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Hey Anons I was thinking about not making this thread, but then I realized I would be missing the anniversary of the thread that started it all. I'm still in the process of moving, but worry not your queen and I are alright. Really I guess I just want to say merry Christmas/Hearth Warming from /Umbra/ to you
How many years has it been? I remember the first thread being just a prompt for green text.
Five amazing years. It kills me I can't really give you all some green for today. Guess it'll have to wait till I'm settled in
>Five years
what the fuck. Also, merry christmas Rager!
Merry Christmas, Anon! I hope your day has been going well. Five years is crazy I know.
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful time thinking about our Queen.
It's been a mix of rough and pleasant. Umbra has been helpful in keeping my sanity. We're going to start moving things in tomorrow so there's that
Merry (belated) Christmas and happy (belated) anniversary! (I swear, I'll get started reading your story in the next couple days).

To people not reading Heart of War, excuse me- I'm just a drunken leech passing by.
To /HoW/ readers, I'm not dead and the story isn't dead. After the recent raid, just decided to take a break for Christmas. I've got a handful of updates ready to go, Just want to build up a bit of a surplus so that even though I'm a wage slave now, I'll be able to post things after a long day of work. Look for a Heart of War thread on the first or second of January.

Also, fuck it, I'll start reading it now. Have a bump buddy. We don't know each other aside from some reader overlap and me squatting here, but I'll shout out you in my next OP.

(And yes, I've relapsed into drinking- I'm most efficient that way)
Merry Christmas, friendo. I hope your holidays have been going well. I gotta try and fix my little chrombook tomorrow so I can get back to typing too. I hope you enjoy my story, Thing.
>Quad dub dubs
Fuck, I'm barely though a few posts of the first part of part one and I'm in love. The lurkfag in me wishes I started following this thread years ago. The writefag in me notices similarities in the early posts that line up with HoW anon's implied early days in Equestria (Out of Element and beyond proper comprehension, and especially the sword given to Anon by the princess.)
I'm fucking hooked.
No matter what, I'm going to make sure that what I've gone through so far is given a proper reread when I'm sober tomorrow. (If you know me, drunk praise is the best and most honest praise I'll give- it's a complement of the highest order. Because despite appearances, I'm a highly functioning alcoholic (Until I pass out, and I'm still currently functioning.))
That's good to hear Rager. I hope you and Umbra do well. Though I bet you treat your Umbra plushie is being treated like a true royal during the move.
Oh yeah I've been making sure she comfy this entire time. Right now we're waiting to get out power and internet transfered before we get in there
We'll the schedule is looking like power tomorrow internet the next day
Good to hear from both of you! Enjoy the holidays, you've both deserve the break!

File: 1542817827099.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1080)
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>Five long-ass years ago...
Where does the time go?

Also, to the top! Whoosh!
File: 1483910123456.jpg (60 KB, 550x366)
60 KB
It certainly doesnt feel like 5 years
I know right
I've been meaning to check out the Umbra threads for quite some time now, here I am. Where should I start?

Congratulations to five years.

There's the first pastebin of my story it's long so buckle up

Thanks Anon
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141 KB PNG
Umbra bump
Well tomorrow I should have internet. All that's left is repairing my means of typing
File: medium.png (283 KB, 720x600)
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283 KB PNG
Internet is up. My chromebook I'm still unsure about
happy new year from the UK everyone!
Happy New Years!
Thing! You're alive. I was getting worried. Glad I looked here.

Rager, I'm going to catch up, promise.
Bad news. The screen on the chromebook is dead and a zombie. This means I have to use my small tv as a monitor until I get some dosh
No worries take your time
>A page nine blump
That's going to be a weird setup
File: Apple_sad.gif (3.37 MB, 688x600)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB GIF
>January 3rd
>no /HoW/
So my little plan worked and I can use my tv as a monitor. So at night "The usual" I'll post again at least a little until I can get another chromebook or laptop.

So now I guess I can say that I'm going to go back on a few of the fight parts for Lance. I kinda wasn't liking how it was going so I want to go back and fix it up and make it better.
I can't believe I didn't update the pastebin before I left. Well it's done now so I can focus on this fight
Think you'll ever rewrite the entire Umbra story to perhaps make a better thought out one?
I've thought about it many times and I honestly think I would. Especially for my earlier parts in the beginning. There are times where I say to myself "I should've done X, or I should have put in X, or I could've done X differently." And most of it is at the beginning when I was green to writing green.
Typing on this giant ass tv is fucking with me so much. I need my smaller tv as soon as I can.

In other words, typing feels good and I like where this fight is going now
I actually really like where this fight is going. As usual I want to post it all in one go. So that's why I haven't posted yet
If you would, I'd gladly bump another hundred times for Umbra
Bump guys, do it for Umbra and flurry
I'd have to think about it. It's most likely that I would, but it would be after I take a small break when I complete the story.

