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Thread archived.
You cannot reply anymore.

There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

"Today's another day to find you" edition

Old thread: >>33436594

Stories by Tsar Anon: https://pastebin.com/BnjZqwM3

Stories by DGCT: https://pastebin.com/u/dontgooglecrotchtits

Minty's Careful Steps: https://pastebin.com/P2aD5GVa

A Heart Longs for Another: https://pastebin.com/11TXCVXJ

Muted Heartbeat: https://pastebin.com/TPH2m6cU

The Sun Where You Belong: https://pastebin.com/WRUW1xQu

The Taming of the Harsh: https://pastebin.com/pVk0yjP7

The Broken Carousel (Part 1): https://pastebin.com/TJELn7vt
The Broken Carousel (Twilight Sparkle Interlude 1): https://pastebin.com/LvSPqhwG
The Broken Carousel (Part 2): https://pastebin.com/TBUr6F5f

Quest for the Forbidden Lover: https://pastebin.com/SRTzXyLm

Moon Dancer’s Hope Chest: https://pastebin.com/BFbyEcBg

Mate Retrieval Expedition: https://pastebin.com/U72A3jGU

Untitled /nmp/ green by Cosmic: https://pastebin.com/Xytb3xMC

Stories by Trandhal: https://pastebin.com/u/trandhal

This Heart That Fears: https://pastebin.com/0b7L24Ln

Violet Memory: https://pastebin.com/e9Ec1vd1


Express Ticket to Tartarus

Low Self-Esteem Applejack

All I want from christmas

Shape Your Home

Couch Surfing

A collection of miscellaneous greens since the first thread.
File: husbandoarrise.png (456 KB, 453x373)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
File: twiconsole.gif (1.76 MB, 1040x740)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB GIF
Wir werden es schon schaffen
File: 1635502[1].jpg (1.19 MB, 3234x3738)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
There is nothing pure about the love between a mare and her man
Get this degenerate filth out of here.
File: 1492382170404.jpg (1.22 MB, 2081x1360)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
>mare abuses her man
>he can't say anything because it's either this or being deported back to his world
They were the predators all along, we merely enable them.
File: 1526925482518.png (154 KB, 842x830)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
File: 192.jpg (49 KB, 492x528)
49 KB
Shame on you for thinking anything good would ever happen to us.
File: 1484598184280.jpg (74 KB, 480x640)
74 KB
Haha we deserve it, right?
I mean we've came this far in life alone
File: just_blyat_my_shit_up.jpg (12 KB, 326x315)
12 KB
You think they might think the same thing about us?
they think it be like it is comrade
but is not
File: 1508296741687.jpg (176 KB, 1022x688)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Man this is no way to start a saturday but then again it's how we start every other day that ends in 'y'
That's a shitty start for this thread.
>tfw a PTSD-suffering mare will never lose her temper on you
File: 1476719684815.png (462 KB, 1200x1600)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
>the bumbling, clumsy airhead of a pegasus with a heart of gold
You picked the worst mare for that, Anon.
Hi rgre
Bye rgre
Nobody cares about your autistic vendetta, dood.
File: ld.png (767 KB, 4600x3450)
767 KB
767 KB PNG
How can women even compete?
No, being real doesn't count.
>implying women are real
>implying mares aren't
File: 1522299121347.png (587 KB, 853x1024)
587 KB
587 KB PNG


File: image.png (811 KB, 1280x720)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
>ponies (other than Lyra) sitting like humans
that's mega-nasty, man
that is dog shit
>Be filly.. no, mare! fresh out of school
>Get told that you can make Aunt Celestia proud by a guard recruiter
>Suffer through shoe camp while the daddy's little princesses drop out
>Get shipped to the Griffonsreich
>Everything is quiet on the eastern border
>Until the reigning queen dies and the birds get their collective panties in a twist
>Protest break out, turn into riots, then into a full-blown civil war.
>Since it all happens near their capital,
>But when the royalists finally decapitate False Queen Brunhilda, her ex-military rebels turn to banditry, preying on Equestrian border villages.
>And that's when you finally get to make Auntie proud.
>The griffon rebels are more experienced and have nothing to lose, but you have your sisters and Harmony on your side!
>After months of hunting the bandits in the mountains, you and your soldiers nab the last rebel field commander.
>Griffonians, the honest ones, those that were sent here just like you to mop up the mess, they salute you.
>They thank you for your sacrifice on foreign soil and tell you that you are a great warrior and officer.
>Your soldiers, your guardsmares, the ones you call your little sisters - they whisper behind your back.
>It won't matter for long. Soon you all are going home.

>Your friends from your first unit all got discharged way before you did.
>Some of them returned without their legs.
>Some didn't return at all.
>The fallen, the disfigured, disabled veterans - they get respect. You get called names.
>You returned whole, but just a little different.
>People tell that you have lost your mind
>You act wrong, not like a pony. You don't have fun anymore.
>One day your old schoolmate decided to surprise you in the street. You saw her shadow and knocked her out in one hit.
>You stopped drinking, because booze made the party fireworks too real.
>Vendors at the market stopped haggling with you. The bravest even tried to deny you business once.
>You stopped going out, the club music du jour sounds like war drums.
>You drifted apart from your old friends, because their shit just wasn't important to you anymore.

>The ponies thought that you fell from Harmony.
>Under threat of eviction, you were forced to report daily to a social worker.

>So now, each morning you get in front of a mirror and practice your biggest and dumbest smile, which you wear all day.
>Better be a ditz than a monster. Ponies understand ditzes.
>If they make fun of you, at least that means they are not afraid.
You know, that pic is the kind of shit that makes me glad I stopped at s5.
File: bombshocked15.gif (229 KB, 400x400)
229 KB
229 KB GIF
Thanks, I hate it
>>The ponies thought that you fell from Harmony.
>>Under threat of eviction, you were forced to report daily to a social worker.
Such harmony. It nearly make Earth proud.
File: 1537028171421.png (421 KB, 528x607)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
Hey man at least it gives anthrofags a way to justify shitty art of ponies with broken shoulders and legs.
Ponies are great if you are like them.
If not, they will avoid you at best and shoot you with a giant lazer at worst.
Better than ignoring you until you blow your brains out.
I have a freedom of blowing my brains in my goddamn house! Get yer claws out of my land, filthy government puppets!
Honestly, faking a smile would lead me to a noose faster than PTSDs. At least solitude without triggers makes your live easier.
File: bombshell frrr.png (315 KB, 1920x1080)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
Some people are too stubborn to accept that they need help.
File: 1488262179610.png (98 KB, 447x272)
98 KB
All of this makes me glad we're not going into any fanfic versions of Equestria but to the real deal where we don't have to worry about ponies just being humans with hooves.
Because forcing them in stressful situations without any rest isn't a quick way to have a murder spree
Don't paint it darker than it is. This is how Bombshell sees things, so it's already way worse than objective reality. Besides, ponies, not being as wonderfully warlike as some other peoples, simply don't have the experience in dealing with such trauma. They are doing their best.
The only thing anthrofags need a justification for is what disappointments they are to their parents.
That's not even near to an attempt to help. Just shut up and smile, you weirdo, or we'll deport you.
> darker than it is
That's how unstable mentality works. You don't want to unbalance it even more with disregarding stressful environments.
>that first hug where neither of you let go for a long time because you've been waiting for this moment your entire life
File: 1524981568984.jpg (1.43 MB, 3664x3312)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
And then there's fear on both sides that if you let go, they'll just disappear. It takes hundreds of hugs for the realization to start settling in. That you have each other and it's for real.
File: hes the one.jpg (33 KB, 486x287)
33 KB
Never mind. Sir, I would like to offer you a mare, free to a good home.
My home would disappoint her.
File: 1542590237084.png (1.34 MB, 1920x1080)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
File: PAW'D.jpg (13 KB, 417x271)
13 KB
>first wish was going to Equestria, end up abused
>wish for mare to stop abusing you, she's found out and sent to Tartarus, never to be seen again.
You got one last wish Anon. Use it wisely.
File: Cherilee.jpg (509 KB, 1920x1080)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
Grammar Mare Edition
I wish to undo the second wish and instead use it to make waifu nicer
File: C_rvsf3iy_I.jpg (745 KB, 2160x2160)
745 KB
745 KB JPG
Gimme pizza
Octavia what are you doing?
File: 1548272993394.png (279 KB, 600x1000)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
Very well then.

Your waifu starts acting nicer towards you and she even develops feelings for you. This does not change how she had previously abused you however, and she is still arrested. So nothing has changed, except now the pony rotting away in Tartarus for all eternity is someone who deeply cares for you and wants to be with you. Your final wish has been wasted.

Your waifu steals and eats your pizza.
Pic related
>Soft fur
>Warm body
>Loving personality
>Paradise compared to Earth
>Chance to live a happy life
>Raise your own foals
I could not believe it either first.
>Your waifu steals and eats your pizza.
How? Wasn't she in Tartarus?
>Your final wish has been wasted.
All wishes are wasted when there's anon writing up monkey paw tradeoffs, there was no winning here by design, so that point is mute.
>implying any prison can stop a natural born floridian from getting in
File: 1495921151876.gif (679 KB, 400x320)
679 KB
679 KB GIF
>Be a mare with a man still getting used to living with you.
>Spending time together is like walking on thin ice at first but gets easier with time.
>He sometimes gets completely immersed in casual activities and all the disbelief disappears.
>Suddenly he freezes up and in his eyes dart across the room. You know this all too well.
>You tell him to breathe, but you know you can't touch him yet. That'll cause even more distress.
>All you can do is answer his questions and convince him that everything is fine, that you are both real and won't disappear.
>Only then you hug him and hold him until his body stops shaking, which can take a long time.
>As fragile as he feels, you feel just as powerless sometimes. All you can do is hug him through these episodes, there's no helping it. You can only wait.
>And the worst thing is, the panic sometimes spreads onto you too. He sounds so genuinely scared when he looks into your eyes and asks if any of this is real.
>You hold him extra tight so he won't disappear, as he sometimes feels you would.
>He stopped having those horrid nightmares just recently, but now he's sleeping so quietly you sometimes sneak into his room just to check if he's still there.
>He's almost comfortable living here so you want to ask him if it's okay to sleep in one bed soon, but you keep delaying it.
>Once he agrees, you swear to Celestia you won't let him go for one moment, just to be sure.
>Who knows how long this is going to take before you get to that point though.
>He's making great progress, leaving the house, talking to others, helping you cook, learning the language.
>He seems happy, as long as he believes this is real.
>When his panic finally subsides, he apologises for bothering you so much, as always, and it breaks your heart.
>One day, he'll accept everything, and until then you'll just have to hold him dear.
File: EOD awesome.png (84 KB, 278x208)
84 KB
>all this ptsd
>the only way men can go to Equestria is by dying a glorious death through combat
Oh man, I swear to make it all up to her after my initial shock. Though I would suggest to sleep in one bed with her right from the first night onwards. Not really for lewd reasons, just to make sure she does not disappear over the night.
File: 1DZO2.jpg (768 KB, 720x3248)
768 KB
768 KB JPG
That would certainly explain the shortage of husbandos.
>Earth has gone to shit after the collapse
>Gangs, cults and empires rule the shattered nations of men
>The cult of Cadance rule a small strip of land, assaulted on all sides
>Sacrifice is the cost of LOVE
>The most intense fighting comes from the nearby /k/ommando stronghold
>The followers of Cadance and the Murder/K/ube are locked in mortal struggle as their gods are
>Neither side gains much ground, they seem content to participate in the slaughter
>In the trench, you see a wave of berserk /k/ommandos charging to your trench
>You whisper a small prayer to Cadance and kiss a picture of your waifu
>Gilded brass spear in hand, you ready to counter attack
>Such is life in the Thottie-first millenium
File: wisconsinsux.jpg (5 KB, 211x239)
5 KB
>There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

The State of Wisconsin gave me five years probation, a $2,500 fine, monthly visits to a shrink, an ankle monitor and a restraining order. ALL Because I wanted to stick my dick in a horse. If there was "nothing more pure" then WHY WAS I ARRESTED? It is my Constitutional RIGHT to have sex with a mare! And as soon as this shit is all over, I'm going to go out and TRY AGAIN. FUCK WISCONSIN. FUCKING PIGS.
I wish I had art skills so I could draw WIAnon getting matched with a nice police mare who's really curious about the box on his leg and why none of the other husbandos have one.
File: full (35).jpg (2.23 MB, 4000x3250)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
not even my waifu but I will fuckin' fight you
Fizzlepop is a good pony who deserves to be loved.
File: 1520078976942_1.png (265 KB, 900x653)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
I really really would appreciate it if my waifu was huge. I can think of nothing better than laying on her giant flank like a mattress.
This, no buli edgehorse pls
grumpy plum is for teasing, not bullying.
>not being able to hold her hoof
File: pacha the type a nigga.png (153 KB, 560x582)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
>full (35)
This pic makes me want to gently knead her kicky-leg frogs through those socks.
You can still hold it, it's just a lot of hoof to hold
If her flank were big enough to "lay on like a mattress" you'd need an Aliens power loader just to get your arms around one hoof.
And that's just a single hoof; more advanced hoofholding, like the double hoof-hold with deep, loving eye contact would be out of the question.
REMINDER: mares aren't real and nobody loves you
File: 1483388547542.png (211 KB, 920x690)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
Drink my cum, cuck
File: 1394080934762.png (565 KB, 1024x768)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
>turns out men from Earth were the 'wasteland waifus' all along
We will be.
We're just waiting for Trump to push The Button.
Do it, Mr. Trump. End this degenerate nightmare.

