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>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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A couple of generations later and the ponies will have forgotten Equestria, adopted our culture and achieved their freedom
File: i have a meme.png (63 KB, 500x521)
63 KB
I want to be the MLK Jr. of ponies and lead their way to emancipation.


“Mom! Dad!”
>Twilight's wings beat the air as she leaped out of the carriage.
>Four hooves wrapped around her the moment she thudded into her father's chest.
>”I'm so relieved to see you're okay!”
>She wrapped her own hooves around her parents' necks and pulled them in for a hug.
“Bah! Mom, you knew I'd be fine. I've been through worse.”

>A thump from behind told her that her human had hopped off the train as well.
>After one last nuzzle, she returned her front hooves to the ground and turned to face him.
“We should-”
>His face was downcast and the corners of his mouth drooped.
>Twilight glanced behind herself, at her parents, then looked back at him.
>He'd lifted his face and forced a smile on his face.
“Something on your mind?”
>”We shouldn't leave Princess Celestia waiting.”
>He tread past the ponies without meeting Twilight's eyes.
“What am I supposed to do with him?”
>Twilight kept her voice down so only her mother and father heard her.
>”You could wait until he's ready to speak, or you could order him to speak. But let's not keep him waiting.”
>Night Light nudged both his wife and daughter, then nodded towards the human's receding back.


“How long have they been here?”
>Twilight watched a shirtless human male, one that looked stockier than her human, stomp on his shovel to sink it into a pile of rubble.
>He threw a passing glance at Twilight as he lifted a shovelful of ash, wood splinters, and glass shards, then tilted his shovel to drop it in a wheelbarrow.
>”The first group came a day after the announcement, five days ago.”
>Velvet's voice had a hint of wariness to it.
>Her eyes narrowed the slightest bit as she looked at the human clearing out a burnt-down building.
>”Celestia said they're here to help with the rebuild. But I think it's better if you ask her about it.”
>She waved her hoof towards the direction of Canterlot Castle.
“Huh. I didn't think she'd let them in Canterlot.”
>Had something changed?
>Daybreaker used to have humans.
>Twilight tore her gaze off the shirtless human, shook her head, and trotted off behind her mother.


>Twilight threw herself onto a bed and let her hooves fall limp.
>Each of them ended up pointing in a different direction.
>She let out a deep sigh and stared at the ceiling and its mosaic tiling, hoping to relax.
>But the tension didn't drain from her muscles.
>She still felt twitchy and her tail swished back and forth.
“Nightmare Moon wanted to enslave humanity, but Daybreaker talked her out of it and got her to settle on 5000 humans. On top of that, Daybreaker and my parents discovered a way to close the Rift that probably won't result in an apocalypse for either side, but they're not entirely sure of that, so they want those humans to stay in Equestria while they do that so your species won't go extinct.”
>It was evening, and she'd just spent the whole day with Daybreaker, listening to her explain what'd happened.
>The human stared at Twilight as she had to pause to gasp for breath.
“And it turns out Luna and Celestia sacrificed their sanities for power to save Equestria, and now they're fighting some beings from the underworld in their heads. And Daybreaker thinks Nightmare Moon has lost her battle, but isn't completely sure of this since Luna wasn't like the rest of us with her dream walking. Oh, and you can put the box down on that table.”
>She pointed at the guest room's desk with a hoof, then let the hoof fall on her forehead.

“What am I supposed to do?”
>...at least she had the Elements of Harmony back.
>She glanced at the bejeweled box, which her human had set on the desk.
>”I can get you some tea if that'd help.”
>But would they make everything right again?
>Was even their power enough?
“Naw. Just... come here.”
>She patted the bed with one hoof.
>Her human stared at her for a second, then sat down on the patted spot.
>Twilight squirmed and crept until her head rested on his thigh.
>Its soothing warmth spread into the back of her head.
>She let out a sigh.
“Haah. Somtimes, I feel like I want to lock myself in a library and not come out until the problem's gone.”
>As much as she wished to, she couldn't do that.
>Not with the fate of Celestia and Luna resting on her.
>She flopped onto her side, so she faced away from her human, and shut her eyes.

”But enough about me. How are you doing? Were you treated well while I was gone?”
>She drew a sudden, sharp breath as something touched her mane.
>The human's palm smoothed the frazzled strands of hair sticking out, sending out waves of relaxation.
>”I spent most of the time with Night Light and Velvet. They treated me well.”
>His fingers dug into her mane at the base of her ear.
“Mmh. Good.”
>Tiny ripples of pleasure spread from where his finger scritched.
>Her ear flicked as his knuckles grazed it.
>”Your father's cooking is something even I can't match. Well, couldn't match. Can't do much now that I'm one handed.”
>Even Spike couldn't match Night Light's cooking.
>Just the memory of it filled Twilight's mouth with saliva.
>Maybe she'd have time to have dinner with her family?
“Did he do his cheese cauli? That's the best thing he does. I don't know what he puts in it that makes it so good. Spike tried replicating it a few times, but couldn't figure it out either. Not that his attempts were bad, just not as heavenly.”

“So what do you think of all this? It's your world on the line, not mine.”
>Twilight lay on her stomach, with her wings spread eagle.
>”I trust your judgment, Princess.”
>Her human's fingers ran between her feathers, smoothing and straightening them.
>Twilight rolled her eyes at his words, despite knowing he couldn't see the gesture.
“Just tell me how you feel about it.”
>Twilight's wing twitched as he plucked out a bit of loose down that'd got stuck on a living feather.
>”I'm afraid.”
>His fingers stopped.
>”I'd accepted that I wouldn't go back home, but now I'm afraid for my friends. My parents. All of them. Will they be just gone?”
>His voice wavered the tiniest bit.
>”I always thought I'd eventually get to go back – maybe it'd take years, maybe even a decade or two – but if there's no home to return to, then... Then what am I? A pet? A toy, something to be cast aside as soon as you grow bored?”
>It was Twilight's turn to be left speechless.
“I- I haven't thought that far. There's so much to worry about in the present that I haven't thought of the future. If I can't stop Nightmare Moon, I'm not sure if it'll even matter. I've seen a future where I lost to her. She's not someone who'll forgive an attempt to stop her. Daybreaker is more of a question, but I don't think she's up to any good, either.”
>But even if she stopped them, would Luna and Celestia return?
“I'll do everything I can to stop them from risking your world. I promise.”
>He said nothing in response.
>His fingers returned to Twilight's feathers, plucking out another bit of loose down.


>Twilight wasn't quite sure when she fell asleep.
>She just knew that when she cracked open her eyelids at one point, she was lying under covers instead of having her head on her human's thigh.
>That, and the ceiling had changed from mosaic tiles to crystal glass.

>A full moon hung high above her, so radiant it drowned out all but the brightest stars.
>She pushed the covers off herself, taking care to not bother the human sleeping next to her.
>Though she was asleep and reality could be different, seeing him there instead of curled up on the floor made a warm smile spread on Twilight's face.
>”He is sleeping next to you. You can feel how his weight causes a depression on the mattress, and your dream changed to accommodate.”
>The slow and deep voice, like that of someone who'd just waken up, felt oddly familiar.
>Twilight craned her neck to look at its source, an earth pony mare with half-lidded eyes and very faint orange coat.

“Who are you?”
>Her brow furrowed as she tried to recall what she'd read about Luna's Dreamwalking magic.
>Luna wasn't the only one with such a talent, but there were only seven others, and Twilight didn't remember reading about anypony like the mare in front of her.
>She definitely hadn't seen that name in the book.
>”I'm not listed in the books because-”
>Haven lifted a hoof off the floor and covered her lips with it.
>What'd she meant?
>She had a secret, but what and why?
>The mare shook her head and returned her hoof to the floor.
>”Somepony needs your help.”
>She squeezed her half-lidded eyes shut.
>Everything disappeared.
>Everything but Twilight and Haven.
>Twilight felt like she was falling, and flapped her wings to slow herself.
>But it changed nothing.
>A massive wave of vertigo made her fall to her knees.
“Nngh. What-”

>Twilight and Haven stood on the edge of a tiny island of ash-covered dirt floating over nothingness.
>Princess Luna sat in the middle of the island, with her back towards Twilight.
>Her head hung limp at the end of her neck, and her wings were draped on the ground instead of being folded on her sides.
>Her ears were pressed flat against her skull.
“Princess Luna?”
To be continued.
Bedfillies are better than bedmares
File: Lewd.jpg (136 KB, 1028x1024)
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136 KB JPG
File: IMG_6222.jpg (168 KB, 962x1280)
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168 KB JPG
Reminder that rule 63 corona exists and is waiting for you to pound his puckered ponut and moan like a mare
> November 15th
> Anonymous, my love,
> I got word today from Spike that my friends will board the morning train to Canterlot tomorrow in order to come see me. I wish I had a camera with me so I could send you a selfie. I'm sure you'd get a good laugh if you saw the smile on my muzzle at those news!
> I was starting to worry, but it's just the post here. Other than magical mail, it takes a few days to get anywhere. I guess I got spoiled on e-mail and instant messages.
> As for Silver Spoon, she is doing as well as could be expected. She was absolutely miserable that first morning, despite the best Canterlot doctors trying to cure her hangover. I think my chatting with Cadence beside her bad made it worse, but I didn't want to leave that pony alone even for a second.
> After the physical part of her malady was over, her fears from when she was drunk came back. Silver Spoon is worried what her friends and family might think of her, but both myself and Princess Cadence assured her it would be alright.
> How could anypony blame her for being foal-napped and kept chained up?! I told her I'd be right by her side when we went to meet everypony and that seems to have helped.
> That reminds me - I have to send a letter to Silver Spoon's parents and kind of prepare them. Silver is very fragile at the moment and will need a gentle and careful hoof to get better. Remember: her entire world has changed twice now in less than a month!
> All my love,
> Twilight Sparkle
> P.S.: Sending a message is *really* hard from this side! I don't understand why! Cadence offered to help with this one, but I don't think I'll manage one per day, not if I want to do anything else. Please, please, don't be disappointed, but I promise I'll write as often as I can, okay?
> P.P.S.: Still no luck with the return spell, and Cadence doesn't have any ideas either. I'm sure I'll have it worked out soon!
Are these letters just popping up in that empty field or is she able to conjure them in their house? I want to believe that anon has to wander around that field for hours looking for those letters like some crazy lunatic
>anon has to wander around that field for hours looking for those letters like some crazy lunatic
so par for the course?
I miss this green.
Great stuff
attach the spell she used to send the letters first and ask some other unicorn to do it
see anons? she does not have one since she was not able to take pictures
so no cellphone, laptop, tablet, camera
But sure Equestria has a way to take traditional pictures and send those right?
Well, if opening tells us something, they have film photos and dragons can send them if you tape it to the scroll.
What are the chances of the government or an organization being able to intercept the letters?
Pone is for rehabilitation

Well, in the first green the letters were delivered with pinpoint accuracy right to Anon's living room. I had the same idea in mind for this one, but it's true I never explained that in this green, or at least not in enough detail.

Damn, I knew I missed a hole somewhere! Let's say there's no unicorns with the Pony Society, okay?
Every form of energy leaves a trace, magic is not the exception.

After the association sent ponies back to Equestria it would be inevitable that someone on this side could catch strange readings in our world/universe/reality/whatever and if they are diligent and intelligent they might notice a pattern.

Now, who could notice it? An organization or private company? The army? Government? Entrepreneurs are ambitious, the military are paranoid and the politicians opportunistic, the chances that they find the source of the signal and relate it to some group or people is a terrible possibility.

What should the ponies do? What should Twilight do? What should Anon do?

Good green AWF
It seems like a good time for another annual^W update.

The bin is at https://pastebin.com/mD27JA6g .

Location: ashes of Ponyville. Best mare spotted in the distance.


Ch 14


> You are tired
> You envy unconscious Petrenko who lies in the dust
> Amulet eased the tiredness a couple of hours ago, but now you feel like a deadbeat again
> Zecora still tries to catch her breath after the fight
> Being maybe even more tired than you, she somehow knocked your fellow from the previous life
> How the hell did your squadmate get here? Were the people who burnt the town from your own platoon?
> "Seven guards, huh?"
> "Took seven guards to just slow you,*pant* and that one folded just like that?"
"That's guards for you. This poor man was a... guard too when I come from"
> "Were you planning to do something with that *wheeze* boomstick of yours?"
"I can't just kill people, you know"
> "What about those wolves?"
"I didn't know these wolves personally and they are not that stupid, we should have some mercy"
> "So you'd just let me die or something?"
"I thought I'd just bullshit my way in or something. Tell you I had dibs first..."
> "DIBS?"
"Scratch your ear for the complete picture..."
> "I'm not your property! How could you say that!?"
"I'm sure he'd believe when you'd hug me!"
> You notice her kick-in-the-sore-spot stance too late. All you can do is mentally prepare for...
> Missed hit?
> Ah, yes, you are both dried.
> You still nearly fall and drop your rifle when she butts you with her rump.
"What was that for?"
> "He was going to take me hostage and bring home and brag to his friends! And you called bucking DIBS?"
"That's why it's called BULLSHIT my way in."
> " You... You... I'm..."
"Look, I'm sorry, I just wanted to make sure nobody's hurt."
> "That's not very convincing"
"I was afraid I'd shoot the wrong blurry spot, I can't even see straight after yesterday. Please, I'm sorry."
> Confused look, slower breathing. Nearly missed it.
> "I still want to hit you."
"I'll probably trip over a brick a dozen times in next hour, you'll get your payback."
> You try to ease your situation and pet her mane, but she wriggles her head out of your palm
> "You didn't even listen when I told you to take a safe path."
"I... Wait, how did you know that?"
> "Because I found those wolves."
"And apparently it's okay for YOU to take that path?"
> "Unlike you I can walk the forest wihout half of its creatures running after me."
"Uh-huh, that's exactly how we've met."
> "That does not count!"
"How so?"
>> "Uuuuurrrhg jsut get a room you two"
"You want her to hit you again?"
>> "No, thanks, you can have her."
> You should keep Zecora from fullfilling the threat, she's starting to boil again
"Yeah, should've listen to me. What the hell are you doing here?"
>> "And who are... Wait, is that you?"
"The one and only. What's the issue with the town, why the hell would you burn it?"
>> "Sarge got mad that horses ran away and stole all the herd we wanted to take back... I thought you guys died in there! Are you a ghost?"
> He pokes your chest with his finger and stumbles back
>> "What the hell? Is that some horse magic?"
> Shit, he might think you're a spy
"That is some 'let's leave them to die' magic, thank the captain for that. Don't jump to another topic, I've tried to contact the higher ranks for months, where is Sarge?"
>> "They're down there, t-trying to crack the dome. I just snack out to catch me some horse, we will come back empty-handed anyway, might as well check the ruins. Are you in some kind of undercover shit?"
"Sorry, I must ask Sarge how much I can tell first. You have a medkit with you?"
>> "No, but we have a medic with us. Why?"
> You point your hand to where Davenport was hidden
"Look at that pole, yeah, with the ribbon, there's an injured pony who needs help to the right of it. Go get him to the medic, he got his ribs hurt."
> His eyes are lit and he finally picks himself up from the ground
>> "Where, there?"
"Yes, there. Don't hurt him, you hear me? Because I know how you..."
>> "Yeah, yeah, sure!"
> The big goof hurries to pick the rifle from the ground and runs away, eager to please the command
> He also took your broken Nikonov with empty mag and left his AK74 to you.
> One less problem, the bolt assembly is busted and he can't use his own mags with it.
> A full mag, sweet!
> Aaaaand it's in 'auto fire' mode. How is that чyчмeк still alive, you wonder.
> You return selector to 'safe' and turn back to Zecora
> "What side are you with, tell me, please? Were you actually with them all the time?"
"*sigh* Best if he thinks that way. I hope he won't injure Davenport more than he is."
> "But who are you actually with? Can I even trust you?"
> Really now?
"Zecora, honey. My command sent me into the cross-dimentional anomaly just to see what happens and abandoned me. The guys were told I am dead, and so are the Fluttershy's goons. Which side would YOU choose?"
> "Everyone treated you as a pet, and I thought you wanted to go home."
"They didn't treat me like a pet, they treated me like a bear who ran away from circus and might accidentally bite someone. And those I'd prefer to keep at distance anyway. You and the girls treated me like a person and I appreciate that very much."
> "Still, me and my hut, and you working on it?"
"I just fixed the roof, jeez. It was leaking right into the bed and now it's not, that's all that happened."
> "Yeah, I even developed a habit of sleeping on the side where it's dry."
"Near the edge where you used to fall from?"
> "Just hit yourself in the head on the next brick, please."
> Phew, the storm is over.
> She doesn't mind when you pull her in a sidehug as you walk down to the library covered under a purple magic shield.
"So, mighty human handler, what else did you hear?"
> "Not much. I think they want to ship captives somewhere far, some man with the long name seems to be paying them and send to... Rustoff?"
"Long name?"
> "Tralala...something"
> "Yeah, that sounds like it."
"Motherfuuuuuucker. He sat down Major General after all."
> "Is that bad?"
"That means we're dealing with greed, not with desire for promotion. Hence grunts like Sergeant used for selling ponies abroad, and Rostov is close enough to border to move contraband there."
> "I wish we could just end this war."
"I wish we'll survive the meeting with Sarge. We're getting close, and I really need you to play along, okay?"
> "I'm a free zebra and I won't act like I'm happy about it!"
"Somebody's insecure"
> "Double hits on the head and I'll think about it."
"Just calm down, they'll hear us. Okay, double hits, just help me do something about the library siege.


"Hi, Sarge!"
> The shaved head in the middle of the crowd spots you in the end of the street and the entire squad points rifles at you
"I've heard you're nearby and decided to pay a visit."
>>> "State your name and rank RIGHT NOW or I'll order to shoot!"
"Come on, that's me. From the spring draft, don't you remember?"
> The purple orb starts to wobble, but everybody looks at you
> Is Princess trying to do something?
> You could save her some time but you're out of ideas
>>> "What the hell, aren't you supposed to be dead?"
>>> "Damn eggheads."
> More wobbling on the sphere
>>> "So, what's your deal here, why are you here?"
"I'm trying to contact my damn platoon, do you have means to contact Gener... Talalayev?"
>>> "I don't trust you. Why is the horse here?"
"That's not a horse, that's a zebra. She helped me get to unfamiliar places last six months."
> The wobble is audible and someone finally notices it
>>> "Working with locals? And noone told me there is an agent? Arrest him right now, I'll interrogate him later."
> Luckily, the low-pitch noise finally gets to him and he's turning his head to the sphere.
> The orb is unstable and it shakes as if something wants to break free from inside
> Sarge screams to take cover, but the nearest rocks and rumble is a 10 second run
> All you have time for is falling on top of Zecora as the bubble breaks and the wave of energy washes over everybody and makes your muscles jolt
> You fail to breathe properly and your vision gets darker
> The last thing you remember is Zecora trying to make pushes on your chest so you won't suffocate and a blurry blue spot that comes in the corner of your eye.

And that's it for today.

Updates should have a proper schedule now since I dropped many of unneeded responsibilities. Hope someone still remembers the green. I'm going to alter the writing process a bit and give it a proper ending. Hope you'll like it.
File: 409174.jpg (442 KB, 1500x1300)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
Good to see you back
>ch 14
>just about to sleep
I will give it a shot tomorrow
Corona when?
File: IMG_6253.png (314 KB, 1617x1200)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
Does anyone know if fanganon is alive? I really like that motherfucker
She loves her daddy.
File: jermadab.png (662 KB, 799x520)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
> November 19th
> My love,
> I saw my friends, but only for a few hours on the train ride to Ponyville. They were so happy to see me and I was overjoyed to be with them again. I think we all cried a little - well, except for Applejack, but she cries on the inside so that's fine.
> Spike was with them too. I can't believe how much he's grown!
> Oh! I'll get somepony to take a photo of us, so I can show you!
> Anyway, he was really worried about coming back to be my assistant, but I said it's okay and he should stay with Rarity.
> They are very much in love, I can see that. I really hope they can work out their problems! They seem happy together, so I don't think it'll be hard.
> The others...
> Applejack was almost her old self. I didn't really speak all that much with her, but she seemed alright.
> Pinkie Pie is really difficult to read sometimes. She seemed cheerful and happy and promised to throw me a proper 'coming home' party in the next few days.
> I did see her take a few pulls from her flask and that worries me a little. I'll see what else I can find out when I go meet her at the Sugarcube Corner.
> Fluttershy kept mostly to herself, and I couldn't help noticing she was a little disheveled. She also lost some weight. Aside from Pinkie, her I'm most worried about. If what Rainbow Dash says is true and she has no more animals in her cottage, that's a very bad sign. I think I'll visit her first once I'm settled in.
> I didn't get to speak with her at all and she rushed off as soon as the train stopped. Said she was busy.
> Oh, I'm staying with Mr. and Mrs. Cake until I can get the Castle in order. (Long story, another day, okay?)
> I'll write again soon!
> All the love,
> Twilight Sparkle
When is she going to send nudes of herself?
Huh, have to re-read it. I dont remember much after the first attack where everything was on fire.
Good to have you back.

