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Meanwhile in the year 2001
And the year 2002
Can't be bothered to click those links, but Wing has always been pretty bad.
The post was originally why Gundam Wing sucks then edited for "iisnt that good" LOL. Couldn't take the rage of cartoon network's Gundam Wing fans
Wing was dumb, but it was fine and fun to watch.

it isnt as bad as IBO or SEED, IMO.
Toonami is one hell of a drug.
Wing is pretty much mediocre. Not the best, not the worst.
5 Incredible pilots, 5 Legendary mobile suits called... GUNDAMS. "There will be a day when the GUNDAMS will save us ALL!!!" -Pilot Zero 2: Duo Maxwell, The God of Death. Pilots his suit DeathScythe and eliminates his foes with ruthless efficiency. ""Anyone who sees ME, has a date with HIS maker!". -Pilot Zero 3: Trowa Barton, Stoic to a fault. Any foolish enough to stand against him when piloting his suit HeavyArms, will understand the meaning of "Heavy Metal". "This pilot 03, codename Trowa... for the record." - "ALL those who lay eyes on a GUNDAM, shall NOT LIVE to tell about it, those are the orders I was given." -Pilot Zero 4: Quatre Rebarba Winner, The Bleedful Heart. Heir to the Winner Family, a kind and gentle soul, with strength enough to pilot and crush his foes with SandRock in hopes of one day achieving peace. "WHY are YOU STILL FIGHTING... ? Don't you people understand? If you continue this battle... all of you will DIE!!" - "I wonder if this path will truly lead us to peace..." -Pilot Zero 5: Chang Wufei, The Dragon of War. Fearless and cutthroat, yet loyal as steel, and an excellent martial artist., and fights for the sake of justice. Any adversaries unfortunate enough to be confronted by him in his suit Shenlong, his beloved Nataku, will learn the name of legends... And the high costs of battle. "My NAME is Chang Wufei... I'm NOT hiding ANYWHERE... This battle will be over in mere moments..."
Wing is Zeta but self-aware
Wing is a Marvel crossover show but Gundam

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