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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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>be ftm
>heavily closeted
>wear dress or skirt once a week, long hair
>invest in makeup and bullshit
>one other trans person in grade, my ex boyfriend
>came out as gay when he broke up
>literally INABLE to come out now because he will think im trying to get him back
Don't be a dumb drama queen. What he thinks doesn't matter in the slightest. Stop with the literal high school girl thinking and become a man.
ftm threads are my favorite on this board
Eh just come out and if he accuses you of that just be like "nah you're fucking ugly kys"
>I don’t want to transition because muh anxiety with past relationship

Or you could not give a fuck and do you because it is your body
transition, then rape him to show dominance.
This. The HSTS bitch probably clocked you as an... Embryo? Ftm egg? Anyway transition to male and beat her ass.
Are you going to try actively purse him once you come out? You obviously aren't, so why worry? Let him think whatever he wants, thoughts can't effect you in the slightest. Don't let it stop you.
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Grow some balls :P

Who cares what he thinks
your post makes zero sense and you think like a woman
so you are supposed ftm but a normal feminine girl who just broke up with her boyfriend? you said your boyfriend is trans and gay, mtf or ftm?
Confrontation is a big part of male socialisation. He probably won't think you came out to get him back but if he does take it as an opportunity to assert your masculinity.
lets do this very slowly, since you cant read.
op is a ftm. the exboyfriend is also a ftm. the exboyfriend came out as gay and was already out as ftm. op is not out at all, and most likely dresses the way he does due to a bad situation. if op comes out as trans, ops exboyfriend might think he is trendering to get him back. its ok, daddy anon doesnt mind reading to you, baby...
still, you can't let past relationships hold you back.
if the ex is so self-centered that anything anyone else ever does is to get his attention, then he can go fuck himself
Maybe you were attracted to him in part *because* he was trans, and just weren't aware of that at the time?

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