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Hey Anons, I've been off this board for a while. I still lurk occasionally, but /mlp/ is my home board and I miss it.
Don't worry, this isn't a "what did I miss" thread, I know I didn't miss anything. Instead, today is my day off, so I'd like you all to get /comfy/, I'm going to write a story for you
Hope you enjoy!
Well, ok. But it better be good.
>Be Anon
>In Equestria
>Day 1395
>The days drag on
>The nights are surreal
>Things aren't the way you were hoping, not really
>For one thing, the ponies here, while they may be "cutesy" and "sweet," well, they don't exactly treat you with respect
>The problem isn't that you're human, in fact they don't seem to mind that at all
>It's because you're male
File: 1524428876992.png (254 KB, 540x422)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
>The things is, males in Equestria aren't given the status that they were on Earth, it's actually the opposite
>Males in Equestria have the role that women have on Earth, but it's reminiscent of the 50's style treatment of women
>They don't expect you to talk much
>They don't like it when you voice your opinions
>They order you around, like it's nothing
>To make matters worse, they don't even appreciate it when you listen
>At first, they were ponies, and it was a dream come true just to be here
>But you didn't even like how entitled Earth women were
>You've grown tired of playing along
>These ponies have gotten enough out of you
File: 1524427853794.jpg (36 KB, 432x311)
36 KB
>You pick up your things and walk out, wondering who you'll run into first
>Walking into Ponyville, you notice fluttershy and rainbow dash talking over by the diner
>Pinkie Pie is there, too
>She notices you
>"Hi Anon! I was wondering when you'd come out!"
>"Hey Pinkie, how's it going" you say in a monotone
>"Oh, great, especially now that you're here. I need you to help me carry this cake over to Roseluck's house"
>"Not so fast, Pinkie Pie, I need Anon to wash my gym clothes first, you don't want me to be late for practice, do you?"
>"Rainbow, you can wash your own clothes, and I'm not carrying any cakes. I'm not doing anything for you ponies anymore."
>You walk away, feeling pretty good about yourself
>"I guess I'll go down to the store" you say to yourself
>Might as well see who else is about
>The little shops making their way around the corner of the street present themselves before you
>You try to decide where you can go to kill some time
>It occurs that you haven't treated yourself in a while
>All this tedious work has had you depressed for quite some time
>You decide to get some sweets
>Heading down to Bonbon's shop, you run into Rarity
>She seems happy to see you
>"Gee, I wonder why"
>"Oh, Anonymous, I'm simply delighted to find you here."
>She was probably walking to your house already
>"I need someone with big, long arms to help me sew a dress I'm making. Don't worry, I won't be expecting you to do any of the sewing, you'll just be holding the thing for me."
>Incredulously you stand there, staring at her
>It's like clockwork
>"I assume that won't be a problem, then. I'll be expecting you at the boutique at exactly 4:00"
>"And don't be late. Last time you were late."
>She smugly turns her nose up and trots away
>You consider saying something, stopping her, but where's the fun in that?
>Better to let her sit and wait in the boutique, fully expecting you to be there.
This sucks. When does it get better?
Being a stay-at-home mother, an alpha female, isn't being a pet.
>You step into the candy store, it's only Bonbon and some foals in the corner causing a racket
>Well, until you walk in that is
>Your appearance has that affect on the younger ponies
>They just sit and stare at you
>You approach the counter
>"Been a while, Anonymous, what can I do for you?"
>"Oh, just wanted to see about getting some candy, I haven't gotten time to myself in a while. It's almost like those ponies have me working with them in shifts."
>Actually, Anon, I'm pretty sure they do... But nevermind that, what did you have in mind today?"
>"Oh, you know, I was wondering if you have anything new now. Something I could really enjoy for a little while."
>"I think I've got just the thing!"
>She takes a bag of candy out from under the table
>"These assorted treat bags came in just a few weeks ago. They're supposed to be like gift bags. They got lollipops, gummy bears, candy canes, all sorts of good stuff."
>"You had me at 'gummy bears,' how much?"
>"Just 3 bits right now, you came at a good time."
This is the intro
That's not why I used that title
>You take your bag of candy and sit down at the table.
>You take out one of the lollipops. Strawberry. Always was your favorite, especially Bonbon's. She really does make good candy
>You start wondering about whether or not Bonbon uses real fruit to flavor her candies, and how exactly ponies even -make- candy, but your train of thought is interrupted when you see Fluttershy walking by
>Fluttershy is a nice pony, she hardly asks you to do things for her
>And when she does, she actually -asks-
>She notices you, too
>It occurs that it actually seems like she was looking for something
>She starts trotting over
>Oh no
>The "something" she was looking for-
>It was you
>You start to gather up your bag of candy
>Maybe she won't bother you if you're walking away
>She's timid like that
>But even if that would work
>There's only one exit
>And she's already walking through it
>"Horsefeathers" you spit, eliciting startled glances and one suppressed giggle from the foals
>You decide to just stand your ground
>She can't make you do things
>No, not today
>She sits down across from you
>But she doesn't say anything
>She just sits there, looking timid
>It looks like she wants to say something, but this is how she usually is
>She just looks around, tentatively, waiting for something to happen
>You slide a piece of candy across the table
>She unwraps it and puts it in her mouth
>Still nothing
>Just as well, you think. You probably didn't want to hear what she has to say
>You let your mind wander, staring out the window
>You notice that there's not much going on in town
>"Anon, I..."
>You look at Fluttershy
>She's staring at you now
>And it's making you really uncomfortable
>"What, Fluttershy?"
>"Well.. I, um.."
>"Are you okay, Anon?"
>You look at her and set the candy down in front of you
>"What are you getting at, Fluttershy?"
>"Well, I just notice... Lately.. you seem.. different?"
>"You seem... Homesick?"
>You ponder the question
>That is kind of the problem.
>You've been stuck in Equestria forever, and nothing is the way it was back home. And those ponies are really getting on your nerves
>"Yeah, I guess I am. For a long time I've been trying to adjust, but I'm just so tired of the way things are here. I'm not used to living like this."
>"Living like what, Anon? I thought you liked it here.."
>Oh boy, here we go
>Where do you even begin
>"Yeah, I do like it here Flutters, I like the ponies and the friendship and all that stuff, I'm just tired of being treated like.. well, like a girl!"
>"I'm sorry? I don't understand, we treat you the same way we treat and stallions"
>"At least we don't treat you like Spike."
>You raise an eyebrow, looking down at her
>"Okay, maybe we do, but that's just the way it is here, and-"
>"Well it's not the way it was back home. That's why I'm homesick! I'm not even homesick, I'm just horsesick! Sick of all these horses telling me what to do!"
>"So.. did you used to treat mares-er-girls back home that way?"
"Yes! Exactly! Back at home, men ran things. Women would listen to us, not the other way around. And when Mares boss me around, it doesn't just make me feel unmanly, it makes me feel inhuman."
>She stops and thinks for a second
>You can see her animal empathy rising as you describe to her what things were like back home
Sorry if this isn't my best work, I haven't written in a while. Hopefully it turns out good enough
is there smut or not?
>"Well..." She squeaks nervously
>"If there's anything, or- I mean, of I can, well, help-" she's gesturing with her hooves, looking away, one hoof rubs her other arm(leg?) Hesitantly
>"To make you feel at home, I mean..."
>You look at her quizzically
>Is she serious?
>"If I can make you feel more comfortable here..."
"Well, now that you mention it..."
Do you want there to be smut?
nah it's fine, do what you wanna do bb
Kthxbb uwu
>"Can you obey me?"
