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File: library.png (2.29 MB, 1920x1040)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
How much Touhou do you have in your music library anons?
Favorite songs and albums?
Artists and Circles?
Vocals or none?

For starters I like me some jazz so I highly recommend ones like xi-on, Cafe de Touhou, tanigon, and especially Active NEETs.

What about you anons? Discuss and share your musical tastes
File: 1545018602766.png (213 KB, 700x950)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
I just have the original OST and a NEET collection, along with random stuff
Where can I find more?
File: 1536430129556.png (42 KB, 208x212)
42 KB
Well for me I got most of them from when dojin.co was still up but after that I got them from other sources like GensokyoVN or Touhou no Sekai along with autistically searching through google for a working download as it took quite a while to get a few certain albums
File: .png (231 KB, 1822x513)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
>Where can I find more?
File: 2hus.jpg (325 KB, 900x900)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
i made these back in 2016
barely keep up with touhou doujin music anymore though
Recently been listening to some great ziki_7 stuff

Also, where the hell am I supposed to find Iris Love Machine? Nyaa and the DoujinStyle archives don't seem to have it.
File: 71026265_p0.png (162 KB, 500x600)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
After combing through google for a good 30 fucking minutes I found it and uploaded it to my google drive.
Here's the link and have fun
ZUN art >>>>>> all your recycle recycle a.k.a. copycats
File: awesome.jpg (103 KB, 367x470)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Holy shit you're my hero, thanks so much
File: 1540076753095.png (128 KB, 500x400)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
You're welcome
File: cover.jpg (1.3 MB, 1800x1779)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
every time I think 'there's no way this genre could have touhou arranges' I get proven wrong
I found this yesterday.
I gave it a listen, it's not that bad but it's not my type of genre, but damn that's pretty surprising.
I wonder how many genres Touhou has covered?
File: file.png (241 KB, 340x289)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
hatsunetsumiko's is another one that threw me off
it kind of reminds me of BRADIO, but for touhou and in english
File: 1534920026617.png (6 KB, 300x310)
6 KB
I was expecting engrish but that's actually pretty good. I like that Black Eyes one
Some hatsunetsumiko's songs are hit and miss for me, but the vocalists are great. Most of my favorites have Chen-U in them.
wow, that Deaf to all but the song remix gives me some kind of bond movie opening vibes
and now that I look at the comments, MGS3 makes sense too
never really listened to 2hu music
rec me bossa nova, shibuya kei, 2000s y sounding stuff, and similar inspired things
I was browsing latest Reitaisai threads and some anon did mighty compilation at the end of the thread. Might as well repost it here.


I'm trying to find remixes and guitar (not metal) versions of TD's Stage 1 theme anyone know some?

(No vocals pls)
File: yo.png (149 KB, 418x336)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Looked around on youtube for a bit and here's what I got. Hope you like the picks at least


These 3 have guitar in them

And here's one done by logical emotion that I have on me
File: nice.jpg (70 KB, 499x481)
70 KB
Oh shit that's pretty nice. Thanks for sharing and bless that anon
A lot of Shibayan and Tutti Sound and Alstroemeria.
I'll post my small doujin library tonight (yuro time). I'm listening to only a dozen or so so bands because I'm quite selective in what I listen to when it comes to quality.
Also, I have 99% of the canon material, and also purchased almost all of ZUN's official albums.

There's also MUCH better than marasy when it comes to piano arranges.
File: is that so.png (134 KB, 450x450)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
>There's also MUCH better than marasy when it comes to piano arranges.
I've been following marasy for a long time and I do enjoy most of his works and youtube vids as well.
Some of his albums that I really liked are his touhou sleep albums.
He's also the pianist of the piano drum&bass group logical emotion, a favorite of mine.
Mind if you enlighten me and give some recommendations?
what do you mean you made them Anon ? I'm curious
He's talking about the Touhou music threads.
That said, since 2016, we've had another type of autism that actually killed those threads: the guy that complained about people listening to arranges of Touhou, saying that we should pay more attention to what ZUN makes himself, that's HE is an actual artist and creator worthy of attention and not the others, how Touhou conventions are nothing but circlejerking without any creativity, and so on.
I think this guy actually killed the threads momentarily.
that's kinda sad and limiting to view it that way isn't it ?
I mean we can't deny ZUN's genius when it comes to music but dojin works and arrange are the core of the serie, he said it himself.
I think even if ZUN's originals are amazing we have to view it as patterns he sends to us and each part of the community is embroidering theses patterns as they please.
Highly recommend everyone to download the production of N-Tone, a circle that disbanded and left all their albums free to download from internet.
File: music.png (29 KB, 617x369)
29 KB
Sorry for being late, here is my doujin folder. Feel free to check the band at the top, I really love their piano arranges.
They are? Where? I see nothing on the page.
it was one of those threads where you make 3x3 collage of your favourite albums. i don't remember what >>21135257 is referring to
I found this guy randomly and he's really good. I wish he had more views. Idk if that's just midi or whatever but that shit makes me dance like crazy.
Here are the XFD
Oh, cool thanks I'll check it out
I like these ones
Big fan of Night Sakura so I'm constantly on the look out, some of my favourites I've heard.

