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Previous Thread: >>33239081

GoogleDoc Pastebin Archive:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gf8UOWR5eIfp8FqpAWt3EUrSCCocOWazrZlMiTJwAYs

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First for best pony
First for no pony
Damn so close
Next time, brother. Next time.
>Anon adopts an orphan Cozy before she can pull of any of her plans
>He has a hard time finding shelter because stallions with kids are undesirable
What now?
>He has a hard time finding shelter because stallions with kids are undesirable
Shouldn't that be the exact opposite since it's RGRE?
File: SUPERHUMAN.png (110 KB, 500x571)
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7th for glasses of water
>And then here's Anon, apparently from the 'Oaks' family residence...
>..but he doesn't call himself by 'Anon Oak' or 'Oak' or..well, anything of that sort.
>Shit is getting weirder and weirder as the Borrowers AND Ponies alike figure shit out about this stranger.
>He makes references to things that don't exist or to things only Discord talks about.
>He can't describe the library accurately enough to seem feasible but blames it on 'trauma' or some other such nonsense.
>It just gets to the point where Borrowers start to "realize" that their new 'Diplomat' is an absolute stranger. A creepy one at that.
>It's kind of like figuring out that 'distant cousin' of yours is actually some stranger...who likes strangling animals and staring at pretty girls for too long.
>Borrowers are quickly wary of Anon from then on.
>Each complaint of the Borrowers-"We do not know him", "Please listen, he is not an Oaks!" "He's creepy, please help us!"-is ignored as mere whimsy by the Princess of Friendship
>Anon gives pretty shitty lies with each complaint but they're "good enough" lies- "I was a distant cousin and never took the name", "I was living by myself due to losing touch with my family", "I am not creepy, might be a birth defect though..." and other such shit to cover his ass.
>Somehow works on ponies but Borrowers don't by any of that shit.
>Only way a Burrow lives by themselves is if they..had....a lover...
>..scary thoughts soon come to some Borrowers.
>Such things as 'Anon killed his lover, didn't he?!" and "Nono, he's too creepy to have had one...he must've stolen one or murdered a family to be here!"
>Crazy, clearly false thoughts but Anon's lies don't help him in the slightest.
>He just won't admit he's a damn alien!
>The Borrowers look pretty human like...
>Except for the ears and body shape.
>/That/ looked a hell of a lot more 'Elf like'.
>And then there's Anon, who looks like the average human. Meaning: No pointy ears, hell of a lot stockier, and his features more rounded or perhaps sharper (depends on how Anon looks).
>No matter, one thing is clear: Anon is /Not/ a normal Borrower.
>Staring at him, it's like if a fellow Borrower gorged itself, clipped it's ears and was freakishly tall (for, uh, Borrowers anyway)
>Ponies just assume Anon is the 'Prime Example' of what a Borrower is. Or they just think a rather impressive one.
>Borrowers think different.
>This sonuvabitch looked like if a monster ate three Borrowers and stepped out into the light to find more.
>Now, not all think Anon is like this but those were the young and 'naive' respectively.
>They don't see how /wrong/ he looks.
>His eyes had a strange color to them and his teeth...by god, were his teeth always so /sharp/??
>Meanwhile, Anon the fucking /Human/ is just trying not to lose his shit as he feels eyes on the back of his head.
>God damn it, why did his lie have to be true?
>Now these freaky looking fae fucks resent the shit out of him..hey wait, why is that one looking at him funny?
>And of course, whenever he catches any watching him, he just /has/ to stare back at them.
>Of course, this freaks them out because they thought they were being incredibly sneaky.
>Not even the ponies were so quick to look for them! Did he smell them? Could he magically SENSE creatures?! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THIS DAMN CREATURE?!
>...and thus, more rumors spread.
>Borrowers are also RGRE
>It bothers some of the females that a male gets such an important job...one nobody wanted, but still.
>Not even because 'grah, takin' err jawbs'.
>It was because Males weren't known for having much experience in politics, gender policies and skews aside.
>Hell, not even many females were into politics and that's mainly because 'why the hell would we need diplomats when we want to stay /hidden/'
>But in comes this tall, unsightly fucker who not only outs them out (by accident but they don't know that) but somehow gets himself into a position of power that would leave most Borrowers, male AND female, a nervous wreck.
>Some of the females thought it was so sweet that a Male would sacrifice himself like that to the ponies so they could live in...relative peace.
>Others still thought it was utter bullshit he revealed their existence only to be held as a great import by ponies.
>Some, though, believed they were seeing through the bullshit.
>He was far too tall, his limbs longer than most Borrowers.
>His clothes? Far too clean to be Borrowers' clothing. Too neat, too...not covered in dust.
>For his claims to have come from the Oaks, he smelled nothing of old wood and dusty books.
>Those who look too close realize just how terrifying he truly looks if one thought about it.
>There was no magical twinkle in his eye, there was no sense of fear that being found out usually brought..
>No...nothing about him seemed to scream 'Borrower'. It screamed 'ALIEN', 'INTRUDER'.
>It's like watching those videos that are really good at editing lizard skin or slit eyes on politicians but for them, it's all so horrifyingly true and right in their faces.
>Someone has to know...right?
>Shame all the rumors drowned each other out..
>The truth always looks so much more ridiculous than fiction, it seems..
>Anon has no weird "powers" or strength but he is undoubtedly 'weird'.
>He's braver, bigger and weirdly ignorant of many things (for Borrowers that is).
>He barely knows how Borrowers function (figures since he TOLD EVERYPONY THEY EXISTED) and seems socially stunted (whether by Human standards, Borrowers standards or even Pony's is yet to be seen).
>Cats don't phase him ('What are you doing, they can EAT YOU') and he even actively /pets/ them.
>He's an absolute maniac or a horrifying being because those fuckers purr for him.
>Why must weird shit always happen in Ponyville? The Borrowers knew they should've moved away the second they had the chance..
>Anon is in RGRE and tries to buck the trend that stallions can't do anything by trying to do something but he is borrower-sized and that makes it difficult

"I keep tellin' ya, Anon, jus' let me do it."
>"And I keep telling you, I got this!"
>so you must be Applejack
>and you rolled your eyes
>you respected Anon's gumption, but there were simply some things that this colt could not do.
>Anon wasn't having any of it. He kept insisting that he could pull his weight on the farm, and he aimed to prove it.
>you could see Anon's face turning red from the exertion and could smell the sweat drip off of his brow
>any sexy thoughts were pushed aside by concern that this poor colt was going to squeeze his guts out of his rear.
"Oh fer- Here."
>you leaned down and took the apple's stem between your teeth
>you didn't even feel Anon's weight added on to the fruit as your lifted your head
>"Hey! HEY! Dammit Applejack! Put me down!"
>With the apple stem in your teeth, you couldn't see Anon's miniature form clinging for dear life on the bottom of the apple.
>Gently, you laid the apple on its side in the basket, giving Anon plenty of room to squirm away
>He looked up at you with a frown on his miniscule face
"Don't look at me like that, sugarcube. You looked like you were about to burst from both ends."
>you thought he looked adorable when he pouted like that, but if you said anything it would cause several hours of sulking
>Suddenly, you leaned over, took Anon's shirt in between your teeth, and swung him over onto your back, before he had a chance to yelp.
>you could feel him sink into your back fur, and made sure he was comfortable
"Now come on, dinner's almost up."
>and it was back to the farmhouse
>such is life for tinyanon in rgre.
I'm LITERALLY drinking water rn!
File: 1488931921305.png (122 KB, 1000x900)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
"Really? He barely touched you!"
>"It's been a long while okay?"
"The scene didn't last a minute, sister! How are we going to put out something like this?"
>"I don't know! Just-- It wasn't my--Urgggh!"
>Celestia covered her face with her hands, utterly humiliated. She was sitting at one of the desks, knees pressed uncomfortably into the bottom of it. Her pants and underwear had been discarded and placed into a plastic bag, and she wore a bathrobe that she had brought home to cover herself. Anon was sitting in the desk next to her, wearing a similar bathrobe that was a size too big for him, watching as the two sister bickered.
"If we put this out we'll be laughingstocks, Celestia," Luna said, throwing her hands up. "And what in the world was thar dialogue? Who calls their character Ms Thunder Tits?"
>"I thought it was fine," Celestia protested. "Actors all have names like that!"
"From when? Back when WE were young?" Luna said, hands on her hips. "Harmony above, it was all I could do not to walk out of the room!"
>"I thought it was pretty good," Anon cut in. "I could tell that you worked really hard on it, Ms. Celestia.
>Celestia looked over at him. "Thank you very much, dear," she said with a smile.
"That wasn't hard work. It was rubbish, as was both of your acting," the vice-principal said. "People want real interactions, and the two of you sounded like robots!"
>"And how do YOU know what people would want in a dirty movie?" Celestia asked.
"I know what'd I want, and watching you two was worse than watching paint dry," Luna said, bringing her hands to her face and clenching them into fists. "
>Celestia snorted, face scrunching up in anger.
>"Well, if you'd have helped me with the scene--which I still feel is very fine and good; wonderful even-- then maybe you wouldn't have so much to complain about."
"It's not just about the scene, sister. It's you lasting all of two seconds!"
File: 1531165484021.png (130 KB, 617x344)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
Just fucking lick the pussy, Anon
File: 1467916777951.png (485 KB, 923x1126)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
>"It wasn't two seconds and you know it!"
"Our audience would have to watch it dozens of times to orgasm for goodness sake!"
>"I apologized already, sister, what more do you want from me?"
>Finger pointed in anger, Luna opened her mouth to speak. Seeing the absolutely miserable expression that her sister wore, she took a deep breath, letting her had fall to her side. She closed her eyes , quietly counting to ten before opening them.
"I think we will need a bit more research before we can do a proper scene. You are many things, sister, but you are no actor. Perhaps you could not talk during scenes?"
>"Like you could do much better, Luna," Celestia replied, rolling her eyes.
"Actually, I believe that I could do a far better job," Luna said, crossing her arms over her chest. "At the very least I could last more than two seconds."
>"It' WASN'T two seconds," Celestia snapped. "I got a little excited and lost myself for a moment. That's all that was."
>Luna looked over at Anon. She clicked her tongue, walking over and handing her sister her phone.
"Here, lets see if I can salvage today's shoot. Anon, dear, would it be alright if I had a turn with you?"
>Anon looked up. A smile came to his face.
>"Absolutely," he said, standing up.
"Good, then if you would please get up and come over here. Sister, you get up as well and turn those lights back on."
>Celestia did as she was asked, though she could be heard grumbling under her breath as she did so. Anon did the same, taking off his robe before walking over to the vice-principal.
>Luna could see the outline of the young man's groin clearly under those far too tight pants. It seemed that his excitement hadn't diminished from her sister's lack of control. She tried not to stare at it too much, instead looking Anon right in the eye.
File: greatwork.png (105 KB, 413x549)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
keep it up, Superhuman
"Anonymous, do you have any suggestions to do?" she asked. "We needn't do anything hardcore or rash. All I'd like to do is whet the audiences appetite so that this whole nonsensical plan works."
>Anon raised an eyebrow.
>"You want my opinion?" he asked, sounding surprised.
"Of course. I'm not my sister sweetie. I don't pretend to know anything about this just because I watched a few thirty year old videos," Luna said, ignoring the middle finger Celestia flashed her. "So if you have any suggestions or ideas I'd love to hear them."
>Anon frowned, scratching his head. He looked away from the vice-principal with a thoughtful expression.
>"Well, I guess an oral scene would be an alright idea, right?" he said, gesturing toward her. "If you want I could do some licking, you pull on my hair, stuff like that?"
>He shrugged.
>"Something like that would be hot. Right?"
>Luna dryly swallowed. She knew what she had been getting into with this whole nonsense, but she'd be lying if she said that the how casual one of her students was being about offering to eat her out didn't make her stomach tighten. If she were being honest, it left her feeling more than a little intimidated.
>Still, she didn't want to back down in front of her sister. So, giving Anon her best smile, she nodded.
"That sounds wonderful dear," she said, giving his cheek a pat.
>She looked over at Celestia.
"Sister, get that phone ready. Anon and I shall begin. Hopefully it'll be less ridiculous that your performance."
>Celestia readied the phone, sticking her tongue out at her little sister.
"Anon, why don't we try for the minimalist approach for this?" Luna asked, leading the young man toward the teacher's desk. "No script, little talking. The two of us just doing what feels right?"
>"Sounds good to me, ma'am," Anon said.
"And as my sister's said before, just say the word and we'll stop if anything I do makes you feel uncomfortable."
>"Of course, Ms. Luna," Anon said with a nod. "I'm not too worried about it though. I trust ya."
>Those words nearly caused the vice-principal to stumble. Shame welled in her chest, though she was quick to beat it down.
>This wasn't for her benefit. This was for the school her school.
"Thank you, Anon," she said, placing a hand over her head. "I promise that trust won't be unjustified."
>Luna looked toward her sister. Celestia have her a thumbs up, bringing the phone to her face.
>"Alright, in ten, nine, eight--"
>Luna gave Anon a smile. She turned around, leaning against the desk, making sure to stick her rump up in the air just a little bit.
>She might have had nothing on her sister's chest, but Luna was proud to say that she had her sister beat when it came to the lower body. Ever since she was little she had had thick legs and a big, round butt. Over the years, it had only gotten bigger, not freakishly so, but enough that finding a pair of comfortable pants was a very real and trying experience.
>Luna looked over her shoulder to see Anon's gaze utterly glued on her backside. His eyes were wide and his mouth was partially opened. If she didn't know any better she'd have said that he was beginning to drool as well. She gave her butt a shake, watching as his eyes followed her clapping cheeks.
>A rush of pride filled her as she took a half-step forward, only to take a step back. From the way he was gripping the hem of his shirt it looked like it was restraining himself from charging toward her.
>"--four, three, two, one, and..."
>Celestia pointed toward them.
Luna flashed the phone a grin. "Come on and get yourself a taste of this, slut," she said.
>Anon made his way toward her. His movements were jerky and stiff, more of a jog than a walk. The vice-principal readied herself, gripping the sides of her blouse as he got on his knees.
"Say please first," she demanded without thinking, bouncing her ass against his face.
>"Please?" Anon moaned, making her heart rate spike.
>Before she could reply, his hands wrapped around her middle. Anon blindly groped for her pants button as he rubbed his cheek against her ass. Luna continued bouncing and shaking her rump, every once in awhile pressed his face between her cheeks. Because of this, it took Anon longer than it should have to unbutton her pants, so with a frustrated groan he popped the button off with a savage yank.
>Luna couldn't help but giggle. She had never had a male so excited to play with her butt. There was something thrilling and exciting about it, and to the older woman's shame she found herself becoming heated
"Say thank you," she said as her pants, then her underwear were pulled down.
>Anon couldn't say anything for several seconds, just staring at the vice-principal's backside. It was one of the bigger asses that he had seen. Big, round, and without a single blemish or stretch mark, forming into two mouthwateringly thick legs. It was all too much for him, and with a groan he leaned forward.
>Luna twitched as she felt him kiss her cheek, then the other. Anon's hands grabbed her hips pulling her back toward him.
"Easy there," she said, trying to look between her legs to get a peek at him. "We wouldn't want you to-eep!"
>The older woman twitched as she felt a tongue drag up her left buttcheek, followed by a kiss. Her eyes widened, and reflexively she tried to pull away. Being pressed up against the desk as she was, and Anon's grip on her soon had her leaning back where she was. This meant Luna could only stand there where the young man had his tongue.
>Anon was slow, methodical. He was in absolutely no horror as she lavished affection on the woman's butt. He nuzzled, he kissed, he nibbled, he'd even drag his tongue across her flesh as if she were an ice cream cone.
>Not an inch of Luna's ass was untouched, a fact that was brought home by Celestia zooming in with the phone, recording as Anon nosed one of her cheeks with a smile on his face.
>Luna bit at the top of her blouse, eyes squinted. Through all of this she didn't make a noise, even when his hands left her hips and spread her cheeks, revealing her wet womanhood.
>She couldn't help but groan as she felt a tongue drag across her lower lips, which was followed by a throaty hum. Anon nuzzled his face deeper into her cheeks continuing his licking.
>As with his ass worship, he took his time. From his position, he couldn't quite slip his tongue inside of her, but from the noises he was making he was more than content.
>The vice-principal grabbed a stapler from the deck and squeezed it so hard that she could feel the metal frame warping.
>She could feel that devious little tongue of his licking her clean of her arousal, parting her lips so she could feel the wet muscle lapping against her pink flesh. Her legs jerked as she felt him licking at her clit. She bit down harder on her blouse, shutting her eyes tight as she half laid on the desk, chest heaving.
>Luna heard Anon giggle. He have her pussy one last lick before pulling away. She took a deep breath, relaxing somewhat. She cracked open an eye, trying to ignore the heat that had built up between her legs.
"Where... what do you think... you're doing, slut? I thought I--eep!"
>A tongue dragged across her puckered hole. All of the tension that had left Luna came back with a vengeance as the older woman's eyes shot open. Her legs snapped shut--so quickly that a loud, wet smack could be clearly heard on the phone-- but Anon simply kept her cheeks spread, giving her another lick.
"D-Don't do that!" she cried out, her voice shrill. "You don't--FUCCCCCK!"
File: GrumpyWoona.png (381 KB, 800x1044)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
>That wiggling tongue, despite her clenching as hard as she could, slipped into her ass. Luna's forearms slammed against the desk, the force of which sent the woman into a standing position for a moment before her upper body slammed back down onto the wooden surface. She could feel his tongue trying to push deeper into her as he let out a groan, his warm, moist breath washing over her womanhood.
>Luna's head jerked backward. There was a ripping sound as she came away with a mouthful of blouse, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. The stapler in her hands broke into pieces as it was slung against the wall with a walk, jerky throw.
>White exploded across Luna's vision. That heat that had been building up in her groin became an inferno. She screamed out hoarsely, trying to get Anon to stop, but he only drove his tongue deeper.
>The air left her lungs as she found herself over the finish line. The front of the desk was coated in her cum as she desperately clawed at it, hips rocking and bucking. She tried screaming, only to find that she couldn't.
>Luna let her face fall onto the desk as the pleasure overwhelmed her. She might have sunk off the desk and onto the floor if Anon hadn't been there holding her up, a smile on his face as he wiggled his tongue back and forth. It wasn't until she had gone completely and utterly limp that he pulled his tongue out of her, making the older woman shudder.
>He licked his lips.
>"I figured you'd be clean back there," he said, just loud enough for Luna to hear as he gave her ass a few taps. "Thanks for that by the way. There's nothing worse than getting that nasty taste, you know? You taste pretty great by the way. Your pussy not your ass. Your ass just kind of tasted like skin."
>Luna could only groan.
>Celestia, behind the phone, could only look on smugly.
>"It's not as easy as you thought, huh missy?"
File: 1543181709847.jpg (390 KB, 1438x1730)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
w e w
Alright, done for now.
File: spoiler.jpg (57 KB, 1280x1280)
57 KB
Writing is hard
File: 1428809749344.jpg (396 KB, 787x1300)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
i want to cum inside celestia and luna
File: 1531421145180.jpg (290 KB, 950x612)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Get in line, buddy
I mean, if we look at it any single parent that doesn't mention they have a child when they date would raise alot of red flags.

