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Alright I have semi auto pistols, revolvers, 30 cal rifle, carbines, 22lr's, but no shotgun. ive always borrowed my brothers Mossberg or just used a friend's but it's time for my own. A friend's semi auto was finicky with cheap Walmart shells. I will be doing skeet and low level sporting clays. Round capacity doesn't matter. I find double barrels pretty convenient, even though it's counter intuitive.

My requirements are:
Wood stock and forend
Ithaca M37
Browning citori
This. Mine is amazing and has served me well
Mossberg 50p
>Stoeger coach gun
>pic related

Chokes, tang safety and they have double or single trigger options. Downside is there are no extractors and the safety resets every time you open the action. It can easily be modified by cutting or removing the arm/bar that engages the safety. For the money it's a great SxS.

For a pump action I would go for the mossman 500 field/security combo. 18" cylinder bore and choked field barrel sold as a bundle. Pretty sweet deal. Grab a rifled barrel and you have all your shotgun bases loaded..
Walmart has a Mossberg 535 for sale for about 270 and it's probably the best gun deal there is.
>3.5 inch chambers
>Good wood
>Slick action
Have you considered a break action single shot 12 gauge? They are great for shooting sports and hunting
Not OP nut personally the ONLYthing I've found single-shot break-action shotguns good for is training.
10 Gauge side by side. Anything less and you're tickling yours targets.

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