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Could Stardust Memory be adapted into a 2 hour movie? If it were up to you, what would you keep and what would you cut?
also, /m/ovie adaptation ideashitting thread
you'd have to cut out a lot of subplots, but it could work since 0083's pretty small in scope already.

Act 1
>Kou v. Gato
>Chase Gato to space
Act 2
>Gato nukes solomon
>Gato vs Kou
>They learn about operation stardust
Act 3
>Kou gets Gp03
>Fed tries to stop stardust thinking the target is the moon
>plot twist
>finale with Kou v. Gato and colony drop on earth

One of 0083's main themes was responsibility and duty so you could do probably something good with that.
I would start by not having Burning and others just flat out disappear from the movie with no explanation
>also, /m/ovie adaptation ideashitting thread

This is good but I think you need to put the nuking of Solomon at the end of act 2. The end of the second act should have the villains at their peak and the protagonist suffering a major setback. Maybe tie this in with Lt. Burning and have Cima stop the Albion and kill Burning while Gato nukes Solomon, as this would perfectly tie in the characteristic death of a mentor trope.

Act 1:
Basically just the first 2 episodes as-is, except (1) make Kou slightly more competent to start off so that we don't have to spend as MUCH time on his development as a pilot later since this is only a 2 hour movie, and (2) have Gato escape at the end of episode 2 instead of having the shuttle shot down.

>Act 2:

have them pursue Gato into space, maybe stop at a Colony or the Moon to resupply and do a bit of world building. Then have them pursue Gato further. Albion engages Gato and Cima's pirates as Gato is on his way to Solomon. Just give Cima the Gebera Tetra from the jump here. Kou engages Gato directly. Kou holds his own and does some good damage to the GP02, but Gato has the edge. Cima interrupts their duel and severely damages the GP01b. Gato refuses to kill Kou because of muh honor, and/or just leaves to go complete the mission. Cima moves in to kill Kou, Burning saves him, but is damaged in the process and his suit explodes while taking the GP01b back to the Albion.

Gato nukes Solomon, but due to the damage sustained in his fight with Kou, the Gp02 isn't properly shielded from radiation/emp/whatever and is totally fried. Gato is unharmed, but the GP02 is bricked.

The Albion discovers Operation stardust.

>Act 3:

Similar but no Nina/Gato love triangle and no Cima double triple agent subplot (cut for time). Kou gets GP03, Gato gets Neue Ziel. Kou stomps the Zeon fleet, kills Cima and avenges Burning. Final duel with Gato and the colony drop. You could have Kou defeat Gato but the drop succeed, or do his death as written.
I would starting depositing all the money of the production in my bank account and fleeing the country. By making myself rich and helping everybody else by not making this shitty movie out ofa shit series.
>0083's main themes
0083's main theme is that Fascists are noble and cool and nothing else.
Isn’t that just last blitz of zeon?
Titans don't even show up until the end of the last episode though
0083's main theme were Danger Zone inspired gated-reverb music you plebs. The amazing animation is icing on the cake.
pretty sure OP meant a 2 hour movie that does NOT suck like Last Blitz/Afterglow of Zeon. Typical compilation movie trash
File: He's_right_you_know.jpg (73 KB, 800x598)
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>That electronic tune
>That sexophone
Yeah, I dislike the Masaki Endoh version cause the space saxophone gets replaced by an electric guitar.


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