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>2.0 Rules
>2.0 Multiclasses
see it shows the 2.0 rules here, shima, your argument is invalid

>2.5 Rules
>2.5 Multiclasses

>Expanded Racials 4.0

>Dice-bot Script
also here's my sheet https://pastebin.com/VZEJvkbs
>OOC Chat [Copy and paste it all as one line, no spaces]
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>"It's one thing to control time ... and another thing to lose control of it all. Time travel can only be used in the direst emergency — when there is nothing to lose."
Post sheets for session 157 of Time Quest!
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>Honey 10/10
>Nero 10/7
>Onyxia 5/5
>Southern 6/5
>Luke Warm 5/5

Last time on Time QUEST: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/33366798 + https://mlpg.co/q/res/673155+50.html#q708298 (Southern)

"Alright, fine. I'll round up our newest additions to our zoo and go round him up, hopefully he could handle the two that went after him without me. Getting a good collection here going." As you ask for soemthing to snack on, she raises her brow. "Ooooh. Well, of course, my duchess. Would you like me to prepare some iced tea and a few snack cakes to go with that?"

As you look at the ape tied up in the string, he opens his eyes wide, "N-no kill me! Razar keep dreamstone at top of tower, w-we keep it safe for Mammon the Mighty!"

Bossa whistles. "Mammon… that's a nasty Order member there. You think I'M difficult to control, even Sight and his attack dog have trouble keeping Mammon under their hoof. From what I gathered from Claw, his arrangement with Sight is complicated."

Celestia nods, taking in the look you give her with practiced calmness, and says, "Soon Honey, we'll try to be heading home soon."

As you comment on their reptilian nature, Luna nods, "Right, good point. Still, what gets me is how much they look like the dinosaurs. The heads, the spines, the horns..."
"They remind me a bit of the minotaurs," Celestia comments. "Only using the drakes instead of cattle."

Luna pauses, "... right, silly me. But, none of us have ever actually tried to kill Luke. Well, at least I assume."
File: volsa.png (1.4 MB, 2000x1800)
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1.4 MB PNG
>Can we justa blow them up already?
"Not just yet. As Nero said, we still need Luke to move Volsa away from the battlefield, so we need only deal with the apes."

At the beginning of your rant, Volsa bears a wide, smug grin as she believes herself in control of this situation. However, as you rant further and further, her smile slowly disappears into a confused frown. She tries to interrupt at several points, as though to ask a question or clarification, but your rant is unstoppable, and soon, it is though she is enthralled by what it is you have to say.

As you reach the end, taking a sip of the Shirley Temple for good measure, she slowly reaches out for it, ignoring the straw and instead going for just drinking it normally, steam evaporating from her lips as she partakes of the cold, delicious alcoholic beverage. As she does, her pupils dilate, and she stops to take a look down at the drink in her hoof.
"This... this is the best thing I have ever tasted... what is this...?"
"It was, but that was a long time ago." Knightly states, "Back in the days before Sombra took control of the Empire, it used to be in the Throne Room, close to the throne and the Emperor itself, and upon the Emperor's return 26 years ago, it was moved back to its rightful place. The tower itself was a product of Sombra's rule as well, it used to be more like a traditional palace."

Ulmash nods, "We can show you up close when we get up there. It's quite a beautiful sight to see." Ulmash says, as she leads the way up into the throne room...

After a rather lengthy flight up the stairs, you come into the grand, crystal throne room, very vast and expansive with balconies that allow you to look out to either side and catch a breath-taking view of the Empire. At the back of the room lies the crystal throne itself, currently empty, with a large collection of crystal situated behind it as well. "During the court, our mother sits upon the throne with our father at her side, taking in any and all hearings."
In the dead center of the room, pulsating with love so strong just being near it brings a bright shimmer to your coat, is the spinning, floating jewel that serves as the keystone to the Empire itself. The Crystal Heart, low energy fields of pure love radiating off in a way you can feel and taste acts as the center piece to the room.
"Yes, that'd be very good, in fact," Southern says.

