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Previous Thread:

Welcome to Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls & Humanized Thread! Anything with >no hooves is welcome and encouraged here. If you like to write, draw, read, or critique the humanized versions of the ponies, then this is the thread for you.

Story List:

--Recent Writefags--
https://pastebin.com/rnmM7QJk (Mane Seven)
https://pastebin.com/BFZq3W6t (Sunset Shimmer)

Pheno: https://pastebin.com/Vryifbp1 (Limestone)

https://pastebin.com/c6D2XDbL (Shadowbolts)
https://pastebin.com/Sx1M6gnB (Shadowbolts)
https://pastebin.com/4c5BLWLd (Shadowbolts)

FiftyShadesofYellow: https://pastebin.com/x9BuyJQZ (Fluttershy)

Kuragekami: https://pastebin.com/rqbyRWNU (Wallflower Bush)

https://pastebin.com/RZQmGUKU (Mane Seven)
https://pastebin.com/CRCVrvr4 (Sugarcoat)

Magicopia: https://pastebin.com/p46zndV8 (Mane Seven)

Jade: https://pastebin.com/S9JWisFy (Fluttershy/Rarity/Dash)
https://pastebin.com/Aw0tfU9E (Fluttershy/Scitwi)

TerminusAnon: https://pastebin.com/ddNn3tjZ (Midnight/Twilight)

suppy: https://pastebin.com/dqm9Bvu3 (Moondancer)

Lilith: https://pastebin.com/sPUtvkM7 (Mane Six: Space)

Teachernon: https://pastebin.com/bHH9kNwH (Moondancer/Trixie)

Liquid Plasma/NaOH : https://pastebin.com/dc6dxvwW (RD, Sunset)

--Collection of Anonymous Shorts-- (WIP)

Archival Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/FingerbangingMLP
Thread Resources: http://derpy.me/b783H
FimFiction Group: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/204505/human-eqg-fingerbang
Applications: http://derpy.me/tQSuG
Discord: https://discord.gg/jXfKyJP
>How did this Humanized thread get started? What happened to Fingerbang?

