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Time to restore it.
English is getting better.
Include Sci-Twi.
Just don't respond. Let him samefag ad infinitum.
File: 20181124_235724.png (438 KB, 620x1310)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
She was part of Crystal Prep.
Reminder that Sweet is unattractive.
>the general is dead
As much as I hate generals I want there to be one for the Shadowbolts if the others can have one, too.
Reminder that using public resources such as library computers for shitposting is beyond autistic
Reminder that replying to shit post only cause the shit poster to double down.
Hopefully Alex still has the header. Someone go over to Fingerbang and poke him, see if he'll post it.
>make a general for one guy
how about no.
I'm talking about the frontpage that has the links to all the pastebins and shit, you mongoloid.
>the only active green is alex in the entire general
and nothing of value was lost
>Shitting on literally the only content in the thread
Why are you even here?
if you want the green, he posts it in fingerbang. theres literally no reason to have two places for the green and there was only one writer in the whole general you triggered retard
Yeah... I'm triggered alright.
The point of the frontpage is for people coming to the thread to have access to past and present stories and resources.
I just found it a little strange that you'd not only dismiss it, but also talk shit about our only current writer.
It's not just one guy. The general was temporarily one of the most active in recent times. However they relied on a few contentfags instead of trying to come up with their own stuff. It doesn't help a sizeable amount of content was of the regular Twi.
Basically the ranking order was:
Coming up with their own stuff - /Dazzlings/
Relying on canon and shitflinging - /Sunset Shimmer/
Some conten creators as the few real contributors - /Sci-Twi(
>no ponifications
>no cameos in FiM
Reminder: Lemon Zest is the best at cranking guys off under the table
She probably never touched a dick. She'd be one of these virgins who giggle like a madwoman when they see a penis for the first time in their life and touching one would make her ask if you're married now.
Nonsense. Lemon Chest is a huge slut.
Nonsense. High-prestige schools stalk your social networking and incentives make students keep each other in check.
File: shadow02_HD01.jpg (2.51 MB, 2894x4093)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
Reminder that those two are best shadow bolts.
Cinch is best Principal.
Incorrect, I went to a "high prestige school" - biggest sluts I'd ever seen
What about your mom?
>mom kept trying to get me into a catholic hs back when
>"you're not going to x high...i hear the girls there are loose and they deal drugs in the bathroom!"
>actually find out a bunch of girls at this catholic hs are pregnant
>"..y-you're going to x high instead now.."
Dead, thanks for asking.

Where do you live, might have been the same one as where I went
California, school was called san joaquin memorial
Ah well I'm from Bongistan, so not the same one. But for my year alone, we had:

1 student having an affair with a teacher
2 pregnancies
1 suicide and 2 attempted
3 overdoses
Hmmm, during my high school years we had:

1 student/teacher affair
7 pregnancies
16 suicides and 7 accidental overdoses
1 teacher that accidentally chopped his hand off
1 teacher that had a brain hemorrhage and died in front of his class
1 teacher that fucked a horse (Ironic, eh?)
And no less than 3 girls that got exposed for messing around with the family pooch

High school was fun!
All in the same class as you?
Not all in my class. This was over the course of the four years I was at the school. Mostly any deaths that happened to the people in the grades above me were car crashes, besides one suicide.
Oh, right, I forgot. One guy from my class got a girl pregnant and married her senior year, but either the year after he graduated or possibly the year after that he murdured the kid.
>And no less than 3 girls that got exposed for messing around with the family pooch
into the oven
From what I understand it was mostly the old peanut butter trick, but one of them definitely took the full tour.
>in America
Do they sell spaghetti or beer in the bathroom?
>1 teacher that had a brain hemorrhage and died in front of his class
Imagine getting this angry.
Cali schools sounds fun.
Damn California is degenerate. My public high school wasn't even that bad.
File: LZest.jpg (219 KB, 1280x1449)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
>high presitge
>non-American name
Choose one.
I checked wikipedia.
Builded in 1945, is a private school in Fresno, CA.
So far is just another private school with a few interesting graduates: sporstmen, CEOs, one producer for the simpsons, and one than another congressman.
There's nothing about one graduate murdering his child, but there's a killer: Dana Ewell.
Is she trying to seduce me, or is she just that careless?
Why not both?
File: soon.png (213 KB, 829x734)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
That'd be nice.
Not Cali Anon. I'm from Maine.
Except it's inaccurate. Melon Breast spends all her free time cranking guys off under the table to the beat of whatever she's listening to
Nope. She never touched a dick before. A real one that is. I bet they have gynological examinations in their school to say whether they're still virgins and never used toys.
Is this thread dead?
Pretty much
The board is slow. Then again it's still in the top ten.
File: shadowbolts_artist-xebck.png (2.02 MB, 5904x2500)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
>never touched a dick
I like this HC more.
They all talk big shit like they've had dozens of cocks but if you really pin them down for details they are revealed to be clueless virgins.
>Muhh pure virgin waifu
>She holds onto her headphones before pulling down skirt
File: Shadowbolts.png (1008 KB, 1280x720)
1008 KB
1008 KB PNG
>pure virgin waifu
Nah, it's not about that. I don't even have a waifu, I'll jack off to whoever I please on that given day.

Besides I'm a writefag and just think dork characters are more useful to a story than sluts. Your results may vary.
Wannabe sluts that are in reality dorks are fun to write, too.
Which Shadowbolt is the sluttiest?
File: 1440128846156.png (624 KB, 1500x5102)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
Pure sex.
File: Spoiler Image (1.45 MB, 2894x4093)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
Indigo wears something "extra" underneath her panties to school every day and hands the remote to a random student without telling them what it does.
Why would she do that?
Thots are no fun. Ever wondered why chads switched them so often?
Because she’s a slut.
Which of the Shadow Five are most likely to kill someone? This includes both willingness and ability as factors.
Sour Sweet if she obtained a firearm
Sour Sweet but only in a fit of rage and then she'll be super sorry about it.
Otherwise Sunny Flare. She's the silent one.
Sunny is quiet but she's definitely not strong or fast or anything.
The karate-Flare meme doesn't count.
She's rich enough to buy a bunch of guns
>flexible, and hopefully, panty-less
She wears a thong
All of them wears shortpants under their skirts. In fact they wear shortpants all the time.
Compression shorts, I'm pretty sure.
File: 1543349141709.jpg (1.78 MB, 2894x4093)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
They all wear thongs except Indigo, who wears a super tight athletic panty thing that only covers half of her buttcheeks and leaves a very visible pantyline on her butt.
Hopefully not. They'd get expelled.
While she wouldn't get expelled she'd be out of the school team.
Cinch likes seeing the girls wearing thongs.
File: meme.png (955 KB, 2020x2240)
955 KB
955 KB PNG
Would care for and protect at all costs / 10
If you are fatheru you have to teach her to ride a motorcycle.
Sugarcoat is canonically a ballerina who can ride a dirt bike.
I wonder which one of her parents allow her to learn something that extreme.
I mean, I would expect that type of skills with Lemon, but Sugarcoat knowing how to ride a bike was a surprise.
File: 1726004.png (170 KB, 609x416)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
Sugarcoat knows how to ride because she is open-minded.
But can we trust her?
Seeing how everyone is riding a motor bike it might be peer pressure.
Post a link to the last thread.
File: 1889287.gif (2.72 MB, 540x303)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB GIF
This Anon wears thongs. He's a prudish slut who pretends to hate sex talk on little horsie imageboards.
>a majority is cherry picking
learn what the words mean before using them, reddit.

>inb4 cherry picking again
Hey, I resent the fact that you're lumping
Me in with
This guy.
At least my posts were on-topic responses to other posts.
Even if I have the sinking suspicion that one of my greens inspired this lunatic.
>Takes slutposting from one of the threads and sets it up to represent the entirety of what the thread's content has always been
>Ignores the other discussion in this thread that I know you have to have seen to pick out the slutposting
>Implying the amount of slutposting in this thread was the same in other threads
>Implying we don't have a writefag about to return
Well what do you want to call it besides its proper term of "cherrypicking"?
Just admit you don't like this thread and fuck off already. There are 149 other threads with different topics than shadowbolts you can go ree in, half of which might be more friendly to you.
Leave us alone. Go be extra autistic somewhere else.
there has never been any in this thread. now when you pull the handful of posts out of your ass in the 100 that aren't talking about how they want to fuck the shadowbolts that's what true cherry picking is.
>implying there has never been any discussion about the Shadowbolts in this general and that only the slutposting defines it
>ignores rest of post you replied to like the part about our writefag because you have no rebuttal for it
Thanks for confirming everyone else reading our conversation that you have no argument
I can't wait to see how poorly your posts age when grey comes back
>our writefag
oh really because i dont see any here and he went back to fingerbang making this thread redundant. the only thing that happened in the shadowbolts thread was slutposts and 1 writefag. remove the content creator and the only thing thats left is hours of nothing with slutbumps which is exactly what happened in the thread. pretty pathetic.
Spoken like a true samefagging retard.
You know what? Fuck it, I'll pretend there's more than one of you. I'll even say there's fucking ten of you.
Again, can't wait to see how poorly the posts all ten of you wrote age when grey comes back, or genuine discussion inevitably happens yet again, whichever one comes first.
>j-just you wait our savior will come back and save the thread!
god this is fucking pathetic. there was never discussion even when he was in the threads. The only difference was there was green. it's always been low IQ slut posts central since day one and the writefag was just more doing fapbait since he joined it but you lap it up because you dont know how to do anything else. You're too stupid to know how to use the archives but it's always been a vast majority of muh dick and occasional forced discussion that pitters out after maybe 4 posts. just like in this thread right such as >>33257582

You cant fix being born mentally deficient. And the thread will not improve at all if he decides to come back. the only difference is there will be someone green for an audience of chimps. I gave your general a fair chance and its been nothing but trash for 10 threads. You just dont like being told you're no different than going the way of /nst/
Keep talking, faggot. Keep adding to your desperate effort that will be wasted.
>desperate attempt
no thats you kid. your attempt to keep up the illusion you're not another /nst/ when its a carbon copy of posting styles. this thread has been up over a week, no sign of the only writefag you ever had and meanwhile he's posting in fingerbang. give it up, you're pathetic clinging onto some meaningless waste of space on the catalog pretending you're relevant and popular. the same slutposts that happened here can happen in fingerbang since that's literally the thread topic and what a shocker that's where he was writing first. it's always been a useless redundant thread where he posts his green as a dupe for people too stupid to know how to use the main thread.
>Being this assmad about people dicking around
>Thinking that your opinion matters to people in a thread that's very existence runs counter to it
Who cares?
This thread is serving the purpose that the people that contribute to it want.
No more, no less.
If an interesting topic comes around, it's explored exactly as far as people's interest lasts.
No one is complaining about it being mostly 'heh, I bet she's wild in the sack' except you.
If you don't like it, leave. Or you could always try to influence the course of discussion toward your interests. Good luck with that, though.
You're not accomplishing anything by throwing a hissy fit. No one is going to respect you or be swayed to your way of thinking. You don't even have an agenda you're trying to put forward.
You're just a lone stalk of grass swaying in the field. You can shout as loud as you want, but no one's going to hear you.
>wah i dont like the facts, better start reporting and get pet mods to enforce my safespace cling onto delusional ideas of popularity.
Enjoy being just a little more content-less with your worship of a single writefag. The next time (if there is one) you'll find one of the links in your OP are dead.
Oh good, you're finally shutting up?
Refer to my other post >>33270247 if you ever wanna come back with your pathetic non-argument; feel free to leave and go pester someone else whenever you feel like it.
>He got reported
>Pet mods
Wait a second, though...
Are you claiming to be a writer, and informing us you're nuking your pastebin?
I didn't think this could get any more childish.
Apparently I was wrong.
Just as one last little aside...
Why do you keep saying stuff about popularity?
Who ever claimed this was a popular thread, or these were popular characters?
We should stop replying to the turboautist. He obviously has a hateboner for us still existing without his forced shitposts and probably is that one Anon in the incest thread with the hateboner for fingerbang too. Talks just like him. But don't quote me on that because that's just a hunch and it still might be two angry retards instead of one.
I'm just glad the janitors are doing their job and not overlooking his incessant reeing.
Let's get back to the Shadowbolts. And with sluttery because why the hell not? I'm not gonna be bullied into posting differently.
Aye-aye, mon capitan. I'll fuck off back to my corner with the shiny things.
>This thread is serving the purpose
The purpose to talk about how they want to fuck the shadowbolts, wow so thrilling never seen that before in the hundreds and hundreds of posts of exactly that in /sbt/

>interesting topic
This never happened, what did happen is the only thing that it was is a flash in the pan flavor of the week for you knuckle dragging lewdfags to circlejerk over. If there was an interesting topic then it could be worthwhile, but it's never proven otherwise because of the collective low IQ posters of the general are incapable of sustaining interest for some ADD faggots beyond muh dick. Remember the shadowbolt halloween thing that never got off the ground for more than 2 posts the last time you were called out on being nothing but lewdfags?

>Influence discussion towards your interests, good luck with that though
The only thing you want to talk about 90% of the time is the kind of posts you find on /trash/. The people in the general were and still are an utter waste of time to make any content for, just go to fingerbang for the same tripe there's no purpose for the thread's existance and there's already people in fingerbang writing with shadowbolts in mind, yet all you do is cling onto some pathetic notion that your favorite fapfic writer will come fill the thread up with green again and pretend it validates its existance. STILL missing the point that to get the content all you fucks need to do is stop bumping this empty trash with slutshit and just go over there and do the same thing, and you'll get the same green and even get to read another green by someone you don't worship.

Good luck with that indeed, want to talk about non-arguments? you cant come up with an anything that doesnt involve being dense as fuck or purposefully obtuse.
>We should stop replying to the turboautist
Yes, let's get back to more important things. Like discussing Lemon Zest cranking guys off under the table
>Comes back after having supposedly left
>Angry bullshitting aspie post and table shitpost right next to one another
Really makes me think
Sorry guys, I just thought the fact that he came back only to drop that laughable tantrum was funny as fuck
I've long since hidden his posts. I guess he was the guy that binned those character bios a few threads ago. Paste's been set to private.
I doubt it's him. He was nowhere near as much of a bitter little shit as this guy.
>Paste's been set to private.
The character bios were shit though
>Sugarcoat always does her hair the same way for an entire decade
No wonder she got so good at it.
That isn't even her little sister.
>"I brought me forward in time because my childhood was shit."
Unless the last thread didn't had the original subject, I think this is the last thread.

