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File: 1767862.png (657 KB, 1549x1525)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
Valentine's Day Edition

Did you guys remember to pre-order her favorite flavor of flowers this year?

Old love letters: https://pastebin.com/XtAKzbfq
I want momlestia to momlest me
The prince mail every day from ponies across Equestria. Quite a few are from admirers and even stalkers. Each member of royalty has staff that goes over their mail first to make sure everything is safe or appropriate before delivering. Celestia has also asked any letter addressed to her son should go to her first. She further narrows down the letters he gets by removing potential gold diggers.

Who would Celestia allow to write Anon on Hearts and Hooves day?
Way too long since the last one. Welcome back.
Safest bet are ponies she knows and trusts. Twilight & pals should be fine and direct friends of them as well. Suspicious candidates are most likely complete strangers or ponies from the royal court.
File: mom tries to be cool.png (283 KB, 1167x1024)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
>Did you guys remember to pre-order her favorite flavor of flowers this year?
I forgot what her favourite flowers are, so I was thinking about making homemade chocolate instead with a few flowers I know she at least likes crushed into it. Think she'd like it?
Is it illegal to marry your mom?

Asking for a friend.
What kind of Valentine's gift can you get for sunmom when you do things like this with her every day?
File: 1410017__.png (147 KB, 205x469)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
>You stare at the remnants of an adhesive strip in your card as mom munches away on something
>"You wouldn't have liked it, my sunshine~"
>"It was..b-broccoli flavored.."
You say that like Aunt Luna and her wouldn't spoil you fucking rotten with gifts and candy.
File: Celestia five below.png (1.56 MB, 1389x692)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
Oh hey, a Celestia thread. I guess I'll post this heads up here then. If you live near a Five Below store you might want to check it out, some of them have been getting the Goh Celestia.
I don't wanna go to work moooooom
I wanna stay in bed with you an bake cookies
File: Mom's 'special' cake .png (672 KB, 629x794)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
>"Happy Valentine's Day Sunshine, I made this cake with my love."
"Why are you naked mom?"
>"Just eat the fucking cake hon."
>Irises and pupils aren't round
>No problem being nude around you
>REALLY wants you to eat the cake, most likely laced with something
>No doubt, it's your succubus neighbor
>The one currently feuding with your mother over some aggressively trimmed hedges
File: Tiddies.png (300 KB, 1000x526)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
>Chrysalis and Celestia always hated each other ever since they were in high school.
>The two try to piss each other off constantly over the years, and somehow they managed to be next door neighbors.
>Supposedly, Chrysalis turned over a new leaf and become friends with Celestia ever since Anon was born.
>In reality, Chrysalis has waited until Celestia's little sunshine is older and take his innocence and she can't do anything about it.
File: luna 1537098755661.png (168 KB, 708x1128)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
>Mom may have fallen for it, But Aunt Luna can see clear through her bullshit
>And while Anon can tell she's up to some kind of mischief, Luna's already pieced together what Chrysalis' plan was, which puts her in a tough place
>If she gives her nephew a detailed warning, he might think "Hey! My hot neighbor wants to bang me, so why not!?"
>If she's too vague, it might give his neighbor a certain air of mystique that might drive him towards her
>And if she warns Celestia at all, she'll just look like a loon to her