The Humanized thread was created when the various humanized threads (including Fingerbang) on /mlp/ decided to merge. The rest is history. Quite literally as of now.
File: Vision Quest.png (202 KB, 394x733)
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202 KB PNG
I wrote a green about the girl in pic related.
>Her name was never accounted for.
>She was on the deck of the ship just like everyone else, and she talked to some folks, and luckily wasn't asked for her name.
>Yeah, it sounds improbable, but no one happened to ask.
>Maybe it was the good luck charms she wears on her wrist and around her neck.
>She'd rather be a mystery when it came to her identity; because she's not supposed to be on this ship.
>It's nothing major, it's just that she didn't have a ticket because her parents didn't want her going on a cruise ship.
>They're used to living out on the open plains.
>The great basin, surrounded by the gentle wind of the open air.
>Experiencing the freedom of life on the land.
>She had to sneak out at night just to get to the nearest train station.
>It's amazing how she made it to the coast at all.
>Even more amazing how she managed to sneak onto the ship unnoticed.
>She is the only person in the world who knows how she did it.
>And here she is, finally getting a chance to see the ocean; the first time in her life.
>It's truly amazing, the ocean is like the open plains, except you can fall into it.
>You can swim through it, it moves around at the surface.
>And it's like everything lives underground.
>Each wave blown by the wind like a tuft of tall grass.
>Dark as her hair, as mysterious as her heart.
>She loves staring at the water.
>From the side railing of the cruise ship.
>Such a sight to behold, only taken by surprise in life when she had to lie to her parents.
>Now she's one of the cruise-goers.
>Sipping lemonade, listening to relaxing music.
>Watching everyone else be something as strange to her as pirates are.
>The ship sometimes rocks back and forth a little.
>So this is what the ocean is like.
>It's so beautiful.
>And she has no idea how long this cruise is going to last for; she didn't pay enough attention to the flyer she skimmed.
>All she knows is that she will return to the docks in due time.
>The same ones the ship departed from, and probably to flashing red and blue lights that were only that much more worth it, seeing how hypnotic the ocean can be to a stranger to it.
>Each day is exciting, yet tranquilizing as she rests in a lounge chair.
>Eating fancy food and indulging in cruise activities at night.
>This is what she's been missing out on in life, and she wants her whole life to morph into this.
>Doesn't even know how far into the ocean these things go; she doesn't know how massive the ocean is.
>She doesn't understand it.
>She can think about this all day.
>When she's not distracted by the bands playing, or the sports and activities she partakes in.
>This is great, why didn't she do this sooner?
>Why couldn't she do this sooner?
>When she was younger and her imagination was even more wild.
>Yearning for as much adventure she can handle.
>Almost wanting to get lost out here in these great blue plains just to see if she can find her way back.
>Not understanding what it would take.
>Now knowing what life lies "underground" in this environment.
>Or how deep it goes.
>If she knew better, she'd be terrified of this brand new location that surrounds her.
>And there's a creeping thought that does just that when she finally compares distance to the horizon like she would on the plains.
>How much swimming would that take?
>How much time?
>How much can a human being do before they are doomed to die from exhaustion?
>Can you drink this water?
>The girl staring at the water can see it looks much different than the water from the river she would gather for fun.
>It's so much darker, and has living creatures swimming around in it. There's a couple of dolphins right over there.
>She knows it's probably not safe to drink water that looks like this.
>She learned from the times she got sick from drinking water with just a few speckles in it.
>But that's fine, she has this glass of lemonade.
>From someone who shouldn't even know her name, and that's the way she wants it to stay.
>No social ties, no drama, just happiness in the only place in the world that is more free and open than the desert or plains.
>Really brings out the nature in a human being.
>The instinct for survival and adventure.
>The knowledge that this feeling will not come back once they are back to the same old grounds they are used to.
>She loves being out here so much, it's worth never being allowed to leave her house for the next couple of months after all of this is over.
>Night four, or maybe five.
>The adventurous girl lost count.
>Ah, yes. Another party with lights and decorations and smiling faces.
>A few drinks for the patrons, a few songs played on stage.
>A few nameless friends to be made with little more than five words spoken throughout the whole night.
>The girl stares out into the blackness of the night.
>The blackness undisturbed by the lights of the cruise ship.
>The only thing interrupting it is the stars above.
>Like outer space.
>The girl swears she can scarcely see reflections of the stars in the water, making it look like the cruise ship is a space ship floating through the beautiful abyss of the cosmos.
>It's like a dream.
>A dream of emptiness that doesn't turn out to be a nightmare, because she can breathe.
>She can sit back and truly breathe for the first time in years, away from her stressful life with everyone watching over eachother.
>Worrying about every little thing.
>Worrying about her.
>The stars aren't going to worry about her.
>The stars just stay where they are, in every direction, shining proudly overhead and in the distance.
>Stretching to the horizon.
>Day five or six.
>She doesn't even remember when she fell asleep.
>The whole thing might as well been a dream.
>But she's still holding the plastic cup she had the night before; it had to be real.
>She pinches herself once to be sure.
>Maybe it's real...
>Once again, she pinches herself on her forearm.
>Yes, this is real life.
>She chuckles to herself after leaving a slight but temporary mark on her arm just because she was trying to decipher what is reality and what is imagination.
>Then she gets a little bit of food and drink for herself.
>Talking with a few strangers along the way.
>They still don't think to ask for her name; she doesn't hold a conversation long enough for that.
>It's hard to remember that she's not supposed to be here when it feel so much like she was always supposed to be here since the day she was born.
>Such a magical sensation that keeps her smile from fading.
>More hours of happiness go by, thankfully never to be wasted spending time where she's always been her whole life.
>She loves the plains too, but she had to get out of there just a little bit.
>Get to another open space just for a little while.
>It's worth it.
>The sunsets around here are just as beautiful as they are in the open plains.
>Especially with so many massive clouds on the opposite side of the horizon as the sun, but with just enough places where there's open sky to show the plain tone it gets on the edges at this time.
>The way everything is painted together is enough to make a girl from the open plains fall in love with every little thing around her.
>She's so used to this yet it's so new to her.
>A whole new kind of horizon in all directions.
>And those horizons disappear with the sun's light as it passes behind them.
>The last the girl can see is towering clouds on the darker side of the sky that spreads to the other side within the next several minutes.
>They eerily seem to grow larger, boiling up to the heavens above and devouring the stars.
>Those are not more stars inside of the clouds, any girl from the pains can see.
>That's lightning.
>And it's the only thing that allows anyone to see how much the clouds are filling more and more of the sky as a distant hissing or rushing sound gradually approaches.
>Water hitting water.
>The ship starts to rock back and forth with a little bit more life than last night, and none of the stars can be seen in the dark of the night.
>And drops of rain fall onto the deck of the ship.
>Harder and harder, moving the party indoors.
>The room is tilting back and forth so much that it might as well do a flip or two.
>It's a little hard to enjoy the party with such concerning movements.
>But the girl from the plains is just as much as a stranger to this as she was to so many other things in this greatest moment of her life.
>It's just another discovery for her, but the worried looks on everyone's faces soon contagiously spreads to her.
>And she plants her feet, sitting in a chair while not understanding what is happening with the ship.
>Her sense for new adventure transforms; she a strong part of her misses the plains.
>The safe ground that doesn't do this.
>The water isn't sturdy enough to calm her down, just as it was too good at rocking back and forth to soothe her before like a baby in a cradle.
>And then the absolute turning point happens.
>The lights go out.
>They flicker a little bit first, but not for long enough for anyone to process the event before the pitch blackness from outside spills inside.
>Screams and nervous laughter start up.
>Followed by soothsaying.
>Reassurance that the lights will turn back on.
>Reassurance th-
>The doors swing open, and powerful gusts of wind that did this rush in bearing a shower of cold rain.
>The ship rocks harder, almost feeling like it's going to tip.
>People struggle to close the door, and the girl from the plains can only see where the door is from the lightning outside.
>She panics.
>Holds onto her good luck talismans for her life, in a literal sense.
>Shuts her eyes and almost falls to the floor as the ship is ravaged by the storm's waves.
>It's still nighttime, but the lightning is on the other side of the sky now.
>And only there.
>The air grows quiet aside a dull but relaxing howl.
>The ship's power is still out, and the deck is glistening with rainwater with each flash of increasingly distant lightning.
>The storm has passed.
>As she had every other time when a thunderstorm over the great plains had finally passed, the girl feels an urge to go back outside and stare at the stars once again to assure herself that the sky is clear.
>Almost as if to thank them for once again bearing a beautiful clear sky of the night.
>And so she does... steps outside before the lights are able to turn back on.
>Something's wrong with the generators in the deeper control rooms or whatever has those, but several crew members are working on it.
>The curious girl wanders around in the dark, with the stars her only source of bearing.
>Sandals slipping against the deck, she finds the rail and grabs onto it despite it being just as slippery with water.
>She watches the lightning fade into the distance once last time, as if looking for a rainbow in the dark.
>The distant storm clouds look so beautiful, causing the girl to mostly forget where she is.
>Thinking for just a brief second that there's soil and grass below the upper half of her body as she leans over the edge.
>She slips before she realizes it, and the majority of her weight falls in the unfavorable position: overboard.
>Into the water she's not able to see.
>Why does it taste like this?
>That is definitely salt in this water.
>The girl holds her breath as quickly as she can, almost suffocating but resurfacing seconds later to choke out the water that made it in.
>She loses her voice for several seconds, as the side of the cruise ship runs by her.
>And then the back of it, where she was just a few feet away from right before she fell overboard.
>"HEEEEEELP!" Her raspy voice tries to scream through remnants of saltwater.
>Can anyone up there hear her?
>She remembers how high up above the water she was when she looked off of the railing during the day.
>Back when she was up there, staring down at the water she's swimming in now.
>Next to the sound of the ship against the water drowning a lot of her voice out.
>And it can't even cry out loud enough until after a minute.
>The girl doesn't take long to figure out how to paddle like she learned how to do in tiny swimming pools as a kid.
>But it was nothing like this.
>Her feet aren't brushing past the bottom of anything.
>It's just underwater emptiness, infinitely downward.
>With not a thing to be seen the entire way to wherever this probably existent bottom should be.
>The girl cries out again and again and again.
>Now able to see the lights of the ship turn on once more.
>She can't tell if this just happened, or if the ship got far enough away from her that she's not too close up to the side to not have the light be blocked by the shape of the buoyant ship itself.
>She calls to the lights, and starts to hear something peculiar in return.
>Screaming, coming from the ship.
>Yelling and screaming.
>They must have heard her!
>She tries to swim the best she can over towards the ship, but can barely move a couple of arm's lengths with each attempt.
>She tries to get someone to see where she is, but no one is shining a flashlight out into the water.
>Or rather, a searchlight.
>Surely they have to have something like that, right?
>The screaming on the ship continues, but it's collective, and it doesn't so much sound like someone calling out to her.
>There's probably at least fifty people screaming.
>And right when the girls starts to have her doubts about things, she suddenly sees a bright flash of light come from the ship.
>She thinks it's a searchlight... at first.
>But the bright white fades into a yellow, and then orange and red.
>There's a slight boom she hears along with it, almost muffled.
>The screaming on the ship is louder; something must have happened underneath the deck.
>But the girl continues to cry out at them, now having regained her voice but to no avail.
>They'll never hear her screaming over their own screaming.
>Suddenly, another flash of light.
>Followed by a much more apparent and clear boom.
>An explosion.
>Mirrored by yet another one seconds later.
>After having turned her head away from the blinding light, the girl looks again after it dims to find what horrors lie before her.
>Massive flames begin to engulf the ship.
>And they only grow as much more smaller explosions sound.
>Nobody knows what's going on.
>But there's another explosion after half a minute.
>This one just as huge as the first or second, depending if the muffled explosion counts.
>Another blast of light and flames erupts from the ship.
>It's hard to tell, but the girl can momentarily see the ship itself start to tilt more and more.
>As the flames persist, enveloping the entire vessel in the inferno at this point.
>As the girl watches with her eyes filling with tears and dread.
>As the ship's form slowly submerges into the water below.
>As more explosions erupt from the ship.
>As most of the screams can no longer be heard.
>And then... the largest explosion yet.
>It's like a firework, streams of flaming debris soaring in every direction.
>The blast echoing into the endless plane of the sea with nothing to bounce off of and return to the girl's terrified ears.
>The last of the ship is soon submerged under the water.
>The evidence of whatever caused this... goes down with it.
>Already exhausted, the girl finally makes it to the little bits of flames she can still see.
>They float on the surface of the ocean like bobbing campfires.
>Barely illuminating the surface of the water around it to reveal other floating pieces of debris that are no longer set ablaze.
>And the dim light illuminates the very bottom of the pillar of smoke that was left behind.
>It towers over the horrified girl, menacingly.
>She can barely see it; she can feel it a lot more than she can see it.
>She can sense it ascending into the dark heavens.
>But her ears sense a few floating pieces of presumably wall or maybe a good chunk of the deck.
>Loudly floating by her to her left.
>She eventually find it as the last of her body's energy is at the end of its string.
>But luckily, the same cannot be said about her life as she climbs out of the blackness of the water and sits on the mangled surface of wood, shivering and sobbing alone in the blackness of the air.
>On her hands and knees until she rolls to her side and catches her breath.
>Smelling the ashy, burnt surface of the wood she rests on.
>She doesn't even understand how much she is panicking.
>The only way she's going to fall asleep is if her body gives out for the night, and she passes out until she's recharged enough to turn herself back to normal.
>The splashing of waves can still be heard.
>But everything's still pitch black.
>The girl knows she's too cold and tired to look around.
>She rests the side of her head on the least uncomfortable part of the wood she can find with her temple.
>Tries her best to imagine a pillow.
>Tries to pretend there aren't tears running sideways off of her face.
>Everything is still pitch black, but the splashing persists, a lot more peacefully now.
>She doesn't know how long it's been, but the crackling of the flames seems to have stopped.
>She still doesn't want to look around, afraid of that little bit of the pillar of smoke she saw.
>It's still engraved into her memory, like a dark behemoth storm cloud looming over her head in her mind.
>It makes her shiver some more, crossing her arms more tightly.
>She starts to feel warmer after her clothes and hair begin to dry.
>At least it's not winter.
>Everything is still pitch black, but seem almost... red-ish?
>The splashing of the water is still continuing, and the girl now feels like she must have actually slept at this point.
>But even then, she's not entirely sure.
>It's not until what feels like almost an hour later passing does her brain finally get enough of a hold of itself to realize something.
>The girl just needs to open her eyes; they're shut.
>They gradually open and let the bright light of day in.
>With a groan, the girl rolls off of her side and onto her back.
>Closing her eyes for a minute or two once again, then squinting for a little bit until her eyes adjust to the brightness of the blue sky overhead.
>She eases up her breathing and soon gets her eyes to open all the way.
>Hesitantly turns her head, knowing full well what she could find.
>On the surface of the water, she sees more flotsam still bobbing around in the water.
>Definitely pieces of the cruise ship, charred mostly black beyond recognition.
>And the scent of ash and saltwater dominates all.
>It only makes it harder for the girl to sit herself up, but she does it eventually.
>A creeping sense of emptiness overtakes her.
>A sense of true lonesomeness.
>There is not another person in sight, breathing or dead.
>This is the first thing she noticed, because it is the first thing she looked for as she weakly resumed her cries for help.
>No response.
>No corpses.
>Just bits of debris.
>One of which hoisting the girl over the water.
>Everything else has been taken by the depths of the sea.
>Into the unknown where it might as well be in the same place as the girl's memory.
>The girl continues to yell in every direction, her voice breaking more and more with sadness as the resounding silence asserts itself as permanent.
>She doesn't dare rise to her feet, lest she get thrown into the water once more.
>But she would have fallen to her knees in tears by this point anyway.
>The once enchanting dream of the open sea has transformed into a hellish nightmare.
>The terrifying, beautiful void of the sea.
>Hours pass, but the sun is still fairly high in the sky.
>The girl sits on the nearly incinerated debris, on her side in a fetal position with prayer after prayer sent up to the sky above.
>She desperately clutches her bracelet and necklace as she whispers in a shaky voice.
>She clutches them harder than she has ever clutched anything before.
>Holds them close to her breaking, racing heart.
>With splinters on her hands.
>Her mind spins, and her world crumbles to soon go down beneath the waves to wherever the ship is.
>And she will not allow her hope to follow it.
>No matter how many tears she sheds, no matter how much it seems that all is lost, the sky will hear her humble prayers as long as she has breath within her to say them.
>And the majestic horror of the sea answers with nothing more than the sounds of the waves.
>She knows that no one is going to search for her.
>Nobody on board even knew her name.
>Her best luck turned into her worst.
>Heaven became hell, dreams into nightmares, bliss into dread.
>Her prayers are soaked in sobs.
>But she continues to clutch her talismans.
>For the sky has been kind to her before in her life, when she didn't realize that every day she was given on this earth was a blessing.
>She continues to shudder in terror, trying to cobble together in her mind a plan to get herself rescued.
>Do any other boats or ships sail around here?
>There don't seem to be any as far as the girl can tell.
>And she's obviously not good at swimming.
>Never had a reason to before; she was in the middle of the land she now misses so much.
>Nothing as far as her eyes could see but earth and maybe a couple of small, slight, distant rolling hills in the morning sky depending on where she was.
>She can paint it into her head so vividly, more-so with the more she misses dry land.
>It's been engraved into her memory all her life and she didn't know it until she needed it the most.
>Now she wants these rolling waves to be infinite blades of grass.
>Swaying peacefully in the prairie breeze.
>But she needs to pull herself together.
>And after another hour or so of clumsy, haste planning, she figures she needs to pull some of the debris together.
>Most of it has spread out, and used to be hundreds of charred chunks of wood right above where the ship sank.
>Now it's much less clusters, and the girl knows that she's running out of time before there will be no other debris in sight.
>There are only about fifteen pieces of debris left she can see, and they're really spread out.
>She uses her hands to paddle towards them, trying to move as fast as she can but it's taking forever.
>She finally gets close enough to a broken two-by-four looking piece of wood that can be used as a makeshift oar.
>But now the clouds are speckled everywhere, peppered across the blue fading to orange in deep violet tufts.
>They gently float across the air, as the bits of wood the girl gathered gently float together now across the water.
>She's made the raft sturdier, wedging a few mangled pieces together the best she can.
>She barely has enough strength to keep things together, though.
>Both on the outside and the inside.
>But her spirit does what it can to persist.
>This is her life hanging in the balance now.
>It's all or nothing.
>She calls out into the empty distance at the horizon.
>Calls up to the sky as it grows more and more beautiful in the evening light.
>Watches the clouds pass by ever so slowly.
>The girl in the past who wanted adventure... where has she gone?
>Where did this unfolding odyssey take her.
>She has disappears, and has been replaced by this... bundle of desperation and regret.
>And the fear inside of her heart grows more powerful as the light of the sun grows weaker.
>Sinks below the horizon, underneath the waves.
>And the blackness returns.
>With a soft but ominous breeze.
>The girl sits in silence.
>More tears roll down her face as she tries to hold the makeshift raft together, only to feel it come apart a little more over and over again.
>She sobs as the night begins, no longer taken away by the beautiful stars above her head.
>The vast ocean spans for countless nautical miles.
>In every direction.
>Underneath it is a whole separate world of life than the world on land that people know.
>It's like another universe.
>Maybe different forms of life, just living every day and night to survive.
>Trying to eat, or not to get eaten, or both.
>So many dimensions to the food chain.
>There's some sort of an order to this madness, one that developed over however many million or billion years.
>That shaped the ocean as we know it today.
>As it goes through dan in and day out of being so much of a mystery to those on land.
>And so normal to those dwelling within it.
>Right now, the day is underneath this side of the world.
>And the sky becomes perfectly clear.
>A canvas of constellations shines from above.
>Now with the moon to join it.
>The light of the moon bears itself down upon the ocean's waves, making them glisten with brewing beauty.
>The horizon shrouded in pitch blackness, yet still revealed by where the stars stop and the sea begins.
>And the gentle ocean wind, and the gentle ocean currents... peacefully passing by everything above and below the surface.
>The wind giving off a soft howl that chimes across the open air above the boundless waves under the moonlight.
>And in between that howl of the wind, is a distant holler that can only come from absolute doom.
>The moonlight shines down upon the girl on the raft, giving her all of its beautiful light as it can be seen reflected from the tears on her cheeks.
>She looks up to the sky and cries at the beautiful stars, pleading and apologizing to them.
>Her heart has been shattered, and her spirit is next.
>She falls to her back and continues to sob.
>Begging to moon to lift her up off of this raft and take her home to the prairie.
>And she soon falls silent.
>But still clutches her talismans with all the might she has left.
>Knowing that if she doesn't get drinkable water soon, she will die.
>Her grief did not have her go through the stage of denial.
>It only went straight to sadness and bargaining.
>If there was any denial, it was back on the ship where everything was too good to be true.
>That chorus of explosions made everything crystal clear to her what her situation was.
>And she's too tired to be angry.
>Too hungry and tired.
>She'd imagine that the hunger will bring out enough rage from her to persist with more might, but this vast openness she's never been in before does things to her resolve.
>Being at the mercy of the ocean, this infinitely vast plane of undrinkable water... is parallel to hell yet could extinguish it with its sheer size and power.
>No, the girl went straight to a state of despair, and she fights it, but it reasserts itself within her.
>She fears for her soul, fears for her life.
>She never thought she'd die like this.
>The crying retreats to only the inside, and she simply lies on her back, calmly.
>With some water spilling its way to the back of her head from the edge of the raft, but in tiny quantities.
>She breathes slowly, trying to calm herself as much as she can.
>With shuddering, uneven breaths.
>She looks up at the moon and grabs her bracelet and necklace once more, silently mouthing another prayer.
>Then another, and another as fatigue takes her.
>She almost hears a voice, but it must have been in her head.
>But she hears it again.
>That's not in her head.
>She's actually hearing this.
>It's not a distantly calling voice, but a really nearby voice, as though someone is only a few feet away and talking to her.
>Floating in the water.
>She can't make out what the words are saying at first, but she doesn't hear anyone splashing around in the water.
>"I will bring you to land." The soft voice tells the girl.
>The girl can hardly speak, with not enough energy to bring out even a word or two from her lungs.
>Her face goes stoic, and she starts to close her eyes before feeling a gentle hand hold them open.
>Then the gentle hand strokes her forehead.
>"Do not fear, my child. For I shall bring you back to land."
>The girl croaks in response to this voice, soon tilting her head in the right direction to see that there is someone who appears to be standing there.
>The voice is a voice of a woman.
>And the figure matches the voice.
>Dressed in many gowns, the woman looms over the girl with her long hair flowing in the wind.
>There are stars in her hair, and they reside within what looks like a blue glow that only brightens under the light of the moon.
>There is something holy or royal about her hair... or both.
>The way it flows seems to have it so it's moving on its own.
>Peacefully swaying like the countless grass blades on the prairie would, but this time, partially against the wind.
>"Have faith in your heart, for you are stronger than you know." The woman insists in a surprisingly relaxing tone.
>The girl tries to say something back, but she couldn't think of a word to say even if she had the stamina to get it out.
>"Have faith in your soul."
>Those words stuck.
>The girl is not sure if she even fell asleep at all, even though it's obvious she must have in order to have just enough energy to sit up once she noticed the sky begin to turn lighter.
>She lets out a fatigued grunt and finds herself surrounded by an even more tranquil sea then before.
>At least she can tell where East is; there's the light from the sun.
>Starting to fill up the sky with more and more color.
>A little less clouds than yesterday are in the sky, but the girl is really just happy to be able to see once more.
>She can see how much her hands are shaking.
>She already started to get used to how much the raft was tilting back and forth.
>Now she can see why she needed to sturdily hold onto the wood of the debris.
>At least the smell of ash seems to have been washed away and taken over by salt water.
>Several minutes later, the enchanting light of the rising sun floods itself across the sky.
>Warming and lighting up the clouds as they churn above ever so graciously.
>Even in this moment of desperation, the girl stops to look up at how beautiful dawn in the middle of the ocean is.
>It is as though she is being spiritually embraced by angels from the heavens with this light.
>With the celestial beams warming her shivering body.
>She breathes more calmly now.
>Finding peace of mind even in the worst of times.
>Almost smiling.
>She looks out into the distance and notices a few find popping out of the water very briefly.
>She doesn't make any connections in her head about this, mostly because she's a little too torn from hunger and exhaustion to think clearly.
>But the dolphins in the distance catch her attention.
>Like angels visiting her during a vision quest.
>It's as though she only now remembers that she has a makeshift oar with her to paddle with.
>Even though she spent most of the evening desperately trying to use it to get as far in any direction she could as if it mattered.
>Her body is still extremely tired.
>But the sun's rays comfort her, enriching her peace of mind.
>"My sister spoke the truth." Another female voice says from right behind the girl.
>Startled, the girl spins around while seated, rocking the raft back and forth a bit before finding a different woman in gowns before her.
>Her hair flowing the exact same way as that of the last woman.
>As it waves in the wind, the hair seems to gently shine in a couple of different radiant colors.
>Green, light blue, pink, light purple...
>"Heed my words." Says the woman. "My light, my warmth, gives you great strength, combined with the strength you already had within you."
>"I..." The girl finally manages to speak. "I... who are you?"
>In response, the woman smiles and closes her eyes towards the water below.
>It's only now does the girl realize that this woman in gowns in floating above the water.
>"Stand up to your fear, and embrace bravery. I shall take you back to land as you go towards it yourself." Declares the woman.
>The girl starts to stutter, mostly just in disbelief now.
>The woman speaks once more.
>"You are stronger than you know. The light is within you."
>The woman in gowns gradually vanishes into thin air.
>Seconds later, the girl jolts awake on the raft.
>But the scenery looks exactly the same.
>Even each of the individual clouds in the sky are exactly the same down to the smallest details.
>And the ocean is almost perfectly flat like an endless mirror reflecting the clouds in the morning sky.
>The day goes on.
>And the girl on the raft finally does rise to her feet, finding some newfound resolve and burst of energy within her despite going almost two full days without food or water and very little sleep.
>She starts to use the board of wood to paddle in one designated direction, thinking about the words she probably dreamt.
>The warm summer breeze whips through her hair, and her heart years for the open plains of land she knows so well.
>She's still extremely exhausted, but something inside of her is ignoring it.
>Like she thought before... this is her life on the line.
>It's all or nothing.
>What else to do but keep trying despite all the odds looking grim?
>She has nothing else to lose but her life which she's doing all this to save.
>She keeps rowing and paddling on her raft, staying on her feet.
>The mangles contraption of debris keeps falling apart, but the girl figured she might as well rip off the lower parts of her pants' legs and tie the raft together with that.
>And she uses her belt to reinforce it.
>Keeping her bracelet and necklace on herself for the best of luck she can get.
>And as the hours go on, her stomach rumbles.
>Her heart pounds in her chest.
>And her head starts to hurt.
>Aching like her healing heart.
>She continues to make her way across the ocean.
>Over the waves.
>Through the wind.
>Under the sky as the sun creeps across it.
>Sometimes the sun hides behind a couple of clouds, providing some shade.
>Today is really warm.
>But the girl's willpower is all but lost.
>She WILL make it back to land.
>And she shall return to the prairie, back to her home and gratefully accept whatever punishment is handed to her with full compliance.
>Back to her little house on the prairie she sails.
>This girl never knew so much strength was within her.
>Even though she can't really see how far she's gotten, she knows that she got far.
>She can sense it.
>She might have never gotten the opportunity to swim well, but she learns a bit about how to use an oar really quickly.
>By the end of the day, her exhaustion starts to catch up with her, but the sense of accomplishment does not go away.
>No, her spirit has become stronger.
>But her body is now tired.
>Even more than it has been yesterday; she has had no food to eat, no water to drink.
>Her mind has already started to become desperate multiple times.
>Looked down at that ocean water, desiring to drink it.
>But the feeling that those voices gave her, told her to listen to what she thought back on the ship.
>There is no way this water is good for her.
>It could kill her, defeating the whole purpose of her struggling to save her life.
>On the other hand, she knows that humans can't go three days without water.
>She knows this from what her family told her.
>No more than three minutes without air, no more than three days without water, no more than three weeks without food.
>And it has already been at least two whole days.
>Her desperation becomes more and more powerful as the sun creeps its way to the edge of the sky.
>She wants to drink the water, it's eating away at her on the inside.
>But she made it this far, and she's trying her hardest not to lose her mind.
>She's already begun to see things out of the corners of her eyes.
>Probably ghosts of people who already drowned long ago.
>Sheering her on to just... survive.
>She has to make it though this.
>No matter how much she struggles, she has to make it.
>She HAS to make it.
>She needs to survive.
>The girl presses on as the sky once again becomes beautiful in the light of approaching evening.
>Her willpower only growing stronger and stronger.
>She once again sees a collection of lumbering clouds in the distance.
>Just like on that one fateful night.
>A storm.
>She grits her teeth and clutches her talismans.
>Raises her face to the sky, hoping the stars can hear her as they start to appear.
>"I have pushed on for survival with all my might all day today, I have been trying with every ounce of my well being to survive." Her voice is now loud.
>The waves start to become a little more turbulent as the storm clouds in the distance boil taller.
>"Please hear me, I am begging you. Do not send this storm my way. For I am desperate for survival."
>She doesn't know where these words are coming from, it's probably from her lack of sleep and nourishment.
>"Please... keep this storm away. I can't survive it. It will tear my raft apart."
>The girl sweats bullets and the growing storm clouds almost look like their getting closer because of their increasing size.
>There is no way of knowing if they are in the same location of where the ship was before, but it's getting harder and harder to see with the sun disappearing over the horizon.
>The sky behind the clouds turns into deeper shades of indigo.
>The clouds themselves, especially at the tops turn a deep magenta, scarlet and crimson before the sun's light leaves them.
>Then they turn dark as they churn by, hardly visible after some more time passes.
>The girl prays and prays and prays for the storm to bypass where her raft floats.
>The beautiful colors drain from the sky and give way to the darkness of night.
>Closely holding the talismans, the girl prays harder the darker it gets.
>Her body ready to collapse, but her heart and spirit bursting with life.
>Hoping to keep bursting with life by morning, with her body following suit.
>Storms in the night shall not take her soul.
>Nor shall it take her body.
>She will live, and she knows it.
>Even with the thunder rumbling in the distance, she will live.
>Even with the lightning licking the clouds from the inside, she will stay alive.
>The girl prays with everything she has.
>She can no longer see where the clouds are until the flashes of lightning give her an idea of where part of them are.
>She breathes heavily with anticipation, still gritting her teeth.
>Steeling herself, preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.
>Something inside her KNOWS she will live.
>No matter how tired she gets, no matter what happens with this storm, no matter how much she starves tonight, she WILL live.
>She will not die tonight, she will live.
>She is going to survive.
>Whether fate likes it or not.
>Darkness, everywhere.
>Nothing but pitch blackness.
>Not even lightning.
>No thunder.
>No waves crashing.
>Absolute silence.
>Nothing to be seen or heard.
>Is this what death feels like?
>No, it's what the damp surface of the raft feels like.
>The contraption is starting to split apart again, the girl can feel it.
>She shifts around and confirms that she's still in the ocean.
>There's faint splashing from her movement.
>The tired girl sits up, wiping the chips of wood off of the side of her face.
>Wincing in brief pain when she discovers splinters on her shins.
>The cool air around her remains silent.
>There are no starts to be seen; there must be too many overcast clouds in the sky.
>Better than a storm, but somehow more disheartening.
>There is no lightning, no thunder, no... life.
>Just silent blackness.
>That feeling of emptiness, the notion that there is nothing out there, not even waves... it hits the spirit.
>But the spirit hits back.
>The girl boldly rises to her feet with all of her strength, struggling to find balance but succeeding.
>She stares into the blackness, seeing no difference when she closes her eyes for half a second.
>"I will not surrender." Her voice croaks.
>No echoes; nothing for her voice to bounce off of.
>The ocean itself seems to be completely motionless until she rocks the raft around.
>It is completely silent until she rocks the raft around as well, shifting it with her feet.
>The girl snarls at the ridge of her nose and balls her hands into clamped fists.
>She stares forward into the pitch blackness. "I will NOT surrender!"
>In response, silence.
>Silence and darkness.
>"I will NEVER surrender!" The girl shouts, now finding more of her voice. "Do you hear me? I WILL survive!"
>"I will continue to live!" She wails into the blackness. "I made it this far! I will make it to the end!"
>She thinks about her situation when she says 'the end'.
>Thinks about the fact that right now, she is living.
>Yes, she is alive, she's been living this whole time.
>But for how long?
>"I will survive!" She repeats.
>How long?
>She makes it a promise, a promise more unbreakable than the raft.
>She says the words over and over again as the blackness infinitely responds with resounding silence.
>But her spirit is all but broken.
>Her voice grows weaker, quieter, yet more bold.
>"I will survive." She whispers, remaining on her feet.
>It doesn't matter who's in the wrong or right.
>Entitlement is a myth.
>Survival is survival.
>Might is might, spite is spite.
>Life is life.
>Death is death.
>And time is time.
>Morning inevitably arrives.
>Only about 12 hours left before this supposed 3 day limit.
>The girl very slowly awakens.
>This time, she has practically no energy at all whatsoever in her body.
>Her eyes are bloodshot, lips are bone dry.
>Hair a mangled mess, skin excessively pale.
>Her legs shake uncontrollably as she tries to make it to her feet.
>She struggles, and struggles.
>Needs to make it to the end, she's almost there, she can feel it.
>Not sure if the feeling is death or being rescued.
>She almost feels like she didn't open her eyes until just now, when she's somehow now finally on her feet after so many failed attempts.
>There is not a cloud in the sky.
>Not a wave in the sea.
>Everything is completely plain and flat.
>Plain and flat as the sun rises in the East.
>Turning the sky from black to deep violet to pink to orange.
>It won't be long before the sky turns to its well-known light blue.
>The girl stands in the light of dawn, now seeing before her what was in the blackness.
>It's nothing.
>Absolutely nothing.
>Not even waves; everything is completely still.
>The sky nothing more than a beautiful orange and bluish gradient.
>The ocean nothing more than that same endless mirror of a floor reflecting the sky perfectly.
>And the emptiness, the emptiness of the beautiful world, that emptiness of it all is terrifying.
>There is no one around to see her, no one to save her, and now not even a storm to end her life quickly.
>Just... nothing.
>Nothing, like her name.
>Nothing, like what the blackness was hiding.
>Nothing floating in the nothingness that was hiding nothing.
>And within all of that, in the midst of nothing...
>...Is her spirit.
>Right here, right now, in the vast break of dawn, there is nothing but her spirit.
>She didn't go to sleep.
>Just stood there on the raft as the sun rose.
>Feeling her strive for survival.
>Still breathing, but not too well.
>Still starving and wanting nothing more than to pass out.
>Nothing more except one thing... to survive.
>She eventually felt as though her legs would break if she stayed on her feet any longer, and lied down.
>She stayed on her side for hours on end.
>Too hungry and tired to even move.
>Not even sure if what she saw this morning was a dream or not.
>It sure looked like a dream.
>It sure felt like a dream.
>Now the open water looks normal once again.
>There's waves that can be softly heard.
>And the raft tilts slightly as those waves push it.
>She can't find the strength to move, let alone sit up.
>There is nothing inside of her but her spirit.
>But that spirit is all she needs when she faintly hears the distant sound of helicopter blades.
>It happened so suddenly.
>She just started hearing it.
>Impossible to tell if she passed out somehow without realizing and was woken up by the sound or if a helicopter spontaneously appeared out of thin air.
>Regardless, whether or not if the sound is even real, she forces herself to her feet with every last bit of her well being.
>Squints into the distance, at the blue haze that obscures the horizon that separates sea from sky...
>There's a little black figure floating in the air, traveling... to the right.
>It seems to stop traveling to the right and gets a little bit higher and larger.
>Then it starts shifting its direction of travel to the left.
>The girl doesn't even have the energy to raise her arms.
>And her legs give out as soon as she realizes that the helicopter looks like it's doing what it's doing because it's getting closer to her.
>It has to be a rescue team. It must be.
>It actually is.
>As soon at it gets to a certain distance from the raft, it heads straight for it as if having spotted it from above.
>A weak smile tilts upward at the corners of the girl's mouth.
>She collapses entirely with a loud splash in the water.
>The helicopter blades get closer and closer.
>Soon to the point where the sound is deafening.
>The wind from the helicopter blades make rings around raft.
>An airport.
>Well, sort of an airport.
>That's what the building technically functions as.
>Next to it is the ground.
>Out of the open door on the side of the building, a girl rushes.
>Her legs are still a little weak, and her lips are still a little dry.
>It's easy for her to drop to her knees and embrace the ground with her tired arms.
>Easier than anything in the entire world.
File: foes can blow me.png (221 KB, 900x900)
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>She cries with her cheek planted against the dirt.
>She cries hard.
>Never wanting to let go of the Earth beneath her.
>Months later, she is finally allowed to go outside unsupervised again.
>She's home.
>In the open plains of the prairie.
>In the middle of the entire continent.
>She lies on her back and stares at the afternoon sky, watching the clouds go by as the cool breeze whips past her hair.
>With the ground at her back, and never allowed to leave her.
>As she is never going to allow herself to leave it.
>She remains in the middle of the plains for the majority of her life, never daring to set foot on a boat or even on a dock ever again.
>Lives out the rest of her days a a woman who lives on the prairie.
>And dies of old age after almost an entire century.
>Yup, she still dies before the story ends.
So yeah, there it is.
Really good.
speaking of JJ

