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Back Like a Rash Edition.
In these threads, we fantasize about an utopian Equestria where sex is not a taboo and is considered exquisitely natural.
An Equestria, where it is not uncommon for stallions to try to mount mares or for mares to present themselves to passing stallions (or human males) in public places if they should happen to get the urge.
Mares casually conversing with their friends or going about their own business, paying little or no attention to the stallion eagerly rutting them, would be a common sight.

Some suggested guidelines for the setting:
- If a mare for whatever reason does not want it, they will just push the stallion out and gently nudge him off and he will try to find another mare instead
- If a stallion (or human) masturbates in public without first trying to mount any mares around, they would consider it an insult to their attractiveness

These are merely suggestions, and the exact details are of course entirely up to headcanon.

Last thread:>>33548592
https://pastebin.com/23yPRUKv (embed)

Don’t know why a new thread wasn’t made until I did it, we are getting plenty of green
I'm just here for the foalcon

Please spoonfeed me greens
I think they were waiting for the next green to be ready.
I wasn't personally ready to post so I figured leave it up to Anons
I don’t know who usually makes the new threads, but I was the one who brought the thread back from it’s year+ long death. So after seeing a day or so long gap I decided to make a new one
There's no real appointed person and the OP is usually just whatever. We should vary our image but at least we have a archive pastebin.
Well current subject of discussion. Let’s talk about a certain dragon with feather fever

Poor guys got that griffin fever bad
He isn’t the only one who wants to stuff the turkey
holy moly thats one hella a tushie
A plump rump ready for a pump
It's gotta suck to be one of the three main six who don't have a brother in this universe. Two out of three have huge brothers to help them out when they get a need, and Zephyr is in existence so that's a thing. Rar, Dash and Ponka never knew the joy of a good brother-fucking, and that's sad.
Why do you think they turned out to be giant sluts?
>Twilight was a friendless dork because whenever she needed her, her brother stopped by and fucked her brains out
>Applejack never shows interest in a stallion because she has a giant dick on call right across from her room whenever she needs it
>Fluttershy fucks mares, animals and Discord because after Zephyr, she never wants to touch a pony stallion again.
What about more hippy horse
Oh nice it's back.
>Your sister brings back the old tradition of casual sex and starts corrupting your guards
>All of your solar guards start to feel more loyal to her over you.
>You can see it in their eyes... the lust, the admiration.
>They all want to be called to be her bedservants and serve the princess of the night.
>Enough is enough.
>You barge into your sisters chambers, and see her with two of your maids and a young guard recruit.
How fucking dare you. You allow the thread to die, and stay die for like fitty months then ask for green pony? The gall!
I ask for what I damn well please
second this
File: 1548735641600.png (102 KB, 811x640)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Dash and Rarity at least had their dads, no fucking way would the Ahmish who got away from those city slickdicks act like that. Unless he was marrying her, of course.

Why else do you think Limestone never got a coltfriend? Her dad picked her as the eldest to be his second wife.
I remember reading one of these where I think roseluck and a friend were in some restraunt, they were talking about how much roseluck "hates" getting the dick. Anon shows up and fucks her real good right there and all the while other pones are commenting. Anybody saved it maybe? Was a long time ago.
I'm pretty sure it's this one:

But it's not roseluck. It's bon bon and redheart is there.
There is shockingly little polygamy stories in previous threads considering the concept. You would think casual sex would make it perfect for that sort of thing. What better for a world where sex isn't a big deal than herds to make sure you know who is who's parent?
Send me your addy, punk
That was by Love and Powerlifting/Little Big Pony. It's one of my favorites. I wish there were more like it.
There was the anon-Fluttershy herd story but yeah, you'd think a world like this would just have a stallion casually picking up side-wives after he gets his 'main' wife for regular fuckings/siring offspring.
That's the one, good stuff. thanks!
Has sex always been casual in Equestria or did it develop over time?
Thanks Anon.

That's what I thought. If someone had green for it then they'd start the new thread.
Now I’m picturing colts sitting on the playground, casually discussing who they’d like to add as a wife after they find their “true love”. They still have dreams of big weddings and a family and all that, but then afterwards you know, gotta pick a few wives for when the waifu is away doing stuff, and continuing the bloodline is important! It’s a weird mix of deep true love and just casual fucking with whoever they pick.
I'm gonna try my hand at some green.
>You're Anon and you're in casual sexquestria
>Today is national fuck anypony you like day. Oh wait that's every day.
>You laugh at the small joke to yourself while walking down the street with your hands in your pockets wondering what you're going to do today.
>Or who for that matter
>When you first discovered that you can fuck pretty much anyone you want practically anytime you were amazed and excited at the possibilities.
>You engaged in all manner of sex acts while even being grabbed and ridden yourself occasionally by mares
>While you're still enjoying it the initial excitement has waned and you're joining these ponies in thinking that it's just another day when you're seeing or hearing somepony getting fucked
>You've learned the standard practice here is to just cum and go and while that bothered you at first there were plenty of mouths, pussy's and ponuts to replace them.
>So to keep things interesting you've started to give yourself self imposed challenges
>Things like how many ponies can you fuck in one day. 7
>How hard can you fuck a mare and she still being able to keep up a coherent conversation and then keeping her there. Medium-high pace
>Even how many times can you have sex with a mare while you follow her around in the same day before she asks you to move to another. It's usually 2 but once you came 5 times into a pegasus mare and she never once said a word to you.
>She just walked into her home which you were nearby when you finally finished and sat down to rest.
>You see her sometimes and she gives a passing wave.
>You decided today would be earth day.
>Your eyes scan the surrounding area looking for earth pony mares.
>At first you see a unicorn mare crossing the street. A pegasus and her earth pony mare friend speaking to each other while walking. A unicorn mare shopping and bored looking earth pony in front of a register at a market stall.
>Decisions decisions.
>You decide to try your luck with the friends.
>You walk behind the mares and over hear a little bit of their conversation. The earth pony is complaining about there not being any jackets in her favorite color anymore when she went to the store.
>You look closely at the rears of the light green pegasus mare with an orange tail and compare it to her friend which has a red coat and yellow tail.
>You see that the pegasus has a slightly wider ass with a small jiggle while the earth mare has a tight bubble butt.
>Your cock hardens in your pants.
>If the mares don't make a stop soon you're just gonna grab the earth mare.
>They turn the corner and it still doesn't look like they're planning on stopping.
>The pegasus mare is now asking if she's tried any other stores and hoping her friend doesn't have to make another trip to canterlot
>With a roll of your eyes you unbutton your pants and release your cock and increase the pace of your stride.
>You come right up behind the earth mare and with both hands grab her.
>She freezes and stops talking to look behind her and you place your semi hard cock right between her ass while moving your hips.
>When she realizes what you intend she turns back to her friend.
>" Like I was saying. I think I'll hold off on going until I need to go to Canterlot for something else. There's no point on going on a trip for something that might not be there."
>Her friend gives a nod and replies " Maybe I can go with you. I was thinking about getting a new hat."
>Doesn't look like they're in a rush to be anywhere. Perfect for you.
>You take your fully hard cock and slightly squat to lower yourself and level it with her increasingly wetting pussy.
>Damn do you love these ponies getting ready in an instant.
>You prod at her entrance with your comparatively large cock and when the tip enters, her walls gives little but ineffective resistance to you.
>You withdraw and pull out before sinking in deeper then before and causing the earth mare to give a light gasp.
>"So -ha- how does -mmm- next week sound to you? -umpf-"
>Her friend raises her hoof to her chin and thinks about it
>Meanwhile you try to get your entire cock into the mare starting with slow halfway thrusts and then moving onto getting 3/4's in.
>"Would next Tuesday be good for you?" her friend asks
>"N-no. Have to- hnng- go to little brothers recitiaaaaal."
>Your cock is finally completely inside the nearly stretched to capacity wet pussy of the earth mare.
>The pegasus stares down at the ground with a frown.
"Wednesday's no good for me and neither is Friday. Thursday?" she prods
>You begin increasing the pace of your thrusts which causes the mare's body to rock slightly forward each time you do.
>The mare slightly grounds her front hooves
>"Can't. Going to - Haaaaaa "
>She loses her composure and can only let out moans as her pussy convulses and squeezes around your cock.
>Her friend merely stares at her waiting for an answer and only hears the sound of your hips slapping against her and after a few moments receives one.
>"To the movies -unf- with family."
>"Ugh. It's so difficult to find a good time. Ok I think I can do Sunday? Is that good?"
>You increase your pace as you get ready to cum and behind you can hear the clopping of hooves getting closer before next to you you notice a stallion walk in front of the pegasus mare and push her down on her shoulder
>The mare doesn't offer the slightest bit of resistance before she's on her belly and the stallion stands over her with his slightly hard cock in her face and prodding her lips.
>In a combination of thinking and letting out moans the mare answers" Uhhhh. -hmmm- ooohh. Yeah that's good. Sunday's gooooood."
>"Fraheight" Her friend replies not even letting the cock out of her mouth and giving a wing up.
>Finally you reach your climax and hold her down while you release your hot load into the mare and let out a pleased sigh.
>After the first few spurts you move your hips to make her womb take every drop.
>When you finally feel the high begin to wear off you pull out and your cum spills from the mare who stands on shaky hooves and is panting.
"Enjoy your day." you casually drop before you walk away and try to find another earth mare.
>Maybe you should go to the park and go for babysitters or mom's watching their foals?
>How about a cafe? The ponies working there typically want you to buy something though if you're planning on staying for a long time.
>You think you have about 20 bits in your pocket.
>You look behind you and while the earth mare is blocking your view of the pegasus you can see that the unicorn stallion is now moving his hips much faster then before while staring passively ahead and you can hear the very familiar sounds of a ponies throat getting fucked.
>From the left you see an blue earth mare turn the corner and walk right around the group and continuing on her way.
>Maybe you should try following her and hope you get lucky?
>But at the moment you're a bit tired.
>You decide to get a coffee at the cafe.

Hope that was fun to read. If it wasn't then that's fine too.
Not bad. Anon's "challenges" was neat. I'd like to think that pegasus mare and Anon would become a thing. She knows he can go for a long time if she needs a good long rutting at least. Thanks famalam.
Chill and fun
Nice, also checked
Nice. It's always amusing to see ponies try to keep up a conversation while getting fucked.
Pretty good. Ignored sex is a nice classic, though I think it could use some more flavor. The idea of screwing moms at the park is a great idea, for instance.
>You don't really want to have sex as much as ponies do
>Seriously, it's just way too much for you if you do it several times a day.
>Stops feeling nice and makes if you get lazy
>So you stop having sex for a few days, thinking a reset is in order
>Luna takes this very personally
>Gets very sensitive about rejection, considering her history
>Finally she gets sick of your refusal to have sex with her and breaks into your room at night
First time lurker, reader, and poster in this thread.

First read was Negotiating Favors (WIP) (Casual Sex Equestria) by Uh-hmmm

My question is are there any recommendations for a good read? Not sure if this story finished, is hiatus, or will stay unfinished, but I liked what I read. I will continue to sift through stories in hopes of finding more like it, but if anyone has any recommendations I'm all ears
Nevermind, checked the archive for the status of Negotiating Favors. But still any recommendations are welcome
Poker night is a pretty good one.
The Apple-Poker night one? Yeah, I liked that one, lot of positives.
+Pone only instead of yet another anon with little character so they're more fun to read
+Everyone's chill about everything
+Everyone's in character
+There's an actual story with stakes and tension
+There's a clear cut antagonist and something to overcome
+It's fun



I haven't been this blueballed since the Luna-Shining Battlesex one!
Can a regular of this thread please explain to me what the main appeal of this scenario is?
Not trying to be an ass, just curious.
No the other older one. With fluttershy, her brother, and rainbow dash
>Liberal free sex makes for porn scenarios because porn is nice
>Comedy revolving around the absurdity of highly sexual situations being completely commonplace in such an innocent series and the silly situations they make.
>Chances for interesting worldbuilding around a society like this
>Porn, because porn is nice.
>Getting to fug pone without having to do a whole relationship, essentially porn without plot where the setting allows for it and you can weave character into it
>Good starting point for absurdist plot
>Anon in Equestria is pretty standard but Anon in a world with a twist is easier to write
Also liked that one.
+Nice way to view the world
+Interesting twists on the concept with Blowjobs being a huge deal
+Nice development with Zephyr and Fluttershy
+Characters have great chemistry
+Great leadup to bigger stuff



I won't be this blueballed until the Anon-in-Stud-Class story!
File: 1552114226402.png (497 KB, 1280x720)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
>she sees EVERYTHING
File: 1527304658258.png (327 KB, 750x421)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
I was looking for that pic last week. Thanks.

>Luna-Shining Battlesex
Not those Anons. I don't seem to remember that. Which one was it?
I'd like to think that AJ personally measured Big Mac's cock over the years to make sure he's growing up right. and has sisterly pride because of how huge he got.
Hippies in Equestria are the complete opposite than here. They think sex should be between two married ponies and done in private.
>...done in private.
Nah, it's the PDA; the hoof-holding, Loving intimate kisses and missionary for the purposes of procreation that should be in private. But the hippies have no trouble showing that love for the world to see.
>Not those Anons. I don't seem to remember that. Which one was it?

I don't see it in the thread list, but it was like a year ago, Shining is all pent up because he can't have sex with Cadence due to the baby's magic being unstable, and in this universe Marriage means that they only have sex with each other.