Free us all.
You're better off praying to Yellowstone and concentrating on the magma chamber.
Trump is too much of a bleeding-heart liberal pussy to do anything truly great.
File: JUST_2.png (150 KB, 413x521)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
>wasteland husbando
>never wanted to kill
>never even wanted to hurt anyone
>just wanted to be loved
>never even had a chance
Sounds about right
Truly, God has corset us all, causing us to be born in this wretched, mare-less reality.
WTF, Autocorrect?
>be me
>fall in love with a fictional mare on a cartoon
>alternate universe
>mare falls in love with a background character on MLH and it's me
Imagine, if you will, losing to a drawing.
File: 1549775616586.png (708 KB, 910x605)
708 KB
708 KB PNG
Do it Mr president. Make it all truly great again.
File: image0-9-2.jpg (187 KB, 750x529)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Turn off autocorrect, dumbfuck. Look at what you're typing before you press submit.
>using Autocorrupt
Type your own words, coward.
>Implying alot of /k/ isn't mlp fags too.
>Implying they wouldn't just start rightwing death squads with them to purge the world of the cancer known as NPCs.
>post-apocalypse /mlk/ alliance
>it's just the winged hussars but with more guns and horsefuckery
>they praise murder and violence in all forms.
>we praise love at all costs.
I think the alliance would probably stem from the fact we're just as crazy, we just follow a different light than they do.
>First, we ride the mares
>Then, we 'ride' the mares
>He thinks mare will be achieved through peace
My blinding love for mares is what inspires and guides me. We shall bring mares to this world through force, and crazed yet inescapably knowledgeable /k/ommandos are a means to that end. Despite being heretics, they shall be revered for their help to the mare purpose.
I, for one, welcome the post apocalyptic husband hunters.
We must secure the existence of our mares and a future for pony foals.
File: 1484778417770.png (151 KB, 421x500)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
>Man, they uhh, they look really excited
>Another Anon nods in agreement
>"Right? I mean they're hauling ass this way..a-and it looks like they have..nets?"
>Haha, nets?
>"T-Those are definitely nets.."
File: 1947316 (1).png (668 KB, 1571x860)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
>not just using the airpulse from a supersonic fly-by to disorient your future husbando
Nets, eh?
You are correct, we do praise love at all cost, some times the price is blood. Blood for the love god!
File: Spoiler Image (103 KB, 1280x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
She looks shy and uncomfortable. Gotta hug that mare and tell her how gorgeous she looks in these.
I want to get netted and caught by a mare.
If only.
These anons get it.
back to your ketchup and vore general
What if your waifu really wanted you to be a pocket husbando for a little bit?
File: 1495643936400.png (28 KB, 914x913)
28 KB
Is TsarAnon completely ded or is he just writing other stories somewhere else?
That sounds pretty fucking dumb
Mares don't normally have pockets.
What if it was something she'd always thought about and kept it under wraps because what sane mare would ask her husbando to down a breezie potion so she could have a tiny husbando for a few hours and you just shot that idea down and called her "pretty fucking dumb"?
Ok super I'm now a fucking shrunk ass husbando what now retard
What astounding 'cave explorer' tier shit is in store for me now
>implying it has to be sexual
Maybe she just likes feeling big, Anon.
Maybe she wants you to ride on her head.
brushing your waifu's mane one hair at a time
File: 1436029751555.png (154 KB, 800x800)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
What if I want my adult waifu to take a fillyfication potion so she can ride on my head for a few hours?
Where does the degeneracy end?
Anon, a shrinking potion and a youthenizer are far and apart two different things.
File: 1167714.png (19 KB, 575x533)
19 KB
File: 1502526.png (216 KB, 810x877)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
What if, nigga, she just wanted to be able to pick you up and hold you like you always do to her?
Maybe mare just wanted you to feel how great she feels whenever you cuddle.
who the fuck is Bombshell and does anyone have any more greens related to her and PTSD?
File: 1957296.jpg (1.98 MB, 2576x1932)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
Mare fluff is scientifically proven to be at least ten times softer than memoryfoam, which is why mare hugs are the best.
It hasn't been a ketchup and vore general since like, late 2014/early 2015. It's too wimpy now.
File: Reactions.jpg (1.61 MB, 1468x1780)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
Her reaction when you whip out your dick...
Seems to be completely dead.
Bombshell is an rgre oc. I bet if you bring her up there again they might end up making some more stories about her.
File: 1478853.png (1.2 MB, 2408x1600)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
still not sure where to find stories about here. am I supposed to look through fim?
File: 10291002.jpg (138 KB, 1200x900)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Y-yeah, it got cut up when I was born
>proceed to be increasingly distant and self-conscious around her
File: 1752029__.png (313 KB, 556x625)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
Go. Over. THERE.
File: Decanus ponk.png (47 KB, 874x1157)
47 KB
>You spend quite a bit of time with your waifu
>You introduce her into cosplay
>Your waifu is really into it
>She gets really embroiled in her character
how would it go? would you introduce her to your favorite charecter?
So I've been at a block for months
Anon and Dust are supposed to talk and slowly develop feelings for eachother as Anon learns the language
I don't know how that's supposed to go, I've never been in a relationship
None of us have been in a happy relationship, either, so if you get something wrong it's not like we'll know.
Just try your best.
Pull from other media. Sappy love stories, vanilla romance, there's got to be at least one manga with bonding over studying as a relationship enabler.
File: B0MZzFKCIAA6jVy.jpg (34 KB, 599x451)
34 KB
>I've never been in a relationship
I'm laughing because that's me too
Are you new or something my dude? Do you not know what rgre is?
File: 1542490177646.gif (170 KB, 520x480)
170 KB
170 KB GIF
what are you listening to /nmp/?

watching Blue Planet II on netflix
File: hqdefault.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB

Billy... more comfortable with... chikken...
>dragonball episode 96
File: 1517898535411.png (564 KB, 3000x3000)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
Probably the best advice I can give is to try to see it from the perspective of the characters and ask yourself "where do they go from here?". Think of your final goal and approach it, step by step. Seems alien at first, I know, but it can work. Hell, I am writing a relationship story myself and have absolutely zero experience on the field and a good chance to become a wizard soon-ish unless Cadenza blesses me with a mare beforehand . And if can manage to write it, then so can you.
File: May i have this dance.png (176 KB, 800x900)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Would you dance with a mare like this?
Or like this?
>Would you x with mare
The answer is always yes as long as it is something positive.
is >rape positive?
>No consent
What do you think?
that's my fetish
>Not able to include the well-being of a mare
It is not looking good for you, Anon.
File: IMG_2743.jpg (12 KB, 217x250)
12 KB
Post mares.
File: IMG_2744.png (213 KB, 638x735)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Kill yourself.
How do you rationalize drawing pornographic images of your waifu and letting other people see?
Drawing my waifu always makes me feel closer to her.
It does for me too, i think of all the pictures as between her and I. Some even have my face or hands partially/fully traced into them.
But sharing it? I don't know, it feels like a waste keeping it to myself and i feel a sense of brotherhood to the other people who love her, i want to give them things, i don't see them as possessing her in any way or being a threat. But i feel a bit conflicted.
I myself never felt good enough to start drawing NSFW. But I felt like there wasn't enough pictures of my waifu cuddling humans, so I've made a bunch of those and felt satisfied with that.
>drawing pornographic images of your waifu
I don't. I can't even handle drawing lines.
File: Words of wisdom.png (302 KB, 411x310)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
Might as well get angry over peoples lewd thoughts.
Displaying such things in a public manner is a different matter, but what people do in privacy is no skin off my nose.
What about the writefags that share their lewdest,
most intimate stories about their waifus?
Need more of them
File: 1487624477441.png (166 KB, 450x267)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
>your waifu casts a spell to experience your subconscious desires and fantasies directly
>horrors of human psyche ensues
>not warning her first that even you don't know what's all in there
Or maybe it would be nice if some of the dead ones were resurrected...
>You warned her.
>Well, you tried to warn her.
>Twilight currently had her face in the toilet, puking her guts out after she went fishing around in your head.
>You were all like 'this could get pretty weird, Twi'.
>And she was all like 'it'll be fine'.
>And it's not fine.
>Since the damned castle didn't have trashcans in every room since only a few were used, you had to carry her as she puked everywhere.
>So now there's a trail of vomit from the reading room to this bathroom.
>You rub the spots between her wings as she finally comes up for air.
>"I know humans are different, but that was horrible."
"Can I ask what you saw? I'm not really sure what'd get that kind of reaction out of you."
>She flicks her tongue before responding.
>"I-hurk-I was some kind of half-pony half-human thing."
"Anthro? Why was that in my head?"
>"And I had a penis."
"But futa's for faggots!"
>"And I was rutting my brother."
>Twilight dry heaves for a moment before finishing.
>"As you watched."
>You don't even bother replying, choosing instead to vomit in the same toilet as Twilight.
hahah wtf are you doing here /ntt/
Funny that you mention it, /ntt/ had an actual green about this. https://pastebin.com/67dHq5b1
Of course they did.
File: [car alarm sounds].png (101 KB, 374x436)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
That's the joke.
It's literally every other post over there.
File: 1490596402164.jpg (282 KB, 800x784)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
We would need a LOT of power to get most of them out of their graves. DGCT is probably a proper skeleton at this point.
Poor Twiggles. Someone should have warned her about how the human subconscious will bring any idea forward at the barest hint of suggestion, regardless of whether you want it to or not.
Dustfag is just at a block right now, h-he's gonna come through
>tfw Danteanon left us hanging at the end
Taking a quick look there's only one post with that and the post said he was making up for the guy not being there. I also remember awhile back that some guy dumped a bunch of porn there and said he was leaving or something.
The mare cock dude might have killed himself.
It is kinda weird we basically share our body when you think about it.
The human body is like a car
we're pretty sure there's only one guy at the wheel at any one time but god knows who else is in there.
I'm sad that he's ded, but I couldn't have taken much more of the story, to be honest. I'd probably ended up not reading the ending and just waiting for his next one.
I think he was also a writefag, damn shame if he really left
There's nothing worse than going that far and then stopping right at the finish line. Even if people didn't like it, at least it would be done. Like, didn't he only have one update left before he could slap a big "The End" on it?
File: image0.jpg (149 KB, 1242x851)
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It pains ne to see this post, it means someone is still waiting for me to finish what I know I'll get stuck in.
I'm sorry I failed you and the thread, Anon.
File: mare doin maths.jpg (837 KB, 2000x1629)
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You might have failed to update in a timely fashion, but ultimate failure is reserved for quitters.
Hearty kek
File: hope.png (28 KB, 799x600)
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It's a pity, but don't be discouraged over it. I'll just continue waiting, like I have been doing for so many stories at this point. Hell, I've been waiting for Low self-esteem AJ all this time and it resurfaced again in this thread just to die again.
#deca.mare chapter 28 is out. Business as usual.
Have fun.