Heck it be like meeting someone on tinder and when they come to the third or fourth date or something they bring their four year old kid along.
>Just get in the fucking robot, Shinji
Where in the prompt did it say that was the case?
>Finding shelter
Assumed that shelter meant finding someone that was willing to house Anon and his ward or finding someone to date.
So nowheres.
File: 1540670515419.jpg (69 KB, 617x800)
69 KB
I can't get over how ugly Twi's face is. She has the EXACT same facial expression as that fucking balding, obese white knight on the internet (Not that that narrows it down. Zing!) who drew his avatar as a blue teddy bear with eyeglasses.
Good stuff. I look forward to reading the next update.

I'm of similar mind as this >>33247033 Anon. I'd meter it out so as to give society a chance to adjust to the disruptive effect any "advanced" tech would inevitably have.

Not that Anon but I'm looking forward to it.

Not a bad idea and I took it basically the same as this >>33247190 Anon.

This reminds me of that one green where Anon goes to the Equestrian embassy to start the immigration process. His ex shows up and starts shit. Anon ends up getting asylum in Equestria.

Sounds like it could be a thing.
Maybe emphasize the fact that Anon is pretty freaked out himself.
He outed an actual secret society
Just imagine how you would feel if you outed a secret society knowing that they have plenty of reason to hate you.
I personally would be looking out for any odd shadows in my house.
Love it. Thanks for starting the thread of right LaP.

Me too Anon, me too.
This all sounds like something the Massive Pony thread might like.
File: 1505673314306.png (856 KB, 1974x1183)
856 KB
856 KB PNG
shit just suddenly died what the hell
something something rgre giant robots.
It's a concept that's been around for hundreds of years in European folklore, of tiny little people that live in the hidden places people don't look and use our castoff. Here's just a couple samples of all the flavors it comes in:
>The story about the poor old cobbler who helps a tiny elf, who in return makes him a pair of ultra shoes he sells to a prince or whatever for enough money to last the rest of his life.
>the stories about brownies, and how you leave a bowl of milk on your doorstep at night for payment for them to come out and do minor repairs to your barns/tools

And then you have several modern renditions of the story, such as The Littles, The Borrowers, Sercret World of Arrietty.
>>Anon adopts an orphan Cozy

>"Afternoon, Anon! How are things with little Cozy?"
"It's... harder than I thought it would be, Twilight."
>"Oh, no. Is she causing you trouble? Is she not taking to your disciplinary measures?"
>"Well... good news is that she figured out masturbation on her own, so that's one awkward talk we won't need to have. Bad news is that spanking is no longer an effective punishment."
Repostan tomb king anon idea

Didnt see the post limit. Phone posting from the shitter at work
Oh The Secret World of Arrietry, you are bringing up memories of a better time
Noice prompt
What about Arthur and The Invisables?
Eyy I remember that!
>Anon is shrunk down to around their size but still looks human
>The Invisables don't trust him because he's an outsider and the uncanny valley effect he puts off
I came to this thread for sexist horses, not nostalgia
>Anon is tiny as fuck but still goddamn prideful
>Mare make fun of him for his grandiose visions and his puny self
>Anon spend a long time figuring out how to get revenge
>At night when mare is asleep he lubes himself
>Slip into her vagina hole and kick the shit out of her cervix
>Punch and kick that cunt where it hurts the most
This is the only way to make these shit macro prompts acceptable
File: 1526240035634.jpg (194 KB, 850x701)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
go for the ovaries
I see potential there. Hopefully someone will pick it up.
I've just been ignoring the stealth macro fetish crap hoping it'll all go away.
jesus fuck
sometimes japan makes me wonder, dude, what the fuck
File: 1479814019759.png (15 KB, 300x300)
15 KB
>he thinks that's bad
>Story that focuses entirely on the political and social ramifications of Anon accidentally outing an entire species
>"Hurr Durr, fetish shit"
>outing an entire species
it's a retarded prompt, Anon. The only reason it's gone on this long is because of the pseudo-fetish posting that followed it
Everyone on this board wants to fuck ponies, therefore this whole board is living off of a fetish. Sound logic if it goes by your standards
>It's retarded if it isn't a fetish it's retarded if it is
Dammit anon, Borrowers are cute, ponies are cute, just let it happen!
Thanks for making the thread on time, which is past 500 posts.
Stop feeding him (you)s
Yeah, you're right.
Good work Comfy. I look forward to the next update.
Is there a part one for this, or is it just starting?
Now you just need the brave borrower girl who swears to get other bottom of this and learn the menaces secret.
She comes off as a tsundere towards Anon.
Was asked last thread, and yes, there is a part one, probably on LaP's pastebin if I had to guess.
File: big .png (2.01 MB, 937x1488)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG
more oc
Villanon's a big boy
it’s shit
>calls it shit
>has nothing to back up his claim
Ooh, let’s see some of your art, anon, you’re still drawing stick pones right? Let’s see how you’ve improved these past few years.
Now I want to see a whole comicbook worth of art of him.
Maybe just the story so far, made into comic. This looks really cool.
No Anon, it is not.
This is great!
>This is great!
Although, that said, Villanon here >>33249867
is literally Doctor Doom with shoulder spikes and a new mask.
God dammit.
This would be like the perfect RGRE Anon singing covers to ponies, and I hate.
You know, one of the oddest aspects of Doom's character to me personally, is actually that he loves his mom and wants to rescue her.
It's not his major motivation or part of his main plan, but it's there, and that's something.
doom is generally a good guy, perhaps even mankinds ture hero, his methods are just off
>Eldritch Horror Anon, but it's just real Anon in cartoon world.
>He's 3D and everything is 2D.
>The sight of him break pony minds.
>His sweat and other bodily fluids damages the world around him.
>And most importantly, he's an artist brought plenty of supplies with, and is thus capable of creating photo-realistic images that come alive and become real.
>He's worshiped by various creatures as an ancient god of creation.
>He is The Father.
>Many even believe his the creator of the world, or at least had a hand in it.
There was that god that saw all possibilities and claims only a future in which Doom reins supreme does humanity survive.
There's also the one where he gets god powers and one of the first things he does is go to Hell, kills Satan, and saves his mom's soul.
the great white tigerr was the name of the god if im not wrong. atleast thats what the god atleast looks like and that doom is the only thing that can really save man kind is really basicly canon
For some reason, I feel like he should be a stereotypical Canadian.
>We have brought you this virgin as a sacrifice, M'Lord! May he sate your hunger!"
"Oi! Let da poor lad go, eh! Dose ropes are cootin into his skin and it looks right painful."
>Anon proceeds to slather the wounds in maple syrup because that fixes everything.
>Since it's his blood, it actually does and the rope burns heal instantly.
File: Paranoia.gif (202 KB, 600x426)
202 KB
202 KB GIF
File: 1518759819674.gif (2.05 MB, 480x270)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB GIF
Once again exactly the opposite of what RGRE is. Seriously do you people not understand the meaning of four simple words?
The rights of males are supressed and there are stallions and colts routinely raped on the streets
It's literally a rape culture
so basicly anon in RGRSA?
I suppose you could take it in that direction, but that's not really what most of us are here for.
If Rape is routine and colts have no rights, theyd probably have been raised being told to fuck a mare whenever she asks, wherever they are.
Thus, its not rape culture, it's just public sex culture.
>not horsely
On job, motherfucker. On job.
"C'mon, bud, let's go get some Timmies. You like dOUGHnuts, right?"

I like CanuckAnon.
Going off of thing in last thread.
>Anon was pretty deep in NEET land back on Earth
>So when he landed in a planet full of ponies who /needed/ to be held and cuddled he was pretty happy
>For a while
>His introverted side came back pretty quick and it wasn't long before he locked himself in his house, shitposting via dropping off letters in the dead of the night
>It didn't take long for anyone to notice the local alien going dark
>Seeing as how he may be scared or have some concerns, the M6 drop by to see how the poor colt is doing
>Also to form a big cuddle pile because even if he is a stallion, he still needs some social contact
>Things go relatively okay through the semi intervention until Anon blurts out that he's not used to all the hugging
>At that moment, six of the bravest mares in Equestria broke down in tears
File: comfy lizards.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Anon flinches from most contact before relaxing
>Mares think he abused
>Anon is just a loner and doesn't mind it.
I've just never really had anyone but my family touch me.
>Queue mare memes and telling him they'll protect him
>Anon secretly avoids them because of the amount of fuss they kick up, and because of his loner attitude.
>shitposting via dropping off letters in the dead of the night
>"How can strawberries even compete?!"
>">she doesn't know"
>"The planet revolves around the sun! You are being lied to!"
>flinches from contact
>not used to touch
>better off alone
ok stop immersion too real
>Unlimited hugs from real friends
I don't care about anything else. That alone is enough to give up earth.
>she had brought home to cover herself.
>she took a deep breath, letting her had fall to her side.
You are improving again, and have the POV lines finally sorted out correctly so far, so that is excellent progress. The third person style is still terrible for greentext though, and it's baffling that you used it for this when you know that. It is kind of too late now to properly fix it, but just keep that in mind before some asshat gives you a dumb idea.
>He was in absolutely no horror as she lavished
hurry*(?), and he*
>He have her pussy one
>it was slung against the wall with a walk,
honestly, how many mares would fetishis this doom armor?
>Twilight immediately comes up with a complex and absurdly convoluted plan
>It's shot down within seconds
>What is decided instead is a slow approach
>Each mare will spend a bit of time with Anon and try to break his walls down
>They decide to go one at a time to ease him into it
>They throw a grumbling Luna at him on Sundays since she has nothing better to do and she was kind of having similar issues
If humans and equestrians ever had any sort of conflict they'd have to rename Stockholm syndrome for the sheer rate of conversion ponies would have.
I dont see many a man withstanding a few snuggle sessions, god forbid if their interrogator is single and thinks they're cute.
I feel like it'd get old, constantly getting hugged and touched.
You're the guy who submitted the "Anon hates it here and thinks all this girly stuff sucks shit" posts, aren't you?

I don't actually think you are, I'm just suggesting that to make a point.I shouldn't need this spoiler, but I've learned my lesson through simple interaction with Anons over the years.
>constantly have someone in your personal space
>never have time to yourself
>always being bothered
>Sergeant Reckless in RGRE
>Anon makes the Shamwow while in equestria
>He goes onto their version of Shark Tank
Hahah you know I think in my 30 something years I've had enough 'time to myself'
But you do you, bro, heaven forbid some cute pony interrupt your quiet brooding
>Hide it as best you can.
>Ponies, at tactile as they are, don't miss you going tense like a steel cable about to snap to suddenly relaxed.
>They know. They always knew.
Quit being a cunt, not everybody is you.
honestly I always imagined his armor as being really bulky, size-wise I thought it would be a sort of middle ground between Iron-Man's regular and Hulk Buster Armor
>leave me alone you're in my personal space ree
>heaven forbid some cute pony interrupt your quiet brooding
I want to read about an emo teen stuck in RGRE. He's all grumpy because nopony appreciates his awful depressing poetry, doesn't like how the world doesn't reflect his quote-unquote dark soul, and despises the way ponies are worried for him instead of "understanding" him.
File: Anxiety.gif (1.11 MB, 597x551)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB GIF
>Every pony being so friendly all the time eventually draws you to two conclusions.
>Either it's a dream you're about to wake up from any moment or it's all a trick waiting for you to let your guard down before they unleash hell like an Indonesian birthday party.
>before they unleash hell like an Indonesian birthday party.

I am unfamiliar with the concept of an "Indonesian birthday party". What makes it considered "hell"?
You'd get tired of constantly being bothered day and night, buddy.
So basically, this whole general sone big, lame, "In Soviet Russia" meme?
I really wish you normals would stop telling me this, did your vacation start early or something
I'm used to Anon being insecure - and god knows that if I popped into RGRE I'd be pretty uncomfortable to the attention - but surely one would eventually look at the way ponies treat each other, compare it to the way ponies treat him, and then kinda connect a few dots and realize ponies are just that nice. Maybe it's just my years of seeing a therapist talking, but eventually you'd overcome the "oh god oh god it's all coming down" anxieties, right?
File: 1291181409387.jpg (9 KB, 299x293)
9 KB
>brah trus me brah fuckin like brah you dont want all these cute ponies up in your grill brah
>fuckin like uhhh shits mad annoying brah
t. autist
On 4chan's talking llama fantasy board?
No way!
File: Subtle.png (303 KB, 576x1024)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
Would Luna's old style unusual (even by equestrian standards) courtship work on you?

You know how some cultures have those little traditions that other people think are weird?
Indonesians are pretty fucking weird.

> Maybe it's just my years of seeing a therapist talking,
Probably, or maybe i'm just being hyperbolic from my own experiences as going through a succession of fake friends tends to ratchet up the paranoia, hell i'm pretty sure i'm just the backup friend to the 3 guys i talk with still but it's better than nothing i guess.
you type like a fag and your shits all retarded
>Checked LaP's bin
>New Casual Fucc story
>So many goddamn errors.
Why LaP?
I used to edit for him, but I stopped getting doc links around September.
Pls bby, if it's something I did, I'm sorry.
File: Spoiler Image (8 KB, 210x230)
8 KB
>Would Luna's old style unusual (even by equestrian standards) courtship work on you?
absolutely; the only catch is I have to realize it's courtship
Blame Discord and Fim. Encouraging no standards trash sites.
Yep, but with lots and lots of desperate wish fulfillment tacked on.
That spoiler
>Anon tries to court Luna
>Luna tries to court Anon
>However with RGRE, different worlds, and time displacement, neither know the other likes them
File: courtship.jpg (28 KB, 500x389)
28 KB
What would war in RGRE look like? Before and After Celestia?
Well after her I would say it would be pretty B.A.
If you want dark, there's no need to jump right to rape.
>Stallions are actually less mentally capable than mares.
>Simple things like cooking, cleaning, and simple jobs like secretaries, butlers, or "guards" (read: paid eye candy) they can master, and instincts fill in any blanks for parenting.
>But outside of rare exceptions like Starswirl, Big Mac, or Shining Armor, stallions ARE inferior.
>And the laws granting civil rights to stallions are made up of flowery and confusing words and wordplay that most of the stallions don't get, but makes them feel good without really questioning it.
>Really, a stallion without a strong mare to lead him is a stallion tempting fate.
>And with how few and precious the males are, mares coddled them and grew into the dominant gender.
>Then comes you, who functions on a higher level than even most mares. It's all plain to see.
File: [laughs].png (105 KB, 600x300)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>Then comes you, who functions on a higher level than even most mares. It's all plain to see.
Haha, yep, i'm a sharp one alright, totally not an extremely simple guy who'd fit right in with the stallions.
I'm a strong independent man who dont need no mare to hold me and be the dependable one i can love and support to the best of my ability oh god i'm so lonely.
File: i9U17ie.jpg (168 KB, 843x1000)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>tfw I'd probably be the only one here to forego mares to attempt performing magic of my own
>tfw I'd attempt to become a dragon riding wizard
why not let the dragon ride you if you know what I mean?
File: deathbysnusnu.jpg (147 KB, 640x960)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>Would Luna's old style unusual (even by equestrian standards) courtship work on you?
More than likely. Assuming I'd realize it because like this >>33251855 Anon's pic; I'm a bit oblivious. I actually had a tomboy-ish friend back in high school who told me she really liked this guy she always hung around with. We lived in the same apartment complex and spent a lot of time together. I stupidly dismissed the idea it could've been me. She had taken my stupidity for rejection and we grew apart. The subject came up much, much later. Her exact words were "It was you, stupid!". By then she had hooked up with; and eventually married, a guy I knew was a typical Chad. One of the few missed opportunities I squandered.
feels bad man
reminds me of that story on /a/ of the guy who had a tomboy friend he did everything with together but she died in a car accident
File: tenor3.gif (938 KB, 500x281)
938 KB
938 KB GIF
you're doing god's work Anon
File: images(2).png (25 KB, 554x554)
25 KB
>tfw want a strong mare to put me in my place
>she will never lasso me when I get uppity or spank me if I refuse to have sex
Sergeant Reckless is an RGRE mare thrown into PiE.
I keep forgetting that Applejack can use her tail to lasso things.
File: 1504811098463.jpg (336 KB, 1200x748)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
>Twi, despite being brainy, is too much of a white knight to admit stallions are lesser than mares despite literal scientific evidence.
>It bled over to her desires, leaving her wanting an actual equal romantically.
>...But the rare few stallions on a mares level are usually taken long before she can get to know them, and even then, they're still below her.
>Her friends just shook their heads. Rainbow and Applejack even snickered and said "Hope you like the taste of vag then."
>Then you happen along and start an idle conversation any the book she's reading. Twilight is so distracted that she doesn't realize it was you. She was distracted by her thoughts, then by how engaging the conversation was. When you hit a good stopping point, you thank her for her time and move on.
>It takes a moment, but the youngest alicorn suddenly realizes she was talking to a male the whole time.
>...And not once did she have to dumb anything down.
>Her next day or so is spent frantically trying to master a mating dance and ritual Celestia told her about.
That sounds cute and comfy. Do want.
>idle conversation any the book
File: images (1).png (11 KB, 218x231)
11 KB
I have a not so sweet version where Anon is playing vidya and Moondancer is surprised there's a stallion as bad mouthed and autistic as her
One day hiromoot will ban Ll phone posters like myself, then I can smile since autocorrect won't fuck me anymore.
One day Hiro will actually let the captcha work on my phone again so I can make posts that get fucked by autocorrect.
Unless that's something on my end. It never actually finished the captcha progress.
>Anon isn't a vidya (or whatever hobby the mare in question has) master who can beat Moonie with one hand tied behind his back like you sometimes see
>What he IS, is being just as autistic as she is
>They're a match made in loudly-screeching heaven
File: 1342584667162.png (612 KB, 600x599)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
>dragon riding

