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Where the fuck can I watch this series? I see bits and pieces of it on Youtube, but I want to see the whole series. Also the kaiju suits in this look fucking amazing, almost on par with Daiei or Toho's stuff.
The history of this shows production is actually quite interesting and neat, and yes the suits were done by the same dude who did the 54goji suit and others, including ambassador magma's mask.
I've tossed some raws on a mega up at https://mega.nz/#F!5C4g3SQI!rHmb6ASoJg0iiTLwYOlqUQ

I'm not sure if the dub is up anywhere just as a copy of the dub as-is. It's a bit of a mess, they usually trim an episode or two out the stories
I've seen a copy of Space Giants that takes the dub and attaches it to the raw but doesn't trim the parts that didn't get dubbed. It doesn't work as well as it does for Ultraman or Giant Robo since there's a lot that got dropped.
the The Space Giants dub does exist in time and space, I've got it on VHS from TBS sourced bootlegs that were in circulation for a while, but not too sure if it's on the onlines at the moment
File: the space bob.jpg (86 KB, 326x324)
86 KB
okay I dug around in desuarchive, a while back I downloaded isos of some bootleg Space Giants DVDs
looks like there's only three discs, not sure if it's that hybrid thing or just the straight dub
I'll try to keep an eye out for them. I uploaded it as a multipart rar back in 2010 to megaupload
I'm pretty sure they're the same as whatever are the ones that are up on pirate bay
Holy shit this is unrelated but the Japanese version of Giant Robo is in here and I've been looking for it forever. Thank you so much!
Although the episode I downloaded has a bunch of green dead pixels everywhere.
There used to be full episodes on YouTube at one point.

Luckily Spectreman’s still there.
Hrm. Is that the 10 bit video error thing? I'll try to remember to poke at it over the next day or few.
I fixed it by loading it with VLC instead of Windows Media Player. You're all good.
cool, glad it worked out for you

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