they did a "new" pic about humanized mane six as mermaids
on derpibooru,handdrawncurves,r34 and his DA
Well that was fucking fast!
Reminder that their just best friends.
Objectively the worst ship.
Actually this to be quite honest.
>humanized mane six as mermaids
Good one I needed a laugh.
I really love these short greens.
>still haven’t seen Celly or VP Luna’s feet
I hope season 2 treats us
maybe I'll share this in the thread when the thread dies, but if it's of any interest to others here you go >>33385395
Huh, that's a little interesting
>It’s cooler outside now.
>Though, you appreciate your robe even more now that the temperature is dropping.
>And ever more now that the windchill from flying on your broom is in full force.
>The team sent to Cloudsdale flies in a formation. The three adult witches in front, your expedition team behind them, Cadenza’s to the right side, and the three… ‘others’ to the left.
>As you breach the clouds and rise above them, you’re greeted with a beautiful clear sky and the warm sun. It reminds you of flying on a plane.
>Naturally, you eventually get bored of the flying however.
>You look to your sides to see how the others are staving off the boredom.
>Artemis looks incredibly focused on flying. No surprise there. Same with the adult witches.
>Amelia’s posture is getting lazy. She fiddles with her broom. You can tell she’s as bored as you are.
>Cadenza seems to be writing something in her music journal.
>Cinderbelle is flying normally, … but Carrie sits behind her on the same broom and seems to be leaning on her and sleeping. Is that safe?
>Veronica is also focused on flying and Lainah seems to be looking off into the clouds.
>When you look at Celestia she simply gives you an odd smile.
>In the end, you settle on looking at the sky as well.
>In time the sun begins to sink, and the sky takes on an orange hue.
>”Witches! We’re about to descend!” Dean Crystal shouts.
>You snap to attention. Everyone else begins to stir as well.
>As you descend below the clouds you see a large and pretty body of water.
>You think you recognize this lake.
>The evening sunlight makes it a fantastic view.
>You all land at a spot near a large waterfall. In the distance you can see paths and buildings that were once made use of the waterfall as a tourist attraction. Now they were covered in vegetation.
>The place is gorgeous. There’s something to be appreciated from nature asserting itself over the walkways and lodges near here.
>”We’ll be resting here for the night.” Professor Gardener states. “You all brought shelter, right?”
>”Yes.” You hear several witches say in unison.
>”Good.” The professor summons from her wand an electronic and magical block that looks like it’s made of the same stuff that makes up wands.
>She places it on the ground and casts a spell on it which causes it to ‘unfold.’
>You hear much mechanical clanging and whirring while the block emerges into a small shelter in a way similar to how a wand becomes a broom!
>You look at the sight with wide eyes.
>Artemis summons a similar block. “This one’s ours, Sunset.”
>When it finishes it’s expansions you, Artemis, and Amelia enter.
>You hear a bump. “Ah!” Amelia shouts.
>You turn around to see that she hit her head upon entrance. “These things are cramped.” She says.
>It was true. It wasn’t that big. It did have a floor, walls, and a ceiling however. Which is enough.
“It’s not exactly luxury, but the fact that we can travel with these is amazing to me.”
>”They’ll stop being amazing after a night or two.” Amelia responds.
>Before long, Dean Crystal calls you all and assigns tasks to prepare dinner. You, Artemis, and Amelia are tasked with getting fire wood.
>Artemis cuts branches off of nearby trees using her wind magic, and you three carry it back.
>Eventually it darkens outside, and you all eat around the fire.
>Dinner consists of no talking. All you can hear are crickets, the sound of the flame, the waterfall, and the sound of everyone’s chewing.
>”Remember girls, we depart tomorrow at 6 AM. No exceptions. I strongly recommend you all get a good night’s sleep.” Professor Gardener says.
>With that, she and the other adults head to bed.
>”So,” Celestia begins. “Anyone want to hear a scary sto-”
>”Nope.” Artemis replies as she get up and begins to walk toward the portable shelter. Soon everyone else begins to do the same.
>You don’t see a reason to stay either.
>Celestia pouts. “Fine then. Be that way.”
>In the shelter you and Amelia lie down in sleeping bags while Artemis reads a book.
>And Amelia is right, the place is a little cramped. One more person and you’d all be touching each other side by side.
>You try to close your eyes and fall asleep
>It doesn’t work. Something about this shelter is unsettling. Maybe it’s just you.
>You sit up.
“Hey, I’m going to go for a walk.”
>Artemis looks up from her book. ”Be careful.”


>You’re not usually the type to go on night walks, but you’re glad you decided to tonight.
>The sound of the waterfall’s roar is comforting along with the sight of the stars.
>The truth is you never would have had the chance to visit a place like this in your old life. Well, at least not in your youth.
>Now that you think of it, you went from being quite poor to being of high status here in the future.
>Your mind wanders for awhile before something catches your interest.
>In the distance you see a bunch of wood cabins forming what you think is a small town.
>You really have no business inspecting it…, but curiosity get the better of you.
>You walk through the town to find that it’s mostly devoid of activity. It’s just a bunch of log cabins. Nothing interesting. Though some of them look pretty cozy.
>Except for one large cabin that seems to have a lot of light, people, and some noise coming from it.
>You get closer and peek through the window.
>It’s a bar. Inside you can see various people socializing and enjoying alcohol.
>You’re tempted, but drinking on this night wouldn’t be a good idea.
>You move to turn away before something catches you eye causing you to refocus.
>At a particularly rowdy table you see two women.
>The same ones that stole your phone when you first got here!
>You entered this world alone and with hardly anything on your person. And the one thing you did have was stolen by those losers. You were assaulted and left to die. And they went home and lived like this!?
>You enter the bar while your emotions still run high.
>A few people start to stare at you, but most people are still distracted. The two women in question included. It occurs to you that you’re the only one here wearing a robe. Good.
>You begin to walk toward the table. When you’re about half way there two tall men that came from the back move into block your path.
>”Hello ma’am. What business does someone like you have here?” One asks.
“I have business with two here right now. I promise I’ll be in and out.”
>You try to move past them, but they won’t budge. “Hoooold up. People around here don’t take too kindly to witches you know? Just tell us what’s up and we’ll relay the information to them. Capiche?”
>You begin to get frustrated with these two.
>”Tsk. Can you tell them to meet me outside?”
>”No can do, miss. We like to look out for each other, you know? Can’t let others get into potentially unsafe situations.” The men begin to walk toward you and gently push you back.
“Look, this has nothing to do with the settlement if that’s what you’re worried about. It’s just between me and them!”
>Your appeal doesn’t work. And as you argue with the men you see the women notice you and begin to get up and leave with a few men.
>You notice that the women are in much more expensive looking clothes and have quite a bit of jewelry on them. A far cry from what you first saw them in.
>They probably bought it with the phone they stole from you…
>This thought sets you off, and you put magic into your strength as you push the two men away.
>You put more into it than you thought, and you send one of them to the ground and the other over a table. You hear some gasps.
>All eyes are on you now.
>You put it out of your mind and power walk towards your targets who are now running through the back door.
>More men from the tables move in to try and subdue you at this point. Some come at you with silver wear or beer glasses. “Get her!” You hear.
>You dig through them and push them all aside. You get angrier as you slowly get to the back of the bar.
>Men start to work together to restrain your arms. They buzz around like flies.
>You respond by kicking them off.
>Slowly, you get closer to the back.
>You’re surprised as a few men with guns burst from the back of the bar with guns.
>You reach for you wand, and your stomach drops hard as you realize it’s not there.
>”Put your hands up, cunt!”
>You do so.
>Adrenaline pumps through your blood hard as you look around you.
>A lot of angry men surround you, and a lot of women watch in shock a distance away.
>Darn. You didn’t mean to get this many people involved.
>”You have some nerve coming into here and causing such a ruckus, witch. Give me one good reason I shouldn’t shoot you dead now.”
>You have no response but to scowl at him.
>”The silent treatment, huh? We’ll see how long that lasts. Aaron, get behind her.”
>One of the men with guns walks behind you to point the barrel at the back of your head.
>You can’t believe you might die over something so stupid.
>You look to the side to see Lainah in the window and-
>Wait. Lainah?
>She extends her wand and small magic bullets break the glass and hit the armed men. They drop their guns in pain.
>”Get out of there!” She shouts.
>You turn around and high tail it out of there. A group begins to follow you out.
>Lainah is outside with her broom extended. “Get on.”
>You do so. And you fly off.
>You hear a few gunshots which prompts Lainah to fly faster. She flies in no particular direction, just fast enough to get away.
>”What the hell were you doing, idiot?” Lainah asks looking back at you.
“Why do you care?”
>You avoid her gaze.
>”Because even though the thought kills me inside, a miniscule part of this mission might ride on you.”
>And those two women who stole your phone got away. You’re so angry you want to hit something.
>”Wow you’re a handful. Be sure to have fun explaining this one to Dean Crystal for me.”
“You don’t have to tell her about this!”
>”Except I do. You potentially put us all in danger. Do you really think they won’t attack us if they find us nearby?”
>You softly growl in response. Could this get any worse?


>Dean Crystal’s wand hurts. You instinctively put your hand to your cheek in attempt to ease the pain.
>”You woke us all up, lost us a few hours of sleep, and caused us to have to move to a whole new location over a petty thief? Where the hell is your common sense, Sunset!?”
>Getting scolded was bad enough. But having everyone on the journey here watching multiplied the embarrassment.
>Most of them look on with poker faces. Celestia smiles as if she’s watching dramatized television. Lainah looks pretty smug as well.
>You attempt to put them out of your mind as you respond.
“Look, they-“
>”You already explained the story! You’ve gotten so far and you should be far beyond them. What were you going to do if you had gotten to them? Torture them? Kill them? What do you think we’re on this very mission for Sunset? Why did you even fight Evelyn if you’re going to turn around and act like her?”
>You look to the ground.
>”How about this to teach you some accountability? We’re switching our sub-teams up now. You and Lainah will be together for the rest of this. Veronica, Celestia, split up between the other two teams.”
>Lainah’s smile fades.
>”You’re kidding!?” Amelia asks. “I have to sleep with one of them?”
>”I’m not.” Dean Crystal responds. “One of you fucks up and you all get punished. That’s how it’s gonna be.”
>”I can’t believe you’ve done this, Sunset! How dare you separate me from my dear friends!” Celestia shouts this through painfully obvious crocodile tears.
>”Don’t ever call me your friend again.” Veronica says.
>”But Dean Crystal.” Carrie whines. “That means there will be four people in our shelter. That’s even more cramped.”
>”Sure is. Have fun.” The Dean responds. “Our wakeup time is still the same. Go to sleep for real this time or the punishment will be far worse.”
>You continue to look around as everyone else begins to file into their shelters.
>Eventually you lifelessly walk over to your new one.
>Upon entering you see Lainah sitting in a sleeping bag to one side. “Make sure you stay on THAT side.”
>You don’t have the energy to respond.
>You sleep on your side facing away from her and silently shed tears. Eventually you fall asleep.


>Lulamoon Files Excerpt #30: Our Home
>February 28, 2091
>Soon after witches were brought into prominence, we worked together to build a place of our own.
>The idea in and of itself wasn’t too grand. It was not an independent nation. We couldn’t entirely make our own rules. We were very much inside the old country.
>In the end, it was just a couple of families that decided to buy land and live in a particular place.
>It slowly became a place where nearly every residing female was a witch.
>Over time it became a place very much in our image.
>That is the short story of our home.
>I felt like I had to write this down because our home may soon be lost for all practical purposes.
>Chaos and panic are spreading through the outside world since a lot of institutions are failing due to the sheer population drop caused by the purple plague.
>And non-witches are beginning to blame us.
>The natural resentment they already had toward us because of our powers is multiplied by the fact that the places where witches dwell are just about the only orderly places on the Earth now.
>There are still enough non-witches to do some serious damage to this place if they really wanted to, and it’s beginning to look like they do want to.
>In attempt to save this place some of our leadership have considered performing a great spell to hide it along with themselves.
>Only they know the details of the spell so that none of us could ever tell the outside world.
>What about me you ask? If they go through with this, I won’t stay here.
>They hate me more than anything because I dared tell the truth about the disease.
>Sincerely, Catherine Lulamoon.


>The rest of the way to Cloudsdale was as awkward as you expected it to be.
>You had to stick with Lainah the whole time, and there was no shortage of bickering.
>You never got many chances to speak to your friends. To make things worse, some of them seem a little cross with you. Any fun the trip potentially could have had was ruined.
>As you all close in on the destination the temperature dipped below freezing.
>Everyone from your settlement switched to heavy robes. Which have the same design but are warmer.
>Celestia and Skyla’s outfits were already fit for the weather.
>Soon, the beautiful sight of Cloudsdale comes into view.
>A large mountain pokes out over the sheet of clouds. Built on the mountain is a beautiful settlement made out of a lot of marble.
>”Woooow! How pretty!” Cinderbelle says.
>”And cold…” Carrie says while shivering a lot. “Please tell me there are heaters here.”
>”There are.” Skyla responds.
>”Our home is sooo much prettier than you girl’s sea level settlement.” Celestia remarks. She gets a lot of eye rolls in response.
>You all have to be careful flying in, because witches seem to use their brooms to navigate this place a lot. It’s kind of like a beehive but less busy.
>”Be careful landing. Don’t slip on the snow.” Skyla says.
>Carrie was right. It was frigid here. At least it’s sunny if only because the mountain is above the heavy clouds.
>Skyla leads your group to a structure with marble columns.
>At the top of the stairs and behind the large marble columns you see a line of witches in decorated coats of white leather and fur.
>A woman in the middle is the striking image of the Celestia that has been traveling with you. She’s almost certainly related. She begins to speak. ”Witches from the east, welcome to Cloudsdale. And Skyla, thank you for guiding our guests and taking care of my daughter.”
>”You’re welcome headmistress Celestia.” Skyla responds.
>You reaaaaally hope they take this conversation inside soon. You were never super sensitive to cold, but this place was a whole other level.
>Everyone else in your group seems to be trying hard to ignore it too. Except for Skyla and Celestia—who are from here. And also, Artemis and Veronica—who are apparently superhumans.
>Luckily you’re prayer are answered, and everyone moves to move inside.
>However you stop in your track as something catches your eye.
>On the sides of the marble deck rest six marble statues. Three per side. They’re your old friends from your time.
>Fluttershy poses in a meek stance with her hands over her heart. Rainbow Dash is in a bold stance with one fist on her hip, and the other facing forward. Applejack has one hand on her heart and the other lifted as if she was speaking her heart. On the other side, Pinkie Pie has two fingers on either side of her mouth as to extend her smile. Rarity has her arms extended down as if she was trying to hug a child. And Twilight has two hands on a long staff.
>Thoughts and emotions flood your brain at mach speed. It’s a bittersweet feeling. Your friends became so much.
>But… you’re haven’t been here with them until now.
“I’m sorry…”
>You silently mouth the words.
>”Sunset.” Professor Gardener’s words snap you back to your senses. “Are you alright? Keep up with us please.”
>You walk forward along with the group.
>The inside of the building is warm. That’s a relief. The inside of the building is still packed with marble décor which is really beautiful.
>”As for the traffickers you’re looking for.” Headmistress Celestia begins. “We know nothing about them. In fact until we heard word from you we had no reason to believe they existed.”
>”No people gone missing? No outbreaks of the plague? And no stolen items?” Dean Crystal asks.
>”Nothing like that.” The headmistress responds.
>”We aren’t wasting our time are we?” Professor Gardener asks.
>The headmistress ponders the question for a little while. “Well. You’re definitely welcome to search the place. If your intelligence has reason to suspect such a group exists here it would do us all good for you to put it to rest.”
>Professor Gardener asks another question. ”Also, do you happen to have a crystal here?”
>”What kind?” Celestia responds.
>”Like one of the ones the original six witches had.” Dean Crystal clarifies.
>Amelia summons her crystal forth from her wand. “Like this one!”
>The headmistress inspects it. “I don’t think we have one…”
>That’s another blow to the theory of anyone like Evelyn being here.
>”But…” The headmistress continues. “It is said that Rainbow Dash did leave hers somewhere near here. No one has ever been able to find it though.”
>”Well, it’s something.” Dean Crystal says.
>The conversation drags on for a while, but no more points of interest were made.
>Eventually you were all escorted to guest rooms you were to use while you were here. They were the same dorm rooms that students of this settlement used.
>“…Do I really still have to share a room with Sunset?” Lainah asks Dean Crystal.
>”Yes. You do. And you will for the duration of this trip. You can thank Sunset for that one.” She responds.
>Lainah looks at you and speaks in an incredibly sarcastic tone. “Thanks, Sunset.”
“Stop talking.”
>Dean Crystal rolls her eyes. “Don’t be late in the morning.” After her warning she leaves you two to it.
>Your one solace is that there are three beds in the room. So you don’t have to sleep near Lainah. You both unpack the few things you have stored from your wand and settle into the room.
>The process is silent as you and Lainah both try to pretend the other doesn’t exist.
>As you finish you figure there’s no reason to stay here. So you head to Artemis’s room.
>All five of your friends are in there. The atmosphere becomes apparent as soon as you enter. They look at you as if you’re being judged in some kind of court.
>That is, except for Cinderbelle who gives you an understanding look. And Veronica, who minds her own business on one side of the room.
>”Oh… hey Sunset… it’s you.” Amelia doesn’t even try to not make it awkward.
“I know. The teams are all messed up now because of me. I fucked up. Can we get passed this?”
>”I’d like to, Sunset.” Cadenza begins. “But to be honest I don’t think I can find it in me until it’s all over. You have to understand. I had to sleep with Celestia in the room for the past few days. And I will have to continue to do so for more. It’s kind of like having a needle slowly inserted into my skull.”
>”And we have Veronica in our room. And that’s… yeah.” Amelia says.
>”Do you have something you’d like to say to me, Amelia.” Veronica says without looking away from the window she’s looking out of.
>Amelia huffs. “Nope!”
>”Having another stoic type in the room is really throwing off my balance.” Artemis remarks while putting a hand to her chin.
>Celestia enters the room by explosively opening the door. “How’s it going, girls!?”
>”See what I mean?” Cadenza asks.
>”C’mon. It’s not that bad. I don’t mind this team switch at all. Don’t you agree Carrie and Cinderbelle?”
>Cinderbelle shifts uncomfortably. “Well… you’re definitely unique company.”
>You can only wish to be as polite as that woman.
>”Nope.” Carrie states. “You’re terrible.”
>”I can’t believe this… You’d all betray me?” Celestia’s feigns being emotionally hurt complete with contorting her face into a deep frown. “At least we have each other, Sunset. We don’t need Artemis and her ring of bullies.”
>”No one’s falling for it.” Artemis remarks coldly. “Could you finish your act and leave?”
>”Fine.” Celestia’s face becomes neutral again. “But you know, I think someone’s enjoying this setup a little more than she’s letting on.” Celestia turns to you as she says this.
“What are you on about? I’d reverse this in a heartbeat.”
>Celestia turns and giggles as she begins to leave. “Who said I was referring to you?”