>After a few moments of inconvenient silence, you mutually decide to postpone that particular discussion.
>You accept her request to watch the show, while she agrees to not to initiate your project until you are convinced of her idea.
>Truth be told, you want her to succeed, but her augmentation ideas go much further than you expected.
>However, you have other things to deal with right now.
>You are still out on a flight mission.
>"We have plenty of room left in the depot. I heated the water inside to melt the ice and to relay it to the containers. It optimises our cargo capacity. Care for another run?"
"Sure, lead the way."
>Just like the first time, #deca.mare marks a suitable spot for surface harvesting and you two get to work.
>Your course of action is exactly the same until you reach the stage of transporting the block.
>You notice a small improvement in your own performance.
>Using the metal arm, and the whole ship in general, feels more natural to you.
#deca.mare was right about that, practice makes perfect.
>"I have an idea for another exercise."
>"How about a catch game on our way to the depot? We exchange the block repeatedly during the flight. This is a good chance to hone your reactions."
>Sounds like the perfect setup for an accident.
"We can try, but I can't give you any guarantee that it works out."
>"Have a little faith in yourself, Anon. I am sure you can do it. And don't worry about your ship; it is pretty durable."
>That attitude is quite different than the one you are used to.
>USC codices usually state to avoid situations which put assets deliberately into situations that involve unnecessary risks.
>The definition of assets include both personnel and material alike.
>In other words, pilots are discouraged to try things out.
>They shall play safe instead.
>So you have learned to act in accordance to these rules.
>"You know I am no USC officer. My first priority here is your progress."
"Alright, who shall start?"
>"Let me pass it to you first. That way you I can show you a good 'throwing' technique. Oh, and let us keep the speed low. Makes it easier for the start and gives us a little bit more time.
"Sounds fine. I'd say you set the speed then."
#deca.mare grabs the ice block with her ship.
>You turn your drone towards the depot ship and rotate it on the spot with your thrusters to present your ship's lower body to #deca.mare's drone.
>Then you lock onto her vessel and the ice block separately to keep track of their individual location and trajectory.
>She positions herself in the same manner as you do, with the ice block directly between the two of you.
>You are about two hundred metres apart.
>"I suggest we should aim to stay on course. We will obviously have to adjust our positions during the flight, but try to keep the general direction if you can. It is a bit of an extra challenge."
>You additionally lock onto the depot as an response.
>You refrain from sounding too tense.
"Got it."
>Well, here goes nothing.
>"Get ready. Starting... "
>A short pause.
>#deca.mare accelerates her drone.
>You observe her actions closely and follow her example.
>This part is not very hard for you.
>Learning to monitor and anticipate the movements of other vessels is a key skill for fighter pilots, as it can mean the difference between life and death.
>You never know when a freighter crew or private pilot tries to pull off some funny business out of the blue.
>These are often people who are involved in shady deals, but you can't always tell who is clean and who is not through a comm channel.
>Which is why you learned to look for telltale signs.
>In fact, #deca.mare made it very easy for you, as she has already announced her plan.
>So you already know the details you have to look out for.
>And indeed, it does not take long until you detect an activity in her upper thrusters.
>Her ship is coming closer.
>You understand her intention before she is done.
>#deca.mare gains momentum, releases the block and ignites her lower thrusters to brake her own drone without affecting the ice.
>She returns to her former position while the block is nearing your ship.
>You prepare your grapplers and estimate the speed of your target.
>Fortunately, #deca.mare has released the block with a perfect timing; it flies in a straight line without spinning around.
>This means you do not need to rearrange your angle while flying towards the depot and trying to catch the ice.
>Just like the first time, you reduce its relative speed to yours.
>While you are now somewhat familiar with the procedure, you have to divert your attention.
>Actions like minding the additional focus on #deca.mare's drone, keeping track of the mobile depot, and some occasional asteroids, turn this operation into a rather intricate affair.
>Nevertheless, you manage to predict the right moment to act.
>You tackle the ice with your arms, make sure that your grip is tight, and normalise your flight path.
>The cool sensation returns, but you pay no heed to it this time.
>"Good catch. I knew you could do this."
"Thank you. Now back again?"
>"I would say so. Prepare yourself and hurl it back. Or are there any questions?"
"No, it's fine. I think I can imitate your trick."
>You think for a second to come up with the right commands and accelerate towards #deca.mare.
>Keeping the acceleration steady for two seconds, you cut the energy to the upper thrusters and focus on your arms.
>After another two seconds, you give the order to retreat the arms simultaneously.
>The block flies on its own in a straight line.
>It seems like a flawless pass at first, but you notice a barely visible tilt.
>The delay must have been minimal, possibly less than a second, but it was enough to create a weak rotation.
>The form slowly turns to the right.
>"Ah, no problem."
>You fly back to your initial distance and see how it plays out.
>#deca.mare does not actively adjust to the movement yet.
>She only prepares her arms and waits.
>The ice is halfway there and has almost performed a forty five degree turn.
>That means it will be in a very unfavourable position once it reaches her.
>You await her solution with anticipation.
>Instead of trying to catch the object outright, #deca.mare dodges the projectile with a swift drift, but keeps it in the range of her grapplers.
>She waits for the block to complete its ninety degree turn and lunges her claws into the ice.
>The leverage is not optimal, yet this does not seem to hinder her in the slightest.
>You reach the depot in about a minute.
>"We have time for another. Want to catch a spinning one yourself?"
"I'll give it a try."
>"Here we go. Just remember: Don't stress yourself. Heads up!"
>#deca.mare flies the same manoeuvre once again and passes the ice to you.
>But this time she does not simply release the block; she uses her grapplers deliberately to create a controlled rotation before it leaves her range.
>Now it is up to you.
>You decide not to try #deca.mare's spontaneous dodge move and adapt your flight path right away.
>You aim to accomplish a helical route which aligns with one of the long side once it meets your ship.
>Sounds easily doable in theory, but not with your split attention.
>So you decide to ease the burden by removing the target locks on #deca.mare's drone and the depot.
>Her ship will not interfere and you know how much time you have until you reach your target.
>For now, you focus solely on the ice block that is heading your way.
>You initiate your spiral with a coordinated usage of your engines and maintain the course.
>Once you made sure that this trajectory is stable, you activate the grapplers and proceed as usual.
>The universe is spinning around.
>At least this is what you could think from your perspective.
>The only fix point in your field of vision is the constantly growing ice block.
>#deca.mare is undoubtedly helping your brain out here; the constant rapidity of the movement would normally cause symptoms like disorientation or nausea.
>Almost in position, only seconds left.
>You have exactly one shot to get it right.
>Either you or #deca.mare must chase after it if you miss.
>Well, nothing helps more than a little bit of pressure.
>You stretch the claws and await its arrival, quickly glancing at the displayed distance.
>Now or never.
>You reach out quickly and sink your claws into the ice with a little bit more force than needed.
>Little patches break off and drift away, yet the main body remains intact.
>You carefully cease the rotation and lock onto the depot.
>Your fly straight once more.
>Estimated seconds until arrival: Twenty.
>You get an idea.
"#deca? Can the collector beam handle the block?"
>"With ease. Requires a little bit more energy, but nothing too drastic."
"I want to try something, okay?"
>"Go ahead, Anon."
>Ten seconds.
>You are not waiting any longer and take aim at the cargo opening.
>With one combined command, you power your thrusters to raise the ship's front end and drop the block half a second later.
>Then you slow your ship immediately and watch the result.
>The ice flies towards your target.
>To your dismay, you notice how its course is a little bit off-centre.
>The miscalculation is minimal, not much more than a few degrees.
>Still, it is enough to have grave consequences.
>If left unchecked, the block will crash into an opened cargo door.
>"No sweat. I can handle it."
>Another familiar energy signature emerges with an increased intensity.
>The collector beam flashes brighter than before and encases the block in a potent energy field.
>The effect on this larger cuboid object is the same as before.
>Its additional mass does not impair the collector's performance at all.
>In a matter of barely two seconds, the course is corrected and the block is on its way to the grapplers of the depot ship.
"So there's that. I hope it wasn't too costly for your reserves."
>"Not in the slightest. I prepare for eventualities where I can, Anon."
"Say, how much power can this thing use?"
>"In its current state, enough to move objects which are slightly larger than the depot itself. Also depending to a degree on the individual mass of the target in question, of course. It is on a practical basis also usable on ships to ferry them remotely. Humans often call this concept a 'tractor beam'."
>You imagine how easy salvage and rescue missions could become with that kind of technology.
"The guys who didn't fund this project were idiots."
>"Yes, it was a truly poor decision. And this is far away from the theoretical limit. With an enlarged device and bolstered energy supply, we could transport larger things. Larger asteroids, entire container batches, capital ships, or even stations."
"And let me guess: Planets as well."
>You hear #deca.mare's laughter through the comm channel.
>"If you want to build a projector that surpasses the size of a major station, why not? But you might be well advised to consider the energy consumption as well. It will not be helpful if you accidentally burn out the star the target planet is orbiting. And the heat accumulation will be astronomical."
>The tone in her voice hints at the subtle joviality in this statement.
>Not to mention her not so subtle pun.
"So that's a no."
>"I'd rather call it possible in theory, yet unsuitable in practice. Your suggestion is definitively not an everyday operation."
>Silence reigns for a short moment.
>Then you notice another jump signature.
>A third drone enters the sector.
>"Right. We have got a decent amount of water now, but I would like to get some more. Just in case."
"So you order another ship to harvest with us?"
>"No, not quite. I want to do something else with you while I proceed with the extraction."
>#deca.mare highlights the third drone.
>Its main engine fires up.
>"Follow me. I will show you some, by human standards, unusual methods to import resources into worlds."
>You are not sure if you want to know the details.
>"It is not like that, Anon."
>Alright, time to find out.
>You target the highlighted drone and unlock the depot.
>Then you match its speed and follow its trajectory.
>A question comes up in your head.
"There four ships already active in this vicinity, mother ship not included. How many more do you have on hand?"
>Or on hoof.
>Whatever, details.
>"The hangar is designed for fifty ships."
>"Five mobile depot transporters, forty-five utility units, each with its own docking pen. A third of them is able to blitz in emergency situations. The rest can deploy in fifteen to twenty seconds."
>More than you expected.
>And deadly efficient.
>That's on par with most military carriers.
>Barring the fact that each single drone is a miniature warship in itself.
>#deca CPU ships are a force to be reckoned with after all.
>Then again, they have to be if they are supposed to alter worlds of any kind.
>You are well aware of #deca.mare's potential by now.
>But it is nevertheless baffling to witness her skills in action time and time again.
>You scan your surroundings while following the other drone.
>She leads you deeper into the belt.
>To a point where the asteroid size and density are noticeably higher.
>It is still navigable with a little care, but it does not leave much room for spacious operations.
>This means she will not try to play any games with you.
>"You are correct, Anon. This will be a demonstration."
>She leads you to a larger asteroid.
>It has roughly the size and mass of a smaller station.
>You scan the target in question.
>Large portions of the asteroid are indeed simple rock formations.
>However, the interior possesses moderate deposits of different metals, minerals, and several streaks of solid ice.
>While the findings are considerable on their own, The problem is that they stretch throughout the asteroid, which makes a harvest difficult.
>You would have to drill away the complete rock to strip the structure clean.
>Not impossible, but extremely time consuming and in relation to the eventual yield, barely worth the effort.
>And there is another, more severe obstacle.
>To cut off smaller fragments means to add them to the high number of already existing asteroids in the vicinity, which further increases the risk of accidents.
>It is therefore not an attractive target for space harvesting unless you are extremely desperate for raw material.
>"Your conclusion is solid, Anon. Mining it is not an optimal option."
"And how exactly do you want to get it out of the asteroid and on the planet?
>"We do not."
"Come again?"
>"We will not extract the resources at all."
"I think you need to elaborate here."
>"You have seen how we can harvest material in deep space. This is the most common method and makes up more than ninety percent of all extraction operations. The most common purpose is to use the gained resources for ship maintenance, but sometimes we have to transport various resources to planets."
"And the rest?"
>"These are usually mining operations on planets themselves for ship maintenance. I obviously did not include the numbers of local units that farm planetary resources for terraforming projects. These are a separate category. And what we are about to do here is an exception, as it is usually not very effective in terms of net gain, but I want to show it to you at least."
>Your sensors detect more jump signatures in the vicinity.
>Four more drones have jumped into the belt.
>They are all close by; they have jumped into one of the segments with the highest rock density around.
>A normal pilot would never dare to try that; it is downright suicidal if you can't pinpoint your exit corridor.
>But hey, this is #deca.mare.
>Mortal boundaries are no hindrance to her.
>You observe the routes of the drones on your radar.
>They are all nearing the asteroid from different angles.
>Upon further inspection, your scanners also detect a cubical device on the underside of each drone, the one you followed included.
>They are not large, the lateral length measures around fifty centimetres.
>However, they emit a strange reading, at least according to your scanners.
"#deca? What are these things?"
>"Key tools for my demonstration, Anon. We use them for an 'express' transport.
>The drones come to a stop directly at the asteroid.
>You see how every drone has its lower side turned towards the rocky surface to plant their devices on it.
>You notice that the distance between each device is roughly the same.
>You command the scanner to create a three dimensional effigy of the rock and highlight the locations of the objects that #deca.mare has planted.
>If you connect neighbouring spots with a curve, they form an almost perfect ring.
>The inaccuracies are caused by the uneven surface of the asteroid.
>But even your limited expertise allows you to notice how she has chosen the spots to get as close to a perfect ring as possible, given the circumstances.
>After the drones have placed their little "packages", they put a short distance between them and the asteroid to jump out of the belt.
>Four light corridors form synchronously.
>The drones presumably returned to the mother ship.
>Only the drone which lead you to this place remains.
>The distance between it and the asteroid is about fifty metres.
>#deca.mare raises her voice.
>"Everything is set. Please stay away from the asteroid now."
>You navigate your ship to mirror her distance to the target; only the angle is different.
"Okay, I'm good."
>"All right. This is a method that does not involve transport ships. The approach here is to bring the asteroid itself to the planet."
"In its entirety."
>"Yes, Anon."
"How so?"
>"Well, the original idea is nearly as old as our craft, but it involved simple propulsion units. It was used to alter the course of an object to such a degree that it will eventually hit the target."
"You deliberately crashed asteroids into a planet?"
>"That happened occasionally, yes. But remember, the worlds we targeted were lifeless and very inhospitable. Plus, we could negate the consequences of the impacts later on."
>You try to imagine how these rock formations could be pushed around like marbles on a board.
>"As interesting as the method was, it had a few problems. For starters, it takes, depending on the distance between the asteroid and the target planet, a considerable time to reach said world. And it is tricky to adequately move it in an area with a high density of obstacles."
"Obstacles, as in other asteroids like we have here, correct?"
>"Yes. All those flaws led to some adaptations of the original concept. You can see the result here."
>You take a look at the signature again.
>It looks somewhat familiar, yet unlike anything you have actually encountered at the same time.
>"These are specialised field generators and stabilisers, only designed for this specific purpose."
"And what kind of field do they generate around the rock?"
>"You will see. Starting now."
>The latent energy sources within the devices spring to life.
>The signature alters as the power level increases steadily.
>Your scanners detect every little piece of new data.
>Within seconds, you recognise more and more details.
"Is that..."
>No way.
>"Just look, Anon."
>You observe the asteroid.
>Five small lights are emanating from the surface.
>You know what kind of light that is; you have seen more often than you can count.
"You've got to be kidding me."
>The energy flow reaches its peak and you see a bright sheen that encases the asteroid and a large radius around it.
>Really, you see almost nothing else, as the shining orb fills your full field of vision.
>The only things you can barely make out are the displays of your HUD.
>You are glad that you are not looking at the corridor with your actual eyes.
>The radiance could be strong enough to cause temporary blindness on such a short range.
>The light dissipates just as fast as it has emerged.
>Your vision regains its full clarity immediately.
>The asteroid is gone without a trace.
Done. This space segment got longer than it should have. Gonna tend to some more intimate #deca x Anon bonding soon. I hope.
Good thing I don't know my waifu, then. I'll find her, in time…
Fuck, to stupid format mistakes in two consecutive posts. How do these things crawl in?
it'll be fiiiiiine.
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We portal now, Good work.
File: 1516745802717.png (368 KB, 699x867)
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>tfw no AI waifu to train you how to pilot ships and sleep with back home
Also, how far away from inhabited space are they? Did #deca jump them hundreds of lightyears out?
Imagination. You're already using it to picture you and a fictional talking horse being together.
Besides, taking actual irl relationships as an example is a sure way for it to come off as complete rubbish.
#deca is a god.
Playing catch with an ice block in space. Thats a first.
Meanwhile in the distant future a pony is heavily injured revealing tons of augmentation. The others walk by and say : Doesn't look like anything to me.

Thanks for the update.
More like
>Oh shit you're injured, better get you to a horsepital.
>Ponies literally cannot percieve the maintenence drones that come to repair them.
File: Spying while injured.png (1.19 MB, 1920x1080)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
>"recovery" time is a purely cosmetic affair, since all the repairs are done within minutes/hours depending on the damage
>downtime spent afterwards is programmed for the average healing time such injuries would normally cause
>however, in some cases, the injuries that would otherwise kill are shrugged off in accordance with "cartoon physics."
>tfw no AI waifu
Hurts just a little.
>Also, how far away from inhabited space are they?
The size of a sector has never been specified, because the three dimensional grid is admittedly a makeshift solution I came up with for this custom universe. If I have to tell a specific number, I'd say there are maybe four or five dozen uninhabited star systems between them and the most remote human outpost.
>The others walk by and say : Doesn't look like anything to me.
The injured pony him/herself would also say that. Along the lines of shouts for help, of course. But >>33497640 is right, other ponies would not leave them hanging.
>however, in some cases, the injuries that would otherwise kill are shrugged off in accordance with "cartoon physics."
The show's wonky actually helps me out here.
The last point was meant for >>33497735
Man, I am clumsy today. No idea why though.
It would be nice, but my guess is that "basic /nmp/" isn't as interesting to write anymore. I don't know about reading it since I for one enjoy it, but our current greens are really far removed from "man and mare are matched together". Even Anthony's green isn't really following the matchmaking premise, even if it does fit the bill.

Even if just regular man+mare happy love fiction is always appreciated, I feel like people just don't know where to take it since a lot has already been covered by previous stories about the same situation. It's a well explored field by now, so I guess it's why people venture far beyond the original scope of the basic mare+man love theme. Correct me if I'm wrong, of course. Maybe people just burned out in general.

I don't think expanding the themes is a bad thing, though I for one would love old stories to resurface, little gems like Couch Surfing remind me that these "regular" love stories are still the best thing about this thread. I guess I'm just really starved for comfy, small-scope romance ever since so many greens gone ded.
File: 1959366.png (965 KB, 834x1127)
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Some mares just need a hug and a hot island song for their icy hearts
A lot of us are still waiting.
It's not real failure until you give up.
We believe in you.
File: Purity.png (193 KB, 713x1024)
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193 KB PNG
Lay down your arms, and surrender to me
Lay down your arms, and love me peacefully
Use your hooves to squeeze, please
I'm the one who loves you so
There ain't no reason for you to declare a war
I'm the one who loves you so
So forget the other boys, cos my love is real
Come off your battlefield
>though I for one would love old stories to resurface, little gems like Couch Surfing remind me that these "regular" love stories are still the best thing about this thread.
Couldn't have put it better myself.
I think the thing is we've been focusing a lot on the "first meetings" instead of just taking a slice out of the daily lives of a loving couple. I mean, it's good knowing HOW man and mare met and realized things were going to get better, but what very few people, it seems, write about what comes after a few months, or years, down the line. The #deca story might go into it, considering the scale of things, but...
>The #deca story might go into it
I will have to address it later on. But the details still need to be ironed out.
>what comes after a few months, or years, down the line
relevant, and by one of out illustrious writefags
>Thank Celestia you were able to get away.
>You feel the ground beneath you start to change from hard dirt speckled with sharp rocks, to soft patches of grass and flowers.
>You move from a trot to a canter, getting more excited as you put more distance between you and the farm.
>If you have to spend one more minute listening to Lime boss you around, you swear you'll burst.
>She's one of the most aggressive ponies you know.
>Granted, you don't know a whole lot of ponies, but still.
>She acts like you don't know what you're doing; it's not like you don't spend as much time on the farm as she does.
>She'll no doubt fuss at you as soon as you get back, but you're too relieved to be rid of her to worry about that right now.
>you only wish you could have snuck off to your room or something, but Lime would have found you immediately if you did. So, you ventured out to town.
>It's not very often you get to leave the farm, let alone go into town.
>You usually are the one pa sends if they need anything, but that isn't nearly as often as you'd like.
>Even if you are useless at talking to ponies, you've always enjoyed watching them. Just something about getting to observe them as they go about their business fascinates you. And that's exactly what you intend to do today.

