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>Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?

>I'm new to this thread, what is exactly the context of it?
Someone makes an offhand comment on why Anon is always alone and one of the girls goes and does a thing to try and be his friend.
>Okay, sounds good and all, but where do I start?
The completed stories list is a good place to start, or you could dive into the ongoing stories in the alive list first, whatever you fancy.

>Completed Stories: https://pastebin.com/Zn1GXLeE

>Alive writefags:
YFNAnon: http://pastebin.com/4k2SieWK
Enemies everywhere, mysterious magical squads causing havoc. What the hell's going on, and where does Anon fit in all this?

CopAnon: https://pastebin.com/N1vBnFih
What's it like being a school cop? Fun? Exciting? Not for Anon, with past memories coming to haunt him, magical shenanigans and tough decisions.

LP: https://pastebin.com/f98Ac9jt
Thrown into the deep end of a school competition, can Anon stay afloat? Can he bring his team to victory?

FireWalk: https://pastebin.com/vFqGyRUR
Struggling to get away from his past, Anon decides to take a teaching job at Canterlot High.

>Unknown situation writefags
YFNAnon: http://pastebin.com/4k2SieWK
Damynorb: http://pastebin.com/UcG73ANS
MT88: https://pastebin.com/r41b2g7Y
Insanon: https://pastebin.com/1tcneuk5
Have_Some_Dash: https://pastebin.com/9kfuqGGN

>Dead writefags: Big list.

Previous Thread: >>33199267
New thread! Whoo!
>Almost Christmas Edition
>Uses Halloween OP
It's a cute pic so I don't mind.
I don't mind it either, really. just thought it was worth mentioning
File: 1524070115117.png (953 KB, 722x1024)
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953 KB PNG
Shit I had a feeling I'd seen the pic recently. Turns out it's the only derpy pic I have.
Running idea from last thread. Feel free to add as much or little as you want
File: Meme Anon.jpg (232 KB, 1094x1036)
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232 KB JPG
lol forgot image
File: Porn Anon.jpg (293 KB, 1156x1632)
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293 KB JPG
other running idea
Post music and we guess what green it goes with.
Hey LP got any other stats for any more characters?
Can't speak their language.
"Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?"
File: Meme Anon.jpg (224 KB, 1412x1036)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
I knew I forgot something when I made this
Not yet, which one would you like to see? RD? AJ? Zeph?
RD and AJ will do.
Why is she cute?
She just is.
File: 2018-12-13_22-39-52.png (1.28 MB, 1500x4600)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
Alright, I'll have more done when I get the chance. Here's the list from the last thread.
Take your time dude. I can wait awhile.
File: XJO5g1U.png (598 KB, 483x750)
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598 KB PNG
4chan's back
Was it down again? Is it me, or is this happening more often?
This, this this this, this. We need some proper funny smut stories that aren't Sunset's bad sushi nightmares, or Sunset getting maimed or some shit.
It has happened every single night/day around 1:00
King Gook needs to install more malware.
File: 1498826894309.jpg (395 KB, 1280x881)
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395 KB JPG
>"Well howdy sugarcube, we need tah talk."
"U-uh okay, what do you two want to talk about?"
>"Now see, Pinkie here told me somethin mighty interestin about that nice guy Anon."
>"You could say she even showed me somethin mighty interestin, an imagine mah surprise when she tells me you want all that to yourself."
>"Inside voice Ponk."
>"Sorry...yeah Dashie, its mean not sharing with your best friends, especially when there's that much dick and a cute boy to share!"
"Uhhhhh, I have no idea what your talking about, Anon is just a nice guy I met in the gym, and I totally wasn't staring at his smile and his dick when finished his reps. Nope."
>"Now, sugarcube, yer terrible at lying, but that's okay, we don't want to keep him, I just saw some of the...stories you made with him that Pinkie got hold o-"
>"Relax Dashie! Aside from some pretty juicy stains on the pages, and bad writing, it was great, and Applejack came up with a great idea to get him to come with us!"
>"Thank ya Pinkie, now as I was saying, just one girl won't be enough for that beast he has in his trousers, but with the three of us working together, Ah think we can tame him."
"Uh-ubuh, well, I suppose that's true bu-"
>"Now hear me out sugarcube, muscles like that, and being such a sweetheart around school, even if he doesn't let people know, its a might refreshing from the rest of the boys here. Great family potential too, so we all can have a creampie scene an-"
>"Yeah Dashie, we get to watch each other with the camera when he makes our poor bellies bloat from his cum! Wouldn't that be amazing! And we can all hold hands and cuddl-"
>"Yeah yeah Pinkie, Ah was gettin to that, now Dash, be fair here, he would split each of us alone like logs an move on with his day easy as apple pie, but with all three of us milking that boy, we stand a chance."
>"And you can make videos of all of us fucking like rabbits!"
>"So, Rainbow Dash, uh... who are your friends"
"Oh, uh, this is Applejack and Pinkie Pie."
>"Okay, and what the fuck are they doing here?"
>"In my bedroom."
"I was gonna surprise you?"
>"With what, a heart attack? My parents are downstairs."
"Hey, I mean. Shouldn't you be happy?"
>"Dash, if my parents see any of you like this or find out what I do, I'm the one who's going to get fucked!"
>"Look, all I'm saying is it wouldn't hurt to say 'thank you'. Like for any other guy, three hot babes naked and eager would be a dream come true"
>"Three hot babes? Aparently I was born yesterday, cause I can only count to two of them here!"
>"Oooh that's gotta sting."
>"Sugarcube, that was pretty darn cold."
>"Shit, I'm sorry Dash."
"Look, I get it see ya later"
>Door opens
>"no get back in here. Look, I'm sorry, okay?"
>Door slams close
>Applejack whistles sharply
>"Now ya done it"
>"That was so mean"
>"I- look, I didn't... can you get that fucking camera out of my face!?"
>"C'mon Pinks, let's go see Dash"
>"Okie Dokie"
>"No, look, I didn't mean to-"
>Door open
>"You'd be careful about what you say next time."
>"See ya Nonnie"
>Door Slams
>Door opens
File: 1466805191597.jpg (122 KB, 400x400)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
File: 1499240654363.png (270 KB, 892x895)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
"Dash, why did ya have us all naked when his parents were home, and why do you think he wouldn't want ya even with us there with you?"
>"You and Pinkie's tits are huge! You have to have seen the videos Anon's in right, how can I compete with you, Pinkie, or even fucking superintendent Chrysalis?!"
>"Easy Dashie, leg lock him and do squats while he fills your pussy!"
>"L-lewd, Pinkie, were you always this lewd?"
"Only when she feels like it Dash, she bothers me with that every class, anyway, she's right ya know. You do that for hours, can Chrysalis do that?"
>"Well, I do run a lot, and I haven't seen anyone else keep up with Anon on the treadmills like I can-"
>"There you go Dashie! Nowyoucanridehiminto thebedwhilehefingerbangsmypussandeatsoutAJanditwillbehotasheckand-"
"Pinkie, save it for the bedroom, and sugarube, go grab that journal of yours, put on your reading glasses, and invite him over to your house. We'll set up there by-"
>"But my mom and dad went out on another honeymoon, I can't have anyone over! And how do you know about my glasses anyways, I wear contacts!"
"I didn't know that, but ya just told me, now back to tha topic at hand. Get him over to yer house so we can pin him to yer bed and ride that stallion till your sheets reek of the four of us. Use that journal and ask if he can come over to study, we'll have everything set up, so get that negativity out of yer head! Here he comes."
>"You can do it Dashie, now lets get going Agent Apple."
"We aren't doing code names Pinkie, and do you have that fancy underwear Rarity made the three of us?"
>"Yuppers, we're all set to smash!"
"Good, we can take your car and get a head start, lets go."
Whoops, accidentally split up the timeline >>33287460. I'll delete mine.
Fuck you dick, you ruined the moment, >>33287453
that's better.
Good, keep your negativity out of the porn, this isn't a snuff film.
Fuck you. If I want a story about porn, I want it to be like Seinfeld, not American Dad. If you want to jerk your weiner off, you can actual just go look up the porn
Being an ass defeats the set up, that isn't Seinfeld, thats shit.
Okay, Mr. King of Punchlines, you tell me what I should be laughing at here >>33287453. Put it quadruple brackets so I can see it loud and clear, cause apparently I don't comedy. Go ahead do it
Set up to the prompt you autistic dumbass, there is no joke there, you writing this>>33287361
was complete shit, and this>>33287453
fixed it.
Aren't there multiple other threads better suited to lewd, if not outright dedicated to it? Why ask for it here?
Okay, so you didn't like it because you didn't get your dick up. I gotcha. All you had to say, was,
>"I'm horny and lonely tonight. And in one of the most porn filled fanbases to exist, I need this prompt to be fulfilled with extreme erotic precision before I can start shake my wiener"
Alright, pal. How bout this for ya

>"Oh wow anon, your dick so big~!"
>"Like, oh my god, did you just get 20 percent cooler!?"
>"Oh, god. I'm so close bro. I'm gonna cum"
>"BIG MAC~!"
"Ah, I have cum. That was a good sexing. I'm glad I could have sex in real life with you three sexy women. I am also a stud. In real life, too"
Because this thread needs more lewd stories, and spaggetimancer Dash and her to lewd accomplisces going after her favorite pornstar is good. And because we have a few literal faggots come out the woodworks every now and again saying that lewd is bad and shouldn't be here, so fuck those guys.
>Set up Anon and a nice quiet dude
>You write him as an insensitive ass
>Jumps straight to, oh so you don't like the porn I wasn't writing, shitpost loudly, here you go
Reading comprehension you autistic fuck, do you have it?
as* not and
>Because this thread needs more lewd stories
Do we though? Do we even have any solely lewd stories? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it in ongoing green if it actually serves a purpose for the story/character development, but I've never thought of this thread as a place for lewd. Seemed like everyone writing here wanted to do actual stories, not just smut.
Because it takes forever to get to lewd in a story, and when its done its too short.
>"Anon, I'm totally cumming in 10 seconds flat!"
>"They don't call me Yosodome Sam for nothing!"
>"You have this on camera right bro?"
>"Are you fucking my ass or my mouth? I'llnevertell~ teehee"
>"It's because I'm the rootinest tootinist-"
>"Bro, I'm gonna cum again. High five me bro!!"
>"Surprise, you were fucking sister the whole time!! Uh... uh oh..."
>"-Shootinist assgrinder this side of the pecos"
"It would seem, I have come again. Glad we had this sex recorder for future entertainment"
>"N-no homo bro"
>"Nonnie I think you should check with a doctor after this. Funny thing about maud"
Now I know you're trying to get a laugh, and its working. Kek good sir.
Seems to me you just need an excuse to beat your dick. The thread doesn't need lewd, it needs writefags that don't abandon green a couple of updates in.
I will agree to only one of those thing, because the important one fixes the other problem.
File: 1505766606336.gif (1.26 MB, 406x318)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
I'm glad there's something we can both agree on.
"Hey Rainbow, are you happy we are fucking"
>"Yes, Anon. I am happy we are fucking"
>"I am too Nonnie"
>"Muh Appuls"
>And then the fucked
>And fucked some more
>They fucked a lot
>And in many positions
>Sometimes they were doing it missionary
>And some in the devil's triangle
>Sometimes, they fucked really really hard
>And sometimes they were fucking slowly
>And there was much fucking
>Yes, yes, they had sex from dusk till dawn
>And much more after that
>It was unknown how they could have so much sex
>But they did
>Perhaps Anon over years of porn apprenticeship had developed a super human stamina
>Or perhaps Anon was simply born another planet, where the gravity was lower and he could fly
>Or perhaps, just maybe, his dick was being directly powered by the sheer autistic force of some lonely faggot on the internet crying about the lack of sex going on between three ongoing greentext drama series on a Manchu Handpuppet Forum
>Nevertheless they fucked like animals
>And they fucked humans
>And they fucked like humans pretending to be animals
>And sometimes they fucked like animals pretending to be humans
>But they fuck fuck fucked super hard
>And for a long time too
>You're just assuming that everyone else knows the hours of roleplay that happened before that written by some glorous basterd with weeks of freetime to kill to build up to this point or else this wouldn't mean much
>And fuck on they did
>Litterally bundles of sex
>Or should you say, faggots of sex
>Oh, no that sounds horrible
>Author's Note: delete the last couple of lines
>Your brain had become a hardwired mess of mush addicted to the act of genital friction
>And so had the others
>There was much fucking to be had by these sex zombies
>Oh yes, they are indeed zombies
>Because they had so much sex, they neither had the time nor want for food, water, or sleep
>So this must be a rigor mortis of some sort
>You're not a doctor
>You just thrust hips forward
>And then you cum
>The end
Ya happy? >>33287687
21 fucks were given, all for you.
File: 1471250587740.gif (883 KB, 500x269)
883 KB
883 KB GIF
Dash really needs help with her writing, its just silly now.
>when its done its too short.
Ahhh, I gotcha. Don't worry now. DJ Anon, here has the right track for you.

>Pinkie laid on the bed. Her legs spred wide
>Rainbow Dash beside her a nervous mess of red and blue, was presenting
>"P-please be gentle Anon"
>You nod
>And to her other side was Applejack
>The rustic gal was naked, cept the hat adorn her head
>Be Anon
>You turn to the camera with a glance and take a deep breath
>You've done this before, but it's surreal now
>Be Anon
>And your but naked
>Your cocked and loaded
>Your thick, veiny cock glistens with sweat
>Around the base, a few hairs stand out from the goosebump around the edge
>The girth is a little out of control
>To think the your dick would be this huge
>You glide a light touch of your own hand down the ridges of your veins
>You have to muffle your breath
>Here comes the goosebumps again
>Still you trace the bloodflow down your thick shaft up, up, up to the top of the head of your uncircumcised dick
>Slowly, but gently wind your finger around the outside, teasing yourself from peeling it back
>Around and around you go
>ready to peel back
>Your index finger slowly slides between the two skins like an angels kiss
>You lose your breath
>slowly you wind again, but the nirvana is tenfold
"I... I..."
>You slip your finger out gently
>No it was too soon
>You go back to taking the throbbing meat in one hand and gently shaking it against your palm
>Oh this was too good
>Maybe you should try peeling back the skin
>You trace your fingertip up your shaft again
>Slower this time
>Your heart beat races as your cock makes a mile long road to for your hand to follow
>slowly you reach the head and smile to your old friend
>Oh, the years you two have had
>Since you were a kid you were practically inseparable
>you gripped it him with both hands
>This needed a careful persuasion
>Your palms slowly pull back
>Almost half way
>Almost there
>Three quarters of the way
>The smell of dick cheese assaults your nose like a fine wine
>Tears roll down your eyes in ecstasy
>And your foreskin has finally been pulled back
>You take a deep breath
>That nearly had you then and there
>You look at the floor
>With a messy pattern of blues, blacks, and red all showing up
>Oh, and can’t forget the cool-aid stain
>You go back to your cock
>This monster
>This bad boy
>He was an eight inch monster
>About as long as bat
>Like the animal
>That kind of bat
>And it would have to be huge too
>And lets not forget the fist size girth
>So your dick was definitely bigger than a bat (Animal)
>Your ball sagged against your legs
>The poor pair are horribly confined between your leg
>Well especially the left one
>That one’s bigger for some reason
>You named them Tracey and Hagrid
>You’ve been wanting to ask your doctor about this, but you keep forgetting every time you go so maybe you should grab a sticky not right now
>Never mind that, where were you
>Right, your balls
>Your shapely pink testicles
>Tracey the smaller one
>Hagrid was the big one
>You always liked Hagrid more
>You’d like to think they were happy balls since you use them so much
>And when you had sex with women
>So that was a plus
>You adjusted Hagrid aside from sticking too much to your thigh
>And then you take the monster that was your dick into your hands
>Though fully erect, it was just too huge to support itself
>Maybe you should go on a dick fitness program
>If those exist
>You ready and line yourself with Rainbow Dash
>She quivers in anticipation for your huge, throbbing, limp erection
>You whisper a sigh
>And then you fucked
>All of em
>All three of them got fucked
>And on video, so yeah, checked out that in the prompt box
>Since it was a porno
The End
"Rainbow, your not allowed to write without your glasses."
>"B-but I"
To the top
Well that was it for pornoanon
Ruined by the writefag trying to pull cheap drama and anon being an autistic fuckhead
In conclusion everyone are cunts
It isn't dead you faggot. All you have to do is do it yourself.
Hey wake up. You need to deposit the green(text)
File: aj buck.png (538 KB, 735x788)
538 KB
538 KB PNG
Hi guys,

Sorry for the long absence.
I was going to post some last weekend but some urgent issues came up.

Pastebin : https://pastebin.com/pj4uYq7r
Last update ended at line 334

Let's continue:

>In a hurry you fold the lid of the box up again and quickly push it to the side.
>You’re not sure why your heart is beating faster than normal now.
>You glance at the box from the corner of your eye.
“D-did Mac…with… the catalogue?”
>You stop yourself before you let your thoughts wander.
>At least you try to anyway.
>Embarrassed and heavily blushing, it’s hard to calm down. Especially since realising why the pages were stuck together.
>Big Macintosh. Star quarterback of CHS. High on the all the girls ‘hottest guys of CHS’ lists.
>To you he’s just your pure, hard-working, no-nonsense, down-to-earth big brother.
>Why did pure come to mind?
>As far as you know, he’s never shown any interest in love or relationships. Heck, you’re not even sure he’s ever been kissed.
>You’ve heard all the gossip about him, even from your closest six.
>How they talk about his chiselled jaw, ruffled orange hair and sap green eyes.
>His large solid frame buried under his just-loose enough shirt.
>Sleeves rolled up and showing off his well-developed biceps and huge forearms.
>What Rainbow said about seeing Mac after practice was true. As embarrassed as you are to admit it.
>A couple times you had walked in on Mac shirtless. Once when he forgot to lock the bathroom door. Luckily he had his pants on.
>Most of the other times were when you were both working the trees in the fields. On hot days Mac took his shirt off to wring it out under some water or used it to wipe his sweat.
>It was hard not to notice. Even you couldn’t deny that Mac had quite the body on him.
>Tight torso that flared outwards at the shoulders. The perfect inverted triangle body shape.
>Slapping your cheeks focuses you back to the initial reason why you’re up here.
>Bringing the last box closer and examining the side. ‘AppLeJAcK’ is crudely written on the box.
>Opening the flaps, you’re again taken by nostalgia. The first item on top is your diary from freshman year.
>Picking it up with a small smile you trace a finger across the cover, before putting it down beside the box on the floor.
>Under the diary is a clue that you’re getting closer; a wooden boomerang.
>Cousin Anon had given it to you and you both had spent hours trying to figure how to throw it properly.
>After almost a whole afternoon, you were the only one who was able to get it to fly back.
>‘Good on’ya, Jacky! Well done! Ya did it!’ A boy’s voice echo’s from your memory of that day.
>Wiping a tear from the corner of your eye thinking about how happy you had been playing with Anon.
“Ya always were so nahce ta me Non.”
>You place the boomerang down next to you. A memento to take back down stairs.
>Next you pull out a stack of different colored envelopes held together loosely by a disintegrated rubber band. Most of these were birthday cards sent from family over the years. A few among them were letters from Anon.
>You place them with the diary, to be returned to the box lest the embarrassing contents become public knowledge.
>Rummaging through the box once more, you shift stacks of CDs, a bobble head dog figurine that resembled the family pet, now long since passed away, and a small wooden box decorated with glittery stickers.
>It was full of little trinkets and jewellery, some plastic and some real. From when you had met Rarity at the start of sixth grade of elementary school. You two had become very close friends very quickly and Rarity’s poshness had started to rub off onto you.
>So began a phase where you wanted to be a city girl. Wearing cute dresses and sparkly accessories; all made by the young fashionista herself. You had swapped lasso twirling for tea parties, and horse riding for pretend runway strutting.
>For a while, you even acted and spoke like Rarity. https://youtu.be/WI2COiBj1sg?t=176. [Embed] [Embed]
>As fun as it was, you were just too much of a country gal. It was the period where you realized who you really were, and you gave up trying to be anything other than your honest self.
>To everyone else, however, it was a phase that ‘had gone on long enough’; in Granny Smith’s own words.
>Patting the box once as you put it down, you continue digging.
>After shifting the contents around a bit more, you found what you came for.
>Hidden under an old disposable camera, was an MP3 player.
“It’s been a’while.” You quietly say as you pick it up.
>You try to turn it on, but it doesn’t work; the batteries long since died.
>Examining it further, you pull the cover off and reveal a USB port, but no battery.
>Packing everything up, you return everything the way it was before you head down the stairs out of the attic.
“I’ll ask Bloom. She’s good with these things.”
>”Dinner’s ready youngins’. Clean’up then come git yer fill.” Granny yells from the kitchen.
>”Coming!” You, Mac and Applebloom respond in sync from different parts of the house.

>After finishing dinner, the washing up, and a few farm chores you had left, it was already getting late.
>Exhausted, you head upstairs and straight to knock on Applebloom’s door.
>”Come in.” Bloom’s cheery voice calls out from behind the door.
>”Hey sis, what’s up?” Bloom asks looking up from her computer at you as you enter.
”Applebloom, uh… could ya help me with somethin’?” You shyly ask. It’s not like you to ask for favors, and you’re already embarrassed as it is over such a simple request.
>”Sure sis.” Bloom emphasises with a smile.
>You hand her the MP3 player and stand next to her desk.
>”Wow, an MP3 player! Ah haven’t seen one in ages.” She beams with excitement as she looks at you. “Where’d ya get it?”
“It’s mahne. Actually, Non gave it to me. But it doesn’t work anymore.”
>”Hmm, let’s have a looksee.” Applebloom mutters as she examines the device.
>”Y’all don’t need to stand there like a scarecrow, sis. Have a seat.” The youngster says without looking away from the device.
>You accept her invitation to sit with a nod as you plop yourself on the edge of her bed.
>She turns to look at you as she plugs the USB into a port on her computer.
>”Hey sis,”She casually begins. “You excited to be seein’ Nonny again?”
>Caught off guard, you can only seem to mutter nonsense in reply.
“Eyup, very. No, wait! Ah meant…”
>Bloom just giggles.
“Sure, Ah miss him, it’s been such a long time.” Averting her eyes, yours settle on a poster in the corner of her room.
“Sugarcube, Ah’d be lyin’ if Ah said Ah wasn’t nervous. Y’know, to see how much he’s changed.”
>Nice save. You think.
>Applebloom only responds with another short giggle, before her expression changes.
>”Sis..?” She starts, barely audible.
“Yeah hun?” Your eyes now back on the young teen.
>”Ah can’t believe Ma and pa… it’s already been ten years…”
”Mmhmm.” Solemnly you nod.
>”But Ah don’t remember ‘em much. What were they like?”
>You take a deep breath.
>This question was never easy to answer.
>Not even after all these years.
File: aj phone.png (590 KB, 1280x720)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
>Being so young yourself when your parents passed, you only have a few fond memories. Mac most likely remembers them well, being around eight years old at the time, however, he rarely talked about them, if ever at all.
>The best you had ever gotten out of him were just three sentences.
>’Pa was a generous an’ honest man; heart bigger than a bull’s, an’ just as strong.”
>’Ma was beautiful, loving an’ as gentle as a mornin’ breeze.’
>’Ah see a lot of her in ya.’
>Granny always shared some stories from time to time. More for Bloom’s sake than your own.
>The one she’d often tell, which became Bloom’s and your favorite, was the one about your parents meeting as toddlers.
>”Yer parents were a destined couple. As if the sun, moon, stars and the universe itself were set up just for them ta be together.”
”Hun, Ah reckon they’d be darned proud’a us. Not lettin’ anythin’ get us down.”
>”You really think so, sis?”
“Eyup, Ah do.” With that you ruffle the bright red hair, eliciting another little giggle.
>A beeping tone from the computer gets Applebloom’s attention.
>”Oh hey, it still works.” Bloom says with a hint of surprise in her voice.
“I-it does?” You respond, with a bit of excitement in your voice.
>”Cool. It’s full of songs.”
>Applebloom randomly double clicks on one of the songs and it starts to play through her speakers.
>”That was quite a good song. But Ah’ve never heard of any’a these songs. Or these bands.”
>Bloom’s eyes dart up and down the song list in the folder.
“Guess they’re old. At least ten years or more. Twi was saying one of ‘em broke up before you were even born.”
>”Wow that is old!” Applebloom whistles before continuing; “There ya go sis. I can bring it to you when the battery’s all charged.”
”Actually, Ah don’t suppose you know how to put those songs onto mah phone, could ya? The other girls say these things can play music too.”
>You’re looking away, embarrassed that computers and technology leave you completely baffled.
>In-fact, the only reason you have the newest model phone is because the other girls convinced you to get one like theirs just so you’d all match.
>Having the same apps as well so you could all message and video chat or something.
>Half the features of the phone you can’t even understand how to use.
>There was that one time you pressed something on the screen that turned the phone into “Flight mode” but it didn’t make sending messages any faster. In fact, for the next three days you couldn’t receive or send any messages or calls, so you angrily marched back to the store and gave them a piece of your mind.
>Only to leave five minutes later heavily embarrassed and red faced when they showed you how to fix your phone. You also remember hearing snickering coming from the workers as you left.
>”Sure sis. It’ll just be a minute.” Bloom says, taking your phone from you and plugging it into her computer.
>Applebloom clicks away on her mouse, moving it all over the table. Her eyes darting back and forth as if she were some kind of computer whiz. It’s all just a blur to you. You never understood technology outside of simple mechanics. Electronics are too fancy to figure out.
>No sir, you prefer gears and levers. At least you knew you could fix them if they broke.
>”All done sis.” As she hands you your phone, and the mp3 player. “You can play ‘em on your phone now. Do you need earphones?”
“Ah’ve got some. Thanks a bunch Sugarcube.”
>You ruffle her head as you stand up. “Don’t stay up too late. It’s still a school night, ya need ya sleep. Y’hear?”
>Applebloom nods. “Ah know sis. G‘night.”
“Night Sugarcube.” You reply before closing her bedroom door.
>*Pop pop pop pop*
>It’s been about an hour since you came back to your room and started on your homework.
>You lean back and stretch, releasing a series of cracks and pops from your upper body as it adjusts from your hunched-over study position.
>Desk light on above your homework, phone on a low volume playing the songs that Applebloom had earlier added to it.
>You had finished your essay and done a bit of your maths homework. Luckily you started with the essay otherwise you’d still be stuck on maths and have no essay to hand in.
>You rub your eyes and sigh at the possibility that tomorrow you’d probably get detention, or at best; a stern talking to about your grades.
>One song ends and another starts as you just sit there and take a breather for a moment.
>The playlist bringing back memories of many nights’ staying up late just listening in bed.
>You roll your head to work out the kinks in your neck, and rub your shoulders a bit.
“Shoot! It’s late!” You quietly gasp, looking at the clock which displays 10.15pm.
“That’ll do for today.” You tell yourself as you begin to pack your homework into your bag.
>Putting the bag by your door, you open your tallboy and pull out your pyjamas and a clean pair of underwear.
>Creaking the door open, you walk down the halls and pass all the other bedrooms, none of which have any light emitting from under their doors.
>’Ev’ryone’s sleepin’. Best be quiet.’ You think to yourself.
>Entering the bathroom at the end of the hall, you decide to bathe instead of your usual shower. Although you are tired, you still feel a bit restless and a nice hot bath will help relax you enough to have a good nights’ sleep.
>After starting the bath and using the toilet, the tub is only half full.
>You undress down to your bra and panties and place your clothes in the hamper.
>A plain orange set.
>No lace or frills.
>No patterns or intricacies.
>Nothing special at all.
>Simple and functional. How you like it.
>Looking yourself in the mirror; you glance at the water level in the reflection.
>Untying your hair, you reuse the red hairband again when you tie your hair up into a bun.
>Tonight you won’t wash your hair. It’ll be too late by the time you wash and dry it, not to mention the hair dryer might be too loud and wake up everyone.
>Lifting your fringe to check your forehead for pimples, you sigh as you see a new one beginning to form. You pout at the discovery, but thank the stars that all your acne is confined to just your forehead.
>You can live with that, after all, you always cover it with your fringe.
>After giving your cheeks and ears a look over, you walk to the tub and turn the water off once it reaches roughly three quarters full.
>For a moment you check yourself out in the mirror.
>Remembering the lingerie catalogue and how beautiful those models were, you start posing just like them.
>Admiring your own physique by turning in different directions to see yourself from different angles.
>The last one has you looking over your shoulder to see your back.
>You smile, happy with what you see in the reflection.
File: aj hair tie crop.jpg (586 KB, 2745x1905)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
>Untying your hair, you reuse the red hairband again when you tie your hair up into a bun.
>Tonight you won’t wash your hair. It’ll be too late by the time you wash and dry it, not to mention the hair dryer might be too loud and wake up everyone.
>Lifting your fringe to check your forehead for pimples, you sigh as you see a new one beginning to form. You pout at the discovery, but thank the stars that all your acne is confined to just your forehead.
>You can live with that, after all, you always cover it with your fringe.
>After giving your cheeks and ears a look over, you walk to the tub and turn the water off once it reaches roughly three quarters full.
>For a moment you check yourself out in the mirror.
>Remembering the lingerie catalogue and how beautiful those models were, you start posing just like them.
>Admiring your own physique by turning in different directions to see yourself from different angles.
>The last one has you looking over your shoulder to see your back.
>You smile, happy with what you see in the reflection.
>Facing the mirror again and with hands on your hips, you strike a pose that exhumes confidence.
>Slightly tanned, slightly toned, yet curvy.
>Not as curvy as Rarity, Pinkie, or Sunset, but enough that your hips certainly stand out.
>A whisper to only yourself; “Just lahke ma.”
>Tracing your hands up your sides to cup your C cup breasts up, a soft giggle escapes you as you pretend to pose yourself like Rarity would.
“Mmm… Abs’lutely stunnin’, darlin’.” Striking a pose the fashionista would be proud of, you giggle at your impersonation of Rarity.
>Bringing your hands behind your back, you begin to unclasp your bra.
>You bend forward just a little, enough to let your bra slide gracefully down your biceps, until it is stopped by your arm catching the twins.
>Looking again at yourself, you start to blush at seeing yourself in such a compromising position.
>Staring at yourself like this makes you blush even harder, yet you can’t stop looking at yourself.
>If someone were to walk in and catch you like this…
>You shake the thought.
>The others say you’re far too innocent.
>Even Sex Ed still makes your face flush red and you can’t concentrate because you get fidgety.
>There’s also the other girls always sharing their romps and adventures.
>Sunset and Rarity were a given. They’d probably be the most experienced in your group.
>Followed closely by Pinkie, that free spirit girl does whatever and whoever she pleases.
>Twilight even has a few stories about her and Timber that she’s shared.
>Then there’s Dash and her vulgarity. Always crass about her escapades, and usually never sparing the details.
>Heck, even Fluttershy has shared a few things you’d never expected from someone of her timid standing.
>You’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t enjoy hearing them, out of curiosity, of course.
>However your lack of any real experience had left you the black sheep of the group. Unable to relate or even share with the others.
>One time you tried to join a conversation, reciting what you had seen in a movie, however Dash called you out on it because she had watched the same movie too.
>Despite the light hearted teasing that followed, they all understood that you had never been in a relationship and found it to be quite cute and endearing that honest Applejack was being faithful to love.
>Rarity had praised your purity, and with the others in agreeance, they all reassured you that there was nothing wrong whatsoever with waiting for the right one.
>Dash’s earlier antics spring to mind, the memory is so vivid, it’s as though it were repeating itself right in front of you.
>Lost in thought as the memory plays itself in your mind.
>Once more, you’re in the cafeteria. This time everything is blacked out except for Rainbow Dash.