Then Luna comes out of nowhere and forces herself on Shining, big sex-battle ensues.

Thanks! I will look into it. I've been actively reading greens in a way I haven't in a long time. Feels good
File: 1411613839766.jpg (289 KB, 918x1632)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
One of my favorites is a short one by helianon: https://pastebin.com/RKCgnPSw
You close to an update Ephemeral? Definitely want to know what happens next in your story.
Just about there. Will be dropping very soon.
File: disdain for populares.jpg (62 KB, 548x554)
62 KB
>implying Equestria isn't already Utopia-like
>implying casual sex everywhere is Utopia-like
>"Traitors and deserters are hanged on trees; cowards, shirkers, and sodomites are pressed down under a wicker hurdle into the slimy mud of a bog. The distinction in the punishments is based on the idea that offenders against the state should be made a public example of, whereas deeds of shame should be buried out of men's sight." —Tacitus, Germania
File: 1521570734676.png (230 KB, 540x516)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
>Tender Taps loved talking with his friend during recess. It always gave him time to kick back, reflect, talk about various things...
"Hey, Button, who do you think would be a good pick for a broodmare?"
>And occasionally, discuss his future while getting a pretty decent blowjob.
>Not his best of course, that rank belonged to his mom at the moment, but Twist was doing a pretty admirable job. Easily top ten.
>"I dunno..."
>The colt leaned back against the picnic table, thoughtfully sipping his juice with one hoof while the other helped Tootsie Flute get just a little deeper every time she bobbed her head.
>"I mean, mom said I had to include her since dad's mostly over the hill now, but I don't know who I'd pick besides that..."
>Tootsie looked a little indignant, ceasing her mouth ministrations just so she could add her crumpled nose glare with the huff.
>"What? I thought you wanted to get married? I believe in you! You can do it, Tootsie!"
>"Oh. Uh, thank you!"
>She happily dived back in, adding just a little more effort when she popped his wide head into her mouth and dipping down even deeper than she had been before.
"See, that's the hard part. You need someone who's not married material and knows they're not getting married, which is super hard. It's like, you can't just tell they're not going to get married."
>"And the ones you know for sure aren't usually already have someone who's after them. Like Silver Spoon, how am I supposed to compete with Filthy Rich? That guy's rich!"
"We need to get rich too, or else they'll get all the broodmares."
>"Or at least all the best ones. Like, obviously they're not going to get all of them, there's already a bunch more mares than guys, and considering..."
>The colts shared a smile and looked at the equipment shed, right on time for someone to walk out of there.
>"The numbers keep getting skewed."
>"Hey, Snips? I think they're making fun of us again."
>"Hey! Stop that!"

>The colts laughed as the obviously sticky colts trotted off together.
"Well if I could, I'd at least take Archer."
>"Really? Why?"
"I think Applebloom would feel better if my broodmares were all earth ponies, I'm trying to stick close to those."
>"Ith that why you picked me tah practith with!?"
>Twist seemed a little indignant.
"Nah, it's because you're Applebloom's friend, and you never get to talk anymore! I figured after I married her, you could be a broodmare and could spend time with her again!"
>"Why won'th you marry me!?"
"Twist, look at her. Just look at her. Do you really think Applebloom is going to be a broodmare?"
>Twist did indeed look at her old friend, tried to argue for a bit, then sighed and resumed sucking dick.
"See? She knows."
>"I just hope Sweetie Belle doesn't get married before I get to her."
"I don't think she will, she seems like she'd be dumb enough to be a broodmare if you offered her candy."
>The colt didn't refute that, he just looked upset.
"You know, it does kind of suck we're so young though."
>"Yeah, all the Elements of Harmony are either getting married or snatched up."
"We could've been banging royalty!"
>"It sucks."
"...so who do you think is getting stuck with TruffleShuffle?"
>They looked at each other, and laughed.
>It was good to be thin colts sometimes.
Not bad.

Looking forward to it famalam.
I like how this has become thread canon after my treehugger green
It's a neat bit of fanon and gives more opportunities for story conflict/resolution.
>”So like, yah Ano! Would you consider holding hooves in a loving embrace under this gnarly persimmon tree?”
>Mandalin starts playing
We need to fight back against the indecency of PDA
Public Displays of Affection. It was a 1990s and early oughts watch-word in public schools.
The idea of being able to walk up to any mare/EQG and kiss them is an underrated thing.
No kissing allowed.
I will kiss anyway. I’ll break in houses and kiss and cuddle mares. Then I will run away into the night unseen and unknown
So, would blue balling/blue beaning ponies be considered really rude?
>be Anon
>be in Equestria
>see pretty pone
"Hey pone you want sum fuk?"
>fug the pone
>"you're whale cum"
The end
>pony jail crossover
It’s like giving someone a wet Willy. It’s annoying and irritating
My gym teacher always gave me a wet willy during penis inspection day.
If you thought irl jail rape was bad how would casual sex equestria be like?
-You have to be the little spoon
-you have to be in a loving relationship with an inmate
>you drop the soap, you get your balls and dick sucked from behind
-mares amazon rut you
-Eskimo kisses
-Cadence is the warden and she’ll have you hauled off for a guard pony cuddle beat down where the all gang cuddle you.
-you have to preform cunnilingus for over ten minutes on the warden
-no nightlight at night and you must keep your erection inside your partner as you sleep with neck kisses

It’s awful
>”Are you refusing to suckle on my teats, prisoner?”

You get pinned down, lovingly caressed, and read romantic poetry.
Don’t forget decontamination. Where usually you’re hosed down, you have to take a rose petal bath with the warden while she plays footsies with you under the water. I’m getting I’ll think about it
>it puts the lotion on her skin, or else it gets the rose again
> You get out, but no one wants to hire a serial kisses
> You end up selling your affection to lonely mares
> You're sufficiently exotic that you can choose your clients
> Nothing but illicit cuddles and kisses with cute mares for you
> With the usual stress relief thrown in
Sometimes life isn't fair, but nobody deserves that.
How sad.
A client with a heart bigger that her wits offers to take care of you. That you don’t have to live like this anymore
>Selling affection
They can get it free. It’s like selling air
No they get sex for free. This is selling love
Love is illegal! are you trying to go to jail?? they just recently made marry-wanna legal!
"Dammit Warden! Will you just suck my dick already?!"
>"Not until I see a ring on this horn, inmate."
>Silverpuff reports you after stumbling upon you making love with Treehugger for the sake of romance and spirituality.
>During a visit she brings you a cake.
>instead of a file inside, there’s a flesh light
> Be Anon, wandering the weight room
> Your students are largely well-behaved, but you still keep an eye on the free-weights area
> You come across Fluttershy at the hip adduction/abduction machine
> She's gazing forward with some intensity, her lips moving as she silently counts
> You wait until she's done with her set before speaking
"Hey Fluttershy, how's it going?"
> She looks up at you, suddenly cheerful
> "I'm doing well, Mr. Anonymous. Ever since I started participating more in class, I've been getting stronger. Um, would you like to feel it?"
> She flexes the arm closest to you
> You give her bicep a good squeeze
"That's some nice muscle, definitely. And how are these doing?"
> You cup her breasts, jiggling them slightly
> She giggles
> "They're fine, I'm wearing some good sports bras, and that helps a lot."
> You give them a final squeeze
"That's good to hear. Oh, a something to keep in mind with this machine: while it does strengthen your adductor muscle groups-"
> You stroke her inner thighs
"- and your abductor muscle groups, -"
> You rub her hips
"- it does so in isolation. These are stabilizing muscles, and work to support larger muscle groups like your glutes."
> You dig your fingers into what you can reach of her pert bottom
"That means that if you don't work them out equally with the other groups, you can get muscle imbalances and maybe even joint issues later on. If you want to strengthen them more naturally, squats and lunges are good alternatives."
> Fluttershy nods seriously
> "I think I'll try that when I work out at home."
> You give her head a few pats
"Good girl."
Oh boy, more teacher-non.
> She beams at you, wiggling happily under your hand
> Unfortunately, you still have a job to do
"Well, I've taken up enough of your time for now. Keep up the good work."
> Fluttershy nods earnestly
> "I will!"

> Partway through your rounds, Sunset comes jogging towards you, smiling and lightly blushing
> "Mr. Anonymous!"
> You stop
"What's got you upset, Sunset?"
> She comes to a stop before you and rolls her eyes
> "Nothing much, I'm just a little distracted, that's all. Mind helping me out?"
> She turns around, pulls her shorts down, and bends over
> You admire her glistening slit, so prominently displayed
"Sure thing."
> You push down your sweatpants and line up your cock
> Sunset hums in contentment as you penetrate her
> You latch onto her hips, thrusting more and more deeply into her feverish pussy
> She pants, hands on her knees, her boobs swaying back and forth
> All too quickly, she tightens around you, moaning and soaking your crotch in her cum
> Sunset lingers for a moment after her orgasm, then promptly slides off your dick and pulls up her shorts
> "Thanks, Mr. A!"
> You sigh as she walks off, reluctantly pulling up your pants
"Anytime, Sunset."
> Then you feel a tapping on your shoulder
> You turn to find Rarity smiling politely
"Can I help you?"
> She tosses a lock of hair over her shoulder
> "Rather, I believe we can help each other, Darling. I saw how Sunset left you high and dry, and I must say I was rather affected by your predicament. Shall we cum together, Darling?"
> You grin
"Thank you, Rarity, I'd appreciate that."
> She preens at your words of gratitude
> "Then lay down, and I'll take care of everything."
> You are happy to comply, even though the floor is hard tile and cold on your bare skin as you take off your pants
> Rarity strips quickly, her modest bust jiggling with every motion
> She straddles your waist, crouching while resting her hands on your chest
> Her breasts hang like soft, succulent fruit before you
> She coos happily as you squeeze and knead her tits
> Her hips grind and roll against your erection, trapping it between her dripping folds and coating it in her arousal
> Rarity bites her lip, breathing heavily
> You grab her ass, pulling it to the side and letting go, letting it jiggle
"You're doing great, Rarity. You feel absolutely fabulous."
> She leans back, tossing her hair over her shoulder, trying to retain her composure
> "Of course I do, Mr. Anonymous. The body is but the garment of the mind, and everything I wear is fabulous."
> You chuckle
"There can be no denying that. Still, I would like to appreciate your inner beauty as well as your outer."
> You thrust upwards, lifting the young lady an inch or two while your dick remains achingly exposed to the warm air of the gym
> Rarity gives you a wry smile
> "Patience is a virtue, Darling. However,"
> Her left hand slides down her hip and between her legs, her slender fingers spreading her flower in all its delicate glory
> Her right hand curls around your erection, lining it up with her glistening entrance
> "We have both waited long enough."
> She lowers herself, her folds wrapping around you like a velvet glove
> You groan, and she whimpers, biting her lip as her eyes roll back in her head
> You grab her hips and start working your length in and out of her
> Rarity shudders in pleasure, whimpering and whining in desperate need
> She feels amazing, her hips rolling and surging against your own
"Oh fuck, I needed this."
> She grins at you, slowly coming to lay down on your chest
> "Mmm, so glad I could help, Darling. Your reactions are quite flattering."
> She's practically purring as she grinds her hips against yours in a circular motion
> You can only bear to look at her sultry expression for so long
> You pull her head down and draw her into a kiss
> Her eyes go wide, then slowly drift closed
> You close your eyes as well, focusing on the sensations of her pussy sliding and constricting around your cock and the taste of her mouth
> Rarity hums in pleasure, her tongue skilled and lingering as she savors the kiss
> You lose yourself in the moment, riding high on the exquisite pleasure of plundering this lewd young woman's body
> Your hands explore her smooth, pale skin, grasping onto her soft flesh with animal desire
> Rarity exults in your attentions, cooing and whispering lewd encouragements as you worship her body
> You feel yourself nearing the edge of your self-control, your mind growing hazy with an ancient need
> You purposefully cup her breasts in your hands, leaving her free to move in whatever way she wishes
"I'm going to cum soon, Rarity."
> She blinks at you
> Then she licks her lips, her smile growing increasingly smug
> "Good."
> Rarity picks up the pace, spearing herself again and again on your cock in rapid succession
> You pant and swear, fully at the mercy of your student
> She cups your cheek gently in her soft hand and kisses you chastely on the lips
> "Cum for me."
> Those words unlock a torrent inside you
> You grab her hips and slam your dick as deep inside her as you can
> Her eyes roll back once more as your seed jets inside of her, coating her convulsing walls
> At the same time, Rarity's passage floods with her orgasm
> She collapses on top of your chest, her hips twitching and bucking as she rides out the waves of pleasure coursing through her body
> You gently stroke her back
"Good girl. That's a good girl."
> After a moment, you hear footsteps approaching
> You hope it isn't another girl coming for relief, you are pretty spent right now
> You look up
> Well, it's not a girl
> Coach Spitfire raises an eyebrow at you, cum coating her lips and her chin, glistening across her cleavage, and dripping down her inner thighs
> "Laying down on the job, Anon?"
> Rarity stands shakily, and you follow suit
"Just conserving energy, that's all. Can I help you with something? Looks like you've had your hands full."
> She rolls her eyes
> "Along with all of my holes. Next time, don't just help out a girl in front of a bunch of guys. Take her out in the hall or something, okay?"
> You blush
"Ah, sorry about that. I'll definitely remember next time."
> Spitfire smiles at you
> "It's alright, we're all learning here. Except you, Rarity!"
> Spitfire slaps the girl on the ass
> "Go show off on your own time!"
> Rarity blushes, rubbing her stinging cheek
> "Yes ma'am."
> You use the distraction to grab a towel
> As Spitfire turns back to you, you start wiping off the cum from her face
"Does she do this often?"
> Your fellow teacher spares you a grateful smile before glaring at Rarity some more
> "Mostly to new teachers, or during lunch period. She'll be serving detention with me this afternoon, for what good that will do."
> Rarity pauses in the midst of putting her clothes back on
> "Again?"
> You give her an unamused look
"I'm not sure why you are surprised, if this is a regular thing for you."
> The young woman huffs
> "I had hoped to finish the dresses for the girls this afternoon..."
> Coach Spitfire snorts
> "Should have thought of that before your little show."
> Rarity sighs
> "Oh, very well, I suppose I deserve this. Another time, Mr. Anonymous."
> You nod an acknowledgement as she wanders off
> Turning back to Spitfire, you start swabbing at the spattering of spunk on her slopes
> She tugs down her tank top, exposing her breasts to your ministrations
> "Thanks for this, Anon. Boys can be so messy."
> You chuckle
"I can't blame them. You have an absurdly sexy body."
> She smiles at that
> She replies as you lift up a boob to wipe up the drippings underneath
> "That's sweet of you to say. Speaking of my body and sexiness, do you have any plans for the weekend?"
> You start on her other boob, shifting your grip on the towel so that you're wiping with a relatively clean surface
"As a matter of fact, I was hoping to talk to you about that. How do you feel about having some fun with me and Luna this Sunday?"
> Coach Spitfire tilts her head
> "Business fun or casual fun?"
> You give her nipple a light pinch as you finish wiping up the cum
"Casual. She wants to press up against me and feel me cum inside you. Interested?"
> She grins
> "Kinky, I'm in."
"Nice. Let's plan on the evening, say, 7PM my place?"
> You go to grab another towel
> "I'll be there. Oh, and don't bother with down there. Rarity!"
> The girl pokes her head out from behind the weight machines
> "Yes?"
> Spitfire beckons her over
> "Mind licking up the leftovers of your admirers?"
> The fashionista just sighs
> "Yes, Coach Spitfire."
> Your fellow teacher pulls down her shorts, revealing her glazed pussy
> Rarity kneels down and starts licking, beginning with the drips along the thighs and heading upward
> Spitfire gives you a lopsided smile
> "She's a good girl, when she wants to be."
> You nod, and watch your student swallow the cum from Spitfire's legs
"So I see."
That's all for now.

