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File: ⧸a⧸ vs ⧸m⧸.webm (1.43 MB, 640x480)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB WEBM
It isn't fair that the Google captcha makes us say "I'm not a robot". That is organocentric. End cyborg erasure!

Formerly: Nyaa recovery thread.

Previous thread:

Old links


Various Mirrors:


Recommended Anime torrent and ddl sites:

>volafile · org/r/BFwgl2 (request obscure anime here)

FTP Servers are still dead. [F]
File: CuQVi4uWAAAf4GT.jpg (127 KB, 1200x675)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Hooray! Glad this thread is back.

OK, here's my problem: I've DLed all of Classicaloid (both seasons) except for episode 2 and 3 of Season 2. Every torrent of those episodes has stalled or is seedless.

Anyone know of any DDLs of Classicaloid S2 ep02 and S2 ep03?

Help /m/e, Obi-4chan, you're /m/y only hope.
They're all over the XDCCs: https://nibl.co.uk/bots.php?search=Classicaloid
Which release group and resolution are the rest in? I could probably vola the missing ones.
I've had a hell of a time trying to find the Galient OVA. Anyone have a mega of it by any chance?
>The first (大地の章 Daichi no Shō, "Chapter of the Land") and second (天空の章 Tenkū no Shō, "Chapter of the Sky") episodes are in fact recaps of episodes 1-13 and 14-25 of the TV series, respectively, while the third episode (鉄の紋章 Tetsu no Monshō, "Crest of Iron") is a spinoff that has its own storyline and different character settings.

It's in the pastebin as Galient OVA 3 Crest of Iron .mkv

Rename to "[X Nebula] Galient OVA 3 Crest of Iron [EF113044].mkv"
I'm actually brain dead, thanks. I spend hours looking over google then miss something so obvious.
anyone got the bluray raws for Galvion? Beatrice-raws isn't seeding them anymore
Does anyone have Relic Armor Legaciam?
check the vola in a bit for
File: ba-ba-ba-buh-ba.png (249 KB, 640x480)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
I need
Gundam SD MK III - 01(of 6)
Jungle Emperor - 43 DVD
Moeru! Onii-san (燃える! お兄さん) OVA 01-02
Mazinger's dinterlace are also shitty? When xPearce bitch learn how to do it?
What is Vola?
In OP there is an obfuscated link to a volafile room. Go there and use the "search..." filter at the top of the file list.
nyoo.moe & nyaa.rip rip are dead, and you forggot anirena.com
>Gundam SD MK III - 01(of 6)
Do you mean "The Mysterious Strategy of Space" 宇宙の神秘・大作戦? There is only a raw available for that. Check vola for: SD-Gundam-MK3_ep01_[IP-RAW] .avi

>Moeru! Onii-san (燃える! お兄さん) OVA 01-02
Only 01 (VHS rip) was subbed. Check vola for: Moeru!_Onii-san_-_01_[Nora].avi & Moeru!_Onii-san_-_01_[Nora].srt
Both subbed. I mean wmv LD rips. Thanks for Gundam, though
>Is Jushin Liger possible? It is retro and a Go Nagai series and it has no subs (somehow).
As you say:

Thank you! But I don't know how to use it. I am a lame ball of lamey lameness. Any guides on how to use?
There are some around (google: xdcc guide), but it'd probably be easier just to let us know which of those files you want.
All of SD Mk. III is subbed
Mk. V is missing most of it, and Mk. II is actually missing an episode, there's one accidentally included twice with the second one wrongly listed, so the correct one is likely lost to time
all 6 eps?
the v-cinema based around the wrestler could use subs, too
3D pigs are disgusting.
Did you already get RAREST mecha evar (after Atranger & Rainbowman)?

