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>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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Bedfillies are better than bedmares
>Your bonding moment with Applejack is interrupted by...
>"Managed to get her in anyway, huh commander?"
>Ugh, you were really hoping Miss annoying would stay gone.
>"You want her in interrogation now or should we wait for the princess? I just checked on lockup, there's a nice clean spot for her."
>You know, for somepony who you just crushed she sure pulled herself together quickly.
>Besides, there's no way AJ's going to lock you up. It's not even something you're remotely worried about.
>"Y'all better not be talkin' 'bout the one with the leaky roof."
>Why does it matter which one she's talking about?
>"The door on the other is still broken, but they fixed the leak, don't worry. Will she come quietly?"
>You look to your friend, ready for her to tell the other mare off.
>"How's about I be the judge of just how fixed it is?"
>Wait wait wait! Where is she going!?
>Is she seriously picking out your jail cell?!
>You desperately follow her to get an explanation with the annoying unicorn hot on your tail.
"Applejack you aren't seriously-"
>"Just trust me sugarcube. I got this one handled."
>You trust your friend of course, but you've had far too many bad experiences with metal bars!
>Miss bitchy opens a cell door with her magic when you all arrive.
>"See? Fixed the crack last week. It's perfectly fine."
>She gestures towards the roof from inside the cell.
>It's not as small as the tiny box you got shoved into back at Arnold and Rainbow's camp, but real bed or not, it's still a cell!
>"Now Miss Twilight, if you wouldn't mind? No offense or anything, we just can't have you running all over the place while we wait for the princess."
"I'm not-"
>"I'd say that'll take care of that."
>Applejack adjusts her hat and spins the keys around a hoof.
>"Oh, don't start your whining now. I told ya there'd be consequences. Y'all disobeyed a direct order, whaddya think the brig's for?"
>Oh, she mad.
>"I was doing what I had to!"
>She slams her hooves against the bars and lights her horn. You know a thaumaturgically insulated cell when you see one though.
>It's a sensible step for containment afterall.
>"Commander, she's the one that-"
>AJ cuts the furious unicorn off before she can finish.
>"She ain't done nothing wrong, unlike you! We gonna talk to Princess dark and gloomy to get this all figured out, but y'all gonna cool your jets here and think about what you've done. We start just attacking people left and right, they gonna find us. Not only that, but attacking ponies? We're better than that. You're better than that."
>She turns to leave with you in tow.
>"You just sit a spell and think, then we'll talk."

>You know, for a second there you were actually a little worried.
>AJ would never let you down, though.
>Dash may be the loyal one, but AJ was always the reliable one.
"Thanks AJ. I didn't really mean to drag you into all this."
>"Ain't 'nothin for you to worry 'bout. I'm already in the middle of all this whether I like it or not. Always have been."
>She stops for a moment to take off her hat and look at it thoughtfully.
>It's definitely not her old one, but it's high quality nevertheless.
>"Dashie got this for me when she found out I'd lost my old one. Heh, she probably stole it for all I know, but she knew I was missin' somethin' even if it ain't my original."
>Her and Dash?
>It's probably a sensitive subject but you have to ask.
"AJ what... what happened? I ran into Rainbow and it sounded like you two of you..."
>"I thought she was off her rocker at the time, I'll tell you that. Now though? I dunno. The more I try and keep an eye on Luna the more I see the little things here and there. A bent truth, a tiny lie. I still think Rainbow could have calmed herself down for a cotton pickin minute and we could have figured stuff out, but that's ain't really her style. I don't believe for a second half the rumors they spread about her. She ain't no traitor, but she picked her path and I picked mine."
>She throws the hat back on.
>"She doin' alright?"
>You nod.
"She's with somehuman I know. They... they're helping ponies in their own unique way. If they hadn't been there to help me I'm not sure what I'd have done."
>You also wouldn't have needed help if Dash didn't knock you out like a light, but no need to mention that.
>Plus: her motivation to keep you away from Luna is at least sorta reasonable.
>"Glad to hear it. You ready?"
>You follow her hoof towards an obviously enchanted mirror.
"I take it this is where we can talk to-"
>"Yup, black snooty."
>Oh boy.
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2.17 MB PNG
Rainbow Dash wants to come inside.
File: newbeginning.png (525 KB, 520x1082)
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It's not much, but have a little micro chapter so I can focus on the important bit next. Aj likes to say y'all y'all

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788 KB PNG
dang it, meant to use this pic. It totally matters ok? Season 5? Act 5? Ok whatever, I just think it's pretty.
It's shit
File: 1450664550804.png (175 KB, 1024x739)
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I just remembered this is act 6...

>just enough to whet the appetite
>but not enough to satisfy it
Vega is a cruel master.

But seriously, I loved that moment when the cell door slammed! For being so honest, AJ is not above letting folks think things that aren’t true. I’m seeing why she’s still free and has risen so high in the resistance. Love your story, will be eagerly waiting!
It's fine, your purple isn't smart like the original twilight. She is actually pretty dumb to be honest
File: 728551.png (1.59 MB, 1500x2016)
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1.59 MB PNG
>pic related

thats because she spends so much time on the internet and playing vidya
File: 1803867.gif (1.09 MB, 1066x600)
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1.09 MB GIF
good girl loves her master
> January 3rd
> My beautiful human!
> It came! It came back! I got your letter!!
> Well, I got bits of it. I guess we haven't solved the 'exploding' problem yet, but at least this time it exploded *after* it had returned to Equestria.
> Most of your letter is charred, but I have an intact corner (left bottom one), which says:
> 'Company is-
> 'your work still-'
> 'holidays have been lone-'
> 'I love you very much, Twi-'
> And then there's the signature! Oh, please, please send the same letter again, so I can see if my guess of what those last lines say is correct! It's like a little puzzle game!
> As for myself, all the work and friends keep me busy. I find myself adjusting to life here in Ponyville more quickly than I'd feared, which is good, but I still miss you every night.
> In particular (please don't laugh), I miss your fingers. It's a strange thing, isn't it? I thought it was strange, anyway.
> Not so much the kisses (I miss those too!), and... well, 'other things'... but fingers in particular.
> I keep trying to scratch my ear with magic, just so I can remember those quiet times I was working on some code, sitting in your lap and you'd just idly massage my ears - that was the best!
> It's not the same and that usually makes me sad.
> When I'm back, I'll sit in your lap for a *week* and you'll just poke and tickle and scratch until your hands are numb, got it mister?!
> Anyway, I should stop thinking about it before I make myself sad again (too late).
> I love you with all my heart, please don't ever forget that!
> With lots of kisses,
> Twilight Sparkle
> P.S.: Rarity said to thank you for saving us. She feels she hadn't made it clear enough while she was on Earth.

> It's nearly noon and you couldn't stand the solitude of your room. The others had gone their separate ways, some to study in the Library and the others to look for their friends and tell them the news.
> Except poor Amethyst, who kept crying until Martha took her to see the Councilor. You hope she'll be alright.
> You've wandered the halls for a while and eventually found yourself in the mess hall. It's nearly lunch, so some of the ponies are already arriving in groups of three or four. Most give you sympathetic looks, but so far none have approached you.
> Once, one of the human cooks came over to offer you a cup of tea. You'd said thanks, but hadn't yet touched it. It was getting cold on the chair next to yours.
> You're lying on top of the thin cushion with your legs folded under you. Hooves on the furniture are frowned upon, but you suspect the humans are turning a blind eye just this once.
> Every now and then you spot groups of ponies look at you with wide, fearful eyes as the news spreads.
> Maribelle got her cutie mark.
> You're jarred from your thoughts as an older earth pony stallion comes by, pushing a broom with his mouth and dragging a small cart with supplies. He pauses right next to you and looks at you for a while.
> Not really wanting to talk to him, you just keep your eyes on the floor and your ears down, hoping the pony would get the hint and leave.
> No such luck. He opens his muzzle and sighs. "You know, before... this-" he gestures with a shaking hoof around the mess hall, "it was a wonderful thing when a filly got her cutie mark!"

> He sounds bitter and your ears perk up. You don't get to hear about the before times too often and you treasure each chance, despite the gravity of the moment.
> "It didn't used to be a curse," the old pony grumbles. You sneak a glance at his cutie mark - it looks like some sprouting plant, which jogs your memory.
"Mr. B-Bean Stalk?"
> The pony gives a nod. "'ats right. I'm sorry you're stuck in this place. I wish the Princesses would do something about it."
> His head hangs down and he heaves another sigh. "It must be true what they say - they're all dead."
> You know the barest scraps about the old pony leaders - the 'all-horn' princesses. You glance around, but so far no human had taken notice yet. It isn't exactly forbidden for the old ponies to speak with the trainees, but it isn't encouraged either.
> Most of the time, a human would casually stroll over and gently remind all participants of what they should be doing.
> The servant-ponies were corralled and led away each night, then brought back in the morning to help keep the school. You didn't know where they went and so far no one had told you.
> It's a rare opportunity, so you search your memory for something to say. You're hoping you can get Mr. Bean Stalk to say something more.
"Um, Princess Celestia and Princess, um- Moon?"
> "Luna", the grumpy old pony corrects. "See? You don't even know their names!" He sounds disappointed.
"Luna," you repeat to yourself, committing it to memory.
> "Well, if they were still alive, they wouldn't allow this! It's a perversion, is what this is!"
> Surely he was mistaken! The humans were nice to you, they wouldn't be doing something bad to ponies, would they?
> You're about to ask, but spot a security guard ambling your way. Luckily, Bean Sprout sees him too and falls silent.

> He pierces you with a gaze and says loudly enough for the human to hear across the room: "I'm sorry about your friend. Guess I'll see you around!"
> Before you can reply, the stallion is pushing on, broom once again in his mouth.
> Despite the old pony leaving you alone, the young man in the dark blue uniform comes closer. "That pony bothering you?" he asks.
"N-No! He was just saying he's sorry about m-my friend."
> "Oh, that's right. The one who got the cutie mark."
> The guard is barely old enough to have a job, it looks like. You lower your ears and try for some sympathy.
"P-Please, mister. Is there any chance I could-"
> Even before you say it, his face falls and the human sighs. "Sorry, miss. The rules..."
> He takes a seat next to you and returns his watchful gaze on the other ponies in the mess hall.
"I just miss her so! Maribelle was my friend and now she's gone..."
> You don't have to fake your eyes filling with tears, nor the slight sniff as you're trying not to cry again.
> The guard puts his hand comfortingly on your withers. "Sorry, miss. Nothing I can do."
> It's useless to keep trying. All you'd achieve would be to get him angry.
> "Here," he says and reaches into a pocket to produce a big, shiny, green apple. "Snagged it at breakfast, if you want it."
> A growl from your stomach reminds you that you hadn't eaten since this morning. It feels like a lifetime ago.
> You carefully sniff the apple and the human bumps it against your nose. You take a small nibble, crunching into the sweet, fruity flesh.
> "There's a good girl!" the man says kindly and switches the fruit to his other hand, so he can pat your head.

> These moments of kindness, even from the guards, are what make you believe the humans are nice. Hunger awoken, you take a larger bite and start slowly chewing it.
> "There, isn't that better? I'm sure your friend will be fine."
"Yes," you manage around a mouthful, "but I'll never get to see Maribelle again!"
> You sniff again at the thought, but the hand finds your ear and teases it up, so it can scratch behind it.
> It really does help a lot and you lean into the touch.
> "Who knows, maybe they'll change the rules someday?"
"D-Do you know where she went?"
> The human shrugs. "It's a secret, even from us, sweetheart." He looks down at you for a moment, then gives you a small smile. "What's your name?"
"Rosa," you reply, making sure to pronounce it clearly.
> "Lovely name," the guard compliments. "Tell you what - you get yourself a proper lunch and I'll see if I can sneak you some jelly beans from the snack machine before I finish my shift, okay?"
> That's a rare and very prized treat. The small, colorful pieces of candy were treasured in the dormitories whenever they could be obtained. Your mouth waters a little as you remember the rich flavor.
"T-Thank you..."
> "You be good now, okay?" the human says and wipes his palm on his pants. While he was talking, you'd finished the apple and gotten a bit of saliva on his hand.
> His words have very precise meaning, which only slightly spoils the comfort this human had given you: 'Don't talk with the old ponies.'
> Your ears lower once again, almost without your awareness, as the human walks away. Yeah, it wasn't exactly a rule, but it was heavily implied that you shouldn't speak with the old servant ponies.

> At the very least, you shouldn't believe anything they said about Equestria. All you really needed to know was that the place had been the ponies' home until recently, but now it was uninhabitable.
> The humans have been kind enough to accept the refugees into their homes on Earth, but there were some conditions.
> Like the mother and foal thing. Or the cutie mark thing. You're not sure how you know, but something tells you that those were - at least partially - responsible for Equestria's destruction.
> Maybe the reason the humans forbade you seeing your mother and took away ponies with new cutie marks was to prevent such a thing happening on Earth, too?
> You wish they would explain in more detail, but you'd seen ponies punished for so much as asking the questions.
> These days, you try not to think about it and focus simply on your studies.

> ~~~~

> The apple and cold tea were enough. You could have gotten something else to eat - the kitchen was serving what smelled like broccoli soup today - but you really didn't want to deal with other ponies, or humans for that matter.
> You're thankful to Martha for getting you off your classes today. You need some time to think. To digest. To get over your loss.
> It is very important you get over it today, because tomorrow is a very important day.
> Tomorrow, you'll have a very special class, one you've been looking forward to ever since Instructor Martha told you about it.
> The Children will be visiting.
> It was the first visit since you were moved to Martha's assistant pony class and it would be an important experience.

> A nearby school for special needs children had an arrangement with the Pony Boarding School to bring over one of their classrooms every few months, so the humans could interact with ponies and vice versa.
> Even thinking about it is enough to make your heart beat faster. You are going to brighten those poor children's day, you just know it!
> You'll be extra soft, extra cuddly, extra smiling - just *extra* extra. Anything to make them forget their broken bodies or minds for a short while, the poor things.
> Some of the older ponies have told you that the disabled children aren't always nice. Especially the ones with Asperger's or such - they pulled, or hit or threw tantrums over the slightest things.
> That makes you a bit nervous, but you're sure you can handle them. You're an earth pony and you're strong. If it came to that, you could easily restrain a child from hurting themselves or someone else.
> Martha had shown you and Amethyst some appropriate holds, but cautioned you not to use them unless it was really necessary. It would lower your grade if you couldn't deal with the children without resorting to physical force.
> You want a good grade in this class.
> A day with the children will be nice, but you want a special, needful human of your very own to mind, and get to know, and care for. Someone who depended on you.
> You want to give back for all the nice things the Boarding School has given you - such as comfortable, warm beds, good friends, delicious food, even the colorful cartoons you got to watch every Saturday morning with your classmates.
> The thought of tomorrow distracts you from Maribelle. In fact, you are so preoccupied you bump into another pony in the hallway.

"Oh! Sorry!" you squeak, but then see who it is.
> The pegasus colt from the other end of the hallway. You quickly put a name to the face. Paolo.
"Oh. It's you."
> "Heeey," the colt drawls a little, thinking it makes him sound cool or something, "how've you been? I heard about Maribelle - such a shame."
> There go your happy thoughts.
> The colt is clever and spots your soured mood. "Sorry," he says and lowers his ears a little.
> He steps closer and sits on his haunches, spreading his forelegs in invitation.
> You walk into his hug, but at least you're not going to cry again.
> Paolo isn't a bad sort. Like all the colts at the School, he likes to joke a lot, but he's really nice otherwise.
> You've spent a bit of time talking to him here and there between classes. Enough to know his name, but not enough for much else.
> For that matter, you hardly know any of the colts in his room!
> The way he nuzzles you is nice, though. If the humans picked you to have foals, you wouldn't mind if it were someone like Paolo.
"Thanks. I miss her."
> "Yeah, Maribelle was cool," the pony confirms, pulling back. He looks you up and down and his smile returns. "Wanna join me for lunch?" he asks. "I've got free time until two. When's your next class?"
> You shake your head.
"No classes today," you explain. "And I just came from the mess hall."
> Paolo barely skips a beat. "Oh. Some other time then?"
> The 'no' is already on your lips, but you nod.
"Y-Yeah, maybe."
> He's giving you an appraising look, as if trying to decide about something. You're about to ask, but he speaks up. "Maybe tonight? After dark?"
> That's very much against the rules and your ears go flat with trepidation.