That's fine. Though even during this break we'd have to keep up the Umbra posting. We can't end the hype train.
>For Flurry

Fuck it, /HoW/ returns tonight. I'll be posting it in within an hour.
Well Umbra, it's been fun. Thanks for letting me squat here. Keep on keeping on Rager. If any of you need a space to lurk post-raid, Heart of War is here for you (if I'm quick enough to make a new thread before yours).
Alright /HoW/ is back:
This is where think I left off:

To the /HoW/ lurkers, keep us alive. I need to get some sleep
Good luck friend. For us Umbra lovers I'm going to start posting tomorrow
Sounds good my man, good luck on the TV!
>You look back at your alternate self
>He doesn't care what happens to you or your sister
>All he wants is to kill you
>And honestly
>You feel the same way
>Him and his Anonymous have already put Cynthia and Ariadne through so much
>You grit your teeth
>If you didn't have to worry about the balance between your worlds then...
>You shake your head
>If you can't kill him, then you'll just have to beat him within an inch of his life
>Unfurling your wings, Alt Lance does the same
>"Let's get started then!" He says
>Rushing towards him, he meets you halfway as you both clash weapons
File: Lance 1.webm (841 KB, 1280x720)
841 KB
>Pressing the staff part of your spear against his, you and him lock eyes momentarily before he kicks you back
>With a smile, he digs into his a pouch into his side
>"Tell me, do you fear the unseen?!" Alt Lance shouts as he throws out several small vials
>You can't tell what those are!
>Taking to the skies, you watch as the vials break and release a giant cloud of smoke
>The cloud quickly envelops the area and clouds your vision
>You hear hoofsteps in the smoke momentarily until they go quiet
>"Lance!" You hear Cynthia yell
>"How about you focus on our fight!" Your alternate self calls out from behind you
>Turning around, all you can see is his hoof as he kicks you back down to the ground
>Crashing back into the stone floor, you quickly shake off the damage and stand back up
>Grabbing your spear, you take a defensive stance
File: Lance 2.webm (583 KB, 1280x720)
583 KB
>Where is he?!
>Closing your eyes you try and listen in on his wings
>But with the rainstorm going on, it's making hard to pinpoint where he is
>He using the rain to mask his movements
>But if he wants to really hurt you...
>You hear his wings behind you
>You spin around
>He's going to have to put some speed behind his attacks!
>But to your surprise all that comes through the smoke is his spear
>Using your spear, you deflect his weapon and watch as it strikes into the stone floor
>You quickly realize it was just a distraction as your turn and are met with a hoof to the face
>Your weapon falls to the floor as Alt Lance smiles
>Before you can reach for it, your alternate self tackles you into the sky
>Heading up to the roof of the cave, you both exchange blows mid air
>Going for another swing, Alt Lance maneuvers his way behind you and holds your head
>"Face it!" He says "You'll never beat me in speed!"
>Looking up, you see that he's trying to impale you on a hanging stalagmite
>Throwing your head back, you bash his nose in
>With his grip loosen, you break free from him as he takes off down towards the stream
File: Lance 3.webm (944 KB, 1280x720)
944 KB
>Giving chase, you follow right behind him
>Come on, Lance!
>You got to go faster!
>Pushing your wings to their limit, you come up to your alternate self side
>"Well, well, well!" He says as you swing at him
>Alt Lance dodges and flies above you and to your right
>"Maybe you can keep up with me!" He says as he kicks you in the ribs
>You fall behind thanks to his attack, but you quickly recover
>He laughs that stupid arrogant laugh again before flying towards the small mausoleum
"Dammit!" You shout as you chase after
>Flying right behind him, you can tell that he's trying to get you to lose sight of him
>With each sharp corner he takes, his speed seems to pick up a bit more and more
>If he keeps on going then-?!
>"CATCH!" He says as he turns to through something back
>Unfurling your wings, you try and swat it away
>Only for you to realize that it's another one of those smoke bombs he had.

I actually got my smaller tv back so it's way easier to type on.
Boop the queen
>The vial falls to the stone floor before shattering
>Smoke bursts from it and clouds your vision all around you
"Shit!" You say as you try to get out
>As you try and take to the air, you feel yourself only get about ten feet off the ground before a hoof knocks you back down
>Crashing into one of the mausoleum, you bounce off one of the roofs
>Along with the crash, you feel one of the decorations on the roof cut into your flesh
>Rolling off and landing on the ground, you look at your right foreleg
>A medium size gash on your leg is letting some blood out onto your fur
>"Do you really think you can win this?" Alt Lance says through the smoke
"Shut up!"
>His laughs echo all around you
>"You're really trying to look cool in front of your little sister aren't you?" He says "Or maybe you're just trying to fool her into thinking you actually have a chance?"

