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>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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Crossbreed daughterus are best ponies
Raise them well
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The sexiest bedfilly.
>Scruffy deletes troll comment but leaves pedoshit
Get your fucking shit together hot pockets.
quit crying bitchboi
>thread so far:
>fully grown mare
>cute daughter for hugging
>adult scootaloo picture
i think you're projecting really hard
Bedfillies are better than bedmares
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you're late
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>you will never abuse your position of authority to take advantage of a mare
But nothing lewd happened to the bedfilly all the lovely lewd happen off screen with a lot of cuddles and kisses
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>*Ring ring ring*
"... Seriously?"
"Come on, really?"
>You gesture towards the offending mirror.
>*Ring ring ring*
>"Yeah, she always takes her sweet time answering. I just keep at it til she picks the dern thing up. Must drive everypony on the other end crazy, what with how loud it is."
"No, not that! Why is it ringing?! Why is it ringing like a phone!?"
>She gives you a confused look.
>"'Fraid I don't follow sugarcube. That not normal?"
"It's an enchanted mirror! Enchanted mirrors don't ring! They oscillate or pulse or... something magical! They don't ring!"
>"They don't?"
"No! It's magic, not a human phone! You can't just... you can't just slap a ringtone on it!"
>She chuckles and taps the side.
>The ring tone changes.
>"I reckon you can on this one."
>That's dumb.
>She's dumb.
>This is dumb.
>You like human tech more than most ponies, but putting Grandma's 1999 ringtone on a finely enchanted magic mirror is just...
>"Miss Jack, we see you are as persistent as ever. To what do we owe the pleasure?"
>Ha, she calls her Miss Jack!
>"I done told you before it's Applejack, not no 'Miss Jack'."
>"Ah yes, of course, how could we forget."
>The Lunar princess is there in the mirror, but looking down at some papers rather than over at the pony she's speaking to.
>"Y'all always seem to manage somehow..."
>You could tell earlier that AJ's a bit disenchanted with Luna, but the two seem to get along even less than you thought.
>If it's like the orange mare said though, and Luna is all about secrets, then it sorta makes sense.
>"Ain't why I called y'all though. You know what that plum fool captain of y'all's did? I told ya she was a bad seed, and now she's running off on her own harassing innocent ponies against direct orders."
>That at least gets her head out of the papers. Not quite looking at AJ but it's a start.
>A dark blue princess lifts her chin, looks to the ceiling, and taps it thoughtfully.
>"Nightshade? What precisely occured? We've always had the utmost confidence in the captain. We're sure whatever she did-"
>Apple horse isn't having any of that.
>"Was against direct orders! She's can cool her jets in the brig for defying orders while you tell me just exactly what you want with the Elements of Harmony."
>THAT gets her full attention!
>"We see some ponies have been talking. Thou need not worry about the details, but-"
>"No no no, we ain't doin' this song and dance again. Y'all are gonna tell me what ya want with 'em right now. It ain't like ya can even use 'em, and even if you could, who'd ya even use 'em on? Every cotton pickin' human?"
>The princess fixes the impudent mare with a stern look.
>Fortunately you yourself are a bit off a bit to the side, and out of the mirror's immediate line of sight.
>"From thou agitation we assume Captain Nightshade was after young Twilight."
>"You know darn well she was. You put her up to all this yourself? Ya told me you just wanted to talk to Twi, but if the Elements are what you wanna talk about we deserve to know why."
>Uh oh.
>It's not like you're trying to hide, but-
>Wait what?
>The mare in the mirror lights her horn and... walks out of the mirror?
>Well, okay. It's not Luna, per se, but it's... like Luna?
>A starry outline of an alicorn Luna's size steps into the room and looks...
>Actually no, it has no eyes it's just... stars.
>Like, the whole thing is stars.
>Outline, inside, face, mane, hooves.
>All stars.
>Anyway, it points it's starry face in your general direction.
>Can't really say if it looks surprised or anything because, ya know, no face.
>"Perhaps the captain's efforts were not in vain after all."
>So it can talk despite having no mouth.
>Is it just a projection of some sort?
>You'd love to ask questions about the spell, but there are more important things at the moment.
>"She's here because she wants to work this out. No thanks required for that fool captain who got her flank kicked."
>The starry creature tilts it's head.
> Researcher's note: The stars seem to be behind the figure? When it moves the stars don't move with it...
>"Is that so? Perhaps our lessons paid off then."
>Maybe the barrier ones, but she didn't teach you jack about offense.
>"Regardless, we're glad thou art here. We assume thou were able to secure what we asked?"
>You nod but make no effort to produce them.
"They're safe, but like AJ said, I need to know why."
>The creature hmm's quietly before speaking.
>"We would ask thou to trust us, but perhaps that well has already been poisoned. Tell us, what exactly did Rainbow Dash say?"
>You wave a hoof for emphasis.
"I'm not saying I believe everything she said, but you have to admit you've been pretty evasive. You don't have to tell me everything, but I deserve at least a few answers if you want me to hoof these over. Princess Celestia told me to keep them safe. They're my responsibility."
>The star creature walks around the room casually as it speaks.
>"Our sister would be proud of thou's dedication Twilight Sparkle, but there is a time and a place for everything. Thou art correct. We can not use the Elements ourselves, and as observed their use in the situation is... limited."
"Then why do you want them? You implied it was for Celestia, but I don't really see-"
>"Tell us Twilight Sparkle, just how much did thou tell Rainbow Dash and her friends about the empire?"
>Probably a little too much, but surely nothing they didn't already know.
"J-just basic stuff..."
>"Basic? Did thou offer cooperation willingly or was there... motivation?"
"I uhh... I mean nothing they were asking seemed like that big of a deal..."
>"So thou cooperated? A safe choice, but what if asked about the Elements? What if asked something that could get ponies hurt?"
>This is making you uncomfortable...
"I would have said I didn't know."
>"But what if they knew thou did? What if they desired information one way or another?"
>"Alright Princess Doom and Gloom y'all lay off. Twilight ain't about to be interrogated anytime soon. Y'all just tryin' to scare her."
>Luna starts to laugh but it's... it's not a nice laugh.
>It's dark, almost cruel.
>"Have either of you ever been tortured?"
>"Hooves split? Hides flayed? Horn's ground?"
>She pokes your horn with a starry hoof making you back away!
>"If they even THINK thou has information they require, they'll take thee to a back room thou will wish thou had never seen! Even if thou breaks and 'spills the beans' so to speak, they'll keep going! They have to be sure to get everything after all!"
>"Princess, quit it! Scare tactics ain't gonna get ya nowhere!"
>You wish she was right, but they sorta are...
>You keep backing away until your rump touches the wall.
>AJ's valiant attempt to stop the advancing star beast with a hoof simply pass right through her.
>"Hast thou forgotten thy training at their hands Twilight Sparkle?"
>Stop it...
>Stop it, you don't want to remember Happy Horse...
>"Thou knows the red flanks thy lover gives thee are but foals play! A less kind human would cripple! A less kind human would maim! A less kind human would do anything to break a pony who has something he desires!"
>Make her go away!
>"We want to protect thee!"
>She's lying!
>"We want to keep thee safe!"
>It's an excuse!
>"We have seen what they're capable of and will expose no more ponies to that kind of danger! We - "
>The angry creature that was looming over you is suddenly gone.
>You look around to find AJ with a hoof pressed against the mirror.
>She must have cut it off when it became clear she couldn't do anything else.
>"That rat! That low-life, cotton pickin', no good-"
"It... it's o-"
>*Fwoosh!* See? That's the kind of noise a magic mirror should make!
>The Luna clone walks back out of the mirror again.
>"Surely thou mother taught thee better manners than that, Miss Jack."
>If AJ could punch an alicorn, she would.
>"You're one to talk, backing Twilight into a corner with your spooky stories!"
>"If only stories were all they are. We understand thy hesitation, but we will not allow another pony exposing themselves to these dangers for no benefit."
>The angry cowpony adjusts her hat and grits her teeth.
>"We ain't askin' what you'll allow your 'illustriousness'. We tellin' ya how it's gonna be if y'all want what you came for."
>If the faceless creature could narrow it's eyes it would.
>"How dare thee. We art thou princess! We demand-"
>That's the final straw for the orange mare!
>"Princess?! Princess of what?! This hole in the ground here? Your little city in a bottle over there tryin' to pretend nothin' bad ever happens?! Equestria's gone! If we want to ever rebuild we gotta face this together! Ponykind's built on honesty, on comin' together, on being there for each other! Not these buckin' secrets, and cloak and dagger malarkey!"
>Oh Celestia they're going to kill each other!
"Is this a trade!?"
>"Thou - what? A trade?"
"You admitted yourself you can't use them. Are you trading the Elements for Celestia?"
>It's the only thing that makes sense.
>Sure the Elements are huge mana batteries, but she's an alicorn.
>Between herself and Cadence they were already able to banish a city, what more magical power could they need?
>Furthermore, what kind of spell would even matter in the situation ponykind finds itself in?
>There's no spell to rewrite the nature of an entire species, and even if there was, it'd be wrong to use it.
>The only other option is a weapon, but what use would that do?
>Ponies live everywhere humans live so it'd be impossible to use.
>The only thing that makes sense, the only way the Elements could be used to help Celestia, is some kind of deal. A trade.
"Is this a trade? Even if you could use them, the elements are useless in this situation, so why else would you want them? Did they offer you a deal? Celestia for the Elements?"
>She thinks for a long moment before speaking.
>"We can't tell-"
"No, don't give me that. You're right. I know how dangerous knowing might be, but I'm willing to take the risk. You said this was about saving someone we both cared about. What else could it be?"
>She looks between you and an angry AJ a few times before answering.
>"Things are not as simple as-"
>"I don't believe it! So Rainbow was right the whole time?! You got some human contact you cut little deals with while you keep everypony else in the dark?!"
>"We do what we must to keep as many ponies safe as we can!"
>"Ponyfeathers! Y'all-"
>So loud!
>It worked.
"Applejack I get where you're coming from..."
>"Course ya do! If this snake-"
"But I sorta understand Luna, too."
>"Excuse me?"
>Your friend didn't expect that.
"The Element bearers are spread out over three places Applejack. Even if we weren't, this just isn't a job for the Elements. They can purify the heart of one pony, not a whole species. They can't change laws, they can't tear down walls. If they can get us back Celestia..."
>Pseudo-Luna puts her a hoof on your shoulder.
"But how can we trust them?"
>You lock eyes with her... stars.
"I doubt we'll ever get guarantees, but do we even have proof she's ok? What if it's just a trick to get the Elements?"
>She sighs.
>"Not as such, no. Our... 'contact' has been reliable thus far, but could provide no compelling proof of our sister's fate. We know the chances are not great, but any chance no matter how small..."
>You have to try.
>"The Elements are no doubt priceless relics, but we find ourselves in agreement as to their ineffectiveness in our current situation. Our sister, though..."
>She's right. You'd trade the Elements for Celestia any day.
"I can't see them just letting her go. Not for anything."
>She nods.
>"The chances are slim, yet our situation otherwise is perilous. We need her. Not only that, but our window of opportunity shrinks rapidly. If we're to take the chance, it must be now."
>You have to decide right now?
>Jackie and Luna get into it in the background about whether or not Luna sent that dumb unicorn on purpose due to the tight time frame, but you ignore it.
>Given the straight up choice between Celestia and the Elements the choice is easy, but you've got no guarantee they aren't just gonna take the Elements, and give you nothing in return.
>Would they really let the princess go?
>It's possible that after so many years, they don't have an interest in her anymore, but she's still an ex-monarch.
>Information from the day of the invasion is heavily censored, but there's all kinds of reports of Celestia destroying millions in helicopters and armored vehicles.
>They know she's dangerous.
>But so is Luna and they seem willing to let her run around free. ish
>She said without Celestia the situation was perilous?
>What does that mean?
>If you combine that with her insistence she's done what she has to keep ponies safe, it may mean the empire isn't as safe a haven as everypony likes to believe.
>They're glaring each other down, but you don't care about that right now.
"Are we... is the resistance in danger?"
>She hesitates, as if picking her words carefully.
>"Danger is... perhaps not the right word. Things may continue as they are, however..."
>She trails off clearly unwilling to say much more.
>'Things may continue as they are' implying that the way things are isn't great?
"What about the rush part? Did they give a reason?"
>"Nay. We simply know the offer ends any day now."
>A vague cutoff? But why?
>For this sort of situation a definite date would apply a lot more pressure, so why not give one?
>The only logical reason would be because they can't.
>What does that mean though?
"If they can't prove she's safe it may mean they can't prove they have her. That, plus the lack of a defined timetable and lots of pressure could possibly mean mean... What if... What if they're the ones racing against the clock and not us?"
>Star-Luna tilts her head.
>"We aren't sure we follow?"
"If they had everything under control why wouldn't they just say 'give up the Elements by this time or else'? 'Any day now' motivates, but it just isn't the same as a looming deadline."
>Luna thinks for a moment.
>"We understand the logic, but in the end tis mere conjecture. Surely thou aren't suggesting we risk our sister on chance?"
>Are you?
>In the end you value Celestia above the Elements as well, but that's no reason to jump to a rash decision, right?
"I'm just saying it's something we need to consider."
>"We would love to deliberate for days, young Sparkle, but there is simply no time."
"Don't you see, though? That's exactly what they want us to think. If we rush to a decision we're more likely to - "
>She stamps her hoof!
>"Yes, we understand, but be it truth or falsehood, that is not a risk we are willing to take! We must give them the Elements! Thou admitted thyself that the Elements are near useless to us!"
"That doesn't mean we should throw them away without thinking first! Celestia wouldn't want us to - "
>"Our sister isn't here and never will be if we don't take this risk!"
"We don't know that!"
>"We know this is the chance, the one chance we've received to help her! To do anything! We must take it!"
"Ugh, you're playing right into their hands!"
>"We don't care! The risk is worth the reward!"
>"Now just hold on a minute! Just because y'all-"
>Rabble rabble rabble round and round we go!
>Just when the stupid circular arguments hits a fever pitch, you hear even louder noises from the other side of the door.
>What in Tartarus could be crazier than this?
>Rabble rabble...
>Holy crap they just keep going.
>You point a hoof to the now even louder cacophony of noise right outside the door.
>The country pony lowers her head and charges out the door.
>Is it trouble?
>Did somehuman find this place?
>You share uncertain glances with Luna before following your friend through the door. At least you think that's what her expression was supposed to be...
>No humans in sight yet. Just a bunch of ponies gathered around somepony's laptop.
> How in the hell do they have internet? You swear to Faust if these fools are letting themselves be traced...
>You spot Aj up in front when she turns to wave you over.
>"Y'all uhhh... y'all may wanna see this."
>Luna parts the frantic ponies with a touch of magic and gently pushes you forward.
>What could gather everypony like this?
>With the way some ponies are freaking out you're actually a bit afraid to look.
>Did the empire fall?
>Did some horrible pony tragedy make the news?
>Did they pass some even worse law stripping more pony rights away?
>You swallow your fears and poke your head around your friends shoulder.
>Not a human.
>Not a tragedy.
>Not a disaster at all.
>You recognize the human's 'White House' in the background, but much more importantly is what's in the foreground.
>The figure in front of the building stands an even purer alabaster.
>Taller than any other pony.
>Regal, with her head held high.
>A mane full of color, and shining just as bright as you remember, Princess Celestia stands behind her podium and continues her speech!
>" - Not of divisiveness, but togetherness! Not of oppression, but of openness! I have read your history books, and I know humans are capable of so much more! Many of you have felt it already; a desire to do more, a desire to do better!"
>Someponies around you cheer, some dance, some Luna and Apul just stand there shocked. You don't have time for that though.
>Without a moment's hesitation you push through the crowd and gallop towards the front door of the base!
>You have to get there!
>You have to see her in person!
>Skidding to a stop in front of the outpost's lodestone you run a few quick scans to see if you can reconfigure it's destination.
>It really shouldn't be too complicated, and if you're lucky you should be able to make a portal as close to the princess as you want!
>Ok, let's see they set this up to run on Starshine's principle of... What?
>No wonder they have such trouble with this thing, it was designed by an idiot!
>If they...
>If you can just...
>Ugh it'll take forever to change the destination much less power the blasted thing!
>"What's the big hurry sugarcube? Ain't ya gonna see what the princess - "
"I have to go Applejack! I have to see her! How do you guys... Ugh how do you guys deal with this piece of crap!?"
>"Well I don't rightly know, Twi. I just know it takes 'em forever to get it to do what we want. I understand you wanna see her, but I just don't see how - "
>Buck it!
>You slam mana into the abomination of a lodestone and force open a portal back to it's previous destination.
>"Woah nelly! Didn't know you could turn it on just like that."
"You shouldn't. It's unstable as all Tartarus, but I've got to get back."
>"Uhh, y'all sure that's safe? If ya don't get to the princess in one piece ain't none of this gonna matter."
"I'll make it. Just don't let anypony else use this til it cools down."
>You look back at your worried friend.
>"I dunno Twi."
>She's sweet to be concerned, but you've got to the Princess.
>You've got so many questions, not to mention she needs to know about her sister.
>The lunar princess admitted to conspiring with the humans. How far down does that rabbit hole go?
>Can she be trusted at all?
>Even if her heart was in the right place, she could still be compromised.
>You rush over and pull the orange mare into a quick hug.
"It was great to see you, Applejack, but I have to do this. I have to talk to her. You heard what Luna said, she's been in contact with the humans and we have no idea how far that goes. Celestia will know what to do, she always does."
>The other pony returns the gesture for just a moment.
>"I sure hope you're right Twi. I don't really get how you gonna get all the way up there, but if you've got a plan I trust ya."
>You break the embrace and give her a quick nod.
"I'll keep you posted. Is there a way I can...?"
>She lifts your hoofphone and plugs in a new contact.
>"You text that and I'll get it eventually. Now get on out of here before your fancy magic thing falls apart."
>She's right, you've go to go right now.
>You gallop towards the increasingly dangerous gateway and call out behind you.
"Try and keep everypony here if you can!"
>"I will."
"And stay safe!"
>"Same to you."
"I will!"
>You will!

