsegoblin that lives in my house and eats my food, nothing more."
>"It's temporary, Sam," Berry says and pats you like you're a little filly!
>But you're not a little filly!
>You're going to school!
"Hey! Stop that!"
>You've lived just fine without anyone to look after you!
>"Yeah Berry, stop that. It's my turn."
>"Make me. I'm you're guardia-"
>Anon makes his face look all weird until Berry takes her hoof off his foot.
>"Come along, you two," Berry says while Anon does what he likes to call his "try not to swear so Berry doesn't hit him again" face.
>He should come up with a shorter name for it.
He is but a couple months ago he moved to another country with a different language and started a new job
Probably still busy with that
>Besides, you don't get what the big deal is!
>It's nothing you haven't heard before.
>Sometimes Berry is a little weird.
>Okay, she's always weird.
>But sometimes, you wonder what your life would have been like if she had been your mother.
>Sometimes you don't have to wonder.
>Anon stumbles after Berry - he has to, either that or let go of her leash.
>You still can't believe she puts up with that.
>If she didn't whine about having to wear a leash so often, you'd think she *enjoyed* it!
>You rush after them.
>It's your first day of school! You can't be late.
>But you still don't know why Fluttershy gave you a piece of toast or what you're supposed to do with it.
>All she said is you can't be late!
>It can't be your lunch, because Berry packed that this morning. Can't be breakfast, because that's what you were eating while Berry packed your lunch.
>So you had put it in your backpack.
>What were you supposed to do, run down the street with it hanging out of your mouth?
>That's stupid. *Obviously* you'd have to put it in your backpack.
>But why?
>Is it for the teacher?
>No, that would be weird.
>School can't be weird.
>Anyway, it's all smushed up between your notebooks.
>But what if you *are* supposed to give it to the teacher?
>It's probably ruined now!
>"Sam, what's wrong?" Berry asks. "Did you forget something?"
"No! Everything is fine!"
>"Did you need to go to the bathroom...?"
>You can't ask them about the toast or they'll think you don't know anything!

>"I'm sorry, but we don't let unauthorized visitors beyond this point."
>You don't think you like this lady.
>She looks mean.
>"It's Sam's first day," Anon explains calmly.
>Too calmly.
>Something's up.
>He's up to something.
>Your little filly senses are tingling.
>"We just wanted to show her to her classroom," he continues, "and then we'll leave."
>"I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that."
>What a bitch!
>(That's right, you know swears! And Berry can't stop you from using them in your head!)
>"She doesn't even know where it is."
>The lady sighs and shakes her head slightly.
>She hasn't even looked at you!
>"What room number is it?"
>"It's... um..."
>"She's in SL02," Berry answers for him - and the lady's face changes immediately.
>She leans over hear desk a bit and looks down at you.
>"Oh, right, the new filly. I'm sorry," she says sweetly. "It's alright if you accompany her there, but please don't take too long."
>She reaches for something under the desk and hands two - twooooo...
>"Here are your visitor passes."
>Yeah, two visitor passes!
>She hands them to Anon.
>"Please keep them visible at all times."
>"Uh... thanks. Here you go, Berry."
>"Wait, where am I supposed to put this?"
>"It just clips on to... uh... yeah. Where *are* you going to put it?"
>The lady sighs.
>What a *cunt*!
>"Most owners clip the tag to their pony's collar."
>"Oh, right. Collar. Yep. She's totally wearing one."
>Anon fiddles with - oh, she *is* wearing a collar.
>You've just kind of stopped noticing.
>Even though the leash bothers you, you never seem to notice her collar.
>Neither does she.
>Berry doesn't even act like she *likes* it, not like some of the ponies you see on TV before she catches you and changes the channel.
>No, hers is just kinda... *there*.
>That doesn't stop her from sighing as he fumbles to clip the pass to the collar, or stop you from bouncing from hoof to hoof.
>Fluttershy was *very* insistent that you can't be late today!
>You have to introduce yourself and talk about your hobbies - do you even have any hobbies?
>Is watching TV a hobby?
>And how the shit are you supposed to know your blood type?
>Well, it's red. But isn't it *all* red?
>"Okay, Sam, this way."
>You follow Anon to the left, down a hallway - wait, why are most of the kids going the other way?
>And why are none of them ponies?
>You thought there were other ponies here.
>He *said* there were.
>Anon doesn't seem to notice.
>He's very firmly *not* looking at any of the other children, just like he told Fluttershy.
>Even if they *are* legal in Japan, which Fluttershy said they were.
>Anon said she was wrong, but who are you going to believe?
>The guy that *loves* to tell people they're wrong, even when they're not, or the pony that watches so many cartoons about Japan that she probably knows everything there is to know?
>Though she is wrong pretty often...
>Well, He's not looking, but Berry is.
>"I don't like this," she whispers to Anon, but since he's so much taller than her she has to whisper pretty loud and you can hear it. "Those kids look like they're the same age as Sam, but -"
>"She hasn't had any education," Anon answers. "We went over this."
>He stops and looks back to you and smiles.
>He might be trying to look reassuring, but it's not.
>It's creepy when he smiles.
>Not because of any real reason really, but because he usually only does it when someone is getting hurt.
>"Sam, we had to enroll you in remedial classes because -"
"What's that?"
>"Right, right," he mumbles. "Basically... you need to catch up to the other kids your age."
"Sounds easy. You're always telling me how stupid everyone else is, so it can't be *that* hard."
>"See Berry? It's fine. She'll catch up and then can move into one of the regular classes."
>"I just thought... well, okay."
>So... that's fine.
>Okay, so you'll have to introduce yourself twice, but that means if you mess up the first time it's okay!

Author's aside, because writing this story like a normal story kind of fucking hurts, but Sam isn't nihilistic or drunk enough to write in the usual style:
Sam's hooves make the adorablest little clippity clop sound as she scampers down the hallway.
Do you know how fucking hard it was to not use the word 'scamper' up until now? Pretty fucking hard, I tell you what, but there's no way it would be in Sam's internal monologue because she's a child and doesn't know words like that.
And if you think I'm wrong, go the fuck out and buy a filly right fucking now and see how many words *it* knows. Probably a lot fucking less than Sam.