Up next: Detention with Gilda. Not sure when that will be done, but start thinking about who you would like to see next, and in what context.
Whew lad! That was fantastic! I love the little follow up with Fluttershy. Good continuity. I'm looking forward seeing Gilda. Have we seen AJ, Twi or Pinking yet?
No, we haven't seen AJ, Twi, or Pinkie yet.
Or a finished thread
Ok, I'm stealth posting on break. I'll think of some ideas on the commute home.
Too soon
Thanks for the update
i love you dude
File: 1548835890175.jpg (142 KB, 785x1200)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
So if she is a whore in normal equestria, dose that make her a prude in casual sex land?
I re-read the story from the beginning and I just now got the "little swimmers" joke. kek.

So we've seen Trixie's detention & we're about to see Gilda's. That got me thinking about Study Hall. It's Anon's turn to be the teacher on duty. Twi is there helping a couple of students study for their Health class. Their eyes glassed over due to Twi's dry and clinical talk. PhysEd Coaches are Health Teachers too, right? Anon becomes her visual aid and demonstrator.

I know you've had an after school club in a green before (another of my favorites by the way) and a couple might be perfect here. I know these might be stereotypical. Pinkie could head up the Student Events committee. She's been so busy 'party planning' that's she's neglected to ask for stress relief when she needs it. Anon finds her in a frazzled, maybe short tempered state. He gets her to calm down and relax.
AJ is in the Agriculture/4H club. Anon is asked to give a Health presentation. Proper nutrition, lift with your legs not your back, etc. AJ and some other girls need some relief after watching Anon's sweaty "exercise using common household items" demonstration. A variant on the idea includes Applebloom in the club as well and feels dejected because the boys seem to ignore her when AJ is around. I was also thinking they'd be in shop/car club but then I thought that that might be more of a Scootaloo thing. Plus, I'm not sure how to work Anon in there.

You probably already have something in mind for the Anon X Spitfire X Luna scene but an idea came to mind. Well, an add-on to Luna's kink if you will. Since she liked 'aiming the shot' with Harshwhinny then she'd probably like stroking Anon off while his tip is still in Spitire. Spitfire probably likes having the creampie eaten out of her too if her request of Rarity is any indication. Lewds aside I've got to say this Anon x Spitfire x Celestia x Luna group is giving me a hell of a heart boner. Keep up the good work.
Ephermal, wher are my Dash fuggles? Save us from this anthroposting!
Pre-readers took a while to read through it, sorry. Trying to keep my promises and I got you guys what you wanted. Hopefully this isn't too much backstory and I'm not shafting the pacing too hard, but people haven't been bored reading it so it's probably okay. I kinda like this Dash distraction so hopefully everyone likes it.

As always just tell me if it's good or nah. I'll do what I can with feedback I get.

File: 1542044.png (524 KB, 1200x1088)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
>The sounds of sizzling food and the steady murmur of the crowds filled your ears as you plopped down at a wooden table, eager to stop the rumbling in your belly.
>You snapped off a bite of your carrot dog and chewed with purpose, eyes still scanning over the crowd.
>The smell of fresh cum and the sounds of moans still made it to you here, all the way in the food court, you noted.
>Though maybe that was some sorta ultra slut sense kicking in considering how pent you were.
>Who knows…
>All you know is right now, things could be better.

>The sun sat low in the sky, shrouding the area in an orange glow as ponies milled about, some clearly having been satisfied by some source of another as evidenced by their cum smeared fur and blissful expressions.
>So far a few mares had asked for your help, and you’d let one colt use your mouth, but you hadn’t been able to get relief from the stallions you wanted.
>There was a list of ten but none of them could help you for one reason or another.
>Most were already busy with other mares or drained by the time you found them, or in the case of Anon, totally AWOL!
>You thought maybe you could settle with at least a strong looking stallion but even that started to seem like a pipe dream at this point.

>Stallions had flocked in droves to Rarity and Fluttershy’s gangbang booth, sometimes even going through the line twice to have a go at them.
>To be fair, that booth often got a lot of attention every year, but with Fluttershy AND Rarity headlining the event, it was a total blowout.
>Much to Fluttershy’s dismay, she’d be taking miles of dick before the sun even set.
>Not to mention every single drop of cum they had.
>Rarity was probably basking in all that sex right about now, you thought, taking another bite.
>Those two really were popular with the guys...
>I mean, it made sense really.
>Rarity was gorgeous, and had heaps of sex appeal.
>On top of that, she was just a really good lay.
>And Fluttershy, well, with the legs and face of a supermodel, and the demeanor that screamed ‘use me however you want’, it wasn’t hard to see why she attracted so much male attention.

>Suddenly a white mohawk poked out from a throng of ponies, heading towards the sex quarter.
>You shoved the rest of the food in your mouth and zoomed off, chasing after the dark coated pony.
>Thunderlane was far from your first choice, but he could probably keep up a decent pace.
>He never really impressed when you asked for help at work, but he wasn’t bad per se.
>Flitter and Cloudchaser were always screwing him, so he had to be doing something right.
>Maybe just gotta give him the right motivation?

>As you rocketed over the heads of the crowd, his face came into view.
>Your eyes darted downwards, and you let out a happy squeal when you saw his cock, not covered in any mare’s juices, hanging out of its sheath.
>You did a quick loop then headed over to him.
>Looks like you were getting some after all.

File: 1673237.png (694 KB, 1212x1222)
694 KB
694 KB PNG
>”Sorry, what?”

>You groaned. “I said, harder. I really need this, okay? And maybe, you could... you know. You know what I like, right?”
>He gave you a blank look.
”Oh come on! Just lay into me! Rough me up and stuff. I know you can, I’ve seen you do it with other mares.”

>He sighed.
>”Look, Dash,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck, “I’m trying to save my energy for some other mares, okay? Your friends are running the gangbang stall, right?”

>You furrowed your brow.
“Yeah, Fluttershy and Rarity… So what?”

>“Well, Flitter really loves Fluttershy and we made plans to fuck her at the same time. Been looking forward to it all day. And just—It’s fine if you need help at work but… I don’t know Dash, you’re just not my type is all.”

>You paused, not sure what to say to that.
>I mean, you figured it’d take a little bit to grab his attention when there were so many mares flagging around here, but you thought you had enough going for you.
>Didn’t you have at least some connection?
>He screwed you enough times at work that you thought he was kinda getting in tune with you.
>Do you really do nothing for him?
“I… do you even want to do this then?”

>He blinked.
>”Huh? What do you mean? I thought you just needed some help getting off.”

“I do. I just thought…”
>You sighed
“Well I thought you’d be a little more into it,” you said

>”What does it matter?”

>You opened your mouth to answer but paused.
>He was right in a way
>What did it matter if Thunderlane had a thing for you or not?
>He’d still get you off
>But you wanted something more for some reason
>Truth be told, you’ve asked a fair few stallions to rut you who clearly didn’t care one way or the other, and it never bothered you before
>Not everypony was going to be all pent and horny at the same time as you, nor could you guarantee they find you attractive
>It wasn’t a big deal normally
>So why’d it bother you so much now?
File: 1363786.png (1.16 MB, 800x900)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
>Thunderlane tilted his head and leaned down, looking you in the eyes.
>”Dash, you feelin’ okay?”

”Yeah just… I don’t know, I guess I don’t feel like it anymore.”

>“Aw hey, come on, Dash. I didn’t say I wouldn’t give you a good one. Just let me know when you’re close and I’ll go a little harder, just like you want, okay?”

>You pushed a pebble around in the turn as you mulled it over.
>That was really sweet of him to offer, but for whatever reason, it didn't make you feel better.
>It was just so impersonal, and something about that didn’t feel right.
>He wasn’t doing it because he wanted to, or because you wanted to.
>It was because that was part of being a good friend.
>And that felt… kinda lame.

>Ugh, this was so annoying.
>Why was it even a big deal to begin with?
>You briefly wondered if you should just get some relief now and worry about getting something better another day.
>The sun had already started to set and the fair was running down, several ponies starting to head home with happy, satisfied looks.
>You knew you should just take what you can get at this point.
>If you waited any longer, you wouldn’t be getting off till tomorrow, and trying to sleep while horny was the worst.
>But still, something about doing it this way felt so empty.
>Why can’t you just… get a colt to like you.

>No, stop it, Dash.
>He’s trying to be polite for your sake.
>It’d be rude to turn him down now, and there was an ache between your legs that needed tending to.

>You paused, almost afraid to ask.
“Thunderlane, you really don’t mind? I don’t want you to be forced. I’d rather you enjoy yourself, you know?”

>Thunderlane shrugged.
>”It’s not a problem. I’ve got nothing better to do while I wait for Flitter,” he said.
File: 1433746584784.jpg (310 KB, 1158x954)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
>A weight settled on your chest and you rubbed a forehoof.
“Right, heh. Yeah… everyone has preferences.”
>With a sigh, you bent over again and presented yourself.
“Alright well, if you’re okay with it, go ahead I guess. And um, thanks for the help.”

>”No problem, Dash.”

>Without further pause, the stallion reared up, lining up his member, then pushed back into your folds.
>You bit your lip, unable to stop yourself from pushing into him and letting out a mewl.
>Thunderlane inched forward as your marehood clamped down on him involuntarily, trying to desperately milk more sensation from his cock while also slowing him down.
>Celestia, you’re never waiting this long again.
>Every inch drove you mad with desire.
>It became a mix of blissful torture as he pushed forward, and finally, you felt his hips tap against your rear.
>A shudder ran through you.
>You wanted to scream at him to just fuck you into the dirt but you bit the words back and waited patiently.
>After several achingly long seconds, he began thrusting again, faster than his original, easygoing pace, though only marginally so.
>It wasn’t bad, per se, and you soon found yourself letting out little sounds of pleasure he pumped into you.

>”There you go. You sound like you’re feeling better already.”

>You clenched your eyes shut and bit back another moan.
>Yeah, in a way you were feeling better.
>Maybe you just needed some dick.
>It could be better but it still felt really good admittedly, like a warm shower after a hot day.
>It didn't take long before you were pushed to the edge again, your back legs trembling every so many seconds as bolts of pleasure rolled through your spine.
>A little bit of roughness would send you over.
>You just had to ask and he’d finally treat you the way you wanted.

“N-Now,” you said, breath ragged, hooves digging into the dirt. “I’m close, Thunderlane. Please.”
File: 1782131.png (2.17 MB, 2000x2000)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
>Thunderlane paused for half a second then wound back and thrust forward all at once.
>His hips clapped audibly against your ass, sending it rippling and making you squeal.
>You arched your back the pleasure making you dizzy.
”Mmf~” you moan, face now in the dirt.
>It wasn’t the roughest thrust he could put you through, not by a long shot, but after being treated like a chore this whole time, it felt amazing to finally get feel some real force in his thrusts.
>You didn’t want to be made love to.
>You wanted to be fucked.
>You wanted to feel used by someone bigger and stronger than you.
>You wanted big, powerful stallions to slam into you over and over, like they were trying to bruise your womb then dump their hot seed deep inside you.
>The amount of times you came to the fantasy of being bred like that were too numerous to count.