"I d-don't think we should- why after dark?!"
> His grin is a bit crooked, but his eyes are full of delight. "Promise you won't tell anyone?"
> It's a secret! You quickly glance up and down the hall, but there are neither ponies nor humans nearby. All the doors are closed and if you whisper nobody would hear.
> Secrets are exciting!
"I p-promise!"
> The colt also checks out that no one is listening in, then he brings his muzzle closer to your ear. "Martin - you know Martin, right?"
> You nod quickly, impatient to hear the big secret.
"Yes. Earth pony, Indigo coat, right? Green eyes?"
> Martin is very memorable. You never told anyone, but he is a bit of a bully. He liked to push other ponies around when the humans weren't looking.
> Luckily, he mostly took it out on his classmates and the colts in his room, but you always felt a little uneasy around him.
> "Yeah. He scrounged a bottle of beer from a guard. We're gonna drink it!"
> Your hoof flies to your mouth as you stifle a gasp. You'd heard about alcohol, but you'd never tasted it.
> The most you'd gotten out of Martha was that it was very bad and made people do stupid things and act funny.
> Mrs. Sandie, who teaches your Psych class, had promised you'd have a couple of lectures on how to deal with drunk humans. As a helper pony, you were expected to know.
> It had felt strange at the time that you weren't allowed to try it and see what it's like. Surely it'd be easier to deal with a drunk person if you knew how they felt?
> Maybe - just this once - a little illicit experimentation wouldn't be that wrong? After all, some rules were interpreted more loosely than others.

> For example, you were expected to turn your lights off after ten at night, but sometimes one of your dorm fillies had to stay up and study for an important test and no one ever got punished for that.
> Surely, if you have a small taste, just to see what it is like, you wouldn't get in trouble? Besides, no one would even know.
> The young mares in your room surely wouldn't tell on you!
> Your heart is beating like crazy and you find a nervous smile on your muzzle. Paolo can see it too and winks.
> "So I guess you're coming?"
> He gives a slight chuckle and stands up. As he passes you, the colt steps closer and brushes almost his entire lengthy against your side.
> He even smacks you lightly on the nose with his tail.
> Before you can slap him, the Paolo is already running away, giggling.
> It just goes to confirm your theory. No colt can stay serious for more than about ten seconds. No wonder the humans picked mares exclusively for the assistant jobs.
> If the colts tended to get dirtier, harder jobs - well, it was entirely their fault, wasn't it?
> Despite his nonsense, you realize, Paolo had given you something exciting to look forward to. Maybe you feel a bit less sad about Maribelle.
> The young stallion's enthusiasm and naughty glee were infectious and you decide you're optimistic about the future.
> Your friend is okay. Her cutie mark isn't something dangerous - she is just elsewhere, doing another, specialized job.
> The humans would find a good place for her new talent, you are sure of it!
> Maybe, once they get to know Maribelle and see she's an absolute sweetheart and the kindest pony you know, they will let her get in touch again.

> Yeah! You decide you won't give up on Maribelle. No pony had ever seen anyone who had gotten their cutie mark on Earth, but maybe you could speak with her on a telephone, or send her a letter.
> It is still strange how only the young ponies with cutie marks are taken, but the old ones are allowed to go mostly free.
> Well, they are led away at night and there's always a human nearby, but Bean Stalk hadn't looked beaten or tortured.
> Anyway, you push all those thoughts away as you arrive at your dorm room. You have to catch up on today's classes and then get ready for tomorrow - meeting the young humans!
> Good thing you hadn't promised Paolo you'd definitely come. Maybe sneaking around before such an important occasion wasn't the best idea.
> You have to think about it, first.

> ~~~~

> You lie in bed, perfectly still and pretending to be asleep. It isn't difficult - the other girls in your room are breathing deeply and one of them, probably Felicity, is snoring softly.
> The night guard pokes her head in for a few seconds, then decides everything is in order.
> It's Alice today, which means she is going to check all the dorms at the start of her shift, then spend her night sitting in the office and watching soap operas.
> Maybe that was why Paolo and his roommates picked this night to have their little party. You don't know how they found out when Alice was going to be on guard, but it wouldn't be the first time those colts surprised you with their ingenuity.
> The most impressive trick was that time they somehow managed to smuggle in pizza. It took you *days* to wheedle how they had done it from Paolo.

> Yes, it had been a stupid idea, but it had worked. One of the colts - they never admitted who - stole the keys for the balcony from the night guard and Paolo flew down to a payphone and ordered it.
> Once the poor delivery human came, he talked him into giving the pizza to a pony. Paolo said that part had been easy. If the boy came back without the money, he would have to pay for the pizza from his salary.
> Foolish, but ingenious. You still remember the smell which lingered in their room next morning. It had been mouth-watering.
> They offered pizza sometimes in the mess hall, but there was something different in *illicit* pizza. It smelled way more delicious than the one on the menu.
> Well, it was beer this time. You wondered what the colts would think of next, and also how red their rumps are going to be once they are found out.
> They would undoubtedly be discovered, sooner or later. One of their pranks would prove to be too ambitious and the Instructors would hear of it.
> You hope the colts wouldn't be in too much trouble.
> They weren't bad ponies, just too mischievous by half.
> Not that you are any better. Yes, you've decided to go and have a taste of their beer.
> A small sip won't hurt and you really want to sample it. Some of the older ponies talked about apple cider back in Equestria and you wish you could try that, too.
> Maybe someday.
> You lift your head up and listen to Alice's footsteps out in the hall. By the sound of it, she was done with the girls' dorms on this floor and heading over to the other side, where the colts were housed.
> Ten more minutes to check on them, you reckon, then about another hour for the top two floors.

> Luckily, there's no chance of you falling asleep. Your heart is hammering wildly and you can hardly stay still.
> You hadn't even told your roommates where you were going!
> There was still a chance to change your mind. Simply fall asleep and wake up in the morning. Whatever trouble the colts' room might get into, at least you wouldn't be a part of it.
> Yeah, you're pretty much decided you'll go and check it out. A brief visit, a sip of beer and a bit of chatting with the colts.
> You haven't spent much time with them since you started your Assistant Pony training.
> Other than Martin, you kinda like the guys.
> You heave a sigh and settle down for the wait. Out in the hallway, a door closes gently and the guard begins walking up the stairs. Then there's the muffled sound of traffic from the street under your window.
> Felicity snorts, mumbles something in her sleep, then turns over. After a moment her quiet snoring is back.
> You can't help smiling to yourself. The five of you had spent most of the evening cuddling on Amethyst's bed and talking in whispers about Maribelle.
> Each of you told a story and you all giggled at the good memories. The consensus was that Maribelle would be alright - maybe she'd even find a way to write to you from wherever the humans were keeping her.
> It was probably just a formality, one that took a while.
> Maybe the reason no one ever heard back from a pony getting their cutie mark was that whatever checks the humans did took a long while and their friends had left the Boarding School before it was all done.
> You chose to believe that friends got back in touch through the Instructors, eventually.

> Just think of it as Maribelle going to a different school, where she would develop her talent and learn a different profession. Of course she would be busy and by the time she could write, you would all probably be employed elsewhere.
> You make a mental note to ask Martha to send you Maribelle's letters when they arrive.
> The chat had done wonders to put you all at your ease and the girls were in a good mood when they went to sleep.
> Lifting your head a little, you strain your ears to try and hear Alice walking around upstairs. Maybe you hear footsteps, but it's hard to be sure.
> The Boarding School is a big, old building with very thick walls and it's hard to hear things even from the room next to yours, let alone the upper floor.
> You consider turning a light back on and reading for a bit, but you don't want the others to wake up. None of your roommates have been invited by the colts and you don't want to get them in trouble.
> If the party should go awry, then your friends don't deserve to be punished.
> After a minute of intense listening, you flop back down to your pillow and heave a sigh.
> "You can't sleep either?" a voice whispers.
"Iskra?" you ask tentatively.
> Your heart is trying to burst from your chest. You thought you were the only one awake!
> "Yes," the pegasus confirms. "I can't stop thinking about Maribelle."
"Y-Yeah... same," you lie.
> "You think she's okay?"
> You try and make your voice as convincing as possible.
"Sure. She's probably just busy, you know? Moving to a new school, new classes. She probably has so much to catch up on!"
> It's dark, but you swear Iskra is smiling. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I just wish we heard from her, you know?"

"I'm going to ask Martha to send us her letters, or call us if- *when* she hears from Maribelle."
> The pegasus is smart and quickly reaches the same conclusion as you. "Oh! You think the others tried to get in touch but their friends weren't in the Boarding School anymore?!"
> Having it repeated makes you believe it all the more.
"Yes!" you say and nod happily.
> There is a quiet groan from the other bed. "Ugh, mind keeping it down you two? Some of us have classes in the morning!"
> Despite the words, the speaker doesn't sound annoyed.
"Sorry, Amethyst!"
> Iskra echoes your sentiment: "Yeah, sorry Amethyst!"
> You need the girls to be asleep, so you fall silent and sternly resist the urge to talk about Maribelle some more.
> Not for the first time you wish you had one of those digital clocks in the room, so you could see how much time had passed. At the very least, you think, the hands on the wall clock should glow in the dark!
> Settling back down you take a deep breath and close your eyes. If you drift off, then that's what'll happen, you decide.

Okay, I started a pastebin for this. Calling it (tentatively) "Rosa" for now. I suck at titles, I know.

Here it is: https://pastebin.com/D8eBZPe0
It's shit
I cant tell if AJ hates Luna or not. Or she just thinks she's the lesser evil. That AJ+RD lesbian stuff... cmon Vega... we dont bend that way.
Thanks for the update.
>"Yeah. He scrounged a bottle of beer from a guard. We're gonna drink it!"
For some reason I always forgot that teenager would fit in the age range of fillies and colts on MLP. I guess that everyone in the institute is 14/15 years old if they have that attitude
Damn EUfag time. If I wouldn't have to work tomorrow I would read it immediately...
I will read this in the morning.
No way this won't end with a tushy tanning. Writing is on the wall, Rosa!
What exactly happened to Maribelle again?
She got her cutie mark, and any pony that does that gets (allegedly) whisked off to some secret research facility. In reality it's probably just people trying to figure out why ponies stopped getting cutie marks except for a few who are, so they can fix the majority of the population. But the trainees don't know that, so it's THE WORST THING EVER if it happens.
DId we ever find out what it was?
Nope. Keep in mind what AWF just posted is the very second segment to the story. It doesn't appear to be connected to any of his other stories so we can't really make assumptions based on those either. We're as much in the dark about this as Rosa is. That's a good thing - it's that discovery that makes it interesting.
>I guess we haven't solved the 'exploding' problem yet.
Microfilm! It’s obsolete, sure, but these legacy formats never really die. Somebody somewhere can print up brand new sheets to order, and even sells those old desktop reader machines. If Anon send several thousand tiny copies, a few will certainly survive even the most violent explosion. Equestrian optical technology might not be up to Japanese standards, but will be well up to producing a simple microscope.

>Rarity said to thank you for saving us.
Daaaw! They are damaged, but still their old selves underneath. Even in this epilogue, the story still has plenty to give.
It's the young hormonal filly snatch that makes this interesting! I hope that young new guard seduces little rosa and fucks her tight little filly pussy raw every night for his leftover pizza! He calls it his four meat treat cause the pizza counts as three and the fourth is his throbbing erection. Rosa's dripping cunt will wink just thinking about that meat in her mouth! UNF!!
I surely love lewd bedfillies slaves but this green should remain pure
Nothing should remain pure.
Nah dude, I want the inverse filly brothel where the protagonist stay pure until she meet her love human/pony partner.

AWF already make a green with a lot of tension (Spoon one), it's time for a comfy one
I hope someone buys rosa instead of sweeping her off to some gay faggot school for the disabled. I want that person to make her a bedfilly, and have awf narrate the transformation of bedfilly to bedmare as rosa falls for her master and his girthy cock that drives her mind to mush nightly
just thinking of rosa being a good girl and cumming for master makes me hard a fuck. Especially if she even fetches the whip for master
This guy really want to get banned. Bedfillies love always should stay tame here. Stop ruining everything
I thought bedfilly stuff was encouraged here? You people sure loved filly brothel! A story about fillies in a literal brothel? You people are confusing
I can only imagine a roseluck with a Mariachi hat
Corona when?
>Stop ruining everything
I see nothing but progress.
File: kidnap-poster-halle.jpg (125 KB, 1280x720)
125 KB
125 KB JPG

They are the nicest kidnappers I've read, they make the others look like sadistic and ruthless butchers, do not wait ...

Perhaps the worst part of all this is when everything -probably- comes out badly and all this turns into shit, or maybe everything ends as soon as it started and the event offers Rose and the other ponies the possibility of opening the way to a new beginning in the way of the rights of the ponies, or make her decide to back down to the idea of living in freedom while Mare on the contrary resists to leave what she has just begun to discover.

The only good thing so far is that apparently the kidnappers do not seem to be agents of hate, only 'almost' harmless opportunists who took advantage of the opportunity to make easy money by breaking the peace of a family.

I hope their deaths are agonizing, and if they can take VP in the process it will be better.

Because I would not like this to end like this fearing

Good job FBHPBO, as always
>kill VP
Why? You never wish his death before(when he was a bigger asshole) until now. What happened to want his dead? He become to soft? or you want to create a conflict between the girls making one celebrate the death of VP and the other one actually feeling bad for him? Also think in cloudburst
File: apple gold.png (946 KB, 1188x821)
946 KB
946 KB PNG
Applejack as always is the best mare, see how things are going with Luna and Candance.

I hope Twilight can say goodbye to Spike this time
IT wouldn't be the first time hippodrome ruined his shitty story
It's certainly not a morality play. If that's your idea of comf don't read it.
>asking why someone would wish for the death of a character so vile and morally bankrupt
Perfect example of why this thread has gone to utter shit. Autism of this magnitude defies description.
I see hipposhit is here yet again to dickride his own filth.
>Autism of this magnitude defies description
A character's morals are supposed to define their outcome?
I still think that Luna inspects the emails to see if Twiligth is trusted.

And for sexual purposes

I wonder if this situation is prolonged Twiligth could ask Luna to allow him to see Anon through his dreams just to be able to see him once more.

I would also like there to be a way that he could help the other mane six to recover fully to overcome the terrible experience they have suffered, especially Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, with the help and closeness of someone they can trust they could stop giving up and start living

And I has not said it before but I like how you keep the story alive with daily letters instead of pressuring you to update every one or two weeks, thanks for the effort AWF
I don't think he ever leaves, he just stews all day just itching for the chance to rile the thread up with his own idiocy. The lad is absolutely mental
Asking why someone believes a character with such a glaring lack of morality that has caused immense suffering deserves to die is pretty autistic desu.
Morality is relative. Hippoguy suggests that slavery is wrong and what's wrong with human/pony relations comes from inequities in those relations. Sounds about right to me.
>Morality is relative
No, you can just fuck off with that cultural relativism bullshit, libtard cuck.
Ooh someone's taking a 100 ethics course! Good job pursuing some education anon, I'm sure your mother is glad you're leaving the basement now
nice deflection, come back when you have an actual defense for your stupidity
File: Spoiler Image (94 KB, 892x858)
94 KB
Come back when you pass the class fuck face and apologize for being such a stupid cunt. Relativist are an enemy of moral theory and your meat head self can't understand that. I know you can't hear anyone but yourself sucking hippofags balls dry but come on man it's pathetic.
What the fuck are you even on about?
I was shitting on moral relativism, not supporting it
Well don't yell at me guy, go fuckig yell at the other guy
>tfw Scoops the Sissy Stallion Slave will never suck you off until your balls dry up and swallow every drop of your cum with a happy nicker and a "thank you, Master!"
Still waiting on more of that scoops clop
>tfw you will never have a stallion so lewdly submissive literally begging for the "privilege" of sucking your dick every day
>or flagging his tail like the good little slut he is just begging to sit in your lap and ride your cock until he cums from penetration alone
>moaning longingly as you put on his ring gag bridle and shackle his hooves to the bed, arching his back and letting out moans and whinnies of pain and pleasure with every lash of the crop you lay across his rump, haunches, and back, stallionhood throbbing in unspeakable arousal as you dominate him completely
>obedient, loyal, submissive slave that loves the lash and puts his Master's pleasure above everything else
UNF. Take all of my money!
That kind of total submission only comes with trust. You have to show him you'll be a loving protector before he'll ever reach a state where he's eager for the whip.
>his hind legs locking as the muscles beneath his sweaty coat ripple and stretch, each crop whip sending his head thrashing back with a ferociously lewd whinny
>cum leaks from the tip of his flexing shaft, trailing along his length until it crests his balls and onto the sheets below
>you didn't know a stallion could lift his tail this high for this long but your little poner shows now sign of lowering it now
>grinding your cock up against his hide gets him to buck wildly against the bed, his stifled moans and grunts signaling his imminent release
>the gag he wore slips from his mouth as his chest heaves, desperately trying to gulp down air as he feels the edge of his orgasm fast approaching
>picking up the pace and lashing him harder and harder he lets out an ear splitting whinny and makes a mess on the sheets below him
>you never knew a pony could cum just from being whipped, but he sure can
>still faithfully begging for his Master's cock despite his back and hindquarters being on fire, and despite having already
climaxed himself and collapsed in exhaustion
Reminder that scoop is such good and submissive that he was classified as a mare and good girl in the market
He's such a good boy because stallions get no love, and he's desperate to find a Master that will embrace how affectionate he is. Show him the littlest bit of affection and he'll worship you.
>because stallions get no love
Because all the stallions don't love their masters and act bratty with them. Don't blame the master for the attitude of the stallion
Maybe scoop needs to help and teach the other stallions on the training centers the benefit of being a good boy
How would he feel about his Master pissing on his face?
If his Master has that fetish, he'll learn to like it.
His name is scoops not scoop. You made my filter miss.
>Maybe scoop needs to help and teach the other stallions on the training centers the benefit of being a good boy

Like prostate stimulation + partner having human stamina
Why would I care? I have no allegiance to Christians.
Are you really this stupid?
Okay autist.
>biting the political argument bait
you know he's only bringing it up to fill the thread with shit, right? he just wants to argue about dumb offtopic shit.
stop responding
>He just wants to argue about dumb offtopic shit.
Perhaps he is just a troll, but if so the jokes on him. /SPG/ has always had a philosophical bent; our Anons have to participate in the evil that is slavery, but also have to me relatable and somewhat moral characters. They and their little ponies need to wrestle with these issues. Can the pony ever respect or even love someone who keeps them in chains for no crime they ever committed? Can Anon ever trust somepony who’s loyalty is literally bought and payed for? What is right and wrong in this situation? The bath scene might be mandatory, but the ethics are all kinda relative.