>The sun begins to set. On one hand, it’s kind of a bummer how short the days are in this place.
>On the other hand, the sunset is gorgeous here on the mountain.
>It’s not enough to make living with Lainah bearable though. You’ve been doing it for a few days now. You’re not getting any better at it, however.
>She’s an odd mix of socially stunted and hostile. She’s generally either lost in thought or looking at you with a disgusted look on her face.
>Sometimes you have hope that engaging her in conversation could make things better. You learn the hard way every time that your hopes are unfounded.
“Hey, what do you think the houses at the base of the mountain are like?”
>”Who knows?”
“…Want to check it out?”
>”Why would I do something like that with you?”
“Maybe it’ll be fun?”
>”I hate you, Sunset.”
>Other times, when you’re burnt out from trying to acknowledge her existence, she might start a short and “sweet” conversation with you after a while of silence.
>”You know, you’re the first person who’s ever rode with me on a broom…” Lainah says this just slightly bashfully.
“O-okay. Was it nice?”
>Lainah looks surprised for a moment, then regains her usual hostile demeanor. ”No. I’m upset it had to be you.”
>You sigh.
>”I hate you, Sunset.”
“I know, I know.”
>You attempt to go to sleep early.
>As you close your eyes your mind wanders and ponders all of the frustrations of the past few days. The incident with the women who stole from you, your punishment, the sadness you felt from seeing the statues of your dead friends.
>It all makes you angry. All because of trying to get back at two people who left you for dead of all things! Now suddenly everyone hates you and you feel the most alone you’ve felt since you got here.
>And of course, no one’s more explicit about hating you than the absolute ray of sunshine that shares a room with you.
>You open your eyes and sit up.
“I’m going.”
>Lainah looks at you skeptically. “Where?”
“Anywhere but here.”
>”Then I’m coming with you.”
“I thought you didn’t want to be anywhere near me?”
>Lainah looks down and to the side.”… I don’t.” Then she looks you in eye again. “But you’re probably going to do something stupid like back at the falls. It’s in my best interest to watch you.”
“… Whatever.”


>You had to go through the cold and snow of the outside before getting to the stores and restaurants of this settlement.
>There’s a surprising amount of activity here at night. A lot of places would be closed at this time of the day at your settlement.
>You and Lainah get a few stares for being the only ones here with foreign robes.
>And every establishment is decked in marble of course. In addition, there’s a lot more electric light here.
>Your first order of business was to buy a red scarf.
>You and Lainah walk down the line of restaurants before you spot a bar and grill joint.
>Now, normally this would be nothing special. However, this place sells hamburgers.
>That normally wouldn’t be anything special either, but this is the first time you’ve seen them since you’ve been in this time period.
“We’re eating here.”
>You don’t bother asking Lainah’s opinion as to avoid any unnecessary drama. Surprisingly she doesn’t object.
>You order two burgers, remove your gloves, and begin to scarf them down. Every now and then you might wash it down with ale.
>”You’re such a pig. Soon you’ll look like one too if you keep eating like that.” Lainah comments.
“It’s not like we get any shortage of exercise in our lives.”
>You finish your meal and take some time to let it digest and collect your thoughts.
>”You’ve got to be a long way from home if you’re wearing robes like those.”
>You turn to see a boy that looks around your age with orange hair and eyes.
“I am. We’re here on a mission.”
>He chuckles. “You sure don’t seem to be on a mission right now.”
>You chuckle too. He has a very attractive smile.
>Lainah looks on unamused. It’s only natural you’d be the one to be approached though, you’re so much prettier than she is after all.
>And more humble!
“What if I’m on break right now?”
>”I just so happen to be too.”
>Lainah finally gets fed up and butts in. “That’s nice and all, but we just so happen to need to prepare for the morning. We’ll be going now.”
>You open your mouth to protest before you hear yet another new voice.
>”What are you doing with my brother?”
>It’s a girl with pink and orange hair and orange eyes. And it’s apparently the boy’s sister. Great…
>”Ugh. And it had to be a foreigner too. Go prey on someone else.” The girl says.
>The boy, clearly a little embarrassed—begins to speak. ”She wasn’t preying on anyone, Erin.”
>The girl (presumably Erin) pauses for a minute. “Oh, you’re the one who approached her? Oops!”
>And your streak of bad luck continues.
“You know what? I think I will go to sleep.”
>You put your money on the table and move to leave. Lainah moves with you.
>”Hey wait!” Erin shouts.
“What is it now?”
>”I’m still mad at you.”
>You put a hand on your hip and raise an eyebrow.
>”Please. Don’t ‘and’ me. We have to settle this the way Cloudsdale witches do.”
>Really? Frankly, she doesn’t really look like the fighting type. But who knows what kind of magic she’s packing.
>”You’re kidding.” The boy tells his sister. “You’re really doing this?”
>Erin responds. “Heh. I sure am.”
>You narrow your eyes.
>”Don’t be an idiot, Sunset.” Lainah begins. “You will gain literally nothing from this.”
“You’ve suddenly become a lot more caring about me lately.”
>Lainah is taken aback a little.
>You turn back to Erin.
“I accept.”
>Erin smiles. “Good…”


>Here you are. In the cold.
>You’re pretty far from the settlement proper, but still atop the mountain.
>Your opponents are in front of you.
>All you have to light the night sky is your wand and the light of the settlement in the distance.
>A small audience of other students of the settlement are now here to watch.
>This is the fated place…
>Of your sled race.
>”THIS is how Cloudsdale witches settle things?” Lainah asks.
>”Please.” Erin begins. “This is no ordinary slope. And this is no ordinary race. Me and my partner on a sled against you two on yours. Use any magic you want to get to the bottom before the other sled. Only restriction is that you can’t directly damage the other team or their sled. And of course you have to stay on the sled. No broom riding. Simple enough, right?”
>You look down the slope at the course. There are a few dangerous looking rocks down the slope. You think you see a cliff too. All this while shooting magic in the dark?
“Is this kind of thing allowed here?”
>Erin’s sled partner, a brown-haired girl with freckles, replies with a smile. “Nope!”
>”Welp, this race won’t start itself. Let’s get on the sleds!” Erin exclaims.
>The students watching start buzzing with conversation and taking out cameras.
>You walk over to the large inflatable sled.
>”I can’t believe you managed to drag me along with you this far.” Lainah says. “We can still turn back you know.”
>There was no stopping your drunken confidence however.
“You’re the one who insisted on following me and I already accepted.”
>Lainah reluctantly enters the sled with you. “If you get me into trouble I’ll never forgive you.”
“Nothing will change between us, got it.”
>This earns you a growl from the girl.
>You smile in response.
>Erin’s brother walks between the two sleds. “Alright. I’ll countdown from three and on go you’ll begin. Three!”
>You and Erin give each other cocky looks. Lainah sighs and points her wand behind her. Erin’s partner does similarly with her wand.
>”Two! One! Go!”
>Both sleds start with a bang from the wands facing back.
>Your adrenaline starts pumping as your sled picks up speed and you see the scenery of the mountain quickly pass you by and feel the chill of the air move past you.
>A large blast is ignited near your sled causing you to yelp and jerk it to the other side.
>You look over to see its Erin’s partner casting magic orbs that she’s lobbing your way.
“I thought you said we couldn’t attack each other’s sleds!?”
>”I didn’t say we couldn’t attack AROUND the sleds!” Erin responds.
>You should have known this would be dirty.
“Can you do something about those, Lainah?”
>”Tsk. Maybe?” She responds.
“Good. You do the magic stuff. I’ll steer.”
>”That’s a big assignment you’re giving me…”
“Good luck!”
>”You’re a bitch!” Lainah reluctantly stands takes out her wand.
>Chaos ensues as Lainah exchanges attacks with your opponents.
>The noise, flickering lights of the magic, and the sight of all the large rocks to steer away from makes this a pretty stressful situation.
>Erin pulls ahead and sticks her tongue out at you.
>”You’re swerving too much!” Lainah tells you.
“That’s because your defense is weak!”
>”Let me take the controls then, idiot.”
>You both switch places and you take out your wand.
>Sparks fly as you coat your wand in lightning.
“Alright, let’s try this!”
>You throw your wand and watch as it smashes through several rocks in the way leaving satisfying sparks in their place.
>You guide the wand back to you and catch it.
>Lainah takes this chance to cast water over the path in front of your sled, which instantly freezes over.
>The lesser friction allows you to pass Erin.
>You take the chance to stick your tongue out at her this time.
“Wow. Good thinking, Lainah.”
>”It wasn’t that impressive, you’re just uncreative.” Lainah responds with a smile.
>You put your hand over your mouth and chuckle in response.
>The peaceful moment lasts only a second however, because you see that your sled is heading toward a group of what you think are some kind of goat.
“Lainah, watch out!”
>She notices the animals and jerks the sled to the side.
>Your sled begins to tip. A blast from what you assume is one of the magic orbs from Erin sends you and your sled flying down a steep slope and into the fog below.
>You get incredibly dizzy as your body rolls to who knows where…
>While falling, you hit something that repels you.


>As soon as your mind gets oriented you shoot up to get your body away from the cold snow.
>You shake all the snow off of your clothes and shiver for a little.
>”Oh. You’re still alive… that’s a shame.”
>You turn to the source of the voice to find a cross-armed Lainah.
“Glad to see you’re your usual self.”
>You look at your surroundings. It’s dark and you’re still somewhere on the mountain.
>You have no clue which direction the settlement is, however.
“Uhhh.. you don’t suppose there’s any way we can still win that race now, eh?”
>”Who cares? It was a stupid idea to begin with. More importantly, did you feel anything strange while falling?”
>You think for a while. There was that odd repulsion you felt.
“Well… I did feel like I got launched by something. Though that could just be because I’m still not sober.”
>”While I’m sure that’s true I felt it too.” Lainah looks back at the indentations you two left in the snow.
>You do the same. There’s a particular spot where both of your snow tracks abruptly end.
>Lainah approaches it. When she touches it, a small spark is produced, and she quickly removes her hand.
“It’s like a barrier. But why on the surface of the snow of all places?”
>Lainah steps back a bit and lifts her wand towards the spot in question.
>Her wand lights up and the patch of snow turns into the entrance of a cave!
“Whoa. I guess it was an illusion?”
“Someone was hiding this… What if this is where Rainbow Dash’s crystal is!?”
>”What if it has something to do with the group Evelyn was with?”
“Yeah… Should we tell someone?”
>”I think we should at least check it first.”
“Isn’t that kind of dangerous?”
>”It is… but if it’s something special, I want to be the first to find it.”
>You think back to how you recklessly charged into the stadium. The headmistress was forgiving. Dean Crystal would probably be different.
>Lainah begins to walk toward the cave.
>You grab her arm to stop her.
>Lainah gives you a fierce look. ”Are you TOUCHING me?”
“If it’s something dangerous nothing good can come from us butting in.”
>”If you’re so scared then you can go home. Maybe Evelyn was too much for you, but I’ll be just fine. We don’t even know for sure what’s in there yet.”
“Seriously? You’re letting your jealously cloud your judgement.”
>”What’s there to be jealous of that you have?”
>You smile.
“How about the fact that the headmistress sent ME on an important mission along with the best of our generation and not YOU.”
>Lainah scowls at you (even harder), then walks with purpose into the cave. “I’ll show them all who they should have sent!”
>You’re taken aback for a moment. Then you find your resolve.
“Yeah? Well I’ll show them they made the right decision!”
>You follow her into the cave.
>Before you know it you’re both sprinting into the cave trying to outpace the other. Caution or any stealth now thrown completely to the wind.
>You two eventually find yourselves in a large room of the cave that has clearly been set up for long term use. It has electric lights on the ceiling, a few magical artifacts and electronics scattered about, and a metal desk on the far end.
>You and Lainah scan the room.
“Someone has been here a while.”
>You walk up to the desk.
>On it you find a few maps of the area covered in a lot of writing and markings. Lines and arrows sprawled out across it.
>Lainah joins you at the desk. “It looks like whoever was here was also looking for that crystal.”
>On the map it looks as if a lot of potential search spots have been crossed off.
“Well, at least we can know where not to look now.”
>”You should have known not to look here, girl!” This is a voice you’ve never heard before.
>You and Lainah turn around to find two women that appear to be in their twenties. One with long wild red hair and one with short blue hair.
“Sorry, we just kind of stumbled upon this place.”
>”What is this place?” Lainah asks them immediately after you finish your sentence.
>The red-haired girl responds. “What if it’s our home?”
>”I don’t see a bed around here.” Lainah responds.
>”We’re poor.” The redhead responds.
>Lainah crosses her arms. “A mountain isn’t exactly the ideal location for the homeless.”
>”Enough with the questioning and critical thought!” The red-head says. “Why can’t you just accept my lie and move on?”
>”Nera, you just told them you were lying.” The blue haired one says with a soft voice and a poker face.
>Nera sighs. “It’s not like it was gonna go anywhere anyway at this point.”
>”Well?” Lainah questions. “What are you really doing here?”
>”Sister.” The blue haired girl says. “Their clothes suggest they’re witches from a far away settlement. Likely with a special task. They could be trouble for us.”
>”Hmm. I guess you’re right." Nera responds.
“Tell me. Did you two work with Evelyn?”
>”Evelyn…” Nera begins. “I may have heard that name before. Isn’t she far away?”
>”Sister, word is that Evelyn was captured and killed not too long ago.” The blue-head says.
>”Oh, now I remember, Vannie!” Nera exclaims. “She’s the one who always got on my nerves at our meetings.”
>You and Lainah draw your wands.
“So you DO work with her!”
>”Sister.” Vannie begins. “You spoke too much again…”
>”Sister, we best get rid of them before the boss finds out about this.” Vannie says.
>”You’re right!” Nera draw out a wand, and then transforms it… into a flaming mace!
>You didn’t know wands could change into anything other than brooms, but you have to focus for now.
“Lainah, I’ll take the red-head. You take the other.”
>”Since when do I take orders from you?” Lainah asks.
“Do you have a better idea?”
>”Sister, please tell them as a seeker of non-violent solutions I will not participate unless absolutely necessary.” Vannie says.
>Nera nods at her. “You heard her. I can take you both. No need for you two to fight each other.”
>Nera eyes you up and down for a moment, which takes you aback. “That flame hair, that look on your face, that wand…”
“What is it?”
>”You remind me of myself. You don’t like to follow rules, do you?”
>For a long time you for got about it, but there was once a time where you did break the rules a lot. You tried to take over your high school… A stupid plan in hindsight. But meeting your six friends changed you.
“I’m not that kind of girl anymore.”
>”Please!” Nera begins. “Two kids out this far from the settlement at night? There’s no way this kind of mission was condoned. Once a bad girl always a bad girl.”
>You begin to get annoyed.
>”Anymore?” Lainah asks. “Honestly, I can see it. It would explain a lot.”
>You really don’t need this from her too.
“Really? Focus on the fight in front of us.”
>Lainah picks up on your annoyance and snickers.
>“Sister, sister. The bacon-haired one’s attempt at reformation has clearly failed. Like deodorant caked on a fundamentally unclean underarm.” Vannie comments while still maintaining her poker face.
>Both Nera and Lainah begin to giggle.
“Shut up!”
>You spark up your wand and run at Nera.
>”That’s right. Show me your TRUE nature, edge-lord!” Nera charges at you as well.
>Vannie jumps to the side as you and Nera clash. Your wand and her mace collide producing a whirl of electricity and fire.
>”Lightning huh?” Nera muses. “That’s cool!”
>Nera breaks the clash and attempts a drop kick which you hop over.
>You try to bring your wand down on her head, but she rolls out of the way and shoots a fireball from her hand which knocks you over.
>”But not firey enough.”
>Lainah closes the distance with Nera and begins a flurry of punches that are all dodged by Nera.
>Nera ends it by parrying one of Lainah’s arms with her own and delivering a punch to her gut.
>”Eh?” Nera muses as she realizes her punch hit Lainah’s magic armor.
>Lainah uses the opening to deliver a strong kick, which Nera blocks but it still sends her back a bit.
>”That’s annoying.” Nera comments.
>At this point, Nera notices the electrified wand you threw and ducks under it.
>You run at Nera who swiftly maneuvers herself behind you and pushes you right into Lainah.
>”Watch where you’re going, idiot!” Lainah shouts.
“I could say the same to you!”
>”Sister,” Vannie begins. “Their teamwork is poor.”
>You turn back to Nera, guide your wand back to you, and catch it.
>You rush at Nera again.
>This time you lead off with a punch that she blocks and pushes away.
>But, that one touch was all you needed! You maneuver behind her to avoid the strike of her mace and throw another punch to her back.
>As your fist makes contact, her back blasts fire at you—which burns you and makes you move away from her.
>”I hate it when people get behind me.” Nera comments.
>Lainah waves her wand and casts a spell on Nera that pulls the pyromancer toward her.
>”Huh?” Nera muses as her body quickly floats toward Lainah.
>Nera and Lainah exchange blows when the distance is closed. Nera alternating between hits with her mace and her free arm and Lainah throwing punches and shielding herself with her signature armor as necessary.
>Nera throws a strong kick at Lainah that’s once again blocked by her armor. “God, that stuffs annoying!”
>In a show of frustration Nera swings her fiery mace at Lainah hard.
>It hits Lainah’s armor, but she’s still knocked back.
>Nera turns back to you and rushes at you.
>Before you can react, she grabs you by the throat and throws you at Lainah. You hit the ground in front of her feet.
>”You alive?” Lainah asks.
>You stand to your feet.
>”Great. Now you’re both in one place.” Nera comments.
“…Maybe we should actually try attacking together?”
>”It’s your fault we didn’t in the first place. You shouldn’t have rushed in.” Lainah replies.
>You roll your eyes.
>You both move toward Nera together this time.
>Nera launches fireballs at you two. You spark up your wand and knock it away, Lainah jumps over the one directed at her.
>Nera skillfully defends herself against both your and Lainah’s attacks. Blocking your punches and kicks and avoiding your wand attacks.
>A hard hit of her mace knocks Lainah to the ground.
>Then she moves toward you.
>You attempt to fight off her heavy fiery mace attacks with your wand.
>With a heavy blow she knocks your wand away.
>Nera reaches a hand out and touches your cheek. “A bad girl like you shouldn’t be trapped in a settlement y’know…~”
>You slap her hand away.
“I told you that’s not who I am anymore!”
>You throw a punch, and she maneuvers behind you.
>”That’s a shame.” Nera wraps her free hand around you and begins groping your breasts. “That can’t really be true, can it?~”
“Eegh. Get off!”
>Your sparking wand comes from the ground spinning toward Near who moves from behind you to avoid it.
>You catch your wand.
>There’s a warm sensation in your chest now.
>You watch Lainah and Nera fight.
>When you think you see an opening you begin to move in but stop instantly as you notice the sensation in your chest getting hotter.
>Just what is this?
>You begin to feel your body weaken…
>Lainah seems to notice and jumps away from Nera. “Sunset, behind you!”
>You turn behind you to find a reaper of flames that seems to have emerged from your body.
>The instant you see it, it swings its scythe at you. Adrenaline pumps through your blood as you try to roll away.
>You hear your clothes rip and feel sharp pain in your back as you move.
>You fall to your knees and look back at the fiery form and see it fade.
>”Darn.” Nera says. “Almost got your head.”
>You look to the side and see your blood on the ground. The wound on your back burns a lot and you can feel it bleeding.
>”Can you stand?” Lainah asks.
>You attempt it, but fall back down on your elbows and knees.
>”Sister, you no longer have to worry about that one.” Vannie says.
>”I’ll get you out of here, alright!” Lainah says.
>”Oh, no you won’t.” Nera says. “You both will stay right here until I get orders from the boss on what to do with you. That is, if I don’t decide to kill ya anyway.”
>Lainah moves in and engages Nera once again. The exchange isn’t very long however, as Nera has gotten accustomed to using her mace to fend off Lainah and her armour.
>Nera knocks her toward you then shoots flames out her free hand at her.
>Lainah draws her wand and summons a small whirl wind that gathers the flames and moves toward Nera.
>Nera jumps out of the way.
>The whirlwind hits the cave walls causing some of the supplies to be sent flying.
>Lainah picks you up and puts your arm over her shoulder as to carry you. “Think you can do that electricity thingy at least one more time?”
>The blood loss is beginning to make you feel light headed though. And your clothes are getting noticeably damp.
>Lainah lifts her wand. You do the same.
>”What is this?” Nera asks.
>You light up your wand. Lainah then shoots a high-pressure stream of water that carries the current along with it.
>Nera dances around the stream by performing flips and slides.
>Eventually Nera is pushed far enough away from the exit and Lainah extends her broom.
>”Hold on.” Lainah says.
>You know you don’t have much time, so you summon all the strength you have left and get on the broom and Lainah flies.
>”No you don’t!” Nera fires a fireball at you as you begin to leave.
>Lainah maneuvers to the side and the flame narrowly misses you two and hits the cave wall.
>You notice that Vannie is still in your path.
“Hey, watch for the other one!”
>Surprisingly, Vannie simply steps aside and you fly through the exit.
>Guess she was serious about those non-violent solutions…