Why is nobody talking about the formal Principal Cinch?
I want detention with Cinch >>33242038.
Still best Principal.
>some meaningless waste of space on the catalog
Just a passerby, but playing Doubles Advocate here, there are more than enough topicless threads in the catalog that get made regardless. You seem to labor under some delusion that this board is some bastion of good things to talk about. The truth is it's all noise and even if you got your wish and this particular thread disappeared, it would simply be replaced some other shitposting trash, not some miraculously good thread that brings us all into unity and harmony which you seem to falsely believe would happen.

It's not like board space is a hard-limited resource. You can always make one of these high quality threads which you long for yourself. Nothing stops you.
File: 1016613.jpg (469 KB, 770x870)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
That is actually a very good question.
Did she just walked away angry? She quitted her job in CPA? The higher ups made her "retire" after her nonsensical outburst about CHS using magic? Does she is planning in avenge her reputation or she just went away to put things in perspective?
Give us answers Hasbro.
Weren't the bios posted here?
Before we get those answers, maybe we can get a look into her past.
>What kind of student she was
>What exactly was it that set her down the road she traveled
Assuming she's middle-aged and the time period is like ours, mid- to late-2010's, she was born in the 1970's and therefore educated in the 1980's, possibly very early-90's. So I'm just adding a time-frame in.

>What kind of student she was
Judging by that picture of her, with the braces and glasses, a definite nerd. But there's nothing wrong with that. Book-smarts never hurt anyone.
A small band of friends, maybe not unlike the Shadowcolts themselves. Similar mindsets.
Maybe. Being that innocent, I can't see full-on hardcore sexual adventures. Maybe kissing and fondling around the back of the bike shed.
Experimenting didn't happen until university...

>What exactly was it that set her down the road she traveled?
Ambition. Desire. Determination.Crystal Prep breeds such a mentality into its students and teachers alike. Abacus Cinch changed. Maybe not as a student but as a teacher, she wanted the top job and stopped at nothing to achieve it; trampling on enemies and friends to get it all. And when she became Principal, it still wasn't enough. She wanted that high again, so when the local school board announced the Games, she knew that destiny had called again...
I think it makes more sense for her to be born in the 60's or 50's and just wears a lot of makeup to boost her reputation and not be an old hag. She does sound like she's in her 50's.
>gone for a while
What happened?
Speculation aside, an autist threw a tantrum because we're all 'knuckle-dragging lewdposters'.
Cinch would have done everything she wanted to cover something like that up if it were true. It would be hell on her reputation. Maybe it's the reason behind her being extra strict with her students.
I wonder how different the EQG universe be if the portal took Sunset to CPA instead CHS.?
>Sunset goes to Crystal Prep and feuds with other Twilight
I can dig it
Human Sunset is part of CPA and pony Sunset came to fill the hole while she was gone for an exchange. Everyone was weirded out when the exchange student which by now should be on the other side of the world is standing right in from of them and their former classmate is now enrolled in the other school.
>>What kind of student she was
Straight A's without studying much. There are ways to tease good grades out of the teachers.
Not very popular. For those who really "know" her intimately, on the other hand...
Everyone's a potential friend to the nerdy girl with a kinky side.
There's no time for getting tied down with lovers when there's "studying" to do.
Only when it involves another girl when she's performing her extra credit "cramming" session with the teacher

>>What exactly was it that set her down the road she traveled
She's furiously jealous that she's gotten too old to do what she loves the most: getting fucked daily like a slut.
Ehh... Doesn't have the same feel.
See >>33272636
She won't be let into the school in the first place. Pony Twi couldn't even write when she first arrived, and Crystal Prep is the high school version of an Ivy League school. There would be literally no conflict because Sunset would get literally nowhere.
This obvious wish fulfillment. Jesus. All the subtlety of a loud fart
Lets not forget how Sunset was reverted back to pony behavior in Forgotten Friendship. She definitely wouldn't be Crystal Prep material. And Pony Twilight couldn't take back the crown after going through the portal either for the very same reason.
I don't know one cares.
Do you have proof anon?
File: 1394467.png (222 KB, 1280x720)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
The more stuck up they are, the bigger secrets they have.
We also have Slavs and others.
>Sugarcoat's fivehead
File: I'll kill you.png (1.48 MB, 1912x1042)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
don't fucking bully her you piece of shit
She's smart for a reason
>Tfw you say you don’t like the MK 11 trailer music
Thinking of a green with the cps girls. Weird question. Which of them is more likely to be a vampire in disguise? Or related to Dracula?
File: sugarcoat_spelling+bee.png (588 KB, 1366x768)
588 KB
588 KB PNG
Not smart enough to spell cymotrichous.
fuck off its a dumb word anyways
Yeah, but it is funny that she's looking at her own wavy hair as she misspells the word.
She’s smart enough to only have to post once without deleting a post
File: Applespell.png (909 KB, 1366x768)
909 KB
909 KB PNG
Forgot the pic.

Could be worse; pic related.
Please tell me this is fake
File: Shopped500px.jpg (55 KB, 500x500)
55 KB
File: 1488301535409.png (111 KB, 480x692)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
>her DA account deleted
I... Um... SourSweet?
>Not spelling it 'Appul'
Could you fight her if she was? Preferably with a whip called the vampire killer? If your last name was Belmont?
I'd probably just punch her in the mouth for being such a schizo.
Most likely the whole thing was just a delusional episode brought on by a burgeoning vampire fetish.
Hopefully I'd knock her 'fangs' out.
You guys are no fun. I’ll take it to fingerbang. A fucking fetish. I can’t believe that came out your mouth anon
File: 1531533366565.jpg (80 KB, 480x360)
80 KB
father no please stay here do not let one anon make you cast the thread into the fires of hell
It was a joke, hun. Based around SourSweet's mental issue's some Anon's ascribe to.
I'm all for you writing a Castlevania crossover using the Shadowbolts.
It might work better if you cast Cinch in the role of Dracula, though.
Maybe Sunny Flare as Alucard...
Why is anon touching Sonatas rack?
>merely pretending
Pretending to make a joke? No, no I was definitely making a joke.

Sunny Flare.
She's the quiet one.
Either she or she's a secret vampire hunter. You know.
She's the silent one.
Any reason to grope tits.
Would you fight her, Anon Belmont? Or would you help her become the head vampire of her family as her “familiar” in a series of battles against other vampires for Dracula’s throne?
Then possibly marrying her, and starting a vampire/vampire hunter bloodline? It could be any of those girls
File: Lyon.jpg (32 KB, 221x397)
32 KB
I'm really not sure what's going on, either.
What a couple of idiots lmao
>And nothing of value was lost
Just no green. That’s always good for the thread.
>Anon has not written any green
>Anon will not write any green
>The total amount of green hasn't changed
Good taste in comedians, Anon.
Do you want green anon?
Carlin would most likely be Sugarcoat's favorite stand up comedian because of all the truth he drops.
I thought you said Carlton and thought of cinch dancing like aunt viv
Kek. I'm glad my typo wasn't completely in vain.
You’d love it
File: twilight 1543448572751.jpg (146 KB, 721x1370)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
If someone ever edited this with Cinch, they'd have to put Twilight in as the white girl struggling to keep up
None of the other dancers have that comfy hip action going on. They're stiff as fuck while she's having fun with it.
The edit should be in sci-twi's t-shirt.
It should say "I don't fuck, I swear!".
It should be the other principals
File: NTSH.png (370 KB, 559x304)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
Ah, but who would be the struggling white girl?
I'd say Cadance but she's pretty far from struggling
It’s obviously Luna.
And if you saw the whole thing you could say that she wasn’t struggling as much as “out danced”.. aunt viv is just doing better with the same material given to all of them
Luna is still more objectively attractive then those two combined.
I never understood why this pic was suppose to be gossipy (if I'm remembering the context of the movie correctly)
You remember correctly.
The joke here was that in the contest, they were supposed to just look the cake. I bet they were to share all the baked goods at the end.
But since Pinkie bakes really good cakes, they couldn't keep it proffesional, and they grabbed a piece.
>struggling white girl
Is this a trope?
Not as such.
Look at the gif.
The white girl is stiff as fuck and a half step behind Vivian, doesn't have the feel for the motions down at all. They're all probably professional dancers and were asked to dumb down the moves so Vivian could stand out, but she's just particularly bad.
If you believe that seriously you’re absolutely wrong. The dancers are doing the routine as instructed. The actor who played Vivian is a serious foul mouthed show off diva. She’s moving like that to make the others look bad. Most backup dancers move like that
File: really.png (235 KB, 858x930)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
I think you missed my point, because what you're saying is exactly what I said. The backup dancers were instructed to move like that so Vivian's character could stand out. Unless I'm totally miss-remembering the scene, this is supposed to be a class that Vivian is teaching. She's supposed to be better than the other dancers. She's teaching them the dance.
Reminder that both Sugar and Zest are best Shodawbolts.
>best Shadowsluts
File: 1537225066743.png (159 KB, 529x1005)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
File: Rock_on.png (199 KB, 640x800)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
It might be true. Zest might actually be best.
Also Yay! We can post again. Gookmoot must have made his quota.
At cranking guys off under the table
File: 1097200.jpg (426 KB, 1000x1000)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
I want you to stop, okay?
It's not even forcing a meme at this point.
It's just you, being an idiot.
>t. ZIDF
I don't know what that means and I don't think anyone else but you does, either.
Heard you were talking shit like I wouldn't find out.
Previous thread was here: >>33165756
The OP paste is there too for anyone making the next thread to put into there.
If the bios really are gone for whatever, I can easily find where they were posted before in the archives. Or better yet, I could type some new ones so it's more original.
He clearly doesn't want me to be here. Oh well...
You should have seen him in previous threads.
He literally doesn't want to stop no matter how many Ls he takes, speaking of which, he's taken about three Ls by now from how many times his ramblings died down after having no effect.
The poor thing can't force a meme to save his life. Yet can't stop trying to save his life either. It's a cycle.
What I’m about to post is something I typed up as soon as someone over in Fingerbang linked me here, and then I came here and saw someone ask about what would happen if the portal was at Crystal Prep and not Canterlot High. There will be a Listen 2 update too after this, but here’s what I’ve managed to cobble together:
The first movie was terrible and needed a complete makeover so this is a lot of posts.
>The crown went through the portal and landed at the prestigious school of Crystal Prep academy.
>One of the after school athletes picked it up, and they examine it to determine that it's probably worth a good amount of money with all of that gold, but they turn it into the Principal's office because cameras everywhere and they don't want to get arrested, which would ruin their reputation.
>Now Principal Cinch has possession of the crown/tiara/whatever and locks it up.
>Sunset, who had gone in after the crown arrives at Crystal Prep.
>She can barely stand on her feet, legs shaking and voice breaking.
>It must be in that really huge crystal building right there, she can see the glow of the crown through one of the windows because you know damn well the EQG staff writers would do something plot-convenient like this at some point, admit it.
>But it doesn't matter and isn't too too convenient.
>So Sunset knows about the magic artifact being in Crystal Prep but can't do jack shit about it.
>Crystal Prep aims for perfection, and they're not as accepting as Canterlot High, so Sunset can't even be in the school for long without being escorted out.
>And she has trouble standing upright like a regular person, having lots of issues trying not to walk like a pony.
>Gets tons of weird looks just like Starlight and Twilight did.
>And the Crystal Prep students frown down upon this greatly, telling her to get lost or maybe go to the lesser school known as CHS.
>But Sunset wants the crown/tiara, and she's too stubborn to give up on retrieving it, but she has no way of taking it.
>But Sunset did notice a student at the school who looks suspiciously like Twilight, but only for a second before she was thrown outta there.
>And later on, pony Twilight comes through the portal, but not after a long enough time skip for Sunset to have been there for years like the real movie because that shit was stupid.
>Twilight sees the same convenient glow in the window like Sunset had but also can't do anything about it.
>It's not long before she finds Sunset Shimmer once more, ready to fight her, but discovers that Sunset has found literally no success in getting even remotely close to the crown.
>Sunset has recently become a student of the nearby school Canterlot High, and she has "befriended" the rest of the humane six whom she's only using to rise through the ranks and make it to the next Friendship Games competition so she can maybe find a way to get to that crown.
>Maybe she'll transfer schools once she gets enough good grades, but nowhere near enough time has passed yet for that to happen.
>Meanwhile, Twilight soon learns about her human counterpart attending Crystal Prep, and approaches her one night when she's walking home.
>SciTwi is dazed and confused by this; some girl who looks identically like her approaching her in the middle of the night and talking to her about magic n' shit.
>HorseTwi says there is a magic artifact in the school that neither she nor her enemy who got to here can get to, but at least she can pretend to be SciTwi and get into the school and retrieve the magic artifact to return it to Equestria before it causes any problems in human world.
>Or better yet, she tells SciTwi that she herself can just go in herself and get it, which is where SciTwi reveals to HorseTwi that she's the top student in the whole school.
>Which is great except for the one tiny detail that SciTwi is unwilling to ruin her reputation as such by stealing from school property.
>Meanwhile, HorseTwi is keeping an eye on Sunset, who appears to be making friends at Canterlot High.
>And her new "friends" look just like the mane six whom Twilight knows from back home; Sunset is stealing her life (kinda).
>So HorseTwi begs SciTwi to let her take her place in Crystal Prep pretending to be her just so she can see if there's a way to get to the crown easily, since she can get further than Sunset because of the convenient clone counterpart thing that works great with how the writers do things sometimes.
>SciTwi finally lets HorseTwi get into Crystal Prep without actually having to enroll there, and meanwhile, HorseTwi enrolls into Canterlot High to keep an eye on Sunset and the other mane six.
>Meanwhile, the two Spikes as dogs hang out together and have their cute dumb little gags while being basically useless because it's fucking Spike.
>On the days when HorseTwi is pretending to be SciTwi at Crystal Prep (they switch because HorseTwi wanted inside info and SciTwi wanted a break from Crystal Prep), she meets the Shadowbolt five, who are very nasty and cold to her in at least some way each.
>This shows that the "other mane six" (shadowbolts) here at Crystal Prep do not know anything that works with the magic of friendship, and they are terrible people because of it.
>And now Sunset is starting to turn the actual other mane six at CHS into something just like them, and she's succeeding.
>The humane six at CHS do not know Twilight and have no idea who she is until they recognize her as that super smart girl from the rival school, and they turn her away while Sunset panders to them saying that she's the real friend they need.
>This breaks Twilight's heart, and she is so distraught that she spends more time at Crystal Prep in the other Twilight's place as she tries to figure out what to do.
>SciTwi says that she has no idea why the girls at CHS hate her so much -- she only competes in the competitions because Cinch makes her and it's nothing personal for her.
>Neither Twilight wants any of this flak, and they agree to work together to get that crown so HorseTwi can go home after getting Sunset to fuck off from her human friends and probably drag her back with her from this universe she doesn't belong in in the first place.
>She'll just have Sunset Answer to Celestia for her crimes, but she can't do it without the magic of the crown.
>SciTwi plans to transfer to CHS because she hates being at Crystal Prep anyway under Cinch's rule of an iron fist, which only motivates her to help HorseTwi even more.
>As a result, HorseTwi befriends the Shadowbolt Five while pretending to be SciTwi.
>She starts to get them to be nicer because she knows how to solve drama between them that SciTwi couldn't figure out.
>Now she's teaching the Shadow Five more about Friendship, and her (magical) charm is somewhat influencing this.
>SciTwi is happy that her peers are being nicer to her as a result after they switch back once more, but HorseTwi's main goal is to get Sunset away from the humane six at CHS and bring her back home to justice in Equestria, it's like some inter-dimensional bounty hunter type shit.
>HorseTwi realizes that she still cares about her friends even if they have no history together, because the magic of friendship doesn't represent the fake friendship that Sunset's trying to use to get the humane six to like her.
>And that true friendship extends between world, and it's just waiting to spark up in this world too which is why it's starting to feel like this was meant to happen.
>Meanwhile, SciTwi is so fascinated by the idea of magic being actually real that she builds her device thing to collect and study it and see how it relates to science, but she does this in secrecy and doesn't tell HorseTwi.
>Some time later...
>Low and behold, the shiny crown/tiara is added to the shelf of Crystal Prep trophies by Cinch because she wants to make it look like her school won as many awards and trophies as she possibly can because reputation.
>And she has them on display at the now upcoming Friendship games where the two schools face off because she can't not show off.
>At this point, the humane six are basically Sunset's personal street gang who do almost everything for her.
>Sunset sees the crown on display at the games and plans to find a way to steal it when she has the best chance and become powerful.
>But it's on the Crystal Prep side (probably being lugged around in a wheeled shelf with all the other trophies to everywhere the competition goes).
>And to make matters worse, Crystal Prep is beating Canterlot High easily just like they do every year.
>SciTwi was too nervous to participate in the sports section of the games, but HorseTwi has been intensely learning how to move around like a human and stuff, and decides to add some archery to that too since she's taking other stuff in anyway.
>HorseTwi does the archery part of the tournament while SciTwi does the math and science that has less to do with magic than HorseTwi is used to.
>When SciTwi helps the Shadow Five win the tournament and make the humane six salty because they're losing badly like always, their bond of friendship strengthens.
>HorseTwi has a magical connection with the crown she's close to, and her friends the Shadowbolt Five become connected too by proxy because friendship.
>Now there's a reversed type of thing where the rest of the humane six are the bad girls and minions to Sunset Shimmer while the Shadow Five are powerful because they're with HorseTwi the good girl.
>They get powers. (some of them are the same just to have them correlate to the major trait of each girl)
>Indigo gets super speed and/or super strength.
>Sour Sweet gets mind control and/or mind reading abilities.
>Sugarcoat can see into the future but only like by one or two minutes. (Yes, like the movie Next)
>Sunny Flare gets invisibility and/or force field powers (Yes, like that one girl from The Incredibles whose name I forgot)
>Lemon Zest gets to cause sonic booms from sound waves.
>And the fact that they know their friend SciTwi more than HorseTwi but still see HorseTwi as SciTwi, the friendship for her in their minds makes SciTwi a little bit more powerful too, and she gets her levitation powers.
>The games soon end, and the new Friendship Games Trophy is about to go to Crystal Prep as expected, this is occurring at CHS, the site of the most recent location for matches/competitions.
>Right as the door to the cabinet thing is unlocked and opened, Sunset Shimmer leaps forth and snatches the crown after hiding just out of view, looking like a sore loser who got mad because they lost yet another game.
>But she then puts the crown on her head and becomes Demon Shimmer like in the real movie.
>The humane six become her literal minions and the rest of the students zombie, and Twilight, Twilight and the Shadow Five have to work together with their magic of friendship to stop them from taking over the dimension.
>After that, they have an actual little battle of their powers really being used instead of there only being the standard rainbow blast.
>The Shadow Five and Twilight work together to defeat Demon Sunset with an actual rainbow blast at the end.
>The good guys win, it's found out that the crown isn't a real trophy (obviously) and it is returned to HorseTwi to take back to Equestria as SciTwi transfers to CHS while keeping her new friends at Crystal Prep.
>The humane six get to know her better too, and Sunset gets redeemed after she is defeated just like in the real movie.
>But the speculative movie ends with the dazzlings in the diner just like the beginning of Rainbow Rocks having taken notice of the magic blast and set their sights on the two school right after HorseTwi and Sunset go back to Equestria so Celestia can sort things out and they inevitably soon become friends.
>Both of the formerly rival schools are friends now and won't become enemies again until the Dazzlings come in with their music and turn everyone against eachother, disrupting the magic of friendship that is there all to be adored and not ignored.
>And that is the cliffhanger that will connect to the next movie.