"Tell me the location of all the dreamstone you know of, and tell me how to get there," she demands of the captive.
"Huh. I can't imagine the palace looking any different than it does."
Onyxia comments at the mention of the castle being Sombra's make.

Onyxia looks in wonder, like a filly dreaming of being a princess, as they enter the throne room. Even though it was never a desire or a thought back in her life before, she can't help but be awestruck at being in the same room that Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadence lead from.
"Wow... I can't believe I'm actually standing here..."

She looks down at her coat as it brightens up just from being near the Crystal Heart, looking at the object in similar wonder. However, she stops in hesitation after the taste of lve hits her tongue.
"I-I'm not going to balloon up from being near it, am I?"
She worriedly asks her twin after all the effort they spent that morning.
"You have tasted the pinnacle of civilization. A beverage representative of it's sweetest fruits. When mastery over the lands, their fauna, flora and elements is complete. Ponies will make this drink, The Shirley Temple is but a tiny fraction of our people's arts. Yet so focal, it is suffused from the nectar of gods, a flammable poison when drank in it's pure form will taste exactly how you would think poison would taste like but the imbibing of these psychedelic tinctures -babe- Make a man realize the fire inside of him, fears errode and the inner flame that resides in everypony blossoms to conquer the world. Drunk from power my inner flame consumed me and my body became engulfed in flames."

LukeWarm dramatically tears the bandages from his face, revealing his burnt visage.
"I sacrificed my life to save those I loved from the changeling hoards. Now I pass the torch to you Volsa. Descend the mountain with me, it is time we go to the forest and I show you how to brew the nectar of Gods. So it will be you who passes down it's secrets."

LukeWarm steps to the edge of the stone platform and sorta crouches as he swings his hooves like he's about to hop but isn't entirely sure he's seeing the distance right. He soon does hop onto some steady rock and beckons Volsa to follow him.
The king looks through the gaps in the clouds beneath, His golden chariot soaring just over the camouflaging cover as He sees Luke leading Volsa away, further down the mountain.

"There's our opening, Luna will come with Me. Celestia, take Honey and join us as soon as you're ready."

He says, the chariot dissolving as He and the Night-Princess dive into the thick of battle, the god-king still stained in pegasus blood and grave-dirt as He draws His khopesh and begins slaying the giants.

[1d10+5] Blast
>DC 5
>Gem of Bamman
Honey hears the call to start the fight, just finishing that shotglass of rum from Luke. She looks at everyone with an almost tired expression, then up at Celestia.
"Alright...let'sa get...get to this." Honey stands up, but stumbles a bit and falls back over. She flaps her wings, but finds herself not steady and bumps into Celestia. Its quite clear she's drunk off her ass right now.
The red-ape sweats profusely, "M-me only know about the pile up in top of tower, back at Razar stronghold! It at top of it b-but me not know *exactly* where. Please no kill me, I-I can try showing you!"

Bossa glowers, "Well, get started with directions."

"T-tower back that way, big wall around it, no can miss. Y-you just came from it! Tunnels go all through stone tower, all the way to top. I-it sort of maze but unless you have feather-wing, or flying lizard, it only way up."

Ulmash smiles, "I know... I'm so used to it I can't say I relate entirely, but I've met many ponies who've described how awe-inspiring it is."
"It's all quite impressive." Knightly says strolling forward, taking a look at the throne. "I wouldn't mind taking a turn sitting on the throne myself. Only in the Emperor's absence of course, but I could see myself running a very effective court. Would put all that 'delegation' classes I've sit through to good use."