Would this movie be racist in Equestria?
>Anon and Moonie have to get a house on the edge of town because their screeching gets so bad
>It's like two cats trying to murder eachother 24/7
>What the neighbors don't know is that half of the noise is them having sex
>They still screech about how the others genitals are wrong though
Personally I was thinking more like Fallout powerarmor kinda bulk.
File: 1417395858210.png (88 KB, 457x550)
88 KB
>think it's going to be racist
>has the opposite effect
>hordes of dragons begin hunting humans to be their riders
File: spittake-cartoon.jpg (13 KB, 300x179)
13 KB
>this dragon's head snakes in through your open window one day while you're having breakfast
>freak the fuck out, knock your chair over and press your back to the far wall
>first thing she does is open her mouth and say "Hi, will you ride me?"
File: best shipping.jpg (39 KB, 500x822)
39 KB
>be anon looking at yo cereal of pony offbrand cheerios, shearios (made by sheep people)
>said anon lifts spoon to mouth, enjoying his milk from favorite cow, bessy
>"Hey, would you like to ride a dragon?"
>anon finishes pooting cereal in mouth
>like the rest of equestria, he fucking rolls with it
are we gonna go out for a rip, bud?
>dragon seems startled then says yes questioningly
>now anons balls rest upon her neck
>masterplan achieved
File: 1405608807039.png (180 KB, 1280x761)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
how can anyone be fooled that Villanon's a girl with him looking like that?
like giving a piggyback ride to a big titty lady, you always feel them dere
What's even going on in this picture? Are the hands grabbing her ovaries literally phased inside her and crushing her insides, or are they figurative?
>how can anyone be fooled that Villanon's a girl with him looking like that?

What cues for sexual dimorphism are Ponies with a reference point of one going to clue in on?
Looks like a ghost squeezing her ovaries till they pop.
See also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdEo_t-iVbM
>sounds painful
They don't have any point of reference. A human could pop up innaquestria and say he reproduces with flowers or some shit and with how freaky that world is they might just go with it.
thats my fetish
>They don't have any point of reference.
This is not true; Villanon is still human, even though he's the only one in Equestria. They have a single point of reference; here on Earth, we're in the same boat in regards to what life in the rest of the universe is like.
I want to go on a long rant about WOY, but I'll keep it short: fuck that bitch. That show was great until she showed up.
cont Tomb King Anon idea

>The 6 greater queendoms try to temp anon away from his adopted his adopted tribe
>not knowing the very mare who rescued him from the desert
>is also the very mare leading the new budding queendom
>and does not take kindly to other mares clam jamming her plans of courtship
>fortunatley she was the few mares that could communicate with Anonymous
>and the those few mares are were all part of her tribe
>the 6 queendoms are forced to negotiate with "lowly" nomads for advantages they themselves could make but will take generations to develope

>but these mares forget that anon is not something to be bargain with
>in his time with these ponies he's not been idle
>not just in helping this new sttlement grow
>as well as learning things in this new world
>especially speaking the language


>and he's not happy of what he's hearing
>at this point he holds his tongue until he can get his new "queen" alone
>at least he now knows what those funny dances that she's been doing in front of him for a while now mean
>anon is both mad touch at this
>mad that she's actually CONSIDERING to sell him out to thses strangers
>but was she really courting him this whole time?

>anon eventually lets her know that he's overheard her conversation with the emissaries
>anon makes her understand that HE is to make his own decisions his knowledge is his own
>The make shouts back
>how dare this stallion talk back to her?
>SHE was the one who rescue him!
>SHE was the one who sheltered him!
"Do you feel in charge?"
That's a lot of errors in just several paragraphs.
>Be Luna.
>You grumble as you trot up to the human's door.
>You knock a few times and a few seconds later, the door is opened and a curious looking 'human' stands within.
"You are Anon correct?"
>"Yes?" He says almost like it was a question. "May I help you?"
"We are Luna, princess of the night. We were told to come here for physical contact therapy. Whatever that means."
>"Oh, okay come in I guess." He says stepping aside to let you in.
>Accepting the invite and trot inside allowing the human to close the door behind you.
>"As much I appreciate what you ponies are doing, do we really have to do this every day?"
>You sigh.
"You're telling us."
>He looks confused at this.
"Our sister is constantly pestering us about 'Being more open' or 'Making more friends' and all that stuff. We just wish to continue our investigation of Equestria technology, especially the 'Desktops' and their wonderous 'Veedio games'. We are almost done with Hope."
>His eyes somewhat light up at this.
>"You mean that one where you go around destroying a bunch of nightmare beast that invaded the world?"
>You're surprised the colt even recognizes it.
>From what your sister says colts don't like those 'Gorey' games.
>The just puff into mist, there's no gore about it.
>It's like she forgets about what the two of you did back in the day when beast seeked to hurt your ponies.
"Yes, the one where you play as the Night Slayer?"
>The human smiles.
>"Yep, if you want we can skip the whole therapy thing and play it on my desktop." He says pointing over to a rather expensive looking device.
>A break of hugging for twenty minutes every hour? Sign us up!
"Yes, we would enjoy that very much so."
>You say keeping up your cool demeanor.
Remember that time when like, three different Anons went on a porn posting spree for like 3-4 hours? Good times.
>ponies version of Doom is called Hope
I chuckled
from this point on im making anon someone who starts to accept his responsibilities in his new home

a story of him on the road of becoming king and sowing the seeds of a n empire with his eventual death and the start of his legend

im writing an idea this is not as an actual green (im hoping someone would pick in up)

im horrible with grammar
Where's the pastebin for Villanonanyway? Shit was a fun story.
>im horrible with grammar
You want to know how to fix that Anon?
>Get purple poner princess
>Write bad smut for her
>Make sure it's kind of good though so it gets her going
>She will then spend the next 2-12 hours fucking you senseless as she corrects every grammatical issue in your writing
And that's how you write good.
File: scream.png (651 KB, 950x1396)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
How could they not? He's wearing a little green skirt.
>Anon and Moonie start screeching when the test comes positive
>"REEE! This isn't even logical! Fucking writers!"
>Screwing over the most likely benevolent alien that gave your tribe life saving medical knowledge
Worst queen
File: 1361451317838.jpg (37 KB, 373x373)
37 KB
Fuck, I remember being here for this.
The ride truly does never end.
https://pastebin.com/6w73tzYv right here
>Anon and Moonie are out for a walk
>Their foal, Speed Screeches, is in Anons arms
>Twilight comes up to say high
>Anon starts first
>And that's how Twilight lost her hearing.
>>Their foal, Speed Screeches, is in Anons arms
>They bathe her in onion juice every night so that she can run faster
I thought we were well past the era of 'personal army' nonsense.
This isn't even /b/.
I should've worded it better And Anon saw it that way

But being a newly minted queen knew she couldnt just deny these mares

But being rgre her sexism and her "im the mare of the house" thing makes her think she can just overrule anon
Imma go upvote him.
>twilight riding your dick while aggressively fixing your grammer.
God damn it anon i'm running out of room for fetishes.
I'm honestly not even sure if that's what he wanted the entire time. "I'll just tell these guys down vote my video, they'll tell me I'm not their real dad and then the up votes will flood in."
File: aloha mr hoof.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
Please do me a favor and go be "literally shaking rn" somewhere else
>""I" before "E" *bounce* except after "C"!
Instead of telling you or rewriting your draft, she writes the improved version on herself as she rides you, making slight tweaks to the story as things happen in real time. Although I bet even her writing would get a bit sloppy as she nears her climax.
This has nothing to do with poni, or RGRE
And what part of not your personal army do you not understand?
Ironically Moonie doesn't even get hormonal, quite the opposite in fact, she's the calmest she's ever been. It's quite unsettling to ponies who know her, like she's snapped and finally found the perfect way to kill them and get away with it
But does she realize that by giving Anon away, she would be giving away what gave her queendom it's edge?
>Speed Screeches
File: Spoiler Image (725 KB, 760x636)
725 KB
725 KB PNG
Pride is a helluva drug.
I bet that's what happened to Chrysalis.
File: 1535924420528.png (270 KB, 650x900)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
>all that dragon love
There aren't enough dragon rgre stories, or dragon rgr anything.
>God damn it anon i'm running out of room for fetishes.
you can always forget normie shit to make more room
That's probably because dragons are canonically meritocratic, so they don't care about gender roles.
File: Spoiler Image (499 KB, 640x512)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
>Senor Pink inna RGRE
File: 1534238278874.jpg (88 KB, 711x768)
88 KB
No weebshit please and thank you
>"Wooo, yeah!"
>'Hey sweetcheeks, do I get fries with that?'
"..Damn pony floozies. You're blockin' my rays.."
File: 1525643628609.png (181 KB, 1341x1590)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
Even better, it clashes with pony sensibilities.
You're just mad that you'll never be as hard boiled as Senor Pink.
Because armor is supposed to be practical not feminine looking, I think you played and watched too many video games and fantasy movies that put women in feminine looking armor that's anything but practical.
File: 1518724378513.png (294 KB, 2701x1486)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
The situation would be much worse if Anon was her husband
Got a link or a screen cap pal
>>33252713 I prefer this version from the end
File: 30830945.jpg (102 KB, 639x639)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
haha so did I but her parents divorced when we were like 11 and I never saw her again
I enjoy that one as well. Really, all the music from that movie was great.