>She looks around, startled
>This is obviously taboo, but at the mere mention of being obedient to you, her excitement is visible
>She lowers her head, biting her lip, then nods slowly
>Well, let's get started!
>You stand quickly and snap your fingers, pointing to the ground beside you
>Fluttershy immediately steps off her seat and sits next to your leg
>She looks up at you expectantly
>Oh, this is going to be fun
>You promptly turn and start to walk away
>She obviously has no idea what to do, so she just stays in the same spot
>You turn just outside the door and point to her
>You motion your finger towards yourself
>She stands quickly and starts following you
>"Anon, where are we going?"
"You will address me as "Master, or you will not address me at all."
>"Y-yes m-master"
"When responding to me, you may say 'yes sir' or 'no sir"
>"Y-yes sir. Thank you sir."
"Good girl. I'm taking you home. There's something I want to give you."
>"A present..?"
>You shoot a glance at her
>"I mean.. is it a present.. master?"
"Yes, that it is."
>You walk her home
>Just seeing her walking behind you, other mares are already looking
>When you get to the door you turn to Fluttershy
>She sits
>She stays (kek)
>You walk inside, open up your storage box
"I know it's in here somewhere..."
>After digging around a little bit, you find what you were looking for
>You pull out a thin blue collar, with a matching leash attached
"I knew I kept this for a reason"
>You start walking out of the house
>Open the door
>Get on the floor
>Everybody walk the dinosaur
>When you step outside she sees the leash you're holding and her eyes widen
>"Oh.. Anon, I.. I don't know if..."
"You said you would obey me"
>"Yes, but.. I mean... Yes sir..."
"Good girl."
>You kneel down next to her and slip the collar around her neck
>She slides through it and shakes her mane free of the collar
>She sits down in front of you, looking up at you, waiting
>You notice that she's smiling, ever so slightly, but you can tell that she's willing
"Let's go get something to eat, shall we?"
>She nods, smiling, and starts walking at a brisk galloping pace to keep up with your long legs
>She heels well, staying just behind you
>Walking through the town, you elicit startled glances from the ponies in town
>They all gasp, stop in their tracks, mouths agape
>"What in Equestria.."
>"Oh my word"
>She ignores them all, trotting happily beside you
>You approach the diner and take a seat
>She starts to get in the seat across from you
"No. You sit here."
>You point to the spot on the ground right next to you
>She looks around at the other mares at their tables
>Slowly, hesitantly, she steps back down and sits beside you
>Some of the other mares have stopped eating
>They just sit there staring at you
>You smile deviously
>After putting up with their crap for so long, it feels really good
>It seems like Fluttershy doesn't mind either
>She keeps looking up at you, doe-eyed
>It occurs to you that she really enjoys being subjugated like this, and to do it out in public
>It must be a dream come true for her
>The waiter comes up to take your order, but stops in his tracks
>So fast that he spills the drinks he brought for you
>"Uh.. I uh..."
"Ah, waiter yes, I'd like to place my order now."
>"Oh, oh yes of course! Ahem-sir-"
>The note of contempt in his addressing you is obvious
>He takes out his pin and notepad
"Yes, I'd just like one carrot and lettuce on wheat, please."
>"Of course, and for you, ma'am?"
>You cut him off
"She'll be dining with me, thank you."
>"Oh.. yes, that's fine... Let me put this in for you..."
"And don't forget those waters that you spilled. Oh, bring one in a bowl please."
>His eyes widen and he quickly walks back inside
Hopefully someone is still reading this
I was afk for a little bit but I'm back now
Please continue
Thank you, I needed that
Working on it now
>The Colt goes back inside, visibly flustered
>It gives you a sense of satisfaction you haven't had in a while
>Maybe you're going a little overboard, you think, but you're tired of being pushed around by these ponies
>You grab flutters by the mane, a little rough, but not enough to hurt her
>"Eep!" She squeaks, but to no avail
>You have her now
>A mare walks up, interrupting
>"Excuse me but, what do you think you're doing?"
"Oh, I'm just sitting at the diner, having a meal with Fluttershy here."
>"No, I mean, why do you have that Mare on a leash?"
"Oh, this?"
>You tug one the leash, teasingly
"I'm just being a good, obedient stallion. This is why she wants, isn't it Fluttershy?"
>She turns her head, visibly flustered, not sure what to say
>You tug on her leash, two quick pulls, reminding her to play her part
>"Yes! T-this is what I want... Anon is my master! And I am obedient!"
>The mare looks at her, dumbfounded
>She's obviously never encountered this before
>"Oh... Well then.. carry on, I guess."
>Oh, that triggered you. Carry on? Who doesn't this don't think she is? Granting you permission
"Oh, well, if you insist."
"Fluttershy. Bark like a dog."
>"Woof! Woof! Yes master! Woof woof!"
"That's a good girl. Now bow."
>She turns in a circle, faces towards you, and bows low, her snout just in front of your feet.
>You hear one of the patrons gagging, another leaves
Who does this mare* think she is
Sorry, I started the drink
>Just then, the waiter comes back out with a tray, carrying your drinks
>He sets yours on the table next to you
>He trots over to give fluttershy her drink
"Stop. Do not serve her. Put it on the table."
>"Um... Okay, I guess..."
>He puts the bowl on the table next to your cup.
>Walking back into the building, he mutters to himself
>"I better get a good tip for this." He mutters to himself
>"You'll get what I give you." You think
>You're really getting used to this dominant role.
>You reach down and give Fluttershy her bowl
>She looks at you questioningly
"You may drink" you say
>Your intent is obvious. That is her bowl.
>She tentatively leans down and starts lapping up the water in the bowl
>She stops after getting enough
"What do you say?"
>"Thank you Master!" Fluttershy says loudly, nuzzling against your leg
>You hear gasps from the patrons nearby
>You wonder if this can get any better, as you pet her mane
>You pick up the water on the table
*Sips* aah...
"Now that is some high quality H2O"
>Just then, the waiter came back with your sandwich
>Right on time
>You notice Fluttershy shifting ever so slightly next to you
>She's really acclimating to this role
"Thank you, you can put it just there"
>He sets it down on the table and darts away
>You pick up the sandwich and start eating
>You notice Fluttershy staring at you
"No begging"
>She looks down at the ground ashamedly
>You continue eating
>Chewing your carrots and lettuce, you wink at the ponies staring at you
>You hold a piece of carrot out for fluttershy
>You take another bite
>Offer her a piece of lettuce, which she graciously accepts
>She takes the pieces of food from your hand delicately, careful not to bite your hand, or take the food too quickly
>Once you're done eating, you take fluttershy by the leash and lead her off
>You leave a couple of bits for the tip when you pay, since the Colt didn't give you a hard time about anything
>Walking Fluttershy through town, you wonder what twilight is up to
"Hey flutters, let's go down to the library. Would you like to pay your friends Twilight a visit?"
>She nods eagerly, before remembering that she's bound to you by a leash
>Then she gets a little flustered
>"Yes sir" she mumbles, looking down
>You start leading her towards the library
Fucking incels, get a real woman
Yeah, cause real women are so faithful and obedient
Fug off I'm having fun
>When you walk in to the library you're pleased to find that all of the other members of the mane six are there
>You let Fluttershy walk-in the room first
>"Ah, Fluttershy, we're glad you made it. I was just about to send Spike to go find yo-waaaa!??" Twilight's shock cuts her off mid-sentance, as she notices that fluttershy is walking in on a leash
>Her shock is blatanly exasperated when the one behind that leash turns out to be you
"Oh, hey Twalot. Long time no see. So what's the game plan?"