>The only thing Luna can do is to take her dear sweet nephew for herself to save him from their evil neighbor.
File: 1493149994798.gif (57 KB, 500x500)
57 KB
she's a very freaky girlll
but I just call her 'momma'~
File: medium-6.png (178 KB, 450x600)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
Not having nerdy high school friend Chrysalis grow up into a hot gamer nerd like Luna.
>She feels guys in general are all fakes because they ignored her at best and ridiculed or made fun of her most of the time for being a nerd in school.
>The only positive attention she got was commenting on her huge tits, she ended up putting out thinking they would stick around and be her friends but none ever did.
>Her only friends were Celestia and Luna and they accepted her at face value and even gamed with her.
>Fast forward a few years after college, they are all still really close, all work at Canterlot High together, and ended up as neighbors.
>They all still game, only Anon is there now too.
>Chrysalis is called Aunt Crysalis or Aunty Chryssy by Anon when he's growing up.
>Anon is the only male she is not an asshole to and actually treats him well, because of her past experiences with guys.
>She overhears him defending her against guys from school, either calling her an ice queen or that they want to fuck her.
>She didn't think she could love home any more than she already did until that moment.
>She now realizes she is falling for the only guy who ever really treated her like a person instead of a walking pair of tits.
>Unfortunately she is the son of one of her best friend and half her age.
Go on...
File: Hey Auntie.png (614 KB, 1596x1087)
614 KB
614 KB PNG
>Is it illegal to marry your mom?
If it was illegal to marry her then I'm sure she can make an exception and or bend/change the law in order to make it possible to marry each other.
File: 1545747607036.png (230 KB, 1200x800)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
>By the power vested in me by her
The prince spends hours staying up all night trying to write a valentine letter for every single pony in the world.
Being a young boy he eventually passes out a few hours after his bed time.
Celestia and Luna then take time to finish writing the rest of them for him because he is the sweetest boy in the world and loves all ponies.
>They get really good at forging his handwriting
>Accidentally write a smart and well written law using his handwriting.
>Everyone panics and thinks the Young Prince is writing new tax laws.
File: image.jpg (109 KB, 1024x673)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
She's already been booped on her snoot.
File: chicle chicle.gif (523 KB, 576x768)
523 KB
523 KB GIF
>'Mom! Auntie Moon's eating all my Hearts & Hooves candy!'
>"B-Blasphemy! He speaketh lies, sister!"
>Luna, there's wrappers stuck in your mane.
>Helping mom unwind after a long day of princessing and stuff
The son we should all strive to be.
>"...Anonymous, are they actual Rams and Patriots?"
>"What? You said your Aunt and I could ask a question every so often."
What if Anon tagged along with a group of royal guards to fight in a battle or something without telling Celestia or anyone else? He lied and managed to convince the group's commander that he had Celestia's permission to follow them.
I don't think they'd let a member of royalty tag along if they knew for sure they were heading into a hostile environment.
Or at least they'd check with Celestia herself, to make sure she knew what dangers may lie ahead.
Now, if he was joining a squad going out on routine patrols and some shit just happened to go down, that I'd believe.
I'd imagine the prince can take care of himself just fine and doesn't need permission to join in some action with the royal guards, being prince he outranks them and can do as he pleases and can join in the battle of his own choice without his mother's permission, but with him being royalty and all he would most likely not join in on any real fights but instead he'd give orders and commands to the guards on the field who are in battle with the enemy.
>Prince Anonymous's mom still wont let him be hardcore
>Old love letters
>Half of them are unbirthing
mom would be ashamed
File: 1511594.png (148 KB, 500x500)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
Aren't the most special ones the ones we 'write' ourselves?
Time at work flies by when I think about /ss/ with her.
night mom, auntie
>She's been kissing you goodnight every night since you were an infant
>You never gave it much though as a child, but as a teenager, it became gross and weird, and just another way Mom was being uncool.
>Eventually, however, your feelings began to soften, recognizing that your sweet mother was simply conveying her love to you in one of the most simplest forms.
>The absolute least you could do was be a good son and let her plant a smooch on your cheek before you hit the hay.
>One night, as you lie awake, doing the math in your head to figure out when Mom is coming back from her trip, a thought dawns on you.
>You can't fall asleep without her kissing you anymore.
"...She Pavlov'd me!"
>'Oh buck me sideways'
>Be Shining Light Royal Guardsmare of the highest caliber.
>At least that's what you tell yourself, you're really just above a new recruit.
>That explains why you have the joy of patrolling the fashion district.
>'Oh joy, oh rapture' the one place you don't want to be.
>It's just a reminder of how rich all the nobles are and how they get to go to fancy parties while you save up bits to get drunk on cider when you have leave.
>Some how the Prince himself, Celestia's adopted son, the next in line for the throne, the biggest fatherbucker you have ever seen in your life, is on patrol with you.
>Be you a few hours ago.
>"Sir, you wanted to see me?" You nervously say to the the Captain of the Guard, Sir Shining Armor.
>It's funny you have the same first name, same coat color and everyone knows he has a little sister, so you have been mistaken for her on occasion.
>But this bucker is not your brother, and normally you don't see someone at his station it must be important if he has hoof picked you for a job.
>"Shining Light, is it?" He calmly asks from his plush seat at his desk.
>"Yes ma-, sir, I am she." you nervously ask, talking to a stallion was hard enough, but that he's your bucking bosses bosses boss, that's unf, not fair.
>"You are being temporarily assigned a partner for today, and you will patrol this route," as he levitated a map to you. "You will not deviate from this route for any reason, you will do this for your shift then bring your partner back, unharmed, if you fail at this task there will not be enough left of you to bury."
>"Sir this is, the shopping district, nothing ever happens there," you begin to read the map. "It's the safest place in Canterlot, outside the Palace itself. What's going on?" you ask the captain.
You've got my attention. More please.
Remember to never lewd momlestia. She love you, but not that much
File: 1526335.png (538 KB, 1424x800)
538 KB
538 KB PNG
>"Soon he'll be unable to take a single step without NEEDING us, WANTING us~, Luna"
>'Ohohoh, delightfully devilish, Sister.'
>[ffwd to All grow'd up Anon]
>"Of course you can, sunshine, mommy will keep you safe..all according to keikaku ahaha.."
>What was that, mommy?
>"N-nothing my sweetheart, I sneezed..[/spoiler]
>Training and working out under Celestia's nose
>"Anon, are you sick? You keep wearing those coats all the time..."
>Emerge in resplendent armor, bulked to hell, can cut a dragon in half in one swing
>"Anon, did you brush your hair today? I'm so proud of you!"
>"Silly boy, why would you need to cut a dragon in half when your only duty is to be mommy's perfect little cuddler?"
>'I-..I can protect the kingdom outside of cuddles, too, though, mom..'
>"Oh nononono..all that rough and tumble work is best left to the guards. After all it's their duty to keep us s-"
>An entire platoon of guards comes tearing down the hall
>A single butterfly follows the clamoring group
>"..Well, one or two patrols are ok, I guess..j-just around the palace though and ONLY until that butterfly's gone."
File: 1484681471674.png (566 KB, 900x633)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
>Order her favorite flavor of flowers
>"You heard me; Two dozen long stemmed roses with chocolate sauce and crushed up oreo's."
File: 1819552.gif (388 KB, 383x383)
388 KB
388 KB GIF
>"Mmm, what say we tour the Astronomy hall and I get better acquainted with your 'celestial body', mother?"
>'M-My sweetheart, we're on school grounds..!'
>"So? You know some levitation spells..technically, we wont even be on the ground then."
I don't wanna go to work again moooooom
Lost all of my off days this week because someone flaked out on us without warning. Going to miss out on a lot. Wont get to go to a reunion. Celestia protect me.
>Skies-Celestiani, Anonymous
>Charges: Compulsive Exhibition, Vulgarity, Unlawful Decrees, Engaging in Sex acts in view of minors, Impersonation of a foreign delegate, Petty theft, Public Sugar Intoxication, Operating a Royal Carriage under the influence, and Not saying 'thank you' to the Barn Mart cashier
>"My son...my only son. My perfect WONDERFUL boy..you've really done a number on your old lady's nerves.."
>'Ma, I'm a Mob Prince, this is all par for the course ya know? T-These things have a way of taking care of themselves.'
>"Idiota! I raised you to have manners! The next time I hear about you not saying 'please' or 'thank you', you're gonna STAY in time-out, you got that?"
>'Y-Yes, ma'am..'
>"God help you, ya Aunt wanted to come down here with her hairbrush and turn you over her knee- hand to god."
>"..Now give Sun Sun a kiss, she missed you."
File: 1492306757311.png (157 KB, 417x435)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
>your nephew is having that dream again
you'd think she'd get used to the site of her being mating pressed by her nephew at this point.
File: doom & boom.png (452 KB, 1280x720)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
>Yep, nows a good a time as any
>Get out the ol' Tecumseh..or was it a Toro?
>Heaven knows a well kept lawn is a happy lawn
>Mr. Starswirl used to say that a lot
>You're not getting 'old' are you?
>"..SISTER, NO."
>Oh! Luna and Anonymous are up, too!
>Hi, you two!
I remember in the early threads when Anon was reluctant to accept the mom love
File: 1529792269309.png (328 KB, 692x679)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
mom pls
auntie lives there
I miss those times.
>Mmph! Mom, I told you no tongue!
>Auntie, those aren't your glasses, they're my balls
>Alright, who spiked my punch with aphrodisiac?
>What? When did I start subscribing to 'Incestuous Prince Monthly'?
Me too.
>Me too.
Sure many do. If your short greens were posted in these days, then it would be like this:
>Mmph! Mom, I told you more tongue!

>Auntie, those are my balls
>yet nobody cared

>Alright, why is there not enough aphrodisiac in every meal?

>What? Why hasn't my latest subscription of 'Incestuous Prince Monthly' arrived yet?
good son bump
>Magical shenanigans lead to you having to babysit your mother and aunt
>Maybe you get bossy, making them adhere to unfairly strict rules, as some kind of cheeky payback for not letting you do whatever you wanted growing up?
>Maybe you take the time to get to know them better as kids, maybe unlock some deeper understanding as to why they do the thing they do as adults
>Maybe a bit of both...
File: 1471793394143.jpg (11 KB, 220x220)
11 KB
>tfw anon blows up the moon just to impress mommy
>not to be undone by Celestia adopting a human son, Luna also adopts one.