>Make foals with twi
>They are alicorns like flurry but out of the four foals only one is a mare
>The mare public is worried about having a group of silly stallion alicorns but those that interact with them are confused.
>Twi’s sons aren’t idiots, in fact they’re quite gifted.
>Not only that but they act much more aggressive than normal stallions.
>Is it because they are alicorns or is there something else going on?
>Doesn’t matter to Twi though as she always knew her foals would be brilliant and she loves them so much.
Did they just euthanize male alicorns before?
Yeah but they called it "releasing"
That's some fuckin 'Giver' tier shit
Na I was thinking there hadn’t been any before so the mares kinda assumed they’d be like other stallions.
>Human Cities, Mountain Roots
>The ruined subterranean Cities and all that dwells within are the only source of evidence of the long lost race of Humans ever inhabiting Equis
>Many scholars have made attempts to find evidence of Human dwellings or influences above ground for centuries
>All to no avail
>The entrances to these cities have always been concealed and, when new ones are discovered, often take near decades to decipher the Human runes that adorn the door's outline in order to gain access
>Luckily for the races that the Humans left behind, their doors don't require the theorised implants that their automatons have
>I can't help but imagine the humans purposefully made them this way
>If they truly never wished for us to gain access to the underground tombs they once called home, they had dozens if not hundreds of ways to ensure we never could
>A fact that the works of every scholar that has looked into this mysterious race could bring evidence to
>Of course, they did not hand us the entrances on a silver platter
>Every human ruin that has been discovered has been hidden within a “Chameleon Rune”
>Part One: The Griffons
>The first human ruin, discovered by the griffons 5 thousand years ago, was actually found by accident
>A griffon, who was sent to scout out the area that would later come to be known as “Griffonstone”, ended up walking over the Chameleon rune when inspecting the base of the Great Tree that took root at the crown of the mountain
>She immediately returned to the queen of the time and informed her of the discovery
>Content with the surrounding area, the queen created the first settlement around the base of the tree
>For years her best scholars attempted to decipher the door
>After several generation an answer was found
>A key made of Man Iron was required to unlock the door
>Hundreds of griffons were sent out on expeditions over the following generations to find it
>The griffon who finally unearthed the lost key came to later ascend to the throne under the name King Grover
>The idol was named the “Idol of Boreas” after the griffons deciphered some humans runes inscribed upon it
>With the key now in claw, the griffons sent no less than half a dozen excavations into the Human ruins of “Rae-Lis” during Grover's reign alone
>Of course as with all excavations, many casualties befell the parties that were sent
>The griffons however, in their greed, saw these as necessary sacrifices
>With the Man Iron they procured from their excavations, the Griffon Kingdom boomed into an era of previously unseen prosperity
>Sadly that prosperity ended as quickly as it began
>As many history books have recorded a creature known as an Arimapsi stole the idol from the fourteenth holder, King Guto
>The idol was lost in a chasm that the Arimapsi was chased over and has not yet been found
>With the key lost, and no other way to open the doors of “Rae-Lis” the griffon's prosperity began to fade
>It was here that the griffons saw the folly in their excavations as, with so few griffons left, after so many fell to the ruins, they didn't have the numbers to find economic stability in another industry
>Luckily the other races who have found human ruins have taken caution when dealing with some
>Most in fact, outside of griffons and ponies, have not even bothered to send in more than two excavations over the thousand years of having access to the cities
>Though the doors of these ruins were not as simple to open as finding a key
>Part Two: The Minotaurs
>The door to the ruins of “Dov-Nogor” found in the Minotaur Capital of Labyrinthia for example, has an intricately designed engraving carved deep into the door
>The door was found while the minotaurs were working away at the stone wall it was carved into
>The door was so perfectly hidden under the Chameleon rune, that they only realised it was there after breaking several hammers and pickaxes against it
>It was eventually discovered that the engraving could be filled with a molten metal that, after completely filling the engravings, would activate and unlock the door
>However the minotaurs came across several obstacles
>The first being that, no metal at the time would be accepted by the door
>It was only after a few decades of research into metallurgy, and forging, that they were able to discover an alloy that the door would accept
>The second obstacle that they encountered, were the magic enchantments of the engravings upon the door
>They had been enchanted to be in a constant sub-zero state, cooling the molten metal, no matter how long the minotaurs worked it
>Several decades later, a revelation came to the queen of that time
>Dragon Fire
>Dragon's have always had a proclivity to fire, being able to live in lava pools as easily any other species could live in houses
>Their inborn ability to manipulate magical fire have made them a race worthy of both the fear and awe that their legends bring to those that hear them
>This Dragon Fire would act as a superior catalyst to the alloy then even the greatest of forges that the minotaurs could craft
>It was at this point in history that the first recorded pact between the dragons and a race outside their own was made
>In exchange for their services the dragons were offered any treasure or Man Iron that the ruins held
>While the dragon's agreed to help the minotaurs unlock the door, they refused to enter the ruins, or even lay claim to any of it's treasure that the minotaurs retrieved
>Since then, many scholars have attempted to learn the reasoning to the decision, which no dragon will give
>Having obtained wagons of Man Iron the minotaurs saw fit to leave the ruins be
>Learning from the mistakes of the griffons, they sought their fortune in a less dangerous craft
>I of course speak of forging, which their race has become a master of thanks to their alloy, a metal that only they and the Dragon Lords knew the secret to for millenia, before they began making alliances with other races
>Part Three: Diamond Dogs
>It was only a matter of time before the thriving underground race of diamond dogs came across a Human Ruin
>After digging far below sea level into their core mine they found the Door to the ruin of “Vin-Ena”
>This door was far different to the ones previously discovered
>Rather than looking like a usual door it was a multi layered circle carved into the floor of the mine
>With the aid of pony scholars, the race learned that dozens of different naturally forming, flawlessly cut gems, each required to be a different size and/or shape, were required to unlock the door
>Being masters of gemology, the diamond dogs were able to find these rare stones with ease
>(Author's Note: While I refer to the fact that these stones were found “with ease”, that is used in the context of uncovering how to unlock the other Human doors, meaning it still took them well over a decade of finding near flawless stones, or stones of the correct size or shape that were not the right kind of gem)
>These days the Stone Keys can be found decorating the crown of whoever rules the diamond dogs
>Part Four: Yaks
>The yaks are perhaps the most cautious of the ruined cities out of all the races
>They refuse to build any of their settlements anywhere close to it, believing the dangers within to not be worth what lies inside
>Though the Yaks are still willing to open the doors to any approved excavation team that wishes to enter it
>Once more the Humans show their ingenuity, expert craftsman and mastery of technology and magic with this door as harmonic frequencies must be utilised in order to open it
>This was discovered after the yaks sang for a day infront of it after it's first discovery
>The unique design of their instruments and the way they allow air to be manipulated within them, coupled with the baritone of the Yak's speech met the requirements to activate it's mechanisms
>Sadly little else is known of this ruin, even it's name has yet to be deciphered as only one excavation team has been sent into it
>Part Five: Ponies
>As stated before one of the most well know Human Cities is known as "Lod-Non"
>This ruin ranks in the top three of the most well documented ruins in history
>Despite having only been explored by two excavation parties, we are as well informed with this ruin as we are with Bel-Rin and Bai-Ub
>Discovered by Starswirl the Bearded over a thousand years ago, it is believed that the presence of Lod-Non is one of the reasons as to why Celestia chose it as the new Capital of Equestria after the banishment of her sister
>It's door is perhaps the most difficult to unlock
>It is believed that the exact requirements to open it's door is the full power of each of the three pony races
>The Earth Pony's manipulation of earth, the Pegasi's manipulation of weather, and the Unicorn's manipulation of Mana, are required to undo three separate locks on the door
>At the time of it's discovery, Luna and Celestia had not fully learned to control the magic of the three races they represented
>Because of this, along with their own full power, they required the assistance of Starswirl the Bearded along with the most powerful pegasi and earth ponies of the time
>The excavation made into the ruins by the “Sorcerer King” and the Princesses gave us some of the deepest insight into the structure of the ruins
>The second excavation, headed by Cere Bellum, that had aimed to bring a surplus of knowledge on the race, is only known as another of the great tragedies of Equestria
>Though a hope that I and my fellow scholars share, is that the information we have gained from our extensive history of exploring the several ruins that dot Equestria, may makes us more prepared for each new excavation we go on
>One ruin that is of particular interest is the ruin discovered and unlocked by the Arch-Sorceress Fallen Star
>One of the four ponies to lay claim to the coveted title “Mistress of the Arcane” she stands at the peak of magic in both it's theory and practice
>It was Fallen Star who unlocked the door to the Ruin of “Zatar-Cla” that can be found hidden on the shore of Luna Bay
>A full and in-depth look into the mare's journey with the ruin can be found in her book “Lock and Key”
>(Author's Note: I would highly recommend that any reader research this book as it details the theory of how this Ruin, may in fact be unique amongst the ruins as it's structure had led Fallen to the conclusion that it was a Human prison
>Whether it was meant to imprison other Humans, the wild beasts of the ancient world, or the other races when they were more primitive, is unclear
>I go into my own descriptions of the ruins and there possible functions in the Chapter: “Into the Still Beating Heart”)
>As for the other Human Ruins that were discovered by ponies-
>“Miss Twilight, miss Twilight!”
>For the nth time today somepony calls your friend's name
>Her book had finally been published
>Though it was with no small amount of difficulty
>Over a dozen time she read and re-read her drafts to ensure no errors would be found in them
>Yet despite her and the 5 of you confirming no errors she still held to her unease
>Eventually after a lot of pushing on your part, and her publisher needing to physically take the book from her hooves, she finally let the book be released to the public
>To say the least it was a huge hit
>It was a compendium of near all the information that had been gathered on humans
File: hrth.png (271 KB, 800x449)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
>"Princess Celestia... where did all the male alicorns went?"
>"They're extinct honey"
>"How can a gender get extinct?"
>"Alright, no more books for you for a while"
>meanwhile under Canterlot palace
>She was, of course, thorough in mentioning as many other scholars and their books as she could
>Since her book didn't go into as much thorough detail as their's did
>Honestly it wouldn't surprise you if the ponies who bought her book bought her recommendations as well
>You certainly did
>After you were done with Twilight's book on Human's you wanted to learn as much about them as you could
>It was the Daring Do book's all over again
>Once you got through one, you couldn't stop reading the others
>Though several ponies were of a similar mindset to you
>You reckon it's because of Twilight's popularity that so many ponies were willing to give the, surprisingly obscure, subject a read
>Though you have seen a lot of ponies today who you'd question on whether they read the book or just bought it for some collection
>Today, being a book signing
>Twilight was ecstatic when her publicist told her so many ponies were asking to get their copies signed
>So here she's been all day, at a small booth, selling and signing copies of her book
>Eventually she settled on the title “Anthropology: A Compendium”
>It didn't have the flair most book titles needed to catch a reader's eye, luckily Twilight's name made up for it
>Celestia forbid if Twilight had decided to go for her initial title “The Ancient and Lost Race of Human's and Anthropolgy: Their Social and Architectural Structures and How They Shape Current Studies Today”
>Twilight has a better way with words than most ponies you know
>She just doesn't know when to use less of them
>Turning your head up from the book you looked to see who was at the table now
>You've been playing a mental game where you guess whether somepony is just a fan with no intention of reading the book or somepony's who's actually interested
>She's just a filly so you reckon she's just a fan looking to show off Twilight's signature to her friends
>But, then again, you have been wrong before
>You adjust yourself in the air so that you're laying on your back, and resting the book on your barrel
>“Well hello there little filly, who should I sign this to?” Twilight asks, the delight in her voice as prominent as when she first asked it
>Seemingly only just realising where she is the filly's pupils shrinks as she nervously shuffles on her hooves
>Awkwardly pushing the book onto the table she stutters before clearing her throat
>“U-um my uh- my name is Petunia Paleo miss Twilight”
>Twilight simply chuckles at the filly's nervousness and begins scribbling in the book
>“Well Petunia, I'm happy to see the younger generation taking interest in Human studies”
>Taking the book in her magic Twilight levitates it back down to the filly
>Gently taking it in her hooves, the filly holds it as if it were made of glass, before hugging it to her chest and jumping on her hooves
>“Oooooohhhh thank you, thank you, thank you miss Twilight, ever since I read your book, I knew I wanted to learn as much about them as I can, in fact-”
>Swivelling around to give a clear view of her cutie mark, a skull and bones, the filly beams up at Twilight
>“-my cutie mark is to do with palaeontology, but I'm hoping I can apply it to Human studies”
>Alright, this filly's definitely legitimate
>At the thought you can't help but smile, it s legitimately nice to see ponies getting into this stuff
>Twilight is of a similar mind as she's beaming from ear to ear at the filly's words
>Reaching over the table she ruffles the filly's mane
>“That's wonderful to hear Petunia, but I want you to remember, if you do work with Human studies, be careful”
>The filly gives an affirmative hum before placing the book back in her saddlebags and running off
>As you see the next pony start to approach you glance up at the sun and only just realise the time
>Snapping your book shut you fly in front of Twilight and block the pony
“Sorry buddy, the princess is taking a break"
>“She is?”
>“I am?”
>With a groan you speak through gritted teeth
“Yes. She is. Because it's past noon and she hasn't even had breakfast”
>Twilight lifts a hoof in protest but is quickly shut down as her stomach lets out a growl
>You can't help but smirk at her
>With a groan Twilight gets up from her chair
>“Sorry everypony I'll be taking a break, but I'll be back to keep signing soon”
>With a collective protest from the crowd you start to drag Twilight off to her castle
>The whole time, you have to drag her as she constantly looks back to her stall
“Twilight, I hate to say this, but would you move your bucking hooves, I'm not your maid or Spike”
>Snapping back to reality she sheepishly starts walking besides you
>“Sorry about that Rainbow, but I've never been to a book signing, it's so exciting”
“Yeah yeah, it's alright, just wish ponies would quit interrupting my reading”
>Twilight lets out a laugh at that
>“Rainbow, you've already read my book five times, you probably know it as well as I do”
>You feel your face heat up a bit at that
>So what if you read her book a couple times, you've read the Daring Do books a few dozen times and you still like rereading them
“Yeah- well I wouldn't have to keep reading it if we just got word back on the Council of Ladies already”
>Twilight simply rolls her eyes at that
>“I know it's frustrating Rainbow, but I assure you, as soon as I get word from Celestia, I'll make sure you're the first to know”
>You let out a puff at her condescending tone
“Bucking better”
>As you finally reach the doors to her castle she pushes them open like cardboard
>Only to find Spike standing behind them, looking unimpressed and tapping his foot
>Twilight freezes at the sight and starts to uncomfortably shuffle on her hooves
>“Oh hey Spike, I thought I gave you the day off”
>“That was yesterday”
>“Oh! Right, it was yesterday” She points her head back and murmurs “It was bucking yesterday”
>Snapping back to Spike she puts on her best smile
>“How long have you been there exactly?”
>“Ooooohhh you know. Since about...”
>Mockingly he pretends to look at a watch
>Twilight shrinks into herself at that, her ears folding against her head
>Rolling his eyes, Spike lets out a sigh
>Walking up to Twilight he takes her hoof in his claw and begins leading her into the kitchen
>“Look, I just want you to eat properly Twilight, so come on, the food should still be good”
>Relaxing slightly she begins walking besides him, with you flapping just behind
>“Thank you Spike, I appreciate it”
>With a smile Spike continues leading her along
>As you make your way into the kitchen you see the rest of your friends digging into the lunch Spike made
>They all greet you and Twilight as you make your way into the room
>“Girls, what are you doing here?”
>“We were gonna wrangle you up if Rainbow couldn't convince you to come quietly”
>You all chuckle at Applejack
>You and Twilight take your seats and begin digging into some salad
>Twilight sure was lucky to get Spike, the guy can cook like a pro
>“So Darling, how was the book signing?”
>As Twilight stuffs a mouthful of salad into herself she holds up a hoof
>Chewing through her food quickly she swallows it before looking to Rarity
>“It was amazing Rarity, I've met so many ponies interested in Humans”
“Not all of them interested” you murmur
>Twilight simply shushes you and goes back to talking about the ponies she met
>“Honestly girls, I never imagined a turnout this big, it's great”
>“That's wonderful to hear Twilight, though you earned it with the days you put into that book”
>The girls all hum in agreement through mouthfuls of food
>“It's great Twilight, I'm even having trouble keeping up with all the baking, and partying, and foalsitting for the Cakes AND reading your book at the same time”
>“I'm having a great time reading it to my animal friends too, though Pinkie, you could just, do one at a time”
>Pinkie simply waves a hoof dismissively, getting some dressing on her hoof
>“Well sure I could, but what would be the fun in that?”
>Seeing the sauce on her hoof she begins licking away at it
>“I may not understand everything in the book if'n I'm being honest, but it's still a heck of a page turner, heck even Applebloom is taking a likin' to it”
>“Oh yes, I've seen a lot of fillies reading the book, even Sweetie has taken to reading it in her spare time”
>As the others go on complimenting Twilight's book you see her blush only getting deeper and deeper
>As the conversation goes on it veers to where it often ends up
>“I actually just got finished reading 'The Golden Doors' and I must thank you for that recommendation Twilight, it just made me more anxious for Celestia's reply”
>Luckily for Twilight it's Spike who answers this time
>“We know it's been three months girls, but like we've said each time you've asked, we'll let you girls know when w- URK”
>With a gag and a cough Spike let's out his signature burp and a scroll, bound with Celestia's seal appears in the air
>The room goes silent as the scroll falls to the floor
>You all share glances and Twilight quickly levitates it over to the six of you
>Carefully unravelling her eyes dart over the scroll several times as a smile spreads across her face
>Seemingly at a loss for words she simply nods her head at the five of you
>You each let out cheers at finally getting word back
>“Oh do you mind if I read it Twilight?”
>The rest of you crowd around the scroll too
>“Sure thing Fluttershy” Twilight says levitating it to her “Oh I can't believe our luck, in just five months we'll be meeting with THE Council of Ladies”
>While Twilight laughs in excitement the rest of you pause as your jaws drop
>Noticing you've stopped celebrating she looks back at you all
>“What? I told you it would take a long time for them to convene, we're lucky their schedule was open this much with all the other scholars requesting meetings with them on top of all their other responsibilities”
>While the others start to murmur between themselves you let out a sigh
>Walking back to the table, you lean your head all the way back, and slam it onto the table, and let out an exasperated groan
>You know you're gonna be seriously aching in the morning but you also don't care

Update, check
Namefag, check
Pastebin, check
keep up the good work writefag
File: 3HNFaXT.png (79 KB, 330x346)
79 KB
hey that's some good world building/suspense you got there.
I believe the game Skyrim will be kinda racist with thw whole killing dragons and taking thwir soul for power.
Like Holy shit they are good
How To Train Your Dragon 3 is coming out soon
File: wallpaper-1101920.jpg (463 KB, 1600x1150)
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463 KB JPG
That's some top tier shit my dude. I'm excited for how you handle the actual ruin diving and automatons.
And if you write an actual human presence still around.
>pones being that small compared to villanon
i'm starting to feel worried for hardtime
File: 1511236134715.jpg (14 KB, 315x391)
14 KB
Now would other mares want in intellectual equal? How popular would such a desire be, if all they know their whole lives is that males are pleasant looking breeding stock?
File: images (6).jpg (10 KB, 250x187)
10 KB
>Griffonstone Rae-Lis
>Griffonstone RaeLis
>Griffonstone LisRae
>Griffonstone isRaeL
Holy Shit Alex Pones is right.
File: 1534289644331.png (257 KB, 1280x1307)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Hot damn, anon, thank you so much for this! This really is wonderfully done, thank you so much!

They did a great job!


Doom was certainly the way I was going with it when originally talking about Villanon, with the armor and attitude and everything, even if mine is far more pony-friendly than the real one.

I could see either of those fitting, honestly! I tend to try and leave my anons' physical descriptions somewhat up-in-the-air so they're an easier fit for others. Defined, yet flexible.


What >>33252838 and >>33252860 said. There were no Humans there, Villanon has a voice filter in his mask, and he never left his armor while around ponies. Since he also claimed to be female whenever asked/never corrected them, they just assumed that he was a girl, because to them, how could a Stallion possibly be that powerful and dangerous? Also, >>33252964

True, but they'd never even seen Villanon outside of his suit, and only really realized it then once he was. Before that, he was just some strange person in a powerful suit of armor.

Very fitting!

Heads close to hip-height is certainly quite accurate, especially when in armor. Lucky for the guardsponies that he doesn't have any armor or magic, huh?
I mostly agree with >>33252940 and a little bit with >>33252970 . Still an interesting concept worth improving.

Oh, please continue. I'm liking the potential here.

Good job Roman. I look forward to reading the next update.
>Implying a male could develop logic that sound
I think you mean ALEXA Pones you retart
I preferred the idea where stallions are "lesser" than mares because they have less magic on average, and because magic is the main contributor of earth pony strength, pegasus flight speed, and unicorn power, this means stallions are generally weaker over all.
The greater muscle mass and size is more an indication of good health and breeding stock than it is for being conventionally useful.
That being said, stallions are still capable of matching mares intellectually, it's just that most don't bother trying since it's not expected of them.
File: 1463082519424.gif (410 KB, 221x196)
410 KB
410 KB GIF
>Lucky for the guardsponies that he doesn't have any armor or magic, huh?
>Hardtime's face when
more when??
>There was only enough force behind your fist to make it look believable, and Cat-Colt rolled with the punch with practiced ease, stumbling to the side
>”What was that for, you bastard?!”
“How dare you trip me! I’ll beat you to death you stupid Pony!”
>”Try it, Colt, I’ll make you wish you were never born!”
>He sprang forwards, headbutting you in the gut, though with your adjustment it didn’t wind you, and let you follow up by grabbing his head and bringing your knee up to his chin
>He raised his hooves to seemingly stop the blow, but instead it was so he could open the seam on your suit’s leg, allowing him to pull out the tool meant for him
>You stepped forwards, driving your foot into his side, sending him tumbling back and against the door to the vault, landing with his hooves facing the seam, his body blocking what he was doing from view
>”Stand down, Colt!”
>The head of the fourth floor’s security stepped forwards, growling as best a little Batpony could, wings up and out, looking ready to fight at a moments notice
“You want to fight? Come on!”
>Maintaining her eye contact with you, you noticed her ear twitch to one side, giving you just long enough to react as one of the guards moved their charged spear towards you, allowing you to raise your other leg, the blade tearing easily through the fabric, allowing you access to your “weapon”
>You hand shot down, grabbing hold of the flint-looking bit of metal and crystal, wrenching it free and lifting it into the air
>”Stop hi-“
>With your thumb and your eyes covered with your other arm, you pressed the metal down, metal catching on gemstone, sending sparks flying, causing an interesting property of the crystal to activate
>Chicken and Cat-Colt had informed you that these same gems were used to make lights due to their highly phosphorescent nature
>The difficulty in creating these magical fixtures came from the way that a little agitation would cause them to momentarily shine with a near-blinding level of light
>Of course that meant that a bunch of Batponies, who typically operated in low-light at best, whose eyes had adjusted for the darkness, would react in the same way the guards around the two of you were reacting
>Namely, screaming and staggering about, blinded
>It would only be temporary, but with Cat-Colt already at work on the door, it would be long enough
>As the light faded away, you grabbed hold of a spear, tagging each of the Batponies with it, holding it against their writhing forms long enough to put them out of commission
>It was fascinating to wield the weapon, as you couldn’t determine any natural source of the energy, which meant it was purely magical, making it that much more valuable and so you made sure to gather a bundle of spears together
>As you stood back up, you could hear the sounds of hooves pounding on stone and wings flapping through the air, the glow of weaponry drawing nearer in the distance, the swelling sight causing you to turn back to your partner in crime
“They’re drawing nearer, Cat-Colt. Is that door going to be open when they get here or not?”
>”Just a minute, I’ve almost got..no it’s not that it’s…done!”
>With a hiss, the great metal thing opened, and the two of you hurried inside. The glow was getting closer and closer and so the moment you were both through, you started to physically force the doors shut
>Unfortunately for you, they didn’t move, but a few moments of study caused something to click for the Earth Pony
>With a few clicks and presses, the doors shut, swinging back into position right before a thrown spear could fly into the room.
>A burst of light from your tinder, and Cat-Colt managed to seal the door, locking those outside out, but sealing the two of you in
>As the glow of the crystal faded, you could see Cat-Colt turn to you, grinning in that way he did, his head tilted ever so slightly to the side
>”Well…I hope that armor of yours is good enough to get us out of here.”