Was moving some more stuff in today.
Booping Umbra? I bet she'd get pretty pissed after a few boops
Depending on the relationship she might love it
Alright I'm home again
>Standing back up, you try and put your back against a wall
>"She's going to be so disappointed when she sees your broken body in front of her." He says
"Jeez do I really talk this much?" You say as you try to make your way out of the fog "Now I know how Anon and the guys feel."
>"Funny." He says "I hope you know that's the last joke you'll ever make."
"Not if you keep playing around." You tell him "I know I can beat you. You're running out of tricks."
>Silence is your only response
"Nothing to say for once?" You call out "Getting serious out there?"
>Again silence
>That can't be good
>Readying yourself, you try and find something to use as a weapon
>But as you reach for something in the smoke, it begins to clear up enough for you to see a silhouette
>Standing right in front of you is Alt Lance
By the way go play the RE2 Demo. Also I'm home finally.
File: Lance 4.webm (399 KB, 1280x720)
399 KB
>Oh shit!
>Before you can even react, your alternate self jumps up and delivers a round house kick to your face
>Falling to the ground, you feel a bit of blood trickle down the top of your head
>"So you want me to get serious, huh?!" Alt Lance shouts as he charges at you
>You try to stand back up, but Alt Lance is quick on his follow up
>He plants another hoof into your face before picking you up
>"Then let's get serious." He says as he throws you against a wall of one of the small buildings
>Bouncing off of it, you're immediately met with two hooves to the chest
>His hooves hit you so hard that you both go through the walls of the small building before coming out the other side
>Landing on your back, you try and get up as Alt Lance flies towards you at high speeds again
>As he goes for another attack, you narrowly dodge him and deliver your own kick to him
>But your alternate self is one step ahead as he grabs your leg
>With a shout he spin you around and bashes you against a tree
>Colliding with the tree, you feel a large amount of pain in your head as Alt Lance spins you around and throws you through a gate
>Rolling along the stone floor, you hear a voice call out
>"LANCE!" You hear Cynthia say in your confused state
>Looking over, you see your sister still tied to the tree
>Oh gods
>You're back here!
>Looking back Alt Lance delivers another to your head before reaching for his spear
>"Look out!" Cynthia yells
>You try and move, but Alt Lance is too quick as he leaps into the air and drives his spear right through your back right leg
I hate that I can really only type at night
>You let out a gut wrenching scream as you shut your eyes
>"LANCE!" Cynthia shouts
>You try and fight through the pain as you open your eyes
>As you try and open them, you look over and see Cynthia
>Her eyes are filled with tears
>She struggles against the ropes that have her tied to the trees
"C-Cynthia..." You say as you hold your hoof out
>Looking down at your leg, you see blood spill from your wound
>The pain is so intense that it feels like you're about to go into shock
>You have to stop the bleeding
>Before you can even do anything Alt Lance punches your back down onto the ground again
>Your head collides again with the stone floor as you look to your little sister
>"L-LEAVE HIM ALONE!" She cries out "P-Please...!
>You feel Alt Lance let go of his spear as he enters from the right side of your blurred vision
Be back in a bit
It's boop time
Okay time to type
>"What the matter, runt?" He says as he slowly approaches the tree "Is it too much to see your pathetic brother getting beat and humiliated by somepony better than him!?"
"D-Don't listen to him, Cynthia!"
>"You're just a bully!" She says "Somepony like you could never be better than my brother!"
>You go wide eye for a moment
>"No matter what he's still going to get up and kick your b-butt!" Cynthia shouts "Because he won't let somepony like you win!"
>Looking down at your leg, you try and reach for the spear
>"You're such a naive brat." Alt Lance says "Still believing that the good guys always win."
>You have to pull it out!
>As you wrap your hoof around the shaft, you wince in pain as you feel it move around in your leg
>But will you be able to stop him before you pass out from the blood loss?
>Dammit there's no time to think about that!
>You have to save Cynthia
>You have to be the hero she thinks you are...
>Biting down, you start to try and pull the spear out of your leg
Good morning everyone
A good afternoon to you to Anon!
File: Lance 5.webm (456 KB, 1280x720)
456 KB
>Almost instantly, you body screams out in pain as you try and remove his weapon from your leg
>"This isn't some fairy tale story your mommy and daddy told you about!" Alt Lance says to Cynthia
>Cynthia whimpers before him
>Gods you want to scream out as the blade slowly and agonizingly works it way out of leg
>But you can't
>Not while Cynthia has him distracted
>Closing your eyes, you try and use your other hoof to pull the spear out
>"This is the reality!" Alt Lance says "Where the weak lose and die to the strong!"
>Cynthia glances over to you for a moment before returning her gaze to Alt Lance
>As the spear begins to leave your leg, more blood spurts out from the wound
>Shit, you're going to have to end this quick
>"Are you scared of what'll happen to you once I kill your big brother?" Alt Lance asks "Don't be, we have plans for you."
>Your vision begins to shake, blur, and turn red as you feel the last bit of the spear travel out your leg
>"Lance!" Cynthia yells "Look out!"
>Turning your head, your met with a hoof to the face
Morning boop
I am actually a little stuck deciding how to go about this. I have what I want planned, I'm just not sure if I should do it now or later.
Will post in a bit I'm just visiting my grandma
File: 1544140964676.png (308 KB, 588x542)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
Damn Evehly, Drawing a hot Umbra but she's fucking Anthro!
>You seem to really like that colt!" Your mom says as you both walk down the street to your house
"Yeah! He really saved my skin back there with those bullies." You tell her
>You are Kid Lance
>Your mom gives you that warm smile you love seeing so much
>"Well so long as you have a friend maybe you can stop picking fights with the rich kids." Your mom says "Too many times do they try and barge into day court to yell at your father and I."
"How was day court, mom?"
>Your mom sighs as you both arrive at your home
>"A bit tiring today." Your mom says "Sweetie, you know how the festival is coming up?"
>You nod your head as she opens the door
>"Well it's that time of year again where the party planners try to find Lady Umbra a date to the party that she has." Your mom says "So that means a lot of stallions tried to see her today."
"We're they being pushy?"
>Your mom chuckles before ruffling your mane
>"You have no idea." She tells you "Your father and I almost had to shove them out because they were taking no for answer."
>Hearing the door unlock, it opens up revealing your dad on the other side
"Dad!" You say as you get up and fly over to him
>"There's my scrapper!" Your dad says as he also ruffles your mane "So your mom told me you got into a fight, tell me, did you win?"
>"Honey!" Your mom says playfully "He'll never learn to stop picking fights if you keep encouraging him."
>"Come on, Hun!" Your dad says "Dads love hearing about this stuff!"
"No dad, there was no winner." You tell him "Ms. Jaina pulled us away from each other before we could win."
>"We?" Your dad asks
>"Get this, a unicorn colt actually came to help Lance." Your mom says "The two of them fought together."
"And now he's my friend!"
>"Well hey that great news." Dad says "Looks like you got somepony watching your back now."
>Your dad lets out a long yawn
>"How was it after I left." Mom asks
>"Like Tartarus." Your dad says "These guys just can't take a hint that Queen Umbra doesn't like them."
>"Did that really nasty stallion come back?" Your mom asks
>"The young stallion called Alastrum or whatever his name was?" Your dad asks "Yeah, I had to stop him from getting close. He called me a peasant."
>Your mom sits down on the couch
>"These guys don't stand a chance with Lady Umbra." Your mom says "Noponies like them really do."
Heading out
File: 1536614669454.jpg (10 KB, 189x292)
10 KB