>Anon is giggling to himself for some weird reason.
>He does that sometimes.
>"Okay, Sam, it's this classroom just ahead, on the right."
"Why is it so far away from the others?"
>Anon stops on the spot and looks back the way you came.
>Then to - oh, she looks nice?
>Is she the teacher?
>She's waving from the doorway.
>That's nice.
>Probably a trick.
>"Sam," Anon says, "it's like maybe forty fu-"
>He winces.
>You can guess why.
>"- fourty feet from - from what is that now? Reception? Back in my day, we just went into the school and went to class and everything was fine. None of this 'visitor pass' bu-uuuuuh..."
>"Everything's fine, Sam," Berry says with a smile.
>Her smiles aren't creepy.
>The teacher - you think she has to be - walks up while Anon is being a dick and not answering your question, and reaches out to shake his hand.
>He looks confused by that, but eventually shakes her hand.
>"You must be Sam's parents."
>"Legal guardian," Anon says back, "and legal guardian's legal sla-"
>There's the "try not to swear" face again.
>"Yes," Berry answers, "we are."
>"That's great! So nice to meet you!"
>There's definitely something wrong with her.
>People aren't that nice unless they're trying to get something from you - or get back at you, but you haven't *done* anything, so it can't be that, right?
>She kneels down beside you and there's definitely something wrong.
>The kind of wrong where she's going to say she has candy in her van.
>You've never met any of those people, but you've *heard* about them!
>And Anon has warned you enough times
>"Hi, Sam! I'm Miss Yelsman, and I'm going to be your teacher."
///If this text is still here, I forgot to attach a "how to talk to short people" image, probably the one with Typhus holding up a Fire Warrior to he can better talk to him about Grandfather Nurgle.
"Do you... um... do you have any candy?"
>"I'm afraid not," she smiles, "We don't allow candy in our school."
>"That's - nice," Anon says, but he's clearly lying.
"What about a van?"
>"I drive a Prius, Sam."
>"What a load of -"
"Then -"
>You look at Berry, who just looks like she doesn't understand.
>Anon looks like he's in pain.
>Well... okay.
"Then I guess you're okay."
>"Oh, *candy van*! I get -"
>"Right, right."
>The teacher, Miss... um... something, gives them that awkward smile that means she doesn't understand and probably doesn't want to understand.
>But Anon gives you a nod.
>"It's fine, Sam. No Stranger Danger. I repeat, no Stranger Danger."
>"... um... why don't you come this way," Miss Whatever says, waving to the classroom. "Your... uh... parents will be back to pick you up later."
>Well, if Anon says it's safe, it probably is, and it's not like you *need* them around to protect you.
>You lived on your own for... you're not sure how long, but you can look after yourself!
"Can I sit in the... uh..."
>What did Fluttershy say?
File: god seat.jpg (15 KB, 500x281)
15 KB
"... um... desk second from the back? Near a window?"
>"We don't have individual desks."
>Ooooooh, that's fine.
>They have blocks.
>Blocks are better.

>School sucks.

>"What the fuck did you put on her horn!?"
>"Mr -
>"Seriously, what the fuck is this!?"
>"- please don't use that kind of language!"
>"Anon, stop," Berry says. "Give her a chance to explain."
>You try to pull it off again, but it's stuck!
>"It's a simple putty," Miss Bitch says, just like she said to you when she put it on! "It'll loosen with hot water, but I expect her to be wearing it when she comes tomorrow."
>"Because her horn is a risk."
>"What? What!?"
>He turns to you and today has been shitty enough that you glare right back.
>"Did you do something with your magic?"
>"No," Miss Bitch says too, though she's still a bitch! "A unicorn's horn is pointy."
>"Someone could have gotten hurt?"
>"Sam, did you try to stab a kid with your facesword?"
>"Did a kid try to jump on your head and impale himself on your headstabber?"
"It's not my fault!"
>"Luckily no one was hurt," Miss Bitch says, "but it *could* have happened. Please make sure she has the putty on tomorrow before class."
>"Wait, so if no one was hurt, and she's not trying to hurt someone, then -"
>"It's policy."
>"It's a stupid policy. Do you require the other kids to wear mittens so they don't poke out each others eyes?"
>"Some of them, yes, if it's necessary."
>"What the fuck."
>"And on that note, please make sure she brings an appropriate lunch tomorrow."
>You still don't understand what was wrong with it.
>"What's wrong with the lunch I made?" Berry asks, trying as hard as she can not to sound angry.
>"Well, oh," Miss Bitch gasps and reaches into the pocket of her skirt. She pulls out some of Fluttershy's chopsticks and hands them to Anon. "These. One of the children could have been hurt."
>"By... chopsticks?" Anon grunts. "Seriou - well, okay, I can *kinda* see that, but are they really more dangerous than a pencil. Besides -"
>He and Berry share a look.
>"I'll talk to Fluttershy," he says. "I'm guessing she made a bento and didn't tell us. Probably swapped lunches when we weren't looking."
>"Did you at least get something to eat?" Berry asks and you nod.
"I had to use a plastic spoon."
>"Good," Berry smiles and hugs you tighter, "but what about -"
>"Yeah, and what about all the paint!? I already have a shitstorm to clean up at home thanks to Fluttershy, and now this!? Sam's supposed to be boring and brown, not - not - abstract art."
>"Some of the other students were uncomfortable with such a plain colored pony. Ponies are supposed to be brightly colored, you know. You shouldn't dye her fur."
"I told you, it's not dyed!"
>Miss Bitch smiles politely and ignores you.
>"It's not dyed," Anon says. "That's her normal color."
>She shakes her head.
>"I know you want her to fit in, but in this school, we encourage our students to be themselves. The other pony student in the class is teal and emerald green, and the ones in the other are -"
>"But Sam's fucking *brown*."
>"Then maybe you should dye her fur."
>"What the fuck," Anon growls and waves a hand in front of Miss Bitch's face. "Wait. Let me see if this checks out. She's supposed to be herself, which is varying shades of drab brown, but since that's not what ponies are supposed to look like she has to celebrate her individuality by dying herself artificial colors -"
>"I'm not recommending that. You shouldn't let a child play with chemicals. Either you or your - uh -"
>She looks at Berry for a bit and shrugs.
>"One of you should do it for her," she says, because she thinks you're too retarded.
>"So she can be herself."
>"And because she was herself, you... what? Let the class paint her?"
>"I need someone smarter than you to explain this bullshit in a way that makes sense."
>"Sir, the comfort of our students comes first and she was making them uncomfortable!"
>"They couldn't put up with it for - and let's pretend I was going to go along with dying her at all - for one fucking day!?"
>"It was agitating some of the students, sir, and I *must* insist you watch your language or I'll have to have you escorted off campus!"
>"They couldn't focus on their studies at all! I had to put one in the time out room -"
>"You have a time out room? What the hell?"
>"- yes, in case they become aggressive and might be a danger to themselves or -"
>"This sounds like a padded room. *Is* this a padded room?"
>"We call it the time out room, sir. Please use that term."
>Anon looks at a total loss for words.
>That's a first.
>But you understand.
>You didn't say anything either.
>It was all so... so different from what you expected.
>You'd sat there and tried not to cause trouble.
>Looks like that didn't work.
>"Wait..." Anon mumbles "... is this... is this fucking *special ed*?"
>"We don't -"
>"I was told it was remedial classes," he yells at her, "not fucking special ed!"
>"We don't -"
>"No, I don't care that you don't use that fucking term, Sam is *not* short bus material!"
>"Sir -!"
>"Go fuck yourself, we're out."