>"Anon, I've told you, it's Twilight Sparkle. Not Twalot spriggle, not toilet sprinkles, it's twilight. Sparkle. And the "game plan" is strictly -Mares only-"
"Oh, okay, then I guess you don't need Fluttershy here. I mean, seeing as how she's tied up to me, and I'm not a mare.."
Stay tuned, faggots! I'm going back to /pol/ for the night, will finish this up in the morning!
Shouldn't it be either AJ or Brad instead?
File: 1529634600046.png (1.28 MB, 1460x865)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
I think it works anyway
If you take the perspective that every woman and personality type should support that
File: cold scrunch.gif (75 KB, 250x250)
75 KB
Fluttershy is best dog
This is a quality thread, OP.
Please continue.
>"Now, wait just an apple-pickin minute Anon," a certain country horse chimes in
>"What in tarnation IS Fluttershy doing rope-a-doped to ya naow?"
"Ah, I'm glad you asked, my fruit themed country companion. You see, Fluttershy here has offered herself up to serve me. The way I see it, you all boss me around and walk all over me because I'm a male, but if there's a mare who's willing to serve me, then that means every time you treat me as lesser, you're putting her down even more."
>"Beggin yer pardon?"
"It's like this, if Fluttershy puts herself in a position below mine, then the position you put me in affects her directly. You tell me what to do, I tell her what to do."
>"Anon, you can't just come to ponyville out of nowhere and reverse our gender roles," pipes a purple pony
>"And what's worse, you're leading Fluttershy around like a pet!"
>"Yeah, and we don't even -use- leashes here!" Interjects Rainbow Dash
"Ah, but you forget, I didn't just appear 'out of nowhere,' I've been here for years! And I've been operating under YOUR gender roles for this whole time. I've decided that enough is enough, and here's the best part. It's not even about what I want."
>You kneel down next to Fluttershy, you scratch lightly behind her ear, she learns in to your hand
>You take her collar lightly in your hand and slip it off her neck
>She looks up at you concerned
>She looks around the room, unsure of what to do, or say.
>She just sits there, waiting.
>"Um..." She whispers
"Shh... It's okay."
>You look up around the room
"Fluttershy, go grab the book in front of Twilight."
>She hesitates
>You look down at her reassuringly
>She turns to trot towards twilight's table
>She bites the book, and brings it back
>She drops it at your feet, and sits before you calmly
"See, it doesn't matter what I'm doing. She -wants- to obey me."
>The rest of the room looks around at each other, unsure of what to say
>Spike is absolutely dumbfounded
>"I never thought I'd see the day..." He mutters, eliciting a sharp response from Twilight
>"Er-I mean.. heheh" he reaches one claw behind his head nervously
File: hqdefault.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
Thanks for all the props guise, I'll keep working on this as much as I can throughout the day
Wasn't expecting it to be this long, but c'est la green, no?
>Now, let's see what we've got here
>You hold your hand out for the book
>She picks it up and delicately places it in your hand
"Good girl."
>You give her a pat on the head
>Two pats, in fact
>She smiles lightly
>You open the book
"Fantastic Beasts and where to find them."
>Funny, you seem to recall a book by the same name where you come from.
"So, this is what you're doing today?"
>"Yes." Twilight responds. "It was supposed to be a cataloguing expedition. We were hoping Fluttershy's talent would be useful on this trip. But since she seems to be -otherwise occupied- we'll just have to make the trip without her."
>You ponder this for a moment
I'm honestly not sure what to do here. I could go with them on the trip, let Fluttershy go alone, or take Flutters and do something else. I wasn't really expecting to turn this into an adventure
why not have the other ponies like the mane 6 or the cmc start getting involved?

>maybe rainbow dash thinks about giving the submissive thing a try out of curiosity and for a change of pace from the usual strong independent mare bit and begins to secretly enjoy it more and more over time

>the more the merrier
Well, the main appeal I'm going for here is just the shock value. I chose Fluttershy because her personality is the most likely to go along with it. I may get someone else involved, but at this point it would just detail the storyline and seem pretty forced imo
The others really haven't seen it long enough to become curious about it.
Also I guess I'm going to go on this adventure
Update soon
File: 1524517574397.png (3.71 MB, 3000x3500)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB PNG
But Fluttershy is the ideal woman.
This. Modern 3d women are not real women
"Now wait just a minute," you chime in there
"I don't think it's fair that you won't take Fluttershy just because I'm here. After all, you take Spike on all your adventures."
>"Uuugh.." Twilight groans
>She was obviously not expecting you to invite yourself
"And you want to go on this adventure, don't you Fluttershy?"
>"Y-yes please. Sir." She states demurely
"Well, then it's settled. You wouldn't kick your friend out, would you?"
>Rarity and Applejack joined in this round of voiced disapproval
>You can tell this will be more fun that you even hoped
>But, enough to make up for years of mistreatment?
>Eh, we'll see.
the suspense is killing me
Captcha ate my update
Now I have to rewrite it
Fuck captcha
>not using 4chanX
>not writing it in word/openoffice
you only got yourself to blame senpai
>As the other ponies get up to gather their things, Fluttershy catches your eye
>You smile down at her
>She nudges your hand softly, the one holding her leash and collar
"Ah, how could I forget"
>You kneel down beside her, running your fingers through her mane
>She slips through the collar, shakes her manner free, and leans forward slightly rubbing her cheek against yours
>You stroke the soft fold at the base of her ear
"Good girl" you tell her
>You stand slowly and give her a pat on the head
>It looks like Twilight is ready to go
>You start walking behind the line of equines with your concubine
>She trots in time
I'm phone posting
Expect an update later tonight
I'll be brainstorming until then
File: Adagio 48b.jpg (200 KB, 862x717)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Alabama man!!! The action figure!!!
Includes 10 different phrases!!! He can even hit his wife like he really is!!!
I just wanna be like Alabama Man!
Alabama man is my hero
Based Alabama man
>You and the crew are walking out of ponyville
"What exactly are we looking for?" You call out to the front of your modest caravan
>"We're trying to find a hippogriff" Twilight responds
>"We've seen a chimera, a sea serpent, and a cockatrice, but I'm not sure if there are any hippogriffs in the ever free forest"
"Do they even have Hippogriffs here?" You ask
>"They've been reported and seen, but nobody's made contact with them yet."
>"That's why we needed Fluttershy to come along, we're not even sure if them critters can talk!" Aj adds
What is all this?
Is Alabama man a new meme here?
When's the next green?
>not happily serving the mares like a good male
>I miss treating women a way that it feels inhuman to be treated
File: 1535119374632.jpg (91 KB, 441x506)
91 KB
>literally shaking
no one's forcing you to be here
If it has a vagina, it's a real woman. Behavior and personality are not factors in that.
Real > Ideal
Unf I would absolutely love to make Fluttershy my loveydovey pet. I would probably ruin it though because once she says she’d do anything I want, I’d probably just start doing everything for her.
Great green though! Really enjoying it.
File: 1494486415021.jpg (12 KB, 352x323)
12 KB
So does chris-chan's roast make him a real woman?
>You think for a moment
"Fluttershy, you can talk to animals?"
>"Y-yes sir"
"I want you to find me two squirrels, a rabbit and a fox."
>"O-okay! Right away sir!"
>You unclip the leash and let her loose innawoods
>You hear her scampering around for a few seconds
>You turn to the rest of the group
>You're met with blank, hollow stares from every angle
>Oh boy
>Applejack was the first to say something
>"Now, Anon, where do you get off treatin Fluttershy like that?"