How would the two humans get along?
quiet animosity
Holy shit, momlestia is still alive?
define alive
File: celestia 1530909895453.png (475 KB, 1024x1280)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
Forgot to make new thread during New Years
>Good night kiss
>"Sweet dreams, my sunshine"
File: celestia 1531255453966.png (701 KB, 738x1130)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
I've been gone for a while. Last I was here momlestia was only posted on sundays. Usually. Sometimes less it seemed. I thought it would be dead
Momlestia went on a several month hiatus at the end of December due to the slow pace of updates when it was kept constant.
Both of the princes glare at each other, then realize they both just want to fuck their mothers and aunts so decide to double team them.
Always remember the Golden Rule
>It's okay if it's in a three-way
>It's not gay if it's in a three-way
>With a honey in the middle there's some leeway.

Both princes realize combining their powers they can spitroast the princesses.

And all was well in the kingdom.
File: tfw wageslave.png (163 KB, 474x364)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
morning, mom
Wasn’t slow necessarily just full of EqG kids screaming at each other
>It’s not fair.
>Be Jamba Juice. Wagecuck, unhappily single, and budding collector of cats.
>Your boss sent you to work “Celest-Fest.” On your day off, no less.
>Gotta love these 90 hour weeks for pocket change.
>Celest-Fest. Right.
>It’s just a glorified wank event for fanpones of the princess.
> You frown at the numerous cosplayers in all their sweaty, gross glory, as they pass by, gracing you with their fine cheese scent, and tortilla chip dust encrusted hooves.
>You sigh.
>Why is this happening to you? You just planned to have a quiet evening, crying into your pillow after furious clopping. Just four more months until your next off day.
>You sigh, leaning on your hoof.
>”Look! Look! The prince is here!”
>You see a tall two-legged creature trying to wave down frantic cosplayers trying to touch him with their filthy hooves.
>Why is he even here? Looking for an easy lay? He can do better than these neckmanes.
>A Kirin glares at you, before walking away with her nose turned up.
>And yet...
>A part of you wishes he’d look at you...
“Stop it Jamba. Those are filly dreams!”
I hope the prince gave her what she needed. She deserves to be happy
Would you marry her anon?
>"Ooh, mama's little prince doesn't wanna go to work?"
>"That works out just fine..since I got a job for ya's...RIGHT HEA!"
>"..The palace gate hinges are squeaky and the south lawn needs to get mowed. *MMwah*~ Love you."
no hooves mom gets a pass though
Two wagecucks bound in holy matrimony
File: 1502153825529.jpg (152 KB, 960x753)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
>Son, I thought you were going to look after the thread while I was gone!
doodlemom pls
That’s a good boy, now write smut
File: 1429477721141.jpg (115 KB, 597x612)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>"Are you ready for our picnic sunshine?"
>"I'm only going to ask once..."
>"Which one of you insignificant insects called my precious sunbeam a 'little mutant monkey?'"
File: 1498427743202.png (129 KB, 580x478)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>Dammit what are the Prince's Bedchambers triple locked?!
File: 1497630031738.png (179 KB, 640x528)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
That fucking lip!
File: 1491508820877.gif (1.02 MB, 400x224)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB GIF
>I did. And I make no apologies
File: 1485056107918.jpg (41 KB, 666x652)
41 KB
>I see.
>May I ask you to stand, please?
>I wouldn't want to melt that bar stool from existence.
Idk man she’s got dub dubs. You’re gonna need at least trips to do any real damage

are there any good stories of Celestia going full mama bear yet not melting the surface of the planet with anger?
File: 1322968__.png (128 KB, 700x700)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
I told that goat guy to stop embiggening/goating my mom and all he said was "Oh my, what a pretty celestia!"
Not yet.
She comes close in '10 years', though, kind of.
>Imagine a thousand years+ old monarch to take time for a picnic just with you
What could we do to derserve that? And her smile in this picture is dangerously cute.
File: Spoiler Image (269 KB, 750x1064)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
>Mom arranges a marriage between you and this woman to create peace and foster friendship between species. Aunt Luna is however opposed, suggesting herself as a candidate. Doing so would make her queen and keep you in within legs reach
Do you go with the arranged marriage or go with Luna?
Marry my Aunt of course
I like the idea of Anon's mother and aunt being his first crushes; I could see Luna taking it very seriously
You’d risk a war anon? Kirin are savages and reproduce like krogan
File: 1033083__.png (457 KB, 1280x720)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
>"They want a WAR?~"
>She shakes her head, wrapping a hoof around you, pulling you closer.
File: 2princessezz.png (1.12 MB, 1024x1584)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Oooh girl she bout to lose that hoof
>implying mom can win while Rain Shine’s tongue wiggles in your mouth
But I don't want the mute neckbeard
I'm a mama's & auntie's boy through & through
Yeah right. Like you won’t change your mind when she’s bouncing on your virgin cheesy pecker.
Is your shit taste contagious?
I hope not
>Shit taste
>He wouldn’t bed the queen of Kirin for the sake of his baby play fetish
Enjoy being a wizard
File: 1486082660364.png (98 KB, 506x400)
98 KB
I will, thanks
Perhaps you should fuck off if you're not down with mom love
Of course he’d get mad over an arranged marriage prompt. He’s autistic
>y u doesnt like mi shitpotsing!
lol fuck
The irony is just too delicious
So you’re saying the don’t breed
Did the Kirin thread recently die or something?
Would mom approve of this hot thang dating her son?
File: 1544119392932.png (87 KB, 440x562)
87 KB
>a very mom centric thread
>appearing with less frequency
>"hey bros dont fug your mom fug x."
>No hooves
>no mom joi asmr
>no legoman linda-tier mom
haha man this sucks
File: llcl.jpg (827 KB, 669x1024)
827 KB
827 KB JPG
Alright you two
Don't have too much fun while I'm at work
File: mommyrubs.jpg (2.43 MB, 3000x2028)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB JPG
Can't resist, must hug and rub at once
File: hot in hurr.gif (326 KB, 512x463)
326 KB
326 KB GIF
>"M-Merely some gentle mother-son bonding, sirs." Mom assures the guards as they happen upon the scene
File: 1546682905471.png (644 KB, 719x1013)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
>Mom insists that her being the little spoon while you hold her tight is a "traditional, nightly mother-son bonding exercise"
>Your Aunt is slightly less scrupulous
File: 1546017980400.jpg (191 KB, 1100x960)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
I imagine Aunt Luna's tactics would be more subtle at first, but after being denied alone time with her nephew by Mom for long enough she would "insist" you spend time with her more often
I want Kid!Anon to help his Aunt Woona adjust after Nightmare Moon is expelled from her body.