You sly dog...
>"I don't think she's ever going to find the right stallion here." Your dad says "Most stallions just want the throne or they only care about 'taming' the queen."
>You dad rolls his eyes
>"I hate it too!" Your mom says as you begin to snack on the leftovers from your lunch "Lady Umbra deserves better than that! She's too kind to be stuck with somepony like that."
>Your dad takes a seat next to your mom
>"I wonder who will finally be able to win her heart." He says "If that person even exist in Equestria."
>"I don't think they do..." Mom says "Still it will be amazing to see her find her special somepony someday."
>Your mom stands up
>"Well enough about work." She says "I'm sure you two are hungry so I'll get started on dinner then."

I was hoping someone would get that
I'm actually hard stuck right now. I will try and type earlier tomorrow so I can get you guys some parts, but I need to get to bed early because we're getting shit done over here
Good luck Rager, make Umbra proud
>After dinner, you sat down in the living room and played while your parents talked
>"So the festival is next week." Your dad says "That means another week of fighting off creeps."
>"That's fine with me." Your mom says "Lady Umbra is like family to us, I'm sure she feels the same. I will be dammed if I let one of them actually get near her."
>Your dad sighs
>"You think the party planning committee takes bribes from them?" Dad asks "They looked pretty nervous once Lady Umbra told them to frick off."
>"If so then we should let Lady Umbra know." Mom says
>You watch as your dad puts his hoof around your mom
>"So did you ask Lady Umbra about the festival night?" Your dad asks "Captain Arthas and Stormhoof said that she need to approve our night off."
>Your mom's ears fall flat
>"I haven't yet..." She says in a sad tone "I told you, we don't even have a babysitter for Lance."

I literally went out and put in applications everywhere. I'm really hoping that the animal shelter gets back to me.
Okay I am home again
>You look over at them
>"But what about-?!" Your dad says before your mom shushes him with her hoof
>What was he about to say
>"I know, honey, but with the festival coming up and everything being as hectic as it usually is there's been no time." Your mom says "And I think all our usual sitters are busy that night."
>Your dad lets out a whine
>Almost like how you do it when they won't let you stay up
>"There's gotta be something we can do..." Your dad says looking at you
"What are you and mom even going to do, dad?"
>Your dad takes on a embarrassed look as he turns to mom
>"We're just going to go on a date, Lance." Your dad says "The festival's a night of celebration so your mom and I want to head out and enjoy the night."
>They didn't act like this last year
>"Wait." Dad says "Lance, what about your new friend Biggs?"
>"What about him?" Mom asks
>Your dad gives off one of his signature smiles
>A big toothy grin with his eyes closed
>"What if Lance can spend the night with him?" He tells her "They could have a sleepover!"
>Your ears rise up
>"Hon, they just met today." Your mom says "And besides what if Biggs's parents want to go out?"
>Your dad quickly sinks back into the couch
>"We'll we still have a week don't we?" Dad says "Why don't you ask, Lance. See if your friend would be up to it."
"You got it dad!"
>He ruffles your mane and looks back at mom
>"Didn't you say you met his mom when you went to get hooves of fury over here?" Dad says "It wouldn't hurt to ask if she goes to pick up Biggs when you go get Lance."
I have a origin story for Umbra.
I do too, but it has to wait
I want to see her reincarnated without a horn and disguise herself as Octavia Melody the famous cellist.
If you want go ahead and type it though I feel bad I can't really give any green at the moment
So there will no part tonight. Gotta get up early again. Good news is that when I get back around noonish or so I'll get to typing so we can move along this little flashback
File: 1507318873502.png (370 KB, 1003x598)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
>Your mom thinks about it
>"I suppose it wouldn't really hurt." Your mom says "But don't be disappointed if she's also going out."
>Your dad smiles before tapping his hooves
"Hey dad?"
>"What's up, champ?" Your dad asks
"How come you really want me to stay with my friend?" You ask "Also how come I can't come with you to the parties?"
>Your dad looks to your mom as she chuckles and gets up
>As she goes to the kitchen to wash dishes, your dad looks at her the entire time
>"W-Well Lance, it's because you're still too young to do that grown up stuff." Your dad says "Besides you would be bored doing the stuff we do. At least this way you can have fun with your new friend!"
>Sounds good to you!
>Nodding your head, your dad lets out a yawn before heading towards the stairs
>"I'm gonna hit the hay, hun." He says coming up to your mom "I'll keep your side warm."
>Your mom chuckles before giving him a kiss
>"I'll be up there soon, just let me finish this and I'll tuck Lance into bed." She says
>Your dad nods his head before heading upstairs
>"I'll take you to school tomorrow, Lance." He says "See you then!"
"Night dad!"
Bed bump
>After your dad headed off and your mom kept washing the dishes, you couldn't help but doze off
>But as you slept, you felt something pick you up
>Opening your eyes, you see your mom
>"Shhh." She whispers to you as she flies up the stairs with you in tow
>Entering your room, your mom gently puts you down on your bed
>She moves the blanket around before covering you up
>"You've had a busy day today haven't you, sweetie?" Your mom says "Try not to fight tomorrow too okay?"
>You nod your head before yawning
>Your mom giggles before kissing you on the head
>"Goodnight, Lance." Mom says "See you tomorrow."
>"Night Mom..." You try to say as sleep overtakes you
File: Filly Umbra.png (198 KB, 603x600)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
>When the next morning rolled around, you remember your dad taking you to school while your mom ran off to the castle...
>As you arrive at the school gates, your dad ruffles your mane again
>"Alright kiddo, try not to pick anymore fights." He tells you "I don't mind if you show these kids you're not to be messed with, but your mom worries about you."
"I know dad." You tell him as you look over your book bag
>"You got your lunch?" He asks
>Nodding your head, you show him the lunchbox your mom packed for you
>"Alright good, even if you forgot it I would have just zoomed home and got it." He tells you
>Turning around, you see your unicorn friend from yesterday
"Look dad, that's Biggs."
>Your dad looks over at the red unicorn colt
>"Damn I'd love to meet him and what looks like his mom." He says "But I got to get going, I don't like leaving your mom alone for too long."
>As your dad unfurls his wings, he looks back at you
>"Behave, Lance!" He tells you before flying off
>As you wave goodbye, Biggs comes up to you
File: 1526910265539.png (15 KB, 535x759)
15 KB
Sorry I went to go see the new DBS movie. Very good by the way check it out.
>"Is that your dad?" Biggs asks "He's fast!"
"Yeah he is!" You tell your friend "I hope I can beat him in a race someday when I'm older."
>As your dad disappears into the snowy fog, you turn around
>"Alright Biggs, I'm heading to work." His mom says "Try to behave, you too Lance."
>"We will!" You and Biggs say to her
>As his mom gives him a kiss on the head, Biggs tries to pull away
>"Mom!" He whines
>She only chuckles before waving goodbye to you two
>As you head to the school ground, you chuckle
"You don't like when your mom kisses you?"
>"Not when it's in front of my friend and the school." Biggs says "Everypony gonna call me a mamma's boy."
>You laugh
"Hey do you know what your mom's going to do for the festival?"
File: large.jpg (436 KB, 1000x1000)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
>School that day went much better than it did the day before
>Biggs introduced you to his friend Eliza and you learned that her parents worked at your dad's favorite sweets shop
>She offered to bring you something from the shop the next day if you would like
>She's nice!
>When you asked Biggs about the festival, he said that his mom was planning anything as far as you know
>You asked about what his dad had planned
>But that's when you learned that Biggs doesn't have a dad
>Or at least doesn't know what happened to him
>Not being rude, you left it at that and asked if his mom would be okay with a sleepover
>He said that he didn't know and that you would have to ask her
>Well that isn't a no
>After a long day at school, the final bell rings meaning you all could go home
>Saying goodbye to Ms, Jaina, you and Biggs headed outside to see your moms already talking