>"Yeah, that's not cool!"
>Rainbow, of course
"Now hold on"
"You want ME to believe, that YOU care about how people are treated?"
>You look around the room
>Pinkie Pie is the only one who doesn't look guilty
>Good ol'Pinkie Pie
>Being a cuck
ONLY Princess Celestia receives my whorship
"That's what I thought"
>You scan look at each of them
"You ponies can't say anything to me. You see, the whole time I've been here, the way you treated me made me think of something I've only heard stories of."
>Of course, none of them know what you're talking about
>You never even thought to actually bring it up before
"The thing is, men on my planet aren't treated with a lot of respect anymore, but it wasn't always that way."
>You pause, making sure Fluttershy isn't walking up
"Before I was ever born, women were obedient to men, and it was kind of like the way you treat stallions here."
"When I was back home, it was something I always wondered about, and now that I have this chance."
>You hear her light hoovesteps coming up in the distance
>Right on time
"I'm going to show you, what it's like."
>You turn around, lifting your arms
>Fluttershy flew up onto your chest first, meeting you, then the squirrels
>They climbed up your legs, circling around you, then came to rest on your shoulders
>Then the fox, who circled around your legs
>You look around, waiting
"That's good, Fluttershy, but where's the-"
>She opens her wing, and tucked just inside is an adorable little baby bunny
>They both stare up at you with big, gleaming eyes
>You lean close and nuzzle your forehead to hers
I'm sorry senpai
Don’t worry about it. It’s a good story and I’m sure the thread’ll survive for awhile until you feel like working on it.
I would really appreciate any generous posters bumping with Anon in Equestria art
File: 1461858140682.jpg (104 KB, 1019x784)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>You turn back towards the rest of the group
"Well, let's get going then, shall we?"
>You start marching
>You have Fluttershy cradled in your arms, she's light as a feather
>The little grey bunny is balled up on her belly
>The two squirrels bundle up next to it
>The fox follows behind you
"This is so cool"
Thank you for this >greentext story goyim
Oy vey!
I need more sempi
>After walking for a little while you put Fluttershy down
>The squirrels climb off and run beside you
>You scoop the bunny up in your arm
>Fluttershy steps off your other arm lightly
>You clip the leash back onto her collar and pet her mane a little bit
>When you start walking again, you've fallen behind a little bit
>You're right next to Pinkie Pie
>Rarity is just ahead of you
>You get Fluttershy to have one of the squirrels climb up onto pinkie pie
>She giggles at the squirrel, and doesn't seem to mind
>The other one rides the fox
>You now have a woodland critter caravan
"So Twilight, how do we know when we're getting close?"
>"Well, according to my book," she pauses, looking back down at her page
>"the best chance we have is when we're looking deep into the forest, and it's almost imperative that we're lost."
"Hah! Good one, Twi."
>"I'm not joking."
>You step up closer to her
>There it is
>"Oddly enough, the only recorded sightings of hippogriffs in Equestria have been when people have been utterly lost, in completely remote locations" etc.
>"So it's actually good that you lead for a while, all I need to know is the general direction going, for now"
"So you want to just go out in the woods and get lost"
>"That's the idea"
"Do you have any idea how long that will take?"
>"Well, the depths of the everfree forest are about three hours away, and it's almost impossible -not- to get lost there."
>You look at her
>This is not what you were expecting to do today
>You keep walking, after some time you fall back a little bit
>You and Fluttershy are sort of off on your own now
>You turn to her
"Flutter butters, how do you feel about all this?"
>She looks at you
>She look down
>"I'm not sure.. Hippogriffs aren't the only thing in the everfree forest."
>She really looks concerned
>You think for a moment
>You look ahead at the ponies around you
>They get into some pretty crazy things, but they always seem to handle it
"Do you trust Twilight?"
>She looks at you, then up ahead
>She nods
>"Yes. Sir "
>"She usually knows what she's doing..."
>But you can't help but see her concern
>The forest just keeps getting darker
>You can hardly see anything
>Twilight and rarity's horns light up
>It helps to light the way, and it sets a pretty nice mood, too
>You really like the way the colored lights glow off of Fluttershy's fur/feathers
>She notices you looking at her
>She blushes, then looks forward and shakes her mane
>The different shades of purple glisten off her pink hair
>The light yellow fur gives just the contrast
>You look down at the little bunny sleeping in your arms
>The squirrels have run off by now, but the fox is still following with you
>He's a cool little fox, Fluttershy told you about him
>No family, a younger fox, but he's pretty friendly
>You take notice of the lighting effect again
>It's a nice mood
>The fox's ears perked up, and he runs off
>You follow along, not saying anything
>You hear something scrambling off in the brush
>Then a few more like it
>The sounds seem to be getting quieter, though
>A few seconds later, your little friend pops back out behind you
>Nobody else seems to notice
>You lean over to fluttershy
"What just happened" you whisper
>"Timberwolves.. they were just scouting, but I think your fox scared them off."
"Thank you Fluttershy"
>You'll have to think of a name for that little guy
Anybody want to name this fox?
Vince Mammalia. lol idk.
File: 1531007939684.png (23 KB, 434x161)
23 KB
>The little fox trots up behind you
>He's a little badass
>He reminded you of that guy from the punisher
>The one that did gomer Pyle
>Who was that?
>Vincent D'onofrio
>Yeah, Vince
"Vince Mammalio!"
>A couple of the ponies nearby look back at you
>Fluttershy is looking at you, too
"That's his name, Vince."
"Good job Vinny boy"
>You scratch the top of his head
>The other ponies nod and go back to their business
File: 1528327871460.png (977 KB, 914x1100)
977 KB
977 KB PNG
>You continue on your walk through the forest for some time
>You don't know about everyone else, but you've completely lost your bearing
>You look around and you're surrounded by darkness
"Twilight, do you still know where we're going?"
>"Nope, I only know that we're not where we've been," she replies
>"But don't worry, we're almost lost enough to know that we have no idea where we are, or where we've been."
"Right, and that's a good thing."
>"Yes, because that's when we can start looking."
>Ah, right. Get as lost as humanly possible and start dicking around in the woods looking for monsters
>That's the plan
File: 1538418338297.png (68 KB, 245x341)
68 KB
>It suddenly occurs to you that you are hopelessly underprepared
"Hey, Fluttershy"
>She looks up at you
>"Yes, sir?"
>Can you make a torch?
>She nods happily
"Good. Vince"
>The fox turns and looks at you
"Go find me a good stick, boy."
"Follow him, Fluttershy. If you can't make it in 10minutes, come back."
>She nods and darts off quickly with her furry friend
are traps gay?
>You keep listening, making sure they don't get too far away
>You stop hearing them after a couple minutes, but you figure as long as you don't hear a scream she's fine
>Fluttershy isn't one to keep quiet about being frightened
>You hope it wasn't a bad idea sending fluttershy alone
>Then you remember she has a bear for a best friend
>Sure enough, a few minutes later she pops out with the fox
>She's carrying a little torch, unlit
>He has a stick
>A very nice one, actually. It looks sturdy
>She immediately curls up against your legs
>You kneel down and hold her for a moment
>She drops the torch into your hand
"Good job Fluttershy" you tell her
>You take the stick from the fox and stow it on your side
"Hey, twilight, you can make fire, right?"
>"Sure, that's easy."