Got his work cut out for him, really
File: 1956876_.png (1.14 MB, 1264x1286)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
>'Woah, did somepony mistake me for a carriage scale?'
>'I guess part of the royal prerogative is going back for seconds, thirds, fourths, and fifths, huh?'
>'Why hello again, Princess Tons of fun, round as the sun.'
Mom why'd you even get a talking scale
"Come on mom, that thing has gotta be defective."
>"I wouldn't say that. Clearly it can tell she has been eating too much cake."
>"Oh really? Then let's see you come over here and try it Luna."
>She steps on the scale without removing her shoes or crown like mom did.
>The scale determines a new user is standing on it and starts up again.
>"Now be prepared to eat crow along with your cake."
>"Hello there, you must be the princess of the 'full' moon."
>You try to suppress a snicker as your mom just starts laughing at her.
>Aunt Luna looks fairly annoyed.
>"Obviously it is because I kept my regalia on."
>She gets off the scale and takes her ebony crown, shoes and neck piece off.
>"There, much better. Now you shall see-"
>"Whoa there, maybe lay off the moon pies princess."
>Your mom just starts laughing even harder at this point.
"See? What did I tell you detective. And now to help you two feel better I'll try it."
>Aunt Luna gets off in a huff still upset at the scale.
"Now let's all have a good laugh and-"
>"My my, looks like somepony's been working out. And it shows in all the right places."
>The room is silent.
"Okay, clearly I dont weigh the same as you two and it must think I'm a normal pony."
>"You can step on me all day my prince."
>The room is again silent.
>Silence again fills the room.
"Is this thing hitting on me?"
>"Luna, I think we should pay the magical scale vendor a visit. It is one thing to make light of us, but it is unforgivable to use their product to flirt with my son!"
Time to hit the gym with your mom and aunt
>ywn have your auntie spot you while momlestia struggles with the water fountain
how do ponies bench
>how do ponies bench
Mom and Auntie use their magic to spot you and give the perfect amount of help on your very last rep.
As for them benching, maybe the bars have little hoove sized "cups" they use to hold the bar?
>"You can step on me all day my Prince."
>Later at the royal yard sale...
>"Hmmm..well, at least she's only feeding it pizza and champagne in her dreams.."
>"Just in her dreams, I hope."
Night, mom
File: princess noface.png (142 KB, 455x528)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
>Ur waifu a shit
>I am so contrarian
>I also like to force my mom on dumb diets
Ha ha very funny, mom
Clearly they use their mouth
>"Luna, stop, you're going to give him early onset diabetes."
>'Hold thy tongue, thou of prodigious and rotund posterior!'
>'The excess of sweets which we are gifting our Nephew is to ensure at least SOME of it will make to him and not fall to you in another of your bogus "taste tests".'
File: 1526747968700.png (727 KB, 983x983)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
I remember this one story woolie of the now deceased TBFP that one of his relatives would give him so much chocolate. Ruined chocolate for him to this day.
Maybe Luna is doing this so that anon will never want sweets again, to not fall down the same hole like his mother.
Woolie and Pat still do their own things.

Woolie is already creating more quality playthroughs in the past two months than the Friends did in three years. He already beat Katamari Damacy, and just started Jet Set Radio. Still happening is Zone of the Enders 2 and a surprisingly quality JoJo fangame.
oh sweet
>"Auntie, you gotta stop listening to mom when she says the hat works."
>'B-But, m'nephew...Sister dear assured us we looked the very visage of euphoric!'
>"Auntie, mom also swears that cake is a food group."
>Sweetie try to keep at least one of them alive ok?
>Anon we can’t keep meeting in secret like this. The conflicted and lovesick Trixie doesn’t want to lose her college recommendation due to her feelings for the principal’s son
File: diamond cels.png (178 KB, 1280x879)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
She'll always be my boss
>Mom is literally God
>Anonymous is the first angel which might actually make him Lucifer or something haha
>Makes the first sunrise; the first day, just for him
>Also happens to make pony/mankind just for the hell of it
>Anonymous is jealous of his mother's subjects and the love they garner
>Fucks with them whenever possible
>"Oh woops, looks like I gave you an Earthquake, I'll clean that up with some pestilence, don't worry."
>'Anonymous, if I come in there and see you making a mess I'm going to be very disappointed.'
>"You'll get over it...you sure didn't mind throwing away MY subjects to make room for yours."
>'Sweetheart, your dinosaur things were shitting and eating each other for a solid 150 million years..'
>Mom finds you balls deep in your sexy ex-spetnaz gf