These are by maritumix I don't think they've ever released an album but they up their arrangements for free download anyway. Have mixed the song several times but personally I am a bigger fan of their first attempt.

From the Gensou Shoujo Taisen games by an arranger called Ibiza of Sanbondo, really nice energetic version used as a battle theme.

A string orchestral version by xi-on if you're into that kind of thing.

This absolute masterpiece was the last work ever by Kirinagi of Miskyworks before they disappeared. Was never actually released as they were unable to get a place at their planned last Comiket attendance and was released as a free download through their website.

And this one by Minimum Electric Design a very recent one is probably one of the first I've heard in a long time that I've really liked and close contest for my new favourite.
I intentionally avoid putting Touhou in my usual music folders. I like it too much, and I don't want to get bored of it by listening to it too often outside of the games. Once in a blue moon I'll dig up one of the albums and listen to it, but I usually leave it at that.
I dont think thats going to happen. Even if you dont like many musical genres theres just so many good circles to listen to, with entirely different takes on the same songs that you will not get tired of it. Unless you are talking about the ost then nevermind im stupid
Yeah, I was mostly referring to ZUN's own stuff. I'll listen to the occasional arrange too, but nothing much from particular circles.
Yeah, I can see that you would easily fire of the music just from ZUN. That's why you should be listening to different arranges to keep it fresh. Any genres in particular that you like? I could probably recommend you a few
where i can get this album? been listening to yabba ragga 2, but can't find the first anywhere.
A simple google search was all it took
i'm a brainlet. thanks.

Here you go

Anybody know the link where it lists a ton of touhou songs and their genre?
It was posted in a thread where someone was asking for recommendations, but I can't find it in any archives. Probably because I'm using the wrong keywords or something.

Few songs to check out that stand out from the rest

>幻想世界 -necrofantasia-
>ultima thule
>tomorrow is another day
>on set phantasma
>aerial crossver
Anybody knows of City Pop arranges? There's this ウインド ロウ song in a halozy album that's really close to the style but I know nothing else.
I assume you mean this?
Anyone know where to find tamusic(tam) piano violin collection online? A bunch of my favourites were deleted.
I'm not sure about anything about that style but the closest that I can think of that you may like are the Touhou House Sets.
Well here's what I found for ya

I'd really appreciate it if someone could direct me where I can listen to pic related.
After some digging I found a nico vid but no working download yet, but here you go
File: DzD0YjSV4AAhCY0.jpg (152 KB, 769x1000)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Teto please let me hear the screamo again AAAA.
That downloads with youtube-dl just fine, but I don't think it's very good quality. I managed to find https://muxiv.net/playing/849890 by poking around on some dead radio stream playlists -- it looked like the IDs are sequential, so I grabbed everything with the same cover art.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know if it's in order, or if it's right, because it wasn't tagged for shit (at least that I can see), and the player was scrounging it together from different hosts. I also have absolutely no ear for music, so it all sounds the same to me. But here you go (I also included the rip from niconico in case you want that): https://mega.nz/#F!c0BDTIYa!Sx42zzPixFBuMEnYQEHz3g
I just download random shits for every comiket/reitaisai.
Averaging around 90 albums per event.
Most are lossless by the way because I want to appreciate it with my STAX earspeaker.
Turns out tagging it wasn't that bad: https://mega.nz/#F!1lRnGI5Z!7TuZ6Lbf5ch8_tLAZSMPCQ
File: A_Modern_Ghost封面.jpg (549 KB, 826x826)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
Does anyone know where to find A Modern Ghost by Accord on Codes? I've been searching for a good while and all I have so far is a demo
Anyone know where I can find

That nyaa link only has albums 1-3
Here's a link to my backup but it's mp3 not flac if that's really important to you
This one?
Oh sweet. Thanks.
Ahh, almost all the links for the ピアノのための東方小品集 Op.# series are dead now. I can only find the 5th one and lastest "new" works.
That would be pretty cool but I dont think ive ever heard any touhou arrange like that. The closest I know would be hatsunetsumiko or some specific shibayan albums but its not the same. I wonder if the recent popularity of 80s 70s jpop is a western thing, because otherwise i wouldnt be surprised if some circle tried it
File: Cap.jpg (57 KB, 906x502)
57 KB
I appreciate your help. But I decided to just get it from TLMC collection itself.