**Lewd inbound**
First time writing lewds, so please be forgiving
>She begins to tease you again, just like at lunch time, only this time everything is slowed down.
>Teasingly slow.
>Something that wants you to witness and soak in every little detail.
>Her cowgirl riding. You notice how toned her flat stomach really is, not dissimilar to yourself.
>Sliding her finger tips over her soft lips. Only now do you see just how soft they appear, and how glossy and inviting they really are.
>The thrusts and gyrating that even you couldn’t deny were actually very sexy and arousing.
>Dash slowly sliding her hand down her side and to her hips.
>As you soak it all in, you can see goosebumps and little droplets of sweat forming on her skin.
>Seeing Dash like this is getting you hot and bothered, but you can’t shake the thought.
>You’re caught in this little trance.
>You close your eyes.
>[’Oh Applejack…’]
>Furrowing your eyebrows as you bite down on your lip.
>[’…Oh god you’re so good…’]
>’Mmmh~’ A hot and heavy breathe slowly exhales from the gap between your teeth and lip.
>[‘…Yeah just like that…’]
>’NnnnnHhhhaa~’ A moan escapes you.
>Stifled at first but becoming high pitched near the end.
>Suddenly you jolt out of your stupor due to the noise you just made.
>You hope it was quiet.
>However you’re not sure.
>It did sound a little loud.
>Seconds go by in silence. They feel like minutes.
>As your heart races, fearing that you’ve woken someone and may get caught, you just look at yourself in the mirror again.
>One hand cupping a breast, your nipple being teased in a light pinch by your index and thumb.
>The other hand sliding its way under the elastic band of your panties. Following your groin line down to your sweet honey pot.
>The soft brush of your pubic hair just on the tips of your fingers.
>You’re burning up now. It’s a mix of a little embarrassment, a little adrenaline, yet, mostly arousal.
>The lack of creaking floorboards or footsteps from the other side of the bathroom door reassures you that no one heard you just now.
>You exhale the breath you were holding.
>Thinking about what you were just doing to yourself, you’re conflicted at both your actions and your thoughts.
>’What the heck was that just now?’ Mentally beating yourself up.
>Shaking your head again, you bring your hands to your hips and slip your thumbs under the elastic.
>Slowly you slide them down, distracted by your internal conflict to notice the string of nectar that breaks from the panties and swings itself to your inner thigh.
>Once they pass your knees they fall freely, and land right next to where your bra had fallen.
>Bending over to pick them up, you scrunch them into a ball to throw into the hamper.
>However, feeling a little wet and stickiness on your fingers stops you.
>Opening up your panties again, you see evidence of your arousal. A dark wet patch with a little clear grool.
>Your thighs rub together as you think about how wet you’ve gotten yourself.
>Embarrassment creeps back on to your cheeks as your hand floats down past your hips.
>Curious exactly how aroused you have become, your fingers come to a stop, hovering just below your lower lips.
>You want to know, but your embarrassment causes you to hesitate.
>Suddenly electricity shoots through you from your hips all the way up your spine.
>Your middle finger had suddenly pressed itself between your moistened labia.
>You clasp your mouth shut from moaning with your free hand, dropping your panties again.
>With eyes clamped shut and mouth trying not to make a sound, your finger slides itself slowly up your slit.
>As if on autopilot.
>The sensation is just too strong.
>Your trembling knees feel like they’re about to give out.
>Your eyes shoot open as you struggle to suppress another louder moan, caused by your rogue finger sliding over your clitoris.
>Bringing your hand up inches from your face, the offending digit slick with your juices.
>You dabble it with your thumb and separate them, brifely forming a string bridge before it snaps.
>Examining your finger closely, you quietly whisper to yourself.
“A-Ah’m so wet. B-but why?”
>Here comes that stutter again.
>Playing with the fluid on your fingers makes you all the more aroused.
>Your body has picked up on this and is already pumping estrogen around your body.
>Goosebumps start forming.
>Breathing now slow and heavy.
>Heart is racing.
>Head is spinning and feeling light.
>Vision becoming a little cloudy.
>A hot comfortable tingling down there.
>Even licking your dry lips is having a sexual effect on all your senses now.
>Your fingers want it.
>Your body needs it.
>Your pussy tingles for it.
>Everything is aching and yearning for it.
>You can’t even remember the last time you shared a private moment with yourself.
>Let alone the last time a toe-curling, stress-relieving, spine tingling orgasm rocked your body and mind.
>The thought of having one grows stronger in your mind.
>You wanted to relax a little, de-stress a bit before going to bed right? Well this is the best way. Let’s do it tonight.
>An inner voice compels you to indulge in guilt-free sin just this once.
>You’re too flushed with estrogen to even resist anymore.
>Your body moves itself to slide into the bath tub.
>The touch of the warm water immediately assaults your already sensitive skin, stimulating you further.
>First things first, clean yourself off.
>With both your hands, you cup some water and splash your face, to clean it.
>Next you slide your shoulders under the water level and gently lap the water to wash each side as well as your neck.
>You can’t help but wonder what it’s like to have a lover grace your neck with their touch. The thought alone almost makes you whimper.
>Gently you wave water and clean under your breasts, armpits and anywhere else that sweats.
>Now you move down to your legs.
>A quick scrub of your calves and back of your knees and you find your hands cleaning your inner thighs.
‘’Mmmm’’ Softly you moan as your hands start rubbing your inner thighs.
>Only one place left now.
>Again you hesitate.
>You shouldn’t be doing this, but you’re far too turned on now to stop.
>Dash’s actions shouldn’t have had any lasting effect on you, yet they did.
>You yourself scolded the girls the other day for perverting your family, yet here you are.
>Thinking of Big Mac and god knows how many lingerie catalogues are in his room.
>Thoughts of what Cousin Anon might look like now.
>Even Cousin Braeburn was something to be admired. You certainly couldn’t hold it against Rarity for having an attraction to him.
>There’s no turning back now, you slide your hand slowly down your thigh.
>Unlike before, this time you gently work your fingers from your mound inwards.
>Slowly you start with two fingers to rub and explore by touch.
“Oh god! Ahhnnnnn” You gently hum.
>The gentle rubbing ignitess all your sensitive spots.
>One hand goes to cup your breast and tease your nipple like before.
>You can’t believe that your own juices are distinguishable in the bath water, but you don’t care.
>You just want a release.
>This is evidenced by you biting your lips and digging your heels into the corners of the bath tub.
“It f-feels so~ good”
>A few minutes pass as you continue to work yourself. Increasing in intensity slowly.
>Your gentle rubbing has turned into a full assault now.
>Vigorous rubbing and prodding at your lips with the occasional clit flick has sent your mind almost blank.
>You can barely keep your eyes open or focused on anything, as surge after surge pulses through you.
>The other hand no longer teasing your breasts; is now doing its best to contain your gasps and moans.
>Constantly you switch from biting down on your fingers to clasping your mouth.
>Your fingers are moving on their own.
>Each touch yields a moan or a sharp hiss from your mouth.
>Each sound you make, the thrill of not waking up anyone and getting caught, turns you on more and more.
>Circles, then vertical, then a finger rubbing and flicking your clit.
>However for all your rubbing, you don’t dare insert a finger inside.
>That’s one thing you’re saving for your first real time.
>You can’t control your hand now. It’s doing everything your body wants it to now.
>Bringing you closer to climax
>Fulfilling your basic carnal desires.
>Your climax is building as your fingers work their magic.
“Aahh~…Oh god….A-Ah’m...gonna...“ You gasp between breathes.
>Closing your eyes as your head rolls back on the edge of the tub just as your fingers start to work a little faster, bringing you to breaking point.
>Your toes curl, your back arches, and your legs push out to whatever purchase they can to brace themselves on.
“Mmmnn nnnn~aaaAAhhh~” Your best attempts to muffle your orgasm fail spectacularly as your legs spasm, sending a wave of water over the tubs’ edge and splashing it on the floor.
“AAAAAAAAHHHHhhhhhhh~n” Escapes your mouth as your body rides it out.
>You vision clouds as a wave of pure ecstasy washes through you.
>After one of the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had, your body has goes limp.
>Coming down from your high, you’re just lying in the comforting warm water, with a big smile on your face as you bask in the afterglow.
>Completely relaxed and in total bliss, you’ll have no problem getting a good nights’ sleep at all.

Thanks all.
That's all that's done so far.

Feedback welcome!
gimme a sec m8. I haven't read your pastebin first.
Nice, we always appreciate some Apple stuff, just gonna go through your bin first.
Second that.
File: 1467905710114.jpg (1.57 MB, 2550x3300)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
File: 1536971816057.png (2.89 MB, 1873x2500)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
>Rarity in short shorts
Such naughty images are always appreciated.
File: 1407910561386.jpg (70 KB, 549x600)
70 KB
File: copanon-stats.png (61 KB, 1500x1150)
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Here's those stats from the last thread if anyone's interested. Starting alphabetically, it's Copanon first.
File: hunter-anon-stats.png (67 KB, 1500x1150)
67 KB
The best vampire slayer and layer, Hunter Anon
File: insanon-stats.png (63 KB, 1500x1150)
63 KB
Insanon. The only thing more maddening and infuriating than the character is his creator's writing and posting schedule...
File: lp-anon-stats.png (256 KB, 1500x1150)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
LP's Anonymous. What a guy...
File: witcher-anon-stats.png (69 KB, 1500x1150)
69 KB
Witcher Anon. Could he be the Bizarro World's counterpart to Hunter Anon?
File: yfn-anon-stats.png (488 KB, 1500x1150)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
YFN Anon. If it wasn't for the magical prowess, I'm pretty well sure he'd be like one of us.
File: blank-anon-stats.png (40 KB, 1500x1150)
40 KB
And lastly, the blank template if you like any other Anonymouses are worthy enough to be moralized with their own statistical picture. Or if any other writefags care to stroke their internet cocks a little harder.
File: smug vampiress.jpg (107 KB, 804x779)
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>no honesty
Thank you for these.
And you're welcome, random Anonymous
>Or if any other writefags care to stroke their internet cocks a little harder.
Or I could strok my real life cock to big anime titties

Thank you for your vigilance, good lurker

Do you know what the difference is between that girl and a mosquito?

A mosquito stops sucking when you slap it.
Is it over?
I think so.
File: 1411707972481.gif (767 KB, 400x420)
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767 KB GIF

Thank you vigilant bumpers for your active service
You're welcome.
please what?
What happened?
>Bizzaro World counterpart

>Witcher was taken from his family
>Hunter had his family taken from him
>Witcher is an old man with the body of a young man
>Hunter is a young man with the body of an old man
>Witcher was weakened by love
>Hunter uses love to weaken others
Board raid. Those heroes saved us from getting saged early
>Immediately read that Anon's an aussie
>Immediately ctrl+f
>No results
Conarn tragidy, Ah tell yew whaht boi. Them australlie's ahnd them cussin wards mahke a whohle hehck of a lotta fun. Ya gettin at hwat Ah'm aimmin at tellin ya?

Ease off the southern charm, Shakespeare. We know she's from Texas, we get it.

The dialogue can be a bit automatic at times, but you got spirit. Keep it up.
File: Nas_Ghent.jpg (50 KB, 434x419)
50 KB
>FireWalk: https://pastebin.com/vFqGyRUR
Why the fuck is every chapter only 150-200 lines long!? It really disrupts the good flow of reading.

I mean, I like it, but it's the little things.
he's a brit.
File: common-tavi.png (277 KB, 800x612)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
It's just the way I write, matey. I don't like that kind of story-telling, just one long-ass dump of text. Or rather one long-ass dump of text without clear separate markings.

In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary, come again? That's a hilarious but pretty weak excuse to be honest.
You fucking what? Unless you have some very interesting exposition to give there, you should probably lie down and get some rest.
>Or rather one long-ass dump of text without clear separate markings.
yeah, just do the separation marks man. A separation like



or even


or perhaps


But still anything less disruptive than me backing out and looking for my page and then selecting that
It's a three point process that is completely hampering the experience. especially when you have several in a row meant to be part of the same act.
these three can be condensed into one bin.

Well despite my gripes on the small stuff, I am loving the green. It feels very different from the different the typical greens. Must be your birtbongistani dialect coming through in everything you wrote... though I wonder. The kids, Twilight and them... they don't sound that natural in the way they talk as I assume teens do talk. Is that to be attributed to your inner voice?
File: happy-shimmy.gif (620 KB, 450x337)
620 KB
620 KB GIF
>these three can be condensed into one bin.
I have got plans to streamline the pastebin. As you say, chapters 3 and 6 can be condensed into their own pastes. But for the time being, it'll still be one chapter = one paste. Maybe in the distant future, it'll be its own paste/es when it's complete.

>They don't sound that natural ... is that to be attributed to your inner voice?
Yes, it is. Considering I'm not a teenager, I'm trying to write them as maturing teenagers or young adults. Which is how I imagine how the actual writers seem them as too. But, obviously, sometimes it kinda falters; whether it's because I'm not a teenager or the Britishisms bleeding in, that's another question.
I have critisms, but I need to read more insure they are justified. Give me a hot minute or 360.

what happened? another raid?
File: 1414009145324 - Copy.png (161 KB, 415x357)
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161 KB PNG
Thank you again, then, vigilant bumpers for keeping the thread alive
And the mods this time, they were around to deal with it quickly.
Is sunset writing to ace thruster?
What do you do when you have a an idea for a crossover story with a plot in mind that fits the basic prompt of this thread, but you have no idea how to write and your story idea is probably autistic
I'd say this is the right place for such content.
What did you want to crossover?
Had a retarded idea about a devil may cry crossover where anon is the son of sparda and just joined CHS and like in the thread prompt is always alone and he skips classes because of his demon hunting business. Then the idea was the girls try to befriend him and then wacky adventures ensue involving demons and pizza
As long as it isn't DmC style then I have nothing against it.
I'd say revise your idea once or twice. Spend a lot of time brainstorming and write a lot of notes. That's what I do for every idea I have and it becomes less daunting. It also helps focus on the direction your green should take from the start
Essentially what >>33304191 said.

Honestly, just start writing and figure out a basic plot. Autistic or not you're on a board dedicated to small colorful pastel horses.

Though I do have some tips for writing here:
For crossovers, try to keep the setting grounded to the settings of the crossovers.
Don't make your main character a jobber you'll never hear the end of it.
I had a comment on edgyness and gore, but since you're thinking of a crossover with DmC its probably a moot point.
Try not to make everything just a dream in the end or hit a reset button.
And finally, take it from me and my personal experience here, you won't please everyone, so don't do things just because some Anons want it to happen unless you feel like you can actually pull it off. Criticism is important sure, but don't add smut just for the sake of smut for example, when everything is said and done, all anyone cares about is a good story here.
Seconding this >>33304295
I don't know too much about devil may cry, but I doubt you'll have to worry about having anon job at all. Honestly, I think the whole complaint about witcher anon being a jobber is overblown anyway.
Don't get carried away by bullshit that doesn't matter in the end. A little bit of funsies or filler is fine, but at some point, you need to stop yourself and consider if it really matters.
Don't beat yourself up too much if you look back and realized you made a mistake or think you could have handled something better. It's just a part of writing.
Most importantly though,
>don't do things just because some Anons want it to happen
>don't add smut just for the sake of smut
>all anyone cares about is a good story here
Revise your shit and make sure you have a good idea of what is going to happen and when you're happy with that, stick with it. If you've got a good map telling you exactly where you need to go, there's no point in hopping off the trail just to fuck around in the woods.
Sounds fun
But this. If it's Dino style you will be castrated and shot on sight.
These are good except this
>don't add smut just for the sake of smut
This is a wrong opinion, and in any other crossover should be ignored. But if this is DMC Dante style Anon, then him never getting laid is hilarious and the norm.
The rest of it is correct. Maybe go for a monster of the week kinda set up?
But it isn't though. Unless the story is here and specifically for smut it shouldn't be shoehorned in just for the sake of it. It should fit with the flow of the story and not just jammed in because kiddies looking to get their rocks off are crying out for it.

Thanks for the advice anons, though i probably might not end up writing this because i probably cant write a good plot and characters much less a good story

I’d rather castrate myself than having ever write anything about Tameem’s shitty OC. The white haired pizza loving hobo Dante will always be my favourite.

Also the jobbing part might be a little important to my story like in the actual dmc games, so sorry if that ticks any one off
>I’d rather castrate myself than having ever write anything about Tameem’s shitty OC. The white haired pizza loving hobo Dante will always be my favourite.
And just like that, you are welcome here.
>Also the jobbing part might be a little important to my story like in the actual dmc games,
So long as the jobbing is because he fucks up a mission, or screws around while fighting to much, then that's fine. And more then in character, he just can't job to anyone in a fight that isn't Virgil. And he must style on enemies.
>though i probably might not end up writing this because i probably cant write a good plot and characters much less a good story
Then monster of the week it, and just roll with mini plots for that fight.
>Had a retarded idea about a devil may cry
Hey man that's like miles better than what i had, i wanted kamen rider anon but just can't decide to make a shitty OC kamen rider or take one from canon, even worse if it's canon, like kuuga, ryuki, faiz, decade, den-O, OOO there's so many good ones
>you'll never hear the end of it
I don't know about everyone else, but my problem with it is that I'm given a main character and told constantly how tough he is and how much better than everyone else he is, yet still only seeing him get his ass kicked. He has to be saved every time and it just gets old.
Anon Rider has a nice ring to it.
Dude, a Kamen Rider Anon that fights every monster of the week in CHS but has to hide his identity to the Mane 6 and Sunset would be great.
File: anon-endeavour-stats.png (87 KB, 1500x1150)
87 KB
>I have critisms
Then I'm all ears. I'm always open to feedback.

>>33304295 and >>33304618 will be your best advice if you wanna start writing. A smartarse, wise-cracking, demon hunting Anonymous would be a good original idea to distance itself from the brooding seriousness of Hunter and the sharp intensity of Witcher Anon.

When in Rome I suppose...

And now some bad news, it's now it's been weeks since my last update and it still might be a while yet. I wanna sort it out as quickly as possible so I'm aiming for Sunday, maybe Christmas Eve. Then maybe a break until the new year.
That seems a bit high for a history teacher
Well how are you definitely genius? Like, I don't think Goku is very smart, but he's definitely a genius fighter, so in the strictest sense, he is a genius. Surely britanon has something like that.
You don't seem to get that history is a big brain subject.
Engineers? Mathematicians? More like over egotistical walking calculators.
True intelligence comes from honest analysis and brutal introspective judgement.
>brooding seriousness of Hunter
I think the brooding seriousness was delightfully broken up with his quips. There was enough humor to keep the dark from feeling overwhelming, but not so much that it broke the tone of the story.
>sharp intensity of Witcher Anon
Mostly the same point as above. I don't think it was as well juggled, but there was definitely humor and periods of calmness enough to make balance out the intensity.
File: 1397540887720.png (353 KB, 373x425)
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353 KB PNG
And we're back. Thank you to all the vigilant lurkers who were eager to check in during the break
Ease off the southern charm, Shakespeare.

I think I will for the rest of this. Or at least tone it down a bit.
It's getting a bit hard to keep the consistency.

Thanks for the feedback
Wew, I'm all caught up and 4chan isn't kill anymore.

Alright, my one gripe about this all was that the girls all acted too mature. Except for Pinkie and Rainbow, they all functioned like adults rather than teens. I know teens want to act like young adults, but they're not so removed from being kids too. At least I could discern Rainbow Dash as an classic American.
Also, everyone else is going "blimey" and "pip pip cheerio" down the walk. What the fuck is chocolate flapjack? I had to look up what a "limey" was. When I met a brit, we didn't call him a "limey". We called him a "britsh fuck" all in good jest of course.
Not to say turn down the britisism. It's absolutely oozing with charm, it's just that you should perhaps take more account into the perspective of the narrator of the time and how they would address their mannerisms.
What is your experience across the Atlantic anyways?
File: 1427763435390.gif (869 KB, 400x265)
869 KB
869 KB GIF
>tfw trying to keep the british out of american characters
I don't know why it took me this long to think of this
File: 1428109571508.jpg (100 KB, 315x589)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>goofy romantic porn lyrics
>sometimes when I pull on it, I rip the skin
File: vs.png (880 KB, 900x642)
880 KB
880 KB PNG
Don't sweat it too hard though. You're doing fine as is. Just some mild observation.
This is gold
Huh, I think Witcher Anon could pull the win.
board sure is moving slow
No way. Witcher is exactly the kind of thing Hunter has trained to kill. As soon as he finds out Witcher isn't human, it's game over.
I'm guessing your only experience with the Witcher series is from Axii's story. Witcher's are human; they're extensively trained, put through hell and back in terms of physical and mental conditioning and can perform simple magic. That's all before you factor in the alchemical processes that take them from well trained and dangerous (like Hunter Anon is) to superhuman and beyond levels a regular man could dream of.
If you're considering Witcher potions and the like something that makes them not human then surely that also applies to Hunter and his use of fairy tears and other items from monsters?

Hunter is a grade A badass and combined with his lust for revenge that makes him probably one of the most dangerous regular men in his world but at the end of the day he's just a regular person. By the end of the story the only thing keeping him going was his thirst for revenge, take that away and he'd have keeled over a long time ago.

At the end of it Hunter is one tough SOB but all of his abilities and talents (minus his sheer force of will) are the basic pre-alchemical process requirements for a Witcher; a Witcher is Hunter Anon cranked to 11.
Continued From: https://pastebin.com/17S8N3ck

>Your eyes wander about the damp streets from underneath your drawn hood as you take in the chilly night scenery
>The sound of Trixie’s and your combined footsteps seems distinct compared to the general quiet of the calm city streets
>Even with the occasional car and the lights of buildings around you it feels like you two are alone out here
>On the horizon you spot your destination, the modest sized white house on the corner intersection of a more residential street
>Hm, lights aren’t on inside
>Wonder if anyone’s home?
>Probably asleep already, though it’s not that late right?
>You’ll check later
>The two of you close the distance at a nice relaxed pace until, when you’re not too far from the house, Trixie lets out a content sigh
>”Tonight was, good.”
>You glance to your side to see the blue girl staring down at the black plush bowling ball she cradles against her stomach above the hoodie pouch
>She looks towards your direction before closing her eyes and smiling widely
>”Trixie had a lot of fun!”
>You nod wanting to say the same as she turns her attention back to the sidewalk beneath her and her plush
“Yea, me too.”
>You blink as further words kinda die in your throat
>Killer conversational skills
>Instead of dwelling on that you enjoy the silence between the two of you for the few yards you have left before her doorstep
>It feels like no time at all before your feet hit the wooden deck beneath the door and you breathe slowly beneath the pale yellow light of the porch light
>Looks like your time together has finally come to an end
>Standing still for a while the two of you don’t speak
>It’s almost as if the night won’t end if neither of you disrupts this final silence
>Though a part of you would enjoy that, if only a little bit, you do have to go sleep
>You turn to Trixie who seems to be a bit troubled as she stares at the door
>”Trixie uh, I guess this is goodbye huh?”
>Trixie’s eyes shift down to her side as her question dissipates into the night
>You think so
“Mhmm, I guess I’ll be seeing ya at school tomorrow.”
>Trixie nibbles at her bottom lip before nodding slowly as her gaze drifts in your general direction
>”Yes, yes Trixie will indeed see you again, at school.”
>Her eyes aren’t fully at your eye level instead hovering just below
>She looks like she either wants to say something or she expects you to say something
>Though you don’t really know what in either case
>Before the silence comes back too long she suddenly clears her throat into a balled fist
>”*Ahem* um, are you sure you would not wish for Trixie to help you get home fas-“
>You wave that suggestion away a bit too enthusiastically with a frantic swipe of your hands
“NO no, that’s fine I, just want to enjoy the night a bit more before I turn in anyways, but thank you.”
>Her eyes finally meet yours as she seems to contemplate your answer with a frown for a moment before a smile returns to her face
>”Well, the offer stands for you if you ever require the need of the Great and Powerful Trixie’s assistance.”
>Holding the plush to her side as dips a hand into her hoodie pouch she turns and steps towards the large white door
>”You should be thankful; it is not a service Trixie would offer just anyone.”
>You feel a smile of your own creeping its way onto your face with the return of her showman’s pride
“I consider it an honor that I won’t squander without good reason.”
>The jingle of keys and the turning of tumblers tell you she’s unlocked the door
>While she pushes open the door with one hand she glances over her shoulder jostling her ponytail and bangs in the process
>”Goodnight and, thank you…"
File: Night time my dude.jpg (644 KB, 1024x678)
644 KB
644 KB JPG
>You give a small nod and hold a hand up in farewell
“Goodnight, sleep tight.”
>With one more hint of a smile the magician turns back towards the darkness beyond the porch illumination before her and enters the house
>As the large wooden closes behind her you feel a both relieved and sad at your departure
>Guess that’s a good thing?
>Snorting a little you shove your hands into your hoodie pouch and walk off towards the street
>You start walking at a brisk pace towards the general direction of Canterlot Heights
>Leaving the edge of the urban proper you find yourself passing through the residential streets
>It’s pretty quiet around here
>Maybe it’s later than you thought?
>Can’t be much past 9 right?
>Deciding it’s better than just lazily staring at the scenery you fish your phone out with one hand
>Pressing the power button you’re met with a blood chilling realization
>It’s 10:30!
>Wow, that would explain why it’s so dead out right now
>You are like super late!
>Huh, would’ve figured you’d get a call from Luna at this point
>Though maybe she respects you enough to trust you’ll come home?
>Sure, you’ll go with that
>Well, if you’re already this late there’s not much point in rushing now
>Slowing down to a bit more leisurely speed you crack your neck
>Might as well see if you can do something on your way to Luna’s
>Oh, could tell Twilight about Bowling Alley
>Since for one, it’s not a dive, and you’re pretty sure you’ve figured out the cause of the slightly higher magic in the area
>At least you hope that certain bomber jacket wearing delinquent is the cause
>Dialing her number you bring the phone up to your ear
>It rings which is a good sign
>It rings again
>Once more
>Ok, you’re starting to wonder if she’s going to an-
>With a click Twilight’s voice comes through
>”Hello you’ve reached Twilight Sparkle, I’m sorry I could not answer your call, but if yo-“
>You hang up on the machine before Twilight’s entire spiel could be finished
>Should’ve figured a bookworm like her would be early to bed
>Guess you should probably just send her a text
>Pulling your other hand out of your hoodie pocket you get ready to type up Twilight a text
>Deciding she would probably appreciate succinct answers you’ll get straight to the point
”I was at Bowling Alley earlier tonight and I think the cause of the increased magic is Gilda. She’s been a frequent there since her friend works there.”
>That pretty much sums it up
>Don’t need to get into any of the really messy details since the result is the same
>Since you’re reporting to Twilight anyway you feel like you have something else you should tell her
>Oh yea, that freaky ass encounter with Discord
>You still have no fucking idea what that was
>The image of Discord with those dark crystal growths and milky eyes pops into your mind’s eye as you think back to then
>Or what that was
>If it was in fact anything…
>Pushing past the feeling of doubt over your own eyes you start typing
”Also, I had a pretty shitty encounter with Discord before I went to Bowling Alley. He almost drowned me and told me he was now working with someone in their genius scheme to rule over Earth and Equestria. I have no idea if he’s serious.”
>That about sums up the situation as nicely as you can
>Sure, Twilight will probably freak out a bit and ask you to fill her in more, but this will do for now
File: Simple yet elegant.jpg (23 KB, 611x1024)
23 KB
>Pressing send you then lock your phone once more and place your hands back into your hoodie pouch
>Breathing out your nose you look around the area you kinda auto-piloted through to
>Seems like you’re at the corner entrance of an iron fenced enclosure and some sort of park or leisure area bordering a forest
>Wait, are those gravestones behind the fence?
>Well actually, it does look very nice compared to what you’d expect a graveyard and park-esque area beside one to be like
>The graves seem tidy enough with plenty of black iron lamp posts dotted around to keep things mildly visible throughout the graveyard
>Wonder what graveyard this is?
>Can’t see any signs so you instead continue examining the park area
>It seems to have similar black iron lamps alongside the concrete sidewalk leading into a clearing in the forest
>Wait a second, you think you see someone walking into the clearing now
>While there are lights along the sidewalk, the path to and the clearing itself isn’t lit
>With the trees at the clearing entrance blocking the moonlight you can’t quite make out who it is
>Though it probably doesn’t help that they’re also short and in a hoodie
>While you feel a bit of curiosity as to why someone would be walking to a clearing in the woods outside a graveyard you can’t shake the feeling that you may just rudely interrupt someone’s nice night walk for no reason
>Ah, doesn’t really matter
>You should leave whoever it is alone
>Besides, it’s late and you do want to go to bed sometime tonight
>Scanning the skyline in the direction you were going before you spot the hospital and subsequently the bundle of buildings that house Canterlot Heights
>While you don’t need to really rush, maybe you should put a little pep in your step?
>Deciding that’s your best bet you begin your brisk walk
File: TIMEBOSS HATE.png (568 KB, 763x598)
568 KB
568 KB PNG
>You slam open the double doors with anger fueled vigor before cursing aloud
>With your frustration boiling over you stomp your way past the surprised Indigo who quickly rushes to catch up with you
>”I take it things went well huh?”
>You can’t possibly frown any harder at her if you tried
>As you make it to the sidewalk your foot manages to hit one of the only puddles around resulting in a splash big enough to dampen the bottom pant leg of your jeans
>You stand in place with one foot in the puddle and heave a defeated sigh as some of the pent up steam seeps out of you
>Indigo stops beside you gently shaking her head with her normal smug smile
>”So, you gonna fill me in or not?”
>You grit your teeth for a moment before hanging your head
“They didn’t listen to me…”
>You shake your head and continue your trek to the parking lot as your escort drills you for more info
>”Wait what; I thought Zecora was already on board?”
>That’s what you thought…
>You were under the impression she’d at least back you and not outright oppose you
>Why did she 180 on you?
>The only reason you can think is…
>No, she wouldn’t do anything that rash yet no matter how pressing
>It’s much too early to be so barbarou-
>”I’ll take that as she did change her mind.”
>Indigo’s words bring you out of your head and remind you that you’re not alone
>Right, she’s your second half for the foreseeable future so you better keep her in the loop
>Even if it is against their orders
“Yes, for whatever reason she did, not that it would’ve mattered seeing as the vote would’ve still been 3 to 2.”
>The thrill seeking girl stops in her tracks and cocks an eyebrow
>”Oh really, so he’s finally decided to provide some feedback?”
>Yes, that was a bit of a surprise to you too
>Gives you free reign to sort things out among yourselves for how long, and now suddenly he starts to delegate?
>Part of you wants to call him irresponsible for taking so long, but you should probably be thankful he’s at least deciding to do more than smooth things over with the locals for you
>Though you suppose his joining in means things are as expected
>That being they’ve gone from bad to worst
“Not only that, but he’s brought a little something to help the rest of us out.”
>Indigo digs into her coat as the two of you close the distance to her rain-drop spotted car
>”And what’s that?”
>You shrug as she pulls out her keys
“He’s taken it upon himself to arrange a meeting this Saturday with another team of specialists who can help, supposedly anyway.”
>Not that you’re one to doubt his word, but you don’t really see how anyone could really help more at this point
>If anything…
>”So he’s not worried about having too many cooks in the kitchen at this point?”
>Look at Indigo; you really don’t give her enough credit considering that was something you brought up too
>You circle around the car as she unlocks it while staring you down
“He’s worked with them before to great success, but if you ask me that may be a distinct possibility.”
>The two of you get into the black charger with a humph before buckling yourselves in
>Indigo shakes her head as she leans into the steering wheel
>”So if we’re not going after whoever broke into that house, what exactly are we going to do?”
>You shrug while leaning back into your seat
“Well, if we can’t directly follow the only lead to Bedlam we have then we’ll just continue observation and hope that we cross paths with our mystery ninja.”
>Twisting the key in the ignition Indigo seems about as thrilled with the concept as you are
>You stop your sluggish trudge in front of the ornate wooden door you were looking for
>Sleep is a bitch and she calls to you, but first
>You press your ear against the detailed carvings that decorate the door to Luna’s penthouse apartment
>Listening silently for a few moments you hear nothing through the door
>Though that might not mean anything since the thing is solid wood anyways
>You back away from the door and shake your head
>Ok, so you’re like 45 minutes later than you said you’d be, so what?
>Luna’s probably not super mad
>Just open the door and accept what happens
>Even if what happens may be the quintessential parent waiting for you in the dark thing
>Oh god, you could easily imagine Luna being one of those types
>Probably smoking a pipe with her hands crossed over her lap
>Just staring at the door with a frown
>Ok maybe you’re over-blowing it a bit here
>Your thoughts get a bit wonky when you’re tired
>Though you don’t really want to have to open the door…
>Deciding you’ve stalled long enough you twist the handle and push open the door
>Thankfully the door doesn’t let loose a loud creak or anything as you swing it open to discover the darkness beyond
>Huh, can’t see any lights on
>Is Luna asleep or like looking at stars again?
>Closing the door behind you carefully you listen for any noise
>Can’t hear anything though
>You slip out of your shoes and take note that Luna’s are here too
>So she is here…
>Taking a few steps into the living room you search for her
>Not on the couch
>With the grace of a ninja you sneak over towards the edge of the kitchen
>Peering around the wall you glance at the bathroom and Luna’s room
>Only to see that they’re both empty
>That only leaves…
>You shuffle over towards the guestroom and check the veranda
>No dice
>You turn towards the guestroom and notice that the door to that cluttered room is closed
>As you get closer you peek around the door frame into the guestroom
>You do a 180 and face the closed door
>Wonder what Luna’s up to in here?
>You don’t notice any light leaking out from beneath the door itself
>Taking a step closer you grasp the brass knob and listen closely for any noise
>The soft whirl of a computer can be heard
>Hmm, why would Luna be on a computer in the dark?
>Wait, she does like the dark so that’s not too off or anything
>Well regardless, you should check in with her and get to bed
>Sleep sounds like the best thing right now
>Taking a deep breath and mentally preparing yourself for what lie ahead you twist the knob
>Pushing open the door you ready your first excuse
>Only to spy a sleeping Luna illuminated by the blue glow of her computer screen
>With her head atop an open book she seems pretty peaceful
>Well, this would explain why she didn’t call
>As you silently pace towards her you get a better look at her
>Ever the hard worker it appears she’s still in her work clothes
>At least her collar is loosened giving some semblance of relaxation
>Does this mean she went straight to the computer without even changing clothes?
>Needless to say, her outfit’s gotten even more wrinkled than when you last saw her
>Though that’s to be expected when napping on a desk
>You stop beside her and glance over the few books of densely packed text that surround her
>Between the pages of text are sketches of strange symbols
>Shifting focus to the thin lcd screen you find, surprise, more text
>Skimming through it, it seems to be some sort of research notes on dreams and REM sleep
>You smirk as you look at Luna’s sleeping form
>Decide to do some first-hand research huh?
>You chuckle a bit at the thought before crossing your arms
>Now what are you gonna do with her?
File: Waking is hard.png (510 KB, 800x1120)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
>How is it that you keep finding Luna asleep literally anywhere besides her bed?
>You’re beginning to wonder if she has troubles with sleep
>While you could carry her to bed, you don’t really think she was planning on sleeping this early
>Maybe this time you should rouse her awake?
>A fond memory of being awoken from a study nap reminds you of a dumb thing to say
>With slight restraint you place a hand on her shoulder and gently shake her
>Your voice just barely audible above whisper flows from your mouth
“Hey, you can’t absorb knowledge from books through osmosis, trust me I’ve tried.”
>You grin as Luna begins to writhe beneath your attempt to wake her
>Ah man, Papa Neato could be such an ass
>You follow in his footsteps with your continued shaking
“Come on, if you sleep too long on books you’ll get words all of your face.”
>You don’t bother suppressing a chuckle at the dumb remarks
>Luna lets out a low groan as she blinks her eyes open
>The haze of sleep still heavy on her she looks up to you
>Heh, guess he’s been using those dumb lines for a long time
>Er, was…
>You frown at the thought before you stop shaking Luna
>She seems to be cognizant enough if she’s speaking
“Nah it’s just, just me.”
>Rubbing her eyes lazily she sits up slowly
>”Oh, Anon…”
>She glances around before catching the glare of the lcd and squinting
>As she shrinks away she manages to ask
>”What time is it?”
>You glance down at the corner of the screen
“It’s currently 10:50.”
>The sleepy vice-principal furrows her brow as she looks down at her books
>”It appears I may have gotten a bit carried away…”
>That’s a word for it
>Brushing her bangs aside she looks back to you
>”Hold on, if it truly is so late, may I ask what you are doing up?”
File: Everything is coo mang.jpg (185 KB, 500x500)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>Hahaaaahhh, you really wish you could tell Luna she can’t
>You look away from the now much more menacing parent before you and place your hands in your hoodie pouch
>How to go about this…
>The words stumble out about as quickly as you think of what to actually say
>In other words, painfully slow
“Oh uh, you know, I kindaaaa just, got here?”
>You glance at her from the corner of your eye as you plaster a nervous grin onto your mug
>Her mug however is much less angry than you thought it’d be as she appears to be smirking
>”I would reprimand you for being so late, but I don’t think I’m in a position currently to do so.”
>Oh, well that’s great!
>Maybe great’s not the best word for it, but at least you won’t get in trouble for this
>She stretches her arms behind her interlacing her fingers, arcing her back, and thrusting her chest forward
>Not that you would know since you were certainly not looking!
>With a sigh she sits up straight
>”Besides, I suppose your late arrival is indicative of the fun you had tonight?”
>Uh, well hmmm…
>You didn’t NOT have fun, despite Discord and Gilda
“Yea, I guess.”
>With a dreamy smile Luna nods happily
>”Then that’s all that matters.”
>That so?
>Huh, kinda figured she’d at least drill you for info or something
>Seems like the parent thing to do, but given she’s still a bit tired and all perhaps it’s not that surprising her verdict is so simple
>Well that’s for better, you’ll take that over getting in trouble
>Luna lets out a yawn without even an attempt to cover or stifle it
>You being a normal tired person react with a yawn of your own
>After closing your mouth shake your head
“Guess we’re both pretty tired huh?”
>Luna seems slightly annoyed as she shakes her head as if struggling to stay awake
>Doesn’t looks like she’s anymore awake, but she has succeeded in messing her hair up a bit more
>”It seems so, but hopefully I will be better in the morning…”
>You kinda doubt that given how she is with getting up
>Feeling another wave of tiredness crashing upon the remainder of your energy you decide it’s finally time to call it quits
“I think I’ll be heading off to dreamland myself now, how bout you?”
>With a grimace she gives a sidelong glance at the books on the desk
>”I would love to, but I do need to get a bit more reading done before I can.”
>She doesn’t really look all that much better than you on the “staying up” front
“Sure you can swing that?”
>She lazily waves your concern off with her hand
>”Trust me I can keep myself awake when I want to.”
>Eh ok surrrrre
>Maybe say something to hammer the “go to sleep at a reasonable time please” point home?
>Deciding not to press her, your sleep-addled brain comes up with the idea to crack a joke to make sure she doesn’t stay up to late
“Alright, just make sure to make it to bed when you do crash, don’t want to have to carry you to bed again.”
>You, you just said that
>That wasn’t even a joke
>Why in the ever-loving FUCK would you say that, AGAIN!?!
>Instead of awkward silence however, Luna surprisingly chuckles
>”I wouldn’t wish to make that a nightly occurrence after all, would I?”
>You can’t tell if she’s fluttering her eyelashes or blinking
>Though considering she’s now rubbing her eyes it was probably the later
“Ha, ahhhhh nah nah yea, goodnight.”
>You fall silent as you experience a brain fart in the blue-lit darkness for a few moments
>Luna doesn’t break the silence and instead gives you a small wave before turning to her books
>Alright, that’s your queue to leave
>You do the best option available and turn away to leave before you can say or do anything else questionable
It wasn’t supposed to take almost a month but here we are!
Ah well, at least that’s the end for this update
Finally done with this day and onto Thursday!
I don’t have AS much planned for this one so it should be short, I hope
However next story update won’t be for a bit because coming up soon is the Christmas Special V2!
Now with more sensible progression and non-missing parts
Coming either on Christmas Eve+Day or just Day
So don’t look forward to that!
Till whenever I see you again, sayonara!
Well its good to have you back for the holidays.
Awesome stuff dude.
>I'm guessing your only experience with the Witcher series is from Axii's story
You're right on that. I figured from his wording that Witchers weren't human after they mutated. I see your points, but I think with the information you've given me, the winner depends on whether Hunter can make that distinction or not. If he sees Witcher as a human, he'd probably lose because he'd hold back and wouldn't use the force necessary to take him down. If he saw Witcher as a monster, he'd go full kill happy. If that were the case, I give the win to him because like you said, the only thing keeping him going at the end was a lust for revenge. The fucker just wouldn't stay down. Even at his lowest moments, he still managed to get back up and kill beings far more powerful than himself. As long as he has that light at the end of the tunnel, he'll win. Although, keeping that in mind, I guess I could concede to Witcher again in the case that maybe after he kills Rarity and loses that motivation of revenge, there's nothing left to make him get up again. He'd probably be at a huge disadvantage there just because there's not the same drive keeping his heart going. And hell by that point he's a cripple with a bum heart anyway, so...