I feel like something is cooking.
I hope that Celestia and Luna extend a special permission so that Anon can visit Equestria, not because him is near to Twiligth but so that can help Fluttershy to heal her heart and soul, of all the mane six she needs it most.

You still have to clarify how the relationship between Spike and Rarity occurred and how much of it is true and how much an escape from what she suffered on the Earth
I hope for whatever reason they can't return
First thing! The naughty full tack version will come later, with some reluctant but also oh so eager help from Rarity.
The end of Something, At Least was so triumphant. We won! We got the ponies out of the brothel, freed them, rehabilitated them, and sent them home in good order! White Knight FTW! Anon has much to be proud of, but the damage of slavery and abuse still goes on. Twilight tries to keep these missives upbeat, but every point she makes is so ominous... Anon (and we readers) needs to go over there and sort things out as the slave of Twilight or Luna!
Human immigration through the portals to Equestria is absolutely forbidden by the Diarchy. Not even Princess Twilight has enough pull to convince them otherwise, and without her full horn she lacks the magical might to open one behind their backs. Human *importation* on the other hand...
File: IMG_6266.png (1012 KB, 1280x720)
1012 KB
1012 KB PNG
Kirin green when???
Good to see you again.
Tanks for the update.
>twilight came to kirin
"Let's fuck"
>and then they fucked
Maybe the others should write letters to Anon too (PP, Rara, FS).
Vega when?
> November 26th
> My sweetest Anonymous,
> I'm so sorry I didn't write until now, but the letter sending spell makes my head hurt the whole day! I think it's my horn - even if it were fully healed, it's still a hard spell. The portal takes three alicorns, remember? For some reason it's easier sending stuff from Earth to Equestria...
> I've been back in my Castle in Ponyville for a few days now. I haven't seen much of my friends, except in passing. I'm really worried about them, it feels as if they are avoiding me now that the novelty of my return is over.
> At least I've seen Silver Spoon a few times. She's with her family now and I think she's doing well.
> Oh, right, the Castle.
> I've barely managed to clean the place up a little and get things back in order. It was almost starting to look like the Castle of the Two Sisters, I don't mind saying!
> Both Celestia and Cadence have assured me I will have their full support should I need anything at all.
> So, I ran into Starlight Glimmer and... well, she's married now. Can you guess to whom?
> Yep. Sunburst. (Who didn't see that coming a mile off?)
> I only heard the rough story: After me and my friends didn't come back from Earth for a while she went to see him to try and find a way to contact us. She ended up staying in the Crystal Empire for a long time and... Well, one thing led to another, I guess.
> She lives in Ponyville now with Sunburst and their daughter and she's doing what she can for our friends. She couldn't 'fix' their problems, but I'm still glad she was there for them. I'll have to find a way to thank her...
> Always yours,
> Twilight Sparkle
> P.S.: That stupid return spell just won't work! I've asked Starlight to take a look - she's always been good with magic.
>sunburst getting laid
Fucking dropped
You had one of the best stories on this doomed general but having orange incel get his dick wet is too far
I thought hippodrome was a filthy degenerate but your dumpsterfire makes it look like catholic mass.
You sound like an incel
>Yep. Sunburst. (Who didn't see that coming a mile off?)
Plotwist: It's mindcontrol spell
>Always yours,
Twilight best slave. Even free in Equestria, still knows the deeper truth.
>Noooooo, no-one but my self insert is allowed to even look at a mare!
>Be mare
>You've just about settled into the new apartment in Brooklyn
>The neighborhood is nice - lots of other ponies around
>Which means lots of businesses that cater to ponies, and even many run by ponies!
>Your grocery bill has been nearly cut in half
>But getting from your neighborhood back to the city is a bit of a bitch
>It's a long subway ride or a more expensive commuter train ride to a shorter subway ride
>You and Rose were almost late for taping the show enough times that the network started sending a van for you on show days
>Which is convenient
>Walking around you've had to get used to different kinds of people than you've experienced
>Ponytown is located in what used to be called New Lots
>The people who live in the area nearby are darker colored and much poorer than those you met in Manhattan
>Lots of Spanish and Caribbean accented English spoken on the streets
>The former is incomprehensible to you, and you're still getting used to the sound of the latter
>Word among ponies is that these people have a reputation for being violent - East New York (as it's also called) is Brooklyn's murder capital
>But that doesn't seem to extend to ponies
>Everypony tells you that the violence is something they keep among themselves
>It seems to be true
>To most of them you seem almost invisible - clearly not many of them watch the show
>Though you have been catcalled on the street by some of the men
>And it may be a minority opinion, but you actually find it flattering
>That's probably because you don't find them threatening, just different from the people you're used to
>They have different foods as well, a few you've tried and liked
>Rose has been less adventurous that way so far
>But she'll be the first to admit she got spoiled by nice restaurants and good wine when she was John's bedmare
>And that may have made her a little bit of a snob when it comes to people food
>She's not at all snobby about Equestrian food, and there's plenty of that just a stone's throw from your place
>Your place
>It's looking nice, if still a bit sparsely furnished
>The vase of flowers you just bought make it look cheefrul, and will also serve as a snack
>You picked up some people food snacks as well because you're having a guest over today
>John the VP's niece Anna asked if she could interview the two of you for a paper she's writing for school
>She didn't ask directly, of course
>The request came from John, who made it very clear this was something you could pass on if it was inconvenient
>But Rose remembered the girl and said it would be nice to see her
>Even though the subject of the interview might be a little awkward for her:
>The Pony Sex Trade
>Which is a polite way to say the paper is about the lives of bedmares and pony sex workers like you used to be
>It's a frequent topic on the show, but you can only be so explicit about the details or the segment gets chopped to bits
>Aparently Anna wants you to get into greater depth about it
>Her thesis is that it's wrong and an end should be put to it
>But it still has to be viewed differently than human sex trafficing because it is a different thing
>Mares like Moonglow would find that very threatening
>You would have as well not all that long ago
>But this isn't something that's going to change the world, it's just a student's paper for a college class
>Rose commented that she couldn't believe Anna was in college because she remembered when she started high school
>Which means if Micah is to be believed this girl you're about to meet is your peer in terms of relative age
>Maybe even technically older than you
>Of course she's literally older than you because Earth years and Equestria years are not the same
>Ponies mature much faster than people
>A fifteen year old pony would be nearly middle aged, whereas a fifteen year old boy or girl would be an adolescent
>You're barely halfway to fifteen, but this Anna is probably eighteen or nineteen
>When the buzzer rings Rose rushes to let her in
>And into your apartment steps a girl - a pretty girl with long brown hair
>She's not model pretty, but could-be-on-TV pretty for sure
>She and Rose hug
>"It's so good to see you," Rose says. "Everything good?"
>"As good as can be," Anna replies. "Life is exciting, stressful and depressing all at once"
>When they break from their embrace Anna turns to you
>"It's a pleasure to meet you," she says. "You are an inspiration"
"I am? I'm just trying to figure out what a normal life is and how to live something that resembles one"
>The girl reaches out to hug you, and you don't resist
>Until the hug lasts just a little too long and you realize this girl probably likes girls herself
>She feels you stiffen a little and quickly releases you
>No harm, no foul
"Welcome to Ponytown, or almost Ponytown. Did you have any trouble finding the place?"
>"I took an Uber," she replies. "Even on a Saturday afternoon I'm not entirely sure how safe these streets are for a white girl"
>You nod, not being sure yourself
>"So Rose, where's your son? I'm dying to meet him," Anna enthuses
>"At a play date with a neighbor colt, I'm afraid," Rose replies. "I've got to go get him before supper. You can come with me if you want"
>"It's not far?," Anna asks
>"End of the block," Rose answers
>"Then sure. I can't wait to see him," Anna says
>After some more pleasantries Anna repeatedly thanks the both of you for helping her and holds up a bag she's carrying
>She pulls out two bottles of wine from it and shows them to Rose
>"Burgundy!," Rose exclaims. I love Burgundy. But you're not old enough to buy this yet"
>"Yet I drink it anyway," Anna replies, then adds, "It's a thank you from Uncle John. He knew you'd like it"
>"Then let's get them open and let them breathe," Rose says, searching for the corkscrew in the kitchen drawers
>If it weren't for her you wouldn't have a corkscrew
>Or three wine glasses - there used to be four, but you broke one
>Thankfully three is all you need for now
>Anna opens both bottles and pours from one into the glasses
>Rose turns to you and says, "It's going to be a little tight at first sip, but will open up nicely"
>You don't know what that means, but you accept the glass and clink it to the others when Rose says, "Cheers"
>Both Rose and Anna turn to look you in the eyes before taking a sip
>You taste the purple liquid
>It's not strong and harsh like bourbon
>Instead it's sour without any sweet to balance it
>It's not bad, but sour is a flavor you're still learning to appreciate
>You can tell it has alcohol in it, but it's notnearly as strong as other drinks you've had
>Actually it tastes about as alcoholic as the Champagne you sipped at your wedding
>Leading you to conclude it's pretty harmless as long as you don't have more than a couple glasses of the stuff
>Which is all there is in the house anyways
>The three of you sit at the table
>Your table and chairs are pony sized, so Anna has to work a little to get comfortable
>But she insists she's fine as you sip your wine
>When you catch yourself about to absentmindedly nibble on a flower in the vase you realize it's time to put out the people snacks
>That's what a good host would do
>You get up and get what you managed to find
"I have some snacks. I got some water crackers and some Gouda cheese"
>"Just the crackers for me," Anna replies. "I don't do dairy"
>Well fuck it, you bought the cheese so you may as well have a little taste of it
>Turns out it's salty and rich, like so many other people foods
>And it goes really well with the wine, making it taste much less sour
>Good to know
>Anna taps her phone begins interviewing Rose as you munch and sip away
>Rose says, "The auction happened really fast, literally less than a day from crossing the portal and being informed of my status"
>"As private property?," Anna asks
>"Yes," Rose replies. "I was told I had to call whoever bought me master and do whatever he said or I would be punished"
>"That must have been a shock," Anna replies
>"There were rumors it was going to be like that, but there was nothing left in Equestria, so there was no choice"
>"No hope in a world of enernal night," Anna answers
>"I'm sure some ponies made a more drastic choice than crossing over, but I couldn't do that," Rose says quietly
>She continues: "It was pretty obvious what the deal was at the auction. All men bidding and mostly pretty mares being sold"
>"So you knew what you were being sold for?," Anna asks
>"I didn't KNOW," Rose replies, "but I knew. And it was made clear immediately when I was sold and master brought me home"
>She spits the word 'master" hatefully
>"Can I ask how so?," Anna says tentatively
>"He said he could kill me if he wanted to, but he wouldn't hurt me at all if I showed my appreciation for his kindness"
>"And then?," Anna prods
>"I was basically raped until it became routine. Then my heat came and my body betrayed me"
>"It was pleasurable?," Anna asks
>"Of course it was," Rose replies. "I hated it and wanted him to stop, but my body... After that it was really weird"
>"You felt ashamed?," Anna offers
>"Shame, hate, lust, self-pity, disgust - you name it," Rose answers, "and something else. He was taking care of me and keeping me alive..."
>"After making it clear he could just kill you," Anna confirms
>"Right. so the fact that he didn't made me feel...," Rose pauses for a moment, "tender toward him in some perverted way"
>"Stockholm Syndrome," Anna responds. "It's a documented thing. Your kidnapper could kill you but chooses not to so you start seeing him as your protector"
>"Wow," Rose says, "that's pretty much it exactly. And you stop seeing him as the monster who rapes you and more like..."
>"The strong man who's watching over you?," Anna asks
>"Something like that," Rose replies. "You appreciate him in a really messed up way that it takes years to get over"
>"But you were only with him for a short time, weren't you?," Anna asks
>"Yeah, but it did a number on my head," Rose replies. "I started thinking like a desperate, manipulative creature who would do anything to get to a better situation"
>"And Uncle John was that situation?"
>"Master was in financial trouble and wanted to get into the Pony Trading business..." Rose begins
>"And your uncle offered an apartment, a flower shop," she sontinues, "it seemes like he wanted a pony mistress more than a bedmare slave"
>"I believe he did," Anna replies
>"So of course I nudged master in that direction," Rose says, "out of the desire to make a better situation for myself"
>"And was it?," Anna asks
>"Of course it was," Roseluck answers, "He was a total gentleman at first. Though it didn't take much to win me over given what I'd been through"
>"So he wasn't awful to you?," Anna asks
>"Not at all," Rose says gently, "It was the best I thought I could do here, and he actually had me believing we were in an equal relationship"
>"I think that's what he wanted with you," Anna says, "He was so desperate when he told me he'd fucked it up"
>"Doesn't matter," Rose replies, "I fucked it up as much as he did. I just didn't expect his intractability on that one issue"
>"He is a proud man," Anna responds. "But behind the scenes he saw to it you were taken care of. Like being emancipated"
>"I owe him more than I could ever pay back for that and everything else" Rose answers
>Anna smiles and says, "Emancipation was my idea, actually"
>"Thank you," Rose says flatly
>This is eye opening
>You wouldn't say it makes you see Roseluck in a whole new light, but it does explain some free pony attitudes you've encountered
>Anna and Roseluck both have tears in their eyes
>Emancipation was HER idea?!
>What kind of power does this girl have?
"We can wrap things up there if you think you have everything you need. But let's have some more wine"
>"I'd like to ask you a few questions as well, if you're up to it" Anna counters
"Sure, but you might not like my answers"
>"Why wouldn't I like them?," Anna asks
"I have a very different view of things than Rose"
>"I expect that," Anna replies. "Give me an example"
"OK, like I was a little shocked when Rose talked about being raped, because they way I was taught about rape was very different"
>"What were you taught about rape?"
"It's someone having sex with you against your will, which didn't apply to us since we didn't have our own will"
>"You didn't have your own will?"
"Of course not. But we had to learn to roleplay it because some clients wanted that. I was pretty good at rape"
>"You were good at rape?"
"Yeah. You know: Oh no! Please mister, stop! Please don't do this. I'm just a little filly. Please stop!"
>Without even thinking the fake tears come to your eyes, just like when you were a filly
"I had a couple regulars who loved that shit. That's the one situation where you'd try to keep your tail down with a client"
>You notice Rose's mouth is hanging open a little
>Of course it is
"But now I understand the traumatic experience she's communicating with the word. I just never think of rape that way"
>"So what would you call it if some man forced himself on you?"
"I don't know. It's never happened outside of when it was just what was supposed to happen"
>"Right, you grew up in a brothel"
"Exactly. For a free mare like Rose suddenly having a master was terrifying. But when you grow up a rental a master is like the impossible dream"
>"So in your view Uncle John's new mare has is good?"
>You laugh at the thought of the VP smelling like her piss
>"What's so funny?"
"She knows how good she has it and let's just say she can't keep herself from... marking him as hers"
>"You still think that as a free pony?"
"Let me put it this way: unless he plans on emancipating her someday her situation is far and away the best she's ever going to do"
>"You believe that?"
"It's true. And she knows it. She's going to hang on as tight as she can. I understand that"
>"Well that explains a lot. Uncle John and I both thought it would be too awkward for me to interview her"
"When you're private property having a good master is as good as it gets. Rose didn't understand that because she never really accepted being..."
>"Owned," Rose says. "And you're right. It was something I never truly accepted"
"While it was something I never questioned"
>"But you question it now, right?," Anna says. "You're against the idea of slavery"
"If you could wave a magic wand and make all ponies free and able to take care of themselves like me and Rose, sure"
>"But?," Anna prompts
"You can't do that for everypony. For those who are going to be private property a good master, or at least..."
>You think about your fillyhood friends
>Skydancer, Snowdrop, Durril
"...an organization that treats them well - or well enough - that might be the best you can hope for them"
>Oh shit, you made her cry
>You didn't mean to do that
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..."
>"It's OK," Anna responds. "It just sounds so fatalistic"
"Think about it. Your uncle seems to have a thing for emancipating mares, so maybe Cloudburst will know freedom someday"
>You add:
"If she could even handle it. But the mares I grew up with? Their lives are pretty set, and they know it"
>"You don't think we'll live to see slavery abolished?," Anna asks
"That's on you, not me. It won't be ponies that abolish it if it happens. It'll have to be people. You're the ones in charge"
>That's a good point, actually
>You ought to reinforce it
>So you look Anna right in the eyes and say:
"We're powerless, after all"

It's fine but your green lost a lot of tension since the emancipation of mare. Like the lack of danger when mare get that letter with sugar from her "hater fan". But I guess that since she choose the emancipation he already stopped.
Your green don't have any real conflict anymore because both already have a good life as celebrities
Is it my imagination or is it more difficult for Twiligth to send messages to her beloved? It is as if somehow something or some (pony) were blocking access through the veil of realities, if so, the chances of Twilight returning to Earth will be less.

Better to lose the element of loyalty than to the princess of magic?
The conflict is coming next episode. Thank you for reading.
Maybe the princesses are sealing any access to the earth forever, a magic lock without any kind of key. The elements can choose another holder that isn't a slut for humans later, but an alicorn on the human side would be a big lose for the morale of equestria.

Oh, great. Thanks for replying, never stop
Really want to thank you for this philosophical, meditative approach to pony slavery. Our standard “white knight, roommate with PTSD, bath scene” formula has a lot going for it, but your story digs a little deeper. I was kinda surprised last update that Mare never had birthdays and lost track of her age, but I suppose that only emphasizes her identity as a product. Was also surprised at Cuddlesluts impressive vocabulary; they grow fast, but that fast?

This guy does have a point. You’re hard at work developing the world and characters, but the dramatic tension is at a low ebb. What’s shaking back in Dark Equestria? Most living things there will have died, but that does not cover every possible threat...
Save Equestria in exchange for losing the loyalty and others poors and inocents ponies in the Earth, do not known but I doubt that the tree of harmony accepts this type of exchange
>What’s shaking back in Dark Equestria? Most living things there will have died, but that does not cover every possible threat...

To be honest I don't care about Dark Equestria. I like a world where the ponies need to abolish the slavery and stay in the earth with the human at equal. That is a lot better than "BOOM!! Equestria is fine now, everyone can return to their old life now. YAY!!!"

>do not known but I doubt that the tree of harmony accepts this type of exchange
Why? The tree never show that kind of behavior on the show. The tree just provide the elements and stop everfree forest from spreading. Right now in this season with the school the tree is learning about their creatures but this will never happen in this green because as much this twilight belong to the end of S5 Because the lack of the new changelings
>I don't care about Dark Equestria.
Me neither, particularly. Was just suggesting it as a source of deus ex drama if Blinders didn’t have something else in mind. Magical baddie pops up, wrecks the (inevitable) dark-side resource extraction industry, comes over to Earth and makes trouble here too. Humans need the Magic Of Friendship, or at least some sort of magic of desperation, puts the ponies in a more powerful position. Would the downtrodden unicorn be up for that or not???

Dragons. Changelings. Diamond Dogs. Timber Wolves. Tree of Harmony. Fucking time travel. All the other powerful things over there always seemed a dangling plot thread. The world might be dead, but they won’t go down that easy.
>"We're powerless, after all"

That phrase encompasses the whole idea of this whole story, and it is extraordinary.

If the process of social and cultural emancipation and adhesion is carried out gradually, the powerless ponies will have enough economic and political power to change things, but for this process to take place, it will be necessary to fight against a whole system, cementing the submission of one species for the benefit of another, and lack of a 'Magic Wand Deux is Machina' the ponies must advance to that path at a slow pace, Blinders Off has ironically become one of the key pieces to put into action this movement, the true power not to change the reality of things, but the hearts of the participants.