>Thunderlane pulled back then continued to piston, grabbing onto your hips and angling himself downwards.
>Each thrust pushed you into the dirt from above and your tongue lolled out of your mouth.
>Ooh, now he’s pounding you into the ground.
>That was one of your favorites.

>Your orgasm, which you’d been fighting to reach for a while now, finally was within reach.
>Thunderlane seemed to be able to tell, and gave you one final, mind numbing thrust.
>You came immediately.
>Your legs gave out and you let out a soft cry, marehood spasming around Thunderlane’s cock.
>A long, low moan escaped your throat as you shook, your legs trembling as they were coated in several waves of mare cum.

>Thunderlane held himself there, and you faintly realized he hadn’t came himself even as you spasmed and clamped around his cock, your body desperate to feel his hot seed.
>But it never came, and you realized at the tail end of your orgasmic bliss that he wasn’t even looking at you.
>He’d spotted someone and smiled over at them, giving them a wave.
File: 1176944.png (896 KB, 1300x1134)
896 KB
896 KB PNG
>”Oh hey, there you are,” he said, as his member slid out of you.
>With no strength in your hindquarters, you flopped to the ground, a small puff of dirt kicking up around you.
>Without anything to keep pushing you onwards, your orgasm echoed through your core for a few more seconds, before fading entirely and leaving you with only a minor tingle.
>Your mind was a blur of muddled emotions—pleasure, shame, annoyance, jealousy—all swirling around in your frazzled mind as out of the corner of your eyes, Flitter trotted up to your partner.

>>”Hey, Thundy,” she said, giving Thunderlane a kiss on the cheek. “Helpin’ Dash out, huh?”

>“Yeah, she really needed some attention.”

>>”You gonna be long? I’m dying to have some fun already. Cloud Kicker’s been edging me all day and I’m so excited. I finally get to screw that cute pegasus and I get to do it with my best fuckbuddy.”
>Flitter gave a girlish squeal, throwing her hooves around Thunderlane.
>>“I can’t wait. We’re gonna rock that little pony’s world.”

>Thunderlane spared you a glance.
>You shakily rose to your hooves, shaking your head as the post-orgasmic fog began to lift.

>”You good Dash? You came, right?”

>You did but you weren’t good.
>Deep down you knew that.
>Right now, more than anything, you felt like garbage.
>When you came, his attention was elsewhere.
>That wasn’t abnormal, or even rude.
>Ponies had stuff to do or things on their mind, and he gave you his time for your sake.
>But something about him not cumming at all, and just not caring once you got off really bothered you.
>It made you feel sick for some reason.
>You felt empty.
>Maybe something is wrong with you?
>Whatever the case, you were through here.
>That much was clear.

“Yeah I’m good. Thanks for your help,” you said, not too convincingly but your breathlessness helped to mask the disappointment.
File: 1693493.jpg (54 KB, 502x496)
54 KB
>Flitter did a little hop, then grabbed Thunderlane’s hoof.
>>“Yes! Alright, now we can go have some fun. C’mon, let’s go!”
>Flitter tugged Thunderlane away, who didn’t spare you so much as a glance or another word.

>You sat there, breathing hard for a little while until strength returned to your legs.
>A cold empty feeling settled in your chest, and before you could really think too long on it, you left the fairgrounds without another word.

File: 1971604.png (1.04 MB, 1255x1131)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Will update pastebin in a bit.

So far it looks like there's...3.5k words of backstory and then we're back to present timeline where we get to Twilight and reconcile some Dashy feels. I'm honestly pretty worried about how long the diversion has taken, and about how serious this story got for a clop green, but honestly that's just the cost of building a relationship with these two and I thought it sounded cool. Maybe it doesn't work out and the pacing is a problem, but I'm kinda happy I tried either way. Hopefully you guys enjoy where I go with her. I think it'll be worth it.
No, this was great. Gave me some feels for Dashie there. Good job. I look forward to reading the next update.
File: 1552101345397.png (179 KB, 719x600)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Nice! Thank you so much for the update Ephemeral!
File: 1551347957414.png (742 KB, 863x1071)
742 KB
742 KB PNG
Dashy a cute
Looks fat or pregnant
Shawshank redemption casual sex land when
Pregnant mares are the sluttiest because they're already knocked up. They're not afraid to really let loose when the hormones hit.
looks like she's having sex with a dog from a certain angle, her tail highlight being the dick if you can ignore the rest of the tail.
File: 1531873378709.gif (787 KB, 800x667)
787 KB
787 KB GIF

I really loved this update, the backstory on dash and how she feels is very interesting. This gives some insight into how loving relationships may work in CSE. And how they may effect the ponys involved.

Please continue to build out this aspect of the world. I am looking forward to not only some Anon/Dash loving, but also a heart to heart conversation between them.
Either works for me.
Thanks for the encouragement guys. I appreciate it.

Glad it's working out. Next update will drop very soon and that's when there's some nice payoff with Anon.
File: 1552255078080.jpg (141 KB, 1246x934)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Looking forward to it. Thanks again famalam.
I want to sexually bully this bird
File: 1489367048254.png (1.35 MB, 861x973)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
I want to sexually bully this pony.
Wrong hole!
File: Spoiler Image (162 KB, 1459x1125)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
There is no wrong hole
With sex as casual as it is there must be some professional competitions for it. Could even be a part of the equestria olympics.
The best fuckers in the world gathering to have a fuck off
This is great Ephemeral! Don't worry about the backstory, its only going to make it all the sweeter when we get some nice Dash x anon action!!
File: 1552454804805.jpg (471 KB, 783x1024)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
>The girls start a game one night
>Whoever can get Anon to ask them for sex the most times in a month wins a week's worth of sex favors for a week.
>It's way harder than they realize, and the kinkier they get, the less he seems interested.
>Then one day, Pinkie feels a little cold and puts on some socks.
>Instantly scores the moment Anon sees her.

>Who would have guessed Anon was this lewd?
best one ITT
> You walk into the classroom as the last bell rings
> You eye the girl slumped over her desk, face buried in her arms
> You sigh
> It seems Gilda got into another fight in the cafeteria
> You sit sideways in the chair next to her and poke her shoulder
> "Fuck off."
> You poke her again
"I'm afraid it's fuck on for now."
> That gets a single chuckle out of her, and she turns her head to give you a half-hearted glare
> "Just leave me alone, like everyone else."
> You start rubbing circles on her back, trying to comfort her through the thick fabric of her hoodie
"But I don't leave everyone else alone. So you're just going to have to put up with me."
> Gilda scowls
> "You know what I mean. If there was another girl here, you'd just go to her instead."
> You pause, hand in between her shoulderblades
"You think you're unattractive?"
> She scoffs
> "Why else would guys never ask me for relief?"
> You frown
"I'm not sure. It might be that you pick fights with guys, but let's test your hypothesis first."
> She looks non-plussed
> "What do you mean?"
> You tug on her hoodie
"Mind taking this off? It kinda hides your figure."
> Gilda sighs
> "Fine."
> She sits up straight and starts pulling up on the hoodie
> You get a brief glimpse of toned abs before her white tank top falls back
> She crosses her arms under her bust and glares at you
> "Well?"
> You eye her breasts, covered in thin fabric
> They look like they would be a perfect handful
> Only one way to find out
> "Wha-"
> You heft her boobs in your hands, giving them the occasional gentle squeeze
> Her arms slacken, and she blushes
"Well, hiding your perfect tits probably doesn't help."
> Gilda stares down at her chest, and you take the opportunity to pop them out of the tank top and pink bra
> "Perfect?"
> You dig your fingers into her warm, soft globes
"Oh yes, perfectly sized, and the right mix of soft and perky. Any reason why you don't show them off?"
> She rubs her arms and looks away
> "It's cold."
> You can see some goosebumps forming
"Huh. We'll have to figure out a solution then."
> You tuck her tits back in the tank top, and she pulls the hoodie back on quickly
> Your gaze travels down to her baggy cargo pants
"Mind taking those off as well?"
> She looks down, then shrugs
> "Sure."
> Gilda stands up and unbuttons her pants
> They slip down, revealing pink, lacey panties and some generous hips and thighs
> You raise your eyebrows
"Looking good here too. Let me turn you around."
> You grab her hips and start to move her
> "Hey, I can do it myself!"
> You let go and raise your hands in surrender
"Sorry, I just couldn't resist touching you."
> Gilda blushes a deeper red, and turns her back on you
> "You're just saying that because you're a teacher."
> You scoot closer to her plush ass, and give it a squeeze
> Your fingers dig in slightly less than an inch before hitting toned muscle
"Fuck you, for hiding this rocking body beneath baggy clothes. Bend over for me?"
> She wrenches her ass out of your hands and turns to scowl at you, her face tomato red
> "Stop making fun of me! You're just making up stuff because you have to!"
> You point at the tent in your pants
"Does this look like I'm lying?"
> Her eyes go wide
> "M-maybe you saw some hotter girl before you came here."
> You sigh
"And suppose I were to fuck you?"
> Gilda's thighs rub together
> "Wouldn't prove anything."
> You raise an eyebrow at her
> This is going nowhere
"Alright, put your pants back on. Let's go to your home and try to pick out a better outfit."
> She obeys quickly, but not before you notice a small damp spot growing on her panties
> Well, that is progress