If you want to be confident in the truth, try /NMP/.
Scooop is a good boy! A GOOD BOY!!!
true but when they start out with BUT SHARIA LAW REEEEE and another immediately brings up Hitler, im calling bullshit on that being anything but arguebait and trolling
Is this the same world as Break? It has the same feel, somehow. That Anons artisanal methods of personal domination and manipulation are effective and reliable, but can never scale up. Perhaps a college of his has decided to focus on mass production of a similar product, as happens in most new industries. It would be fun to tie the stories together in some little way, it makes the world seem bigger and more real to imagine a bunch of complicated and important stuff happening ‘off screen’ just like the real world.
I hope rosa becomes a bedmare and redeems this general from lurker cucking us with mocha cream
What if a grownup mocha corrupt filly rosa?
>lewding perfect daughteru mocha
>instead of showing the princess of sex that humans really do belong in control
or better yet: a sweet, loving, lewd epilogue with anon and buzzy
> January 11th
> My love Anonymous,
> holy crap (pardon the expression), but that hurt like hell! I shouldn't have sent another letter so soon after the last one. I spent nearly two days in bed! I was just so excited to get *something* back!
> Maybe it wasn't all bad, though.
> Fluttershy came to see me! Somehow she got word that I was ill and brought me some tea!
> I think she's getting better, I really do. It felt so nice to hear that timid, gentle hooftap on the door (you can always tell when it's Fluttershy knocking).
> I never thought I'd say this, but I was even glad to see Angel bunny!
> Anyway, her coat was freshly brushed, her mane was washed and she brought me a basket of fruit and flowers, all delicious.
> I spoke with her about the others and she agrees we should do something for Pinkie Pie. I think the way to help Fluttershy heal will be to have her help others. She's always been the kindest of us and we need to get her to remember that!
> Then there's her woodland friends. I'm determined I'll go and look for them (even if it's winter), and try to convince some of them to come back. We need to get Fluttershy's hopes up and I think her furry little critters have the best chance at achieving that.
> Well, one hoofstep at a time. It's Fluttershy, so remind me not to push her too hard, or she'll just snap and we'll be at the beginning again.
> Anyway, a couple more breakthroughs like this and I'll be home soon!
> I got your letter intact this time! Thank you, thank you! I must have read it a hundred times while I was in bed, it's just so good to finally hear from you! Just one thing: quit it with the work stuff and tell me how Rainbow Dash and Tommy are doing! And more about yourself, please!
> Very much excited,
> Twilight Sparkle
Can't they just send each other an email?
Unfortunately, that will have to wait until the IETF releases IPv7. The inter dimensional time dilation effects make internet hookup of Equestria impractical with the current standards.
This is becoming good, I cannot hope that, to reading as Rose and co., they are discovered and get into problems

Good job AWF

It was a complex to where with the help of devices based on the skill of Tirek or of the scepter of Storm King they snatch the whole magic from the ponies to turn her into something that he benefits to the perfidious human beings.

The revenge will come..

Not if it was touched by the humans
Quick! We need an IBC load of acid to delude the huge amount of alkaline solution that is the byproduct of the soap in the bath that is used to brainwash these ponies. But no amount of brainwashing will prevent kids to do mischiefs.
Good job AWF, thanks for the update.
Damn, it will take me a a good amount of time to learn/place/imagine these characters since they are not straight from the show. But this is my shortcoming.
>Not if it was touched by the humans
Yet the very concept of purity is some nonsense we came up with.
Huh. Somehow I assumed that once the back-and-forth messages actually started working, we'd see both of them. Still, glad to see they've ironed out the issues with the problem now!
>characters since they are not straight from the show
I thought the same thing. It would help anchor the story in my mind if Aspiring included a canon character or two, and they spoke of events in the Hasbro show. What would poor Cherilee do if she found herself on the staff here?!
It's a valid argument though. If morality is arbitrary and relative you can't say that what any of those people did is wrong, and that is what is inherently wrong with the position of moral relativism.
>If morality is arbitrary and relative
It has to be unless you live in a theocracy.
If you accept that there are no absolute truths in morality, then you have no firm ground from which to condemn some of history's most evil people.
>then you have no firm ground from which to condemn
That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Whenever you condemn anyone, you should always be keenly aware of the treacherous sand subtly shifting beneath your own righteous feet. Evil lives within us all, and those figures of hate throughout history had a broad base of support among their own people, and their own gods and priests to sanctify their every sin.

What will the future say about us?
File: 1547338320107.png (2.17 MB, 1463x2033)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
>It's a valid argument though
it probably is but we have a different board for that

>What will the future say about us?
that we need to hassle the writefags to update more often
pic related
Absolute morality can be responsible for terrible things. People are capable of doing horrific things in service of a cause they believe to be morally right.
>hassle the writefags to update more often
This threads slowness is truely an atrocity of historical proportion. Down with the Pigs! Everypony when?!
File: 1470840878392.png (1.05 MB, 455x604)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Hey my nigga, I'm reading through your Celestia story right now and it's absolutely adorable, I love it.
It really is, isn’t it? I was waiting for something more spectacular, for Supple Branch to pay for her crimes, or Celestias growing connection with earths sun to become significant, but the comf train has no brakes. I think I’ll read through it again myself!
File: temp.png (554 KB, 5310x3589)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
Bah gawd https://derpibooru.org/1959448
shes kinda a hoe tho
Hardly. But she was portrayed in a very cute way.
wasnt she playing two different dudes in that story
well one dude and one stallion
File: 1619767.png (747 KB, 700x903)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
Hello /spg/. I took a break from the chans after cyos wrapped up because my PC was fried. Can anyone spoonfeed me on what I've missed?
File: 1494778028085.png (886 KB, 1736x1661)
886 KB
886 KB PNG
>"Oh wow, I love you Anon!"
>*has skypesex with stallion*
Some fucker is ruining the thread with his insatiable desire to fuck fillies and displays his degeneracy wth his self insert oc story called blinders off.
More Vega Updates
More Blinders Off Updates
Landscape appeared then immediately fucked off when anons asked him for an update.
LittleWitch posted a new story and then vanished
Anons keep arguing and whining instead of posting greens
Not much has changed
File: IMG_6350.jpg (187 KB, 2000x2002)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Large spoon is a good boy! A GOOD BOY!!!!
Yup. Not much has changed here at /SPG/.
Scoop the Sissy stallion slave is best cock sucker.
Love the design of the helm, but what would a pony do with a sword anyway?
What if you happened across a slave with some unique latent abilities? Would you exploit them?
What if it required some mechanical help to see them brought out?

What if you hooked your pony up to a brain-computer interface design to enhance her prophetic abilities to the point of hyperconsciousness, for your personal gain?

You love her, you care for her, you tend to her. Snuggle the pone, brush the pone, love the pone. But eight hours a day she spends hooked up to the machine, seeing all possible futures across all time and ensuring you know what you must do to succeed.
She has seen a million sunsets and a million dawns. She has seen you die in ten thousand agonizing ways, and wars fought with every weapon that can be wielded. She has seen you laugh, love, and be heartbroken by women and mares. She has even seen futures in which you end up together with her. But not even those bring you absolute happiness.

So she goes back into the machine again, knowing it will show her horrors and delights in equal measure. Because you need to know, and she is a Good Girl.
>She keeps going back in
>She's seen it all already
>She knows it all already
>Anon has been seeking absolute happiness for months now
>She's a Good Girl
>Every time she comes out of it she looks ever more tiredSPG
>So very tired
>So many laughs
>So many tears
>So many outcomes
>So many universes
>She knows what he's searching for
>She's a Good Girl
>All day long he takes care of her
>Until it's time to go back in
>His voice always gets strained when he asks her to put it on
>It's okay though
>She's a Good Girl
>One time she couldn't hear him after getting out
>She knew what he was saying though
>She knows everything now
>It gets harder to more around after every unplugging
>He still keeps searching though
>Always searching
>Always hopeful
>All he has to do is ask
>She won't tell him up front however
>That wouldn't be good for him
>That would be one of those outcomes
>She wouldn't do that to him
>She's a Good Girl
>The world flashes before her eyes
>Lives zip by
>Universes are both beautiful and horrifying
>She knows what lies within them
>All of the Anons trying to find there way
>She found herself once
>It was almost like looking in a mirror
>The same smile and the same eyes
>Even the same whispering in the ear
>"You're doing good. You're such a Good Girl."
>You see her mouth something
>You shake your head at her
>Arguing with yourself would get you nowhere
>You both know the answer already
>In a minute, Anon will let you out and you two will go to your favorite restaurant
>He'll buy you that daffodil sandwich you like
>The lines on his face will get deeper as he strains to get the courage to ask
>He'll let go and take a deep sigh then look you dead in the eye and tell you
>"You know you're my Good Girl, right?"
>You'll nod and smile and tell him
>"Of course, Master."
>You would if you could speak
>That outcome would have been so nice to have
>You'll just nod and lay your head in your forearms actually
>Looking down at them, you see the fur has dulled to an astonishing degree
>You stopped taking the fur coloring a couple weeks ago
>Anon never really noticed
>No, that's not right
>He noticed
>He notices everything about you
>In many of the outcomes, he notices too late
>You already know your outcome
>You had all the answers the first time you went in
>Today is a new day
>You're on your way to the room
>You know what today is
>You know everything
>He takes you by the hoof and leads you into the chair
>He's had to help you up for the past few days
>It's okay though
>He tells you you're a Good Girl once you're in
>Always a Good Girl
>Today is a bit different though
>He goes to put the helmet on but today, he asks you something
>"Are you ready?"
>I'm always ready for you, Master
>I'm a Good Girl
>The helmet goes on and you know how long it takes for Anon to get to the other side to turn it on
>He takes over a minute this time
>Longer than he usually does
>He has been a bit sluggish all day
>The lights flash but you don't notice
>Things wisp by but you can't see them
>You know what/who/when/where they are
>You know everything
>You feel Anon's hand rest on your shoulder
>He's gonna say it
>You feel something else drip from him
>He clutches your shoulder
>You can see a light
>It's so bright this time
>You new what it was
>"You know..."
>You smile as the hand grips a bit tighter
>It's okay though
>Anon wouldn't hurt you
>You're a Good Girl
>The light is getting closer
>All of the universes and worlds you saw shoot and then fizzle off as the light takes over
>"...you're my Good Girl, right?"
>You can hear warm laughter through the light
>This must be it
>You know it is
>You knew since the first day
>You nod at your Master
>"You... you knew this whole time... right?"
>The light is tickling your fur
>You can smell daffodils
>You nod at your Master
>"Would... would I have ever found it?"
>You fur around your shoulder is damp
>You feel the hand quivering
>You finally shut your eyes
>All of that searching
>All of that hope
>All of those smiles
>You'll get to see it again
>You raise your head and lean back
>The machine rests against back of the chair
>You smile
>The machine disconnects
>| No Registered User Found |
Christ man, you can't just DO that to me
The fuuuuuck
She was too good a girl for this world.
Your pic related slave will always cuck her master. She isn't a good girl anymore
I got that part, but what were they looking for? And Wat in general.
What a poorly shaped sword. Truely fitting for a poorly trained soldier.
That why the ponies get enslaved and the stallions guards only polish human dicks with their throat now.
> January 14th
> Dear Anonymous,
> I was so excited about Fluttershy the last time that I forgot to answer your letter properly. Sorry!
> Anyway, I was wondering if you could drop by the Pony Society one of these days when White Snow is in. Ask her if everything's okay and if she'd like to send me a message.
> I'm a bit worried about leaving Rainbow Dash and Zoe together, who knows what those two might get it in their heads to do. Of course saving ponies is really important, but not if the police comes to shut us down!
> I *think* Snow can keep them in hoof, but I'd like to make sure, okay?
> About the project, I'm glad to hear the testing is going okay. Tell Peter thanks for putting up with my delays. Oh, and thank you for covering for me. I promise I'll make it up to you, one way or another as soon as I'm back.
> I also love the idea of inviting Dash and Tommy over for an evening. Maybe not board games, but get some cider and a pack of cards! Just make sure she doesn't have too much. You can also try a movie night, but let Rainbow Dash pick the movie, otherwise she'll just get bored and fret the whole evening.
> Nothing much new here. I've been writing down everything I know about Earth's politics and media for Princess Celestia, so we can come up with strategies to get ponies equal rights over there.
> I haven't seen my friends all that much, but I'm going for lunch at Rarity's tomorrow - I'll let you know how it turns out!
> Being *extra* fluffy for you!
> Twilight Sparkle
> P.S.: Oh, I nearly forgot! I'm meeting with the head unicorn of Canterlot Medical soon, so they can see what can be done about my wings. With luck, next time you see me will be as a full and proper Alicorn again! Please keep your fingers crossed for me! (I would, but I don't have any fingers.)
> I'm a bit worried about leaving Rainbow Dash and Zoe together, who knows what those two might get it in their heads to do. Of course saving ponies is really important, but not if the police comes to shut us down!
This is kinda hypocrite coming from a pony that shot a human with magic to death
> shot a human with magic to death
I think you mean shot a human to death with magic.

And I don't remember that happening? This story has been going for a while so I may have forgotten some earlier scenes, but I only remember her zapping a few people, and they lived. And she only zapped those to rescue ponies that where being held captive.
>> Being *extra* fluffy for you!
You always come up with something.

How long will Twi stay in Equestria? I dont remember you ever explicitly mention or suggested anything about it.
Fucksake, I didn't ask for these feels. God damn, Ponk.
For a pony that want diplomacy with humans those events could be used against her. Just imagine how negative would be this if the previous "violent " event in the ponies rescues come to light.

>"The alicorn that want peace with us never doubt to use her magic against other humans."
>"Even now we don't know how the magic work here and we will allow to them to come to our world when they have two living weapons that can easily control the sun and moon? "
>"How we can even know if her husband isn't mind controlled with their weird horse magic?"
Then you add a scene of twilight punching this lawyer after this question
> Being *extra* fluffy for you!
Damn it Twilight you can't just tease a man like that. It's cruel!