>To say the portal was a rough trip would be an understatement.
>A less experienced mage might not have even made it, but you manage to gracelessly collapse back into the forest clearing you left an hours ago.
>Ow ow ow! That's your face!
>You rub your muzzle and try to get your bearings.
>You're back home instead of some undisclosed jungle in the middle of who knows where.
>With basic knowledge of your current location, as well as a destination direction, you can attempt a series of ultra long range semi-blind teleport, with course corrections in mid-air along the way.
>It's... not an advised method....
>Like, sure it works, but if the caster runs out of mana mid-jump they probably fall like a rock to their death.
>You're no ordinary caster though, plus you've got the Elements to draw upon for even more -
>"-Lighttt! Twilighttttt! Where are you!?"
>Is that Anon?
>It only takes a minute of following the voice to see his flashlight in the distance.
"Hey! Over here!"
>Ow, that's a really bright light!
>You shield your eyes with a hoof only to be unexpectedly swept up off the ground!
>"Holy crap Twi where have you been?! I get this mysterious text that you ran into someone then you vanish for hours?! Not only that, but your collar showing you running off into the middle of the woods then disappearing?!"
>He gives you a threatening swat to the rump as he stands to his full height, taking you with him!
"I-I can explain!"
>No trouble! You don't have time to be in trouble!
>"You'd better have a damn good explanation for making me think you'd been kidnapped!"
>You light your horn and pull his phone out of his pocket.
>Gotta go fast! You can sense Anon swats from a mile away and you know he's thinking you've earned quite a few!
> Not that you would normally mind, but if you really do get into trouble he's going to take you home and subject you to who knows what depravity at the hooves of Rarity! Maybe even more grounding!
>You pull up the news as fast as you can, and turn it around for him to see.
> Why does his phone get better reception than yours? Now you know what you're asking for for Christmas next year.
"It's her! It's Princess Celestia! She's in DC right now!"
>He takes the phone from your magic and scrolls down to read more.
>"Ok, I admit that's really crazy, but it doesn't explain you running off into the woods and giving me a heart attack."
>He slips the phone back into his pocket and moves to pull your ear!
"It was Luna! Luna, and Applejack, and then this stupid pony resistance mare tricking me and... Look I know you don't want to be involved in all this stuff, but please I need to get to DC and see the Princess!"
>The mention of Luna changes his demeanor instantly.
>His stern grip loosens, and instead of going for your ear to scold you, lifts your chin to check if you're alright.
>"Tricked you? What happened? Are you ok?"
>You unconsciously lean into the hand cupping your fuzzy pony cheeks and sigh.
"I'll tell you all about it later, but I need to get to the capital while the Princess is still giving her speech! I can't have her vanishing all over again! Please can I go?"
>He shifts you in his grip and gives you a confused look.
>"DC? Twilight that's hours away how can you possibly - ?"
>You fire your naked horn and product all 6 Elements for the second time today.
"I can teleport! It'll be tough, but if I borrow the Element's power I should be able to get there in just a few minutes!"
>He gives you a searching look for a minute, as if trying to see how serious you are about this.
>"By yourself? Twilight..."
>Sitting down on a nearby stump, he scoots you back a bit on his knee so you can look each other in the eye.
>"I can't let you just run around in another state all by yourself."
"B-but you can trust me, right?! I'll come right back, I swear! I'll send you update texts every 30 minutes!"
>You touch the nameplate of your collar.
"I'm yours, Anon! I'm not going to try and take this off, I love it! Not even for the Princess! I'd never-"
>The human silences your frantic babble with a finger.
>"No no no. It's not that I don't trust you, it's that I literally can't let you run around solo in DC."
>"They've got strict leash laws, you don't even have your ring on for some reason, and above all, you've got this."
>He gently fingers your branded ear.
>'R' for runaway...
>"The first cop that sees you running around by yourself is going to snatch you up and put you in a cage without a moment's hesitation."
"B-but... But I have to... I just, I just have to..."
>Don't cry!
>You aren't going to cry!
>You definitely aren't going to cry about being this close!
"What if she disappears again? What if I never get to talk to her? To tell her I'm alright? What if-"
>He draws you back into his chest to gently scratch your back.
>"I'm sorry babe. It just wouldn't be safe."
"I-I never thought I'd see her again. Please, I'll be careful. They won't catch me I swear."
>You know you can't actually promise that, though.
>He's looking out for your safety even if it hurts.
>Even if it feels like it's your "master" telling you no instead of your "colt friend"...
>"Could you take us both?"
>You extract your teary muzzle from his shirt to look up at him.
>"You said you could magic yourself all the way up there. Could we go together?"
>Teleport the two of you?
>It'll take more mana, but with the Elements you should have that to spare.
"It's possible. D-don't you have work though?"
>"I have plenty of vacation days. If I can't take time off for important stuff like this, then what's the point? Can you take us all that way in one piece?"
>He runs a few fingers up the length of your naked horn, causing you to shiver! Lewd!
>You swat at the digits and shake the tingling feeling away!
"D-don't touch that!"
>The big jerk laughs!
>He's probably making a mental note to use that later, but that's not important right now.
"I can get us there. It might be a rough ride, but we'll make it."
>"No time to waste then right?"
>He shifts you in his grip again to be cradled in his arms on your back, and stands up.
>"Do I need to do anything special?"
>You shake your head.
"Just physical contact."
>Which should be easy when you're being carried.
>Now to-
>You look down at the leash he just snapped onto your collar.
"Why... why did you already have this...?"
>He chuckles and bounches you in his arms a bit.
>"Well I THOUGHT I was going to have to drag a very bad girl home by her leash!"
>That makes your ears splay, face blush, and limbs go a bit weak!
>All you can do is offer some weak mumble about how you aren't bad! You aren't!
>He delivers an unexpected kiss to your snoot.
>"I was wrong."
>"Convenient I had this though, because we're 100% going to need it in DC."
Jesus Christ all this cringe in one story.
People enjoy this tripe?
>Less happy.
>Leash laws are dumb.
>Ponies aren't dogs. They aren't going to run off, and, if they are, most wear shock collars to strongly discourage that!
>Still, if anyhuman has to be at the end of your leash, you're glad it's him.
"Leashes are dumb."
>Doesn't mean you can't complain though.
>He just laughs.
>"Hi-ho, Silver.."
>You take a moment to facehoof!
>You aren't that kind of mount!
>Well, ok, maybe you are his mount in some ways but - Ack! Now isn't the time to think about that!
>Magic burns through your horn as you banish the inappropriate thoughts and gather mana for the jump.
>Elements! Celestia! Teleportation!
>With a flash, and totally minor amount of fire, the two of you vanish.
File: 1318812.png (1.11 MB, 1305x922)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Took a while, but wow, that ended up being a lot longer than I expected. Didn't I tell you guys Celestia was totally fine and nothing bad could possibly happen to her? Tell Twilight how things are going to be fine from here on out.

File: Spoiler Image (54 KB, 750x563)
54 KB
Sound like a trap ready for Luna or here where comes the ally between the changelings and humans
>>Well, ok, maybe you are his mount in some ways but - Ack! Now isn't the time to think about that!
>>Magic burns through your horn as you banish the inappropriate thoughts and gather mana for the jump.
... and they teleport right into the middle of a sex dungeon in DC.

Still betting on that Celestia being a drugged & brainwashed husk of a mare, barely kept alive to corral Earth pony into cooperation.

I guess you could not find a better word but I've read that word so many times in stories that I'm fed up
How about vis? We can go thaumatic.
Or simply "magic power" or energy

Twiligth once said that magic came from within, so we should not call it 'Chi'?
inb4 SSGSS Twilestia
I hope this does not end with Anon buying Celestia, I doubt that Swettie Belle can withstand such competition

More news later
Reminder that hippofillyoff is a literal pedophile and belongs in prison
would you order your mare to drink your piss as a test of her loyalty?
What makes you think so?
I think awf was infected by the pedophile content you fucks allowed in the general, now he's making fillies sexual in his newest green. Fuck you all for poisoning one of the only good writefags left.
also mirta, I don't understand your last update
>We converted a writefag to foalcon
I'm proud.
DESU, I always thought the changeling perspective on this would be interesting.

Not the Nu-lings, but Chyrsalis's bunch. Humans abducting ponies would be equivalent to them stealing the changeling's food source. Any alliance would be short lived as the changlings would undoubtedly realize that miserable ponies leads to less love to eat.
Will Twi teleport Anon's sick all the way too?
Nice way to revive the flattened out plot!
Thanks for the update.
It's Twilight teetering on the edge of consciousness. I made it a little confusing on purpose. Did I go overboard? My proofreader didn't say anything, so I assumed it's fine.

Also, I will get a trip for the next update. Right now you'll just have to believe that this is me and the shit-stirrers weren't.
File: 1551488074025.png (199 KB, 699x514)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
Twiligth AWF when?
File: 1551554931698.gif (3.15 MB, 900x1000)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB GIF
>yfw you figured out the computer's password so you shitpost all day long while master is at work
Did you forget their age? They're like 16-17. That's legal everywhere else but Amerifat land.
and unicorns wonder why they're bad girls
don't engage with the madposter. he cant be reasoned with, he just wants to be mad. he says we're degenerates but hes the one that sees a filly and IMMEDIATELY thinks about dicking it. the rest of us are in it for the consensual cuddles
> March 15th
> I'm so sorry!
> I know I haven't written in over a week, but I've just had so much to do! Please forgive me?
> I'll give you a hoofrub when I'm home, okay?
> (Apologies are so much easier in person. I can't use 'cute' in a letter...)
> Well, good news and bad, my sweet, wonderful Anon. Kinda bittersweet, really.
> I'm coming home.
> Even writing these words is enough to get my heart racing with excitement and joy. But at the same time I'm a little sad and worried.
> It's my friends.
> I believe they will be okay. I have to. Especially now that I've reminded them they have each other. They'll make it, okay? No argument.
> I know they'll work out their problems and I'll tell you why.
> Pinkie has the support of the whole town. Now that ponies know she had a problem- how in Equestria have they not noticed before?!
> Well, now that they know, they'll help her in any way they can. Once I told Mrs. Cake that Pinkie was doing better, she had visitors over every day. Ponies bringing her flowers and gifts and sweets.
> Her smile tells me she is really enjoying all the attention. I believe her when she says she doesn't need the drink anymore, but I also know she is still hurting.
> I've charged Spike and Rarity with keeping an eye on her so she doesn't fall into the same hole again.
> Speaking of Spike and Rarity, I've put them on a 'letter homework' - almost like I had when I had to send Celestia a letter with what I've learned. Except they will be writing to Cadence instead and telling her what they've done and learned about their relationship that week.
> If she doesn't get a letter, she'll come visit to make sure they're fine.
> I thought about asking AJ or Fluttershy to look in on them, but I can't have my friends meddling in each other's relationships - I don't think they'd stay friends for long, despite how strong our bond is.
> Cadence is far enough 'outside' so she can take do it, and she is the Princess of Love as well.
> Page 1 of 2
> Fluttershy is doing a lot better - I think she made the most progress of all. The trick there was to make her feel needed again.
> While she's *nearly* her old self, I'm also the most worried about her. You know Fluttershy - she doesn't always let on what she's feeling, or she doesn't always say it clearly and loudly enough.
> For that reason I've invited her to visit us - like a short vacation. Maybe seeing Earth in a new light will help, like it did with Silver Spoon. I'm guessing, but at least it'll give me a chance to catch up with her and see how she is doing.
> AJ still doesn't give much away, but I cornered Big Mac and he told me his sister has been meeting with Doctor Horse. He doesn't know what about, but I hope it's to finally get her injuries looked at.
> I also saw Apple Bloom and instructed her to keep me informed through Starlight Glimmer's letters. If that stubborn mule of a mare won't get treatment, I'll go back and *drag* her there, understand?!
> Other than that, I've been meeting with Celestia when I could. I'll fly to Canterlot and spend the next few days with her and Luna to discuss Earth. They want assurances that it's safe for me and Rainbow Dash, and plans on what I'll do if things go wrong.
> (Luna's actual words were 'if the manure pile hits the windmill', but I didn't want to write that down here.)
> Wait. Oops ;)
> If everything goes as planned, Celestia, Luna and Cadence will open a portal for me at midnight on the night of 19th. I'll return to the same place I left, because that one is apparently the easiest to 'hit' with the spell.
> Here's what I need you to do:
> Dress warmly - it's spring, but the nights can still be chilly! I also want you to bring Rainbow Dash, at the very least. Luna promised they won't make her go back, but she wants to see her and make sure she's well.
> Page 2 of... dammit, it won't fit.
> Oh, and bring pizza. This hay stuff we have in Equestria is good, but I miss 'human pizza'. Oh, and a Pepsi.
> (Weird the things you crave when you can't have them for a while.)
> I can't wait to see you again, my love. I *really* can't. It's been way too long and a mare has needs.
> As soon as we're home...
> Well, I think you can guess what I'll do as soon as we get home. Be sure to tell the guys at the office you'll take the next day off, so they don't worry.
> Oh, and a warning: if you don't turn your phone off that night, I'll fry it! I swear to Celestia.
> You're mine until I say you're done, got it mister?!
> Love and kisses!
> Twilight Sparkle
> P.S.: I'll still use the return spell on this one - let me know how happy you are that I'm coming home!
> P.P.S.: Enclosed is a picture I painstakingly took and developed myself because it's not the kind of thing I want my friends to see. It's just for you. You know, to get you started...
> P.P.P.S.: I'm serious! If you show this to anyone, I'll... I'll think up something really mean to do to you!

And thus ends the green - for real this time.
I'll be sure to revisit the universe and this particular Twiggles and 'nonny, but maybe not for a while - it depends on when I get a good idea for the next green in this world.

I also uploaded everything to the pastebin here: https://pastebin.com/2hYFaRYY and marked it as complete.

It was quite a journey - maybe not as strong as some other greens, but I quite enjoyed writing it. Hope it was a fun read!

Thanks to everyone who read it, and especially thanks to all the Anons who pointed out what they liked and disliked. Feedback, both the good and the bad is very helpful.

I had a blast with this "format" of epilogue (letters), but it was probably a one-time thing. It could get tedious if overused, I think.
>We see the very same letters Anon sees, even down to the formatting.
>Letter mentions included porn as an explicit plot point.
>No explicit plot pic included here on the thread.
Did the envelope explode again? Did Anon omit it as ordered? Can some anon post a suitable link?

>good idea for the next green
We never got the AiE interlude we were sort of expecting. As others has speculated, it would be fun if Anon had to visit as a slave himself! Twilight never actually completed her mission either. Is she still technically Anons property? In any case, she has not been accredited as a full ambassador from a sovereign nation with an extraterritorial embassy and full diplomatic immunity, let alone created an ongoing healthy relationship between the two dimensions. The Princess of Friendship has a big job to do, and snatching random fillies from individual hillbillies won't get it done anytime soon.

There might be some random leakage between the dimensions, or even totally natural disasters that require the services of a powerful mage or an entrepreneurial programmer on either side. Even a single spore can cause untold hardship.

I loved seeing the harder-edged version of Twilight in Red Sky, but what are her and her own Anon up to these days?

But even as it is: great story, great ending!
Ya, fucking unicorns. Can't really blame them here though. Alicorn-Twilight is just as much a pegasus and earth-pone now.
>a Pepsi.

You missed me with that
That's some fucking nightmare fuel anatomy
File: posee.png (808 KB, 1021x1024)
808 KB
808 KB PNG
I had liked reading one of the letters written by Anon

And so the continuation of 'Something at least' ends, Twiligth and Anon went through many difficulties and trials and were one step away from putting an end to their improbable relationship but in the end their love and courage prevailed over the circumstances and made them stronger. to face what awaits the future, like any good story you have left us wanting more and maybe someday we will see you again.

Maybe one day Anon can visit Equestria, maybe the mane six will go to Earth to see Anon and end the ghost of her past, we still do not know if Dash and Tom took another step in their relationship or if she would at least accept receive professional advice to your sex addiction problem, if the authorities will be tracking down the activities of the Association waiting for an error to fall on them, or if the owner of Silver Spoon is still alive or Twilight will have committed his first murder.

Thank you for continuing the tradition and keeping this thread alive, I will remain attentive to your current history and its development.

Great job AspiringWriteFag and good night!

It seems as if two different artists had made the image but in the end they had not agreed
Boat ponies when?
>P.P.S.: Enclosed is a picture I painstakingly took and developed myself because it's not the kind of thing I want my friends to see.
The regeneration spell used to restore her wings has had some horrifying side effects. It was developed for pegasi, but unforeseen interactions with her unicorn and earth magics sent it raging out of control throughout her grotesquely twisting body. She’s only thankful her pain receptors were one of the first things to go: now everything just tingles... Her friends can’t help her, and they have their own problems. Twilight never appears without powerful illusions cloaking her monstrous true form. Those same illusions SHOULD have effected the picture she sent. That’s why she took such care to develop it herself, and her work was technically flawless as usual. She could not account for the otherworldly energies inside the portal transition however, and Anons pic was even more ‘revealing’ than she intended!
It’s all good though. Anon never revealed his stash of bizarre Japanese porn to her either. Now he’s more into her than ever!
Just as soon as the sonar scan finds the wreck, and a deep water ROV investigates. Recovery of the only person aboard is the priority.
Coffee, the loneliest pony in the world, waves frantically from her survival raft. Any company, even the cruelest human slaver on Earth, is preferable to the insanity waiting for her on the open sea. The search vessel sees her, but recovering floatsam is not their mission.
File: 1551569731141.png (394 KB, 1280x720)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
Is your slave in bed? She should be.
Reminder that fillyoffbrothel is a sick fuck who samefags in the thread as fuck you anon just to garnish more attention and admiration for his green due to people's spite
File: 1550605457192.jpg (3.29 MB, 3600x2695)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG
These letters are awesome! I really like this format.
Thanks for it.
>I'll be sure to revisit

I don't particularly like your current green, does not yet have a main conflict yet. Or Im too stupid. It just feels like everything is per-determined so far.

NSFW version of the image: https://derpy.me/uL72Z
Blinders Off when?
That’s the perfect pic. It even has two sheets of loose paper lying on that book!
>coffee is the survivor
No, it's Fluttershy. Everything that happened was to help her. All the other ponies were on that boat because of her. She washes up on shore and just lies there, staring at the ocean, unable to process that it's entirely her fault. She tried to assert herself, ponies died, a good human died, their only chance of getting everyone back to Equestria is gone. Some strange human pokes and prods at her but she doesn't care, not even when they put her in their car. Are they nice? Are they a monster? Are they going to send her back to Jacob? It doesn't matter to her. Nothing does.
File: 1551645564688.png (672 KB, 850x992)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
>no green about an ayy sneaking their way through interdimensional customs to get to earth so they can own the pony version of their best friend

> Lunch was very good. On top of that, you get the afternoon off, because it is Friday and you have no classes on Friday afternoon.
> No such luck for Amethyst, but at least you got to have lunch and an hour after it to spend together.
> Perhaps you had overeaten a slight bit, but you burp as you stand up and the pressure in your belly lessens.
> You see that Amethyst isn't doing any better. She seems a bit unsure as she picks up her tray.
"Ugh, a couple more meals like that and we'll all have heart attacks before we're thirty."
> "Meh," your roommate says. "We don't get fried stuff all that often, quit being dramatic."
> She glances over at your own tray. "Besides, you practically licked the plate clean. We might not have anything to do in the kitchen today, you know? I don't think they really need to wash these."
> You are forced to agree. Deep fried food was a rare treat in the School so every pony polished their plates until they shone.
> "Um, may I?" Amethyst asks.
> Following her gaze, you see she is staring at the small dish of tartar sauce. You'd left a tiny bit in there.
"Huh? There's nothing left, what are you gonna dip?" you ask.
> She takes this as a yes and simply comes around the table to lick it up directly.
> The mare grins, a tad shame-faced for her display of gluttony. "What?! It's just so good."
> You agree, the sauce is good, but not on its own. The mayo is a bit too rich and oily for your taste.
"It's good if you have something to dip in it!" you assert.
> Your friend just shrugs, apparently quite willing to disagree. Not that you mind, really.
> If it makes Amethyst happy, then she can drink the stuff straight, if that's how her fancy takes her.

> You start to wonder what other little snacks she might have enjoyed while she was helping in the kitchen. Maybe the cookies weren't even half of it!
> She is already walking away and you shift your plate to your back and follow. It's the big day - Amethyst said her friend, Will, has an afternoon shift today.
> Thinking about telling a member of the staff a secret like the colts' iPad still makes you uneasy, but you decide to go along with it.
> Your roommate promised she wouldn't say anything until you'd had a chance to meet this Will and see what he was like.
> You pass by a table with two of your Maths classmates, who wave in greeting. It would have been polite to stop and say hello, but Amethyst is already eyeing their tartar sauce dishes, so you just give your friends an apologetic smile and push your roommate along.
"I don't believe you sometimes," you grumble.
> It makes Amethyst laugh. She knows you don't mean it in a bad way.
> "Maybe if you spent some time in our room, instead of sneaking away all the time to be with colts, you'd know us better," she counters.
> You look around to see if anyone overheard her, but the ponies are quite busy with the rare treat. Amazing how deep frying improved broccoli, which was already delicious on its own. The french fries were an added bonus.
> While Amethyst is trying to muffle her excited giggling you finally make it to the kitchen entrance. There is a sign on the door and you hesitate.
> The picture shows a silhouette of a pony overlaid by a red circle and a line. No ponies beyond this point.
> Right beside it is the opening with the shelf where you were supposed to drop your trays for someone in the kitchen to take. There aren't many ponies left eating, so the window is empty.

> One of the staff probably checks it occasionally and takes the trays as they come.
> You look around the mess hall until you spot the guard. He seems to be talking with one of the cooks and isn't paying you any attention.
> Meanwhile, Amethyst just nudges the swinging door open with her muzzle and shoulders it aside so you can enter.
> It's amazing how she managed not to drop the tray from her back during her tricky little maneuver. The mare's got good balance!
"Are you sure?" you whisper urgently. "The sign..."
> "It's fine. No one complains when I go in to help. I don't think anyone really cares, it's just the kitchen."
> As you walk past your friend into the Forbidden Place you can't help hunching your shoulders and flattening your ears in apprehension. You are expecting an outcry at any moment.
> It doesn't happen and the door swings shut behind Amethyst. You still can't relax and your legs tremble a tiny bit as your roommate takes the lead again.
> There are two humans in the white-and-stainless-steel room up ahead. All around you are large, bulky machines and tall counters, entirely unsuitable for ponies.
> You watch everything with a mixture of fear and curiosity.
> "Hi Mrs. Evelyn!" Amethyst announces cheerfully as she deftly lifts up her tray to a surface above her.
> The larger human - you see it is the rather plump cook whom you remember to have a permanently red face - turns around and smiles.
> "Oh, hello sweetheart!" she replies, face splitting into a happy grin. The woman steps closer and pats your roommate on her head while Amethyst closes her eyes and pushes against the hand, very much like a kitty. You're surprised she doesn't purr!

> "I brought a friend, I hope that's okay. She'd like to help me with the dishes today and I'd like to share one of the cookies with her!"
> You know your face is properly fearful, which you hope adds to the illusion of a pony out to get some forbidden sweets.
"H-Hi," you say, not even having to fake the tremor in your voice.
> "Oh, but of course," the cook says, coming over to give you a pat too. You don't push back, but Mrs. Evenly doesn't seem to mind. "Heaven knows we could use a hand - or a hoof, as it might be!"
> While you're being welcomed, your roommate lifts your tray as well and sets it next to hers.
> The woman leans a bit lower to whisper to Amethyst, but her voice is loud enough for you to hear as well, which was probably the intention.
> "Tell you what - you two do a good job and I'll give you each a couple of cookies, okay? And maybe a few more for your friends in the room."
> The woman gives you both a deliberate, theatrical wink, as if you're in on some conspiracy .
> Amethyst smiles beatifically and you follow suit, happy that it seemed to be going well.
> "I'll just say hello to Will and then we'll get started!" your roommate promises, but the cook is already straightening up and just waves her hand dismissively.
> "Of course, dear," Mrs. Evelyn answers, before studying you in some detail. "Hmm, what's your name, sweetheart?" she asks.
> You open your muzzle to tell her, but she holds up a finger. "Wait, I think I remember."
> It would make sense for the kitchen staff to know all the ponies. They have to make note of who turned up for what meal and when. There's a big ledger with all the names and faces at the start of the lunch line and one human or another is always there with a pen.
> "Rose-ah, right?"