I'd say prime Hunter wins if he sees Witcher as a monster, but end of story loses either way.
File: rarity-vallentine.png (130 KB, 640x1024)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
> take more account into the perspective of the narrator of the time and ... their mannerisms.
It's something I'll consider. It is kinda difficult for any one writer to make seven characters speak in their own unique ways, it's a criticism I've seen given to other writers, so I'll try and keep the consistency going with it.
But I am sticking with the whole "limey as an insult" shtick because, as you and others say, I gives my story a unique hook.

>What the fuck is chocolate flapjack?
According to Wikipedia, Americans call them "oat bars".

>What is your experience across the Atlantic anyways?
I really can't condense my thoughts into a single post, to be honest but I'll say this to expose my ignorance. I was chatting to a friend from LA on Discord during the summer and neither of us realised what the weather was like in the other's country; Britain was in the midst of a glorious heatwave while LA was experiencing its usual June Gloom. The more you know...

Sexcellent as always, matey. Keep it up.
Nice Rariart.
Is there a lewd version of this pic?
Dont think so, sorry.
What does everyone want for Christmas?
Someone to understand me and not leave me alone
Really? Wow.
Why is she dress like that?
File: 1545338918410.jpg (298 KB, 1024x538)
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298 KB JPG
A drone
File: Jill_prunyuu_.jpg (29 KB, 480x960)
29 KB
Tell that to Gatwick airport...

Ever played Resident Evil 3? It's Jill Valentine's outfit.
a good doujin about giants fucking buildings. Shit's hard to find yo
We should have a resident Evil Story with Anon as Leon rescuing the Girls in Canterlot City. Magic zombies, everywhere.
File: 1525452819853.png (24 KB, 1250x882)
24 KB
What an idea...
File: 1511722242925.jpg (1.57 MB, 800x4900)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
Okay but why Rarity is dress like that?
To the top
File: 1540670811010.gif (324 KB, 500x200)
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324 KB GIF
The hell do I know? I'm not the artist. Paid commission, maybe?
I think it's nice.
How embarrassing.
File: cop anon hurt.png (226 KB, 589x945)
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Reposting an old image
I meant Jesus!
To the top
That’s a good image
I wish everyone a Happy Holidays.
Y-you too
Thank you.
fuck you

Thanks. You too
My very own EGQ crissy
I want my waifu to be real
File: xmas in aus.jpg (34 KB, 750x468)
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Merry Christmas all you good fellas.

Hope you'll all have a great day and stay safe, wherever and with whomever you spend it with!
Merry Christmas to you too.
I just want to be happy and feel wanted.
File: 1496668517624.png (314 KB, 768x768)
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You too



File: 1536034523565.jpg (127 KB, 800x800)
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127 KB JPG
Oh okay. I got confused.
It's also a Resident Evil reference. The classic games were infamous for their cheesy dialogue and silly Engrish translations.
File: image0668.jpg (162 KB, 1437x1034)
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>I'm aiming for Sunday, maybe Christmas Eve.
So that was a fuckin' lie. I am sorry but my writer's block is bad. I hope Christmas cures it.

So Merry Christmas and happy holidays! God bless us, everyone of us.
You too dude.
Heylo there friends, and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!
So I have the first part of my Christmas update done
It wasn't very hard rewriting, wholesale lifting more like my previous attempt
So should I flood the thread or put it in a pastebin?
Flood it.
Ask and you shall receive!
I'm currently prepping Christmas dinner for the senpai so no pics this time sorry my dudes

>You sigh as weariness eats away at your tired mind
>Taking a drink of your now not-so-hot chocolate glance at the slowly moving stragglers as they enter the classroom
>It was a good call to wake up extra early since you got here with just enough time to spare that you didn’t need to rush
>You settle in for class as Mr. Wright closes the door behind the last sleepy student
>”Alright everyone welcome back to the land of the learning, I know you’re probably feeling a bit sluggish with it being the first day back, so I’ve got an assignment to help ease you back into school!”
>Walking towards the chalkboard he slaps a lime green hand on it with a loud *thunk* to the dismay of the few students who were already falling asleep in their seats
>In big bold letters the board says “Tell me about the break!”
>”Simply write about anything you did over the break and we’ll call it square for today.”
>Hm, that does seem pretty easy
>Looking down at your blank sheets of loose-leaf paper you start up your brain storm
>Though your brain storm’s looking a little small considering you haven’t needed it for awhile…
>Hmmm, maybe you could talk about work?
>No, that doesn’t sound very exciting…
>Um, well there was the Christmas party you had
>That was definitely something
>Your first one you’ve had since you came here too
>Though that’s not very surprising since the last three years you were still in the whole “Take over Equestria” phase
>Wow that seems like a lifetime ago…
>You shake your head to stop yourself from getting lost in thought
>Maybe you should just start writing as you think?
>Putting pencil to paper you begin writing
>This past break your friends had all decided to spend the Friday before Christmas together to exchange gifts in a secret Santa
>It started out with only 8 people, but quickly escalated as everyone wanted to invite more people
>Wasn’t long until there was a full on Christmas party’s worth of people
>Since we didn’t really have any place big enough to hold everyone Celestia and Luna offered to host the party in an old ski retreat they used to spend Christmas at
>It may have been a bit farther north into the Horseshoe mountain range over Canterlot than you liked, but braving the harsh winter winds was worth it when you finally arrived
>Your fingers tap the door along with the merry tune as you stare out at the bright snow tipped mountains surrounding you
>It’s a perfect winter wonderland outside!
>Maybe you’ll get to try skiing tomorrow?
>As you begin to daydream about becoming a prodigy skier you spot something besides snowy treetops in the distance
>”Holly jolly Christmas mackers, that’s a big cabin!”
>Pinkie bounces in her seat enough that the poof on her Santa hat pin pongs off her head wildly as she presses her face into the window in beside you
>She manages not to fog up the glass despite her face being literally flat against it
>You’d think she was over-reacting, but as you creep ever closer to the building you find yourself thinking the same
>It’s gotta be as large, if not a bit bigger, than the ski resort you passed at the base of the mountains
>Anon lets out a long low whistle before flipping his hood back and turning to Luna in the driver’s seat
>”How the hell did you guys manage to get your hands on an actual mountain mansion?”
>You spy the smile Luna sports through the rear-view mirror
>”This was a necessary staging area the others and I secured while still working full time for SIS.”
>Staging area, for what exactly?
>Anon seems equally as curious as you are, though maybe a bit more dubious
>He leans over onto his armrest with an incredulous smirk
>”Did you guys REALLY need practically an entire luxury ski resort to yourselves in order to investigate whatever was in the mountains?”
>Putting it that way does make it a bit unbelievable
>Just what could warrant that?
>Luna gives him a sidelong glance
>”Originally this was a private getaway for a friend of ours, but after they discovered something that could never happen without some sort of magic involved we moved in for their safety.”
>Her eyes wander among the deep snowy woods as she drives
>”There used to be many dangers well beyond what one would expect lurking these mountains.”
>Your curiosity gets the better of you as you lean forward poking your head over the center console and speak up
“Dangers like?”
>The question seems to get everyone’s attention
>The three of you keenly listening for the answer Luna gives
>Pinkie manages to pry her face off the window after a few tries and leans in close underneath you
>Even Anon glances towards Luna while pretending to look off in the distance instead of fully listening
>Luna frowns as her eyes drift downwards towards the radio before focusing back on the white road
>”I don’t rightly know exactly what we chased off these mountains as I myself never managed to get a good look at it besides its eyes and the tracks it left behind.”
>Anon ceases pretending not to be interested and turns to her as she pauses to think
>Luna shakes her head slowly with pursed lips
>“The most we could deduct was that it was well over 7 feet tall, had the capabilities to tear deep gouges out of wood and concrete alike, and had bright shiny eyes that would pierce the night no matter how dark.”
>That certainly sounds like danger
>Pinkie pulls out from beneath you and scratches her chin
>”Do you have a little bitty bit of a guess as to what it coulda been?”
>Luna shrugs indifferently
>”Nothing that could be remotely conclusive, but if it helps Will was certain it was a wendigo.”
>A wendigo?
>Wonder if it’s similar to a Windigo?
>Maybe you should be extra careful to make sure everyone gets along, just in case
>Anon stops staring out the window and instead shakes his head with his mouth agape
>”You’ve got to be shitting me right?”
>You wish Luna was, but knowing her…
>The dark blue skinned driver stays quiet for the few moments it takes to pull to a stop before the ski lodge
>”We never saw another trace of whatever it was after we drove it from these mountains…”
>Taking the key out of the ignition she turns to smile at the three of you
>”So relax, we’re here to celebrate the season not worry about threats long dealt with.”
>She chuckles as she opens the door with one hand
>”Besides, we couldn’t be any safer with the company we keep!”
>With that she exits the car as you can hear the other cars pulling up
>Anon looks back to the two of you with a furrowed brow
>”Ever wonder if she’s just trying to fuck with us on purpose or like is it just a unfortunate talent?”
>He shakes his head chuckling wryly before getting out himself
>Pinkie pats you on the shoulder right before leaping out the car
>”Chin up Sunny, I’m sure there’s no windiggidy-dangos around for miles at least!”
>Well you certainly hope so
>Climbing out of the car yourself you feel the brisk chill of winter caress you as snowflakes gently sprinkle across the ground
>You glance up at the grey sky basking in the flood of flakes and follow them trail as they pile on the ski lodge before you
>The structure looks much bigger up close, but somehow smaller than you expected
>You thought it’d be several stories tall, but yet you only see a single row of windows spread across the façade
>Maybe it’s not actually that big?
>You can hear your friends greet each other as they exit from AJ’s truck and Celestia’s van
>As greetings are exchanged out in front of the vehicles Celestia speaks loudly enough for the rest of you to hear as she climbs out of her van
>”Now remember, there’s heavy snow due to hit here pretty soon, so let’s get all our things inside before then!”
>That’s right, you better hurry up!
>Your black boots crunch in the snow as you walk around to the back of the van where Anon is doling out the bags to Luna and Pinkie
>Luna hands something to Pinkie before she quickly skips off to the entrance with her bags in tow
>As the two of you watch your pink friend go Luna shares a smile with you
>”She never ceases to amaze me with her spirit, Christmas or otherwise.”
>Anon nods in agreement as he hands her a duffel bag
>”She’s less a girl and more a pink bundle of joy.”
>Luna accepts the duffel bag and heads off towards the lodge
>He hands you your small backpack before looking back in the van confused
>”Uh, is that all you packed?”
>You nod while shouldering on the backpack
”I learned to pack light after coming here.”
>He hums in acknowledgement before looking back over the large pile of bags still in the van with a grimace
>”Ah I was really hoping all this crap wasn’t mine…”
>Are they?
>There’s enough bags here that you think he may even have beaten Rarity for the most which is quite the achievement
>You’d be lying if you said you didn’t think it a bit odd for Anon
“Would you like me to bring in a few of them?”
>As big as he is compared to you, you think he'd appreciate some help
>However you must be wrong as he shakes his head before brushing some powdered snow off his white canvas jacket
>”Ah nah, gotta find some use for muscles. You go on ahead and check in with everyone while uh, haul this in.”
>You cock an eyebrow as he counts the bags
>”Well I could at least grab one or two. After all, it doesn’t look like you have a shortage of bags and I’m not really carrying anything.”
>He fake scoffs as he grabs a bag from the top
>”Pfft, nah, I got all this by myself don’t worry.”
>You’re about to take a bag or two regardless, but he begins to thread his arms through their handles making him look like some sort of human bag line
>Deciding it’s best not to press him you walk off while grasping the straps of your backpack
>You can’t quite place it, but you feel like Anon is being a bit, obtuse?
>Twilight shuffles over to you as you walk towards the entrance
>Her baggy green wool sweater with a smiling Rudolph lights up as she approaches
>She seems like she’s going to hug you before she stops with a frowns
>”Is there something wrong?”
>Not particularly, but…
>You shake your head with a sigh
“It’s probably nothing, I’m just over thinking some stuff.”
>Twilight adjusts her glasses as she rolls her bag behind her
>”Hm, does it perhaps have to do with Anon-kun?”
>You wince as you look away
“Yea, I’m glad to be here, but, I just, ehm…”
>You purse your lips as you struggle to find the right words
“I, haven’t really gotten the chance to talk with him outside of class since the end of November.”
>Twilight scrunches her face as the two of you reach the snow-covered steps
>”It’s the same for you as well? I was under the assumption it was an unfortunate coincidence that he was busy during the few times I invited him to “chillax.”
>You stroke your chin as your boots plop on the wood steps
“You know, I’ve heard the same thing from the others, I don’t think he’s hung out with anyone all December…”
>Twilight frowns as she lifts her bag onto each step almost catching it on her long red muffler
>”Do you think perhaps he’s been going through an ordeal of his own?”
>You hope that’s not it
>Ever since all you went through together you hoped to have expelled any doubts you were friends, but lately…
>You shake your head as you stop in front of the large wooden doorway
“That’s a possibility, but maybe we should just enjoy the fact he’s here for the party before we worry needlessly.”
>Twilight bumps open a door with her rump and stands in front of it for you
>”I suppose no matter what’s happening with him currently we can take solace in the fact he still wishes to be around us.”
>That is a bit comforting you suppose in its own way
>Though you really hope you’re just being a worry wort
>Your nerdy friend smiles as you step though the threshold into the stale smelling air
>”Why else would one willingly be confined for a night with the rest of us?”
>You smile as you stamp your boots on the ragged rug covering the hardwood floored antechamber
“Yea, you’re probably right!”
>After the two of you slip out of your footwear and leave them by several other pairs of boots you step out into a large open area
>”Quite stunning...”
>The room dazzles you as your eyes survey it
>The hardwood floor gives way to a soft carpet beneath your feet
>Beyond a few chairs with small tables next to them is a large dipped area that lowers the floor level by several inches compared to the carpet before it
>Inside the dip is a gigantic wooden table made out of enormous planks in the shape of an oval
>It sits out with several recliner-like chairs and couches surrounding it on all sides save for one facing a fireplace
>The fireplace itself lays smack dab in the middle of its own wall
>It seems to be made of polished stone with a brick foundation surrounding it
>Though the really surprising thing about it is just how monstrously large it is
>It’s big enough that if you were to crouch down a little you think you’d fit inside it!
>Speaking of big though, that’s probably the biggest flat screen tv you’ve ever seen in person!
>It’s bolted to the massive brick structure that stretches from the fireplace to the ceiling
>It must be the chimney, but you don’t think you’ve ever seen one that looks like it could fit a couple people in it
>As your eyes move up you notice the gargantuan paneled arch windows flanking both sides of the fireplace
>They too almost stretch to the top of the ceiling!
>The bright snow along with the accompanying tree line outside the windows almost matches the scenery outside the sliding glass doors to the right
>You only say almost as the sliding glass doors have some sort of silver sheen
>Wonder what that is?
>Besides the silverish sheen there looks to be a a nice veranda area with a view of the snow dusted forest alongside a shed of some sort
>Might be nice if it weren’t for the howling winter winds and all the snow
>An excited shout to your left draws your attention
>”Isn’t this place just giahumonggantuan!?”
>Pinkie waves excitedly from the second floor overlooking the living room somehow barely being held back from falling by a robust wooden railing
>While you wouldn’t use that word perhaps…
>Twilight smiles as she cups a hand around her mouth
>”I believe that to be an apt description!”
>For sure
>Pinkie beckons you up to the second floor with an exaggerated wave
>”Come on, you gotta grab one of the good rooms on the second floor!”
>You smile to Twilight as the two of you walk towards the stairway tucked between the front room antechamber and a door to the left
“Might as well grab a room with a view I guess.”
>The inside, while a bit stuffy, was absolutely something else!
>After we all got situated in our rooms the real work began
>We had a some time before the rest of the partygoers arrived so we got to decorating
>Pinkie of course brought several bags of various festive party supplies
>Which included Christmas decorations and plenty of food
>It wasn’t long before she flew into the kitchen to start making festive treats with Celestia
>While Rarity put her interior decorating skills to use with the assistance of Fluttershy
>Luna got the generator up and running in no time before coming in to help
>AJ insisted on bringing a few hand axes to have a “good ol’fashioned Chrismass tree with all the fixins”
>So she and Rainbow Dash went out on an expedition for the best tree they could find
>Finally Anon, well you found out what he was up to after all was said and done
>It seemed like everyone else settled in pretty quick so you and Twilight decided to help out where needed
>It wasn’t even a few minutes after Rainbow Dash and AJ left that you got your first arrival
*knock knock knock*
>You stop hanging a streamer and turn to the doors
”Who do you think is that?”
>Rarity's white dress glitters in the light as she daintily places a festive coaster on the central table with a smile
>”Why don’t you find out darling?”
>You climb down from the step stool while Fluttershy puts the box she’s holding down beside her
>”I can answer the door if you want.”
>You hold a hand up and stop her before she gets going
“I’m closer, I’ll get it.”
>Walking towards the large wooden doors you can see what looks like one person’s outline
>Don’t really remember anyone supposed to be coming by themselves
>You quickly close the distance and open the door with a cheery greeting
>You catch, Gilda(?) off guard causing her to jump in place
>”O-oh, hey…”
>Wow, you didn’t think she’d come
>You study her for a moment as the orange-tinged snow blows behind her
>Even in this whether, she wears nothing but her usual bomber jacket, jeans, and boots combo
>Though you think you see a black turtleneck sweater poking out underneath her zipped jacket
>She averts her eyes as her grip tightens on a poorly wrapped present
>”You mind if I come in, it’s fuc-fr-freezing out here.”
>Caught herself mid-swear, really is getting better
>You step aside and wave her in
“Please do!”
>With her eyes on the floor she steps in brushing the snow off her sleeves with her thick winter gloves
>You haven’t really talked with Gilda that much since October, but you have seen her hanging out with Rainbow more
>Hopefully that’s going well
>As she leaves her boots next to the ever growing pile she stares at the rest of the girls as they decorate
>She seems pretty, meek
>Not something you’d usually label her
>Jabbing her in the arm playfully with your elbow you look off to the ceiling
“You know, you just missed Rainbow Dash and AJ going out to chop down a tree. Bet it wouldn’t be too hard to catch up with them.”
>Gilda glances at you before shifting her gaze to outside
>”I did see some fresh foot prints…”
>It doesn’t take her longer than a second before she smiles
>”I guess I should go help them out, Dash was never good at hitting hard anyways!”
>She takes a step towards the door before realizing she still has her gift
>It looks like she’s about to thrust it onto you before she abruptly stops her arms mid-throw
>”Would you uh, mind bringing this in for me?”
>You take the present without any questions and give her a nod
“Go get em!”
>She doesn’t bother thanking you as she rushes out the door and towards the woods
>You close the door behind her with a shake of your head
>Going back into the commons you place Gilda’s present next to the stack of other wrapped and bagged goods atop the large oval table
>You spot Twilight walking out the kitchen before you get back to hanging streamers
>Deciding to check in with her you stand before the dip in the floor and nod to her
“Hey, how are things in the kitchen?”
>She takes a quick sip of her mug
>”I’d say pretty good, princi-Celestia has a very delicious eggnog recipe.”
>Oh, you’ve never had that before, though you do remember hearing about it
>You’ll have to get a glass
>You lean against a beam as Twilight stares happily at everybody going about decorating
>”So did I hear someone at the door a moment ago?”
>You nod towards Gilda’s present
“Mhmm, Gilda just arrived.”
>Oh that’s right, speaking of arriving
“That reminds me, are Cadence or Shining coming?”
>She shakes her head gently as she stares into her eggnog
>”Unfortunately Shiny and Cadence weren’t be able to make it to town because of the snow storm.”
>Has it really hit already?
>You glance out onto the veranda
>The gentle downpour of snow has started to pick up turning the outside into a glimmering flurry illuminated by the dying light of the sun
>It’s not too bad, but you know it’s only due to get worse
“Hope everyone makes it through ok .”
>Twilight pats you on the shoulder
>”We’ve all faced down things that would make summer block-busters blush with how over the top they were, I’m confident everyone will safely whether the stor-“
*Knock knock*
>You both turn to the door before chuckling
“Huh, guess you were right.”
>Your purple friend gestures to the door with an open palm
>”Would you mind answering the door? I’m going to acquire everyone some drinks before assisting Pinkie Pie once more with her baking.”
>You give her a thumbs up as you head towards the door
>Before you get too close you can see what looks like the vague shape of some people through the frosted window
>It’s as you go to go to grab the handle however; the mystery disappears thanks to muffled voices
>”It was so sweet of them to invite us here, SO WE COULD FREEZE TO DEATH OUT IN THE SNOWY MOUNTAINS!”
>Hm, was wondering if they’d show up
>”Calm down, we just knocked less than thirty seconds ago. You really need to work on your impatience issue, it’s not a very attractive trait.”
>You open the door quickly before they can start their usual bickering
>”Oh I’ll show you attractive yo-Hey there Sunset!”
>Barely restraining herself from pummeling Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet flashes you the pearly whites
>The two of them are both dressed like green elves, you think
>”Oh how are you doing, LET US IN!”
>You manage to side-step her as she rushes in
>Sugarcoat follows closely behind while Sunny Flare dusts off her red santa-esque dress
>”Sorry about that dearie, Sour Sweet seems to lack the proper savoir faire when she’s under any stress.”
>You close the door behind her as she steps through the threshold
“Not a problem, it’s pretty chilly out there.”
>Sour Sweet leaves her present on the table as she throws herself in front of the fire
>Sugarcoat shakes her head with her present tucked underneath her arm as she joins the rest of your friends
>You notice a lack of two shadowbolts as you lock the door
“Hey, where are Lemon Zest and Indigo Zap?”
>Sunny Flare hangs her coat up as she knocks the snow off her boots
>”They had to gather a few, things in Indigo’s truck.”
>Ah, makes sense
>She brushes off her shiny wrapped gift with her hand
>”They shouldn’t be too long.”
>As she strolls towards the fire eyeballing the ornament box Rarity is holding you spot Twilight walking out the kitchen to your right with a tray of mugs
>You’re about to get yourself a drink but are stopped by yet another knocking at the door
>Seems like you’re destined to be the door lady tonight
>You swirl on your socked heel and march back towards the door
>Seems like there’s three or so people waiting behind the door, so you’ve got a feeling about who it is
>You pull open the door to see, wait huh?
>”Holiday greetings from the one and only Trixie!”
>Well she’s certainly in the festive mood
>She seems to be wearing a remade version of her stage outfit
>A white fuzz hemmed red silk half-cape with a typical Santa hat
>Though it’s mostly the two people behind her that confuse you
>One tall and one small
>Can’t quite tell who they are because, unlike everyone else, these two are bundled up almost completely
>You do your best to suppress your surprise
“H-hi Trixie.”
>Nailing it
>Trixie struts in with her wide performer grin
>”Do we have hot cocoa or perhaps a warm fire; Trixie has a mighty thirst and is chilled to the bone!”
>Boisterous as ever
>You close the door behind the two bundled up mystery visitors and point Trixie in the direction of the fire
>”Thank you very much Sunset, now if you’ll excuse Trixie!”
>She runs off towards the group in the commons as you turn to greet the other two
>The tall one is helping to undress the short one revealing, Jordan!
>The little changeling wearing a knit cap and tiny little snow overalls happily grins in your direction
“Well hey there Jordan, merry Christmas!”
>Jordan answers you with a chirp as it shakes off its coat
>So if that’s Jordan then that means the tall one is
“I’m glad you could join us Chrissy.”
>Chrissy takes off her goggles revealing her piercing green eyes as they glare into you
>”My only intention is to drop off Jordan since apparently you had to give an invitation.”
>Chrissy’s rubs Jordan’s head and sends the bouncing bundle of joy off towards the others near the fire
>Her gaze softens somewhat as she watches the bouncing child go
>You gotta convince her to stay somehow
>If not in the spirit of merriment, then for her own safety
>It’s getting pretty nasty out there!
>She’s never been one to be sociable though, even after October
>Maybe straightforward will work
“It’s getting pretty nasty out there though, are you sure you don’t want to stick around?”
>She practically snarls as she hangs up Jordan’s coat
>”I’ll risk it; I already had to endure the GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie’s presence for an hour. I don’t believe I can endure any longer.”
>Uhh, maybe offering food?
“We have cookies, and eggnog! It’s really good!”
>Ok that was a lie, you don’t know for sure if it’s good, but you’re pretty confident that it’s going to be good
>Chrissy sighs with a fist placed on her outstretched hip
>”Alright, why do you even want me here little girl? You do realize I could still be, EVIL right?”
>Because windigos!
>Alright, that’s not the FULL reason
>You do actually want to be friends with everyone, even her
>She did come through as a good person in the end after all so you doubt she’s really bad
>Especially since she put the emphasis on the evil
>Maybe, a joke?
>You smile sheepishly
“Because I don't want to take the Chriss-y out of our Christmas party?”
>That wasn’t even a joke!
>She blinks seemingly caught off guard by your answer
>Dragging a hand down her face she takes off her coat revealing a rather mundane red wool sweater that spills over her loose black jeans
>”I swear, if there isn’t hard alcohol for that eggnog…”
>You stare in disbelief as she walks past you into the kitchen
>That, that worked?
>You smile brightly as you add another person to the festivities
>Maybe now you can go get yourself a mug of nog?
>Your stomach lets out a quiet grumble as you think of food
>You haven’t eaten since breakfast, so maybe you could sneak a cookie or two before dinner too!
>As you step out of the antechamber and onto the carpet you hear
*knock-knockknockknockknock-knock knock*
>Or you could answer the door again!
>Wanting to get this door open quickly you run up to the door
>You let out a preemptive greeting to everyone gathered around the door as you throw it open
“Hey, glad you all could make it!”
>After saying that though, you’re surprised by who’s there, or by the combination of people
>Standing beside two of the shadowbolts you expected are another shadowbolt and the Dazzlings!
>All of which seem to be carrying oddly shaped gifts while dressed in festive clothing
>You inspect their outfits a bit closer as they file in one by one
>Lemon Zest has on a pair of peppermint colored headphones along with a shirt that looks like a gingerbread man and brown tights
>She plays her tube-shaped gift like a guitar as she walks in
>You riff an air guitar for a moment while she passes
>Indigo Zap grins as she crosses the threshold
>She has a pair of goggles that also look like peppermint, but instead of a gingerbread shirt she has on an entire gingerbread man onesie on with the hood up
>It looks more like a gingerbread man is eating her
>Along with that she’s carrying an extra-large duffle bag over her shoulder
>”Can’t wait to party!”
>You return the sign of the horns she makes excitedly
>Shadowing the other two shadowbolts is none other than Ms. Zecora!
>The smiling woman wears what kinda looks like a large t-shirt, a dashiki you believe she said, with multiple shades of greens and red over black leggings
>”The storm saw fit to unmake my plan, so here I am to enjoy the festivities all I can.”
>You nod understandingly
“I’m sorry to hear that, but happy you’re here!”
>She makes her way towards the kitchen as Aria shuffles in behind her
>Aria has a very, bright green outfit on
>It almost would pass for a normal pleated coat with leggings, if you weren’t sure it’s colored for the holiday season
>She only grunts as she passes you
>Sonata skips in behind wearing a pair of fuzzy brown overalls with a white shirt underneath
>She’s also wearing a very soft looking clown nose along with some fake antlers
>She holds a gift bag in each of her hands
>That however doesn’t stop her from giving you a quick hug as she enters
>”It’s so good to be here!”
>You return the hug as best you can before she steps to your side
>Finally, Adagio struts in with an outfit similar to her normal one except white and red with no leggings, and, are those Christmas lights strung through her poofy hair?
>She poses as she crosses just past the threshold
>”I know, I’m absolutely dazzling aren’t I?”
>Well, yes actually!
>You can’t help but chuckle as Aria groans beside you and Sonata before speaking in a monotone
>”Oh no Adagio, it looks like you wore the same outfit as someone else.”
>Adagio gasps as you close the door behind the three
>”Who could’ve possibly thought of the same outfit?!”
>Sonata bounces up and down swinging her bags at her sides in the process
>”Oh oh, is it Rarity!? She seems like the kind to dress up over the top like that!”
>Aria shakes her head and holds back a snicker as she jabs a thumb over her shoulder towards a hanging ornamental plastic Christmas tree on the wall
>Adagio frowns profusely as she kicks her shoes off
>”Ha ha, very funny.”
>Aria chuckles as the two of them make their way to a couch by the fire
>Lemon Zest and Indigo Zap seemed to have already made themselves comfortable there as well
>Sonata however stays behind giving you a curious look
>”Do you know where Luna or Celestia are; I have to give them this.”
>She holds up the bag in her left hand before looking at it closely and shaking her head
>She then holds up the right bag and nods confidently
>Last you saw Celestia or Luna…
>Well, you think it was in the kitchen
>Which is great since you REALLY want to go there
>Stepping out of the antechamber once more you wave for Sonata to follow
>You waltz into the kitchen and she runs in behind you
>Pinkie is the first to greet you with an ear to ear smile from the cluttered island counter waving a frosting coated hand
>”Heya Funny, Sonater!”
>Pinkie’s light adorned sweater with her face on it is caked with frosting and flour to the point it’s more white, red, and green rather than its original light pink
>Sonata jumps up a bit as she sees the array of desserts Pinkie’s working on
>”Oh wow, is that actual figgy pudding!? I haven’t had that in decades!”
>Pinkie nods so fast that you think the poof on her santa hat might whip the entire thing off her head
>”It sure is! Here, have a plate!”
>She hands a small plate with a roundish blob of brown on it to Sonata who almost drops her bags in her excitement
>You let her start devouring the odd dessert as you look for Celestia
>It doesn’t take long to spot her though as you see her swaying form sitting at the bar counter just outside the kitchen area proper
>Her long sleeved creme colored blouse seems a bit more ruffled than you remember
>Looks like she’s sitting with Chrissy, Luna, and Zecora
>Zecora seems to be mixing herself a brightly colored drink while Luna wears a small grin
>Her ponytail and dark purple drink compliment her midnight blue turtle neck
>Chrissy however, seems to be pounding back a mug full of eggnog
>You point their way and guide the still eating Sonata towards the bar counter
>Celestia smiles widely as you near
>Woah, is she coming down with something?
>Her cheeks look red!
>”Sunset, where have you been!?”
>Can’t help but get the feeling she’s not just drinking in the holiday spirit
“Oh you know, just practicing being the door lady.”
>She giggles as Luna perks up upon seeing Sonata
>”Sonata, it’s good to see you, did you happen to…”
>Sonata nods happily presenting the gift bag in her left hand before suddenly pulling it back and replacing it with the one in her right
>”Sorry, we ran out of different gift bags.”
>Luna accepts the bag taking a peek inside before nodding
>”Not a problem, I’ll make sure this makes it to the right hands.”
>You’re tempted to ask what’s inside, but Luna runs off before you get a chance
>Sonata quickly splits afterwards heading towards the living room
>Since you’re here though
>You take Luna’s vacant seat much to Celestia's delight
>”Did you want some eggnog?”
>Oh more than anything right now!
>She grins devilishly
>”Adult or normal?”
>Oh boy…
>You feel like you can guess by how Chrissy is downing eggnog and by Celestia’s somewhat dubious condition but…
“What’s the difference?”
>She points to the bowl in front of her
>”The adult has some spiced rum among other ingredients mixed into it…”
>You figured as much
>She worryingly points to the same bowl
>”While the normal is just my homemade eggnog.”
>Oh dear
“You know you just pointed to the same bowl of eggnog twice.”
>She opens her mouth but words don’t come out as she furrows her brow
>Zecora grins from behind the counter as she shakes up something in a shaker
>”It seems that our fine principal, has engaged in what the holidays advise as remissible.”
>Chrissy, while filling her mug with more eggnog cackles
>”In other words, she’s a bit sloshed as all tend to be around this time.”
>That’s not exactly comforting
>Celestia bats at the ladle in the bowl with a hand like a cat
>”Maybe I shouldn’t have sampled my first batch so much…”
>You nod slowly while grasping her shoulders gently
>It’s been awhile since you last had alcohol, Celestia you think you were in Equestria, but you know what this Celestia should do
“Do you want a drink of water?”
>She looks up to you with wide eyes as if you just said the greatest idea in history
>”You know what, that sounds like a good idea! I’m gonna go get one right now!”
“Maybe getting up so fast isn-“