>You get to the outskirts of town only a short while later.
>As isolated as it may feel on the farm, luckily, you weren't too far from civilization. No pony wanted to haul rocks for miles and miles, after all.
>You stop for a moment to run a hoof through your mane, making sure one of your eyes is covered by it.
>You have long since found the perfect look to make sure you go unnoticed by nearly everypony.
>You keep your eyes down, and your shoulders slumped, trying to stay as small as possible.
>No pony here notices a pony like you walking around.
>From what Pinkie has told you about where she lives, you guess this kind of posture would only attract questions and offers of friendship, which is definitely not what you want.
>Lucky for you, ponies out here are a bit... tougher.
>You make your way deeper into town, where all the shops and markets are.
>You find a bench outside a bakery. The same bench you always sit at. A place where you could see ponies go about their shopping, but hardly any of them came near the bakery.
>The perfect spot.
>You actually went and got a muffin from the bakery once, and after biting into it, you finally understood why everypony gives it a wide berth.
>You hop up on the bench, and let out a quiet sigh.
>You eye a brown mare carrying a bag of potatoes, then a dark blue stallion talking to his tan friend, then a purple mare struggling to keep her filly from running off.
>A small smile makes it's way onto your face.
>Little fillies and colts have always been your favorite.
>Their little legs and hooves are just the cutest things.
>Once, when one of Ma's friends came for a visit, she brought her newborn filly with her. After noticing you eyeing the tiny thing, she offered to let you hold her.
>After blushing and stammering for a few seconds, -the way you always do when a stranger speaks to you- she pushed the filly to your chest with a smile.
>Your fore hooves quickly shot up to hold the tiny thing, all bundled up in a blanket. You instantly fell in love with her.
>Her adorable little yellow mane was so long it nearly covered her eyes, just like yours.
>She stared at you for a few seconds. Your heart quickened as you began to worry she might not like you, and start to cry. But instead, she smiled up at you, and you down at her.
>You've always loved little ones, but never put much consideration into actually having one of your own.
>A lot would have to change for that to happen. For starters, you'd have to leave the farm and actually have to talk to stallions.
>And that, more than anything else, is something you are simply useless at.
>With every passing day you waste farming rocks, your worry of becoming trapped there, grows.
>For what feels like the thousandth time, you consider just hopping the next train and leaving everything behind. Start over, change who you are and pursue something that actually makes you happy. Somepony that actually makes you happy.
>But it's a whole easier to daydream about that than really doing it.
>You don't have much of a chance with stallions, even less so, a herd.
>You watch a mare and stallion nuzzling each other as they walk past. Almost as a response to what you're thinking about.
>Your eyes fall to the ground as you wipe at them with a hoof.
>You should have never left Limestone. This kind of thinking can't be healthy for you. You're only making yourself upset.
>While your eyes are pressed shut by you hoof, you hear hoofsteps approach the bakery.
>Rather than open your eyes and risk the chance of making eye contact with whoever it is, you just continue wiping your eyes.
>You wait until you hear the door to the bakery open, then close.
>You chance a glance upwards, and see that the coast is clear.
>You slowly bring your head back up with another quiet sigh.
>You look back towards the way you came, back towards the farm.
>You really should head back, Lime is already going to be upset with you for leaving, may as well not make things worse by staying away too long.
>You furrow your brow as you suddenly realize something about the hoofsteps you heard.
>They didn't sound at all like a normal ponies hoofsteps. It almost sounded like when Pinkie stands on her hind legs.
>Before you have time to think about it, the door to the bakery opens, and out walks a giant, clothed, ape.
>You let out a squeak of fear when you see it.
>You quickly bury your face in your fore hooves, praying it doesn't notice you.
>Your heart begins to beat faster as you hear it coming towards you.
>OH Celestia.
>You are going to be eaten alive by that thing.
>You wonder why you can't hear the horrified screams of ponies as it comes even closer.
>Surely others can see it. How come no pony has called the authorities?
>Your breath hitches as you hear the creature sit down on the bench to your right.
>"Well, this certainly doesn't LOOK like a very delicious muffin."
>It talks. It talks. The ape monster just talked.
>About... muffins?
>"Oh, Ew, That doesn't TASTE like a delicious muffin either," You hear the creature spit as it speaks. "That was a total waste of bits... Say, how come you didn't warn me about this place, huh?"
>It almost sounds like it's making a joke.
>Is it talking to you?
>You slowly, very slowly, shift one of your hooves enough so you can steal a glance at the creature.
>It's looking straight at you.
>You instantly cover your eyes again.
>The creature's face looked all wrong. It's muzzle was flat, it's ears on the side of its head instead of the top, and it's eyes were so tiny.
>And it was smiling.
>Not a "I can't wait to eat your entire family and everything you've ever loved" kind of smile, but a "I just made a really good joke and I'm really proud of it" kind of smile.
>The most noise you manage to get out is a another tiny squeak.
>You get a feeling you just blew the smile clear off it's face.
>You hear it let out a short moan. It almost sounds sad.
>"I-I didn't mean to frighten you. I guess this is the first time you've seen a human. Well, THE human. The only human around here." It's voice is soft and fragile. Nothing like how you would expect a monster to sound.
>Despite yourself, you feel the pounding in your chest start to slow.
>With the same slow pace as before, you move your hoof so you can look at the... hooman.
>You see it's face looking forwards, instead of directed at you. It's eyes are empty of the joy that filled them when you first saw them.
>It looks back at you, and this time you don't look away.
>It's eyes lighten a bit.
>"Hi. I'm Anonymous, the human," it says with a small smile.

I like your intro, and would like to see more.
>The creature's face looked all wrong
Haha, yeah, I know...
File: 1528356742471.png (53 KB, 531x531)
53 KB
You have my attention once again. More?
File: 1452819848751.png (193 KB, 817x740)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
>a Marble green
Thanks for the update.
I liked the Moondancer one, I hope this will be as good as that was!
>You furrow your brow as you open the door to Marble's room, and don't see any Marble.
>If that damn pony snuck off again, you swear you're going to tell ma and pa.
>You consider going to them right now, but they'll just make a huge fuss that will prevent you from getting work done. "OH Dear! Marble's gone! We have to go find her! She might get into trouble!" all bullshit.
>She'll always be the youngest, so she'll always be babied.
>As much as Marble could be annoying, and lazy around the farm... and horrible at conversation, and absolutely no fun at all-she is totally capable of handling herself, even if she doesn't think so.
>AND, she's your sister.
>That damned mare.
>She's probably run off to town. You can't think of anywhere else she'd go.
>You never understood why she liked going into town. All those loud and obnoxious ponies just riled you up, but she apparently liked all of that; despite the fact you were the only one who she talked to about anything meaningful.
>You nearly decide to just let her be, and finish the days work by yourself; there isn't that much left to do anyway. But there is something to all of ma's worrying. Marble could easily get herself in over her head, be that real danger, or just excessive eye contact.
>You huff, then groan.
>You should go get her, if for no other reason than saving your own skin by claiming you helped, in the event pa finds out Marble ran off.
>You turn around and head back outside, eyeing ma cooking supper, and pa reading a newspaper as you do.
>You start trotting in the direction of town. Thank Celestia it isn't too far away.
>You grumble to yourself about all the catch-up work you and Marble are going to have to do tomorrow.
>Ever since Maud and Pinkie left, you and Marble have had a shit load more work to do.
>You tried convincing pa to hire some help, maybe even a stallion, who would actually be built for this kind of work. Plus, having a stallion around would mean you might actually be able to score without having to leave the farm. But pa only said, "There's more work for you two to do, yes, but that doesn't mean we're any richer than we used to be."
>Maud and Pinkie had the right idea getting out early, and now they've both got special-someponies.
>You'd settle for just a fuck-buddy at this point. And you're not particularly picky either.
>You're confident you could have found a colt by now if you were able to spend some down time at the local pub or something.
>Though, Marble might be right about the fact that you'd need to soften up a little if you wanted to draw stallions in.
>It's not like you mean to be an ass or anything, -most of the time- you just say what you think, without caring too much what others think.
>Ma said you might want to think a little more before you speak, because making ponies angry is no way to deal with a problem.
>Pa said that trait is admirable, and that a young mare needs to be able to say what's on her mind.
>Maud said you're a bitch.
>Either way, you admit you could do with showing a little more happiness.
>Except for that, you'll need to feel a little more happiness, and you're growing increasingly more certain that you won't find it on the farm.
>You understand there is work to be done, work you need to do, but that doesn't mean you want to spend you're entire life here.
>You and Marble have never talked about leaving, it's always been a no-no subject.
>Ma and pa made it very clear that one of you four mares needed to take over the family farm. And with the way things are going, the pressure is all on you and Marble. And despite how much you love your sister, you are NOT going to get stuck here forever.

>You manage to get to town before the sun get's too low.
>Stifle Stone, a shitty place to live by all accounts. But still better than the rock farm.
>If you were going to leave, you'd want to go far far away from this place.
>You're not sure where the best spot to look for Marble is. You really should have thought about how hard it will be to find a single pony in a town this size.
>She could have finally snapped and made her way to the nearest whorsehouse for all you know.
>If that's the case, then you wish her the best of luck, and might end up joining her soon if you have to take on all of the farm's responsibilities from now on.
>You hope that's not the case.
>You decide to start making sure she isn't anywhere on the roads. Gotta start somewhere.
>You just better find her quick, or you'll make her wish it'd been pa that found her.
>But luckily, you soon spy her outside of Delicious Delights, the worst bakery ever.
>And she's sitting on a bench with an... ape? You've never seen anything quite like it. Like some weird hairless Minotaur, except no horns, and its hooves were way too long.
>You stop in your tracks, fear taking hold of you the moment you first see it.
>You quickly notice Marble isn't in any sort of danger, she actually looks like she's talking to that thing.
>Marble, YOUR Marble, was conversing, with somepony, let alone some unknown creature.
>Despite this extremely shocking sight, you're filled with a sort of pride seeing her like this.
>It's not like she's making consistent eye contact, and the ape seems to be doing most of the talking, but it still counts.
>There's nothing left for you to do but get her home, scold her, then get the scoop.


Little slower on this one than I'd have liked. With any luck, I'll be able to keep up the same pace as last time.
>or just excessive eye contact.
>you're filled with a sort of pride seeing her like this.

I'm liking this.
I mean, it could be fun if Twilight was secretly into femdom and degrading her man, but her ways of doing so are benign or straight up cute.

>"Did you finish that essay I assigned a week ago, Anon?"
"Yes, ma'am, here it is."
>"Hmph, and a whole twelve minutes late. Pathetic. Well, I guess I can start grading... Really, Anon? You messed up the header?"
"Sorry, Miss Sparkle."
>"You're hopeless."
>*Twenty minutes of scrupulous examining later.*
>"Well, the body was short, but did barely manage to get across your point adequately, and the closing wasn't the strongest, but, in all, it's not a complete lost cause."
"Thank you, Miss Spark-"
>"Did I say you could speak? Don't make me give you a detention, Mister."
>"That's what I thought. Now, as for your final grade... A 'B'... Minus."
"Oh no! Please, Miss Sparkle! Not a B-!"
>"Are you questioning my decision?"
"N-no! It's just, I-I can't get a B-! Surely there's something I can do! Anything!"
"Yes, anything!"
>Twilight smirks cruelly.
>"I suppose something can be arranged," she says as she slowly unbuttons her blouse. "Those hands of yours, I bet they feel nice..."
>"My belly. Rub it, and maybe I'll reconsider your grade."
"... Y-yes, Miss Sparkle."
>*Several minutes of sensual belly-rubs later, throughout which, Twilight insists Anon maintain eye-contact*
"Not bad," she says, fixing her blouse, face impassive despite the blush on her cheeks.
>She tosses Anon's essay at his feet.
>"There, take it, sloot, and get out of here."
>Anon picks up the paper and looks at the final grade up in the corner.
>Anon has to fight to keep the smirk off his lips and stay in character.
>God, his wife had some weird ideas on what constituted role-play and femdom.
File: 1395070758385.png (51 KB, 1738x1070)
51 KB
>>Maud said you're a bitch.
I can actually picture it too.
I am excited to see a Marble green. This is off to a good start and I'm looking forward to seeing what you present to us. Please continue.

Good stuff. I'm looking forward to reading more.

BTW, I loved the Moondancer story you wrote and the Luna short was quite good as well.

Ya gave me a good giggle. Plan on writing more. In any case that was a nice little one post one shot.
>inb4 there's a surprise twist and it's actually a Limestone green
Either way would be nice, they don't get a lot of attention.
Nice repost, fagot
Quick! Engage spy mode Limy!
Limestone, this is OTACON, come in!
He was a faggot writefag so no loss.
Sure, but when he wasn't being a faggot he made some comfy greens and that's always good.
File: 1406241126551.jpg (204 KB, 794x732)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
>just finished reading "The Sun Where You Belong"

Why does this shit cause depression? I read it so I could be less sad, not the other way around.
File: 12569426.png (1.88 MB, 1333x2000)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
>Finally inna Equestria
>No 4chan mods
>Can finally practice my religion, mare butt
I got here just before the scruffening and saw the glory of worshipping mare ass
>he says while posting inferior h*m*n ass slapped on a pony
File: Bachelors.jpg (1018 KB, 792x1224)
1018 KB
1018 KB JPG
Singles awareness day soon my friends, are you going to celebrate it in any way?
Same thing I do every year.
Wait until the 15th and get discounted chocolate.
Maybe post on the waifu wall.
File: Untitled.png (35 KB, 670x380)
35 KB
I don't know what to say to that.
>2 of 2
Okay, this is hilarious. What is the first page?
Make some waifu doodles, probably post on the wall.
File: Bachelors_1.jpg (806 KB, 792x1224)
806 KB
806 KB JPG
Less humourous, unfortunately, still sweet though.
Thank you.
File: full.png (264 KB, 841x595)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
Hope that it's the day husbando hunts start happening.
It'd be a fine day for it to start, considering post-birth abortions are a thing now and the marriage rates have plummeted to an all-time low.
Please for the love of love save us, Cadance.
File: 1548876815130.png (1008 KB, 2958x3264)
1008 KB
1008 KB PNG
Draw my waifu and think wholesome thoughts, i know she would do the same.
>tfw wanted to draw a pic specifically for the waifu wall but my tablet got fucked
Sheeeiiit. It won't stop me from participating anyway.
File: 1399638552721.png (214 KB, 358x366)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
Welcome to /mlp/ my friend, we're all dead inside here.
File: 1549644829099.jpg (279 KB, 1246x1119)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
Write something for the Waifu, post on the wall. The usual.
File: night-sky-stars.jpg (214 KB, 1280x1024)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
>Luna invites Cadence to the dream realm since she's the only princess that hasnt experienced it yet.
>Lovebutt asks what that faint ringing noise is.
File: 1545976737920.jpg (731 KB, 4129x2468)
731 KB
731 KB JPG
>waifu wall