As you ask Twonyxia about the heart, you can see she seems to be sensing the same thing as well, her coat shimmering and face seemingly lost for a bit as she takes in its love. "H-huh?" She stammers, "Oh, sorry! The Heart can be a little intoxicating and, I haven't been here in a while." As you ask if you're about to balloon up, she shakes her head, "No, not from just ambient love emanating from it. That's like...water, I suppose would be a good description. It's not filling. If you were to try and directly FEED from it, then hoooo that might be a different story but I'm pretty sure doing anything like that to the Heart would land you in the dungeon."
Volsa quickly takes another sip, trying desperately to lap up every last delicious taste as she smacks her lip. "A flammable poison... I think I can taste it. Yes, like a bit, a STING in my mouth and throat that intensifies the flames within. What a marvelous concoction..."

As you tear away your bandages, and reveal your burns, Volsa's expression softens, walking towards you as she glares into the burnt flesh with pity and admiration in her eyes. "Bone... what sort of trouble have you gotten yourself into this time? That's a horrid scar... but beautiful, all at once."

As you ask her to descend with you, she turns her head up towards the mountain, "I'm... you caught me at an critical moment in case you haven't noticed. Par for the course for your timing, actually. However..." she pauses, "Hmm... well, the monkeys aren't going anywhere. And I do owe you for this delicious nectar. If you intend to show me more..." she says, looking to the lava field down ahead as she fans her magma-like wings outwards, clearing a safe path down. "Then show me everything you have, Bone."

Luna and Celestia both nod in confirmation, the latter saying, "Understood. See you down there shortly, Nero."

You and Luna take off below, the chariot vanishing as you and her divebomb the giants below. The ape-dinosaur hybrids roar viciously tossing massive boulders down towards the elementals below as you come up upon them. After you land, you draw your khopesh and charge one of the giants, a giant ankylo-saur based one, but he notices your oncoming attack, shifts his bone-like club of a tail up to parry your khopesh, and deflects it, roaring angrily as he raises up his tail.
[1d10+3] Slam, swinging it downwards onto Nero

Luna shouts as she charges up her gravity magic, targeting all five of the powerful bruisers, "Take this you freaks of prehistoric nature!" [1d10+6] Cleave 5
The chariot vanishes beneath you, and Luna and Nero charge ahead into battle. However, as you prepare to do the same, you stumble and fall over backwards, Celestia looking down with shock as her hooves move quickly to catch your cybernetic body in them. "Honey?!" Celestia asks, shaking her hooves lightly as the newly christened techno-god falls over from copious amounts of inebriation.

"Honey? Oh please, tell me you did not have too much to drink! Tell me, how many horns do you see?" She says, pointing her (very blurry and multiplying) horn in front of you to count.
Southern goes to follow the guy's directions and get more dreamstone.
Honey wobbles in Celestia's hooves, squinting her eyes at her.
"Uhh...sixa...no, four...uhh...the number aftera five? Wait, I can...Ia can fix this." She says drunkenly makes a small pistol appear in her hooves. She suddenly takes a few shots at Celestia, all of them going wide as Honey aims for horns that aren't actually there and spinning.
"Fucka...I missed."
>"Bone... what sort of trouble have you gotten yourself into this time? That's a horrid scar... but beautiful, all at once."
Luke sighs delightfully "A mare.. An old Flame. But I held on for too long." Luke tilts his head back and sways it around until looking at Volsa smiling. Needless to say Luke is Tipsy.

>"Then show me everything you have, Bone."
Lukewarm takes a bottle of Everfree grain alcohol from his bag and drinks two gulps worth straight from the bottle and passes the bottle to Volsa. "We're now drinking buddies, Volsa."
Lukewarm announces mischievously but with an air of brotherly pride. He walks down the cleared path with Volsa, descending towards the forests to look for some fruit.
The king parries the club-like tail, taking only minimal damage before leaping at the creature's chest and slashing straight downwards, still hanging onto the creature as He goes.