And I'll end there for now
I know there wasn't TOO much new stuff, but it's coming up tomorrow
Until then have fun and I'll see you sometime soon
Thank you for the update. Merry Christmas.
merry christmas
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Based Christmas to you too
Happy hearths warming
Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas!!!!

Haha my green may as well be dead T_T
Merry Christmas to you too. Also update anytime.
Get on with it pussy
Get your head out of your ass
merry christmas, hope you got what you wished for
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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good fight!
Where'd you find that or did you made it yourself. Either way it's really nice.
It was in the EqG smut thread in trash, for some reason they put sfw stuff there more often than porn for some reason.
Happy Holidays.
Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas?
I got to eat yes. And the water hasn't frozen over, so I still have that. Pretty solid as winters and holidays go for me.
I wanted nothing and I got socks. So I'm happy
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>wore holes in all my favorite wool socks this past year
>get more wool socks
I fucking love getting socks for Christmas.
I wanted to be home for Christmas and I was. It was wonderful.
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Another old image.
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Hey guys, sorry for the absence. I think it's been about a month now since I last updated, I honestly can't remember, so I just wanted to hop in and say that I'm not dead. Things have been hectic and stressful lately and it's just been demolishing my motivation to do anything but just turn on the TV, boot up some vidya, and turn my brain off on my spare time. Hopefully I can get my shit together and get something out soon, but there's just no telling. Sorry to make any readers wait. Also, merry Christmas and happy holidays.
Its okay, bro, we love you too.
Merry Christmas Cop
It's fine dude.
I think it's clear now that everyone's okay with it, yea man?
We'll be here waiting

Hey so the rest of the story got MAGICALLY deleted
I spent the past two days hastily rewriting the rest and am now done
So uh, it's pretty god damn massive
29 more posts I think
Should I flood or just maybe pastebin it?
Flood it.
Remember, you did this

