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This subject has probably been here for a few times but I’d still love to see how /m/ thinks. I really dig the basic design (especially for face), but people don’t seem to like the fact that built in weapons or non hand held ones aren’t a thing, myself included. Granted that you’d be retreating without manipulators, but you’d syill want something to keep the enemy at bay while you’re doing so.
What would you add or take away? Some kind of high end function?
And before you ask, no I am not a fan of the Arch Destiny. That just wasn’t appealing to me for the most part.
Just use the Destiny Impulse. it has two beam cannons that aren't hand held. It has two anti ship swords. The Destiny Impulse R even has the Zeta Gundam beam bayonet feature.
A lot of designs will be crippled without their arms(A lot of the more basic designs like the RX-78 and its AU equivalents, for instance), the Destiny is just one of the more prominent ones that is crippled without its arms.
I think it stands out more because all its peers have weapons that they can use without their arms. It's the one end of series Gundam in SEED that had that vulnerability, so it feels more significant.
It honestly doesn't matter.
Destiny could probably use its back mounted cannon without its arm anyways.
CE suits are piles of stupid wank with too much crap stuck to them.
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Just like UC
>Just like UC
>posts a design from a non canon P-bandai bait side shit
Your tried. Now gas yourself, CEfag.
Being in denial is sure a fun thing.

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