What do?
File: nyd.jpg (68 KB, 500x597)
68 KB
>passing out in mom's bush
oh the scandal!~
Why is he kicking mom?!
Sun Thruster
I think she is just leaning her chest against it, rubbing her soft chest tuft into his leg
He’s clearly kicking her teats. You all disgust me, trying to explain your mom abuse
File: Spoiler Image (58 KB, 381x459)
58 KB
Fuck off
File: moon dawg and cel-e.gif (1.38 MB, 1024x1024)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB GIF
>Anon exits the carriage frowning
>"Have a good day, sweetheart!"
>'Keep it 100, Nephew!'
>This is why I prefer the guard taking me to school, thank you
>"*MMMwah!* You love it~"
>....IT'S 'WORLDSTAR'! Anon yells as they peel out
>”Go ahead! I’m readyyyy~ Aaahhh~!”
>You can only stare in stunned silence, as Anon, adopted prince, fueled by raging hormones is standing on a stool in front of sister...
>Pants dangling at his ankles, erection nearly on the tip of your siblings tongue.
“...Is there something I should know about this?”
>Anon starts to sweat.
>”Sunshine made something special, yummy for me to try, but only if I close my eyes and guess the flavor!”
>She squees.
>”Ooohohoo! I’m so excited!”
>Your eyes lower in annoyance.
>Really? Teenagers are so-
“Perhaps...we should test this concoction first. If it turns out to be harmful we cannot have the current ruler sidelined~”
File: tenor (1).gif (1.48 MB, 400x214)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB GIF
>"M-Mama, no...not my donuts."
i'm headed out to work, bye mom, auntie
try not to get into any trouble ok
>No Demigod mother urging me to find my special someone
>Half because she genuinely wants you to be happy, half because she's been hungry for grandbabies for the past decade
>Good night kiss
>"Sweet dreams, Dearest nephew"
File: lunacy pls.png (460 KB, 1250x900)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
>"Oh thou should have been present, Sister!"
>"The sight before us was nothing short of heartwarming!"
>"Tiberius was asleep on Anonymous's head!"
File: celestia 1534305006294.jpg (307 KB, 1802x1803)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
perky tits, mama's perky tits
rep the set, gotta rep the set
File: celestia 1538430484680.png (1.21 MB, 1500x2000)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
>With the amount of whining and crying you did the day your mother decided to stop breastfeeding you, people would have thought the world must have been coming to an end
>It really did put a damper on your 12th birthday party
big boys stop at 11.5
what happened to princess molestia
Tumblr and social justice fanatics happened
or convention tards
Yeah them too. It was a perfect storm of spergs and moral busybodies
There was a little resurgence last November in Molestia art, and by a little I mean big. Haven't seen any Molestia since. Must be magic.
File: biglestia.png (202 KB, 900x900)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
>"Grrrr~ It's time for all little prince's to have their tongue bath and go off to dreamland, sunshine."
File: ssssssi.png (40 KB, 457x415)
40 KB
Mom stop
Go mom, go!
Ew. No seriously ew
>Ew. No seriously ew
lmao fucking gaywad
"Anon, I'm really, I, I can't even describe how angry I am with you right now."
>Be Anon
>Be adopted son of Celestia, not Princess, but Principal.
>After your shit show of a home life you were placed in the foster system.
>Apparently parents who use you as an ashtray/punching bag/servant don't make for good role models.
>Celestia was the fifth home you were placed in.
>The first just wanted to get the money.
>The next wanted a new toy to play with.
>The less said about number three the better.
>Four was convicted of drug crimes.
>And her, she's, dammit, I'm in love.
>It's not right, she's supposed to be a mother to me, but I'm 17 now, turning 18 soon. I'll be out of the system and for nearly a decade I raised myself.
>Sure I get into fights and stuff. And I'm not the nicest guy to be around, but I think I did a decent job.
>I'm no doing drugs, I haven't gotten anyone pregnant and I'm not in a gang.
>So I don't need a mother, but Celestia she keeps trying, bless her heart.
>Her sister kept a wary eye on me, and still does when I'm in school, seeing as she is the vice-principal and has less "official" responsibilities.
>"Well maybe Flash Sentry shouldn't have been saying all that stuff about you."
"You used your magic to put him through a wall."
>OH and did I forget to mention that after a bunch of magical shit that happens in this school, one of which left you with some major magic power.
>Apparently this amulet grants magical power and corrupts the mind.
>Took those weird girls to pry it off me, apparently not fast enough as I still have magic.
>"I just don't." staying your tongue before you embarrass yourself.
"You don't what sunshine?"
>"I don't like them talking about you like that."
"Like what?"
>"The things they want to do to you, have you do to them and it makes me so angry." you shout as the objects in the room float off the ground.
"Sunshine, you're losing control again."
>You release the magical hold on everything in the room that wasn't your chair or Celestia's.
"Why do the hormonal ramblings of other teenage boys bother you so much?"
>You mutter under your breathe your response.
"Anon, you know better than to mumble, if you are going to speak, say it loud and say it proud."
>"Because you're mine and I don't want to share."
>"I'm selfish, you're the first woman in my life who hasn't looked at me in disgust, anger or as a means to get a quick pay out."
>"Because if we had never met like this I would do everything I could to have you forever."
>"But you have me, and I can't have you now."
>"It hurts to hear them talk about you in ways that I dream about, and knowing if I said anything they would take me away from you."
"Anon, I had no idea."
>"I know because I try to hide it and it's so frustrating to know that the best thing that's ever happened to me is someone I can never truly express how much I love."
>"I'm your son, by law, even if in my heart I know different, I love you dammit. And I can't do this."
>I slump into my chair after ranting like a lunatic, about wanting to fuck my own mother.
>"God I'm such a wreck."
>A pair of toned, slender wrap around my chest.
"Sunshine, I love you, but not the way you love me. I love my little Sunshine, he's so smart, he's so caring, he protects people when there's danger."
"I know it's not the same kind, but I hope it's enough."
>"I love you mom." I whisper as I take her hand in mine.
>"It's not fair." I whimper as tears streak down my face.
"Life is never fair. But it can be made good."
>For a few minutes the room is silent.
"I heard a rumor that someone has quite a number of girls eyeing him."
>"Mooooom, Stooop."
"What about Fluttershy, she's really nice. Or maybe Sunset, she's been your friend since day one."
>The door slams open in loud, moment ruining noise.
File: 1490969591731.jpg (22 KB, 436x365)
22 KB
"SISTER, I have secured the tickets. What is it that you are doing to Anon?"
>Celestia stood up and glared at her sister.
"We were having a moment, thank you."
>Turning back to me
"Sunshine how about you go to lunch, I'll have you serve your detentions with Ms. Harshwinny, cleaning up the gym equipment for the week."
>"Yeah, sure anything you say mom."
"Maybe ask out that Moondancer she plays those dice games you like."
>"Nooooo." you whine as you run out of the room.
>She tries so hard to be a good mother and it's my past that's messed me up, so the least I can do is be better.
"Hey Anon, you like seeing your mom's fat a---"
>Some teen says as he walks past you in the hall before being thrown by an invisible force into a trash can.
>"Ehh, I can try."
Normalnigger detected.
>not being turned on by the prospect of getting licked all over by Biglestia
God has truly abandoned the likes of you.
File: dragonmom.png (573 KB, 1118x1024)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
He probably wouldn't even take pride in being her most treasured acquisition
>Letting mom dirty her tongue on a sweaty dirty vinegary human body
I want the mom abusers to leave. NOW
File: 60520.jpg (255 KB, 1348x566)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
It can just be a gesture after bathing, autist. Imagine that big-ass tongue licking your penis and testicles, her saliva wetting everything down there, and Celestia's breath heating your crotch. Use your imagination.
That’s disgusting and makes the need to bathe wasted. You sound like you want a giraffe and are just projecting onto poor mom you disgusting greasy piece of subhuman filth. You don’t deserve her. You deserve only death for subjecting pure as fallen snow mom to something so grotesque. Die
File: this has to stop.jpg (49 KB, 600x600)
49 KB
Yo bro are you reading my mind or something
You son of a-
File: [scrolls.wav].jpg (55 KB, 635x490)
55 KB
>"Enginonymous, implement chat room martial law!"
Keep raging, bro. It's you who needs to die.
>need to bathe wasted
How's it wasted if it spares mom the uncleanliness you keep reee'ing about? Are you implying mom does not brush?

You go too far.
Ugh. Your giraffe fetish sickens me. Immensely. Your lack of self awareness and utter degenerate ideals are beyond redemption. You bathe to show mom you’re a good lad, not so she can use her tongue(that’s better used for tea, cake, ice cream and sensual goodnight kisses) to pleasure your sick, hairy, giraffe lusting blob of a body. Go not alive please
It's no use. Those fucking incestfags will just keep pushing their sexual fetish into everything.
File: contempt.png (457 KB, 600x450)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
>not loving mom in all her forms
>not having an Oedipus complex
>implying mom does not want the hot monkey dick
Obviously a troll. Only a superficial jerk would be so narrow-minded. I will protect mom and /mom/ from such plebians.
Fuck you. I want invest with momlestia. Just no tongue baths. Get out you 209 lb baby
>Accepting some brutish long necked toys r us mascot wearing moms crown over pure Alicorn goodness
Sick. I bet you also want to marry the Kirin queen too
It's very bland, my nigga.
File: 1496128939514.png (296 KB, 500x500)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
>tfw no more oedipus gen
File: 1506381405331.png (654 KB, 1600x2200)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
How would this Anon respond to this situation?