>The pain in your back is still severe.
>The cold air does a little to ease the burn, but the pain of the wound is as strong as ever.
>You can see some of your blood drip down to the snow below.
>Lainah flies towards the Cloudsdale settlement without saying a word.
>Here you are leaning on her back and trying not to fall asleep or fall off.
“Where are you taking me?”
>Your voice is weak.
>”To the hospital. Where else?” Lainah says.
“Could you… treat this wound on your own?”
>”What!? Why would you want me to do that?”
“I don’t want to upset Dean Crystal again…”
>Lainah stares back at you for a while. Then she sighs. “I’ll see what I can do. But if I fail I’m taking you to a professional.”
>You weakly smile.


>You were snuck in through the window.
>You waited in the room while Lainah went to go get supplies.
>Your heavy robes soaked up most of your blood.
>As you waited any focus that wasn’t spent on the pain you were feeling was directed toward thinking of an excuse for getting new robes.
>Eventually, Lainah came back into the room with a jar, a flask, and some bandages.
“How did you convince them to let you get all of that?”
>”Who cares? Take that thing off so I can treat you.”
>You do so. You’re now down to your pants and bra.
>It feels terrible to have the wound exposed to the air like this.
>Lainah removes her gloves, opens a jar, and collects some of its gooey contents in her hand.
>Then she rubs the substance over your wound.
>It stings.
>”Be quiet, idiot.” Lainah remarks. “If someone finds out about this, I’ll have wasted my time forcing myself to come in contact with you.”
>After first contact the sting of the substance slowly subsides, and along with it some of the original pain of the wound.
>After a while, Lainah circles to your front and gives you the flask. “Drink this.”
>You eye it, pop the cork, then drink the potion. It has a very unfamiliar texture and taste to you.
>You clear your throat after swallowing.
>”You can sit on the bed now.”
>You do so.
>Lainah gets the bandages and sits behind you on the bed.
>Then she begins to wrap them around your back and upper torso. Her hands are warm.
>You can occasionally feel her breath against your skin as she methodically moves the bandages around your form.
“Where did you learn to do all this?”
>”I volunteer at our settlement’s nursing office sometimes.” Lainah replies. ”You should be so thankful that I happened to know what to do and decided to help you!”
“Yeah… Thanks, Lainah.”
>You think you hear the softest gasp behind you after saying that.
>”You can lay down now. But only on your side.”
>You gladly do so. You have no idea what time it is, but you really need to rest.
>You’re expected to be up early tomorrow though, which is going to be hell.
>Lainah gets up and puts out the lanterns, then gets in…
>Your bed. Behind you.
“Umm, Lainah?”
“You’re in the wro-“
>”I-I’m just here to watch your wound…”
>That voice… was incredibly out of character for Lainah. It was a defeated voice. Where normally you might make a quip back at Lainah, there was no way you could right now. It would be like kicking a stray puppy.
>Lainah moves closer to you and puts both hands on the bandages of your back. Her breath can once again be felt on your neck.
>You’re lost for words. And after the last time you tried it, you do not dare read her mind.


Great update. See you next time.
This green is damn good. Also thanks for making the update just short enough for me to have time to read it today
File: 1543792846487.png (2.89 MB, 1873x2500)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
Equestria Girls has turned into a low-rent version of "Glee".
Yeah, not much to expect from a spinoff series by a company inspired by maximizing revenue with cookie cutter movies and specials. I'm just glad we still have people making their own content so the mess that is canon eqg can be ignored.
File: She Lives.png (1.33 MB, 3592x4968)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
I don't read a lot of greentext nowadays but I liked it. Here's a screencap to go with your paste
This. I don't feel like sitting there pretending I liked a super short spike webisode after over hyped filler.
What I would give to be that soccer ball
Just stopping by from another thread to say Hi and curse BG9 for making me cry with "The Sunset on the Horizon." Like I said over there, Good Job B9, good job.

I love sappy comfy stuff. What else y'all got?
I'm happy to see this green is still going. This is probably the most interesting ongoing green I've read in years, if not one of the most interesting. The whole premise works great with equestria girls.
>Writefag delivers 27 greenposts on background character from trailer that came out half a day earlier
>Gives her a better story than any of the humane 7 before she has porn of her or even a confirmed name/identity
Holy shit
File: 1546294876311.png (955 KB, 1280x720)
955 KB
955 KB PNG
Anyone feel up to making a nude edit of this?
File: large-17.png (314 KB, 1234x858)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
BG9 wrote a comfy campfire story somewhat recently iirc
File: 1634308.png (184 KB, 448x530)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
> Applejack was always dreamed of saving her virginity for her future husband, but things didn't quite turned out her way
> She already pre-sold her virginity when she was 17 to keep farm alive and to pay for Granny's surgery
> And as she turned 18 and lost it on camera, she had a weird idea of stretching her insides, so "her future kid would came out easily and unharmed"
> She started pushing bigger and bigger objects inside herself, to the point when she could easily put her entire fist inside her pussy, or maybe two.

> Meanwhile Anon's life becomes more and more shittier after each passing day
> He had lots of stress because of coming exams and arguing with drinking parents. And slept less than 4 hours per day
> While compensating his growing depression with lots of beer and wanking to the soviet multi colored octopus cartoon
> As a result, now he has an extremely low testosterone levels and no interest in living whatsoever
> As the cleaning lady on med forums said, one of the ways to get his man health back together was eating healthy food, stop drinking, start working out and to sleep enough.
> He started by offering his old friend to help around the farm, which she gladly accepted
> And after hearing about his issue, she offered her help as well
> "Wha, shoot. 'fcourse ah can help ya, sugarcube. Ya'll be back on yer feet in no time. Ain't nothing a good day of work and Granny's stew can't fix. We can go to the market to buy anythang you need, then ya can pull some weights with Mac later. And you welcome tah sleep in our place any day ya want, since yer folks, uh... ya know."
"Yeah, thanks, Aj. You practically saved me from fucking hanging myself."
> "Aww, don't say that, sugar. And since the, um... recent events, ah can... ya know, come again, how do ya fix yer tes... rone-steryon thingie?"
"Well, there's a special diet, healthy lifestyle and no bad habits. And working out."
> "Ah, 'kay. That's all, then?"
File: 1523593.jpg (150 KB, 669x677)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
"Uh huh. And having sex. Which is... not the possible scenario that I can-"
> "Oh, ah see. Ya kno, since ah lost mah hymen anyway, think ah can give ya some ridin' as well. Go wash yer junk and meet me in mah room in a few mins."
"W-wha... um, Aj, are you fucking with me?"
> "Yup!"
"No, shit... I mean, are you serious right now? This must be a joke, I-"
> " 'fcourse ah am. Nothin' personal, jus' helpin' a friend out. Ya town folks really need tah be more casual 'bout some lovin'. Now move yer butt to the bathroom. An' grab some tissues."
> When you arrived, her door was closed. Slapping yourself on the forehead, you decided to knock first.
> "Ahnon, is that you?"
"Y-yes, it's me."
> "There's no one's around? Ah, wait... a lil... here, come in!"
> The door unlocked and you saw that she was sitting on the side of her bed with her skirt and panties laying beside her, and covering her crotch with her hat.
> "Close the door, loverboy."
"Aw, crap. Sure, sorry."
> Is this really happening?
> She then stands, still covering herself with a hat and turned off the light. And you hear her throwing her hat away and crawling back at the bed.
> "We can go doggie, but ah can stand beside the wall, too. Ah'm fine with both."
"D-doesn't matter, Aj."
> " 'kay, bed it is, then. Now ya can touch mah butt to aim yer thing properly, but don't go crazy with yer hands."
"S-sure, but... I don't have any rubber at the moment."
> You said, standing between her legs
> "Why, yer sick or somethin'?"
"N-no, but-"
> "Then fuck 'em. Now get closer"
> And you did. Pulling down your pants, you put your hand on her back.
"So... are you really sure?"
> "Don't hesitate, stud. And remember, no kissin', no touching breasts, no crazy talk, don't put yer fingers anywhere inside and don't make much noise. You can touch mah belly, mah legs and my butt, but that's it. Ah'm yer friend, not fiancee. No offence."
"Yeah, I-I get it. Thanks."
File: 1511997.png (188 KB, 567x625)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
> You said, prodding at her buttcheek with your dick and searching for the target.
> "Jus' to get it out of the way. And, ah... ya need to ger higher, and... a lil' bit to the left... good! Now put it in and just finish yer business."
> In the darkness, you can feel a burning wetness around your head.
> "Don't be shy, push already!"
> She said, moving her hips back and swallowing your entire length in one go.

> Your first experience was quite... embarrassing, to say the least. Not only you couldn't hear a single moan from her, but after 5 minutes in heaven you could feel yourself getting softer. And then you couldn't continue.
> Applejack wasn't disappointed, but better, she offered to try again at the night.
> And you tried. And tried.
> In a week fucking her become a daily routine - in a barn, at the wall in the bathroom, at the apple tree when no one's around. And you can feel you man power getting back.
> But still, as much as you tried every time, you could barely hear any changes in her breathing. Which is not a big of surprise, since she was... really loose.
> And after another "therapy session" you finally decided to bring that up.
> "Heh, well... don't get me wrong, you can pleasure any girl ya want, but... ya know, my cousin lost her baby due to asphyc... ficsia... asfinci... well, she was stuck and couldn't breathe. I don't want to lost mah future kid to this as well, so I began... stretching. Ya know what ah mean."
"I see... sorry."
> " 's fine. And ah'm doin' it just for you, not for me. Seriously, don't worry about it. Ah did it to my body myself. And If ya really want to make me feel good, then, heh... ah think you hawta put a big veterinary glove on yer hand and use my cervix as a punching machine."
> ...
> Was that a joke?
> Guess there's only one way to find out.
"Well, is that's so, then..."
> While she was still laying on her belly, you put another condom on your hand and without warning squeeze your entire hand inside her with surprising ease, almost reaching to the elbow.
> "A-ahnon! Hey!" - she shouts, jerking away.
> Your hand feels so hot at her indides. You pull it out and slam back in. And again.
> "Corsarnit, s-stop!"
> You pull her weight back and kept fisting her with steady rhytm, while massaging her labia and clitoris with the other hand.
> "Ah... A-non! What the f-f... ah... are you d... m-m-ph..."
> The next minute everything you can hear is her moans and slapping of your hand in and out. And then she stands on her knees with her butt in the air and squeezed the bedsheets, while greeding her teeth. Felling yourself getting hard again, you kept going.
"Oh yeah, Aj. You like it, don't you? I'm just... o-of, paying you back. Want me to go faster?"
> "Mmph! I, f-f.. y-y... ye-a... ah!"
> With you hand already getting tired, you gave all you got, and after another few minutes she suddenly squeezed your hand with her insides and fell back, spasming and arching her back.

> When the orgasm finally faded and she calmed down, you gently put a thin blanket on her, then out of nowhere you can feel a strong slap on your cheek with a loud tinnitus coming with it.
> "Fer fuck's sake, what is wrong with you?!"
"I, uh..."
> "Ah never asked for this, Anon, ah don't want! Ah told ya to keep yer hands for yourself!"
> Still stunned, you can barely make out of what she was saying.
> "Fer fuck's sakes, just when ya trying to be kind to people... Sigh... ya know what?" - said, standing up and approaching the door ass-naked.
> "Ah think ya need to check your hormone level, ya might don't need to do it anymore already!" - she shouts, slamming the door shut.
> "And yer welcome, by the way! Go visit yer parents, it's been a while!"
> ...
"Fuckin' hell..."
File: 1900428.jpg (97 KB, 586x481)
97 KB
So that's my stupid green I came up with, dunno where I was going with this. Sorry for Ingreesh
It's ok. The green's alright.
Here's a bin in case I'll get drunk again and continue it
Thnx mate
I like it
yo, I've been out of the loop since the rarity and AJ movie.
There any new EQG stuff?
There's a bunch of new stuff, but most of it is lies.
Care to clarify that statement, friend?