"Well here, can you light this?"
so is it the personality or roast that makes a woman
I am very much into petShy, i skipped this thread at first because rgre but stayed when i saw flutters get collared
What is rgre? People keep saying that
Both the roast and the behavior are qualifiers of being a woman
If you have a roast, but don't act like a woman, you aren't one
If you act like a woman, but have no roast (at birth) you aren't one
Reverse Gender Roles Equestria, such as in your green where the mares are the dominant gender. 3/10 bait made me reply
It's not bait
I never went on those threads
Isn't that just how Equestria is?
no, quick example: Pinkie’s family
Huh. Okay, well that works for my story, too
(Pinkie is the only one not making a big deal about it. Also the only one that wasn't bossy-besides fluttershy)
how new are you dude
if you’re legit ignorant and concocted all this without outside influence than I salute you and hope we see more petShy, petMares in general. The kind, gentle and complete Owner/pet dynamic is something I adore.
I'm not new, I'm old
Did you read my OP?
I haven't been here for a while
I just miss writefagging
I'm thinking about making this a continuous thing
I've had ideas to write before, you might start seeing me around more often
I might change my name for this board though
rgre has been around for years dude
It was around when I was here, I just wasn't a fan
I just added it here for the salt
I’ll be reading, do you have a bin? If you want a vocal audience I’ll give what feedback I can.
No, I don't
I never did figure that out
I've only written anything a couple times
Oh but I do appreciate input
Ideas, criticism (as long as it's constructive) suggestions
At the end of the day I'm writing for you guys, any feedback to make that a better experience is great
I have no criticism or suggestions, but I am interested.
>After you've been walking for a while longer you come upon a clearing in the woods
>"This is it!" Twilight exclaims
>You stop and look around
>You don't see anything
>"Okay, let's set up camp here"
>You have no idea what's going on
>But you're glad to be out of the woods
>You set up your own little camp with Fluttershy and the little bunny and Vince all together
>You have one bedroll, which you will share with fluttershy
>You also have a stand for your torch and a small fire built
>Pinkie Pie comes from the other side of the clearing to come sit with you
File: 1543543547319.gif (1.93 MB, 481x481)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB GIF
>my fruit themed country companion
kek, this is more entertaining than I thought it would be. you should come to /mlpol/, we need more writefags like you.
But isn't that on the...
Other site...?
File: come home.png (457 KB, 634x632)
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457 KB PNG
yes, it's it's own site actually.
Oh, I didn't know about that one
It's comfy, we have fun there. Based on what you've written I think you would fit in very well. It's a slower paced board but we have quality anons.
Actually, I like the slower pace
I'm here for the holdouts
I do too, personally. I came from /pol/ originally and got sucked into /mlp/ after they merged the boards for April fools. Now that I've experienced a slower board I find I enjoy it much more, I can just check in on my favorite threads a couple of times a day and I spend less time mindlessly refreshing the catalog over and over.
After I moved to /pol/ from here
(Because of my op pic, actually. That's what started it)
It was like utter chaos
I didn't even come from /b/
I just wanted to talk about ponies without being such a faggot about it
But yeah it was hard adjusting
Having this thread up and being able to work on it consistently and have all this activity on it, is amazing
It's a good thread, you should definitely keep it going. I want to find out what happens. also, don't hold back on the lewd on my account
File: downloadfile.jpg (18 KB, 474x266)
18 KB
Trips suggest that I shouldn't hold back on the lewd
Pets are not for lewd.
Those singles say you're wrong about that.
it's the ovaries and the womb that makes a woman
anything else is irrelevant
Ha! Ovaries are property
A woman is just property you can appreciate
Cunts alone are just a toy
See above ^
I too will bump. Come back, OP...
>hey it seems you like gentle, nice, kind, loyal and pleasant females
>how about you go for the complete opposite of that?
My phone was stolen
Will return
fucking nice numbers
I bet you get laid all the time.
File: 1510383271147.jpg (21 KB, 371x335)
21 KB
7.6/10 numbers
Are you virgin shaming me on 4channel's family friendly pony board, /r/4channel?
Ok guys, I got my phone back. I'll be writing today
rejoice! oh how we’ve missed thee.
If you're a virgin you have a better chance of marrying a virgin, so you have that going for you
i've happily attained wizard status some years ago, but thanks namefag
Nice! Sorry I left you hanging
Wow, a real wizard
Have you ever seen a dragon, mister?
File: time to die.png (416 KB, 900x750)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.
File: 1530391421386.jpg (37 KB, 600x338)
37 KB
>Pinkie Pie trots up to greet you
>"Hey Nonny, hi Fluttershy! Can I join you?"
"Oh, hey Pinkie Pie. Sure, have a seat. I was just wondering what we're gonna do."
>"Do you want some Marshmallows? They didn't want me to bring you any, but they don't know about my secret marshmallow stash!"
>She reaches into her saddle bag and pulls out a hefty bag of marshmallows
>Concern strikes you at the sight of the bag
"Hey Pinkie, where's Rarity...?"
bump before bed
>Fluttershy chuckles a bit from where she's laying her head on your lap
>You and Pinkie have been calling rarity a marshmallow behind her back for ages
>Pinkie looks at you and giggles
>"Oh Nonny, you are the worst!"
>She plops down beside you and some of the marshmallows roll out of the bag
>You grab one and put it on the end of your stick
>Fluttershy picks up one that rolled out and she sits herself right in front of you
>Her head is lowered but she looks up just slighty
>She pouts her lips and looks at you with those big, green eyes
>You smile and reach out to pet her head, you can see the little marshmallow squeeze as your hand brushes her head
>You smile and hold your hand out in front of her
>She plops the fluffy marshmallow into your hand
>You take it and put it on the end of a stick
>She steps lightly over and leans into your side, you wrap your arm around her
>The other arm is holding your marshmallows
>You look over at Pinkie Pie and she's got a row of sticks in front of her
>She's just grabbing one, eating it, moving on to the next one
>It's actually incredibly efficient
>After watching for a moment, and wondering what it would be like to have a marshmallow competition with Panka, you realize that yours are almost done, too
>You pull them out, and blow off the smoke
>A nice, golden brown
>The kind you always try to get, where they've been just sitting over that fire and melting from the inside
>You pull them in closer
>You hold Fluttershy's off to the side as you take the first bite
>It might be too hot, and you're a fucking patrician
>The crispy coating cracks open on your teeth, and the center just oozes out
>It doesn't pull a melty cheese on you though
>Your teeth cut through the center, and there's just enough fluffy marshmallow to keep it from falling apart
>You switch hands to offer fluttershy hers
>You hope they both came out the same
>She blows on it softly, her lips come together lightly and her hushed voice is coming through
>She leans in to take her bite
>Her eyes widen when her lips close around the fluffy goodness
>She closes her eyes, and leans into you
Goyim is there gonna be a bin for this??