>Be Anon, dejected at your adoptive mom not feeling the same for you as you do for her.
>You just finished your first day of detention and are heading back to your mom's office down the empty halls to wait for everyone to carpool home.
>That sounded like mom.
>You look and think it came from the ladies room to just passed.
>Two kids come running out grinning ear to ear.
>"Tell me you got it!"
>"Yup, the principal in all her glory. And if she doesn't want us to post it online then she'll need to do everything we say."
>"Nice. Now send me the pic so we have a copy."
>They did what!?
>You use your magic to grab their ankles causing them to trip and fall.
>You then use it to hold them down so they can't get away.
>When they fell, the one with the phone dropped it and it skidded in front of you.
>You bend down and pick it up.
>"Hey asshole! That's mine, hands off!"
>You look at the screen and see your mom in a bathroom stall and can see-
>You start to blush at the image.
>"You deaf kid? Give that back. Why can't I move anyway?"
"Shut the fuck up before I break your jaw."
>The bathroom door flies open and your mom comes out, whipping her head from side to side looking down the hallway.
>"There you are! Anon?"
>She looks at the two on the ground and then to you.
"Don't worry mom. I got it, and it sounds like this is the only one."
>"Thank god. I'm calling Luna and getting her over here now to help deal with these two. If you're lucky you'll just be expelled."
>She gets her phone out and starts to call.
>While she's distracted you look back at the phone.
>You could delete it and make sure she's protected.
>Or you could leave it for evidence to be used against them.
>Or you could quick send it to yourself and then delete it from his phone so that only you have it.
>What should you do?
Why does this thread exist?
>Delet This
File: z28eu629ikyz.jpg (9 KB, 238x238)
9 KB
>"Peeping is actually considered a misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or six months confinement."
>Anonymous casually recites the penal code to the letter as he absentmindedly pummels the one who snapped the image
fuck off faggot
>Because kids who grew up without proper parenting fetishize having sex with voluptuous older women and the nature of them being their mother is both a taboo and a means of feeling love from an authority figure. Due to lack from their own in real life.

It completely misses the underlying psychological problems that must be present to view your own mother as a potential partner. Which is what I was attempting for with
That Anon has had a screwed up perspective for years of what a mother is supposed to be so he instead chooses for his own mental benefit to not view women in a motherly role. Such that should he not get the help needed will eventually mistrust the mother of his children because of his own distrust of mothers all together.

Coupled with a currently explosive temper, he will need to first understand that a woman can love him in different ways than a romantic one.

Hence why she rejects him, not even from a legal standpoint is it a problem for her but she would be doing harm to him by letting the ideas continue.

> Luna is fair game though as a proxy for Celestia
Used to be for motherly feels and fun, but not so much anymore sadly.

>This thread exists because muh incest fetish

This thread is called Momlestia, not Incestlestia.
At what point did I support the rampant porn
File: 1527614722477.png (1.4 MB, 2181x1962)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
>Abloo this
>Waaah that
Just ignore what you don't like, retard.
Jesus fucking Christ, Sigmund, read the room
File: 1542041145973.png (988 KB, 1822x939)
988 KB
988 KB PNG
C'mon, cut it out, you two
This day isn't a contest, you know I love you both equally
Trips of truth. Kirin queen agrees. Now marry her and pump her full of kirinlets
I need Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon giving a talk to Anon's date before they leave when he isn't around.
>Please ignore everything, even if it's shit on a stick that an autist keeps shoving in your face
Don't go acting like this is your personal playground where you can do whatever you want.
Honestly wish the incest fags would go start an incest thread and not pollute here.
File: 1406807245483.jpg (403 KB, 1006x960)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
>You go back in time due shenanigans and meet your mom during her college years.
>See this

What do?
I need those two to rape me.
Do what Marty Mcfly and Fry did
Befriend her, do not fuck your college mother
>Foot of snow outside
>Very windy
>Old, drafty apartment
>Old inefficient boiler in basement
Damn, I wish I had a Thicc Momlestia to snuggle up with tonight.
fine, I won't fuck my college mother.

I'll just make love to her instead.
File: 1392923933165.png (823 KB, 899x900)
823 KB
823 KB PNG
I know that feel.
Fuck the snow and fuck the cold. I'm tired of it, had almost two weeks straight of -30F and colder.
File: pc1vn.png (85 KB, 847x885)
85 KB
>"Don't stay on that thing all night, mom."
>'..I'll stay on YOUR thing all night, 'mom', haha.'
>"Language, please."
I demand a dating sim with just these four options.
"Anon what is 2+2?"
"What do you mean Nah?"
"This isn't productive Anon, we've been over this."
>Item: Sandwich
"It's not time for lunch Anon"
>Fight: Rapid punches

Toddler dating sim.
>Chill fuckos
>You play a toddler, but you're also a toddler and they don't understand romance or any of that
>Game ends when you either share your cookie, hold a hand or push the other kid down.
Basically a Fuck/Marry/Kill of the kindergarten world.