>You don’t even get to warn Celestia before she gets up with relative grace for someone you think may be a bit past drunk
>That is before she almost goes toppling down
>She barely catches herself mid-fall with an outstretched foot
>Laughing to herself she suddenly rights herself and skips towards the kitchen sink
>Leaving you alone with Chrissy, Zecora, and the adult eggnog
>You stare into the slightly cinnamon smelling brew
>”Are you going to have some?”
>You’re torn from the somewhat mesmerizing creamy liquid by Chrissy’s question
“I uh, I don’t think I should.”
>Zecora and Chrissy glance at each other before the former laughs softly
>”It is only a mixed drink; it is not toxic like you may think.”
>Well, while that’s technically not true you get what she’s going for
>Chrissy follows Zecora up by peering at you from behind her mug while grumbling
>”Exactly, you’re a big girl, just don’t be like Ms. Samples-her-own-brew over there and you’ll be fine.”
>The neon green haired mother takes a long swig of her drink before sighing and whispering more to herself than anything
>”One mug especially isn’t going to kill you, given how diluted the alcohol is in this stuff…”
>It almost seems like she’s trying to be, comforting?
>That feels, good
>But you guess they’re both right!
>You can handle one mug
>Zecora offers you a clean white mug with a decal of santa on it
>You gladly accept the mug and to your surprise Chrissy fills it for you
“Thank you.”
>She nods silently before downing the rest of her drink
>You look down into the cold liquid you hold
>Pushing your trepidation down you take a sip of the thick drink
>Huh, kinda like creamy vanilla milk with a hint of cinnamon as an after taste
>Pretty good though
>Having finally acquired a drink it’s about high-time you get to getting the only other thing you’ve been craving!
>That of course being some sort of food to tide you over until dinner
>You give a nonchalant wave to Chrissy and Zecora, hoping not to interrupt their conversation, before heading towards the kitchen area proper
>Before you can get to the coveted sweets you notice something by the sink
>That being Celestia’s backside as she hunches over the sink
>Oh my, is you alternate reality mentor drinking out of the sink like a dog?
>You feel as though something very dear inside you might break if that’s true
>However your fear is subdued as she stands up straight once more looking over her shoulder at Pinkie
>”Oh Ms. Pie! Dhis martini glass seems to be broken! It won’t fill up...”
>Pinkie just starts to giggle before shaking her head and reaching into her hair
>”That’s because that’s a funnel silly, here!”
>That revelation makes you much more worried for Celestia
>Pinkie however doesn’t seem to mind as she produces a red plastic cup from her hair and offers it to Celestia
>Managing not to teeter off her feet the woman you’re now sure is intoxicated gladly accepts the cup before scooting off back to the sink
>Hoping that she won’t do anything bad you get back to selecting a delicacy to tide you over until dinner
>As you approach the center island counter topped with sweets and treats Pinkie glances at you while getting back to mixing something in a bowl
>”Heyya Sunny, you aren’t already a bit woo-who like some people?”
>You manage to tear your eyes away from the piles of different appetizing foodstuff for a moment to respond
“N-no, I just didn’t really eat much before coming here so I thought I might have a snack to tide me over until dinner.”
>Pinkie’s eyes seem to sparkle as she smiles widely placing her mixing bowl on an empty part of the counter
>”Oh jingle jangle jingle do I have something for you!”
>Ducking under the counter for a few moments she pops up out of your peripheral with a tiny palm-sized plate
>While you didn’t jump considering how common an occurrence this is, it is hard not to flinch just a little
>You inspect the tiny Christmas themed paper plate to see…
>Is that what you think it is?
>Pinkie nods with a knowing smile
>”Yes, the Christmas tradition that no one seems to like it’s the, FRUITCAKE!”
>Hm, you haven’t seen one of those since, well your last Hearth’s Warming in Equestria
>Doing a little dance in place she presents you with the plate and a fork
>”Even though this slice is a itty bitty tinsey tiny fraction of the whole cake, it should keep you going until dinner!”
>You never really gave these things a try before, but there’s no time like the present!
>Accepting the offerings you give the small slice a bite
>Mhm, that’s surprisingly dense!
>A lot more moist than you expected, but in a good way
>As you begin to dig in Pinkie goes back to her mixing bowl
>”Oh by the way, you’ll probably want to go out into the living room once you’re done!”
>Huh, you must be hungrier than you though since you’re already done!
>Wait, what did Pinkie say?
>You give her a glance as you throw your plate into the trash beneath the counter
>Pinkie points out the window above the sink leading to…
>Oh that’s quite the tree
>Will that even fit into one of the entryways let alone the building?
“Thanks for the cake and the heads up Pinkie I’ll, be right back…”
>You start jogging towards the living room to help in what will be no doubt a difficult task
>You would have thought that with all the people you had it would’ve been relatively easy, but boy were you wrong
>Everyone seemed to have an opinion that if we’d just tilt or turn the tree this or that way it would fit
>Most everyone’s’ idea’s managed conflict with each other
>It was getting bad enough that you were beginning to wonder if there was a Windigo at foot
>Though thanks to a lucky push from AJ, Aria, Gilda, and Rainbow’s combined efforts and a little angling thanks to the shadowbolts’ teamwork you finally managed to get the colossal Christmas tree indoors
>The moral support of the others and yourself might have helped, but you don’t know
>The tree almost took out the second floor railing coming in, but it fit
>Just in time too since the last of the sun’s rays were slowly dipping beneath the horizon
>Propping it up in the corner nearest the veranda caused the top of the tree to bend against the ceiling
>It was the tallest spot so you all resolved that the top would be droopy rather than bring it out again and chop off some of the bottom
>It was after the ordeal was done that everyone relaxed once more while staring up at the tree in silence
>That was until
>You breathe a sigh of relief as you all stare up at the titan of a Christmas tree
>”Well, now that that’s done, who wants to partayyyy!?”
>There’s a few chuckles from the rest of the shadowbolts as Indigo Zap looks around excitedly
>Gilda is the first one to respond with a grin
>”Hell yea, now that we got that tree I’m ready! What about you Dash!?”
>Rainbow fist pumps next to her rough friend
>”Alright, what are we doing first!? I'm ready to get heated cause it was freezing out there!”
>Indigo Zap’s smile couldn’t get wider as she picks up her black duffel bag and unzips it
>”Oh that’s no worry, I’m about to warm you up real quick since…”
>You’re beginning to wonder what’s inside the duffel bag
>Indigo seems to almost be shaking as she dives her gingerbread arms into the bag
>With a jump she holds out her prize above her head
>”I brought the WII!”
>Oh, that was not what you were expecting
>The rest of the shadowbolts have varying reactions from a simple roll of the eyes to out-right laughing now as they each begin to do their own thing
>Indigo hugs the console tight to her chest while glaring at her friends
>”Hey, just because you girls don’t ever want to play doesn’t mean these fools won’t take me on!”
>At this point most everyone starts doing something that isn’t playing the wii
>Though you do find yourself fascinated with the white brick
>You only played it few times at Twilight and Fluttershy’s, but it was fun
>Rainbow shakes her head obviously a bit disappointed
>”Man, I thought you had something really AWESOME inside there, not just a wii.”
>Gilda looks incredulously at her rainbow haired friend
>”Just a wii, when did you become such a bore Dash?”
>Both you and Rainbow are taken aback by Gilda’s fervor
>Indigo looks hopefully to Gilda with wide eyes
>”So you understand?”
>Gilda steps forward with both fists clenched
>”Of course I do, the Wii is the closest I can get to bitch-slapping without leaving the house! It’s like I can punch ANYONE and no one bats an eye! Tell me you have the boxing game!”
>Indigo is practically over the moon
>Wow, talk about unexpected friends
>Rainbow shrugs apparently unenthusiastic about the whole thing
>”I think I’m gonna go get something to drink instead…”
>Gilda gets a wicked grin as she slides in front of Rainbow’s path
>”What’s the matter Dash, scared you’ll lose?”
>Rainbow stops in her tracks and glances at the taller girl
>”Are you, are you calling chicken?”
>Oh no, wait
>Gilda smugly crosses her arms
>”Well I certain ain’t calling you brave you, little, girl.”
>She puts extreme emphasis on the last two words
>Why Gilda!?
>She knows that nothing gets to Rainbow quicker than height!
>Hers specifically!
>Maybe you can salvage this before Windigo’s appe-
>Rainbow clenches her hands into white knuckled fists before 180ing and waltzing up to Indigo
>She wears a defiant and somewhat manic smirk as she points to the gingerbread girl
>”ALRIGHT, what game am I destroying the two of you at first!?”
>Indigo jumps up and down for joy
>”How about boxing!?”
>The three of them scramble to set up the Wii and start figuring an entire tournament system to determine which of them is the best at the Wii
>Well, uh…
>You meet Twilight’s gaze and she smiles
>”Looks like friends can be made over just about anything hmm?”
>She can say that again
>With a shrug she glances towards the kitchen
>”I was about to assist Pinkie in the culinary preparations, would you like to join me?”
>You shake your head
“I think I’ll mingle a bit.”
>Twilight takes a sip of her eggnog before nodding
>”Alright, if you require any assistance.”
>She points towards the kitchen before walking off
>With a wave you look around the room before spotting AJ and Sour Sweet chatting off to the side over two mugs of egg nog
>Which reminds you!
>You take another drink of your own tasty brew as you stroll towards the two
>Before you get too close though you hear a bit of their conversation
>”Ya know, I still have my doubts about you lot sometimes, but yer not bad at all! At least you yourself are always honest.”
>You stop mid-stride and can only manage to smile incredulously
>AJ, WHY!?!
>Didn’t everyone have a talk with her about the being too honest thing!?
>Sour Sweet flashes her pearly whites while fluttering her eyelashes
>”Well I truly appreciate that AJ, it’s especially comforting since I know you’re not lying because you couldn’t even lie to a preschooler!”
>It’s like a Windigo is already here!
>At least that’s your thought until the two of them laugh jollily
>”Ain’t that the truth!”
>AJ glances towards the kitchen
>”Say, want to help Pinkie and me whip up some grub?”
>Sour Sweet thinks for a moment before shrugging
>”Why not?”
>Ok that’s not normal!
>The two of them continue talking and walk towards the kitchen as if nothing happened
>Might as well visit with someone else
>You spy Fluttershy sitting with Jordan and Trixie lounging on the floor beside the fireplace doing something
>You walk behind the Wii tournament going on in the middle of the common area and up to Fluttershy’s semicircle on the ground before you unceremoniously take a seat beside your yellow friend
>Jordan gives you a peppy chirp while the other two glance at each other before directing their gaze towards you
>Fluttershy places her mug down beside her before speaking
>”Is something the matter?”
>Not really…
>You sigh as you slouch a bit and set your nog beside you as well
“Ah, I’m just worrying over nothing.”
>Jordan scoots over and snuggles up beside you silently as if to comfort you
>Trixie smiles widely while leaning towards you from her pretzel-legged position
>”Well worry not, now is the time to have fun and what could be more fun than learning a few magic tricks?”
>Learn a few magic tricks?
>Well that certainly seems more interesting than worrying everyone is going to attract a Windigo
>Fluttershy and Jordan nod excitedly
>”It’s actually really fun to watch, even if I’m not so good at doing them myself…”
>Trixie shakes her head with a grin
>”Nonsense, your teacher the Great and Knowledgeable Trixie who taught you knows you can work at least one of tricks Trixie has shown you!”
>Fluttershy seems to shrink back as Trixie hands her a deck of cards
>”Come now, show Sunset your skill.”
>You are a bit curious considering Trixie seems so confident in Fluttershy’s ability, but then again…
“You don’t have to if you don’t want t-“
>Your quiet yellow friend surprises you with a vigorous shake of her head causing her hair to flick around
>”N-no, I mean I do, I-I will.”
>Trixie winks to Fluttershy as she accepts the crisp packet of cards
>Coughing into her hand she begins to awkwardly shuffle the cards
>She tries to do the dealer shuffle, but almost sends the cards flying
>Finally deciding it’s shuffled enough Fluttershy fans the cards out and holds it towards you
>”Please pick a card.”
>You can feel both Trixie and Jordan’s eye focusing on you now
>With a nod you pick the middle card from the fan
>”Please memorize it.”
>You flip it over revealing the queen of hearts
>Glancing back at the aspiring card shark you see she seems to be contemplating something before meeting your eyes with her own
>”Oh uh, actually um, put it back and maybe pick a different card…”
>You stare dumbfounded as she looks away embarrassed
>”I kinda needed you to pick any card besides that one…”
>Ok then
>As you put it back you do your best to comfort her
“That’s ok, I can do that.”
>Let’s see
>You hand hovers over the card fan as you decide
>How about this one?
>You go to pick the one on the very right edge when Fluttershy squeaks
>”Not that one…”
>Ok, um
>You go for the one a few in from that one
>”Or that one…”
>You furrow your brow and look to her with incredulity
>To which she shies away from your gaze
>”H-how about I just move on and…”
>She begins trying to awkwardly shuffle once more, this time halving the deck with both hands before pressing the halves together
>It’s pretty sloppy and only ends up spilling the cards all over the floor
>Jordan squeals at the display with child-like mirth
>Oh, oh no
>Fluttershy freezes up as the cards spread out between you
>Maybe, this was too much for her?
>You start rounding up the cards and trying to comfort her as she stares defeated
“It’s ok, can’t all be experts to begin with. I would’ve forgot my card anyways…”
>Picking the cards up from the floor is a bit of a pain, but you’re surprised by a sudden giggle
>”R-really, cause I’m pretty sure this is your card.”
>You look up from the mess only to see Fluttershy reaching behind your ear
>Only to pull back with the queen of hearts between her fingertips!
>Your eyes flick between the smiling Fluttershy and proud Trixie
“But how, I was watching you the whole time and you couldn’t even!”
>Trixie lets out a laugh and places a hand on your shoulder
>”The first tool in any good magician’s set is deception, or in other words misdirection.”
>She gestures to Fluttershy with an open palm
>”And Fluttershy has the makings to be very deceptive!”
>Jordan claps its hooves together in a faux-applause
>The apparently good junior magician rocks back and forth as she beams with pride
>”Oh stop…”
>Huh, who would’ve thought?
“Wow, I wouldn’t have thought…”
>She starts picking up the remaining cards
>”I just wish I could do the shuffles Trixie can so I didn’t make such a mess afterwards.”
>She glances at the master magician with hopeful eyes
>”You wouldn’t mind showing us again, just one more time?”
>Masterful card shuffles is something you’d like to see
>Trixie looks up with a grin
>”Mind? The Great and Powerful Trixie would love to show you as many times as you want to watch.”
>Both Jordan and Fluttershy give little cheers as she hands the cards off
>You give one as well as Trixie cracks her knuckles before taking the cards
>”Hmm what to start with…”
>You take another drink as you eagerly await her card tricks
>Only to hear someone call out to you
>”Sunset darling could you lend us a hand here?”
>Glancing over your shoulder you see that Rarity is waving to you by the tree
>Looking back Trixie gives you a smile
>”Go, Trixie shall show you another time perhaps?”
>You stand up, much to Jordan’s dismay, and nod apologetically
“I’d really like that.”
>Giving a small wave to the three you go off with egg nog in hand to see what Rarity needs from you
>As you approach you see that she flanked by Adagio and Sunny Flare
>They all seem to be standing next to open boxes of decorations
>While you close in you can begin to hear a dispute between the three girls
>Rarity flicks her bangs out of her face with one smooth motion that makes her white dress flow and sparkle in the light
>”Of course I’m serious darling, the classic Christmas style had a certain chique to it that modern interpretations simply lack!”
>Adagio scrunches her face in disgust while shaking her head
>You’re surprised the Christmas lights in her hair barely react to the shaking
>”The modern interpretations exist because the classic styling was excellent, excellently tacky maybe; things were decorated that way because we didn’t have anything better like we do now!”
>Rarity clenches her hands into fists at her sides as she shakes her head in frustration
>”Oh what do you know, it’s not like you were, ah mhm…”
>Adagio smirks smugly with both hands on her hips
>”I wasn’t around for it?”
>Rarity looks away as you feel like Adagio might start laughing manically
>However before she can Sunny Flare speaks up with her arms crossed
>”You’re both missing the spirit of the holiday itself! Why when I was a girl my family would take the time out of their busy schedules to sit down and create our decorations by hand!”
>Sounds like things are getting really heated between them
>You can’t let that happen!
>As you step in Rarity spots you and lets out a sigh of relief
>”Ah finally, can you talk some sense into these two, classic tinsel Christmas is the style we must go for.”
>Adagio scoffs before shaking her head
>”Maybe if you’re putting candles in it as well; no, lights are what make trees pop! You should’ve seen how dazzled everyone was when electric lights were first introduced!”
>Sunny Flare holds up a piece of white paper with a design of a snowflake already traced on
>”If we’re going through the trouble of having an actual tree and being in the snowy mountains then I must insist we focus on making our own decorations!”
>They begin to bicker more as you attempt to stop this with the most obvious solution
“Can’t you just do all three?”
>They stop suddenly at your words and glance at each other before Adagio speaks up
>”Well, I don’t suppose we can’t, but…”
>Rarity scratches her chin
>”I guess we can make it so they don’t clash…”
>Sunny Flare shrugs
>”It’d be much easier to do so if anyone else helped.”
>You cross your arms
“Have you asked anyone to?”
>The three all look in different directions trying very hard not to look like they didn’t think of that
>Alright, this is an easy fix
>You turn to the three girls currently racing karts on the wii
“Hey rainbow dash, think you can string lights and tinsel up on the tree faster than Gilda?”
>Rainbow quickly snaps her gaze from the tv with a smirk
>”Is that even a question, why woul-“
>Gilda laughs interrupting Rainbow as she pauses the game
>”Of course she can’t, I was always a better climber, have been since our days back at camp.”
>You can see Indigo’s smile widen as Rainbow gives Gilda the most confused look
>”Hey, I only fell like once and you’re saying you’re a quicker tree climber now?”
>Gilda smirks, but before she can say anything indigo pops forward over her shoulder
>”I don’t think she’s saying that she isn’t!”
>Rainbow drops her plastic wheel onto the able unceremoniously before standing up
>”Ok, light and tinsel stringing contest right here right now.”
>Gilda places her wheel beside her before jumping up and cracking her knuckles
>”Oh I’m gonna enjoy lighting the way for you Rainbow Crash.”
>Indigo tosses her wheel aside and hops up as well
>”As if, I bet I can beat both of you!”
>With the fire of competition lit beneath the three of them they stride toward the tree
>Adagio and Rarity look as if they’re going to help coordinate their efforts while Sunny Flare sets her snowflake making supplies up on the oval table
>You decide to help her and pick up a sheet of paper
>”Oooooh, what cha doing here?”
>Sonata walks into the commons area from her room and seemingly takes notice of the snowflake making that’s about to ensue
>Fluttershy, Jordan, and Trixie all peer over at the commotion and come closer to see what’s going on
>Trixie chuckles as she spots the supplies before taking a spot on the ground in front of the fire
>”Why it looks like you’re making snowflakes, Trixie happens to be a master of papercraft!”
>Sonata jumps for joy at the realization and takes a seat on the ground beside Sunny Flare
>”That sounds like fun, can I join!?”
>Fluttershy sits beside Sonata with Jordan in her lap
>”I hope you don’t mind if we do too.”
>The prim and proper ornament maker simply hands out pieces of paper with a smile
>”It would bring me nothing but joy if you did dearie.”
>It’s nice that everyone’s just working together to decorate the tree!
>You’re about to join in the snowflake making when you realize that not everyone is here
>Well besides those cooking, and drinking…
>Wonder where they could be?
>Looking around you notice that the front door is open a crack
>Maybe you should investigate?
“I’ll be right back.”
>Getting up from your seat you walk towards the front door
>Slipping into your boots you take a few steps out the door
>Wow, it got dark fast
>Not to mention cold
>The wind bites at you as it picks up and dies out
>Snow falls in a steady, but not too heavy flurry
>Seems like they were right, this probably will get worse at this rate
>You glance around and notice a few people off to the side sitting on the steps
>Oh there they are!
>Must be enjoying the night
>You glance up at the night sky and you can feel your breath being taken away
>It’s so vibrant even through the snow
>Each star is plainly visible like individual colors in a painting
>The sight takes you back
>The last time the sky seemed so alive was so long ago
>You really haven’t been out in nature like this for a while huh?
>The bittersweet feeling makes you smile wryly
>Tearing your gaze back down from the heavens you decide to check on the other three
>The snow crunches underfoot as you waltz over towards the trio
>Aria is the first to notice your approach and greets you in monotone
>”Hey, glad you could join us in the cold kids club.”
>Sugarcoat sighs a visible trail of breath
>”It’s like the cool kids club, but significantly colder because we’re freezing outside.”
>You take a seat next to Lemon Zest who’s currently listening to her headphones
“Why are you guys outside in the cold then?”
>Aria grins as she shoves her hands into her pockets
>”I just wanted to chill out, these two followed me.”
>Sugarcoat shrugs while adjusting her glasses
>”I just like the night sky.”
>Ah ok, that’s understandable
“Well you know everyone inside is decorating the tree right now, we’re even cutting paper snowflakes out.”
>Sugarcoat stands up with a roll of her eyes
>”Sunny always wants to do that around Christmas, and I won’t hear the end of it if I don’t help her. See ya girls.”
>With that she walks back inside leaving you with Aria who’s looking up at the sky, and Lemon Zest who’s still rocking out without a care in the world
>Aria doesn’t look down from the beautiful sky and asks
>”Sonata’s probably helping out isn’t she?”
>She glance at you from her peripheral as you nod
>Kicking a bit of snow off the steps she turns back towards the lodge
>”Guess I better help her out before she cuts it wrong and starts crying… later.”
>And then there were two
>You tap Lemon Zest on the shoulder which startles her somewhat
>She slides her headphone down around her neck and greets you with a smile
>”Heya Sunset, what’s the haps?”
>You shrug
"Everyone's decorating and I saw the door open."
>The music maniac lets out a quiet hum
>”Ah yea, well I was waiting out here just in case, but I guess she couldn’t make it after all.”
"Who exactly?"
>Lemon Zest gives you a grin a mile wide
>”None other than our number one time related boss, er well my boss.”
“I didn’t know she planned on coming.”
>Lemon Zest scratches her chin then shrugs
>”Well she didn’t really plan per say, but she was going to come up if she could.”
>Well that’s a shame; it would’ve been nice to see her again
>You lean back and stare up at the stars once more losing your gaze among them
>Your breath creates a thick cloud above you that quickly disperses
>A hand gently pats you on the shoulder
>Glancing to your left you see that Lemon Zest has stood up
>”Hey, at least I was able to get Zecora here huh. Glad Anon told her about this ahead of time.”
>He’s the one who invited her?
>You thought it was Luna or Celestia
>You stand up as Lemon Zest puts her hands in her pockets
“Speaking of Anon, have you seen him?”
>You remember him going into his room and then, nothing
>Lemon Zest furrows her brow and looks down at the ground
>”Huh, now that you mention it I haven’t…”
>Weird, he must still be in there
>Though you don’t know what exactly he’d be doing
“I think I’ll go find him, we’re all decorating or cooking after all.”
>The green haired rocker nods
>”Yea that’s a good idea; I think I’ll join everybody else.”
>The two of you make your way indoors as the wind begins to pick up once more and snow begins to fall in earnest
>Closing the door behind you, you quickly jump out your boots
>If you recall correctly Anon was in the room adjacent yours upstairs
>You head up the stairway tucked in away by the first floor rooms to left
>Going up the wood paneled stairs you can’t help but feel off, even with the warm fire and conversation just a few steps behind you
>As you get to the top of the stairs you feel, a chill?
>What’s that noise you hear too?
>Like a distant whistle
>Something’s not right
>Getting to the second floor and following the sound brings you closer to the cold, eventually leading you to Anon’s room
>While you wanted to come here, you don’t like what’s going on
>You grab the door handle and freeze as you feel its icy temperature
>What if the chill and that howl like noise are, Windigos?
>No, Luna said there may have been a Wendigo here, but she also said they chased it out 20 years ago
>Your heart begins to beat a little faster, but you push through it opening the door
>A cold wind slices through you to your core as you finish opening the door
>What happened here!?
>Anon’s room is empty except for the empty duffel bags littering the floor and bed
>Not only that, but the window seems to have been left open for some time as some snow has accumulated on the window sill
>You move in quickly shutting the window and the source of the now teeth-chattering cold
>Alright, this looks bad, but it’s not like there isn’t a ration explanation for this!
>There has to be…
>You lean on the window sill and stare into the now barely visible forest as if looking for an answer
>The snow seems indifferent as it seems intent on falling harder
>You won’t find any answers sitting here staring into the snow!
>There must be something you can do right now
>You’re about to leave the room, but the moment you stop leaning on the window sill you see something glowing in the distance
>Two somethings in fact
>Two somethings that look a lot like glowing eyes floating in the dark
>Bright shiny eyes staring back at you from within the forest
>No that can’t be
>You blink and, it’s not there anymore
>Your grip tightens on your mug so hard you think you may shatter it
>You, you…
>You need to talk with Luna!
>Instead of dropping or spilling your mug of eggnog you set it down on the bedside table before running off
>You stomp down the steps as quickly as possible before making a b line for the kitchen getting more than a few curious glances
>You slide to a stop at the kitchen’s entrance and glance around for Luna
>Looks like she’s sitting at the bar counter once more sipping eggnog with the other adults
>You speed walk as casually as you can past AJ, Pinkie, Sour Sweet and Twilight before leaning against the bar counter smiling sheepishly
“So hey, ha ah, can I ask you something in private Luna?”
>Luna raises an eyebrow and lowers her mug
>”Is something the matter?”
>Celestia, who’s still drinking from the red plastic cup Pinkie gave her, perks up and sways in place
>”Do you need a hand with something Sunset dear?”
>Chrissy seems a little less angry as she now looks at you with indifference
>Zecora cocks an eyebrow and sets her shaker down
>”If assistance is what you need, I believe the four of us would do so indeed.”
>Glancing around you wonder if you can trust all of them
>Well, honestly it seems better to actually tell all the full adults here about it you suppose
>Leaning forward onto the counter you take a breath and lay it out on them
“So I haven’t seen Anon since we got here and I curious so I went to his room and he, he wasn’t there.”
>The four share mildly confused glances
>You continue before they can ask anything
“And not only that, but his room had empty duffel bags and the window was left open and there was snow on it and…”
>Zecora leans forward furrowing her brow and placing a hand on your shoulder
>”While that is certainly suspect, it also could be due to neglect.”
>That’s true, but…
>You decide not to leave anything out
“Maybe, I don’t know, but when I looked out the window I swore I saw bright shiny EYES outside.”
>Celestia abruptly stops swaying in place and frowns with a deathly serious intensity
>Turning to Luna she speaks hurriedly in a surprisingly sober voice
>”If that’s true we have to go out there and sea-“
>Luna cups a hand over Celestia’s mouth
>”Perhaps we should make sure he’s not SOMEWHERE ELSE in the building first dear sister?”
>You, didn’t think to do that…
>Celestia’s frown disappears almost instantly replaced with a lopsided smile and the resumption of her slight sway
>”Oh yea, that’s akshually a good idea Lulu; you’re sho smart!”
>Luna sighs with a shake of her head
>”You would’ve thought that too under normal circumstances.”
>She turns to Zecora
>”Would you mind lending assistance to our search?”
>Zecora puts down her drink and shakes her head
>”Not at all, what is a barkeep if not on call?”
>Chrissy downs the rest of her mug before slamming it down on the counter and standing up
“Are you going to help too?”
>She shrugs while brushing her neon green bangs out of her face
>”Maybe, but first I’m going to hug my spawn close and make sure no one does anything funny…”
>We looked all over the lodge for him, but couldn’t find any trace of Anon
>It was like he vanished; only leaving behind his empty duffel bags
>You were starting to get pretty worried, but Luna kept calm as you searched the last place he could be
>It wasn’t until you basically checked everywhere in the building did you stop in the living room
>It seems like everyone was gathered there now except Anon
>You were deciding on whether to organize a search party when…
>”Ah’m tellin ya Aria, the Spirit of Violence Past is gonna completely whoop Elbow-knee-er Scourge!”
>While some are still decorating the tree others had taken to watching the “Night of Violence” wrestling Christmas special featuring Iron Will
>You look to Luna as her gaze drills holes in the floor
“Maybe we should tell everyone tha-“
>Before you can fully speak your mind the room goes dark
>Well, except for the currently dying fire, Twilight’s Sweater, and Adagio's light-up hair
>Gilda angrily shouts
>”Hey, what happened to the power!?”
>That’s what you’re wondering, but something tells you…
>Looking around it seems that the power has gone out in the whole house
>People begin to fish out their phones in the darkness and flood the room with mini-lights as you whisper to Luna
“Do you think it may be…”
>She does a cut it out gesture with a frown before clapping her hands together to get everyone’s attention
>They quiet down as she steps forward towards the now barren center oval table
>”Sorry, I may not have fueled the generator enough; I wasn’t expecting quite so many to be joining us this evening.”
>Trixie stands from her seat next to the fire with one fist on her hip and the other dragging Fluttershy into a stand
>”Never fear, for the Great and Powerful Trixie, and her new assistant are here! We shall entertain all in the interim!”
>Most people divert their attention to her as she begins waving her arms around with a pack of playing cards and a panicked Fluttershy
>Guess having a magician around to distract people really does come in handy
>With Trixie performing for the people not browsing their phones you feel like now is a good time to figure out what you’re doing
>You’re about to ask Luna what to do next when a loud *CRASH* pierces the relative silence and shakes the lodge
>Everyone goes silent as only the sound is of the wind gnawing and scratching against the walls of the building
>Almost as one, everyone looks towards the source of the noise
>Outside the veranda in the snowy blizzard
>Indigo Zap springs to a stand bringing a voice to what’s on everyone’s mind
>”What the world was that!?”
>Everyone quickly surrounds the veranda glass doors, yourself included
>Squinting out the glass doesn’t reveal anything as it’s too dark to see through the constant snowfall
>At least until you see a mass of snow move in front of the shed, and then another
>Fluttershy lets out a yelp before stepping away from the doors
>”D-did anyone else see two big things move in front of the shed?”
>Rarity backs away from the door as well
>”Oh, that wasn’t just moi?”
>Sunny Flare confirms with a slow and uncertain nod
>”N-no dearie, I believe not.”
>Rainbow backs away while crossing her arms
>”Alright, does anybody know what’s going on?”
>Pinkie begins to hyperventilate before whispering as she backs away from the glass door
>”It’s not just one, it’s MULTIPLE WENDIGOS!”
>You flinch at her sudden screech that lets loose a tidal wave of panic among everyone
>Though that can’t be it
>One, let alone two
>A hand on your shoulder causes you to freeze before realizing it’s Luna
>Before anyone can really start panicking she speaks calmly
>”I believe jumping to conclusions isn’t going to get us anywhere, let’s just calm do-“
>Several people jump as the loud thrashing on the door destroys the relative silence created by the blizzard outside
>Everyone freezes in place
>Glancing around you can see everyone seems unsure of what to do
>Sugarcoat speaks up just loud enough to be heard over the wind and dying cackles of the fire
>”Ok, so who’s going to be the one to answer the door?”
>Indigo shakes her head as she holds her hands up
>”No way am I going to be the first out there.”
>The other shadowbolt’s seem to feel the same as they look around expectantly
>Chrissy quickly scoops up Jordan and cradles the tyke into her arms
>”Whoever it is should be quick…”
>Fluttershy shakes like a leaf behind Pinkie, who's hiding behind Rarity, who’s also hiding behind one of the supporting beams of the building
>AJ pushes Rainbow forward a step
>”Well uh, ya should be the one ta check.”
>Rainbow backs up a step and whisper yells at AJ
>”ME, why should I be the one that gets fed to the Wendigo.”
>Gilda shakes her head
>”Come on dude, don’t jinx whoever’s going out there like that.”
>You don’t see where Trix-wait, she’s peeking out from behind the couch
>You glance over to Celestia, Luna, and Zecora who all seem to be having a silent conversation among themselves
>Twilight tugs on your sleeve before whispering
>”Should we…”
>You don’t know
>Sonata moves behind Adagio’s poof who stands beside a frowning Aria
>Apparently annoyed at this Aria shakes her head and steps forward
>”Oh this is stupid; I’m going to open the door now.”
>As Aria begins walking alone towards the door Sonata pokes her head out from behind Adagio
>”Aria don’t! I’m scared…”
>Aria rolls her eyes before continuing
>“I’m just going to take a peek outside and find nothing relax.”
>Part of you hopes she’s right and she finds nothing, but…
>Aria doesn’t even hesitate, throwing the door open with reckless abandon she hollers out into the darkness as snow flows into the lodge
>”Any spooky monsters or wendigo out there better show themselves before they get my foot so far up their ass they’ll be tasting me sole for weeks!”
>Wow, you’re almost impressed by the lack of care Aria has right now
>There’s a tense few moments as Aria peeks outside and nothing happens
>Aria slams the door shut and walks back towards the commons
>All eyes are on her as if waiting to ask
>”Didn’t see anything out there.”
>Indigo crosses her arms with a frown
>”So then, was Pinkie right, are we being stalked, maybe by a Wendigo?”
>Celestia shakes her head
>”No that’s impossible, we’ve been here for so long without a single incident.”
>Gilda barges forward into the center of everyone
>”Ok it was kinda funny, but seriously, this has to be a prank right; like where’s Anon?”
>It seems everybody realizes his absence all at once as everybody does their own mental headcount
>Everyone begins speaking at once frantically
>”Ah don’t know, ah haven’t seen him in hours!”
>”He hasn’t been in the living room since I’ve been decorating the tree.”
>Was that a noise?
>”Nor has he been in the kitchen!”
>”He wasn’t with us when we got the tree inside.
>There it is again
>”I don’t believe I saw him when I arrived dearies.”
>”I believe I saw him in organizing things in his room a bit after we arrived.”
>You cough as a bit of, dust(?) falls on you from above?
>You look up to the ceiling
>”He’s no longer in the house, I searched around with Sunset, the scryer, and the two sisters.”
>”He was in the basement when the Dazzlings arrived...”
>Another cloud of dust falls from the ceiling
>Is there something on the roof?
>”He was supposed to be in the basement preparing for later tonight, but he wasn’t down there when we checked again later.”
>”We first need to get everyone dressed before establishing search parties.”
>It’s going towards, the chimney?
>You begin inching towards the now barely smoldering fireplace
>”If I can get a map of the surrounding area I could maybe chart optimal grids for us to search.”
>”Don’t we have to worry about whatever’s out there though?”
>It’s definitely at the chimney now
>You raise your voice to hopefully be heard over the clamor of panicked planning
“Hey, there’s something on the roof!”
>That gets everyone’s attention as they all stop pacing and talking at once
>Rainbow smirks incredulously
>”Uh, what?”
>You hold an open palm around your ear and point to the ceiling
>Gilda is the only one to break the silence
>”Mother fu-“
*Crrrssh WHUMP*
>Something practically explodes in the fireplace sending a cloud of ash and snow(?) into the air
>You cough as the pollution surrounds you
>”John jangle jingle heimer Schmidt, what was that?!”
>You’d answer Pinkie but a loud noise cuts through your thoughts
>Followed by a ghastly screech
>You try to retreat from the fireplace towards Trixie but the sound ends abruptly as the ground shakes
>You barely manage to stay standing as even more ash explodes out the fireplace
>Coughing profusely you try to wave the ash out of your face
>A chorus of low growls emanates from with the fireplace before you
>You attempt clearing the ash from your face as you hear Twilight yell behind you
>”No, not my complete compendium of old folk carols!”
>Something goes whizzing by your head before colliding with whatever’s in the fireplace loudly
>You almost expect something to jump out at you in retaliation, but instead
>”*COUGH ACK*AWwwww FFFFFFUUUuuuccck!”
>Wait, you recognize that pained yell!
>Seems others do as they shout too
>Another voice answers from within the fireplace
>”Are we ok…”
>Wait is that!?
>A combination of phone lights and several people rushing in and you manage to clear away the lingering cloud of ash to reveal Anon, an-
>”Time bossman you made it!”
>Lemon Zest offers the agitated girl her hand
>”Yea, no thanks to this guy!”
>Anon attempts to stand and defend himself before needing AJ’s help
>”Hey in my defense, this was way cooler an entrance AND less of a screw up than blasting a door clean off its hinges!”
>Before you can ask any of the multitude of question flowing through your head Rainbow grabs something in the fireplace
>”Hey, what’s in this sack?”
>He smiles proudly
>”It’s all my secret Santa presents for like all of you!”
>You just now notice that Anon is dressed up as Santa Claus
>Well, a Santa that was dragged through a coal mine
>A torrent of questions floods out your mouth
“Where were you, what were you doing, why did you come down the chimney, what do you mean your presents, and when did she get here?!”
>He holds up his hands defensively with a blackened smirk as if to stop anyone else from flooding him with questions
>”Ok ok, maybe we should explain…”
>His soot coated companion balls her fist as she punches him
>”We!?! You popped up out of the darkness almost giving me a heart attack and then brought me to the shack to hide!”
>He takes the hit and coughs
>”*Cough* ok that’s fair, maybe I should explain then…”
>It turns out that pretty much the entire night was a combination of bad luck and poor decision making on Anon’s part
>After sneaking out of his room via the window and a ladder what started as needing to wrap up all the presents he got for everyone quickly became something more
>He had gone outside to, write his name in the snow, when he noticed a certain late-comer’s car approaching
>Deciding to rush up to her he asked if she wanted to join him in his surprise santa visit
>Well, asked is a bit of a weak word according to her since he dragged her to help him wrap presents too
>So what started as an innocent last-minute present wrap soon escalated when the lock to the shed door froze over
>While yanking and pulling on the door he managed to throw himself back onto the generator and knock something loose
>They would've tried fixing it, but decided against it on the basis that neither of them were really qualified to repair generators
>Eventually they decided they needed to get out of there or they’d freeze
>Anon wanted to bust open the window on the door, but his helper said she could easily apply just enough magical eumph to burst open the door with minimal damage
>Needless to say, she didn’t exactly succeed in that department
>Thanks to the visibility being so poor they thought they took too long and everyone had gone to bed
>Both their phones were either inside the house or dead, and neither had the key to the place so prospects were grim
>In order to hopefully wake someone up they practically beat the door down
>With the cold biting through their relatively thin outfits Anon came up with a very very stupid idea
>Why not go through the chimney?
>It was big enough, and with the way the roof layout was it was a relatively easy climb
>He stressed that he also didn’t want to break anymore doors down
>That’s how they came to slamming down a 20 ft drop using magic to somewhat cushion the fall
>But the worst part by far…
>”You realize how idiotic that stunt was correct?”
>You nod agreeing with Celestia
“You could’ve been seriously injured or worse!”
>You’re not the only one giving the black and green Santa lounging on the couch a glare
>He shrinks back a bit in his seat
>”In my defense, I’ve done way more stupid and dangerous things; not to mention that I’ve fallen from way higher thanks to the hell Will put me through.”
>Practically everyone groans as you all settle back down in your respective seats
>With power restored and a fire raging it seems you can get on with the festivities
>Maybe after everyone gets done with Anon
>Instead of tearing into Anon, he suggests something else as he pats the blackened red silk sack beside him
>”So, bad stuff aside, I did get everyone here a present!”
>This causes a few people to eye the damaged bag with raised eyebrows as he shoots Chrissy a finger gun
>”Yes, even you Jordan’s mom.”
>He smiles sheepishly as he fishes out a present
>”They should all be relatively unscathed; they had a much smoother ride than I did after all. So why don’t we do the gift exchange now eh?”
>You don’t want to give him any, but to his credit the gift looks surprisingly pristine
>He begins handing them out to everybody in attendance
>It takes a while, but eventually you’re sitting beside him holding a small palm-sized box wrapped in orange paper
>He leans back while placing the sack and some remaining presents on the floor
>”That’s a load off my mind; getting presents for 27 people was probably one of the longest and most expensive tasks I’ve done.”
>You look up from your gift with a cocked eyebrow
“There’s only 24 of us here including you though?"
>He nods with a smile
>”Yep, thought we’d see Shining Armor, Cadence, an last but not least Wil-“
>He’s interrupted by a loud exclamation behind you
>”This is sooo AWESOME!”
>In Rainbows hands are a very nice pair of shoes
>Anon gives her a thumbs up
>”We never did get those shoes at the mall, so I figured I’d get you them.”
>Rainbow dashes over to Anon with stars in her eyes
>"How'd you even afford these!?"
>Anon sighs
>"Lots and lots of work after school for a certain rich employer..."
>After school work?
“Were you working after school all December?”
>He stretches his arms out and jokingly grunts
>”Yep, and somehow it was the worst month I’ve had all year!”
>You don’t really buy that considering October, but…
>Well that helps relieve one concern you had
>As if spurred on by Rainbow everyone else starts tearing into their gifts
>Gilda starts off by pulling the top off her box by the ribbon
>That is before she simply tears open the box and seems taken aback
>”How did you…”
>The two of them share a glance before she covers the box and stows it beside her
>”Thanks I guess…”
>Trixie follows suit by tapping her box twice causing it to topple open
>Inside is, a plastic egg?
>Whatever it is she gasps in delight before grasping it tightly to her chest
>Sonata jumps for joy as she clutches a, sombrero with a taco photo taped to it?
>Aria seems somewhat unimpressed with her gift
>”While I like it, I can’t help think you’re still holding a grudge for some reason…”
>She pulls out of her box a pair of mma gloves
>Adagio glows at the sight of her gift, well more so than she already was
>”I didn’t think you could pick out the tea from one tasting…”
>Anon yawns with a wide grin
>”Kinda cheated and looked in your cupboard.”
>Indigo Zap practically tears all her wrapping paper off in one go
>With a manic grin she poses with her newly acquired wooden katana
>Lemon Zest begins laughing uncontrollably as she pulls out, a thin guitar?
>She begins strumming away at the paper-thin guitar as music blasts forth from it
>Sugarcoat gives a dry laugh as she holds a bottle of nail polish in hand
>”Ha ha, very funny gifting me myself.”
>Anon gives her a two finger salute
>”There’s also 20$ in there for ya.”
>Sugarcoat smiles contently as she examines it
>”You didn’t even really try because you don’t know me well enough to know what I want so you give me a gift that I can use however I want. Passable, considering you at least went out of your way to get a joke gift as well, I guess.”
>Sour Sweet cackles as she tears at her present
>”Ha, I can’t wait to see what shit-“
>She stops laughing as she stares at a palm sized plastic rectangle with a sticky note on top of it
>Sunny Flare smiles as dignified as she can with bursting out laughing
>You can’t see exactly what she’s holding, but you think it’s a dvd
>Zecora is already examining her gift curiously
>A yoyo?
>”Thought you might be good at it since ya know…”
>Anon winces as Zecora begins to chuckle lightly
>”What is this?”
>The ever agitated S-
>”It’s a nametag, ya know so everyone knows your real name even though we’re just going to call you something and time.”
>Anon interrupts your thoughts once more
>You stifle a giggle however as the freshly name-tagged girl rolls her eyes
>Jordan is wiggling around in his gift
>At least you assume the pot is his gift since it doesn’t look like the stuff in the kitchen
>Chrissy holds up a pair of neon green knee socks and band-aid
>He shoots Anon a confused look
>He in turn smiles
>”It came to me in a dream.”
>Pinkie removes half of her box like it isn’t even attached to itself and softly smiles
>Don’t know how Anon managed to get a cupcake in that box and have it come out in one piece after all he did
>Rarity stares fondly at her gift
>You think it’s a photo, but you can't quite tell of what
>AJ quietly admires the shimmering glass apple in her hands
>There’s an inscription on it, but you can’t read it from your seat
>Twilight excitingly examines her gift
>A rather odd looking, Rubik’s cube?
>It’s in a weird shape and has numbers on each tile instead of colors
>Luna is, crying?
>She’s reading through what looks like a very weathered journal
>Celestia, who sits beside her crying sister, chokes back her own tears as she reads a book
>It seems to have a pretty crude drawing on the title, but you can’t make out anything else
>Deciding that maybe you should open your own gift you tear away the layer of orange
>Underneath is a velvet box
>Popping it open you see…
>It’s your cutie mark
>A glass version of it
>Anon nods to you with a happy smirk
>”Thought it would look nice as a hairpin.”
>You, you don’t know what to say
>It feels like you shouldn’t be so emotional about it, but…
>It only occurs to you now that you haven’t actually worn anything with your cutie mark on it since the Friendship Games
>It feels so, good to hold this hair pin
>Like a missing piece you didn’t know was gone is back
>You pin it to your hair with a grateful smile
“Thank you.”
>He nods in response before waving towards the gift pile on the table
>”So are you guys going to exchange presents or are we renaming it to the Anon gives everyone stuff exchange?”
>Oh, that’s right!
>As everyone snatches their respective gifts off the table you grab your gift bag, making sure dust off some of the accumulated ash, before thrusting it towards Anon
>He rubs his hands together with a sharp inhale
>”Oh boy oh boy, what did ya get me!?”
>He takes the tissue out first and peers into the bags insides for a moment before the smile on his face disappears
>”I, I didn’t think I’d ever see this again…”
>You’d be worried if not for the tone of his voice
>Genuine surprise
>Anon pulls out the broken remnants of that pin from so long ago
“I tried to touch it up as much as I could, but…”
>He doesn’t respond for a moment as he seems to loose himself in the slightly shined and cracked surface of the small pin
>He finds his voice as he closes his eyes
>”That’s, that’s fine, it’s great…”
>He turns to you choking back tears with a smile
>”It means a lot, having this again…”
>You put a hand on his knee and give him a firm squeeze
>You really hoped this would make him happy
>He simply smiles as he clutches your hand tightly
>”Thank you.”
>You adjust your hair and run your fingers over the smooth glass of your pin
>By far one of the best Friday nights you’ve had, and as far as Christmases go…
>Well you may not have a lot of them under your belt, but you don’t think you’d change a thing

I have no idea how, but after setting out to not be like last year and bum rush this I somehow ended up writing more than the entirety of last year's story's length in less time
I am done for the year now
I was going to try and get another update out, but I think I'm going to jut putz around for a few days
I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year
Here's looking forward to another year on the ride
Hopefully I'll get a bit further in writing this time...
Until I see you again, goodbye!
Awesome stuff. Can't wait to see what next year has in stuff for everybody.
Update the pastebin fag
you are way past where i got in the paste, man, i don't want to get ahead
Anon, this is the Christmas side-story, you can read it without worry
Why is it the same one as last year though?
File: Spoiler Image (194 KB, 700x469)
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194 KB PNG
Jesus fucking Christ on the cross, you all still live.
You'll never leave...

>Most of us core writers are either dead or in flight mode.
I don't understand it. We're all just buried under the snow, in hibernation, waiting for either that spark of inspiration or just waiting it out for the New Year I know what's my problem but I don't think the Internet is the best place to share my own personal issues. And I am sorry for letting down any readers and making them wait.

But enough doom and gloom. Here's a massive "cheers, matey" to YFNAnon for sharing his Yuletide yarn to keep our spirits up and a massive shout-out to those Anons who keep us alive and kicking during the raids the other week. And here's to the New Year, may it bring whatever you wanted from life.

I wanted a man in a beeswax moustache to drape me in a macintosh coat, make me a cucumber sandwich and to tell me about India...
But alas...
Smash your head against a toilet thats where youll get your inspiration
Alternatively listen to some voiceless scores that always inspires me
or get out and talk to people
File: 1545014190789.jpg (125 KB, 593x593)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Yes. Just very sad. The darkness is creeping in, and it doesn't seem to matter how much humanity we offer to the bonfires. It just keeps getting darker and darker.
Oh Jesus christ I think I'm going to have an aneurysm
Between the AJ and Twilight line is supposed to be

>Fluttershy daintily reaches into her green paper bag and pulls out a small charm of some sort in the shape of a rabbit
>Whatever it is she seems to enjoy it as she attaches it to her cellphone

I didn't like how the last one turned out since I rushed it so I remade it
I think it turned out a little better with all the added slice of holiday stuff I added
Don't worry, if I make another holiday spin off it won't be this again
Whatever the next holiday green might be, I know it's gonna be good.
The remake is better.
To the top
To the top again
Goddamn anti-social anon completely lost me in the rarity flshback i have never seen something became so retarded in so little time, like, this is fanfic written by 14 year olds levels of bad
Had to read through first and yeah its shit. It was going alright up to the flashback, afterwards it was just painful. Couldn't continue after the whole Sunset in bed thing.
>In current year
What are you trying to pull here YFNAnon?
>not playing the wii at christmas
We pulled out the good oled wii for christmas. Still love playing boxing and tennis with the family.
What a a shame scianon stopped that shit was heavy as fuck
Yeah same. I wish some of the dead writefags come back someday.
Yeah, and Fate dying hurt too.
File: Spoiler Image (355 KB, 506x506)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
I guess, not me, then.
Just read his pastebin. That was a mistake. It was too fucking good and now it's dead.
I meant all alright. After reading through all of them, they stopped too soon.
I know that feeling
Part of me hopes that by keeping on keeping on I can help keep the thread alive long enough for them to one day return
Yeah. I always keep my hopes up. Because I believe they will.
Hopefully. I think most of them probably just moved on to other things in their life, or maybe they just aren't the type to stick around and tend to come and go.
Whether they finished their story or not, whether it was widely loved or criticized, I think it's important to remember that these guys took time out of their life to try and entertain us. That's a lot more than I can say for folks that I actually know, and I respect and appreciate them for that.
That is so true my friend.
Hey wake up dude
You need to deliver before new years
Who does?
You me, and every other lazy fuck in the thread
I'm not going to have anything out until at least the 4th. That's close enough though, right?
Who doesn't?
Yes it is.
To the top
File: 1510369519973.jpg (183 KB, 693x1024)
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183 KB JPG
Wishing all of you a New Year!

Only you can make it happy!
I'm excited!
You too
File: i-support-this-post.jpg (82 KB, 648x486)
82 KB
Cheers, Bruce! Happy New Year!
Almost 2019!!!!!!
11:30 here
Same where I am.
Happy new year, anon
What are everyone's New Year's Resolutions?
Mine is getting out more.
Finish writing two green texts
File: 1399360040624.jpg (70 KB, 500x702)
70 KB
I'm only going to masturbate to tomboy doujins and nothing else for the year
To write more
Mine is to write more and actually put something out soon, and packing in the drugs.
To write more and try and finish up the green I have going here.
Watch all seasons of SVU and CI.
Get some /mlp/ related song I’m working on done
it should be soon because I’m getting a mic so vocals don’t sound horrid
File: sunset timber flash.png (111 KB, 203x301)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Hi dudes,

It's 11.20pm, and I should be sleeping, but had to get this posted.
In the spirit of New Year, here's one I started last night but wanted to post, but couldn't.