The past always reaches us sooner or later, if this situation happens you can bet that the big fish want their pound of meat, for the sake of the future and the relationships Pony-Humans Twilight should be sacrificed at the altar of history
File: bee movie lawyer.jpg (226 KB, 3554x2000)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
>>"How we can even know if her husband isn't mind controlled with their weird horse magic?"
>Then you add a scene of twilight punching this lawyer after this question
Why I'm imagining this guy as the lawyer?
File: cohen8.jpg (54 KB, 1086x724)
54 KB
Really? I imagine to this guy
Sometimes there’s a difference between being a ‘good girl’ and being a good pony. Rose chose one path, Mare would prefer the other if only fate would cooperate!
I want to gently fuck Landscape Appul on a big comf couch
>Mare would prefer the other if only fate would cooperate!
Too bad that VP got a prime good girl pegasus.
Filly/Mare destiny was always being cucked by a pegasus
At least she isn't a unicorn
Corona when?
I, too, find myself wanting this.
>Be Roseluck
>Foalnapped, chained up in the den of a stand alone house in a neighborhood you don't recognize
>Mr White is walking back into the room with a pizza box that has a large bag sitting on it
>'Dinner is served," he says in a funny accent that you asume is an attempt to mock some antique upper class way of speaking
>"Delivery guy was a stallion," he continues. "I felt bad for the guy, delivering on foot in this weather"
>"You left him a decent tip?," Mr Pink asks
>"Of course I did. He definitely smelled the weed, though. I saw him take a big sniff before he smiled and said,'You guys have a good night'"
>If a stallion was just at the door he smelled more than just weed
>No way he couldn't tell there was a mare in heat in the house
>Probably figured Mr White had hired a whorse for the evening
>And she just happened to be in heat
>Because it's really unlikely that a self-decribed hoot rat would be able to afford a mare of his own
>Even a modest house like this would be like a bit of a stretch, given how young he seems
>"If we weren't in the middle of something delicate here," Mr White continues, "I'd have invited him in for a hit"
>"Now that you mention it," Mr Pink says, "it does stink in here. That weed was skunkier than usual"
"Some of that might be me. Having your son threatened with a knife and getting foalnapped is pretty stressful"
>Careful how you phrase this
"I've been nothing but a ball of nerves for hours.If you don't mind I'd love to take a shower after we eat"
>Mr Pink approaches you as Mr White sets out the food on the low table
>Mr Pink comes close to you and sniffs
>"Oh yeah, pony," he says, wrinkling his nose. "Some of that stink definitely is you. We're not taking the chain off"
>He takes another sniff and says, "But we'll drag it into the bathroom after we eat and you can take a shower"
>You feel a blush on your cheeks
>"That bad?," Mr White asks
>"Yeah, we got a stinky pony on our hands"
>"OK," Mr White answers, "then we'll let you freshen up after we eat. Here's the salad I promised"
>He hands you a clear plastic bowl
>In Manhattan where you used to live you'd expect such a bowl to come full of tender baby greens
>This one is mostly iceberg lettuce, some tired shredded carrots and a few tomato slices that have no business being served raw
>But it's vegetable matter, and very welcome
>"They gave us Italian dressing if you're interested," Mr White says, holding up a packet
"This is fine, thanks"
>Oh, there's a bit of cucumber
>"Dressing on the side," Mr Pink chimes in between bites of pizza. "Just like a..."
>"Give it a rest,"Mr White interrupts. Then to you he says, "He actually watches the show, which is why he has theories about you"
"I'm sure I would be flattered under different circumstances"
>Looking down you realize you've made very quick work of your salad
>And you're still hungry
>You look over at the pizza
>Just over half of it is left, but it looks greasy and awful
>Pepperoni - you never understood that
>You like a little taste of salty meat as much as anypony - salty anything, really
>But taking a fundamentally greasy food like melted cheese on bread
>Then topping it with a sausage that puts off that much grease?
>What were they thinking when they cam up with that?
>They were thinking like carnivores, which omnivores are halfway to in the first place
>At least these guys didn't want ribs or fried chicken - those would have been non-starters for you
>But you figure you can choke down a slice of pizza, though it'll probably make you feel queasy after eating that much grease
>Mr White sees you staring at the box and says, "Go on, Rose. Have a slice. There's plenty"
>You do, eating it very slowly to savor every salty bite - also the keep from gagging on the grease
>Mr White controls the TV from his laptop playing videos from Youtube
>Mostly conspiracy theory stuff about how the military-industrial complex along with the media and globalist leaders are manipulating the masses
>Calls for civil disobediance from internet hacker groups
>Mr Pink protests when Mr White plays one about reptilians controling the government
>"Take her up for a shower," he replies, "and we can watch Rick and Morty when you get back"
>"Mr Pink looks at the pile of cinder blocks you're chained to and says, "I'm not carrying that shit upstairs by myself"
>Mr White gets up, walks over to the pile and produces a key from his pocket
>He finds the lock keeping the chain looped through them and unlocks it, pulls the chain through and hands the end to Mr Pink
>"There," Mr White replies, "just wrap it around your arm like you're walking a pitty"
>Moments later you're walking up the stairs on a chain like an obediant Pitbull Terrier
>When you get to the top of the stairs Mr Pink says, "There's a bathroom on the right"
>Going in you see a tub with a shower in it, some soap in a dish and towels
>You sniff the one closest to you and that's not going to work
>The next one on the rack seems clean enough
>"Got everything you need?," Mr Pink asks from outside the doorway
"I do actually"
>"Then don't take all night"
>You start running the water to discover the hot water is pretty good
>You step into the shower backwards, careful about your mane because you're not going to bother washing that - you did this morning
>It's the other side of you that requires the attention
>The soap is green with white streaks in it and smells like a chemical company's idea of "fresh"
>Normally something you wouldn't touch, but perfect for this situation
>Exactly the stuff to keep you from being a "stinky pony" until morning, at least
>When hopefully they'll set you free, or at least let you shower again
>You emerge from the bathroom to find Mr Pink with the end of the chain still wrapped around his arm
>He looks you over and smiles
>"All freshened up?," he asks
>You nod and say, "Thank you"
>He whispers, "That wasn't just stress, was it? You're in heat, aren't you?"
>And not for the first time today you're terrified
>Before you can respond he says, "It's OK. I told you we've agreed to be gentlemen about this"
>The terror is slowly replaced by a hot blush
"A gentlecolt, um... man, wouldn't have brought it up directly like that"
>"No? Than what would he have done?"
"I don't know"
>You do
"Maybe shown a little extra attention or interest toward her to see if..."
"That caused her to see him in a new light"
>"So it's not some crazy animalistic thing where you turn into a sex maniac"
"I'm sure in the right situation with the right stallion it can be. But generally no. It's not that at all"
>"Too bad. So there's no culture of it's not rape if she's in heat?"
"I thought you were going to be a gentleman"
>"Sociological interest. Nothing personal"
"Oh, you're a scientist now? I'll answer, though. Nothing like that. 'It's not rape if' only exists here, and that's only when master says it isn't"
>You add:
"Which is incredibly fucked up, if you don't mind me saying so"
>"I don't mind. As far as slavery goes I've been pretty agnostic about it most of my life, leaning toward against now"
"Yet you foalnap a free pony and keep her on a chain"
>"This is just a moneymaking scheme - nothing personal"
"You don't see how that's exactly the attitude that allows slavery to exist?! It's not like I asked to be here"
>"If you're going to get philosophical about it NONE of us asked to be here"
"Do you want me to start calling you Mr Existentialist instead of Mr Pink?"
>"What do you know about Existentialism?"
"I know it's a way of thinking from your world that wouldn't have lasted for half a second in Equestria"
>"Why not?"
"We had a beautiful, powerful Alicorn Princess who raised the sun every morning and lowered it every night"
>What else?
"We had ponies who wielded powerful magic as the living embodiments of ideals you claim to glorify: love, friendship, kindless..."
>There's another big one
>Right, cutie marks!
"And a a piviotal moment in our young lives we magically received our cutie marks which gave us a clear idea of what our destiny was"
>Wow, you're breathing heavily and feeling emotional
>And it isn't just the heat, though that probably made you more passionate about this than you expected to be
"There was simply no way you could look around that world and conmclude, 'Nope, it all looks meaningless to me'"
>"Sounds like living in mythological times. Must have been nice"
"It was. And if by mythological you mean powerful magical creatures living and breathing among you then yes"
>Mr White shouts from downstairs, "Everything OK up there?"
>You realize you must have raised your voice more than you thought for him to hear you downstairs over the TV
>"She's all cleaned up and we're on our way down," Mr Pink replies
>Be VP
>Back in a shithole neighborhood in Brooklyn
>But with more useful company today
>Agent Abseloff seems to have his shit a lot more together than the NYPD representative you spoke with yesterday
>"In the early days there were some free pony kidnappings," he says, "Idiots would try to sell them at auctions"
"Getting arrested immediately I'm guessing"
>"Those rocket scientists found out trying to sell a pony who wasn't in the system got you five years"
"Because all ponies who are private property are registered"
>"Only way to keep track of who is and who isn't. Can't take their word for it. Point is we didn't need to get involved with that"
"So this is the first time you've seem a free mare kidnapped for ransom?"
>"Free mare being the unique aspect of this situation. We're always on the lookout for sex trafficking, but it's really not a thing"
"No market for it. Anyone who wants a pony can legally buy one. And those who can't afford one can always rent"
>"Exactly. And as far as ransom goes no one would pay a ransom for a free pony"
"Until I created the free pony celebrity"
>"Their lack of value was their protection, and you made a couple suddenly very valuable"
"Just like private property ponies are protected by the fact they're so valuable that stealing one is a serious crime"
>"Serious enough that the bureau lends its resources to the investigation"
"So what's the bureau's opinion on this case?"
>"These punks getting away with this would set a bad precident"
"I think that was lost on the NYPD lieutenant"
>"I don't think so. That's exactly why he called me. He's got it rough, you know"
"How so?"
>"He's got a tough beat. Citywide crime has been falling for years. Former toilets like Bushwick and Bed-Stuy have turned around"
"Bed-Stuy has turned around?"
>"It has three French bistros now. I'm talking real ones. I had lunch at one last week"
"Holy shit"
>"Yeah, but East New York refuses to. Still as crime ridden as it ever was. You know the mayor isn't happy about that"
"And shit rolls downhill. I get it"
>"From the mayor to the police commissioner all the way down to the guys in the field"
>He drops his voice to a whisper, "They're actually under pressuer to play down the details of more violent crimes"
"Like how?"
>"You know, 'losing' evidence at the scene so assult with a deadly weapon becomes assult"
>That's actually pretty shocking and the opposite of how you'd expect dishonest cops to act
>Don't crooked cops plant evidence on people when they've got nothing on someone the want t to arrest anyways?
>Intentionally losing evidence to make a crime less severe doesn't strike you as something a cop would actually do
>Unless the neighborhood was really, really fucked up
>He sees the look of shock on your face
>You didn't mean to let it show, but his comment caught you off guard
>"You didn't hear that from be, by the way"
"Hear what?"

I feel like nothing happened in this chapter. I guess this one is just a filler update
>"Their lack of value was their protection, and you made a couple suddenly very valuable"
That’s the reason the FBI has the attitude it does about kidnapping. In other ‘shithole’ sorts of places, the wealthy and their families spend their lives with targets on their backs, because they truely are valuable, and that value can be extracted like any other resource. It beats the heck out of being poor, but close protection gets super old after a few decades. It’s one of the subtle drains on society that keep them shithole places, along with missing tax funded garbage pickup and real municipal sewage systems. Rich people control the government mostly for their own benefit, but if you’re a poor pony kidnapping victim their policies give you the full attention of a vast and magestic bureaucracy. We might not have powerful magical creatures living and breathing among us, but we do have institutions almost as impressive, when they want to be.

These Reservoir Dog wannabes are about to find out why the real Mob wouldn’t touch this job with a stick!

And love your story, BTW. It’s really caught my interest.
Kill yourself
That dedication. It takes a powerful story to inspire passion like that, even if he hates it with every fiber of his being.
It is a powerful story, even when it moves at a snail's pace.
It’s slow, but I wouldn’t have it go any faster. We need to develop these kidnappers characters a bit before the action goes down, regardless of how that happens. Blinders is certainly updating fast enough himself!
Stop dickriding yourself, autist.
I was two of these, but not the third. It’s a back and forth conversation. There is a plurality that enjoys this story, believe it or don’t.
>two samefagging autists constitutes a plurality
Fuck you motherfucker, I hope your fingers fall off you sick cunt
That’s literally the definition of the word, no? There is a plurality of people here who like things that you don’t like. Embrace the pain.
This. Hippodrome has over 2200 hits and it's not been listed in Popular Stories yet. But if you consider it's the sequel of Filly Brothel and has its own sequel in the form of Blinders Off - that's one continuous story with over 4100 hits, regardless of whether GMLTR is considered a prequel. And it seems to be just that, which would make the whole story nearly 5500 hits on paste. This is a popular story, like it or not.
autistic dickriding != popularity
pastebin is also plagued with scraping bots.
Also even if it were, just because something's popular doesn't mean it's good.
retards like you with literally zero standards have been choking the lifeblood out of this thread for far too long.
Wow. Four incomplete sentences that manage to contradict each other every couplet. Good work!
way to fail at reading comprehension
I'll break it down for you:
>autistic dickriding != popularity
>pastebin is also plagued with scraping bots.
So positive comments and pastebin hits do not equal popularity, even though they're the metrics used to determine what stories end up in the list of Popular Stories?
>Also even if it were, just because something's popular doesn't mean it's good.
>retards like you with literally zero standards have been choking the lifeblood out of this thread for far too long.
Again we're talking popular here, followed by autistic rant against liking what I don't like.

That's reading comprehension.
I've had hits on my pastes before of thousands within minutes of posting, as well as resurgences of several hundred at a time within minutes of each other at various points after they were posted. I'm not autistic or narcissistic enough to actually believe those are all real people. So no, pastebin hits are not an accurate measure of true popularity.

And even if those were all real hits and that was somehow verified, just because something is popular does not mean it is good or high quality - appealing to the lowest common denominator (which has sadly sunken absurdly low compared to what it was at this thread's inception) should never be a point of pride for any content creator.

When people see filth like this being praised it devalues any feedback they get on their own work by that same audience. This is exactly why we are losing quality content creators left and right, and people like you are too retarded to comprehend that just because you happen to like garbage that appeals to the lowest common denominator. It's fucking shameful and you should be ashamed of yourself for encouraging the decline of this thread.
>just because something is popular does not mean it is good or high quality
Agreed. But it still makes it a Popular Story.
>When people see filth like this being praised
That's a matter of opinion for the readers and participants itt to decide.
>It's fucking shameful and you should be ashamed of yourself for encouraging the decline of this thread.
>That's a matter of opinion for the readers and participants itt to decide
It's not a matter of opinion that hipposhit and his dickriding fanboys have driven off better writers, it's a fucking fact.
I can't wait until this general finally fucking dies, you'll have nobody but yourselves to blame when it does.
Again, autism. Just crazy ranting shit over and over.
>it's a fucking fact
Offer some proof. You have none aside from "I see things I don't like here".
I personally know at least three writefags that stopped coming to the thread because of the hipposhit autism, and there are probably more, but it is not my place to name names. You retards will reap what you've sewn soon enough and I will delight in watching this thread's inevitable downfall.
File: DerypSpin.gif (176 KB, 496x368)
176 KB
176 KB GIF
>I personally know at least three writefags that stopped coming to the thread because of the hipposhit autism
I doubt writefags stopped coming here because of another writefag. More because they got tired of autists like you trying to turn the thread into a rant against a particular one instead appreciating their work. The blame is on you, buddy.
Lol wherever helps you sleep at night faggot.
>I will delight in watching this thread's inevitable downfall.
Or you could, you know, just stop showing up. Then you wouldn’t even have to care about our downfall one way or another. What will you do *after* our inevitable downfall anyway? You could devote your precious attention to other, far more worthy pursuits! Why not just do those things right now instead of waiting? Wouldn’t that be better for everyone?

I’m sorry the SPG you thought you knew has changed, but change is the only constant in life. If you scrape the archives, the old stories you love will always be there for you. If you ever want to write more like them, SPG will be an ever eager audience.
Welcome to anonymous imageboard culture. There might only be two real people here: (You), and me pretending to be everyone else. It’s not *likely*; that would be a ton of work for me to keep up for no real benefit, but there’s no way in principle for you to know otherwise. Things like the posters count and Pastebin hits are unreliable guides, but they’re all we’ve got to go on. It’s my impression that Blinders is pretty popular here, but I can offer no evidence beyond my own taste. If you want strict identity management you have simply come to the wrong place. Try Facebook.
Why the fuck does every shitty person in your shitty story have to have some in depth philosophical debate or moral dilema they have to monologue about? That's fucking autistic as fuck, stop that you moron. I actually enjoyed your green for some time but it's just taking a cliff dive down the shitter every update
Hey awf, are we going to get rosa lewd?
It’s a slow, philosophical sort of story. I don’t think it could work any other way.
Maybe not being so shit? He could make a criminal just a criminal without having him break out in deep theatrical expository. He's like the snobby kid that can never shut the fuck up and be better
Yeah, gonna agree with this.
I like the story but damn it feel cringy when you spend half an update using your characters as simple mouthpieces to show off your 2deep4me shower thoughts.
I don't remember it being that bad in Filly Brothel, but since the second arc it's becoming worse and worse over time.
I can't wait the existential crisis monologue when mare need to choose between french toast or equestria hay for her breakfast
Well... they're watching rick and morty. At least that fit with the criminal being 2deep4u but not with the other 90% of the remaining cast. It's kinda ironic that only VP is the only one that don't have any moments like this
spoiler alert:
hipposhit's writing was never good
>criminals are just criminals
>villains are just villains
No, that would be bad storytelling in any story! Strong protagonists need strong, we’ll developed antagonists, with complex internal lives and good lines of their own. Every villain is the hero of his own story. Having the antagonists be simple cardboard cutouts for the protagonist to knock down as he rides the rails of the plot makes for a cheap and simplistic story with no heart. Complex and well drawn antagonists with understandable (if still evil) motivations are essential!

It’s a pet peeve of mine: I’m always bugging authors to pay more attention to the bad guys.
Yeah but not every single one for fucks sake. I don't want to hear about the corrupt meter maid giving out tickets because she likes challenging the duality of man. That's fucking stupid. The important characters sure, but it seems like this faggot just projects through any character he can think of because he thinks it makes him look clever? It's cringe as fuck and he doesn't care because he keeps doing it and you poor bastards keep praising him for it.
>It's cringe as fuck and he doesn't care because he keeps doing it and you poor bastards keep praising him for it.
Then how is it cringe if he's giving the readers in this thread what they like?
>poor bastards
Don’t pity us; we’ve chosen our path.
She need to decide already if she want to eat like a human of like a brave free pony. She is a celebrity now and need to set the example for everyone
>Yeah but not every single one for fucks sake.
As >>33503562 points out the VP never has moments like this. He just thinks about getting older, waxes nostalgic for when he lived in Mexico City and gives Mexican sounding names to all the ponies the network owns.
That why VP is the most valuable player
Because the vp is hippobrothels shitty self insert oc. He's like every other autistic fucker on fim fiction that makes a canon character fuck their persona because they're "cool and edgy". The fact that you fucks lap up this slop is disgusting. I can't believe you guys can support such obvious garbage. I thought it was some inside meme supporting hippofillyoff ironically but you degenerates actually like it.
There's nothing edgy about the VP. The show ideas he comes up with might be, but if anything the character himself is a corporate old fart.
What's wrong? Are you in your period or daddy do not lend you the car?
>Vp isn't edgy
>creates a gladiator death arena for public sport
Anon please, at this point you're just giving me more proof that you're retarded
I think it's come out in the story that a lot of it is CGI And even that is about as original as the Running Man, which oddly enough was set in the same year this story takes place.
File: IMG_6354.png (124 KB, 680x680)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
You'd know that if you'd bothered to read the story you're attempting to critique. Since you didn't it's tough to take your criticism seriously.
It would help if you followed your own advice
I hope we get a lewd bedfilly slave green someday
I mean rosa is a thing?? Rosa is the perfect candidate for bedfilly
Its time to decide! Do you like hippodrome,etc?