If somebody can make me one I can use it, but idk wtf I'm doing as far as that goes
>You take another bite
>She takes hers, as well
>After you finish, you set the sticks down beside you
>You look over at her
>She leans in, and kisses you right on the cheek
>Just like that
>Just when you think she's had enough
>She reaches over, and grabs you by the hand
>Oh, my
>You look over at her, and she catches your gaze
>She smiles coyly and lays her head against your shoulder
>She wraps her wing around your back, and closes her eyes
>You smile and lay your head against hers, watching the small fire in front of you
>Just then, the unthinkable happens
>Pinkie Pie sees you, and she joins in, too
>She must have seen Fluttershy sitting there, holding your hand
>When she approaches, she doesn't ask
>Her intent is clear
>She came here to eat marshmallows, and grab a hooffull of that hot monkey hand
>And she's all out of marshmallows
>She cuddles you gently, rubbing her hoof up and down your arm
>Fluttershy notices, too
>Pinkie Pie is just having her way with you, as if you're some sick cuddle toy
>And Fluttershy just watches
>These ponies are sick
>Pinkie Pie starts getting comfortable, and you wrap your arms around her
>Both of the ponies are laying against you with their hooves on your legs
>You just try to lean back and relax
>The girls get comfortable after a while, and you all cuddle together
>The girls are laying against you, holding hooves
>You're really glad the other ponies are asleep right now
File: whewlad.png (119 KB, 371x463)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>You sit there for some time watching the fire, enjoying the atmosphere
>And the two ponies laying on you
>It's been a little while, Fluttershy is laying her head on your lap
>As far as you can tell she's asleep
>Her hoof is resting just above your knee, and her hair is laying across your lap
>One of your hands strokes across it absent mindedly
>Pinkie is talking every now and then, reminding you of the stars
>She points up at a particular constellation, telling you about it
>The sky looks different here, they all have different names, too
>The big horseshoe
>Starswirl's beard (of course)
>Funny, it even has a little wizard hat
>Pony constellations are cool
"You know, Pinkie, how come we haven't hung out much before?"
>You look over, she shrugs. "Not much time to hang out when you're always running around for everypony"
>She has a good point
"But you've never been one to tell me what to do, either"
>"No sense in putting some other pony, or "person" else through trouble when you can just do things for yourself"
>"Besides, all I ever need is my party cannon"
"Ha, yeah and that's always handy."
>You've seen how quickly she makes use of that thing
>You still see confetti when you close your eyes sometimes
>"Now that you're in change of Fluttershy, I guess you can pretty much do what you want, huh?"
"Yeah, but who knows what that means. I might have been better off just leaving things the way they were."
>"Well, I don't know about all that, but I do know this. I've never seen you as happy as you are now, and Fluttershy too, actually."
>You think back on your life
>Women back home treated you like garbage, and when you ended up here you really hoped it would be different
>After you found out how the ponies would be treating you, you just gave up. Tapped out.
>How can you complain when you get transported to an alternate dimension full of cartoon horses
>You don't even have to work here, Princess Celestia pays you to just not do weird alien stuff to her subjects
>That got sorted out pretty quickly on your arrival
>But you never realized that none of that was what you wanted
"All I ever wanted..."
>You look down, at the pink and yellow mess of fur on your lap
"Is this."
Words, like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little word
Painful to me
Peirce right through me
Can't you understand
Oh my little girl
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm
>You notice Pinkie yawning next to you, nodding off slowly
>You scoop her up and lay her down on the bedroll
>You go back to pick up fluttershy
>She's resting her head on the log you were sitting at
>You pick her up and carry her over to the bedroll
>You cuddle with Fluttershy and Pinkie
>The little fox comes up and rolls into a ball at your feet
>The little bunny pokes his head out of your jacket pocket
"Come on little guy, time for bed"
>You scoop him up and lay him down next to pinkie pie
>They curl up together
File: downloadfile-2.jpg (24 KB, 474x266)
24 KB
>The next morning you wake to Twilight raising a fuss
>She's freaking out and telling everybody to pack their things
>"I saw it! I saw it!" She exclaims
>You look around
"Saw what, Twi?"
>"The hippogriff! It came this morning! I was up early waiting for it and there it was!"
>She points to a hill just over the clearing
>"Come on, we've got to track it!"
>You stand up
"Pinkie Pie, can you help me get this stuff together?"
>"Yes Sir!"
>Did she just...
>You turn to Fluttershy
>She's sitting beside you daintily
>"Good morning, master" she tells you
"Good morning, Fluttershy."
>"Is there anything I can do for you Master?" She says
>That's more like it
>You pat her on the head
"No, Fluttershy, that will be fine. Just make sure the animals are taken care of"
>"Yes sir!" She smiles, darting off
>"Master, I need help with this tent!"
>You look over at Pinkie Pie
>She's struggling with a tent that rarity put up last night
>Of course Rarity isn't helping
"Pinkie pie, did you just call me Master?"
>"Yes Sir! I'm gonna be your pet, just like Fluttershy!"
>"Your perfect pet pony pinkie pie!" She snorts laughing to herself, then falls under the tarp that she's struggling with
>You're gonna need another leash
File: 1542044382372.jpg (79 KB, 480x855)
79 KB
>expecting human fluttershy
>get pone
oh i shouldn't have expected human
but i'm still disappointed
>No hooves
I want to see Fluttershy getting jealous
is this harem haram? Is Anon going to collect every mare by the end of this? I think if you kept the subjects tight knit you would more easily be able to go into greater detail individually rather than try to fit them all into a scene evenly. Quality over quantity, especially when things of the mare are concerned. Penko and yellowquiet are patrician choices in this case.

>Anon tells me the more the merrier
>Anon tells me quality over quantity
There's just no pleasing you!
I do not intend to make this a harem
We have to have salt, you know
I mean, unless you counts the woodland critters
something passive, but not overt or even passive-aggresive. just quieter, more reserved and contemplative, overly willing to please to (in her mind) hopefully show that she can be more than enough for anon but (sadly, in her own mind) “understands” that she cluldn’t be enough, and feels guilty for being greedy when it’s pinkie of all ponies, a close friend and her owner getting along shouldn’t (in her low esteem mind) make her jealous. The mental aspects of these relationships are what I think fascinate me the most.

>quantity (of harem) vs quality
It depends mostly on intent I suppose. Is this supposed to be a one and done green, as in after this little trip the story is over, or is this a life you’re going to be “documenting”. Length would allow quantity, as you’d have more words to give more feeling to those involved, if it’s short than not much development would be done and words should be used most utility per consonant.
File: downloadfile-3.jpg (9 KB, 474x253)
9 KB
just advice and suggestions, for a deeper M/s relationship there are internal subjects and an original personality to address. FS was somebody before Anon, it’s just no one cared until she put the collar on.
I understand, it's just that your description of her handling the situation wasn't exactly what I was going for
A little too introspective, honestly
I'm trying to keep things light
Maybe it would be best to keep Pinkie out of it?
>You step over to pinkie pie and untangle her from the tent
>You help her break it down and pack up the rest of your things
>It doesn't take very long since Pinkie moves like a squirrel who had too much coffee
>You look over at Fluttershy, she's helping to clean up around the fire pit
>Vince is picking up some trash
>You see the little rabbit scrambling around in the bushes
>Everyone seems to be packed up
>You grab fluttershys leash and clip it onto her collar
>The crew starts walking, you follow behind
>The little bunny scurries up behind you and you scoop it up from the ground
Man this story is wanting me to get a girlfriend whos into pet play again.

Too bad I haven't had a girlfriend since highschool.
File: 1492312069319.png (40 KB, 387x355)
40 KB
this guy
>Pet play
Anon, I...
who the fuck is Vince?
if you've been reading the STORY
Vince is the fox
I let an Anon name it
Idk how to take this image or comment.
sh-shut up
I'd just like to apologise to everyone here for having a life
I wasn't expecting to keep the story going so long so I'm just trying to work it in
Hopefully tomorrow will be more inspirational
File: 1518425.png (773 KB, 750x1125)
773 KB
773 KB PNG
Look at this slut. She's so happy to be put on a leash.
File: 1392646.jpg (822 KB, 2000x2000)
822 KB
822 KB JPG
File: 1392647.jpg (734 KB, 2000x2000)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
>Y-you rock! Woof woof...
Horey shet
Das hawt
File: 1392648.jpg (668 KB, 2000x2000)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
"Face down ass up" is Pet Sluttershy's natural posture.