For others, that link doesn't work even after making an outlook account. Maybe i'm doing it wrong? I don't know, I have never used sharepoint before.
Doujin music is shit

Looking for a video of Reimu repeatedly saying "Unko no Youga o Sugiru" along to the tune of the Deku Palace's theme in Majora's Mask.

Please help me out here /jp/.
From the image that you provided it probably looks like it's from a cookie video. I'm not that knowledgeable about cookie stuff but there's a thread about it so you can ask there, but I'll do some digging of my own

Here's the thread >>21117988
File: 1554517914005.jpg (59 KB, 448x342)
59 KB
Never mind, I just had to reverse image search it
Here bud

Sunlight Diamond is really good
File: 1554827129446.jpg (2.75 MB, 1771x2508)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
I'm a fan of arranges that take in classical influences like:
File: Untitled.png (1.18 MB, 1218x825)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
I need more
File deleted.
Been a while, completely forgot about this thread

Listened to all of these, they're pretty good
favorites would be dBu's and xi-on's versions


Thanks anons
File: DtuaUIdU0AAG5eL-1.jpg (2.6 MB, 2466x3514)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
Patiently waiting for these ever since the last jagmo thread. You can find the older ones elsewhere.

any other circles like this?
Get the rest of Cafe de Touhou, there's a link I already posted here
File: a2018563303_10.jpg (440 KB, 1200x1186)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
Having just found H.J. Freaks, their instrumentation sounds terrific, and the albums are even on bandcamp, which is a nice change.
Orange Coffee's albums put an interesting spin on things, so they're worth a listen.
Thanks, I'll be having a look at the full albums.
Thanks, anon!
Thanks for the Orange Coffee recommendation I'll check up on them
Pretty nice stuff
I have every single ravers nest in flac except the 8th one. I can't find it anywhere.
Is there some sort of backup for Bishamontenreturn?
File: cover.png (993 KB, 1430x1418)
993 KB
993 KB PNG
>How much Touhou do you have in your music library anons?
A modest 50 GB, it started with some collection of random tracks I found somewhere, probably not very big. Since then it's been only handpicked albums, and rarely ever FLAC.
>Favorite songs and albums?
Song: UI-70/Demetori - Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path
Album: Hard to say, but the songs album "the view of spiral riverside" is a good candidate for being the best too.
Rock/metal, I guess.
>Artists and Circles?
UI-70 is my favorite, sucks they are dead. Of the alive ones, I guess Akatsuki Records.
>Vocals or none?
I'm generally more of an instrumental guy but when the vocals are nice I really dig it. My two favorite voices are without a doubt Stack (Akatsuki Records) and Chata (various circles but mainly ENS, seems she has left them though, and with her went most of my love for ENS)
I dunno if they're obscure or not, but since I'm German I appreciate the German 2hu circles and singers out there. I feel like they produce gems fairly consistently.
Yeah, someone posted this in a thread on /v/ and this also includes a few others
File: file.png (30 KB, 356x503)
30 KB
also gonna point out (for the bishamontenreturn section at least) the video's description is in the comments when you download the video
helpful because that's where the sauce is
Is there an essentials chart?
Since you like rock/metal I would recommend CROW'S CLAW and xi-on if you haven't heard of them and also TAMUSIC's rock + violin albums as well
Oh thanks for pointing that out
sakabato is really nice
post cheesy but good 2hu electronic or dance music remixes
define cheesy
Looking forward to this album.
maybe in the vein of this kind of sound
doesn't have to be rave or hardcore though
File: Thumbs_uppatchy.jpg (31 KB, 320x320)
31 KB
I came here for this exact thing. Thank you anonymous. You are truly my greatest ally.
Anyone know where I can find
File: J A Z Z.jpg (1.21 MB, 1242x1238)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
File: TAM3-0087.jpg (89 KB, 500x500)
89 KB
Although the vid is down, form what I gathered I think this is the one you are looking for
It's the 2nd song
File: jiggy.gif (986 KB, 200x161)
986 KB
986 KB GIF
Here's a few others I have backed up as well and also for those who don't have/missing some so you don't have to go digging for them. And again mostly mp3 and not flac
Active NEETs
logical emotion
xi-on (mostly jazz and a few others but no rock)
SWING HOLIC (don't have every album on me but a good amount)
Anyone know of circles that make music like this?
Don't want to bother you but the stuff the other anon posted is pretty nice. That being said, your link is 404.
>That being said, your link is 404
Ah my bad I probably removed it from my drive, the link should be working now
I think this counts
I think you might like some of As/Hi Soundworks piano stuff
I never paid too much attention to the music of Touhou, it's good and all but I never bothered listening to it outside the games. Until I played the PC-98 games, holy fuck the music of Touhou 3 and 5 is god tier, Alice's themes are masterpieces.
>I never paid too much attention to the music of Touhou
are you deaf?
anybody got some quality touhou eurobeat? I'm particularly interested in A-One and more like that
Are there any Punk arrange albums aside from the one based on IOSYS?
File: cover.jpg (202 KB, 601x600)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
>How much Touhou do you have in your music library anons?
My doujin music library is 85 GB lossy and 45 GB lossless. I would guess about half of that is Touhou.