You forgot the "I don't give a fuck" option.
No, I did not. There is the view results for that. Its not mandatory to vote.
>inb4 one of you autistic fucks uses a dynamic ip and fillydome gets 200+ yes votes
You cunts are literally the worst
Fuck off hippo, your story is trash and you should leave. Do what mirta and doc did and never come back
First stage is always denial.
Try to make up better excuses faggot.
I voted. Twice.
I love how Blinders Off always makes autists screech. Also like this story, its comfy.
>inb4 one of you autistic fucks uses a dynamic ip and fillydome gets 200+ no votes
These things can never be reliable, but I think we’ve established that there’s several fans. Isn’t that enough? There will always be those who like what you don’t like. SPG was never meant to be your private safe space hugbox.
>filly rape
>publicly televised death matches
Anon what the fuck
I voted five times just to make you mad
isn't rape if the filly cum and get cuddles.
File: loud faggots.png (32 KB, 1009x573)
32 KB
So far it seems like we got 2 No votes.
Wow, 2 autistic retarded basement creeps. I cant believe how fucking loud of an argument can they two make. I assume most of the time only one argues with himself for hours and pretends what a huge amount of ppl hates hippodrome.
Good job, thank you for the proof.
It has that comfy "life is going on" feel when you read it.
5 of those votes are fake sorry
So you’re both the “no” votes, right?
You mean the negative ones?
Can you tell by the pixels or something?
There wasn't a hate option so I didn't vote
No I was the person who voted five times in favor of hippoblinder, I like rustling angry anons jimmies
>I like rustling angry anons jimmies
It's a little pathetic, though because it's so easy.
>jimmies rustled
You’re doing Cthulhus work, Anon!
This only proves that almost half of the general dislikes the story, this is counter productive
Half the general isn't even here yet. There's only 36 posters so far, and by the time a thread autosages we're usually around 100. Still, I'm pretty sure the hippohate is a loud minority. Mostly one autist with a couple supporters.
Hippodrome (and other his stories) are unironically the best thing this thread has.
Fuck off for supporting this garbage
Loud minority.
But its great, you just have a shit taste.
Yea right. So hippodrome haters even hate each other. Why dont you take your hate conversations to someplace else? Like to the inside of an oven or the middle of a busy highway?
>being this unironicly attached to this level of mediocre trash
You guys are fucking retarded
So what are better stories that are still going now?
Awfs stuff really. You bastards drove off landscape, fanganon, and space celly. Vega is pure fetish fuel and doesn't contribute anything meaningful so I can't count him.
Vega is good. You do have shit taste.
>drove off
You know that we are not worse for writefag disappearance than any other thread right?
They usually come, do a half assed green and never finish it. Like 90% of the time.
landscape has been gone for two years, fanganon died for real, space celly's writer is young so probably has college or something
swf said he hates it when he goes to the thread and sees nothing but arguments so you should have him on that list
Vega got pretty boring imo.
SWF never finished anything. I happened to "run into him" in 3 (4?) different threads over the years. And he always follows the same pattern, like he did here.
>fanganon died for real
> January 18th
> My love,
> I've been trying to write you a letter for days, but I just didn't know what to put in it.
> Some days are just... worse than others, you know? Rarity and Spike the other day...
> Buck, I just can't get it out of my mind! Can't stop thinking about it, replaying it over and over in my head. Maybe I could have done it differently, said something.
> I didn't even realize what was happening until it was too late. Spike asked me if I needed a claw to help me clean up the castle. Just when I was about to say no, I've got it in hoof, Rarity said quietly how she wished *their* house was a bit tidier.
> Spike asked what she meant about that and-
> They just exploded.
> Anonymous, I don't think I've ever seen anypony fight like that. It was as if they were completely different people!
> I almost expected them to start hitting one another.
> Maybe that would have been better? In the end Spike yelled at Rarity what she does all those times she is taking care of her shops in Canterlot and Manehattan. He basically accused her of cheating on him!
> It hurt her - Celestia how it hurt. I could see it on her face! She just told him quietly to leave.
> I tried to go after him, but Spike just took off and flew away. Then I tried to go back to comfort Rarity, but she slammed the door in my face.
> I don't know what to do. Dash told me they fight, but I never imagined *this*!
> I don't know where Spike is. I don't think he came home yet. I went into the Everfree forest looking for him, but I couldn't find anything.
> Pinkie says he'll come back, apologize and then they'll buck and get over it.
> I think I'll write to Cadence next. I don't know how to fix this. Can I even fix it? Should I?! I need her advice.
> Twilight Sparkle
> P.S.: I love you...
Sad. Must be a love-hate relationship. Both parties fear braking up but also fear staying together and clinging to the smallest things.
File: 1322257242664.png (103 KB, 359x343)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
>that random shoehorned in lesbian couple tho
why do writefags do this
>Must be a love-hate relationship.
Don't think so. I think it's just frustration on both their parts. Spike mooned over her for years and she kept him pretty firmly in the friendzone. Then he helps her out when she's vulnerable and manages to win her love. Then he realizes the reality of being with Rarity isn't exactly what he fantasized it was going to be. In his fantasies she was perfect. In an actual relationship she isn't and he has to deal with it. It's like getting what you've always dreamed of only to find the reality doesn't line up with your dreams. Everything that's wrong seems bigger than it is because you thought there wouldn't be anything wrong.
>sleeping on couch with Appul from Landscape
>get morning wood
>Appul feels it and wakes up
>thinks she has to make it go down
>you wake up and Appul is licking your dick

>what do
>shoehorned lesbians
They’re rare in the wild, but they are a real thing that exists. I though this pair fit into the story fairly naturally. What didn’t you like about them?
>what do
“Applejack! Stop it this instant!”
>swats the snout

I’m pretty sure that’s what Landscape Anon would do. He’s very careful about yelling or hitting his poor broken pone, but he won’t tolerate her taking liberties either. Later there would be crying and hugging, and Anon feeling helpless and AJ feeling worthless. That’s just how that story goes.

>Landscape when?
>fanganon died for real
Like, died for IRL real?! What happened to him? Would dox be appropriate here?
I’m wondering if their friendship is broken. People change, drift apart in life, even without being enslaved in an alien dimension. Does the Elements of Harmony, Equestrias last ditch superweapon against a human invasion, even still work? Celestia and the Royal Guard should be thinking about that...
Reminder that hippofilly is a literal pedophile who self inserts his own human oc to validate how pathetic he is in real life
Good for him!
I would do the same thing but with bedfillies instead
That's a bummer, but yeah. Vega's kinda only for the spank crowd. It's not really a legit slave story worth taking seriously.

As always Spike has to be the one that receives all the low punchs, one can speculate that it is happening between him and Rarity but until know the official version I support the dragon bro.

Maybe Rarity chose him to live a lie, maybe Spike saw in her something that was not the idealized image of his dream mare, maybe they just kept a facade too long and finally exploded, Rarity could not overcome the shadow that leave the Earth in her and now brought it to hurt the only person in Equestria that could never harm, if this does not resolve what once was so damaged that it will be lost forever.

It seems that Twiligth will remain in Equestria longer than had planned
Have you actually read any of the story since like, the first part? There's been a real background and storyline for a long while now.
I hope this does not end with the Stockholm Syndrome and with Roseluck inviting his kidnappers to his program.

I hope we read Mare's version soon, especially about this issue and how it is going, hopefully the beardlords will not abandon mother of El Bronquito under the ridiculous excuse of not dealing with criminals.

As always, great job FBHPBO, love the philosofical part
Here and there, yeah since I'm told that it 'gets better, just keep going' constantly. It's really not that great and just doesn't hold my attention.
Reminder that hippofillyoff made his own poll and closed it early before anyone could vote against his story
>closed it early
No, the strawpoll seems to still be open for me.
Reminder that 3 autistic screeching is loud.
The poll has 10 negative votes... fuck off
Reminder that 10 autistic screeching is loud.
Even louder than 3!
Seems like autitusts take a long time to find out how to vote multiple times.
Considering multiple people voted multiple times in favor of fillyoff, I wouldn't be surprised if people did the same against it
Doesn't really matter though. At the end of the day his story is obviously a big part of the current culture of this general or we wouldn't spend half a thread discussing it.
>Current culture
I didn't realize being a thorn in everyone's side was of cultural significance
>everyone's s
I dont get the Hippodrome haters.
Every time when there is an update the 3 autistic fat gaylord starts screeching like there is no tomorrow. Its not mandatory to read the green. What do you achieve with this? It was annoying when Lurker posted CYOS, now its starting to reach new levels with Blinders off.
Its sad that this board does not have ID. Just fuck off and boil over in your basement alone instead of posting a whole thread of screeching every time. No one is interested. It makes "normal" conversation impossible.
You are a thorn in everyone's side.
> January 26th
> My favourite human,
> Spike and Rarity are back, but they didn't want to talk to me the past week, so I don't know much more than that. I wrote to Cadence and she's coming over in a couple of days.
> I hope we can do something...
> Thanks for the concern in your last letter. I promise I'll give it to them to read, if they start speaking to me again. The news from White Snow is a little suspicious though. Or, I should rather say, lack of news.
> Please, if you can, get Rainbow alone and ask her seriously if she and Zoe are planning anything stupid. She could never lie to my face and I'm hope she can't lie to yours either.
> Meanwhile, I've been to Canterlot and they gave me this foul, disgusting, awful, FOUL potion to swallow. At first it did nothing, but I guess it just takes a while for it to work.
> I woke up with wings today!
> I know!
> Well, to be completely honest, they're just tiny 'winglets' right now, but they're there! The unicorn from Canterlot Medical told me they'll be fully grown in about two weeks.
> What he *didn't* tell me is how much it would itch! I think I'm developing a facial tick as I struggle not to roll on my back and rub against the floor.
> The doctor said I have to be careful, which means sleeping strictly on my stomach. Luckily I have a spell to keep me that way, but boy am I sore each morning.
> What I wouldn't give for a nice, relaxing, massage with fingers right now. I dream about it every night. Celestia, I miss you, Anonymous!
> I'm starting to think wings aren't worth all this squirming, itching, bucking misery...
> Honestly, if it weren't for you, I'd have gone back and told them to reverse the spell. I want you to see my wings, so I'll try to make it.
> You owe me big!
> Twilight Sparkle
They are here to make this story even better
A long time ago I asked for the most comfy of these stories and they were still all fucking depressing. Are all of you emotional cutters?
What have you tried?
I've always considered the power of /spg/ to come from the occasional sunshine shining through a bleak, depressing overall situation. Some may see things differently, but to me that's always been the conceptual strength of this general.
I don't know what you were expecting from a slave general.
Reminder that the author of blinders off is literal scum and wants to fiddle adolescent horse children. I hope whatever government he lives under locks him up
>Blaming others instead of blaming the root cause of the problem
I can't believe you sick fucks can stand up for a pedophile like that, you cunts make me sick.
Go be sick somewhere else.
fuck you asshole, you're the reason this thread is dying. You turn this general into a fucking hugbox and let anyone post their shit stories.
Good guard ponies that help and betray their princess get their personal butt slut stallion pegasus
Is that all? You have become soft anon
>I think I'm developing a facial tick as I struggle not to roll on my back and rub against the floor.
No, no. Please do roll on your back and rub against the floor. And take pictures, because that sounds adorable!
Fuck you too
>those little wingies flapping
So cute!
>shitting on bedfilly anon
To far
But his story was (and is) very anti-pedophile.
That's true.
>expecting complainfag to have reading comprehension
if he was smart enough for that he would have filtered it by now. instead hes been crying about it for almost a year
hes been at it since march and hasnt accomplished anything at all
He’s made us suffer his presence. For trolls, that’s accomplishment enough.
This, and we have no appreciation for shitty trolls.
>his story is very anti pedophile
Then why the literal fuck did he write filly smut of a horse child's first heat in a brothel meant to sell fillies sexually mother fucker? Learn to fucking read you dumb fucks
File: IMG_6362.png (115 KB, 500x396)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
You put a assload of stories under one vote dumbass, it's called multi choice for a reason, learn to use it.
You do know you could always report it right? Pedophilia is against the rules and they showed this counts here with Anonfilly and It Hurts. Not saying you should, just if you care so much you can.
>doesnt like one story
>tries to get the whole thread permabanned for displeasing him
Gilf is that you?
>Filly first heat in a brothel
If only. I would love to read that chapter and how nicely was Filly with her clients and favorite
Quick question for the /sim/ crew, I know some of you are lurking here. The rest can disregard, I'm not looking to shit up your thread. If this ever sees the list of day, which it likely won't, I won't post it here.

I was drafting a green and quickly came to a roadblock. If one were to write a story about Celestia being tamed and one wanted a foal to be involved in the process which foal should that ? I see them as being a young convert to the cause, actively trying to turn Celestia into a willing submissive. Anon probably wouldn't lewd them because autism, but they might molest Celestia at times. Filly or colt either works.
File: 157605.jpg (186 KB, 809x823)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Pic related. Lets you play with wondering whether Luna turned first and Pip wants Sunbutt to join her very happy sister or if she's actually behind this and it's a powerplay
Gotta say, I like the way you think.
It should be Silver Spoon. Something bad happened to her friend Diamond Tiera, and a human took her in and made her feel loved. I always thought there was something fragile and needy about her personality, she could become a fanatic.

Got to be a colt, don't care who. If its a mare being tamed, then having a colt get to explore and use the mare freely adds to the experience. Much hotter.
Nigga I didn't say that. Anonfilly and It Hurts WERE pedophile threads. While Anonfilly wasn't made to be that in it's end days it was just fluffy pony and pedo homo tranny trash. It Hurts was literally just a pedo thread. Like, the name It Hurts comes from a line in a green where Anon is fucking Diamond Tiara and she says "It hurts!" So logically speaking the thread wouldn't be wiped out for one story, the person posting it would be banned. I myself don't give a rats ass either way, which is why I said
>"Not saying you should, just if you care so much you can."
poor thing
>Like, the name It Hurts comes from a line in a green where Anon is fucking Diamond Tiara and she says "It hurts!"
I don't keep that on me bro. Sorry.
/sim/ here. My honest advice is skip it, or at the very least marginalize their role so that they're not taking any direct role in the 'taming'. Apart, of course, from being a walking example of that life can be a positive thing under the rule of whoever is doing the taming.