And that's what I cobbled together for movie 1.
And now regarding Movie 2.
EQG2: Rainbow Rocks:
Lots of this is the same as the real RR because it was much less terrible so it’s fewer posts.
>HorseTwi and Sunset have fucked off back to Equestria but not before getting to know the humane six and shadowbolts a little.
>It was determined in Equestria that Sunset’s punishment is to go back to EQG world and live magic-less there and face all of the backlash for what she did head on.
>Sunset still gets the convenient book that lets her contact Princess Twilight, mostly just to have the ones in Equestria check up on her, but it soon turns into them chatting to eachother and developing a friendship of their own.
>Meanwhile, SciTwi is in the basement of Crystal Prep perfecting her magic absorbing device, waiting to be transferred to CHS to get away from Cinch.
>Cinch is doubling down on her bullshit because her reputation is heavily damaged from people finding out about the one crown trophy not being an actual trophy.
>Her power is in question, badly. Worse than ever before. This big reveal about the fake trophy was a huge deal for her and everyone around her.
>Meanwhile, SciTwi is learning more about magic, and her friends who are the Shadowbolt Five are getting better as practicing their powers; the device still works in the crown’s absence because of how strong their friendship is.
>But it is NOT Equestrian magic anymore because none of the girls who are friends have ever been to Equestria, but their friendship developed a new magic through the device that learned how to work from Equestrian magic.
>A few moments emphasizing the S5’s characterizations happen, just like how the real movies do with the mane six, and the shadow five end up actually developing as characters over time.
>And there’s this brief theme basically saying: Great, now those Crystal Prep kids have superpowers too, but it’s really not that big of a deal because CHS and Crystal Prep are friends now, despite Cinch’s objection to this.
>But Cinch is the fake trophy lady now, so her opinion on the matter is irrelevant as far as everyone else is concerned, and she is PISSED because of this.
>Pissed off and plotting revenge, she makes it so SciTwi cannot transfer to CHS until she finishes a semester/trimester or whatever, and wants to milk her brilliance to its fullest extent.
>The shadowbolt five and humane six secretly know there are two Twilights, and want to go to the portal and write in the book to fetch Princess Twilight to maybe do something about Cinch being a bitch once again.
>But everything is interrupted when the Dazzlings enter the setting; they enroll into CHS where the magic blast came from and take over the place through song except the humane six who have the magic of friendship, just like the real RR.
>The “musical showcase” turns into the battle of the Bands, except CHS is not only competing against eachother, but back to wanting to compete against Crystal Prep once again, making the schools rivals once more and undoing what was resolved in the first movie.
>The two champion groups of the CHS exclusive competition will face off against two groups from Crystal Prep, which the Dazzlings see as yet more territory to conquer by including them under their spell at the semi-final and final matches.
>And Cinch is pleased about this, wanting to do everything she can to get revenge for the shit that was technically her fault but she refuses to see this.
>She turns her attention to the Shadowbolt Five and wants to utilize them into being the top competitors in the battle of the bands and defeat CHS once and for all.
>The CHS battle of the bands competition happens as it did before, with HorseTwi and all, and it comes down to Trixie’s group and the Dazzlings performing at the big show against whoever made it to the top at Crystal Prep.
>The Shadowbolt Five, already being used to being competitive and being the MVP’s in the Friendship Games, make it to the top of the school’s chart, and Cinch decides that they will be the only group to perform against CHS because she has that much confidence in them having Superpowers, not yet knowing that the humane six also have superpowers.
>HorseTwi is well aware of Cinch too, as well as the Dazzlings wanting to take over Crystal Prep along with their spell, and the battle of the bands in approaching.
>But the mane six are still locked away under the stage because of Trixie’s group doing what they did, but Vinyl still saves them because she had her headphones on when the rest of the school fell under the spell of the Dazzlings.
>They go to the concert and crash it like before, but now the Dazzlings have Crystal Prep on their side as soon as they do their music thing, and of course, Even Cinch is under their spell too, and the Shadow Five too because their magic isn’t Equestrian magic.
>But Zest isn’t because she’s like Vinyl and never takes off her headphones, but she’s also like Pinkie and part of the magical group of girls that saves the day.
>She joins the Rainbooms and helps them defeat the Dazzlings just like how they did in the actual movie and gets her friends back as well as everyone else who was under the spell.
>Dazzlings are chased off like in the real movie, and Cinch is found out for having endorsed what the Dazzlings were doing even when not under their spell, and is heckled and ridiculed so much over time that she eventually steps down and lets Cadance become principal.
>Just like in the first movie, Sunset got the rest of CHS to like her after they hated her for a while, and SciTwi gets to transfer to CHS as HorseTwi goes back to Equestria once again.
>SciTwi now likes everyone at Crystal Prep, but still wants to go to CHS since she already did everything at Crystal Prep and has friends there now.
>Now the Mane Six and Shadow Five have powers, Sunset is officially a completely protagonist character, SciTwi is a CHS student, and all is well that ends well.

