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Luna Religion Thread
>Doesn't do anything for 1000 years
Luna is the god of neets
Please don't worship my pony mother.
Why not a general celestianism thread? Or whatever we decided to call it. I forgot how the prayers go.
File: 1539146518051.gif (307 KB, 400x350)
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I've been unironically worshipping
Good Princesses (especially Princess Luna) for half a dozen years now and I've never felt the need of establishing a religion. Princess of the Moon to me is a very personal deity. Just practice communing with Her and everything else will come naturally.
If i join do i get tax breaks?
File: 1394385339396.png (164 KB, 522x531)
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Lunarians are superior
>Luna Scriptora
>Luna Fide
>no Vaticanter corruption
>stallion clergy
File: NDE Celestia.png (92 KB, 1873x825)
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fucking degenerates
File: 1549920564.png (407 KB, 715x828)
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407 KB PNG
After over 9000 hours in MSPaint, I've finished this edit and present it to my Princess and Lunar Lord.
Very Well Done!
File: large.png (928 KB, 1280x931)
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928 KB PNG
Thanks f@m! Was edited down from pic related. I wish I could put something in the middle like what's over Fausticorn's head, but I'm unfortunately not a drawfag.
No, but you get lots of Cookies.
>Be out by a river 11:30pm out during the winter solstice
>Have a small altar fire going to keep warm
>Have a bottle of Lunar Vision from that cocktail graphic ready
>Midnight, I loudly recite a prayer to Luna and I pour some of the Lunar vision on the fire as a libation to Her, taking a swig afterwards.
>I look up to the moon, it was partly cloudy then.
>The cloud I saw strongly resembled a galloping alicorn.
>The cloud soon moved to reveal the full moon and below it, Orion stood right below it.
>I gave thanks to Luna and headed home
What do you think it means?
You have been blessed by her anon. Rest easy knowing she is watching over you.
How did the lunar vision taste? I kinda want to try it but I don't really wanna buy a whole bunch of different types of liquor when I could just get a nice bottle of whisky
It was pretty good, you mainly the black raspberry and is slightly thick but the carbonation really makes it crispy
tl;dr - Moon worship
It's not really Moon worship but rather specifically Princess Luna worship. Of note, almost all cultures have worshipped moon and associated it with magic but I don't think that's enough to combine these terms.
File: thumb (1).png (42 KB, 199x250)
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Thousand year moon Reich when?
File: 3vgyInv.jpg (41 KB, 657x527)
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Your desire for a motherly figure is somehow even more sad then this boards regular lust for small cartoon animals.
Post the cocktail
I posted a really long paragraph explaining the scientific reasoning behind this, but tl;dr: if you believe hard enough, this WILL happen when you die
>overly fruity flavour profile
Ewww, fag drink
File: 146363563.jpg (163 KB, 1140x650)
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163 KB JPG
She's a personification - or rather a equinisation - of the moon.
Has anyone here tried lucid dreaming as a method of communication? I've recently started learning it and would like to know what to expect.
Haven't quite gotten to lucidity yet. Pretty vivid dreams, though. Have seen Luna once. She was helpful.
File: 1531704755840.jpg (458 KB, 1876x2260)
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File: luna.jpg (814 KB, 1500x782)
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>coming home from a long road trip
>about an hour away from home, but it's getting quite late
>driving behind a semi
>he starts drifting a little bit
>over about 5 minutes he continues to go back and forth in his lane, eventually going a few feet onto the shoulder
>feel like I'm about to die as soon as this guy hits one of the cars around him and starts a pileup at 70 miles an hour
>traffic is too tight to change lanes, pass him, or slow down
>start praying to Luna to keep this guy from killing me
>eventually change lanes and pass him
Thanks Moonmom

Now stopping pestering me about it

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