It was a good interview, hopefully they could talk like this in the program or face the problem with a greater value than is possible

This has been one of your best greens FBHPBO, because you have given imaginary beings weight and substance, as well as realism and pragmatism
File: forced.jpg (161 KB, 1190x1044)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Suppose you care about the tree the moment you try to make somepony else the element of loyalty instead of the one that originally carries it, as if trying to force something that should not be forced
>Magical baddie pops up
With no magic on the earth they will be useless. But would be kinda funny see a king sombra trying to invade the earth just to be reduced like a bitch and turn into a celebrity of the hippodrome as the strongest equine gladiator

>Humans need the Magic Of Friendship, or at least some sort of magic of desperation, puts the ponies in a more powerful position. Would the downtrodden unicorn be up for that or not???
No. The point is that the earth don't allow the ponies to have enough magic to be powerful enough. At much this would be a relief for ponies if baddies come to the earth just to be easily defeated by humans.
They get the relief of not being the savior of the world this time and can focus on get the same rights as humans.

>Diamond Dogs
Really far from equestria(localitation of the portal). With eternal darkness they will never find the location of the portal before their whole race fall

>Tree of Harmony
Will stay on the everfree forest stopping the everfree forest forever

>Fucking time travel
Without a god tier unicorn that can make the real time travel spell (for now only glimmer&twilight with Starswirl scroll) this scenario is impossible on the earth

>The world might be dead, but they won’t go down that easy.
Why not?
Dead because the explosion kill luna
Without any pony to cause enough caos close to his statue he will be sealed there forever
Without anyone on equestria her race is doomed. Also the lack of magic would make her disguise spell worthless
No magic = no threat
Same as Sombra but worse. Without magic he will be a grandpa forever if he even escape from the tartarus
>Shadow pony
Still sealed forever with the pillars
So is she alone in the castle?
Glimglam + wizard : im ok with this.
Just noticed that your pastebin is not up to date, please update it.
Thanks for these letters. But I feel we miss out on one to one conversations this way. We just get the facts/conclusion.
I want to spank Landscape Appul
There’s magic, and then there’s magic. Even if MAGIC MISSILE!!! doesn’t have enough oomph to be useful on earth, something more subtle like disguise or mind control could still be a real threat. Then there’s the ultimate doomsday threat: parasprites. They’re magical, but not particularly powerful or formidable. Their only magic tricks are to eat any organic or non-organic matter, and reproduce rapidly. Once that exponential growth curve hits the cliff, they’ll eat the earth down to the core before you know it!

On the other hand, pony magic could be immensely useful too. Especially when a electricity to magic converter is developed; that’s only a matter of time.
Landscape Appul is the most submissive and obedient pony in the world. No need for spank, just politely order her to do it herself.

>Appul when?
>Then there’s the ultimate doomsday threat: parasprites

If equestria still exist that means that the parasprites aren't actually dangerous at all.
One time scenarios/episode gimmick bug don't count when you need a top tier unicorn(S1 twilight) to fuck up an spell to make them real dangerous(consume non-organic matter only happen when twilight fuck up the spell). Also the earth already have bugs dangerous like the parasprites that fuck up the crops

>They’re magical
That means already fucked on the planet earth of this green
File: Inspiration.jpg (51 KB, 500x667)
51 KB
I think of the Parasprites as the equivalent of the scavengers in Equestria, they devour the excess resources to maintain the balance between predators and prey, the reason why their number does not become unstoppable is because they were originally limited to a specific area with A specific number of resources and when their numbers grew decreased their sources of food or were eaten by other predators (such as Hydra for example) when one of them traveled beyond their habitat and came to Ponyville having no predators and an abundance of resources reproduced just like mice in Australia

I like to believe that there is magic on Earth, humans simply lost the ability to use it when they chose to use knowledge mainly for their own benefit and focused their evolution to control the world instead of coexisting with it, maybe there are even a handful of sorcerers , shamans, healers and people with special abilities but live so far from our civilization or are in mental institutions doped to the insensitivity, maybe the magic on Earth is different from Equestria but surely the ponies can feel it
>not getting the joke
Fuck you
Getting slow on the draw there.
Mal0 is a good girl
Some people have 9-5's you degenerate fuck. Some people can't be neets in their mothers basement like you and hippodrome. You sick fucks disgust me
personally I like to take it one step further and earth's magic is based on the four "elements" of air/water/earth/fire instead of equestria's harmony magic, leaving ponies that come to earth feeling wierd and stumped on how to actually use it, like their magic field felt like water and earth's feels like oil, similar in their own way but irreconcilably different
Your tears, they are delicious
Sorry I can't suck a writefags dick over pedophillia garbage. Do the world a favor and kill yourself
File: 1927893 octavia.jpg (197 KB, 2124x1530)
197 KB
197 KB JPG

>Being in charge is... if you had to pick a word, you'd say troublesome.
>Not that you have any right to complain, of course.
>You're exempt from the duties of the other mares, but it wouldn't be fair for you to not *work*.
>A mare must earn her keep!
>Particularly now, after you've told that to so many others. After you've looked down on them for not doing their part, for raising a fuss when *all* they had to do was what was expected of them.
>But now...
>You can *hear* the music again.
>You can do what you were brought here to do!
>What you were *born* to do!
>You yearn to leave the room assignments and work schedule for later. Or tell the new mares to sort themselves out. Anything to get back to your cello.
>But every time the thought strikes you, the music hits a bitter note.
>The new mares are huddled about the table in the common room. Eating.
>You hadn't been about to let them become a spectacle, something for the humans to gawk over.
>The customers can see the new mares when their work begins. They aren't ready for it yet.
>No, you'd had their meals delivered here.
>It was the right call, in more ways than one.
>The way some tear into their food might have put some of the other diners off of theirs.
>Bereft of their clothing, you can see how lean some of them are. The pegasi mostly.
>Not starvation thin, not like you and your companions were before Sterling, but certainly underweight.
>Only Sweetie refuses to eat.
>You glance up from the half-filled schedule; she still hasn't eaten a bite.
>She'd refused to order, too. You'd had to do that for her.
>Maybe you'd chosen... no, it wouldn't have mattered what you'd ordered.
>She sneers when she sees you looking her way.
File: 589803 sweetie.png (466 KB, 4028x4232)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
>"Here, Eastern," she says, pushing her styrofoam box towards the pegasus. "You look like you're still hungry."
>"R-really? But... no, you should eat, too!"
>"Take it, Eastern."
>"Hey," a unicorn snaps as discordant notes swirl through your mind. "She said she didn't want it. Let me -"
>"Hold up there," an earth pony barks back, "you got plenty to eat. Manehattan still has a portal and I *know* the humans were bringing in aid shipments for you all."
>"So? You got them too!"
>"But you got it *first*!"
>"So what? Everypony got the same thing and it was all *cold*. I just want -"
>"You *say* that, but I'm know for a fact -"
>"I'm giving it to Eastern," Sweetie says firmly, a loud drum beat that drowns out the rest. "She needs it the most."
>"Well, I don't really *need* it -"
"I'll have more brought."
>The last thing you need is them fighting, though... it would mean they would be unable to present a unified front. Harder to resist. It might be better for them in the long run, if they just gave up, if ...
>No, no.
>You can't think like that.
"Be careful not to eat too much. If... well..."
>They aren't as bad off as the ponies from the camps, but it still sounds like rich food might be more than their stomachs can take.
"Try not to make yourselves sick."
>"Because if we're sick, we can't *work*," Sweetie snarls. "Am I right?"
"That won't matter to some of the men who come here. Better to be well fed and healthy enough to fight back if you don't want them to take you anyway."
>You walk over to the low coffee table the mares have their food on - one of the pegasi hunches over hers like a starving dog afraid you're going to steal her meal away. She raises a wing - blocking her neighbor from reaching for it while keeping her eyes locked on you? Or is it a threat?
>A strike from a wing is no laughing matter.
>Troubling, but you try to - outwardly - show no signs of noticing.
>After all, you're simply reaching for the remote.
>None of the mares had noticed it - or the TV.
"So you don't get bored."
>Bored? You couldn't give a half about them being *bored*.
>You want them to stop fighting.
>It's making the music *wrong*.
>You set it to something hopefully inoffensive, eventually settling on a documentary about pre-Twilight Earth wildlife.
>The cute animals should mend some hurt feelings.
>Hopefully it won't cover the extinctions.
"Sweetie Belle?"
"Will you come with me?"
>"Why? So you -"
"I'll need help carrying the food."
>She's the most resistant, and yet the most agreeable. The least afraid. She's holding herself together better than any of the other new ponies.
>The rest...
>Perhaps your memory is biased, but you don't remember the refugees from the camps acting like this.
>You're wrong, of course. You must be. Objectively you know this.
>They stole from one another, hoarded what they had, refused to help.
>Most of them.
>You remember one young mare who refused to give in to the culture that grew from refugee camp.
>How she tried to force everyone back to the right path.
>It should be no surprise her friend is refusing to give in as well.
>But it felt *different*. Where the ponies from the camps were devoid of hope, the newcomers feel... *wrong*.
>They shouldn't be like this.
>You're not entirely sure if Sweetie will come, but you hope appealing to her desire to help the others will bring her along.
>It does.
>As you turn your back, she says reassuring words to the rest and jumps up to follow.
>Telling them not to worry, not to fight. That there will be plenty for everyone.
>No, that's not what she says.
>She says every*pony*.
>How odd it sounds - you've all but forgotten that word.
>You walk ahead - but not too far ahead. She'll be with you momentarily.
>Down the hall just a bit, down towards the door.
>When you hear her hooves on the floor, you -
>"What? Are you going to threaten me? Demand I -"
"I just want you to answer a question."
"What... what happened? What happened to Equestria? What happened to... to *them*?"

all for now
It's shit
File: mental rape.png (88 KB, 297x337)
88 KB
>What happened to... to *them*?"
Just a little short one, but it's alright. Looking forward to finding out what's up.

>Bored? You couldn't give a half about them being *bored*.
Thank you
My pleasure.
Fuck you, you piece of shit
What is wrong with you?
hes mad
very mad
Cellyboo can look gorgeous if she wants to.
That sound questionable, she is just a filly.
Blinders Off is like the only hope for this thread and why it's still alive imo.
Whats up with shitcunt?
File: Rose And Bronquite.jpg (365 KB, 1314x961)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
File: celebrity slave pony.png (3.14 MB, 1749x1499)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB PNG
He look like a tiny mudbriar
I want to visit a brothel where you cuddle and hug little fillies. But only if they feel like being cuddled.
That's hot. specially if the filly consent her first time on her first heat to her master and fall in love with him.
Sex trafficking doesn't work that way.
What if the guy only buy that filly as maid(cheaper) but the filly have another plans with him?
Filly would have to be groomed. Unlikely she'd just have other plans of her own accord.
>filly have another plans with him
You mean world domination
>Filly as maid(cheaper)

Let change the topic here.
A blank flank pony means that she/he can be trained properly to being a fucking expert in any topic with the proper training.

The price would be

>Really expensive
-blank flank that born in the earth and don't know anything about equestria or their previous freedom
-Properly trained pony

-cutiemark useful for a really specific human jobs
-Submissive ponies
-Blank flank filly/colt
-Blank flank teen pony

-cutiemark worthless for any kind of human jobs
-blankflanks adults(if that even exist)
-really disobedient ponies
Also always a premium for pegasus ponies because sexiest master race.
File: 1093355.jpg (393 KB, 1283x835)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
>National treasure expensive
Cellyboo the human slut
>his slave name is actually El bronco
>VP will always be the cuckest man alive
I would commit suicide if I get cucked by this pony
>need a chef
>buy a blank flank
>change his name to chef jeff
>his name
All stallions are slut for male humans by default. He will got his collar CM on the day 1 with his master.
> December 2nd
> My love,
> I'm sorry about not sending anything sooner, but there's just been so much happening. I wrote a little something each night, but then I was too exhausted to send it, so I scrapped it the next day and wrote something else.
> This week I've been in Canterlot nearly every day, meeting with Celestia and Cadence, mainly about human diplomacy.
> In fact, the only Princess I haven't seen very much is Luna. I'm a little worried she might change her mind about letting me return, so I've decided to try and get her alone tomorrow so we can have a good, long chat. I'm sure seeing that I'm still myself and that I am well will help ease her mind about Earth (and about you).
> And so we come to myself.
> I'm not sure what to write here, Anonymous. I miss you, but you know that. Do you miss me too?
> I think nights are the hardest, because I've gotten so used to sleeping with your warmth. I can't help feeling cold in the bed all by myself.
> Please know that I think of you every spare moment and, despite my happiness at seeing all my friends again, can't wait for the day I can come back.
> Even Cadence saw it in me. At one point I began staring out the window - the view in Canterlot reminded me a bit of the view from our apartment - and Cadence had to nudge me to bring me back.
> She asked: "You really miss your human, don't you?" and all I could do was start crying. Poor Cadence thought it was something she said and apologized profusely.
> I'm just glad nopony else was in the room at the time.
> I'll stop now because I'm making myself sad again. Just - please know I miss you very much and I love you, okay?
> Yours faithfully,
> Twilight Sparkle

I understand about letters giving a limited view into the story (that was the idea - I'm experimenting with an unusual sort of epilogue).
Anyway, I'll start posting my next green soonish (the letters will probably continue for a bit as a "side thing")
I really like these as an interlude. Well done AWF.
I like these letters regardless. Just that you throw in some plot elements, like Pp drinking, rarara+spike that feels like "hey, there is this thing but you wont get more". In the last letter tge Twi-Cadance interaction not raises such feelings, its a small (en)closed part.

And thanks again for any green you write. I really like all of your greens.
I remember someone drew Mare, have someone saved that?

Hmm, good point. I'll rethink my idea to limit them to single posts, maybe do a few longer ones with more detail in the future... (it was a 'design' decision)
Requesting the same
Cellyboo and Jack McCoy makin' babies when???
I like these letters, too. The format is growing on me. I feel so bad for Twily, it sounds rough. Hearing that she feels so distant from everyone is hard to stomach.

>new story

Fuckin HYPE. What kind of vibe is this new one gonna give, do you think? Darker, or more light-hearted?
Humans making foals with their mare wives vibes
I like the letters-only format. That’s all Anon has, that’s all we have. You could put us in his head and explicitly describe what he thinks and does these days, all the drama happening at their company and the Pony Society, but no. Keep the focus on Twilight, and let us suffer the same anxiety he suffers.

Am looking forward to that portal finally opening and the return to proper greentext though!
Corona when?
Never sadly
How much would horse cost though?
File: 1548258657173.jpg (9 KB, 188x146)
9 KB
That is racist. Please give it a chance to the other race like earth ponies
Go to enjoy your "freedom". Mare
Clear skies not understanding American football when?
It's the unicorns I don't trust.
Hey somewritefag, when the literal fuck are you going to show up? I will literally give you money
I bet all the letters sent by Twiligth are intercepted by Luna for sexual purposes

How many great historical events are known thanks to the letters written to loved ones, however brief they may be, are full of emotion and say more than big reports, Twiligth exposes how things in Equestria have changed and that she no longer belongs to this place, at a time when the kingdom needs more to its united leaders the absence of a princess to return with the enemy would show weakness
File: hedok.png (2.63 MB, 2476x1067)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB PNG
But they are the best.
Naw, fuck unicorns.
Thats the spirit!
Is there any current writefag in his general that isn't a piece of shit?
awf isn't shitty and is the only exception
also zebrafag is excused
Yes, me.
Blinders Off
Fuck off
File: WordsFailMe.jpg (59 KB, 174x241)
59 KB
I got a fairly large green I wanna drop, but I caught a case of The Dumb over Christmas and just can't get into the groove to polish it right. I poke at it like an angry kid with brussels sprouts but it still tastes like brussels sprouts. Hopefully my brain reboots as Spring approaches and I can make the thing actually readable and dump it for you guys. So the spirit's willing but the brain is dumb here.
Don't be so rude

I'll be aiming for something middle-of-the-road dark. Not as happy as Cellyboo, but not as dark as some of my others (Break). The main things I wanna do is return to more >green style and try to build a bigger, more complex world around the story.
This won't yet be the darker green I've mentioned at times - I think got a more interesting idea and wanna give it a try.
>Hating on best current story itt
Really. What's wrong with that guy?
>Wondering why someone hates a story that's filled with pedophillia
>wondering why someone hates a story that's filled with blatant errors and no effort on the writers part
Anon please
>Hating a story you've never read
Whatever floats your boat there, friendo.
Looks like you haven't read the story considering the title of the first chapter was literally filly brothel. You can fuck right the fuck off friendo
>the title of the first chapter was literally filly brothel
That wasn't the first chapter.
Learn to fucking read dipshit
Some folks don’t like folks liking things they don’t like. It’s like they’re the fun police.
I guess this general has an open door policy now? I suppose that's why docintrouble is here instead of in the dumpster bin with hippodrome. Just know you're degeneracy ruined this thread
File: Their his a erorr.jpg (131 KB, 731x998)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>Just know you're degeneracy ruined this thread
Well, yes, there was some filly abuse, for sure (if you are talking about first story of this series). But it was depicted in a negative light. What is the problem exactly? You don't like slavery shown less nice than you would like to pretend it is?
>negative light
Did you even read it?
It was definitely shown in a negative light. Same with the psychological abuse.
File: 1588208.png (2.8 MB, 1800x1805)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB PNG
Y'all are a bunch of pedophiles
File: DykeInABox.png (287 KB, 610x435)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
Yes. What was positive there?
This happen when you don't allow twilight to return to her husband. Now she is pro-slavery.This was anon plan since the day 1 to enslave the princesses too. Twilight loyalty is just a juicy bonus
File: Good girl Cloudburst.gif (231 KB, 800x1080)
231 KB
231 KB GIF
>Imagine being such low tier good girl that you need to pretend to be the slave of another pony
>imagine being rejected by the perfect master because your low quality blowjobs
>imagine don't being fluffly like a pegasus
>Imagine don't have cute little wings
>imagine that your only option right now is being a free mare because you aren't a good girl and no one want to be your master