Since I pretty much incorporated the third movie into this and resolved all of its problems in this already, I'd have to skip straight to the partial disaster that was the 4th movie continuing from here, but I don't think the portal being at a different school would have much effect on it after this point, since it takes place away from the schools. I /would/ make it so Gloriosa is running the camp alone, and cringy, unnecessary characters like Timber Spruce will not exist in this timeline. I'd probably like to do a lot with Filthy rich, though. As well as the Sunset from EQG world since the canon movies completely neglect to acknowledge her existence.
I'll be having this thing in https://pastebin.com/U1MZgb3T though because there might be future updates.
Anyway, Listen 2 update to be pasted in just a sec.
Yeas. You’re remembering the scene completely incorrect
This is creative. At least it's way better than the plot of the first movie.
>Dazzlings still don't get redemption
You going to do the shorts and specials too?
1. Janet Hubert is a trained dancer or was at the time. Dumbing down your moves makes no sense
2. You are remembering the scene wrong. The only things you got right was “aunt Vivian” and “dance class”
She only looks better because she IS better.
>imagine being this new
Sorry, ZIDF doesn't mean shit to me. Spoonfeed me, oh glorious oldfag.
I must have missed some major happenings.
I don’t know what it means either. I’ve never even seen it until now so I’m left to say he’s forcing a meme or is retarded. Probably both
Here's my wild guess.
He is probably putting his own twist on a shitty /pol/ meme where you call people online who disagree with you jidf. And zidf is supposed to stand for "zest internet defense force". In short, he doesn't like that no one here finds his forced meme attempts to be "ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS", so now he remembers that samefagging won't get him anywhere and can only act like we're in the wrong and only defending Zest like she's some sacred fucking princess all because we don't laugh at his dried up joke that never took off.
You didn't miss any happenings. His autistic episodes in the previous threads from months ago you saw were all there ever was to it. The best thing you can do is stop feeding him replies and making him fatter than he was a couple months ago.
It's both, see above and simply don't acknowledge the shitposter. He already lost and this is all he can do at this point. All we need to do is sit back and hope the janitors eventually sweep him up and away at some point.
Oof. Well, makes sense I wouldn't get a juryrigged /pol/ meme, I guess. Think I'll read Alex's stuff now. Thanks for the insight.
Can we get a yikes and forced memepilled for that gargantuan faggot tampon?
It's better to ignore the dying shitposting altogether and focus on discussion and content. Let's not fuel the fire.
I suppose you’re right.
Which CPS girl would be the best singer?
>Replying to your own post
Indigo, she shouts a lot.
My first thought would be Zest, being kind of the musical one of the bunch, but I think it might be more fun if she actually had a terrible voice.
I'm gonna say Sour Sweet, who has a kind of JINJER thing going on.
>Indigo sounds like Mariah Carey when she sings, but is too embarrassed to let others hear it
That's pretty hot to think about
Indy having a voice like that
You can’t tell anyone though or she’ll kick your ass. Tough girls like her don’t sing.
but she’ll sing in front of you just so you can tell her your honest opinion
>You tell her to disguise herself and you go to a karaoke spot and have her sing under stage name “lightning dust”.
>She’s an instant hit
File: Split Up.gif (684 KB, 500x500)
684 KB
684 KB GIF
Of course.
Zest because she probably had the most practice singing along with the music she listens to.
Glad to see we're on the same page here. Now back to the Shadowbolts.
. . .
Here's some more with even more on the way later on. Along with what I said in >>33166130 at the end of a previous update before the thread was kill.
>Now neither Sugarcoat nor Indy are at school.
>Everything has quieted down a lot since Sour Sweet did so.
>She knows it well, enjoying those silent moments between the times she was the center of the action.
>Yeah, she did all that, caused all that drama… and this is the aftermath.
>She skips three classes a day now, then goes straight to lunch after math.
>Nope, nothing new interesting.
>This aftermath is getting boring.
>To compensate, Sour Sweet starts some drama on social media to get a kick out of it.
>And Sunny Flare watches it all go down from her account.
>Meanwhile, here you are sitting in your office once again, relieved that all the stress stopped but wanting more than anything else to get Sugarcoat out o-
>You start reading through the folder that was sent to you.
>The one that details everything that happened over the weekend.
>A frown crosses your face, but you’re no longer wondering why the cops came and took her away so promptly.
>And still, you read over the text again and again as thought you misinterpreted something.
>Nope, it still says what it says; Sugarcoat damaged and destroyed pretty much all of Sour Sweet’s property with a hammer.
>The shock you’re feeling tells you that this isn’t like her.
>Your hand starts to shake a little, and you grit your teeth.
>But then you feel choked up a little; there’s no undoing what she did, isn’t there?
>Well, maybe there is. This is a rich school, right? And surely that Cinch must have pulled some strings in the… eh…
>No, this happened off of school ground. Sugarcoat broke the law… and all of Sour Sweet’s stuff. There really is no undoing what she did.
>You lean back in your chair and slide the folder away from yourself; you’re quite done with it now.
>A new email just pops up on your computer.
>Great… the totally interesting and fun conversation about lawyers and legal advice you had with Cadance yesterday apparently isn’t over yet. Meeting in ten minutes.
>You get ready to head over to her office again; dean being sent to the principal’s office.
>Kinda funny to think about.
>You chuckle about it to yourself in a desperate attempt to lighten the mood as you walk to the door.
>”Oh, hello!” Someone startles you after you open the door.
“Oh! Uh…”
>”Sorry, sorry. It’s me. Gloriosa Daisy. The botany instructor for Crystal Prep and Canterlot High.”
“Ah. Yeah, I know you. Did Principal Cadance send you here?”
>”No, I came here to ask about storing plants over the winter. Do you guys have a greenhouse here?” She says to you.
>You think back to the tour Cadance gave you in the very beginning.
“Why yes, yes we do. It’s towards the back. Very warm in there.”
>”Perfect! How much free space is there in it?”
>Oh, that’s where this is going.
>You wind up letting Gloriosa have some spare keys to the school’s greenhouse (which is insulated to stay warm during these shitty months).
>And before you know it, you wish you had talked with her longer because now you’re back to talking with Cadance about lawyers and stuff.
>What’s fortunate, however, is the fact that Sour Sweet isn’t bothering you today.
>What could she possibly be up to now?
>In the cafeteria during mid day.
>Sour Sweet stands in the middle of the room with one of the freshman before her with a lunch tray.
>”Do I look like a school bully to you?” She says. “What, do you think I’m gonna steal your lunch money from you or something? Like in the movies?”
>”No… I just wanted to-”
>Alright, look. You’ve come awfully close to my table tons of times. Time and time again I see you there. Like you’re spying on me.”
>”Why would I spy on you?”
>The young lad almost feels like he won’t make it out of the confrontation alive, and he knows for a fact she’s not going to walk around on this side of the cafeteria again.
>Sour Sweet eventually chases him off when she’s sure that he’s not going to “act weird” again, as she calls it.
>”Sour Sweet?” A voice suddenly startles her.
>She doesn’t answer Suri Polymare until the girl calls her name a second time to make Sour Sweet realize that this voice isn’t in her head.
>”Oh, hello?” Sour Sweet turns to her.
>Suri gestures for her to follow her to one of the far corners of the room where no one can hear what they’re saying if they whisper.
>Sunny Flare watches from a lunch table, ready to spring into action if something goes wrong.
>Maybe whack a bitch with her iVambraces.
>”Alright, make it quick, sug. Whaddaya want?” Asks Sour Sweet, toying with the bandage on her nose.
>”Does the dean know about the ballot boxes for the school events?” Suri asks Sour.
>”Heh, why are you asking me? I’m not his keeper.” She lies in response with an awkward laugh.
>”Come on, we both know that students here never get to skip class as much as you do. You talk to the dean sooooo much.”
>”Wh… why’d you notice I’m not in class in the first place? I just had lots of stuff to do.”
>”In the dean’s office? Sour, please.”
>”There ain’t shit going on! Go back with your freshman friends and leave me alone.”
>”Relax, I’m not spying on you.”
>”Yeah, yeah okay. What’s going on here?” Sour Sweet envisions the revolution that happened at the beginning of all this. “Who do I look like to you? That grouchy old Cinch?”
>”I’m not here to rat you out.” Suri steps a little closer. “I want in.”
>Sour Sweet backs up. “You… wait, what?” She pauses at the sudden proposition.
>Suri steps closer again with her hands submissively raised. “I just wanna say right now that I don’t know the details, alright? All I know is that you’re doing something that’s letting you be able to skip class all the time. And we’re in like five classes together, by the way. It’s not like I wouldn’t notice.”
>Sour Sweet starts to nod but ends up shaking her head. “I guess I should have seen somethi- what is SHE doing here?”
>”Relax, Upper Crust is cool too, I promise.” Assures Suri. “We just wanna make a deal. We’re on your side, promise.”
>”Hon, it’s not hard to tell something’s up. But we’re not against it.” Upper Crust joins in.
>”Why do you want in? Huh? You wanna use the dean to fix the votes in the ballot boxes, is that it?” Sour Sweet is getting more and more defensive by the minute. “I’m just really good friends with the dean, okay? He’s not just gonna do whatever you girls want.”
>”We don’t care about the dean, okay?” States Upper Crust. “Just the ballot boxes.”
>”Yeah! The dean doesn’t matter.”
>”Well… I’m glad you decided to take it up with me first before going to him.” Sour Sweet softens her tone and turns her nose to the ceiling. “So what about those ballots, eh?”
>”We want to know how to have a recount… just in case we need to.” Says Suri.
>Sour Sweet gives her a sly smile. “Oh, I get what you mean. A… ‘recount’… right?”
>”Yeah.” Responds Upper Crust. “We would like to know how we can have access to it. Like… be in charge of it while still have our names on the papers.”
>Sour Sweet nods her head slightly at this.
>”It’s a tricky one, I know.” Suri locks her fingers in front of herself. “You think you can ask the dean about this yourself?”
>”Oh, I’d love to, but I really can’t be bothered. It’s not you, it’s just that I don’t know how to do this.” Sour Sweet says to them. “I mean, being in charge of the ballots AND still having your name on there? That’s gonna take some hoop jumping right there.”
>”Well… you gonna be cool with us taking it to the dean? We had a feeling you might not take kindly to that and all.” Says Upper Crust.
>”Good point.” Sour partially doesn’t want them going up there when they likely have just as much power to make the dean believe things as she does. “I’ll… see what I can tell him and we’ll take it from there.”
>The three girls nod to eachother and momentarily walk in separate directions.
>On the far side of the cafeteria, Coco Pommel sits and takes a small bite out of her sandwich as her two acquaintances return.
>”We’re in business… kinda.” Suri says to her.
>”Sour Sweet said she’ll talk to the dean.” Explains Upper Crust. “But that’s about it. We don’t know if she’s going to say the same things we said, but it’s something.”
>”What did you say? We’re not really going to cheat this time, are we?” Asks Coco.
>”Well why not?” Asks Suri. “It went well last time. No reason not to do it again.”
>”But what if we get caught?”
>Upper crust sighs and sits down next to Suri. “Hey, now. I know it doesn’t feel right to you. And I get that.” She pats the other girl on the back. “But the thing is, life’s hard. And girls like us deserve better than a cold hard world.”
>”So we tweak thing up a little. Not too too much, just enough to squeak by and keep the world from screwing us over.” Says Suri. “It’s only survival.”
>”It still doesn’t seem fair to anyone else trying to make it.” Says Coco.
>”Oh, I know… I know.” Upper Crust tells her. “I know it’s hard, Coco. But sometimes, you gotta do what you can to climb the ladder. It’s life. It’s not supposed to be fair.”
>”Despite what some people might’ve told you, life really isn’t fair. So you gotta pull some strings to make it just a little bit more fair.”
>Coco eventually half-heartedly agrees and finishes her lunch with the other two girls. Lunch ends and everyone heads off.
>As this happens, Sour Sweet runs into yet another iffy person in the hallway.
>”He was the hero we needed!” Mulberry Seed hollers at the other students with a couple of makeshift pamphlets he made from computer paper in his hand.
>Sour Sweet raises an eyebrow at him. “Uhh… what are you doing?”
>”You!” Mulberry hisses. “You’re part of the conspiracy!”
>His tone is so dopey and clown-like that Sour Sweet doesn’t even feel like he’s actually onto something.
>”Get lost, loser.” Sour Sweet pushes Mulberry away.
>He says something under his breath and hisses a little.
>Then goes back to telling the other students about how great of a person Neon Lights was.
>”Sheesh, it’s not like he died in the hospital or anything.” Sour Sweet gripes then walks away.
>She passes by the gym and sees coach Snow walking towards her.
>Oh… right. That coach that Indy didn’t like very much.
>”Hi!” Sour Sweet cheerily greets her as she walks by.
>”Hey.” April Snow warily responds, taking note of the bandage on Sour Sweet’s nose.
>She can already feel that something is off.
>That menace Indy being gone, Sour Sweet skipping gym class multiple times all fo a sudden… the dean talking all weird.
>Not to mention all of the outside events that happened.
>Wait, didn’t she hear something about Sour Sweet’s house?
>Must not have been paying attention, but something really bad must have happened.
>Surely it must also have to do with Sour Sweet’s nose being bandaged up the way it is.
>April Snow is still thinking about this as she sits in her own office, ready to make a call to the dean just to ask if there’s a rhyme or reason to the weird stuff going on around this place recently.
>Something’s up, she can just feel it despite not having any real evidence aside the feeling.
>She waits until the last gym classes of the day are over before wandering around to both ponder and possibly find clues about what’s causing everything to start being like this.
>Things haven’t gotten this strange since right before Cinch’s episode and departure.
>She walks by the greenhouse, where Gloriosa Daisy is setting down a row of many different flowers from her students.
>She was involved in that controversy, wasn’t she?
>Yes, it’s all coming back to her now; she remembers it. Gloriosa was that Humanities teacher that said something about an “educational revolution”.
>And started the drama with Cinch that led to her leaving the school in the hands of Cadance.
>Ah, Cadance, incompetent and unwilling to cooperate with issues that Coach Snow had tried to make clear to her… said something about being in a meeting. Long before the Neon thing even happened.
>Anyway, what’s Gloriosa up to nowadays? Maybe she can bear an answer or two.
>”Aaaaaaand Wallflower’s forget-me-nots will go riiight here…” Gloriosa soon checks the time to make sure she’ll make it out before all of the students start flooding the hallway.
>”Hey.” A voice catches her attention.
>”Hello?” Gloriosa turns around.
>She finds one of the gym coaches standing before her.
>”Hi.” Gloriosa says to her.
>”Hey, I’m coach Snow. um, can I ask you something?”
>”Sure.” Gloriosa nods.
>”You’re the one who wanted to uh, how do I put this, start a revolution at the beginning of this school year, right?”
>”Why yes.” Gloriosa’s eyes start to dar around nervously, which coach Snow notices.
>”Relax. I’m just asking because I’m curious about something.”
>”What is it you’re curious about?”
>”Could you tell me if you think the school’s under good leadership?”
>Gloriosa looks at April Snow with a confused half smile at first, but a certain part of her kicks in gear as soon as she hears the word ‘leadership’.
>”What’s going on, here?” Gloriosa automatically sounds more curious than April was. “Cadance has become Principal, correct?”
>”Did she do something wrong?”
>”…I don’t know. But there are a few things I do know.”
>Gloriosa tilts her head. “Tell me. Tell me what I need to know… and anything I need to do.” Her voice has become brave and ambitious just lie how it was the first day she got here.

https://pastebin.com/c6D2XDbL Part 1
https://pastebin.com/Sx1M6gnB Part 2 (current)