>Mmmm sunshine, did I ever tell you about how I met your dad?
Uhh, I need to g-
>Shush, indulge your mother. It was my first year in college. I was sitting in the pavilion when there was this flash of light. Next thing I know I’m on my back with my legs in the air and there’s this rather rugged looking man on top of me.
Um I really should go..
> I was so flustered, I never had a man be so forward with me.
Mom I really gotta go
>Hush you I’m almost done. So after apologizing profusely he helped me up an the rest is history.
Gr-great story mom
> Unfortunately once I became with you he disappeared. But I’ll always remember his smell and leather jacket.
Leather Jacket?
> Yep, and it looked. Just. Like. Yours.
Weird huh?
>Yes weird.
Well I should g-
> Where were you last week?
File: pc principal.png (303 KB, 764x836)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
>Mom, stop doing that
-You just bought yourself 2 days detention, cutie pie
>The fuck? How'd I get det-
WEW violation of the civil speaking act of 2019; that's another day, hot stuff
File: lotrs.gif (1000 KB, 500x200)
1000 KB
1000 KB GIF
Uhh HEY here's dad now!
>"Did I ever tell you about how I met your dad?"
>Celestia proceeds to tell little Anon a few things about adult Anon, whom is actually little Anon
>He just doesn't remember any of it due to the spell that turned him into a child and caused him to lose all the memories he had acquired as an adult
Criminal scum
and redpilled too.
File: celestia 1547925834889.png (423 KB, 624x900)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
>"Wow, look Sunshine!"
>"Can you believe Mommy's old school uniform still fits?"
>"So, what do you think?"
>"Looks good, right?"
File: ysb.jpg (133 KB, 800x948)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
N-Now put on the other one
File: luna_goodfeel.png (213 KB, 483x456)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
>"..Yes, Nephew, disrobe and enjoy our night most fair.."
>"Very soon we shall have you to ourselves within the paradise that is the dream real-..SISTER, LEAVE, HE DOES NOT NEED ANOTHER BLANKET!"
>"*Ahem*...Hoo..hoo...v-verily, tis nopony at the window! W-We art merely an owl."
File: 1550296526135.png (287 KB, 1000x1400)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
So I saw that goat guy again and I told him to stop
He didn't stop
File: 1534796268138.png (353 KB, 743x744)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
Auntie Luna is very pretty.
File: luna 1539481239623.jpg (180 KB, 1200x1983)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Your assessment is correct.
What kind of hellish alternate reality
>"Hello dear Anonymous, whatever are you doing here in my room at this hour?"
"Um, you asked me to come here."
>"Yes, of course. How could I have forgotten? Since you are here, would you like a glass of champagne?"
"O...kay... also why are you just wearing that?"
>"I accidentally spilled a glass of champagne on myself and had to take off my shirt... and pants."
>She leans in and hands you the glass.
>Just as you are about to grab it though, she loses her grip and it spills all over you.
>"My word! How clumsy of me. You should get out of those clothes immediately before it stains."
"Yeah, good thinking."
>You take off your shirt and start to walk out the door.
>"Where are you going?"
"To the laundry room. No use just taking it off if it'll just stain it. Is your stuff there too? I'll bring it back up if it's done."
>"Oh... alright... thank you."
>Once you get to the laundry room you see your mom in her underwear next to the washer watching you as you enter.
"Hey mom, got frosting on your clothes again? I swear you and Aunt Luna are such clutzes."
>Oblivious harem mc anon
>"Hey, can you two quiet down out there?"
>"How am I supposed to masturbate in peace if you're both moaning my name from your bedrooms!"
File: 1510182633004.png (595 KB, 1000x1000)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
>"Your mom sure was hot back in the day!"
"S-Still is..."
>"Anonymous, darling, your mother and aunt were so gorgeous in their youth!"
>''In their youth'? Haha, that picture is like from 2 weeks ago.'
>'Yeah, don't tell anyone my mom's a natural pink, though.'
Who took the photo Anon?
>"..Anonymous, stop encouraging your father, he's going to get sick if he keeps doing that."
>'Oh pipe down, I've still got it-..ah, fuck me..here come the spins, christ..'
>"What'd I tell you, 'Ron- What did I JUST get through telling you?"
>'Not now, Celestia, please? Oh jesus- Anonymous, my son, g-go bring me the pepto.'
But in fact I -can- do whatever I want especially if it means pissing you off, fag
File: 1521352970689.png (954 KB, 886x625)
954 KB
954 KB PNG
>The maids get a little ornery when the prince is around
File: 1452895722889.gif (977 KB, 347x296)
977 KB
977 KB GIF
>Anon rolls his eyes
>"..Did you know we were out ketchup this whole time?"
>"What's my mom keep you around for anyway?"
>You will read and copy the ENTIRE section of the Celestial Codex that explains the way you are to interact with her majesty's son until your hands and eyes bleed young lady. Maybe next time the royal family arrives to inspect the quarries you wont pull the prince away for another one of your "Surprise Saliva Shakes".
File: 1453275231260.gif (529 KB, 500x250)
529 KB
529 KB GIF
>Maidens be on statues of Prince Anon like:
File: ARYL1938.jpg (114 KB, 900x506)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
What are their positions in Celestia.Corp /mlp/?
Except Fluttershy. She's stress relief.
File: 1417127421056.jpg (79 KB, 1024x698)
79 KB
Mom C'mon I said I was sorry. Now you're just being a baby.
File: 1526471105112.jpg (100 KB, 755x1057)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>Sweetie please...
You weren't mother. I wasn't there. OH god why wasn't I there?!
>But Sunshine....
Ewoks!!! Fucking Ewoks!!!
File: 1535139489999.jpg (57 KB, 683x315)
57 KB
>Princepal Cinch! You're early?
Thou weren't to arrive for another hour!
File: 134192182732.png (158 KB, 853x475)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Bruh we don't have to hit bump limit today ok we can take it slow
>Ahh, the dulcet tones of mother's morning song. To think that I shall ne-
File: prince dewritos.jpg (40 KB, 400x377)
40 KB
>How much longer do I have to hold this pose, damnit
File: 1541206784050.png (20 KB, 653x1379)
20 KB
>Oh darn. When I agreed to kill the prince they didn't tell me he was hot as fuck.
File: 1411943504344.gif (1.04 MB, 451x284)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF
Fluttershy always gets the hardest assignments
File: 1404073041636.jpg (367 KB, 1110x905)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
L-like this?
>Yep now hold that pose while I go get Anon

Celestia then proceed to upload the camera feed to all the screens in Times Square.

>Rainbow Dude is mime-ing in your hall
>Twilight is making every pillow in your room permanently unusable
>"If you're not related to me, get the fuck out of my house right now."
>tfw sick
>'Mamaaaaa...no more frosting flavored cough syrup, oh god..'
Uncropped version?
>The turn-around for maids at the palace is ridiculously high
>The princesses and their most trusted staff constantly have to weed out those who take the job solely to get close to the prince
Shit what did Rainbow do?
Pinkie’s not one to give up. She just wants to. BE friends
> Look at them. Keeping all that delicious man meat to themselves.
File: 1493863682707.jpg (234 KB, 1024x1223)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
>Go ahead
>No c'mon
>Luna, hush
>Go on, may the bravest among you step forward and take your free courtesy shot
>Well, what's the matter?
>You were talking all that shit from way over there and now magically you DON'T want to "Put your air horse ones in that bitches fat smug ass?"
>Fucking pathetic
>The fuck are you doing staring at my son?
>What? You think Anonymous is going to step in?
>You think my son is some fucking Captain Save-a-ho?
>Let me tell you all something right now, ok?
>Anonymous is mine. And Luna's
>That is my reason for drawing breath on this Earth; do you understand me?
>My son is the most important man in my life
>MY. Life.
>Did you get that?
>I'm sorry are you new to this? That means we're done, you can leave
File: ladh.png (452 KB, 785x1024)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
>"Yes, yes, no food after midnight, don't get him wet-, Sister, we've been over this, I'm as much a capable caretaker as you."
>'I want him in bed at a reasonable hour, Luna.'
>"Oh, he'll be in bed alright.."
>'His bed.'
>"Oh he'll be in his bed.."
>'Alone, Luna."
>"We shall see.."
>fetishize having sex with voluptuous older women
How is that a bad thing?
We've been doing this for 62 threads and they think they know better
It's not.
You're free to love /Mom/ whichever way feels best for you.
File: 1436708536704.gif (492 KB, 942x577)
492 KB
492 KB GIF
smol mom
File: 1409122220981.gif (446 KB, 316x240)
446 KB
446 KB GIF
>Anon and his Aunt at comicon
File: 1489689054739.jpg (82 KB, 750x529)
82 KB
>This guy just clops your mom's flank.