Not him but I wouldn't call it lies, and would say it's more dry and fluffed out content. It is mostly YouTube episodes lasting a few minutes, the first of which from yesterday was entirely focused on dog spike talking to the camera and audience for a couple minutes showing them all of his stuff. Yes, that's what they chose to open season 2 with. It wasn't horrible but it was sort of meh. But of course, there was a pretty vague teaser trailer released right before it that showed the girls doing their usual one-liners and sing-and-dance routine on a stage with a few lighthearted gags. Sunset winked at Flash in one of these and waifufags and anti-waifufags shat their pants at each other over it. Things like that happened.
It's the same as before; mildly interesting thing gets released and a small but loud cluster of 4channers wants to blow it out of proportion to make it look ground breaking. That's probably why the other guy called it lies, because it is overhyped. It's not garbage but it's not great either. Of course if you go asking around the board, you'll get the anons calling it garbage about as frequently as the anons praising it. So you should do just that, and get as many second opinions as you can and you'll quickly see what I mean.
Ah, I see.
let's continue fingerbang generals.
So will they cut up the new film (I doubt they'll have Sci-Twi in pony land be relegated to a short) like they did with the Rarijack one?
I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
File: 1545021812802.png (2.76 MB, 1800x2400)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB PNG
What do you mean?
fingerbang will contuniue until the 10000th thread
And I hope it will stay until then.
I do not understand this meme.
So as a point of personal interest, has anyone read this or did I pick something too obscure for a green story? I wanna pick it up and write more of it
An angel is about to fall from heaven for a cute romance. Who do you want it to be?
I'd like Trixie too.
Trixie it is then. She'll actually be perfect for what I have in mind.
File: 832088.png (176 KB, 608x749)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
I had a sad dream today. Can anyone suggest me any greens with full waterworks drama in it? Or any stories than made you cry. I want to get drunk and cry myself to sleep rn
File: 0.png (269 KB, 700x900)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
>You had just gotten home from another day at the office
>It was yet another boring day and another boring night
>You had little to complain about
>You job paid reasonably, enough to afford a small home and a car as well as a few comforts on the side
>But it was just so boring
>It was the same thing every day
>You went to work, filed papers, did your spreadsheets, then came home and ate dinner alone
>You’d go out with friends but the only people you had access too were about as exciting as your office job
>It began to pelt rain outside
>Quiet violent as storms went
>It was coming down in sheets, hail so big you were afraid it might ram through your window
>You sat down at the table with your ready-made meal and began to chow down
>You groaned too yourself
>There had to be something you could do to spice things up, make things more exciting
>You stared up at the ceiling
>Things were sure about to get exciting alright, unbeknownst to you
>There was a loud crash from your bathroom
>Sounded as if a meteor filled with dynamite landed in there
>You quickly got up and ran to the bathroom to see what the commotion was about
>It was a girl
>She had long blue hair and fabulous white dress
>But something was off about her
>Other than the fact that she had literally crash landed from the top of your ceiling with hardly a scratch on her of course
>She wide, white wings and a halo
>A literal halo
>It was no prop either
>It was clearly levitating above her head of its own will, it even had a dim glow
>The halo shined brightly and dimly in a clear rhythm, almost like watching a chest rise and fall from someone breathing
>You picked the woman up
>She didn’t have much in the way of scratches, but she definitely looked to have a concussion
>Luckily, she was remarkably light weight
>You walked over to your bed and set her down, pulling out the first aid kid you had in the other room
>You put bandages on the few scratches she had let her be
>Now you had to figure a way to patch the giant hole in the roof
>It was a bit tricky, but you managed to find some plywood and sheets and used that plug most of the hole
>Things sure got exciting alright
>Not every day a girl with wings and a halo crashes through your roof
>You sat back in the dining room when you saw the girl again
>She was weak and in clear distress
>She couldn’t even stand without being pressed against the wall
>”I have too… before…”
>Before she lost consciousness again, you ran and caught her
>She looked up at you, surprised
>”What… but… You can see me?”
“Plain as day.”
>”I’ll thank you later. I have too…”
>She fell unconscious again
>You walked her back to the bed and set her down
>She was clearly worse than she looked
>She must have knocked her head pretty bad
>You wagered calling the hospital but judging by her surprise that you could see her probably meant she wasn’t part of this world
>You’d call her insane if she hadn’t just fell through your roof
>You looked her over, specifically her wings
>There was no mistaking it
>They were connected to her body as much as your arm was connect to yours
>You tried to touch her halo, but your hand merely passed through it as though it were mist
>Either this was one extremely elaborate prank, or you were in the presence of an actual angel
>Maybe those fairy tales had more truth to them than you thought
>The night passed, you sleeping on the floor
>You woke up just before your new surprise roommate
>She stared up at you weakly, rubbing her eyes
>”Good morning. I suppose by now you’ve put two and two together?”
“Yeah. But it only brings up more questions.”
>”Well I’m indebted too you now so ask away. As is the sacred code, whomsoever should save an angel will receive from her three wishes as payment. And she cannot leave until said wishes are granted in full and too the letter.”
“You can’t leave until the wishes are granted?”
>”No. Such is the sacred law. To receive a wish, you must say ‘I, state your name, call upon angel Trixie Lulamoon’ and state your wish.”
“How often does this happen?”
>”It’s only ever happened twice before now. You’re one of the few humans who can see spirits. If you don’t have any more questions, I’d appreciate it if you said your wishes so I can go about my business. Fear not, I am not a monkey’s paw and will grant your intent, as well as what the wish is too the letter. You needn’t phrase it too carefully.”
”I, Anon, call upon the angel Trixie Lulamoon to give me a wallet that always money in it.”
>In puff of smoke a wallet appeared on the nightstand
>”It is done.”
“I, Anon, call upon the angel Trixie Lulamoon to grant me 1,000 more wishes.”
>”Against the rules. Only three wishes a pop.”
“Well then that’s all for now.”
>”What do you mean that’s all for now?”
“You heard me, that’s all.”
>”You’re not going to take your other two wishes?”
“I am. Eventually.”
>”If you’re that lonely just wish for a waifu or something.”
“It’s not that!”
>”Then what reason do you have to keep me here?”
“My own reasons.”
>Trixie glared
>”Well if you’re expecting me to serve you, wait on your hand and foot, you’re mistaken.”
“I’ll do no such thing.”
>”You humans never cease to confuse me.”
“You mean you weren’t human once?”
>”Contrary to what you humans got into your heads, angels are born, not made. No good deed will qualify you for one. We’re a species all our own.”
“What were you doing here anyway? You seem to keep some dangerous company.”
>Trixie bit her lip
>”That isn’t any of your concern.”
“It would be if I wished for it.”
>”Then by all means do it.”
“You’re not at all what I thought angels would be like.”
>”Humans do often get silly ideas in their heads.”
“What’s heaven like?”
>”What are you writing a biography on me or something?”
“No, just curious is all.”
>”Well please contain your curiosity. Keep in mind I am not here because I wish to be.”
Good shit m8
This made me fukken smile
fingerbang continue ultil 10000th thread
I love Trixie.
So which do you wager will end first? One Piece or Fingerbang threads?
Hi again dudes, been longer than I would've liked to finish this one.
But I'm on leave this week so I did a little bit and finished it.

I'm just going to back track here, so please ignore the last post, and continue from this:

>Just as you’re about to let it fly, you stop yourself.
>Standing there as the tears run down your face.
>The only movement is your hand bringing the bottle to your lips again.
>You lay down on your bed, and press replay.
>For what seems like hours, you just lay there against the headboard, zoning out listening to your music loudly and drinking straight from the bottle.
“Happy. Fucking. New Year.”
>You pass out.

*** sometime later ***
>You jerk awake suddenly.
>Checking your phone for the time, you notice all the text messages you got.
>Mostly just copy-and-paste Happy New Years wishes from people at school.
>You just scroll through them, not bothering to reply.
>A few catch your eye though.
>[Texts from Sunny Honey]
>[Flash, where did you go??] 1 hour ago@ 23.35
>[Flash, is everything ok? Where are you?] 50 mins ago @ 23.45
>[Hi Flash, Twilight here. Hope everything’s fine. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable tonight. Please be safe, wherever you went.] 52mins ago @ 23.47
>[Happy New Year! XoXoXo <3<3<3] 34 mins ago @ 00.01
>[Please, Flash, just let me know you’re alright. Pleeeeeease!] 30 mins ago @ 00.31
>[Flash, please. I’m super worried about you. Please call me or text me, or the others girls. I’m so worried about you. Please!! 20 mins ago @ 00.51]
>[I’m so sorry Flash, I hope this reaches you, I just wish you could’ve said something to me. Please god, just be safe. Please 15 mins ago @ 00.56]
>Closing the messages app you notice you have 7 missed calls, with 3 voicemail messages left.
>Sunset, Unknown; which you assume to be Twilight, Thunderbass, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Sunset.
>You play the first voicemail.
>[Um…. Hi…Flash. Twilight. Ehhh just wanted to call and see if you’re alright. I hope you’re alright. Sunset’s worried about you. Please call her back. Thanks…Bye.]
>[Hey dude, Happy New Year. Look, Sunset and the girls are worried about you, and honestly, I am too. I know shits been hard, but talk to me. You’re always my bro, bro.]
>[It’s Sunset…. Please, just answer me.]
>Turning the screen off on your phone you toss it onto your bedside and look for your whiskey.
>Fucking spilt on your bed.
>Well, only a little.
>Must’ve been leaning against you when you passed out.
>Still a bit left inside.
>Take another sip.
>You contemplate calling them and letting them know you’re alright.
>However, why do they suddenly care so much about you?
>You left a party without saying good bye, nothing to send the dog squad after.
>Fuck ‘em. Time for another drink.
>Finish the bottle and drop it down the side of the bed.
>It lands with a ‘chink’, having landed on some other glass bottles strewn on your floor.
>’I’ll clean that in the morning.’ You mentally note to yourself.
>Now you’re feeling the alcohol a bit more.
>That stage of intoxication where you just let loose all of your pent up emotions to anyone who would listen.
>Tears start to form in your eyes again
>You loved Sunset. Right from the beginning.
>You did your hardest to make things work, really put the effort in with her.
>Slowly you clench your fists.
>She never loved you though. Right until the end, you were nothing but a stepping stone.
>Clenching your eyes shut tightly, letting the tears drop
>After the Battle of the Bands, you and Twilight were able to have a day together.
>Just a day around Canterlot city. You showed her the city you grew up in, all your favorite places to hang out, and Mt. Canterlot Peak.
>It was your favorite spot to come to with someone, and even alone when you needed to think.
>Just as the sun was dipping below the picturesque mountains, you reached out for her hand.
>To which she obliged with hers.
”I really hope you enjoyed today, Twilight.”
>”Oh Flash, I really did. Thank you, today was just magical. I wish I could have more days like this.”
“You can. I’d certainly like to see you more whenever you’re free.”
>She told you that she would like that too, and gave you a peck on your cheek.
>For a second you both just look at each other, a deep scarlet painting both her cheeks and yours.
“Twilight… I… I really… Like you. A lot.” You told her in earnest, as you pulled her into a hug.
>She looked up at you, and you will never forgot her smile.
>As brief as it was.
>After the silent embrace, she buried her forehead into your chest as she wrapped her arms around your chest.
>”I’m sorry Flash… I wish I could…”
>Through the sound of the gentle rustling of leaves, you can hear her crying.
>Without looking at you, she told you that being a princess in her world, she had a lot of responsibilities and duties.
>It was a life she was thrust into, and because of it, she didn’t want you to hold on to feelings that might never be answered.
>”Flash… it pains me to do this, but I must. It wouldn’t be fair to you.”
>Swallowing another lump in your throat, you brace for what’s to come.
>”I will never forget you… But please… I want you to forget me.”
>You tighten your embrace as the cold shock of those words freeze your heart.
>”I do have feelings for you, and I’m so happy I met you. However, any relationship will only end in heartbreak. …For me.”
“Twilight, just give me- us a chance?” You plead, confused at the sudden change.
>She pushes off of you and steps back out of the hug.
>”You deserve someone that will love you, cherish you, and be happy and grow old with you. I can be some of those things, just not all of them. I’m so sorry.”
>The girl of your dreams, on the perfect day, standing before you in tears, turning and walking out of your life.
>You gnash your teeth together.
>Like Sunset, you tried to move on from Twilight.
>Things were hard, however not many knew of your affection for her, so it was easier to mask the pain as there were no prying minds.
>Then the Friendship Games happened and Twilight walks right back into your life.
>Bringing with her all the pain that she left you with.
>The sadness when she didn’t recognize you at all.
>She just ignores you and carries on like nothing happened.
>You can’t really blame her though, she’s not the Twilight you fell in love with.
>Yet, it still hurts when she just avoids you.
>What hurts the most is knowing she’s with…
>The girl of your dreams, with him.
>’What has he got that I haven’t?’
>’She never even cared to try to get to know me.’
>You don’t hate Timber. You just hate the mention of him, seeing him with Twilight.
>How they laugh together.
>How they hold hands.
>The thought of them together when it should’ve been you.
>All that bottled up emotion feels like it’s going to erupt.
>You start to lash out.
>Throwing things off your desk, hurling objects around the room, the crack on the neck on your guitar widens as you knock it.
>Coming down from the anger outburst, you decide to get another drink and get out of the house.
>Grabbing your keys you head downstairs and raid the bar again.
>This time taking a six-pack of beer and the half bottle of bourbon; the one you filled your flask with earlier.
>Where is that flask anyway?
>Slipping into your shoes and grabbing a jacket off the hook, you jump in your car and you bring it to life again.
>As before, you floor it in reverse into the street and flick it into drive so fast, that for a second your wheels spin, finding no traction.
>Speeding off down the road, you almost run two cars off the road, they had to pull to the side to avoid you.
>Fuck ‘em.
>Driving out of your estate, about to turn on to the main road.
>Looking down the road to the right you see red and blue flashing lights in the far distance.
>Better avoid them. You’re pretty buzzed at the moment and don’t want to end up in juvie.
>So left it is.

>Just driving the streets.
>There’s very little traffic. Most people are probably still partying or sleeping.
>After a while, your aimless driving has led to the outskirts of town.
>Fuck it, might as well have a drink and watch the sun rise from Mt. Canterlot Peak.
>You take the upcoming exit.
>A few miles in from where you turned in there’s a picnic area where you stop at.
>Parking the car you take a can and open it, taking a drink.
>Ahh the numbing effect of alcohol. Especially after your body thought you were finished and started processing the alcohol out of your system.
>The idling car keeps you warm, and you turn the radio on for a bit of company.
>Channel surfing through all the talk, you settle on a channel that actually has music playing.
>Sipping the can, nodding along to the music and watching as the snowflakes float gently to the ground.
>Finishing that can, you grab the bourbon and take a drink.
>You decide to stick with this rather than the beer.
>After the song finishes, reluctantly you step out of the car because you need to piss.
>With can in hand and bourbon tucked into your elbow,
>Drinking from the can again, you start to hum as curiosity brings you to step closer to the railing.
>Looking out over the gully you start to do your business.
>Out here it’s just you and the vast quiet emptiness of the forest.
>And your piss splashing on the ground.
>Crushing the can as you finish it, just letting it fall to the ground.
>Your hum turns into singing and you swallow the amber fluid.
“Yesterday…” Zipping up your fly. “All my troubles seemed so far away.”
“Now it looks as though they’re here to stay.”
>Your headlights illuminate enough of the gully for you to have a look.
“I’m not half the man I used to be.”
>Leaning over the railing to see the river thirty feet below.
>Even for winter you can still hear the calming splashing of the current.
“There’s a-“, A hiccup interrupts you as you climb over the railing.
“There’s a shadow hanging over me.”
>You sit on the railing, feet firmly on the edge of the bridge.
>Another gulp, this time a little longer.
“Why she had to go? I don’t know…” You start to cry as your voice breaks a little.
“She wouldn’t say.” You whisper as you hear a distant thump. It sounded like a deer or something.
“I said something wrong.” You’re reminded of the day you broke up with Sunset.
“Love was such an easy game to play” Maybe it was to her, but you didn’t treat it as a game.
>Taking a longer drink this time, you can start to feel it kicking in.
“Now I need a place to hide away”
>The words start to slur a little as you start to feel the bourbon kick in.
>Tipsy here we come.
>Continuing the chorus again, you sway to your own singing.
>Finishing the bourbon right before the last line.
>You shout as you hurl the bottle far into the gully below, hearing it smash on a distant rock.
>Standing up with a sway, you look below you again.
>Your inebriation blocks out all the noise around you.
>Wiping your face one more time, you lean forward.
>That’s quite a fall, and that river might not even be that deep.
>In this moment, all you can think about is Twilight’s cute smile and her voice echos through your ears.
>”Live your life to the fullest.”
>Be Sunset Shimmer.
>Walking around and mingling with all your school friends.
>You watch Muffins lead Bulk to a darkened corner and they start slow dancing in each other’s’ arms.
>They are so cute together.
>Walking around and chatting to everyone.
>Everyone’s had a great year.
>For you it’s been a great year too.
>You’ve put the past behind you, you’re friends with everyone, and even saved the school a few times.
>This time last year very few people would even approach you.
>as you’re walking around you catch glimpse of Flash chatting with the girls.
>Although you haven’t really spoken to him in a while, it warms your heart to see him enjoying himself tonight.
>He’s getting into the music, throwing his hands in the air like that. He always loved good music.
>Wait, he just dropped his arms and walked off. Was he pretending?
>You continue to watch from afar as he walks around chatting to others.
>He puts on a smile when he talks to people then drops it as he walks off.
>That’s not like him. Maybe you should speak to him.
>”Hey Sunset, you got a second?”
“Hi Norman. How are you?”
>”Good thanks, you look great! Hey have you seen Flash?”
“Yeah, he’s over there. I was just about to go say hi to him.”
>”Oh, good. Please go see him.”
“Wait, what do you mean Norman?”
>”Strictly between you and me, he hasn’t been the same in a long while.” Norman says leaning into your ear so only you can hear.
>”I don’t know the details, but after Twilight left and we went to camp, he’s been distant. He always says he’s fine.”
>Norman takes a breath before continuing; “But I dunno… Maybe he’ll talk to you, since you guys were so close.”
“Thanks Norman, I’ll try to talk to him.”
>Looks like he’s finally done walking around. Now’s your chance. Just walk up behind him and playfully slap him on the back. Like old times.
>”What the F-“ Angrily he stands to his feet and turns to look at you.
>That was unexpected. Just smile back.
>You pretend not to notice him checking you out head to toe.
>It’s quite a compliment when an ex still checks you out.
>Wait, did his eye just twitch?
”Geez, someone’s in a bad mood.”
>“Hey… Sunset.” He draws out with a sigh.
>Sliding a chair over you take a seat and talk to him.
”What’s wrong big guy?”
>“Nothing. I’m just…” He does that stare when he has something weighing on his mind. “Tired.”
>Norman was right, something /is/ wrong.
”C’mon Flash, you can’t lie to me. We used to date.”
>Whatever is on his mind, if he knows that someone is here with him, maybe he’ll open up.
>Good idea Sunny, just take his hand to let him know you’re here for him.
>Suddenly he stands up and walks off.
“Wait, Flash-“He doesn’t seem to hear you.