>The music is loud and thumping.
>The hall is dark but the stage lights illuminate just enough to make out everyone’s faces.
>Outside is freezing, but all the heat generated by everyone makes it a comfortable warmth.
>You’re Flash, and you’re currently at a party ringing in the New Year.
>It’s a nice change to not be the one hosting a party for once.
>You’re wandering around with drink in hand and mingling with all your school friends.
“Hey Vinyl, thanks for throwing an awesome party!” You yell to Vinyl. She acknowledges you with a finger gun, before pumping the music back up again.
>You walk off after shooting her a finger gun and a smile, most likely she didn’t hear you.
>That’s cool, no biggie. Just find someone else to talk to.
>Ah, Bulks. Your bro; always good for a chat.
>You stroll towards him but before you reach him, Derpy takes his hand and they walk off.
>Raising your plastic tumbler to the roof as a salute to your friend and his partner.
‘Good for them. They deserve each other.’ You think to yourself.
>Downing the last of it, you head back to the drink table to get a refill.
>After filling it with coke, you find a spot along the wall of the building and discreetly pull out a flask of bourbon.
>Pouring just a little into the coke.
>One reason being you’re still underage and too much would leave an obvious stink on your breath.
>The other being this flask has to last you the whole night.
>It’s already half empty.
>A few times tonight you considered just downing the flask and leaving.
>Seriously, a guy can only pretend for so long.
>Yet, you don’t. You’d ruin your reputation, or what’s left of it.
>Swirling the cup around to mix the contents, you stroll off again.
>Step by step in no particular direction.
>Straight ahead, you spot those girls.
>Maybe you can just walk around them and-
>Nope. Pinkie saw you and is now waving at you.
>You sigh, you don’t really want to deal with them right now.
>”Flash! FLAAAAASH! OVER HERE!” Pinkie yells over the music.
“Hey, Girls. Good to see you.” You shoot them all a pointed finger and a wink.
>”Woohooo~ Great party isn’t it?” Pinkie yells as she bounces around you throwing confetti everywhere.
>”Looking good as always, Flash.” AJ remarks with a nod and a tip of her hat.
>”My, looking quite, uh, Flash-ing, darling.” Rarity giggles at her own joke. You know her well enough to know she means nothing by it.
>”Dude, this has been an AWESOME year!” Rainbow throws an arm around your neck, nearly spilling her drink on you.
>Slipping out from under Dash’s arm, Fluttershy catches your attention for second.
>”Hope you’ve had a great year too, Flash.” Nervously she whisper-yells into your ear. For Fluttershy, that yell was more like a normal person voice.
”Thanks Fluttershy.” You smile back, easing her anxiety somewhat.
>It’s amazing you even heard her at all with all the music and background noise.
>”Hope you’re all having a great time. Happy New Year. WOOoo!” You shout at them, not breaking your stride otherwise you’ll be stuck talking to them.
>You keep the grin and pump your hands in the air to the music until you’re some distance away from them.
>You hate this.
>Always putting on a façade when you talk to these girls.
>You don’t hate them, but…
>”Oh Flash, Hi!” A familiar chirpy voice calls out to you.
>You try walking on, pretending you didn’t hear it over the booming music.
>Suddenly a hand grabs your sleeve and you see a purple spectacled beauty hanging off it.
>”Whoa there! Hehe… Almost got away.” She giggles awkwardly.
”H-Hey Twilight. Good to see you. You’re looking nice.” You small talk as enthusiastically as you can, trying not to look at her.
>In the year that she’s been at CHS, this is probably the third or fourth time she’s ever spoken to you.
>And every time, you’re reminded of two things:
>Twilight leaving,
>And Camp Everfree.
>Twilight leaving left a hole in your heart.
>And then this Twilight always reopens that hole every time you see her.
>Add her boyfriend Timber into this and he’s the salt that rubs your wounds.
>”T-Thanks Flash. Oh, I’d like you to meet Timber. My boyfriend.” She pulls Timber closer, hugging him around his arm.
>Gotta get away before you lose it.
>”Hi Flash, it’s nice to meet you.” He says with a smile, extending his hand for a handshake.
“Yeah, nice to see you again.” You try to hide the venom in your words, but still shake his hand to be polite.
>”So… Timber’s down for New Year, and he loves music.” Twilight says whilst twirling a strand of hair around a finger.
>What does she want?
>”Would you… mind showing him some hot spots to see some bands, Flash?”
>Ah, there it is.
>Bitch, you barely talk or even acknowledge my existence the whole year, and now you want me to help your boyfriend out like we’re close friends.
>Get Fuc-
>”Sorry Twi,” You calmly and bluntly state. “I’m busy at the moment.”
>”Aww c’mon Flash.” She playfully taps your chest, while doing her nervous-awkward giggle.
“Sorry Twilight, I’ve got other things going on.” Again, you bluntly state.
>The giggle and smiles fade, once she realizes you’re serious.
>Maybe that was a bit too cold of you.
>”Hey, don’t sweat it, Twily, I’ll be just fine.” Timber wraps his arm around a shaky Twilight.
>”And hey, just means I can spend more time with you.” He lifts her chin up with a finger and shoots her a smile and wink.
>Twilight perks up again and rubs his nose with hers.
>You’re about to puke.
>You walk off without saying anything more.
>Aimlessly you wander the floor, all the while sipping your drink.
>You bumped into a few guys, say the usual “Hope you have a Happy New Year, blah blah blah” and slip away.
>Rinse and repeat.
>After a while, you got tired and found a seat in the corner to sit down.
>Unfortunately, now you have get up again as your cup is empty.
>Fuck it. You bring your hand into your jacket to pull the flask out.
>Unscrewing the lid you start pouring a little into your cup.
>Putting the flask away, you bring the cup to your lips and are about to take a sip when someone slaps you on the back. Almost making you spill your drink on yourself.
“What the F-“You stand and turn around, only to see Sunset with that loving motherly smile of hers.
>Wearing that cute pink dress she picked out on your first date.
>You loved seeing her wear it back then.
>Now it just reminds you of how you were used.
>Your lip and eye just twitched at the thought.
>”Geez, someone’s in a bad mood.”
“Hey… Sunset.” You coldly state. Not even looking at her.
>You had hoped to avoid her and Twilight the most tonight.
>Looks like that isn’t going to happen.
>”What’s wrong big guy?” She grabs a seat and sits down next to you.
“Nothing. I’m just… tired.” Is all you say as you stare off into the dance floor.
>”C’mon Flash, you can’t lie to me. We used to date.”
>She motions to put her hand on yours, but you pull it away and stand up.
>If she touches you, she’ll see all the hate and anger and sadness bottled up inside.
“Excuse me, I’m gonna get a drink.” You say as you walk off, not giving her a chance to speak before doing so.
>That was pretty shitty man, don’t treat her like this.
>You still have feelings for Sunset, but she made it clear at camp that she’s moved on.
>So why can’t you?
>You reach the refreshment area and begin pouring another coke for yourself.
>Swirling your cup again to blend the bourbon with the cola before you take a sip.
>”So, everything alright?”
>Sunset asks you again, while pouring herself a drink.
“Yep. Fine in fact. I’ve got the whole house to myself, again this year.” This time, at least you looked in her direction.
>”Parents overseas again, huh?” Sunset rhetorically asks, already knowing the answer.
>A nod is all you give her.
>”Hey Flash, don’t you ever get lonely? You know, over Christmas and New Year’s?”
>Sunset’s whole demeanour changes as she asks you this.
>It almost looks as if she’s genuinely concerned about you.
>You just shake it off however.
>She doesn’t care about you.
>She never did.
>She only used you.
>Then discarded you.
“Nope. Used to it.” You bitterly state before you take another sip.
“What about you? Don’t you ever miss home?”
>”I choose not to think about it. This is my home. It feels more like home than Equestria.”
>”Plus I’ve got all my friends to spend it with.”
>You nearly choke at those words.
>You used to be super popular, have a band, hang with a lot of dudes, but somewhere down the line, they just stopped seeing you.
>Sometimes you wondered if they were ever really your friends at all, or just hung with you because of your popularity.
>Swallowing hard, you loosen your tie a little.
>Calm it dude, she’ll see your lip quivering.
>You bite your lower lip in an attempt to stop it quivering.
>”Hey Sunset, good to see you.”
>Ugh… Timber’s voice again.
>”Hi Timber, glad to see you made it.” Sunset replies cheerfully.
>”That’s a nice dress. It really suits you.”
>”Thanks Timber.”
>”You know, if you keep out-dressing Twilight, I might start thinking you wanted my attention.” Timber jokes.
>”Oh stop it Timber!” Sunset giggles. Clearly enjoying the attention.
>”If you keep that up, I might just steal you away from Twilight!” Sunset jokes back.
>Timber and Sunset laugh together.
>You can’t take this shit anymore.
>You’re boiling inside, and you can feel your face heating up.
>It’s not from the bourbon either.
>Taking off your jacket you slump it over the edge of the table.
>Loosening your tie altogether, you pull it off your neck and pocket it.
>Much better.
>”Oh, Timber, this is Flash. Flash; Timber.” Sunset introduces you two.
“Hi again, Timber.”
>”Timber, you’re in town for a few days right, got any plans?”
>”Well, I did want to go see some bands play some gigs, but I don’t know where to start looking.”
>”Cool. Flash here is in a band, aren’t you playing any gigs, Flash?” Sunset gestures to you.
“Nope. Like I said before, I’m kinda busy.”
>You down your whole drink in one go.
>”Flash?” Sunset is surprised by your cold tone now.
>”What happened to the band Flash?” Sunset is looking more confused now.
>”Whoa that’s cool you were in a band. What did you play?”
“Guitar. Please excuse me, I need to use to use the gents’ room.” You say before starting to walk off.
>As you walk off you think you can hear Sunset say something but it’s drowned out by the music.
>Washing your face in the sink, you check your watch.
>Time to go, you’ve had enough.
>The music blares as you leave the restroom.
>You cross through the dance floor, taking no notice of anyone around you.
>A straight bee-lining for the exit.
>Into the cold air of the night.
>The chill is a welcomed relief.
>The snappy cold soothes your seething anger.
>It was a mistake coming here.
>Fuck it, you get in your car and start it. Letting it idle for a minute before you rev it.
>The roar of the V8 engine comforts you.
>At least this will never lie to you.
>Flooring the accelerator, you almost rip a burnout driving out of the faculty parking lot.
>A few students who were outside cheer as you peel away into the street.
>Lightly snowing, so the roads aren’t too bad to drive on.
>If only the roads were icy, maybe you’d actually crash tonight.
>You shake the thought.
>After a ten minute drive, you’re home.
>To a large, empty, dark house.
>You left a light on in the living room to look like someone was home.
>A small gesture just to stave off the loneliness this time of year always brings you.
>It’s little comfort from the cold outside.
>Kicking your shoes off you head to the bar and grab a bottle of whiskey, then it’s up to your room.
>When you reach your room you turn your music player and speakers on.
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sn6FK7C8H_8 [Embed]
>Drinking from the half full bottle, just listening to the lyrics.
>”I feel I'm getting stronger and I don't know why”
>After camp you tried hard to stop thinking about Sunset and Twilight.
>Things were good.
>For a while.
>”I let you break my heart, all over again”
>You can feel the tears start. It’s not the first time either.
>You reminisce about better times with Sunset.
>”I've got good at faking that I'm moving on”
>Always seeing her at school, looking so happy.
>’If she’s happy, I’m happy.’ Is what you would say to convince yourself.
>”I can feel I’m so close to finally letting go”
>How the first Christmas you had spent together had been here, huddled around your fireplace just enjoying each other’s’ warmth.
>That New Year’s eve, she asked if she could stay the night with you.
>You’ll never forget how beautiful she looked, how her hair danced in the glow of the fireplace.
>Looking up at you with her romantic eyes, while wrapped tightly in your arms.
>You take a longer drink from the bottle.
>”Get your letters out and I read them loud”
>Pulling out your phone, you went back to all the messages she’d sent you.
>[I can’t wait to see you tonight. Love you! XOXO <3]
>Still the tears fall.
>[Happy Birthday babe! Special surprise for my 1 & only! ;x]
>“And go through all the photos I should throw away”
>You open the photo app on your phone.
>Thumbing over them, you only catch quick glances.
>The day at the beach.
>Haunted ghost ride where she hugged you tight with her eyes clenched shut.
>The selfie on the park bench when all the leaves started falling.
>You never could bring yourself to delete them.
>A part of you still loved her dearly.
>Yet, you couldn’t just move on like she seems to have.
>You lash out in anguish, almost throwing your phone across the room.
>Just as you’re about to let it fly, you stop yourself.
>Standing there as the tears run down your face.
>The only movement is your hand bringing the bottle to your lips again.
>You lay down on your bed, and press replay.
>For what seems like hours, you just lay there against the headboard, zoning out listening to your music loudly and drinking straight from the bottle.
“Happy. Fucking. New Year.”
>You pass out.
>You jerk awake suddenly.
>Checking your phone for the time, you notice all the text messages you got.
>Mostly just cut-and-paste Happy New Years from people at school.
>You just scroll through them, not bothering to reply.
>A few catch your eye though.
>[Texts from Sunny Honey]
>[Flash, where did you go?? 1 hour ago] 23.35
>[Flash, is everything ok? Where are you? 50 mins ago] 23.45
>[Hi Flash, Twilight here. Hope everything’s fine. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable tonight. Please be safe, wherever you went. 52mins ago] 23.47
>[Happy New Year! XoXoXo <3<3<3 34 mins ago] 00.01
>[Please, Flash, just let me know you’re alright. Pleeeeeease! 30 mins ago] 00.31
>[Flash, please. I’m super worried about you. Please call me or text me, or the others girls. I’m so worried about you. Please!! 20 mins ago] 00.51
>[I’m so sorry Flash, I hope this reaches you, I just wish you could’ve said something to me. Please god, just be safe. Please 15 mins ago] 00.56

That's all for this short for now. I'll try to finish it before the weekend.

Let me know what you think!

Good night all.
Nice short man.
Not commit suicide.
Harsh reminder that everybody in EqG are legitimately, profoundly, terrible people to each other in canon.
In what way though?
Where do you live?
To the top
Thanks fella. Still got some work to do. Been thinking all day at work about how to end it.

Lol, they're not that bad. I just wrote them mostly small parts, this isn't a story about the girls.

Vic, Australia. You?
Australia. Awesome. I wanna visit there.
You should.
I always say you should try something at least once.
Not everything here tries to kill you.
just most things
What I love about Australia are the animals and different cities and areas. To me they're unique. I mean I love living in South Carolina and there are birds I've never seen before but in Australia they are completely different.
To the top
fuck, I shouldn't have doubted you
Thanks mate.

I'd love to see the States; apparently my dad's family went to the US while my mum's family came to Aus.
I've also got cousins in Canada too I'd like to visit.
Continued from the last time I got off my ass and posted

>For some reason, you don’t feel like you’re going to get a much better explanation than that.
>’It’s just magic, bro!’
>As you pass over back into the great outdoors, your eyes are quickly drawn to the Wondercolt statue.
>Even from this far away, surrounded by the happy and starry-eyed student body, you still feel it’s chilling claws begin to dig into you.
>”I know that’s not a great answer-“
“I mean, it’s not…”
>”I know. But, it’s the best one I can give. For now, anyway.”
>With a grumble, you nod at her before setting your eyes back onto the statue.
>You pick out a spacious spot of grass a comfortable distance away from that haunting monstrosity and stride on.
“So… what’s this about this pony land?”
>”Equestria? It’s where I’m from.”
“What’s it like? Anything like Earth?”
>Sunset shakes her head, sending her vibrant hair dancing around her head.
>”Haha, erm… No. It’s like… Well, I don’t know what it’s like. We have magical forests filled beasts and monsters just like the ones in the fantasy stories and fairy tales here. Villages and hamlets dot the countryside, but we still have sprawling metropolises just like Earth’s Canterlot here and there.”
“Huh. And, real monsters?”
>”Yep. Cockatrices, Chimeras, Manticores, and more! Then there’s the Griffins, the Minotaurs, and the Yaks, and… Oh, but they aren’t monsters! They have their own nations and everything, with foreign delegations coming and going to Canterlot all the time.”
“Wow. If your cities are anything like ours… And monsters? Freakin’ manticores? Must be really dangerous.”
>”Hmm, not really. I mean, it’s been a while since I’ve been around, but most of the big cities like Las Pegasus, Fillydelphia, and even Manehattan aren’t anywhere as bad as Earth cities; plenty of bad manners, sure, but nowhere near this level of crime! Maybe chaotic at times, but still! Even the monsters aren’t that bad when you’ve got the Royal Guard, and it’s bound to be even safer now with Princess Twilight and her friends on the job. On top of that, you’d be surprised how many of them just want to be left alone. To be completely honest with you, Anon… Our worlds have a lot in common, but when it comes to safety and danger, Earth and Equestria are worlds apart.
>You’ve got to be shitting me.
>A land with magic and literal monsters is safer than your cities.
>Living with fucking MANTICORES is safer than living with the shithead gangs in this city.
“That… that’s just sad.”
>”It is.” She utters with sad, sympathetic eyes. “Canterlot here is nothing like my Canterlot.”
>You come to a stop some twenty yards from the statue.
>Again, you pass a glance towards the statue, only to be met with a cold shiver running through your bones.
“What’s your Canterlot like?” You ask as your turn away from the stonework.
>”My Canterlot is the center of our whole nation. Literally. A beautiful mountaintop city in the heart of Equestria.”
“It’s the capital?”
>”Mmhm. Home of a lot of the ‘nobles’ and other ‘highborn’, but they don’t do really much but lord their status and wealth over others and kiss up to Princess Celestia or Princess Luna for favor.”
>Sounds like she doesn’t have a lot of love for the upper class.
>Can’t say you blame her.
“Your upper class is a bunch of scumbags, too? At least that’s consistan- Wait, what?”
“There’s another Celestia? And she’s a Princess?!”
>”Shhhhh!” Sunset shushes.
>You glance around, finding barely anyone paying you mind despite your outburst.
>”No need to go shouting. This is actually… a little confidential. There is another Principal Celestia; there’s another of just about everyone. And, yes, she is a Princess, and so is Luna.”
>A world filled with alternate versions of people in this one?
>Sounds like some crazy sci-fi mirror dimension shit.
>And Celestia and Luna are Princesses?
>The leaders of a whole nation?
>And here, they’re just…
>Principal and Vice-Principal?
>Doesn’t that mean you should be dating the President or something?
>You got gypped!
“That’s, uh… that’s a pretty stark contrast there.”
>”Yeeeaaaah…” Sunset shrugs, “Everything doesn’t carry over one for one. Some things are pretty much the same, others are almost completely different.”
>You have to wonder how Celestia feels knowing that her alternate self is a literal Princess while she’s over here dealing with this whole magic shitshow.
>You imagine she isn’t too happy about it.
>Is there another you as well?
>Is HE dating the Princess?
>”There you are!”
>Jerking your head towards the sound of that intimately familiar voice, you quickly spot an ivory officer of the law pushing towards you through the bundles of students.
>With very apparent excitement, she briskly steps up to your and grabs you by your biceps.
>She shakes your arms as she stares up into your eyes, desperate to learn the truth.
>”So? Was she right? Is it all true?”
“It’s true. Every bit of it.”
>”No way… No freakin’ way!”
>”Erm… Anon?” Sunset interjects, “She knows?”
“O-oh, yeah. She was there when Redheart told us to ask Principal Celestia…”
>”And even if I hadn’t of been there for that, there was still that show in the gymnasium! Speaking of, what’s up with that? And that demon business your nurse friend mentioned?”
“Err… It’s magic?” You shrug, looking to Sunset for help.
>”Yeah. And that demon stuff is true, too. That was me.” Sunset responds with a somewhat downtrodden tone.
>Nevertheless, she quickly puts a smile right back on her face as she extends a hand toward Stitches.
>”I’m Sunset Shimmer. You must be Officer Stitches. Officer Anon’s told me about you!”
>Stitches stares at Sunset’s hand for a brief moment before she manages to recall the basics of manners and greetings.
>She releases your arms and gives Sunset’s hand a frim, friendly shake.
>”Oh? Has he now?” She asks, tossing you a look. “I hope he didn’t say anything nasty about me.”
>”Oh, not at all! He said that you were his best friend, that he doesn’t know what he’d do without you.”
>Your partner seems to pause and linger on Sunset’s word.
>With a happy sigh, Stitches gives Sunset’s hand one last strong shake before gazing deeply into your eyes.
>”Is that what he said?”
>A heartwarming, almost proud smile quickly covers your partners face.
>”Yeah. Something tells me he’d be awfully lost without me around.”
A little shorter than I wanted, but hey, I'm feeling a little rusty. Good news is that it seems the bad times are gone hopefully so I should be able to get back to a decent schedule. Thanks for being patient. I'm gonna get some sleep now, I hope y'all enjoy.
good night/morning rest well
It's a good small update. Nice to see you again dude. I hope everything is alright now for you.
Passionate and loving threesome between Anon, Stiches and Celestia when?
To actually write one of the sequels I've been planning.

>Gentle waves of saltwater wash up on the golden sand of the beach.
>It’s a long beach stretching as far as you can see on either side.
>You sit not too far away on a dry, long-since fallen log which makes a fairly comfortable chair.
>You idly chip away at a hunk of wood in your hands.
>The blade of your knife slides into the tough substance, slowly but surely shearing away at it and giving the rectangular object a new form.
>From morning to noon, and from noon to dusk, you continue like this.
>The only thing you can hear all day is the gentle rocking of waves on the shoreline and the occasional chirping of birds.
>Even as the sun begins to set, you don’t bother putting on your jacket. It’s far too warm for that.
>”Mitstah Aynon, Mitstah Aynon,” comes the cheerful voice of a child.
>You, by the way, are Anonymous.
>You look over your shoulder at the short boy with skin like gold as he runs across the sands.
>His waif-like body is bare save for a simple pair of pants that could have been sewn together mere days ago and a shoddy wooden rosary held together by vine fibres.
>”Sistah Sunset was looking for you.”
>Your reply to him is a simple nod.
>A sigh escapes you as you look down at the work you’ve done in your hands.
>It’s coming along nicely, but still not there. You’d like to wait to show her your little project.
>After you stroke your blossoming beard for a few seconds, you deem it just about time to go.
>Just like Sunset thought.
>She’s always got the right idea, doesn’t she?
>One of these days she’ll be wrong and you’ll be there to laugh at her.
>A small smile plays across your lips as you wrap the wooden totem up in your jacket, then reach for your cane.
>With a rough grunt, you stand up off the log, using the wooden stick at your side for support.

“Run off, kid. I’ll be there.”
>He smiles and turns on a heel to sprint down the long stretch of shimmering sand.
>”I told you all he was at the log! I told you!”
>What, are they taking bets now?
>Kids these days.

>You slowly make your way along the beach until the assortments of tall, slender trees make way for smaller bushes, and them too for a large clearing in which sits several wooden huts.
>Large groups of people clothed fairly similarly to the boy, as well as colored, clamor about.
>The gentle, soft sand makes way for packed dirt as you near the small village.
>Several people smile and wave upon seeing you.
>You’re not overly joyed to see any of them, but they’ve grown on you for the most part, so you at least give them the courtesy of a nod.
>In the very center of this thrown-together looking village is a large crucifix.
>A great many people surround it, sitting on their knees and listening intently as a certain woman standing before them wall gestures to it.
>It sounds like you’ve caught the end of one of her speeches.
>”Which is why if you can open your heart to Him and truly accept Jesus as your Saviour, He will love you the same and grant you immortality in the kingdom of Heaven.”
>Uh huh. Heaven. Real nice.
>You roll your eyes as you come up to the kneeling group.
>Sunset peeks up for just a second, regarding you.
>Her smile shifts from excitement to something warmer, and after that, she finishes up class.
>”Alright, that’s all for tonight. Now kids, try to remember curfew this time. We wouldn’t want a repeat of Golden Glow, would we?”
>”No Sistah Sunset,” the children all reply in unison.
>”Good. Now go, go!” she smiles, waving them off as the once calm group erupts into a storm of children running for their shelters while the fatter adults linger about.

>Sunset walks up to you with her hands clasped in front of her.
>You look over her body, or her clothes, rather, admiring how after all this time, they’re still as pitch black and stark white as they’ve always been.
“How do you keep that shit clean?”
>”Disciples of the Lord must always present His image to their best ability, Anon.”
“Uh huh. Anyway, you called?”
>She nods and wraps her arm around your right, setting it on top of the jacket rolled up and tucked against your side.
>”It’s bedtime, isn’t it?”
“What am I, six?”

>”You know getting plenty of sleep is good for your heart.”
>You shake your head and begin the short stroll back to your hut.
“I know the doc told me I had three years two years ago. I don’t know what you’re trying to do here, Sunset. There’s only so much time you can squeeze out of me.”
>She casts her once joyful gaze down on the dirt as you travel.
>”As much as I can.”
>Her voice is soft, low, almost so that you couldn’t hear her.
>Great. Now look at what you did.
>You sigh and stop, forcing her to turn and face you.
>You tuck a finger under her chin and force her head up so that your eyes can meet.
“Humans die. It’s...not a bad thing,” you admit. “These last two years have been more than I ever deserved. I’m happy, Sunset, and you gave that to me. I’ll stick around for as long as I can, but when it’s time for me to go…”
>She spins around, grabbing onto your arm and pulls you along with haste.
>”So what’d you do today?”
>”That’s a lie,” she coos as the both of you come up to a low sitting shack made of shabby wooden planks.
“Home sweet home.”
>You enter with the priestess by your side.
>There are a few chests around the one-room hut.
>In the center sits a well-made bed with a dull red blanket made from wool if the itching is anything to go by.
>Sunset takes her time to take her long leather jacket off and hang it up on the wall.

>After that, she strips down to her normal clothes.
>Less than her little edgy-nun shtick, but still modest save for the skin showing on her arms.
>Lord shame her.
>You chuckle and set your jacket down on the floor, then lean your cane up on the bed as you hop in.
>Your jeans have seen better days, as has your shirt, but they’re both still comfortable despite appearance.

>After her nightly ritual, including a quick prayer to her great saviour, she climbs into bed.
>The woman crawls over to you, draping her arms over your shoulders, as she brings her mouth up to your neck.
>Where she positions herself, there are two small scars just a few inches apart.
>She lines up her fangs with them and dives in, sinking her teeth into your flesh and taking part in her meal.
>You wince as they puncture, but once she starts to suck, the feeling abates.
>The two of you sit there for a while as she takes her drink, finally pulling away before you get lightheaded.
>”Thanks,” she says, wiping her mouth of a dollop of your blood that had escaped her gullet.
>She gives her hand a quick lick, cleaning it off.
>You nod and lean back, laying across the bed without leaving her much room.
“Make it work.”
>She shakes her head while giggling and finds a nice spot beside you to curl up in.
>Her form works into yours rather nicely, and soon, to the tune of crickets and rustling bushes, you both fall asleep.

>The images of that night still play in your mind.
>You can feel the car lurch as it’s thrown forward.
>You can feel yourself thrown around like a ragdoll.
>You watch helplessly as they take your parents.
>You cry as your mother attacks you, and you wail as you murder her.
>Like lightning, you’re suddenly awake.

>You jump up off the bed, screaming your little lungs out and reaching forward with an imaginary cross.
>Something stops you though.
>You jump right into an iron wall.
>No, iron arms.
>The thin, orange arms that pull you so sternly yet sweetly against Sunset’s body.
>She wraps them around you, locking you against herself, as her hand gently guides your head to rest against her chest.
>”Shhh, shhh. It’s ok. It’s ok, Anon. I’m right here.”
>You struggle for a short minute, looking wildly around the room and breathing more heavily than you thought you were until a noticeable stiffness in your chest snaps you out of it.
>”I’m right here. It’s ok.”
>The woman’s voice is so soothing. It’s like warm water on a wound.
>An old, old wound that hurts every time you look at it.
>You finally calm down, easing your sweat-drenched body against her.
>You sigh and rub your tired eyes before nodding in her embrace.
>Sunset relents and you sit up, stretching out the aches of slumber.
“So, are you going to civilize these little savages some more today?”
>”Anon, I told you not to call them that!”
“They are though,” you laugh.
>”They are my students, I’ll have you know, and they’re very good people.”
“I know, I know. I’m just giving you shit.”

>You throw your legs off the side of the bed and grab your items for the day--those being your jacket and cane--and stand up.
>”And what are you going to do?”
“I think I’ll go wait out by the beach again.”
>”Again? Are you waiting for something out there?”
“Nope. I just like the water.”
>”Maybe you should have been a sailor.”
>You laugh and tap on your bum leg with the cane.
“Or maybe pirate. I’m already halfway to a peg leg.”
>”Well, if it means anything, I think you’d be a terrible pirate.”
>She dons her clothes and heavy jacket before waltzing up and wrapping you into a firm hug.
>”You don’t have the heart for it.”
“Physically or metaphorically?”
>Sunset separates herself from you and scampers off out of the shack.
>Her nightly feastings on you have given her enough immunity to the sun that, at least while gussied up in her little uniform, she can hold her classes outside.
>You wonder what she’ll do once you kick the bucket.
>Maybe she’ll start drinking from the devotees.
>No, she wouldn’t turn to them for that.
>She’d probably just switch classes to night time.
>It’s not that you like to think about these things.
>It’s just that you can’t help but do so.
>Your time is coming up, and it’s coming up quick.
>As at peace with that as you are, you still can’t just ignore it, especially with Sunset trying her damndest to keep you on this Earth.

>You find your stupid log and sit down again, setting your cane down by your side.
>After unrolling your jacket, you produce your little wooden friend.
>It’s been carved into a recognizable shape now, making it even more important to hide from Sunset.
>If she saw what it was, well, you’d just go and ruin the surprise, wouldn’t you?
>Silently, you widdle away until, like yesterday, the sun arches over the island and sets on the other side, painting the sky a beautiful mix of oranges and purples.
>Like clockwork, a savage about half your…
>You sigh internally and hang your head.
>A “student” about half your height patters up to you.
>”Mitstah Aynon, Sistah Sunset is looking for you.”
“Is she now?”
“Like, Sister Sunset the nun?”
>He nods happily.
“You mean the one in the village, right?”
>”Yes, that one!”
“The one teaching you.”
>His black locks shake furiously as he nods his head with such excitement.
“Right, just making sure. I’ll be right there. Beat it, kid.”
>The boy turns and runs off, kicking sand up as he goes.
>You wrap your idol up in your jacket once more and stand up, then begin your own, much slower journey back to the beach.
>Something catches your eye though.
>Something off in the distance.
>You look out on the ocean.
>Far, far off towards the horizon, there are a few black dots.
>No way.
>Are those...are those ships?
>You didn’t think ships came out this way anymore.
>Isn’t that a surprise?
>You quicken your pace ever so slightly back to the village to get Sunset’s attention.
“Hey, Sister Sister, you’ve got visitors incoming.”
>Sunset looks up at you from her class and raises an eyebrow.
>”You’re joining us?”
“Not me. Boats.”
>It takes a few seconds for your words to sink in, but when they do, her eyes widen like saucers.

>Her grin stretches across her face.
>In her mirth, she loses the focus to keep her vampiric features on low.
>The priestess’ eyes glow like embers and her fangs grow down, touching her bottom lip.
>”Everyone, prayer circle like we practiced!”
>The woman hops around and grabs onto you.
>”Anon, boats! New students!”
“Or tourists.”
>”Or tourists!”
“By the way, you got something right here,” you add, poking her fang with your thumb.
>”Hm? Oh, oops!”
>Sunset shuts her eyes and inhales deeply, taking her breathing nice and slow until the fangs rubbing against her lips disappear.
>When she opens her eyes again, they’re back to their normal piercing blue.
>She lets go of you and sprints to the shore.
>The electric little nun is hopping up and down on the sands, wiggling her fists in front of her chest like an antsy child.
>”I wonder what they’re like! Do you think they speak English? Ooh, are they already disciples? Or maybe they’re heathens? I hope they want to be friends!”
“Calm down, Passion of the Christ,” you mutter as you hobble up to her, digging your cane into the sand and taking place at her side as the two of you wait for the incoming ships.
>As they near, you deduce them to be more yacht-like than anything else.
>Large boats built for speed.
>It doesn’t look all too decked out, though.
>What’s decked out are the people.
>From this distance, you can’t tell what they’re wearing, nly that they’re excessively bulky.
>Something...something feels off here.
>You squint, trying to get a better look at some of the men as they hop off their main vessel and into smaller, shore-worthy boats.
>That’s when you see it.
>The bulk.
>They’re not bearing crosses.
>Those are guns.