>Favorite songs and albums?
Way too many. If I had to pick 5 songs:
Tennenjemini - Never give up!

izna feat. mintea - シャーレの子ども

EastNewSound - Lucid Dream

Babbe feat. Kasuka - GOODBYE MY DEAR
(somehow not on youtube)

ARM - Re: UsaTei

[EastNewSound] Solitude Blossom
[Shibayan Records] Musou Materialise
[Syrufit] Blossom
[Alstroemeria Records] ABANDONED DANCEHALL
[Riverside] metamorphoXIs
[俺++(Includeore)] 智 -WISDOM-
[cYsmix] Haunted House

>Artists and Circles?
Nhato, Shibayan, Taishi, Kokuchou, Kirin, Irus, izna, LAZ, Camellia, ziki_7, Jinnosuke Okibayashi, Syrufit, Clean Tears
Vocals: Yura Hatsuki, ℃iel, hanatan, Mei Ayakura, Mashiro Minase, Vivienne, Chata, 3L, Ranko, Ritsuka

I was going to split this into genres but it got too hard to classify some of them.
EastNewSound, Halozy, IZMIZM, SOUND HOLIC, Shibayan Records, Mohican Sandbag, Syrufit, Alstroemeria Records, pastyle, LiLA'c Records, Includeore, monochrome-coat, FELT, dBu music, ESQUARIA, DiGiTAL WiNG, Amateras Records, ALiCE'S EMOTiON, ZYTOKINE, Silver Forest, Conagusuri, 556mm, IOSYS, Hachimitsu-Lemon, Jerico's Law, Rolling Contact

Most variants of electronic music, but also everything else.

>Vocals or none?
Typically prefer vocals when it's put together well, but instrumental music is always good too.

Tell me what genre you want to hear about and I'll blog some more.

chea boy
>Tell me what genre you want to hear about and I'll blog some more.
Any Disco, Hi-NRG, funk or general 80s-sounding arrange albums?
The PC-98 music is amazing, but you must have played the windows games on mute.
No I mean the music of the windows games is good but nothing impressed me, unlike with the PC-98 music. And even more impressive that it's all chiptune, no fancy instrument samples.
would definitely recommend:
[Mohican Sandbag] Toho Cocktail
(it's basically just one long track)

[Shibayan Records] DISCO METRIC
[Shibayan Records] Retro Future Girls
Adastrea, another Shibayan album, is similarly disco-themed if I recall correctly. I didn't like that one as much but a lot of people love it.

That style of music is not my forte so I'm sure others can recommend more.
Nice, that first one is exactly what I was looking for.
I like this song by 発熱巫女~ず(Hatsunetsumiko's)


do their albums has the same feeling to it?
There are reasons people like the OST.
Slightly offtopic, but does anyone know where I can download the full OST for MariAri fangame (the first one)? All I have is a couple of tracks downloaded from Youtube ages ago.
I've been itching for some more piano stuff and this is really good
Does anyone have any PC-98 era music arrange albums they can recommend?
SWING HOLIC vol 11 and 13 you may like
New Hatsunetsumiko crossfade:
Fucking NICE. A full song dropped last night
Need more like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm-b2gpHGCA
Here's one you might enjoy
And you may also like xi-on's jazz/funk LoLK album Groovy Moon
File: 1535310297553.png (230 KB, 600x891)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
CrazyBeats, NJK Record, 激戦の人 (Gekisen no Hito), Halozy and of course A-One all produce some really good Eurobeat. Eurobeat Union also do some nice covers of other circles songs too.