That said, also putting my money on Pip.
File: IMG_6365.png (423 KB, 629x1000)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
Reminder that aspiring write fag cucked us with his celestia story by never delivering
It was depicted like a negative thing, what is the problem?
>It was depicted like a negative thing
Not to mention the character wrestled with the consequences of it throughout Hippodrome and even into Blinders Off - large chunks of those stories are told from the perspective of a scarred character who lived through horrific abuse.
> January 27th
> Good news, my love!
> Remember when I told you how me and Fluttershy talked about having an intervention for Pinkie Pie? Well, it took the tiniest bit of convincing, but I got Fluttershy to agree. Applejack and Rarity were there, too, and so was Spike.
> It was the whole gang (except for Rainbow Dash)!
> Anyway, we got Mr. and Mrs. Cake to let us in her room and we waited for her.
> She didn't like that *one bit*, I can tell you. If it weren't for Applejack's quick reflexes, I think Pinkie would have run away.
> Applejack held her still long enough for me to plead for her to listen.
> She almost didn't, but I reminded Pinkie about what we've been through. The adventures, the Elements of Harmony... Earth.
> Each of our friends had a little something to say - how we're worried about her. The drink is changing who she is. Not to mention what it's doing to her health.
> Pinkie was just sitting and scowling through it all, as if she didn't want to be there at all. I really thought we wouldn't be able to break through to her.
> I was on the verge of giving up when Fluttershy started to cry. Not bawl, or scream. She just sobbed quietly, as if she didn't even want anypony to see.
> That did it. Hell, it got through to all of us. I swear I even saw Applejack shed a few tears. I don't mind saying I joined right in.
> Then it was like a dam had burst inside Pinkie Pie. It all came pouring out. I don't remember a whole lot, but I know we were all hugging and talking for the longest time.
> Pinkie promised she'd kick the booze. It's going to be ugly, but one of us will be with her all the time. It's my turn tomorrow.
> She can do it. I have to believe that!
> I'll tell you how it goes.
> Twilight Sparkle
File: Spoiler Image (145 KB, 945x945)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>> Good news, my love!
>one of us will be with her all the time
That’s the dedication of true friends. It can really be quite an uplifting story sometimes.
I hope everything goes fine until twilight fuck up
Makes Soarin sound like Ryan Adams.
Hey aspiringwritefag, you should not masturbate for an entire month and then the day you get to fap, write an epilogue for human lawyer and cellyboo electric boogaloo with all the raunchy sex they have
Oh, this one?
I dropped it because its EQGtrash.
File: IMG_6373.jpg (100 KB, 1024x893)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Scooop is a good boy! A GOOOOD BOOOOY!!!
File: IMG_6374.png (563 KB, 1000x1000)
563 KB
563 KB PNG
File: IMG_6375.png (325 KB, 1024x1024)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
Good boy stallion buttslut for master
File: IMG_6376.png (2.57 MB, 3508x2480)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB PNG
File: IMG_6380.png (505 KB, 1024x1024)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
I would fuck that stallions ponut raw
File: IMG_6383.jpg (189 KB, 1280x1920)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
I would fuck that stallion multiple times everyday until he was my personal cock slut, a tail lifts notice away from locking his legs and pushing back up against my thrusts as I bury my cock in him
I wonder if scoops only get erected when his master pound his ponut with his human cock. His body reach to a point that he can only get an erection when his master is fucking him senseless.
its finished
He said he would write an epilogue with smut but he never did
>Aspiring write fag failing to keep promises
You must be new here, he's almost worse than somewritefag when it comes to actually delivering
File: IMG_6377.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1080)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Tommy is one lucky guy
She is actually using him like she do with all the other stallions. This time is different because he is a human this time. Just give them some time and RD will change him for another human
>thinking dash isn't a pure hearted-maiden hiding inside a gruff tomboy
Anon will have to baby proof the house. But instead of baby proofing the lower levels, he has to apply soft corners to whatever height Twi's shoulders are. So Twi wont hurt her wings while walking with them stiff.

> Your name is Rosa and you are hesitating as you stand in front of the colts' room. You can definitely hear conversation inside, but the words are muffled by the thick door.
> Eventually you reach up and knock on the old wood. The chatter inside the dorm stops instantly.
> A few seconds later comes the sound of hooves on hardwood and you take a step back. You're very nervous. After all, you would be alone with these colts, at least one of whom used to bully you.
> The door opens before you can change your mind and scurry away and a white colt with startling blue eyes peers suspiciously out. It takes you a moment to remember the name.
"O-Oh. Jon. Um-" you stutter.
> Luckily, Paolo, the closest thing you have to a friend among those ponies, hears you and pipes up: "It's cool, I invited her."
> Jon pushes the door open and steps aside to let you enter. You do so, if a little hesitantly, giving him a nervous little smile.
> The room is much like yours, except a lot messier. There's a pillow in the corner, saddlebags against the wall and two distinct games of cards on the floor.
> The table is piled high with books and there are papers strewn in apparently random places.
> It's dark, because the light is off, but the window is facing the street and letting in some faint illumination from the streetlamps. It's not much, but you can see quite clearly by it.
> You see that the young stallions have pushed two beds together so they'd have someplace soft to sit in a circle.
> You can clearly tell where one of the beds used to be, because the floor is covered with dust. Your nose wrinkles before you can control it. They could have at least swept the hardwood!

> You can see a glint of white, in the middle of the bed, between pony bodies, but it's quickly hidden from view as Martin blocks your sight.
> "What is *she* doing here?" the oldest stallion asks angrily.
> Paolo slides from the bed and comes to stand protectively beside you. It helps make you a bit less nervous.
> Behind you, Jon sticks his head out in the hallway to look around, then closes the door. "She's alone," he announces at last, then sits on his haunches and pushes hair out of his eyes.
> For some reason, his mane always reminded you of a wet, used mop.
> Some of the colts relax a little, but not Martin.
> "See?" Paolo says with only a tiniest bit of relief in his voice. "I told you she can be trusted!"
> The colt nudges your hind leg with his hoof and you manage a weak smile.
"Y-Yes, of c-course! I won't give you away, I promise!"
> Their leader scrunches up his muzzle in thought, then shrugs. "If you do, we'll beat you up. Even if you are a girl! Understand?"
> He sounds so calm and sure of himself that you gulp in fear, but no one is paying you attention anymore. Jon hurries past you to take his spot in the circle again and the colts all bend their heads down.
> You're really curious what they have, but Paolo places himself in your line of sight. His grin can only be called 'smarmy'.
> Come to think of it, this is the first time you've ever been able to use the word. You whisper it to yourself in wonder.
> "So..." he begins, but doesn't know immediately what to say.
> "How's PT working out for you?"
> You remember the special day you will have tomorrow and begin to smile.
"I love it! I'm happy I can help, you know? Martha says it's a real gift!"

> For a moment you think the pegasus wasn't even paying attention, despite the way he is staring at you, but then he replies: "That's cool! What gift?"
> You know you're blushing, but you say it anyway.
"She says I have k-kind eyes..."
> That makes one of the other colts bark a laugh and Paolo glares at the lot, before turning his smile back on you.
> "She's right, you know?" he whispers, making your blush deepen.
> You don't know what to say from there - you never had much experience with colts, aside from a few chance meetings in the halls.
> As to what happened between mares and stallions, all you had to go on were those few embarrassing classes with Mr. Greiner in Biology.
> That was entirely the wrong thing to think about. Now you're blushing even more and can hardly meet Paolo's eyes!
> "Here, would you like some beer?" he offers. It was, after all, the main reason he invited you.
> Again Martin pipes up: "Hey! That bottle's mine!"
> Paolo flattens his ears and turns around to face his friends. "I'll pay you back for it, okay?"
> The other colt considers this. "Headphones. You can have it if you get me headphones."
> You have absolutely no idea where Paolo might find headphones, nor why Martin would want them, but the pegasus agrees quickly: "Yeah, okay. Deal."
> Then he flashes you an embarrassed grin. "Wait here!"
> It isn't as if you were planning on going anywhere, at least not yet, but now you sit down on the floor and watch the colts.
> They are all staring at the bed in front of them. Surely they aren't-
> The thought makes you blush even more. Iskra had once told you that colts like to compare how long their... tools are.
> Surely not?!

> Despite yourself, you crane your head to get a better look and then your breath catches in your throat.
"Is that a TV?!"
> The bit of white plastic you'd seen earlier turns out to be a thin device with a screen. You can't see what's on it, but the image is certainly moving.
> "iPad," Paolo explains and places a green bottle on the floor before you.
"How did you guys get an iPad?!"
> Other than the strictly-controlled school computers, human gadgets are absolutely forbidden. No pony is allowed to have something like that in their room!
> Martin gives you an appraising stare and it doesn't look like you'll get an answer, but one of the other colts blurts it out, almost proudly.
> "We stole it!"
> You put your hooves on your muzzle in shock.
> Martin heaves a sigh. "Idiot!" he mutters.
> "It wasn't like that," Paolo goes to explain hurriedly. "Some human kid threw it in the bin and a janitor pony gave it to Martin. It's not a big deal! Besides, the speaker is busted. No sound."
> Well, at least that explains why Martin wants headphones.
"Where are you going to get headphones?!"
> "Don't worry about it. I'll figure something out," the pegasus says, his smile creeping back as he pushes the bottle closer to you.
"For that matter, where did you get a charger for it?"
> This time it's Martin who answers you directly: "Traded for it with a guard."
> Another insidious question looms up in your thoughts.
"D-Do you have Internet?!"
> "No Wi-Fi in the school," Paolo answers. "We tried."
> That's a shame. You would have loved to browse the Internet without filters. The school computers couldn't answer most of your questions about the human world and ponies on Earth.

> Questions you didn't quite dare ask your teachers.
> At long last you focus your attention on the bottle. It really is beer. You almost didn't believe it when Paolo told you in the hallway.
> He glances at it uncertainly. "Um, hold on. I'll open it."
> The colt tries to put his teeth around the cap, but the bottle slides across the floor until he grips it with his hooves.
> Grunting, he jerks his head to twist the cap off, but only manages to pull the bottle away from his forelegs.
> He ends up whimpering in pain. "Ow! Ow ow ow! My feef!" he whines, unwilling to close his muzzle.
> It's a tiny bit funny, even while you wince in sympathy. On the bed, Martin heaves another sigh. "Give it here," he orders in an exasperated tone.
> Paolo passes the bottle up wordlessly, then the older colt hugs it to his belly with his hind legs and snags the cap with a forehoof.
> You try to see exactly how he does it, but all it takes is a quick jerk and the silvery bit of metal flies off to smack Jon on the muzzle.
> Then Martin lifts the bottle up and takes a swig.
> "Hey! We made a deal!" Paolo complains, but the older colt just takes a few swallows before pulling the bottle away and holding it out. It's nearly half empty.
> As Paolo carefully takes it with his forelegs, his friend burps hugely. The other colts laugh at the vulgar display, even as you shake your head in disdain.
> Colts will be colts.
> "Sorry about that," the pegasus murmurs and pushes the prized beer closer to you. "You go first."
> Now that it's time, you're curious. The smell of beer is already wafting in the room and you find it... intriguing.

> You don't need to be asked twice. Gripping the bottle by its neck in your wrist, as you've seen Martin do, you lift it up to your muzzle and tip it. The glass almost slips, but you steady it with your other hoof.
> The fizzy drink hits your tongue and you hurriedly lower the beer again.
> It's bitter.
> You kinda like it!
> Paolo is studying your face intently, but when he sees your expression he starts to smile.
> He nudges the bottle back up with his hoof. "Try some more!" he urges.
> You obey and take another sip. There's a certain something beside the bitter, an aroma you can't quite place. Maybe that's the alcohol?
> It also tastes a lot like grain and you find that part very pleasant.
"I like it!" you admit.
> A second later you realize you're being rude and hold the bottle out to Paolo. He takes it and lifts it up.
> "Yeah, it's not bad," he agrees once he'd swallowed. You guess he had drunk beer before.
> "Here, you can finish it if you'd like!" the colt offers generously.
> Again, he doesn't have to beg. You pluck the bottle from him and take a swig. This time you know what to expect, but you still swirl it around your mouth to appreciate it fully.
> You wonder how you'll know if you're drunk, but then you get worried. Maybe doing this is a bad idea.
> Until now, you've always been the model student and a good pony. Today, right before your big class with the children, you're in the colts' room, getting drunk.
> Paolo sees your expression and smiles at you. "Don't worry, you won't get drunk from half a bottle! You probably won't even feel it much!"
> The sure way he speaks calms you down.
"Oh. Thanks."

> There's a bit left in the bottle and you lift it back up to your lips. This time you have to raise it almost vertically to get everything out.
> You do your best to savour the bitter liquid as it splashes on your tongue. You even lick your lips a little to catch every stray droplet.
> As you're putting the bottle down, your elbows press lightly against your barrel and you feel your stomach swell.
> Before you can react, you let out an embarrassingly loud burp.
> It makes all the colts giggle like crazy even as you blush.
> "Good one!" Paolo whispers proudly.
> You shake your head at his childishness, but can't help feeling just a tiny bit proud of yourself. You feel like you're a part of the group now. As if you'd passed some kind of a trial.
> The bottle finished, Paolo gets up to his hooves and you guess it's time to leave. After all, he had invited you for a beer and that's now gone. You stand up, too.
> "Come on! There's plenty of room!"
> The pegasus is trying to get you up on the bed with the others!
> Maybe it's sheer shock, but you don't say no. Instead, you let yourself be pulled up on the covers.
> That gives you a better perspective to see the screen.
> "Come on guys, make some room," Paolo demands even as he nudges Jon aside. The other colt reluctantly moves a little, which leaves almost enough space for the two of you.
> The pegasus takes his seat and pats the bed beside him.
> Blushing some more, you squeeze in between Paolo and Jon. It's a curious feeling.
> You'd hugged Iskra many times before, even cuddled with her during cold nights. You've come to enjoy the warmth of her feathers around you both.

> For that matter, a few times you've napped squeezed between two of your friends.
> It's different when it's colts.
> Paolo's feathers seem stiffer and sharper than Iskra's. Come to think of it, Jon's fur feels different from a mare's too!
> Despite the little wonder of technology in front of you and the undoubtedly interesting movie it's playing, all you're aware of are the two boys pressing against your sides.
> They are quite warm and you can't help feeling their tiny movements as they breathe. You wonder if they are also aware of your body in the same way.
> "Ugh, hold on," Paolo grunts and frees his wing from your side. You hadn't even realized you were pressing against him that hard.
> "It's fine," the colt assures you. He stretches the feathery appendage out and then wraps it around your back.
> It's... not unpleasant, even while you're hyper-aware of each feather as it brushes against your shoulders, and of the incredibly warm patch of his fur where Paolo's wing used to be.
> The colt shuffles again and you wonder if his other wing is also trapped between Martin and himself.
> He's not hugging the other pony, though - just you.
> Maybe you should complain?
> Before you can open your muzzle, Martin speaks up: "Smooth."
> You don't understand what he meant by it, but it makes Paolo blush a little and his wing pulls you closer.
> It's not bad.
> You try to focus on the small screen before your thoughts could stray and embarrass you even further.
> It's a movie about people fighting. That's about as much as you can gather after about thirty minutes. Not terribly interesting, especially since you can't hear any dialogue, but the colts are enjoying themselves immensely.

> "Oh! Oh!" one of them right opposite you exclaims, bouncing up a little and flapping his wings excitedly, "I like this part. He's gonna kick him right in the balls!"
> The other ponies roll their eyes. "Yeah, thanks Adonai," Martin comments dryly. "We know."
> Next to your ear, Paolo whispers: "We've seen it before. There's only two movies on that thing and the other one is some romantic drama."
> You can't hold back a small gasp.
"Ooooh! I'd like to see that, please!" you trill.
> "Well, you ain't," the colt leader tells you firmly. Paolo opens his muzzle to argue, but you beat him to it, giving Martin your best, most disarming smile.
"Do you think me and the girls could borrow the iPad for a night so we can watch it?"
> The colt peers at you with deep distrust. "You stupid girls will just break it. Or worse - a guard will catch you and take it away! Then we'll all be in trouble!"
"We won't! I promise!"
> He seems doubtful, so you try to think up something more enticing.
"I can get more movies on it!" you lie.
> Martin doesn't quite believe you, but the prospect is tempting. The other colts murmur excitedly.
> "How?" the lead colt demands.
"I... know a guard. We've been talking in the mess hall. I'm sure he'd put some movies on it if I asked nicely..."
> Your tone is confident, oozing certainty from every syllable. Martin buys it.
> "Hmm. Maybe," he grudgingly agrees. "I'll think about it."
> You almost clap your hooves together in excitement. A romantic movie - the girls will love that.
> Not to mention, *you* will love that!
> "What kind of movie are you going to get?" Adonai asks, quite excited for something new, even if it is a long shot. "Can we get something with airplanes and-"

> He freezes and his ears move around. His muzzle scrunches up in worry.
> "Guard!" he hisses.
> You are astonished at how coordinated these colts are. Paolo and Jon jump to either side of the bed and quickly slide it over, even with you on it, while Martin scoops up the iPad and shoves it in the closet.
> You look around for the beer bottle, but Adonai beats you to it and hides it under a pillow.
> Your heart is hammering out of fear and shock. If the guard catches you in the colts' room you'll be in *deep* trouble.
> You could even be expelled!
> A small whimper escapes you and you look for a place to hide. Luckily Paolo notices your plight.
> "Come on," he whispers urgently, then jumps back up on the bed beside. You're sure it's not his bed, but no one seems to mind. The others are already pulling the covers over themselves and Adonai draws the curtains together, plunging the room into darkness.
> You hear his hoofsteps and then the squeaking of a mattress as the pegasus climbs into another bed.
> "Come on, come on!" Paolo urges, pulling the covers while you stand on them. His hoof finds your flank and nudges quite hard to wake you up.
> It probably won't work, but you have nothing else to do! You shuffle off the blanket and Paolo guides you down against himself.
> "Try to look small!" he orders and pulls the cover over your head.
> Almost without realizing it, your grasp the colt around his waist, bury your muzzle in his back and try to tuck your legs as close to your body as you can.
> Maybe, with luck, Alice won't notice that the bulge in Paolo's bed is slightly too large.
> Hopefully she won't hear your heartbeat, either! You feel certain it should be rattling the windows!

