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>Wanna learn how to play?
Rules: http://mahjong-europe.org/portal/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=30&Itemid=166
Play against bots: https://www.gamedesign.jp/flash/mahjong/mahjong_e.html
(alternative HTML5 version in Japanese: https://www.gamedesign.jp/flash/mahjong/mahjong.html)
>Wanna play against other people?
On Tenhou: http://tenhou.net/0/
Private lobby with English people: http://tenhou.net/0/?L7447
Mahjong S*ul: https://mahjongsoul.yo-star.com/
>Wanna read more about mahjong?
Strategy book for beginner to intermediate players: https://dainachiba.github.io/RiichiBooks/
Strategy articles: https://osamuko.com/
Pastebin with the rest of the information:
>Wanna watch pro mahjong?

Feel free to share your daily/weekly/monthly successes and failures.
Get hyped about the M.LEAGUE draft tomorrow (or whenever it is in your timezone).

>lose because of bad play
My fault. I need to use this as a learning experience

>Lose because of bad luck
It happens. Nature of the game and all

File: 1548963186046.png (29 KB, 488x75)
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One book that I read used pic related for honitsu example (8p is dora). The book recommended to call on hatsu and discard 89s for honitsu. I get the explanation that the hand can be expensive 4 han if you manage to make it, but wouldn't it be better to just prepare for defense?
The book also said, if the hand is completely a mess, it's better to try honitsu because the speed won't be different but honitsu has more value. Isn't that too aggressive?
That's completely standard. With that hand the remaining honor tiles are decent for defense. If you draw red 5p you can also abandon honitsu, etc. If you draw another dora you might not need honitsu either. The key is to visualize the path to mangan and go for it.
>no 水口
Kondo has a harem now lol.
Why do Kadokawa and other 2 only have 3 players?
I mean, looking at a glance, even with hatsu call there are only 3 groups (4 if you want to include 8p), and very likely all those groups will end up in bad wait. Is it really better to force honitsu with that hand?
Omedetou, Hinata-san!
you have 11p, 35p, 8p, hatsu pon, ton nan chun (basically a three-sided wait). that's barely five blocks, and a pretty decent place to be if it's the early game. if you draw 0 pinzu and the others discard every ton nan chun, you still have decent defense with those three honors.

honitsu and chinitsu take a lot of imaginative power. it only really clicked for me after watching hours upon hours of 木原's tenhou stream. I still often overlook honitsu potential.

(Btw, is the book 麻雀技術の教科書?)
Hinatan kawaii!
I love crying girls! I also loved when 水口's 鼻水 was dripping down into her 口.
Literally every game feels the same. I almost won once when I pushed a ryanmen mangan vs two riichis and got to top (soith-3) but then toimen got a fucking lucky hand as dealer and won by like 1000 points, meanwhile my winning tiles were both buried deep in the wall. I hope I'll have a good day soon.
holy fuck
It's from Hirasawa's よくわかる麻雀の勝ち方.
I think I need to have more optimistic approach. I didn't think of incorporating honor tiles as a group. Thanks for the replies.
I know there's only so much you can do to make mahjong look different, but this looks fucking identical to majsoul
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486 KB PNG
Why does /jp/ really like mahjong? Aren't there better Japanese recreational games like shogi or Go that rely more on skill than luck?
>He plays boardgames solved by computers

How pathetic
you can play go and shogi with other people retard
They're not solved, even chess isn't solved.
AI is just really good at it, doesn't mean it's solved.
Imperfect information games are factually more fun.
>get nagashi mangan for the first time ever
>get hit by dama chiitoi dora 2 next round
The ride never ends.
I think there are more dama chiitoi doradoras than nagashi mangans, so you're still the luckier one.
>mahjong pro dude writes a blogpost about the m-league draft
>says that some teams are clearly not trying to win the tournament and that ruins it, etc.
>few days pass
>apologizes and deletes tweet + blogpost
Where does he come from, renmei fag or C tier saikouisen scrub?
The point of M-League is to get lots of viewers for the sponsors anyway. That's how you get people like Hagiwara who's there more for entertainment value than for his skill.
this' the guy
Because of surprises
File: D4.png (55 KB, 687x689)
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Yea? Come at me
Not just that, but also because capped information horizon prevents a game from becoming a look-ahead contest, as in the strategy doesn't ultimately trickle down to scanning as many moves as possible and choosing the best one in allocated time (and the game isn't decided by who can do it better than the opponent).
Now that doesn't make mahjong a good strategy game (or a strategy game at all), but because of that decision-making in mahjong is much more interesting than going through rote tasks of perfect information games.
I remember tried its beta version, it's laggy as hell and it made Majsoul looked as clean as Tenhou.
It's a chinese export game, by the way, just like the mahjong itself.




I don't mind this.
ZERO reviews the new JAV video featuring a mahjong pro girl and strip mahjong
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I play with women sometimes, but goddamn...

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