Thanks for nothing.
You're crazy. You can thank us for everything, include invite, but thank for nothing.
Huh, apparently not. Looks like it's only the 5 Sangokuden episodes. The Mysterious Strategy of Space is missing.
outside of black why aren't showa rider blu rays subbed? why isn't og ultraman blu ray subbed?
File: this is shadman.webm (973 KB, 718x720)
973 KB
>>17059085 #
Because Black was the only good Showa Rider. That and there aren't any rips of the OG or V3 Rider BDs to retime subs to. Have any of the others gotten BD releases yet?
Couldn't tell you about the Ultra series.
Even faggots like this >>17059144 have access to AB? Why not you?
Kyoryu Daisenso Aizenborg - 16 [ARR]
>Why not you?

Dude, I don't have an account with Animebytes and I have no way of getting one. Have you noticed there's no way to register?

God only knows why any release group would make a gated community like Animebytes their base of operations. Probably has something to do with money.
> I have no way of getting one.
You have 2: get invite or go for interview.
>Probably has something to do with money.
You, capitalists, are crazy about money. But sorry, invites can't be sold.
>ARR & animebytes opinyuns
plz go
File: Vanilla-Sky-money-1.jpg (76 KB, 844x473)
76 KB
>You have 2: get invite or go for interview.

I have no way to do either of those things. Quite the insider club. Or, as I said before, a "gated community".

>You, capitalists, are crazy about money.

Have you looked at THE WORLD? Pic related. I don't approve, but it's true.

>But sorry, invites can't be sold.

I wasn't trying to imply that they are for sale, and I wasn't wishing they would be for sale. But I would expect that, in some way, AnimeBytes' exclusivity is making SOMEBODY wealthier.
File: Trider sub notes.jpg (113 KB, 736x549)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Got a butthurt, ungrateful leech?
Arr subs fix mistakes even in anime itself!
Kyoryu Sentai Koseidon - 01 [ARR]
What was that Eva release that supposedly has the most accurate subtitles? Is it this?

Juushin Liger - 29 [AnimeShinigami].mp4
Since the first 2 episodes are stuck at 48.30% atm, this folder has them, alongside RAWs.

>The Ultraman anime: 1/51 - Episode 1 has been subbed on youtube, the series is announced to stream on Toku
>I have no way to do either of those things.
Too lazy?

>it's true.
It's BS. Retarded americans know nothing about world.

>I wasn't wishing they would be for sale.
Cos you have no money and job as you're lazy.

>SOMEBODY wealthier.
Not you, envying bsing bitch.
[mSubs] Yuusha Raideen 25 [D167BD42] anyone have, I hope?
File: Faito.jpg (63 KB, 687x590)
63 KB
Does anyone have Zone Fighter?
>Zone Fighter
Meteor Man ZONE (Zone Fighter) (1973/26 Episodes/Toho)
Direct from Japanese DVD.
Vol. 01: Episodes #01-05 [Japanese only]
Vol. 02: Episodes #06-09 [Japanese only]
Vol. 03: Episodes #10-13 [Japanese only]
Vol. 04: Episodes #14-17 [Japanese only]
Vol. 05: Episodes #18-21 [Japanese only]
Vol. 06: Episodes #22-26 [Japanese only]
Episodes #4-6 [English Subtitled] ["Good/Very Good" quality]
But how do I get it?
By post.
File: Boondock Thanks.jpg (65 KB, 595x325)
65 KB