> Then again, seeing it written down meant they didn't know how it should be pronounced. You know you have to correct her, but try to smile as disarmingly as you can.
"A-Actually it's pronounced 'Rosa', Mrs. Evelyn. It's not, uh, not a usual name."
> You're afraid the woman would be offended, but her grin just widens. "Lovely name! Now excuse me, I have the cooking pots to clean before we start getting ready for dinner. Your friend can show you what to do."
> The lady goes back to the tall sink and you start to wonder how you'll ever reach that high to offer any help at all.
> You look around for Amethyst to ask her and see an unexpected sight. The pony is sitting on the floor with the human crouching down beside her. He's tickling her chestfluff with one hand and patting her mane with the other, while she is whispering something to him.
> They are both smiling. It almost feels wrong to intrude, but you make your way there, stepping heavily to give them some warning.
> When they spot you, the young man removes his hands and Amethyst blushes a little.
> "Oh, um," the young mare starts, unable to find words right away. "Rosa, this is Will. Will, my roommate Rosa. She's in the Helper Pony program, too."
> The human politely reaches out his hand and you place a hoof in it for a shake.
"Nice to meet you," you say, shifting your gaze from him to Amethyst.
> You can't decide what exactly you'd seen, but you put it out of your mind. You're there for another reason.
> The man seems friendly enough. He doesn't look much older than you or Amethyst, even though she'd said he was in college. Probably his first year, you guess.
> Some humans took part time jobs to earn a bit of extra money.
> You wonder why he chose to work at a pony school.

> Actually, you don't have to wonder. You're trying to get to know this guy!
"So - Will - why a Pony School?"
> He shrugs a bit and straightens up. It looks like his moment with Amethyst is over. "Well, the pay is good and I'm studying Culinary Arts, so working in a kitchen counts towards my extra credits."
> That sounds reasonable, even if the young man didn't really answer your question.
> "How about you," he counters, "why Helper Pony?"
> Well, it's only fair you return the favor of answering.
"I like working with children and that's my best chance," you reply, shrugging a little.
> "Why not something like Day Care Assistant Pony, or nanny? I heard there's always a demand," Will asks.
> You've been through this with Instructor Martha, as well as with Maribelle, several times.
"There's not a demand. A lot of mares want that job and it's hard to get a good assignment. A brighter-colored coat and mane are preferred."
> Without a nice, colorful fur you wouldn't be picked, or would end up in a bad school with mean children. While you think you could easily handle one impolite child, twenty of them would be like...
> Well, like yesterday, for a start! You don't want to risk ending up with a job like that every day.
> At least Helper Pony was only ever assigned to one child, with the rare exception when the needy little human had siblings.
> "That's fair. I mean- not that you look ugly or anything, but I can see how little kids would prefer someone a bit more... colorful."
> You give the human a nod, then glance at Mrs. Evelyn who was still busy with her pots.
"Um, maybe we should get to work now?" you suggest.
> After all, you can still chat while you wash dishes.

> That brings you to your original question for Amethyst. You turn to your friend, who had been watching approvingly as you spoke with the human.
"So, how do we reach the sink?"
> Your roommate points with a hoof. "Stool. Um, Will, is there another?"
> There's just one round, backless chair in the place.
> The young man nods. "I'll get the one from the pantry.
> Amethyst smiles at him with gratitude. "Thanks! We'll get started on the dishes in the meantime!"
> True to her word, you friend pulls the chair over and jumps up on it. You can see that the seat can rotate, but Amethyst seems used to it and deftly balances on her hind legs until she can grab the counter.
> There is a clink as she puts a dirty plate into the sink and the burbling of running water as she begins to wash.
> Feeling a little left out, you rear up and lean against the smooth, shiny surface. That brings your head just above the counter so you can see what your roommate is doing.
> "So, what do you think?" she asks.
"Doesn't look difficult."
> The pony giggles a little. "No, silly! About Will?"
> You look around to make sure Mrs. Evelyn isn't looking in your direction and that the human hasn't sneakily come back yet.
"You like him!" you whisper accusingly.
> Amethyst just smiles. "Yes. He's nice. You'll like him too, if you hang out with us sometimes."
> You didn't mean it that way. You're worried your friend might be getting romantically involved with the boy, which would cause them both a whole lot of trouble.
> It's not your place to tell Amethyst she should stop, though, just as it wasn't hers to tell you to break it off with Paolo.
> If you even had anything with Paolo. Maybe she's the same way with Will?

> Anyway, it's not a good time to talk about it, so you decide to put it out of your mind for now and have a heart to heart with Amethyst later tonight, when you are alone.
> As alone as you can be, anyway. You can snuggle with her tonight. The others won't find it strange - it often happens that two, or even three of you slept in the same bed for warmth. Or for comfort, when one of you got a bad grade or got yelled at by her Instructor.
> You return to the present just as Will lowers another stool next to you.
"Oh. Thanks!" you murmur to him and clamber up.
> The rotating seat nearly throws you off, but the human grabs you around the waist to steady you.
> His fingers are impossibly warm and the surprise makes you squeak faintly in surprise.
> "Oh, sorry!" the human apologizes.
"It's fine! It's fine. Thanks!"
> You know you're blushing and so is the young man. Best you get busy to get your mind out of the gutter. You find a dry cloth on the counter, close enough so you can reach it.
> Now that you're holding on to the stainless steel surface it's easier to balance on the rotating chair.
"Hand me that plate please?" you say and nudge Amethyst's leg with a hoof.
> She obediently passes one of the clean plates to you and you quickly wipe it dry.
> You look around for a place to put it, but Will takes it from you and adds it to a stack nearby.
> With the three of you, you realize, the job will be done in minutes. You cheer up a little. Amethyst has class soon, but you don't think she'll be late.
> There really was nothing to this helping and being on good terms with the kitchen staff promised treats and seconds in the future.

> Amethyst was an extremely smart filly to have come up with the idea!
> Speaking of the mare, she is humming a simple little melody, one you recognize from the previous day. It had done wonders to calm the children down and now it's helping you relax as well.
> On your other side, the human starts to whistle in surprisingly good harmony with the pony. You guess they must have been practicing.
> You're starting to believe your friend that this particular human could be trusted.
> After you're done, you decide, you'll ask him about getting you a movie or two and putting it on the colts' iPad.
> Then Martin will have no choice but let you borrow it sometimes to watch movies with the girls! You can almost imagine it- huddled on one bed under a blanket to hide the glow, ears all focusing on the headphones, eyes glued to the screen...
> Something funny and romantic - a love story. It's going to be so much fun!
> You catch your reflection in the shiny surface and see that you're smiling widely.
> That's perfectly fine. Between the 'unofficial' benefits from helping out in the kitchens, some flirting with Paolo, training for the Helper Pony program, and an occasional movie night, your final year of school was shaping up to be quite spectacular!

I just couldn't help it. I had some unexpected free time this weekend so I wrote a bit more of little Rosa. I also edited in a hurry, so let me know if there's weird sentences or missing words or crap like that, so I fix it in the pastebin.

Paste is here: https://pastebin.com/D8eBZPe0
File: Spoiler Image (168 KB, 962x1280)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
You're starting to worry me awf. This filly nonsense is starting to creep me out. At first I thought you were weaving some elaborate introduction but it looks like this is actually your new project. I don't understand why there's even a program to train service ponies and even if that's the case, why enslave them and hold them captive at this boarding school? All of this just feels so strange and uncomfortable, I don't know how you went from previous ideas to this? I love your work awf but somehow I feel like this is some thinly veiled attempt at filly smut and I think the local retard in the general is going to lose it when you lewd rosa
>lewding rosa
It saddens me, as a mature and stable individual that knows how to use filters, that this general isn't going to have a green update for at least six months. I needed to filter aspiring for the first time and it hurts cause he's the only dependable writefag that regularly updates. I don't even know what's the point in keeping this general tabbed so I'll probably just come back in a couple months and see if anyone's updated anything good. Keep up the good work awf, your green is always top notch
>I think the local retard in the general is going to lose it when you lewd rosa
To be honest rosa and almost everyone in the institution sound more like teenagers but MLP never have a term for then, only filly/colt and mare/stallion.

I think that rosa have 15 or 16 years old in this fic, so lewding her don't sound like a big deal.
Thank you for voicing it. I understand the concern, so let me start with this bit: absolutely no lewding the young mares. A bit of innocent flirting is as far as this goes and no further.

I'm trying new things with this green and it takes a bit of 'building'. It's important I show Rosa's experiences and day to day life, as well as friendships she makes in the school so I have 'material' for later parts of the story.

There will be adversity, but not grim for the sake of grim.

That's the plan, anyway. Maybe the green will end up more comf than I want it to, but definitely not darker than I intend. As a rough measure, darker than Cellyboo, but not as bad as Break, is what I'm going for. It might also turn out a disaster, but it's something I wanna try to do and see if I can make it work.
You already have a name here and I will read your whole green don't matter the twist. Just keep going
He gave Pablo a boner in one of the updates
you bet your ass he's going to lewd them
File: 1415663403525.png (114 KB, 400x600)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
>not posting the best one
appul is a sweetheart but scoot is cute
Are you saying that rosa isn't going to be a bedmare by the end of this? I will say aspiringwritefag, you're one of the most transparent writers here and I appreciate that. I can safely filter your green now so you don't waste my time with endless teasing and blueballing now that I know filly brothel 2 isn't going anywhere.
Break and Red Sky permanently turned me off of you as a writer.
Break and red sky permenatly turned me on to you as a writer
Kill yourself edgy faggot
> Maribelle is seventeen, the oldest in your group by nearly a year.
So Rosa is nearly 17 too.

Nice way to start a flamewar.
You could have worded this a lot less offensive.

Im fine with it. Rosa is 17. Who was a virgin here at 17? I know, I know everyone...
>You could have worded this a lot less offensive
Yeah because how dare anyone criticise anyone in this thread.
Fuck you and all the other retards that have tried to turn this general into a hugbox.
>Nice way to start a flamewar.
>and he follows up with an even more blatant try
Do you think he's going to get more and more pathetic when it doesn't work?
See: >>33579664
I need to start refreshing before I post so I can laugh at him directly
But I also dont want to give him a You
>Lewd the filly.
>Don't lewd the filly.

Sometimes a writefag just can't win. Writers: follow your muse. Readers: just suck it the fuck up and deal.
Protip: people are just as free to dislike something and voice that opinion as you are to like that thing and voice that opinion. One is not more valid than the other.
File: Cuddle machines ready.png (384 KB, 542x734)
384 KB
384 KB PNG
>lewd the bedfilly offscreen with the filly enjoying it

PS: lewd are just boops
>gentle consensual booping
I didn't mind break but red sky was fucking awful. Never again.
That's because awf went full retard with the 13-year-old-angst-tier grimshit.
who was the writefag who had a Twilight tulpa?
File: 1551656938353.jpg (509 KB, 1920x1080)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
Make sure you hire a tutor. An educated slave is a more productive slave
Time for the natural skepticism of Anons to come in handy.
>An educated slave is a more productive slave
Slaveventure Anon would certainly agree, but he had difficulty with Cheerilee. It's a question of *how* they are educated, I suppose.
>Three bedfillies
Good fucking luck. Humans only have two hands and you need to rubs three bellies right now
I think that was Handsome Jew. What happened to him anyway? Glimmer Of Hope was great, Deathsquad Twilight ran off a cliff, but that thing with Rainbow Dash in a racing league had real potential. Did his tulpa finally posses and consume him?
The third one is the pillow
I'm pretty sure he's some kind of military. You do pony stuff on a base and you get shit on forever
He went away for training for a month, but I thought he was just a weekend warrior, not a full time soldier.
I can't believe you guys turned awf into a pedo what the fuck shit is that
It's not his job to sell you on his story
Reminder that CYOSAnon was neither hero nor protagonist of that story.
He wasn't a good man, but he did a lot of good. Other Anons rescue (and bathe) their broken ponies one at a time. He made a safe and healthy place for a herd of thousands, even if they didn't always appreciate it. One of the great things about the story is it didn't really have any heros or protagonists, it was always an ensemble cast. Worked particularly well with CYOA.
>safe and healthy
highly debatable
Reminder that lurker is a massive faggot and gave us the shit ending because you fucks enjoy getting cucked. You incel asshats didn't even want to fuck mocha for fucks sake.
>tfw no good girl buzzy epilogue
it still hurts
The debate must center around "compared to what?". Compared to the Equestria they so desperately remember, the camp does not have much to offer. Compared to the outside world that was always written quite darkly, it's a refuge for ponies and their lucky families to 'escape' into.

>by her *actual husband* and the sire of her filly
>incel asshats
>Shining take his slave
>Cadence daughter take her daughter

Let be honest. This help for inspiration for other greens like Rose cucking his master and getting pregnant by El Bronco
But Cadance and Shining hardly went behind Anons back. He let Shining out of the cell and put him in Cadances care. He gave her a day off for family, and knew they were spending the night in her quarters. He decided not to have her bred by Cathrine, but the possibility of another alicorn foal was on his mind. He did everything but slide Shinings throbbing stallion cock into her himself! handbreeding green when? Anon might not have gotten the pony poon, but he was always in control as The Master.
File: 1128931.png (936 KB, 1600x1840)
936 KB
936 KB PNG
>wanting Anon to get with the Princess of Sluttiness
No thanks, he needs a mare that would actually want him for more than the HMD
Pic related
Just a reminder that the real the one that cucked everyone was cadence. Everyone actually wanted shining hot boypussy
But the boipussy belongs to S&C Anon, along with the rest of him. It's the full circle love triangle over there.
Shiny a good boy who loves his Master and will take his belting for running away without complaint.
the premise of this thread is very very illegal.
Laws only apply to people, anon
File: 1518745826655.png (1.62 MB, 1950x1200)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG

This guy gets it. Property Rights go to the owner, not the property itself.

Hence the rule: "Pony Wears the Saddle"
>Rarity picture

Look at that naughty white flank. Rarity is always for spanks.
Pony wears the saddle.
Pony bears the weight.
Pony obeys the rein,
or pony will be ate!
I hear scoops the sissy stallion slave loves to wear the saddle for his Master.
no fucking shit sherlock
I hear scoops the sissy stallion slave also loves to be eaten by his Master. Is the “or” in the poem an “xor”, or more the “and / or” logic?
What is the maximum legal penalty if one is caught participating in pony slavery?
>asking for a friend
Lurker is the ultimate cuck
At least bedfillies will never try to cuck their master

It is only a crime in Communist countries where private property is illegal. For most of the world over, it is perfectly legal to own a pony.
File: IMG_6515.png (371 KB, 1343x936)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
Mother fucking trainer anon when??
Corona when?
That is a pornographic amount of chestfloof
I want somewritefag to know, if you're reading this buddy, that you've brought me so much immense joy with your story telling over the years and I really appreciate it. I don't think this thread is ever going to get over its stupid self so if you're waiting for a repreave in retard drama I'm afraid that may never come unfortunately. I sincerely hope you can look past the selfish actions of others and continue to update shiny and corona despite the large amount of undeserving fucks here. I wish you the best if you never show face in here again, I honestly wouldn't blame you. I just secretly hope you continue, I got used to having your green and now that it's gone it's left me a wreck.
File: 1460823661714.jpg (505 KB, 2736x2052)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
Imagine pic related, but pone.
File: IMG_6115.png (187 KB, 732x1000)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
Put wings and we have a deal!
File: 00.png (60 KB, 793x583)
60 KB
Chestfluff used to be totally prohibited in equestria and a free ticket to the jail in canterlot. Pegasus still wonder why the unicorns create this law.
At least on the earth is allowed and encouraged by their masters
File: IMG_6523.jpg (225 KB, 944x958)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
>tfw trainer anon will never be continued
To be honest, I find the idea that while the Resistance has been fucking around doing fuck-all while Celestia has been working at turning things from the inside to be far, far more interesting than the alternatives here. It's the last "angle" we haven't really seen in this story yet: Twilight was comfortable, but passive. Rarity was standing on her own. Sweetie was abused into passivity, while Applejack and Luna are active in rebellion. The only 'angle' left is a pony who is comfortable, but still active in the cause of all ponies - and this is exactly what I want to see out of Celestia.

Ah, the end of a great time!

I wouldn't rate this story quite as highly as Break, and certainly not as highly as Off Duty. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a fantastic story in its own right - after a bit of a rough start, it found its footing and stabilized quite well. You evolved the typical "rescue a pony" story by having the rescuers themselves be troubled - in the end, I think this story was at least as much about Twilight as Spoon.

>Letters format
I'll agree that it worked for a limited time. More than anything else, I think seeing only one side of the conversation was problematic for it. If you wanted to try out some letters in the future I wouldn't be averse to it, but please show us the whole conversation!
> You look around for Amethyst to ask her and see an unexpected sight. The pony is sitting on the floor with the human crouching down beside her. He's tickling her chestfluff with one hand and patting her mane with the other, while she is whispering something to him.
D'awwww. Such a good girl.
>> His fingers are impossibly warm and the surprise makes you squeak faintly in surprise.

Overall, I'm liking this so far. I'm kind of curious how 'dark' it's going to go, because - let's be honest, these ponies have it pretty good. Is the school environment a little strict? Yes, absolutely - but this has to be one of the best for-profit slavery dynamics we've seen in the thread (as opposed to 'for-rescue' slavery).
File: 1551732088338.jpg (311 KB, 1280x1905)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Unicorns are good gir...
The newest family dog has a nasty habit of finding something new to destroy in the house when we leave. Currently it's most reason place to pillage is the bathroom, so we've been running low on toilet paper.