[1d10+5] Attack
>DC 5, Autocrits, only targets this one
Onyxia sighs in relief.
"Phew, that's good. I'd hate for all that practice we spent this morning to be wasted."
She says, stepping into the room proper now that her worries are assuaged.
"That can be done?" Onyxia questions at the warning, finding it surprising to be put out, "Well I wasn't planning on it. I think Steel is far more than plenty." She says with a chuckle.

Onyxia turns in place as she takes in the room, still in awe.
"I can't believe these past few days. I found a whole big family waiting home for me, learning we're friends with the Royal Family, and now I'm standing at the heart of the Empire. If I was told this a week ago I would've called myself crazy."
She says, at a loss of words for anything else. A passing thought comes through her mind at wondering if that flow of love could be affecting her view, but it's dismissed aside.
Bossa waves you off as she moves on to rejoin the group as you commanded of her, wishing you luck on your journey for Dreamstone. You leave the ape you captured tied up but alive where you all found him, and you make your way back to the intimidating fortress of Fort Razar where you came.

When you get back, you see this time it has been placed on ludicrously high alert, with many red-apes and more of those bizarre dino-ape monsters that tried to stop you on your way out. But with even with your newfound scaliness and bulk, your camoflague cloak works as brilliantly as ever, and you manage to weave your way through the extremely busy camp towards the large central stone tower.
>Note that escaping will be more difficult than last time if you're visible while trying to flee
You come upon the tunnels leading up and into the tower, the exact path through it towards the top a little confusing. Alternatively, here in the camp you see the 'flying lizards' that the ape mentioned, corralled in a pen nearby with reins prepared that could fly you to the top.
>Roll if you're taking the tunnels.

As you make the pistol appear in your hooves, Celestia's eyes open very wide. "Wait, Honey, no don't sho-"
Too late. You fire off your shots, going wide as you aim for the 'blurry' horns but nonetheless startling Celestia, making her wince a couple times as she waits for them to pass. After you fire your last shot, Celestia lets out a sigh of relief.

"PLEASE do not try to shoot my horns again, they'll go away on their own in time. I see you've clearly had a bit too much to drink. You really must have needed it, I imagine..." she says, trying to show an empathetic side. "I don't suppose there's a 'detox' system in your suit yet."

"Aaaah." Volsa says. "Well, then I will have to assume it was deserved. You have a habit of leaving mares unhappy..." she smiles. "But, all the same, I'm sorry to hear that. At least that scar gives your face a little character. I find it pleasing."

You pass the bottle to Volsa upon taking your sips, she takes another herself, eyes widening at the bite. "It's nothing compared to my lava, but, this drink... it has a bite to it! An enjoyable bite, at that, it's like it casts some sort of spell upon my mind, like I'm more at ease... what a curious drink you've discovered." She takes another few drinks as she clears the lava away to lead towards the jungles ahead, wherein you can find copious amounts of fruit to use for your purposes.

"Alright then, Bone, a question: why share this lovely little secret with the goddess of the inferno?"

You leap at the ankylo-ape's chest and slash downwards into it, hanging on to the monstrosity as it stumbles around, roaring in pain as it tries to dislodge you from its chest, reaching up to grab you.

Luna, meanwhile, catches the attention of the remaining four giants, who unfortunately all turn their attention to her as one tosses a boulder straight into her, causing her gravity spell to detonate point blank and catch her in the crossfire. She's thrown back by her magic, looking down in fear below as the remaining four giants all target her with giant boulder.
2: [1d10+3] / 3:[1d10+3] / 4: [1d10+3] / 5: [1d10+3] at Luna
Luna gasps in shock, preparing another spell to shoot in their direction. "Hardy beasts, aren't they!?"
[1d10+6] Cleave 3, Gravity
>Forgot to mention, Nero at 9/7
Twonyxia nods. "Yep. I *almost* did it once by accident when I was younger but, Dad gave me one heck of a chewing out for that."
Ulmash, "Oh, I remember that! Mother was besides herself."
Twonyxia blushes, "It really wasn't THAT bad, was it?" she sighs, "Anyways yeah, just don't intentionally try to suck it dry and you won't gain an ounce near it."