Poor little free earth pony mare
Plenty of them, you just have shit taste.
I hope your "wife" finds out what kind of sick fuck you are and ruins you financially through a lengthy divorce and keeps your spawn so you have to pay more alimony and child support. You make me gag you disgusting fuck, I hope degenerate people like you rot in prison. What family and friends you have left should alienate and blacklist you from whatever menial job you do. With love <3
I like blinders off well enough but realize it's just not that popular overall. The blinders paste has a pitiful 400 hits and his whole paste only has 5k. the big greens in this thread have two to three times that for a single story.
Yeah, it's kinda "off-formula" and not "whiteknight" sort of read, which is probably it why it is recieving a lot of mixed opinions, from love to hate. I like that story a lot, comfy.
I liked filly brothel part, next ones didn't really had the same charm.
That one was the best, yes.
Others are pretty good too, but he set a high level of expectations, so you look from that perspective.
>She lives in Ponyville now with Sunburst and their daughter
What's their daughter's name?
oh man, you definitely got him this time.
now he's sure to finally leave
great job
>Be mare
>Interview with Anna seems to be wrapping up
>She just said , "One last question for both of you"
>And now you're waiting to hear just what that question is
>"How has your experience in Equestrian sex trade effected your view of men and even males in general?," she poses
>"I'll go first," Rose answers, "if that's OK"
>You nod
>"I've actually thought about this a lot," she begins. I've always been attracted to stallions. But after my experience with men..."
>She blushes and continues, "I find myself looking at mares the way I used to look at stallions"
>"So you don't subscribe to the idea that sexual preference is something you're born with?," Anna asks
>"No," Rose replies. "Maybe it is for some, but I think it's more a complex interaction of nature and nurture"
>She adds, "I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be looking at mares like this if it hadn't been for my experience as a bedmare"
"And the threesomes with master," you can't resist adding
>"Yeah," Rose answers, "that had something to do with it as well"
>She turns to Anna and says, "Such a shame she's so damned straight"
>Anna smiles and says, "Usually I go for women or really twinky men, not mares. But in this case I agree with you"
>You KNEW she was like that!
>And now it's your turn to blush
>Rose continues, "I guess not really having a say about how and when a penis goes into you for a while undercuts their appeal"
>"Yet you seemed happy with Uncle John," Anna says
>"He really had me convinced we were equals in our relationship. Then he whipped me for defying him. Kind of hard to trust the owner of a penis after that"
"Bullshit, Rose! First off that wasn't a real whipping and you know it! And you trusted master after that"
>"Yeah, and look at how that turned out," she replies, starting to lose it. "We had to watch him die on the bathroom floor"
>Fuck, now you're losing it, too
>"Sorry," she says, leaning toward you for a hug
>You really don't feel like hugging her right now, but you do anyway
>Both of you are sobbing
>When she recovers and relases you from her embrace she says, "No slight on Perfect Pitch at all, but I think I'm burnt out on penises for a while"
>You disagree but let her keep talking
>It was kind of rude to call bullshit on her, after all
>But she was super hot for master and you know it
>Even if she became hot for you after the fact
>It's not just some consequence of being involved in the pony sex trade
>Or maybe it is
>What do you know about what's going on in her head anyway?
>Anna is talking, asking Rose something about how that attitude might effect her raising a colt
>"I'm doing my best to raise him to be emotionally honest, compassionate and kind," Rose answers
>"Better get on that right away," Anna responds, "because when the hormones kick in they'll be working against you"
>"There's still time before the aggression, agitation, lack of empathy and snap judgments kick in," Rose says
>"Testosterone is a hell of a drug," Anna replies, "but we're all at the mercy of our hormones, as savage as it is"
>"Right," Rose says. "I go into heat, you get your... period?"
>"Every month, like the fucking moon controls when my emotions go crazy and I bleed for a few days"
>"Try going into heat if you want to see your emotions go crazy," Rose replies
>"At least you get a break from it," Anna answers. "I'm like halfway there most of the time"
>During the lull in the conversation Anna divides the last of the wine between your glasses
>She looks at you and asks, "How about you? What you've been through has to have had an effect on your relationship with males"
"Well it hasn't made me gay, I can tell you that"
>Anna and Rose respond with a polite chuckle
>You think for a minute
"I do still feel like I'm supposed to please men. Like that's what's expected of me"
>"Please them sexually?," Anna asks
"I know I don't HAVE to, but part of me feels like I should. Rose called me out on it the other day"
>"What did she say?"
"She said she wonders whether I think any man who's nice to me deserves a blowjob for it. And I don't think that, but..."
>"I'm listening"
"It's such a little thing and it makes them so happy. And afterwards they're really nice to you"
>"So when dealing with men you always assume there's a transactional sexual subtext operating?"
>It takes a few seconds to figure out what she means, but you think you get the gist
"Isn't there? I mean you can try to pretend it's not there, but it always is. And you can use it to your advantage"
>Maybe that was too much
>Kind of makes you sound like a whorse
>But it's true
>If the horseshoe fits
>"So do you see stallions the same way?," Anna asks
"I have less experience with them, but no. It's not always there, the... what was the word you used?"
"Right. Subtext. With men it's there all the time. With stallions it either is and something intense is about to happen or..."
>You think for a second
>How many stallions have you interacted with aside from master?
>Really only a handful until recently
>But that tension isn't always there with them
"Sometimes it isn't there with stallions. And I don't feel like I have to respond to it like with men"
>"You feel like you have to respond to it with men?"
"I know I don't have to. But like I said part of me feels like I should. I know better than to give in to that these days"
>"But it's still there"
"It's still there. It might always be for all I know. It's how I was raised"
>"So if you were going to settle down with a partner again would it be...?"
"I'm not there yet. But I think a stallion. In the meantime I'm not done with men, though"
>"Interesting," Anna answers. "I think we're done here"
>Good timing, because the wine is finished and Rose really has to go pick up the colt
>"I'll walk you out," Rose says to Anna, "and you can meet my son"
>"I'd like that," Anna replies, "And thanks so much for helping me with this"
"It was a pleasure to meet you"
>"The pleasure was mine," Anna replies, taking her smartphome from the table and putting it into her purse
"Tell John thanks for the wine"
>With a little bit of cheese it was actually good
>Rose and Anna leave
>Well that killed the afternoon
>And now you have to think about what's for dinner
>You really don't have time to put much of anything together, so it'll probably be going out for hayburgers in Ponytown
>That'll make Cuddleslut happy and it won't really bust your budget
>There really isn't much in Ponytown that can bust your budget
>It's not a wealthy neighborhood
>And by the standards here you're reasonably well off
>The door buzzer goes off
>The one here is really loud and jarring
>Rose must have forgotten her keys
>You mindlessly push the button labeled open
>Seconds later a frantic colt bursts through the door
>His pupils are pinpoints, his ears are back and he's crying
"What's the matter?"
>"Some men pushed mommy into a van," he says, trying to catch his breath. "And they...," he gasps, "...took her away"
>And bursts into labored sobs
>While cold terror washes over you, freezing you to the spot
>Be VP
>Catching up on the news at the tail end of a Saturday afternoon
>You could be watching your network's news service
>But you actually want the news and some thoughtful commentary on it
>Not sensationalism and manufactured outrage
>So you're sitting in your chair slogging through the Economist, bad puns and all
>Sipping on a half empty can of warm Modelo Especial because it's the fucking weekend
>It was cold when you opened it an hour ago
>It takes you longer to read than it used to, because it takes more effort fo focus 50 year old eyes on the small print
>And you're too stubborn to give in to reading glasses just yet
>Though most of your friends have
>So it takes you one hour and half a beer to get halfway through a magazine you could have read all of in the same time a decade ago
>Just another of life's little indignities that start piling up as you get older
>Thankfully you've only experiencd a handful of them so far
>Unlike your brother who is so obese and asthmatic he's practically disabled
>And he's younger than you
>An alert sounds on one of your phones
>You recognize it - work phone, email
>You don't HAVE to look at it on a Saturday
>But it might be something important
>Fox Mexico has been wanting to do a homegrown version of Hippodrome for a while now
>Instead of just having Spanish speaking hosts narrate the American version
>Maybe there's been some movement on that
>You pick up the phone to see that the new email message is from...
>Have you been hacked?
>The subject is "Rose"
>This doesn't feel right at all
>You tap the screen to read the message:
Q: When is a free mare worth 120BTC?
A: When you want her to show up alive for work on Monday
>Fuck, this isn't good
>Your personal phone starts ringing
>You look to see who is calling
>Her roommate, Bronc's whore
>Shit, this isn't good at all

> December 7th
> Dearest, sweetest Anonymous!
> I should have done this way sooner, but it was just one damn thing after another. I went to see Fluttershy.
> Sweet, gentle, beautiful Fluttershy.
> I went to her cottage and I could hardly recognize the place! The chicken coop was empty and broken. The nests were unravelled, burrows collapsed, beehives quiet.
> The only word I could think was 'desolation'. Her house-tree looks neglected and in dire need of repairs.
> Fluttershy herself, from what I hear, spends most of her time inside, doing who knows what. Sometimes the others can get her out - like when they came to greet me - but she never speaks and rarely stays longer than a few minutes.
> Even that time she excused herself and ran off the moment the train stopped in Ponyville.
> When I went to see her yesterday, I had to knock for a good five minutes before Fluttershy opened the door. Then it took a while to convince her to let me in.
> Let me tell you: being in Fluttershy's cottage with no animals around is... spooky. It was surreal.
> I don't think she cleans much, there was dust everywhere and it stank. I didn't want to be pushy, not before I knew all that was going on, but I think one of the first things I'll do will be to give her house a good airing, wash all the cloth and then just spend the afternoon dusting.
> I'm sure she'll feel better for a bit of sunlight and fresh air.
> I carefully asked her about the animals and it turns out Rainbow Dash had the wrong idea. It isn't that Fluttershy is afraid of hurting her furry little friends, but she couldn't help snapping at them in irritation all the time. They left her.
> Anonymous, Fluttershy needs me.
> Twilight Sparkle

Sorry about dropping it this soon after yours - but I'm about to hit the bed and I was afraid I'll forget.
Fuck no
No harm, no foul. Big fan, btw.
dude can you give me some descriptions for the friends of mare, i want to draw them. the ones she went to the restaurant btw
File: Durril.png (474 KB, 1960x1960)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
Here's fang's drawing of Durril as a filly. Skydancer is a red pegasus, very attractive, fierce intellect and maybe some orange highl;oghts in her mane/tail. Her cutie mark is a riding crop. Always thought of her eyes as blue or green. Snowdrop is a cream colored mare with a little white flower for a cutie mark.
>be a free pony
>be a celebrity
>tell to fucking everyone where you live
>get kidnapped
I was waiting for something like this someday but not that quick.

>Q: When is a free mare worth 120BTC?
Man, the kidnappers will be really disappointed in some months after their payment.

Nice update. I hope that VP save Rose and fuck up their kidnappers at the same time in his own way. They asking for BTC is already a bad move to be honest
Poor Fluttershy.
I dont get it why the remaining 4/5 dont support each other forcefully. It would surely destroy their friendship but on the long run it would worth it and they would realize it. Im sure you have some plans.
Thanks for the update.
>Not kidnapping bronco jr
>Not turning him into the perfect mexican hippodrome gladiator with a really silly mexican name
0/10 shit plan desu
>They left her

My. Fucking. Heart.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!! What happend now??

Fluttershy need to Anon! Hurry princess and open the damn portal!!

The world is not ready yet for "El Broncudo"
What is the legal and social status of a free pony? Citizens? Second class citizens? Resident aliens? Feral domestic animals? This is where that subtle political question is really answered: how much do the authorities really care when it comes down to it? After the tragic Lindbergh kidnapping case of 1931, the nascent FBI made it part of their corperate culture that this particular crime would never pay. They can’t absolutely prevent anyone from ever trying it, but they can smother every case with enough long-term resources to make it prohitive to any organization. There’s lots of other bad stuff that might happen to you in America but not that, the authorities just care too much.

Will be interesting to see if that excessive dedication extends to free ponies too: wether they are really considered ‘kidnappable persons’, or still just things without owners.
>Kidnappers will be really disappointed,
>asking for BTC is already a bad move.
I thought bitcoin was still de-riguaur for shady transactions of all sorts, from kidnapping, dark web markets, Wikileaks and SciHub, to the 4pass that supports our own beloved website. (Support 4chan!) Do you know something us rubes don’t?
>to the 4pass that supports our own beloved website. (Support 4chan!)
I can't believe that hiromoot kidnapped Rose.
>Worst than Hippodrome
>Worst than working for a brothel
>Even worst that being the victim of a snuff video
>Some ponies are forced to be moderator/janitor for 4chan

Maybe pony slavery should be illegal after all.
>they do it for free
>and for the cuddles
>and for the cuddles
Sorry dude, maybe a normal slave can get cuddles. But a janitor/mod pony slaves can't have such joy.
If I could cuddle a mod/janipone as a reward for doing their jobs in both sensible and swift manner, I would gladly do so.
Mods = Gods, not slave ponies.
(Thank you for your service, janitors)
Poor Rose
What happen with Anna?
She is one of the ponynappers (or at least collaborates with them) so I hope jail
Imagine how expensive Celestia would be. Even if you throw away a fact that she is pony leader.
it'd go one of three ways I think.
>she'd get picked up by the feds and never sees the light of day again, let alone auctioned
>she'd be so high profile that if you're not bill gates rich (lol get fucked bezos) you shouldn't even bother
>she gets captured by a VERY lucky slaver and tries to keep her on the down low, and keep it to something people could reasonably bluff about on taxes like several thousand (maybe a million or two) dollars in light emmitting devices
need to be a richfag to even consider it, all this is assuming she'd wind up on an auction in the first place and not captured or whiteknighted by some random anon
>whiteknighted by some random anon
We’ve seen that a time or two. It’s always a stretch, but they can be good stories.
File: 31246.jpg (30 KB, 281x351)
30 KB
Not too expensive.

Ah, fuck. I definitely didn't see that coming. I almost feel like this could be a story into itself, but I'll be happy just to get more of these letters. They're definitely a good way of handling the aftermath of Twilight and Anonymous' story; I just hope we don't get another character's story summarized in them so to speak.
It really depends on how much is understood of Equestria before slavery happens, but "picked up by feds, locked in a military base/forced into a position of cooperation" is the path I see as most likely. I think Shitcunt's story is one of the few ways I could see her ending up in private hands; she was deliberately "disappeared" by some traitor within Equestria who wanted her out of the way and figured losing her in the low-end slave trade was the best way to do that. (Shitcunt when?)
I will mindbreak a pony only with belly rubs, headpats and cuddles. I will create a new system of training
She is bigger and much more "exotic" and beautiful. Not a rocket science to see that she would cost a fortune...
Fuck you asshole
Good job copping out with the kidnap scene just because you can't fucking write. Fucking horrible that you green started out so good and ended up here. Genuinely disappointed you can't do anything but stereotype plot developments.
Why the fuck do you come to the discord and ask for advice when you ignore it anyways?
keep us updated anon!
>discord dwama
Get out.
Chad Hippodrome vs virgin discord
nice fucking try but we all know youre full of shit
the discord is just a chatroom now, most of them dont even read the thread
Kill yourselves you incel trash.
Seriously seek professional help.
You are a danger to society.
File: 357867.png (38 KB, 1000x1000)
38 KB
none of you better respond to it
youre smarter than that
You place far too much faith in the autists in this thread
Has there ever been a Sunset Shimmer story?
what if she came back to equestria because she hadn't heard anything in a while and gets enslaved. What if sci-light follows her and is enslaved too?
not yet but it could be interesting
shim is a good girl that comes pretrained on human culture, tech use, and is already comfortable with meat.
File: 4557591.jpg (69 KB, 520x678)
69 KB
>she was deliberately "disappeared" by some traitor within Equestria who wanted her out of the way and figured losing her in the low-end slave trade was the best way to do that
that'd seem the most likely way she'd end up being relatively cheap (tens of thousands as opposed to hundreds of thousands). maybe a geopolitical rival like the griffins saw an opportunity when human contact was established and she was disappeared to some literally where town where the auction in question has absolutely no fucking clue who/what she is (and thus won't blow the griffin's cover. heck it could be a traveling auction that doesn't even have an established base of operations making her that much harder to track down
>some anon decided to go full stardew valley
>cut off the outside world outside of a landline
>decide he needs a draft pony because he can't afford a proper tractor, but willing to pay for more than a draft horse because lonely/wants company
>picks up celly because she's the biggest and strongest looking, auctioneer books it out of town soon after
>she kicks his first plow clear across the field
>discipline issues worked out, rest of story unfolds wherever author takes it
shows promise desu
File: 02385.jpg (168 KB, 717x1023)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Yeah sorry about the delay. I've just been super busy lately. I cranked a bit out tonight it's just a lot more uhh butts than I planned. Serious plot chapter is still being worked on but i'll have a bit to post later today.
>Twiligth return to Equestria
>Poor, sad and heartbroken master miss his special pony

Rarity, Sweetie Belle and Anon Threesome when?
>the discord
>she kicks his first plow clear across the field
Megakek. I feel like this would work best in a story where ponies don't automatically speak english, so the mystery/confusion of what he just bought into could be preserved longer. "The fuck is wrong with you, big pony? You're a horse, you pull the plow!" "[Dignified, annoyed whinnying]"
File: slave sunset.png (182 KB, 528x418)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
I'm still waiting on one but I'd like to see it done one day for Sunshim as well. The events regarding the mirror could lead to a (bad) first contact between ponies and humans.
>ywn make your mare cum from whipping her
I mean, if we take EqG stuff as in 'our world', then we've got every reason to invade and topple Equestria right now. They've got a long history of dumping unwanted monsters in our world without any consideration for our well-being, and there's hostile magic leaking in and causing lots of screwed up shit now. One of their leaders is well aware of this fact and is doing absolutely nothing to stop it. Imagine if one nation started just putting all their violent convicts on planes and parachuting them out over someone else's land, or dumping toxic waste over the border.
Not just monsters either, dangerous magical artifacts too.
>Imagine if one nation started just putting all their violent convicts on planes and parachuting them out over someone else's land
This is why one of my favorite headcanons is that ayyland is Equestria's version of Australia: they find a convenient place to dump all their criminals and undesirables who eventually settle down and form their own civilization. But I agree, there is every reason for humanity to strike back after being treated as a dumping ground for thousands of years.
I feel like you are starting to explain the same thing all over again and again, adding a tiny bit of new to it so it feels different.
Ponynapping ohshit. The plot thickens.
>time to get this big horse get some legwork in a roundpen
the only problem with this is that any of the ponies we enslave would turn into disgusting ayys when brought back through the portal. And inversely if humanity wanted to wage a war in equestria they'd be transformed into ponies.
The mirror probably has intrinsic magic to it meant to maintain the world order between the two worlds, converting objects/people that pass through it to match the appearance of whatever's on the other side to avoid drawing suspicion. But if human scientists got ahold of the mirror I'm sure they could reverse engineer it to *just* act as a means of opening portals without the conversion.
>The plot thickens.
Well, it does! His willingness to write a tragedy only makes the drama more intense. I’m really worried about Rose.

Stay safe, Roseluck!
This. The mirror transforms; a rift opened by human ingenuity studying the effects of cross-dimensional displacement? That could do something else entirely.
>"He really had me convinced we were equals in our relationship. Then he whipped me for defying him. Kind of hard to trust the owner of a penis after that"
Wow. Rose turn into a feminist
>history as a sex slave
I think I might turn into a feminist too! Blinders characters are all fairly well drawn.
File: Sunset Fingerguns.png (316 KB, 1158x1425)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
Maybe Sunset Shimmer buys her former mentor and gets her revenge that way. In this scenario would Shimmy abandon her pony origins and go full human enslaving her mother species, or would she advocate for pony emancipation?
Personally I think pre-reformation sunset would be totally cool owning horse slaves. What do you anons think?
>Shimsham buys a bunch of ponies to bully around and lord over
>None of them know her secret, but all know she's hiding something
>One day she accidentally gets scanned by some kind of magic-sensor machine, new addition at the airport or something
>Elevated levels of internal magic detected
>Investigators dig into her past, figure out she just appeared from nowhere one day
>Manage to trace her appearance in Equestrian archives
>Sunset is arrested, shoved through the mirror to pony-ize, then dragged back through the portal in chains
>Now a slave alongside the ponies she so delighted in tormenting
>And you better believe they're thinking about revenge
> December 10th
> I spent most of the past few days with Fluttershy. Maybe me being around is helping? I'm not sure. She hardly speaks to me and I have a feeling she'd rather I stopped visiting.
> There's one thing that gives me hope, though. Remember Angel Bunny, that maniacal, psychotic ball of fur? (We all thought that, not just me.)
> Turns out he's stayed with Fluttershy when all her other animal friends fled. I hardly recognized him. I didn't see him the first day, but he's making meals for her and doing his best to keep her spirits up.
> I don't think I've seen anypony as devoted as that bunny. Most of the time he sits on her shoulder and brushes her hair. Even when she snaps at him, Angel just looks sad for a moment, then bounces right back and goes to nuzzle her until Fluttershy calms down.
> It's... Amazing is what it is!
> You never would have thought that little pest had so much kindness in him! I guess we all misjudged him. Despite his constant tantrums, the bunny really loves his Fluttershy. I'm starting to think that without him, she'd have gone completely to pieces by now.
> Anyway, just thought I'd share that. There's hope and sunshine even when the sky is heavy with clouds. Maybe between us, me and Angel can get Fluttershy back on her hooves.
> Yours,
> Twilight Sparkle
> P.S.: Sunburst is sending this one. He thinks he's worked out the return spell for my letters and wants to try it. Put your reply in the envelope. It'll come back after an hour. Sunburst says you should keep an eye on it and have some water ready - there is a minor chance it might burst into flames rather than return.
> Just... be careful, okay?

The good news is that my next green seems to be doing well. I'm slightly happy with how it's turning out and I think I'll start posting the first few bits this weekend.