> Gilda fidgets the whole car ride, but doesn't say anything
> You follow her to the front door of a typical suburban house
> She opens the door and calls out,
> "Mom, I'm home!"
> You step inside and take off your shoes, leaving them next to Gilda's sneakers
> "Welcome back, Gilly"
> Gilda groans
> A tall woman with long, purple-white hair steps out of the kitchen, wiping her hands in a towel
> A black apron barely contains her considerable bust, only partially covering a tan sports bra
> The only other thing she is wearing is a pair of white yoga pants, clinging to her full hips and long legs
> She smiles brightly when she sees you
> "Oh! You brought a friend! Nice to meet you, I'm Golda Griffiths."
> You nod politely
"Nice to meet you too, I'm Anonymous, but you can call me Anon."
> She drapes the hand towel over her shoulder
> "What brings you to-"
> Her eyes drift down to the crotch of your pants
> "Ah, I think I can guess. Have fun, you two!"
> Gilda rolls her eyes
> "Thanks Mom. Come on Mr. Anon, let's go."
> You give Golda a polite smile and follow Gilda upstairs
> The girl's room is about what you would expect
> Classic rock and Metal posters
> Clothes scattered across the floor
> A large stereo system with stacks of CD's nearby
> A scuffed and stickered laptop on the desk
> Gilda throws open the doors to her closet
> "Good luck."
> You walk up beside her to find a spectrum of black t-shirts, grey sweatshirts, a brown leather jacket, tank tops in a variety of colors, and a variety of cargo pants and shorts in neutral colors
> Off to the side are long sleeve shirts, and...
> You pull out a white sundress
> Gilda snatches it out of your hands
> "Oh, fuck no! I'm not wearing this!"
> You raise your hands in surrender
"Fine, fine. It'd look cute on you, but I can see that's not what you're going for."
> Gilda looks you in the eyes, then nods sharply
> "Good. At least you get it."
> You offer a half-smile and turn back to the closet
> You pick out a white long-sleeve shirt and a violet tank top and offer them to the girl
> She eyes them dubiously, but drops them on the bed while she strips out of her hoodie and tank top
> You take a moment to admire her toned figure, and the incongruent girliness of her pink, lacey bra
> Then you notice her reaching for the violet tank top
"No, wear that on top of the shirt."
> Gilda looks at you in confusion
> "Why? It's an undershirt."
> You walk over and pick up the tank top and drape it against her chest
"See how it follows about the same lines as your bra?"
> She shrugs
> "So?"
> You sigh
"So if you wear it over a shirt, it draws attention to your breasts."
> Gilda looks down, then back up at you
> "Really?"
> She grabs the long-sleeve shirt and puts it on hurriedly
> You hand her the tank top
> She practically sprints towards the body length mirror and admires her reflection
> You come up behind her and tug at the shirt and straps to smooth things out
> Gilda turns from side to side, looking at herself, a small smile growing on her face
> "It looks good! I look good."
> You swat her butt
"Glad you realized it."
> She looks at you, blushing slightly
> "Thanks, Mr. Anon. Do you have any suggestions about my pants too?"
> You look over at her shorts and pants collection
> Yeah, no
"You'll have to get new pants, maybe some short skirts and leggings and so on."
> Gilda rubs her arm and looks away
> "Do you wanna go help pick some out at the mall? Help me see if it works?"
> You look at your watch
> It's only 4:30 PM
"Yeah, sure. I got time."
> She smiles and grabs your hand, pulling you out of the room and down the stairs
> Mrs. Giffiths meets you at the doorway
> "That was quick, did you have a good ti-"
> Abruptly she scowls at Gilda
> "Gilda Lily Griffiths! What do you think you're doing?"
> The girl freezes in shock
> "Going to the mall?"
> Golda sighs, and turns to you
> "I apologize for my daughter's neglect, I taught her better than this."
> You glance between the two
"It's alright?"
> Golda huffs, hands working on the knot in the apron behind her back
> "I appreciate you being so patient with her, but she has to learn this sometime. Come on dear, top off and down on your knees."
> Gilda blushes, but follows her mother's directions
> She looks up at you apologetically
> "Sorry for ignoring you, I was kinda distracted."
> Golda kneels beside her, also topless
> "Better late than never, I suppose. Now watch closely, dear."
> She unbuttons and unzips your pants, fishing out your cock with the ease of experience
> The older woman takes the head into her mouth, her tongue swirling around it
> You hum in pleasure, instinctively stroking her hair
> After a few seconds, she pulls back, letting your cock pop out of her mouth
> "Now you try, Gilly."
> Gilda scowls at her mother for a moment, but when she sucks you into her mouth, she smiles around your dick
> Her tongue isn't as skillful as her mother's, but she makes up for it in enthusiasm
> She leans into your hand as you stroke her short, yet silky hair
> Her mouth is warm and wet, and you are pleased at the increasingly likely probability that she would be happy to suckle on your erection for the foreseeable future
> Golda smiles up at you
> "Does she feel good?"
> You tousle the young woman's hair
"She's got a slutty little mouth, you taught her well."
> Golda straightens up at the compliment, her considerable chest jiggling at the movement
> "That's kind of you to say, Anon. Now dear, I have some more to teach you."
> The older woman practically has to pull Gilda off from sucking on your dick
> You shudder at the passing of her lips
> Golda inches closer
> "Never forget to give some love to a man's balls, Gilly. Especially if you aren't the only one attending the cock."
> Having said her piece, she dips below your erection and sucks one of your balls into mouth
> The suction is gentle, and her tongue is playful
> You are painfully aroused at the sight of this woman worshipping your ballsack, gazing at you with half-lidded eyes
> After a few moments, she beckons Gilda to join her
> The girl has to press her cheek against her mother's to suck on your other testicle
> The two women hum in pleasure, slowly bobbing their heads and kneading their breasts
> You turn your head, biting your lip in pleasure, grunting from time to time when your member is particularly hard
> Soon enough, Golda pulls back, but keeps her hand on Gilda's head, keeping her daughter on ball-sucking duty
> The mother gazes on your cock with naked lust
> "We've been neglecting you, haven't we? Let me fix that."
> She takes half of your length into her mouth, her tongue making swallowing motions as your precum slithers down her throat
> You moan at the sensation, your hand fisting in her hair
> Golda grabs your hips and inches down your dick
> You feel yourself press up against the back of her throat, your erection melting in the slick depths of her mouth
> She gives you a wink
> Then she pulls on your hips, thrusting your cock into her tight throat
> Golda makes a wet sound of amusement, drool falling from her mouth onto Gilda's hair
> She presses forward just a little more, her nose buried in your pubic hair
> Her eyes roll back in her head as her throat tries to swallow around your engorged member
> You are breathing in gasps, your hips instinctively thrusting against this exquisite feeling
> Golda pulls back, her chest heaving now that she can breathe again
> You ache with desire, subconsciously tugging on her hair to bring her back to your cock
> Golda smirks at you, and gives it a kiss
> "Alright, Gilly. Your turn."
> Gilda lets your ballsack fall from her mouth
> "Finally."
> Her mother quickly picks up where the daughter left off, sucking your entire sack into her mouth
> Gilda takes a moment to psych herself up, staring at your twitching erection
> "I can do this. Just like we practiced."
> She takes a deep breath, then envelopes your length in the slippery flesh of her mouth
> She stares up at you with wide, anxious eyes
> You smile down at her and pat her head
"You can do this, I believe in you."
> Gilda smiles around your dick, and starts taking it deeper
> She is noticably breathing hard through her nose by the time you come to the back of her mouth
> Golda is stroking her back encouragingly
> The girl wraps her arms around your legs, then jerks herself forward
> Your cock rams down her throat, rapid swallowing motions stoking the fire of your lust and pleasure
> You moan, unable to hold back noises of your appreciation
> It takes you a moment to realize that she's starting to panic, her eyes wide and darting around
> You push her head back, and pull your hips away
> Gilda falls back on her butt, gasping and shaking
> Golda immediately goes to her, hugging her daughter and whispering reassurances
> You kneel on the other side, rubbing circles on her back
> Gilda gives you a shaky smile
> "Sorry, I th-thought I could handle it."
> You smile reassuringly
"It was a really good try. You didn't gag or throw up, which is pretty impressive for your age."
> She blinks
> "Really?"
> Golda kisses her on the cheek
> "Really. I'm proud of you, my little Gilly."
> Gilda blushes happily
> "Thanks, mom, Anon."
> You tousle her hair
"No problem."
> Her mother gives her a squeeze
> "Love you."
> Gilda looks away, still embarrassed by all the attention
> Her eyes fall on your manhood
> "So, could you take over, mom?"
> Golda gives her another kiss on the cheek
> "Sure thing, chickadee."
> The older woman lets go of her daughter and slinks over to you like a lioness on the prowl
> She pushes you onto your back before settling down between your legs
> She eyes your dick speculatively
> Then she wraps her breasts around your wet cock, and sucks on your head as it peeks out from between her marshmallowy slopes
> You bite your lip, staring into her sultry gaze
> With each stroke, she varies the stimulus
> Licking under your glans
> Humming in deepthroated pleasure
> Drooling on her boobs, pinching her nipples
> Gilda watches from the side, enraptured by her mother's performance
> Your hips buck and thrust uncontrollably
> Your sight fades as you draw closer and closer to release
> Golda crushes her tits tightly together, pistonning your member through her dirty pillows
> You cry out, blinded by the excruciating pleasure of cumming into her mouth, her breasts relentlessly stroking your length until you are drained dry
> You collapse back onto the floor
> Gilda looms over your face
> "Mom's pretty great, huh?"
> You give a weak chuckle
"That's an understatement."
> Then Gilda is abruptly pulled away
> You sit up just in time to see Golda lock her daughter in a deep kiss, your cum swirling between their mouths and dripping from the gaps between their lips
> You can only stare
> Golda finally breaks the kiss, swallowing, then scooping up what cum was on her chin and swallowing again
> Gilda tilts her head to the side, swishing your cum around her mouth
> She finally swallows
> "Tastes like... fruit punch? Faintly."
> Golda licks your cum off her daughter's chin
> "No, that was me. Good try though."
> Gilda raises an eyebrow at her mother
> Golda wipes her face absently
> "Yes?"
> Gilda turns to you
"Could you help mom out? Dad doesn't come home until later, so she'll be waiting a while if you don't."
> Golda blushes
> "You don't have to, you're our guest, and-"
> You place a finger on her lips
"I'm just returning the favor."
> She licks your finger
> Oh, it is on

> You leave Golda laying on the floor, panting and twitching
> Gilda doesn't say much during the drive to the mall, but she is a lot friendlier towards you
> You hope that can stretch to cover the other people at school, but you're just glad for some improvement
> The two of you stand in front of the mall map
"Anywhere you want to try first?"
> Gilda crosses her arms
> "I'm trying to get normal guys to fuck me, right?"
> You shrug
"Pretty much."
> She sighs
> "Then let's go to Colts."
> You give her a comforting pat on the butt
"Lead the way."

> You stand outside the changing room, which you are somewhat surprised exists here
> You suppose full body mirrors would be somewhat expensive to put everywhere, and it is probably considerate to avoid arousing any of the other customers
> A woman approaches, dressed in an elegant white blouse and a charcoal pencil skirt
> Her employee ID hangs from a lanyard and dangles just over the crest of her bust
> The woman smiles politely, brushing her long tresses of red hair back, emphasizing her modest cleavage
> "Is there anything I can help you with, sir?"
> You gesture towards the changing room
"No, I'm just waiting on a friend."
> The woman nods
> "And would you like some relief while you wait?"
> You shake your head
"Thanks for the offer, but I'm fine."
> She glances around, then runs her hand over your crotch, giving your dick a quick squeeze through your pants
> You choke back a yelp
> The woman winks at you
> "No need to be modest. I'll be around if you change your mind."
> You can't help but stare as she sashays away
> Nice
> You feel a tapping on your shoulder
> "What do you think?"
> You turn around to find Gilda tugging at the bottom hem of a denim skirt that barely reaches mid-thigh, white tights underneath
"Looks nice, try walking back and forth."
> Gilda shrugs and starts pacing
> You walk around her, admiring the way the skirt rides up a little when she takes a long stride
"Shows off your legs well, and teases a bit. Try bending over?"
> She obeys, hands resting on her shins
> "Need some relief already?"
> You eye her just barely visible panties, and the beginning of the curve of her ass
"No, but I'm getting there. This is a great pose for what you want."
> You give her pussy a stroke through the tights and her panties
"Hard to ignore the message your sending here."
> Even as you watch, the fabric darkens with her arousal
> Gilda straightens up and faces you, cheeks red, but grinning
> "Maybe this isn't dweeby clothes. Let's find some guys and test it out!"
> She grabs your hand, but you don't budge
"You should probably pay for those first."
> She gives a weak chuckle
> "Might be good."

> That taken care of, the two of you prowl the mall, looking for likely targets
> Gilda makes a point of walking in front of you, swaying her hips with each step
> It's funny, she has such a harsh reputation, but once you gave her some sincere "compliments" she warmed up to you pretty quickly
> "Found some! I'm going in!"
> You belatedly call out
"Good luck!"
> She gives you a backhand wave as an acknowledgement
> You hang back and watch her talk to two freshman-looking guys
> They look pretty relieved to see her, and follow her to a secluded corner
> You settle down far enough away that you can't here the sounds over the mall music, but close enough to intervene if necessary
> Gilda pulls down her skirt, tights, and panties in one motion, and bends over
> One guy comes up behind her and starts pounding away
> The other stands in front of her, and she grabs onto his hips as she blows him
> You keep an eye on her, watching for signs of panic or anything, but she must have not decided to try deepthroating again
> A few minutes later, the guy pulls out of her pussy and Gilda gets down on her knees
> She has a cock in each hand, pointed at her wide open mouth
> The guys cum quickly, splattering her face even as most of their semen makes it into her mouth
> She gives them a few more pumps, drawing out the last of their load onto her extended tongue
> Then she swallows, and the three start to put their clothes back on
> There is some quick groping of each other, and then they go their separate ways
> Gilda skips over to you, gathering the jizz from her face onto her fingers and licking them clean
"Looks like it was a success."
> She beams at you
> "Hell yeah! They kept saying how hot I was and stuff, it was great!"
> You chuckle
"Good for you. I'm pretty sure if you are this proactive at school a few times, you'll have guys coming to you as much as you like."
> She rubs the back of her neck
> "Thanks, Mr. Anon. You're pretty cool for a teacher."
> You smile at her fondly
"And you're a pretty cool for a student. Ready to head home?"
> Gilda licks her lips nervously
> "There is one more thing. I kinda didn't get off with those guys, so could you help me out? You can cum inside me if you want."
> You ruffle her hair and she pouts at you
"Sure thing, Gilda. Lead the way."
> She grins
> "You're the best, Mr. A."
> Then she grabs your arm and nearly sprints to the nearby restroom
> You pass the stalls and enter into an open booth
> Gilda draws the curtain behind the two of you, and you start removing your clothes
> You sit back on the small couch, admiring your student's athletic body as she sheds the last of her clothes
> She straddles your lap, her tits level with your face
> You waste no time in sucking one of her nipples into your mouth and circling it with your tongue
> Gilda breathes in with a hiss, cupping the back of your head and almost mashing your face into her breast
> You rest a hand on the swell of her hip, while lining yourself up with the other hand
> You press down on her hip, and plow slowly into her depths
> She growls,
> "I've been waiting for this all afternoon, fuck!"
> You thrust into her, deep and slow
> She matches your rhythm, staring at you through half-lidded eyes
> You hum against her boob, making a noise of appreciation
> She jolts in your lap as you grab her ass with both hands, kneading and spreading
> Gilda bites her lip, writhing while riding your cock
> Her humping and wriggling jostle her breast from your mouth, though she doesn't seem to notice
> To be fair, she feels so good on your dick and in your hands that it's hard to think straight
"Damn, but you are one sexy woman."
> Gilda grins at you
> "You bet your ass I am!"
> She lowers herself against your chest, soft and warm
> The kiss she gives you is fierce and passionate, filled with a desperate need
> You answer in kind, your tongue fighting a battle that can only have two winners
> Your hands take in every inch of her body, feeling the muscles ripple under her skin as she impales herself again and again on your cock
> You growl in primal satisfaction, picking up the pace of fucking your hot student
> She clenches around you at the sound
> Gilda breaks the kiss, gasping and panting for air
> "Oh fuck! Oh fuck me!"
> She chants it like a prayer, her arms wrapping around you, her hands clutching at your back
> You grin a savage grin, slamming into her with wild abandon
> She stares at you with naked desire, head bobbing slightly with every motion of her bucking hips
> "I'm gonna cum! Fuck me, I'm gonna cum!"
> You stroke her back, a gentle motion in contrast to your vigorous attack on her pussy below
"That's right, cum for me. You've been a good girl, you deserve to cum."
> She whimpers, clutching you even more tightly
> You can feel every curve of her body pressed against you as she orgasms
> You slow down somewhat, drawing out the moment as she clamps down on your dick and moans
> Her body shudders with pleasure, covered in sweat, slick against your own
> You keep a slow rhythm as she regains some coherency
> Gilda stares at you in blank incomprehension
> "You didn't cum."
> You nod
"Not yet, I haven't."
> She blinks
> "Not yet?"
> You slowly increase the pace of thrusting into her drenched pussy
> "Oh."
> Your hands find her ass again
> "Oh!"
> She starts panting, staring at you with wonder and a little bit of fear
> "Oh fuck me."
> You pick up the pace again
"Working on it."
> Gilda manages a weak chuckle before she begins to moan in earnest
> You pound away, grunting with exertion
> She feels so amazing, you literally cannot stop yourself from fucking her stupid
> You draw her back into a kiss, delighting in her taste
> She whimpers into your mouth, fervently matching your motions
> As she begins to tense up, you are also getting close
> Every nerve in your body, every instinct you have is telling you to breed this girl
> She has surrendered her body to you, breaking the kiss to whisper in your ear
> "Cum inside me, Anon. Give it all to me."
> You crush her against your chest, holding her tight as you crest a wave of pleasure
> She shudders once more, her pussy worshipping your cock with desperate fervor
> You answer the prayer of her body, surging and firing, coating her insides with your seed
> Her moan becomes a whimper, then a hum, until finally she's practically purring against you
> The two of you bask in each other's warm embrace, fluids intermingling
> Eventually, Gilda speaks
> "Mr. A?"
> "That was fucking amazing."
> You chuckle
"No, it was amazing fucking."
> She giggles
> "That too."