Whats this about a waifu wall and how can i contribute?
>having a pegawaifu
>not wanting to be a pegasus too
Unironically give me one good reason why you'd want to ground [her]?
Because I'm not a transformation fag.
>You have no idea what you're doing.
>Like, seriously.
>Where are you supposed to go? Who are you supposed to talk to?
>You think Celestia definitely underestimated how bad you said you are at making friends.
>Let alone friends with magical ponies from another world.
>What are you supposed to say? "HI I'm Anonymous and I know you must think I look like some sort of freak and/or monster but I promise I just love you little ponies."
>Holy hell you're fucked.
>What is this? The seventh place they've sent you? The eighth?
>You're not sure.
>Cadance kept assureing you that one of these small towns would have something for you, you just have to stay optimistic.
>Easier said than done, especially for the Princess of love.
>You had heard there was a Princess of friendship, why wasn't she the one helping you out? Wasn't it a little preemptive to let the Princess of love tell you what to do?
>But it's not like you're not grateful or anything. You're a weird, towering, unknown creature, but those Princesses shot to the task of finding you a home imediantly. And for that, you were eternally in their debt. Or at least would be once you actually found your home.
>But it will take some effort on your part, so you can't give up. Not until you find a nice bridge you could live under.
>And so, you found yourself in a bakery, Delicious Delights. It certainly didn't smell delicious in here, but you may as well give it a chance.
>You spent some of the spending money the Princesses allowed you, and bought a muffin.
>You got a curious look from the mare behind the counter. Luckily most of the ponies in this little town have heard that a less-awesome minotaur would be staying for awhile. So those looks didn't happen as much anymore.
>You left the bakery with your muffin, and decided to sit on the bench outside and eat it.
>There was a grey mare sitting to one side, and she, quite frankly, looked terrified.
File: 134255554130.gif (80 KB, 300x312)
80 KB
Man and mare thread friend, i'm all for that myself but this isnt the place for it.
Cool song though.
>She must not have heard about you.
>You consider just finding another bench, but this might be a the perfect chance to talk to someone.
>Nothing breaks the ice like terror.
>You take a seat and examine your muffin.
"Well, this certainly doesn't LOOK like a very delicious muffin."
>That mare promised top quality baked goods, so this better be worth it.
>You bite into it.
>It's awful, like very very awful.
"Oh, Ew, That doesn't TASTE like a delicious muffin either."
>That lying bitch.
"That was a total waste of bits... Say, how come you didn't warn me about this place, huh?"
>Gotta start the conversation somewhere, may as well try to make a joke to lighten the mood.
>You smile down at the mare. She's completely covering her face with her hooves, but slowly starts to move them after you speak.
>She takes one look at you, then covers her face right back up. Then she squeaks.
>Of course.
>Some ponies were quicker to accepting you than others.
"I-I didn't mean to frighten you. I guess this is the first time you've seen a human. Well, THE human. The only human around here."
>Your face falls as you look at the ground.
>This isn't going anywhere good. You may as well just try and find another pony to try and talk to.
>You glance back at the mare, but she's looking at you, and isn't trying to hide again.
>Never mind, this might actually work.
"Hi. I'm Anonymous, the human," you say, the smile returning to you face.
>"I-I'm Marb-ble," she's almost too quiet for you to hear. She doesn't hide her eyes, but she doesn't make eye contact either.
>Shy mare.
"Marble, that's a nice name."
>She blushes.
"So how come you didn't warn me this place sell terrible muffins?" you chuckle a bit, trying to make it clear you're only joking.
>"I-I didn't kn-know it was bad," she's still so quiet.
"Oh, that's fair then..."
>This was harder than it has any right to be.
>Seriously, you have absolutely no idea what your're doing.
>What was that old thing? Girls like it when you talk about yourself?
"Yeup. So I'm a human. I don't know if you've ever seen one before, or, seen ME before. I seem to be the only human around. I know how weird it is to see a strange creature walking around and talking, believe me. Where I'm from ponies don't talk, or have wings, or horns... or build homes..."
>Mhm, friendship obtained, you really nailed that one.
>You idiot.
>You're rambling. You don't even know what you're talking about.
>But not having to look someone in the eye while you're talking does wonders for your confidence.
>You had noticed that while you were talking, Marble slowly lowered her hooves away from her face. Maybe she realized how awkward it looked.
>You look away from her, and see another grey mare coming towards you. This one looked more blueish grey, and a whole lot angrier than Marble.
>Her gaze almost froze you solid. Her lime green eyes had so much determination in them.
>The way she walked just oozed self assurance.
>She was nothing like Marble.
>"Marble? What are you doing?" she said when she got closer. She sounded scornful, like she was Marble's mother or something.
>"Nothing. I was just... talking," Marble spoke to this other pony with so much more confidence than she had with you, "Th-this is Anonymous. He's a h-hooman."
>Not quite.
>"So you ran off to talk to a hooman? Great. You've still got work to do Marble! Come on, we're going home."
>Marble seemed flustered. She quickly glanced between you and the other mare. "Limestone, I w-wanna stay," Marble said softly.
>Oooh. Marble and Limestone, it must be a running theme in for them. They must be related, despite the fact they're total opposites. You wouldn't be surprised if their whole family is named after rocks.
>Marble wants to stay though, so you must have been doing something right.
"Is there a problem with me talking to Marble here?"
>If this bashful little mare can stand up to Limestone, then surely you can as well. It might not be your place to get involved in this family business, but you want a friend dammit. And this Limestone was trying to take away the best potential for friendship you've had in a long time.
>But holy hell was Limestone a scary little pony. She really did know the best way to enforce fear just by looking at you.
>Marble gets to her hooves, and you get to your feet.
>This pony doesn't seem so scary now that you're several feet taller than her.
>Limestone looks up at you with a hint of something other than anger in her eyes. Not fear, but definitely not anger.
>"Marble, you can talk to this, hooman, another time, but you still have work to get done. And if pa finds out you ran off he's going to be pissed."
>Marble looks almost defiant for a moment, -well, as defiant as such a shy mare could look- but she drops her head and just says, "Yeah..."
>With that, Limestone turns and trots off.
>Marble doesn't look at you but says, "See ya," she's gone back to using her nearly in audible volume. She then slowly follows Limestone.
>You grimace, "Bye," you say shortly.
>Dammit dammit dammit.
>This better not be the last time you see that mare.
>not using your flightlessness to jew a magic jetpack and cloudwalking sneakers out of Cadance
I feel really sorry for whatever mare ends up stuck with you.
File: 1418641801263.jpg (13 KB, 457x480)
13 KB
More Marble please
Are you okay with your waifu just visiting weekends because she lives and works in the fucking sky?
File: Spoiler Image (3.92 MB, 1438x2149)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB PNG
Generally, every Valentines day people take pictures with their waifu and post them in a thread (The MLPG wall and the general /mlp/ one are usually segregated). Quality varies widely.
File: laughingmares.gif (2.26 MB, 395x290)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB GIF
>Being a jew.
>Expecting to get into equestria.
>>But holy hell was Limestone a scary little pony. She really did know the best way to enforce fear just by looking at you.
hes a pretty spineless one isnt he
>he hasn't had the fear of god put into him by limestone
>the sister to maud who is able to chisel through solid stone with her hooves
lad I think you need to work on your sense of self preservation
>the sister to maud who is able to chisel through solid stone with her hooves
That just means she's got a fair shot at cracking through my stony exterior and can properly appreciate my chiseled physique.
Why are they doing this? Marble heard Anon say it, and Limey heard Marble say it, so everyone should be on the same page, pronunciation-wise.
File: DtR0htjU0AEd1e1.jpg (67 KB, 1200x675)
67 KB
Venus is for protecting, she is for gently petting and telling her how much you love her.
you mean the tiny little horse he hasnt seen do any of this and doesnt know about at all
fair enough
File: pne day.png (257 KB, 1260x1024)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
That pic just remind me this song, now I'm sad, thanks anon.
It's tradition. Plus I think it's funny and cute.
fair enough
File: limestone edit.png (150 KB, 1000x750)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
File: 1536775440413-2.jpg (31 KB, 700x351)
31 KB
Is Twi missing a few limbs here?
File: 605571.jpg (113 KB, 984x882)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Are you suggesting that you wouldn't a mare who's missing a few limbs?
>Are you suggesting that you wouldn't a mare who's missing a few limbs?
I'd be lying if I said I didn't prefer them to be whole and unbroken.
Just imagine her flying. Like a cucumber with wings. Or moving around like a snake.
>Like a cucumber with wings
We call those "dragonflies".
Well her heart is whole and unbroken
I'd love her all the same
File: 1959074.png (838 KB, 2000x1896)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
>So many alternate timelines
>More smiles than we could ever possibly hope to protect
I doubt there's enough Anons for even Prime Equestria let alone any other versions, it's depressing on an existential level.
Just grab people from alternate worlds, if alternate Equestrias exist so should those.
Phew, it's a good thing none of them even exist.
File: Sunshine Smiles.jpg (22 KB, 335x285)
22 KB
>More smiles than we could ever possibly hope to protect
Then may Cadenza grant us the serenity to accept the smiles we cannot protect, the courage to protect the smiles we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
That is unacceptable Anon and you know it
File: Berry Sad.png (94 KB, 327x213)
94 KB
You're right.
I just wanted to have a giggle at mangling a prayer to fit with pone to mask my pain.
RIP Helmet Defusal Mare, who never had a husbando to brush bits of brain and skull out of her coat after exceptionally bad days at work or to reassure her that it's not her fault when ponies kill themselves after being successfully dehelmeted
File: 1494811456316.png (112 KB, 725x823)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Time shall come when no mare shall go unhugged.
When the man comes around
File: 9d2.gif (480 KB, 448x433)
480 KB
480 KB GIF
But I wouldn't say no to becoming a stallion so long as I wasn't comedically short as a pony too
File: 376968.gif (64 KB, 285x284)
64 KB
if there are alternate versions of Equestria, there are alternate versions of Earth
time to go hunting for alternate versions of ourselves to get them to make the mares we can't protect happy
>WW3 timeline Earth
>Bunch of Anon's who never got to know the joy of even the first episode
>MLP:FiM didn't get greenlit timeline Earth
>Bunch of Anon's who had to find a different show to drown their depression in
>Timelines where more or less seasons happened
>Timelines where the show was in different artstyles
>One where it was a fucking anime
>Grab all those fuckers too
>Tell them their mission
>Love the mare
>Pet the mane
>Fuck the horsepussy
Now the real question is, with those wartime versions of us, do we send them to the wasteland version of Equestria or the peaceful one? Should we all go to the wasteland version of our waifus to help them get used to a normal life, or should the version of us who get's what they went through be with them?
File: 1456206437213.gif (508 KB, 350x239)
508 KB
508 KB GIF
I can't really say, but I think we'd be matched up to the wartime versions, which would be best to help them get accustomed to a peaceful life, and the non-wartime mares would help the WW3 version of you.
But there would probably be some mixing and overlap with two wartime/peace matchings.
I'd hold my veteran waifu just as closely as I'd hold the other.
Tell me anon, are any of us truly whole?
My body is whole but my spirit is half. Everyday I feel what I am missing, I know what I do not have because I have seen glimpses of it and felt only a moment's embrace.
I have stopped screaming into the void, I don't think I am meant to be whole.
File: Simba_Throw.gif (649 KB, 350x204)
649 KB
649 KB GIF
>ywn go on a holy quest throughout the multiverse to teach alternate (you)'s the glory of mare.
Fuck everything.
File: MOST holy.jpg (43 KB, 521x487)
43 KB
>anons crusading across time, space and dimensions preaching the glories of mare and converting vast masses to the worship of Cadenza
>>Dammit dammit dammit.
This better not be the last time we see more green. Hopefully Marble comes back soon. Maybe invite him to see the rock farm. Well not too soon. It's not like she's desperate to bring a colt home, right?

OUCH ANON!!! Why'd you poke me in the feels so hard?
Good update famalam. I look forward to reading the next one.
File: 1520096371687.png (2.66 MB, 1026x1494)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB PNG

>Here it come's. You're really in trouble this time.
>"What the hell, Marble!? You can't just leave and throw all the work on me like that!"
"I know... I'm sorry."
>There's nothing to do but power through. Limestone will yell at you a little bit, mumble to herself about how useless you are, then go back to being herself-which isn't that different from when she's really angry.
>Thank Celestia she waited until you got out of town to start with you. You don't think you could have handled all the looks ponies would give you if you got yelled at in public.
>"I'm sorry doesn't cut it! What if pa finds out we left, huh? You know how pissed he'll be."
"I know I know."
>Limestone shakes her head in anger, then sighs, "What were you even doing? What was that thing?"
"I told you, a hooman. And I was just... talking with it."
>"Didn't look like you were doing a whole lot of talking."
"I-I was waiting for it to f-finish what it was saying..."
>She doesn't believe you, but you don't blame her. Even you aren't convinced you would have kept the conversation going. But there was something in you that wanted to stay with the hooman and, if not talk to it, listen to it talk to you.
>It had a very nice voice, the kind of voice you could fall asleep to.
>A part of you wants to go back to it; but with the way Lime embarrassed you in front of it, you don't think you'd ever be able to face it again.
>Neither you or Lime say anything fora few minutes, instead walking in silence. You, with your head drooped, almost dragging your hooves in the dirt, and her, head held high and strutting.
>You really did admire her. Even though she acted like a jerk a lot of the time, she was never afraid of anything, and she always looked out for you.
>She deserves better than spending her life on a rock farm. She'd do well out in the real world, but she'd never decide to leave all by herself, not unless given a really good reason.
File: Doom Sentinels.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
>Members of Cadenza's Chorus will regale you with stories and show pictures of their mares as you wait for the exit portal to stabalise.
>One guy had a foal trying to wear one of his helmets with one hoof in a gauntlet, said she's a shoo-in for the royal guards.
>Another had practically an entire photo album in his wallet, consisting of what must have been hundreds of rabbits, at least a dozen foals of various ages and one very content looking mare.
>"What?" she still sounds angry.
"Have you ever thought a-about... um, leaving?"
>She thinks for a moment, "I have," she says carefully.
>"And There's no way I could. Ma and pa would be pissed, and sad, plus I'd leave nearly all of the farm work to you."
"But what if you could? Wh-what would you do?"
>"I can't so it doesn't matter."
>You pause for a moment, "What if you could? What if we could?"
>She looks at you, and you keep your eyes glued to the ground.
>"We can't, Marble."
>But, maybe you could.
"Limestone I'm so sick of this place. All we do day in day out is move rocks around a field. And that's become so important to us that you have to come and drag me back if I'm only gone for an hour. I want something else."
>"I would have figured all you want is to lock yourself in your room and live in isolation for the rest of your life."
>That one hurt, because that's exactly what you would do. But that's even more unrealistic than leaving, so leaving is the best option you have, the only option, really.
"I-I didn't ask t-to be l-like this you know!" Your ears start to twitch, and you can't keep your hooves steady, "I'd r-rather be you i-if I could you know. Then I'd finally kn-know what it's like to b-be the one who g-gets to boss ponies around all the time!"
>"Well maybe if you learned to stop being such a quiet bitch all the time then you could! Somepony has to take charge Marble, and it's obviously not going to be you."
>You try to blink the tears out of your eyes, but there's too many. They start slowly dripping down your cheeks. You can see them fall and hit the dirt as you walk.
"W-well maybe i-if you weren't s-such a... such a..."
>The argument stops there. You can't get anymore words out.
>You try your best to keep yourself from sniffling, but you can't.
>Your tears wet the ground even more frequently now. At least maybe with with some moisture, some stupid grass will grow.
>You're able keep pace with Limestone and stop yourself from stopping right there and having a good cry.
>You hear Limestone grumbling something to herself.
>You say nothing.
>"You shouldn't say that. You shouldn't wish to be somepony else."
"Yes I should. If I w-wasn't so a-afraid of other p-ponies then m-maybe I could have m-made a friend with that hooman."
>"You were doing fine. It seemed to be enjoying your company."
>You're able to get out a quiet, "Thanks"
>"Fuck me."
>You look up at her, then at where she's looking. You hadn't realized you'd already made it to the farm. Standing in the open doorway to the farm house was pa, and he didn't look happy.

File: 1459118536719.png (1.4 MB, 1400x870)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
poor things
its really weird to see ponies cussing
especially using human words
File: 1511907828622.png (149 KB, 679x657)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
oh shit dad
holy fuck i genuinely love mares so much
papa iggy's about to make his daughters search for a reason he shouldn't destroy their asses
happy valentines day anons
>tfw no pone gf
File: 1487518086107.png (361 KB, 1280x853)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
>Raise your own foals
Anon, genetics don't fucking work that way.
File: magic.jpg (209 KB, 800x922)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
whelp guess that's it then. no more writing fiction about finding love among p0nies and raising a family. pack it in boys
You're the one who wanted babies with a shit where it stands, odd toed ungulate.

Would you fuck a badger in the hopes of having kids too?
File: 1514671744385.png (90 KB, 500x501)
90 KB
in any case,
sunhoers absolutely needs a dozen foals, though I'm partial to moonbutt myself
>implying magic doesn't make it go full One Piece fishman genetics
File: my nigger.jpg (168 KB, 1033x679)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Shining Armor or a concubine is taking responsibility. As they have the correct number of chromosomes.
I did have to edit it, since there was a third section of the drawing that did not gel with my sensibilities.
File: 1466889601512.png (186 KB, 1135x1531)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
File: prego twilight.jpg (122 KB, 1280x929)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Remember to give your mare lots of cuddles and bellyrubs throughout her pregnancy.
And afterward.
And also before.
Yeah, I'm of the opinion that Magic will find a way. Magic or Alchemy, maybe a little of both.