More soon.
Wait, hold up, I'm not done yet.
>You sit at your office, looking at something Sour Sweet sent to you from her school email in the computer lab.
>She’s arranging things like a game of chess for some reason, seems like a “hey how’s it going” email with a randomly playful twist.
>She dubs herself as the queen, you as the king, Sunny and Cadance as the Bishops, Suri Polymare and Upper Crust as the Knights and Coco Pommel as a rook.
>What the hell do those last three have to do with any of this?
>Knock knock.
“Come in.”
>In walks two girls you now recognize as Suri Polymare and Upper Crust.
>Oh boy, do you wonder if they have any connections with Sour Sweet now.
>Just a suspicion.
>”We have a little bit of an issue we’d like to share with you.” Suri sits down, her face a little bit more serious than the last time you saw her.
“Go right ahead.”
>Upper Crust silently stands next to Suri. Suri makes herself comfortable sitting as though she’s about to call a mafia hit.
>”You remember that fashion competition that’s coming up, right?” Suri begins.
>She’s gonna try and do some funding stuff again, you just know it.
>Not a convenient time what with all the legal troubles going on with Neon’s situation.
>AND replacing some of the equipment from the computer lab that was broken because of what Lemon Zest did recently.
“I remember.”
>She responds immediately. “What exactly are the credentials for overseeing the ballot boxes to make sure all is going well?”
>Nope, you don’t like the way that sounds.
“I suppose you’d have to be qualified to oversee it. Let me see who is already in the position to do so.” You swivel your chair to your file cabinet to check the records.
>You can feel Suri’s eyes on you as you go through the manilla rows.
“Ah, here we go.”
>”So who is it?”
“Tenderhoof, it seems.”
Zest because of her ability to crank guys off under the table
Fuck off.
“Alright, so lemme give you a quick rundown. I myself am not in charge of the ballot boxes or anything pertaining to the fashion contest, but I’m pretty sure that Tenderhoof can already be trusted to oversee it properly without any problems. I haven’t heard any complaints thus far.”
>”Oh, I trust him too.” Suri continues as Upper Crust quietly stands next to her. “It’s just that I’d like to have a word with him about some things that came up recently and they regard the ballot boxes. I’d just like to make him aware of something.”
“Well, I’m pretty sure that’d be my job.”
>”Well, I’m one of the main sponsors of the competition, and I’m competing in it too, and am directly affected by some of the things that happened.”
“Well tell me what happened and I’ll tell Tenderhoof.” You say in response, not willing to let her do any shady stuff you know for a fact she has planned.
>“Ooookay. You sure you’ll remember all of the details? All the teams that are playing?”
“I might already have a file of it here somewhere, so…”
>Suri nods and goes on to tell you about all of the schools competing in the fashion competition, and how there was no recount last time until after the winner was declared.
>And that the recount wasn’t truly instated or publicly announced, and that it never made it into the records that you have because it was outside of normal procedure.
>She also told you that she had a conversation with Sour Sweet about the thing at lunch and you can ask her about it and she’ll tell you.
>Yeah, Sour Sweet pretty much already told you.
>”So you’ll remember all of this?” Suri asks, after giving you rather choppy information that you’ll have to ask Tenderhoof about since you’d rather put trust in him.
“Yup. I gotcha.”
>”Great!” She stands up and herds Upper Crust to the door. “I guess he and I will let you know if anything went wrong or if everything went well.”
>Not suspicious at all.
>Upper Crust looks like she barely has half an idea of what’s going on, looking around all confused when Suri tries to get her to leave so suddenly.
>She probably won’t be of any good use to you if you tried asking her for details separately.
>What about that girl Coco?
>She’s not even here, would she know anything more than Upper Crust would?
>You’ll probably just go ahead and question Upper Crust first anyway just to be sure.
>No matter what, something is going on (again) and you’re going to get to the bottom of it whether Sour Sweet is involved or not.
>You have a sinking feeling that Sour Sweet is going to intervene if you get too far, but at least them you’ll know for sure if this is something she cares about.
>If it’s not, then you’re not about to let these other two strong-arm you into submission like Sour Sweet did.
>You immediately call for Tenderhoof to be sent to your office.
>Knock knock.
“Come in.”
>In walks this tall, rather slim looking student, his hair looking like straight outta the hairdresser and thick rimmed glasses over his eyes.
>Let’s hope he’s one of the cooler kinds of hipsters.
>There’s no way Suri or Sour said anything to him yet either, so there’s also that.
>”You wanted to see me.”
“Yes, I’ve been getting word from another student that she has a concern regarding the ballot boxes of the upcoming fashion show.” You tell him. “You’re not in trouble, she just wanted me to let you know that there wasn’t a recount last year, and some of the other schools aren’t registered the same was as this school this time due to the fact that some apparently switched which students are looking over the ballot boxes.”
>”Oh, really?” Tenderhoof asks.
“Yeah, but I also don’t have any records of this, since it was outside of standard procedure. But the student who came to me already knows about the things that happen before they go on record because she’s always very involved, as she said.” You’re careful not to drop Suri’s name.
>”Well this is new to me.” He responds. “So she wanted you to tell me this?”
“Yeah, so I guess it would be a smart move to double check the ballot boxes and keep good notes of the registration of the other schools.” You go off of the messy details that Suri gave you.
>You almost feel like she wanted you to have him go talk to her.
>”Alright, I’ll do that. Which schools are registered differently?” Asks Tenderhoof. “If you don’t mind me asking.”
“Canterlot High.” You remember the name Suri told you.
>Something feels weird inside of you when you say that name.
>It almost sounds familiar, and not because of Suri saying it.
>Or even because of Gloriosa mentioning it either.
>Eh, you’ve just been so tied up with everything that you don’t know what memory’s from where right now.
>It’s only going to be a matter of time before Cadance comes back in here with more updates on the lawyer situatio-
>Knock knock.
>Speak of the devil.
“Come in.”
>And in walks Cadance. “Okay, so I got the approval to let the attorney view the exterior maintenance records.” She continues the last conversation you two had before noticing Tenderhoof standing there. “Oh, hello.”
>Tenderhoof politely waves. “Hello.”
>”Hey um, could we have a moment?” She tells him. “There’s some urgent stuff the dean and I need to go over.”
>“It’s okay, we were just about finished.” Tenderhoof turns to you. “Canterlot High, right?”
“Yup. Canterlot High.”
>”Awesome. And was it Suri who came to you about this? This sounds a lot like her.”
>”Oh hey, what a coincidence. I’m best friends with the Vice Principal there.” Cadance smiles, already distracted. “And yeah, that does sound like Suri. There’s always /some/ other issue she has with that school. She’s gone to both me and the principal there about things.” She chuckles. “Ah, that Suri. Anyway, could we have a minute?”
>God damn it, Cadance.
>”Sure. Thanks for the heads up.” Tenderhoof waves you off before leaving, completely unknowing of what’s really going on.
>You REALLY hope he doesn’t go to Suri Polymare. You don’t trust that girl one bit.
>Cadance closes and locks the door. “So our case is pretty much solidified at this point. All we have to do is organize the information in the file and the attorney should handle the rest. We shouldn’t have to get more bills from him after this settles.”
>Even for a quick legal issue, this is moving along quite quickly. Usually, these things take months.
>Whatever, you’re not complaining. The sooner it’s over, the better.
“That’s great to hear.”
>”Anyway, on to the more private thing.”
>”I’m going to go to another meeting with some people. I’d like to let you know directly that it has to do with the lawsuit, but I’ve already cleared everything with the attorney and you shouldn’t worry about it at all.”
“Okay, good.”
>”We’re basically going to try and have some financial compensation ready to go for Neon’s family outside of the school’s reputation beforehand so that part’s cleared and out of the way. As for the maintenance records, we’ll hand that over to the offices too and have them closely examine everything and have a new inspector some in and check up on everything.”
>Wow, she’s covering all the bases now.
>It’s too bad that it took a literal lawsuit to wake her up.
>I'll just ignore him
>Doesn't ignore him
Fucking kek
>”So anyway, I’ll get all that taken care of. You might need to sign another document or two. Of course, the inspection checklist for when the inspector comes through and checks everything including the stage lights.”
>Why did she want word of this meeting to be ‘private’?
>Knock knock, again.
“Uh…” You hesitate before saying your usual line. “Just a minute.”
>You can tell that Cadance was about to say the same thing.
>”Alright, so that’s it.” She speaks a little quieter. “I’ll let you know how it went, but could you do something for me?”
>”Could you not bring up anything about this to any of the other staff? Nothing bad’s going on but I’m just required to make sure that the documentation stays in the reach of only those involved, and you’re technically not included in that but I’d rather you know where I am for half the day and be able to fill in if need be.”
>Oh shit, you know information you’re not supposed to.
>”But don’t worry, everything’s fine and done with now. I’m just telling you this so everything else that’s been going on is easier. So let’s finish this off and it’ll all be behind us and we won’t bring it up again.”
“Alright, got it.”
>Welp, you don’t know how you feel about that.
>”Come in.” Cadance says the line for you.
>In walk Gloriosa Daisy and April Snow.
>Since when did the botany program and school athletics cross over? Extreme flower planting?
>”We’re done now. You can have him.” Cadance half-jokes. “Hey, nice to see you again!” She waves to Gloriosa.
>Gloriosa waves back with a smile.
>And now the door closes again without locking. Coach Snow sits in the chair while Gloriosa stands on her feet like the revolutionary hipster she is.
>”So I noticed that some more drama with Indigo Zap and her friends took place.” April Snow starts off.
“You’d be correct, yes.”
I have fun when I want to.
>”And I’ve noticed that miss Zap isn’t even attending gym class now, because of what happened.”
>You nod.
“Yup. You’d be correct about that too.”
>”We just have a couple of questions regarding Indigo’s other friends. Namely… Sugarcoat.” Gloriosa says the name in a spiteful tone.
>”Is there a reason behind her leaving the school with the police?”
“Yes… about that. As it turns out, both Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap have had really bad run-ins with Sour Sweet.”
>”Mhm, yes. I’ve heard.” Answers coach Snow.
“And one of them includes Sugarcoat breaking in to Sour Sweet’s house and destroying her property with a hammer.” You give her a look.
>All four of the eyes before you widen.
>”Well then.” April Snow takes a deep breath of surprise and leans back in the seat. “Wow.”
>”I’m actually not really surprised.” Reacts Gloriosa. “I’ve already seen how disrespectful she can be.” She recalls the circus that was the first couple days of the school year.
>”So both she and Indigo got arrested for the thing with Sour Sweet, huh?” Asks coach Snow.
“I’m afraid so, yes.”
>Gloriosa and April exchange worried glances.
“Is something wrong?”
>”Well, Sour Sweet is still here. After having bad encounters with two of her friends… and Neon Lights, as I’ve heard from the nurse.” April Snow brings up.
“Yes, she’s still here.”
>”Well I think it’s clear that there’s something problematic about Sour Sweet.” Says Gloriosa. “And Coach Snow here has informed me that she, along with her friends, has a habit of displaying toxic behavior.”
>You begin to metaphorically sweat.
>Because you know just how deep that rabbit hole goes, and there’s nothing you can do about it without losing your job.
“Well I’ve already had her up here at the office a number of times. She says whatever drama that happened between her and her friends is over.”
>”Oh, you’ve already called her up to here?” Asks April Snow.
>”Is there a reason why she’s been missing gym class over and over again, yet still comes to school like I’ve seen?”
“Oh, uh, I’ll have to look into that.”
>April Snow’s gaze grows less friendly. “So this is news to you, then.”
“Yes. Yes…” You shift around in your chair.
>”Well I have good reason to believe that she’s been skipping classes multiple times. And i’m sure you know by now that I don’t take too kindly to this.”
“I’ll get her up here and talk to her about it.” You say back.
>April slowly nods while Gloriosa looks at her then back at you.
“Have there been any further problems concerning Sour Sweet that you think I should know about?”
>”Other than her usual attitude, no.”
>”Has there been any information on whether Sugarcoat is coming back to school soon or not?” Asks Gloriosa.
“Not that I know of. You’d probably have to ask Principal Cadance.”
>”Aw darn, she was just here.”
“She’s right across the hall, I’m sure she’s not that busy.”
>”Right.” Gloriosa asks April Snow if they can leave now so she can get more information on Sugarcoat.
>Damn, she really must have a bone to pick with Sugarcoat for some reason.
>”Well I guess if you could get ahold of Sour Sweet on this, that would be great.” Says April Snow as she stands up.
“I’ll do that for ya.” You nod.
>”Could you let me know once you’ve talked to her?”
“I’ll let you know, yes.”
>With that, they promptly leave.
>And now you sit nervously in your seat, not enthusiastic about calling for Sour Sweet to come up here and answer for herself.
>Taking time out of her precious lazy day to come to the dean’s office.
>You could tell her that April Snow came to you about her gym attendance, and that she’s getting suspicious.
>Yeah, actually, that’s exactly what you’ll do.
>Though, you probably might want to wait until the day’s over, seeing that you’ve had three back-to-back walk in appointments in a row now.
>Stressful day.
>And then some time later…
>The school day finally ends with that ring of the bell.
>The students flood out of the school, same old same old.
>They go out the doors from all sides of the building, to the buses and their cars, more same old same old.
>Bundled up because it’s November, even though it’s not too too cold in Florida.
>Still pretty cloudy here, and depressing nonetheless that people still have to go to school.
>Personally, you yourself aren’t opposed to some holiday cheer.
>November and December are great, you love this time of the year.
>Time to go visit family and spend time with them, eating tasty food, opening presents, watching football with them. Ahh, Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner.
>Not only that, but you get a break from being the dean of a school full of young sociopaths.
>You’ll take that any day.
>Better get ready for that Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.
>You joke to yourself that you’ll get yourself an iVambrace at Best Buy.
>You leave immediately and go home away from all the bullshit that happens in that god forsaken school; you’ll get Sour Sweet to answer for herself tomorrow, you’re already exhausted.
>Enter your house and fall onto your bed, somehow suddenly thinking about Canterlot High for some reason.
>The school has finally voided itself of a good chunk of the students and most of the teachers.
>This is when Lemon Zest makes her way over to the school and makes sure that Principal Cadance is gone.
>The coast is clear.
>What’s funny is that she wouldn’t have realized she was suspended if Principal Cadance hadn’t told her point blank.
>Since she’s almost always home anyway.
>And history class is talking more about economy and religion, theology and a bunch of other boring non-war stuff, so she can afford to just skip the whole day and stay home.
>Being suspended is great, she has a valid excuse to not come to school.
>Maybe next time, she can get herself expelled, Zest is sick of school anyway.
>Her parents want her to become an Architect or some shit.
>Fuck that. Lemon Zest wants to become a rock star.
>She’d run away if she had the resources to do so, and a way to be able to fool around all day and listen to music and not have to get a job.
>Man, November sucks, and December’s worse.
>These holidays are corny and boring, Zest just wants to have fun like she always does. Not dress up in a stupid looking sweater and take family photos.
>And be told about possible scholarships she could get while in college.
>She wants to get expelled so this ends. She wants to go break free so she can finally live her life instead of the life everyone else expects her to live, fuck all that stupid shit.