That's all for now. Any requests on who or what is next?
Good shit, Uh-hmmm.

>That's all for now. Any requests on who or what is next?

Dangerously enthusiastic Gabby.
>Any requests on who or what is next?
What about asexual anon in sex equestria? Would be hilarious to read about him trying as much as possible to avoid seeing ponies fucking in the streets.
File: 1520921873779.jpg (341 KB, 1400x1050)
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341 KB JPG
File: 1552855061379.png (94 KB, 1000x1000)
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I love how Anon's encouragement/confidence lessons aren't just about sex. He recognized what was really bothering Gilda and helped her improve. The deepthroat lesson with Golda was insanely hot as was Gilda's and Anon's reflief at the mall.

Anon left Golda a mewling mess and Harshwhinny was very impressed with his skill. I'm betting word's going to get around about how thoroughly satisfied Anon can leave his partners. I wouldn't be surprised if Spoiled Rich shows up to "verify" Harshwhinny's claims. She's on the school board if I remember correctly. Thanks and I look forward to reading the next update.
School board Chairwoman Chrysalis tries to steal Anon for herself after hearing his performance review.
For context that mare’s talent is to get knocked up super easily.
And that colt is her son

I NEED green of this
So Freud was right? You fantasise about fucking your mom?
I'm liking these, next update will be with Spoiled Rich and Chrysalis.
I can't say I've seen her before. Are there any greens or comics about her?

Oh boy! I'm looking forward to it. Thanks famalam.
Go ask incest
File: 19603.jpg (87 KB, 800x1001)
87 KB
>There was a lake that sat a few gallops from the edge of whitetail woods.
>It was far enough from the fairgrounds to silence the noises of merriment and pleasure, but not far enough to be out of sight.
>The casual rustle of dry leaves in the wind and gentle ripples of water against the shore surrounded you, a stark contrast to the noisy, sex-filled fairgrounds.
>It was here you found yourself, sitting at waters edge, not knowing whether you wanted to go home or linger a while longer and catch your friends on their way back.
>You wanted to hear about their time, make sure Fluttershy was okay, see how Twilight’s time with Anon went, maybe ask Pinkie what she got up to.
>Pinkie stories were always interesting stories.
>And you wanted to see Anon… it’d be nice to talk to him, even if he was too drained for any fun.

>But at the same time, a big part of you didn’t want to be near anypony for a while.
>Right now you just wanted to be alone.

>You stared at your reflection in the water, adjusting a bit of mane past your cheek, trying a smile before letting it fade and your lying your ears back.
>You gave your eyelashes a little flutter, a small move you’d seen Rarity do a few times to good effect, but all you managed to do was look like a spaz with a blinking problem.
>What are you doing exactly?
>The question echoed in your mind but you forced the answer down.

>You tried a pose, rearing up on two legs, puffing your chest out and trying to look confident.
>No good…
>Your front legs clopped back down and you let out an explosive sigh.
>How do they do it?
>You take care of your mane, wash it twice, keep your teeth clean, coat shiny, wings neatly preened.
>You’re cool and confident—colts go for that stuff, right?
>So why…?
File: 1430520089573.png (61 KB, 600x800)
61 KB
>You looked back at your face in the water.
>A tired looking pegasus with dull reddish eyes, a boring, sky blue coat, and a strange, multi toned mane that was too wild and unruly to be called pretty, stared back at you.
>You… weren’t pretty.
>The thought came flat and toneless in your mind, but no less true.

>You weren’t pretty.
>Not like Rarity or Fluttershy.
>You sank down to your haunches, eyes lowering.
>I mean, you always knew as much.
>Fluttershy was always a gorgeous pony, and Rarity knew how to maximize her appeal and had a nice body to boot.
>What were you?
>You looked back at your reflection, frown deepening as you scrutinized every bit of yourself for what felt like the thousandth time.
“Not much to look at…” you said bitterly.

>A sound to your side caused one of your ears to swivel and your back to stiffen.
“Who’s there?” you snapped, jumping to your feet.

>Nopony answered, only the faint ripple of water filling your ears.
>Dangit, you definitely heard somepony snort or something.
>Keeping your head low, you headed in the direction of the sound.
>Tall patches of grass, accented with cattails blocked most of your view as you traced along the lake’s edge, but after a few feet, something caught your eye.
>At this point, you’d reached an area closest to the whitetail woods, and a few trees stretched out closer to the lake.
>On an outstretched branch, a blue, nylon t-shirt and a pair of shorts hung, both somewhat damp as they dried in the setting sun.
>There was only one creature you knew who wore clothes that size.
>You pushed forward, parting a path of grass with your snout.
>There, laying out on a large towel was Anon, arms behind his head and a contented smile on his face.
>His eyes lay closed and he let out a low pitched snore.
File: 1478454575605.png (237 KB, 891x750)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
>You wanted to smack yourself.
>So that’s what that was.
>You’re silently thankful nobody saw you, but you couldn’t ignore the nagging question at the back of your mind.
>What is Anon doing here?
>You thought he was with Twilight getting busy.
>Did he seriously just go for a swim then fell asleep?
>You took a few steps closer, eyeing him up and down, a blush spreading across your muzzle as your eyes traced his body.
>A small pair of undershorts clung to his crotch, outlining his stallionhood quite clearly for you, and his hairless body let you see every muscle.
>You realize idly that this is the first time you’ve seen him with so little on.
>And it’s definitely the first time you got a hint of his stallionhood’s shape and size.
>Every other time you’ve seen him, he wore plenty of clothing to cover himself, which left everypony wondering what he was packing.
>Definitely made you want to find out…
>He probably wouldn’t mind a little peek, right?
>Well… any normal stallion wouldn’t mind but this was Anon.
>He was really weird about sex in general.
>You’re really not sure how he’d feel about you checking out his equipment but…
>Well he didn’t say you COULDN’T check out his cock.
>You’d ask but he’s asleep and waking him would be rude.
>A smile broke out across your face and your tail wagged behind you.
>Yep, sound logic. He can’t be mad if you don’t do anything really. You’re just looking.
File: 1459799703542.jpg (177 KB, 1024x1024)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
>You trotted over, careful not to step on any rocks or errant branches, and came to stand between his legs, his undershorts within hoof’s reach.
>Damn, he was kinda packing, you thought, eyeing the bulge.
>Your heart beat hard in your chest as you eyed his shorts, a tantalizing outline teasing what lay underneath.
>Something about the way clothes concealed and hinted felt so lewd.
>Maybe it was the denial of it?
>They existed as if to say, no looking, no touching, at least until you unwrap me.
>You gulped.
>Ah, Celestia, this was getting you way too bothered for what it was.
>You’re just curious is all.
>You didn’t mean to get all horny over it.
>Okay, just do it and get it over with.
>It’s not even a big deal.
>It’s just his cock.
>You’ve seen a million others.
>You just never saw one on a stallion as big as Anon… and those muscles… the way they moved when he shifted, the way his arms flexed when he passed a ball or how his calves tensed when he chased you...
>He held a lot of power in that body.
>And while his cock wasn’t big for his size, it was pretty big for a pony.
>Another shiver ran through you.
>Dammit, stop thinking so much and just look at it!

>You reached out, hooves shaking but finding their marks on either side of his short’s waistband.
>A long, hot breath slipped from your lips as you pulled his shorts down, slowly, agonizingly, so as to not wake him up.
>The head of his cock popped out suddenly and you flinched, your marehood winking.
>You continued until his shorts were about at his ankles and his member was on full display for you.
>Whatever he was dreaming about had left him at half chub and you couldn’t help but lick your lips.
“Wow…” you said breathlessly, careful to keep your voice low.
>The color was different—that was the first thing you noticed, and there was no sheath to speak of.
>It all just hung out there, for anyone to see.

>Then that the scent hit you.
File: 1461896804935.png (531 KB, 948x1024)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
>Your nostrils flared and the deep musk of a male enveloped your senses and you let out an involuntary moan.
>H-Holy, sun.
>He smelled so good.
>You tinched your snout closer, giving his sleeping face a few glances before finally going in.
>Your snout shoved right up against his scrotum and you hummed.

>The smell sent a tingle through your body, and you realized it smelled somewhat familiar.
>Everytime you played games with Anon you’d always kept getting horny from something.
>Now you know why.
>This whole time you’d been getting little whiffs of his musk.
>Now, with it this close, this pure and unfiltered, it was hard to think.
>The scent wrapped around your mind, demanding all of your attention.
>You clenched your back legs and rubbed your inner thighs together.
>You want to taste him.
>Your tongue darted out and you gave one his balls a gentle lick.
>Wow… it was… kinda hard to describe actually.
>Reminded you of dough, pleasant and mostly tasteless, with a bit of a salty aftertaste.
>You’ve tasted a lot of stallion cock and they all had sorta fruity flavors.
>You gave him another long lick and a jolt of excitement rolled through you when it twitched.

“Ooh, somebody’s getting excited,” you said, giggling to yourself as his penis stirred.
“Let’s see how big you get!”

>Anon jerked, gave a loud snort, and suddenly sat up.
>You ducked down, your ears snapping back.
>Shit! You said that way too loud.
>Pleasedon’tbemad pleasedon’tbemad.

>He turned and squinted at the low sun for a moment, shielding his eyes with a hand before turning and looking at you.
>Anon froze.

>”Rainbow?” he said, in an adorably sleepy voice.

“H-Hey, Anon!” you said, giving him a sheepish smile. “Aheh, want to um… have sex maybe?”

>He looked down and his eyes shot open.
If you stop right there, I'll be royally pissed and blueballed.
Decided to spit the coming Dash update one more time since it came out to 4.7k and that's a lot.

Also lol. I mean I could keep going if people want but I've generally been taught updating over 3k is pointless and nobody reads it.
Thought it over a bit. Probably just finish it in one go. Just doens't feel satisfying doing it this way.
>”Holy! What the fuck, Dash!”
>Anon shot to his feet, nearly knocking you over, and jerked his shorts back over his cock.

>You snapped to your feet a second later heart pounding in your chest.
>Oh no no no no!
>He was pissed.
“I didn’t do anything, I swear. It was a little taste and I was curious! Please, I’m sorry!”

>”Dash, what’s wrong with you! You just—!”
>Anon stopped, his expression changing when he met your eyes.

“W-What?” you said, frown deepening. “Is there something on my face?”

>He sighed, and readjusted his undershorts.
>“No I just… nevermind, Rainbow.”

“Are you mad at me?” you whispered, just loud enough to hear in the quiet.

>”No, Rainbow. I just don’t want to have sex right now.”
>He shook his head and turned to get his clothes.

>Oh… Okay.
>You sank back to your haunches.
>Maybe you could go home with him and he’ll tell you when he’s ready?
>Yeah! A sleepover with Anon would be awesome!
>You looked up at him, excitement bubbling up in your chest as you opened your mouth to ask, but stopped.
>Actually… he might not want to have sex with you at all.
>Anon kinda had a low libido.
>Only had sex with a few mares now and then as far as the girls had told you, and none of them had gotten a chance with him yet.
>It made you really wonder who his favorites were.
>All you knew was, whoever they were, you weren’t one of them.
>In all the time he’s been your friend, he never asked you for help.
>Your ears folded back.
>He might not even see you in a sexual light at all.
>I mean, if you asked, he’d probably help you out still, right?
>He was your friend.
>He just… might not feel that way about you.

>”Hey, you doing okay, Dash?”