>With a little help, you’d managed to get the crystal to emit a steady glow, illuminating much of the room, allowing you to better look around
>The vault itself was divided up into sections, with each one being labelled after a different Villain who’d either been locked up on this level, or who had been using the item or items before their capture
>After all, your armor was in here even if you weren’t on the fourth floor
>Before examining anything other than potential traps, you moved to your suit, examining the battered thing
>Sadly, while you’d had high hopes, Luna had done a number on it
>Much of the metal plating had been “shattered”, and what was left was sparse and clearly weakened
>On top of that, it looked like some ponies had attempted to examine it to figure out how it worked, but thankfully your tech had plenty of countermeasures against that, which meant that while your suit was unnecessarily damaged, they hadn’t been able to easily steal your secrets
>The downside of all this was that your armor wouldn’t really work for a rampage from here to the outside world
>While you pondered it, Cat-Colt strolled over, a pocket or two looking rather stuffed with whatever valuables he’d found down here
>He gave your suit a once over before looking back up to you, seeming less than impressed
>”It’s not quite as shiny as I remember it being.”
“The problem here is that it’s not nearly substantial enough to work as an escape plan. There’s almost no charge in it, and a lot of it is unprotected. On top of that, with as damaged as some of it is, those charged spears could actually disable quite a few of it’s functions.”
>He hummed, sitting down on his rump, looking over the armor
>”Well then, what’s the plan?”
>With a glance down at his stolen jewels, as well as out and to the variety of weaponry, armor, tech, and more that was in the room, you knew exactly what you wanted
“I’m just going to have to improvise.”


>The Batponies were cutting their way through the door when you finally finished your armor, adjusting the last few scraps of gear that you’d cobbled together
>Most of the Vault was in disarray as you’d gone through it quickly, picking out the best of the bunch
>Items that were still intact were left on hand while those that could be disassembled and reassembled were
>Miss Freeze’s suit and gun became chunks of your armor, with her weapon getting plugged in to your suit
>From the way Cat-Colt described the thing, it seemed it would require magic to use, and specifically the Mare’s own unique brand of it, but with the way you’d adjust it, you could make it work how you liked so long as you had the charge
>A few darts and razor-sharp, thin metal playing cards had been added to your arsenal, rigged up to a sort of semi-crossbow that you could easily launch and reload
>Night-vision lenses had been attached above your helmet’s eye sockets so you could pull them down to see in the dark, and raise them up when you were using light
>Your scalpel-like tool had been rebuilt and attached to one of your hands, allowing you to point your finger and aim a beam like it was gun
>Stilts’ stilts had actually been surprisingly durable, and so with some effort you’d been able to fit panels from them around yourself
>There had been a few other adjustments made, but as it stood now, you were practically out of time
>The last, and most important piece, had been the power source
>Frankly, you really didn’t trust what the two of you had come up with, but it was about all that would work
>Jutting from your chest where the blades from the guardsponies spears, each one of which was still crackling with energy
>In the center of them, locked down with some metal, was the glowing, green heart of a robot, apparently
>The strange, no doubt semi-radioactive stone had felt odd to hold, and you’d be grateful to get away from it as soon as you could, but for now it, and the spear heads acting as a makeshift conductor, would do
>All that needed to be done were the last two portions of this plan
>Cause some havoc
>A crash came from the door, hooves and weaponry forcing it open slowly
>And get back out


>First guardspony through the door got hit with a focused blast, one that burned a hole through her armor and dug into her left foreleg, causing her to cry out and fall to the ground
>The second one got hit with a raw, funneled blast of magic, being sent tumbling backwards
>The third and fourth found large, metal fists coming their way
>As the fifth Mare took a step back, the metal amalgamation stepped through the door, looming above her
>A half-dozen supervillains had gone into this thing, differing and distinct bits of gear and tech adorning it’s body as it deflected two jabs from guardsponies wielding spears
>As she shoved her spear forwards, aiming for the monstrous machine’s knee joint, it caught the shaft of her weapon, twisting it out of her grasp
>The last thing she saw before blacking out was the metallic beast swing the spear back at her, connecting with the side of her head, sending her into the side wall


>”Break him down! Get that bastard out of that suit!”
>The head of the fourth floor roared, her guardsponies flying in, throwing and jabbing with their spears, or dodging and using their nets to try and slow Villanon down
>For them, there was no mistaking just what the thing attacking them was, a ruby-red beam scorching the wall, nearly cutting off a Unicorn’s horn as she tried to peel away some pieces of the villain’s gear
>”Unicorns, I want his movements slowed! Front lines, if you can’t hit him hard enough, use your nets and slow him down!”
>Nets flew through the air, each one charged with a variety of elements, but most were cut down before they landed
>Those that weren’t made it, but were soon tore off, the suit more than strong enough to take the hits
>”Gas incoming! Move your flanks back!”
>The guardsponies retreated as canisters flew over their heads and rolled along the floor, detonating once they were close enough, filling the vault and the space around Villanon with a thick, pale fog
>As a unit, the guards ponies pulled their gas masks up and lowered their goggles, watching and waiting, trying to see if the gas would be enough
>There was silence at first, before a fist emerged, a gem sparking in it’s grasp
>”Celestia damn it, fla-“
>Light surged through the hall, those that hadn’t recognized the source falling back, dropping onto their knees, the shock only being worsened by the way the goggles focused their eyes
>Those that had managed to avoid being blinded opened their eyes at the sound of heavy footsteps, looking up to see the goliath charging at them, a crimson beam cutting through the air


>Be Cat-Colt, watching this rampage from a distance
>You’d hung back in the vault while Villanon took on the brunt of the opening forces, which only made sense to you
>You were a thief, not a juggernaut, bitch
>Doing your job, you grabbed one of the downed mares that had a similar build as you, dragging her into the vault
>Stripping her with ease, you quickly did yourself up in her gear, lamenting the reek and, what you sincerely hoped, was sweat
>Once her riot gear was wrapped tightly around your body, you pulled her mask on, slipped the goggles onto your face, and took up her weapons
>As light flared through the open door of the vault, you winced, imagining how much it must have been burning out there
>You were pretty sure you heard calls for reinforcements, which meant you’d need to be quick about these last two parts of the job
>Digging into the pockets of your suit, you moved a few of the gems out of the way, grabbing hold of the /real/ prize, one of Mare-Styrio’s wearable illusion disguises
>Attaching it onto your throat and under your new gear, you adjusted through the various different choices until you arrived at the one you wanted
>With the press of a button, a pre-programmed illusion ran over you, coating your body, wrapping around you
>You looked down, watching your fur change color, fake wings appearing outside of the gear you were wearing while your teeth grew sharper
>Soon enough, the illusion settled, leaving you looking like a Batpony under that gear, with even your voice adjusted, thanks to the box on your neck
>With preparations done, you headed into the hallway


>You were Villanon again, and you really had missed this
>You watched as the guardsponies around you scattered, realizing, or at least assuming, that they weren’t slowing you down
>In actuality they were, but your weren’t going to let them know that
>One managed to get in close jabbing at the side of your unguarded knee, sending shocks through your body, but you managed to kick them away
>A unicorn tried to pull your core’s power source out, but two well-placed darts to her chest took her out of the fight
>You even laughed as one guardspony that had been lurking behind you with their full assortment of gear darted past you, running down the hallway towards the elevator
>You stopped only momentarily at Shadow’s room, considering whether to smash the orb inside yet or not, and decided against it
>Chicken’s plan could wait, hell, you might not even need it any more!
>No, you definitely didn’t need it, you were strong enough to bust out of here yourself now!
>Clonking two mare’s heads together, the floor’s boss leapt at you, managing to grab hold of your chest piece, kicking at the stone powering your suit and while admirable, you had bigger fish to fry
>Namely, revenge
“When I get through with all of you I’m going to destroy this whole prison! You’re all going to regret ever trying to bind me here! None of you can stop me now!”
>As if on cue, the elevator opened, a squad of ponies stepping out
“Ha! If you think just…what, five Ponies? You really think five Ponies can beat me? Bring it on, I’ll- hm?”
>A beam of harmless, red light cut through the darkness, landing directly on one of your joints and, before you could do or say anything, a high-powered shot blasted down the hall, tearing straight through the metal, wrenching your leg back as if Saddle-Rager had struck you
>Two more shots fired out, one disabling your crossbow, the other glancing off the side of your helmet, wrenching your head to the side painfully
“Gah, you- How dare you strike-“
>You managed to dodge the fourth, but as you did, something ran along the ground, shooting up, hitting you in the chest, cutting through your armor, nearly dislodging your power source
>With a start, you dodged backwards and away from the strange, shadowy thing, only for another shot to catch you, digging into your side, spinning you on the spot, throwing you off balance
“Enough of this! Begone!”
>Your finger extended, a beam cutting through the darkness, only for a larger creature to step forwards, a magic spell going off, reflecting the beam backwards!
>The laser hit your shoulder, boring through it before you could stop firing and even then, they didn’t relent, the guardsponies around you rallying
>Mares with spears you’d knocked down earlier stood again, ramming their blades and hilts into your freshly-made weakpoints, nets landed around your body, binding you
>Soon enough, you were forced back, aching and coughing up blood, suit going haywire and your vision getting blurry
>Trying to get away, you smashed open the door to the room with the orb in it, staggering in
>You needed to get away for a minute, needed to think
>Where was Cat-Colt? What was he doing?
>Where had these damn snipers come from?
>Were they from a different floor?
>Still, you could grab one of the guardsponies in here, use them as a hostage, buy yourself some time and-
>What the hell?!
>How hot was this room?!
>Your hodgepodge suit was starting to heat up, and you had no clue why, the metal burning your skin as you realized that not only was this room bright, but it was also super-heated!
>You tried to leave, only for a spear to catch you in the side, the volts coursing through it dropping you down onto your hands and knees
>You tried to get up, but before you could, magic took hold of the stone in your chest, wrenching it away
>The effect on your battered armor was immediate, limbs that were struggling to hold on shutting down, dropping you to the floor as the various Ponies around you closed in
>They had you surrounded on all sides, Cat-Colt was gone, the elevator was moving again, and you were out of ideas
>Using the last bit of power you had let, you fired your beam at the giant, dark orb, grunting as you pumped every last bit of power you could into it
>Your laser bored through the glass and, as it finally cut through, you felt three spear blasts hit you, making you roar and writhe in your once-again useless gear
>Was that it?
>Nothing had happened with the orb.
>It couldn’t be all there was, right?
>How could you have come this far only to be captured again?!
>No no no!
“Don’t you dare touch me! I’ll kill you all, do you hear me?! I’ll destroy you all!”
>Lights flared in the hallway as was promised, but by now, the guardsponies on this floor were used to blasts of blinding light, managing to avoid it, cutting off even that avenue of escape
>With a half-grunt, half-chuckle, the fourth floor’s boss managed to force herself over towards you, looking down at your collapsed form from above
>A slow grin crept across her face as she knelt down, looking you straight in the eyes
>”Calm down, Colt. You’re being hysterical.”
>”WE agree.”
>An unnatural voice hissed out, the guardsponies shifting, looking around before backing up with a yell
>Staring upwards, you saw a sea of darkness and teeth rise above you like a great wave, only to come crashing down, swallowing you whole


Two Weeks Later

>Currently, you were the Masked Matter-Horn, and you were feeling kind of worried
>Your team, alongside yourself, had been one of the multiple heroines on-call after the disappearance of Villanon from the fourth floor of Tartarus
>Considering you’d all fought against her- /him/ numerous times, your team had been seen as the ideal ones to come in and help should he manage to escape
>After all, Chicken, alongside a number of their lackeys and fellow criminal minds, had recently escaped Tartarus as part of a jail break
>Given the, admittedly minor, information on what had gone down inside Tartarus, it sounded like they’d used the poor Stallion as a distraction while they escaped
>Yes, he might have been your enemy, but you knew he wasn’t in the right headspace currently
>After all, he’d tried hiding his real identity from you all for so long, when it wasn’t anything to be ashamed of!
>There weren’t too many Stallions out there that could claim to be as strong and crafty as he was, even if he put his talents to rather awful use
>Maybe…maybe he could have just used a friend?
>He wasn’t too different from you, after all
>If you’d been led down a similar path as he had been when you first discovered how powerful you were, maybe you’d have turned out the same
>Of course, this had a rather mixed impact when you brought it up with the rest of the girls
>You didn’t really blame them for it though, it had been a tough time for all of you these last few weeks
>Villanon had been at large for a long while, which meant you’d all fought more than a few times, trading blows, nearly catching him, until finally you had
>Now though, it was like Ponies had just forgotten how dastardly he was
>He’d, as Zap put it, beat the feathers out of all of you more than a few times, a fact that was no doubt eating at her
>She was a prideful Pony after all, even more so than Radiance and Mare-velous, so being made fun of for getting beaten up by a Stallion in the past, as well as being yelled at for returning the favor now that the secret was out was more than a little frustrating for her
>Nightmare Moon hardly seemed to care how much hate she was getting, though she didn’t seem to care about much
>In some ways, she was like what a heroine should be, no-nonsense and serious, determined to get the job done no matter what, but you couldn’t help but feel like the other side of being a heroine was inspiring other Ponies and making them feel safe
>If that was the case then…shouldn’t you try and save Villanon as well?
>From your kneeling position, you looked over to the rest of your team as they sat and waited, watching the door
>Villanon hadn’t been spotted for two whole weeks until now, which meant you all needed to get ready for a fight
>Apparently he’d bonded with Stygian’s Shadow, or it had taken control of his body, and the two of them had slipped into the ninth floor’s vault
>After that, nopony knew what was happening with him, but with all the things down there, whatever came up was liable to be quite dangerous
>As in, so dangerous they’d needed to call in the /big/ guns
>Looking up, you had to squint to get a glimpse of Daybreaker, the strongest heroine alive, and maybe dead, too, wielder of the sun’s power, Alicorn, and rumored rival of Nightmare Moon
>Of course, that was nowhere near accurate
>The two of them had fought side by side many a times and had even saved each other more than a few times as well!
>Of course, the news liked to exaggerate their “rivalry” because for whatever reason, Ponies sure loved to hear about Heroines fighting Heroines
>It seemed pointless to you, however
>After all, it /was/ pretty obvious that Daybreaker would win any fight that happened to occur between the two of them
>Okay, maybe you /were/ a bit of a fanfilly, but it wasn’t like a bit of competition was unhealthy or anything and besides-
>You were pulled from your thoughts as an incredible surge of magic filled the air
>It was strong enough to send your senses haywire, your horn sparking as you felt the raw power flooding the area and when you glanced over at the rest of the girls you noticed that Radiance seemed to be feeling about the same as you had been, shaking her head and trying to focus, her horn sparking, constructs fizzling out as she made them
>Staring back at where this pressure was coming from, you saw a line form, ,drawing across the ground as if by an unseen hoof
>the line stopped, then traveled upwards, then back across, and then down again, connecting the sides of the rectangle, the center of which faded away, revealing a silhouetted figure, one that you recognized well from all the fights you’d taken part in over the years
>From beyond the portal, Villanon stepped through


>Currently, you were Zap, and you were looking at a whole pile of horseapples
>Villanon, the powerless, weird, monkey-Human supervillain just…appeared outside of Tartarus
>He didn’t blow up the entrance or start smashing stuff either!
>The stupid Stallion just stepped through some kind of weird, ultra-magic doorway like it was nothing!
>You could feel your necklace tremble against your body, and when you looked over to Radiance and MH, you saw them freaking out, which was /not/ a good sign
>Other than Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, Dr. “The Bearded”, and maybe a few others, Matter-Horn was probably the most advanced magic-user you knew, and she looked shocked at what she was seeing, which made you feel just a mite worse
>You watched the doorway in space disappear casually behind the asshole himself, but didn’t see any sign of a magic user around, which was what was starting to bother you
>Villanon was /not/ a magic user, he was all about technology and armor and electricity and yaddah yaddah yaddah, so the fact that he wasn’t accompanied by whoever had helped him out of there was certainly odd
>He wasn’t even monologuing or anything now, he was just looking around in that jumpsuit of his
>This didn’t make any sense!
>Lifting your necklace up, you bit down on the bolt, getting ready to bring down “Lightning 2: Electric boogaloo” on him, when you noticed something
>As far as you were aware, from what little you knew of the place, prisoners wore collars that were built in to their suits to keep control over them
>What Villanon had on now was certainly not a collar, no, instead it looked closer to a…
>As a Pony with a magic necklace, you’d spent a lot of time, though you’d hate to admit it, reading up about it, trying to find out if there were other magic necklaces out there, and what they might do
>Standing above any other was a silver and ruby one, a necklace adorned with an unknown Alicorn's likeness, one that was said to hold unbelievable powers and madness for those that wore it
“Look out! He’s got-“
>And that was when Daybreaker landed


>You were currently Daybreaker and this would /not/ stand
>Against your better judgement, you’d relinquished ownership of the Alicorn Amulet to the head of Tartarus years ago, allowing them to lock it up in their strongest, deepest vault, kept hidden away from the world
>It was far too mighty a weapon in the wrong hooves, and with only the Pony that put it on able to remove it, it meant that ridding a Pony of it often called for death or destruction
>Now though, you realized all too late what that hope would cost you
>You hit the ground, digging a crater into the concrete as you glared up into Villanon’s eyes
>Your fury was driven by sorrow and anger at yourself for your foolishness, but you’d let the Stallion believe it was for him
“Relinquish the amulet now, Villanon, and we won’t have to fight. You won’t be judged for what it made you do. There is no need to brawl, but I’m warning you, if you resist all of us here, we /will/ be forced to take you down.”
>He glanced down at the amulet in question, and then returned his gaze to you, an expression on his face that you just didn’t quite understand
>It wasn’t one of fear or worry, nor was it anger or drive
>Instead, he looked relaxed, bemused almost
>”No need to fight, huh?”
>He raised a bare hand up, examining his fingers for a moment, and you felt that surge of raw energy yet again, but you resisted the urge to ready yourself for battle
>You wanted to calm him down so you could get that amulet off of him and he had to trust you for that
>”You know…on any other day I might have disagreed with you.”
>You watched as he raised his hand up, magic encircling three of his fingers before he winked out of existence
>After a moment, you performed a magical sweep of the area to see if you could pick him up, and then a broader one, but you got nothing, meaning that he had either figured out a way to cloak himself from you and your magic, or he had well and truly disappeared
>You weren’t sure which was a more worrying thought