Ulmash smiles. "I'm glad that your return home has been so welcoming. I admit, it is difficult to imagine what it must have been like, not knowing what was going to be here."
Struck in awe by the situation, Steel walks up to your side, reaching a hoof up and around your withers. "I can understand the feeling. Not that long ago, I never saw a dawn over the horizon for me either." He leans down, nuzzling you with his cold, iron muzzle. "You deserve the best the world can offer you, Onyxia."
Twonxyia sighs, a little heart-struck at the sweet scene, before Knightly pulls her aside towards the veranda. "Come, Onyxia. You should really enjoy the view of your new home, don't you think?"
Honey keeps pulling the trigger, but it just clicks with no ammo. Which is odd considering all her past firearms never had this problem. Might be something with being drunk.
"No, noa...I'll get it." She just stares for a moment then tries to throw the gun, which of course misses due to aiming at a moving horn.
"I missed...againa."

"A what? Whata kind of...breezie you think I ama?! Fuckinga systems detoxing me...you'rea a fucking pervert."
Southern tames a flying dino with her wires and uses it to fly up to the place she wants to go to.
Onyxia can't help but laugh as Twonyxia admits to attempting exactly what she warned.
"*Almost*? That must've been quite a lesson for the guards too."
She jests.
"I'm glad I learned about all that love stuff before coming here then."

Onyxia's coat glows even brighter as Steel comes to her side, nuzzling her.
"*We*," Onyxia says, resting her head against Steel's at the gesture, "You're a part of this too, don't forget that."

When Knightly points out the veranda, Onyxia looks to Steel so they can walk together to take in the magnificent view.
"A view from the castle..."
She says in wonder, already imagining what it must look like.
Nero hacks into the creature's chest, dinosaur's blood spilling over Him, before seeing Luna is surrounded. He jumps from the hybrid's chest and intercepts the largest of the stones [the critfail] and throws it back to source, before slashing at the feet of the rest as He moves between them.

[1d10+5[ Blast
>DC 5
Lukewarm is really impressed with the fact his cape hasn't caught up in flames the entire time he's been running this charade. He tunes out of his thoughts just long enough to catch what Volsa was saying and totally enraptured in Bone's persona Lukewarm picks up where Eo Naxx Bone left off with Volsa.

>at least that scar gives your face a little character. I find it pleasing."
"Hmm Can't say that means much from the Mare who's all burning scars."

>why share this lovely little secret with the goddess of the inferno?"
"This world doesn't need me and I can't stay. It's time I go, go somewhere far away where not even gods can follow. I must leave my secrets behind before fate takes me Volsa. If someone were meant for the nature's secret firewater it was you."

LukeWarm takes a couple utensils from his bag along with a cooking pot. After gathering some tinder and starting a fire with his zippo lighter Lukewarm fills the pot with his only bottle of water and starts cutting the fruit to boil.

"Now Listen up, I don't have all day for questions. I'm gonna go through all the cooking'n alchemy and stuff. It's not a science! It's an art, it'll take time to perfect so don't take what I say as gospel and go make your own masterpieces. But here are the basics!"
Celestia, getting a little frantic now, raises up a little barrier around her face to safe guard her from any stray laser blasts. As you finally give up and just throw your gun at her instead, missing entirely, she frowns, leaning down. "It's not your fault you missed. Those horns are deceptively tricky to hit."

"Pervert? You.. ARE aware what I mean by a detoxing? As in ridding your body of chemicals? How is that perverted?"

You do so, flying your way up towards the peak of the stone towers, landing on top of it. You set your pterodactyl aside and make your way towards a window on the side of the tower, which seems to be a handy way in. Looking through it, you can see a vast storage room of sorts, with hundreds of valuables, pots, weapons, and artifacts of all sorts gathered around. You also notice several guards within, pacing around and keeping watch, but don't see an obvious supply of dreamstone yet. It is likely hidden among the piles.