>Fluttershy meets you with a smile - and that lasts about as long as it takes her to take her eyes off the TV.
>You were expecting some kind of stupid Japanese thing, but no.
>She manages to be normal for once.
>"Sweet Celestia, what happened!?"
>Almost normal.
>"Things... didn't go well," Berry answers.
>That's bullshit.
"It was *horrible*! I never want to go back!"
>"You won't," Anon says. "I'll call tomorrow and cancel your registration. We'll have to find another school that'll -"
"No! I'm not going back! Ever!"
>"It's okay, Sam," Berry says and hugs you again. "Anon and I will make sure the next -"
"I said no!"
>"You should ask the Princess!" Fluttershy says. "I already asked her and she said no but you *always* have to ask sensei twice, because he - or she - will turn you down the first -"
>Anon grabs her by the face and holds her mouth shut.
>"Stop talking before I stop thinking that's a better idea than it probably is in reality."
>Fluttershy nods and he lets go.
>She sinks down into her spot on the sofa and unpauses her cartoon.
>Happy Japanese music fills the silence.
>You're all thinking about it - except Fluttershy.
>It might be better. You *want* to learn, but -
>"I don't... I'm not sure," Berry interrupts your thoughts and shakes her head. "She should go to a normal school and be with children her age."
>You don't know what you want, but you know you don't want *that*.
"Kids my age are assholes!"
>"She's right, Berry," Anon agrees with you. "Most people are, but children in particular."
>"But I want her to have a normal childhood."
>"She's a free pony in a world where ponies are - for the most part - treated as pets or slaves. She has *us* for surrogate parents. She's lived on the street."
"No, I stayed in the park."
>"Correction: she's lived in a park," Anon continues, giving you a nod to show he heard you. "And most importantly, she's *met* Fluttershy. Berry, I don't think normal was ever a possibility for her.
>"We looked for the best school, thought we did our research, and... well... do you *really* want to have Sam go through that again?"
>You shake your head.
>"No," Berry sighs. "But -"
>"Can we afford one of the private schools for ponies?"
>"Not even if we give up drinking and sell Fluttershy."
>A yellow head pops up over the edge of the sofa.
>Anon pushes her down.
>"Go back to your shows."
>"From the little I know of her," Anon sighs, "I don't think the stabacorn will want to - she seems pretty happy with no responsibilities - but hell, we can ask. Even if it's just until we find another school and have a chance to check it out properly."
>"Anon, I don't -"
>"It's either this or we homeschool her, and that'd mean doing it after work, or one of us quitting. I don't trust Fluttershy to -"
>"Go back to your show."
>Yeah, you don't think she could teach you anything you couldn't learn yourself by watching TV.
>"So is it going to be you or me, Berry? Because if we're voting, I say me. Well, I *would* say me, except I get paid so much more than you do, and I'd have to walk you to work anyway, and -"
>"Okay, okay," Berry says with a frown.
"Don't *I* get a say in this?"
>It's a fair question.
>Do you?
>He has your papers.
>Well, whatever. If you don't like it, you can run away.
>Berry hugs you again.
>"Yes, Sam," she says quietly, "what do you want to do?"
"I'm not going back to school!"
>"Would you let Princess Celestia tutor you?"
>"She can also teach you how to use your magic."
"And... um..."
>"What is it, Sam?"
"Will she tell me what I'm supposed to do with the toast?"

aaaaaaaand pastebin will be updated in a couple of minutes
I'll get A Deal is a Deal's bin caught up soon, too, but probably not today
File: D1IMIG7WkAAdCPV.jpg (94 KB, 915x1200)
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Wow. Just wow. You really had me confused and skeptical till the "special ed" came to light and all the pieces fit. Felt like the first time I had to put up a tent. An hour struggling in the dark, till it all came together. Flutters is so wonderfully hilarious, like some half conscious, perverted puppet master.

That was great mate.
>"It's temporary, Sam,"
Is it? Sam doesn’t always know what she wants, but she’s very clear on being independent.

>you'd think she *enjoyed* it!
She might. If she straight up asked for her freedom Anon would probably release her, but that might be more trouble than it’s worth.

>run down the street with it hanging out of your mouth?
>That's stupid.
Fluttershy... We’ve seen a little of what makes Berry tick, but WHY did Flutters become a weeb? What is she looking for in that world?

>act like she *likes* it, not like some of the ponies you see on TV
I would watch that channel. Berry must wear the collar and obey the leash law, Sam doesn’t. Can Sam walk Berry in public, even though Berry would obviously be in charge? That might be a fun scene.

>And how the shit are you supposed to know your blood type?
It would be easy enough to test her, but how would Flutters interpret the data?Horses have 8 major and 30 minor blood types, so transfusions are more complex than for primates. They all involve totally different proteins, so would have no equivalent in Masahiko Nomi's arbitrariy system.

>"Because her horn is a risk."
Wait, wut? Is this...
>fucking *special ed*?
On the one hand, I can’t blame the school. They only have so many lines to run product through, and they don’t have any labeled ‘smart but ignorant free ponies’. If they had a thousand more Sams, they would make one. On the other hoof, there’s nothing much special or educational about special ed, no matter what euphemism they use this decade. I only hope that teal and green one works out okay. At least he’ll get an education in working a bureaucracy!

>sell Fluttershy.
They technically own her, but she’s not paid for yet, right?

>private schools for ponies?
A slave behavior clinic like Gentlehooves? That’s not what Sam needs either!