>You didn’t see Villanon again for about a month after that
>It was like he’d just vanished off the face of the planet
>Occasionally somepony would report flare-ups of magic, but it never lasted long and before anypony could find it, it would be gone
>The news cycle had moved on by that point, deciding to focus on other points of interest aside from “Mares unknowingly beat Colt in metal suit”, though there were still plenty of Mares and Stallions who’d side-eye the six of you
>You were the Masked Matter-Horn again and you’d just caught word that Villanon had been seen nearby, robbing a jewelry store, no doubt to fund some illicit crime he had planned
>Zap had “suggested” that maybe he was “just looking for some fancy crap to wear” but she’d come with all the same
>You were sure it wouldn’t be long before Ponies had moved on past what was clearly an awful mistake, though you really hoped you could subdue Villanon without hurting him too badly, especially since he was no doubt feeling even worse thanks to the Amulet’s influence!
>Daybreaker had told you all about it’s power as a warning, letting other Ponies know that Villanon was no longer in control of his actions, but that the magic power the amulet was granting him was no doubt dangerous


>Like a streak of light, you all arrived just in time, able to see Villanon through the store windows as he rummaged through glass cabinets, searching through the various gemstones and crystals
>He almost seemed to be searching for something in particular, but you couldn’t make out exactly what it was
>Whatever the case might have been, you all had a duty to stop him before he hurt anypony, or himself!
>As one, you all took your various entry points, Zap and Saddle-Rager coming in through the skylight above the store while Radiance and yourself took the front door, Fili-Second and Mistress Mare-velous going in through the back
>Zap burst in first, smashing through the skylight, showing glass down into the room as she flapped her wings, staying aloft in the air
>”Stop right there, criminal scum!”
>Radiance and yourself blasted the front door open, charging through as the follow-up
>”Pay your fine or go to jail, Villanon!”
>Radiance continued, while your last two teammates came in through the back
>Villanon, for the most part, really didn’t seem to care as he stood there, once again bearing his metal armor, a long, green cloak flowing in the breeze formed by Fili-Second’s rapid-fire speech, his hood up, casting shadows on his metal-clad face
>There, on his chest, built-in to his armor, was the Amulet, radiating power and, when you focused you could tell that he wasn’t the only thing drawing on it
>The strange thing, though, was the way he seemed almost warded against your probing!
>You were certain the Amulet’s magic was flowing…somewhere, but you just couldn’t tell what it was!
>Did he establish magical blind-spots or something?
>Then, as if he’d remembered where he was, he adjusted, arms swinging out wide, raw power radiating off of him as he no doubt smiled at you all behind his mask
>”Ah, the Power Ponies! After my long incarceration it actually feels good to see you all again! I wish you’d told me you were coming though, this place is a mess!”
>His voice was warped again by his metal in that familiar way, but there was a hint of something else there too, as if a second voice was speaking in tandem with his
>Also, wait, didn’t he seem a bit…odd?
>He’d been so angry before but now his tone, warped as it might be, seemed almost…happy?
>Just how badly was the amulet messing with his head?
>”You deserve to be in there a lot longer after everything you put us through!”
>Hum Drum didn’t pitch in all too often during fights, but he seemed interested now, stepping out from behind you, pointing up (and up) at the towering, mechanical menace
>”Hum Drum! How could I forget about you, of course! I apologize it’s just that I, like most sane creatures, don’t tend to associate the words “power” or “Ponies” with you! Ah ha ha ha ha!”
>”How dare you, you ruffian! Take this!”
>Radiance formed a large attack construct in the shape of a hoof, swinging it at Villanon, but he didn’t even bother to move, only saying one word
>The magical hoof was about to hit him when a thin, ethereal sheen rose off his armor like a second skin, that hoof bouncing off of it without so much as scuffing him
>Thankfully, you recognized this spell, at least!
>The other magical he’d pulled had been far too powerful for you to know, but this, this made sense, this was powerful, but still normal, at least
>”Ha ha, you fool! As if somepony as weak as you could pierce my arcane energy!”
>”Then whAT ABOUT ME?”
>Saddle-Rager leaped down from the roof she’d been perched on, growing mid-fall so she could strike Villanon on the way down with hopefully enough force to get past his barrier, only-
>”Finally! I was getting sick of waiting for you, Saddle-Rager! You’re going to be sitting out of this fight. Banishment!”
>Villanon raised one hand, magic rising out of four of his fingers, shooting a dark, beam up that struck your angry friend in the tuft!
>As the spell shot out, you felt that wave of power again, the unmistakable feeling of raw energy flowing out of the Stallion in between you all as, with nothing but a raised hand and a word, Saddle-Rager disappeared as if she’d been wrenched away from reality itself
>You stood their, mouth agape, as you stared at the spot your friend had been occupying, nothing remaining there but air
>”You…You bastard!”
>Zap growled around her necklace, bolt lodged between her teeth as a massive storm began to brew above the store, her eyes filled with rage as powerful lightning crackled above you all
>There wasn’t enough time to stop her, so you all had to do the next best thing, dodge, or block it some how
>You raised a shield spell up around Radiance and yourself, and she created an elaborate shield as well, while Fili-Second hauled Mare-Velous out of the way, and no doubt halfway to Goatham before coming back
>Villanon, however, didn’t budge, just standing there like a crazy pony!
What the fuck does "are we gonna go out for a rip, bud?" mean?
>Zap’s lightning had nearly melted his suit last time, and this was far stronger stuff!
>Zap brought the lightning down upon the villain, but as it struck him, he extended a hand upwards, seeming to absorb much of the energy, the rest simply coursing over his suit
>Unbelievably, as the lightning subsided, Villanon just lowered his arm, examining his palm briefly before chuckling
>He seemed totally fine, as if he’d been able to easily shrug off a bolt of lightning that might have killed any normal Pony!
>Glancing up as your barrier faded, you could see the surprise on Zap’s face, her mouth hanging open despite her anger
>Before she could say anything, Villanon was upon her, his right arm still crackling with electricity as he grabbed Zap, forcibly dragging her down to the ground from mid-air
>”I’ll admit, Zap, the power in that one certainly /shocked/ me! Still, it was nowhere near enough to do anything but power me up.”
>Dropping the barrier, Radiance threw her construct at Villanon while you fired off a beam of ice, trying to slow his movement for long enough to free Zap from his grasp, sparks dancing off his gauntlet and onto her, singing her costume
>With his free hand, he raised it up, pointing a single digit outwards, Magic Missiles firing out from his hand, all three striking the object, shattering it with ease
>Even your ice barely did anything, crackling along his armor only to be shrugged off and ignored
>”One second, Matter-Horn, I have to handle Zap here.”
>Zap wriggled and swung at the Stallion pinning her down, but her hoof bounced off his armor, not budging him an inch, quickly responded by pumping her body full of electricity, the sparks on his arm going wild before fading, Zap’s struggles coming to a stop
>As Villanon released her and stood up, you could see she was breathing, though it was slow and shallow
>”Now, who’s next?”
>This was wrong
>Villanon was far too strong!
>Was it all the Amulet’s doing?
>Was that why he was acting so strange as well?
>Usually he just knocked you out, or threatened to with a device or a trap, but this time, Zap really looked hurt!
>You didn’t want to hut a Stallion, and especially not one who clearly wasn’t in control of himself, but you were going to have to, clearly, if you wanted to stop him!
“Radiance, make a construct around Villanon’s head so he can’t see us! Fili-Second! You have to run and get Daybreaker! Mare-velous, Once Radiance has his head, you have to tie up the rest of him so he can’t break free!”
>The girls nodded, each taking up their own job, despite how stressed and worried they might have been
>Villanon, for his part, stood tall, not seeming to care as a ball-shaped construct appeared around his head in the shape of a peal, cutting him off from the outside world
>Mare-velous’ lasso flew out from her belt, looping around Villanon’s broad body, the rope’s length looping around the rest of him, binding his arms to his sides and his legs together, no doubt bringing him off-balance, enough for you to bring him down
“You’re going down, Villanon!”
>Charging up a blast in your horn, you grit your teeth, squeezed your eyes, and tilted your head down, your broad stance keeping you from being sent tumbling as you let loose a massive blast of force
>The bolt struck Villanon in the chest and, with his height and bound limbs, it sent him teetering over, collapsing to the ground with a heavy THUD
>Firing off a huge blast of energy like that was always taxing for you, as you were still a Unicorn after all
>Still, you’d all managed to bring the villain down for the time being, and Fili-Second was no doubt halfway to wherever Daybreaker currently was already, which meant you should be able to-
>The Stallion’s metal-warped voice run in your ears, the single word filling your head with thoughts of bed, of relaxing under your blanket on an early morning, snuggling up by the fire with somepony sweet and kind
>As your head swirled, you shook it, trying to stay awake, but your traitorous eyelids drooped, and soon, you’d collapsed to the ground, the world going dark around you


>You awoke with a groan, rubbing your eyes as you opened them, adjusting your off-kilter mask from it’s current position on your face, your foreleg aching from your having slept on it
>Once you could see, the memories of what had happened came rushing back, as well as what shouldn’t have
>Currently, aside from Villanon, you were the only one still up
>Radiance was down, and Mare-velous was slumped against a wall, gasping, forelegs wrapped around her middle, pain evident on her face
>Villanon, seeming to notice you were awake, reached down, grasping you by your mane, metal digits sinking into your locks as he dragged you to the side, dropping you in a heap at his feet
>What was he going to do to you?
>You had to hit him, now!
>Leveling your horn at him, you summoned up a spell to temporarily blind him, but he grasped head, pulling you back at the last second so your shot went wide, hitting the ceiling harmlessly and fizzling out
>He squatted down, staring into your eyes, his own no longer visible through the eye holes in his helmet, replaced with a strange glow that reminded you of…something
>”None of that now. I don’t have much time before Fili-Second gets back, and the timing just won’t be right for Daybreaker and myself, so I’ll have to keep this brief.”
>His grasp was too tight to pull away from, and so you’d just have to try and reason with him
>If nothing else maybe you could buy yourself and the rest of the girls some time before Daybreaker arrived with Fili-Second
“V-Villanon, please, this isn’t you! I know you, you have to take the amulet off before it’s too late! The longer you keep it on, the worse it will affect you, until it drives you crazy…”
>He chuckled, releasing your face only to pat you on the head, and you could almost feel the unsettling smile behind his metal mask
>”Oh, Matter-Horn you know, it’s funny. Ever since my talk with Shadow, I’ve never felt more in-control. I’ll see you later.”
>With that, he stood back up to his full height, strode into the center room, and spoke again, this time in a booming voice, one clearly meant to be heard by everypony in the room
>”Pathetic! To think I once considered you my nemeses! Remember tonight well, “Power Ponies”, as it shall mark the official beginning of my immortal rule!”
>With that, he was gone, disappearing from reality mere moments before Fili-Second arrived with Daybreaker in tow, the two arriving to a destroyed room, your defeated team, and the hollow ringing of the mad Stallion’s laughter

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Pastebin: pastebin.com/6w73tzYv
Speaking of Villanon, it's surprising what you can put out when you have a few hours to write and you really want to get back to the fun stuff, huh? For those wondering, yes, I'll more than likely be elaborating on the segments that were time-skipped at some point in the future. As always, criticism, thoughts, comments, and more are greatly appreciated! Thank you all for reading, and thanks again for the fantastic art, >>33249867
would blatantly white knight and give her a home
I loved the installment right up until Villanon got super-powered. After that point, something about the drama didn't entirely click. The thrashing the power-ponies got was missing something, but I'm not sure I could tell you what. It's still a good update, but perhaps a bit too... much, yet perhaps too little detail to properly examine what is happening.
>thanks again for the fantastic art,
no problem, keep up the amazing work, and expect more Villanon later
what city is bai-ub supposed to be?
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Twilight has always been one cute Pony

True! I did certainly put a lot out there at once, though I'll admit that a certain amount of that is enjoying posting in large chunks as well. As for the "fight" well, it /was/ the first time they'd properly encountered him since he obtained the amulet, and if it felt off or odd in some way, then I'm glad to hear it, as it was supposed to be, to a degree! I'll try to reveal things in as timely a manner as I can, but there's a certain amount of reason behind why Villanon's acting the way he is. Also, I'm probably going to be doing a lot of other points of view in the story now, or perhaps more from the heroines' side of things. If people don't like that, I can always adjust stuff or go back to the story focusing on Villanon's point of view, but I suppose we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Either way, I'm happy to know you were enjoying things at least that far, anon!

>keep up the amazing work
Aw gosh, anon, thank you!
>and expect more Villanon later
Aw GOSH, anon, thank you in advance! I look forwards to seeing more of your work as well!

I think it was Dubai, but I might be wrong about that one
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oh my god
>Either way, I'm happy to know you were enjoying things at least that far, anon!

I'm glad you're keeping on, Aponymous! And to be fair, I still liked the stuff that happened after that, but I do feel like the story does have some 'splaining to do.
File: 1510972555557.jpg (79 KB, 490x539)
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I'm wondering since he encountered the Shadow and having the Alicorn Amulet will come into conflict later. I mean, it's suggested the amulet has some sort of influence and the Shadow seems to have possessed Anon, so I'm wondering if those two things will eventually duke it out for Anon/control of Anon's body. Well, that is unless Anon's just used the amulet as a battery pack or something. Definitely keep writing, I'm enjoying the story.
File: vIQ4dWp.jpg (44 KB, 600x450)
44 KB
Are pegasi fluffy like chicks when they're born? Do they have a soft layer of down on their wings?
File: 1524879376617.png (590 KB, 1000x1000)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
Well that's good to hear, and don't worry, one way or another, it eventually will!

Perhaps, anon, perhaps. There are all manner of possibilities about what may be going on and what might have happened, especially considering the time skips. Eventually, all will be revealed and all should, hopefully, make sense! Thank you both for the encouragement, and I'm happy to hear that you are!
Nice. Out of curiosity, do you plan on introducing a living Human at any point? Normally I only read stories centered around Anon because I'm an autistic who likes to self insert, but I'm enjoying this one.
File: qt_mom_foal.png (178 KB, 860x960)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
They are fluffier than the clouds they walk on and small enough to ride in your pockets.
File: 1528854798697.jpg (15 KB, 400x400)
15 KB
>mfw favorite green gets art AND updated in the same thread
it's like fucking christmas
>it's like fucking christmas
Gag story where Villanon, the Power Ponies, Cat-Colt, and whoever else all get together for Christmas and have to deal with the shenanigans that come with that
File: 1511595250132.png (28 KB, 318x465)
28 KB

we need it to be star wars holiday special quality.
The power ponies run into Villanon at the mall, where he's shopping for appropriate gifts for his arch nemeses. Villanon has to avoid the notice of the Power Ponies so they won't know what he got them beforehand
Probably one of the earliest examples of RGRE. Thoughts?
No the great grandaddy of RGRE is Xenophilia
>Anon gets a pone phone
>He finds pone tiktok
>It's the same shitty app he knew
>He makes an account for the meme
>All of his tiktoks are pretty close in quality to this
>Normie mares can't tell it's him because he always wears a mask
>Well that's good to hear, and don't worry, one way or another, it eventually will!

If you're planning a one-off installment from the perspective of the criminals detailing the remaining events of the prison escape, I'm all eyes.
File: Tired snuggle.png (136 KB, 609x697)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
>walking through town with a bag of fresh breadsticks in one pocket.
>Occasionally taking one and slipping it into another.
>Hearing little peeps and chews as it gradually disappears inside.
I've read it.
>Jamie takes multiple serious trust violations, guilt trips, and open assaults without complaint and still associates with the perpetrators.
>Melodramatic. Faints for no reason.
>Not adventurous enough for horse pussy when he's the fairer sex and has tons of options.

OOFy gang. Someone do a Legend x RGRE universe meet.
The pain in my heart only worsens
This still leaves zatar-cla and bai-ub but honestly i ve got no idea which cities these are meant to be
Can some anon enlighten me?
sorry for the late reply, went to work

shes a small filly surrounded by more experienced mares, it'd be suiced to just go against a larger nation despite anon's advantages

she maybe an experienced warrior but she cant go againts numerically greater force
>Zatar-cla, the prison city of the humans
If this post >>33253409 was part of it, then both Anon and the queen are royally boned
Did you meant THE Legend?
Imagine tripping on a curb and landing on your pocket.
>Trespassers are put in cells by the robots
>They are fed regularly, but with low quality foods
>Some escaped through old human prisoner escape routes
File: uua1A6Z.png (595 KB, 634x716)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
after scribbling some dumb thumbnails at 6am i think i have something really really stupid planned for a short comic,

Hopfully i won't have a Hardtime getting it done.
interesting update
in fact, would I be wrong to say that Villanon is now taking steps to break the narrative?
Somewhat part of it

but im not planning in making the queen who founder anon give him away

imagine anon founder of kingdoms in a herd with the great queens of old

anon the sower of the seeds civilizations sometimes literally
yes good. I like this
File: 1503649345929.jpg (14 KB, 223x225)
14 KB
fucking fantastic Anon I look forward to more
I like the idea of introducing a human into the story eventually, but I can't decide between doing a human actually from the Equestrian ruins or just your regular Anon who gets thrown into shenanigans
How about a magically frozen anon that is awoken by explorators and finds his civilization in ruin and all of his fellow humans gone

How about anon being kind of like an engineer from the alien universe
>or just your regular Anon who gets thrown into shenanigans
I do not want this.
I do not want this at all.
yeah, I don't think that's a good idea either
the greatest strenght of your story so far is your worldbuilding, and throwing an Anon from our world could either overshadow that, or even ruin it all together
if you must put in a regular Anon, do it AFTER a dwe-man shows up and has his time in the sun
very nice. love how you are able to combine world building and plot advancement into a single cohesive chapter
What if this is the "Equestia is just earth much much later" universe, and an anon from modern times ends up in the distant future wondering what the fuck happened to drive humanity to these lengths?