Hopefully, it will be interesting! I'm excited to be starting a new green, anyway!
File: 1532834715707.png (498 KB, 928x700)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
that's fucked up, do you realize the implications of what you've just said anon? This could be done to NORMAL HUMANS as well, not just escaped ponies masquareding as ayys.
>Sunset brought to trial
>Public shocked and disgusted that pony living among them in disguise.
>They walk among us
>Create a sort of red scare.
>Neighbor doesn't support pony enslavement?
>he's a secret pony
>Your sister is a pony sympathizer?
>She's dragged away only to return as a pony on the market.
"Sorry pal she wasn't actually your sister, she was a pony all along"
>Sunset Shimmer creates a dystopian nightmare just by existing.
Sunset if fucking yellow all the time with bacon hair. How stupid need to be the humans to not know her true identity? and how stupids are the ponies to be defeated by stupid humans?
plotwist: both races are equally retarded
File: 15-siren’s-stripes.jpg (48 KB, 500x500)
48 KB
Depends. You could always assume it's less dramatic than the animation shows it as, maybe subtle enough that she could pass it off as dyed. See pic related.
They literally have the same colors of the ponies. Barely no one would be safe except
Nice closed update!

As an ambassador the first thing to figure out is how to send bombs. Nice.

Thanks for the update.
File: Pinocchio-donkeys.jpg (12 KB, 300x225)
12 KB
Oh definitely, for pre-reformation. Even post-reformation I could still see her trying to take advantage of a human form to either advocate for pony rights (how do you do fellow humans?) or become a human slave-owner trying to see that at least a couple slaves are treated humanely.
Both these ideas are gold. I really like the idea of a pony like Sunset lucking out and finding a way to turn herself human, living among the slavers and taking full advantage of her position looking down on all her kind until karma hits like a fucking ton of bricks and she gets revealed for the pony she is, stripped of all her former rights and tossed in with the rest of the chattel she was so eager to make enemies of in the past.

That second idea though, involving the pony-scare... that could really make for some dark story telling after Sunset proves that ponies can be right among your very nose in human flesh, and the prospect of some ponies being HUMAN. It reminds of pic fucking related where people who advocate for pony rights, generally speak out against the regime, or prove a nuisance / possible threat are transformed into ponies by tossing them through the mirror and then dragging them into the system to be sold off, all the while they're screaming how they aren't supposed to be here. Scary.
Ayypplejack and Sunset's skin-tones could easily pass for human. The only odd factor is Sunset's stripes but she could either dye it all red or claim the yellow stripes *are* dye. This is assuming a little creative liberty isn't taken and saying dougs look distinctly more human like >>33475465
What if
>sunset actually make a deal to make the ponies free
>but the condition is that the ponies should leave behind their ponyself and turning into humans
Then you make a cliche X men movie plot with the cure but this time with ponies.
That's why I mentioned the magic scanner bit. The way I was thinking, even a transformed pony would have intrinsic magic throughout their body. A human - unless you hit them with the magical equivalent of a fire hose - would be pretty empty. And even then, they'd go back to a baseline normal a few hours after exposure. Your idea is still pretty good, though - better fodder for a different kind of story than I was imagining.
>Dissenting humans ponified by mirror, then enslaved back on Earth via portal.
It’s the AiE / SPG crossover!
Transformation are for criminal. Always settled to earth pony, until something goes wrong, all the mirror are destroyed and our protagonist anon is turned into the first unicorn that will manage to escape. Now as pony he need to liberate all the other ones and try to return to his old body He will fail but will manage to escape to equestria to start a new live
>inb4 adventure green with barely any slave related updates
We don't need a Mirta 2.0. Go to the transformation general.
>human convicts are put through the mirror, sent back and forth until they roll a unicorn mare, get their horn ring installed and shipped to a workcamp populated entirely with other formerly-human criminals
>simple manual labor, can't fight back, can't act tough because it just makes them adorable
The future is weird
>Human convicts are put through the mirror, sent back and forth until they roll a unicorn mare, get their horn ring installed
>Giving to fucked up criminal the access to magic
>Have everyone reunited in one single spot
>your only security is a fucking horn ring
What can possibly go wrong?
Owner of the prison. Dr. Disc Ord
He is really persuasive
>Dr. Disc Ord
>not Dr. Ocsid
one job
Yeah! We need more pure fetish fuel with spanking abuse and all that good stuff!
you shitpost but i would like another part of rarity's last chance
Sounds good to me.
Make all prisoners Earth Ponies.
Put them to work in the fields or the brothels.
Problem Solved!
>giving them super strength
no thanks, at least unicorns would be complete novices at magic and you can design a hornring that's screwed on. youd need to constantly shackle earthponies and that cuts down on their usefulness
not all earth ponies have super strength anon
>Be VP
>Standing in a Brooklyn apartment talking with an NYPD lieutenant
>You brought Ada Maria with you, and she's looking after a very shaken up mare and a colt who won't stop crying
>"Herd mentality," the cop says, "I see it all the time"
"Herd mentality?"
>"Yeah. As long as they're around other ponies they assume everything is safe," he says. "But this is still East New York"
"A place I avoid"
>"I would if I could," he responds. "It's still the city's murder capital, and you know half the shit that goes down here doesn't even get reported"
"Where do you live?"
>"Bay Ridge for now, but we're looking at places in Staten Island"
"Nice," you lie
>"Yeah, it's nice there"
"So the ponies living here are end up being targets?"
>"For crimes of opportunity," he answers. "Robbery, assult, rape... This is the first time I've seen one held for ransom"
"How do we proceed?"
>"I'm going to level with you," the cop says in an exasperated tone. "It's not technically a kidnaping, and she's not private property, so it's not grand larceny"
"But holding a free pony against her will is still a crime, right?"
>"Of course it is. Just not the kind of crime that gets enforcement priority in a neighborhood like this when resources are... limited"
"So you're saying you've got nothing for me?"
>He looks a little offended
>Be careful
>"I've got a man on it," he replies. "I'm just saying you might want to get that money together instead of hoping for a miracle from the NYPD"
>Is this what you pay fucking taxes for?!
>Don't say that - you want this guy on your side
>"You know," he says, "NYPD resources for this may be limited, but maybe the federal boys would be interested in this case"
"What makes you think they'd be able to do more than you can?"
>"You said the ransom request came from your own work email?"
>"And you're a bigwig at Fox Television?"
"I'm a VP and Executive Producer. One of many, but still an executive"
>"So you make TV shows?"
"I'm directly responsible for a few"
>"Which ones?"
"Well, Blinders Off is the show the victim and her roommate are on"
>"I know some guys who watch that, but it's too girly for me. What else?"
>"I knew you were going to say that! I was at the live broadcast from MSG! That pegasus battle was epic"
"Glad you enjoyed it. It's a very popular show. But about Roseluck?"
>"The missing pony isn't the big crime here if you want to get more resources behind this," he says calmly
>You're about to argue that, but catch yourself
>Because you think you see what he's getting at
>"A cyber attack against a media giant demanding ransom... That's cybercrime, maybe even cyberterrorism"
"That would get the feds involved, wouldn't it?"
>"And you'd have a lot more resources working this than NYPD can provide. I have some FBI and NSA contacts. Let me run this by them"
"And you'll let me know?"
>"If they bite you'll know. I'd still get that ransom together just in case"
"I understand. I didn't get a chance to run the numbers. Any idea what 120 Bitcoins are worth? A lot I'm guessing"
>"Just over four hundred thousand dollars"
"You've got to be kidding me"
>"They're dreaming big. Hopefully we can keep their dreams from coming true"
"You think we can?"
>"I hope. If I wanted to watch the bad guys get away with it I'd have gone to work on Wall Street, not into law enforcement"
"The entertainment industry isn't that much better, I'll tell ya"
>Don't be too folksy with him
>"I can believe it. And I'm not going to tell you how to do your job, but two high profile free mares and a colt in this neighborhood?"
"They're free. I can't control where they choose to live"
>"Herd instinct. The other ponies are here so this is where they have to be. Never mind that it's a dangerous shithole"
"I should have been paying closer attention to their security. That's what you're saying?"
>"Cheaper than paying ransom, especially in the long run"
"Kind of an expensive way to find out, though"
>"Hopefully it won't be. You have any idea how to work Bitcoin?"
>"Me neither"
"But I have people for that"
>"Good. And just to be clear the victim used to be your property?"
>"I don't know if I could have given that up. Not to get political or anything, but I get it. They probably ARE our equals intellectually"
"I believe that"
>He lowers his voice to a whisper and says, "But boy could their instincts for self-preservation use some work"
>Fair point
>They may be smart, but ponies are also guileless for the most part
>Putting one over on them is often little more than confidently saying whatever nonesense you want them to believe with a straight face
"To be fair they evolved in a world where they had powerful magic to protect them"
>"Maybe so. But without that magic they make a lot of spectacularly terrible decisions. Over and over. I see it every day"
"They are kind of naive, aren't they?"
>"You wouldn't believe some of the shit I see"
"Probably not"
>"Yeah and this isn't storytime so let's leave it there. Let me go and see if I can get some bigger wheels in motion for you"
"I appreciate that"
>"You're Hippodrome Guy, and I'm a Hippodrome fan"
Fuck you motherfucker I hope you choke
Sexy. Love you, too!
That's some pretty detailed stuff. Sorry to disappoint. 'Tism much?
File: IMG_6299.png (1.96 MB, 5500x2833)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
This general was so much nicer before you showed up. Why you gotta poke the bear friendo?
Why don't you guys just not read his stuff if you don't like it? Are you retarded?
File: IMG_6304.png (94 KB, 892x858)
94 KB
This fucking horse when?
Not much happened, all pretty much as we expected, but still good work. The cop was well drawn too; not evil per se, just sort of apathetic and self-interested. Thanks for the update!
This horse deserves a white knight owner, comfie bath scene, tender cuddles, and maybe a gentle spank for minor (but completely understandable) misbehavior. The SPG formula treatment. I respect the more dareing, more intellectual, work of Blinders et all too, but sometimes we need to go back to our roots.
what's her name again?
It's pretty obviously just someone who wants to stir up drama. I doubt he actually cares about the story he just knows bitching about it will get (you)'s from idiots.
Good update about how living with magic make them careless. Keep going
> decreasing in value each day
> anybody can actually track who sent money where
What happened to unmarked paper, and wtf is happening in that timeline?
Rarity is for spanking
The system has its various quirks and issues, but it does what it says on the tin. It only decreases in value some days, other days it increases. It was never intended as an investment anyway. (Although...) It’s not truely anonymous, every transaction becomes part of the blockchain forever, but bitcoin laundries are effective if you can trust them. Unmarked paper has physical risks that a kidnapper cannot control; unless you are living in a failed state with broad support bitcoin is probably the way to go despite its limitations.

Were you the guy poo-pooing on Bitcoin last time? Do you know something we don’t?
That's cute but when I imagine Chrysalis as a slave of a human I think of something else .. erotic
File: IMG_6303.png (643 KB, 1696x1296)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
Is fang dead?
No, I'm probably another guy. I'm not against this crypto circuis, I just don't think it's protected from tracking.

I'm not takling about everyday shofts in price, I mean general decrease. There was this another jump to 4000-ish, but it's falling since then with no substantial growth even for a week.

Shuffler is as effective as code obfuscation, everything is trackable with enough dedication and computing power.

And bills can be left in a 'hood that's controlled by this specific gang, or just sent down the sewer stream in a plastic wrap to be picked somewhere in the middle near the service well. Just lead the vp by voip call behind 7 proxies for 2-3 blocks, down to the place which they don't have pipe map at hand.
>The cop was well drawn too; not evil per se, just sort of apathetic and self-interested.
Jaded is the word I'd use. His job is getting scumbags locked up and he's looking forward to moving to Staten Island. That's not a man who sees humanity or ponykind in a very good light.
File: IMG_6193.jpg (303 KB, 1920x1321)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
Thicc mare moms when?
THat mares thighs about to make me risk it all
Would you buy a 'mare+her foal' double deal, just to give them a good home and make them feel safe?
Would you after she had grown feelings for you, take her as your concubine?
And after months, or even years of living as a family, would you cry tears of happiness when little one calls you 'father'?
sounds pretty gay__ anon
Okay, you had me worried when you were ambigious which one was the concubine, but now I know you're sick when you expect her to call you daddy too.
A goodgirl pegasus loves her daddy.
> December 15th
> My love Anonymous,
> I can't believe it's been a whole month.
> It is not getting any easier to be away, I thought you should know that. The days pass quickly with all the things I have to do and catch up on, but the nights mostly leave me sleepless and lonely.
> Even when I manage to fall asleep, I reach out a hoof to find you and that wakes me up again when there's nothing beside me.
> Please tell me that you, at least, are doing better!
> I wish I could come back already, but my friends really need me!
> On Tuesday I went to see Applejack.
> Out of the four of them, I'd say AJ is having the easiest time. She wasn't on Earth for long and didn't share our experiences, except perhaps in spirit. Also, her work on the Apple Farm keeps her busy at day and tired at night.
> Her wounds have healed nicely and she has the use of both her eyes, no doubt thanks to the work of the Canterlot Castle Medical Wing. She has a couple of scars, but they should fade in time.
> Her biggest 'wound', I think, is that she was safe at home while the rest of us were stuck in... that place. I think she feels guilty, but it's hard to tell. You know how Applejack is with her emotions.
> I don't know yet if I can fix that, but I will speak with the others and see if we can convince AJ it wasn't her fault what happened to us and that we don't blame her.
> I also talked with Big Mac and Apple Bloom and they both feel their sister is doing well. I said I was sorry I didn't come visit sooner, but they completely understood that I had to check on Fluttershy first.
> Still your little pony,
> Twilight Sparkle
> P.S.: The reply didn't come through. I hope it didn't explode!
>Still your little pony,
Very touching sign off. Totally got me.
This degeneracy: I’m feeling it.
> P.S.: The reply didn't come through.
Did the original message come through? Did any of them come through?! Getting a bad feeling...
File: laugh.png (1.31 MB, 882x767)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
>raising someone else's child
>Sweetie's mouth gapes.
>"You... you don't know!?" she stammers. "You have to know! How could anypony *not*!?"
"I'm afraid the news from Equestria is rather limited here, and I assume the other way about as well."
>Her confusion, her total disbelief, are written across her face stronger than anything you've seen from her before.
"For example, I take it you didn't see the conditions we lived in at the refugee camps...?"
>If she had seen *anything* it would have to be that... but no.
>The young mare looks away for a moment, gathering her courage to speak. Ignoring your question.
>Her own burdens weigh too heavily on her.
>How strange, when she had no difficulties shouting out all your evils earlier.
"Is it truly that bad?"
>She nods.
>"The Windigo came. Why did you think we were all wearing those heavy coats?"
"I - I didn't know."
>Her lips start to curl into the sneer she's worn almost since you first greeted her, but can't quite make it.
>Her memories sap her will to fight like no threat ever could.

I was expecting this, yet am still disappointed.
Despite the dragons' aid, I shouldn't be surprised the end doesn't come quickly.
It started slowly, after all. Very slowly. Before I closed the portals.
It started in the darkness.
They turned on each other, the ponies of Equestria, finding fault with their neighbors. In the dark, in those first three days after Celestia's death, when a pony needed their friends the most, the seeds for Equestria's downfall were planted.
Not with the arrival of the humans, not with Celestia's death, but in the dark.
In the arguments between neighbors, between friends.
Your house was destroyed in Nightmare Moon's trail of destruction? Or - or in the attempts to stop her? Of course she was to blame - or the humans. But your neighbors? Why wouldn't they take you in?
That's what ponies are supposed to do, what makes - *made* - us special. The magic of friendship.
It was a betrayal more intimate than anything that had come before.
The humans suspected you were involved in the assassination? Or the Guard? The word 'pariah' has been in the dictionary for as long as I can read. Most likely far longer.
The memory of stumbling across it is burned into my mind. As a foal, I thought it was impossible. As a mare, I thought it a fictional concept. As a princess, I *knew* it was.
I never *saw* it, never know how wrong I truly was, until the darkness came.
Ponies being turned away by their friends because they feared they would bring the Guard down on them...
It troubles me that they were feared more than the humans.
They had something to *prove*, a need to redeem themselves, a burning drive that none of the humans could match. This was *their* home. *Their* princess. *Their* job.
After Nightmare Moon's rampage, after... *mine* ... when war truly came to Equestria, it only grew worse.
What happens when you can't rely on friendship anymore?
When you don't have enough for yourself, let alone your closest companion.
The cracks that formed in that dark time only grew, splitting what used to be tight knit communities along family lines.
If you had to choose between your friends or your family... to most the choice was obvious.
And families being what they are...
It was a bad harvest. Fields ruined by war, other crops left to rot because nopony could stop bickering or fighting or fleeing to bring them in.
That first winter was rough.
And then... it didn't seem to end.
At first we thought Winter Wrap -up had gone wrong. Too few communities participating, too few ponies willing to go out in the cold, to risk themselves when they could hide.
Too many willing to let somepony else do it.
Celestia had been dead for nearly a year when we realized what was happening - what *had* happened.
By then, it was too late.
By then, it was too late.
Luna was banished, Celestia was dead, I was hunted, and Cadence was stretched thin doing her everything to keep Equestria together.
The Elements were split.
The humans... for all their technological prowess, they could not fight this new threat.
Spike saved us.
Yesterday, the dragons launch their first attack.
I watched them - remotely, of course. I dare not leave this refuge yet. But watching as the first flight of five great serpents dove into the blizzard without hesitation...!
Their claws and teeth did nothing to the ethereal windigo, but their fire - oh, their fire! - I never thought I'd hear a windigo *scream*!
Their howling has become background noise to me at this point, but that scream!
I will remember it for the rest of my life.
It sounded like - and I shudder to put this to paper, but I must - it sounded like *salvation*.
It is wrong to find happiness in *any* creature's death - that is something that *Midnight* Sparkle would do - and yet I can't help but feel that fire kindled a spark of joy in my heart.
Death never sounded so... so *beautiful*.
I *must* record that.
That is the purpose of this journal, after all.
So long as I can look back tomorrow and feel the same shame as I do now...
But is that really good enough?
I can't help it. One of *them* is finally *dead*. I didn't even know they *could* die! I'm not sure if they knew it either, the way they scattered and flew away! Still, it did not die easily, or quickly. It took three dragons to slay it, to pen it in with their flaming breath and burn it until nothing was left while the other two chased the rest of the monsters.
Behind them, escorted by smaller dragons, came the helicopters full of food and supplies. Specialists, too, trained by my brother and Sunburst. Others by Cadence, Rarity, and Pinkie. Unicorns, pegasi, earth ponies, *humans*. The first will set up wards to keep the windigo at bay, though I've studied their spells.
I still have my sources in the Court.
It won't stop the broken remnants of Appleloosa from feeling the effects of this unnatural winter, but it *will* keep the windigo from feeding there. With this help, they'll survive. But only survive.
The therapists and councilors from my friends are what will bring healing. Mend the cracks that have split the town apart, that *brought* the windigo.
It won't be easy, but things will only grow harder. This was only a test run. Proof of concept.
I'm surprised at how smoothly ponies, humans, and dragons worked together.
That harmony drove back the windigo as surely as any dragonfire.
The first of many towns has been saved.
It will end slowly, but there is hope.
I would help - I would *try* - but I... made a mistake.

I’ve been staring at that line for the last hour and laughing. I don't have the time for that, but I couldn't help myself.
I should sleep. It's been... I'm not sure. Without the sun moving, I can't tell anymore. My clock is... gone.
Let me correct myself: I have made *many* mistakes.
The most recent and most pressing being the pylons holding back the portals’ entropic fields.
A *specific* pylon.
I estimated the first would begin to fail in five years.

I was wrong.