Alright two more parts, some serious trauma, and then we're back to finishing this fight
>"Hey mom!" Biggs says as you both walk up to them
>Flying over to your mom, you give her a small hug
>"How was school, Lance?" She asks
"It was fine, Biggs and I didn't get into any trouble today."
>"Ms. Jaina had us separated from the colts we fought yesterday." Biggs says before looking at his mom "Hey mom, Lance wants to know if he can spend the night."
>His mom chuckles
>"You know Lance's mother was just asking me about this." She says "Why don't we head home and talk about it? It's getting chilly out here."
>Biggs nods his head as your mom turns to you
>"Come on, Lance. We're going with them." She says
"What about dad?"
>"Oh he'll be fine." Your mom says "Knowing him, he's fighting off some ponies from getting to Lady Umbra."
>Well if Mom said it's alright...
>Landing back down on the ground, you and your mom follow Biggs and his mom to their home
I'm back from job hunting
Job hunting? What happened to the security guard position?

Good luck!
>When you arrive at Biggs's home, you find it to be just a tiny bit smaller from the outside
>Biggs's Mom opens the door and allows you both to walk into their home
>"Biggs, can you get the cups for coffee?" His mom asks "Afterwards you can take Lance upstairs to see and play with your toys."
>"You got it, mom." Biggs says as he puts his backpack on the floor
>Following behind, you see him pull down two cups out of the cupboard
>He also pulls out two brownie cakes
>"Here you go, Lance." He says as he tosses you one
>Catching it with your wing, Biggs heads back to his mom
>"Alright mom, the cups are out." Biggs says "Can we head upstairs?"
>His mom nods his head
>"Go have fun, Lance." Your mom says "We're going to talk down here."
>Nodding your head, you follow Biggs up the stairs

Bad pay for the work. They decided to put me as the head security guard on my first day. I can hardly lead myself, I don't think I could lead everyone else there for $8.00 hr.