>You looked up and realized Anon was fully clothed now and staring at you.
“Huh? OH, uh, sorry. Just thinking is all.”
>You waved a hoof, trying to make it look nonchalant.
“No big deal, dude. Don’t worry about it.”
File: 1445811376762.png (381 KB, 1000x1500)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
>He stood there for a few seconds, simply watching you.
>Somehow just doing that made you feel little, and it wasn’t the height.
>The way Anon looked at you sometimes made you feel weird, like he could take you in, size you up and understand you in a way you couldn’t fully understand yourself.
>I mean he was an alien after all.
>Maybe he could?
>All you knew was that you found yourself held there, frozen in place as he looked at you with those deep green eyes.
>In that moment, it felt like things slowed down, the beating of your heart a little heavier, each breath measured and deliberate.
>It was just you and him, with the quiet of the lake lapping at the shore.
>Then he chuckled and the spell was broken.

>”You’re a bad liar,” he said, giving you a tap on your snout. “The Dash I know would have been much grumpier if I told her no, especially when it comes to sex. Something’s eating you.”

>You blushed and got to your hooves.
“Whuh? No! Whadya mean? I said it’s no a big deal so it’s no a big deal. What do you know about me anyhow?”

>He smirked.
>“I know your left wing twitches when you lie for one.”

>You spun around, trying to get a look at your wing.
>”No way! Ugh, for real?”
>Dangit, how long was that giving you away!?
>And who told him?
>Was it Pinkie? It had to be Pinkie.
>She was the only one of your friends who would have figured out something so weird like that.
>Ooh, Celestia dammit, how are you supposed to look him in the face now?
>Maybe you could tie your wings down or wear a jacket?
>Ugh, no those feel awful.

>Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Anon laughing and you stopped, slowly turning to him.
>You narrowed your eyes as he put a fist to his lips, trying his best to stifle a fierce giggling fit and already failing.

“My wing doesn’t twitch when I lie—does it?”

>When he spoke it sounded like a balloon losing air.
>You could already feel the blush spreading across your scrunching muzzle.
“A-Anon you big jerk!” you said, flying up and trying to hit him in the chest.
>He batted away your hooves and eventually grabbed you.
>Anon deftly turned you around, pressing your wings to his chest to prevent you from flapping, and wrapped his arms around your barrel, pinning your hooves to your sides.
“Argh, Anon! Let me go so I can hit you!”

>”You’re not making a very compelling argument here, Dashy,” he said with a smirk.

“Come on! Just one good punch. You totally deserve it, you big doofus!”

>“Hey, who you calling a doofus, doofus. You’re the one who fell for it.”

“Well yeah, but you don’t gotta be such a smug, butt-head about it!”

>Anon laughed, a strangely musical sound when mixed with the gentle wind.
>You don’t really know why, but something about the way it sounded eased the embarrassment just a bit.

>“Alright, alright I gotcha,” he said. “I’m sorry, I’ll try not to be such a butt-head. You just looked so cute and nervous all of a sudden. I couldn’t help it.”

>You stilled.
>Was he teasing you?
>He had to be…
“W-Well… whatever, fine. Just put me down already.”

>”You going to behave?”

“Anon, I’m not a yearling!”

>”No, but you’re fussy like one.”


>”Alright, alright, I’m sorry, jeeze.”

>He let you go and you glided back to your spot next to him, giving him a glare as you went about fixing your ruffled wings.
>Stupid, Anon.
>He was cute but he could be a real butt.

>Anon just shook his head, ruffled your mane, then sat back down on his towel, crossing his legs.
>“So, something happen at the fair?”

>You snorted.
”Wouldn’t you like to know...”
File: 1098686.gif (1.82 MB, 1000x1333)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB GIF
>He ignored that comment, simply staring at you and trying to read your expression, almost as if he expected you to give some insight as you preened yourself.
>Or just tell him.
>Well that’s too bad, monkey boy. You’re not giving him the satisfaction.
>He could mess with you all he wanted. You didn’t have to tell him anything.
>I mean… even if you wanted to talk to him about it, where do you even begin?
>You didn’t understand your problem at all.
>All you really had was a big, gross ball of twisted up emotions and no idea what to do with it.
>What was he going to do, make you pretty and girly so guys liked you more?
>You paused on that thought.
>Well… he was a guy.
>Maybe he could give some advice at least?

>Your preening slowed to a stop, and you looked up at him curiously.
>No smirk, no laughing… just Anon watching you carefully, waiting on you to say something.
>You felt your thoughts slip as you met his exotic, alien eyes, getting lost in them all over again.
>Something about that look just made you feel… well like things were going to be okay, somehow.

>You furrow your brow.
>When did you get so comfortable around Anon anyways?
>You still remember a time when he put you on edge—his teeth and weird scent used to make you nervous—but here you were, sitting by his side and feeling… strangely content.
>That should have seemed odd since it sounded so boring in your head to just sit together.
>Yet here you were, just sitting by him and… well, enjoying it.
>He held no judgement in his gaze, no demands for conversation.
>He just watched you, as if looking for something.

>What did eyes like his see in you, you wonder.
>You were friends and he liked spending time with you, but what did he really think of you?
>What did he think about your coat, your mane colors, or the size of your tuft?
>Was Anon a big tuft kind of colt or was he okay with what you had?
>Did he think your hair was too messy or would he like it better straight?
File: 1485136861804.png (2.11 MB, 2915x2817)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
>Would you look girlier with a bow or was that too much?
>Shoot, you don’t think you could pull off a bow…

>>”You just looked so cute and nervous all of a sudden. I couldn’t help but smile.”
>His words echoed in your mind and you bit your lip.
>Why would he say something like that?
>Anon liked to tease you sometimes but it was all in good fun.
>He wouldn’t tease you about your looks, right?
>Did he actually think you were cute?

“Anon, what do you think of me?”
>Your heart thundered in your chest the moment the words left your mouth and you realized what you just said.
>WHAT! Why’d you just come out with it like that!
>Oh Celestia, now he’s going to think you’re super lame or something.

>”What do you mean? Like as a friend?” he said, tilting his head in a way that looked frustratingly adorable.
>”Well I don’t know how you feel but I really like spending time with you, Rainbow. I guess I just feel like I can be myself around you.”

>Dangit, Anon, that’s not what you meant.
>Why’d he have to pick now to be dense.
“Er, well… thanks I guess, but I mean more like—you know? As a mare?” you said, the last part coming out more as a whisper.

>He quirked an eyebrow at you.
>”As a mare?”

“Yes!” you said, gritting your teeth. “Do I have to spell it out for you! I want to know what you think, okay! And I need you to be honest. I…”
>You trailed off, looking away.
“I don’t know who else I can turn to with this.”

>Anon searched your face for a moment before responding.
>“Where is this coming from exactly? You’re like the most confident mare I know.”

“Maybe on the outside,” you said, ruefully. “This is just between you and me, Anon, but, look I… I had this thing at the fair with a coworker and it didn’t go well. I couldn’t get him interested and he treated it like a chore.”

>”So? I thought disinterested sex was normal.”
File: 48593.jpg (123 KB, 514x600)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
“Well, it is sometimes,” you said, rolling your head to the side. “But this isn’t the first time I had this issue. Fluttershy and Rarity on the other hoof make it look so easy. They’ve got stallions practically swarming them all the time and I—well I’m not them.”
>You got up and started to pace.
“I don’t know how to style my mane or look cute. I’m not girly, and I don’t have their legs or their butts or their tufts and you’re a guy so just tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it, okay!”
>It all started pouring out of you.
“I just… I hate this! I don’t know why this bothers me so much because I’m still getting laid but I never feel better when it’s over. And when they don’t care it really bothers me for some reason and I feel really empty and I don’t know why!”
“I’m getting passed up for other mares all the time it starts to sting more and more because I try really hard to be good at sex but I suck at it, yet even if I was good, it wouldn’t even matter because I’m just a big tomcolt and I’m not cute or pretty like they are!"
>A few crows took off out of trees on the forest border as you belted the last sentence.
>You stood, panting, wings flared, without a clue in the world why you were venting right now.
>But you were doing it.

>Anon looked at you like you’d just grown a second head.
>After a few awkward moments, he finally said something.
>”Dash… I don’t—I’m not sure what to say to you.”

>You nodded, your tail wrapping around your legs.
>How would he?
“Anon I—I’m sorry for dumping this on you. It’s really lame huh? Look, I’ll just go—”
>You were cut off as Anon’s arms wrapped around you and you found your chin pressed against his shoulder.
>Time seemed to slow in that moment as you felt his heat wash over you, his strength holding you close, his heartbeat thudding against your chest.
File: 1521233306522.png (138 KB, 553x791)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
>There had been a tightness in your core the whole evening, you realized.
>You hadn’t really known it was there until now.
>Because in that moment it unraveled and all you were left with was the sensation of falling.
>Fresh tears ran down our cheeks as all the bottled emotion from who knows how long flowed out of you.
>You took a deep breath, like your first in ages, and pressed back into him.
>It didn’t matter why or how.
>All that mattered was you needed this, whatever it was.
>He brought his hand behind your head, and gently ran his fingers through your mane.


>You didn’t answer.
>You didn’t have the strength in your voice or the courage to right now.
>All you were left with was weakness.

>“You’re one of the most beautiful ponies I know.”

>You gripped him tighter as the ache in your chest doubled.
“Nooo,” you said, voice muffled by his shirt.

>”No, you listen to me, Dash. I don’t know who this coworker is, but he’s an idiot, okay? You’re amazing just the way you are. You don’t have to do a damn thing to change, and I’ll beat up anyone who says otherwise.”

>You snickered.
“Anon, you can’t go around beating up ponies.”

>”Screw it. He deserves it. I’ll just explain everything to the authorities and they’ll understand once they see you.”

>You pulled away and looked up at him, a smile on your face now.
“Anon, you’re a big dork, you know that?”

>He shrugged, giving you that stupid smirk again.
>“What can I say? I tell it like it is. Isn’t my fault they can’t see how awesome you are.”

>You chuckled, feeling the weight in your chest lifting just a bit.
“Heh, I guess I’m pretty awesome, yeah.”

>”The best.”

“The best…” you said, laying your head against his shoulder and climbing into his lap.
File: 1483826402290.jpg (258 KB, 600x667)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
>The two of you stayed that way for a time as the sun began to sink over the horizon.
>The brilliant orange-yellow light bounced across the lake, sparkling in the errant waves as pink clouds lazily drifted overhead.
>It felt peaceful here, with just the two of you.
>Any other time you’d feel compelled to do some flying, maybe show off a little, but right now you felt content to just snuggle into Anon.
>His large frame felt comforting, and his hands idly ran through your fur as you watched the sun set.
>Anon was a really good friend.

“Hey, Anon?”


“Um… I don’t know exactly who you’re going to for sex but… I was just wondering, if you don’t mind, maybe I can help too?”

>He didn’t answer, his idle petting slowing to a stop.
“You don’t have to!” you said, sitting up. “I mean I just… I kinda want to do it with you. And you said… so I thought maybe...”
>He gave you a squeeze, rubbing a hand against your side.
>You suppressed a moan and pressed back into him.
>Celestia that felt nice…

>”It’s fine, Dash. I meant what I said, okay? You really are a beautiful pony and any stallion would be lucky to have you.”
>You felt your face heat up and you squirmed a bit hearing that.
>”It’s just that I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet. It’s… I don’t know how to explain it.”

“Then don’t,” you said.
“Just promise me, that when you’ll ready, you’ll let me help you too.”

>He didn’t answer right away, but eventually Anon nodded and pulled you closer.
>“Okay, I promise. You’ll be my first.”

File: unknown.png (282 KB, 1209x859)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
>Wind whipped past your face as you flew faster, trying to ignore the tears streaming across the sides of your face.

>At the time you didn’t know what he meant by his first.
>All you could focus on was the promise itself and how happy you felt hearing that from him.
>It didn’t matter which first he was saving for you, just that he saved a spot for you among he mare circle.
>Celestia, you were so stupid.
>You wanted to hit him, just deck him right in that stupid, cute face of his today.
>It would have been so stupid and wrong, but it would have felt good.
>He deserved to hurt a little too.

>It was hard to say why you started following him after the truth came out and your friends intervened.
>You honestly expected him to lie to your friends the whole time they tried to help them, to betray their efforts and their trust in him, just like he did to you.

>But then you saw him trying.

>You saw him, out of his element, uncomfortable and nervous, and still trying his best.
>And somehow that pissed you off even more because it was confusing.
>You’re not sure what to believe now.

>Maybe it was the fact his partner was Rarity?
>Your wings beat faster.
>Put a pretty, sexually talented pony in front of him and hey, suddenly sex isn’t so weird, huh?
>F-Fuck him.
>You clenched your eyes as fresh tears blurred your vision.
>No, you were through watching.
>You wanted the truth from him, once and for all.

>You slammed down on Twilight’s castle balcony, the stonework chipping under your hooves, and after steadying yourself, you trotted in.
>It didn’t take long to find her.
>Twilight sat at her usual reading desk in her study, a few papers strewn about and a quill in her aura as she took notes.
>Probably getting her teaching materials ready for Anon.
>Good, that’ll make things simpler.
>Twilight, blinked and turned as you approached.
>”Hey, Rainbow, I’m just getting rea—”
>She did a double take.
>“Whoa, what’s wrong?”

“I’m fine,” you said, flatly. “I just need your help, okay?”

>She looked like she might argue for a moment but thought better of it.
>”Sure. What do you need, Rainbow?”

