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An ancient results in people moving into space. The winners set up colonies in the earth sphere. The losers are exiled to beyond the asteroid belt, and never seen for hundreds of years. The new earth government controls the population to keep keep people of the type that started the war from becoming a threat again.

6 centuries into the new era. A new enemy appears from deep space. Thinking machines made from a special organic alloy. They seek to conquer and inhabit the now wild earth. The hero is a park ranger on the earth's surface. Thrust into the war as the machines brush aside the Terran Confederacy Navy. He will awaken as member of the ancient oppressed minority and with his gundam, bring peace. As he is able to realize the machines were once the exiled humanity and they had forgotten their past.
*an ancient war results
I had this big idea all written up then I realized it was just Battletech.
Steampunk gundam with aliens
File: 1523683934622.jpg (1.51 MB, 1600x2813)
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Same, sort of how people thought how IBO would turn out.

Minovsky/GN Particles ripoff allow incredible tech (antigrav, immense energy density, etc). But they're rare and reserved for the Gundams and high grade stuff whereas 'Bog Standard' Cold Fusion reactors power the grunts.

Setting is based around a smaller verison of the IS divvied up amongst a number of factions.
giant meat puppets driven by little robots
has it got to be in the earth sphere or can it be anywhere?
I had an idea for one that's sort of like a BAD END of Destiny. There's a space cold war going on between a fascistic-socialist dictatorship where people are engineered into specialized castes and a transhumanist ancap nightmare ruled over by a handful of monstrous cyborgs who are constantly backstabbing each other and treat normal humans as playthings. The balance of power is thrown out of whack when genuine psychic powers are discovered. The main character is an escaped psychic experiment girl in the vein of Four or Marida. In addition to the two main factions, she is pursued by a mysterious black Gundam who fights against both sides. It turns out to be an artificially intelligent newtype use mobile suit that broke away from its creators control and wants to join with her so it can experience her powers.
Edgy Build Fighters
>MS fighting is a real sport and they use life-sized MSs
>Real deaths and life-changing injuries occur
>Damage and human cost to fighting area shown, i.e. city fights destroying someone’s home or stray shots destroying forests
>Protag is a disgraced ace that’s getting back in using a remote pilotable suit and a stand-in
>Lots of back room politicking, i.e. blackmail for throwing matches, sabotage between teams, and scandals to force sponsor dropouts
>Decent amount of side character death/crippling injury
>Lots of underdog hopes and dreams being crushed since their suits are blatantly inferior because they’re too poor to afford better
>Tragic end where MC wins but it’s hollow since he had to defeat/kill the relatively innocent stand-in, or watch the stand-in become as callous and shitty as he was
G Gundam. But for sport instead of ruling the Earth.
Just make a Victory Sequel with Psychoframe technology buried and forgotten.
Basically yeah, also with less world-ending threads and more moral/ethical conflicts.
File: Argent_Energy.jpg (254 KB, 1360x768)
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254 KB JPG
Been toying with this idea for a while.

>an alternate dimension is discovered and energy can be siphoned on it to power things like mobile suits.
>turns out this dimension is essentially hell. And over exposure can drive people mad.
>the main "gundam" suit can channel this energy effeciantly and overclock itself to gain massive performance boost but can drive the pilot absolutely bonkers.
>plug in may spacenoid_opression.exe in there somewhere. Maybe the theme is how crazy do you have to be to achieve your ideals and what are you willing to spend to get it like your humanity.

I think ibo kind of already did that tho.
Just throw in some actual demons if you want to differentiate
I'd an AU where they only fight in refined versions of Junior Mobile Suits due to the fact that building Gundams/Zakus was seen as costly and too ineffective due to their size.
File: 71ufYT0ZPeL._SY550_.jpg (36 KB, 422x550)
36 KB
OYW alt history.

Amuro defects to Zeon with the Gundam after the first Ramba Raal encounter. Raal and Amuro become heroes of the Zeon ground war. Eventually Raal and the Zabis clash. Causing a zeon civil war. Raal and Amuro eliminate the Zabis and take over Zeon. Causing Char to defect to the Federation. Final battle is Amuro in a Gundam/Zeong hybrid nu type mobile armor, versus Char in the Gundam Alex. Zeon and the EFSF stalemate. Resulting in spacenoid independence and a new Earth Sphere alliance.
>any of the Ghiren's greed runs that /m/ did.
Nuclear Kai is the best Gundam Story
>IBO spin off
>Cult of Angel Worshippers are plugging their brains into an AI becoming The Borg
>Anyone who is still human is deemed "Sub-Human" and their human tendencies need to be censored for the sake of process
>The cult is bringing The AI materials to build "The Ultimate Gundam"
>In battling The Protag The AI realizes some Meat-Sacks are better then his Zom-borgs
>The AI finishes his "Ultimate Gundam"
>The Gundams mouth opens and Pluma pour our attacking the Borg Cult, Killing them and eating them
>The Borg are stripped down for parts and linked together to create a tiny little monster called "Humunculous"
>This Beady-Eyes, Hunched backed, pot bellied little monster had a Giant Nose and even more Giant Mouth hiding a long snaking frankenstein tongue.
>Humunculous is designed to have a larger more sensitive brain with anything making him "Human" replaced with Reptilian Brain.
>Protag plugs himself into a Different Angel.
>The Mobile Armour climbs onto Protag Gundams back forming an actual suit of armour
>The Humunculous' Pluma have possessed an army of MS drilling into the MS cock pits, a glowing pluma eye shining out of the chest cavity like a glowing heart.
>Bad ass showdown between the Two, Protag is whipping around Pluma like Exia whips around swords
>Humunculous goes ANGRY FACE BIG BAD GUY FACE. His Beedy Eyes now bulging out if his face like a wrinkled bubble.
>More eyes began popping from between the wrinkles of his now Chameleon looking face, towers of eyes twitching in all directions like frantic telescopes long dripping tongue hanging out of hims giant toothed maw
>Protag ends the show down. Maybe he saves The Angel that started the cult for the sequel?
probably would have to steal this idea and put it somewhere because its hilarious

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