>Celestias Tutorial Of A (maybe) Talented Unicorn
Good end. She’ll still need socialization though, or she’ll end up like Twilight!
Just read those blinders off guy stories, they are full of people who really don't give a shit starting from the first story.
>full of people who really don't give a shit
Welcome to real life, Anon! There’s at least one around here with a serious (like, obsessive) hate boner for him, but I find him quite insightful. Not always easy to read, but makes me think.
File: 1334225769528.jpg (116 KB, 650x422)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>WHY did Flutters become a weeb
Why does anyone? I imagine the reasons are similar if not the same.
>weeb ~= assburger
Fair enough, but Flutters wasn’t like that in the show. What path did she travel between that wise and kind pony to the withdrawn otaku we see here?
>Fluttershy... We’ve seen a little of what makes Berry tick, but WHY did Flutters become a weeb? What is she looking for in that world?

Fluttershy became a weeb because with her old owner the only thing she could do in her free time was watch TV late at night. She ended up watching a lot of Toonami, and thus got into anime.

Then Anon gave her more anime to watch, since it was familiar to her, and it spiraled out from there. Fluttershy is a weeb because Anon is an enabler, and probably just shy of being a weeb himself.
>"I just thought... well, okay."
File: 2304589735.png (1.94 MB, 1024x1024)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
File: WaitWhat.png (243 KB, 540x721)
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243 KB PNG
For a year, I was a fan of his for the same reason. Then he taught me better. Don't be surprised if you find yourself adjusting your opinion at some point. Some write to spread joy. Others...
Phew, I must be fucking out of it. Please ignore >>33651604
>write to spread joy
>on Slave Pony General
We’re not /SiM/, but any joy there is found glittering through the cracks of the grinding dystopia that is pony slavery. Even our comfiest white knight stories take place in a pretty dark world. Perhaps you are thinking of /NMP/?
That art style: when Vega Anon has acid for breakfast! Sweetybell would cook him meat for breakfast, in the hope of getting meat for breakfast.

> You end up sweeping most of the downstairs, simply because you have nothing better to do and you already have the broom in your hooves anyway.
> It's weird to try and hold it with your fancy shoes, and the handle keeps snagging on the uniform.
> The sooner you get used to it, the better, though. You try and pay it no mind, other than pushing it out of the way every now and then.
> On the other hand, the house is amazing and you keep finding new wonders!
> You thought there was no pool? Wrong! It just wasn't visible from your room. On the side of the house there is a bit of overhanging roof with a pool under it, open to the outside. There are grooves along the floor and you wonder if the walls can somehow be removed and then put back. That would be totally amazing.
> Swimming in the pool and looking out at winter? The mere thought makes you giddy with excitement.
> Too bad there's the spring, the summer *and* the autumn to wait before you can give that a try.
> Oh, and you also need permission from Mr. Boone. Maybe if you're a good worker...
> Then there is the huge fireplace in the living room. Unused at this time of year, of course, but you just can't wait for those long, cozy winter evenings, sitting around it and idly watching the big TV, or reading.
> The floor is mostly stone, which might be a little cold, but with the fire roaring all day you think it should warm up nicely. Anyway, you might get a blanket or something to lie on.
> There's a couple of big, comfy-looking couches under the huge, wall-covering TV, but you'd prefer to be near the fire simply because you've never had a chance to do that before.

> The kitchen, again done in dark marble, seems to have all the modern conveniences without shoving all the appliances in your muzzle. You've carefully opened a few cupboards and found the fridge and the dishwasher, cleverly built into the counter itself.
> Other than the spacious living room, you also found a garage - empty at the moment, but spacious enough for two cars, if you're any judge.
> Once you're done with the sweeping, you put the broom and dustpan back where you found them and wander upstairs to take a look around there, too.
> Unlike the bare stone tiles of the lower floor, most of the rooms here have deep, soft carpets.
> You easily identify the children's rooms, as well as the master bedroom. There are two bathrooms, apparently so the family members don't have to wait on one another.
> That's about it, except for another guest room. Everything seems nice and clean, with the only real bit of clutter in young Benjamin's room.
> For a moment you consider tidying up, but since Mr. Boone hadn't said anything about that, you think it wiser not to disturb things.
> The layout of the place is pretty straightforward, so you don't need more time to explore. Instead, you head out to inspect the outside.
> A sliding door from the living room leads to the pool and the backyard. The first thing you notice is an almost overpowering smell of chlorine and you take a moment to sample it.
> Until now, you'd only scented a bit here and there after the cleaning ponies were done with the bathrooms in the School dorms. The sharp tang of it makes you sneeze and you turn away from the pool and head properly outside.
> The air isn't quite as warm as you'd like yet, but it's very pleasant in the sun and you happily trot around to take in all the sights.

> You really must remember to tell the Mistress how nice her flowers are!
> You're just in the process of sniffing a yellow chrysanthemum when you hear a car stop on the other side of the house.
> You smile to yourself and make your hasty way past the pool and back inside. There are voices as the people disembark and you cast a quick glance down at yourself to make sure your dress is straight and your shoes are clean.
> Of course you've been careful not to step in any mud, but you want to make extra sure.
> You wait in the middle of the living room for your new family to enter.
> Mr. Boone is first, looking around and then giving you a slight smile when he spots you. He ushers in the daughter, first.
> It's probably love at first sight, you think. The child, a pale, fair-haired little girl stares at you in wonder.
> You smile extra sweetly, but remain still, so as not to startle her. Mr. Boone did said she is shy.
> "Go on, sweetie," the man urges his daughter forward. "Say hello to the pony."
> That wakes her up and the little miss walks over, staring at you. You can't help but admire her blue dress. You don't know much about fashion, but it looks expensive and suits her quite well.
> Your training kicks in and you sit on your haunches and incline your head, just like you've been taught. Ears splayed a little for that extra welcoming pony look.
"Hello, young miss! My name is 'Rosa'!"
> The girl mouths the unfamiliar word to herself, then graces you with a slight smile.
> "Bah, what a stupid name!" a boy complains as he pushes past his father. You guess it's Benjamin. As humans go, he isn't too remarkable. A little pudgy, with slightly messy, dark hair and wearing a sports jacket with blue jeans. He also has a thin, silver phone in his hand.