After my latest successes, I asked several of my allies to test the wards.
At the core of each pylon is one of my flight feathers, fueling a spell to ward off the fields’ expansion.
The residual magic imbued in each one should have kept the wards strong for years. Optimistically, for decades.
I wanted to know how much time I had, if - perhaps - I had overestimated their strength - and my own. Or - with any luck - if I had *underestimated*.
My recent estimate of five years seems accurate in most cases. *Most*.
Some will last far longer. Some will fail a little bit sooner.
One is damaged.
I give it six months. Maybe a year.
I'm not willing to assume the later.
Six months.
And then people will begin to die. Slowly. Without ever realizing what's happening. Like Equestria.
Only a select few know what the pylons actually do, that they contain - and not just mark out - the entropic fields.
And that the fields used to be approximately double the size they are now, but the effect were so subtle that far out that no one noticed them.
My allies thought it best that humanity at large not know exactly how much damage had been done, and I agreed.
I don’t have a practical solution, not entirely, but I *do* have a theoretical.
*Any* energy.
That’s what the scraps of the portals are continuing to feed on. I know this. I know they're too stable. I wrote on it here... I'm not sure how long ago.
I created them too well. When I cut off the source of magical energy from Equestria, it was too sudden. The layered spells tried to find a way to stabilize themselves. They still are.
If they could be fed enough energy to stabilize, if only for a moment, they could be properly closed.
The spells would die.
All I have to do is feed them enough energy to do that – and therein lies the problem.
My experiments have had mixed results.
I cannot reconnect the portals from this side. It would be too dangerous, for myself and Equestria. There is a corner of my workbench that is now - for lack of a more succinct word - tainted.
The technical details are in my research journal, but that portal was only large enough to send a letter.
I cannot establish the proper safeguards – a ring of pylons prior to attempting to reconnect the primary portals. I lack the resources and allies in this world. I don’t believe Cadance would trust me.
Going forward without them would be too reckless. The stabilization spell would grow stronger as it was fed, and strengthen the entropic field exponentially. I can't feed it the power *fast* enough to shut it down before... before things go bad.
If I am wrong, if I make *any* mistakes - and I *must* concede that is possible - two worlds would die by my hoof.
This is a sign of growth, isn’t it?
The old me would have had faith in her abilities and gone ahead with the plan.
The new me knows I can fail.
I cannot risk what remains of Equestria. The energy must be fed into the portals from the other side, where any sudden growth in the fields would be contained.
I have a theoretical.
Nuclear weapons could provide enough energy to short out the portals. Unfortunately, that solution will always remain theoretical. Their mechanisms are surprisingly fragile. That... *could* be solved, but to what end? All it would do is finally close the portals. It would not suddenly make the land livable. The opposite, actually.
Besides, my allies have made it clear that they do not trust me that far.
I won’t risk what little faith they have in me by asking again, not unless all else fails.
There is another solution.
The portals were powered by *any* supply of energy they could reach, from electricty to light, but what was *most* effective was *magic*. *Our* magic.
The magic of friendship.
If Moondancer’s work on the magic suppressants progressed as I expect - and it did, unless I have been mislead - the medication will block a pony’s ability to feel magic or make use of it, but not stop it from accumulating.
After four years, how full of magic will those bodies be?
How horrible am I to even be considering this?
How horrible is it that I know it would only take two?
File: 1548725247274.jpg (267 KB, 1024x915)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Oh man. Poor dork-princess to be so burdened.
Thanks, that was mightily informative. That ending bit has me worried but looking forward to more none the less.
This has always been a dark story, but it *literally* just got darker. Twilight is planning to sacrifice herself, isn’t she?
Anon is dead, true?
>You run and jump through the portal behind an exasperated AJ.
"Sorry, I wasn't getting any signa-"
>The country mare starts to trot off, forcing you to follow her.
>"I'd give ya all the time in the world sugarcube, but the magical whatchamadoodle only lasts so long."
>She waves a hoof back to where the portal stood moments before.
>Is that some kind of lodestone?
>If this place is anything like the empire then security teleportation via harmonic authentication through a lesser artifact isn't too surprising.
>Such a system not only keeps unwanted guests out, but could also boost maximum range exponentially by allowing multiple unicorns to pool their resources into a single portal.
>But that means...
"So uhh, where are we?"
>A setup like that could have sent you to the other side of the planet, and based on dense wet jungle-like vegetation, just might have.
>"Middle of nowhere, I suspect. Your guess is about as good as mine though. We ain't too big on transparency round these parts."
>She sounds... bitter.
>Before you can ask more she leads the way into a nearby cave and walks through what you can only deduce was an illusionary wall.
"So you don't know?"
>What's a cave from the outside turns into a relatively well furnished base on the inside.
>The heavy metal door hangs open, probably from the group of unicorns returning minutes before you two.
>The two stallions by either side seem pretty casual for guards, but you suppose way out here it doesn't really matter.
>Nopony gives you any trouble, but you close stick to your friend anyway.
>You don't know where these pony's allegiances lie and you were literally just attacked by a few of them.
>"Nope. Don't know nothin' even though I'm supposed to be the one in charge. 'Compartmentalization' they call it. Fancy way to say 'secrets and lies' if you ask me."
>You've never heard her so harsh.
"A-are you alright?"
>That catches her a bit off guard.
>That catches her a bit off guard.
>She stops to look back at you and offers a weak grin.
>"Sorry sugarcube. Don't mean to come off as a stick in the mud. I'm just a mite weary I reckon."
>Now that she's finally stopped you get a second to really look her over.
>Tired eyes, mane more messy than usual, hat just a little off and...
>Oh goodness! That's not even her old hat!
>Well duh, of course it's not the original one. There's no way she'd have been able to keep track of that over the years, but still.
>You pull her in for a hug that she takes a moment to return.
"Everypony's been through a lot. I'm sure you're doing your best."
>"Thanks Twi. I know we all tryin', but sometimes I just don't know no more. Seems everything's just so different nowadays. Everypony lying and cheating to outsmart the humans, then we turn around a keep secrets from each other too! Heck, I used to able to spot a liar a mile out, but ever since those portals opened I can barely tell anything. Celestia knows them fancy human ambassadors had me fooled just like the rest of us."
>The ambassadors?
"They had tricked everyone AJ, even the princesses."
>"Suppose so. Princesses ain't supposed to be the element of honesty though, now are they?"
>Wait, does she blame herself?
>They were a whole new species. How was she supposed to know?
"No one expected you to be able to read an alien species just like that, Applejack."
>She gives you another tiny smile and adjusts her hat.
>"'Course. I just, well, ya know how I am, Twi; always pushing myself."
>Always overworking herself, she means.
>Silly orange fillies get even more friendly hugs.
"Just... just don't try and carry the world on your shoulders single hoofedly."
>You've seen her drive herself beyond exhaustion trying to fix the farm's harvest on her own. Celestia knows she'll could drive herself into the ground trying to fix this too.
>"Heh, you right sugarcube. I ain't going about it totally alone though. There's a few trustworthy ponies here, not to mention Flutter and Pinkie when they're up for helping."
>Oh yeah, they're both here too!
"Are they here? I only had a few minutes to talk to Fluttershy and haven't seen Pinkie in years."
>She shakes her head.
>"'Fraid not. Fluttershy had a supply run to make and she likes to take Pinkie with her whenever she's feelin' up to it. Pinkie Pie's uhh... Well she's alright sometimes, but a world where you can't always laugh away the bad stuff just don't sit right with her."
>You splay your ears back in concern.
>"Is she... is she alright? Is there anything I can do?"
>AJ gives you a genuine smile and puts a reassuring hoof on your shoulder.
"She has her good days and bad, but don't you worry too much 'bout her. We do our best to take good care of her and at the end of the day we're at least free here. It's you and Rares I'm more concerned with. It true y'all'd rather keep them collars round your necks?"
>I-it's a pretty collar...
>You touch your nameplate subconsciously.
"It's not what it sounds like. I was only able to defend myself just now because Anon trusts me with my magic."
>Well, he trusts you with most of your magic. No need to mention you still a ring most the time.
> Or what he tooks your off for... and you never got that drink so you've still got the taste of Anon 'love' on your tongue...
"There was definitely a time I'd have jumped at the opportunity to leave, but we umm... we've come to an understanding."
>"Y'all sweet on him?"
>How'd she know?!
>You blush and stammer but she cuts you off with a hoof.
>"You ain't gotta explain things to me, sugarcube. You ain't the first."
>No judgement? Really?
>"Just tell me this: He good to you? Really? Not just good to you when you obeyin' him, but good to you when you need a hug of your own."
>You nod enthusiastically!
"He is! I know it's strange but he respects us and... I trust him AJ, I really do."
>She just nods knowingly.
>"I reckon it's best to find happiness where you can nowadays. Fact of the matter is things ain't perfect anywhere, here included. If you're happy then I'm happy."
>Holy buck!
>Look at that!
>Somepony who's actually supportive of your decisions without trying to convince you that you're crazy in the head!
>"He both y'all's man then? No offense to her, but I always figured Rares would keep herself safe with a shake of that pretty tail."
"You can't..."
>You can't call Rarity a whorse!
>Well ok maybe she has a point but that's not the truth of the matter.
>"Shucks Twi you know I'm just kiddin'. Rarity's a smart mare though. She always finds a way to get what she wants if that attitude of hers don't get her in trouble first."
>A flashback of lying in Anon's bed listening to him blister Rarity's backside makes you snicker.
>"Oh come on now sugarcube. You can't just start gigglin like that without telling me what's so funny."
"No no it's... it's nothing! I really shouldn't say!"
>If Rarity finds out you told AppleJack about her not so graceful lesson you'll be in sooo much trouble!
>"Nothing wrong with a little gossip between friends. Come on now, I swear I won't tell."
>It would be good revenge for the treatment she gave you the other night...
>"She gets her prissy tail in a bunch over something silly?"
>Oh what the heck, she'll never know.
>You lean in close to whisper to your friend.
"She'd just moved in and kept acting like she was in charge..."
>No need to mention the real reason she got it: taking a brush to your purple posterior!
"Anon warned her, but one day she took it too far and..."
>Oh you realllllly shouldn't tell on her!
>She'll blister your hide if she finds out you've been gossiping!
>Not to mention you've got much worse brat stories she could return the favor with!
>Butttttt, she's not here so...
>"And what? Get herself sat in a corner or something? I figure this Anon fellow ain't the beating kind."
"No, he'd never seriously hurt anypony but..."
>You shouldn'ttttt!
>"Scoldin? Groundin? Clean her mouth out with soap?"
>You look to the right and left for any eavesdroppers.
>You know you shouldn't but she spent last night sitting on your face and abusing your flanks!
>The word seems to take a moment for the apple mare to process.
>She gestures by swinging a hoof through the air to which you nod and giggle.
>"Like a little filly? Prissy britches Belle taken down a notch?"
>You can only nod and try not to giggle too loudly!
>"I'd say that's awful but that girl always did have plenty o' padding back there. , I imagine her pride was more hurt than her tush!"
>No need to mention what a thorough spanker Anon or how poorly she took it! That'd just be mean!
>"Lands sake I can imagine the fuss she's put up though."
"She wasn't very happy about it!"
>"But he just kept...?"
>You nod and bite your lip to keep from laughing at her expression.
>"Did you try and stop him or...?"
"Well we were... I was kinda mad at her at the moment. I probably should have said something, but this was before we'd come to and understanding. I didn't want to overstep my bounds too."
>"So you didn't want to risk your hide to save hers, heh. I suppose a little filly punishment like that ain't the end of the world either. Heck, it probably did that mare some good!"
>You slug her on the shoulder!
>Sure she's totally right but saying your friend deserves a whoppin' isn't very nice!
>"What? Ok, I shouldn't be pickin on her when she's not here to defend herself, but Granny Smith almost put that filly in her place on a few different occasions! I ain't saying humans smackin pony haunches is right but of all ponies..."
>You snort and bump hips with your friend.
>She may be overworked, over stressed, losing faith in her element, and just weary of the world but there's one thing the two of you can agree on and laugh about.
>Rarity's a brat.
I don't think so. She probably doesn't have nearly as much magic to close the portals without friendship or at least i hope not.
File: 1504811098463.jpg (336 KB, 1200x748)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
I wanted to get to luna but this is a good break point. More story plot and less pony plot next update or at least that's the plan.

How many more have to die so Twiligth has the courage to ask for help?
It's shit
Oh Vega, I just love your story so much! you too, no homo It’s all good, all doing what it’s supposed to do, can’t really add any criticism. You might take a closer look at Applejacks new hat, though. Is it a new-old-stock equestrian model just like the old one, an original American Stetson in pony size, some cheap nylon thing, or what? I also want to know everything about the Sweet Apple Acers and all the Apples themselves of course, but if you don’t want a big exposition dump just a quick glance at the hat might hint at quite a bit.
>AJ not heavily judging twilight lust for human dick and cuddles
AJ have a secret that nopony should know?
>Element of Honesty
>Traitor hidden in the heart of the resistance
It couuuld be, but not seeing it. Applejacks just naturally tolerant, and happy her friends are happy. So many of them don’t seem to be these days.
Or applejack isn't being honest with herself. She used to have a little romance with a human but the whole taboo and slavery thing make her to leave him.

Remember that AJ elements is fine(no cracks like rarity/rainbow dash) but not shine anymore
I wouldn't say her element is "fine" anon, it's not as bad as Rarity or Rainbow's but it implies that something is different about AJ and her relationship to her element. Which makes me think she must be dishonest in some way.
Maybe she don't want to support Luna method but she know that being honest with her and even her friends would mean that AJ will be assigned to a mission where she will be captured for sure.
>Slave Appul
Is it wrong how much I want this?
>Be a guard pony
>Bring the daily coffe to princess Luna
>Give her 1 sugar cube instead of 2
>Princess Luna look really mad
>Get assigned to a rescue mission
>The enemy know exactly your localization
>You get captured
>It's over, you will never be free again
>You only heard your new slave name before get assigned to your training center
File: oh you.jpg (45 KB, 375x428)
45 KB
>one pylon is failing
Oh gee, I wonder where that one is.
Hopefully it never has to happen but I'm sure if it ever came to it, there would be more than a few ponies willing to give their lives for everyone else.
>SAVE Appul
Is it wrong how much I want this? She has so many important things to do in her own life, she’s just to busy to become a part of my neet existence.
I thought it was a Mogwai
When the literal fuck is fang or somewritefag going to show up for fucks sake?
Ded writefags.
Ded thread.
Do people still actually read this tripe?
Your characterization sucks so damn bad we might as well be reading a story with OCs.
But it's a shit tier fetish fic so I suppose it was doomed to be trash from the beginning.
He’s about the best we have to offer here. You don’t have to like what I like, but Vega is pretty representative of SPG. You get that nobody’s making money here, we just do it for fun, right?
>He’s about the best we have to offer here
True, sadly. We scared away all the decent writefags a long time ago.
You post this exact same bait every month or so. At least come up with something new please.
You have to admit Vega's characters are a pretty far cry from canon. It's pretty jarring sometimes.
Ever suspected your opinion might be trash? No? Reconsider.
Not really. They're changed by slavery like most good stories, but at the end of the day they're about as canon as it gets.
File: 1523605097099.jpg (142 KB, 600x800)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
they are a far cry from the canon anon, but as >>33481042 says that's because slavery would be a pretty transformative experience. If they were enslaved and acted the same I would call that shoddy character writing. I think Vega does A-OK.
File: IMG_6311.png (1.01 MB, 1768x2500)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Imagine owning a mare who's sole purpose in life is to be your loyal pet
File: IMG_6313.png (2.33 MB, 3964x3874)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
happy with either

Thanks for the update
Perfect pegasus slave
Will your mare go get the big hairbrush when you say she has been a bad girl? Will she do it without needing to be asked? P
Kill yourself fetish fag
You're no fun.
> December 22nd
> I miss you!
> It'll soon be Heartswarming Eve and that is a time for family and loved ones. I got reminded of that today...
> Rarity and Spike are still together, which is good.
> You know, I almost couldn't believe Rainbow Dash when she told me, but it's true. They didn't go into detail how it happened, but Pinkie tells me Spike was a huge help and emotional support right after they returned. He moved in with Rarity almost from the start.
> At first it was just to help her around the house and provide a shoulder to cry on, but I hear it wasn't too long before the 'shoulder' turned into them sleeping in the same bed.
> In a way, I'm happy they found each other. It must have been hard for Spike to see the girls come home, while I remained on Earth. He was stuck in the castle alone, where all he saw around himself were reminders that I was gone.
> Even Starlight Glimmer had gone by that point, remember?
> Their relationship may have arisen rather quickly, maybe before they were both ready for it, and so it sometimes ends up with shouting and anger. I'll see if I can do anything for them.
> I think they make a good couple, even if one is a pony and the other a dragon (like I have room to talk). It would be a shame to see them both end up hurt.
> Hopefully, all it would take is for them to start talking about the issues they are having. I know Spike is still completely infatuated with Rarity and I believe she also loves him deeply.
> Maybe I'll speak with Cadence and ask for her advice, if I can't help them solve it on my own.
> I almost forgot to say the last time: your letter didn't make it back to me. I hope it didn't burn like we feared! I'll keep trying, I promise! I need to hear from you. I miss you *so badly*!
> With a loving kiss,
> Twilight Sparkle
>your letter didn't make it back to me.
I know I know plot device.
But what if they open a portal back to earth and get a letter back that way? I mean they used to transport ponies back from earth regularly. Just drop one at the Pony Society with the next group who's returning. And a plushie Anon.
depression land returns!
The full spiler text is a bit annoying, but I get it.
Its time to start warping the threads together.
Thanks for the update.
I really want to believe that the letters are just piling up in that field
Am I the only fucking guy that wants a fucking green with pony pets and bed mares?
Start writing.
And bedfillies
Better than bedmares, after all.
>literally free, just take this annoying whore
Any update on wether fang is dead or not?
He still ded.
File: goodgirl.jpg (62 KB, 1136x662)
62 KB
Landscape when?
Pls don't bully the useless unicorns
Corona soon.
I so want that to be true, but I’ve been betrayed so often...
Unicorns are the best
> December 24th
> It's a strain, but I really, really wanted to send you a letter on Heartswarming/Christmas Eve.
> The Cakes have invited me over for dinner and I said yes. I think sitting alone in that big, empty Castle would drive me insane with loneliness. (Have I said I miss you?)
> I also got to spend some time with Pinkie Pie. That mare remains to be an enigma wrapped in a mystery. She seemed completely normal when we met around Ponyville, but I couldn't help noticing how she kept taking swigs from a flask when she thought nopony was looking.
> I'm afraid Rainbow Dash is right and Pinkie is hitting the bottle rather hard. I think I can understand why, too.
> She came back home and had to fall back into her old role of entertainer and friend to the whole of Ponyville. Maybe she found she laughs a little easier if she's a bit tipsy.
> I think the habit just got out of hoof.
> She hides it well, and even drunk off her rocker Pinkie doesn't seem much different than her old, hyperactive self (you know Pinkie), so nopony noticed until it was too late.
> I wish our other friends had sat her down and talked to her about her problem, but I guess I can't blame them - not with all the other issues they are dealing with themselves.
> What scares me the most is when I asked Pinkie about the flask, she scowled at me! I've never seen her look like that! She just said: "Mind your own business!" and left the room.
> I really, really hope we're not too late. I'll see if I can get the others together so we can do an intervention and remind Pinkie how much we love her and care for her. I think she's been drinking nearly from the time she came back, so getting off the stuff will be hard - but I'll stay by her side every step of the way!
> Merry Christmas, my love,
> Twilight Sparkle
Okay, much excite! Here we go again!

(No title yet)

> Your name is 'Rosa'.
> It isn't pronounced like most people say it - 'Rose', except with an 'ah' at the end instead of 'eh'. The instructor to whom you are assigned comes from a distant country where they speak another language. She says it's pronounced like 'Rossa' and means 'Morning Dew'.
> You like that name. One of the older pony maids had said it was a proper pony name, such as they had in their old world.
> All you know about the old world is that it was called 'Equestria' and it was where ponies lived before they came to Earth. Why they left it is a mystery and the older ponies, those who remember Equestria, won't say.
> They don't like to talk about it much. Besides, you're sure the humans wouldn't like such things discussed.
> Since they can't or won't tell you any pony history, you just learned what you could from the human history books. That and art and writing and even a bit about computers and maths.
> You main class, however, is Profession Training. You've been picked by your instructor, Martha, to become an Assistant Pony. She said she selected you for it because you had kind eyes and a gentle voice.
> Profession Training is where they teach you how to be a good helper.
> There are humans out there who aren't doing well. You've been learning all about anxiety attacks and diseases such as Asperger's and Autism. Also, some people are fine in their heads, but have damaged or incomplete bodies.
> Your job will eventually be to lend them a hoof. You will wash and clean and cook for them. You will be there to comfort them and make sure they are alright.
> It is an important responsibility and you are determined to do it well, so you always pay close attention in class.