It sucks, but I'm sure I can get something else in this huge city
Booping the queen
>So after playing with Biggs for a while, you both heard your moms laughing downstairs
>Looking at the time, you notice that it was about to be time for your dad to head home
"Hold on, Biggs. I need to see if my mom wants to leave soon."
>"Here I'll come with." He says "I was going to ask mom what's for dinner anyways."
>Exiting the room, you head down the hall to the stairs
>"Well don't you worry about it." You hear Biggs's Mom say "He can spend the night over here so you and your husband can enjoy your night off."
>"Thank you so much!" You hear your mom say "You have no idea how much you've helped us."
>Both your moms laugh
>"Now I can tell my husband that we can try for number two." You hear your mom say
>Looking at Biggs, he looks just as lost as you
>"Number two?" He asks
>"Are you two eavesdropping?!" His mom says causing you two to jump
>"No, Mom!" Biggs says "I just wanted to see if Lance and his mom are staying for dinner."
>"How sweet." Mom says "Unfortunately we can't, Lance's dad is about to leave work soon and we should really meet him at home. Next time for sure."
>She looks to you
>"Ready to go, Lance?" She asks
>Nodding your head, you say goodbye to Biggs and his mom and head on home
>On the way you decide to ask your mom
"Mom, what did you mean by number two?"
>Your mom only giggles
>"You'll find out soon enough, Lance." She says "I think you'll love it too."
afternoon boop
File: 1379623409393.jpg (114 KB, 557x480)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>I come back after four years and find this mofo still writing his niche story.

Congrats mate I'll start reading it again, I am proud you've stuck with it after so long. Few authors here have that sort of patience.
>You remember after that day, you were always curious about what your mom talked about
>Thankfully you never figured it out until it was time
>"Are you sure you don't need us tonight?" Your dad asks
>Queen Umbra sits on her throne with her head resting against her hoof
>"I would ask if you two would join me tonight, but I know you have plans." Queen Umbra says before groaning "I really don't want to put up with the stallions tonight."
>Your mom giggles
>"Lady Umbra, do you think there's even a stallion worthy of your attention?" Your mom asks
>Queen Umbra shrugs
"Not in this empire." She says "All they want is to be king and all I want is somepony that'll just smother me with love."
>Your mom sighs
>"I'm sure you'll find somepony that'll get right into your heart." She says "Somepony that sees you as just as Umbra."
>Queen Umbra smiles before getting up
>"I hope that day is soon." She says walking up to your mom "I know I miss my brother, but he would be nagging me to find a suitor."
>Queen Umbra looks a bit sadder before shaking her head
>"Well I hope you and your husband enjoy yourselves." Queen Umbra says "Go on, I'll be fine."
>Your mom and Queen Umbra exchange a hug before you say goodbye
>Leaving the castle, you and your mom head over to Biggs's house

Thanks Anon, At least no one can say I'm not dedicated to my wife Umbra.
>After that night it wasn't long till your mom and dad hit you with the news
>Your mom was pregnant again
>And a few months later, you learned that you would have a sister
>You were going to be a big brother
>Biggs congratulated you
>Your family was also getting closer with Biggs's family all the while
>So one night after having dinner at their place, you and Biggs got up to tell your mom something
>You told her that no matter what happens, you'll be the best big brother the world has ever seen
>And Biggs promised to help keep you on that path
>Your mom laugh and said she had nothing to worry about with you two on the job
>Months passed and soon one day, your mom called for your dad
>Your sister was coming
>You and Dad grabbed mom and hurried to the hospital

I want to keep going, but I need to wake up early.
Super Boop
Turbo Boop
>Once your mom was settled in and the doctors were doing their things, your dad thought it would be best for you to spend the night at Biggs
>You protested and your dad knew you wanted to be here for your mom, but there was just one problem
>He didn't want you falling asleep in the hospital
>And he had to be in there with mom, so he couldn't watch over you
>You remember being so disappointed, but your dad promised he would come get you in the morning
>He quickly flew you over to Biggs's house and explained the situation to his mom
>She fully understood and said it was fine
>"Don't worry about mom, Lance." Your dad says ruffling your mane "She'll be fine."
>With that he flew off
>That morning your dad kept his promise and was back in the morning
>The only thing is that he looked way more tired
>With a smile, he thanked Biggs's mom before you two were off
>Once you got to the hospital, your dad took you to your mom's room
>When you both entered, you saw your mom trying to stay awake
>And in her hooves was a baby girl
Evening boop
>Your mom turns to you and smiles
>She looks so exhausted too
>Your dad pushes you along
>"Go on." He says "Meet your little sister."
>Coming up to the bed, you float on up
>"Lance, meet your new sister." Your mom says as she shows you "Her name is Cynthia."
>Ever since that day
>You felt the instant connection
>Here you had a little filly that needed to be taken care of
>Sure your mom and dad would be here too, but you felt like it was just what you had to do
>As her big brother
"I'll be the best big brother you'll ever have..." You say "I promise."

I know when I say "We have X parts until..." But I'm confident it's two more then sadness
Dose anyone have the full pastebin? It's been a few years sense the last time I was here and I want to catch up.
Well I don't know where you left off on, but here's part one

File: 1525452819853.png (24 KB, 1250x882)
24 KB
If Queen Umbra had a forename, what would it be? Does she already have one?
Just asking for reasons.

I mean like an Equestrian forename, like 'Moonbeam', or 'Aurora' or... 'Horseradish'...
As hilarious as it would be, I don't think 'Ethel Umbra' would be worthy for a mare of her statue.
You're asking the hard questions, Anon. I don't think she would really have one just like Sombra.
Giant headache. will post in the morning
My headcanon(donut steel rager) is that Umbra isn’t actually Umbra. She’s actually a corrupted princess Amore(comic tie in) with no memory of her true identity. After being crystallized and split apart by Sombra, his magic seeped into her body making her resemble him after her pieces came back together
I don't mind this idea entirely. Amore was pretty great and I loved how she tried to care for Sombra even whilst knowing he was a being of darkness. It could be Amore's way of teaching Sombra how to be a better person.
She doesn’t remember she’s Amore though. She thinks she’s Umbra. The real question is would she still love you after a harrowing quest to purity her?
That's a pretty neat head cannon. Mine is that Umbra and Sombra are decedents of a special type of unicorn pony. Like their father.