You slice open the Anklyo-Ape open successfully, noticing that Luna is getting pelted from every direction by the other four giants as they hurl boulders at her.

You jump from your hybrid onto one of the stones and throw it back successfully at the dino-hybrid that threw it (a stego-saur variety), pelting him hard with his own ammunition before tearing into the rest of them, slicing all of them apart. They quickly begin to divert their attention from Luna to yourself, the 15 foot giants moving to strike at you from every direction
Attacking Nero (Normal attacks): 1: [1d10+3] 2: [1d10+3] 3: [1d10+3]
Attacking Luna (Normal attacks): 4: [1d10+3] 5: [1d10+3]
Luna strikes back after she shakes off the boulders. "Is it just me or do their vocabulary seem limited?"
[1d10+6] Cleave 5
Volsa gives a curt laugh. "Scars? I don't burn, Bone. Everything else gets burnt. This is just my natural, fiery beauty."

As you explain why it is you chose her, she listens to you, and frowns. "Go? You can't go. This world needs someone as entertaining as you, Bone. Do you have any idea how bored I'd get without a colorful little creature like yourself popping up every now and again? But, if you insist on sharing this wonderful potion with me, I don't think I've any inclination to stop you."

She sits down besides you, all grass and plant life around her burning away to ash and dust as she takes up her position, leaning forward with an eager ear as you take to explain the concoction. "Of course. I will treat it like an art."

Twonyxia chuckles, "Oooh, they increased security after that, for sure. You may have noticed there's more than a few extra guards around when we came upon the throne room."

You head out to the veranda with Steel, and taking in the full scope of the Crystal Empire below, its shining grandeur from the rock like buildings to the bright lights of downtown to the beautiful aurora above casting a breathtaking glow on everything you see.

Steel looks out ahead, seemingly lost for wards as he takes it all in with you. "...Have I mentioned, Onyxia, I am extremely glad to 'be' part of this with you? I... don't deserve something this good, you know."
The golden crystal pony, body surrounded by light, throws down His sword where it gets stuck in the stone upright, before pulling His bow out of hammer space to begin firing arrow after arrow at the surrounding giants [not using gate fluffwise]

"Their strength certainly isn't-" His arrows coming to an end as they pommel Him.

[1d10+5] Cleave 5
>Autocrits, Critfail 5-
"Well I've never seen their staff before, but I can give a safe guess they're fully prepared for any more kids looking for a snack in here."

Onyxia looks down across her home, the crystal buildings and bright lights meshing together to form the Empire into a geode of beauty looking up at them.
"You may have, but it's always nice to hear."
Onyxia says as they watch the city from above. When he says he doesn't deserve it, she look up at him.
"Don't say that Steel. From what you've said of your past, and from what I saw, you more than deserve it. You've done so much for Equestria, and for me," She says, resting her head against his shoulder, "I'm thankful we can have this, together."

"Alright so this is just one way of doing it. Doesn't have to be fruit -vegetables, grains, rice, milk, even honey! It all ferments, you'll want to experiment and see what you can rot and distill into firewater." Luke explains as he finishes up boiling the chopped fruits, mashing them into mush and then sealing them in a pot he mixed yeast in. A piece of cloth to covers the pot.

"This is yeast." Lukewarm shows Volsa his yeast bag he carries in case of emergencies. "This eats this sugars in the fermented product. and turns the batch into putrified mash. At this point you'll wanna separate the liquid from the mash. What I do is I boil the mush again and the firewater evaporates and through a tubular item the water collects and drips into another vase."

Luke illustrates with the pots and a straw. He then hands the bag of yeast to Volsa which I'm sure just burns in her hooves. "You make yeast by pouring that on ground up grains and sitting on your ass for a couple days. Or you can get some grains, like rice or hay, make it into powder and wet it with fruit juices. Then sit on your ass."