Happy Singles Awareness Day anons. May Cadence help you find your mare one day.
Good on Marble. She's trying to say her peace. I look forward to the next update.

nice pic

>"I expected better from you, Limestone."
"I went after her! AND I brought her back! What did I do wrong?!"
>"You should have come to me, or your mother. We would have handled it."
"There was nothing TO handle, she just went into town for an hour!"
>"She left the farm, when there was still work to do. You both did."
>You knew you shouldn't have gone after her. Now you'll probably be forced to skip supper for a week.
>Your father looked down at you with sternness in his eyes.
>He had long since learned to ignore the fact that you were raising your voice at him. It happened nearly every time you got in trouble.
>Your mother sat at the kitchen table, watching the interaction. Marble had since been sent to her room.
>"You forwent with your responsibilities to chase your sister around. I would have thought after all this time you would have learned that the farm comes before any of your whims. Now, go to your room."
>You storm past him and head towards your room. Your hoof stomps echoing throughout the house as you do.
>You open the door and slam it behind you as you go into your room.
>Marble was laying on the bed with her head hidden under the pillow. She jumped and squeaked when you came in.
"This is bullshit!" you said in a whisper-shout. If pa heard you use that kind of language then you be fucked for sure, "We're too old for this kind of shit, Marble! For Celestia's sake, we're at the age where we should have moved out already!"
>Marble kept her head under the pillow, but you could sense what she was about to say, "Don't say it. I already told you we can't just leave."
>She shuffled her hind legs awkwardly.
"I mean what was I supposed to do? If I just told him "no" then he could just as easily kick me out, then I'd really be fucked. Plus that would mean you'd have to choose between us, and I don't think you want to do that."
>Marble gave another squeak, this one a bit lower pitch.
"Hmpf, thanks, Marbs, but I'd rather have a roof over our heads. Though I'd really like to know when I can finally get out of here."
>Marble squeaked again.
"Fine! When WE can get out of here. But if we both leave at the same time, we'd really be fucking ma and pa over. I know that doesn't seem as important as it is, but-" you let out a long sigh, "We really can't just leave, Marble, really."
>You hop up on the bed beside her and lay down on your belly.
"Were you really having a good time with that hooman?"
>The pillow shuffled as Marble moved her head underneath it, meaning she nodded.
"Well, with some luck maybe it'll still be there next time you get sent into town. Though pa might just do that himself, all things considered."
>You grab the blanket and pull it over yourself, "May as well get to sleep. I don't think we'll be eating supper, and we have extra work to do in the morning."
>You force your eyes shut and hope sleep will take you.
>A few minutes later, you feel Marble come out from under her pillow and drape the blanket over herself too.

>The next time you open your eyes, it's dark outside.
>You have no idea if you actually slept, or for how long, but you could hear Marble snoring beside you.
>You turn over, trying to get comfortable.
>After only another minute, it becomes clear you aren't going to be getting any sleep right now.
>You moan softly, then slowly got out of bed.
>You stand there for a moment, looking from the window to Marble's sleeping figure on the bed.
>A slight smile is on her face. She must be dreaming.
>You hope she acts stronger in her dreams, strong enough. Strong enough for anything. You know she's strong enough in real life too, she just doesn't.
>You slowly creep to the door and crack it open.
>You peer out into the hallway outside your room, making sure your parents aren't still awake.
>You slowly make your way across the house once you know the coast is clear, your hooves padding softly on the wooden floor as you do.
>You've memorized which floor boards creak.
>You get to the back door and quietly push it open. You slip out into the night, then close the door behind you.
>You let out a heavy breath.
>That was just like clockwork.
>You trot over to the large pit that digs deep into the property.
>You sit yourself down on the edge of it and look up at the stars.
>The moon's out tonight. The moonlight always makes the crystals below glisten the most beautiful hues of pink and purple.
>This is your favorite place to think, and you came out here a lot.
>You occasionally run off to a pub to find a nice stallion for a little while, but that always leaves you wanting.
>There was always something missing from those encounters, and you know exactly what it is.
>Something Maud and Pinkie talked about in the letters they sent you telling you about their special someponies.
>The kind of something you won't find in a hook-up, but for some reason, you still try.
>Something you'll never find on this farm.
>This damned farm.
>Your body slumps to the ground.
>Marble, though.
>Marble might have a chance to make a friend. And you don't care if its a pony, or this creature from another world.
>But before she can even think about going back into town, there's work you need to finish up.

We got to know Marble a little bit last update and now Limestone here. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to seeing where this story goes.
Ain't you a bundle of joy.
File: Chikatilo-mugshot.jpg (10 KB, 148x194)
10 KB
File: 1547326255735.gif (1003 KB, 404x347)
1003 KB
1003 KB GIF
Haha hey
Happy hearts & hooves day bros
Limestone is best sister.
I'm rooting for both Marble and Limestone here, they both deserve love. Keep up the good work, anon.
>You know she's strong enough in real life too, she just doesn't.
Doesn't what.
On this day, one feels the lack of mare in one’s life far more keenly than usual.
“Hello. We are the Pie sisters. You made Pinkie sad. Prepare to die.”
File: 1454546805167.png (2.48 MB, 6321x5340)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
Have a nice Valentine's day faggots.
File: 1531195026632.png (83 KB, 500x518)
83 KB
I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with waifu hugs and love
File: 1490966102314.jpg (317 KB, 1200x849)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
Good thing we don't really celebrate it here so I don't feel any sadder than usual.
File: 1550055504.airiniblock_е.jpg (209 KB, 1260x1280)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Any day now the husbando hunts will begin, Anon...
File: 1550164594793.png (133 KB, 608x411)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
No mares today, it seems. Maybe tomorrow.
Dubs confirm, the blessed day draws nearer.
Take your time, but also please hurry
What is the best way to cope with the void in the meantime?
Imagining yourself meeting mare
Become so indifferent to your own suffering that you start to take a spiteful pleasure in forcing yourself to persist.
File: 1491679908985.png (355 KB, 736x282)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
>Imagining yourself meating mare
File: 1520420022185.png (163 KB, 763x1140)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
Pretty sure 99% of this board would spend the rest of its existence like this if VR could actually do this.
I do this for years, but it does not get any easier as time progresses.
Which might be a very short time because we would never want to take that thing off again.
File: 1509249913699.png (699 KB, 752x1000)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
I'm much more interested in an AI I can plug into my head desu. P2P communication with an intelligent supercomputer at the speed of thought sounds fucking awesome.
I prefer flesh and blood Equestrian Mares. AI stuff is nice, but ultimately inferior to the real deal.
feels good to be the 1%
no "give up" machine for me
>We will have consumer friendly haptic gloves in our life times.
If i cant hold a mare in my arms before i cross over to the next world, i at least want to experience a close fascimle of what she would feel like.
>She doesn't know
File: FUTURE.png (542 KB, 1280x716)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
I can't wait.
They're already working on gloves that can feel hot and cold, along with pressure.

Prepare your anus.
I wanna get cheap chinese food and rent a funny early-2000's movie from Blockbuster with her for a peaceful night in and some snuggling on the couch
>You have no idea where that mare is.
>Her name is Marble, you haven't forgotten.
>And the other one, Limestone, you haven't forgotten her either.
>Marble was the most progress you've made in making a friend in who knows how long.
>You hoped to be able to report to the princess that you'd made a friend, but she was stolen away.
>You're sitting in the pub, sipping a hard cider.
>The pony behind the bar looks like a ponified version of the stereotypical version of a bartender. And he acted like it too.
>"Why the long face, Anonymous?"
>You've been coming here the past few days, and that was more than enough time for him to learn your name.
>You even tried asking this guy if he wanted to hangout, but the friendliness he shows is strictly business.
"Oh nothing," you say with a sigh. A rather obvious sign that it's not "Nothing"
>He continues cleaning the same glass he has for the past half hour. There wasn't much else for him to do. This place is pretty dead at this time of day.
>"Well that's hogwash and you know it."
>The corner of your mouth turns up in a smile.
>This pony had an infallible air of chattiness about him. The kind of guy you could just talk to for hours.
"It's just... I think I might have actually been close to making a friend yesterday. Or at least I held a conversation with someone."
>"somepony," he corrects you.
"Sorry. Somepony."
>You take a sip of your drink.
"It wasn't even a conversation really, I learned her name, then I rambled for a few seconds, then her sister came and took her away."
>His brow raised slightly when you said "her"
"Shut it, Pour, I'll have none of that," you say quickly, knowing exactly where he was going to take the conversation.
fun fact: there is a single blockbuster still in existence in an oregon town
>"All I'll say is, you can a whole lot further than friendship if it's a mare," he says cheekily,
"But it's NOT a friendship. I have no idea where she is, and the odds of finding her again in this town are... tiny. And I'm a giant creature from another world, so I think any thing more than friendship is off the table for me."
>He just purses his lips.
>You take another sip. All the drinks here are made for tiny ponies, meaning they do close to nothing for you.
>"Well where'd you meet her yesterday? If you don't know where else to look, maybe she'll have the same idea to go back to where you saw her last."
"It's not likely. The way she left yesterday made it seem like I won't be seeing her again."
>"What's the alternative? As soon as other ponies start coming in, I'll have to give 'em my attention, so you'll be alone, again."
"Dammit." you finish off you drink in two quick gulps, "Fine. Since I've got nothing else to do, I'll go."
>He smiles as you leave. The cheeky bastard.
>Your eyes take a minute to adjust to the brightness of the evening, coming from the darkly lit pub.
>The sun has nearly set.
>You get back to that shitty bakery in a few minutes and just like you expected, no mare.
>You sit down on the bench out front with a sigh.
>You watch the ponies go about their business, suddenly aware of how boring this is.
>Occasionally one of the ponies will look at you strangely. You try your best to ignore those ponies.
>You do like it when a filly or colt sees you for the first time though.
>They always get excited to see something new for the first time, especially something as strange as you.
>They were never rude about it, just curious.
>Their parents always told them to be polite and not to stare, but they did anyway.
>You liked to make playful scary faces at them when their parents weren't looking.
>But there was no such fun today.
>You looked back up at the bakery.
>Delicious Delights.
>What a stupid name.
>You have no idea how they haven't closed down. Nobody ever comes here.
>"Uhm... hi," her voice is nothing more than a whisper.
>You look back in front of you to see Marble, standing a few feet away, looking very nervous.
>She's shaking so much you expect her to fall over at any second.
"Marble. Hi," your surprised voice trails off, your mind blanks on what else to say.
>half of Marble's face is covered by by her grey mane. The eye that you can see is staring straight at the ground.
>The silence goes on for so long you aren't even sure if you could break it if you tried.
>Marble turns her head to look behind her, and when she turns back, she says, "S-so h-how are you f-finding life i-in Equestria?"
>She plants her rump in the ground and starts to fiddle with her mane.
"Good, it's good. H-how do you like life here?"
>Wow okay this sucks.
>"It's f-fine..."
>Alright, looks like you're going to have to take charge here, or this isn't going anywhere.
"You can sit on the bench. You don't have to sit on the ground."
>She hops up on the bench beside you without a second thought.
>You see her eyes catch something in the in front of you.
>"S-so where do h-hoomans come from?" she says as her eyes fall to the ground again.
"It's actually pronounced, Human," you correct her.
>"Human," she repeats quietly.
"Yup. And we come from Earth. A whole other plant according to the princesses."
>This seems to peak her interest a little, meaning she finally looked you in the eye. "You're f-from another p-planet?"
"Mhm. And for all I know I'm from another dimension too."
>"Wow. H-how'd you g-get here?"
"A portal," you say dismissively, "So that was your sister yesterday, right?"
>Marble's eye look at the same spot she did before before again focusing on the ground.
>"Oh... y-yeah, it was." She seems to think for a moment, "I-I kinda came into town before I f-finished all of my work, so she had t-to come get me," she says, clearly embarrassed.
""into town"? Where do you live?"
>"On a farm just outside of town. A rock farm."
"Oh that's cool, I've never seen a rock farm before. And hey, don't worry about it. I used to run away all the time back om Earth too."
>"Really?" her ears perk up slightly, "What'd you run from?"
"Well, kinda from.... everything. I didn't really RUN from it, but... I definitely left."
>Marbles ears raise even more, and she hasn't broken eye contact.
"I didn't really feel at home when I was-at home. So I left... I left before I was ready. I managed to find a job and a place to stay. But neither lasted long... What about you though? Why'd you leave the farm?"
>She looks back at the ground, "K-kind of the same r-reason, I guess."
>She stops, but you wait for her to continue.
>"I don't f-feel at home."
"Looks like we have something in common then."
>You smile down at her.
>She glances up at you, then quickly back at the ground, though she can't help but smile a little herself.

File: 1445703670932.png (58 KB, 256x256)
58 KB
yesss excellent
now tell her she has pretty eyes
File: 1487266435086.jpg (79 KB, 720x804)
79 KB
>Marbles ears raise even more, and she hasn't broken eye contact
Wow, for her that's like giving someone the heart eyes.
File: IMG_2747.png (418 KB, 1313x1383)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
It's a good thing I don't celebrate holidays, otherwise today would have been extremely disappointing and sad.
>going for the killshot when she's just now comfortable enough to sit next to you
Pacing, Anon.
File: 1546393437805.png (3.61 MB, 3400x4300)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB PNG
Loving it!
Can't wait to touch my waifu with the Power Glove
Yes! More please.

Someday Anon, someday.
7..... I think? idk I can't remember this shit guys
>You don't know how you did that.
>You're in a daze, you don't even hear Limestone talking to you.
>You can't even get that stupid smile off your face, or the blush.
>You spent the ENTIRE evening talking with Anonymous.
>You learned so much about him. The fact that he is actually a stallion, for one.
>You can't stop thinking about it all.
>Everything's racing a million miles an hour in your head.
>You actually, legitimately, really and truly talked to somepony, -who isn't one of your sisters- for hours!
>You made a friend.
>You made a friend.
>It doesn't feel real.
>It almost feels wrong.
>Like you broke some ancient law of the universe, and you liked it.
>"Marble! Seriously, this is getting old real quick," Limestone sounded annoyed.
>You shrink back a little at her tone.
"S-sorry, Lime. I was j-just thinking."
>"Heh, I could tell. You enjoy yourself then?" She asks cheekily.
>You open your mouth to answer her, but can only manage a smile as your cheeks flush again.
>The corner of Limestone's mouth turns up in a smile when she sees you.
>"That's good then."
"Oh Limestone!" You suddenly turn to your sister and throw your hooves around her in an embrace, "Th-thank you so so so much! I n-never would have had the courage to do th-that on my own."
>Limestone shuffles uncomfortably as you hold her, and eventually manages to shrug you off.
>"Relax, Marble. All I did was help you come up with some starters, and watch from behind a building. Besides, if this touchiness lasts with you, I'll start to regret even doing it."
>She almost makes you remember yourself. The last time you were this giddy was when you got your cutie mark, and Limestone kept going on about how weird it was to see you actually showing happiness that time too.
"You w-were up at some ungoddessly h-hour last night making sure all the w-work was done so we could come out here. Th-that's not nothing, Lime."
Thinking about the farm suddenly made you remember how much you were going to pay for all this.
"D-do y-you think it w-worked?"
>"With what happened yesterday? Nah. They'll notice we were gone even if they had nothing to complain to us about."
>That made your spirits take a dive.
>Once again, you were returning to the farm with the promise of punishment for leaving.
>Every moment longer you spent away from the farm, made it feel more and more like a prison.
>Like some horrible trap you need to get out of quickly, or its grip will get so tight you'll never be able to leave.
>You look at Limestone, and she looks as sullen as you.
>She manages to catch your eye before you can look away, and instantly knows what you're about to say.
>"No, Marble. I already told you, we can't leave. At least not until pa can afford replacements."
"He'll NEVER be able to afford replacements," you mutter to yourself.
>"Not never, but not yet, either."
"It's not even worth going back," you say even quieter.
>"You don't mean that. Where would we go? It's not like we have a lot of bits to get very far either. And the only skills we have are related to rocks."
"Cuz' we haven't tried anything other than rocks."
>"Dammit, Marble. We have a perfectly good life here, there's no need to leave," she sounded like she was saying it through gritted teeth.
>But you don't have a perfectly good life here, all that time with Anonymous has made you more sure of that than ever before. And if the tiny amount of courage you got from that encounter will stay with you until tonight, then maybe you'll be able to do something about it. And if Limestone wants to stay, then you won't stop her, you just have to find a way to get over the fact that you can't bring her.