>”Don’t worry, Anon. I can hear their conversations. They come in peace.”
“You’re sure you heard peace?”
>”They said don’t kill anybody.”
“That doesn’t mean peace.”
>”Anon, come on. Be a little more open.”
>You bite your lip and reach into your jacket...which is not on you.
>You’re resigned to watch as the array of boats, numbering in the neighborhood of five with each one holding maybe four men, approach the shore.
>The frontmost one catches your attention.
>There’s a man standing at the front. He’s a curious looking thing.
>He wears only a vest, leaving his brilliant red arms fully exposed.
>His hair is bleach white, but there’s not a wrinkle on him.
>Speaking of hair, the way his thick beard wraps up his head and extends into what look like horns is odd.
>What’s most outlandish about him are his beady yellow eyes.
>All in all, he reminds you of a beefier discount version of the Director.
>When his boat comes to shore, shoving sand out of its way, he steps off.
>His heavy boots land with a thud, and when he stands up, you note him to be your height if not a hair taller.
>”Hi, and welcome to the island,” cheers Sunset as she lunges to shake his hand gleefully.
>The man responds with a small smirk and shakes her back.
>His eyes pan across the long beach until coming to you.
>”So,” he begins with a deep, growling voice like crushed gravel. “Where is Anonymous?”

That's all I have for now. I do have a plan for this and I'd love to keep going with it as a sequel, but I want to check with you guys first to see if there's actually a desire for that or if I'm blowing air out my ass. If there is, I'll start posting with my name and get a pastebin up. If not, just we can just forget the last 2 posts and consider that an epilogue to Bite me Once. Let me know in the comments below and as always, subscribe for more.
My recommendations. California, Florida, New York, and if you wanna travel up mountains, Colorado.
Is it going to be just as depressing and edgy as the first one?
I love it so far.
After discord and rarity, i dont trust that statement anon
Good greens, gentlemen. Perhaps we may yet survive.
Discord was sad but I wouldn't call it depressing. Rarity was well deserved and the story wouldn't feel right without it.
I'd rather you just do something new to be honest. I wasn't too into your story.
>Holding the plush to her side as dips a hand into
as she*
>As the large wooden closes behind her you feel a both relieved and sad at your departure
door*, remove the a*, and her* not your*
>books you’ll get words all of your face.”
Cute Luna and Trixie. Good start to the year.
Couldn't really suspend my disbelief with your story when it was posted, so something different would be nice. I'd like to actually read your stuff.
Wow, I'd completely forgotten about the long, rambling review thing I was gonna type out for this when you first finished this story. Maybe I should pick that back up.
I was rooting for rarara she wanted to move on
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Anon is too pure for Grannylestia
File: this nigga serious.png (91 KB, 237x261)
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>he rooted for rarity
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>Some shithead insulting Cely
Where did your disbelief draw the line?
That all the girls weren't highschoolers, and the literal embodiment of Equestrian magic in human form were bloodsucking monsters. The fact they had the Main 7s names was absolutely ridiculous, if you just made them OC vampires, that would have been one thing. But the entire premises was to asinine for me to get into. I don't know what happens later, I didn't read past the first chapter.
Dude i read the whole thing and i remember nothing about equestria being a hellscape, seems like tje girls were the normal canon powers until SOMETHING turn them, its never specifically said what happened, only that it did
It's not explained how they turned, but it's implied that their high school days played out normally after the "incident". The bad shit happens when Midnight returns and steals their powers to make herself stronger.
I feel you, I ran into a similar issue with that space adventure green that is/was going on in fingerbang. I thought the setting was interesting, but unfortunately just alien enough that it made the girls feel more like weird, shallow and out of place versions of themselves.

My issue with Bite Me Once is that after a while, I just got bored of everything that wasn't Anon talking to Rarity, and to a much lesser extent, Rainbow. The action segments, restocking at the secret armories, all that other stuff was cool at first but I got bored of it pretty quick because I never felt like there were any stakes. Urchin took every chance he could to make Anon seem like a complete and total badass obliterating everything in front of him, and I stopped caring because I never felt like he was in any real danger. There was no, 'Oh, what's gonna happen next', it was just, 'oh, he killed it'. This only got worse for me as I realized I fucking hated Anon as a character.
Reminder that Depry isn't that attractive.
>obliterating everything in front of him
Except for the parts where he barely escaped with his life several times, was forced to run away from bigger fights, and got his ass kicked so hard he got wounds that will never fully heal.

I don't think Anon is a badass because he kills things and I don't think that's what Urchin was going for. I think he's a badass because of his determination to do right by the people he feels he failed. It's almost Spiderman-like in that he feels so guilty over what he "did" that he shoulders an incredible burden.
>Except for the parts where he barely escaped with his life several times, was forced to run away from bigger fights, and got his ass kicked so hard he got wounds that will never fully heal.
Must've all been after I stopped reading. And I think I understand what Urchin was going for, but every single thing about Anon just ended up falling flat for me. I just couldn't care about him. It didn't help that i knew Rarity was going to get killed off at some point. I just couldn't stay invested.
Ok but what do you mean?
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Cute Sunny.
Story time!
A New Job, A New Life XIII: The Dead of Coltram

>"Unfortunately, yes."
>You look down to the sheet again. This guy really is the spitting image of the grizzle-haired, thick-set man you knew.
"You quite sure this is him?"
>"Well, he's taking up valuable space in the hospital morgue if he isn't your friend..."
>Lighting Dust remarks as she undoes her shirt sleeves.
>You're Anonymous Endeavour and you roll your eyes at her flippancy.
" I more mean are you sure this photofit represents the man you want identifying?"
>"Granted, identikits aren't an exact art. I remember seeing a Globopol one for a Coltombian drug kingpin and he honestly looked like an alien. Head like a bowl with a toothbrush moustache."
>She grins humourlessly and scratches one of the shining deltas on her teal-skinned face.
>"Hmm. Trust me, that identikit is as accurate as an actual photograph."
"So why didn't you use an actual photograph then?"
>You query, earning a sour look from her.
>After a pause, she finally said.
>"His face was left disfigured. A mortician did his best but we couldn't get an identifiable picture so we chose to use the identikit."
>Quickly and efficiently, Lighting Dust produces some papers and a pen from her shirt pocket.
>Clicking it, she taps the pen and asks you her first question.
>"Assuming this guy is indeed Mr Chalk Dust, can you enlighten me on him?"
>You sigh loudly.
"You'll have to ask me questions."
>You urge her.
"I don't know where to start."
>"Well, I don't want his goals, dreams and aspirations in life. What I more mean is some background information."
"It's been years since we last saw each other. And that was at an alumni reunion at Baillie College in Oxbridge. Is he a relation? You've got the same surname."
>"Coincidence." She answers without looking up from her paperwork, "I'm from upstate; Cloudsdale. Not Oxbridge."
"He's from Manehatten anyway."
>"Well, here's the $64,000 question. Have you any idea why Chalk Dust would be here?"

"Look, we weren't exactly bosom mates of late. If you asked me that question years ago and I'd have answered differently."
>Lighting leans back the chair, causing it to creak.
>"Can you elaborate?"
"Okay. Chalkie and my father were good friends and that relationship kinda rubbed off. My old man remarked he took me under his little left wing. And I repaid that kindness by going out with his daughter and then breaking it up."
>You smooth out your moustache and itch the back of your left calf.
"Funny how I mess up his daughter's love-life and yet, he helps me get my first job; teaching at Trottingham Jnr. High. Or maybe it was pay-back because it was a shit school."
>Lighting Dust continues writing.
>"When you knew him, did he have any vices? Drinks, drugs, whores?"
>You snort indifferently.
"Find me an academic who isn't an alcoholic and I'll show you a purple dog."
> She laughs, somewhat humourlessly for a change.
"Yes, he enjoyed the finer things in life; beer, women and football."
>"Handegg or divegrass?"
>She says challengingly. But you ignore the challenge and ask neutrally.
>"You're a Brit. Do you mean football or soccer?"
"Football. Besides, he was more into gambling rather than the art of the sport."
>She looks up and eyes you up.
>"Gambling. Hmm. Anonymous, I think it's best you understand the position. Mr Dust was found dead in the woods near here. Although, his circumstances are different to that of the young woman you found this evening, I still need to know about him and I think I'll get more from you now. Will you help?
>You nod, your eyes on Lighting.
"Yes. If I can."
>"You said he gambled. Do you know any more on that?"
"I don't know the intimate details of his finances but I know he definitely gambled a lot. He played a lot of poker and backgammon and obviously, wagers was involved..."

>"Backgammon? " Lighting says incredulously, "how the hay can you bet on something as boring as that?"
"You'd be surprised. I don't know the ins and outs of it but you can. He betted big sometimes and when he was up, he was up but when he was down..."
>You whistle like a falling bomb.
>"Would you say his accounts are in the red or black?"
>You do a Gallic shrug and say.
"He was very good at hiding it. I know he would borrow money from people. He asked me to spot him a couple hundred a few times. But beyond that, I couldn't say."
>She notes this down.
>"Now, the gambling could be an element to this but is there anything else? Disgruntled students? Jilted lovers? Maybe he was selling degrees on the side?"
>You deadpan by saying.
"You have no idea how higher education works, do you?"
>It was her turn to shrug and say.
>"There have been cases of forged grades, sold degrees, falsified exams. Even students taking finals for others. We've had no reports here but you hear stories from other cops."
"Sounds like a fishing expedition to me. As far as I'm aware, he's a good family man and he's an excellent teacher. I really can't think why anyone would want him dead."
>Lighting leans onto the desk and says.
>"Now, I'll level with you here. This isn't some on-the-spur jilted lover shit, this seems organized to me. A hit. I think your old friend was up to his neck in something and unfortunately met his maker."
>You smooth your moustache again and sigh.
"I know his has some... dodgy friends. He said to be he used to rub shoulders with plenty of Manehattan mobsters and it wouldn't surprise me he taught their sons and daughters at Baillie. Hell, I probably met some too. Do you honestly think this is a professional hit."
>She stands from her desk and straightens her tie.
File: 1521167872912 (1).png (174 KB, 385x470)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
>No trip? No problem!

>"Gut instincts are one thing but having solid evidence? I need some but I think what you've said is a good enough foundation to start on. Now, let's get on with the feature presentation. Follow me, please."
>The Undersheriff opens the door and strides out of the office.
>As you walk out, you note that the office actually belongs to Sheriff Firefly.
>Smiling and shaking your head, you enter the conference room and join the others sat there.
>Sitting next to Celestia, you see the Undersheriff and another deputy quietly discuss things at the other end of the room.
>"So what happened?"
>She inquires and you smooth out your moustache yet again and pour a cup of water out.
"Remember that poster? He was a friend who died. They wanna know about him, that's all."
>She gently takes your hand.
>"I'm sorry."
"Thanks. He's a good man."
>You say as she smiles and takes her hand away.
>The two police officers take their seats at the top of the table with the eight of you sat around it.
>With the water pitchers, a plate of doughnuts sit in the middle of the table with a coffee urn bubbling away in a corner.
>With coffee in hand, Lighting Dust takes some doughnuts while Fleetfoot takes out her notebook and pen.
>Passing one to her colleague, she takes a healthy bite and begins her little chat.
>"Now, I need some help from you all. I know that you all know who we found in the woods tonight."
>She pauses as everyone picks up their collective jaws off the carpet. And the Principal asks the first question.
>"How do you know that?"
>"You don't need to know that." She answers vaguely, "the point is I want to know what you know. I'm not gonna suggest or imply anything but I must say it's one heck of a coincidence that all of you know the deceased..."
>"But it is just that, Undersheriff." Celestia cuts in, "a coincidence. We've only found her."
>You and the others nod.

>But Lighting raises her hand to silence Celestia.
>"Yeah, about that." She ponders on. "Are you honestly sure that it was just a school trip up to the Whispering Woods?"
>She looks to you and Celestia for an answer.
>'It's a test, matey.'
>She wants to make sure of your answer. She's trying to test your loyalty. But to who?
>Celestia and the High School? Well, she is your employer and your friend.
>Or to Lighting and the Blue Line Boys? To a club that could possibly... do something?
>But then again, what can these schoolgirls do as well?
>Are they just all portal hunters or this there something more sinister going on?
>'Why am I suddenly feeling like I should be finding a NPR reporter and begging for forgiveness on behalf of my gender? Just outright apologise for something I'm not even aware of?"
>You smooth out your moustache and just hope Celestia opens her mouth first.
>And she does, simply and succinctly.
>As she nods and her counterpart writes, the phone on the desk rings.
>Lighting picks it up.
>"Yeah? Okay him through."
>Fleetfoot makes a confused face and Lighting nods again.
>Fleetfoot then also nods knowingly.
>"Thunderlane. What do you have for me?"
>The Undersheriff asks as she spins around in the office chair.
>"Uhh-huh. Okay then, wrap up there then and get over to the Whitetail trailer park. See what you can found out there."
>She spins back, puts the phone down and leans onto the table with her elbows.
>"I know all of you know more then you're letting on. How do you all know Gloriosa then?"
>She takes the coffee cup and takes an aggressive gulp of it.
>You look at all the girls sat around the table. There either too shy or too nervous to give an answer.
>They're looking to their Principal for guidance. They don't know what to do in this situation.
>As bizarre as it is to say while they can handle and even defeat magically transformed people and entities, they can't deal with the police and their challenging questions.

>With a sip of water, Celestia bravely contends with the irritable Undersheriff.
>"It was the previous summer and the school arranged to visit Camp Everfree for a week-long school trip. It was ran by Gloriosa Daisy and her brother, Timber Spruce. I'll admit that the camp had its... ups and downs of course, but it was still enjoyable."
>She blandly answers.
>"Okay then, the Sheriff's Department did hear.. rumors of shady business deals between those two and a Canterlot businessman. Would you know of this?"
>The Undersheriff asks, all innocent like.
>But the Principal answer sternly.
>"No. We were guests, not accountants."
>'It's like a verbal tick with her. Is she thinking, agreeing or just grunting?'
>"Okay then. So this really was a massive coincidence then. It's just that I personally don't believe in them. Did any of you have contact with her or her brother since you leaving the camp? Ever revisit the camp?"
>Twilight lightly coughs and Sunset shifts nervously in her seat.
>"Well, we all did go back to the camp." Sunset begins, "We rebuild the dock for the rowboats. But we never saw Gloriosa or Timber there."
>They all nod.
>"We still need to know where Timber is..."
>Lighting starts but Celestia butts in.
>"I presume not to be told the bad news though?"
>"Wha... what do you mean, Principal?" Twilight asks.
"I think she means they want him as a suspect. Maybe even their chief suspect."
>You clarify for her but Twilight takes the news rather badly.
>"You guys can't think that... No!" She shouts and stand up sharply, knocking the chair down.
>"It's impossible! I know it is! He can't have done this, to his own sister!"
>"How do you know?"
>The Undersheriff says. You recognise she's laying a trap but before you butt in, Twilight answers.
>"Because it's obvious, isn't it? He told us how much they depend on each other. Why would he?"
>"Brotherly love can always sour, you know."
>Lighting retorts but Twilight has an answer for that.

>Sunset picks the chair up and tries to get Twilight to sit back down but she stubbornly refuses.
>"Impossible. He tells me that he still helps her out."
>'The mistake has been made.'
>You inwardly groan as you see a devilish smile creeps onto Lighting's face.
>"So you do talk to Timber then?"
>"Yes! I still... do..."
>As Twilight realises what she said, she sinks back down.
>Both the Undersheriff and her deputy share a knowing look. And you see the girls stare at Twilight, as she tries to shrink into her clothes.
>After a moment as Lighting finishes off her doughnut, the phone rings again.
>Giving an irritated grunt, she picks up the handset and barks out.
>"What? Yeah, put him through."
>She gives Twilight a look and turns to Deputy Fleetfoot, eating her own doughnut.
>"What is it, Thunderlane? What?"
>Her face turns into shock.
>'Been given bad news? Whitetail. What happened there?'
>You ponder on as Lighting gives out orders.
>"Right, stay there and secure the site. I'll send some back-up and forensics over there."
>She hangs up, stands and says to her colleague.
>"That was Thunderlane. He's found something. Get Warm Front to contact the CSIs again, we need them. Then get Braeburn and yourself to the trailer park."
>"Yes, Undersheriff."
>She says with a mouthful and briskly walks off.
>Lighting turns to you and the others and sternly asks.
>"Just one more thing before I leave. If Timber gets into contact with any of you, especially you miss... I don't know your name, you must tell me or get in contact with us. We must find him."
>As Celestia snorts, Lighting writes down some numbers on her own note book, rips the page out and hands it to you.
>"Considering you're the appropriate adult, it's best you have this." She says vituperatively as she looks at Celestia.
>She just rolls her and pays more attention to her fingernails.

>"Look after it. You all can leave now but do leave your contact details with the desk deputy. We may need to get in touch with any of you."
>She states as she stands up, rolls down her sleeves and walks out the office.
>Taking the initiative, you take out your ball-point and grab some paper left on the table.
>Jotting down your numbers, you pass to Celestia and, reluctantly, she wrote down her own details.
>As the paper gets passed around, you lean over to her and quietly inquire.
"So who's this Timber chap then? Apart from the brother."
>"He also ran the camp. And I think he had a relationship with Twilight. Can't be sure but you know what kids are like."
>She shrugs but you say.
"Exactly, you were no different, if I remember. Ride them hard and put them away wet. Remember Steel Stud and that Cobalt fella? I bet they still remember you."
>"Anonymous, please, not now."
>She hushes you but you continue on.
"Being tossed off in the English department toilets by Celestia Orbis was always a privilage...
>"Anonymous, please! Not in front of people!"
>She says quietly but harshly.
>You smirk as you stand and grab your scarf and coat.
>As Applejack finishes writing on the sheet, you lean over and grab it. As you walk out the office, you hear Celestia give quiet comforts to Twilight.
>Folding the paper in half, you walk back to Undersheriff Dust's 'office' and see her brushing her slicked-back hair.
>Knocking on the door, she gruffly barks out.
"Here's that sheet you wanted."
>Spinning around, her angry face somewhat softens when she realises it's you.
>"You could have left that with the desk deputy but thanks anyway."
>She says as she puts on her overcoat and hat.
>She takes the sheet and puts on the desk. Walking out with you, you casually ask her what's with the rushing about.
>"I can't say, official sheriff's business. But it does concern Gloriosa Daisy. That's all I'm saying."

>Rounding the corner and into the main foyer, you see the desk deputy with the phone handset pressed into his shoulder arguing with a motorcyclist, crash-helmeted and water-proofed, the visor rimmed with snow.
>"Alright, alright, shut up. What's going on?"
>The desk deputy starts first.
>"She's a dispatch rider from Blackbottoms, asking for the overtime returns for Accounts. And I'm too busy to hand-hold her."
>"And I've got an urgent package to pick up for the Statistical Department."
>The rider muffles.
>As Lighting directs her to the offices, you disentangle yourself from the commotion and go into the conference room.
>With everyone in their coats, hats and scarves, you direct them all to get moving out as quickly as possible.
"We need to leave now. Things are going to hell in a handcart here so we need to move. How is everyone anyway?"
>AJ and Rarity both nod, Pinkie nods vigorously and Rainbow yawns loudly and gives you a thumbs-up. Sunset doesn't pay you any attention as she hugs an emotional Twilight. Even Celestia looks exhausted but gives you her usual smile.
>"We're all good. But you're right, we need to go. C'mon girls, let's get out of here."
>Both you and the Principal hustle everyone out of the room. The foyer is empty, at least. No more argumentative police officers shouting at each other.
>Holding the doors open for everyone, they pass through. Rainbow Dash gets a nudge by Applejack to hang back a little.
>Stepping onto the street, Rainbow calls you over to her with AJ behind her.
>With reluctance, she avoids eye contact and begins her piece.
>"Look, sir, I wanna apologize for earlier. Getting lost and... you know, almost getting us both killed. I'm sorry for my recklessness."
>AJ coughs loudly behind her.
>"And... I'm sorry for ruining your car last week. Okay? I'm sorry."
>You sigh and smile.
"Yeah, apology accepted."

>Even though she clearly needs a hug, you pat her shoulder and wink to Applejack, who then suddenly look away from you."I think Applejack wants you, love."
>Rainbow turns around and hugs her friend. And with a knowing smile, you quickly jog to the car park.
>Rainbow, leaning on Applejack, catch up with you and spot their friends climbing into Pinkie's van.
"Hold up. I know I'm stating the obvious by saying look after Twilight for the time being, alright?"
>"Don't ya worry, sir." Applejack acknowledges, "We will. You just look after tha' Principal, she's been through a lot as well."
>Before you get to answer her, the twosome hobble off to the van. Blinking a couple times, you wonder if the girls suspect...
>'Suspect what? You're just friends. Friends look out for friends.'
>Shaking your head, you jog to the van and catch the last of what Celestia says.
>"...contact with any of you, you tell me. Or Mr Endeavour here."
>She points to you, suddenly by her side.
>"We'll deal with the situation. Okay?"
>They nod again.
>"Rainbow, can you come back with me? I think I've got some explaining to do with your parents."
>She insinuates with Rainbow Dash nodding as she and AJ shift out of the van and struggle over to Celestia's sedan.
>Helping them out, you open the passenger door for her and she climbs in. Seeing AJ off, you say to Celestia over the car roof.
"How are we gonna handle this, Celly? This is beyond our own expertise, isn't it?"
>She shakes her head as you fumble for your car keys.
>"I don't know, to be honest. I doubt they'll tell or you. Probably deal with it themselves."
"They shouldn't though."
>"You think I don't know that? They should tell him to go see that mad woman." Celly says, exacerbated.
"You're right but it won't pan out like that."
>You say as you unlock your car and start it up.
"If they find him and they believe he didn't do it, they should turn him in. Drum it into their heads."

>You say, tapping the roof of your car.
"Start with Rainbow Dash there. She's the most head-strong of them. And besides, I think she's catching on what we're saying."
>You point to her as she quickly faces away from you two.
>"Yeah, you're right. But we must deal with it, okay? I'll see you tomorrow."
"Yeah. Text me when you get home, okay?"
>A glimmer of a smile briefly flashes and with a nod, she climbs into her car.
>You slip your coat off, throw it onto the back seats and set off.
>Away from Coltram.
>Back to Canterlot.
>Back home.

The End.
File: moral-of-the-story-is.png (1.77 MB, 1555x1078)
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1.77 MB PNG
Are you sure this is what you want: https://pastebin.com/A2wB54vU

Contrary to popular belief, I have not been spending my time playing Just Cause 4 and jerking off to thicc anime asses, no sir. December has been a crappy month for me for one reason and another. But don't get all teary-eyed for me, I think I'm back on the horse but if you think the quality of this update is a bit rubbish then let me know, I'm always welcome feedback and pity (You)s

And here's me complaining about life and everything and all you want is Insanon to come back from the grave and write more stories.
Well, here's to more content from my mutuals.
Good more green. It's been a very boring day for me but now I finally have something to read. Thank you good sir.
>Motion Blur 4
How do you play that? I kept getting sick looking at the screen.
>jerking off to thicc anime asses
>not patrician petite
For shame. I used to hold you in such high esteem
Good stuff.
File: 1505126174178.png (184 KB, 318x341)
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File: 116_a_by_mldoxy-d61zgj4.png (506 KB, 500x1192)
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File: 1540649086061.jpg (83 KB, 761x1039)
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I prefer my Rainbow a little thiccer...
File: 1540649161586.png (64 KB, 323x525)
64 KB
>Rainbow Dash with big thighs wrapped round your head.
What a way to go. It'll be better then going to make your maker with the help from those matchstick legs.
I just love Rainbow Dash.
Very thic.
File: 1521351731225.jpg (86 KB, 600x800)
86 KB
Dash is for awkward first times with Anon and it has to be filled with cringey puns and bad acting.
File: hot-pockets3.jpg (143 KB, 623x960)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Thanks. As long as I liven up someone's day, I must have done something good.

>Motion Blur 4
More like 'Physics be Damned 4'. Even though it's a palette-swapped Just Cause 3, which in itself is a new-gen JC2, I still find it enjoyable good fun. You don't play it for the plot but for the Garry's Mod-esque shenanigans you pull off.

>not patrician petite
Then forgive me for being such a deviant. If liking lasses with a bit of chub is wrong then I don't want to be right. For you see, >>33378442 and >>33378717 gets it.
Excellent taste good sir, for them thicc running thighs are for fast breeding.
File: 1505192754995.gif (1.72 MB, 640x360)
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1.72 MB GIF
Why she smiling?
She figured out how to sneak into your cabin and steal your underwear.
I wanna steal hers.
She is a total alpha horse and will steal your's first.
>season 2
File: 1546868714175.png (694 KB, 1800x1950)
694 KB
694 KB PNG
I want her to put me in a headlock.
What? I've been out of the loop for a bit.
Why is Anon so big compared to Sunset? Look at the size if his head
Anon is an actual human in horseland.
So what you're saying is Anon is a human that got teleported or whatever to Equestria, but he's in the EqG world so that makes him hulk size compares to everyone else. He would probably tower over Celestia.
Yup, her second multiversal student and she barely comes up to his chin. And the bulge he has when looking at her tests her mettle as a Principle.
What did they do to Sunset's hair? It looks so...sad.
Yeah, not a fan.
They're so pretty.
It looks the same... but... odd
File: 1530920560095.jpg (75 KB, 580x554)
75 KB
>tell myself I'll actually write today
>end up watching youtube for hours
why do I do this
File: 1478626342599.jpg (259 KB, 800x1005)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
File: Y11M6Wx.jpg (36 KB, 498x306)
36 KB
I too am guilty of this
>”Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?”

>Be Anon, new kid on the block please don’t go girl
>You can feel them staring at you, and you’re not sure if you should feel good about it or not.
>You’ve eaten alone for the last 3 weeks, and it’s become a cherished ritual.
>Get food, take a seat, bust out the phone, shitpost. Rinse and repeat every single day.
>And while you’d rather not ruin this time-honored tradition of anon’s everywhere, it would be nice to have SOMEONE to talk to.
>But you’re sure as hell not gonna initiate that shit.
>You feel a tap on your shoulder.
>And as you turn, your eyes are blasted by pink
>You squint
>The Pink Menace reveals its second weapon: the Banshee Screech
>You’re so glad you have earbuds in.
>”HI I’M PINKIE PIE AND YOU’RE ANON AND I WAS HOPING I COULD BE YOUR FRIEND SINCE I’M ALREADY FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE ELSE,” it wails, shattering any and all glass within a 20 meter radius.
>You look back at your phone and check the time.
“Uhhh, yeah. I gotta go,” you excuse yourself and move to stand.
>Another voice enters the fray
>”Don’t mind Pinkie here, darling. She’s a bit,” she pauses, searching for the right word to describe the beast before you. “Excitable.”
>You turn to look at the newcomer
>Boy are you glad you did.
>You know of this girl. Her name’s Rarity, and fuck she’s hot.
>And she’s talking to you.
>You rub the back of your neck
“It’s fine, but I do have to go,” you say, glancing at the clock.
>Rarity looks taken aback
>”O-of course,” she says, putting a hand on the sad, pink demon. “Let’s go Pinkie. Talk later?” She asks, looking to you.
>You glance at the clock before nodding.
“Meet me here after school, if you want,” you say, picking up your tray and throwing it out.
>”Will do,” Rarity winks.
>You shake off the wink and head out the lunchroom.
>You can only pray you aren’t late
>He was… nice?
>You’re Rarity
>And you’re intrigued.
>Where-oh-where could he be going?
>He rushes his way out of the lunchroom, bumping into some people on the way out.
>Maybe that’s why he has no friends.
>You sigh and shake your head, turning to the girls’ table.
>Pinkie still looks down in the dumps, but you’re optimistic
“He seemed like he was in a hurry, but he invited us to meet him here after school!”
>AJ looks to you with a smile.
>Rainbow celebrates with a fist pump.
“It’s not like you to be so happy about something like this, Rainbow.”
>She laughs. “I’m not! AJ just lost in our staring contest!”
>Applejack rolls her eyes. “Ah’m glad he’s reaching out, Sug’.”
>You look back at the door he ran out of with a smile.
“Yeah… me too.”
>You pound on the door, checking your phone.
>Fuck, you’re late.
>Fuck fuck fuck
>You hear the door unlock, and open
>”You’re late.”
>Before you stands Twelfth Round, former Heavyweight Champion of the World and Gym teacher.
>He’s pissed.
“Yeah, some uh, some girls wanted to talk to me.”
>He raises an eyebrow.
>”I’ll believe it when I see it,” he says, before peeking his head out to check if the coast is clear. “Alright, hurry up and get in here, we’ve only got 30 minutes left.”
>He opens the door, letting you rush past him before he slams and locks it.
>You take your shirt off and open up your bag.
>He puts his punch mitts on, shaking his head. “You’ve really gotta find a better time to do this, kid.”
“We’ve been over this, 12. Now you gonna help me, or not?” you ask, getting into a stance.
>He nods, getting into his own.
>Suddenly, he barks. “LEFT!”
>You slam your left fist into his awaiting glove.
>The training continues for a while. “LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, CROSS.”
>You perfectly slam your fists into his gloves, but just as you establish a rhythm, he steps back.
>”Keep your head moving, leave no room for the opponent to counter. Keep it low and covered. And don’t square your feet, you look like a street fighter.”
>You make note of his adjustments and nod, taking a deep breath.
>Soon, the bell rings and you lower your hands.
>”You’re getting faster, kid. Keep doing rope exercises,” he says, patting you on the back. “Now go, before you’re late for class.”
>You nod, grabbing your shirt and heading across the hall to the bathroom.
>You’re Rainbow Dash, and holy shit.
>That Anon kid just came out of Twelfth Round’s office, and he’s RIPPED
>Like, he’s the buffest dude you’ve ever seen in real life.
>And he’s dripping with sweat.
>He must’ve done a workout with Mr. Round.
>B-but, he said he doesn’t do that for anyone!
>If he did, he’d be giving you workouts for soccer!
>You’re suddenly suspicious of this whole situation.
>You make your way to the office door and knock.
>He unlocks the door and peeks his head out, grumbling. “It thought I told you not to bother me Rainbo-”
>He stops and give an upnod to a figure behind you.
>You spin and see Anon, with a baggy hoodie on.
>He must be hiding his physique. But why?
>”Thanks for the make up sheet, Mr. Round,” he says, holding out his hand.
>Round nods, shaking it.
>”Get it to me by Friday, or it’s your ass, Anon.”
>Anon chuckles.
>You give him a closer look.
>He’s at least a foot taller than you, probably 6’6. He might be the tallest dude in the school. And yet, he doesn’t play basketball. What a waste.
>His baggy clothes hide his massive frame.
>He’s less sweaty than before, but you still see little drops on his forehead.
>Anon gives you a polite nod before taking his leave.
>You’re cheeks redden a bit before nodding back
>I-it’s not like you think he’s h-hot or anything!
>You turn back to Roun-
>The door slams in your face.
>Well shit. You needed a make up sheet too.
>You’re Anon, and fuck that was close.
>Rainbow showed up RIGHT after you left the office.
>You just hope she didn’t see anything.
>You glance down at your chest.
>You won't deny that you’re in amazing shape, but you know you’ve gotta keep your ambitions hidden
>For one, you don’t want to have to knock out every ‘tough guy’ in this school.
>But more importantly, your mom hates combat sports. If she knew that you’re training to be a fighter she’d start homeschooling you.
>No, it’s better if she thinks you’re a shut-in.
>You make it to History right on time, as Sombra calls your name.
“Here,” you say, putting your bag down and sliding into your seat in the back left corner of the room.
>He nods to you and continues down the list.
>A thin, pink haired girl raises her hand.
>She’s dainty.
>You would probably snap her in half with a hug.
>You look to your arms, and it looks like you’re gonna need to get a bigger hoodie.
>Your arms are stretching the fabric a bit.
>Well shit.
>Sombra puts his glasses down and stands, writing on the whiteboard
>It reads: “Group Project - 2 people, any subject post WW2. 6 page essay on political impact, and a 15 minute presentation. When groups are formed, come see me for the rubric.”
>Everyone, excluding you and Fluttershy, start making plans and forming groups.
>Whelp, you kinda hoped someone would pick you out of pity.
>Fluttershy looks around the room for anyone not paired up.
>Upon seeing you and realising you’re the only one left, she lets out a cute little “eep!” and snaps her head back to the front of the room
>You sigh, standing up. Looks like it’s up to you to save the day, and your grade.
>You head over to her desk and tap her shoulder.
>”EEP!” She hides behind her hair some more.
>Christ, this doesn’t bode well for the presentation.
>You squat down to her level.
>You decide that a nice whisper is the correct approach. She’s like a scared puppy.
“Since everyone else seems to have a partner, do you want to be mine? That’d make me happy,” you whisper, giving a gentle smile.
>She doesn’t respond, but looks at you for a moment.
>Finally, she nods.
>Your smile broadens and you stand, weaving through the sea of heads to Sombra.
>He looks past you to Fluttershy, and then up to you.
>He lowers his voice before saying, “You know, she’s not the best at presentations.”
“I am, don’t worry,” you say, taking the rubric from his hands.
>You turn back to Fluttershy, shaking your head.
>She politely smiles behind her hair.
>You hand her a copy and sit next to her, holding out your hand.
“I’m Anon.”
>She lightly takes it and smiles. “F-Fluttershy.”
>The bell rings, and people start packing their shit.
>You smile to her one more time before grabbing your shit and heading out.
>You’re Rarity again, and you’re touching up your makeup using the mirror in your locker.
>You must, bring ‘your A game’ as Rainbow would say, for this meeting.
>You don’t want Anon to be friendless forever!
>That’d be awful.
>You close your locker and look to Pinkie, who’s locker is directly across from yours.
“Are you ready, Pinkie?”
>She turns and nods, looking rather serious.
>”It’s time to commence operation Snag Anon!” She shouts, applying black paint below her eyes.
“Darling, it can’t be THAT serious! I’m sure he wants to make new friends as much as we do.”
>She squints at you. “Making new friends is ALWAYS this serious,” she says, pressing herself against the wall.
>You shake your head. You just hope she doesn’t scare him off.
>You’re Anon, and you’re waiting for your new friends.
>That feels weird to say. You moved here for some very specific reasons; making friends wasn’t ever one of them.
>You glance at the clock and sigh.
>You kinda figured they’d forget, they’re pretty popular, afterall.
>Suddenly, you’re tackled from behind.
>So it must be Pinkie sitting on your back right now.
>They didn’t forget.
>A great weight lifts off your back, and you push yourself to your feet.
>”You’re not very soft, Nonny,” Pinkie quips, with a giggle.
>You turn to face them
“Maybe that’s a good enough reason to not use me as a pillow,” you respond, rubbing your lower back.
>The girls both laugh, and Rarity puts her hand in front of her mouth
>She really is straight out of a movie, isn’t she?
“Alright, I’m free ‘til 5. Where’re we goin’?”
>Pinkie bounces in place. “Sugarcube Corner!”
>Sounds like it’ll give you more diabetus than this girl.
“Alrighty, but I can’t eat anything there.”
>Both of the girls frown.
>”Aw, why not Darling?”
“I’m, uh,” you pause.
>SHIT. Think of something that isn’t retarded.
“I’m Diabetic.”
>Rarity nods in understanding, but Pinkie…
>Pinkie looks fucking shattered.
>She actually starts crying, giving you a spine shattering hug.
>Shit, you hope she doesn’t notice your hidden gains.
>Rarity rolls her eyes and gives you a smile, trying to tug her off of you.
>Eventually, Pinkie relents.
>You thank Rarity before you all head out.
>You’re Rainbow Dash, and AJ is going DOWN!
>You send everything you’ve got into your arm, finally managing to slam her wrist against the table.
“Ha! Gotcha again!”
>She lets out a huff. “Ah’ll get you next time, ya varmint.”
>As if.
>The bell at the entrance rings, and you see Rarity and Pinkie walk in, followed by…
>Why is he here?
>You think back to lunch
>Oh shit, now you remember.
>Rarity and Pinkie decided to invite him here.
>He gives you all a wave, and you just roll your eyes.
>You don’t get why your friends have to drag all of the new guys here. It never turns out well.
>You’re Anon, and Rainbow looks none too pleased to see you.
>As far as you remember, she has no reason to dislike you.
>Maybe… Maybe she saw you leave 12’s office?
>W-with your shirt off?
>And she thought it was gross or something?
>Either way, you’re just gonna have to tough it out, Rarity and Pinkie seem nice, and Fluttershy is here too!
>You take a seat at the end of the table.
>Rarity decides to introduce you to them.
>”Ladies, this is Anonymous,” she smiles to you.
>You wave.
“I enjoy long walks on the beach.”
>Most of the table giggles at that one.
>Nailed it.
>The Blonde in the Stetson goes first.
>”Ah’m Applejack. Pleasure to meet ya’ partner.”
>You nod to her.
>Next up, the girl in the leather jacket.
>”I’m Sunset,” she says with a smile.
>She’s fucking cute.
>Rarity turns to you. “Ignore anything you hear about her, Anonymous. This school loves to spread mean rumors.”
>Rainbow buts in, “I’ll say,” she says, looking to you. “There are a lot about you, Anon.”
>Rarity sighs. “And that, is Rainbow Dash.”
>You chuckle.
“Like, what?”
>She stops, flushing a bit. “L-like the scars on your face! I heard that you mugged someone, and the cops gave you those scars when you got arrested!”
>Jesus, really?
>No wonder people avoided you.
>Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie gasp.
>Applejack and Sunset try to look disinterested in your answer, but you can tell they care.
“I’ve never been arrested, Rainbow,” you say, chuckling.
>Everyone at the table visibly relaxes.
>Applejack squints, however.
>”How DID you get them, then?”
>You rub the scars in question.
>4 big scars. 2 on your left cheek, one on your chin, and one above your left eye.
“I fought a lot as a kid,” you say, not technically lying.
>AJ releases her squint and smiles.
>”Well, Big Mac and ah went a round or two as kids, can’t be too mad atcha.”
>Thank god.
>Rarity looks to Fluttershy.
>Fluttershy gently waves at you.
“We’ve met,” you say to Rarity, waving back.

