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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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Do not trust Eppley, especially for surgeries on the face or cranium. The bones of the head are only 7mm thick, at most. Burring them down into the diploic space will make zero difference visually and will make your head more susceptible to fractures.

Cranial surgery is possible. Problem is that surgeons won't take trannies seriously. Also, stupid FFS doctors are not interested into adopting new methodologies to upgrade their trite, old, archaic, rudimentary ffs. FFS is 38 years old and has stayed the same.

So, yes, cranial surgery is possible. It has been performed in adults with untreated craniosynostosis. It is risky, yes, but, with a neurosurgeon it can be done. You won't get a huge reduction, but, good enough to help you pass. Every little thing helps.

The brain (and ventricles, especially) can sustain a bit of rearranging.
>The brain (and ventricles, especially) can sustain a bit of rearranging

Now that is some dedication.
Imagine thinking that you have to cut yourself in order to love yourself
So I can get a smaller skull?

Some people legitimately need surgery.
At some point we need to step back and realize therapy is necessary.

If someone wishes to have surgery performed on themselves, it’s their right to do so. Also, self-acceptance is a boomer meme and therapy is a scam.

Yes, we should allow people to have whatever surgeries they wish to get, provided they’re willing to pay for them. However, we should not shield people from the consequences of their decisions, for better or worse.

Why is this so difficult for people to grasp? Is everyone in the modern world really this averse to the concept of self-responsibility?
Therapy's not a scam if you have a good therapist. It beats having a puncturable for the rest of your life. I'm not saying society bans the surgery either. I'm all in favor of social darwinism.
just remove some of the brain, duh.

>lowers IQ to that of a ciswomans
>makes room to make skull smaller

two birds, one stone
frontal lobotomy should do it
will give that small, flat forehead look that all AGP's fetishize

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