I like the mental image of the princesses, elements, council of ladies etc all waiting with baited breath for the legendary human to reveal the secrets of the ruins, only for him to shrug, and ask how the fuck a mountain grew out of London?
that's some freaky continental drift if that's the case
File: moar green pls.png (764 KB, 1070x825)
764 KB
764 KB PNG
I actually cracked my femur falling on my pocket knife
I've liked the fic so far, but I gotta say I'm still wary about it. I've personally never liked Superhero stuff because 99% of it is always black and white good and bad.
File: NMM.gif (208 KB, 500x439)
208 KB
208 KB GIF
File: 224074.gif (1.93 MB, 424x238)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB GIF
True, though i'm factoring in several global-scale cataclysms that somehow altered the planet into eventually becoming pony land.

Like, the sun and moon are stationary unless willed into motion via magic. Maybe whatever fucked up the solar system fucked up the planets landmass too?
Wow, Anon! Did you come up with that all by yourself?
No, I read that somewhere. I'm not very creative.
>Ponies think Twilight's a bit weird for being a pseudo-mother to Spike
>It's just that the idea of a creature who can go into heat being all alone with a young male kinda rubs certain ponies the wrong way
>And while Canterlot might be more progressive and might see a single mother as either having bravely adopted a foal (or otherwise fought and won a nasty divorce case) as socially acceptable, smaller more rural places aren't so quick to change and see this as suspicious
>"It's nearly heat week, you know. I'm sure Twilight is a lovely mare, but can you really trust a mare riddled by unending lust not to... do something inappropriate to her charge? I would barely trust a mare to look after a foal by herself to begin with, but to do so while she's in heat? Maybe we should talk to her and ask if she wants to let a nice stallion take care of little Spike until her estrus is over with."
Please god not a random anon, that would be fucking awful.
well one idea would be to have him be from that universe but basicly frozen in time for millenias so he himself has no idea what happened
May i ask who the artist is?
>Twilight gets offended when ponies insinuate that she’d do anything of the sort to her surrogate son/little brother while in heat
>”The only time I’ve ever needed that kind of help with Spike is during my first heat when I had no idea what I was in for. You’re assuming that I haven’t learned to control myself around him since then? You’re assuming that PRINCESS CELESTIA would have let me take care of him without being sure I could do it first?”

That makes me think. Does RGRE Twilight make mom jokes? Would she be the one to give the shovel speech to any prospective filly looking to date Spike?
That's not so bad because he isn't a random anon, even if he doesn't know all the details.

If it's just some random schmuck it completely defeats the point of the whole world building and just falls flat.
Don't forget the passive "pls like me" aura Jamie has. Literally so unlikeable he had to have magic do the heavy lifting via mental suggestion.
Personally I'd prefer not dwemer anon plopped in somehow into one of these ruins, or anon has just been ported to equestria randomly, and brought before celestia as the only surviving dwemer.

This would allow anon to be just as hype about delving into these ruins with the mane6
that sounds boring
thats every story ever
>Someone do a Legend x RGRE universe meet.

>Where Jamie needed months to even see ponies as anything other than animals despite his Rainbow's best efforts, Anon was clapping his Rainbow's tight athlete ass within weeks and patiently waits for her to propose.
>Where Jamie was quick to forgive just about anything, Anon could hold a grudge until he died and maybe beyond since he's a piece of shit.
>Jamie shied away from being a guard in favor of being masseur where Anon gleefully took the chance to be a fantasy warrior.
>Jamie embraced the princesses as friends where Anon's distrust of government forced them to be at arms length.
>When the two universes meet, Jamie is thrilled at the idea of seeing another human where Anon is pretty apathetic.
>The two humans are for-sure going to butt heads.
Why'd you think that is?
It gives the audience a stand in, someone who will ask the questions they themselves have, not to mention the self insert part
it kills the mystique
some modern schmuck dropping in out of nowhere with all the modern vernacular kills it
File: Spoiler Image (15 KB, 305x309)
15 KB
Oh Jesus, it's one of THOSE HiE stories? Fuck me, those are terrible. When they aren't being angsty for the sake of living up to that "drama" tag, they're handing out forgiveness like cheap cigars. Don't get me wrong, I dislike stories that are "never forgive, never forget, you were mean to me one time so I'm going to become a villain and hate you forever and be every edgy piece of shit's wet dream" just as much, but it actually makes me feel second-hand embarrassment when I read:

>"oh so you knock me out, strip me naked, never consider my feelings and obviously don't care about my well-being, disregard me as a living thing with feelings and regularly make me feel like I'm an objectively awful person if I do to you 1/10 of what you do to me, as though it's only bad when I do it?"
>"Not only will I forgive you immediately, but I'll make myself out to be the bad guy, and also get mad at people who try to rightfully call my abusive significant other out (noticeably only growing a backbone during these moments) and I'll defend them while I say things like "I'm not worth it" and make it painfully clear that I'm a perfect reflection of the author's own deep feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing."
>"Be sure to check out the comments section of the story so that the author (who speaks and behaves exactly like the human character does) defends these choices with either an astounding amount of passionate emotion or dead-eyed logical rationalization that it's obvious that he's somewhere on the autistic spectrum!"
File: 23_03_50_735_Logo.jpg (62 KB, 843x837)
62 KB
>Bumpkin 14th century farmer Anon ends up in RGRE
>"I can't imagine what you must feel after everything that's happened so far, make a wish and I Princess Celestia will do my best to make it true!"
>"Ah just want a fief for mah crops"
>"Y-you sure? I could let you live in the palace and maybe become my consort... maybe"
>"No ma'am, just my fief"
Anon is like CIncinattus, a war hero who had a long distinguished career in the military who easily could've gained a high position in Celestia's court, but gave it all up to become a simple farmer.
Yep, I was thinking part of the reason she catched Celestia's attention was his defined body, but farmers usually dont get enough nutrition so he must of had a military background
>FarmAnon is the only male Celestia ever felt a fighting spirit from
>"You handle that hoe like a spear, someone's ever told you that?"
>"none of your business... ma'am"
I'd only accept this if he wasn't the typical "professional shitposter from America" Anon and actually took things seriously, maybe even fell into the role of working in and on the ruins with the help of the machines since they recognize him as a "creator."
>"Withen... Weeks?" Jamie asks, his face picture perfect disbelief. "I-I mean, it's your decision, but weeks?"
>You lean back in your chair with a satisfied nod, shifting a bit so the chainmail under your jacket was more comfortable. "Yeah man. I mean, why not? Rainbow is damn beautiful, both in that non-human way and as a female. If she wanted me, nothing ventured nothing gained and all that. I ended up with a loving mare and uh..."
>You look around, seeing all the ponies talking to their counterparts in the roomy library of Equis B as you call it, then you turn back to an anxious Jamie with a grin.
"Lemme tell you bud. You don't know what you're missing. Horse pussy is where it's at and I can't ever go back. In fact-"
>"Okay okay! I get it! No more details please!" Your red-faced fellow exclaims, hands over his ears. "That's uh, nice, but you still can't have a family... Doesn't that bum you out?"
>You pause mid sip of cider. "Ah? My Rainbow is a month and a half pregnant and we confirmed it's mine. Magic is wack."
>Jamie chokes on his own drink.
God, Fim oc is always trash
>God, Fim oc is always trash
Why on Earth are you here, then?
Anon isn't shit unless the writefag is a literal faggot.
Where "Jamie's" and such garbage are almost universally shit. With terrible stories to put them through.
Anon fashioned after 'milo' from the atlantis movie would be neat.
Just an unabashed nerd utterly fascinated by literally everything.
God I miss that movie, its rushed sequels to squeeze cash ruined it.
>Anon isn't shit unless the writefag is a literal faggot.
Oh, you meant named human characters.
What else would I be talking about?
>What else would I be talking about?
FIM Original Content
Well yeah, that stuff is usually shit too, but I was specifically saying human oc's are usually shit on FiM. Both are terrible as a rule.
Have you never heard the term original character before?
File: NoblemanPls.png (338 KB, 778x658)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
>Princess Celestia goes to visit the (unwilling) extradimensional visitor

>You trod onto the field, given to its owner as alms for the suffering he's endured
>It was a strange request for a plot of land to farm - not traditionally stallion's work - but not unheard of
>You find your quarry already working the land and tilling his fields, a few neat rows already set up
>Fast for a colt - and with no qualms getting dirty judging by the state of his tunic
>Rare for stallions
>He turns to you, hearing hooffalls
>Seeing who you were, he removes his hat and falls to a knee in the dirt
"Arise, Anon, you needn't show such formality"
>He gives you a queer look at that, not quite distrustful, and stands
>"Aye, yer Highness" he says, staring
"I suppose you're wondering why I'm here?"
>He doesn't reply, nodding and leaning his weight on his hoe
>You take a breath, you're not sure he's trying to be unhelpful, but it's unsettling to be treated so coldly
"Anon, you are the only one of your people to live this day, and there is much we can learn from your people's works, I'm here to ask you to reconsider joining the expeditions."
>You stated it simply, the man not caring for pleasantries
>He simply stares at you for a minute before shaking his head slightly
>"Iffin I have a choice, ma'am, I've a farm t'work, 'n iffin that's enough for our Lord, Jesus Christ, it's enough for me."
>Well, at least he's been a great insight into human religion, culture, and work ethic just by existing
"Anon, please, you could be the key to unlocking a vault of information and wealth that will benefit not just ponykind, but the whole world! Surely, you must reconsider!"
>"No, I'm behind th'season 'n I must be workin' t'ready the crop, your Highness"
>There's a silence as you process this, and accept it with grace
>You thank him for his time, but as you walk away, you swear you could hear him mutter as he turned back to his work
>"Fuckin' Nobles dun even know it's a good season for crops"
>Have you never heard the term original character before?

Have your farts ever gone in instead of out?
>Have your farts ever gone in instead of out?
not that anon,but this made me laugh and i dont know why.
>Peasant Anon gets Celestia pregnant
>She faints when she sees him using royal alicorn stallions as plow horses
>"A little work never killed nobody"
it's nignogs
File: 1517574138653.png (463 KB, 2333x1933)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
Rainbow is nothing but nice in the fic. Fuck a few weeks, the instant she shows she was interested I would have responded.
I like the "Milo" idea.
Why are we including an Anon at all if he's just going to be another explorer, again? Isn't the whole point supposed to be humans being these mysterious creators that suddenly disappeared?
You don't always need someone to be unfamiliar with the general lore, if the circumstances of the ancient dwemer are suitably mysterious to modern ponies. You can always have someone like Fluttershy, or a background pony like Moondancer or Applejack. Twilight/Rainbow/Daring Do can provide exposition to them without risking the suspension of disbelief. I realise this may be heretical to some Anons but not every story needs a self insert character. Especially since the prompt is trying for a more serious, dramatic mystery rather than wacky hijinks with cultural misunderstandings.
>farmers usually don't get enough nutrition
This is actually false.
In a lot of cases back in the middle ages (and presumably elsewhen), peasants actually ate food that was healthier than the nobles.
For instance things like refined flour were more labor intensive to make, eating white bread was a sign of status and wealth, while peasants ate whole grain/brown bread.
Salmon was often considered peasant food, they were abundant in rivers and getting one was fairly simple.
Many peasant families raised a pig, and ate pork over the winter.
It was things like large game that they weren't allowed to hunt without permission that would have been rare.
Their meals were hearty and full of nutrition because they had to be.
This is excluding periods of famine and the like, but assuming 'normal' conditions, farmers ate fairly well.
It might not have been exciting food, it was cheap and simple (comparatively), but it was fairly healthy.

So, she admits that she did something sexual with an underage dragon during her first heat, but is offended when others are afraid that she'll do what she's done in the past? Like if a guy admits he fucked his underage adopted sister when he was a horny teen, but won't do it again.
>Check 'em
Either way for me but I get what you're saying. I just want an interesting green.
on the one hand i'm getting really nervous with how many sequels HtTYD is getting, but with how well they did on the second one I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt
They've had a pretty good track record so far, I'm not too worried.
Third movie involves a sudden love interest and a 'secret world' of dragons.
It's pretty obvious the movie is going to end with cutting off the dragon world from not-earth.
>Not Earth
Actually, it IS Earth. Hiccups's mother drew a partial map of the US in the second movie
Saddest end
I didn't ask for this
Movies going to fucking end in modern times with hiccup's descendant reading a journal, and then looking at a blurry satellite image of a nightfury or some other dumb shit.
That'd be a pretty fucking depressing ending desu.
File: 1534790541019.gif (159 KB, 400x400)
159 KB
159 KB GIF
>"A-Anon.. how did you get such magnificent physique?"
>"I told ya mah crops are good, want some?"
>"Would I?" *unzips Anons breeches*
>Anon has a hard time telling pony gender apart
>They all look almost exactly the same
>He would have to count their teeth to tell a ponys gender
>Other than looking at their crotch or asking
>Pic related happens
no, she's saying the only time she needed help to not molest Spike is her first heat and Princess Celestia helped.
shit meme
I dont see how.
Squarish muzzle=stallion and roundish muzzle =mare seems like a good rule of thumb, with only a few notable outliers
Along with being a sun goddess, Celestia is also a goddess of fertility and agriculture. Nothing gets her wet faster than seeing a well maintained, bountiful field of grain
Not sure if it's mentioned there, in you vid, but milk and cheese would be on that list too, right?
What a good horse
File: 307453.gif (289 KB, 500x347)
289 KB
289 KB GIF
I would imagine a medieval Mongolian would consider equestria the equivalent to heaven
rolling green grasslands and hills with an ungodly number of horses does sound kinda Mongolian it'd only be more Mongolian if there were also an abundance of falcons fuck talking about Mongolians has me hungry for Mongolian BBQ
File: Rainbow movie cute.gif (1.21 MB, 400x440)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB GIF
That's what birdhorses are for.
>Mongolianon herds up with AJ and Dash.
>A big strong earth pony mare to ride upon
>A fast flying mare to guide the way.
I've been listening to this song on repeat for several hours now.
File: oKCBQtD.jpg (255 KB, 720x960)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
I know right
File: 1507175174581.png (369 KB, 1155x1024)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
You know what's sexually attractive, strong, and capable of birthing about a dozen foals without breaking a sweat?
This horse
File: 1543366529942.gif (1.16 MB, 300x225)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
File: Fluffershy.png (190 KB, 793x1770)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
I'm gonna have to disagree
File: 1543682125706.jpg (24 KB, 624x474)
24 KB
File: 1513841886842.png (1.52 MB, 2500x2500)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
You need to surrender yourself to mare pussy.

It's the only thing that will make you happy.

Stop letting yourself be distracted.
why not have it be a normal anon, but one who is aware and familiar with the elder scrolls lore? Have him played all the games and/or read the books. Would that work?
Definitely an ancient Dweman Anon. Possibly one who decided to stay behind for personal/sentimental reasons when the rest of the Dwemen left. I'd say making him actually competent would be a good change of pace. A lot of stories these days ever too hard towards making humans not overpowered to the point where they're comically weak compared to ponies. Seeing an Anon from an ancient master race should be fun.
I wouldn't mind reading a green with that premise.
For the love of God, please only do this if you make Anon an actual dwemer (or whatever you're calling them) who knows how his people's technology works but keeps them mostly a secret from the ponies until they've already figured out an answer(after all, you have to earn these sorts of things, or you aren't responsible enough to use them). A random guy would blow.
Yeah OK, cuz a haughty know it all would be so much better than a hyped nerd
It's a story where humans are mythical. Having Anon be a non mythical human would be stupid.
Mythical human (possibly engineer?) anon > no anon > regular anon
I want to be broken and tamed into the perfect house husband.
File: 1528754749848.gif (765 KB, 480x480)
765 KB
765 KB GIF
Well gosh, thank you, anon! It makes me very happy to know people are enjoying this story!

I will be at some point, as I do intend to reveal what happened during these time skips. At the moment though, I'll be more focusing on what's happening currently in the plot, and come back to those sometime later on.

Thanks anon. It felt good to put it out there and get to where things are now.
I won't say one way or another, anon, but I will say that's an interesting guess!

Thanks, anon! I look forwards to writing more!

You're welcome!

I'm glad to hear you've been enjoying it even while wary! There's a certain degree of cartoonish heroism and villainy, but I'm trying to make sure there's nuance in there as well!