> "Benjamin," his father says with a note of warning in his voice. The boy just shrugs, lifts his phone back to his face and calmly walks upstairs, apparently quite disinterested at the newest member of the household.
> Mr. Boone is looking after his son with a very dark expression. You have to defuse the situation before there's a row!
> You don't want shouting the first five minutes you get to spend with these kids!
"Ahem. Excuse me, Mr. Boone. I've swept the entire downstairs and I've familiarized myself with the house. Is there anything further you'd like me to do?"
> The human blinks and forgets his rude son for the moment. "Oh. That- that's good," he mumbles. "Just stay with Lillian while I go change..."
> He walks up the stairs and turns towards the master bedroom to your relief. You were worried a bit he might go after the boy and scold him.
> Meanwhile, the girl, Lillian, is looking at you with barely disguised wonder in her eyes.
"What is your name?" you rally, quickly bringing the smile back.
> It's adorable the way she blushes and looks modestly down. "Ll'an," she mumbles, not remembering that her father had said it not ten seconds ago.
"Such a pretty name. And my, what a beautiful dress you have, Lillian!"
> Her blush deepens, which just makes you smile some more. You shuffle closer to the girl and bring your muzzle near her hand.
> As you've predicted, she lays her palm on your nose almost without conscious control.
> She doesn't say anything, but her delighted stare speaks volumes. The child might be shy and quiet, but she's *not* uncommunicative. You just have to know how to listen.
"I'll be staying with you for a while. Would you like that? A nice pony to talk to?"
> This time the girl nods and even flashes you a small smile.

> Victory!
> You already adore her and swear to yourself you'll make her the happiest little girl in the world!
> For a while you're content to let Lillian pet your muzzle and mane, before you lift your head and let the hand slide away.
"Let me take that heavy backpack from you and get you up to your room, okay?" you offer.
> The girl isn't sure, but you step beside her and she slips free from the straps. It's not a heavy pack, despite your words, and you balance it easily on your back. Lillian doesn't move, so you try a different tact.
"Would you like to show me your room? I'd very much like to meet your plushy friends, you know?"
> You'd seen the row of colorful cloth animals on her bed, but even if you hadn't that would have been a nearly certain guess.
> Another nod and this time the young miss starts walking. You follow her easily, making sure she can comfortably keep her hand on your withers.
> At the top of the stairs you look both ways, but Mr. Boone is in the master bedroom, undoubtedly changing out of his work clothes, and Benjamin also seems to have closed his door.
> Lillian leads you to her room and you slip the backpack on the chair by the desk.
> The girl climbs up on the bed, but you notice she's careful to keep her shoes off the sheets. Very commendable!
> She reaches for a bright blue teddy with a yellow muzzle and a black dot for a nose. You start thinking that blue is her favourite color.
> "Um, this is, um, Mr. Fuzzbot," the girl says quietly. She has a very soft voice, one you find very easy to listen to and which reminds you very much of Felicity.
> That just makes you smile wider as you boop the toy's nose with your own.
"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Fuzzbot!" you giggle at the unusual name.

> The girl seems comfortable just sitting there, holding on to the familiar plush and keeping her shoes well away from the bed.
"Oh, let me help you with that, sweetie."
> You slip down and deftly tug her shoes off. By now you're good enough even with your black maid hoofguards. The girl doesn't seem to mind and she smiles a little at you.
> Yes, you are going to get along famously.
> Hearing a noise from the door, you look up to see Mr. Boone, watching you carefully. You keep your wide smile.
"Hello. We were just getting introduced," you explain.
> The human gives you a single, approving nod, then speaks up: "Jennifer will be home in about an hour. Have both children down for lunch, okay?"
"Of course, Mr. Boone," you incline your head.
> He leaves you to Lillian and leaves. You wonder if he is going to cook lunch, or maybe he is paying someone. There hadn't been anyone in the house while you've been cleaning, but maybe the cook comes only to prepare the meals and doesn't stick around?
> Whatever the case, you return your focus to the little girl.
"Oh, tell me about that one!"
> You point a hoof at another stuffed toy - a pink rabbit, it looks like. Obediently, Lillian reaches for it so she can make the introductions.
> At some point you'll have to go clear the air with Benjamin, but for now this little girl needs a lot of attention and encouragement.

> ~~~~

> You're not immediately sure what to make of the woman as the family sits down for lunch. They didn't set a place for you, but you don't really mind.
> It's important they spend time together and you're just 'the help', after all. You still sit on the floor near Lillian, just in case she needs your help with anything.

> Mrs. Boone, though, is quite unreadable. She must have known they were getting a pony maid, but she doesn't seem to care one way or the other.
> She isn't happy about the fact that someone else will help with the house chores, but neither is she displeased with you there. There's just blank acceptance.
> You really hope her and Mr. Boone hadn't been arguing whether to get a pony or not and then the husband had just gone forward and gotten you.
> It could make life with Mrs. Boone very difficult.
> She is pleasant with the kids and you assume she loves them very much, even if she doesn't really show it.
> She's polite with her husband, though they haven't exchanged any pleasantries you were expecting from a married couple.
> No hugs, no kisses, barely any touching. You wonder if they really sleep in the same bed.
> As for the woman herself, she has an immaculate face and a very lush, expensive-looking hairstyle. She is blonde, probably where Lillian got it from. Her clothes look elegant and expensive, and from what you could see, Mrs. Boone didn't change out of her work suit when she came home.
> Her job, Mr. Boone had told you earlier, is a news anchor for one of the local TV stations, which sounds very cool to you. Maybe, if you ask her a little about that, she'll warm up to you?
> The atmosphere at lunch seems a little subdued, but you have no basis for comparison whatsoever, so you don't try to lighten the mood.
> The boy, Benjamin, just keeps his eyes on his plate and focuses on eating, but at least Lillian keeps stealing glances at you and giving you small smiles.
> If Mrs. Boone minds, she doesn't show it. Instead, she asks the children about school, about their grades and their friends. Nothing out of the ordinary, though Benjamin seems to have some issues at Math.