Would pet ponies be as likely to chew things out around the house, or would they find something equally annoying to do instead?
>Be Hector Vega
>Although today you're Mr Brown
>Waiting on a $100,000 payday
>Which has you checking the burner for the message that it's come in every 15 minutes
>And you know what to do when it does
>Drive the pony to the drop off location, chain her up there, drive away and use the burner one last time to tip off the police
>And blindfold her - can't forget that
>You're not going to risk stealing another van for this and you don't want her to get your dad's plate number
>It's all worked out, but the wait is brutal
>Sure, you don't mind hanging around your late uncle's place getting high with José
>But you really can't relax until this is over
>And that could be any moment when the message comes in
>Then it's off to Philly
>You can easily buy a two family place in Kensington, rent half of it to Mexicans to pay the small mortgage you'd have
>And then buy another two family to rent for profit
>You'll still be a few hours' drive from your family, but you hopefully won't end up like your tio
>Working a dangerous job for 25 years, retiring and dropping dead just a few years later
>With nothing to show for it but an ex-wife and a little house in Woodside
>You're gonna do better than that
>You're gonna enjoy life while you're young AND set things up to be OK once you get old
>And all it takes is ruining a pony's weekend - that'll get you your seed money
>You're OK with that, because it's just a pony
>A free pony who wouldn't be worth anything if it weren't for a TV show
>You check the burner again - nothing
>Technically they have until tonight to pay, so they have every reason to wait until the last minute - you would
>But you wish they wouldn't
>The doorbell rings
>That was fast - you called in your delivery order less than 15 minutes ago
>You walk to the door and open it, expecting to see a pony or a Mexican with a bag of food for you
>Instead your blood runs cold when you see two cops and a unicorn in a police hat
>"Is this your place of residence?," an officer asks
"My family owns it. It was my uncle's. He was on the force, Sargent Vega," you say, reaching for your wallet to show your PBA card
>"Sorry for your loss," the offficer responds, examining he card. "We're following up on a tip about a missing mare"
"There's no ponies here"
>Think fast
"But the old lady next door isn't all there upstairs, if you know what I mean. Dementia or something. Maybe she thought she saw something and called you?"
>"Maybe," the cop replies. "Yet a mare matching the description of one abducted in Brooklyn was reported chained in your yard this morning"
>The other officer adds, "Do you mind if we come in and have a look around, just so we can say we followed up on it?"
>That's tricky - do you just ask if they have a warrant for that?
>You decide to take that risk
"Shouldn't you have a warrant for that?"
>"Shouldn't the nephew of a Sargent know that the smell of weed gives us probable cause to search the place?"
>"Not to mention," the unicorn adds, "the smell of a mare in heat. He's lying about there not being a pony here"
>In seconds guns are drawn, your hands are in the air, then you're on the floor being handcuffed
"We're unarmed!"
>As you say it you hear the back screed door slam and the other officer and the unicorn run in that direction
>Seconds later you hear shouting then two gunshots
>They fucking SHOT him?!
>You hear the cop near you on his radio saying shots fired and calling for backup and EMTs
>As the other cop returns he says, "One perp is down"
"Did you kill José?"
>"That's for the EMTs to determine"
"You mean he could be laying out there dying and you're doing nothing about it? He was unarmed!"
>"That's the EMT's job, and they'll be here in a couple minutes. Just the two of you and the mare in the house?"
"Yes. And delivery on its way, so don't shoot whoever rings the bell next"
>"Damn, I thought we should have handed this over to the Feds. You just made this a pain in the ass by discharging a weapon"
>The cop who shot José replies, "You saw it - he was resisting arrest and attempting to flee the scene"
>"What about your bodycam?"
>"I'm till getting used to the new protocol. Didn't have it on"

>Be Roseluck
>Chained to a pile of cinder blocks in the den of a house somewhere
>Speaking with Officer Blue Sheild of the NYPD's Pony Auxilliary
>"Are you OK," the unicorn asks, "Did they hurt you, or...?"
"They didn't hurt me. The one you shot did technically sexually assult me, but he didn't actually touch me while doing it"
>"So that couldn't have happened to a nicer guy then?"
>You don't know what to say to that
"I think he's got the key to these chains in his pocket"
>"OK, we'll get you freed in a minute," he replies. "You're safe now. Any other accomplices"
"Yeah, two others. The one who had the knife and the hacker. They went by Mr Pink and Mr White"
>The unicorn rolls his eyes
>"Obviously been watching too many of the wrong kinds of movies"
"Can you call my son and tell him I'm OK and am on my way home?"
>"Of course we can. Any reason we should have a doctor check you out first?"
"No. The worst they did to me physically was leave me chained outside in the cold for an hour"
>"That was their undoing, actually. A neighbor saw you, recognized you and reported it. Excuse me for a moment"
>Officer Blue Sheild walks over to the other two officers and you hear him say something about the key and two more suspects at large
>At which point the paramedics arrive and race through to the backyard
>Moments later the place is swarming with police
>The paramedics bring Mr Blue through the house on a gurney
>Officer Blue Sheild approaches them and one of them rifles through his pockets and hands the officer a key
>You hear Mr Brown's voice yelling, demanding to know whether José is still alive
>No one offers him a satisfactory answer
>Officer Blue Sheild frees you from the chains and says, "The feds are on their way. When they get here they're taking over"
"Can you help me call my son before then?"
>"Sure," he says, grabbing his phone, "What's the number?"
>You realize all contact info was in your phone
>The only numbers you've actually got memorized are your own number and...
>John's personal number - you memorized it back when you were his bedmare
>That's the number you give to the officer
>And moments later you're on the phone with John
>"You OK? I just goit the call you were rescued"
"I'm fine. You're not with my son right now, are you?"
>"No. But I can conference in your co-host cum roommate. She's been looking after him"
>Seconds later you hear her voice on the line
>"John? Any news?"
"I'm on the line. I'm OK. The cops rescued me, but the feds are going to need me to answer some questions before I get to go home"
>"I'm so relieved," she replies. "It's mommy. She's OK. She's coming home soon!"
"Put him on"
>"MOMMY!," the colt says, "I was so scared for you!"
"Mommy's OK. I just have to tell the men the story of what happend and they'll bring me home"
>"Come home now!," the colt replies
"I'll be home very soon. Everything is OK now. I just have to answer some questions from the feds"
>"The supercops?!"
>"I told him the feds were on the case," John says, "and they were like supercops in suits"
"Well that's who just showed up and the regular cops don't seem all that happy about it. I gotta go. See you soon. Love you"
>"Love you too, Mommy. Come home!"

Fucking kill yourself already.
Nice update, I'm grateful that Rose is fine and the captors get what they deserve for such pathetic mistake and shitty attitude.
t- Jose fan
>Literally Vega's Rarity
Homewrecker when?
>good guys win
>everypony okay
>Blue Shield actually has some degree of respect and authority
What have you done with the REAL Blinders, imposter?! Are you holding him for random? I’ll pay anything, just don’t hurt his writing hand!

But really, such a relief. Was pretty sure that wasn’t the way it was going down. The humans have always seemed so effortlessly dominant in your stories, the only possible check on their actions their own dubious morality, it’s quite satisfying to see them fall on their smug cruel faces for once. I feel like the drama is pulling for Rose to be sympathetic to Hector and help him out somehow, Magic Of Friendship and all that, but I have no idea how it could happen. Having him do hard time for kidnapping a ‘person’ however borderline would be even better.

Anyway: great work.
That’s the word. These ignorant grifters and gangbangers trying to pull off a job that real professional criminals wouldn’t think of touching. But a real professional would have killed Rose immediately, and that would have been a real bummer.
Real professional would not kidnap a fucking TV celebrity at all.
>What have you done with the REAL Blinders, imposter?!
Kek. Up until this arc the ponies in my stories have all been private property. Things are a lot more fatalistic and negative when you have no self-determination and everyone around you sees you as a piece of property. But that's no longer the case for mare and Rose. They're both free ponies now. The world sees them differently because of that, and they're forced to see themselves differently as a result. It's not just meant to contrast what's gone before, but also to look at the kind of dissonance that would exist in a world where both slave and free ponies live.
Kids looking at the social pecking order and realizing ponies are at the bottom, so why would anyone beyond the network she's on give a shit? An ignorant miscalculation, but criminals frequently make those.
I think you should just kill yourself.
Why you killed jose? He was the "kill yourself" anon favorite. Now he will hate you even more
>Areroll drew the second best design of a pony
>hate you even more
Nice trips, but I think that hatred has reached a plateau that’s hard to exceed. Jose isn’t necessarily dead either; it’s looking bad, but he could survive.
I wonder how the other jealous mane6 would react if master invite a woman(just a job partner already married) to his house
Shadup Pink!
>dissonance in a world with both slave and free ponies
Pony masters when? Rose could use some help in her shop, or John would give Mare the money to buy out her Filly Brothel alumni just to see what happens. Would they be as disciplined as they were taught themselves, or would pony solidarity prevail? In a world where both exist, it’s inevitable somewhere. Worth some discussion in the show at least...
File: 1763312.jpg (103 KB, 1280x833)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Twilight: Like a unicorn she will use her magic to get the woman out of the house like the bad obsessive girl that she is

Applejack: Will just tell to the woman to not touch his master when anon go to bring the snack

Pinkie: Will try to become a friend with the woman but always interrupt her everytime she try to talk with anon

Fluttershy: Will stay with her master the whole meeting until the woman leave the house

Rainbow Dash: Will undo anon pants and mount anon dick to show that she is the headmare of the house
The rating of Blinders Off is going to rise like a rocket after all this, Roseluck will go from media celebrity to figure of the rights of the ponies, invite Blue Shield and the other officials to the program and maybe Blue or Pink look for revenge.

Anyway, good for El Bronquito Jr. for recovering his mom
I hope this would help to Bronco Jr to discover what he want to be when he grown up. More police ponies pls
File: 94158.png (75 KB, 562x448)
75 KB
>police ponies
That turned surprisingly good for everyone involved.
Also no shower-thought-tier philosophical pseudo-debate taking half the update, extra nice.
File: 1410146.png (123 KB, 595x778)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
BICT was easily one of the most stupid, autistic piles of filth ever to grace this thread.
>shower-thought-tier philosophical pseudo-debate
I kinda like them, the story would not be the same without. Blinders doens't write comfie cuddles and bath scenes like our other writers, but the philosophy of slavery is what he brings to this degenerate thread.
True, but policeglim is adorable
Except it's not actual philosophy, every time its just two blatant mouthpieces clearly trying to railroad the reader into sharing the author's opinion. The dialogues in those part are unnatural and feel very forced compared to the rest of the green.
File: 1780592.png (617 KB, 1220x905)
617 KB
617 KB PNG
Yes the attempted homewrecker is also a police pony
>update never ever
> straight on lying to the cop
> pony cop smells the mare in heat
> cops killing for fun
>pony cop waling around with a hard rod trying to mount rose

They sure saved her fast.
Its fine in little doses but we reach to a point where literally nothing happen on the update but you still have like five post of seven with FORCED philosophical pseudo-debate.
Thats a first time I see it someone calling it that.
Its a cute green, too naive but whatever.
Probably a mare. The cops need something to have fun after all.
Buzzy a good girl. A GOOD GIRL!
Please arrest me
File: Spoiler Image (813 KB, 2048x3072)
813 KB
813 KB PNG
>The cops need something to have fun after all.
You mean... silly great and powerful lame magic tricks
>two blatant mouthpieces
I got the total opposite impression. The mouthpieces are saying different things, from very different perspectives. It's hard to tell what opinion the author has, if any. there's no heros and villains here, they all have good arguments and one perspective is as good as another. That moral greyness can be wearing itself, but I never feel railroaded!
And if you're in new Zealand or 17/50 states. You can fuck it too.
This. The only agreement between the characters in this story is moral ambiguity.
File: 1914815.png (467 KB, 1584x1464)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
>there's no heros and villains here
That's what I like in this story. And how comfy it is.
Fuck you motherfucker
Fucking this...
You literally suck at writing anything decent. All that build up for literally nothing. I don't know why you fucks fellate this autistic fuck so hard, his shit is downright cringeworthy
Let me, a minor background character with no importance, ramble on about the philosophical dilemma of mans huberice with this pony we kidnapped and have evil villain expository dialogue about what we're doing because the writefag can't do his fucking job and not copy telltale games story telling. I can't believe you monologue them like this, it's so robotic and uncomfortable. It's like you don't even care at all and just shit out whatever diarrhea garbage you want because you get a kick out of triggering the retards in this thread. Fuck you for halfassing every update just to fuel the fire, you're no better than the cunts that scream at you and disrupt the thread.
>the spammer is back
>can't contain his rage within a single post
>not smart enough to use filters
oh boy here we go again. see you guys in 200 posts when hes done with his rant
Madanon makes blinders off even better.
>Police ponies spin-off when?
I just see a bunch of filtered posts I'm sure as hell not opening. No skin off my back.
AWF green gets two replies.
Vega not doing much better.
Blinders off gets 3 fuckton.
just sayin
The two you just said are well known to be liked, the other gets shit constantly so people feel a need to let them know they like them. That or trolls trying to piss autist off, either way.
Yea but I force myself to at least say thanks for the update and write a few sentences.
I dont like replying but at least the writefag will know that I appriciate his green and like it.
I want blinders off to know that he's a fucking retard and that I really don't appreciate him posting here and ruining the thread with his self insert pedophillia green
Obviously blinders current green is better than theirs.
Bedfilly green with a lot of consensual lewd and cuddles when?
"I'm a person who likes to do what he wants to do, whether people like it or not. And what I do is designed for people who like it, not for people who don't."
- F. Zappa
Man, fuck all this pussy shit.
Get AWF outta here.
Tell Vega to step down.
Send Blinders home.
When are we gonna get a fucking real story again? When are we getting something classic, something old? A touch of renascence with a modern understanding. A story that'll take us back to the days of true slavery, of Skittles and room-mates?
What I'm asking is, Toiletslave when?
Ah: the good old days!
Yeah fuck all this weak shit

This is too much floof. Pony is going to overheat, and it will be difficult to keep clean and brushed.

Take that pony for a haircut.
File: 1927859.png (1.57 MB, 1280x1290)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
Is this the same SWF?
From the very first line:
>Your name is anon, you're a male unicorn
Is Anon allowed to be a pony?! There’s Anonfilly, but she’s kind of a special case. Anon is always a slender green man with a black suit and red tie, right? That’s how I always picture him in my mind anyway.
Probably come from the transformation general. Almost everyone outside that thread never liked the idea of non human anon
I've seen it done well a couple times. It's pretty rare and kind of easy to fuck up.
I never read one, Anon for my is always human and you can always use a OC instead of anon anytime. Using a pony anon without the cringy transformation bullshit is just leeching his "popularity" to make your pony interesting.
Reminder that hippobrothelfilly is a literal child toucher and belongs behind bars
I think we’ve already been “reminded” of that often enough, thanks. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten how you feel about him. We just don’t care.
I think he actually kills children after having sex with them he makes sausages out of them and sells them to the public. Including their own parents!! He's literally the boogeyman!!!!!
So... bedfilly. Yes or no?
I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if fuck you anon and blinders off anon are the same person
File: Spoiler Image (37 KB, 399x369)
37 KB
with so much argument and spam wiping last year scruffy would have caught that by now.
but if you look at when fuck you shows up, timezones are pretty interesting
File: 1271718.png (9 KB, 769x605)
9 KB
You're going to need more than one. Otherwise it's a pillowfilly.
The bed of fillies picture always makes me smile, never stop posting it.
>no dogs
>no vore
But I was thinking the same thing too. There’s something about his tone of voice... He’s just a very unhappy person.
This has to be true.
It’s impossible to know that it isn’t true, but I doubt it. He’s always been polite (aside from not using a trip: get a trip!), and if he was that busy hating on himself he wouldn’t have time to write!
Wishful thinking on my part. The idea that a writefag would create a couple sock puppets with a pathological hatred for his work in order to promote it strikes me as brilliant. I know it's unlikely, but it would be some evil genius level stuff.
There was similar speculation about Somewritefag and Fagfag back in the day. Again: impossible to know it wasn't true, but I doubted it as well.

Unless... What if Fagfag is Fuckoffguy? What it Somewritefag IS Blinders?! IT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!!!
>Pathological hatred ends up promoting it, to the extent this speculation becomes somewhat plausible.
Fuck off guy? Dickrider? Look upon what you have wrought, and weep. All your vitriol has only made your nemesis that much stronger! Maybe you should just an hero.
Noone knows?
Blinders off is a special kind of retard. What if he's spookums?
File: ufo.png (242 KB, 460x460)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Problem. Blinders off is really shitty. It could be swf if he suddenly picked up smoking reefer or something
I think it's unlikely. Look at someone like Fagfag, or Barneyfag, or Namor-fag and it's made incredibly clear that there are people on 4chan that are consumed by their hatred of stupid shit. To the point of obsession. You could probably write a really interesting case study on these kinds of people.
Sweet Pig bump. Busy on the rig right now, sorry no prompt.

Sure made things get quiet around here, didn't it?
Yeah cause whenever blinders off updates his shit story all the retards in the general go nuts. I'm neutral on blinders I really am, but if he's going to destroy this thread like this he should know better.
>I'm neutral on blinders I really am, but if he's going to destroy this thread like this he should know better.
What does that even mean? I understand the words but I don't see how they fit together in a meaningful way. Explain.
what hes saying is that if a single story being posted drives you away a thread you like, that's called "being a salty fuck" and you should stop letting complete strangers control your fun
its good advice
File: 804214.jpg (533 KB, 1300x1300)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
That makes sense, but I didn't get that from those words.
File: 1399042.png (562 KB, 900x900)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
>no pig update
How about a trade? You let us know how the pigs are doing and I'll try writing a short green
I miss the pigs.
Pigs are doing just fine! No lingering illness, no sudden fatalities, they’re happy and healthy. Sorry for being dead myself recently; I had a camp job in a rodent free facility and they spent two months at the pig sitters. Now they’re infesting my new stand-alone accommodation shack on here on the drilling lease, so they’re available for bumping duty for the next few weeks. /SPG/ is fairly healthy itself though, asside from some trolling, so the Sweet Pigs of Guinea rarely have a chance to post.
File: 1134839.png (2.72 MB, 3300x2100)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB PNG
Denying physical contact is the worst punishment you can imagine.
Delete this you sick fuck.
That's just after a couple days. Wonder what she'd be like after a few weeks.
File: 1966125.jpg (109 KB, 1600x900)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
File: 1413974904184.png (232 KB, 225x518)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
>wanting any kind of physical contact with master
Sorry but that only apply to good girl pegasus and cuddle slut slave like pic related
File: Slave Bandy and Pandy.jpg (1.06 MB, 1948x2200)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Hey guys. Once more I can't guarantee a new chapter of Blocky, but I drew again. These are a friend's OCs. I'm actually going down a list, so provided any others I make are actually, well, good, they'll probably be posted here, too.
I'm actually kinda proud of this one, though I've had a couple things pointed out to me that need fixed (snout and front hooves, mainly).
So they’re ALL slave Leihas? What’s the story there?
Eh? Oh, no story in these drawings. These are just done cause, well, I like the outfit. Each drawing's gonna be done with it on the pone.
The author appeal in the Blocky story just becomes more apparent with each post, I'd bet...
>well, I like the outfit.
Nothing wrong with that, but make up some backstory! Are they at a con? What do these particular extraterrestrial aliens think of the Star Wars franchise? Do they understand the subtle socio-economic message behind the outfit? You can still build a bridge between artistic self indulgence and good drama!
I like the way you think.
Maybe I'll eventually cook something up.
File: 1552003414645.gif (406 KB, 542x638)
406 KB
406 KB GIF
>tfw you want to make a collar version of picrelated but have no idea how to edit gifs
>Be the IRL slave of Anon.
>Cosplay as the slave of Jabba The Hutt.
Who’s idea was that; are they genuine fans of Empire, or are they ‘on duty’ and under Anons orders? How do they rate Anon as a slave owner compared to Jabba himself? Does Anon drop corny quotes from the movie at every opportunity, like “You will soon learn to appreciate me“ or “You weak minded fool!”? Does he pronounce them in English, or the Hutt language expecting them to understand?! Is Anons physique more or less corpulent than his screen idol? Slavery is a heavy burden at the best of times, but...
Reminder that in 16 hours path of exile synthesis drops so say good bye to your write fags for the next 2 weeks.
Who told you my secrets?
Stop wasting your time on unicorns.
/Global 1488

It's me A viable build/ fuck hc. M8
You make me want to write a short, unrelated green dealing with this concept. I can't argue with trips, either.
Maybe sometime soon. I don't like to make promises, but the will to try is there.
hey somewritefag, when the ever loving fuck are you going to exist again?

Unicorns will always become lazy DOTA addicts. Get a pegasus.
what, you want to get disappointed again?
That would be nice.
>Get a pegasus.
It's the only way to go.
File: IMG_6556.png (769 KB, 2000x2200)
769 KB
769 KB PNG
Remember to give your good girl lots of belly rubs for being a good girl
>running fingers through chestfloof
I have it on good authority he'll be back soon, although maybe not with a shiny and Corona update.
swf don't start another story until you finish Corona
>finish Corona
yes, Corona does deserve to finish, go balls deep in that slave mare and make her cum already!
You spelled Shiny and gelding wrong
The water wasting assassin got deployed on a higher priority mission.
Didn't Shiny's Master mention gelding at one point?
Rebellious stallions need to be gelded to turn them into docile riding ponies.
>art imitates life
This is fucking lewd! FUCKING LEWD!!!!
Even the bedfilly poster is less degenerate than you
oops I am back
Scoops the Sissy Stallion Slave is a good boy. A GOOD BOY!!!
File: 1863529.png (95 KB, 612x762)
95 KB
kirin story when?
File: 1552064922158.png (52 KB, 119x246)
52 KB
This explains so much of SOoT
>yfw you'll never fuck your mare like this
That dang Kirin eating all my bread.
a good start but needs more cuddling

theyre carb fiends
poor, innocent little pudden seems awfully hungry.

> You're nearly done with the lunch dishes when Amethyst excuses herself and leaves for her afternoon classes. You're tempted to follow her, but you still have the question to ask Will.
> Instead, you shift to her stool and start working on the final few plates and bowls, while the human takes up drying in addition to stacking.
> "So, you and Amethyst are roommates?" he asks after you you both get comfortable with the new tasks.
"Yes. We also have some classes together," you clarify.
> "That's cool."
> Nothing further seems forthcoming, so you swallow a lump and look around for Mrs. Evelyn. The main cook is far enough so she wouldn't hear you.
"Um, can I ask you a question?"
> "Sure."
> Of course the human didn't pick up on your anxiety and continues to dry the plates you give him without even glancing in your direction.
"Can you keep it a secret?" you venture.
> This time his hands stop and the young man looks at you with raised eyebrows. "Um... sure?" he ventures, a bit uncertainly.
> "This is going to be something illegal, isn't it?"
> You scrunch up your muzzle in apprehension. How can he know?!
> Will looks at your expression for a few seconds, then he sighs and his shoulders sag. "Okay, I promise I won't tell anyone."
> You watch his face closely, trying to spot a lie, but you can't see it. To the best of your judgement, Will looks like a truthful and earnest young man.
> Maybe he's hoping for a little something with Amethyst, too, so he'll be extra nice to her friends? Not that he would get anything beside a bit of flirting, you think.
> The rules on this couldn't be clearer, nor the punishment more dire. Amethyst knows it too, but just flirting, you think, is okay.