"This all takes very much time, it will take days of sitting before the fire water is ready. The best waters sit for years. Even the blood of all things which die seeps into cavities within the earth and distills for millions of years. In the far future ponies will harness these deep waters and use them to power metal beasts which work for our convenience and luxury. They will learn to harness the cold fires in the sky, directing lightning bolts into given unliving matter life! I will show you."

Luke lights up his horn and begins snooping the area for any oil beneath the earth.
>Dowsing: spell; Find Alcohol
Fermented blood, fermented juices, whats the difference.
"Its perverted causea...I said so! I'm a motherfucking goda now! And ou're just a...a princess! Princessesnesses area...are under me and do whata I say!" She tries to raise a hoof in the air to assert godly dominance, but is unsteady and wobbles to and fro.
"My hoovesa hurt...."
Celestia lets out a sigh, "Well, I'm actually a god AND a princess, if we're being sticklers about the details. AND I've been one for a lot longer than you, young lady." She smiles as you wobble to and fro, catching you in her hooves. "W-woah there! Careful... I don't think you got this drunk even after the battle with the griffons all those years ago."

She looks down below at the battle, and frowns, "Honey, listen, I NEED to go down there and help Nero... so I'm going to stick you in my mane to keep you safe until you recover. Will you be okay in there?" She shouts as she starts to fly down, wherein you see the five giant dino-apes beating on Nero / Luna.

The arrows slice through the air, impaling the monsters with a flurry of icy weapons, but this doesn't seem to do much to impede their onslaught, a trio of them ganging up on Nero from all sides with clubs and fist, roaring angrily as the hybrids smash into the shining emperor.

They cry out in discernible nonsense, seeming to speak randomly as they viciously attack Nero from all sides.
1: [1d10+3] 2: [1d10+3] Targeting Nero with Slam
3: [1d10+3] 4: [1d10+3] 5: [1d10+3] Targeting Luna with Slam
As Luna finds another direct hit scored with the boulder, she growls, charging a ball of pitch black magic in her horn. "So they're a bunch of muscle-headed brutes, mere monsters have nothing on the Princess of Night!"
[1d10+6] Cleave 3

"Nero, I'm coming!" You hear Celestia cry out, her magic enveloping you in a soft golden glow as she comes from above
[1d10+7] Celestia
Volsa watches carefully as you perform all the steps required with gathering the fruit, and further provide instructions on how to ferment it. "Fascinating... this 'yeast' is unfamiliar to me." As you pass her the bag, she tempers the heat in her hooves to acceptable temperatures, looking down at it. "So I just make more of it by pouring it on grains, then grind it into a powder... this is sounding fun. I can't remember the last time I prepared something this intricate. This fire-water as you call it is more complicated that I am usually used to. I knew you were clever, but this seems to rather unconventional even for you. How did you come across this discovery?"

She chuckles. "As far as it all taking days or even years to prepare to perfection, we both know I have the time. So the longer I wait, the better it tastes?" She asks curiously, but then as you start going into detail of how the future will harness the power of 'oil' in the future, she raises her brow. "The future? You're telling me this fire-water can harness the elements too? THAT I find hard to believe, obviously only a god could wield such power."
>You struggle hard, but find no nearby oil underneath the earth to use for an example

"Hehe, well they don't need to worry about Beryl or Sting repeating my mistake, at least. Dad made sure they new the rules before they ever came here."
Knightly sighs, "Though we have had 'other' hungry guests looking to snack on it... but, fortunately no one's come close to succeeding."

Steel looks down at you as you assure him he does deserve it, sighing. "Accept my apologies. I didn't mean to make this about me. I'm just, not used to having good things happen to me before I met you. I'm also thankful we can have this."
He looks at you, whispering very silently ("...I would kiss you, but... with the love?")
[1d10+4] Ease of math roll

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