This sounds like it'd be pretty goofy and fun as a non-canon kind of thing

>a short comic
Jeez anon, that's extremely kind of you! I look forwards to seeing it whenever you feel it's ready!
What are some good ponified sayings?
Some of the best I've heard are:
>Feed two birds with one scone.
>Take the flower by the thorn.
>Bring home the bagels.
>More than one way to skin a potato.
>More than one way to pet a cat.
>Winner winner tofu dinner.
>Can't make a latte without grinding a few beans.
Any others?
Maybe even some more pony specific idioms.
>Don't get your tail in a twist.
You got these from that peta twitter post.
Shame on you.
I was gonna say this.
Only the first three, and they still work.
Still trying to think of pony specific ones though.
Can anyone think of a good combination of cutie patootie and cutie marks?
>Bite the bit, I'm going in dry.
>"Saddle up" is more literal.
>barn sour in real life means- herd-bound; a dislike of leaving the company of other horses, or of leaving the stable.
>Could be used then to describe a herd that has become dangerously codependent or ponies who are homebodies maybe..
>Instead of a mare being whipped, they're bridled by their stallion.
Frog fucker is a term for those with a hoof fetish.
File: eca.jpg (82 KB, 800x450)
82 KB
>Anon pops into rgreality before ponies had and real culture
>Culture that isn't some choas worship
>He shows them how to make musical instruments
>How to do agriculture
>How to make cloths
>How not to murder each other over stupid shit
>About the birds and the bees and why griffon are freaks of nature
>The ponies start looking up to him as a god
>Before Anon can tell them not to he gets magicked into modern rgre
>Hfw he ended up being worshipped as a god of music, food, peace kinda, and fine things anyways
>Hfw he is now rgre Slaanesh
>Hfw is pic related
Vinyl is his best worshipper
>> he is now rgre Slaanesh
So would that mean mares things he creates weirdly hot stallions with crabclaws for them to fuck?
I mean I guess, but daemon forms are influenced by their respective chaos god so Anons psyche would probably change how they look
ok i did not now that the psyche of the gods effects how their demons looked
>Khorne is ANGRY, hates survival of the fittest the least right next to blood and skulls
>His daemons are obsessed with fighting/killing and blood, skulls, bloody skulls and skull blood
>Nurgle is all about being jolly bags of rotten garbage
>Look how his daemons turned out
>Tzeentch is all about over thinking things, screaming "just as planned" every so often, magic, magic dickery, and change
>His daemons are ever shifting balls of tentacles, feathers, and seizures
This feels like it should be said by TTS emperor
Jesus Christ
File: 1457982503091.png (900 KB, 690x968)
900 KB
900 KB PNG
i thought they actively created them to look like that, which would make sense for slanesh, creating holes to fuck basicly
The only chaos god I could see doing that is tzeentch. Khorne would be too busy making weapons to care if his daemons look blood thirsty enough and nurgle wouldn't want to change his because he is all about stagnation
>Anon is called Daddy Anon by his daemons/daemonettes and his worshipers
>Because his daemons see him as their father and because they also want to fuck him due to being degenerates.
>The same can be said about his worshippers
btw, how did molochs demons look like back when he was conisdered canon?
I wasn't into Warhammer whan Malal was canon so I don't know
Please kindly fuck off with your "Anon is an eldritch chaos god" mary sue bullshit. The thread ALWAYS degenerates into this and I'm sick of it.
If >>33257837 is true, then Anon has some things he needs to never talk about
>Thread is seventy five posts away from new thread
>Anon posts low quality prompt
>It gets a few responses
>Whine about how the thread goes to shit
You do realize these godnon posts really only happen near the end of the threads? It's either that or shitposts.
Daemons are just result of the Chaos god's power contaminating the surrounding warp. They don't even "need" to think about spawning and shaping them, it's kinda like their skin flakes became alive.
Nothing stop them from shaping/spawning daemon consciously, but most don't bother with that.

Anon's daemon (provided the mares' worship give him that much power) would thus be cringy/simplistic version of him :
>HMD daemon
>shitpost-asshole daemon
>slav-/k/ daemon
All looking sorta like him but with their gimmick being physically and mentally exaggerated to oblivion, to the point of being completely dysfunctional if it weren't for the warp magic that power them.
>Anon looks at them
>Feels disgust but doesn't do anything about it
>Like a weirdly placed zit
Alright,heres a better one

>anon is immune to magic
>not only that but his presence literally deconstructs magic
>"chaos" is actually pure,untamed magic,harmony is magic that has been "tamed" and order is the complete lack of magic
>because of this,ponies see anon as a being of pure order
>against all odds he actually ends up befriending discord(his metaphisical opposite) because hes a pretty chill dude
>they hang out all the time and take spike along as well sometimes
>also they prank people,discord with his mind fuckery and anon with his orderly aura
ive played to much fantasy i believe, i now cant help but imagine anon as jiggalag from the TES universe
File: medium.gif (2.54 MB, 634x357)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB GIF
Face it, ponies would love to have you around.
>anon can lift glasses of water and sit on chairs
>Be a shut in
>Have no verbal filter
>Have no social skills
>Not that interesting
>Hobbies can be summarized as "playing Vidya and wanking"
Yep, they would just LOVE to have me around
File: GahVv.gif (495 KB, 500x223)
495 KB
495 KB GIF
I honestly expected that you were going to say the opposite when I started reading that.
File: CNCR_Nick_Parker.jpg (62 KB, 320x337)
62 KB
>everypony meets discord's older
>and crazier brother
File: 1472754220683.png (570 KB, 1400x809)
570 KB
570 KB PNG
>Because his daemons see him as their father and because they also want to fuck him due to being degenerates.
Top kek
not getting that one
Part of the appeal of stories with Equish humans is a regular Earth human dealing with the preconceptions and whatever else they've left behind.
> Anon lives a fairly normal life, has a small herd with one of each pony race
> Doesn't remember much about agriculture or engineering, so he doesn't really spark a golden age in ancient pony history
> He just tells ponies to wash their goddamn hooves and take baths more often
> Enough humor his whimsy that it becomes normal, and no pony really notices the gradual extension of their lifespans
> Anon has a decent number of kids, and later grandkids, and passes away at roughly the same time as his herdmares
> Humans don't really have a designated place in the afterlife, but he hangs out with his mares
> Stray scraps of power slowly collect around him and his mares, like how clams make pearls around grains of sand
> Discord's reign shakes things up
> Luna's banishment punches a hole in the boundaries between dimensions
> Ponies begin to receive visions of really nice, domestic things
> Cake recipes long thought forgotten surface in rural baking competitions
> Ponies that try to remember a song from the fragments they can repeat often find that strangers can add enough for them to remember the whole song
> Ponies have an easier time thinking of what to get their special somepony for their birthday
> Some are more touched by the power of the perfect herd than others
> Pinkie Pie is pretty close to ascending as a Cool Aunt, once she settles down a bit
>> Doesn't remember much about agriculture or engineering, so he doesn't really spark a golden age in ancient pony history
Does /tech/ still do those types of stories? The type with actual struggle and setbacks? Because the last I checked, the thread just had Anons who were perfect engineering savants and could turn a dustbowl into a booming Vegas-style city (complete with working monorail system and horse-cars driving down paved roads) in about 3 years. Admittedly, the last I checked was back when that story with Anon and Moondancer was a thing, so it's entirely possible I'm an old man shouting at the clouds
File: 1526840256804.png (26 KB, 318x465)
26 KB
That's...kinda comfy.

The only story I remember from there was "Lancaster". I read it for a little bit but stopped and pretty much dropped the thread for reasons as you described.
>"Fuck me hard daddy!"
"What? Gross fuck off!"
>"AAAAAAGH YES! Keep denying me daddy! That'll make it so much better!"
>Anon uses his new god powers to manifest a Bible and crucifix and then throws them at her
>Anon turning it into a Senin
Oh fuck, that would be cool as shit.
>>"AAAAAAGH YES! Keep denying me daddy! That'll make it so much better!"
>Anon realizes he can't win
>Even if he doesn't fuck the demon-mares with a daddy kink, he still ends up feeling dirty
File: 1527466208699.jpg (109 KB, 451x451)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Not killing them immediately
Did you not read the posts that lead up to it? Although I agree, kill daemons with fire.
Hey, one man's daemons are another's angels.
File: 1521418756795.png (362 KB, 800x800)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
False. Daemons are for murder
That's why I stopped visiting, it was always "Anon has an entire compendium of humanity's knowledge in his head despite being an 'Average Joe'".

I remember getting into it with them one time, about how ridiculous it was for a non ridiculous story to have an average person, keyword here average, who knows how to not just build a car from scratch, but make all the tools required to make all the parts to make the car.
Daemons are daemons.
>all these unique ways of spelling
What's the difference between "demon" and "daemon"?
File: 1485183250760.jpg (13 KB, 480x538)
13 KB
some franchises make a difference out of them, i think pathfinder is like that about how daemons are chaos/abyssal and demons are just nerds under them, i'm not sure
Living saints are daemons of the Emperor. Are you saying they need to die?
Honestly they aren't really demons, more like fertility/lust elementals.
>Anon has an entire compendium of humanity's knowledge in his head despite being an 'Average Joe'
Fuck that
>Anon pops up in cavemare times
>He shows them very basic things we take for granted now
>Things improve for the cave ponies
>He fades into history
>Legends are made about him
>He is seen as a Prometheus like figure
>Without the whole being eaten alive every day
>He dies happily with his ancient horse family
>Just kidding he died in his sleep when his wife and kids were out hunting
>Just kidding he died in his sleep when his wife and kids were out hunting
>out hunting

Something seems a bit off, not sure what though.
File: 1531434911030.png (198 KB, 960x540)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
>tfw you will never have wife and kids that will make sure you have your favorite meal on your deathbed
Hunting for berries, Anon. Ponies are a playful bunch and will dive into bushes (after sneaking up on them first) and then flailing around until all the berries fall off.
File: germanhorse.png (498 KB, 977x1024)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
>Ywn amass a harem of Twilight Sparkle lookalikes
Good. I want one and the original is the best.
File: 1839989.png (268 KB, 1579x1806)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
She's a princess, Anon. This is is the closest you're ever going to get
File: 1487386601495.png (270 KB, 730x600)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
If I had to settle I'd unironicly take Glimglam. She's a social dummy but a firm hand with the promise of rewards would keep her in line and on the path of a functional pony. Moondancer is a reeeeeetard incel who probably smells. Glim doesn't need to be told to groom herself.
>Not fucking Moondancer into being a fit marelet
And you failed, try again
>>In the center of them, locked down with some metal, was the glowing, green heart of a robot, apparently
File: 102292.png (23 KB, 1104x1241)
23 KB
like fuck she is
look at this chubby nerd
you think anyone's gonna trust her with their wallet, let alone unchecked power?
the most power she's gonna have is the dirty STRIPED stories she writes about the male visitors to her library
>Over the last couple of months, you had created a little game for yourself
>Once or twice a week, you'd go out later in the day without any pants
>Since you're groin is about muzzle height with ponies, this allows you to have some "accidental" fun
>The looks on mares' faces as they turn around to get a muzzleful of your dick and balls is hilarious
>You've even gotten really good at draping your schlong over a mare's face and make it look like her fault
>Twi almost had a heart attack when you did it with her
>Fluttershy actually did pass out, and even the usual carefree and playful Pinkie hadn't been able to look you in the eye for a good two weeks
>And now you had a new target
>It was Rarity, or Rarararararara as you affectionately called her
>If all of the other poners had been hilarious when you pulled the ol' dick trick on them, you could only image what she'd do
>So, with that in mind you had forgone the pants and made your way into town
>It took just a few minutes to find the fashionista
>She was at the mom and pop cafe near the Cake's place, having a late lunch with Applejack
>You made your way over to the two, dick literally swinging
>Stallions scoffed or covered their foals eyes, mares looked away of gawked openly
>It was fantastic
>Rarity was so busy talking to the apple farmer that she didn't notice you stepping over the small iron fence
>You couldn't help but giggle, tiptoeing over to the mare
>You were within a foot of her when Appul saw you
>She opened her mouth, trying to warn her friend, but it was too late
>A little movement of your hips had your dick sliding across the white mare's face
>Rarity stopped her talking, turning her head to look at your cock
>You expected her to flip out, or scramble away, or at least blush
>She didn't even bat an eyelash, looking up at you with a raise eyebrow
>"Hmmm? I was expecting soup of an appetizer but I must say that this is much more preferable."
>Implying that promises of sex you could make Moondancer Fleur De Lis teir.
>Implying the pony who is a academic success couldn't make a good housewife.
>Implying her neethood wouldn't work in favor of you wanting a job as you could promise sex if she keeps the house clean.
Anon, she's waiting to be molded into the perfect housewifepony. Besides, I'd be scared Glimmer would mind control me to be colty or something.
SUPer skinny and insectoid/reptilian they got pics of the on 1d4chan
File: 1541722553330 (1).png (151 KB, 1000x750)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Rarity continues to be smoothest waifu. If you complimented her on an outfit she made for you, she'd effortlessly return it by saying that it only looks good because you're the one wearing it.
>Cock laying on muzzle
>Balls smooshed against her nose
fuckin WEW lad
>Before you could register what she had just said, or that your prank seemingly didn't work, Rarity opened her mouth
>Casually, she popped your cock into her mouth and started sucking on you like a lollipop
>"Sweet Celestia, Rare," Applejack said as you let out a startled moan, covering her face with a hat
>Rarity hummed, bobbing and twisting her head
>You could feel her long, thick pony tongue curling around your length
>It took her little effort to get you fully hard, and even when your cock was sliding into her throat that didn't stop her muzzle from pressing up against your belly
>Her horn sparked to life as she used her magic to play with your nuts
>You couldn't help but let out a moan
>It felt good
>Too good even
"R-Rarity, do--"
>Hilting your cock in her throat, Rarity rubbed her nose against your belly
>Humming, she began swallowing again and again
>To your shame, that pushed your over the edge
>With a yelp, you unloaded into the mare's mouth
>Rarity swallowed your load as best as she could
>The mare only coughed once, which send a spurt of cum dribbling out of her nose, but other that that she was fine
>She continued sucking on your cock even after you were firing blanks
>It wasn't until you were letting out these pathetic whimpers that she let you go with a pop, licking her lips
>"Thank you dear," she said with a smile before turning back to the now very red-faced apple farmer. "Now where were we, Applejack...?"
I like these kinds of stories
File: 1484941331648.png (284 KB, 932x868)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
File: SillyRarararara.jpg (55 KB, 400x500)
55 KB
You mean alpha horse. Not many mares would suck off a stallion in public while the betas watch
File: i wood.png (190 KB, 800x800)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
File: Two horses conversing.png (426 KB, 1080x1080)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
Excellent! Got anyone?

It's hard to argue against that. She effortlessly turned the table on Anon.
File: derpi_978100.png (516 KB, 1491x831)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
>frilly panties on rarara
Every fiber of my being is screaming for that arse to a degree that's honestly concerning.
It's like a switch is flipped on my brain and it's labelled BREED.
Indeed. Rarity has the best looking flanks second only to Celestia.
File: dagi.gif (1.21 MB, 930x520)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB GIF
File: 1479065585051.png (356 KB, 1109x897)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
>Tfw now Rarara goes out of her way to drain your balls in public
>Insists that she's just doing the town a public service by keeping a rowdy stallion calm
>tfw she'll whisper dirty things to you while you put it in her butt
>Dazzlings are crazy cat ladies.
What this mean in RGR?
File: Ayy baby.png (72 KB, 230x328)
72 KB
What a cute fish
>How NOT to murder each other over stupid shit
About the birds and the bees
>HFW he is now rgre Slaanesh
Pretty tame version of Slaanesh then. Guess /any/ mention of sex and how to deal with violence from a god like being makes them a crazy ass god, hah.
well he atleast would seem to have devine knowledge to them if they dont even know how to reproduce or how it works atleast
File: 1479191380971.jpg (129 KB, 501x960)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I'm crashing this thread
That does have some weird implications on what happens when he's zapped to modern times. Literally everything he knows is already known, maybe even improved upon, so what use would be a 'God' that had no new tricks to teach his "followers"?
might be that they expect wisdom from him then rather than knowledge
Right now it's
>Lyra stumbles apon shady government goings on
>trips at mach three down a rabbit hole
that weird guy that lives on the corner with a fenced in yard and a dozen dogs
only there's three of them
Bloody finally.
...Is it bad that I was actually expecting the new thread to be posted before this thread is kill?
That wouldn't surprise me if that happened.

While a great pic indeed I imagine Rainbow to be significantly smaller. Like B or small C cup.
At this point you're all either newfags or oldfags with severe alzheimers.
At the current board speed even after hitting 500 posts it'll still take a dozen hours or more to get to the bottom of page 10.
Nothing changes except you're not always on page 1, which by the way is a good thing cause it attracts less retards and everyone who cares should have the thread pinned, watched, or open in a browser tab anyway.
>open in a tab anyway
It's funny you mention that. That's exactly what I do and don't close the tab until it archives. Mainly to see if anything interesting gets posted for whatever reason.
I have both of the threads open, old and new, but hitting 500 means the active posting will migrate to the new thread.
Dunno why would I have Alzheimers for being hip and doing all these fancy things the kids do.
What were we talking about?
>What were we talking about?
That nothing bad happens to anyone if a new thread is not made the instant the 500th post has been submitted, or even 30 posts earlier like that one retard does every other thread.
File: the joke.jpg (114 KB, 1013x800)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
New 'non to the conversation, here. For real though, I have an actual question for you. Not even trying to be a cunt.

Why do some people get upset if a new thread is posted too soon? "too soon" here meaning "immediately after post 500". It's never upset the mods, so neither thread gets deleted. You don't have to wait a few hours until it hits page 9 for discussion to kick back in, since nobody will discuss anything in thread that's on its way out and can't be bumped. I agree that some guy creating the thread 30 posts too early is kinda retarded, but saying "oh let's wait a few hours to make a new thread" is just saying "oh let's all stop talking about this topic for a few hours because reasons". I don't get the point. Am I more autistic than usual and I'm missing something?
>or even 30 posts earlier like that one retard does every other thread
>the rest is "Not RGRE" and "Minotaur" shitpost
>499 and make 3 thread at same time
>oh let's wait a few hours to make a new thread
are you fucking retarded? who gonna spent every hours looking at dead thread?
That's my point. It baffles me when I read in my threads "stop making new threads so fast, wait until they're at least page 3 or 4" like why though?
People find a way to bitch, no matter the situation.

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