"If some pony from the School asked me to get them a couple of movies for their iPad - could you help me do that, without telling anyone? It's not exactly allowed..."
> Your heart is racing as you wait for the outrage and the rush to tattle on you. You hadn't told him any names, so you could just deny everything, you hope.
> He doesn't seem inclined to get you in trouble and gives it some serious thought.
> "I guess," he says slowly, "if I brought my laptop in one day. Is that it?"
> Is that it?! He sounded like you asked for nothing of importance. Doesn't he know the rules about electronics in the Pony School?!
"Um. Yes?" you venture.
> "Is that why Amethyst brought you in here?" the young man asks, quite shrewdly in your opinion.
> The admission makes your ears lower and that in turn makes Will chuckle. "Don't worry about it," he says. "Your secret is safe with me."
> You scramble to try and improve the impression you'd just given.
"I still wanna come help sometimes. It's not hard work and I like cookies..."
> That just makes him laugh harder. "Okay, okay, I believe you. So, what kind of movies?"
> Your ears perk up now that the plan has worked and you're about to get something nice for yourself and your roommates.
"Umm, a couple of romance ones, if you can? Maybe a comedy? Oh, and at least one action movie, please!"
> You need to get something for the colts, or you'll never hear the end of it from Paolo.
> Will nods to himself. "Yeah, I've got a few suggestions. Okay, I'll get the movies and tell you or Amethyst when they're ready. I have to read up on how to get them on an iPad, too."
> You reach over and hug the young man in excitement.
"Thank you!"

> It's a good thing you're hanging on his shoulders, or the rotating stool would have thrown you off. As it is, you end up giving Will a somewhat tighter hug than you'd intended.
"Oops, sorry!" you squeak in surprise.
> The human catches you around the waist - that is the second time in about as many hours - and again you feel how warm his hands are.
> You steady yourself with a hoof on the counter as quickly as you can and Will releases you, much to your relief.
> A little longer and you'd start wondering how those hands felt elsewhere.
> Eep! You look around for something else to think about.
> There's one dish left - a tartar sauce bowl.
> At least, you think, Amethyst hadn't licked them clean as she washed. That would have really grossed you out.
> You finish the job and pass it over to Will, who wipes it dry and adds it to the stack.
"There, I think that's all for now."
> He inspects the dishes you'd cleaned and grins. "You're right. Good job!" he praises and then waves to the woman.
> "We're done over here, Mrs. Evelyn!" Will shouts.
> The cook turns around and sees that the job is indeed finished, so she comes closer to inspect the results. She examines the stack of plates and another of smaller bowls.
> "Nice job," she praises at last. "I didn't see Amethyst leave."
"Oh, she has classes. She was in a bit of a hurry, I think, so she didn't say bye."
> The woman shrugs to herself. "Well, tell her thanks for me, will you? Now, let's get you something nice for your trouble!"
> As the plump cook bustles away, you share a secret smile with Will and he pats your mane.
> "I'll see you around, I hope?"
> You have to remember to thank Amethyst later. Coming up with this idea to help the humans in the kitchen was pure brilliance.

> Carefully climbing down from the stool, you give the human a big smile.
"I'll come and help out sometimes if I don't have classes!" you promise.
> He nods at you, then grabs the stack of plates and takes them away, probably to get them ready for the evening rush.
> Left alone, you look idly around the room, trying to guess at the function of some of those big, scary machines, until the cook returns with a small paper bag.
> "Chocolate chip. You like chocolate chip, don't you?"
> You bob your head up and down in delight.
> "Good. There's a couple for you and Amethyst and a few extra for your friends in the room. Don't tell anyone, it'll just be our little secret, okay?"
> The woman winks and you nod again, smiling happily.
> Even your tail swishes around a little when the woman bends down and you grab the bag with your mouth.
"'aanh 'oo!"
> "You're welcome, sweetie. See you around!"

> ~~~~

> The ending credits start to roll and you finally budge your eyes from the tiny screen.
> The faint light illuminates just enough for you to see that there isn't a dry muzzle under the blanket. Even your own eyes are wet and leaking.
> Next to you, Iskra sniffles and wipes her nose with a foreleg. Her wing, which has crept around you and - undoubtedly - Amethyst on her other side, twitches in a faint hug.
> "W-What is it called again?" the pegasus asked in a quiet, husky voice.
"Lake House," you answer, not sounding much better.
> Such a beautiful story. So very nearly heartbreaking there at the end, but so satisfying when Alex showed up just before the end.
> Your gaze meets Valentina's, who is lying across from you and you both smile. For her the movie was upside down, you realize, but the mare hadn't complained.

> Poking the device with your nose to stop it, you can't help but let out a long, shuddering sigh.
"That was beautiful."
> There's a chorus of agreements and a few more sniffles. Iskra's wing presses you against the pegasus once more.
> "Can you get any m-more?" Felicity asks from your other side. She is perhaps doing better than the rest of you and doesn't seem *too* affected by the romantic movie. She stands up and pulls the blanket off to get you all some fresh air.
> The intrusion of the outside world dispels the magic of the moment a little, but you still nuzzle against Iskra, grateful to have your roommates with you.
> Had you watched the movie alone, you would undoubtedly have bawled your eyes out. It had all the makings of a very poignant tragedy and the happy ending just made it hit that much harder.
> It really put into perspective just how sad the movie could have been if Alex had in fact died in that car accident.
> You need to take a couple of deep breaths, while Iskra starts talking with Amethyst in a reverential whisper.
> "Do you think they'll be happy together?" the pegasus asks.
> Amethyst doesn't even have to think about it: "Duh! Of course! Didn't you hear the letters?!"
> As they discuss what they'd seen, you gather up the iPad and the headphones. Martin hadn't given you the charger, so you wouldn't be tempted to steal the marvellous little device.
> In fact, you were to bring it back to them the minute the movie ended. It had been a condition for you borrowing it at all!
> The headphones had worked pretty well, you think. Paolo had really outdone himself. You didn't even have to raise the volume all the way and the five of you had heard everything quite comfortably.

> Voices and music had been a bit tinny, but well worth the effort. It had been quite an experience.
"Um, I gotta take this back," you explain as you slide the iPad into the small canvas bag one of the colts had scrounged up somewhere.
> "Now?!" Valentina asks. "It's the middle of the night! Can't it wait until morning?"
> You have a suspicion she would try and watch another movie once the rest of you fell asleep. The young mare had been positively entranced by the screen, even before you started 'The Lake House'.
> Taking the iPad away would actually be doing her a kindness, you decide.
"Sorry. I promised. I'll borrow it again sometime and I'll see if I can get more movies on it."
> "I wouldn't mind watching this again," Iskra says. "It was wonderful!"
> Amethyst reaches over the pegasus so she can hug you. "Thank you *so* much, Rosa! I love you!"
> You chuckle at her exclamation. You're all a bit emotional after the movie.
"Well, you helped me get it, remember? You're the one who knew Will from the kitchens!"
> "Thank you!" Iskra exclaims and wraps poor Amethyst in her wings. After a quick nuzzle she even starts kissing her muzzle. "Thank you! Thank you!" she mutters between kisses.
> Well, now you know what kind of movie to get to make Iskra happy.
> Valentina stretches and slips from the bed. "Anyway, I have classes in the morning, so if you don't mind, I'll turn in."
> "Yeah, me too," Felicity says and follows suit.
> You scoop the headphones into the bag with the iPad, which just leaves the two ponies on Iskra's bed.
> That one was picked because it was the softest - Iskra had complained about her wings so she had gotten a special mattress for pegasi.

> Right now, she and Amethyst seem to be cuddling so you just cover them both with their blanket and pat it a few times, gently, with your hoof.
"Good night, you two," you tell them.
> You take the bag in your mouth, make your way to the door and lean a careful ear on the wood.
> Now that you're thinking about it, maybe you should have left someone at the door in case the night guard came, but then again both you and Felicity have good ears and you would probably have heard the footsteps.
> Well, too late now. Besides, nothing happened.
> The hallway seems quiet, so you carefully push the door open and set hoof outside. It's tiles, compared to the carpet in the room, and you place each leg very cautiously so as not to make any noise.
> You shut the door behind you and start making your way down the hall to the colts' room.
> As you're carefully walking, your ears keep alternating between fully upright to scan for any unusual sounds and completely flat out of guilt and embarrassment for all the rules you are breaking.
> It's not *too* bad what you're doing, you tell yourself. It was just a fun movie for you and the girls and now you're taking the colts' iPad back to them. You're not disturbing anyone.
> In fact, you're walking extra quietly so you wouldn't draw any attention. You understand why the rule is there, but breaking it like this isn't *too* bad, right?
> Still in deep thought, you make it to the correct door and give it a very gentle knock.
> You hear a small gasp from inside and then hooves landing on the carpet. You hope it will be Paolo who opens the door.
> It is! His familiar blue coat looks almost black in the dim light, but his mane is much lighter, unmistakably identifying the pegasus.

> You sit on your haunches and drop the bag into your hooves, so you can offer it to the other pony.
"Hi! I brought the iPad back," you whisper.
> "Oh!"
> The young colt smiles at you and that makes your heart beat faster. You can't help grinning right back.
> "How was the movie?"
> Again you sigh and close your eyes as you remember that last scene with the kiss.
"We all loved it," you murmur.
> In the spur of the moment you lay the bag on the floor and reach over so you can hug the colt.
"Thank you so, so much!"
> You press his muzzle against yours while the colt stiffens in surprise. You give him a quick nuzzle and that relaxes him right back until you're almost worried he'll drag you both down to the floor.
> He can't, not a light pegasus like him, even if he is a colt, but his reaction almost makes you giggle.
> You guiltily remember Amethyst's admonition not to get too close, but you can't help it right now.
> The movie had been *too* romantic!
"Thanks," you whisper again and give Paolo's cheek a small kiss.
> "Mmmhm," the colt murmurs, completely failing to say a word.
> You release him and nudge the bag closer to him. Paolo doesn't seem to notice it with his eyes closed and a cute little smile on his muzzle.
> He shifts and turns partly away, as if he's hiding something.
> You have a pretty good idea what he's hiding and it makes you blush. Suddenly you don't think it's a good idea to be out at night.
"Anyway, I'm gonna go back to bed. See you tomorrow."
> That finally wakes the colt up and he heaves a forlorn sigh. "Yeah. You can borrow this whenever you want, okay? I'll talk with Martin."
> You stand up and turn to leave, but Paolo's whisper makes you pause.
> "Um, Rosa?"

> When you glance back, the colt can't quite meet your eyes. "Um, we could w-watch a movie... you know. Together. Sometime..."
> He's having such trouble with the sentence that you again nearly giggle. Your mischievous streak flares up and you know the perfect reply.
"Sure! I think the girls would like that!"
> You're almost sorry when you see the bewildered and disappointed look on his muzzle.
> "N-No!" he says quickly in a loud whisper. "I m-mean, um. I mean j-just us. You and, uh, me. You know?"
> You turn back to give him a quick nuzzle goodbye.
"I know. Yes, maybe. Good night!"
> With that you hurry away. You know your hooves are loud and the sound seems to echo across the hall, but for some reason you want to leave quickly, before your resolve weakens.
> Flirting is okay, but anything more serious would get you both in trouble. Paolo much more than you, in fact.
> If you really like the colt, you'll make it clear to him that nothing can happen.
> You decide you'll let him dream tonight and then have a heart to heart with him tomorrow after class.
> Who knows - maybe you'll dream as well?
> With the movie you'd just seen, you have a pretty good feeling what sort of a dream it will be.

> ~~~~

> You are only a tiny bit sleepy due to your late-night movie watching. It's nothing you can't handle and not even as bad as the few times you had to study for a test until nearly morning.
> Today, however, the lesson is part of your Assistant Pony class and by all accounts a difficult one.
> You're on your way to the classroom when Rosemary catches up to you and falls in step. Her rump bumps yours briefly in greeting.
> "Hey Rosa," the young mare greets.

> She is your assigned partner for today's lesson and you've just been thinking about how to find her.
"Oh. Hello!"
> Rosemary gives you a very friendly grin. "So, tard wrangling class today?"
> The word makes you gasp. It's very, *very* discouraged to use it in the School, especially by Assistant Pony trainees, lest it slip out while you're on the job!
"Don't say that!" you hiss in a whisper.
> It just makes Rosemary laugh and she tosses her orange mane out of her eyes. "It's okay, Rosa. Humor helps, you'll see."
> You don't know what exactly she means by it, but you drop the topic and pick another one.
"You're almost finished with the program, right?"
> "Mhm!" the pony answers with a happy nod. "Got my assignment the other week. I'm just helping Instructor Martha until the paperwork is done and then they're flying me away. East Coast."
> It sounds like she is happy with her placement.
"You already know what kind of a child you'll get?"
> Again the mare nods. "Sure! Twins, Down's. Six years old. Names Lucy and Sally."
> It's not much to go on, but you feel uplifted at the news. You envy Rosemary a little bit.
"They sound lovely. I'm happy for you," you say with only a touch of a lie.
> The mare is perceptive and catches the words you didn't say. "Don't worry, you'll get a good posting too, I'm sure! Especially after I teach you a few tricks today!"
> Your envy quickly fades. Rosemary had worked hard to excel in her classes and deserves this chance.
> You both stop at the classroom door, but then Rosemary simply pushes it open and goes inside. Two humans are already present, you spot as you follow her. Instructor Martha and a young man you vaguely remember teaches one of the other Profession programs.

> The middle of the room is cleared and all the desks and chairs have been pushed to the sides.
> Your lesson today is a pretty 'physical' one, after all.
> "Ah, zere you are, right on time!" the Instructor exclaims and stands up from her desk. "Zis is Lucas, who will be helping us with our practice today."
> The man inclines his head and you take a moment to place him.
"Oh! The Delivery Pony program! It's nice to meet you, sir."
> You extend a hoof upwards for a shake, but the human laughs good-naturedly and waves it away. "No need to get this formal with me, girl. Not with what we'll be practicing."
> The memory of what the class entails makes you blush, but you cover it with a grin.
> Behind you, Rosemary slaps her forehooves together and smiles in expectation. "Okay, let's get this show on the road!"
> You gulp, trying to calm down your breathing. Luckily, Martha spots how nervous you are and takes pity. "Why don't we start with you, Rosemary?" the Instructor suggests. "Show us what you've learned."
> The mare is happy to obey and steps forward. You hurriedly move to the edge of the classroom and watch closely.
> Lucas starts by simply sitting down on the floor. For a moment you think that makes it too easy, but when Rosemary approaches, his hand shoots out and slaps her lightly on the muzzle.
> The pony giggles at the lucky hit, then darts forward, deftly dodging under Lucas' arm as he tries to push her away. In moments Rosemary is behind the sitting man, but he is already twisting his torso to follow the pony.
> It's too late - with incredible ease the mare hooks her forelegs under Lucas' shoulders and hugs him from behind.
> You think she's already won, but the man doesn't give up. He makes a little grunt as he pushes back and tries to dislodge the pony.

> "Shhh, shhhh," Rosemary coos to the man, as if he were one of the children you'd had the other day. "It's okay," the mare says softly, "I've got you."
> Not quite willing to give up, Lucas flails his arms to try and land a blow on the mare. You're not afraid he might hurt her - earth ponies are strong enough to take even a grown man's punch with nothing more than a bruise.
> "No, no, that's not fair!" Rosemary squeaks as she receives a well placed slap on her rump. She quickly shifts her grip and manages to get her hind legs around the human's waist.
> Lucas grabs her hooves on his belly and tries to pry them apart, but that is a big mistake. Almost effortlessly Rosemary shifts her forelegs around and pins the man's arms to his body.
> "Give up?" she asks, breathing heavily.
> Lucas tries to free his arms for a few moments, visibly straining against the vice-grip of the pony wrapped around him, then he yields.
> "Okay, okay, you got me," he says finally.
> Beside you, Instructor Martha claps her hands together a few times in applause. "Zat was very well done," she praises.
> Rosemary releases her captive human and gives a slight bow. Both she and Lucas are grinning now and you feel less nervous about your turn.
> Before he gets up, the man pats the young mare on her back. "That was very neat, Rosemary. Good job."
> The pony just nods and returns to you. Her brown fur doesn't seem any worse for wear, but there's a tangle or two in her mane - nothing serious.
> You hope you'll look half as good after your turn.
> "You saw all zat, Rosa?" Martha asks.
"Yes, Instructor. Firm, but gentle," you repeat the motto of this particular class.
> "Exactly right. Okay, now you show us."

> Lucas grins and winkes at you! It threatens to bring the blush back, but you shake your head and put your mind to the task.
> This time, it looks like he will crouch, no doubt to try and avoid your grip.
> You approach him slowly. It will take cunning and strength to capture the human without hurting him.
> Meanwhile, Martha repeats some of the lesson: "Remember Rosa - ze goal is to immobilize a problematic child as quickly as possible. You must not allow for ze furniture to get damaged, or especially for ozer people to get hurt, yes?"
"Of course, Instructor," you confirm.
> "You must also grab ze child in such a way zat he might be administered medication or food while you hold him."
> The grip from behind which Rosemary had displayed was a favourite. It put a young human entirely under a mare's control, until an adult could be summoned to take control of the situation.
> Sometimes, Assistant Ponies were also expected to gently immobilize their charge until their parents could give them any pills they might need, or wash them, or change their clothes.
> For some reason, being held by a pony seems more like a hug, or play-wrestling, than restraint to most of these poor, damaged humans. It causes them a lot less stress than if another human were to try it.
> It was a minor duty, but an important one. You needed to impress with this.
> You square your shoulders and prepare your plan of attack for Lucas.
> Of course he won't make it easy on you - if he did, Instructor Martha would be angry with both you and him, and rightly so.
> Before you have a chance to overthink it, you lunge, trusting your instincts to do what needs to be done.
> After all, it's almos like wrestling...

Messed up some links up there because for some reason, sometimes, the new posts don't appear for a while.

Anyway, more of Rosa's (mis)adventures in this one, but we're getting to the end of her school days (I think the end of next update will be our sweet little filly moving on to bigger and better things).
As always, pastebin is here: https://pastebin.com/D8eBZPe0
>sweet little filly
She is basically a teen/young mare. Nice update btw, I hope rosa find a good master/job
> After all, it's almos like wrestling...
Lucha libre cutie mark for rosa in the next update?
>So, tard wrangling class today
I kekked
Why tho?
File: Spoiler Image (678 KB, 1350x1350)
678 KB
678 KB PNG
Hey aspiring, what made you want to write this green? Also, I can't help but feel creeped out reading your updates unfortunately. I don't know if that was the intended effect but it's definitely a hard detour from your previous work. Also, your depiction of retards and the work the ponies have to do is too idealistic and pretty, almost blatantly wrong. I had to do safety audits for some of these facilities irl and the children in your green are way to complacent and non-violent. You're also forgetting the part where they drug the fuck out of them with medication to keep them barely manageable. I think the whole premise of your newest story is flawed as a private enterprise, state, or local government wouldn't train ponies as assistants if the cost of doping the poop smearing disabled costs a tenth of what it takes to house, feed, and train a pony for however many years. That's what happens irl, no one want to deal with the mentally incapable or the elderly, that's why abuse is rampant. I suppose that's why I'm creeped out, your story has such a dark premises and very little hope for any of the ponies there and then you're suddenly like "whoops here's a horse boner" or "exploring abused pony sexuality electric boogaloo". You make it seem like rosa and friends have been there since birth and can only be this one thing which is fucked. your story is fucked up awf, just figured I'd give you a heads up.
Interesting take. I like it. Then again I like creepy stuff, the constraints of an institutionalized banality of evil and the frustrated sexuality that comes with it.

Firstly, thank you very much for voicing this! I appreciate the time and the thoughts.

Why exactly I landed on this story? It's a similar process to my previous stories. I had a faint idea I liked and thought a bit about it and it seemed like it would be an interesting story to write.

Thank you for the insight into the realities of (mentally) disabled and the tragic stories happening in them - I admit I am not too closely familiar with that entire topic, so I did a lot of guessing for part of this green. If it helps, this element of the story is just in the introduction.

I'll also admit I didn't think too hard about economic viability of Pony-slavery, but I will give it some thought now and see if I can reconcile it, at least to an extent. The story (the way I'm planning) will turn around quite a bit before the end.

I completely understand that you dislike the way it's going now. If it doesn't sit well with you, then perhaps the next green - I try very hard to vary my themes and settings for each story, sos I can try out different things. Push myself out of comfort zone, y'know? (Try, at least)
It's kind of like a sweeter version of Filly Brothel without the implied constant rape. And I mean that in a good way.
I'm getting creeped out in the "this person is romanticizeing the systematic abuse of children" kinda way.
It's a slaver world, so it's bound to be dystopian. Part of the appeal for me is the mix of horror and cute.
Awf is the new filly brothel?
When is rosa going to fuck the new guy in exchange for ice cream and more movies awf?? WHEN???
El rosa jr.? Juan paolo?
This is a hippodrome prequel and you degenerate fucks can't convince me otherwise. Awf = hippofillyoff
Never because rosa isn't filly enough. Why go for the middle hormonal teenage horse when even a bedmare is a better option
>even a bedmare
*cuck your path*
Rosa would be an excellent bedmare, dare I say... the best? Aspiring writefags green is entirely a waste if rosa doesn't get bought by a loving master and have her marehood thoroughly plowed. She's probably the biggest slut out of all the mares easily able to flag her tail the highest of all of them.
File: 1551658049820.png (2.9 MB, 1505x1356)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB PNG
never ever
>new posts don't appear for a while
crtl + f5

Thanks for the update.