Have some green. More tomorrow. probably
Well aren't you spoiling us, do try to keep up the work tho anon
Very interesting. Keep Going.
Okay start, but I have a feeling about how this will all go.
God damn that's hot.
>After watching the girls eat and listening to their conversations you get that itch.
>That itchy itch that feels… itchy.
>The itch to work out.
>You stand up.
>All of the girls look to you.
>”Where you going, Anon?” Rarity asks, glancing at the clock.
“I’ve gotta get home. My mom gets worried when I don’t text her.”
>RD scoffs. “Then text her, dumby.”
“See, I would if my phone weren’t dead,” you sigh, holding out the culprit.
>Her cheeks take on a hint of red.
>”W-well, before you go, we’ve gotta arm-wrestle!”
>Rarity sighs. “She does this with ALL of the new kids.”
>You think for a minute.
>Should you?
>You sigh, resigning yourself to it.
“Fine,” you say, sitting back down across from Dash.
>AJ chuckles. “Good luck. She hasn’t lost yet.”
>You sigh and shake your head, rolling up your sleeve juuust a bit.
>Dash takes off her jacket, slamming her arm on the table.
>You do the same, just less forcefully.
>Is this gonna be hard? You were planning on maxing tonight.
>You grab her hand and boy is she sweaty.
>Is she nervous?
>AJ counts you down.
>”3, 2, 1… GO.”
>The girls crowd around and watch as you…
>Pretty easily beat her.
>It takes a bit of effort, more than you expected, but it only lasts about 10 seconds.
>All of the girls are stunned, and RD is absolutely baffled.
>You sigh and stand, grabbing your stuff.
“See ya later, girls.”
>You are Rainbow Dash
>He destroyed you.
>You figured he’d win but…
>He slaughtered you.
>Sunset pats you on the back.
>”H-he got you by surprise?”
>You look to AJ
>She shrugs.
>”He’s just plum stranger than you, Sug’.”
“H-holy shit.”
>That was hot

>The next day.

>You open the door to the lunchroom and get in line.
>Fuck your chest hurts.
>Maxing does that.
>You pick up a tray and grab your Mystery Meat™ and Various Veggies™
>Not like you’re gonna eat it anyway. Just the veggies.
>You feel a tap on your shoulder. “Hey, Anon.”
>You turn to see the biker chick, Sunset.
“Oh, hey Sunset.”
>”The girls and I were wondering if you wanted to sit with us.”
>Well, you kinda figured this would happen.
>You nod.
>”Great!” She says, grabbing your wrist and basically dragging you to the table
>There, all the girls greet you.
>Except RD.
>In fact, she won’t even look you in the eye.
>Maybe she’s just salty you beat her.
>Whatever. If she wants to be a cunt, let her.
“Hey, girls.”
>”Heya, Nonny!” Pinkie exclaims, latching onto your arm, dragging you into the seat next to her.
>You’re still not sure if you like that nickname, but you just know no matter what you say, Pinkie’s gonna keep calling you that.
>Sunset sits to your other side, smiling.
>Jesus, are these girls clingy.
>Pinkie begins to feel up your arm.
>You lightly tug it away, pointing to Fluttershy.
“We need to decide what topic to do for Sombra’s class.”
>She shrinks under the spotlight, nodding.
>”Okay. I won’t mind if you pick it…”
>You sigh.
“It’s a collaborative effort, Fluttershy. I need your input too.”
>”Just pick the fucking topic, Anon. Is it that hard?” RD snaps, surprising everyone at the table and making Fluttershy jump.
>You glare at RD, before checking your phone.
>You look to Fluttershy as RD gets chewed out by Rarity and Sunset.
“We’ll figure it out later, okay? I gotta go.”
>She nods as you stand.
>Pinkie clings to your arm again. “Where ya goin Nonny?”
“I have to return a library book.”
>You throw out your lunch. You really should stop getting it if you’re just gonna toss it.
>You knock over some blue-haired dude on the way out of the lunchroom.
>You’re Rainbow, and after that verbal lashing from Sunset and Rarity, you decide to follow Anon, muttering some lame excuse toy your friends.
>You don’t get why they think he’s so awesome.
>Like, sure, he beat you in an arm wrestle, but is he really that cool?
>You’re gonna find out.
>You tail him to the hallway from yesterday.
>A-HA! You knew he was lying about the library.
>He knocks and the door opens, before Twelfth Round sticks his head out.
>You duck behind the corner
>That was close.
>You hear the door close, and you slink back around the corner into the empty hallway.
>You slowly make your way to the door, and before you even get there you can hear loud slams.
>You peek through the small window into the room.
>Anon is shirtless again.
>He has… boxing gloves on?
>And Twelfth Round has on those flat hand glove thingies
>You don’t watch boxing.
>Anon is shredded still, and upon further examination he’s got scars all over his body.
>Holy shit he’s fast.
>Every time his fist connects with Round’s pads you flinch.
>He’s powerful too!
>You gotta tell the girls!
Thanks for the feedback!
I write to relax, so I'll be posting pretty often. Hope you enjoy. nice trips
Can we get a large image dump?
To the top
What's this from?
Rollercoaster of Friendship.
>You’re Anon, wiping the sweat from your brow.
>12 takes his gloves off and smirks at you.
>”You’re getting better every day kid. You’ll be ready for your first fight soon.”
>You nod in thanks, taking some deep breaths.
“Do you know someone who can set it up?”
>He tosses his pads into your bag and thinks for a second.
>”Yeah, I know a guy. He’s a real prick though,” he says, taking out his phone.
>You take out yours, and hand it to him.
>He puts in the number as you finish packing up.
>You thank him and open the door to leave.
>You bump into something.
>Or, someone.
>You turn to see Rainbow on her ass; Rarity, Fluttershy, and Sunset behind her, staring at your exposed upper body; Applejack blushing and tilting the brim of her hat to hide it; and Pinkie literally drooling.
“Uh… Hey girls!”
>Rarity faints.
“W-what’s up?”
>Rainbow clambors to her feet. “Dude. What’s all this,” she motions to your entire being, “about?”
>There’s absolutely no way out of this, is there?
>You sigh.
“Alright, I’ll tell you. Just, let me get changed first.,” you say, pushing past Dash.
>Sunset moves Rarity out of the way as the rest of the girls make a path for you.

>You are Sunset Shimmer, and OH BOY is Anon fit.
>Rarity slowly opens her eyes in your arms.
>You smile to her.
“Welcome back, Rarity!”
>She grabs your cheeks
>”Was that real?”
>You nod in her hands, glancing to the door of the Bathroom
“Yeah, he’s real.”
>She lets go of your cheeks and sighs, standing up.
>”Why would he hide THAT? He’s HOT!”
>You shake your head.
“He’s gotta have a good reason.”
>Rarity thinks you’re hot.
>You open the door, shirt now equipped, and awkwardly smile.
“So, I guess you want me to explain, yeah?”
>They all look at you with raised eyebrows.
>You sigh.
“Alright. Fine,” you say, taking your bag off of your back and opening it.
“When I was a kid, I had,” you pause, trying to think of a good word for it. “Problems.”

>Be Kid Anon.
>5th Grade, what a time to be alive.
>You see the kid you wanna fuck up sitting alone near the tetherball pole, drawing in the sand.
>You approach him and throw your bag at him
>You rush him before he can recover, tackling him to the sand.
>Some other kids start crowding around you
>Fuck em, this kid deserves it.
>You manage to mount him and start punching his fucking face
>You hear a crunching as he grabs at your arm and face
>Must’ve broken his nose.
>You grab his arm and put his fingers in your mouth, biting down as hard as you can.
>You know that myth that it takes the same amount of force to bite through a finger as a baby carrot?
>It’s not a myth.
>Your teeth meet little resistance as they come together.
>The taste of copper fills your mouth, and a blood curdling scream fills your ears like the sweetest music.
>You grin and spit his fingers back out at him.
>You continue punching him until he’s nearly unrecognizable.
>You finally feel yourself getting yanked at from behind.
>You relent and stand before getting hooked under the arms and dragged away.
>You look to your victim and grin, spitting a mixture of your saliva and his blood at him.
“Don’t you EVER talk shit about my mom gain, bitch.”
>Rainbow interjects. “Was he okay?”
“I never found out what happened to him, but considering I’m not in prison right now, I’d say he’s at least alright.”
>You shake your head, pointing to the scar above your eyebrow.
“Every single one of these is from a fight, some more recent than others.”
>”How barbaric!” Rarity exclaims, shock in her tone.
>The girls all look like deer in headlights
>Rarity and Fluttershy both back up a bit, but you notice Rainbow slightly smirk
>Jesus, what a freak.
“Anyway, I got kicked out of nearly every elementary school and middle school in the county. Kinda became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’d end up somewhere new, the kids would spread rumors, some tough guy would talk shit, and I’d fuck him up.”
>Pinkie frowns. “That’s not very nice of them… or you Nonny.”
>You chuckle.
“Yeah, I know,” you subconsciously rub the scars on your cheek. “Well, I ended up in a school for troubled kids, you know the type. Mandatory counseling, ‘special guests’ from the county jail, the whole nine yards.”
>All the girls, except Fluttershy, nod knowingly.
“Well, one day, when I was in 10th grade, this guy comes in. He was a tough looking mother fucker. Like, 6’4, 250; built like a Mac Truck. My councilor pulls me out of class to meet him after I got into another big fight,” you continue, digging through your bag for your wallet.
>You find it and hand it to Sunset.
“His picture is in there somewhere. Anyway,” you say as they dig through to find it. “He sits me down one-on-one in the principal’s office, and at this point I’m only a little smaller than him, so I’m not that intimidated. He does the dad thing where he turns the chair around and sits in it backwards and he says: ‘Boy, why the hell are you fighting people for free?’”
>All of the girls except Sunset look to you in confusion.
“He says: ‘I was just like you when I was a kid. I hated everything and everyone. The only thing I liked was fighting, because I was GOOD at it.’”
>You smile.
“‘Boy,’ he says, ‘I’ve seen some of the things you’ve done to the kids around here, and you are damn good at fighting.’ And that got to me. It was the first time someone other than my mom told me I was good at something, y’know?”
>The girls frown, and Rainbow interjects again. “You’re good at armwrestling!”
>You laugh, cheering the girls up a bit.
“Anyway, we talk for a while and he starts talking about boxing, and at this point I’m completely hooked. I mean, getting paid to fight? Fuck yeah.”
>Rarity rolls her eyes, but AJ and Rainbow nod.
“So, he tells me he’s gonna pull some strings and help me out, and a couple months later he sends me here and tells me to look for a ‘Twelfth Round,” you say, pointing to the door across the hall.
“He vouches for me, and 12 agrees to help me train, on the condition that I hide both my training and my body from the rest of the students... and my mother. I agree, and badabing, badaboom, I’m enrolled here. I do perfectly fine for about 2 months, nobody talks to me, nobody cares, my mom’s happy I’m not fighting anymore, and all of a sudden... you happen,” you say motioning to the girls.
>All of them look at you apologetically.
“So yeah. That’s it. That’s the whole story, and I’d appreciate it if you kept it to yourselves,” you say, grabbing back your wallet and zipping up your bag.
>You look to Fluttershy.
“Can you pick a topic for us? Tell Sombra I went home sick,” you say, grabbing your stuff.
>”Where are you really going?” Sunset asks.
”Home. I got stuff to take care of.”

Have some hot, fresh green right outta the oven.
It's delicious. My hunger is satisfied.
Hi again dudes, been longer than I would've liked to finish this one.
But I'm on leave this week so I did a little bit and finished it.

I'm just going to back track here, so please ignore the last post, and continue from this:

>Just as you’re about to let it fly, you stop yourself.
>Standing there as the tears run down your face.
>The only movement is your hand bringing the bottle to your lips again.
>You lay down on your bed, and press replay.
>For what seems like hours, you just lay there against the headboard, zoning out listening to your music loudly and drinking straight from the bottle.
“Happy. Fucking. New Year.”
>You pass out.

*** sometime later ***
>You jerk awake suddenly.
>Checking your phone for the time, you notice all the text messages you got.
>Mostly just copy-and-paste Happy New Years wishes from people at school.
>You just scroll through them, not bothering to reply.
>A few catch your eye though.
>[Texts from Sunny Honey]
>[Flash, where did you go??] 1 hour ago@ 23.35
>[Flash, is everything ok? Where are you?] 50 mins ago @ 23.45
>[Hi Flash, Twilight here. Hope everything’s fine. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable tonight. Please be safe, wherever you went.] 52mins ago @ 23.47
>[Happy New Year! XoXoXo <3<3<3] 34 mins ago @ 00.01
>[Please, Flash, just let me know you’re alright. Pleeeeeease!] 30 mins ago @ 00.31
>[Flash, please. I’m super worried about you. Please call me or text me, or the others girls. I’m so worried about you. Please!! 20 mins ago @ 00.51]
>[I’m so sorry Flash, I hope this reaches you, I just wish you could’ve said something to me. Please god, just be safe. Please 15 mins ago @ 00.56]
>Closing the messages app you notice you have 7 missed calls, with 3 voicemail messages left.
>Sunset, Unknown; which you assume to be Twilight, Thunderbass, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Sunset.
>You play the first voicemail.
>[Um…. Hi…Flash. Twilight. Ehhh just wanted to call and see if you’re alright. I hope you’re alright. Sunset’s worried about you. Please call her back. Thanks…Bye.]
>[Hey dude, Happy New Year. Look, Sunset and the girls are worried about you, and honestly, I am too. I know shits been hard, but talk to me. You’re always my bro, bro.]
>[It’s Sunset…. Please, just answer me.]
>Turning the screen off on your phone you toss it onto your bedside and look for your whiskey.
>Fucking spilt on your bed.
>Well, only a little.
>Must’ve been leaning against you when you passed out.
>Still a bit left inside.
>Take another sip.
>You contemplate calling them and letting them know you’re alright.
>However, why do they suddenly care so much about you?
>You left a party without saying good bye, nothing to send the dog squad after.
>Fuck ‘em. Time for another drink.
>Finish the bottle and drop it down the side of the bed.
>It lands with a ‘chink’, having landed on some other glass bottles strewn on your floor.
>’I’ll clean that in the morning.’ You mentally note to yourself.
>Now you’re feeling the alcohol a bit more.
>That stage of intoxication where you just let loose all of your pent up emotions to anyone who would listen.
>Tears start to form in your eyes again
>You loved Sunset. Right from the beginning.
>You did your hardest to make things work, really put the effort in with her.
>Slowly you clench your fists.
>She never loved you though. Right until the end, you were nothing but a stepping stone.
>Clenching your eyes shut tightly, letting the tears drop
>After the Battle of the Bands, you and Twilight were able to have a day together.
>Just a day around Canterlot city. You showed her the city you grew up in, all your favorite places to hang out, and Mt. Canterlot Peak.
>It was your favorite spot to come to with someone, and even alone when you needed to think.
>Just as the sun was dipping below the picturesque mountains, you reached out for her hand.
>To which she obliged with hers.
”I really hope you enjoyed today, Twilight.”
>”Oh Flash, I really did. Thank you, today was just magical. I wish I could have more days like this.”
“You can. I’d certainly like to see you more whenever you’re free.”
>She told you that she would like that too, and gave you a peck on your cheek.
>For a second you both just look at each other, a deep scarlet painting both her cheeks and yours.
“Twilight… I… I really… Like you. A lot.” You told her in earnest, as you pulled her into a hug.
>She looked up at you, and you will never forgot her smile.
>As brief as it was.
>After the silent embrace, she buried her forehead into your chest as she wrapped her arms around your chest.
>”I’m sorry Flash… I wish I could…”
>Through the sound of the gentle rustling of leaves, you can hear her crying.
>Without looking at you, she told you that being a princess in her world, she had a lot of responsibilities and duties.
>It was a life she was thrust into, and because of it, she didn’t want you to hold on to feelings that might never be answered.
>”Flash… it pains me to do this, but I must. It wouldn’t be fair to you.”
>Swallowing another lump in your throat, you brace for what’s to come.
>”I will never forget you… But please… I want you to forget me.”
>You tighten your embrace as the cold shock of those words freeze your heart.
>”I do have feelings for you, and I’m so happy I met you. However, any relationship will only end in heartbreak. …For me.”
“Twilight, just give me- us a chance?” You plead, confused at the sudden change.
>She pushes off of you and steps back out of the hug.
>”You deserve someone that will love you, cherish you, and be happy and grow old with you. I can be some of those things, just not all of them. I’m so sorry.”
>The girl of your dreams, on the perfect day, standing before you in tears, turning and walking out of your life.
>You gnash your teeth together.
>Like Sunset, you tried to move on from Twilight.
>Things were hard, however not many knew of your affection for her, so it was easier to mask the pain as there were no prying minds.
>Then the Friendship Games happened and Twilight walks right back into your life.
>Bringing with her all the pain that she left you with.
>The sadness when she didn’t recognize you at all.
>She just ignores you and carries on like nothing happened.
>You can’t really blame her though, she’s not the Twilight you fell in love with.
>Yet, it still hurts when she just avoids you.
>What hurts the most is knowing she’s with…
>The girl of your dreams, with him.
>’What has he got that I haven’t?’
>’She never even cared to try to get to know me.’
>You don’t hate Timber. You just hate the mention of him, seeing him with Twilight.
>How they laugh together.
>How they hold hands.
>The thought of them together when it should’ve been you.
>All that bottled up emotion feels like it’s going to erupt.
>You start to lash out.
>Throwing things off your desk, hurling objects around the room, the crack on the neck on your guitar widens as you knock it.
>Coming down from the anger outburst, you decide to get another drink and get out of the house.
>Grabbing your keys you head downstairs and raid the bar again.
>This time taking a six-pack of beer and the half bottle of bourbon; the one you filled your flask with earlier.
>Where is that flask anyway?
>Slipping into your shoes and grabbing a jacket off the hook, you jump in your car and you bring it to life again.
>As before, you floor it in reverse into the street and flick it into drive so fast, that for a second your wheels spin, finding no traction.
>Speeding off down the road, you almost run two cars off the road, they had to pull to the side to avoid you.
>Fuck ‘em.
>Driving out of your estate, about to turn on to the main road.
>Looking down the road to the right you see red and blue flashing lights in the far distance.
>Better avoid them. You’re pretty buzzed at the moment and don’t want to end up in juvie.
>So left it is.

>Just driving the streets.
>There’s very little traffic. Most people are probably still partying or sleeping.
>After a while, your aimless driving has led to the outskirts of town.
>Fuck it, might as well have a drink and watch the sun rise from Mt. Canterlot Peak.
>You take the upcoming exit.
>A few miles in from where you turned in there’s a picnic area where you stop at.
>Parking the car you take a can and open it, taking a drink.
>Ahh the numbing effect of alcohol. Especially after your body thought you were finished and started processing the alcohol out of your system.
>The idling car keeps you warm, and you turn the radio on for a bit of company.
>Channel surfing through all the talk, you settle on a channel that actually has music playing.
>Sipping the can, nodding along to the music and watching as the snowflakes float gently to the ground.
>Finishing that can, you grab the bourbon and take a drink.
>You decide to stick with this rather than the beer.
>After the song finishes, reluctantly you step out of the car because you need to piss.
>With can in hand and bourbon tucked into your elbow,
>Drinking from the can again, you start to hum as curiosity brings you to step closer to the railing.
>Looking out over the gully you start to do your business.
>Out here it’s just you and the vast quiet emptiness of the forest.
>And your piss splashing on the ground.
>Crushing the can as you finish it, just letting it fall to the ground.
>Your hum turns into singing and you swallow the amber fluid.
“Yesterday…” Zipping up your fly. “All my troubles seemed so far away.”
“Now it looks as though they’re here to stay.”
>Your headlights illuminate enough of the gully for you to have a look.
“I’m not half the man I used to be.”
>Leaning over the railing to see the river thirty feet below.
>Even for winter you can still hear the calming splashing of the current.
“There’s a-“, A hiccup interrupts you as you climb over the railing.
“There’s a shadow hanging over me.”
>You sit on the railing, feet firmly on the edge of the bridge.
>Another gulp, this time a little longer.
“Why she had to go? I don’t know…” You start to cry as your voice breaks a little.
“She wouldn’t say.” You whisper as you hear a distant thump. It sounded like a deer or something.
“I said something wrong.” You’re reminded of the day you broke up with Sunset.
“Love was such an easy game to play” Maybe it was to her, but you didn’t treat it as a game.
>Taking a longer drink this time, you can start to feel it kicking in.
“Now I need a place to hide away”
>The words start to slur a little as you start to feel the bourbon kick in.
>Tipsy here we come.
>Continuing the chorus again, you sway to your own singing.
>Finishing the bourbon right before the last line.
>You shout as you hurl the bottle far into the gully below, hearing it smash on a distant rock.
>Standing up with a sway, you look below you again.
>Your inebriation blocks out all the noise around you.
>Wiping your face one more time, you lean forward.
>That’s quite a fall, and that river might not even be that deep.
>In this moment, all you can think about is Twilight’s cute smile and her voice echos through your ears.
>”Live your life to the fullest.”

>Be Sunset Shimmer.
>Walking around and mingling with all your school friends.
>You watch Muffins lead Bulk to a darkened corner and they start slow dancing in each other’s’ arms.
>They are so cute together.
>Walking around and chatting to everyone.
>Everyone’s had a great year.
>For you it’s been a great year too.
>You’ve put the past behind you, you’re friends with everyone, and even saved the school a few times.
>This time last year very few people would even approach you.
>as you’re walking around you catch glimpse of Flash chatting with the girls.
>Although you haven’t really spoken to him in a while, it warms your heart to see him enjoying himself tonight.
>He’s getting into the music, throwing his hands in the air like that. He always loved good music.
>Wait, he just dropped his arms and walked off. Was he pretending?
>You continue to watch from afar as he walks around chatting to others.
>He puts on a smile when he talks to people then drops it as he walks off.
>That’s not like him. Maybe you should speak to him.
>”Hey Sunset, you got a second?”
“Hi Norman. How are you?”
>”Good thanks, you look great! Hey have you seen Flash?”
“Yeah, he’s over there. I was just about to go say hi to him.”
>”Oh, good. Please go see him.”
“Wait, what do you mean Norman?”
>”Strictly between you and me, he hasn’t been the same in a long while.” Norman says leaning into your ear so only you can hear.
>”I don’t know the details, but after Twilight left and we went to camp, he’s been distant. He always says he’s fine.”
>Norman takes a breath before continuing; “But I dunno… Maybe he’ll talk to you, since you guys were so close.”
“Thanks Norman, I’ll try to talk to him.”
>Looks like he’s finally done walking around. Now’s your chance. Just walk up behind him and playfully slap him on the back. Like old times.
>”What the F-“ Angrily he stands to his feet and turns to look at you.
>That was unexpected. Just smile back.
>You pretend not to notice him checking you out head to toe.
>It’s quite a compliment when an ex still checks you out.
>Wait, did his eye just twitch?
”Geez, someone’s in a bad mood.”
>“Hey… Sunset.” He draws out with a sigh.
>Sliding a chair over you take a seat and talk to him.
”What’s wrong big guy?”
>“Nothing. I’m just…” He does that stare when he has something weighing on his mind. “Tired.”
>Norman was right, something /is/ wrong.
”C’mon Flash, you can’t lie to me. We used to date.”
>Whatever is on his mind, if he knows that someone is here with him, maybe he’ll open up.
>Good idea Sunny, just take his hand to let him know you’re here for him.
>Suddenly he stands up and walks off.
“Wait, Flash-“He doesn’t seem to hear you.

>Ah, there he is. Might as well get another drink yourself.
>He’s slouched over, that’s not like him. Usually he’s confident and energetic.
>You really need to find out what’s wrong.
”So, everything alright?”
>He looks at you startled.
>Note to self: Stop sneaking up on people.
>“Yep. Fine in fact.”
>His voice isn’t usually this flat.
>”I’ve got the whole house to myself, again this year.”
>Your heart sinks hearing this.
”Parents overseas again, huh?”
>Every year from mid-December to mid-January his parents went overseas for their company Christmas Break. He stopped going with them when he started high school.
>They both work for the same international company, and every year a different Head Office hosts the managers and exec’s in their country to strengthen relations and keep everyone close.
>He told you this the first Christmas you spent had together.
”Hey Flash, don’t you ever get lonely?”
>You rub your arm before continuing. “You know, over Christmas and New Year’s?”
>Moving on with your life here, you hadn’t really stopped to think of all those you had left behind.
>“Nope. Used to it. What about you? Don’t you ever miss home?”
>You smile at the thought. Happy in the knowledge that he still cares enough about you to ask.
”I choose not to think about it. This is my home. It feels more like home than Equestria.”
”Plus I’ve got all my friends to spend it with.”
>The quivering of his lip means you’re getting closer to whatever is on his mind.
>”Hey Sunset, good to see you.”
>Twilight said Timber was coming to town.
>After joking with Timber, you introduce him to Flash. Maybe they can become friends.
>Great idea Sunny! They both love music, so many you can get them to hang out and be friends. At least that would dispel any animosity there might be between them
”Flash here is in a band, aren’t you playing any gigs, Flash?”
>“Nope. Like I said before, I’m kinda busy.”
>You’re shocked at the cold tone.
>What could he mean by that?
”What happened to the band Flash?” The band was everything to him. Even when you were dating him, he split time evenly between you and them.
>Flash excuses himself and walks off.
“Wait! Flash!” Your calling falls on deaf ears as he just keeps walking.
>”Was it something I said?” Timber says watching Flash walk off.
“No, Timber. It wasn’t you.”
>”Is he always like this? ‘Cause Twily told me he was real creep when she transferred here.”
“HE’S NOT A CREEP!” You shout in his defence, startling Timber and a few others around you.
Bolt have you got a pastebin link?

Just realised that we've almost reached the limit in this thread.
Cheers thanks mate. Bookmarked.

I've seen you've written a few so far, I just wish I had the time to read them.
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