What do?
Unf. That’s a sexy horse. Saddle up buckaroos
File: cos.jpg (822 KB, 662x1024)
822 KB
822 KB JPG
>Your Aunt keeps leaping at other con-goers
>Throwing fake punches and shouting 'OOF!', 'ZOK!', 'POW!'
>You can barely get away from your Mother's side because she keeps holding onto you smiling
>"Super Mom gets allll her powers from the 'son', sweetheart~"
File: YLAA7765.jpg (41 KB, 1024x576)
41 KB
I wish I knew the reasons behind the weird shit you post
File: 1502677525210.png (151 KB, 1000x1000)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
page 8 b8, m8

>Anon, honey, what is that?
File: dinglehopper.png (468 KB, 1366x735)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
>"It's a fork, mom."
>"You know, the utensil those of us who DON'T gulp down and inhale cakes and sweets have to use."
>"Look Anon, everything the light touches is our kingdom."
>when mom
>Is on FIYAH

>no mom & auntie bedtime asmr
>no gentle whispering of memories from when I was a child
>no soft reassurances
File: 1549840156993.png (19 KB, 575x533)
19 KB
>literally a year since the Celly asmr teaser
>still no full length video
Being a Celestia fag is suffering.
File: 1534613601579.png (231 KB, 1280x853)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
Mom pls. I told you letting your mane grow like that would be a bad idea.
mamaaaa auntieeee

i dont wanna get up an go to work
But she can do cool stuff like this
File: raw.gif (1.16 MB, 498x213)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
>After being imbued with OP God-Alicorn powers by Mom & Auntie, Anonymous doesn't exactly apply his newfound talents in a way they see fit
>"Anonymous, sweetheart, it would make me very proud if perhaps you'd use your powers for good instead of continually making it rain dildo's over Twilight's Palace."
>'Mmmm..I'll think about it.'
>"Mwwah~* Thank you, that's all I ask."
File: XSSJ2946.gif (1.94 MB, 800x600)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
>I dont miss twice Sunset. Stay away from my son.
File: 1548613659779.jpg (122 KB, 1080x1440)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>You used to love going to comic conventions.
>You also loved that your mom and aunt went with you and were into it as much if not more than you.
>And you even liked that you all went in costumes together.
>That is, until you got older and noticed all the looks they got.
>The three of you could barely make it down an isle without at least one person asking to get their photo.
>Then there were the people who just stared at them or the ones who made off color comments at them.
>They thought because they dressed up then they were whores.
>You almost got into a fist fight with a guy over what he said to them, luckily he got ejected by security before you did anything to get you arrested.
>You can't really blame mom and Aunt Luna though, they work hard to stay in shape and they deserve to relax and have some fun.
>They once told you that dressing up was a nice escape from their school life too, and so long as they wore masks or wigs when they cosplay no one else seemed to notice.
>Who are you to take away from their fun.
"Yeah Aunt Luna?"
>What do you think of my Black Cat costume?"
"I like it, really good attention to the details like in the gloves. What's mom going as this time?
>"She's going as Captain Marvel because of all the hype the new movie is getting."
"Okay, is she going as the movie version then?"
>"Oh no, she said she wanted to go as the Warbird version."
"Of course she did."
>nom them
cute unf
Missed an opportunity for purple Luna to go as Thanos
>offering to let you nom them as a reward
>frowning, unsure, embarrassed face
Shouldn't she be happy her special little one got the good grade, and enthusiastic to dispense the reward?
She's still upset that they changed his character and motivation from the comics to the movie.
Was definitely more relate-able. There's not a man alive who wouldn't want to stick his dick in death itself
Perhaps in this scenario she's not a perv who thinks incest is not strange or taboo at all?
>Shouldn't she be happy her special little one got the good grade, and enthusiastic to dispense the reward?
Appearances can be deceiving Anon, you can tell she's a bit flustered and embarrassed when she's giving her son, his reward with how she's blushing and looking away, but that doesn't mean she's not happy and or proud of her son's accomplishments or that she isn't happy to reward him, when I see this I see it as more of a Tsundere type of reaction as in "it's not like I'm doing this because I love you or anything b-baka" type of expression or something similarly to how you see tears of joy and you think that person is sad if that makes any sense here, and also this Anon >>33532737 makes a good point to.
good nephew bump
Hold up. If Celestia is Anon's mom then who is his dad?
Chad Dad Ace Thruster

>"..Anonymous, are you HIGH right now, young man?"
>Dude that Kangaroo in the clown make up is talking to you
>'Oh, uhh, no, I think I'm..Anonymous?'
It's generally accepted and pointed out that Anon is adopted in all the story's and prompts posted here with no thought of a fatherly figure what so ever since the main focus of the thread is Celestia as Anon's mom, other than a few shitposts where Anon is his own father do to time travel shenanigans Anon has no father since it would be hard to explain how and why Anon is human if he is Celestia's biological son.
What a dad!
File: Ego.jpg (84 KB, 640x360)
84 KB
A) Celestia turned tiny by some spell
B) Anon turned giant by some spell
C) Both Anon and Celestia grew and shrank a proportional amount that these sizes make sense
D) Ponies are just really tiny
E) Humans are just really huge
mama auntieeee

i dont wanna go to work agaaain
What a what!
Just an amazing What!
A true What's What!
why she cry
>Anon the Question no! If your mother finds out I let you hold up ANOTHER bakery she’ll have my thumbs!
Personally, I like to think that adult Anon was dying for reasons, and Celestia liked him and/or the heroic things he did so much that she went and looked up books containing forbidden magic that could keep a being alive for a bit longer, only for said magic to backfire and turn him into a child with no memories of his adult life at all.
>"Really mother, really."
File: mmx8.png (265 KB, 700x750)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
>h-her big
who the fuck said that
Sauron duh
A smile that can save lives
File: celestia 1543897194391.png (968 KB, 674x957)
968 KB
968 KB PNG
A scowl that can ruin thousands
File: this is your wednesday.jpg (139 KB, 726x1024)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Don't make excuses for her she's always either shrinking or deshrinking something
>"When I get up there, mom..I freaking swear.."
>'Oooh don't threaten me with a good time, handsome.'
A laugh that can light up the world
Are you allowed to have sex with momlestia?
Auntie, too.

Princely duties and stuff.
Good I like that.
It entails a lot more than that, though.
You need to love them, cherish , them, and always pledge to make them proud of you.
Who's the artist for this?
>"Nephew, before retiring this night, we ask that you sample the lyrical wares of our most recent mixtape."
>"..If we are up to date on the current slang, we would insist that it is verily "dope", and "fire"."
>celebrating Mother's Day
>make her breakfast in bed and give her kisses
>gentle momdom sex
>celebrating Hearts and Hooves Day
>romantic date and passionate lovemaking
>don't forget hoof-holding and flowers!
My heart and dong are erect.
REO Speedwagon
You would be into hoof holding
loveandcherish are no problem, but making them proud of me could be a bit harder. Unless horse-mom standard are different than human standards.
File: 132795007706.jpg (358 KB, 1300x1525)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
>Incest fags mean this cute idea wont go anywhere.
I know i'm significantly outnumbered at this point, but is it too much to ask for a celestia story that doesnt involve her wanting to fuck her son.
File: 1310448570729.jpg (131 KB, 1200x982)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I haven't watched this show since season 3. Years later, I still find this horse attractive. What the fuck is wrong with my brain?
I want a blanket like hers.
File: 1462825644130.png (524 KB, 987x1378)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
It appears you managed to find yourself a waifu. Congratulations, dude!
File: him comfy.jpg (31 KB, 678x519)
31 KB
>mom gfd

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