TLDR version:
Please introduce the main conflict already!

TL version:
I still dont get where all of this is heading. I assume you are going to use some of these scenes for something, not just a slice of life. Your other greens did not have such "pointless" scenes. They were somehow all connected to the main conflict at some point. Or headed that way.
Also I cant place the duality of the people to anywhere. The mares think that they get punished for watching movies, having relationships. On the other hand they can easily convince staff for treats (cookies, movie, ?headphones?, charger, etc), which are against the rules.
You said there wont be sexualize the fillies (can we call them fillies?) but you constantly do. Im ok with either but make it clear.
So far I dont like this. I mean, with all your previous green I was hooked nearly instantly. But not with this. Its just soo different for all of your other green. Regardless, keep it coming, Im sure you will make it worth the read.
I personally love seeing Rosa's exploits and her journey to be a future helper mare. I like this new character a lot. Keep it up m8
File: 1980333.png (1.06 MB, 985x1085)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Have you pet your poner today, /spg/? As communal herd animals, poners need a lot of physical affection and close contact. If they feel neglected they may turn to misbehavior as a method of getting attention.
Can't she be a helper mare somewhere else? Why autistic fuckers? There's plenty of other industries that could actually use them for far better purposes. I don't want to read about that shit
I’m feeling the same cringe, but I think that’s the point. If it were a job persons were willing to do for any reasonable amount of money, it wouldn’t need slaves to do it. Like others have said, I’m finding it hard reading but I trust Aspiring to make it all worthwhile. Break was an uplifting tale of redemption despite it’s more SiM than SiM introduction.
File: Slave Dala.jpg (664 KB, 1700x2200)
664 KB
664 KB JPG
Well, I did another one. I should probably just put out the disclaimer now that these are all gonna be my friend's OCs until I decide to do canon stuff. These are sort of being done cause I like these OCs and wanna throw them in the outfit, and I just figure since it's slave that you guys might be interested.
In any case, I figured since that anon from before asked about a story behind a drawing, I wanna say this OC, Dala Vault, is clearly not happy with her current arrangement. She's not used to having no control over the situation, and her master is clearly relishing in both that and having her as something of a piece of eye candy.
Not sure that sates the story-desire, but it's something, I guess.
I like her grump.
I fear the payout isn't worth the struggle. Unless rosa becomes a bedmare all is for naught
I think of it like college classes. They teach you all kinds of shit you nope you never have to do for professions like this. This is stuff she has to know on the chance she'll go to a shit out of luck dead end slave job dealing with autistic kids where the better scenario would be working with a good blind man. Or a vet that lot a good portion of his limbs in service.
>Or a vet that lost his limbs in the Equestrian campaign.
Or a veterinarian that lost a limb, and needs help with the odd recalcitrant patient, who might also be a pony.

There’s all sorts of cool places it could go.
That's a really needy bedfilly

> You settle back into the rhythm of school life. The hole where Maribelle should be hurts, especially at night, but you keep going with your other friends.
> Luckily, it doesn't seem anyone else is likely to get a cutie mark, so that's a relief.
> There was one particular night when Amethyst started crying and you went to comfort her with a nuzzle, then ended up cuddling with her and swapping stories about Maribelle until morning.
> God, you miss that filly!
> You push your half-eaten bowl of porridge away and sigh. That's fine, you're not really hungry and you also have classes in twenty minutes. Just time enough to go freshen up in your room and say good morning to your roommates.
> Getting up, you slide the tray on you back and take it to the window in the wall. It takes you a moment to recognize the cook who accepts it.
"Oh, hi Mrs. Evelyn," you greet politely.
> "Aw, something's got you down sweetheart?"
> You shake your head and force a grin for the kind woman.
"It's just early, but thanks for asking!"
> The woman returns the smile and reaches over the window to pat you. You raise your head up to make it easier for her.
> A good head pat is always welcome, no matter your mood.
> "Coming to help us for the evening rush tonight?" the woman asks hopefully.
> You weren't planning to, but now you change your mind. There's a report you have to write and was hoping to get a head start in the evening, but it could wait until tomorrow.
"Actually, I think I will. Maybe it'll take my mind off..." you say, but trail off as you don't want to whine.
> The woman reaches somewhere beside her and then looks around if anyone is watching. "Here," she says in a quieter voice and holds her hand out to you.
> It's a sugar lump and your moth chomps down on it almost without your conscious control.

> That brings a genuine smile back to your muzzle.
"Thank you!"
> The woman simply chuckles and you bow your head to her and leave.
> As you make your way up the stairs you muse at how strange the world is. Humans can be so understanding and kind, but then there's the mother-and-foal thing, or the cutie mark thing. Or the bars on windows and guards at night.
> Sometimes you get a really bad feeling about the school and you're both afraid and ashamed of your thoughts.
> You wonder if you should mention them to Martha. The Instructor has probably heard all sorts of things from the ponies under her care, so she might know what it means or what to do.
> For some reason, the idea of explaining your fears to the human scares you even more.
> You shake your head to dislodge the worrisome thoughts just as you arrive on your floor.
> There's a very young filly sitting beside your door, but you don't pay her any mind. Maybe she's waiting for one of your roommates to wake up.
> It's not uncommon for the more diligent ponies to be assigned younger partners to help guide them.
"Morning," you say politely.
> "Oh!" the young thing squeaks, suddenly nervous. She doesn't look you in the eye. "Um, miss Rosa?" she asks.
> You stop, but glance over at the clock above the window at the end of the hall. Time is moving and you can't spend too long chatting with ponies.
> "Uh, I'm here-" she begins, but thinks better of it. "Well, um, Instructor Martha asked me to get you... c-can you go to her office right away?"
> This is very unusual. You have never experienced being called like this, nor have you ever heard of anyone else being summoned in this manner.
> You wonder what urgent news the Instructor might have and you breath catches.

> Maybe it's about Maribelle?! The mare had been in your thoughts for most of the morning, maybe that's a sign?
> The filly seems to be waiting for your response.
"Thank you for telling me. I know the way, you can go to your class. Uh, what's your name?"
> "L-L-Lacey, miss," she squeaks nervously.
> You make sure to give her a warm smile.
"That's a lovely name. What room are you in?"
> "O-One Bee," comes the shaky answer.
> You do a bit of mental mapping and nod to yourself. She's a floor below you, almost Rosemary's neighbor.
"That's nice. Run along now, sweetheart."
> Already you've decided you'll save your cookies from helping Mrs. Evelyn tonight and bring them to Lacey and her roommates as a treat. After all, you have fond memories of some older mare doing the same a few times when you were a little filly.
> As she scurries away, you look at your dorm room and try to decide if you should powder your muzzle and put on the scent, but decide against it.
> If Martha had sent a pony to fetch you, it must really be important. It wouldn't be nice to keep her waiting a minute longer than it was necessary.
> You turn smartly and trot back down the stairs and towards the Instructor's office.

> ~~~~

> Instructor Martha opens the door and flashes you a quick smile. "Oh, Rosa. Come in, come in."
> She seems a bit uneasy and that makes you nervous as you follow her into the room. There two other people present. You recognize Sally Gaeta from the Placement Office and Ian Freely.
> The thin lady with a friendly face is the human who ultimately decides where each pony goes.
> Beside her is the tall, bearded figure of Mr. Freely, the school headmaster.
> You're suddenly very aware of your illicit help in the kitchen and your shenanigans with the colts and their iPad.
Being a bedmare?

> Surely they aren't going to expel you for that, are they?
> You nearly whimper in fright and your tail tucks tightly between your hind legs even as your ears fold down.
> "Come here, sit," Instructor Martha says and pushes a low chair closer to you.
> Just in time, too. You don't think you could make another step, not with the way your legs have gone all weak. You gratefully sit and try your very best not to tremble.
> You risk a glance at the two faces before you, while the Instructor goes back to sit at her desk.
> They don't *look* mad. If anything, you'd say Mrs. Gaeta is worried and Mr. Freely is determined.
> Despite whatever they are going to do to you, there is such a thing as manners. You were raised to be polite, so you do your best.
"Um, h-hello," you manage with a very shaky voice.
> "Yes, right. Rose-ah," Mr. Freely begins. You don't correct him.
> The Placement Director Gaeta puts her hand on the headmaster's sleeve. "Actually, it's pronounced 'Rosa', Ian."
> The man inclines his head. "My apologies. Another one of yours, Martha, I see. You really do pick the strangest names."
> Your Instructor just grins. "A small somezing to remind me of home, headmaster."
> He has already forgotten about it and addresses you instead: "Now, Miss Rosa. The reason we asked you here today is to give you some good news."
> Your muzzle falls open. Good news?! That's surely a joke, or a mistake. You haven't done anything noteworthy and most of the things you've been up to lately were against school rules.
> If the man was trying to use humor to ease the punishment he was doing a poor job of it.
> You still force your mouth closed and incline your head.
"Yes, H-Headmaster."
> Sally takes it from there. "It seems, Rosa, that a... unique position has opened up. An opportunity, really."

> You glance from the woman to Instructor Martha, but you can't read anything in their faces.
> The bearded Mr. Freely sighs and brings his hands together, crossing his fingers as if he was going to pray. His thumbs circle each other.
> "We don't want to beat about the bush, Rosa. A very important benefactor to this School has specifically requested your services. It's not exactly what you've been training for, but it's a limited duration contract and I think it would be a good learning experience for you."
> It takes a moment for the words to make sense. You are a little afraid of the Headmaster so you address your question to Mrs. Gaeta.
"I'm being p-placed, ma'am?" you squeak.
> The woman smiles, but you can see it's forced. "That's right, Rosa. I know it's a little sudden, but the job is not onerous and you would be well cared for. The assignment is for two years and then you would come back to finish your Assistant Pony training."
> She leans a bit closer in her chair and lowers her voice a tiny bit: "If you do well, I'll make sure you have a choice in your next assignment, okay?"
> You still can't make heads or tails about the situation, so you fall back on a certainty you know:
"B-But my t-training isn't done. I still have another y-year..."
> Your eyes seek out Instructor Martha for support.
> The woman sighs and lowers her gaze. "Zat is true," she confirms, "but you have been doing exceedingly well in your lessons, Rosa. Besides, zis is not an Assistant Pony position."
"What k-kind of a position is it?"
> Sally answers that one: "This is more like a housemaid. Nothing too hard - dusting, sweeping, washing, laundry..."
> The way her voice trails off tells you there's more, but the woman doesn't want to say it.

> Again, the headmaster seems to grow impatient: "Damn it woman, just come out and say it. You'll also have to take care of his two children, Rosa. There, that's it. A maid and a nanny, is that so hard to say?"
> For a moment you're stunned. They said it wasn't an Assistant Pony position. That could only mean...
"T-The children do not have Special Needs?" you quaver.
> "No, nothing like that," Mr. Freely explains. "They're just two normal kids. Besides, they're seven and twelve, so at most you'll have to make them meals and clean up their rooms, nothing onerous. Really, Sally, you're making a bigger deal out of this than it has to be."
> The people fall silent and wait for your response. You look from the headmaster's impatient face, to Sally's uncomfortable grimace and then to Martha's impenetrable stony expression.
> Still lost, you cling to what you know.
"B-But I'm studying for Assistant P-Pony. Some c-children with Special needs... um, need me."
> Sally gets up from her chair and comes to crouch beside yours. She lays a hand in your mane and you welcome the comfort. Her face softens and the woman smiles.
> "You're a very sweet pony, Rosa. I promise you will get to do that, just - a bit later. We'll make sure no needy child goes wanting while you're on this assignment, okay?"
> "Jesus, it's not like she has a choice," Mr. Freely says behind Sally and it makes your ears flop down again.
> He is right. If they give you this assignment, you have no choice but to take it.
> It's not what you wanted, but at least there's two children you'll care for. You can be a good pony and help them a little along the way. It would still put the skills you've learned to good use.
> Besides, you don't want to let neither Sally nor Martha down in front of the Headmaster.

"I'll be happy to h-help, Mrs. Gaeta," you say with as much of a smile as you can muster.
> "That's a good girl," the woman praises. "Don't worry, there's still some paperwork to finish. You will start next Monday, so you can go and say goodbye to all your friends."
> An unwelcome memory of Maribelle creeps into your mind. She hadn't had a chance to say bye.
"W-What should I tell them?"
> "The truth," Sally answers. "It's just an assignment, Rosa. A bit unorthodox because Mr. Boone asked for you specifically, but still just an assignment."
> You haven't heard the name yet, but you commit it to memory. Your new boss, Mr. Boone.
"Why m-me?"
> Instructor Martha has the answer to this one. "He came to see your class with ze children a few weeks ago and he was quite impressed by how you handled ze situation."
> Sally brushes your mane with her fingers and then leans in to give your nose a kiss. "That's it. We're all very proud of your progress, sweetheart. You have my personal guarantee you'll finish your training for Assistant Pony and then..."
> She looks back at the Headmaster, who shrugs. Sally continues: "It's not exactly customary to let ponies pick their assignments, but we'll make an exception for you, okay?"
> That would be an amazing boon - you could choose the poor child where you'd do the most good. You could make sure it was a young girl, because you think those need the most encouragement. You could even pick a family that isn't well off, so they finally get something nice in their lives.
> The Assistant Pony program was partially financed by the Government, but most ponies went to wealthy families despite that, which made you a little sad.
> People who would need your services the most would end up deprived.

> Except now you can change this!
> It is already making your heart glow with warmth and the smile you give Sally is genuine this time.
"Thank you, Mrs. Gaeta."
> She chuckles and bops your nose with a finger. "Just Sally, okay?" Then the woman stands and returns to her seat.
> "Great. Thank you for your help, Martha. I'll go and get the paperwork started."
> "Yeah, you do that," Mr. Freely answers instead of the Instructor. "I'll go call Mr. Boone and tell him."
> They both file out of the room and you're left with Martha, who watches you strangely.
> "I know zis is not what you thought would happen, but it is still a good opportunity, Rosa. Make us proud and you'll find your future a lot easier, okay?"
> You nod to the Instructor.
> "Now run along to your class. If zey ask you why you're late, tell zem to speak to me, okay?"
> Again, you bob your head, but this time you add your voice so you wouldn't be impolite:
"Yes, Instructor. Thank you."
> Then you slip from your chair and leave her office. You are still dazed from the momentous news you'd gotten just now, but you decide you're feeling optimistic.
> True, the assignment would be easy and unworthy of your training and talents, but that doesn't mean you can't do a good job.
> This Mr. Boone is a benefactor for the school, Mr. Freely had said. Perhaps if you really impress him, he'll donate more money and it will make life better for all the fillies and colts.
> It's all up to you and you are determined to to a very good job!

There we go. Felt like a little writing today, the shortish segment turned out not-so-shortish and it seemed ready, so I didn't want to hold on to it until Tuesday just waiting.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/D8eBZPe0
Bedmare with sir boon? Can't have a sexy pony maid without lewding her
Blinders off when?
Fuck you
Trips confirm, but in this case I WANT to be fucked. Blinders, Vega, and Aspiring when?

>okay, I haven’t even read the last Aspiring update, but I’m sure I’ll love it
Imagine your pony sniffing you. Her nose finds your neck. Hot air blows across your sensitive skin in the short puffs indicative of a curious nose. They travel elsewhere, up your jaw, behind your ear, then down your hairline, before coming back to where she started. You feel her take in deeper breaths and plant a kiss. Her curious nose closer to your armpit. Startled by her relatively cold nose in your ticklish area. She pulls back and snorts before carefully probing back into it. Her appetite for your scent overwhelming.
File: Spoiler Image (103 KB, 329x450)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
>Be Mare
>You're currently beside yourself trying to contain the little black fluff scurrying around you throwing a tantrum that his mother isn't home yet
>A large part of you is thankful that Rose is safe
>You're not sure you could handle raising an energetic colt like him
>You feel yourself let go of a breath you didn't know you were holding
>Only now in the aftermath do you start to realize that this whole move may have compromised your safety
>This apartment is entirely compromised and you feel like another move might be necessary but where?
>This fame that follows you and Rose would quickly erase any peace of mind you had
>How long before another deranged person comes out and tries to foalnap you or Jr.?
>The prospect of having to hide out makes you feel like a criminal and it rests uncomfortably in the back of your mind
>So much uncertainty really makes you miss master
>You only had one thing to worry about when he was around and pleasing him was all too easy
>You wish he was here right now telling you what to do, all of this independence is frightening and makes you feel like every decision you make is wrong in some way
Just wait until rosa hit her estrus. Sir boon will be so drained that he will donate millions to the school. Who know? Maybe rosa is secretly a succubus pony made for the human dick
Nice. Fake, but the vibe is spot on and believable.
Ohh yeah. That'd make an awesome story.
Nice update but will be two fucking years. She can go outside the institution without losing her cutie mark virginity. She will return with a maid cutiemark at the end of this deal
>an hour later
Where’s Fuck You Guy? He’s usually so dedicated, so punctual. Did he finally an hero?
Thanks for the update.
This was short.
It wasn't actually Hippofillies so there's no reason for him to start screaming
File: Pony goes for a walk.png (1.21 MB, 3832x2776)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
i drew a meme i hope you cretins like it
>enjoying things
what a casual.
cute tho, would snug
It was a good facsimile. That Anon did get the tone right.
Automatically read this in 'straya voice without even meaning to. Had a good chuckle.
>no cutiemark
Bedcolts are not allowed...
File: Pony goes for walk.png (1.17 MB, 3832x2776)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
How's this anon, better?
>buttslut trap stallion
>Emoji CM
I guess I will take the bedcolt instead and rename him ScoopJr.
... and it's ruined now.
Your cutiemark is the same color as your coat
That one practically count as a filly
>Be mare
>Rose didn't get home until nearly 10PM
>Which meant you had four hours of Cuddleslut asking, "Where's Mommy?" every minute and a half
>While alternating between being demanding and sobbing uncontrollably as the hours ground on past his bedtime
>You did you best to comfort him, like you've done all weekend
>But you were really out of your depth the whole time
>Growing up you had nopony to comfort you - and no mommy that you could remember to miss
>Snowdrop did her best, and Madam did what she could
>But you were always taught to just accept the situation you were in because there was nothing anypony could do about it
>Trying to keep hope alive is a foreign thing to you
>You've been telling the colt for two days somebody else was going to make things right
>When you grew up believing even the possibility of anybody or anypony making things right was pure fantasy
>And having to fake being strong for his benefit wore you out
>You didn't even know what the right things to say were in a situation like this
>On top of being so worried about and scared for your friend on top of it all
>You just said what you thought were the right things to say, but you have no idea whether they actually were
>Thankfully as soon as she walked through the door he wrapped himself around her and you were nothing to him anymore
>Which was nearly as much of a relief as seeing Rose return home unhurt
>And that was it - that was all you had
>You gave her a quick nuzzle and said, "Welcome home," the went straight to your room and shut the door
>You flop on your bed and shut your eyes
>You've never been so exhausted
>Not just physically, but mentally and - emotionally
>You didn't even realize emotional exhaustion was a thing until Master died
>It always sounded like something for the entitled who had too much time on their hooves
>But it turned out to be real, and now you're experiencing it again
>It's different this time though
>It's not the aching grind of sudden loss that leaves you unable to get out of bed for days and unable to function when you do
>It's the exhaustion of being so worried while trying to look after somepony else
>And not knowing how to do that at all
>If he were a grown stallion you could at least have distracted him in the way you would a man - just like you were brought up
>But it didn't seem right to even think that way about a colt
>Not Rose's colt, anyways
>Not a free colt
>Even though that was perfectly OK for you as a slave filly?
>To take a little comfort from the stray gentle touches of men after they'd had their way with you?
>More than that - to revel in those cuddles and caresses!
>Hoping one of them might take you home someday and be your master
>Then realizing that was a silly hope
>Back then you wanted to be a mommy, too
>Yet when you had a foal innside you had it cut out
>Now you're not just exhausted, you're confused
>It would be nice to have somepony to talk to
>You figure Rose is going to need that once she gets Cuddleslut to sleep, so you probably don't have much of a window of opportunity
>There's a beardy producer you'd love to call right now, but at half past ten on a Sunday night he's undoubtedly with his fiancee
>And you don't want to do anything to fuck that up for him
>Because you're hopeful he'll still be up for taking care of you during your next heat
>To be taken care of - that's what you really want now
>And part of you feels selfish for wanting that
>You were brought up to be the one who takes care of others, not the one being taken care of
>But the memory of strong fingers gently washing your mane comes back to you
>And almost brings you to tears
>Not of sadness, but of longing
>Do you dare trouble Skydancer with this shit?
>Would that be cruel?
>Or is that just what friends do?
>She doesn't have a phone, so getting in touch with her is a matter of whether she's online
>Unlike Snowdrop she does have her own laptop, because she reads like crazy when she's not working
>You taught yourself to read enough to get by, but she REALLY reads
>And she's so smart she understans and retains everything
>Opening yourlaptop you check Skype
>And seconds later there's your prgasus friend on your screen
"How are you doing, Sky?"
>"A little tired. Busy weekend with my own clients, training a new girl and doing more and more admionistrative stuff around here"
"They have you running the place now? No wonder the numbers have been so good recently"
>She smiles
>"I've basically been doing what amounts to MBA coursework online"
"Of course you have"
>"So what do I owe the pleasure of your call? Let me guess... free pony problems?"
"That, too"
>"Hey, it was the right thing to do even though you knew you really weren't equipped to deal with it at first"
"I have nopony to talk about this stuff with"
>"Of course you do. I'm right here"
"You know, when you don't bellong to anyone you really are alone. Freedom is realizing you're alone in the world"
>"Not as long as you have friends. What's bothering you, sweetie?"
"Well, it's been an intense weekend..."
>And you just spill everything to your friend
>She does look a bit shocked, but politely listens as you ramble on abut the foalnapping and the anxious wait caring for the colt
>When you finally pasue for a bit she replies, "You're not kidding about that being intense! Are YOU OK? Are you safe?"
"I don't really know. I thought I was, except for that one latter"
>"What letter?"
"Back when we lived at the penthouse someone sent me a letter filled with white powder and a note that said fuck you"
>"You never told me that!"
"I could tell right away it was sugar, so I didn't see it as a threat"
>"That's a threat, sweetie. And it shouldn't be a surprise. Your show speaks out about a lot of controversial stuff"
"But it's crazy to get that mad over Blinders Off. It's just a TV show"
>"There are a lot of crazy people out there. It was crazy to foalonap Rose in broad daylight, yet they did it anyways"
"Yeah. John said something about security. I think we might get bodyguards"
>"That would be wise. So Rose is OK?"
"She said she was. She just got back, and we haven't really gotten to talk about it much yet"
>"Of course. Her colt gets priority"
"The thing is she's more used to making her own decisions, and because she's so cultured, she knows about Equestria, Music, wine..."
>"And she's older"
"Yeah, that too. I think I've just been letting her call the shots without questionning whether her calls are any good"
>"You can't blame her for getting foalnapped. That's not something that's really happened before"
"So she's a trailblazer?"
>"Both of you are in that you're pony celebrities. There are like what? Ten? And nearly half of them are you and the mares on your show"
"And free ponies, at that"
>"Emancipated ponies," Skydancer whispers. "You used to be private property, now you're not. That's what makes you a symbol of hope"
"Hope is fucking hard stuff!"
>"Yeah, I don't envy that aspect of your situation. People and ponies looking for inspiration and meaning in everything you say or do"
"It's exhausting to even think about that. I try not to"
>"That doesn't mean it's not true. Of course if you don't like it you could just walk away from the show"
"In theory I could. In reality I can't, and the network knows that"
>"Sure. No one walks away from a once in a lifetime thing like that"
"Except I've had what? Three once in a lifetime things happen for me in less than two years"
>"Which only makes your story that much more compelling. But yeah, the entertainment industry moves really fast, doesn't it?"
"You're so busy doing it you don't even have time to think about what you really want"
>"What you want? You really ARE a free pony!"
"Except I suck at it. You're supposed to have plans for your life. I'm just reacting"
>"I think you're doing fine. And it should get easier as you keep doing it. You'll know what you want eventually"
"I know one thing i want, but it's gonna sound silly and selfish"
>"Say it anyways"
"I want someone or somepony to just care for me a little every now and then. Like take care of me a little"
>"A lover?"
"More than just that. Like how you were with Snowdrop when we were fillies"
>"A little tenderness?"
"Yeah, I used to think a good girl didn't need that if she was really good enough"
>"Everypony needs that. Whether or not they get it is another matter... Speaking about getting it and the entertainment industry..."
>She pauses like she's debating bringing up a new topic
>"Do you have an opinion on the Me Too thing bringing down careers right now?"
"I know that's for women, not mares"
>"You don't think free mares wouldn't be all over that if they felt it was safe to speak up?"
"I hadn't thought about that. It's weird to see men going down for things they could have just paid for and done to us as fillies and no one would have cared"
>"I know, right? It's one hell of a double standard. And I think you're helping people realize it isn't right"
"I don't want to put you out of business, though"
>"There will always be a market for what I do. And you can run this kind of business without being property of it"
"We'd have gotten trouble for talking like this when we were fillies"
>"Damned right we would have. I stopped going back to the Filly Brothel, as a... consumer, by the way"
"Why?! You LOVE fillies!"
>"I was uncomfortable with the ethics of it"
"What ethics?! Those girls are going to work regardless of whether you show up, and I'm sure some appreciated you over a man"
>"Undoubtedly. I know one in particular is missing me. But let's face it - the way we grew up damaged us"
"That's a pretty strong word"
>"Are you still in that much denial?"
"I'm not in denial. I just think damaged is a strong word. I'll agree it left a mark on us. How about that?"
>"Sure. I just don't want to be the one leaving marks on fillies anymore"
"BUt that's one of the few joys you have available to you. You're really going to just give it up because of ethics?"
>"Sometimes that's exactly what happens when you take an ethical stance"
"It seems a little extreme"
>"It's my decision and I don't get to make that many, so I like to think it carries a lot of weight"
"Well good for you then, I guess. What are you gonna do about your needs though?"
>"Snowdrop is happy to roleplay with me, so I'll be fine"
"She's a good friend"
>"She's even more than that to me, but yeah"