> You might be able to help him there. You're not a wiz at that, not like Felicity or Iskra, but you always did well in your lessons.
> As the meals goes on, you go back to looking around the room. There are a few paintings on the walls, but you don't recognize any of them as famous, at least to the extent old Mrs. Marston had taught you in art history.
> There's a bookshelf in the living room and you can just see a few shelves from where you're sitting.
> Maybe someday you'll take a good look and see if there's anything you'd like to read.
> You also spot a bit of dust under the kitchen table which you'd missed previously. It's a good thing Mr. Boone hadn't noticed and you decide to brush that up as soon as lunch is over.
> The conversation around the table turns to their work and you tune out - it's all boring to you, mostly about Mr. Boone's politics or Mrs. Boone's news, and how he is looking for a raise, or she is interviewing with a bigger station.
> The kids seem to zone out as well, and you carefully slide forward until you can brush your muzzle against Lillian's shoulder.
> Her tiny hand quickly comes to pat your nose and you give her fingers a quick lick. As you're smiling about it, you catch Benjamin's expression, just as he's rolling his eyes a little.
> It doesn't matter, the girl seems happy with the exchange and maybe the boy will find some humor in the 'illicit pats', which will make it easier for you to bond with him later.
> The grownups haven't noticed.
> Then, your young friend simply grabs a baked potato from her plate and holds it up to you. This movement catches her mother's eye and she directs a stern glance at Lillian.
> "We don't feed the pets at the table, young miss!" she admonishes.

> You really don't want your friend to be in trouble, so you quickly try to take the blame.
"I'm sorry, ma'am. I shouldn't have been sitting this close," you say with your ears properly flattened in a textbook image of 'sorry pony'.
> Despite your words, Lillian drops the morsel back to her plate and lowers her face in shame.
> The ice has been broken, however, and now the glare is directed at you. "Well, what *do* you eat anyway?"
"Anything, really. T-The School made sure we're not picky. Um, except meat."
> The family is having some kind of casserole - Mrs. Boone had prepared it last night and Mr. Boone just heated it up before lunch.
> "Well, I'm not cooking special for you. You can have what's left of the vegetables, *after* you'd done the dishes."
> It's better than you feared. The way things were going, you were half-expecting the Mrs. to get you a bag of dog food. Well, she had said 'pet', which stings a little, but you let it slide.
> Good impressions, that's the key thing here.
> "Think of Rosa like Mrs. Corwick. She'll help with the cleaning and the laundry," the husband points out. There was more, but he glanced at Lillian and shut his mouth.
> You think you know what he meant to say: Maybe Rosa can get Lillian to open up a bit more.
> You'll certainly give it your best. At the least, you're sure you can get her to smile.
> The wife doesn't seem too convinced, but she just shrugs. "Hmm. At least she's dressed properly."
> You're suddenly very grateful that Mr. Boone had thought ahead and gotten you the dress. After a while, you hardly notice it anymore. It fits quite well.
> "That's right, dear. I made sure, of course," Mr. Boone says.

> Jennifer puts her fork down and stands up. Following her example, the son pushes his chair back as well and reaches for his phone. He's engrossed in it even as he starts walking back up to his room.
> "No, Benjamin," his mother chides, "no games until you've done your homework. I'll come check in an hour!"
> Either he is ignoring it, or lost in whatever he is doing and didn't even register the words.
"Um- if I may, ma'am... I did quite well in my studies - I can h-help."
> You get a calculating gaze in lieu of an answer. Maybe there's some grudging approval there, but it's hard to tell with Mrs. Boone.
> "That's right," the husband says with a touch of relief in his voice. "After you've cleared the table and done the dishes, please help the children with their school work, Rosa."
> You give the man your warmest smile and a curtsy.
"Of course, Mr. Boone. It will be my pleasure."
> There's no more talking as the family disperses. You relax a little as you're left alone, even if there is a ton of dirty dishes to clean up.
> The smell of meat is a bit nauseating, but you power through it and start to gather up the plates on your back.
> Your new Master had specifically ordered you not to help set the table. You guess he doesn't like the idea of hooves walking on the floor and then touching the silverware.
> It wasn't often talked about around the School, but ponies are seldom picked for cooking and buttling jobs.
> You'd had some basic lessons about how to use the household appliances, but that was meant primarily for yourself - so you wouldn't be an extra burden on an already stressed-out family which got you.
> At best you were told to expect cleaning and laundry jobs and it looked like Mr. and Mrs. Boone had the same idea.

> Very soon you have all the dishes either in the sink, or on the counter next to it, if there's still some food in them.
> You found the trash bin hidden away in a cupboard, but you're not sure if you should just toss organic waste in there. Hopefully one of the Boones will come around so you can ask, but in the meantime you get started on the mostly empty dishes.
> The bowl of potatoes, however, you save for last. You'd stuck your nose in there and it smelled absolutely delicious. You hadn't had anything since early morning, so your stomach is starting to complain a little as the scent fills the kitchen. Mrs. Boone's cooking is superb, you have to decide.
> You mentally add that compliment to the one about her flowerbeds and hope that will make the woman thaw a little towards you.
> Some of the spices in those potatoes you'd never even smelled before! You can't wait to try them!
> There's a noise behind you and you catch a glimpse of Mr. Boone looking in on your progress.
"Oh! Sorry to bother you, Master - but is there a bin for organic waste?" you ask politely.
> The human walks over and pulls open a drawer. He picks up a roll of what looks like plastic bags.
> "Here," he tells you, leaving them on the counter. "Biodegradable bags. There's a bin out front."
"Thank you."
> He leaves without further comment and you focus once again on your work.
> Of course you can't expect everyone to instantly like you. Young Master Benjamin will take some effort and his mother will take even more, by the looks of it.
> Not a problem - you've had some training on how to deal with problematic humans. True, your lessons were usually about children, but surely some of the skills were transferable to Mrs. Boone, right?

> In addition, you're sure staying positive, polite and helpful will eventually win the strict, cold woman over.
> You keep thinking about it as your hooves do the work almost without your conscious control.
> The afternoons in the School kitchen have been well spent, after all!
> You begin to hum your little melody as you finish the dishes and take your bowl of potatoes out to eat in the garden.

> ~~~~

> And there you are - your first night in your new home. The bed and the room smell strange and you know it will take you a while before you can comfortably fall asleep in this place.
> The day has been busy, but now that you have some time to reflect, you are really starting to miss your roommates.
> Iskra with her soft feathers. Amethyst and her tickling mane and always-ready hug. Felicity and her happy little laugh. Valentina, with her near-permanent blush and quiet voice.
> Yes, even Paolo and his fumbling, awkward attempts at romancing you.
> You heave a sigh as you gaze out the window. The garden is well-lit with small, cleverly hidden lamps which bathe the scenery in soft, yellow light.
> If you can't get to sleep in half an hour, you decide, you'll go out and sit in the grass for a while. The night is a little chilly, but with your night gown on top of fur you will be okay.
> Besides, you haven't had many such experiences in the School and absolutley *never* at night.
> The things you've read in the physics textbook and the pictures you've seen of the night sky make you really curious to see it. Not here, though. Too much light pollution.