I want to go more into it, but it's kinda explained later
But, Sombra has comic origins. What father?
I don’t think Rager read it. Besides, just consider his AU
Yeah I didn't read it, I just know Sombra turns into a strange looking good stallion
>The years went on and you and your sister kept growing
>Eventually you enrolled in the Crystal Empire Academy with Biggs
>That's when you two met Wedge
>You didn't really expect to hit it off so well since he was a smart guy in those AP classes
>But he liked that you two stood up for some of the other ponies that were getting picked on
>He even went so far as to say he respected it
>That's when you asked if he wanted to hang out
>And from there, you had made your third best friend
>Life was going great
>You had it all
>You remember one night in particular
>It was a night you'll never forget
Ultra boop
Shame on you rager. Sombra is actually from a race called the umbra which makes that umbra headcanon work so well
File: l-40729-wack.jpg (15 KB, 700x690)
15 KB
>"You have the list right?" Your mom asks
>Holding it up, you smile
"Don't worry, Mom. We won't forget the ice cream." You tell her as your dad walks over to her
>"We'll be back." He says giving her a kiss on the cheek
>She smile as sits back down with Cynthia as you and your dad head out
>Stepping out into the cold empire night, you shiver a bit as some wind brushes right past you
>"Ooh it is chilly out here." Your dad says "Well Lady Umbra did say there was a storm approaching."
>Looking at the list, you look at all the groceries that your mom needs
"So we head to the farms first and work our way back?" You ask him "At least then we'll be closer when we have everything."
>Your dad nods his head and smiles
>"See? You can be smart." He tells you "Now if only you could use those smarts in your classes."
"Hey I'm proud of my C's and B's!" You tell him as you start flying off laughing

Man that is weird. Neat, but weird. I think I'll stick to my headcannon for that still
As weird as creating a father for a gender swapped Sombra? Don’t insult others writing and ideas. It’s beneath tou
Sorry if you took that as an insult it very much was not.
ANYHOO Valentines Day is approaching and I got nothing in terms of what I should do for Umbra
Booping the royal flank
File: Sick.png (158 KB, 647x611)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Dammit I knew this cough and headache were the start of something dumb. Now all this medicin egot me fucked up.
Afternoon everyone!
Rager meets umbra IRL
Umbra goes speeddating maybe? It could be a funny nonsensical green.
As in a green? I don't know how people would react to my autism if I did that. I was also talking about as in what I should do IRL like last year Umbra and I had dinner together and the year before that I didn't have Umbra, but I still did something for Valentine's day. This year is a little tricky because I don't want to do dinner again, but I think Umbra deserves something good. Good God I got some autism, but I love this mare

I like this, but I don't know if I can do it right. I got something in the works for Anon and Umbra, but I will try and squeeze this in. Maybe Umbra can tell Anon a story about that.
>After grabbing the groceries and other stuff your mom needed, you and your dad started to fly on home
>"It'll be nice to get out of this cold." Your dad tells you as he looks around "But you know what?"
>You tilt your head
>"Let's get something to keep us warm for a bit." Your dad says as he starts to fly down "Come on, Lance!"
>Following your dad, you both land on the crystal street
>Looking up you notice you're in front of that one bar slash restaurant
>The Stray Mare
"What are we getting, Dad?"
>You dad smiles and just motions you to follow him inside
File: Image_53.png (364 KB, 797x827)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
>Stepping into the building with your dad, you see that the place is kinda empty
>There's only a few ponies in here eating dinner
>And some are sitting at the bar having a drink
>"Your mom and I come here for lunch a lot." Your dad says "We kinda have to be quick to get back to Lady Umbra."
>Walking up to the bar with your dad, a stallion wearing a white tux turns around
>He's got some very large shades on
>"Well hello there." The stallion politely says "You're a little late to lunch."
>Your dad chuckles
>"Sorry about dropping in so close to closing, Boss." Dad says "My son and I were just heading home and I was wondering if you could get us something to keep us warm for the trip home."
>Boss looks at you
>"But what would the missus say?" The stallion says "He looks a little too young to be drinking."
>"What she doesn't know won't hurt her." Your dad says "Come on, Boss. I'm trying to have a moment here with my son."
>Wait what?
>"Coming right up, sir." Boss says before turning around
>"I guess I shouldn't tell you not to tell your mom." Your dad says with a smile
"You're actually going to get me a drink?"
>Your dad nods his head
>"Sure, you're old enough to share a drink with your old man." Dad says "I was the same age when grandpa let me have my first drink."
>You're actually about to have your first drink!
>Oh man you can't wait to gloat about this to the guys!
>As Boss comes back and hand your dad two bottles, he tucks them away into the bags before placing some bits on the table
>"Thanks Boss." Your dad says as you and him begin to leave
>"It was my pleasure." Boss says as you two leave and head on home
Dude, what?
I haven’t been on this board in around 2 1/2 years and I come back and your still at it.

I’ve never been more awestruck and extremely comforted and nostalgic in my life. You and your story helped me through some really really rough times. I’m astounded that you’ve kept going for so long.