File: hqdefault.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
>"I want someone or somepony to just care for me a little every now and then.
>”I stopped going back to the Filly Brothel.
Mare isn’t a filly, but it seems obvious where this is going. The only question is where the money and power goes in response. Skydancer is so self-possessed, even if she doesn’t possess herself. You might have mentioned it before, but are she and other pegasi able to fly on earth, with their weaker magic? It would seem so sad to have wings without flight...

Anyway, thanks for writing!
Why Tridashie O.C.?
The story mentions that pegasi can fly, just not at supersonic speed like in Equestria. Top flight speed on earth would be terminal velocity in a dive, which is somewhere between 100 - 200 mph. Much slower under their own wingpower. There is also no evidence that Skydancer has actually flown.
Fuck you
>"I think you're doing fine. And it should get easier as you keep doing it. You'll know what you want eventually"

Saying that is kinda cruel when you're talking to someone that is handle all that shit and still feeling that she is missing something. That will only send her the message that feeling alone and miserable is actually contributing to the ponies.
Getting slow on the draw.
I love you too
Mare has never wanted anything beyond a naughty sandwich, a master and maybe being a mommy. She doesn't know how to really make decisions for herself. All we know Skydancer wants is sex with fillies and maybe her freedom, which isn't happening. And to fly free. The whole set up is cruel.
There you are! Was a bit worried with the no-show after that one page.
I think the stage 4 pancreatic cancer is slowing him down. Bound to happen. That shit moves quick.
Fuck You Guy is terminal?! Not sure how to feel about that. He’s annoying, but he’s sort of become a part of our little community here. Like Guinea Pig Guy, but with extra spitefullness. Like ZZZZ, but less eloquent. Keep fucking off right to the very end, FOG!
Some need one hug
These ponies have had to go through a lot in recent times, they all have an emotional baggage and a series of traumas and bad memories that need attention, once the 'episode' of Roseluck ends, I think it would be time for them to start taking therapy.

Mare has her freedom but not an objective, Rose has a future but feels still linked to her past, VP has everything a man of her age and position could wish for but still feels empty, they face their problems and possibilities with the uncertainty that will happen later, and now with this experience your psyche is on the verge of collapse, if they do not want to have an attack in live or suffer nightmares that will take away your sleep then you should ask for help from a professional, or live in fear of the next letter, the next mad shooter or each vehicle and person who bump into their path.

The worst thing that could happen is that they hurt themselves or worse, at Bronquito Jr.

Good green FBHPBO
>VP has everything a man of her age and position could wish for but still feels empty
He actually feel empty? he never say a fucking thing about that(or have a 2deep4u monologue), he is always enjoying his property or creating a new show. Even his fucking wife is slowly returning with him after the shooting
Right now the only one with problems are the ponies.
Ponies have a lot of problems in this universe.
>free ponies have a lot of problems in this universe.
they just need to get a master and itll all be fixed
This. A good girl will enjoy her life with her master.
> You look around for Amethyst to ask her and see an unexpected sight. The pony is sitting on the floor with the human crouching down beside her. He's tickling her chestfluff with one hand and patting her mane with the other, while she is whispering something to him
What a fucking slut.
Sounds delicious to me.
The pony is in an institution dealing with literally retarded kids everyday. Having a master sound a lot better, specially one that like to rub your chest fluff
>VP John feels empty despite his success
Maybe the story never stated that, but I also assumed it. He seems to be a person searching for meaning in life.
Thank you for update.
What if anger fuels his will and power to live?
>literally to angry to die
Funny that the most ethical character in Blinders is a female pedo whore slave.
Female pedophilia is more acceptable
"What do you have for me, Dhiosha?"
> "It is a pleasant morning to you, Sergeant-Investigator."
> Junior Investigator Dhiosha's mandibles twitch as he greets you, the electronic voicebox adding a low buzz to his translated speech.
"I swear to God, it had better be something interesting. The trip back was absolute shit - the shuttle from Lianru Ess lost its arti-grav halfway through hyperjump."
> You sink into your seat, rifling through your desk for the anti-sickness nanos you had stored in there... somewhere.
"Six medium-grade pukers, Dhiosha! Six! And one with basic stomach chemistry; you can imagine how that reacted with everyone else's acid upchuck."
> "It is my thanks that my intestines cannot vacate themselves in reverse, Sergeant-Investigator."
"Intestines don't puke, Dhiosha. That's the stomach. We've been over this."
> Your protest is only half-hearted, though, and the Cholokite rattles his anterior spines at you in their approximation of a laugh.
> "It is a welcome note, then, that this new case is far more interesting than the last."
"Oh, yeah? No more spurned planetary governors, wondering where their mistresses ran off to?"
> "It is a potential biosynth trafficking case."
> That gets you to sit straight up.
> Biosynth trafficking?
"Okay, give me the skinny. What're we looking at?"
> "It is found on a tramp freighter picked up coming out of jump near the Arkalian Crossroads. The captain attempted to deceive customs with a cargo scrambler."
"Lemme guess: Hold full of illegal nanos?"
> "It is legitimate cargo, in fact. However, another life-form was on board. He claims it to be a nonsentient, but Customs discovered a neural inhibitor keeping it from expressing itself. When the inhibitor was disabled..."
"It started talking, and they thought biosynth and tossed it at us. What's the genetics look like?"
> "It is-"
"Hold up - Dhioshi, you're doing the 'it is' again. I know you're excited, but you need to get that translator used to you."

> "It is my greatest apolo-"
> The Cholokite chitters a moment, then forces his spines up.
> "My apologies, Sergeant-Investigator."
"Don't say sorry. Just trying to help you learn. Anyway, Biosynth?"
> "The genetics are most confusing to me. Chiral analysis suggests historicity associated with your world. However, there are no genetic flags associated with any of the Synthing Houses. It is a genetic orphan."
> Your eyebrows rise.
"A rogue synthing facility? That's - that's heavy stuff, Dhiosha. We might have to kick this up to Cluster Command, let them have a crack at us."
> Dhiosha's mandibles click.
> "If it can be confirmed, I shall. However, interrogation is... non-helpful. I apparently scare it."
"Great. Can I see it?"
> "Casting to your neurals."
> Vision flickers, replacing your sight with a camera feed.
> A... waist-high something is curled up in the corner of the cell. You see fur - maybe - and what looks awfully like an ear and a leg. There's a long bit of hair tucked around its back, but the whole creature is balled up so tight you can't even make out most of it against the golden-tiled wall-
> Wait.
> Golden tiles?
"Dhiosha, is there a reason it's in the thaumic suppression cell? Is this thing a thaumocaster?"
> "Yes, Sergeant-Investigator. I believe this is the reason for the Tramp Freight's captain using a neural inhibitor."
> Even so - God, those things creep you out.
> A chip that can suppress your sentience, turn you into nothing more than a walking doll?
> That's the kind of shit you got into Investigations to stop.
"Has it moved?"
> "Little. Pheromonics suggest ample fear."
> Don't need a pheromone analysis to figure that out...
"Okay. Cast me whatever data you got out of the gene-analysis, and I'm going to do a little digging."

"Well, Dhiosha, I've got good news and bad news."
> Clicking his mandibles, Dhiosha cocks his head.
> "The good news first, I believe, is customary."

"It's not an illegal biosynth, and we're not dealing with a rogue synthing house. So we can forget all that political bullshit."
> "A most welcome development. What is the bad news, Sergeant-Investigator?"
"You were right: It is related to human genetic stock. Something from our homeworld. And that means it's infinitely fucking worse than a synthing house. So, you know your human history much? Old Terran Confederacy-era stuff?"
> "This field is, admittedly, a weak point in my studies."
"S'fine. Even if you did, this is a rare one. I had to dig way, way back to find this out - old stuff."
> "Explain?"
"Back then, before we knew about - well, everybody else out here, we figured livable worlds would be one-in-a-billion. Impossible to find, and taking decades if not centuries to terraform. The solution, of course, was to send something ahead of the colonists that would 'form it for them. Better yet, make that something self-reproducing."
> "A biosynth."
> You lift a hand to rub your forehead, feeling the dimples where your neuropods sat on your skull.
"Seed a hundred million maybe-viable worlds. Maybe a hundredth of a percent succeed, and that's still ten-thousand more ready-made worlds for you. Of course then our First Contact, Kalagia's Gamble fails bad, the Old Terran Confed turns into a bunch of raging nationalist assholes, implosion and civil war, yada yada yada..."
> "And with modern terraforming technology, the biosynths they used become unneeded."
"Yep. Dhiosha, what we've got on our hands is apparently called a Faust-class Terran Confederation biosynth. A slave-species, built on an designed to prepare an Eden-world for us to live on."
> Leaning in, you wave a finger at the Cholokite.
"Problem is, from what I've been able to gather from her - it's a she, by the way - in the meantime, they flourished. They built themselves a civilization. And they have abso-fucking-lutely no idea what they were originally meant to do."

> "The Old Terran Confederacy fell over four thousand standard cycles ago. Cut off from contact, is it so surprising?"
"No. Catch is... who do they belong to now? Biosynths can't be independent, you know that. Old Terran's been dead for kilocycles, but humanity won't let a resource like this get around to everyone. Oh and by the way? I don't think these Synths going to be happy about serving."
> You lean in against your desk, placing your head in your hands.
"So: Who does our pretty little purple pony belong to-"
> Your blood freezes as the cold metal of what could only be a weapon touches the back of your head.
> "It is my great sorrow for this, Sergeant-Investigator. But she must belong to me."
> For seven feet of chitin and spine, Cholokites were surprisingly quiet on the move.
"What are you doing, Dhiosha?"
> Your voice is soft and low, trying not to provoke him.
> "It is that my government will not let this 'get around' to everyone either. This secret must be preserved for us."
"You're an Investigator now, Dhiosha. Investigator Corps don't have political allegiances-"
> "It is to my home that my allegiance always fell. The Corps is - an expedience."
"Well... in that case-"
> Three jabs in the elbow, right in his ventral limb-joints.
> Dhiosha click-grinds his mandibles wildly, the translator rendering it as an electronic howl, as you spin about and plant a boot right beneath his shell-line.
> Up goes the weapon, scorching a line of laser-fire into the ceiling that leaves the fire-retardant paint bubbling.
> Minding the spines, you drive one last elbow straight down between his eyestalks and leave him convulsing on the floor.
"-I'm sorry too."
> Now, to find that synth.
> Because you know one thing for sure:
> If the damn-near pacifist Cholokites were gunning for this, every species from Tarnak Port to the Acidalia Rift would want a piece of 'Twilight Sparkle' too.

This is what happens when I get up early. My brain vomits words at me.
Well, I like what Im seeing, you should get up early more often.
Is this supposed to be a crossover with some shit or you just like to make up words and throw them in with no context ?
Was wondering the same thing, but suspect the latter. This first chapter raises too many questions and doesn’t answer enough of them, but it’s still a great start. As an engineered slave species, I assume they had some sort of built in controls. The ponies might have adapted or evolved around them by now, or might not. Have you read Days Of Wasp And Spider? It has some of the same themes.

There’s potential here. Don’t forget the mandatory bath scene.
Thats one way to ignore Rose. At least she should have hugged her.
It makes me wonder about other species populating Equestria.
I got the impression that Rose is already back home for a couple of hours, and now that they've done with greetings, she has to feed the foal or something, and Mare is left alone with her thoughts and Skype.
I got the impression that Rose had a colt wrapped around her that she had to console and put to bed before debriefing with Mare, who was at her wit's end anyway.
>Faust-class Terran Confederation biosynth
I see what you did there.
Confirming no particular crossover. It's just names tossed in, although most are to give the universe 'flavor' - anything you can't figure out by implication or context probably isn't something you really need to have a full understanding of right this second.
>if you don’t know you don’t need to know
Fair enough. This General focuses on property rights though, so don’t neglect that legal angle with the ponies being the orphans of a dead nation. If one were to own them, HOW would they be owned in this legal environment beyond ‘finders keepers’? We also focus on comfie cuddles and tender feels, so don’t neglect that either!
This is a fun opener, please continue. And don't forget to pastebin!
File: 1552340264665.jpg (213 KB, 774x1024)
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213 KB JPG
File: 1552338139490.png (671 KB, 1312x1117)
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671 KB PNG
>slave is sleeping on the job
snoozy ponnie gets scolded for dereliction of duty and has to go to bed without dessert
File: 1552255947695.png (718 KB, 1944x2480)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
>infinitely fucking worse than a synthing house
What’s the big deal? These ancient self replicating terraforming tools are still around, somewhere out there, minding their own business, and doing their own thing. One of them somehow wound up on a tramp freighter, but it’s hardly a general invasion. Why do either Dhiosha or ‘Sergeant-Investigator‘ (Anon?) care about this so much?

>The solution, of course, was to send something ahead of the colonists that would 'form it for them.
The way Equestrias weather and biosphere are all manually controlled plays into this. Earth and pegasus ponies would be well equipped to terraform a marginally inhabitable world. They should be fixing things so their continued intervention isn’t needed though, and sending a message back to their human masters. Where did the original program go wrong? Why do the diarchy need to control the sun and moon?!
Not author, but from what I understand the big deal is that there is an entire planet somewhere out there, ripe for the picking and choke-full of creatures that essentially gave no rights, and all anyone, ANYONE has to do in order to own it all is just to get there first. Its going to be a fucking rats race and noone will hesitate to brake the law to get to it.

As to why control the sun/moon, well if the parameters were to make the planet as closely resembling Earth as possible and they could do it, why not? Or maybe it was a prerequisite for further terraforming?
>show and tell
Showing a fucking gun is more safe that bringing a unicorn to the school
Seems like she's already in the perfect position for some rump tanning for her misbehavior
But what if the child showed a pop tart that he chewed into the approximate shape of a gun? Calm down, Anon, this particular unicorn looks pretty safe to me.
>zero tolerance
>gluten and processed sugars
the school is already in lockdown and the swat team is on its way
t. an anon trapped on the west coast
I like it
Is this Ling x Anon story still going?
That sound really unfair



>The fact that her favorite reading chair was getting threadbare floated somewhere in the back of Twilight's mind.
>It wasn't important now.
>She was reading about icebreakers.
>Apparently, they had flat-bottomed hulls.
>A flat bottom meant the keel climbed on top of the ice.
>That, in turn, meant that the weight of the ship did the breaking instead of engines.
>And that led to both greater speeds and lesser fuel consumption.

>A hand shook Twilight's shoulder.
>It belonged to her human.
>He had a bemused smile on his face.
>”It's past midnight and you still haven't had dinner.”
>...It was?
>She'd only read for a little while.
>A little while that'd been enough to go three quarters through a thick book full of technical writing, footnotes and cross references.
>Her stomach grumbled in agreement with the human.
“Oh. Um, it's still good, right? Go heat it up. I'll be right there.”
>She slipped a bookmark, one of her own molted secondaries, between the pages before slamming the book shut.
>A deep yawn made her jaw open so wide she felt the joints pop.
>When had it gotten so late?
>She shook her head to ward away a sudden assault of drowsiness.

>A scent of spinach and mashed potatoes wafted from the kitchen as Twilight trotted into the dining room.
>Spike had to have made his spinach blinis again.
>Twilight's mouth filled with saliva at the thought.
>She pulled back the chair that had a platter and utensils laid out on the table in front of it.
>”Just a second. This takes a moment without a microwave.”
>A quiet hissing sound accompanied the human's voice.
>”I hope you don't mind that they're not quite as good as fresh. Reheating doesn't do these any good.”