> Your hoof slaps the pillow in a vain effort to make it more comfortable and you push yourself around so you're looking away from the window. Maybe you should have drawn the curtains, but you need them open in the morning to wake you up.
> There's no alarm clock in your room, though Mr. Boone has promised to get you one the next day.
> Yeah, that is another reason to sleep soon. You need to be up fresh in the morning to help the children get ready for school.
> You force your eyes closed and try to stop thinking, not that it has ever worked before.
> Lillian is an absolute sweetheart, but you're getting worried about Benjamin, who looked strangely at you and said no when you offered to help him with his math homework.
> You have also proposed to clean his room, but he shook his head vehemently, without even looking at you.
> Then you tried to ask him about his game, but he just sighed and turned away, as if speaking with you was this incredible, onerous burden.
> You escaped then and decided to think it over before trying more things.
> Well, that's what you're doing now, except you should be sleeping!
> Sighing, you close your eyes and try to clear your mind.
> There's a rustling sound in the hallway just outside and your head shoots up, ears focused on the door. You're sure you heard something!
> Just as you're about to get up and go check, the door handle starts moving. You're grateful you left the curtains open, because that means you can see clearly.
> Someone is sneaking into your room!
> Should you shout out?
> You don't like the idea of waking up Mr. and Mrs. Boone, but you also don't want to be kidnapped!

> In your indecision your muzzle clamps down to choke back a squeak when the door swings open.
> You gasp out in a mixture of relief and apprehension.
> The girl stands there, still and indecisive now that she's facing you. You're getting more worried by the second.
"Is something wrong? Come in," you ask her.
> Finally the young miss trudges into the room. She conscientiously closes the door after her and you see she has Mr. Fuzzbot in her hand.
> Whatever could have happened? Also, why had the girl gone to you, rather than her parents?
> As Lillian finishes her careful trek to your bed, you roll to your belly and bring your muzzle closer so you can peer into her face more closely.
> She doesn't seem hurt, or scared. More nervous than anything else. Her expression could almost be... pleading?
> You make a decision.
"Come, sit on my bed sweetie. You can tell Rosa what's wrong, okay?"
> The girl deposits her stuffed toy carefully between your forelegs, then clambers up on the bed. You give her a brief nuzzle while she retrieves the teddy bear and hugs him close.
"There we go. This is nice," you coo to the girl.
> Finally she speaks up: "I was l-lonely."
> She puts an arm around your neck and you inhale sharply as her cold fingers dig into your fur. You also become aware that the girl is shivering.
> Her night dress is pretty, but it's not yet warm enough to walk around in it. You also don't know how long she's just been standing outside your door, gathering up the courage to open it.
> You swiftly cover the poor thing with your blanket and scooch closer to her.
"Here, let me warm you up a little. You're freezing!"
> You almost wish you didn't have your bedclothes - fur would be much warmer without the material in the way.

> The girl gratefully accepts the nuzzle and then buries her small face in your mane. Her plushy is squeezed between you two, but Lillian isn't complaining so you guess Mr. Fuzzbot is okay.
> "Thank you, um, Miss Rosa."
> You're very proud of the girl for getting your name exactly right so quickly, but the title makes you giggle a bit.
"Oh, you don't have to call me that, sweetie! I'm just 'Rosa', okay? I'm your friend!"
> The child flashes you a slight smile and settles down, apparently for the night.
> You should probably take her back to her own bed and tuck her in. Something tells you Mrs. Boone would be furious if she saw this. Maybe even Mr. Boone, considering his little speech about 'impropriety'.
"Uh. Just for a minute, sweetie, but then you have to go to your own room, okay?"
> "Why?"
> Her arms hug you tightly, as if afraid you'll toss her out of the bed.
"Well, your mother probably wouldn't like it if you slept here," you try and explain tactfully.
> Lillian shrugs her shoulders, which you feel more than see.
> "She doesn't really care what I do. Mom and Dad are too busy all of the time..."
> It's heartbreaking, but you're starting to see why Lillian is quiet and shy. It's a very good thing she has you now!
> "I- uh, I really like you, mm- Rosa," the girl says, apparently with much difficulty.
> You return her hug and give her an extra nuzzle on top of that.
"Aw, that's sweet of you. I really like you too!"
> This next thing goes against your training a little bit - as an Assistant Pony, you should always steer your child towards being open and trusting with their human guardian.

> You were supposed to reinforce the bond between the children and their parents and their friends. You were even told to try and improve their trust in the public establishments, the government and the healthcare system.
"Tell you what," you whisper, as if imparting a big secret, "you can come talk to me whenever you like, okay? You can tell me anything, I promise I won't tell your Mother or Father."
> Lillian gives this some thought, then nods, her nose rubbing against your neck.
> You shuffle a little to get more comfortable until you end up on your side, facing away from the girl. She wraps her arms around your neck and even tries to hug you with her legs.
> By now you're both nice and warm and the child sighs happily.
> Looks like this will be your night, then.
> It's nice, actually. It makes you less lonely.
"Good night, sweetheart!"
> Instead of an answer, a small hand clumsily prods until it finds your nose, then gives it a gentle pat.
> You smile to yourself.
> Lillian will probably be worth suffering through any amount of hostility or resentment from her mother and her brother. You can make a real difference in the life of this little girl.
> Of course you'll do your very best with Benjamin and even Mrs. Boone, but you decide right here and now that Lillian will be your top concern in this household.
> After all, ponies are meant to make people feel better, right? No one in this house deserves or needs it more than this one.
> The hand pats your muzzle again, then slides down until it's gripping your foreleg.
> Lying still and quiet like that, surrounded by Lillian's now welcome scent, you finally drift off.

It's a bit late this week, but also a bit longer. That cancels out somehow, doesn't it?
Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/D8eBZPe0
File: bad pony.jpg (102 KB, 619x555)
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What did bad pony do wrong?
She probably kept Lillians secrets from Mrs. Boone. Assistant Ponies are supposed to assist their owners, not get between them and their children.
I can totally relate to anon in this one. Sam is a strong little filly that survived on her own for who knows how long and deserves more credit for her abilities. I can't wait to see what Celestia's response is.
Fuckin adorable. I love Lillian and Rosa's new relationship, it's heart melting and I am so glad at least someone is there now for Lillian. Their mother seems like a bit of a bitch. And Benjamin... classic souled pre-teen? Or something worse? I suppose we will find out!