Guess this means I got a lot to catch up on. Thank you.
Oh man, you've got some good green to catch up on.
>As you approach your home, your dad motions you to follow him up to the roof
>Flying up to the top, he takes a seat on the roof and you follow right behind him
>Sitting down next to your old man, he reaches into the bags and pulls out your drinks
>"You have no idea how much this means to me, Lance." Dad says as he pulls the top off of your bottle before handing it to you "I think this is something all dads look forward to."
>Taking the bottle, you take a whiff of your drink
>The strong smells attacks your nose causing it to scrunch up
>"The strong type of cider." Your dad says "The stuff you usually drink is non alcoholic."
>As your dad pops the top off of his bottle, he holds his out
>"Cheers." He says
>With a smile, you tap his bottle with yours as you both take a swig of your first alcoholic beverage

That means a lot to me, Anon. Learning that my story was a way to help you out during a rough time. It's a nice feeling. Sorry I couldn't respond sooner as I can usually only type at night. I wish I could give you a more detailed thank you, but this cold medicine is giving me the one two punch. Tomorrow I'll try. Thanks Anon.

Thank you too, Anon,
Dude, I love your story a lot and i feel a little guilty for forgetting about this place for 2 1/2 years.

I’m catching up as quick as I can but the big problem is that I can’t find the 5th pastebin. Is there one?
This should be it. I'm just really happy that your able to come back and read up on the story. Sometimes I get discouraged about how slow I can type since the screen on my laptop died, but seeing post like that give me life.
I’m sorry to bother you about pastebins so much but I actually cannot for the life of me remember which one I was on. Do you happen to have a catalog so I don’t have to trouble you about it anymore?

Man don’t beat yourself about the speed at which you get stuff out. The main focus should be making sure what your putting out is up to the quality where you are happy about it. I’m glad your still at it and I’m glad that for once I actually made someone happy if even for just a little bit.

You still being here and still going at this has encouraged me and made me feel a little better about my current situation in life, I only really came back here because of rough times coming back around.

Tl:dr - Thank you, Rager. You make life a lil easier.
Thanks Anon.

As for a catalog? I can't say that I have one, I should really chapter each paste to show what's in them. Do you remember vaguely where you left off at? Don't worry about bothering me, I don't mind.
I remember it was roughly just after Celestia invaded and got her shit kicked in. I think the last post I read Anon and Umbra were talking about vacation? I dunno.

What you did with the other pastebins with the whole putting the link to the next one at the end was super cool and made reading parts 1-4 a breeze for a friend I threw the Pastebins at just before I left the board. Maybe go back and do that with the rest of the pastes? I don’t know how Pastebin works so I’m prolly sounding real dumb.
Here you go, Part 7 is the start of when Celestia leaves after losing to Umbra. I added the next parts to the end of the paste for an easy transition.
And I'm an idiot and forgot the link
Just as based as I remember, Rager. Thank you.
No problem, There's a bit more filler than usual, but they did just beat Celestia
>As your dad drinks, you lift the bottle up to your mouth and take a drink yourself
>It's only as soon the liquid touches your tongue that you immediately spit it out
>You dad laughs at your reaction to the drink as you start coughing the rest out
"This is what real cider tastes like?!" You ask as you look to the bottle "Is this normal? Do you and mom actually enjoy this stuff?"
>"Ah I remember my first time." He says "Take it slow, Lance. Try not to take big gulps. Trust me, you get used to the taste."
>Doing as your father says, you opt for smaller swigs
>It still taste a bit bitter, but at least your aren't spitting it out
>"There you go." Your dad says as he holds his bottle "This is a nice feeling. Sharing this drink with you. I can see why so many dads can't wait for it."
>He looks over at you
>"What makes it even better is that I'm sharing it with a son like you." Your dad says
Morning boop
Happy Hearts and Hooves day everyone! Even if you don't have anyone to share it with remember that I'm here for you.
Man I don't think I'm going to make this years collage for Hearts and Hooves.
File: Umbra H&H 2019.jpg (40 KB, 400x720)
40 KB
Never mind, I'm always going to get it done for Umbra! Happy Hearts and Hooves, Anons!

As usual I'll type some holiday green for the occasion and it'll be put soon
Hey, come to think of it, does anyone else ever write here anymore?

Back when this thread was like poppin I remember wanting to write but I was far too socially awkward. I’m still anxious but I feel like I might have enough confidence nowadays to actually hit the go button.
People come in and out, but it's just been me for a while
>You smile
"Thanks dad."
>"Don't mention it, Lance." Your dad says "You know, your mom and I don't say this much, but we are so glad we ended up with a son like you."
>You look up at him as he chuckles
>"Raising you has been one of our greatest accomplishments." He tells you "We're hoping lighting can strike twice and we do a good job with your sister as well."
>"But sometimes I worry." Your dad says "What would happen if something happened to me or your mother. What if we weren't around to raise you two."
>You playfully jab him in the side
"Come on, Dad. Don't say that type of stuff." You say "You and mom aren't going anywhere."
>Your dad smiles as he wraps a wing around you
>"You're right, Queen Umbra has this empire pretty secured." He tells you "But it's nice to know that you'll be there if something were to happen."
>As you both sit on the roof and talk, you find yourselves finishing your drinks
>"Well I guess we should head back inside." Your dad says "Your mom is probably wondering what's taking us so long."
"Don't worry, dad." You tell her "We'll just tell here we really had to look for the best fruits they had."
>Your dad smiles and ruffles your mane
>"That's my boy." He says "I love you, Lance. Don't ever forget it."
>You smile
"I love you too, Dad."
Maybe I should try writing, then? Maybe?
Go right ahead, Anon. The more green the better

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