>Be remembered, not just another name in some future bloke’s family tree. Fuck that future bloke, don’t even let them exist. Live the good exciting life while it’s still young and going on.
>And use it to secure a comfortable future; get paid doing great things, get paid to have fun. Be good at something fun and get paid for that. Fuck career day.
>Zest remembers Principal Cadance’s expression when she last saw her. “I’m not going to take your headphone, I promise, but you’re still suspended for breaking school property.” She said, all tensely.
>Isn’t that just a pocketful of sunshine?
>Zest keeps music from playing in her headphones so she can hear if someone’s coming before she makes it to the lab.
>Sneaks through the doors and creeps around the hallways like a spy like she’s in a movie.
>The girl avoids all students who obviously see her and surely know about the fact that she’s been suspended.
>She doesn’t care, she’s going to make her way to the computer lab so the internet data bill at home won’t run up due to her playing her computer games so much.
>And now she’s planning to take over the world for the tenth time, so she’ll need to put the petal to the thrash metal.
>She walks up to the computer lab door, peers inside to make sure no one else who would snitch on her is there.
>Oh look who it is… it’s Mulberry Seed.
>Zest turns the volume up… the door turns into a towering gate that she opens by cutting loose the chain that holds the iron bars together.
>The wind gently breezes past, making Zest’s bright hair wave to passerby, like the Grim Reaper’s cloak.
>Before Zest sits a peasant on the ground, playing with sock puppets on the ground with himself and writing letters he puts into a pile.
>He proclaims to himself that he is a farmer.
>But this “farmer” is startled by Zest’s voice upon her approaching him.
>”You!” Zest stiffly points her finger at him. “Have you come here because I have arrived to wreak havoc once more?”
>The peasant hisses at Zest, holding a hand drawn scroll of the troll whom Zest had slain in the past.
>”You bear the portrait of my slain foes. That is your name on my proscription list.” Zest pulls out her massive claymore sword and points it at the peasant, who hisses and screeches at her again.
>”You are the one who tried to kill my creation! My kingdom in your land!” The peasant steps forward, wanting to convince himself that he is brave like Zest. “Mark my words, I will exact my revenge.”
>”Back down, lest you taste my wrath once more.” Shouts Zest.
>”I shall dare to dream!”
>”Your dreams are worth nothing here, swine!” Zest takes her own step forth and makes the peasant fall back. “You sing the song of the ogres! You dance the dance of the trolls! The likes of you would bow to me had it not been for the laws of this land. Pathetic peasant.”
>The peasant pulls out a small tree branch and starts swinging it around; he cannot even afford proper weapons or armor. “You dare call me a peasant? I see you have confirmed the tales I have told of you.”
>Zest swings her claymore at the branch is snaps it in half with the sheer momentum of the flying metal alone, no sharpness needed. “How confident are you of the amount of truth in your wretched tales?”
>”I shall slaughter you!” The peasant leaps forward, only to be kicked back by Zest’s armored foot.
>”We will see when that ever happens.” Zest looms over him. “Leave this place. For I have no fear of being excommunicated from guarantee of the heavens above. The underworld awaits for me to conquer it. And you shall lie dead with them along with your tales.”
>The song ends.
>”No, really. I’m gonna tell Cadance that you’re here!” Mulberry scrambles to log off of the five computers he’s logged into. “I mean it!”
>”I’ll tell her my damn self!” Zest throws her once strong caution into the wind and exits the room promising to be back.
>Mulberry Seed stops logging off of the computers after he reaches the third computer he was on, deciding that he might as well put a few finishing touches on his project.
>Opens back up the website he started, and scrolls through the feedback comments.
>[Why is there a whole site dedicated to this loser? He doesn’t even go to my school. No one here cares that much about him, I’ve never seen anyone talk about him.]
>Mulberry start typing his reply to the stranger. [It’s clear that you see Neon Lights as a threat lol. Why is it that you seem to be upset that he’s gotten more popular than you at your school? Hmmmmmmm.]
>Then Mulberry hops on over to the computer across the aisle, replying to the same comment he just replied to. [I go to your school and I care. What now fucker?] He then upvotes his other comment he posted from the adjacent computer.
>Goes back to the first computer and types another message [don’t reply to the hater, guys. He comes back every day trying to derail us and make Neon look bad.]
>Zest because of her ability to crank dat Soulja boy
Hey friend! It seems you worded that wrong! Let me FTFY! Not thanks necessary!
>Mulberry scrolls up to the top of the page to view the title.
>”Neon Lights: The Dream of Canterlot City”
>It’s such a beautiful statement he chose to label Neon as, those arm and leg casts will never follow Mulberry into his own little world where Neon is king.
>Zest is taking a couple more minutes to return to the computer lab, Neon uses the time to talk about Neon on the site he made some more.
>He supposes he’ll only use three computers this time so he can log off quicker.
>[I just want someone like Neon Lights to come to my school.] Mulberry types. [The folks over at Crystal Prep were lucky to have him there. We should use Neon as an example of who we should be next year.]
>”What are you doing?” Zest has apparently been standing right behind Mulberry the whole time as he added multiple blog updates and replied to them himself.
>”Oh so you didn’t get kicked out yet?” Mulberry stands up once again to log off of the computers.
>”Cadance ain’t here, but you can check yourself so you’d know, little twerp.”
>”Little twerp? Cringe!” Mulberry points to Zest and steps towards her.
>Mulberry still doesn’t know how he managed to log off of the computers while running from Zest.
>He must be that much more protective of his dream now that more people begin to oppose it.
>But Zest caught him by the arm as he tried to get away, her heavy rock music blaring through her headphones and giving her enough strength to haul him out of the lab.
>”My turn, motherfucker!” Zest begins to close the door to lock Neon out.
>”You only hate Neon because you’re scared of him!” Mulberry declares, trying to get the last word out before the door is closed all the way. “I am starting a movement!”
>”A bowel movement.” Zest snickers then shuts the door before locking it.
You know he's gonna come back to suck on another L.
>Funny how the students are able to access the locks on the doors to this room.
>Whatever, Zest won’t question it, it’s probably just dumb luck once again. Like how she never got caught for the party crashing.
>Zest turns the volume up once more and chooses one of the computers Mulberry wasn’t sitting at to log onto and begin tearing shit up online again.
>Opens up Age of Mythology.
>Opens up map editor mode for some warm-up fuck-shit-up exercises.
>The river nile snakes around the sand at sunrise, the water white from the high tide.
>And a little ways away from the river, rises a monolith out of the sand… an ancient sacred temple from thousands of years ago.
>The streams of sand drift off of the roof, creating mountains at the bottom of the temple’s pillars.
>A light shines from the temple, and out emerges a massive scarab from the light.
>The earth begins to shake, and another scarab emerges from the temple, and another.
>Across the vast desert, Lemon Zest sprints across the sand, kicking it up dozens of feet high with each step.
>She follows the tremors in the ground, knowing where they lead to and knowing what she will find once she finds the source.
>Within minutes, she approaches a walled citadel bustling with villagers and troops.
>Her feet sink into the fertile soil of the farmland as she realizes that the nile is nearby.
>There’s the rushing rapids of the waters, and the citadel’s Ballista towers send warning signals to the town guard that there is a Guardian approaching.
>They have already started to feel the tremors, so they expected the Guardian to be approaching.
>The rock music approaching makes its way to the ears of the villagers.
>Zest sees the span of the nile she has to jump over, weaving her way around the houses and walls to make sure she does not damage anything she’s trying to protect.
>The guards in the towers point in the other direction, yelling to one another in terror as they see an army of giant scarabs approaching the citadel from the horizon.
>One hope-filled guard points to the sprinting Guardian, who is approaching the fishing net laced docks of the river.
>Their towns are going to be safe; the scarabs will not get far with Zest here.
>In one majestic leap, Lemon Zest clears the entire width of the nile below, makes it to the banks of the other side where the scarabs approach.
>The villagers and soldiers cheer Zest on as she bears her golden sword in her hand, running up to the scarabs as the guitar solo of the song starts up.
>The scarab in front opens its pinchers just to have them get chopped off.
>Zest punts its face upward and makes the bug fall on its back, wings kicking up sand.
>The golden sword of the Guardian pierces through the thoraxes of scarab after scarab, and their deep purple blood runs through the sand like Phoenician Wine.
>Chops them all down like a lawn mower, soaking the sand with their blood and sending their ranks back to the underworld for them to wait patiently until she goes down there herself to kick their asses again.
>There are hundreds of scarabs, and not one of them makes it to the citadel where the villagers had been fearing being devoured alive by the scarabs.
>Takes them down in groups at a time, swinging her sword at wide angles and sending the beasts back to where they belong.
>Nothing can match her agility and sturdiness when she’s up against mythical scarabs, they are basically prey waiting to be stain by the golden sword of the Guardian.
>Nothing can Zerg Rush her. She has too much power and speed.
>The air grows quiet as the last scarabs are taken care of, and the villagers on the other side of the Nile bow down and rejoice as Zest turns around to wave to them.
>Zest follows the trails where the scarabs marched, and found herself at the columns of the ancient temple that released them into the world of the mortals.
>She looks up at the sky and then into the ceiling of the temple, raises her sword and strikes the floor with one hacking blow.
>There is a low humming sound, and the temple submerges itself back into the sands of the desert as the song comes to a close.
>Lemon Zest continues her journeys in the digital world, thinking of none of her friends aside Indigo and hoping she’s doing alright with her court date.
And /now/ that concludes the update.
https://pastebin.com/c6D2XDbL (embed) Part 1
https://pastebin.com/Sx1M6gnB (embed) Part 2 (current)
It's clear that skeleton CPR man wants to give his quests another go. Well, his fate lies within the next update, mostly depending on what he might say in the future. Gimme more material, I'm having too much fun with this now.
Indy and Zest's stories are definitely going to be prioritized more prominently, however.
But I like the idea of one of them singing. Surprisingly enough, the Indigo one would make a pretty cool concept. That's not gonna be in the story I'm writing, but it's interesting. You're onto something, Anon.
Anyway, more green soon™.
>Gym teacher actually now teaming up with Gloriosa to stop the conflict
Fucking nice. I was starting to worry that Glori's time to shine was only going to be in the beginning.
RIP Indie
Couldn't have chosen a better some to be a theme to this scene
Why would you guys want to waifu them?
Some of us don't even waifu them. We just wish the writers game them more depth and characterization. Personally I like to make my own speculations and headcanon of what they're like since the show and movie writers pretty much did nothing with them.
>inb4 Indigo badmouths the judge during her trial
>Validate me: the post
Yikes, oof and cringed
I think you mistook that post for a mirror, Anon.
>Indigo badmouths the judge during her trial
>That's not gonna be in the story I'm writing
Was going to say. Wouldn't make sense for her to suddenly have that going on for her in the middle of everything else.
>no u
The cringe is real, oof.
Dude shut up you'll trigger him again. Or don't. Cause given this update, grey can turn his bitching into some pretty entertaining story material
>This level of cope and acceptance seeking
>Sticking out like a sore thumb
This is gonna be good
Yeah, you're right.
>You're doing the thing
>Just as planned
Ayy lmao!
made you look lol
File: Bravo!.gif (1018 KB, 500x269)
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Ah fuck you got me kek
>This part with Mulberry in the computer lab
I just now fucking realized. Grey, those are fighting words you better be careful.
>>”You only hate Neon because you’re scared of him!” Mulberry declares, trying to get the last word out before the door is closed all the way. “I am starting a movement!”
>>”A bowel movement.” Zest snickers then shuts the door before locking it.
Nevermind, this is fine. I laughed audibly at that. Next update when?
I always felt CPA was a regular high society school while CHS was a quarantine like the Marduk institute, a fake institute headed by NERV made the school in NGE.
File: 1528845966269.jpg (3.69 MB, 6750x1700)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
I imagine that someone would waifu a rarely occurring character because waifuing a character doesn't have a very strong meaning behind it. You can waifu one of the background characters. You could waifu one of the damn trees in the background if you wanted to. It means literally nothing. But I can't really speak for people who do waifu characters, so I can only speculate.
I have a waifu but it's not any of the Shadowbolts. I'm here cause I like the prep school theme and atmosphere. FG could have been done better as a movie too.
Hey, watch this.
>Where has all the time gone?
>It’s been a couple of days, now.
>The deal with Suri Polymare and Tenderhoof has gone so far without a single update on the matter.
>And now it’s Monday once again, and you’re starting to get worried that this might be the sign of something bad happening.
>But your job is starting to get more and more busy.
>The school work for the other students is getting much heavier, despite Cinch’s absence.
>They need tutors appointed to them, projects arranged, and a bunch of other stuff.
>You soon feel like you’ve met every student in the whole school at this point, which wouldn’t be that surprising at all for you job like yours since you’re the dean.
>It’s really weird to think about things calming down; nothing has happened with Sour Sweet.
>Then you remember Suri and begin to worry about the possibilities that are implied by Sour Sweet not feeling the need to come to your office as much.
>You scarcely think about Sugarcoat and everything that’s been going on with her.
>Part of you still can’t believe she ransacked Sour Sweet’s house the way she did, that doesn’t seem like her.
>Suppose that even the most rational of people can lose their sight on things if the feelings grow strong enough.
>But now you’re starting to grow more and more comfortable with laying low for the time being.
>All of this risky stuff that has been going on… it’s really nor worth it the more you think about it. Sour Sweet is too dangerous, even with the fact that she’s appeased for now.
>You’re still in a situation where you’re at her whim; that can’t be good no matter which way you look at it.
>But you can’t dwell on that for long, as Suri Polymare finally returns to you office, alone.
>Knock knock.
“Come in.”
>”Hello, uh, I have a couple of questions.” Suri enters and sits herself down.
“Go ahead,” You wait with her for the door to close.
>”Is Tenderhoof in a valid position to appoint me as the new gatekeeper for the ballot boxes?”
“What do you mean?”
>”Well Tenderhoof and I have been talking. About that other school Canterlot High, and some other things. And he told me he is considering handing the torch over to me for this year’s competition until next year.”
>You take a deep but silent breath.
>Nah, there’s no way that doesn’t have something bad behind it.
“Why is he deciding to step down?” You ask.
>”The students over at Canterlot High have been changing up their students they have in positions to oversee the ballot boxes, and some of them have a lot of close ties with Tenderhoof, and he knows this.”
“Okay. So what does this mean for the position of keeping track of the ballot boxes?”
>You wonder how recently this supposedly happened.
>”You see, some of those people are very close friends with Tenderhoof, and they’re competing for the side of Canterlot High, and friends with the person with the duty of overseeing the ballot boxed on their opponent’s end. You do see what this implies, right?”
“Are you saying there is going to be foul play?” You go don’t bother beating around the bush.