> Some of the other fillies and colts in the Pony Boarding School will go on to work with machines, or help humans with manual labors. That is what usually happens to earth ponies - the ones without wings or a horn.
> Actually, there are no unicorns in this place. They can use magic and the humans said it is too dangerous. Such ponies are sent elsewhere upon birth, to find a different profession, so you are told.
> You are special because you are an earth pony, but Martha said you wouldn't have to work with your hooves. You have Empathy and that allowed your instructor to place you in specialized classes.
> Sometimes you worry about letting your Person down - whoever it might eventually be - but mostly you are excited that you will help some poor human in need.
> The face in the mirror stares back as you finish getting your mane in order. It's black, which Martha assures you is very pretty and goes well with your purple coat. She also often says what lovely, green eyes you have. The compliment never fails to make you smile and wag your tail. Just the memory is enough to make the corners of your mouth twitch up now.
> Last week she got you a simple silver pendant with a bit of opal in the shape of a drop. She said it was your birthday.
> You were thrilled, but a little sad as well.
> Every time it was your birthday you asked Martha if you could meet your mother, but she just looked at you sadly for a moment and said no. Those were the Rules. Ponies were not allowed to know their dams or sires.
> In fact, most of the time the dams didn't know the stallions with whom they'd conceived their foals. Then, right after birth, the babies were taken and cared for by their human Instructors.

> You don't know why it has to be so. You would like to see your mother, tell her how much you love her and give her a big hug to thank her for bringing you into such a nice place.
> Some ponies on Earth didn't have it nearly as good, you knew. In one of your classes, Mr. Marston, your history teacher, had shown you how ponies were treated around the world and told you how lucky you were to be born in a good country.
> Elsewhere the ponies were starved and beaten and forced to lug heavy carts and plow fields, or they were made to work at assembly lines. Of course, some of your classmates would end up doing those jobs, but they would be well cared for, get lots of breaks and wouldn't be overworked. It was paradise compared to some places.
> And others, like yourself, would go to needy humans, to help them with everyday lives. Still other ponies, the prettier mares mostly, and the ones with softest, most beautiful coats and manes, would be sold to rich families. They would do light housework and mostly go on pony shows to compete against other beautiful fillies and colts.
> You are a bit jealous of a few classmates, who would end up being caretakers of young children for those humans who were too busy with their work.
> You'd like to work with children.
> Martha said there was a slight chance you'd be assigned to a disabled child, but that you shouldn't count on it.
> It would be so wonderful. You *know* you could really help a young human, and your heart breaks when you read about some of the ailments which afflict the poor things.
> You are sure, however, that the humans will assign you where you can do the most good.

> The instructors and the people who run the Boarding School are very smart and you trust them with your future.
> Finishing your examination in the tiny bathroom you share with five other young mares your age, you open a small drawer with your name on it and fetch out a soft brush and a box of powder.
> You almost giggle when you remember your first fumbling attempts at makeup, just after Martha had taught you. You've learned a lot since then and you skillfully dab just a touch on your muzzle and nose to 'enhance' - as you'd heard one of the older students say.
> It is important to always look your best. Humans went to such lengths to care for ponies because they are cute, Mr. Marston had said once.
> There, nearly perfect. You put the brush back and bring out the perfume bottle. Another gift from Martha - it was rose-scented, but very diluted. Most humans wouldn't sense anything until they were close enough to hug you, but you smelled it and it gave you confidence.
> There is a knock on the door and an impatient voice quavers: "Rosa? Can you please finish up, I really have to *go*!"
> You can almost imagine the yellow, scrunched up muzzle of Felicity as she hops from hoof to hoof, legs nearly crossing with the effort to hold in her pee.
"Yeah! Sorry!"
> You hurry and put your things away, then pull the door open. The handle is wide and low, easy for a pony to operate with a hoof.
> Before you can even leave, there is a yellow and gray streak that shoulders you aside and Felicity is suddenly sitting on the toilet. She doesn't seem to mind you there, so you know it must have been pretty urgent.

> Most of the time you did your 'business' in private, but it was not uncommon to shower together if time was short. After all, you don't usually wear clothes so it isn't indecent, like with humans.
"Why didn't you say before?"
> Your friend is looking straight ahead as she lets go a mighty stream. It takes her a few moments to process your question. "I was... sleeping," she admits and blushes a little. "I just woke up."
> You almost gasp. It's nearly nine in the morning! By now the ponies were supposed to be up and ready for their classes!
> Now that your attention has been drawn to it, you see that Felicity's mane and tail are in tangles and her coat is matted and sticky in places.
> She hadn't showered and brushed herself while you were at breakfast like you'd originally surmised!
"You're gonna be so late!"
> "I know!" she squeaks, finishing and flushing the toilet. She jumps down, faces you and puts her hooves right on your shoulders. "Come on, tell me Rosa - can I skip shower do you think?"
> You try to gauge her state. *Maybe* she can pull it off. if she brushed the worst parts of her coat and untangled her mane. Some of the teachers didn't see all that well.
"I t-think so. Here, let me help you with your tail. I'll let you borrow my perfume afterwards, but you gotta brush your teeth like *right now!*"
> The filly nods and reaches into her own drawer under the sink. In moments she is busily cleaning her teeth, while you grab your hairbrush and start working on her tail.
"The others have left already?"

> The fillies in your room didn't usually get breakfast, choosing instead to sleep thirty minutes longer. That gave you free reign of the bathroom both before, while they were still in beds, and after, once they'd woken up, gotten ready and left.
> You like to freshen up after breakfast, so you can look your best for class.
> Being cute is your main asset and you can't afford to disappoint Martha. She is the one who would have final say over your assignment once you graduate.
> "'essh!" Felicity confirms, then spits out the foam. "Yes!"
"Why didn't they wake you?"
> You're done with her tail and start on her gray mane with white streaks. Luckily, it wasn't as long as yours, so there was less to untangle.
> "I don't know!" the filly wails. "They're just mean!"
> It doesn't sound like your roommates. You know for a fact that Amethyst is a sweetheart, because she has the same instructor as you and is also training to be an assistant pony. The others - especially Maribelle, who is an unofficial leader of your group - wouldn't just let their friend be late for class.
> You feel like something is wrong. Yes your friends and you sometimes played tricks on each other, but this went too far.
"I don't think they were being mean..."
> It is then you hear the door creak and hooves walk in your dorm room. The bathroom is still open and Valentina comes into view, pale and trembling a little. Beside her, Amethyst stands stock still, as if in a daze.
> Your stomach shrivels and the hairbrush clatters on the tiles as you lose your grip.
> Something dreadful must have happened!
> Felicity and her mane forgotten, you come out and carefully nuzzle Amethyst, who was nearer.
"What happened?"

> You're almost afraid to know the answer. The pony turns her head to look at you and you notice her wings are trembling against her barrel.
> "It- iiit's- it's Maribelle!" Amethyst manages to choke out.
> Your heart nearly stops. Not sweet, beautiful Maribelle! You don't think you can stand hearing that something had happened to her.
"W-What?! Tell me!"
> With a small sigh, Amethyst curls up on the floor, but Valentina has the presence of mind to answer you.
> "S-S-She... Maribelle- s-she got her- her cutie mark!"
> Your gasp is echoed by Felicity, who had slowly come out of the bathroom to stand beside you. She unconsciously steps closer until your flanks touch and you're grateful for her comforting presence.
"God, no!"
> It is with great relief that you notice Martha come into the room and close the door after her. Her eyes scan you and your friends. "Where is Iskra?" she asks in her thick accent. You shake your head because you don't know, but luckily Valentina does.
> "S-She left early to practice her German with Mrs. Ingeburg."
> The human relaxes a little. "Okay, zat is good. Come, help me get her on the bed," she orders and points to Amethyst. You easily lift her to your back with Felicity's help and take her to the nearest bunk bed. There's no way you can get her up the ladder, so you simply deposit her on the bottom mattress.
> After a moment you climb up with her and put a leg around the poor, stricken pony.
> "Now girls," Martha says in a calm, authoritative voice, "you probably heard zat Maribelle has gotten her cutie mark, correct?"

> There is a chorus of squeaks and nods, all affirmative. Maybe it's easier for you and Felicity because you've only just heard about it and the shock hadn't had time yet to work through your minds.
> It is going to be alright, now that Martha is here. The instructor will know what to do.
> "There is nothing to be afraid of, do you understand?"
> You want to believe it.
> The official story is that ponies who get their cutie marks while in the Boarding School, are taken for special training and placed according to their newly-revealed talent.
> They are very rare.
> It is a little strange, because the old ponies - the ones who came from Equestria, all have their cutie marks. They don't want to talk about that either, but you heard here and there that most ponies used to get a cutie mark when they were around ten years old.
> Here on Earth, almost no pony ever got their cutie mark, and if they did, it was way later. Maribelle is seventeen, the oldest in your group by nearly a year.
> You begin to worry that you might also get a cutie mark.
> The unofficial story, whispered around the dorms, said that ponies who manifested their talent like that were put in a lab and studied for a while, before they were simply killed.
> It's ridiculous, of course. It is just like the other spooky stories some of the colts across the hall like to tell each other at night!
> If cutie marks are so dangerous, why did the humans allow old Equestrian ponies to walk around freely with them in plain view?
> True, they are servants, but no one is studying them in a lab and most certainly they hadn't been killed!

> Then again - you never, ever heard about any colt of filly who got their cutie mark coming back, ever! It was as if they completely vanished.
"W-What was her- um, Maribelle's cu-cutie mark?"
> Martha sighs and reaches out with her hand to pat you. "I do not know zat, but I'm sure she will be fine."
> You take comfort from her words, even while the butterflies are swarming in your stomach.
> The reality sinks in and your ears drop. You'll never see Maribelle again.
> You won't even get a chance to say goodbye!
> As your tears begin to flow, you cling to the feeling of Martha's hand in your mane and her soothing, cooing voice.
> It is just like with your mother, except it's worse, because you had known Maribelle. You had seen her, talked with her just yesterday as you were preparing for bed.
> It isn't fair! Why did *she* of all ponies have to get a cutie mark?!
> As you break down, so do your friends around you. After Maribelle, you are the oldest and so they would look to you for guidance. It is a burden you absolutely don't want!
> "Zere, zere," Martha says soothingly and sits on the bed beside you. "I'll speak with ze teachers and excuse you from your classes today, yes?"
> You know it's hopeless, but you have to try anyway.
"C-Can we see Maribelle? J-Just to say goodbye? Please, Instructor Martha? Please!"
> The woman sighs and pulls your head against her side with her hand. "I'm sorry, sweetheart, but you know zis is impossible. Ze rules..."
> At least, you manage to think before giving in to grief, Felicity wouldn't be late for her class.

There we go! Right off the deep end and back into the fray.
I'll be trying some new tricks with this green, see how far I can push myself to get better at writing. Any and all feedback is most welcome (both the good and the bad!)

I hope it was an intriguing start.
I'll put together pastebin and all that tomorrow.
You really play up how ignorant and vulnerable this filly is. I’m almost afraid to empathize with her, there’s so many things that could go wrong for her, and so little she can protect herself with. The setting seems quite realistic as a way to produce saleable young slaves, taking good physical care of them, teaching them everything they need to know, while also carefully keeping them from other information.

Eagerly waiting for that curtain of ignorance to start to slip! Children are so curious; even the most rigid information security rules will let the odd tidbit slip through, and our Rosa will snap them all up. Her human instructors and the older equestrian ponies will always talk among themselves when they think they’re not overheard.

I’ve alredy come to hate this school, and I’m looking forward to Rosa escaping it, or perhaps even subverting it from within. The Magic of Friendship cannot be beaten forever!
> The instructor to whom you are assigned comes from a distant country where they speak another language. She says it's pronounced like 'Rossa' and means 'Morning Dew'.
O kurwa!
Good sad set up. Rosa is immediately likeable, in an awful situation without realizing it and crying by the end if the first chapter. Hard to do much better than that for a start.
>Ponies trying to help spergs like the fuckers in this thread
I hate how you cunts ruin every writer I've ever cared about in this fucking general
I can't believe I finally have to filter awf's trip for fucks sake
No one cares about what you care about. You are the sperg.
I wonder what will be the plot of this.
Rosa live in this institute or Rosa getting her cutie mark and learning that the laboratory rumors are falsenow, I guess all the ponies of equestria with CM would be enough for the scientific assigned to this task
File: 44535-1605720.jpg (189 KB, 516x724)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
For one moment I remembered this
To bad that rosa will chicken up and not kill any human. Fucking demon slut
D'awww you poor thing! I just want to pinch angry anon's grumpy cheeks!
Rosa suddenly gets her cutie mark... IN REBELLION AND MAYHEM!!! “School” in ruins, ponies go back to Equestria to their loving parents, The End.

It’s a great start, though. I already care about Rosa a lot.
Another story about fillies? What the fuck aspiring?
I felt some Filly Brothel vibes in it, just a lot less horrible.
It's not Filly Brothel, it's where they get new fillies.
Just wait until the snuff scene
Something to look forward to.
Suddenly filly brothel and bed fillies don't sound that bad...
Be honest: bed fillies never sounded bad.
At least bedfillies get a lot of cuddles
File: 1490422691418.png (20 KB, 586x1170)
20 KB
>that title
I would read that book.
this kind of fucking shit is the reason why I didnt want fucking filly green in the fucking thread, you fucking pedophiles crawl out of the woodwork and ruin this general
Might want to find a different website. A major part of 4chan(nel) is that you can't control what other people post.
>your violating my safe space
kek just keep sticking your fingers in your ears and pretend we aren't all around you all the time.
Thanks! That's what I was going for, initially, and I have some interesting plans for up ahead.

Pretty close!

My, that's quite a mighty conclusion you've cleared in a single jump. Since when did stories go the way fillies wanted them to go?

As usual, I have a rough outline for the plot, but I'm not spoiling a thing.

There are similarities, I knew that even before starting - impressionable filly, institutional 'training', disinformation, keeping them away from their real history/heritage, ...
But I plan on absolutely zero lewds (maybe occasional slightly 'suggestive' situations, but not a bit more).

No snuff scenes either. I wanna do a few slightly 'darker' parts, but nothing morbid or gruesome.

Thanks for all the comments! It's nice to see the green is pushing approximately the buttons I was aiming for! Next update before the weekend is over, then I think 1-2x weekly (still have quite a workload at my job)

>One of her ears swiveled upright and turned towards the newcomers.
>”You are here to lecture me on my mistake.”
>Her voice was utterly deadpan.
“No! I'm- I'm not even sure what I'm here for. Why did you-”
>Twilight glanced at Haven, only to realize the mare was nowhere to be seen.

>”She knows what I did. I don't blame her for leaving.”
>Luna pushed herself on her hooves and swung around.
>Trails of dried tears ran down from her eyes.
>She didn't look straight at Twilight, but rather at a spot between them.
“Are you blaming yourself for what Nightmare Moon did? That's not-”
>”No, Twilight. My mistake was letting it take control. I was selfish and accepted her offer instead of fulfilling my duty as Equestria's guardian.”
>Her eyes locked with Twilight's as she tread closer.
>”Now it roams Equestria, free to do as it wishes. And I'm stuck here.”
>She did a sweeping motion with her hoof, directed at the center of the tiny island they stood on.
“You did what? I- I don't understand.”
>Twilight left her lips cracked open as words failed her.
>Everything was going to be fine.
>She just had to use the Elements to purge Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker out of Luna and Celestia.
>So why did Luna act like that?
>”Would it help if I showed you?”
>Luna's horn flashed blue, and a bubble with an image in it appeared between the alicorns.
>The image showed the Rift.
>Only there was a gargantuan tentacle coming out of it.
>The tentacle had a razor sharp claw on its tip.
>It was headed straight at the image, at Luna, so fast that everything else seemed to stand still.


>Twilight woke up alone.
>What Luna showed her still haunted her mind.
>She couldn't blame Luna for making the choice she did.
>Choosing life wasn't wrong.
>It couldn't be.
>Especially when Twilight would make it right again, so there'd be no lasting harm.

>The sheets were disturbed on the spot where he'd been in the dream, but her human wasn't next to her.
>She rolled out of bed and trotted across the room to check on the Elements.
>The familiar glint of gold and gemstones greeted her as she peeked in the box.
>She let the lid slam shut and headed to the bathroom.
>The treasures would have enough power to be Luna's salvation.
>They had to.


>A most delicious scent of fried eggs and various herbs and vegetables hung in the air as Twilight trotted into the kitchen.
>”Oh. Good morning, Princess.”
>Her human waved his good hand at her.
>He stood in front of a stove, and had spices and various chopped-up ingredients – ranging from onion to spinach to cherry tomatoes to sliced toast – on a table near him.
>”Do you want me to give your bread a nice golden brown finish when I'm done with its filling? Or do you prefer it as is?”
>He nodded at the toast.
>Her stomach growled.
“Dab it in oil and fry it for a bit. That's how Spike does it.”
>He looked so different.
>Lost in his cooking, a smile on his face and a spatula in hand.
>Nothing like the human Daybreker gave her.
>The one who was beaten catatonic.

“I thought you said you can't do anything one handed.”
>She could barely keep from drooling as her human set a plate of two egg, cheese and vegetable filled toast burgers down in front of her.
>”This is just something little. Besides, you got some pretty good tools in here. Celestia said they're for the earth pony and pegasus cooks, but they work just as well for a one-handed human like me.”
>Fresh basil, fried tomatoes, shredded spinach, melted cheese...
>Twilight dug in without waiting for him.
“Mmm! How'h yoo make dis so gooh?”
>Bite. Nom. Chew.
>”Hm. The pan was a little too hot for the bread. It's a little burnt.”
“Where'd you get the idea to make breakfast anyways?”
>She'd devoured one half of her meal before looking up at her human.
>He held his lone egg sandwich/toast burger in his hand, and had taken a bite off the corner.
>”I ran into Celestia when I came to get something for myself. She looked nervous, and talked about their plan to close the Rift, and how she wants you and your friends to be there in case something goes wrong.”
>He bit into his sandwich.
>Twilight followed suit.
>A short moment of intense chewing ensued.
>”I thought I'd make a decent meal for you since we don't know how long it'll take. So you don't get tired.”

>”Say, Twilight, is there some reason why you're reading 'Interdimensional Monsters and how to Deter Them?' Fillies' horror books aren't exactly your style.”
>Twilight's smile turned into a toothy grin.
>She'd hoped that choice of literature wouldn't be noticed, but Rarity had an eye for detail like nopony else.
“Uhm. It's not because we're going to the Rift and there's a slight risk of an unknown monster from another dimension attacking us. Because I... would've found some more reliable source if that was the case. Hehe.”
>Waves of heat rose to her cheeks as she rubbed her neck with a hoof.
>”So the rumors about a tentacle beast living in there are true? Maybe it's just misunderstood and only attacked Nightmare Moon because it felt threatened.”
“Iii don't think that's the case, Fluttershy. It tried to take over Equestria's dreams first. Its attack on Nightmare Moon was a suicide strike as far as we know. There hasn't been a sign of it since, but that could also be because it's hiding and waiting.”
>Twilight shook her friend's hooves off her.
>She spread her wings and bent her hooves, then hopped up and beat her wings to stay airborne.

“Okay. You're probably wondering why you're here.”
>Her voice had a higher pitch than usual.
“Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker are planning on closing the Rift, and they're going to do it today. They want us to be there, with the Elements, in case something goes wrong.”
>Six pairs of eyes were fixed on her.
>The only ones that made her stomach twist were those of her human.
>Could she stop them in time?
>Could she save his world?
“But there's a risk that they'll end up annihilating the human world. That's why we're going to stop them before they can do it.”
>Could Daybreaker or Nightmare Moon be listening?
>The thought made adrenaline surge in her veins.
>She realized she was drifting upwards as the surge made her wingbeats more powerful.
“Or that's what I hope will happen.”
>She folded her wings and fell to the ground with a thud.

To be continued.

Rushed, half-assed and terribly written? You are absolutely correct.
This is the next to last piece. I'm sure you'll be pleased that this story is ending.
File: 1460643.png (878 KB, 2400x1800)
878 KB
878 KB PNG
not really. i like your story
remember, the complainfags arent the majority. theyre just the loudest
You don't even see the irony of your post, do you? You're complaining that stories about fillies will ruin the general, but what is this general to begin with? A bunch of grown men writing erotic fanfics based on a show for little girls. And you're invested enough in this shit to complain about the content here not being exactly what you want. Which puts you on pretty thin ice throwing accusations like that around. Psychologically this general is really just a thinly veiled fantasy of winning the love of an abused child by virtue of little more than being there and not being a complete jerk. It's almost indistinguishable from the "but she's into it so it's OK" trope commonly seen in manga. If you can't see that you've got a serious set of blinders on.
thats nice honey
What complain? Literally everyone ignore her or just filter her name?
Seems like a completely new world. Im surprised that you started a new one, rather than continuing one.
The written accent is a bit annoying. The fillies (if you can call a 17 year old pony a filly) are totally innocent/brainwashed. Born into a well oiled slavery machine. Taken away from family right after birth, unique identity (cm) treated in a twisted way.