>Ah, there he is. Might as well get another drink yourself.
>He’s slouched over, that’s not like him. Usually he’s confident and energetic.
>You really need to find out what’s wrong.
”So, everything alright?”
>He looks at you startled.
>Note to self: Stop sneaking up on people.
>“Yep. Fine in fact.”
>His voice isn’t usually this flat.
>”I’ve got the whole house to myself, again this year.”
>Your heart sinks hearing this.
”Parents overseas again, huh?”
>Every year from mid-December to mid-January his parents went overseas for their company Christmas Break. He stopped going with them when he started high school.
>They both work for the same international company, and every year a different Head Office hosts the managers and exec’s in their country to strengthen relations and keep everyone close.
>He told you this the first Christmas you spent had together.
”Hey Flash, don’t you ever get lonely?”
>You rub your arm before continuing. “You know, over Christmas and New Year’s?”
>Moving on with your life here, you hadn’t really stopped to think of all those you had left behind.
>“Nope. Used to it. What about you? Don’t you ever miss home?”
>You smile at the thought. Happy in the knowledge that he still cares enough about you to ask.
”I choose not to think about it. This is my home. It feels more like home than Equestria.”
”Plus I’ve got all my friends to spend it with.”
>The quivering of his lip means you’re getting closer to whatever is on his mind.
>”Hey Sunset, good to see you.”
>Twilight said Timber was coming to town.
>After joking with Timber, you introduce him to Flash. Maybe they can become friends.
>Great idea Sunny! They both love music, so many you can get them to hang out and be friends. At least that would dispel any animosity there might be between them
”Flash here is in a band, aren’t you playing any gigs, Flash?”
>“Nope. Like I said before, I’m kinda busy.”
>You’re shocked at the cold tone.
>What could he mean by that?
”What happened to the band Flash?” The band was everything to him. Even when you were dating him, he split time evenly between you and them.
>Flash excuses himself and walks off.
“Wait! Flash!” Your calling falls on deaf ears as he just keeps walking.
>”Was it something I said?” Timber says watching Flash walk off.
“No, Timber. It wasn’t you.”
>”Is he always like this? ‘Cause Twily told me he was real creep when she transferred here.”
“HE’S NOT A CREEP!” You shout in his defence, startling Timber and a few others around you.
“I’m sorry Timber, I didn’t mean to shout. It’s just that we used to date.”
>“Hey don’t sweat it. Oh, Twily over here.” He waves Twilight over.
>”There you are Timber. Hey Sunset, have you seen Flash, he’s acting kind of weird.”
“Hi Twi, yeah I know.”
>”Do you think it’s because of me?” Twilight’s eyes shift as she scrunches her paper cup.
>”You know, looking like the other Twilight and all…”
“Twi, I don’t think Flash would blame you for whatever happened between him and Princess Twilight.”
>”Yeah, but, you said they were close. I hope I’m not reminding him of her…” Twilight trails off with eyes down.
“Don’t worry Twi. Flash may not look it, but he’s a pretty strong guy.”
>”Sure. I just get the feeling that-“
>A tall figure creeps besides you, and her voice distracts you from Twilight.
>”Hi girls, I trust you’re enjoying yourselves tonight.” Principal Celestia asks as she helps herself to a cup of punch.
>”H-Hi Miss Principal Celestia.” Timber blushes, unsure of how to address the older woman.
>”Principal or Celestia is fine, Timber Spruce. Please thank your sister for having us at your camp. We look forward to taking next years’ class there again.”
>”I will Miss Celestia.”
>Celestia nods to Timber and her attention draws to Twilight.
>”I’ve heard nothing but good things from all your teachers, Twilight Sparkle. You’re fitting in quite well, I must say.”
>”Oh yes Principal Celestia. Unlike Principal Cinch, you’re easy to approach and talk to. It’s made fitting in so much easier. Hehe.” Twilight giggles, trying to hide her concern from Celestia.
>”Twilight Sparkle, I can’t take all the credit.” Celestia blushes.
>”You’ve all done more than your share to help keep the school and students safe. I can’t thank you enough.”
“It was nothing.” You modestly reply.
>”Nonsense Sunset Shimmer. I’ve seen how much you’ve changed. And you continue to astound Luna and myself. We are both truly thankful to have all of you as students.”
>Principal Celestia chats with you and Twilight for a little while, before Luna joins the conversation.
>After a long chat the two ladies excuse themselves and continue to chat with others students.
>It’s been a long while and Flash hasn’t come back for his jacket yet.
>Sending him a quick text to ask where he is, another familiar voice grabs your attention as you put your phone away.
>”The Great and Powerful Trixie! …Needs a drink.”
>”Hello Sunset. Twilight. Timber~” Trixie bites her lip in front of Twilight, drawing the ire of the latter.
>Twilight responds by tightening her hug on Timbers’ arm.
>Upon seeing this, Trixie just giggles.
“Hi Trixie. How’s your night been?”
>”Trixie has had a very good night. In fact, this year has been one of the best for Trixie.” She states proudly.
“That’s good to know.” You say in earnest. “Next year will be even better. For everyone.”
>Both of you share a laugh, the events around the Memory Stone brought you and Trixie to a mutual understanding, and now you both get along quite well.
>”Trixie wishes you all a very Happy New Year. Ta-ta.” Trixie collects a refill of juice and walks off.
>Deciding to leave the drink table, you pick up Flash’s tuxedo jacket and fold it in half over your arm.
>Something shiny falls to the floor and Timber picks it up.
>He opens the flask, smells it, and then hands it to you.
>As quickly as you bring it to your nose, you quickly pull it away.
>The unmistakable smell of alcohol. It’s also one fifth full.
“Oh Flash…” You shake your head in denial.
>”What’s that Sunset?” Twi asks you.
>”It’s a flask Twilight.” Timber tells her. “And it was full of alcohol.”
>”Was? Wait, whose is it? How do you know what alcohol smells like?” Twilight’s eyes narrow at Timber, expecting answers.
“Twi, it’s Flash’s. It fell out of his jacket.”
>You try calling him, but hang up before it goes to voicemail.
>Instead you message him to find out where he went. He’s got some explaining to do. [23.45]
>”He’s too young to drink! Why does he even have that?”
“I don’t know Twi. I don’t like it. Something’s wrong, we need to find him.”
>Twilight and Timber nod in unisen.
”Timber, sorry, could you get the girls and meet us by the exit? Twi and I will look for him.”
>”Sure thing.” He hugs Twilight before power-walking away.
“Twi, let’s split up. Message me if you find Flash.”
>”What’s going on?” Twi grabs your hand, stopping you.
Wriggling out of her of grip, you reassure her.
“I’ll explain later. Right now I need to get some answers.”
>Twilight raises her phone to her ear as you walk off.

>A short while passes.
>It’s been a while since Flash said he was going to the restroom.
>Everyone you’ve asked hasn’t seen him either.
>Worried, you check your phone for a reply.
>Your phone buzzes and immediately you open the text.
>[Haven’t seen him. I’ve texted him, but no answer yet. Any luck on your end?] Sent from Twilight.
>[Nothing. No answer when I texted either.] You reply.
>It didn’t take you long to find Sandalwood hanging around with Microchips. After a quick chat, all they tell you is that Flash has barely hung out with them in months.
>As you check your phone for a reply, the clock shows it’s now close to midnight.
>Making your way to the girls waiting at the exit, you bump into Bulk and Muffins.
>Just like before, Bulk only tells you that Flash stopped coming to the gym months ago.
>Muffins however, tells you that he’s been this way since Twilight left. She tried to cheer him up plenty of times. At first it worked and he was back to his normal self.
>All that came undone when Twilight transferred.
>Thanking them and wishing them a Happy New Year, you walk off towards the exit again.
>”Attention students,” Principal Celestia’s voice rings out over the P.A system as the music is turned down.
>”Thank you all for making this past year another great one for Canterlot High. On behalf all the faculty, we wish you all to have a safe and happy New Year. Please take a moment to remember all the moments that made it special for you, and we’ll begin the countdown shortly.”
>Everyone claps in applause.
>”Any reply Sunset?” Twilight asks, concern on her face.
>You just shake your head.
>”What’s going on Sunny?” Applejack asks whilst gulping down an apple cider.
“It’s Flash. He’s disappeared.” You answer. At a loss to understand what could’ve happened to make him isolate himself.
>”Everyone, let’s begin the countdown!” Celestia’s voice booms through the speakers again.
>”Maybe he just went home.” Fluttershy suggests.
>”He has been looking really tired lately. Too tired to even come to baseball practice.” Dash adds.
>”…2….1…Happy New Year Everyone!”
>Cheers, party poppers, clapping and Pinkie’s party cannons go off as everyone cheers in the New Year.
>Pulling out your phone again, you type a quick message to him, wishing him a happy new year.
>Then you copy it and send it to your boss and co-workers.
>Pocketing your phone, you explain to the girls what happened earlier.
“Come on girls, let’s go see if he’s home.” You lead the girls closer to the exit.
>Standing by the exit however, are the Rockers; Flash’s band and friends.
>Walking over to them, they notice you approaching.
“Hey guys Happy New Year.” This is awkward, you’ve barely spoken to them since you and Flash broke up.
>”Hey bitch.” One of the girls, Cherry Crash greets you.
>”Well I never!” Rarity huffs.
“It’s OK Rarity. She’s like that. Cherry, can I ask you something?”
“Have you guys seen Flash?”
>”What do you care?” Another girl with purple hair walks up next to Cherry.
“Mystery, please. Have you seen him or not?”
>”Maybe.” She smirks.
>Cherry speaks up now.
>”To what do we owe the honor? First time in what, a year-“
>”Two.” Mystery corrects her.
>”Yeah, two years that you don’t hang with us anymore, and now suddenly you need our help.”
>”That’s it. I’ve had it with these two.” Dash pushes you aside.
>”No one talks to my friend like that!” She emphasizes by cracking her knuckles.
>Putting an arm out to stop Dash, you step back in front of her.
“I’m sorry, alright. Please. I’m worried about Flash. Can you help us?”
>The two girls look at each with concern all over their faces.
>”You should speak to Drummer and Thunder.”
>The two girls step aside.
>”Hi Sunset. Happy New Year.” Thunder greets you.
“You too. I heard Flash hasn’t been hanging with you guys. Is that true?”
>”Yep. It’s true.” Thunderbass regretfully informs you.
>”Why the heck not?” Applejack butts in.
>”Her.” Drummer Stix points to Twilight.
>”M-Me?” Twilight gasps in surprise.
>Timber steps in front of her. “What /about/ her?!”
>”Flash couldn’t take it anymore.” Thunderbass begins to explain.
>”After the other Twilight left, Flash was a huge mess. He liked her, and she liked him.”
>”He told us that they went on a date and really connected. Like, everything was perfect.” Drummer adds.
>”Then it went bad.” Bass exhales.
>You lean in, wanting to know more.
>”She told him she liked him, then dumped him. Ripped his heart out on the spot. And left.”
>No. No, no, no. That doesn’t sound like the Princess Twilight you know. She always asked you how Flash was doing.
”No! Princess Twilight isn’t like that!”
>The girls all nod, agreeing with you.
>”Ask him yourself. He was a wreck, man.” Stix starts.
>”It took all of us months just to get him to come to play again. Even when he came, his heart wasn’t in it.”
>”Slowly we got him back into the routine of playing gigs with us, and it was working well for like, a while. He was getting over it all and moving on.”
>”Then what happened?” Pinkie asks curiously.
>Both Mystery and Cherry as well as Stix again point to Twilight.
>”M-Me again?!”
>Timber tries to snap back, but Stix continues.
>”Things were going back to normal. Flash was getting back to his normal self, doing things he loved to do.”
>”Then the Friendship Games happen and Twilight here re-enters his life.”
>”He kept himself away from her as much as possible. He wanted to forget her. But it wasn’t working.”
>”Yep.” Thunder nods.
>”He thought staying away from her because she didn’t know him would be what he needed to move on.”
“How does that explain what’s happening now?”
>”Well Sunset, what do you remember from camp?”
>“We got our gems, stopped Gloriosa and saved the camp. What’s your point?” Dash states, getting irritated at this line of questioning.
>”I mean with Flash. He did talk to you, right?” His hinting re-jogs your memory.
“Y-Yeah, Flash and I we talked for a bit.” Recalling your distracted conversation with Flash outside Gloriosa’s office. “I told him he needed to move on.”
>”Did he say anything about you and him?”
“Yeah, he wanted us to be friends.” You reply with a raised eyebrow, unsure where this is leading.
>Leaning back, he crosses his arms.
>”You really haven’t changed. You have no fucking idea.”
>”What?! Don’t you talk to Sunny like that, ya’hear!” Applejack tries to push past you but Rarity and Dash hold her back.
>”This is low, Sunset Shimmer. Even for you. Still playing with his heart like it’s a toy.” Thunder says before walking back to the others.
>The words hit you like an ice bath, and you begin to shake, supressing your desire to yell out at them.
>”Why I oughta!” Pinkie pouts in anger.
>”I should knock some sense into that guy!” Timber says, trying to make you feel better.
>The cold truth of what Thunderbass and Stix said almost brings tears to your eyes.
>This is not how you wanted to start the New Year.
>”Sunset, a-are you alright? You’re shaking.” Fluttershy says as she rubs your back.
>”Those guys are assholes! How could Flash ever hang out with them!” Dash remarks, trying to make you feel better.
“Stop it! He’s right you know!” Clenching your fists into hooves.
>Everyone looks at you in disbelief.
>”Sunset, don’t listen to them. You’re not responsible for how Flash feels” Twilight reasons with you.
“No, but I am responsible for putting Flash through all of this! If I never used him in the first place… If only I were a better friend to him when he needed me…”
>Rarity takes your hand and pats it.
“He’s always been there for me, but I’ve barely been there for him. Even when he tried to opened up to me I was too focused on other things to give him the shoulder he needed.”
>The girls all huddle around you in a group hug comforting you.
>You hug the tuxedo jacket tightly, and pull out the flask again.
>Wiping the tears away, you walk up to the Rockers again, determined to get some answers.
>Thunderbass hangs up his phone as you approach.
>Pulling the flask out you show it to him.
“This is Flash’s. Did you know about this?”
>A solemn ‘yep’ is all he gives you.
“Then tell me damnit! When did he start drinking?”
>A few of the girls gasp at the revelation, taken by total surprise that someone of Flash’s character would stoop to alcohol abuse.
>Bass just stares at you for a moment, measuring your determination.
>Your eyes give no inch and with a sigh he relents.
>”It was right after his date with that Twilight. He came over to my place. I asked how it went. He asked for a drink, so I gave him a pepsi. He refused it, wanting a beer instead. Expecting good news, I gave him one.”
>”I wish I hadn’t.” Regret plastered on his face.
>”Everything he told me sounded like the perfect date. I was so happy for him. Then the bombshell.”
>”She gave him no reason, nothing. Just cut him loose. Of course he was beating himself up.”
>”He went through 3 more cans before he passed out on my couch. That was just the start.”
>”Often he’d miss practice or turn up late and hungover. I like a drink occasionally, but he was drinking constantly. Like he wanted an escape.”
>Stix continues, “He was in a bad way dude. Like, if he wasn’t sleeping, he was hungover. That bad. We all did what we could to bring him back. As we said before, it took months but we were getting /our/ friend back.”
>The Rockers all nod.
>”Then when Twilight transferred here, it really ate him up inside. Like, seeing her every day man. The girl he liked completely ignoring him.”
>”It just reminded him how cold things ended between them.”
>Twilight hides behind Timber a little more. Uncomfortable at the fact the she unintentionally had a part in all of this.
>”Whatever happened at camp, it changed him. He started drinking again.” Bass says as his eyes point to Timber and Twilight.
>”We only found out when it was too late. We dropped by his place after he came back and found empty cans and bottles everywhere. He was passed out on the floor.”
>”How could you guys let it happen?” Dash barks.
>”We were the only ones who cared!” The girls snap back.
>”Where were you Dash? Where were you Sunset? Where were any of you?! None of you gave a rats-ass about Flash. We did.” Thunder sternly puts Dash in her place.
>The realization that Thunderbass was right shut Dash up.
>”We still tried to help him, even confronting him about his drinking.”
>”It was tearing him apart. All of us apart.” Mystery adds her experience.
>”He was pushing us away even though we were trying to help him.” She recalls as she tries to hold back tears.
>”No matter what we tried, he doubted all our intentions. He kept saying; ‘we didn’t care about him. We only used him like her’.” Mystery looks at you. “But we did care about him, he just didn’t want to believe it.”
>Cherry pulls mystery into a hug to calm her, before speaking.
>”One day, he came to practice. Really calm like. He just said he wanted to jam. So we did. It nice; it felt like old times.”
>”It was all going great, until he played the wrong fret and suddenly snapped. He threw his guitar; cracking it. He started yelling and swearing saying he hated all of this, all of us, and everything and everyone.” The thought making Mystery and Cherry shudder.
>”He kept saying he was a pathetic loser that couldn’t get anything right, and that it’d be better if he was gone.”
>You heart sinks hearing that last part.
>All the girls gasp hearing that as well.
>“No matter what we tried, he just ignores us.”
>The silence is awkward, amongst the pumping music.
“I wish I had known… Please, have you seen him?”
>”He left an hour ago. We tried to talk with him before he left but he kept walking and got in his car and floored it out of the parking lot.” Thunder tells you.
>Thanking them as you lead the group outside into the cold.
>It’s gotten a little colder now, so you drape Flash’s tuxedo over yourself to keep warm. Luckily it’s not snowing that much.
>”What’s the plan?” The girls ask you.
“Let’s hurry to his place.”
>The group divides into two cars.
>Twilight, Timber and Fluttershy ride in Rarity’s SUV, while you, Applejack, and Pinkie take Dash’s car.
>Dash opens the window and shouts to Rarity “Follow us to Flash’s place!”
>Rarity nods as she starts her car.
>There’s a knock on Applejack’s window. Thunderbass motions AJ to wind the window down.
>”Hey, we’re going to look for flash too. You check his place and we’ll check all his favorite spots.”
>Everyone nods in agreement.
>”Call if you find him.”
“Same if you find him.”

>What should’ve been a few minutes’ drive has turned into twenty.
>A short distance from the school you’re all caught in slow traffic with flashing blue and red lights in the distance.
>The line of cars you’re stuck behind hasn’t moved in a while.
>An ambulance zooms past you on the shoulder of the road, up to the front.
>Still no reply as you check your phone.
>Fear growing as your mind tries to piece together what’s happened up ahead with the lack of replies.
>Sending a new message, in the hope that he will answer and put to rest your worrying.
>Bumper to bumper and inch by inch you slowly roll forwards.
>As you approach the scene, you swallow a hard lump, praying that it’s not Flash.
>The police officer waves you through slowly. “Car crash ahead, please drive slowly.”
>Unable to take what might lay ahead, you call Flash.
>After ringing out, it goes to voicemail and you leave a short message. Trying hard not to become a blubbering sobbing mess.
>By now you’re getting closer to the accident, air inside the car is tense.
>Not even Pinkie dares move a muscle, her puffy hair going straight.
>You and girls all steel yourselves in preparation for seeing Flash’s muscle car and what twisted fate might have befallen him.
>Looking out the window, your fears are allayed when you see a red van has been T-boned by a green station wagon.
”Oh god, thank heavens” You pray as you wipe your eyes.
>Passing the scene you are all relieved to see no one is seriously injured.
>Even the man that was being rolled into the ambulance was sitting up and talking.
>”Thank goodness they’re alright.” Applejack says with her hands in prayer over her mouth.
>”So glad it just looked like a little car boo-boo.” Pinkie light heartedly tries to ease the tension. Her hair going back to its original puffiness.
>”Still, sucks to have happen on New Year’s. Some people can’t drive.” Dash says whilst going over the limit.
>Breathing a sigh of relief, you send Flash one last message.
>Soon you will be at his place.

