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File: zearth2.png (1.4 MB, 1451x1033)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
ITT mecha that we never see used to their true potential
File: dinagiga.jpg (35 KB, 512x384)
35 KB
Not like we really ever see any of it at all anyway
File: Zgmf-x23s.jpg (39 KB, 310x475)
39 KB
Biggest jobber in Gundam history.
A good chunk of the mecha in IBO fall into this. Flauros, Hemwige areincar, to name a few. Each of the Kimaris versions had at least one weapon that went unused in the show.
File: image.png (65 KB, 310x183)
65 KB
Who knows what the zanscare empire would have used this for, it barely even took off!
File: 1548609389982.jpg (84 KB, 600x700)
84 KB
*jumps good*
He didn’t fly so good

The AGE-3 Orbital wear was defeated in the episode it debuted, while Wing Gundam was passed around to almost everyone in the show and spent a large chunk of the show underwater, blown up or otherwise useless. Which, considering both were supposed to be the actual protagonist units is more damning than a secondary character like Athrun having a unit that didn't do anything beyond beat up some mooks.
File: 1530855400867.jpg (473 KB, 576x1232)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
The anime was a ridiculous waste of good design. Imagine this with 12 episodes of a war story.
If my memory serves me correct, isn't Dinagiga one of the tallest mechs out there?
How about the titular suit of the show beating a minor grunt and some mobile armors and then being downgraded to less than a mook suit for the rest of the show?
The AGE-1 or the Wing? Because the AGE 1 was still pretty kickass even when Flit was an old man

I think he's talking about the Destiny.
She's taller than Ideon, Daitarn, and the Iron Gear from Xabungle, but isn't as big as Gunbuster. Zearth eclipses them both though.
>shoots every direction but straight ahead
lrn2 perspective
Yeah, you really should. Retard, there's a huge directional patch where no lasers are being shot.
The thing has homing lasers that can pinpoint a single person in Hawaii and instantly blow them out from Japan. I don't think it matters where they fire from on the body.
The dots on the front seem to be firing points.
Try drawing multiple straight lines from that perspective and have them read the way you want them to. That's right! You can't you fucking know-it-all retard!

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