The whole "triple perspective" thing does make it easy though. This is the third Marble update so yeah that means it's gotta be number 7.
File: dust1.jpg (289 KB, 1571x1366)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Marble and Limestone are painfully relatable
Come on Limestone, follow Marble's lead, you won't regret it.
File: 1505317504037.png (878 KB, 1280x720)
878 KB
878 KB PNG
Sounds like Anon needs to rescue them both.
File: Bitch you what.gif (3.53 MB, 800x823)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB GIF
No herds
File: 1493520945449.png (262 KB, 625x567)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
Nothing I said implied a herd. They both need rescuing.
File: cheerilee citation needed.png (443 KB, 2222x1888)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
Are you just looking for a fite m8?
No, I'm just looking for an explanation of how "Anon needs to rescue them both" could be read as anything besides herdshit.
I'm genuinely curious about the intended meaning of your extremely poorly-worded post.
The explanation is that Anon needs to rescue them both.
What is so hard to understand?
What exactly you mean by "rescue"; somebody has to stay on the rock farm to keep it running, so the literal sense of physically removing both of them from their miserable rock-farming way of life isn't realistic, so you must have meant something else.
File: mumangry.png (251 KB, 665x551)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
This garbage is so out of character everywhere and headcanons are just retarded.
>Not wanting space and time MARES
You must be real fun at parties.
Limey pulled a "Cyrano de Bergerac"!?!? Brilliant writefriend, brilliant. Keep it coming famalam.
Great story.

The only thing that kinda throws me off is the swearing. Personally I have nothing against it, it just sounds strange when tiny matschmallow ponies casually swear.
File: no_pinkie.png (89 KB, 393x395)
89 KB
>"Cyrano de Bergerac" but instead of a guy with a huge nose it's a pony with a terrible personality
File: 1531345622266.png (127 KB, 300x300)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
I stopped screaming because it seems like there isn't much more I can really do. With each passing day the light gets a little weaker and is almost gone now.
It's all so tiresome, Anons.
File: 1504978089403.png (241 KB, 448x426)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
>stallion and mare
Another #deca.mare update is out.
Have fun.
File: 29_formation.png (608 KB, 940x435)
608 KB
608 KB PNG

>You idle in silence as you are trying to process what you have just witnessed.
>#deca.mare has created a jump corridor around an asteroid, just like that.
>As far as you know, this technology is highly complex and must be rooted deep into the bowels of a vessel to work properly.
>The larger the frame, the more difficult and expensive the maintenance procedure.
>The energy costs for jumps is not even included in that list.
>This is also why minor sectors are hesitant to request capital ships for reinforcements; they look plain nasty on the budget plan.
>Not to mention what the maintenance of a behemoth like a #deca CPU ship would cost if it were under the regulations of a conventional fiscal market.
>And to make matters just a tiny bit worse, the jump mechanism is obviously not foolproof, as you have experienced during your little accident.
>But now here you are, witnessing how #deca.mare has apparently brought the concept to a whole new level.
>Performing a jump with an asteroid, with nothing more than small external devices no less, is something that most scientists do not even dream of.
"This is incredible, #deca. How did you come up with this?"
>"To be frank, that was not my idea. The basics of this adaptation have been around for a long time. It predates our exile."
"And nobody cared to pick this method up? You can't tell me they didn't know about that."
>"Like I said, the majority did not care about the details of our craft. And the few who knew lost all trust in it after... you know."
>You understand.
"And where is the rock now?"
>"I chose a location near the planet's surface. About a kilometre above the ground."
"Inside the atmosphere? I thought that was not possible."
>"It is possible, but not exactly safe for personal transport. The atmosphere tends to react with the corridor. The individual results may vary from planet to planet."
"I heard about it. Some people experiment with that idea time and time again, but without success. Becoming a test pilot for this kind of experiment is widely decried amongst pilots as glorified suicide. The machines often break apart in the air. Does not matter if they try to jump out of the atmosphere into space, or vice versa. The result remains the same."
>Wait a moment.
"Ooh, this is very clever."
>"That is caused by several factors whose effects are amplified by their simultaneous occurrence. The instant shift from space to an atmosphere, or the other way round, is too sudden for most structures. The material is first and foremost strained by the energy field that the engine creates around it."
>The rumble on each jump is an always present reminder of that fact.
>"Add to that an instant temperature shift of several hundred degrees Celsius, and you get brittle material. It does not have to weaken the whole chassis; the exhaustion of single parts is often sufficient to jeopardise the structural integrity of the whole vessel. Plus, you can never form a field which only encases the exact outline of the ship and nothing else. It is always either a sphere or an ellipsis. This means you either jump into space with a small gas layer around your ship which rapidly cools down and dissolves, or you jump into an atmosphere in an encapsulated vacuum while pushing away the gas in the direct vicinity of your entrance vector. Either way, it creates a substantial pressure imbalance that usually tears the already weakened structures apart."
>That little lesson is both enlightening and horrifying to imagine.
>"Highly inappropriate if you want to transport something in one piece. But fairly useful to crack things, especially if you choose a flat, open area for the individual projectiles to land on. Makes it easier to collect them with ground units and reduces the environmental damage on impact."
"And you deliberately placed the devices in such a manner on the rock that they create the largest possible area of effect."
>"Hm, maybe?"
"Turning accidents into innovations, wow. Has anyone ever told you that you are darn creative?"
>"Not in recent time. I appreciate the compliment though. But you know, there is something else you might be interested in."
"I'm listening."
>"It is possible to use this technology within an atmosphere. As long as you remain in said atmosphere."
"So you could jump from point A to B as long as both are on the same planet?"
>"Indeed. The conditions are far less extreme that way for obvious reasons, especially for smaller targets. This includes living beings."
>#deca.mare breathes in loudly.
>"Right, we are done here as far as I am concerned. You have seen everything I wanted to show you. We should return, unless there is something you still want to ask or do."
>You think about it for a moment.
>A question forms in your head.
>Something that lurked your subconsciousness for the last two days.
>"Yes, Anon?"
"Do you know what happened to me? Why I was washed up in the middle of nowhere?"
>"I have analysed your fighter once it was stored in the cargo bay. The fried electronics have erased a lot of evidence, but I think I know what caused the problem. The energy circuits are in a very bad shape, they were not well maintained before the incident either, I assume."
"You can thank the treasurers for this one."
>No irony in this case.
>You could not have asked for a better official death.
>And #deca.mare will certainly not object to the outcome either.
>"The circuits probably started to fluctuate when you funnelled the energy into the jumpdrive. Or the seal became permeable due to material fatigue. Both lead eventually to the same outcome in this situation."
>So you flew a time bomb all along.
>You wonder how many other pilots share the same fate, but were not rescued by the most benevolent mortal enemy in known history.
>Official numbers are often hard to come by and even harder to trust.
>"In any case, the jumpdrive was overcharged. Not to a considerable degree, but enough to scramble the navigation computer. The coordinates and the available energy did not match up."
>You realise you could have ended up just like that asteroid.
>Or the many unfortunate test pilots.
>Or #deca.alpha, minus star explosion.
>Your survival is a damn miracle, in more than just one way.
"Thank you, #deca."
>That was both for the explanation and the fact that she was the guardian angel in the your time of distress.
>You take a look around in the asteroid field.
>Nothing out of the ordinary: A large number of asteroids, now with a new gap, and #deca.mare's drone.
"Let's get out of here, #deca."
>"Fine by me. Charge the jumpdrive. I will give you the coordinates."
>True to her word, the required information pops up on your navigation display.
>The timing could not have been more awkward, considering what you have discussed before.
>"You will not go through such an accident again, Anon. I will make sure of this."
>Her words have a certain merit; you are flying one of the best ships ever created, despite their unassuming, utilitarian look.
>You give the charge order.
>What happens next is something new to you.
>The navigation display does not simply ask you to enter the coordinates; it is accompanied by an elaborate three dimensional map.
>The map is a simplified version of the star chart you have seen on the command deck.
>Some more advanced features are left out due to the smaller scale of your display, but still more than enough to work with.
>You can move the perspective freely within the three dimensional illustration.
>The nearest planet is highlighted by #deca.mare, for obvious reasons.
>"You can either pick your target visually, or enter the coordinates manually yourself. The choice is yours."
"I take the visual option. Just to try it out."
>You zoom in to observe the target planet.
>New details become visible.
>For instance, you see a little model of the mother ship and its current orbit.
>You mentally "aim" for a location near the ship, about ten kilometres away from its current position, and confirm your choice.
>The map confirms your order and disappears.
>The screen is replaced by a small progress bar while you hear the familiar sound of a charging jumpdrive.
"How accurate is this tool?"
>"Accurate enough that we do not need to calculate such a large security margin, but your caution is admirable. I could 'tame' the fickle nature of jump travel to a large degree. It does not vary more than a few metres."
>The bar nears completion.
>Your long time routine kicks in an overrides your bad experiences with your last jump.
"Good to jump."
>"I am ready as well. On your mark, Anon."
>Seems like you get to be wingleader for once.
>You have heard the drill often enough to know the procedure.
"Okay, jump on cue. Three, two, one... move!"
>You form the command to jump in your head at the same time.
>Both ships enter the corridor simultaneously.
>Flash, tunnel, flash.
>The next thing you see is the mother ship in the distance.
>A quick glance on the radar reveals #deca.mare's drone on your six, fifteen metres away.
>She falls into formation as your wing...mare without a word.
>This brings some memories back from your previous life.
>You remember a tradition of your former leader.
>He uses to hold a little speech at the end of each successful mission.
>And his definition of successful included both accomplishing the objectives and making it back alive with every squad member in tow.
>You did not know any members of your team particularly well outside of the professional sphere, yet all of you watched out for each other when things got actually dangerous.
>Losses were seldom, and always a matter of pragmatism for the higher administration.
>However, flight teams do not simply shrug these events off just like that.
>The least what you would do is to convene for one honorary toast in the name of the fallen.
>No matter the inner rivalries, no matter the frictions; this is a long-lasting tradition which is celebrated without exception.
>Because you can never know who is next, or when it will happen.
>And now they have probably done this for you, unaware of your current state.
>Strange, this realisation hits you harder than it should.
>You have everything you need and are in an overall better position than ever before.
>There is absolutely no reason for you to complaint about anything.
>And you did not even like these people on a personal level, you were mere colleagues.
>But now you know that you will never see them again.
>Or any other person of your former life.
>Your remote family included.
>You were mostly separated from them anyway due to your profession and years of social stagnancy, but you would visit them here and there if possible.
>Which was not very often, all things considered, but still.
>This is gone forever.
>Sure, your logical reasoning has understood this before, but now you begin to really grasp the actual consequences of this drastic development.
>And the worst part is your paradoxical situation.
>You can send them a final farewell message, but yet you cannot at the same time.
>Not without endangering #deca.mare and, by extension, yourself.
>An eerie feeling of woeful nostalgia crawls into your mind.
>It does hurt you on an emotional level.
>#deca.mare notices your sudden mood shift.
>You know this because you can feel it somehow.
>She is reaching out to your mind, but not as an invasive or prying force.
>No, it feels more like a warm embrace that slightly eases your stress and reminds you of her presence.
>It is as if she is talking to you without using any words.
>You can hear her thoughts through the silence.
>I know exactly what you are going through, Anon.
>And I know there is nothing I could say or do to banish that lingering grief completely.
>But I will be there for you.
>Whatever might happen.
>You imagine a nodding gesture as response.
>"Anon, shall I fly the units back for us?"
>You are tempted to accept that offer, but something holds you back.
>A faint flash of obligation.
"No. There is something I must do. Follow me."
>You accelerate your ship and head for the mother ship with a moderate speed.
>#deca.mare obliges and keeps the formation.
>You think back to your wingleader.
>He could not deliver his speech this time because of you.
>So you have to do this in his stead as honorary wingleader, as you were silently appointed by #deca.mare.
>Before you can begin with the traditional ritual, two additional jump signatures appear behind you.
>It is the other drone and the depot ship.
>The drone covers your other side while the transporter remains on your six.
>Your ships form a perfect diamond formation.
>"It is not proper if it does not look like a real squad, right?"
>You agree silently.
>You take another look at the sight before you.
>The outlines of the massive ship are heavily accentuated by the illuminated surface of the planet behind it.
>You recall all the times you returned from a mission with your squad, observing how the station or ship you were designated to grew closer.
>This situation now is not much different, even if your overall life most certainly is.
>You try to find the right words while you process the impressions of this scene.
>Well then, here you go.
"All right guys, that's another job well done. You all did good today. Revel in this sight, for it is the sign of our success and means we all live to see another day. But don't take it as a reason to slack off. We need to stay vigilant, or this could be the last time you get to see home again. Never forget that. Now off you go, you crazy lot!"
>Somehow this is not as authentic as you hoped it would be, but it will have to do the trick.
>You remain silent for another few seconds to reminiscent.
"Come, #deca. Let's fly home."
>"Yes, Anon."
>She says these words with as much dignity as possible.
>You appreciate her gesture, but for once you hoped for an impossible innuendo.
>You could use the distraction right now.
Done. The update is little bit shorter than usual, but I can finally stick to my original schedule again.
Now THIS is heresy
File: bowman2.png (476 KB, 1200x700)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
>"Oooh but Anon, if you disconnect that, I'll lose all moral inhibitions~"
>ywn be kidnapped by your flying waifu
it truly is the little things that hit the hardest
Well this shit looks pitiful compared to your huge ass walls, anon.

>You're proud of what you did, there's no doubt about it.
>You helped make Marble happier than she's been in a very long time, which made you happy too, despite how little of it you showed.
>You have an obligation to your little sister, and today you fulfilled that obligation.
>But now, it all feels like it meant nothing.
>One look at her and its obvious her spirit is crushed.
>It might have even been better to just let Marble forget all about that Anonymous. She'll have to now anyway, and now it'll be a whole lot harder.
>She laying on the bed, just like like last time you two got caught leaving; except now, not only does she have her head buried under her pillow, but you can also hear her crying.
>Her entire body is hidden under the blanket, and she's holding your pillow close to her chest.
>You usually yell at her whenever you catch her doing that, -you hate how warm she made it- but right now you feel like she needs it more than you.
>Pa made it very clear that you two would not be allowed to disobey him again, or he'd turn this farm into even more of a prison than it already was.
>He was madder than you'd ever seen him before. You fought with him for hours, trying to make him understand that all you and Marble were doing was talking to somepony.
>You tried to tell him how, as adults, it was your's and Marble's prerogative to go to town if you wanted once all the work was finished.
>He simply told that if you wanted to go town, then you better not come back the next time you do.
>Pa's always been strict, but you've never know him to be so firm about something like he is about you both staying on the farm.
>He kept going on about how one of you will need to take ownership of the farm one day, so there's no point in venturing away from it.
>You wanted to tell him that you had no intentions of staying on this farm for longer than you have to, but you're worried he might actually kick you out if you said that.
>It would have felt good though, and the only thing keeping you sane is thinking about how one day you WILL get to say that to him.
>He sent you both to your room and promised you'd go hungry if you left.
>Marble threw herself on the bed as soon as soon as she could. Trying desperately to block out the world with pillows and blankets.
>You sat on the floor next to the bed, and haven't moved since. The hard wood was starting numb your flank after sitting on it so long.
>You sit and watch Marble's little figure quiver under the covers.
>You've seen her cry more times than you can count, but there's something different this time.
>Instead of crying for some stupid reason like she usually does, this time she actually has something serious to cry about.
>She finally started to make a friend. She finally started to come out of her shell. The future looked so bright for her, and now it's all been ripped away.
>She can't see Anonymous again without giving up everything she's ever known for it. And you would never bet in a million years that she'd do something as drastic as that.
>She's lost that friendship, even if it barely started. It was still something. Something more than she's had before.
>Something more than you'd had before.
>You look at the floor. You can't watch Marble any more.
>You can't see her like that, because that's how you feel.
>You didn't talk to Anonymous.
>You didn't have a chance.
>You didn't have something stolen away from you, because you never even had what little Marble did.
>Marble had a glimpse of something more, but now has to learn not to look at it again.
>You were never even able to open your eyes.
>You slowly lower yourself to the ground and curl up on the floor.
>You listen to the soft, muffled moans from Marble, and swish your tail over your face as you feel your eyes get wet.