>Flash’s house is pretty close now. About half a mile after the next left.
>You’ve been anxious the whole drive. Your feet keep tapping the floor and you keep fidgeting with the phone in your hand hoping that he will reply to one of your texts.
>Worrying about Flash has taken your mind off Rainbow Dash’s bad driving.
>”Sugarcube look, you can’t blame yourself for his actions.” Applejack tries to put you at ease.
“I know Applejack.” Drawing out a sigh. “If only I were there for him. If only I took the time to see how he was- DASH LOOK OUT!”
>Dash swerves to the side as a car roars past you at high speed, the poorly lit street making it look like a blur.
>”WATCH IT ASSHOLE!” Dash screams at her rear-view mirror, however the speeding car already gone.
>A minute later Dash pulls into Flash’s driveway.
>Before she even stops the car, you’re already out and running up to the door
>Some lights are on, it’s a good sign.
>Banging on the door it swings open slowly.
>Music upstairs is all you can hear.
“Flash? Hellooooo?” You shout into the house from the doorway.
“It’s Sunset. I’m coming in.”
>Nothing looks amiss downstairs so you head straight up to Flash’s room.
>His door is slightly ajar, the only light on the second floor coming from this room.
>Knocking on the door you again announce your presence.
>No answer.
>Slowly you push the door open, you don’t want to startle him if he’s sleeping.
>Stepping inside you survey the room.
>Broken shelves, empty cans and bottles, smashed photo frames.
>Seeing his beloved red guitar battered, chipped and sporting a long crack almost splitting the neck in half, sinks your heart.
>He loved that guitar. You loved that guitar. You loved when he played that guitar.
>Because of him and that guitar, you learned to play guitar.
“Flash…” The guilt gets to you.
>You have to find him. You need to know he’s not hurt.
>”Wowwie~!” Pinkie says jumping into his room, then immediately starts snooping around.
>”So this is a boys room!” She giggles as she snoops around.
”Poor Flash. Someone’s trashed his room! But not to worry. We’ll have it cleaned in a jiffy!”
>Pinkie starts with some items on the table, then picks up the photo frames, looking at them for a moment before standing them up.
>Again you try to call him.
>While your call connects, you hear a vibrating somewhere near the bed.
>Pinkie picks up the phone and shows it to you.
>Hanging up your phone, you take his from Pinkie.
>The screen lights up [Missed call: Sunny Honey. Now]
This really got intense.
>”Sunset why are you calling him? He’s not here silly!” Pinkie, no matter how dire the situation, always stays cheerful.
>Pinkie picks up the red guitar and strums it.
>The tension on the strings causes the neck to crack more.
>Nonchalantly she starts to whistle as she puts it back in the stand.
>Looking at his phone for a second, a thought hits you.
“Pinkie, let’s go!”
>”Okie dokie lokie. What’s up?”
>Taking his phone, you run downstairs.
>The girls are standing outside with their jackets and coats on now.
>”Is he home Sunset?” Twilight asks the question everyone’s waiting the answer to.
“No.” Shaking your head. “But he was just here. We just missed him.”
>”Are you sure? How do you know?” Twilight rubs her hands together.
“Look here, I just tried to call him.”
>”Uh-huh.” A few of the girls nod, following.
“I’ve been sending him texts and calling him the last hour. The last one was when we passed that accident.”
>Everyone rubs their chin in thought.
“There’s no messages or missed calls on his recent activity log.”
>”AH!” Twilight exclaims. “That means he’s read them all!”
“Exactly. He was just here. We just missed him!” You sigh in relief. Knowing that you’ve missed him by less than 15 mins.
>”Ah!” Dash clicks her fingers.
>”The ass that almost ran us off the road!”
>”Are you sure Dash?” Applejack raises an eyebrow.
>”Gotta be! Flash drives a fast black car. Besides, how many cars have we seen exit this estate since we drove in?”
>You and the girls are actually very impressed that Dash was able to note such a small detail.
>Everyone nods in agreement.
>”See? I know, I’m awesome.” Dash casually remarks as she leans against the bonnet.
>”Maybe we should spilt up?” Fluttershy says with a shiver, rubbing her shoulders.
>”Darling you’re gonna catch a cold. Come sit in my car.” Rarity says as she rubs Fluttershy shoulders trying to bring warmth to her.
“You guys wait in the house. It’s warm in there.”
>”I don’t know…” Twilight hesitates.
>”What if his parents or he comes home?”
“They won’t. They’re overseas.”
>You explain the situation with Flash’s parents and their work.
>”Poor Flash…” Fluttershy meekly squeaks.
>”Damn. Poor guy, spending Christmas and New Year alone.”
>”That just about breaks my heart. Next year I’m inviting him ‘round my place.” Applejack resolves.
>”Yes, the poor darling. No wonder he hasn’t been as cheery lately.”
>”Let’s do a party for Flashy! It can be a HAPPY New Year for him!” Pinkie emphasises the ‘Happy’.
>Twilight just looks to the ground. A look of guilt starts to creep in as she compares her situation back then to Flash’s situation right now.
>She may not have had many friends at CPA, but at least she always had her family. Right now though, Flash had neither.
>Timber pulls Twilight in tighter for warmth and comfort.
>”Wait,” Timber starts. “If you guys cover one side of the city, and we go the other, we can cover more ground.”
>”Bass and those guys are out looking for him too.” Dash says while opening her car door.
“Thanks Timber, but please stay here with the girls. Just in case he comes back.”
>”Don’t forget to keep your phone handy too!” Rainbow Dash reminds everyone.
>“Right.” Timber and half the girls nod.
“Alright. Let’s get going then.”
>Driving around in Rainbow Dash’s car for little over an hour now, with no sign of Flash.
>Nothing from Twilight or Thunder either.
>You’ve covered all the places he used to hang out.
>The bowling alley, his favourite burger spot, his favorite pizza place. Even all the venues where he used to play.
>Now you were on the edge of town. Nothing but open highway for the next 30 miles.
>Pulling over to the shoulder Dash slams her fists on the wheel.
>”This is getting us nowhere!”
>”Maybe he went home?” Applejack sighs, both clearly very tired.
>”What about Rarity and the others?” A docile Pinkie yawns. Apparently she becomes normal when she gets tired out.
“Twilight says Fluttershy fell asleep, but no still no Flash.”
>”Maybe we should head on home, Dash. It’s pretty late now.” Applejack says before yawning.
“I’m sorry guys. For wasting your New Year’s like this.”
“Who knows where he is. Or if he even wants to see us.”
>”We did the best we could. We’ll just have to try again in the morning.”
>Being the loyal one, it hurt Dash the most having to give up. It was the first time she couldn’t do anything to help, and it tore at her inside.
>“Flash you friggin’ idiot. You better be alright so I can kick your ass when we find you!” She grunts to herself.
“Let’s go home and get some rest.” You suggest with a defeated tone.
>”Yeah. Dash you wanna let me drive?” Applejack offers.
>”Nah I’m totally fine. We’re near Mount Canterlot, I know the way home.” Dash replies.
>Dash used to ride her bike to Mount Canterlot and then train on the trails during the weekends. A combination of mountain bike riding and running, so she knew the area well.
>”Oooh Mount Canterlot. Looks pretty spooky at night.” Pinkie remarks looking out the window.
>”Looky! Someone else is up there too!”
>You and the girls look out the window and see what looks to be head lights up at the peak.
>”Isn’t that the peak?” Applejack asks.
>”Yeah, there’s a carpark and viewing platform there. It’s quite a view.” Rainbow Dash answers her.
>”What kind of loser would be up there at this time?” She scoffs.
>”Flash!” Pinkie shouts.
>Dash snorts, trying to suppress a giggle.
“That’s not very nice Pinkie.” You scold her.
>”No, seriously! In his room he had two photo’s, one of you and one of Twilight. Both were on the peak!”
>Years ago, he had taken you up to the peak to have dinner and watch the setting sun.
>It was spectacular evening and one you actually enjoyed with him.
>Despite being a horrible person back then, you were starting to have feelings for him towards the end of your relationship.
“Dash, lets head up there. Please.” You plead to Dash.
>”You don’t have to tell me twice. Hold on!”
>Dash punches the car in to drive and floors it.

>Dash slows down as she approaches the first rest area onto the mountain.
>A picnic area just before a bridge.
>”Look. Fresh tire tracks. Must be from whoever is up there.” Applejack remarks.
>”Yep. This is the only way in and out.”
>Slowly rolling over the bridge, you point out a crushed beer can and some footprints in the thin layer of snow.
>After fifteen minutes of slow careful driving up the mountain road, you’ve finally reached the peak.
>Approaching the empty parking lot, you spot the only other car in the lot.
“There!” you point from the back seat.
“Yeah I can see it Sunny.” Dash quips back at you.
>As you get closer, there’s no mistaking it. Flash’s car.
>Parking the car you run over to the still idling car, parked with the lights overlooking the peak.
>Yet there’s no Flash inside.
“FLAAAAAASH!” You all start yelling as you fan out.
“FLAAAAAAAAAASH!” Calling out as you head towards the observation platform.
>Running along the safety barrier, you scour the benches to no avail.
>There, on the last bench furthest away, you spot him.
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feelin' so much for flash right now
File: 1547004437016.png (1.14 MB, 1700x1500)
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File: AJ_looking_down.jpg (107 KB, 1024x1024)
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>Not waiting for the girls to catch up, you sprint to him.

“Flash?” You whisper from a few feet away.
>Flash doesn’t even acknowledge you as the other girls catch up.
>”Flash… we came looking for you, hun.”
>”Yeah dude. You totally had us worried.”
>”Everything is okie dokie now that we’ve found you and we can all go home and rest our little headsies!” Pinkie tries her best to cheer him up.
>”Just leave me alone.” He mutters without looking at any of you.
>”WHAT?! You know how much trouble we had looking for you?” Dash shouts back.
>”I didn’t ask you to you come looking for me! I was fine all by myself! Not like any of you guys even care about me!”
>Applejack points to the cans on the ground. “Sugarcube clearly you’re not fine. We know about everything that happened and we came looking for you because we’re worried. Honest.”
>”Dude, not just us. Thunder and the others are just as worried about you.”
>Pinkie gets right up in Flash’s face, with a serious expression on her. ”Listen here you super-dooper-party-pooper! We’ve spent the whole year so far looking for you! So stop being a sad little panda and come home!”
>Flash and Pinkie stare off against each other, neither one relenting. Pinkie meanwhile is making faces trying to get a smile out of Flash.
>Pinkie has watched paint dry, but right now it looked like Flash wasn’t going to budge.
>”This is stupid. Just go. I don’t feel like going home, and I don’t feel like seeing ANY of you.”
>He says looking right at you.
>His eyes pierce through your heart.
>Did you really hurt him that much?
>”Fine. Suit yourself. If you’re staying, we’re staying.” Dash sits on the bench to emphasize her point.
>He starts to walk around you to get to his car, but Pinkie blocks his path
>”Oh no you don’t mister!”
>As you and Applejack take a step closer to him, he takes one back, into the safety rail.
>”Come on Flash. How’s about we all go home and talk out these issues over a cider.” Applejack suggests in her stern big sister voice.
>”There’s nothing to talk about damnit! LEAVE ME ALONE!” He yells throwing a half empty can at your feet.
“If you don’t want to talk, then just listen.” Taking a step forward. “I know about your drinking. I know about your friends. And I know about Princess Twilight. I felt this way when we broke up too.”
>Pushing him against the railing now, you’ve cornered him.
“I’m so sorry Flash. After we broke up, I should’ve been there for you.” You try to reason with him.
>Flash clenches his fists and shakes his head trying to ignore you.
“I admit that I got carried away with everything else. I admit that I didn’t take the time to see how you were doing.”
“You needed to talk to someone, and instead I pushed you aside and only thought about myself.”
“And I’m sorry about Twilight. I should’ve known.”
“She asks about you all the time!” You shout hoping your words reach him.
>”YOU’RE LYING!” He shouts back at you.
>You have his attention now, and begin to inch closer to him.
“Whenever she writes she asks how you’re doing.”
>In the second that he looks to his side for an escape, a rainbow blur zooms past you.
>Rainbow Dash tackles him and wraps her arms and legs around him, pinning him to the ground.
>However being lighter than and not as strong as the young man, she’s struggling to keep him in place.
>”Little help?!” She yells back.
>”Right.” Applejack runs over and effortlessly picks up Flash with one arm, throwing him over her shoulder.
>”PUT ME DOWN!” His flailing is futile as he is brought back to the bench.
>”Just settle down or you’re gonna hurt yourself.” Applejack warns him as you all surround him.
“Dude…” Rainbow inhales, “What were you doing up here all by yourself?”
>Concern now evident on all your faces.
>”Why’d you leave your house? You’re in no shape to be driving. You could’ve been in an accident!” Applejack scolds him.
>”Flash please don’t do anything silly like that again. I’d be really super sad if anything happened to you.” Pinkie comforts the downtrodden boy.
>When he doesn’t answer, you cup his face in your hands and look him dead in the eyes.
“We care about you. I care about you. This isn’t you, Flash. Please, let us help you be who you used to be again.”
>You can see the sadness in his eyes, and as he looks back into yours, he starts to breakdown.
>”I just wanted to come back to here.” He mumbles. “This place... the school… everything reminds me of her.”
>Sitting next to him, you reassure him that you’re here for him.
“I meant everything I said. I truly am really sorry.”
For a second your eyes glow as you wrap your arms around him and hug him.
>”I just wish I knew what I did to make her not like me anymore.”
>”All I can think about is her. I miss her so much, Sunset. I just don’t know what to do.”
“Flash, it’s OK.” Tightening your hug on him. “I’ve been where you are. I know the feeling of being lost. Remember the Fall Formal?” You smile tenderly, which gets a small response from him.
>Oh stupid example.
“I mean, I was so alone back then after we broke up that I went a little mad too.” You say trying to save the moment.
“No one wanted to be near me, everyone avoided me, they hated me…”
>The memory of being ostracized for what you did at the Fall Formal still hurts to think about now.
“But my friends were there for me. As were you Flash.”
>You pull him in tighter, bringing his head onto your neck and whisper into his ear.
“You know what’s different about me then and you now?”
>He shakes his head.
“You’ve got people that want to help you. People that want to be around you because they really care about you.”
“I only had these girls that were asked to help me. Chip, Sandal, Thunder, Stix, Norman, Mys and Cherry, they’re all worried about you. They never stopped caring about you.”
“Just like I haven’t stopped caring about you Flash.”
>The sudden realization hits Flash as he tightens his hold around you, burying his head into your collar bone.
>How you missed the feeling of being held by him. As fake as your feelings to him were at the start, when he hugged you like this, you still genuinely felt happy and loved.
>A sentiment the old you would have discarded as weak and inferior.
>”I’ve been such a stupid idiot.” He starts to sob into your shoulder, and you pat him gently on the head to comfort him.
“There, there. We all need a little help sometimes.”
>The both of you sit there on the bench for a little while longer just watching the snow float around you.
>Saying nothing as you pat his back, while he rubs yours keeping you warm.
“I promise I’ll always be here for you.”
>”T-thanks Sunset.”
>After a little while staying as you are, Flash recomposes himself.
>”Sunset, you’re freezing. “Flash takes off his jacket and drapes it over your shoulders.
That little act gets a smile from you. He always was a gentleman.
>“Come on, let’s get going.”
>You blush when he stands and offers his hand to you.
>Remembering your date here, when he did the exact same thing after you watched the sun dip beyond the horizon.
>It was a moment so special to you, because it was the moment when you started to fall in love with him.
>Your heart skips a beat as you accept his hand with a smile and rise to your feet.
>As soon as you stand, Pinkie pulls all of you in for a group hug.
>The radio plays on a low volume.
>Rainbow Dash leads the way down the dark mountain road.
>Flash sits in the passenger seat of his car, still a bit tipsy.
>He was reluctant to give you the keys to his car.
>“Sunset, did you mean it when you said Twilight still asks about me?”
”Yeah of course. She thinks about you a lot, and she misses you.”
>Recalling the time when Twilight came through the portal in secret, just to be able to watch him play baseball from afar.
”She just can’t be with you.”
>“What do you mean?”
”At camp when I told you to move on and forget about her, it was the truth.”
>Flash sits up from his slouched position.
”When she told you to find someone else, it wasn’t for her. It was for you.”
>“How did-“
”I saw your memories back there.”
>With a heavy sigh, you had hope to spare Flash the truth of why Twilight chose to leave. However, it seems the only way he can move on is if he knows the truth.
>Forgive me Twilight… but he needs to know.
“Flash, Twilight is an Alicorn princess. She will live for a long time.”
“A /very/ long time.”
>He opens his mouth to reply, only to quickly close it.
>The road ahead starts to get just a little blurry from the tears that are forming in the corners of your eyes.
“Quite possibly even forever.”
>In an instant you can see his everything just changed. The confused look on his face a sign he’s still trying to process it all.
>He leans back into his seat and stares out the window. No doubt trying to make sense that immortality is real, as well as it’s implications.
”Please understand that it was nothing about you. She will hold onto your memory and cherish it for the rest of her life. Long after you’re gone.”
>With a wipe of your eyes you continue.
”This is her way of protecting and preparing herself for the rest of her life. She regrets that things couldn’t be different for her, but she knows her role is absolutely important to Equestria.”
File: sunset winks a.webm (1.57 MB, 1920x1080)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB WEBM
”She wants you to be happy for the rest of your life. If you could do that for her, then she would be happy knowing she met someone that cared so deeply for her.”
>“Sunset… I… That’s a lot to take in.”
>I know it is Flash. There were many nights when you feared Princess Celestia’s hopes for you, as well as your own ascension. That fear pushed everyone away and drove you to seek power to overcome that very fear.
>“I wish I had known.”
>Without taking your eyes off the road, you grab his hand and gently squeeze it.
”It’s alright. Twilight has made her peace with it. Can you move on? For her?”
>“Y-Yeah. I think I can. Please tell her that she’ll always have a place in my heart too.”
>You glance at him and smile before releasing his hand.
”Sure. I’ll let her know.”
>The rest of the drive home is filled with idle chit-chat.
>You both talk about your excitement about how Principal Celestia has booked a cruise ship for seniors.
>“I need to know, did you ever care about me while we were dating?”
>Before you answer, you think about all the times you had genuinely enjoyed being his girlfriend.
>Even now, losing him was never something you got over. Despite how hard you tried to convince yourself otherwise.
>Truth be told, you did love him, but you didn’t deserve him. Not with how you treated him back then, and that thought has always stuck with you.
>It was always the ‘what if we…’ question. You wanted him to find someone that would really appreciate him.
”Let’s just say you broke my heart at the end.”
>Raising a finger to your lips, making the shush sign, you shoot him a wink.
>“Thanks Sunset.” He smiles with a blush.
”Hey Flash?”
”For what it’s worth, you did everything right. If it were me, I’d probably fall in love with you all over again.”

File: muffin shake.png (126 KB, 780x1025)
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126 KB PNG
I hope you guys enjoyed my attempt to bridge Flash's life from LoE on wards.

Pastebin to come shortly.

Feedback please.
This was awesome stuff bro.
Screwed up the reply sequence

I really liked it. It's pretty rare where a story has me feeling bad for Flash of all characters.
File: fathor.png (396 KB, 426x385)
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396 KB PNG
Damn, so much green in the thread. Don't think I can read it all but I'll try.
>JJ still hasn't made a curvy Octi
I'm pretty sure he has.
File: fluttertake.png (530 KB, 617x1024)
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530 KB PNG
>Not even 45 minutes later
>Page 5
What happened, did the board suddenly become active again?
That's what I was just wondering too.
It looks like someone is spamming a new thread every 10 minutes or so
File: 3 pie flavors.jpg (257 KB, 1000x950)
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257 KB JPG
Well that's pretty sad.
File: twi_on_books_human.jpg (138 KB, 1070x750)
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138 KB JPG

Thanks guys.
I tried my hand at something a little more feelsy.
You're welcome fren
I enjoyed it
Beauty at it's finest.
Maud is best
Bedroom eyes.
If this dumb ass meme ship gets to be forced into acceptance then so does pinkie dash.
File: Progress slowly forward.jpg (191 KB, 1200x675)
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191 KB JPG
Took a bunch of pictures in testing for March's league in the new game.
Everything looks better in the new engine.
Yes, I know faces are still an issue.
Everyone's at least got a better body type and you know, skirt options though.
Hope you find some luck with the faces.
Probably won't.
Due to it being the style of the game.

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