File: 1545580.png (158 KB, 860x594)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Pet pony fluttershy is not a slut
>After tracking through the woods for a while you come into another small clearing
>There is an old ruined building here, not quite a castle or mansion, but it's big
>Or, it was, before most of the walls came down
>You look down at the ponies walking with you
>You wonder if there's anywhere you might disappear with them for a little while
>You start looking through the ruins and you find a door hatch in the back of the building
>You lift the hatch and open to the stairwell
>Looks like the basement is still in tact
>You start to walk down, but Fluttershy stops at the entrance
>"It's dark.. and scary down there... Master.." she's looking down nervously, she's even shaking
"It's okay, Fluttershy. I'll keep you safe down there."
>She trots up close to you and nuzzles into your neck
>You hold her there for a moment, then remember the torch she made you earlier
>You reach back and unstrap it from your bag
"Pinkie, can you light this?"
>"Well I sure can! Master..." She winks slyly
>You see Fluttershy looking down at the floor
>You wonder what could be the problem, but your train of thought is interrupted by the sound of a party cannon going off right beside you
"Pinkie, what the-?!?"
>You look over, and the torch is lit
>Weird, you didnt think the party cannon used actual fire
>You chalk it up to Pinkie's weirdness
>You stand and start making your way down the stairwell
>You lead them down to the base of the stairwell
>The basement is still intact, thankfully
>You find a secluded enough spot and turn towards your little ponies
>You look at them both and snap your fingers, pointing in front of you
>The ponies quickly sit before you at attention
"Good girls" you tell them
>They're both looking up at you, Fluttershy is still on her leash
>Pinkie pie nuzzles into her lovingly, still looking up at you
>Fluttershy looks down nervously when this happens
>You put your finger under her chin and softly push her head up
"You two are going to serve me, okay?"
>"Yes, Master" they say in unison
"Good, now start kissing."
>Fluttershy looks hesitant, but Pinkie goes right for it
>She leans over, and puts her tongue right down Yellowquiet's throat
>She moans, her eyes go wide, and she falls into it slowly
>You take your left hand and start stroking her mane and running behind her ears
>You can feel the blood rushing down already
>You've been here a long time, and the ponies haven't taken any particular interest in you
>It doesn't take much before you're hard as a rock
>With your right hand you unzip your pants
>It come down easily, thankfully rarity is good at making you clothes by now
>Your bulge springs out, and the two ponies stop and look at it
>They're eyes are wide, their mouths still open
>They break apart so quickly that a string of spit stretches across the space between them, before falling on the floor
>Pinkie starts to say something, but she's cut off by your swollen member deftly sliding in between their mouths
>They look up at you, shocked
>But there is no resistance
>It's clear that you can do whatever you want to these ponies
>You take them both by the hair and start thrusting in between them
>You're amazed by the fact that their the perfect hight for this, they simply sit across from each other, letting you use them
>Pinkie sticks her tongue out, letting you slide across it
>Fluttershy feels the tongue against her lips and follows suit
>The tops of their lips meet and they wrap around you, their tongues meeting on the other side
>You sit and enjoy this sensation for a while
>Then you grab them both by the mane
>Not hard enough to hurt, just hard enough to assert your dominance
>Pinkie bites her bottom lip
>Fluttershy lets out a small "eep!"
>You take Buttershush by the mane and push her into the base
>She immediately starts to roll her tongue around clumsily, wanting nothing more than to please you
>Your swollen seed sacs slip into her open maw
>You pull them out, look into her
panting, open mouth, and place them back again
>You go back to Pinkie, who's waiting with her tongue hanging out as she watches you have your way with her friend
>You pull her close and push your head into her mouth
>She takes to it immediately
>She swallows deep and somehow keeps a steady suction all the way down
>When she reaches the top, she nurses it like a lollipop, turning her head and swirling you around in her mouth
>Fluttershy moves up the shaft as she does this, the girls are almost in perfect sync already
>There's only so much you can take, and as you edge closer you start thrusting uncontrollably
>Fluttershy reaches up, trying to keep a steady hold on you
"No hooves" you tell her, pushing her hoof out of the way
>She recommits herself trying to keep up
>She figures out that if she just stays still with that mouth full you can handle the rest
>Pinkie is challenging you, she's constantly trying to do more than you make her
>She's bobbing her head rhythically, and swirling her tongue around your base
>Fluttershy meets her and their tongues swirl together at your frenulum
>That was your breaking point
>You grab Pinkie's mane and push down hard
>After the first couple of pumps you squeeze out deep in Pinkie's throat, you pull out, firing your seed all over them
>They move in closer together, catching it all with their fur
>Pinkie immediately starts licking every drop off of Fluttershy
>Fluttershy just starts nursing your head, pushing down as much as she can, which isn't much
>She's just trying to milk you for every last drop
>Meanwhile pinkie is literally licking her face, seemingly unfased by the fact that her own face is still covered with hot glue
>Or maybe she just enjoys it there
>Who knows, with Pinkie
You are supposed to link your relevant posts together newfag.
Keep reading you uppity faggot
You read my OP and expect me to just remember that shit
Like you know something
Fug off
Regular Gender Role Equestria when?
File: full.png (451 KB, 724x1024)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
10/10. Genuinely made me laugh.
Maybe in my next write?
It's kind of a background for this
Id join in, I have a shitpost probably not fit to print but its >green
Dunno if it will appeal to anyone but me really but its topical
What's it about?
Redpilling ponies on sexual dymorphism
Hi, I'm OP and I approve of this message
this but with Twilight getting triggered and getting lewded by Anon
>implying I'll be doing anything like this
yeah, that's where I think people wont like it
Well if we make it a general I'll post in it.
>If we make a general
I have other things planned
what did you have planned then?
File: 1544081259216.png (2.18 MB, 2000x1706)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
dunno what this is supposed to be, I'm kind of tired and basically stupid

you don't have to spoil it I guess, but unless its going to be a general the people here itt might not even see it if its going to be in another thread
>Those numbers
I'm going to make an adventure
It's something I thought to do a while ago, but never got the chance
I've only written once before, and it was a short story. Only took a day
It's going to be another thread I start, maybe under another name, after this one reaches a good ending
oh, I generally don't so adventures
not that I dont like them, but I'm rarely the target audiance here so theres little incentive for me to participate. Kind of confused what, if I'm guessing correctly, A redpilled cyoa would be like.

It doesnt sound like then theres enough interest in the topic for me to do a full story. Maybe i'll do a one shot tomorrow morning.
Is that a turkey in the picture, or maybe a chicken?

Are EqG humanoids omnivores? Or even omnomnomnomnivores? I must know!
dunno what omnomnomnivores are, but I assume eqg are omni since they explicitly eat burgers.
>dunno what omnomnomnivores are

They're omnivores that go OM NOM NOM when they eat, of course.
So is this going to another thread or is it staying here?

Also bump
I'll be posting that one shot at some point but other than that I have no contact with our resident golem.
File: 1538018420653.jpg (94 KB, 714x418)
94 KB
I'm just going to shitpost this story when I have time until I reach the bump limit
File: shiptoast.jpg (8 KB, 200x200)
8 KB
hooray for shiptoasting
>reversed gender roles
>reversed gender roles which never existed like that
Why do people buy into the feminist lie?
File: 1544386117045.gif (2.06 MB, 320x240)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB GIF
>Imlying things were never like this
They were and it was great
The Feminist lie is that it isn't necessary
lol no, it pretty much sucked shit.
Feminism is just a jewish byproduct of the 1800s industrial revolution and intensification of urban society. Class warefare as the middle classes used their clout to take young maids into their home and work them basically to social death (no marriage prospects when you work every day) and the actual women of the house didn't do things like cooking and cleaning and where forced to be idle while men where allowed to do things.