>You steadied yourself, taking a deep breath.
>A big part of you wanted to run and not face him again after all this.
>You have no clue what will happen if you’re in a room with him again, seeing him look at you the way he does…
>But you had to.
>You had too many questions still.
>And you weren’t going to wait any longer.
>You’d thought long and hard about how you’d get the truth out of him, and you always kept coming back to this.
>Maybe there was another way, but right now, this was the only way you could think about.

“Twilight, I want to be part of your lesson with Anon.”

So yeah... this is a clop story.

Anyhow, we'll call it and update here. Feedback as usual pls.

Ok, I'm glad you decided to continue with this segment. Was a nice one as it was more feels-y and not straight up clop. Definitely happy to see more character development, and the payoff when RD will be his first will be worth it.
Oh, and one thing I did notice was how RD asked Anon who he goes to for "sex". Does Anon have a different definition of sex (as in just penis in vagina) or does he lump in all forms of intimate contact as sex (from what I'm assuming how RD uses the word)? I'm feeling like he's still working on a different semantic distinction than ponies. Will that be brought up in one of the lessons he and Twi will cover, as it really seemed like he needs to start with square one in regards to CSE culture. I'm guessing this wasn't covered with Rarity as she was approaching the subject as more etiquette, do's/don'ts and self-care rather than definitions.
He's not really working off different definitions. If that came across at any point in time, that was unintentional. Oral sex is still sex. Hoofjobs are still sex. In the context of Anon promising his first however, that IS implied to be sexual intercourse but it isn't specified here. It's sorta just a cliche one liner that when you promise someone your first, it means your virginity. It would have read awkwardly if he specified vaginal sex, I felt.

This will get talked about when Dash confronts him. It's sort of one of her big questions: "What first do I get, or were you lying?" and she wants to see if he'll even remember the promise.
>This will get talked about when Dash confronts him. It's sort of one of her big questions

I'm guessing that Anon will have to explain the cultural significance to RD as giving/taking someone's virginity has a different cultural meaning in our culture than it does with ponies. I'm also guessing that revelation will mean much more to RD than anyone else.
Yeah, putting that update all at once was a good idea. It help drive home the significance and how RD is really feeling. Good poke in the feels there. It came across to me that Anon meant sexual intercourse but RD doesn't understand Anon is making that distinction. It boils down to lack of communication or clarity of communication really. I hope Twi incorporates Dash in the lesson plan but I hope they have a short sit down first. I hope Anon remembers his promise and tells RD he was saving that first time for her and what that means to him.

Thanks for the update Ephemeral. I look forward to reading the next one.
Just don't make it something lame like "first non-casual intercourse". That would be Trump level technical bullshittery.
"I'm Catholic. Nothing except vaginal intercourse counts "

Seriously tho, loving your story. It's everything I could ask for in a cse green.
Casual sex with a married mare or a loving relationship with hippie?
But in the context of that thread it would be a known taboo. In casual equestria it would be casual, changing the context entirely.
Why wouldn’t a mom join in a game of seven minutes in Heaven with her son and his friends?
Didn’t mean to reply to the guilda green
just reread the story
is this dash really this much of a thot, in a world of thots?
A thot among thots?
She wants the dick just like everyone else, but not just any dick; the dick of one of 10 or so stallions who can fuck her real hard and good and don't give a fuck beyond 'bruising her womb' leaving her 'bred like that'.
Then she gets one of those 10 and is super pissed because he was also interested in fucking other mares? And gets all insecure because that particular day, with particular circumstances he wanted to 'save up' for, he wasn't fully into her when SHE wanted him to be?
And with Anon, she's now super pissed because despite him telling her all this shit that makes her super fucking happy and promising her his first, which she is ecstatic about, she's pissed because rarity *experienced* him first.
They don't seem to have a significant relationship prior to this like his with pank, so I can only assume Dash is a piece of shit thot cunt
>4 sperm + 1 egg = 1 hellspawn

Seems legit.
So how much sperm do I need to pump into someone to make a better hell soawn
>she's pissed because rarity *experienced* him first.
This is a bit of an issue, I've realized based on comments. It's not the case that she's upset Anon had sex with Rarity first or anything like that, because when that promise was made, she assumed he was screwing other mares at the time like normal.

I'll have to edit the bit with her flying back to make that more clear.

>is this dash really this much of a thot, in a world of thots?
>And gets all insecure because that particular day, with particular circumstances he wanted to 'save up' for, he wasn't fully into her when SHE wanted him to be?
Kinda? She just wants someone to like her and growing up in CSE, she doesn't know how to parse that since sex is so intertwined in the culture. As for being a thot among thots, she just likes what she likes and was horny. Rarity is kinda the thot among thots.
All of it.
File: 1547715213269.png (1.61 MB, 2419x1250)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
In CSE ponies fuck out of estrus, obviously, it's just polite. They just don't seem it out. You're always providing relief for someone that is in estrus or rut. During, you're careful not to copulate with a partner that is also in heat to avoid pregnancy. Turns out that human sperm is a fan of HFY and will impregnate a mare out of estrus. Oops.
File: oops.png (379 KB, 855x533)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
Literally worst pony. Seems like story is leaning to her being love interest. I really hope I'm wrong
File: 1533846464675.png (295 KB, 1159x1336)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
Don't be like that, bruh.
Pank deserves love infinitely more than trash pone. She gives out sexual favors because she wants everyone around her to be happy and is able to see that happen
Faggot just wants others to please her in a particular way
Speaking of HFY
Ever since that treehugger green ivy been questioning CSE. Do we all want a quick lay or a vagina for life?
File: 1106981.png (50 KB, 685x299)
50 KB
Thanks for the feedback. I guess what I'm doing with her isn't working for everyone. At the end of the day, she's still Dashie so she's going to be a bit more self centered and insecure than a pony like Pinkie. It's still good to know people have their preferences and I'm okay with that.

>Seems like story is leaning to her being love interest. I really hope I'm wrong
If things are divisive by the time the story gets near the end, I might put up a strawpoll or just ask people what pony they think deserves to be a love interest. It's hard to say this early. Some people are even rooting for Rarity. Dash was never planned as an important character. It just sorta happened, so we'll see where Twilight lands as I write this.
I love the Dash focused story, she is one of my favorite ponies. Please keep doing what your doing!
I'm on the fence on what way RD goes, but I figure it's your story, write how you want. You can't please everyone, and remember that some may be more vocal than others due to the nature of the boards here.
Rainbow trash
We criticize because we love.
Also because I'm more likely to get you to see this request to have pones in socks
> Dash was never planned as an important character.
B-b-but... I like Dash.
I'm fine with Dash, but I'm more invested in Pinkie Pie
When is teacher anon going to knock up a chick for sex Ed?
>sex outside of marriage

Not going to happen. It's casual sex, not irresponsible sex.
That’s disappointing
Good. Nothing kills my boners like teenagers with kids.
I dunno would be a pretty educational experience for them all
I figured those; or more likely that, Anon was just baiting and chose to ignore them. Myself and I believe more than a few others are perfectly fine with the direction this is potentially going with Dash. I was hoping for an Anon x Dash X Pinkie ship to be quite honest. Those are the two closest to Anon and I figured were developing real feelings for Anon.

Please ignore the RD hater baiter.

Well said and glad to hear it.
File: 1985967.png (1.63 MB, 1930x1806)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
>office princess
File: 1511305815820.png (530 KB, 1000x916)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
What if it’s with a teacher that wants to have kids?
There is literally no benefit to actually impregnating someone as part of the lesson. Everything can be shown with a non-ovulating partner.
So, what happens in the event of an accident? Someone who gets knocked up without meaning to?
The involved parties talk it out, and decide what to do together. Beyond that, there is no point for me to worldbuild, because I won't be writing that scenario.
File: Cadance Megaphone.jpg (1.69 MB, 1280x992)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
>Be Cadenza Mi Amore, Princess of love.
>And nobody is listening to you.
"I'm telling you, ponies should only be having sex with a single partner! And only after they've joined together in holy matrimony!"
>You've been screaming out into the crowd with your megaphone for a while now, holding up your cardboard sign with your wings and trying to get anyone at all to sign your petition to have sex be moved to a marriage only act.
>Nobody even paid attention to you, which should have been pretty hard to do considering you were a princess, but here you were.
>Watching some poor mare who doesn't understand how much better her love would be if she'd waited before getting plowed by that stallion on top of her.
"It makes sense! It reduces the possibility of STDS, ensures known genetic lineage which makes it easier both to manage estates and find any health risks in the extended family, ensures that the child has a rounded experience growing up and even makes sure that there is someone available to help you in sickness! It's in the final line!'
>Nobody cared, at least one colt made a jerk off motion. You thought. He might be trying to work out the kinks from that hoofjob he just gave your guard.
>Either way it's pretty rude.
"I'm the princess of love, I know what I'm talking about!"
>Nobody cared, not a single soul, and soon enough the sun began to set and you had to trudge home.
>On the way, you tossed the petition, still unsigned, in the trash, it hurt to look at anymore.
>"Welcome back honey, have a good day?"
>You didn't even look at your husband when you tossed your getup into the corner of the room before dejectedly sitting at the table.
>"That bad?"
>That wonderful stallion, always caring, always curious, put a plate in front of you.
>A specially prepared plate of veggies arranged just right to make a little heart.
>If you weren't so hungry, you would've framed it.
File: Pink Princess.png (604 KB, 500x500)
604 KB
604 KB PNG
"I just wish someone would understand how wonderful it was to have just one partner you're shared with in love and life for all of time. These casual hookups these ponies do are ruining their perspective on relationships! How can someone realize how special and important making love is when you can just go to any horse in the street and get your weenie sucked right out in the open! It's a serious issue with real consequences, and nobody takes that seriously! Have you even noticed how many single parents there are now!?"
>"I have noticed a lot more single moms with kids when I walk down the street."
"See!? Where's the father figure in that life? We're acting like... like!"
"I didn't say that. But! Griffons do have a very low rate of fathers sticking around after the eggs hatch, and look how that's working out! Right next door to a prosperous stretch of land and it looks like a Diamond Dog warzone in there! We even let them into our flightschools, and still!"
>"Off topic, sugarcane."
"Right, right. It's just, love is important, you know?"
>His hoof gently laid on yours."
>"Trust me, I know."
>You feel silly for having said that.
"I know you do, I know, I'm silly for having said that, but they don't and it bothers me."
>"Hey, not like I understood at first either. It took a lot of love and caring on your part before I saw how wonderful it is. Give them time, you'll bring them around, my little princess of love."
>He kissed your cheek, gently brushed your hair, and stood up.
"Leaving again?"
>He nodded.
>"You know tuesdays are the nightshift for me."
"You're the leader of the guard and a prince! Not a prince consort, no matter what they say, you can work when you want!"
>"Have to set a good example."
>You knew he was right, a leader lead and did the dirty work just like any other, he wasn't and shouldn't be above it all.
>It just got lonely when he put on that armor and went out on patrol.
>"I'll be back in the morning. Kiss Flurry for me."
File: Caddypaper.png (928 KB, 1280x789)
928 KB
928 KB PNG

"Good luck..."
>He was gone, and you were all alone. Nothing really to do, as the baby had already been put to bed, and after all the screaming she had done with mommy today, there was no way she wasn't sleeping like a log.
>She could work herself into a frenzy, even if she had no idea what you were saying.
>This just left you alone, with your thoughts.
"How do I make them understand how important this is..."
>In hopes it would have some answers, you did what you always did when you were out of ideas. Read the zodiac in the newspaper.
"Come onnnn, big discovery! Tell me I'm getting a big discovery today! Aw, shoot, "Your day will be filled with love" again. How do they know!?"
>You huffed and tossed down the paper, unwilling to look at that truth any longer.
>That is when you spot it.
>The front page story, one you really should have seen at some point before it was dramatically convenient.
>Splayed across the pages, large enough for you to see, was the headline.
"Weird customs, you say..."
>You pick up the paper, and an idea comes to mind.
"I think I should meet this anonymous, for diplomacy."
>...holy matrimony
Ah, we're probably dealing with a moral-anon.

...don't exist or easily curable in CSE.

...is easily traced from parent to child because; to borrow an esteemed write-friend's words, 'It's casual sex, not irresponsible sex'.

>child has a rounded experience...
It takes a village to raise a foal. All the foals have all the care and guidance they need. EVERYONE knows the foals come first.

Meh, I've given this too much time already. Basically, 'Love' & Sex are not tied to each other in CSE.

Have a (you) for the effort though.
I feel like you're more responding to a headcannon than a story about Cadance being obsessed with the idea of true love. This would probably be pretty valid to say "The author is speaking through the characters", but said character goes off on a mildly racist tangent so perceiving her as being in the right feels wrong
Cadence the crazy hippy princess works for me.

Damn son, you’ve got issues.

Writefag literally has her out on the street with a megaphone and cardboard sign and still like whoosh
It was that third line TBQH. I'll admit was a little triggered because of a bible thumper encounter. So for that, I apologize.
File: 1550874082572.gif (347 KB, 300x300)
347 KB
347 KB GIF
File: 1464880650259.jpg (98 KB, 325x400)
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Fuck off you disgusting person
Honestly I really love what you're doing with Rainbow Dash and do hope you continue. No one has really made a love story work in casual sex equestria yet and I think you're on track to being the first. Please, please, please continue
She looks good in a power suit.
I want to see all the stallions and colts in Ponyville to run a train on femanon.
File: 1886893.png (1.96 MB, 1024x1820)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
Mares in suits are unf incarnate

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