Mr. Boone seems a little less of a hardass in this update, but Mrs. Boone... I see why Lillian is so shy. Poor thing.
Meant *spoiled*, not souled. Oops
File: shiggypie.png (209 KB, 1134x1010)
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209 KB PNG
>edible cooking
After her training on gentlehoof anything that she cook is edible
>stone floors
dont they have a few robotic vacuums?
I have a top of the line one and its awesome.
>smell of chlorine
You meant the smell of pee? Chlorine only has that signature smell if it comes in contact with pee. My pool in the garden has chlorine in it and 0 smell. I dont pee into it.
>Lillian & Rose
Cute. But Rose will get a few hard words from the parents letting her sleep with her. But if they keep it as a secret...
>blanket to lie on
>ponies are meant to
>eat the leftovers
Brainwash Inc still at full steam.

Thanks for the update
File: 1992251.png (1.87 MB, 2724x2009)
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1.87 MB PNG
>I find him quite insightful.
This was awesome.
Loved seeing Fluttershy trying to push a poor non-weaboo filly into living the anime life.
Why the fuck are they sleeping like that ?
Are they sharing a double-sided buttplug or something ?
File: Spoiler Image (538 KB, 600x600)
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538 KB PNG
What, you wanna sleep ass to face? You want to be glimmer for a hot second?
Was more thinking of Fluttershy sleeping on top of Sombra, considering they are supposed to be lovers here and that pegasus probably weight 1/10 of him so she should just feel like a blanket.
Are there FiMFic fics on this subject? Maybe a longer story where ponies are freed or something.
>longer story
>ponies (eventually) freed
Slaveventure. It was a CYOA so the plot jumps around a bit, but it's more coherent than most. I was a huge amount of fun participating, and I still re-read it now and then. Staying Out Of Trouble is quite long already, and might (I hope!) be moving in that direction. There's also Break, and Life Grew All Around Her, and a few others. Most of the stories here are about forming relationships despite the corrupting context of slavery, rather than overcoming the institution itself.
Sauce? If feels like this is from a larger timeline or something. What are Sombra and Fluttershy doing on the same couch!?
What's the deal with unicorns and virgins? How do they know? Why do they care? What does Rarity here feel about her captivity in the garden? At least she can't say it isn't high culture!
>> "We don't feed the pets at the table, young miss!" she admonishes

I already hate this bitch
>What's the deal with unicorns and virgins?
Unicorn pride, they care about their race being the first one with literally anyone.

How do they know?

>Why do they care?
"I was her FIRST one of course. Why someone would want anything else than a unicorn for their FIRST time" This isn't about sex, it's about being the FIRST one always.
This is the part where I say it's adorable

It is obvious that both parents have their own issues and interests as professionals and as usual delegate the responsibility of their children to their servitude and children resent it, Benjamin responds to the paternal indifference with disdain and rebellion and Lillian unable to approach by a few crumbs of affection is locked in their world and their shyness, Mr Bones as a good politician tries to approach them with poor results and Mrs Bones, more focused on their ambitions feels threatened by the arrival of an intruder, Rosa, the sweet pony could join them or fall victim to their problems, something is certain, if the moment comes the mother realizes that her family prefers a humble pony rather than a successful news anchor her world will turn red

Good green AWF
File: 1553490292941.png (98 KB, 701x692)
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more pegamares being absolutely adorable when?
Unfortunately, the only story that really got picked up at Fimfic was an (aborted) one called All Too Real. It came from an established author, though. Otherwise, the whole "ponies enslaved by humans" topic tends to make Fimfic reeeee a fair bit, as they have a rather visceral negative reaction to anything where anyone can defeat the ponies. I mean, I understand why - lots and lots of shitty superpowered OCs conquering Equestria at a snap of their fingers - but it does mean that concepts like ours tend to be reflexively kicked down.

Other than that, >>33654352 has some fine suggestions.
>> No hugs, no kisses, barely any touching. You wonder if they really sleep in the same bed.
She seems very informed for her age
File: 1546993449408.png (2.53 MB, 2100x1597)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG
pony had a nice nap
That’s a nice art style. The use of that paisley pattern and the blurred background is exactly the right amount of detail, and the anatomy is spot on. It’s still very much a cartoon, but it brings just a bit more realism to everything.
File: Slave Dust Runner.jpg (311 KB, 1700x2200)
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311 KB JPG
Quick thing before I head out for the day.
This here is Dust Runner, another horse who isn't too thrilled to be someone's property. Her attempt to escape is punished via the method you see here. Her confinement won't last forever, but perhaps it'll be just long enough that she'll think twice before attempting escape again.
She need to deal with kids and some kids have very dysfunctional families or just a family without love. She need to notice this kind of thing for the sake of the kid
Corona when?
What a cute grump. She needs disciplinary bellyrubs
It's a weird kind of insightful, and not always pleasant. It is entertaining though.
File: 1553554576855.png (1.76 MB, 1719x2102)
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1.76 MB PNG
Ponk a good girl who deserves ear skritches, and deep excavation.
>deep excavation
That reminds me.
>rare minerals digger slaveowner Anon in Equestria update when>
I think he wrote himself into a corner he couldn't write himself out of. There was no practical way that colt with a broken leg was going to survive, and he was already a major character we care about. Of course implacable tragedy happens all the time in real life, but the drama had nowhere to go here. I liked the overall story to though, it had potential.
But even I presented a way for the story to continue in the thread after updates vanished.
It may have been a shitty deus ex machina way to solve the situation, but it would work, I think.

>characters cant solve the problem?
>drop a character into the story that fixes their one specific problem, have it also introduce another one while you're at it.

Basically have fugitive nurse Redheart or some kind of unicorn that knows healing magic break in, have her get caught, proposition to let her hunker down in the operation in exchange for healing poners leggo. Maybe humans looking for her show up and we have to hide her, or she has to pretend to be one of our slaves, maybe she stays longer than she needs to because she feels like shes needed there, or maybe poners leggo needs a repeated applying of healing magic over a longer stretch of time?
Ancient Roman slave pones when?
We don't need more gay orgies greens

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