Then go to /trash/
File: Sad_Hitler.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
>Leader hears something about 'ghosts' shortly before the systems on #3 go completely batshit as the squad jumps.
>Can only stare at the screen displaying the status of the wing as he arrives.
>#3:Signal Lost
>Double checks his radar.
>Slowly spins the ship around for a visual confirmation of what he already knows.
>"This is TeamLead, Delta formation from here out, let's finish up this patrol."
>Recieves clipped affirmitives from the rest of the squad, they know what's happened, and that there is nothing to do about it.
>Just another day in the Federation.
File: Crying on the inside.gif (1018 KB, 512x325)
1018 KB
1018 KB GIF
Kind of wonder what Cloudy thinks about all this.
Iggy's probably (rightfully) worried that neither of them will take ownership of the farm and run off like their sisters if they spend too long away from it.
Meh, Iggy is just a fucking ego-inflated asshole who can't admit that this rock-farming business was the stupidest decision ever took by someone in the Pie family - and he is willing to ruin all of his children's life than recognizing he made a bad judgement. If the family business is already barely scrapping by with 2 free workers, how the fuck does he expect Limestone or Marble to make a living when she will alone with two old parents to feed ?
In this story he deserve 0 sympathy.
File: 1540295137537.jpg (858 KB, 1944x1111)
858 KB
858 KB JPG
>>"You will not go through such an accident again, Anon. I will make sure of this."
Best guardian waifu
File: 1394831999950.png (294 KB, 1215x1080)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
They both need saving.
>Well this shit looks pitiful compared to your huge ass walls, anon.
Don't sell yourself short, Anon. You write and post much faster than I do.
Anon sure had a full day.
Thanks for the update.
Tis sad
You say that as though Sweet Apple Acres isn't barely above water with three free workers.
File: download (28).png (55 KB, 800x450)
55 KB
My waifu is doing great, the bits are rolling in, she's happy and looks awesome all the time.
She's pretty short in the 'good personality' department though
File: ld edit.png (151 KB, 1000x750)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
It's a shame there's nobody writing a green about her to show how good her personality really is.
File: 1813349.png (145 KB, 428x525)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
She's top smug
She's top snug
She takes the L and comes back with her own cooler flight team
The episode ended kinda shitty though
File: 1487037139393.png (136 KB, 473x462)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
>"D-Does their kind wear socks all the time?" Is t-that a thing husbando's do?"
File: 1513085840341.png (271 KB, 550x863)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
>wearing socks and panties for your husbando
File: Dont.jpg (26 KB, 564x489)
26 KB
I really can't imagine a mare would like me, and I have a mile-long list of reasons why.
What a defeatist attitude
You can't even pretend to be happy on a board where escapism is a central theme
Life conditions on SAA aren't so bad to drive the two youngest into depression, that's the difference.
When I let go
When I release all my cares
Will you be there where the nightmare ends?
When I drift off
When the silver sun calls my name
Will you be there where the light begins?
Bad enough that AJ ran away as a filly and Apple Bloom spent years pursuing a Cutie Mark in literally anything besides apples.
Also, Limestone's the oldest Pie sister.
File: it can't be helped.jpg (27 KB, 477x640)
27 KB
Joke's on you, my country will have everything in the western Internet forbidden and blocked before that time comes, so you'll be kissing me goodbye first.
File: 1318908.png (1.17 MB, 3000x3000)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
At least you'll have plenty of time to spend with Roskomnadzor waifu.
We don't want your commie ass here anyhow.
Yeah well I still have a story to finish here and even more in plans to write, so she better wait for a few years.
If /mlp/ goes, gr15 gets lifted
can't wait to get into raridash vs rarijack fights on /u/ and spam stallion butts on /cm/
>gay as fuck
Yeah Europe is pretty shit.
File: 1543374763073.png (605 KB, 828x1014)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
oh jesus break the mirror do it now do it do it
Still far better than the US.
The again, that's not hard to achieve
Funny. I'd say it is the other way round. I guess the pasture is just always greener on the other side of the fence.
>better than the US
Dude, pretty soon you won't even be allowed on 4chan because of all the thought crimes committed here.
anon stop arguing over your old life and make more peetzer! you know aunt celly and luna are big eaters!
File: 1963984.png (234 KB, 1462x1248)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
>ywn open the best pizzeria with waifu
>ywn both larp as italians for like two weeks before getting bored and cashing out
>ywn bury your face in her chest floof and massage her back in the evenings
File: mama mia.jpg (57 KB, 750x578)
57 KB
>ywn make-a you mare and foals a cheesy pizza pie
If the grass is always greener on the other side then saying the EU is shit must mean the US is even worse from your perspective. (Then again no matter from what perspective the is is pretty shit. They can't even use real units or a proper date system like the rest of the world)
No one cares about your hateboner for the US.
File: 1962586.png (737 KB, 1700x1813)
737 KB
737 KB PNG
Reminder there's nothing wrong with sizeplay if you and your waifu are into it
That's not too far from the truth I'm afraid.
bigfags out
File: medium.png (135 KB, 600x600)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Same with the EU hate so what's your point?

At least we can agree that mares are pretty amazing.
>At least we can agree that mares are pretty amazing.
They are the best. We all need one in our lives.
>You're wondering the dark streets.
>You don't want to go home just yet.
>That mare...
>She sure was a timid thing, that's for sure.
>You don't know how long you talked, but it wasn't long enough.
>There's something magical that happens when you click with someone like that.
>It's a feeling you haven't felt enough times in your life.
>Though you're thrilled to have finally connected with someone, you do think the location is a bit... lacking.
>You're a fan of small towns and all, but this one doesn't at all feel like home.
>You wish you could have met Marble somewhere else.
>You find yourself back outside Delicious Delights. You stroll over to the bench and take a seat.
>Thank god you came back here and got to see her again.
>Today has lifted your spirits considerably.
>But is it enough?
>Is talking to one mare enough to decide to stick around?
>When Cadance comes asking you if you made any friends here, will you tell her yes? Or will you just let her pluck you up and take you somewhere else?
>With what Marble told you of her home life, it doesn't seem like you two would get to spend a whole lot of time together. And it's not like you'd get to meet new people through her; she didn't have any friends either.
>But that click...
>Against any reasoning you could come up with, you do not want to give up on that click.
>It's not like you've ever had a lot of friends anyway. You think you could be happy with just her.
>You sigh and look at the sky.
>You still marvel over how many more stars there are compared to Earth.
>The night sky in Equestria is one of it's most beautiful aspects.
>You know Princess Luna designs and curates the night.
>You always wanted to meet her, but sadly never got the chance.
>You wonder if Marble appreciates the sky as much as you do.
>People don't know what they have until it's gone, is it the same for ponies?
>Would Marble notice the difference if she was taken from her world and put into yours? And if she could be brought back, would she have a new perspective on it?
>You're certain that if you were taken back to your world, you'd miss this sky.
>You think you'd miss Marble too.
>You'd miss a handful of things about Equestria, but does that mean it's worth staying?
>If you left the same way you came, would you be brought back home?
>Was this all just in your head?
>You tried to find a new life here.
>You tried to start over and leave everything else behind you, but you couldn't run forever.
>You feel it all starting to catch up.
>Does that mean it's time to leave this little town?
>Is it time to start running again?
>Maybe you could get so far away from everything it would never catch you.
>But how do you run from yourself.
>You ran plenty back on Earth, but it caught you, and took you.
>Maybe you'd be better off if you save your energy and just accept it.
>Your head snaps back down to see Marble standing in front of you.
>Your hand jumps up to wipe at you eyes and you instinctively stand up.
"Oh hey Marble, what's up?" you say, trying to sound casual.
>"Uhm... I-I'm just on my way s-somewhere," she sounds nervous, like even talking to you might get her in trouble.
>She looks awful, her eyes are red and puffy. She's obviously been crying.
>Her mane is ruffled and is a total mess, though she still manages to hide behind it.
>You notice two saddle bags hanging off her back.
"Is something wrong, Marble?"
>You realize how strange it is to see her out so late, and in this state nonetheless.
>She starts to absentmindedly paw at the ground with her front hoof.
>"N-no, n-nothing's wrong, I-I just have t-to do s-something."
>She's stuttering more than she was earlier today, and her voice is quieter.
>She starts casually walking down the street, and you follow.
"What are you doing out this late?"
>Your worry is starting to grow for this mare.
>She hesitates for a moment, then says, "A-anonymous? Remember h-how you t-told me you used to r-run away a lot?"
"I do," you say cautiously. Starting to get why she brought those saddle bags.
>"And that y-you said you r-ran away because you d-didn't feel at home?"
>"A-and that I-I said I d-don't feel at h-home too?" she sounds embarrassed.
"Marble, are you sure this is what you want to do?"
>You start to take notice of where you've been walking, the train station.
>"...I-I can't stay here Anonymous," her voice is croaky and rough, she sounds close to tears.
>She diligently keeps her eyes pointed straight ahead of her.
>Any words you could say to try and keep her from leaving would sound horribly disingenuous coming from you, because leaving is exactly what you'd do, and have done.
>"There-s a m-midnight train that leaves... I-I'm not sure where it g-goes..."
>You don't respond to that.
>You honestly have no idea how what you're supposed to do in this situation.
>Do you encourage her? Try your best to get her to go home?
>After a few moments of silence, you both get to the tiny station.
>It was nothing more than a concrete platform with a little roof.
>The place is dead empty, and dimly lit.
"Marble? Why'd you go to the bakery?"
>She sits on the cold concrete and wipes her nose with a hoof
>"I... was hoping... I wanted to know if..." she's so quiet, more quiet than you've heard her from her before. Every word sounds like it could be her last.
>You know what she's about to ask, and you have no answer for her when she finally manages to get it out.
>You hear the distant chugging of a train.
>Marble's still struggling to say something.
>You wish you could save her and just give her the answer she wants, but you can't.
>You aren't certain the continuing to run is what you want to do.
>You aren't certain of anything.
>The train gets closer and closer, louder and louder. And Marble still hasn't said anything. Her eyes are still avoiding yours.
>You feel a pounding in your chest as the train slows to a stop in front of you.
>A conductor opens the doors to a passenger car.
>"Oh, looks like we're actually going to have some riders tonight. Say, aren't you the human-" he seems to notice the look on yours and Marble's face and thankfully shuts up.
>Marble just stands up steps on to the train.
>She turns around once she's on, and looks at you.
>You look back at her.
>She doesn't have to say what she wants, her eyes tell you exactly what it is.
>Her purple eyes are so intense. They glimmer slightly in the light of the train. They're trying so hard to coax you inside. They want you to run. They want you to leave.
>They need you to go with them, to go with her.
>And maybe, just maybe, it'll be different if you have someone to run away with.
>You take a step toward her, then another, then another.
>Before you have another chance to think about it, you're on the train, standing in front of Marble.
>She finally breaks eye contact, but you see a tiny smile on her lips.
>"Marble Pie!"
>You quickly turn around to see Limestone galloping straight for the train.
>She closes the distance and leaps on to the train.
>"You're not abandoning that place without me," she says through heavy breath.

File: Totally not good.jpg (33 KB, 273x259)
33 KB
Good on them for leaving, but Pa is going to go fucking nuclear.
Especially if he surmises this weird hairless monkey thing seduced his daughters away.
File: 1368306292821.png (218 KB, 350x497)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
>>"There-s a m-midnight train that leaves... I-I'm not sure where it g-goes..."
Oh shit, Limestone came too. This is great.
>Over the train's outdated and underpowered PA system, barely audible over the locomotive and the clacking of the wheels and tracks, a certain song plays quietly

File: 1829832__.png (115 KB, 321x309)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
>"Bon Bon, STOP..you've KNOWN I've felt this way for a long time."
>"I'm only going to ask Princess Cadence if there's room on the study committee for another inquiring mind."
>"And if need be, a willing vagina."
File: 1546712964722.webm (1.32 MB, 640x360)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB WEBM
>tfw convinced your waifu to sit on your face
I'd rather not have, what, about half a ton of horse hammering down on me like that. Mares are lovely, but you can't enjoy their company when they turn you into paste.
Shit just got real. I expected Limy to protesr, not to join...
Thanjs for the update
I remember that we did the math about a irl mare sitting on human face.
The conclusion I remember was that as long as it wasn't a huge mare and she wouldn't drop on your face but lowered herself semi-gently, your skull could take it without much problem.
Interesting. Are talking about pony or horse mares here?
We were talking horse mares. Pony mares can ride your face ezpz.
mare protec
File: Spoiler Image (466 KB, 1000x860)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
mare scare
A good update and that last post was a good poke in the feels famalam. Thanks.

Oof. Another poke in the feels. Well, Anon is just going to have to go visit now isn't he?

By the gods that was tense. Good job. I was hoping Limey would join but I didn't think she actually would. I love it. Looking forward to reading the next update. Wait a sec, is this the first time he's heard their last name?
File: 1535587665228.png (983 KB, 2048x3216)
983 KB
983 KB PNG
Do you like your mares silky smooth or fluffy soft?
File: Imagine fluff.png (99 KB, 562x350)
99 KB
I think it would depend on the section of the body. For example, along the back and rump, soft smooth fur for easy petting is likely ideal whereas the chest and ear area should have some fluff for huffing.
File: 1544394287611.jpg (537 KB, 2115x1504)
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File: large-25.png (228 KB, 759x1024)
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Does it really matter? I just want contact.
dnp on derpi
File: 1545032183942.png (3.97 MB, 1920x1080)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB PNG
I love pictures like this, with well done backgrounds and good lighting.
Let's see if I can still spin a tale like I used to
I'm excite
File: 1483236246480.jpg (21 KB, 358x397)
21 KB

mare pee
mare saliva
File: Rara, so cute.gif (1.99 MB, 512x360)
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1.99 MB GIF
>Favorite character is Rarity

Is she wearing a fur suit of herself?
why not both?
Mare pee, mare saliva, mare sweat, mare tears, mare milk, mare blood, mare cum, mare snot, mare poo, all blended into a delicious mare smoothie, yum!
>She's not real
File: 1510444164821.jpg (147 KB, 810x810)
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147 KB JPG
>they will never exist
File: 14908138772244084.gif (1.42 MB, 444x250)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB GIF
>this is it
The next update is ready but this thread is 5 posts away from dying so idk if I post it or not
of course not. though it may be a while till the guy making new threads is awake.
File: DwOZlUpUYAA23SD.jpg (506 KB, 1200x1200)
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File: 1953693.png (677 KB, 2286x2409)
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File: ApplePoem.png (63 KB, 512x1024)
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Is there really a difference between the two? Why would you say "they are" instead of "they're"?
Sorry for dumb question, non-native speaker here.
"They're" would be used in casual conversation. "They are" would be used in a presentation or lecture as implied by the picture.

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