>The human set down a platter with a pile of blinis and a bowl of mashed potatoes on it.
>”Here you go. As good as I could make 'em.”
>Twilight stared at it for a while before her brain kicked in.
>She shook her head again.
“Did you send the letters I gave you?”
>Her knife clinked on the platter as she cut a piece and popped it in her mouth.
>It was fluffy and filled her mouth with the taste of spinach.
>A little dry, though.
>”To Velvet and Night Light and Shining Armor? Yes.”
>The chair next to Twilight's scraped the floor as he pulled it back and sat down.
>”I also got the drinks on your list, and borrowed a blanket for tomorrow's picnic. Pinkie said there's no rush to return it.”
>He covered his mouth with the back of his hand before letting out a massive yawn.
>”Sorry. I got up early and have been up all day.”
“It's fine. You did a great job. It's been far too long since I've had a chance to lose myself in a book.”

>”Is there something you want me to do? Would you mind if I...”
>He tugged at his collar.
>It was a steel rim with gold highlights, and shared colors with Twilight's mane: a thick band of purple in the middle, with the Elements engraved on it, and thin red bands on the edges.
>Compared to the other humans, his was light and stylish.
>A symbol, not a restraint.
>Twilight focused her mind and pushed magic into her horn.
>The collar lit up in purple, let out a faint click, and fell to the human's waiting hand.
>”Thank you. And good night.”
>He'd have it on again when Twilight woke up.
>He always did.


>Twilight's eyes zipped through the items on the list that she floated in front of her.
>She, Spike, and the human were headed to Ponyville Station to pick up Twilight's parents, Shining Armor, and Cadence.
“Okay. Let's go through this one more time. Apple juice?”
>The list, along with a quill, floated to Spike.
>The dragon struck through the first line after peeking into the basket the human was carrying.
>”You already had me go through it once before we even left. I got all we need in here.”
>Twilight trotted on for a second before the human's words registered in her brain.
>She knew they had everything, of course.
>Spike knew she only double checked her lists to calm her nerves.
>The human obviously hadn't had time to learn that.
“What if something's missing? We've spent more than a week preparing this and I want it to be perfect. Cadence and my brother are busy since they have a baby to take care of, on top of an empire. There won't be another chance any time soon.”
>”Yes, but we already-”
>”It's how she stays calm. She worries way too much, especially since her family cares more about being together than about the food.”
>Spike glared at Twilight as he spoke.
“I know. I do it because I'd go all 'Twilynanas' otherwise.”
>Both of the males arched a brow at her.
“Ask Shiny about it. He loves telling that story.”
>Twilight rolled her eyes.
>Her brother loved telling it, but she hated hearing it.
>Yeah, she kind of went a little overboard a few times as a filly, but that didn't mean she was constantly on the edge.

“Sunshine, sunshine...”
>Clip, clop, clip, clop.
>”...ladybugs awake. Clop your hooves and...”
>Every pair of eyes at Ponyville Station was fixed on Equestria's esteemed princesses.
“...do a little shake!”
>Both Cadence and Twilight burst into giggles.
>”So you still the same, Twily. We got a little worried when we heard of what happened to Celestia and Luna.”
>Shining Armor rustled Twilight's mane with a hoof.
“Oh, hush. You were busy changing Flurry's diapers while I was busy saving Equestria. You know, just like the last time the entire world was in danger. And the time before that. And-”
>”So. How's life been here in Ponyville? You got any 'rehabilitators' here? Well, apart from him.”
>Velvet rolled her eyes as she nodded at Twilight's human.
“There's five. Lyra Heartstrings got one, Lotus and Aloe got three masseurs for their spa, and then there's that one who sells strawberries in the market every morning. Strawberry Sunrise's.”
>”Sound like you have it easy, then. You can't even cross the street in Canterlot without running into one. They're pretty good at construction, though. The worst hit buildings have already been torn down.”


>The grass felt cool under Twilight's behind.
“Spread it here. We'll have a nice view and some shade.”
>They were on a low hill on the outskirts of Ponyville, at the base of a massive oak.
>A gentle breeze rustled the leaves of the enormous tree.
>”Should I set out the food and drink, too?”
>Twilight's human chucked the blanket on the grass and tugged at each corner until it was spread.
>”You'd just make us feel awkward. We're used to doing it ourselves.”
>Velvet lit up her horn and made the basket of food float into the middle of the blanket.
>”It's refreshing to have such a beautiful day after a week of rain.”
>She looked up at the sky and the few wispy white clouds sailing across its blueness.
“Iii may have called in a few favors. They had this scheduled for tomorrow, but Rainbow Dash really wanted to loan one of my Daring Do books and...”
>Twilight hoped they wouldn't notice her flushed face.
>She wasn't supposed to use her status to manipulate weather ponies.
“Aaanyways. How's Flurry?”
>She put on her best grin.
>”You wouldn't believe how much she's grown! Here, have a look.”
>Cadence levitated a photo out of Shining's saddlebag.
>It showed Flurry Heart sleeping on Sunburst's back.
>A little bit of drool dribbled out of her mouth and into his coat, but the gentle smile on his face suggested he didn't mind.
>”I took this just before we left. Isn't she adorable?”

>”Mm. This is great. Did you make these, Spike?”
>Night Light's voice was muffled by a mouthful of egg sandwich.
>”Uh, no. He did.”
>The dragon spun around and pointed at the base of the oak, only to notice the human wasn't there.
>”Where'd he go?”
>Twilight looked up from her fruit salad for a glance around their picnic spot.
>Dad, Mom, Shiny, Cadence, Spike.
>The human was nowhere to be seen.
“Huh. I guess he went home.”
>He wouldn't do anything as stupid as run into the Everfree.
>Twilight trusted him.
>He also had the collar on, so anypony would instantly know he was Twilight's.
>”A shame. I would've liked to hear these thing's secret.”
>Night Light took a massive bite of his sandwich.


>Twilight's knocks echoed in the crystal hallway.
“Mind if I come in?”
>Silence was the only response.
>She pushed the door open regardless.
“Hi. I got a little worried since you just up and vanished.”
>Her human sat cross-legged on his bed, with an open book in front of him.
>”You looked like you were having fun. I didn't want to get in the way.”
>Twilight tread into his room and hopped onto the bed.
“You're not in the way. You're just-”
>She stroked his back with her hoof.
“-not used to us yet.”
>How should she say it?
>As much as she wanted to call him her friend, she couldn't.
>Not yet.
>Maybe in a few years, once ponies opinion on humans had had time to soften.
>She'd have to keep up appearances for now.
“I know patience is never easy. You'll see that ponies aren't that unlike you humans. We laugh, we joke, we play games, we form bonds. You'll just have to wait before other ponies learn to trust you. They'll be your friends. Have no doubt about it.”
>Was it too cold?
>She hadn't meant to sound distant.
>He slammed his book shut, then blew some air out of his nose to produce a 'hmph' sound.
>Then he fell quiet.
>His face relaxed, losing the mask of anger it'd had.

>”I suppose I'll just have to make the most of what I have now. It's what I chose, after all.”
>His voice was a little bit deeper than usual.
“Was it- was it a dream when I saw you abandon me? A bit before you dragged me back to Equestria, just before the Rift closed for good.”
>Twilight's own voice was shaky.
>She felt blood surging in her veins as her heart thumped in her chest.
>She'd never asked about it, assuming he didn't want to talk about it.

>He shimmied around to look at Twilight.
>His face was blank, as far as she could tell anyways.
>”No. It was not. I tried to leave you there.”
>He bent his neck to look down at Twilight's hooves.
>”But I knew I couldn't bear the weight of murder. I would've been haunted by it forever. Even worse than I'm haunted by Dusty.”
>Spots of dampness appeared at the corners of his eyes.
>”I'm sorry. I shouldn't have even considered it.”

>Twilight stared at him with her mouth hanging open.
>What should she do?
>Punish him?
>Have him chained up?
>Ask Celestia about it?
>Have Starlight re-educate him?
>She stood up and wrapped her front hooves around his shoulders.
“It's okay.”
>His hair tickled her cheek as she nuzzled his head.
“It turned out fine in the end and that's what matters. I'm fine and you're fine.”
>Or she could forgive him.

The end.

There. Now you can call me a fag for both tripping and such a terrible ending.
Instead of calling you like that I'd rather ask you if the outcome of your story was the one you wanted.

In my opinion many outstanding things were, how many humans remained in Equestria and what measures would the crown take over them, if ever go home or do not want to return, if Twiligth or another pony to risk defying the social order and try to be friends they openly, if Celestia and Luna have sequels of their time like Daybreaker and Nightmaremoon, if the human returned to recover the mobility of his arm ..

Good job Mirta, hope for you next story in the future
>this particular unicorn looks pretty safe to me.
Famous last words
>having a unicorn in the house when you have childrens
This is the same kind of person that leave a baby alone with a pitbull
Thanks, Mirta. That ended up being a sweet story, and you kind of nailed the ending. They can’t undo the past, but forgiveness is possible.
File: large.jpg (1.02 MB, 1280x954)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
"Master, thank you for allowing me to continue my music. Shall I play for you some more?"
>Certainly. Would like a bit of apple first?
"No thanks. I'm stuffed."
That's a damn cute 'tavi right there. Absolute top-tier plush.

Didn't even catch that at first!
why is there no octavia green? why?
Corona when?
File: 1552444980920.jpg (3.02 MB, 3769x2957)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB JPG
Guys, they finally found why the pegasus are always good girl for the human dick
File: ponky_magnaluna.png (1.85 MB, 1719x2102)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
I now know why some anon bought Pinkie.
her baking skills no doubt
Octavia has a small role in Vegas Staying Out Of Trouble. She’s in a bad situation, but she keeps as much dignity as any slave can, and stays true to her pony values whenever she can. He writes her very sympathetically.
File: 1952743.png (2.04 MB, 3000x2500)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
Rarara has been using your credit card without your permission. How do you punish your wayward mare?
Master fault for buying walking garbage
>sexually can sexually
every time i see this typo'd version my frustration grows
File: 1552523311126.png (1.88 MB, 1550x1800)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
Chain her to the post outside with a sign saying 'Public use unicorn, 2$/use' until cash checks out.
>being forced to cuddle strange humans until she's paid her own bill
Its only fair, look deep in your heart, you know it to be true.
>>33619617 see>>33619862

Something tells me that being 'punished' in that way was her plan from the beginning

Yeah, the fact that she used your card to buy a customized bit and bridle was kind of a hint.
Nah, purchases by card can be canceled ... and if not ... well you can always sell a disobedient pony slave and recover the lost money
File: 1493087420835.png (423 KB, 600x503)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
Why would I cancel it? I'm glad that Rarity is learning her place in the household, and look forward to reeducating her about using Master's credit card.
>Rara uses your credit card without your permission
>to buy her friend
>expedited shipping
>your first hint was the crate dropped on your doorstep and the man demanding a signature
>had to have been a mistake, you thought
>but your name was on the paperwork
>your card showed the charge
>less than you thought
>good ponies cost more than that
>still more than you can ignore
>nearly maxed out your card
>guy refused to leave without a signature, refuses to take the pony back
>says you've already paid
>all you're signing for is the delivery
>all he's *paid* to do is drop her off
>not paid to haul her away
>points out maybe you can sell her, get your money back
>maybe return her
>can't do either if you don't fucking sign the fucking paper
>it's going to rain soon
>already can hear the crack of thunder in the distance
>pisses you off more than anything else so far
>you'd had your evening planned
>stay inside on a nice, rainy day
>snuggle with your mare
>watch some movies
>eat some popcorn
>enjoy being inside, enjoy the sound of the rain drumming down on the roof
>all gone to *fucking shit*
>so you sign
>give him the finger as he drives off
>Rara tries to come outside, but - if you yell at her now, the neighbors will probably call the police
>fucking pony lovers
>she fucking *stole* from you!
>push her inside with your leg
>slam the door
>she cowers as you scream at her, but doesn't run
>doesn't bawl her eyes out or pretend to faint
>not like normal
>she cowers, but glares defiantly until you're done, until you've run out of breath and all that's left is the post-rage weariness
>"May I see my friend now?"
>that's all she asks
>the crate
>you'd forgotten it - forgotten the pony inside
>easier to leave her in
>don't take merchandise out of the box you plan to return
>Rares stands in the corner
>nose first, butt facing out
>her normally white cheeks are already dark pink
>the warm up you gave her was still a lengthy one
>you watch her squirm from your chair, big bath brush in hand
>Rarity knew better than to use your credit card without permission
>You look at your watch, count the seconds until ten minutes ticks by
>corner time is over!

"Okay, Rares. It's time for the main punishment."

>you stand up and walk over to the bed
>Rarity whimpers, and she finally takes her little nose out of the corner
>she notices your big brush, and she wilts
>ears droop, tail scrunches over her bottom protectively
>starts to stammer "oh no, not the brush, please Anon not that..."

>you both know that isn't going to work
>you pat the bed with the brush with a menacing frown
"None of that, Rares. You know you earned this one. Come on, hooves up on the bed."

>More whimpering comes from the white mare's mouth
>but she listens and gets her hooves up on the bed
>you aren't satisfied with her level of compliance though
>you tsk tsk her, and tap her back legs
"Cmon Rarity, stick your butt out. All the way. You know better."
>Rarity whines
>she holds on to the bed with her front legs and slides her back hooves away from the bed
>her back arches and sticks her plump round rump out
"Aaaall the way, Rares."
>Rarity obediently lowers her front even more, arching her butt higher in the air
>she sniffles
>lastly, you tap her hooves again with the brush this time
"Hooves together."

>Rarity gives another low whimper, knowing how exposed her poor butt is in this position
>she puts her rear hooves together just like you said
>inching her pinkened bum cheeks up a little bit more
>forces her to lower her front even more too

>now she' properly presenting herself, and you smirk knowingly
>the psychology of taking this huffy little mare down a peg is important
>Rarity gets too big for her britches and thinks she runs the place
>there are holes for it to breath punched on the top
>rain is pouring in
>a small hatch for putting in food
>you have some carrots in the kitchen you can feed it
>but Rara is pulling the lid off before you can stop her
>doesn't seem to mind the rain or the splinters
>doesn't mind that the pony she hugs is already soaked from the rain - the crate wasn't water tight
>was barely even a crate
>so flimsy you're surprised the pony inside hadn't kicked it apart on her own
>she doesn't seem to mind that the pony is filthy - so filthy even the rain can't wash away the streaks of what you hope are dried mud
>so filthy that patches of brown soon dot Rarity's coat
>she doesn't seem to mind that the new pony's tears are drenching her more than any rainstorm ever could
>she's returning the favor

wat do?
>getting Rarity to stick her butt so high up in the air, presenting herself so lewdly, is an effective technique
>being so exposed is a good humiliator
>you can see everything she's got

>with a quick tap on her bared bottom, you begin the spanking
>hard whacks as the wood spanks into her bum
>Rarity gasps and squeals
>only two sharp spanks and she pulls her butt away, but you bark at her
"Butt in the air, Rare!"
>it's your little thing you always say to her during these punishment times
>Rarity sobs out her protest, whining pathetically
>but she obeys you and stick her tushie up in the air again
>the spanking resumes and you clap her firm cheeks with the brush hard enough to make Rarity lose her breath
>a cute shriek and squeal, and she waggles her butt around
>she bends and snaps her back legs, and when it's too much, you bark the same "Butt in the air, Rare!" order at her as always
>Rarity obeys every time, but it's hard to keep her bum so exposed for spanks when it hurts so BAD
>she moans and sobs heavily
>tears are wetting the bed
>whack, whack, whack goes your brush
>her butt ripples with the harsh spanks
>and pretty soon you can pretty much feel the red heat glowing from her butt cheeks
>they could light up a room, they're so red
>Rarity is going to insist on wearing a dress in public the next week, but will you let her?
>all the other ponies, other owners, can see how naughty fillies get punished in your house

>Rarity hears the "butt in the air" command a few more times, but pretty soon it's not enough
>only two or three whacks and she's wiggling her bum away from you
>she can only stick her rump back up for a moment at a time
>time for the finale, then
Every time I want to spank Rarity, I spank her friend instead. Brutally.
>so filthy
>wat do?
The question answers itself: BATH TIEM!
File: that's brutal.jpg (42 KB, 512x320)
42 KB
Did you post the pages out of sequence? It seems to jump around.
>you grab her pretty tail and tug it good
>Rares eeps with pain and fear, and you see her look over her shoulder at you
>eyes filled to the brim with tears
>you pull her onto the tips of her hooves by her tail
>Rarity's dock twitches above her exposed little puckered tailhole
>pulling her tail so tight, you feel her bum flex and she cries with new vigor
>she knows why you have her tail in a vicelike grip
>her wiggling bum is as high in the air as it will go

>you waste no more time
>a naughty mare, bottom bare, can only cry as you mete thwack after hard thwack onto her two crimson cheeks
>squirming means tugging painfully at her tail, so Rarity moans and howls in agony
>only able to jiggle her exposed tail end up and down, unable to pull away
>you harshly spank the lesson home, chiding her firmly
>"I said. Butt. In. The. Air!"
>then, at last you release her tail

>alright, that's all over now
>Rarity is taken back down to size, with the method only you know seems to work so well

>you put down the big brush and gove her some much needed cuddles
>Poor Rarity
>she cries and cries, but you know despite it all
>despite how huffy and diffocult she can get, you know one thing always works on your mare
>Rarity is for spanking

Two different shorts with the same characters and premise, posted at the same time.
Nah nigga I just posted my shit at the same time, my b. Mine starts at >>33620098
and goes from there
It's almost as if Rarity was built for spanks
I hope her friends enjoyed the show because she will return to the seller.
plotwist she actually enjoy the whole thing
Namefaggotry: this is why green posters should do it, even if it’s impolite elsewhere.
File: 1552548308838.jpg (52 KB, 480x481)
52 KB
Some ponies are natural burrowers. Owners of particularly earthy ponies are advised to extend their fence several feet below ground and call their local utility companies to check for buried cables.
File: 1552444109353.png (717 KB, 1200x1200)
717 KB
717 KB PNG
I just want a pet mare that loves me. In exchange for being dog 2.0 she gets love back. Is that too much to ask for??? You fucks stumble down /sim/ crossroads trying to have a new take on the same bullshit theme yet you can't even deliver the simplest of stories. Fuck you
File: PrincessofNatSoc.jpg (922 KB, 1659x1200)
922 KB
922 KB JPG
The problem with that anon is that there's no conflict, it's comfy to think about, but not interesting to read or write, please come up with a more compelling narrative involving a loving pet pony. What's the conflict? Why do they love master so much? Why did master choose them? Don't bitch about content that is freely given if your not willing to contribute yourself.
Not that anon, but you can make a decently comfy story by reconsidering how the conflict would work. Look at Clear Skies (fang when?): There's only the barest mention of tragedy, it's pretty much all in the background, and the biggest 'conflict' is Clear being worried another pony is going to steal her master away from her! In this case, the appeal doesn't come from any high-stakes dramatic conflict, but from the awfully cutesy writing (and, if we're to be fair, the lewd). Blocky has a similar dynamic: No huge drama, just a slavepone being lovey with their master. Are the horrors of slavery hinted at? Sure. But they cuteness is front-and-center.

Can it carry a story or 80,000+ compelling words? Maybe not. But we're not writing novels here, and if anon wants a comfy pone story I highly encourage them to give it a shot themself!
>be the green you want to see
This. I’d read it.
File: trench good.jpg (190 KB, 1000x1000)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Someone get that filly a bayonet.
Sounds boring. Write it if you want, but don't expect others to cater to you.
>being a good girl
>good girls
>thinking that pony "slavery" is bad
False unicorn propaganda
They are just jealous that humans prefer the softness and flexibility of a pegasus or the abundance and firmness of an Earth pony, compared to them even a dragon is better option
They tried dragon slaves before but got annoyed at all the filthy weebs showing up with cardboard shoulderpads and shitty halloween capes.
File: medium.gif (57 KB, 600x600)
57 KB
You spankfags have your own fucking general, fuck off
I prefer hippogriffs, it has something that makes them irresistible
File: RDsaysnword.png (6 KB, 232x64)
6 KB
this thread produces more spanking green than they do
we're the spankthread now
Just kill this thread already and make a new one
>we're the spankthread now
also fetish general
File: 1552543080853.png (1.28 MB, 1050x1500)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
killing the thread
Killing with style I see, posting best bedfilly.
top daughteru
Six of one half a dozen of the other in my book.
Black Pig as of 5 minuets ago. When I first got her from the pet store as a baby, she was quite frightened. She was easy to pick up, but hung there limp on my fingers. She’s much more familiar with the Big Hand now, eager to hop on if she wants a ride elsewhere, and wriggly when she gets near her pigpen. She’s not as scared, but still not really tame. She’s not as into the cuddle as previous Sweet Pigs were.

How would you react if your slave just didn’t like you? Imagine she’s submissive, obedient, polite, and also honest. Especially honest about her opinions on slavery, and slavers. Especially about one slaver in particular. Like, she doesn’t bring it up herself, but if you do she gives you an earfull...

Would you be willing to accept that she’s still the perfect slave, and enjoy the asset you purchased? Or would you want even more out of her: her devotion, respect, and friendship? If you were denied these things that not even an owner can own, would you sell her off and try again, or accept the limits of your authority?


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