>”I am in no way saying there will be.” Suri explicitly clarifies like she’s talking to a lawyer. “But Tenderhoof himself told me that it is of poor practice to have the people overseeing the ballot boxes be closely connected with one another for two different schools who are competing with one another. I’m sure you have a rulebook or something like that explaining this somewhere. Do you?”
“Well, I’ll have to see about that. Wait one second, Miss Polymare.”
>You go through your file cabinet and the manuals and books on your little shelf against the wall that still look like they have Sour Sweet’s fingerprint smears on the sides.
>And you begin to wonder if Suri would be able to piece together any of the stuff that happened. You grow worried and begin to rush.
>But it’s a good thing that you found a rulebook explaining the etiquette of competitions in general of Crystal Prep academy.
“Here we go.” You say.
>”Oh, and another thing.” Suri adds. “You can ask Tenderhoof himself if you want. He’s the one who brought this up, and he wants to make sure everything is perfectly cordial.”
>You find the page that most closely relates to what Tenderhoof allegedly brought up as Suri keeps telling you about it as thought she doesn’t feel as though you’re convinced.
“Alright, that sounds fair.” You plan to ask him right away. “Anyway, you are right. The people looking over the ballot boxes have to be completely impartial towards the other side.” You state.
“Which means you can’t look over the ballot boxes either. Because you’re one of the designers competing.” You point out, thinking that you effortlessly cornered her. “Technically, you’re even less eligible than he is for overseeing the ballot boxes. So, I’m afraid I can’t allow you to take over for him.”
>”Oh, I know.” Suri doesn’t seem fazed in the slightest. “But you see, Tenderhoof actually still doesn’t have time to attend the event or be there for his duty because of something else he told me. Which is the other reason why he needs someone else to fill in for him.”
>At this point, you’re ready to fill in for the spot yourself to solve this thing, because it’s annoyingly going nowhere.
>”Which is why he and I have been asking around for a student that will both have time to devote to the event and ballot boxes as well as not be one of the designers or judges competing against Canterlot High.”
“…Canterlot High and the five other schools.” You correct her.
>”Six, actually.” She corrects your correction. “Sorry, you’re right, though. They’re not the only other school competing, but they’re the only ones with friends of Tenderhoof.”
>Didn’t Cadance say something last time about how Suri always has a bone to pick with Canterlot High?
>You’ve lost track, but that doesn’t matter because Suri isn’t getting her hands on that ballot box no matter what. Best focus on fish you still need to fry; the year’s still getting busier.
>The meeting concludes with Suri agreeing to have some other student she and Tenderhoof just met and asked about the ballot box situation.
>Suri said something about one of the other students to look over the ballot boxes.
>Some girl named Fleur whom you looked up and saw that she is nowhere to be found on the list of designers or the list of judges.
>Welp, it seems to check out.
>But just to be sure, you call Tenderhoof up to your office for good measure, and since he’s easily a lot more neutral on this.
>He arrives, and you talk with him for a while.
>He apparently likes to travel a lot, and writes while he does so.
>Seems very genuine about this too, very genuine and passionate about it.
>Apparently, one of this trips out of state was suddenly re-scheduled to happen at the same time as the fashion show, and he tells you that he himself is surprised that this happened so suddenly, but it’s not very uncommon either.
>It’s really just inconvenient with the time it occurred at, and it added another reason for him not to oversee the ballot boxes at the fashion competition.
>You really don’t like the looks of this, but you do get Tenderhoof to tell you that he was the first one to suggest that Fleur be the one to oversee the ballot boxes.
>Not really sure how that situation really played out, but it’s good enough for you that Suri isn’t getting access to those things. You do NOT trust her.
>Better it be this Fleur girl than Suri.
>It’s kinda sad because Tenderhoof was really looking forward to the competition, and wanted to see all the different designs and all the hard work that everyone from all the schools did.
>He’s probably the only cool person involved in this thing. Him an Fleur.
>Sour Sweet and Suri Polymare are snakes, and you hope they don’t do to Tenderhoof what you suspect Sour Sweet must have done to Sugarcoat.
>That whole episode that happened still doesn’t seem like her, it keeps crossing your mind.
>After Tenderhoof leaves, you talk with Cadance about it in between her final stages of dealing with the unrelated lawsuit.
>She can’t talk for long about it, but she is close friends with the administration at Canterlot High, and tells you that they didn’t have any suspicions about this kind of stuff going on at all.
>Yet, the students over there really are switching around who oversees the ballot boxes.
>You conclude that they’re just lazy over there and let Cadance get back to the lawsuit that you’re supposed to partially keep quiet about.
>Whatever, back to the bullshit.
>Tuesday rolls on by, and nothing happens.
>Wednesday rolls on by, same thing. Nothing.
>Same for Thursday.
>You’ve started to let your guard down by Friday, but that’s fine because nothing seems to be happening.
>Yesterday, you happened to notice that Fleur becoming the ballot box organizer or whatever it’s called was official.
>It wasn’t really notable, so you really just don’t care anymore at this point.
>Not even going to call her to your office and explain what’s going on, it’s better if she just does her job in the-
>Okay, yeah, never mind.
>You’ll just call her up one time to see what she’s like. Really can’t be as bad as Suri.
>Minutes later, you find the class she’s in and call for the teacher to send her up really quickly.
>And minutes after that, there’s a knock on your office door.
>Before you know it, you invite in a tall, pale and slender girl with light pink hair.
>She looks really aloof and easygoing, doesn’t show much emotion in her eyes at all.
>”Hello.” She calmly greets you.
“Hello, so just a quick thing. I noticed that you’re the student chosen to look over the ballot boxes for the upcoming fashion competition.”
“Yes, I just wanted to make sure if everything’s alright. I’ve been getting word that students over at one of the other schools were changing them up a bit and with people closely connected with here.”
>”Wow, really?” Her tone is completely bland.
“Yeah, and since you were the new one chosen, nothing seems out of the ordinary now that you’ve gotten into it, right? The setup for the ballot boxes, that is.”
>”All seems fine to me.”
“Alright, good. I’m very sorry to bother you, just checking.”
>”It’s cool.” She looks like she’s about to pull out her phone and start texting. “Is that all you needed me for?”
“Yeah, that’s all.”
>She stands up and leaves, and you feel nothing change.
>Welp, that’s that. She seems trustable enough.
>Good enough for you, now let’s make it through the rest of the day and then head home for the weekend.
>”I don’t understand. Sugarcoat wouldn’t just change her behavior like that.” Says April Snow. “She was usually reluctant to do much in P.E., but was never the type to throw a fit over it. She just sat there with her arms crossed waiting for the class period to end.”
>”I can see her being a brat.” Gloriosa disagrees. “Speaking from my own personal experience.”
>”Not a physical one. Her brute force is in her words alone.”
>Gloriosa starts to answer, but Coach Snow shushes her.
>Fleur Dis Lee struts on by, her face as stoic as it ever was, but April Snow knows what lies behind that pokerface.
>Especially that pokerface on that one girl in particular.
>Fleur disappears around a corner without batting an eye at the teachers; April almost wanted to ask her if she had a hall pass, but she saw her come from the direction of the front offices.
>”I suppose you’re right. But she isn’t exactly a sweetheart.” Gloriosa finally continues about Sugarcoat.
>”Not many of the students here are, Miss Daisy. I can assure you that.”
>”I thought some of them were nice.”
>April Snow sighs. “Yeah, well, you should spend more time here and you’ll see the whole picture. Most of it is subtle. They do it underhandedly. Through rumors, secrets and gossip. It’s like a giant soap opera around here most of the times.”
>”Isn’t that how most high schools are?”
>”It’s different here. It’s not like school social cliques or even gangs, it’s almost like they’re full-on crime families in the big city. The students are too used to Cinch’s watchful eye. They know how to be extra petty, and set their goals much higher than I would have liked them too. Do you know how many students here are secretly making money?”
>”What?!” Gloriosa gasps. “They’re not dealing drugs, are they?”
>”Of course not. At least… not that I know about. But if they were, I’m pretty damn sure I’d know at least a little bit about it by now.” Answers coach Snow. “But they set up little businesses based on school events and resources sometimes. Get their name or cause out there when they win a competition, which for this place happens to be very often.”
>”I see. Marketing strategy?”
>”I guess you could call it that. It gets them some eyes, that’s for sure. The most recent one I saw was the culinary league selling a new recipe they made on their own to some highest bidder who wanted to help them get a leg up in funding for what I heard was supposed to be a food truck.” Coach Snow recalls. “But that’s not the point I’m trying to make. The thing is, they’re always competing with eachother. And trying to push eachother down so they can make it.”
>”Oh my gosh! That’s horrible!”
>”What comes with the territory is slander and sabotage of someone else’s platform. Some of the extra curricular clubs and programs lose money because of it, and Cinch would always refuse to assist them in making it back because she wants all her students to be self-sufficient. Well… wanted them to be so.”
>Gloriosa starts to feel slightly proud internally.
>”Lots of students lie to eachother, about eachother, but on a completely different level than the average high schooler. There are overarching goals they have, somewhere where they can gain influence over not only the other students, but people outside of the school, including the families of the students. I know it sounds silly, but it’s scary once you notice what’s really going on. I’ve heard of teachers being bribed to help cover up for something a student was doing behind the scenes with little bits of the school funding that was given to them.”
>”Why didn’t you report anything about it?”
>”Of course, Cinch would brush it off as a rumor to hinder the school’s reputation, and wouldn’t care as long as the school kept winning competitions. And Cadance is so incompetent that she would probably hesitate to call the fire department if the building caught on fire.”
>Gloriosa almost laughs.
>Coach Snow continues. “Not only that, but there would very conveniently never be any proof. But almost all of the teachers know that there’s /something/ goin on behind the scenes regarding the students. Whether they’re in on it or not, they know that there’s no way that nothing questionable is going on.”
>”You know, I sort of got that vibe when I first got here.” Says Gloriosa. “But not in this way. I just thought everyone was dying to start a revolution against a totalitarian power like Cinch.”
>April Snow lets out a slight chuckle. “Oh, don’t get me wrong. They were beyond sick and tired of Cinch. Hell, even I was sick of her. I don’t think there was anyone who wasn’t. But what makes this worse is the fact that the students had grown so adapted to her watchful eye and now have someone as absent minded as Cadance administering the place. They’re probably having a field day with the crap they do. Which would explain Indigo Zap’s little episode she had with me. AND the situation with Sour Sweet and Sugarcoat.”
>”A power vacuum.” Gloriosa doesn’t realize how correct she is.
>”I couldn’t call it that. Cadance is still principal. It’s just that she better start acting like it if she wants the rest of this school year to go smoothly. We’re already dealing with one lawsuit already, apparently.”
>A new voice suddenly sounds from down the hallway, yelling despite it being during class time.
>April Snow automatically walks towards the whiny voice.
>”Over one hundred followers!” Mulberry calls out into the empty hallways. “Neon’s gaining popularity and it feels gooooood! Just look at those dreeeaamy cheekbones!” He waves around a self-printed pamphlet in his hand with a poorly hand-drawn picture of Neon Lights on it. “LOOK AT THEM!”
>”Excuse me!” April Snow marches up to him and makes him freeze in his tracks. “No yelling in the halls! Do you have a hall pass?”
>Mulberry did not expect to see April Snow here because he though this period was one of the gym class periods for some students.
>”I said, do you have a hall pass?” Coach Snow approaches him as a teacher from one of the classrooms peers out the narrow window on a door. “C’mon, Mr. Mulberry. Show me your hall pass.”
>Mulberry’s reluctance shows that he doesn’t have a hall pass.
>”You don’t have a hall pass?” Coach Snow raises her eyebrows at the boy.
>Gloriosa watches from further away, shocked at the fact that Mulberry was walking around hollering like that as though he wasn’t going to get caught.
>The students here have become so bold and careless, especially for a school like this one.
>She’s not sure what to think of this, because she doesn’t know what side of the political spectrum Mulberry is.
>”Hand over the paper!” Coach Snow reaches out her hand. “Come on, give it to me.”
>”But it’s the only one I have. Neon wants me to keep it.”
>”I said hand me the paper!”
>Ah, yes, Friday is almost over.
>You sit at your desk, ready to pack up for the day and send this dean all the way on home for some hot chocolate and marshmallows or some other dumb shit you admittedly like during the holidays.
>Stretch your arms and yawn with a smile, happy that Sour Sweet seems to have disappeared for the time be-
>There’s a shouting voice approaching the main corridor of the school.
>”Why does my dream scare you, huh? You just wanna take Neon out of this school because you hate how perfect he is!” The whiny voice of what sounds like a small boy cries out. “Aah!”
>”You’ve got some explaining to do for the dean.” April Snow’s voice can be heard.
>Oh boy…
>And aggressive knock knock.
“Come in.”
>April Snow opens the door with one hand, firmly clamps Mulberry’s ear in her other hand as she drags him into your office.
“What seems to be the problem, here?” You ask.
>”Mister Mulberry Seed here was running around the hallways causing a ruckus, and without a hall pass. THEN he disobeyed me and caused more of a scene.” Says April Snow, still holding Mulberry by his ear like it’s the 1950’s. “Here.” She releases him. “I had to drag him all the way up here.”
>She then leaves and closes the door behind herself.
>You look at the student.
>He’s rather murky, has a bow-cut hair cut, short and stocky in stature.
>Mulberry pouts and sits down, grumbling about some piece of paper he used to have before Coach Snow confiscated it.
“So what’s this I heard about you yelling in the halls?”
>”You wouldn’t understand. You guys hate fun.” Mulberry answers with his arms crossed.
“You’re right about half of that, I don’t understand. So why were you walking around in the hallways when you should be in class?”
>”…cuz I was… and I don’t hate fun.”
>You sigh.
“We’re not going to get anywhere if you get difficult with me. Do I have to call your parents?”
>Mulberry perks up in the chair. “Fine, fine, I was talking to everyone about Neon.”
“Neon Lights?”
>Mulberry’s eyes light up. “Ha! You know his name!”
“…Yes, he’s a student who was enrolled into this school. And I’m the dean… of this school.”
>How’d this kid make it into this school again?
“So what’s the deal with Neon Lights?”
>”Why do you sound like you’re so concerned about him in your question?”
>”You called me here because I was in the hallway, but now you want to know all about Neon Lights all of a sudden. Hmmmm.”
>Does this pretentious little fuck not know about the lawsuit that Neon’s family filed against the school after Neon was severely injured?
“Don’t play games with me, Mulberry.”
>”I’m not, I’m just asking, but you seem pretty upset.” He condescendingly shrugs.
“Mhm, okay. Detention it is, then.” You grin. “Wait a sec while I call your parents.”
>Mulberry’s whole world gets shaken.
>All of his months of screeching around looking for problems in other people have culminated in this.
>His hands shake, he clams up. He’s actually in trouble!
>The realization has finally hit him right before you pull out the detention slip and reach for your office phone and start looking for the number to where he lives to call his parents.
>”Why y-you were so quick to try to get me sent home? Yikes!”
“This isn’t a middle school, Mulberry.”
>”I-I do know that! I don’t complain about you or this school. I keep things on my side! Me and all my friends online think people like you are overthinking Neon’s success.”