> You cling to the warm body as the steps come up to the door. There is no knock, but the hinges squeak a tiny bit when the guard looks in.
> You don't see anything in the dark under the cover, but you imagine light spilling around Alice from the hallway.
> 'Please don't turn on the light!' you beg silently.
> There's a shuffle from the bed nearest the door. "Mrs. Alice?" Martin asks, voice bleary and slurred with sleep.
> You're quite impressed with the acting, despite the danger.
> Paolo shifts a little in your grasp and you squeeze him harder to keep him still. The one thing you *don't* want the colt to do is draw attention to himself.
> "It's okay, go back to sleep. I'm just checking up on you," the guard murmurs softly.
> "Oh," Martin replies, but is apparently interrupted by a huge yawn. "-thanks, Mrs. Alice."
> You nearly applaud his acting.
> The woman doesn't reply, but you hear the door shut softly and then footsteps going away.
> One of the colts giggles nervously, but Martin shushes him up. "Quiet! Quiet until we count to a thousand!"
> You try to do it yourself, too, but keep losing track of the numbers. The danger seems to be over, but your heart is still speeding along.
> Paolo shuffles again and this time you relax your grip and allow him to turn to his belly. After a moment he lifts the blanket a little. "I think you can come out now," he tells you.
> Just to be on the safe side, you stay under the cover with your hooves firmly around the colt's rump. Your muzzle is pressing right into his flank - right where his cutie mark would be, you think.
> That reminds you of Maribelle and you sigh deeply.
> After the first time, the colt doesn't ask you to come up.

> You keep listening for Alice, but hear nothing further. You guess she must have gone back to her post and finally manage to relax a little.
> "One thousand," Martin intones with some relief in his voice. "Okay everyone, the coast is clear."
> There are more squeaks from the springs as the ponies stand up and shrug their blankets off. You take it as a good sign and crawl forward until your head pokes out next to Paolo's.
"Thanks," you whisper to him and give him a brief, grateful nuzzle.
> "Y-Yeah," the colt mutters back.
> Now that the danger has passed, you feel a little dizzy from all the excitement and adrenaline. You let out a quiet giggle.
"You boys do this sort of thing often?"
> Jon goes to the curtain and twitches it aside a fraction, letting streetlight into the room. It doesn't make the room as bright as before, but you can see the colts and their expressions.
> Martin looks smug, most of all. Rather than answering you, he goes to Adonai and hoofs him on the shoulder. "Nice job!" the leader praises and his pegasus friend grins widely.
> "We'd be busted so many times if it weren't for your ears," Jon agrees.
> Finally, Martin turns to you. "Nice job hiding," he compliments and your heart swells with pride.
> Maybe he isn't such a bad sort, you think. A bit of a bully, but that's just his way, no?
> "I think you should go back to your room - just in case Alice decides to check out the girls' dorms, too," Martin goes on.
> You agree wholeheartedly and nod at him.
"Yeah! Um- thanks for the beer!"
> He inclines his head, just once. "We'll talk about the iPad tomorrow," he promises.

> The thought makes you smile wider. You go to Paolo's bed and throw your hooves around the colt. "Thanks for inviting me!" you whisper to him.
> "Y-Yeah, no problem. Y-You can come any-anytime," he stutters.
> You wonder briefly what's wrong. The pegasus hadn't moved an inch since you let him go.
"You okay?"
> "Fine!" he squeaks hurriedly. "I'll see you around!"
> You shrug to yourself a little and go to the door. You pause there and lean your ear on the wood, trying to catch any sign of the night guard walking about.
> Meanwhile the other colts come up to Paolo.
> "Move," Martin commands. "That's my bed!"
> "In- uh, in a minute," Paolo manages faintly.
> You glance back in surprise. His behaviour is very strange and you can't make heads or tails of it.
> Whatever has gotten into him?
> A second before you go back to check, Martin starts chuckling. "Ooooh!" the colt says knowingly, pulling the cover off the prone Paolo. "I get it!"
> There's a whimper from the pegasus and you wonder what's wrong with him. It doesn't sound serious, not with the way his friends are laughing.
"Is he okay?" you ask anyway.
> "Apparently," Martin says, with a big smirk on his muzzle, "Paolo has a thing for fillies grabbing him around the waist. Don't you, Paolo? Or is it just Rosa?"
> The prone colt has his ears as flat as they would go and throws you a pleading look. He doesn't speak, aside from a slight eep at the accusation.
"What does that mean?!"
> Martin quickly puts his hooves on Paolo and pushes him to his side. You get a glimpse of something large and floppy before the pegasus covers himself with his wings. "No!" he squeaks alarmingly.
> The others just burst out laughing, but Martin leaves the poor colt alone. "He got a boner because he had a girl in his bed for five minutes!" he explains.

> Realization hits you and you almost squeak as well. You're unable to meet any of their gazes.
"I'm s-sorry," you manage to force out.
> Then you quickly open the door and step out, trying to get out of their leering sights as soon as you can.
> "Wait!" Paolo whimpers and you pause, glancing back. "I'm sorry- I didn't mean to... it just happened!" he tries to explain.
> He had been very nice to you the whole night, you remember. You can't hold this against him, not when it's involuntary.
> After all, you'd been in the danger of creaming yourself too when Paolo put his wings around you.
> It was only the fear of getting caught that kept you from thinking about it again when you were in bed with him, otherwise you wouldn't be much better off than him.
"It's okay! I'll talk to you tomorrow!" you promise.
> With that you push the door closed and scurry back to your dorm.
> The last think you hear is Martin chuckling some more and Jon intoning: "Paolo and Rosa, sitting in a tree..."
> You know how the rest of it goes and it makes your muzzle nice and pink.
> It's a good thing the hallways are empty this late.
> Back at your own room, you pause for a moment to catch your breath, then open the door with extreme care. It wouldn't do to wake up your friends.
> You shut it after you, then slowly move hoof over hoof towards your bed.
> Almost...
> Just as you are climbing up, one of the young mares shuffles and you hear a yawn. It makes you freeze in terror.
> "Rosa?" Felicity's voice comes from the nearest bed. "What are you doing?"
> Your mind races for an excuse.
"Um, I had to use the toilet!"
> Either she's too sleepy to wonder why she hadn't heard the flush, or Felicity assumes she had slept through it, but the pony sighs and answers: "Oh. Good night."

"Yeah, good night."
> You slip back between the covers and try to slow your racing heart.
> Paolo. You never even suspected he might have a crush on you. He'd always just been a nice colt from the dorm.
> Tonight he had invited you, and no other filly to visit the colts' room for beer.
> Come to think of it, he hadn't always been that nice - but he had been pleasant compared with Martin's bullying and the others' teasing.
> Do you like him?
> The question makes you gulp in fear.
> Affairs such as this are very much discouraged in the school. You remember a couple seeing each other a few years ago. They both got a whipping when they were found out in a broom closet one night and then the colt had been sent to another school.
> You don't want to get Paolo in trouble. More than that - you can't risk your future, even if you do kinda like that colt.
> A sad sigh escapes you. You'll have to find him someplace alone the next day and have a talk with him. Make it clear nothing can happen between you two.
> Of course you'll be his friend, if the pegasus would settle for that, but absolutely nothing more.
> You close your eyes and let out another sigh.
> Nothing happened. You hadn't even known about his feelings until about five minutes ago.
> Why does it feel so bad? Why do you feel like the worst pony ever for deciding you and Paolo can't have anything between you?
> The feelings are very confusing and you wish you could talk to Maribelle about it.
> She would know what to do.
> You'll just have to muddle through it. Somehow.
> Your future is too important, even for a nice colt like Paolo.
> He does have very cute flanks, though. Soft and firm and warm, you remember.
> Nice yellow mane, too. Lovely violet eyes.
> Shame, really, that you can't explore these emotions at least a little...

Jeez, that one just kept going. I hadn't realized how long it was until I started cutting it up for the thread. I write a bit here and a bit there over the week as I find time and inspiration - some on laptop, some on tablet, some on my PC. Then I put it together and edit/spellcheck before posting.

Seems I've had more time this week than I'd imagined, hehe.

Pastebin updated: https://pastebin.com/D8eBZPe0

Cellyboo epilogue is still on the table. Believe it or not, I spend a bit of time here and there thinking it up. It's tricky, especially if I wanna do the story justice, but I think I'm close to something fun, coherent, adoracute, a bit silly and a little lewd...
Rosa just need to give him a pity fuck to make him happy.
> February 3rd
> Sweetheart,
> I have more good news today! I've been going to the Everfree forest almost every day and today I finally hit jackpot!
> Harry the bear was up already. I guess he couldn't sleep or got hungry during his hibernation, so I found him at the frozen stream, catching fish.
> I can't talk to the animals like Fluttershy, but I think they can still understand me. I just came up to Harry and told him about what our friend is going through.
> Maybe he understood me? When I asked him if he'd consider going to visit Fluttershy, I could swear he nodded!
> That would be absolutely amazing! I think Fluttershy is doing a lot better, now that we've been hanging out. Seeing her furry friends again could be just the thing she needs!
> I also think I saw some of the birds in the nearby trees when I went to visit and help her clean her cottage. I'll ask Applejack if she knows who took in Fluttershy's chickens and see if they'll give them back.
> I'm so happy! First Pinkie Pie agreeing to stop the booze and now Harry going to visit Fluttershy!
> Thanks for the photo, by the way! It's good to know it won't get ruined in the return spell. It's a good one with Rainbow Dash.
> I hope you didn't give her too much to drink. It's weird she'd just fall asleep like that on your couch.
> Actually, come to think of that, maybe it's not too weird. She spent a lot of time there when we rescued her. I bet she feels safe there.
> Hmm, do you think we could give her that couch, if she decides to stay with Tommy? The way you describe them gives me a feeling she might not want to leave. It's really heartwarming.
> Thank you for the wonderful news!
> Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,
> Twilight Sparkle
its good, thanks for the update, will read it tomorrow
beaten the shit guy
File: 1550354087165.jpg (88 KB, 750x659)
88 KB
>good girl hears someone say mean things about her master
dangerous levels of scrunch
What does Rosa look like again
She's a cute pony
Like a cute bedfilly
Rosa a cute. I'm hooked already. I'm glad this didn't enter "drunk date gang rape" territory or something, I was nervous at first.
Rosa's such an adorable little cock slut it's not even funny. I hope some human master adopts her and pounds her filly snatch like the good girl she is! UNF!
>young Pegasus with a thick meaty horsecock just flopping in the breeze
Fucking hell awf that was hot as fuck
I hope el bronquito jr becomes just as big of a cock tease as paleo in this, these levels of cute lewd are off the charts
Just imagine how excited she would be working on the filly brothel. Probably the best one and favorite of everyone. But she look like the filly that want to stay loyal only to her master and always enjoy her bedfilly duty
Colt brothel when?
Fucking this
Same. I was sitting on the edge of my seat for -someone- to get raped.
Yea, this was a long one. I still dont know where this is heading. Brainwash INC is still at full throttle.

>Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
As a non native speaker, I find it surprising when you use such figure of speech.
But this one works especially good.
>one less hole
I hope never. but this would be a nice prequel for scoops
Pegasus are really sensitives about anyone talking about her master
> February 9th
> My love,
> I know my letter is late, but I've just had a bad week, okay? First it's Pinkie Pie - I know how important it is to stay with her and keep her spirits up, but it's *so* hard.
> She keeps asking for 'just a sip', one last time. I read up on addiction and this is normal, but the things she says...
> And that's not even the worst of it!
> I found out today that Applejack has been lying to me. Well, maybe not lying but keeping the truth to herself.
> Her wounds - they shot at her when she escaped from the slavers, remember? Well, her bones never properly healed, it seems. She's been in agony this whole time!
> Can you imagine what it feels like if your bone breaks and then it isn't set properly and it heals wrong? And *then* you go and buck apples all day long?
> Well, I can't. When I asked AJ why she didn't go see a doctor about it, she said she *deserves it*.
> Of all the stupid, hare-brained, idiotic... GAR
> (Sorry, I poked a hole in the paper there. It's just so frustrating!)
> Apparently, AJ considers this some kind of punishment for having escaped Earth without us. As if somehow her being in pain while she works will make it up to us - remember, she told nopony about this so it's not even-
> Even if we *were* the kind of self-centered, vindictive jerks she is making us out to be, this 'punishment' *still* wouldn't serve any purpose if we didn't know about it!
> How bucking hard is it to understand she's putting herself through weeks and weeks of misery each summer for no good reason?! And no, some self-percieved 'honor' crap in her head doesn't count!
> I really don't know what to do about that mare. I'm sorry I'm not more cheerful today.
> Twilight Sparkle
P.S.: I need to have a word with the medicorn who treated AJ when she came from Earth.
Good boy trained to fetch the whip for master and orgasm just from the leather lashing his hide
That fits AJ.
Isnt Twi's wings supposed to be done at this time? I expected a few sentences across the letters since she began regrowing them.

Reading Maonyman's AJ green?
Who? Pastebin plz.
Do I have to spoonfeed you? You could have easily typed in that username into any of the archive's search field...

File: 1963804.png (1.01 MB, 3500x2696)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
I wonder if flutter would be the easiest of the mane6 that would fall in love with her master if he is gentle with her.
I guess that the difficult from the easiest to the hardest would be
Fluttershy > Rainbow Dash > Pinkie Pie > Twilight > Rarity >Applejack
Can I get something about the muffin queen?
File: 40minderpderpy.png (1.17 MB, 848x942)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
So many have tried and faild. Not really any writefags around anymore that could make one of her worth reading anyways.
Put her in hippodrome and have her guts stomped in high detail until she dies
as a writefag I may try my hand but I cant promise it'll be good
File: 1326136319386.jpg (42 KB, 492x483)
42 KB
Hey, I'm reading it now. I'm on part three and I just got to this part with the whole Heavyhoof/Belle hop thing

"You two need to talk."
> "Yes," Heavy Hoof said. He was about to take Belle Hop in his hooves, but the alicorn placed herself between them. She put her muzzle right to his ear and whispered. Belle Hop couldn't hear it.
"You are allowed to change your mind and say no, Heavy Hoof. Love can't be forced. But if you say yes and later break her heart, I will have horrible creatures straight from Tartarus come get you and drag you off. Guess which part of you they will cut off first? That's right. They will roast it and make you eat it, understand?"
> He whimpered in misery and his hooves went to his midriff, as if that could save his stallionhood from the monsters.
"Do what's right. And don't lie, even to yourself. Say 'no', if it's the truth, but never *ever* say 'yes' as a lie!"
> He managed a shaky mumble: "I prom-promise, Princess!"
> Then she stepped away and the stallion grabbed Belle Hop, as if hoping she would protect him from the vengeful alicorn.

and it ripped me right out of the fucking story. Holy shit, that was so incredibly out of character and out of left field it pissed me right off. It reeks of wymyn power to me, especially since, not once in the entire story, has Celestia flat out threatened grievous bodily harm over anything and even came across as completely appalled at the very idea of it when it came out the stallion she's residing with was tortured by sand people in Afghanistan.

What the fuck dude.
Oh yeah, on top of that treating him like a monster over something he had no idea about, despite knowing the mare in question is also half at fault.
There was that one green the writefag never finished with Derpy getting sentenced to 50 lashes or some shit. Doctor Whooves was in it too. It stopped just before the big whipping
and the one where derp is the pet of an abusive neighbor but she's too scared to run away
motherfucking corona when??? What the fuck swf just fucking say anything you fuck. I know you're elbow deep in your mare right now but you haven't said anything in fucking months. A "hey sorry" would be way fucking better than months of radio silence
He is dead from snu snu
squash soup
>ywn drowned in your mares squash soup.
File: Spoiler Image (90 KB, 640x854)
90 KB
Nothing gets me more riled up than hearing about swf loving his poners and them loving him back
Just thinking of swf fisting a needy mare while she groans and shivers makes me literal diamonds
>all those lewd horse noises as swf fists her to orgasm multiple times, her shaky legs letting her squat as she creams herself all over his arm
>laying down and having his mare roll beside him, giving him lots of horsy kisses
>falling asleep together in the stall as her warmth encompasses him because there's nothing else in the world that horse trusts or loves more than him
>all those sassy tail flicks that make him tent his pants
>grinding up against him in the stall
>nipping at his legs and flagging her tail whenever he shows up
>letting him walk up behind her and fiddle with her meaty dock whenever he pleases
>never having to use leads because she follows him without question
>the sound of his belt buckle enough to make her a winking mess
>top unf
>having a qt mare follow you around demanding sex
How does one become swf and how do I sign up?
Don't forget he also gets to jack the stallions off too!
He has a whole harem of horses following him around horny and desperate for masters touch
>good boy pony that cums hard just from being whipped
what green is this again?
It's not a green. You have to join the slave pony roleplaying server to meet scoops the sissy stallion slave.
doesn't he already have a master though?
File: Blocky Slave 2.png (488 KB, 2550x3510)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
Been some time, eh. I think I'll be experimenting a bit with some possible backstory I've mulled over. So without further ado:

>You walked into your house after another exhausting day at work, ready to kick your feet up and stroke your slave horse.
>Taking your usual spot on the chair, your slave's approach was inevitable.
>There she was.
>Her hooffalls grew louder as she got closer, but your eyes were closed.
>Sometimes they just needed a rest after all of your work.
>When the hooves stopped, you took your hand and gave your lap a couple pats per usual.
>You felt a pony-sized weight on your lap in an instant.
>Not too soon after, your hands were right back where they belonged.
>On Blocky's soft, little pony belly.
>It never did get better than this.
>A yawn escaped your mouth as your hands did their work, and Blocky mimicked the action shortly after, both of you real cozy.
>You never really did show enough gratitude to your colleagues for introducing you to this "pony slave" business.
>It was hard to imagine living without Blocky before then.
>"Hey, Anon."
>Bill had just gotten done talking to Justin about some car-related thing you didn't care for, you having sipped away at your water as they spoke.
>"You know they're gonna be having a slave market in town this Saturday?"
>You furrowed your brow. Water-cooler conversations never got this weird.
"A slave market? You mean like that whole deal with the ponies?"
>"I'm gonna be going to that for sure," Justin butted in. "Mildew's struggling to keep up with housework, so I have to get her a partner."
"Eh...I don't think I'm interested."
>You took another swig of your water, Bill's face dropping a bit at your answer.
>"Whaaaat? Come on, Anon. I bet you've got stuff around the house you hate doing."
"Cleaning sucks, sure, but I think I've managed well on my own so far."
>Justin scoffed. "Is that why you complain about barely getting enough sleep all the time?"
>Well, he had you there.
"I mean, fair point, but I still don't know about this."
>Truth be told, you weren't really sure about the idea of owning a slave to begin with.
>Treating another living, sentient being as property was edging a little too cruel for your tastes.
>"Come on, Anon," Bill pushed, taking a quick swig of his water, "even if you don't get a slave, it'll be a neat experience, y'know?"
>Bill was just trying to find an excuse to drag you into some misadventure like always, but this was actually one of the tamest things he'd suggested in a while.
"I guess I don't have a reason to say no."
>"Now that's more like it!"
>And just like that, now you were at a slave market.
>There weren't just ponies here for sale, either. Griffons, yaks, Hell, even a couple dragons.
>How humans had gone from abhorring slavery for decades to suddenly being alright with it for Equestrian creatures you'd never know.
>Bill had gone off to check out some accessories. Whips, collars, leashes.
>You wondered if he was here for reasons other than getting a slave.
>Justin had already bought a new pony, so he was checking things out with Bill.
>Meaning now you were alone with a seller and a room full of ponies.
"...so how do I know they'll listen to me?"
>"Well sir, if you find your pony is disobedient, you can always bring her back here for a little 'training', if you know what I mean."
>His grin was both befitting of a buyer-friendly businessman and possible pony abuser.
>You'd been in here for a few minutes checking out each pony you looked at, but you didn't really know just HOW to pick a pony.
>What exactly were you looking for, anyways?
>Each cage listed "personality traits" of the pony in question, so if you were serious about getting a slave, you'd probably want one that wasn't too feisty.
>Your eyes scanned each of those little signs, but nothing really piqued your interest.
>Not until you hit one named, "Blocky Bits".
>You read the little blurb posted outside her cage.
File: Blocky Leash 1.png (82 KB, 441x556)
82 KB
>"A uniquely colored mare, Blocky is an optimistic pony who has never had any problems obeying orders. A great must-have for first time slave-owners!"
>You pondered on this pony, her fearful eyes looking up at you.
>No other ponies in here really caught your attention that well.
"How much for this one?"
>The seller looked at the little mare.
>"She's got a real unique look to her, huh? Never seen a coat and mane pattern quite like hers! I wanna say she'll run for..."
"That a low price for this kind of thing?"
>"Are you a first time buyer, sir?"
"Yeah, I'm new to this whole slave deal."
>He nodded with a smile.
>"I'll make you a deal, then. For a first time buyer, I'll bring the price down to $150. I wouldn't want you to invest so much just to dip your toes into the business, after all!"
>Or maybe the guy was just desperate for your money.
>Didn't really matter, because $100 off was enough for you.
"Sure, I'll take her."
>"Wonderful, sir! I guarantee you won't regret your purchase!"
>After the exchange of funds, the cage was opened, and Blocky was kept on a leash so she wouldn't get away.
>Not that she really seemed to try.
>When you found Bill and Justin again, they smiled at you.
>"I knew you wouldn't avoid buying one, Anon!" Bill exclaimed.
>"Welcome to the club," Justin added.
>Blocky didn't say anything. Maybe she was still trying to digest the situation.
>Regardless, once you left the market, the three of you split off and all went back home.
>Once you reached your house, you let Blocky off of her leash.
>She looked up at you almost expectantly.
>How did you break a slave pony into a new house, anyways?
"This...is your new home, I guess. You'll be living here rent-free, and as long as you do what you're told, you'll get fed fine."
>If you were going to own a slave, you had to start getting into the mindset of an owner.
>That wasn't a bad take on it.
>"Oh, okay."
File: Blocky Headshot.png (218 KB, 1280x1262)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
>Maybe her optimism would show once she got used to this situation. Right now she seemed pretty closed-off.
>A meal might help in that regard. She isn't accustomed to everything right now, so you'd have to take on your regular chores while you instructed her.
>You had her watch you as you cooked dinner, making sure she remembered where the cooking utensils and such were.
"Tomorrow morning I'm going to ask that you make me breakfast."
>"Sure, I can do that."
>She was a lot more lax about being a slave than you'd expect a pony to be.
>The rest of your day was spent showing her around the house, telling her what duties she'd have to carry out.
>It may take her a bit of time to get used to it, but she'll be an efficient little helper soon enough.
>You had her sleep on the couch that night, and as you gave her a pillow and blanket, you thought more about getting into this whole owner mindset.
>She'd get one more command before she went to sleep.
"One more thing. You are required to call me Master, Blocky."
>"Okay, Master."
>That was easy.
"I heard you. What is it?"
"What, Blocky?"
>Your eyes fluttered open.
File: Blocky Slave 14.png (1.26 MB, 3000x2500)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
>Blocky was looking up at you from your lap, a concerned expression resting on her face.
>"I-I'm sorry, but we both fell asleep! I wanted to make sure you at least got to bed so you had your alarm clock to wake you up tomorrow!"
>So you were dreaming of your first day with Blocky that whole time?
>Oddly specific, but you've had weirder dreams.
>You had Blocky hop off of your lap as you shuffled to your bedroom, the slave pony right behind you.
>You'd just make sure to have a bigger breakfast tomorrow morning to make up for the skipped dinner tonight.
>You were way too tired to cook up anything, and it was too late for some kind of takeout.
>Blocky didn't seem to mind anyways.
>Once you reached your bed, you fell right in, patted for Blocky to join you, and went out right after.

I figured this would be a good start to exploring a couple questions an anon or two had asked regarding these little Blocky stories. I think next time I'll get into why Anon has her wear the Slave Leia outfit and I swear the reason won't be just because I like it.
Welcome back, Blocky! That’s a cute poner.
File: 1331274959454.png (44 KB, 363x342)
44 KB
desu reading through asprings celestia story towards the end of the third pastebin made me an advocate of immediately declaring war and slamming the portal shut on the pones should it ever happn irl
Why are Pegasi so easy?
This is the first I've read of this.
It's not bad.

We all goof sometimes. It was meant to be a slightly comedic element - I didn't really intend for celly herself to even seriously mean it, but I see where you're coming from.

Thanks for letting me know!
Is there a pastebin for this and related stories?
Just wait until the section where celestia is already planning who will be her next partner after she is done with anon. She sound more like a thot than celestia
Thanks, brahs.

There isn't, but I suppose I could make one.
Optimist much?
I love you Docintrouble, and Mirta and Blinders too. Don’t ever leave.
>samefagging this hard
>a single post
technically correct i guess?
Here you go, anon.
Nope. There's no way for you to know that of course, but not everyone thinks the same way you do.
When are they going to fuck?
Blinders off when?
When I can actually write sex well.
I haven't been able to do so for years, so I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you.
I think the same way he does.
File: 1419308796462.png (180 KB, 508x720)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
File: IMG_6364.png (2.71 MB, 2000x2617)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB PNG
With that attitude yes... just do it and see what happens. Blocky is such a good girl! Anything less would be detrimental
We'll see. For now I'd like to focus on getting both her and Anon a bit fleshed out.
>don't remember this at all
>check again
> Endurance training, Celestia thought. Once upon a time she had enjoyed looking at the muscular, sweat-soaked flanks. It was a little guilty pleasure of hers, even if she would never have admitted it to anypony.
> But now, with his imminent return, all the mare could think of was Anonymous and *his* sweaty flanks.
> The pony idly wondered if she would keep picking humans to keep her company over the centuries ahead. Or maybe she would mix and match?
> Perhaps she would finally work up the nerve to try dragon?
> From the stories she had heard, that was *rough*.

What a slut, anon is just a bedhuman for her than a husband
Well, she will outlive them all.
Where the literal fuck is fanganon? His story was the only good green in this stupid fucking general and he just straight up disappeared. A master and his adorable pet mare fucking each other silly out of a deep love and desire for one another! How fucking hard is it to write a green like that? All you faggots just want edgy stories with rape and violence and other bullshit. Just fucking write something good for once for fucks sake. I'm trying to escape this shitty world through fantasy not relive it you cunts.
Honestly Celestia somewhat came across as a sociopath to me, in regards to humans, in that story. Like she wouldn't give much of a fuck about scorching the Earth, but it would make her look bad to her ponies so she wouldn't ever dare.
Yeah, but thinking this right now? which anon still alive and healthy? That kinda ruin the whole "romantic" relation now. I kinda want to know if celestia actually can maintain a real relationship with anon with that mentality. Anon will probably be replace when he isn't energetic enough for the princess
Celestia would actually love anon in her own way, but she is still belong to the royalty that was living in luxury for at least 1000 years. Her personality in that green actually fit a lot.
>Her personality in that green actually fits
She's treating him as a disposable plaything. That doesn't fit at all.
>life like a princess that have everything for 1000 years
>not treating something that he love as a disposable plaything

It's not her fault that she need to do this with everyone that she will love.
> If young William White met her sister before his heart hardened on Earth, he would make a doting and generous husband.
> Mr. Bennett had confirmed it! Equestria changed humans for the better!
> Maybe she should pick someone - a temporary human - to keep Luna amused for a few years, until that young one came of age.
> Now there was a thought. She wondered what his parents might say if they knew what she was scheming.
> No matter. She would consider it in the morning.

I think you've been here for literal years now and your English still hasn't improved.
>The only stories I like here are the /NMP/ ones.
Fair enough, but why not just find them on /NMP/? The slave thread will never escape edge, rape, violence, or other slave-related bullshit. Not to say we don't love the comf too, but we like it to happen in a darker context. There will also be spanking, bondage, and philosophical musings on property rights, law, society, and what it means to be a slave. Even with Fang, his Anon is a manipulative fuck at times too: he bought this specific product for a specific reason.

But ya: Fanganon when?! I'm missing our cutie birbhors too.
Yep, slavery is more than owning a living creature. Owning another sapient creature and pampering it because it's so cute OwO and wanting to pet it and play and shit, there are pet shops for that.

when the sapient creature tells you it wants to go home and that it hates its life, that's slavery.

The nicest slavery that has ever existed was the roman one, and it managed to last about, what, 700 years? (excluding the Byzantine Empire)

But yeah, if I had to resume, we want the happy moments in dark settings.
Kill yourselves hipposhit dickriders.
Come kill me yourself, you lazy coward.
You were the first to mention Hippo here. Shut up with your stupid feud.
Or you could try to stop being so painfully autistic that you can be spotted from a fucking mile away.
Knock it off with this bullshit.
Not until you get it through your thick autistic skull that you sperglords aren't welcome here.
I was one, but not the other. It's 4chan: we're ALL autistic here, even you. That's who the sites for; if you're not, you're in the wrong place. We're all anonymous too. If you think you can spot individuals with your genius level stylistic analysis, you're just kidding yourself.
I don't think you get to be the arbiter of that.
And you do?
Fuck yourself.
>I was one, but not the other. It's 4chan: we're ALL autistic here, even you. That's who the sites for; if you're not, you're in the wrong place. We're all anonymous too. If you think you can spot individuals with your genius level stylistic analysis, you're just kidding yourself
You have a pretty distinct style, Anon, you may be too autistic to even realize it.
Are you saying he's Hippo? You're wrong. Because I am and I didn't write that. So much for your theory.
>pretty distinct style
Maybe? Not saying you're wrong, about the autism or the style.

OTOH, this guy didn't spot anything: I was one but not the other. There might be several like-minded anons here. I enjoy the anonymous culture 4chan has, but it can be annoying when you're trying to get a feel for the community consensus. Maybe that's the point.

I am not Hippo, and I did write that. I am a fan though, so perhaps that makes me equally evil in your sight? (Love you, Hippo!)
How fucking retarded are you?
>(Love you, Hippo!)
Right back at ya, bro! Update coming with new thread.
I sincerely hope you get cancer and die an agonizing death.
He writes grammatically correct green that arouses passion one way or another. Even if you hate him (especially then) you have to respect that talent.
That entire statement is a delusion.
>where is fanganon and why hasnt he updated i want more clear skys
>(two posts later)
obsession doesnt cut it anymore. remember a couple years ago when EVERYTHING became political and you couldnt even ask someone what they wanted for dinner without starting a rant about trump?
this is the same thing. hippo derangement syndrome.
>OTOH, this guy didn't spot anything: I was one but not the other
You know the word "you" can refer to a collective "you" right? Nowhere was it implied that those two posts were there same person.
"you" as in "you autistic hipposhit dickriders" can always be spotted a mile away.
>hippo derangement syndrome
Yeah his faggot fans are pretty deranged, you have to admit.
It's pretty sad that people still support hippo even though he was outed as a shit stirring samefag a long time ago.
File: 1965574.png (504 KB, 1325x824)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
Your good girl pegaslave want her daily cuddles
>[citation needed]
It's possible they enjoy the green.
Not spoon-feeding you, newfag. Fucking lurk moar
>absolutely sure he samefags to cause drama
>cant name a single time it was proven
>H I P P O
>D E R A N G E M E N T
>S Y N D R O M E
Yeah, you're clearly infected with it.
>wanting to be spoonfed
>on 4chan
There's nothing to spoonfeed though. The writer doesn't have a trip and other posters have posted using his name. The updates are all we can be sure is him.
He had a big chunk of his story deleted at the exact same time as a bunch of reeing posts a few months back. Dig that shit up on desuarchive you lazy fuck. It's pretty goddamn sad how brainwashed you are into believing hippo gives the slightest fuck about this thread.
At least we can be sure that its not SWF. No gay riding scene yet.
Good lie.
i checked his other stories too, each one had a couple posts deleted but they were immediately reposted with fixed typos
they're so DERANGED that they see someone fix their own errors and think its a year long coordinated conspiracy to ruin a thread. probably with russia's help.
Fuck you
>implying swf is anywhere near as good of a writer as hippo/blinders off bro
File: 1544136304440.png (294 KB, 897x798)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
>tfw no cute mare to lay over my lap and brush
Swf is a million times better than hipposhit. At least his stories are engaging and aren't filled to the brim with edge and pedophillia
Fuck you. /NMP/ is full of autistic fucking retards and none of the writers ever contribute anything good
File: 1513934567722.jpg (570 KB, 2078x2500)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
crashing the thread so we can go back to talking about baths
like were supposed to
If it were the senseless ramblings of an illiterate retard, would you feel the way you obviously do feel about it? Do you do this every single time someone is wrong on the internet?! If it didn't make sense, if it didn't have power, if it didn't reach right into your deepest heart, and then cruelly crush it like blown glass, you would just ignore it like the vapid advertising we all swim through every day. Hippo and his story have profound influence over you, and the more you sperg the more you prove that truth. Read back over what you posted: did you write those passionately angry words about someone with no skills at all? Even trolling is an artform, and 4chan is the school of the masters! But Hippo's not even a troll: I and several others really enjoy his work almost as much as you hate it. The first step in healing is self knowledge.

This Anon could use some spoon feeding too. I'm not an OG pony slaver, but hardly a newfag either. What did we miss?
File: 1529036434387.jpg (51 KB, 368x228)
51 KB
And bedfillies
Reminder that the creater of hippodrome, filly brothel, and blinders off is a literal nigger and a pedophile that gets off on murder and raping horse children
>autistic fucking retards who never contribute anything good
Were you the same Anon bitching about how /SPG/ is full of autistic fucking retards who never contribute anything good, except for FangAnon? I think your standards might be a mite high for free fanfiction. Write the green you want to read.
File: 1515646787329.png (1.57 MB, 1054x1276)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
yea right....
Please read his earlier works. Especially the SiM ones.
double reminder that swf was fagfag, and that snookems was actually haute glamour
>Everything bad in the world is Hippo.
But is he still a retard?
File: 1522619468932.jpg (118 KB, 1280x897)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
I somewhat agree.
Especially the beginning of NMP when they managed to reach the autosage in a few hours! And also lately with the lack of content and the constant dreaming.
But we are getting close to them regarding the never ending autistic screeching and arguing here.
File: 1681131.jpg (576 KB, 1596x2382)
576 KB
576 KB JPG
>music horse when?
AWF, please create the new thread when you are ready.
Woah hey, just like the entirety of the board.
>the SiM ones
I loved those! They don't belong here on /SPG/, and ya they might have been a bit rough, but I wish he hadn't purged them from his paste. That scene where Anon anally penetrates Blue Blood, without even the courtesy of a reach-around... That whorse totally had it cumming.
Dead pigs?

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