oh my god you beautiful mind-reading bastard
File: m troll trolls m.jpg (360 KB, 1518x1600)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Interacting more deeply with your ideas is causing me to re-evaluate old decisions and expand into new areas of possibility.
File: 970018864.webm (2.72 MB, 640x480)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB WEBM
Could someone upload genmu senki leda on volafile?
Are these ripped?
SPIDER-MAN スパイダーマン 1978 - Official Marvel release (41/41 + Movie)
Ultraman Ace: 52/52 - VGB Malaysian DVD Set (1-52),
Ultraseven: 48/49 - Complete DVD series (Shout! Factory)
Super Robot Red Baron 1-39 (complete on DVD)
Dorkly made Spider-Man webdips years ago. Ultraseven rips were on Nyaa seeded several montha ago... no idea if it has seeds now. I ripped (and OCR) Red Baron from the Mill Creek set but its timing is fucking awful and should be resone by someone... check the archive if you need a link
Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken - 34 [ARR]
Ougon Senshi Gold Lightan TV 11-15 [ARR]
is my old uploads of the ancient Marvel subbed copies
is some better raws
Juushin Liger - 30 [AnimeShinigami].mp4
Kyoryu Daisenso Aizenborg TV 17-19 [ARR]
Nyani ga Nyandaa Nyandaa Kamen - 01 [ARR]
Cutey Honey Flash (TV)

From 2005-2007, spork did hardsubs for eps 01-09.

Last year out of OCD desperation I machine translated and time-tweaked the Russian softsubs, but they were pretty bad.

In February, Roscoe on YouTube did 09-19, but seemed to stop when their channel got DMCA'd. [#F!MLgiFAbJ!EwrGl7tD7wXL9tDa_HLbjw].

Are any of you ImperialSympathizer? [https://nyaa.si/user/ImperialSympathizer] They've done 20-34 so far.
>I’m using some Russian subs that I found as a foundation and cross-referencing my translations with the actual dialogue to ensure accuracy. I’m sure they aren’t perfect (I don’t consider myself fluent in Japanese) but they’re better than absolutely nothing which is what we’ve had for 20+ years.
They said they'll batch drop the 1-39 soon. But when!
Can someone help re-seed this Cutey Honey Flash torrent?


File: aizenborg_dvdCover.jpg (761 KB, 2400x1516)
761 KB
761 KB JPG
Anyone got the first episode, subbed, of Aizenborg? All the torrents I've tried are stillborn.
DDL it here:
could have sworn bunny hat or someone did some blu ray raws?
Yeah I'm pretty sure bh did some, and that the hd version is deseizured
File: AizenborgDVD.jpg (76 KB, 500x500)
76 KB

why still keeping our Baratack and other HK crap?
I'm not sure if I have the password for that old mediafire anymore even if I wanted to deprive humanity of USA dub Baratack
In today's "Where the fuck do I find this music", the question goes to Delpower X. The OVA itself is all over the place, but the soundtrack isn't, with only a couple of youtube videos. The name doesn't help it either.

Also to keep the thread afloat without bumps.
I would if I wasn't busy seeding something else. However, I will afterwards.
I'm glad Izenborg is getting subs, based ARR.
t. ARR
I wonder if you're Capnredbeard drunk or on some hard drugs or a very severe brain disorder, only that i want to know.
Choujin Sentai Baratack TV 06,08-10 [ARR]
Red Baron - 02 [1080p][ARR]
Can someone download the Sage BD version of AGE and put it in a mega link? (The SID one is pretty crappy.)
I don't really torrent you see, that's why I ask.
Are there any Tekkaman Blade mega links?
Don't see any obvious. My source was XDCC: https://nibl.co.uk/bots.php?search=tekkaman+blade

I can vola them later today if you want.

(There is also the chop-job dub on kissnamime, but too mutilated to remux as dual audio. Basically RoboTech'd)
Daimos has proper subs now right? Did anyone mix a dual audio version or should I just stick with Richaaaaard and Eriiiikaaaa?
File: yagyuu.jpg (228 KB, 1200x1500)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Did Koutetsushin Jeeg ever get a BD release?
Well it's good to know it exists but I was asking in the capacity of penniless worthless leech and sponge on the community. Thanks though.

huge tho. the [Shinsen-Subs] 720p HDTV are good enough for me.
nice, thanks. This is gonna take a while
Does anyone have a 720p version of the first Patlabor Movie?
The 720p sources all seem dry. How about a modest sized 1080p?


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