Looking forward for more, Im sure you pull of another excellent green.
I love fillies but I'm more than fine with the lack of lewd. Almost all the lewd filly here is just shitposting and we're fine if the lewd happened off stage and not to the main character this time. Just make her clear that the lewd with the protagonist will happen when she turns into a mature mare. Keep going and don't forget the mandatory bath scenes
>I plan on absolutely zero lewds (maybe occasional slightly 'suggestive' situations, but not a bit more).
Makes perfect sense. No reason to get your story scruffed. But the set up is a recipe to put Rosa through experiences that would be unthinkable if she were free and being raised by a loving family, and have such things presented to her as just the way things are. No reason to make it as harrowing as what Mare went through, and she didn't even get a name or a description! But exploring the banality of evil in an institutional setting with an innocent protagonist is a fantastic set up for lots of very sad feels. Combine that with how well you write and I'm looking forward to more of this!
>No reason to make it as harrowing as what Mare went through, and she didn't even get a name or a description!
I agree this time. Like the inverse formula of the filly brothel

>But exploring the banality of evil in an institutional setting with an innocent protagonist is a fantastic set up for lots of very sad feels.
It's really necessary to be evil? The previous awf green with spoon have enough tension and a new comfy green in the general would be great. The rumors between foals are necessary to the ponies to know that the world outside the institution can be cruel but with a good guidance they can live comfortable with a job designated to their new earned CM
>It's really necessary to be evil?
It's the nature of an institutionalized setting. The rules are made for the benefit of the institution, not those who are just cogs in the machine. Especially when those cogs do not have rights or freedom. Think of life under totalitarianism communism, a dictatorship, or in a prison or factory farm. Even a mental hospital or nunnery can qualify. The institution serves itself and thus by nature becomes exploitative and miserable for those under its control. How bad it gets depends on the particular culture of the institution. But it'[s never good.
This. No one complains, the writefag just seems to have some kind of victim complex. Sorry not many people like your story, but if you yourself admit it's terribly written why would anyone else care?
Why would you write that? Just to be a jerk?
You're on 4chan buddy, if you expect people to be nice you probably lost your way to reddit.
I like his story, prefer it over fetish fuel 'story' number 122, and from the looks he wasn't being serious.
I don't expect people to be nice. But I don't expect them to work against their own interests. We thrive on green. Writefags produce green. You may not like all the green, but a culture of shitting on writefags seems suicidal for a general.
And the culture of accepting any and all with a no judge police is also suicidal. Look at what happened to Anonfilly. Also the
>If we judge them we'll lose all our content!
Is bullshit, there's a good amount of threads that constantly judge a story and still have content, and have for years. If someone can't take a "You fucking suck" then maybe he shouldn't have gone to 4chan for writing, maybe they should've gone to fimfic for their hugbox, but that's not happening here, and maybe instead of screaming "Don't judge them!" you should question their dislike and refute it.
>from the looks he wasn't being serious.
The guy constantly talks about how he's rushing the end, looks pretty serious to me. I gave it a chance but the beginning was a fetish fuel rape fest and the write fag keeps whining as bad as snookems.
Because seeing him throw pity party #17 gets old. If he's not enjoying writing then take a break, if he is then quit begging for attention and let the merits of the story do it itself.
>The guy constantly talks about how he's rushing the end
>I gave it a chance but the beginning was a fetish fuel rape fest
Again true but what story here doesn't start off as fetish fuel trash or stay it, hell look at Vega, he's literally just writing the same thing over and over.
>Twilight leaves Anon.
>Oh shit bad person.
>Bad thing happens ment only to make you shocked.
>Anon saves her.
>"Sorry for leaving Anon."
>Spank spank spank.
And sprinkle some small vague ass 'story' that's so vague you can change it anytime or just keep making vague hints, and you have a chapter.
>the write fag keeps whining as bad as snookems.
Well I haven't seen him making blogpost yet so at least he has that.
>If he's not enjoying writing then take a break, if he is then quit begging for attention
Personally I think he just needs a break. But he probably wants to finish it so it doesn't become another abandoned unfinished story, probably afraid if he stops now he'll never find the push to start again. But I also think rushing a story to it's end can make it just as bad if not worse than a story just up and abandoned.
>But I also think rushing a story to it's end can make it just as bad if not worse than a story just up and abandoned.
That only applies to good one like that vinyl story that was rushed as fuck. For this one is fine because even the writer don't like it
Mother fucking corona when?
Oh, don't get me wrong i don't mind fetish stuff. We're in a general about enslaving little horses after all. I was just making fun of the hypocrisy.
Don't worry human, this pony want to help you to accomplish your noble cause
File: IMG_5433.png (277 KB, 954x706)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
> January 2nd
> My beloved Anonymous,
> I'm sorry I didn't write sooner. Sending two letters so close one after another really took it out of me. I had a headache almost until yesterday... Seriously, it's worse than being hung over!
> There really isn't any excuse, but please know that I think of you every minute I'm alone.
> I spent some time with Silver Spoon at her home. Did I tell you about her homecoming?
> Just as I predicted, her family were overjoyed to have her back and for the first ten minutes her mother just held her tightly and showered her with kisses. She was crying the whole time and so was Silver Spoon.
> Even my eyes were wet to see all that joy!
> Oh! Word has spread that she was coming home (I suspect Pinkie) and as I was leaving Silver Spoon's house there were already some of her old friends out front with a big sign that said 'Welcome back, Silver Spoon, we missed you!'. It was really heartwarming.
> How in Tartarus did I forget to write about that until now?!
> Anyway, I promised Silver Spoon I'll go with her to school tomorrow, so she doesn't have to face all her friends on her own. She has a lot of catching up to do, so she'll spend a few afternoons every week with me for private tutoring.
> This will also give me a chance to see how she is doing and if she's adapting well to life back in Equestria.
> Some of her old friends have been visiting her and I think they are all looking forward to having her with them again. Silver Spoon won't have to fear rejection, at least.
> All the love in my heart,
> Twilight Sparkle
> P.S.: Sunburst has been working on my return spell and thinks he has it figured out. He's helping send this. Please try to reply via the envelope again tonight!
Twi will receive half a book as a response. Or a simple "Not much, I miss you, love you."
If it works...
File: 1660349.jpg (210 KB, 1524x1988)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
>what story here doesn't start off as fetish fuel trash or stay it
I can think of at least one, unless your fetishes include alcoholism and retail.
Two, if you aren't sexually attracted to rocks.
I hope anonymous just responds with "k"
Geological Assistant was the first slave-pone story I ever read! Not much ever happens, but it’s just so... cozy!
I'm surprised shiny hasn't commented on how lewd corona is half the time. That mare swishing her scent around with that tail of hers would be lethal! I'm surprised she hasn't left wet spots in all the chairs she's sat on!

With Anon being a good girl for her master and not wasting the water!
I want to believe that once they fuck, coronas going to have twice the sexual drive as her master and break his pelvis with all the mindshattering sex they'll be having
File: 1549724697377.jpg (250 KB, 1708x2001)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Did you remember to brush your poner today? Its an important part of being a pony owner.
t. a regular human
I want corona to sit on my face
Not that one. I don't want to get cucked
I just want a slave pony mare that I can take care of like a pet who sometimes in exchange for love, also gives me love and compassion back
>page 9
I gotcha.
>we're dead
I guess that this is regular in weekend
are you always dead on weekends?
lets hit the autosage with pointless discussion
usually we let it linger in zombie mode until a writefag is ready to update. no reason to rush it if theres nothing to post
>Be Roseluck
>It happened so quickly
>A beat up white van stopped on the street beside you while walking home with your son
>The sliding door on the side opened and two young men got out
>You thought nothing of it - guys getting out of work vans is something you see all the time
>They walked just a little ahead of you on the sidewalk
>You should have noticed the van with the door open keeping pace with them
>But you didn't because your attention was focused on hearing the excited details of a colt's playdate
>When one of the men turned to you and showed you the small but very sharp looking knife he was holding you froze
>When he told you to get into the van you remained frozen
>When he said, "You don't want the boy to get hurt, do you?," it snapped you back to reality
"Don't you touch him," you said with a mother's bravery
>In response you were again told to get into the van
"Go to auntie," you said to the colt and complied with the man's request
>Your son balked and shouted, "Mommy!"
"GO TO AUNTIE!," you said as firmly as you could as the door slid shut between the two of you and the van sped away
>When you asked why you were being foalnapped the guy with the knife and the driver laughed
>"Money, of course," knife guy replied. "Speaking of which," he said to his cohort, "you heard her: FOALnapped. Pay up"
>The other man - not the driver - took out his wallet, removed a $20 bill, crumpled it up and threw it at knife guy
>"It's always about money," knife guy continued, "and I just made an extra twenty because he didn't believe you'd call it 'foalnapping'"
>At that point you started shaking and really couldn't stop
>You were almost afraid you were going to pee yourself right there
>You were told you weren't going to be hurt as long as you did what they said
>And that this would all be over in a day or two
"By all be over you mean?"
>"Safely returned home unharmed is how we'd like it to work out," knife guy answered, "but that's on you and your ex"
"My ex?"
>"Yeah. Ex-boyfriend, executive producer, whatever," he answered, then turned to the guy whose wallet he's just lightened and said, "Make the call"
>Moments later his cohort was on his phone saying, "We got her. We're on our way"
>He listened for a few seconds and said, "Oh right. I'll do that right now," then turned to you and demanded your phone
>You complied only to watch him toss it our the window
>Knife guy shook his head and said, "That could have been a rookie mistake right there"
>"But it wasn't," his cohort counters
"So you guys aren't career criminals?," you asked
>"Everyone in my family is either a cop or a drug dealer," knife guy answered. "I'm the black sheep without a badge or a record"
>Best to leave it there
>Soon you pulled into a parking lot behind a warehouse in a desolate part of town you didn't recognize
>Alongside another van, newer and better cared for
>"That's our whip," knife guy said. "We're going to switch to that van. Don't do anything stupid"
>You didn't, but once you were in the new vehicle you asked why the switch
>And were told the van you'd been foalnapped in was stolen
>Another young man was waiting in the driver's seat of new van with a laptop computer
>"The stressful part is over, ransom note is sent, we can all relax a little now," he said, turning the key in the ignition
>"Hi Rose," he continued, "I'm Mr White. That's Mr Brown, Mr Blue and," he gestured to knife guy, "that's Mr Pink"
>"You said we weren't doing the fucking Resevoir Dogs thing," Mr Pink protested
>"Well we're doing it now, and you're Mr Pink"
>"Fuck," Mr Pink answered
>Another van ride took you to a detached house with a driveway and a garage in a neighborhood of houses that looked the same
>The driver clicked a button on the visor and the garage door opened
>He pulled the fan inside and closed it with another press of the button
>"Here we are," Mr White said. "This is gonna be home for the next couple days"
>And you find yourself in a modest house that looks like it was decorated by someone of equally modest means and taste
>Mr White apoligized for the collar and chain he put around your neck
>The chain is about 10 ft long and laced through a bunch of cinder blocks on the carpet
>"For everyone's peace of mind," he said
>Mr Brown took the keys from Mr White and left in the van with Mr Blue
>So it's just you, Mr White and Mr Pink in the den, where they've turned on the TV
>"Nothing to do now but chill and wait," Mr Pink says pulling a plastic container out of his pocket
>"Use my pen," Mr White says, "so we don't stink the place up too badly"
>"Do ponies smoke weed?," Mr Pink asks
"I'm fine, thanks"
>That's a lie
>You're scared, worried and just want to be back home with your son
>Who you're sure feels the same
>These guys are monsters for putting a colt through that
>Who knows what else they plan on putting you through
"Actually, I could use a drink"
>Mr Pink brightens and says, "What would you like? Maybe a glass of wine?"
"That would be lovely"
>He laughs and says to Mr White, "See? I told you! They're totally white girls!"
>"He has this theory," Mr White begins, "that mares are just like white girls in terms of... sensibilities"
>"And attitudes," Mr Pink replies, "just less mean and entitled. And sorry, there is nothing to drink here"
>"But we will order some delivery," Mr White says. "I bet you're hungry. I know I am"
>"First though," Mr Pink says, breaking a little piece off the green bud he took from the plastic container, "we get high"
>You can smell it across the room
>You can smell yourself too, stinking from all the stress of today
>Except that's more than just stress stink
>Fuck, not now!
>You're going into heat
>Back in Equestria you always knew when it was coming
>But here it keeps a less regular schedule, surprising sometimes when you least expect it
>Mr Pink exhales the hit of weed he just took and passes the pen to Mr White
>"Pizza OK for pony?," Mr Pink asks
>Mr White pauses as he's about to take a hit to say, "None of that Buffalo chicken ranch bullshit. I want a fucking normal pizza"
>"What do you want Mr Boring," Mr Pink taunts, "Pepperoni?"
>Mr White holds the smoke he just inhaled for a few seconds before exhaling and replying, "I'd be fine with that"
>Then he looks at you ans asks, "You fine with that?"
"Sure. Maybe you could, maybe order a salad to go with it?"
>Mr Pink starts laughing
>"What did I tell you?," he says. "Tell me that's not total white girl shit"
>"Maybe," Mr White replies
"So you're not white? Human racial identity is a lot more subtle than with ponies. I still have trouble picking up on it sometimes"
>"I'm Boricua," Mr Pink replies
>"Hey!," Mr White chides him, "No personal details, remember?"
"It's OK. I don't even know what that means"
>"It means stop and frisk was a reality for this hood rat growing up," Mr Pink answers, "and that shit never happened to white boys"
>"Blacks had it worse," Mr White adds
>"No shit," Mr Pink says, taking the pen back from Mr White, "Why do you think the Nation of Islam is prepping for a race war"
>"That's not gonna happen," Mr White answers
>"You don't know that," Mr Pink says
>The smell of pot smoke in the room is a foreign thing to you, but you welcome it
>Because it's strong enough to mask your own smell
>Not that most human noses are sensitive enough to pick up on it, but the notion of these young men getting any ideas about you THAT way is terrifying
>That plus worring about what your colt must be going through right now is almost unbearable
>You don't want to cry in front of these guys for fear it might make them angry, but the stress of the day is catching up with you
>And tears start welling up in your eyes
>"Aw Rose," Mr White says, "Don't cry. We're not going to hurt you I promise. We're just going to waste a day or two of your time"
>He grabs his laptop and taps away
>"I'll even get you that salad you wanted," he says
"It's hard to believe you after being ripped from my son at knifepoint and being chained up who knows where with two strange men"
>"Sure," Mr White says gently, "being held for ransom isn't supposed to be an enjoyable experience. But this is as bad as its going to get"
>"We agreed we would be gentlemen about this," Mr Pink adds, "if that's what you're worried about"
>"We may be kidnappers, but we're not rapists," Mr White affirms
>"I'm not so sure about Mr Blue," Mr Pink counters, "But we won't let him alone with you"
"That's not all that reassuring. I don't even know how my son is doing"
>More tears are coming and you can't stop them
>"You'll know as soon as we get our money," Mr White says flatly. "You don't know the IP address of your computer, do you?"
"What? No, I have no idea what it is"
>"Too bad," he replies
>"Because if I had your IP I could enable your camera and we could get you a view from home"
"You can DO that?!"
>He laughs and Mr Pink says, "He's a hacker. You wouldn't believe what he can do"
"Then why foalnap me? Can't you just make money hacking stuff?"
>"Honestly?," Mr White replies, "This is less risky. The Wild West days ended over a decade ago when I was just a kid"
>"When they came for Sabu?," Mr Pink asks
>"And turned him into a fucking snitch," Mr White replies, then adds, "not like he had much choice about it"
>You have no idea what they're talking about
>"That's when the party was over, and I'd only just found out about it," he continues
>"If only you'd been born ten years earlier," Mr Pink says
>"Good thing I wasn't," Mr White answers, "for all I know I would be in federal prison by now. I did allow myself a few style points with the ransom note"
>"What did you do?," Mr Pink asks
>"I sent it from his own email"
>"Nice!," Mr Pink replies admiringly

Kill yourself.
Why everyone in your green have something politic to say? It's like you want to throw random opinions and you just use random characters to do it. Nice update anyway
Rose could have easily kick the door out at a red light and make a run for it. Just saying.
Also why does the low life criminals have this much opinion in front of her? And Rose just accepts this all totally passively.
Thanks for the update tho.
She is scared and have a child. She can't be risky for the sake of her son.
>Mr White apoligized for the collar and chain he put around your neck
>The chain is about 10 ft long and laced through a bunch of cinder blocks on the carpet
The story takes place in NYC. New Yorkers have opinions and aren't all that shy about sharing them with anyone who will listen. Politics and race are pretty common topics.
Fine...I guess. Just keep it realistic for the ponies then. The last thing I need is bronco Jr talking about politics
Sooner or later he's going to form opinions about the enslavement of his own kind as well as the unequal status between free ponies and people. How is he not supposed to notice that three guys in a van can just take his mother away and the police don't seem to give a shit? Even if he's too young to pick up on that now he will eventually.
Honestly, I'd take a political rant over what's about to happen.
We want to hate these foalnappers, they are breaking the law, hurting Rose (even if they don’t end up actually hurting her), and stealing from VP John. They are bad people doing bad things. But this is not the first time Rose has played a captive animal for the use of others, that’s the whole point of slavery! How does she rate these thugs compared to her more ‘legitimate’ owners? What do they think of formal slavery, compared to what they’re doing here?

In an earlier comment, I said the FBI had made it part of their corporate personality early on that kidnap for ransom would never pay in America. That they can’t stop anyone from ever trying it, but they do smother every case with a totally unreasonable amount of resources. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pretty rich white girl, some brown illegal nobodies ever heard of, or (presumably) a freed pony slave, the FBI will do everything it possibly can to capture your captors. It’s not that they care so much about the individual victims, it’s that every success breeds a dozen copycats! These Puerto Ricans won’t just stay foalnapping specialists, they and their competitors will surely branch out if allowed to do so. National level cops need to think about that stuff.

>Page 9
Thanks for breaking the drought, but what happened to our Sweet Pigs there?
>by a slave

Is that really the right word for it? She’s a slave, she never really agreed to be in the relationship in the first place, she doesn’t really owe you anything, because she can’t own anything. It’s disobedience, sure. Rebellion, maybe. Worth a whipping. But “Cucked” implies some sort of equality, like she’s breaking a deal, I think. Never liked the word anyways, we have more precise ones.
That happened after the van. She was not tied down in the van.
Fuck you mother fucker go fucking off yourself cunt
File: 1104675.png (469 KB, 1336x1133)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
These are sure chatty kidnappers! Rose has seen their faces, their personal vehicle, and has gotten to know them quite a bit already. Do they really intend for her to trot out the door with that knowledge, ransom or not?! Why is she even still alive?
File: 09876543.png (977 KB, 836x955)
977 KB
977 KB PNG
U mad.
File: 34568567.jpg (169 KB, 1280x1043)
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169 KB JPG
File: 347723.png (831 KB, 1264x632)
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831 KB PNG
File: 1449607970739.jpg (116 KB, 700x700)
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File: 1450424237730.png (52 KB, 541x418)
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File: large (1).png (184 KB, 1187x1024)
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184 KB PNG
File: large (2).png (344 KB, 1280x619)
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File: 1439349597151.png (954 KB, 2048x2048)
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File: 916615.gif (2.88 MB, 868x482)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB GIF
Ponies can be pretty dumb
File: 15.jpg (158 KB, 1024x1298)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
File: download.png (225 KB, 614x628)
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225 KB PNG
But it’s not the pony being dumb here, but the people. If they have decided to kill her, they should have done it right away. Every breath she takes is additional expense and risk. If they plan to release her, they should keep her from knowing anything about them. Every word she hears can be used to convict them.
File: 1386049768169.gif (93 KB, 466x300)
93 KB
File: 1499729346784.jpg (162 KB, 1898x1399)
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162 KB JPG
Vega when?
Second confrontation with Luna when?
Spanks for the Spank God when?
Fucking hell your autism is literally painful to read. Fuck off.

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