By the time feminism rolled around, all the prosperity and livability of the modern world we think of had finally delivered. It's no wonder people where fooled into thinking it was the solution.

A healthy relationship between men and women is a communicative one and one that respects the qualities of women and men. In the 1800s, women where kept mostly under lock and key and had very little point of contact with their husbands lives, motivations, and social place in order to connect with them. Fuck, in 1800 society they don't even teach their children to eat with the family.
>"There ya are sugarcube, one bushel."
>I take the bucket of apples onto my cart and begin my stroll to mane st.
>I don't forget to give applejack a shy wave but I'm honestly not feeling it
>I'm very fortunate, for a number of reasons really, but on my mind right now is the lack of pony ears
>I probably would have gushed over the idea as a kid but having something broadcasting my dour moods to the ponies every day would be awful
>If nothing else I could use a knife. I like how calm they make me.
>There's not really much market for firearms here.
>Not like I'm fighting material
>Or thinking material
>I can whittle animals and shapes out of apples though.
"Apples to Apples is open for business, what can I get for you?"
>This is my life now, finding make work where I can.
>I should be dancing, celebrating even.
>I'm literally in Equestria, adventure and ponies are around every corner.
>There's even still a bug that probably needs my help.
>But I just can't.
>I've been worn to a nub by my time on earth.
>Taking the redpill was the hardest thing I've ever done, which really goes to show how sheltered I really am.
>Every basic assumption about race and sex had been trashed and desecrated
>The endearing lie I had grown up believing was gone
>It didn't help that I was the target audience either.
>What right did I have to enjoy this? Pretend that things where the same
>That I could what? Go encourage my waifu down a moral degenerate path?
>Participate in what was easy to see is the erosion of equestrian culture and values?
>I could basically get away with it too.
>(((They))) basically already won here.
>If there's even a they.
>And to try anyway seemed just as bad.
>I can see the signs that make me think this world isn't an exception.
>Can I crush Twilight, Applejack, Rainbowdash, Pinkie pie, Rarity, and Starlight's hearts?
>See their faces turn to tears as I rip away every comforting lie until there's nothing left?
File: 1544066913671.jpg (91 KB, 1024x784)
91 KB
You're referring to first wave feminism, which I don't know much about. And I don't honestly care.
I was referring to the new age era feminism
America in the 40's-50's gave us the model for a perfect family
See, you're not even talking about what I am, you went way back. I'm talking about the only real culture America has ever had. The nuclear family. And then, yes, women cooked, women cleaned, women obeyed their husbands. Feminism killed women.
What you're referring to is more like the British class system in the 1800's, and yes, they were real ladies. They didn't work, but they had manners, they spoke kindly and didn't step out of place, but so did the lower class. There's nothing wrong with the class system, and honestly, most of your claims sound like bullshit except for the kids dining separately, which is unironically based. I'm not going to chase down sources to bullshit with you, because, as I stated before, I really don't care. But I just want you to know that's really not the vibe I'm going for here
Side note, what's with all the buzzkills on this board? I'm just trying to tell a story damn
since becomming '4channel' we're dealing with a denser redditor presence
>Fluttershy is probably redpilled to hell and back if weebs are anything alike in this world.
>I watch the ponies go by, enjoying their day, buying my products and things from the other vendors
>Even seeing the blatant demographic replacement going on in this town doesn't quite have the sting as it probably should
>Changedlings, Yaks, Dragons, and Griffons where around.
>Probably even a hippogrif here and there.
>Am I just being paranoid? I very well could be
>But the signs, even if this would never happen in the show
>It was obvious that this wasn't show
>These are not cartoons.
>I see the real muscle on each person trotting by
>The definition of their fur
>The shape and sizes of those skulls ought to have real consiquences
>But whos to say the consiquences are the same?
>Could mare brains be denser then the human counterpart?
>What role did cutie mark magic play in the role of mares here?
>If a mare gets a cutie mark in enginneering, or politics, is that a disaster waiting to happen?
>Or an exception that should be allowed.
>Being a brainlet doesn't exactly give me a lot of confidence to act decisively
>I'm forced to ask myself if this is really going to be worth it if I rock the boat for no reason.
>Figures that's when everything goes to shit.
>But the noise is cut through by a crash and yelling
>"You can't sell that, that's maze! Yak no allow maze, maze lead to bad health!"
>"I'm just"
>"Maze bad!"
>The large bovine like water buffalo throws a headbutt that crashes the vendors stall and I see several ponies back up in a panick
"Hey you asshole!"
>So of course I've learned nothing from pol and am quickly running towards the danger
>The yak turns to face me and as they launch into their tired, I can only remember a certain image posted every now and then
>The weak should fear the strong.
>Holy shit am I fucked, this is not a video game and this thing is the size of a teenaged bull.
>"You!, You mare! you shave face, disgraceful, bad mare."
Women could vote in the 50s. the america you are describing was already dead and was not sustainable even if feminism had fallen to obscurity. it was a time of relative economic prosperity
File: 1543994481932.jpg (82 KB, 496x516)
82 KB
Huh. That makes sense
I bet that guy's a shilling Jew, straight out of plebbit
>Feminism is a dirty Jewish trick!
>But we needed feminism because the class system sucked!
Classic shilling tactic
Thanks, Moshe that was very enlightening
I really don't care
>"Mare not shave face, Mare keep hair long, be modesty, whores! Shame"
>The Yak was throwing their horns closer to me and I wonder if he really even knows that's going to one shot me
>Fuck it, I'm not going to let this guy injure a foal and ruin the holidays
"Get the fuck out of here"
>I take a swing with the knife, not enough to even hit him, just enough to get his attention.
>"You bad whorse, Yak punish! Yak horn!"
>Swwwweeet jesus I feel the guys fur as I dive out of the way.
>My feet are already sore from the clip and I don't nail the landing, but I don't drop the knife
>It probably helps that when I stand to a kneel I realize I didn't cut myself to ribbons with it either
>The shocked crowd is already milling and I know I'm probably going to be catching flack, maybe even get locked in the friendship dungeon
>But I wasn't going to give this guy a chance to turn around and unburry his horn from my stall.
>I toss the knife, and it lodges itself weakly in the guys right buttcheek.
>I'm thankful I'm far enough away to not be in danger of the back swing that sweeps far enough to put me 6 feet under twice
>The yak cries in pain and plows through my entire booth, running off
>"You whores, I be bak, Me get gaurd and other yaks"
>Honestly the guys, rightful, sexism is probably the only reason he didn't turn around and paste me.
>I don't have long to feel proud of my decision, I get plenty of scowls from the crowd.
>It's only then I see Twilight cantering in towards me and the wreck
>Well at least I'm alive. no bronze statue depicting my stupidity necissary
>I hope.
Fair enough. This is my own safe haven of feels before reals too.
File: 1541218631058.jpg (68 KB, 923x713)
68 KB
The America I'm describing died when we chose the wrong side in the war
It died as a result of a century of persistent influence of Jews in America
If Jews didn't control the news in America, things may have turned out very differently
Here, watch this.
Imagine if American men had known how similar they were to the men of Germany
The feels are the reals, fren
I'm always angry desu
This is comedy.
In real life you'd get beaten for beating a women unreasonably.
No politics in /mlp/. I hate that shit when feminists and SJWs do it, and it's no better when alt-right and trad cons do it.
Post more pony smuggies pl0x.
I didn't start this thread to bullshit about that anyway

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