“Yes, hi, is this Mrs. Seed?” You hear Mulberry’s mother answer.
>Mulberry’s face blushes into a deep magenta in the cheeks; he falls silent when he recognizes his mother’s voice on the other line, but only for a second.
>”Th-the cringe is real! This level of cope and acceptance seeking… hahahaha…”
“Yes, he’s been very disruptive to the other students and breaking a lot of the rules. He was just sent to my office after being out in the halls like he wasn’t supposed to.”
>Mulberry’s mother sounds genuinely surprised that her little boy was such a deviant at school.
>She probably envisions him as always on perfect behavior at school and never being obnoxious towards any of his peers when she calls him down to dinner every evening.
>She used to be so proud of Mulberry.
>But she can probably hear the shit he’s saying in the background as you sitting there at your desk describing it all to her anyway.
“Yes, he’s saying some really disrespectful things right now. I’m afraid I have to write him up for this behavior, but you’ll also have to come and take him home because he’s disturbing all of the other students in school.
>”Y-you don’t get it, invalid phone call.”
>He sounds like he wants to say this to his mother, but his mouth slams shut when you offer for him to explain himself to his now angry mother.
>Mulberry is sent to the front lobby after receiving a detention slip for causing a ruckus in the hallways and mouthing off at the school dean.
>He starts to put up some kind of act as though you and the whole school are trying to work against him because he’s making everyone feel threatened with the great gospel of his hero.
>”You really want me to believe he’s in a coma, huh?” Mulberry scoffs. “Puh-lease! Neon doesn’t get comas, he’s specially trained to resist unconsciousness! He cannot die!”
“Your parents will be here soon to pick you up.” You turn around and return to your office with a smug grin as Mulberry mumbles and grumbles behind your back.
>He goes on his phone to create yet another online account to add another follower to his webpage about Neon Lights.
>Friday ends and everyone goes home.
>And from this point forward, nothing bad really happens to you.
>There are a couple of times you expect to hear something from Sour Sweet over the weekend, but things are changing.
>You’re not really hearing from her at all, or Sunny Flare.
>Begin to wonder if they’re simply losing interest in all of the things they did, or maybe they handed the torch over to Suri Polymare?
>Nah, that doesn’t make sense.
>Surely, something else is going to happen soon.
>And just like that, it’s Monday again.
>Nothing happened. Nothing.
>Sour Sweet and Sunny Flare are busy doing their thing, you presume.
>At least Sour Sweet did come back up to your office like one or two times last week, but she didn’t seem to have anything… behind her back these times. It was all normal.
>They’re probably sitting in the library or somewhere else skipping class knowing that they won’t get in trouble for it.
>Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap are still gone for obvious reasons.
>And you have no idea what Lemon Zest’s deal is right now; you’re not even sure if she’s coming to school at this point.
>At least Florida’s relatively warm in the beginning of Winter.
>Another week goes by with little to no events taking place.
>You’re starting to get used to your office and all the things you do in it.
>Principal Cadance has finally resolved the issue with the lawsuit, and she lets you know about it right away.
>Neon’s family is still pretty upset, from what word carried around has said, but they have received complete upfront financial compensation, and Neon himself is in better condition in the hospital.
>Multiple inspectors come to the school to take a look at things, including the stage lights.
>And just as promised, you have to sign some paperwork regarding this.
>They go through things, one of them even hires repairmen or something to replace the stage lights (upon the request of Neon’s family which is understandable).
>You still don’t know why that stage light fell on the kid.
>Your brain keeps tracing it back to that pentagram Sour Sweet drew on the gym wall, which is now in the process of being wiped away from the wall due to having turned into an eyesore.
>Not only this, but you can’t stop thinking about that Canterlot High, even outside of that dumb little fashion show thingy.
>The next week goes by without further conflict about it, and you end up having to focus more on the academic needs of the other students.
>Only now does your job start feeling like how it should have felt like since the beginning of the school year.
>Now you’re getting what you expected.
>Paperwork, talking shit out with students, more paperwork, going to boring ass meetings, looking through the file cabinet for things, sitting around at your desk listening to the clock tick.
>Each day feels longer, yet the time is flying by when you look at it in retrospect.
>It’s only dragged out when it’s in the present, then it’s basically nothing once the past takes it.
>You barely even notice it when Thanksgiving Break happens; just sort of thought it was the weekend until you realized there were a couple more days off this time.
>After this, you go home and relax.
>There’s literally nothing going on without all that drama happening.
>This is great, you can sit around and watch the game like you always liked to do.
>The past events start fading away further and further as you begin to now forget about the lawsuit too.
>No wonder Cadance started to become distant from dealing with the students, you’re feeling it too.
>What sucks is that she sort of threw them all at you so she wouldn’t have to do anything. “Let the dean handle it. The dean will handle it”.
>Things are finally starting to go back to normal. Like, actually normal. The normal that was before you even took this job.
>So you got that going for you.
>That’s pretty nice.
>Meanwhile, Sour Sweet and Sunny Flare are hanging out at the mall together now after Black Friday Weekend has passed.
>”These things are weird at taking pictures.” Complains Sunny Flare, tampering with her new iVambraces. “Why do they have to keep making newer and newer models?”
>”How else are you gonna stay hip, Sunny?” Teases Sour Sweet.
>”It’s not like that. These people are updating them like every two months.”
>”Eh.” Sour Sweet shrugs before poking at her nose bandage. “I think I can take this thing off now. I’m quite done with it until next week.”
>”Finally. I almost thought your nose was going to be broken forever.” Says Sunny.
>”Nah, my nose didn’t break. At least, I don’t think it did. It’s actually been fine for a little bit now.” Sour Sweet removes the bandage. “See?”
>Sunny is not even surprised that Sour would drag the hurt victim look out to last longer.
>”Say, how’s the dean been doing?” Asks Sunny. “I uh… kinda stopped caring about him.”
>”Everything’s fine, actually.”
>”Wow, really?”
>”Yeah. He seems pretty chill about everything now.”
>”Did you… you know…” Sunny makes a motion with her hands.
>”Not recently, no. I’ve been too busy relaxing my ass off.” Says Sour Sweet. “I did check on the dean a couple of time, though. But I’m really just kinda laying low for now. Just in case people got suspicious from everything else.”
>”Yeah. So if they start watching me and stuff, they’ll just see me not doing anything.”
>”That’s… smart.” Sunny gasps quietly.
>Sour Sweet rolls her eyes at her. “Yeah, what a discovery.” She sarcastically smirks.
>Sunny gives her Sour Sweet a look that Inigo used to give her.
>They talk some more.
>”So like… is anything else going down right now? Is that Neon kid still alive?” Asks Sunny.
>”Yeah, I guess.”
>”You guess?” Sunny laughs.
>”What? I’m not required to care about him!”
>”Eh, true.”
>”He’s in like a coma or something last time I heard.”
>They sit around on a bench and get themselves some soft drinks to sip from.
>”So the court date’s still next week, right?” Asks Sunny.
>”Uh… duh. Why would they change the date?”
>”I was just asking.”
>”Ask smarter questions!” Sneers Sour Sweet. “Gosh! It’s like I’m talking to fuckin’ Paris Hilton.”
>”Hey!” Says Sunny. “Don’t trash talk Paris Hilton! Besides, she stopped being relevant like years ago.”
>”meh meh mememehmeh~” Mocks Sour Sweet. “Pffft, I don’t even care if you contradict yourself like that anymore.”
>”It doesn’t count if it’s true! I wasn’t trash talking her like you were.”
>”How do /you/ know it wasn’t a compliment?”
>”Yeah, you’re right. I can never tell with you.”
>”Wow, okay. We bringing the claws out now, huh?”
>”It’s just banter, chill.”
>”You’re the one who whined that I banter too much last week! Oh my gosh, really?”
>”Now you know how it feels.”
>”Wow, Sunny. Wow.” Sour Sweet shakes her head. “Way to step all over my heart.”
>”Way to step all over mine.”
>”You’re doing it worse!”
>This goes on for some time, with many passerby watching from the sidelines as Sour and Sunny act childish towards one another, feeling no remorse for their actions.
>A LOT more time passes, at least it feels that way until the time retreats to the past.
>Word about the official court case between Sour Sweet and Indigo Zap gets around.
>There are a lot of speculations and approximate accounts of what happened on the day of the trial, but here’s how it went from Sour Sweet’s perspective:
>The audience watched as Sour Sweet entered the courtroom, bandage on her nose and all.
>Indigo sat there in her seat, looking mean as can be and flicking her off when the judge wasn’t looking while Sour Sweet’s heart broke in two as she saw that her former friend still hated her.
>Sugarcoat was there too, and made some snide remark from the sideline about Sour Sweet’s bandage, which totally still hurt, by the way.
>The judge saw the tears in Sour Sweet’s eyes, and she felt her pain on the deepest level as the trial began.
>Like Phoenix Wright, Sour Sweet’s attorney stood up and pointed directly at the crook who rocked Sour Sweet in the face and stabbed her brain with her nose bone.
>He expose the crimes of Indigo Zap before all of the lovely people in the courtroom.
>He shone a spotlight on Sugarcoat as she tried to make her case, and she stuttered like ten thousand times, more than she ever has before.
>Caught her trying to weasel her way out of rearranging Sour Sweet’s house, and exposed her for the shitbrain she truly always was.
>Alas, Indigo Zap was sentenced to three months in prison.
>Alas, Sugarcoat was sentenced to the full cost of the damage done to Sour Sweet’s house and home, garmfield… and 5,000 hours of community service.
>The judge majestically slammed the gavel onto the pad thingy with a deafening boom: case dismissed.
>C o u r t I s A d j o u r n e d .
>And all the lawyers made money and lived happily ever after, the end.
>And just like that, rumors of Indigo Zap’s official conviction and jailing spread through the school.
>Sour Sweet takes the bandage off of her nose and prances around in victory, all the wile, Indigo Zap sits in solitary confinement with nothing but vengeance on the brain as prominent as dopamine on a rollercoaster of feelings.
>Sunny Flare simply walks off not caring, going back to gossiping online about Indigo and Sugarcoat.
>Shittalking them on Twitter, shittalking them on Instagram, shittalking them on her Premium Snapchat, shittalking them on Tumblr while tagging her posts SFW so they don’t get flagged.
>Sugarcoat enters through the front doors; it’s the first day of the last week before Winter Break.
>The first person she runs into is Lemon Zest, not having seen her in about a month and a half.
>Zest struts down the hallway with her headphones on as usual.
>Sugarcoat unintentionally approaches her, hardly realizing it’s Lemon Zest she’s walking towards, but the run-in inevitably happens.
>The two girls who have been friends for many years glance at one another.
>The ones who spent Halloween last year with their three other friends, laughing and spending time together, feeling like they ought to be friends until the end of the world.
>But that was last year.
>Sugarcoat doesn’t even lend a wave to Lemon Zest, even though Zest had nothing to do with what Sour Sweet did.
>Her heart has grown bitter, and resentful of this toxic circle of friends who only bring her trouble.
>Zest barely recognizes Sugarcoat.
>She returns the lack of a wave, turns the volume a little bit higher and walks away as the next song on her playlist plays:
>Nonchalantly, Lemon Zest leaves early. Just straight up walks out of the school like she always wanted to do every day anyway.
>She steps outside and lets the breeze brush by her face as she wistfully sighs as memories of better times flood her memories.
>Goes home on foot; the relatively warm Florida air is a treat for her given that it’s December.
>The walks takes a while, but it just gives Zest an excuse to replay the song over and over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPL_SV3n7IU
>She remembers that Indigo Zap liked this song a lot too; the two girls didn’t listen to it as much as they would have liked to because they simply didn’t get around to it.
>And as she’s walking, she goes by the playground where she and Indigo Zap sat on the ground earlier this year like little children and played with sticks and stones while acting out mythical battles like two happy idiots.
>She walks by the frat house where she and Indigo crashed that shallow party and got the cops called on them by singing through a megaphone at 3 in the morning.
>She walks by the newly repaired and tapes up mailboxes that she and Indigo ran over on that same weekend; the marks of the tire tracks can still be vaguely seen on the lawns.
>Takes a shortcut downtown and walks by the Radio Shack and convenience store where she and Indigo avoided thousands of raindrops pretending they were arrows.
>Passes by the Whataburger where she and Indigo jammed to rock music in the drive-thu while the employee was trying to take their order.
>Walks by memory after memory, some goes back multiple years into the past where things were better.
>Indigo Zap was the only cool friend she ever had, and now she’s in jail.
>Lemon Zest wishes her best friend was here.
To be continued. And as always, Pastebin fully updated. Let's see where certain events will take this story.
https://pastebin.com/c6D2XDbL Part 1
https://pastebin.com/Sx1M6gnB Part 2 (current)
File: ohfuck.jpg (8 KB, 236x195)
8 KB
>Anon's face when he realizes Fleur was in on it too and that he fucked up bad
Sour Sweet keeping her nose bandage on during the trial just to make people feel sorry for her was the best detail of this update. It is so undeniably like her.
And we need to do something about Fleur cause she's obviously on the bad side when April recognized her.
This is slowly becoming my favorite greentext with humanized ponies.
File: 1528047696076.jpg (120 KB, 1024x658)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Sorry I’m not very familiar with this. What's the Marduk Institute?
Yeesh. These girls imploded so hard. It's pretty sad.
Technically the shadow five were never canonically ponies but I get what you mean, this green is amazing
I fucking love what you've been doing with Mulberry and all the shit it implies. Oh I am laffin
The Marduk institute was a school for kids, but that was a front.
The Marduk institute is actually a center for EVA pilots. The best students are selected (and even then they are bottom rank), and they go under training to pilot the EVAs.
Luckily, only 3 pilots (almost 4, but Shinji almost killed indirectly the 4th yet he did in the manga) came out of the program.
literally who?
Huh, interesting. Sounds like some kind of flight school for kids in the EQG world. I'm still not sure how it counts as a quarantine though. Is it like where the kids from Crystal Prep go when they don't do well enough in school but technically aren't allowed to be kicked out of school?
Yeah that's true. At least we saw Indigo Zap multiple times in FiM as either Lightning Dust and Spitfire.
File: daisygirl.png (514 KB, 1280x720)
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514 KB PNG
Gloriosa took down Cinch in the beginning of the story, she can handle this.
She technically didn't take down Cinch. That's false.
>1 teacher that fucked a horse (Ironic, eh?)
>And no less than 3 girls that got exposed for messing around with the family pooch
wait what?
I still don't understand why they had to make a new character. The writers had not only one, but two already existent characters that could have worked well, but no, they had to make a new one for whatever dumb reason.
Story gets better and better
>For whatever dumb reason.
Toys anon, the answer is always toys.
>Yikes, oof and cringed
That sounds reddity.
Either they made a SB5 of all rivals, or they made 5 new characters to surround human Twilight with.
Who'd know better than a redditor, famalam.
Someone who had to share one or two boards with them for years, fellow blue board browser.
Every waifu deserves someone waifuing them.
Besides they're like the M6 but from an expensive school.
>New Green
What is wrong with Mulberry?
He's probably very autistic. I don't want to be quick to blame the parents. It might not be their fault.

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