Eurobeat Union

Crazy Beats

NJK Record



File: cover.jpg (309 KB, 800x696)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Maybe this album:
File: 1551396024810.png (637 KB, 610x1255)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
Can anyone share any of this guy's albums? Can't find them anywhere and I love instrumental eurobeat.
What's this and how do I tune in?

I think this is it.
Pretty good A-One set, tomorrow's looking good too.
Yeah, I loved that Melo Melo Meltdown revival mix. Looking forward to this https://soundcloud.com/a-one-1/tebrm2
8am here can't stay up much longer, enjoy C&C for me.
File: 1547938969989.png (2.67 MB, 1536x1750)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB PNG
My iconnection was screwing up when ZUN was on stage singing paranoia with digital wing FUCK
That was a fun live.
I'll be sure to watch tomorrow too.
I can't decide if Flanders or Clownpiece has the better theme or which one is cuter

Tokyo Active NEETs about to perform.
Their next Bakuon Jazz album is going to be a remaster?
File: YFCD-9001.jpg (136 KB, 600x600)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
I always have a stack of Touhou CDs for the vehicle. Currently digging Gensokyo Retro Musical, 3 CDs of nothing but chiptune. Includes stuff by Komissar, HertzDevil, and 40Nix.
Looks like it.
And looks like they're rereleasing Kokyo Active NEETs's past touhou arranges all on one disc or something.
Really wish the Touhou lossless archive wasn't in TTA.

I know I can use cuetools/ffmpeg to convert it, but it's a large amount of storage for a separate FLAC copy.
Ah damn, I was hoping for a much need StB/DS album or even an album of all the fighting games
File: 2019-04-28_06-11-05.png (639 KB, 1083x641)
639 KB
639 KB PNG
ZUN forcibly removing the yukkuri menace.
Alstroemeria Records next.
File: vivaldi_mX0AgXePVA.png (1.81 MB, 1963x903)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
I got sad when only a few people knew Shinra Bansho, shiawase egoisto is a really good album.
Can't wait to wake up and listen to M3 rips.
It looked like plenty of people knew them to me.
And the stream comments got pretty animated when they played Shiawase Egoist, which makes sense considering the PV has over a million views on youtube.
These guys thj.quartet are gving me some Active NEETs vibes
A Subterranean Animism album from Fox Laboratory:
what happened to dojin.co?
it doesn't exist anymore?

what's a good place to download doujin music?
>what's a good place to download doujin music?
go in the archive and look for the past comiket/retaisai spreadsheets
alternatively, VK
and of course there's the doujinstyle discord but that's unfavorable if you don't care much for the platform
Met some of the NEETs (TAMUSIC and Akai Ryusei) at a con bit over a week ago and got a nice signed banner from them. Wish I bought more CDs though. Their live performance is great.
>what happened to dojin.co?
From what I know, the owner was being a jew by adding ads and ad redirects as well as a fucking donation paywall.

Some of the sites I use to get mainly get 2hu music are
Touhou Records
Touhou no Sekai
All of a sudden I now know what it feels like to follow Shibayan Records hoping for their old style and all you keep getting are cafe bossa nova albums.
This is gonna be probably a weirdly specific question, but are there any albums of circles that produce touhou covers in a mega man x5 style? I was thinking about the similarities between Reisen's theme and Zero stage 2 in X5, and wondering if anyone else has done anything similar.
Also, there was another song I remember thinking sounded distinctly megaman-like, think it was from one of the fighting games but can't remember which one.
alongside the other recommendations, there's also the huge collection on nyaa.
9Tensu is decent
So if I looked through those and didn't find something, would it be safe to assume it's not uploaded? I'm looking for 電子弦奏VII Reason to Rekindle from C95 specifically.
Could anyone help me locate this song from Osana Reimu?
I'd be super thankful.
New Shinra-Bansho Album
New COOL&CREATE albums:
And a short version of the first track from the second album (the same song they performed at niconico Chou Kaigi):
Is there a reason no one is recommending the lossless archive?


Unless you're only going for new releases, it's got plenty to work with, and you don't have to download it all.
Plenty, especially NES, some SNES-
>Megaman X5
Now that's a challenge, but I think I may have two close albums:

Both are FM arranges, but I feel they have a similar sound as X5. Give those a shot.
File: tenshibourine activate.gif (713 KB, 420x420)
713 KB
713 KB GIF
Fucking nice, i've been loooking for some more Wonderful Heaven arranges this just dropped a few days ago
File: unknown-21.png (137 KB, 325x735)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
You absolute madman, I expected nothing at best
This is pretty great too, so thanks a lot
I just download whatever I like from youtube plus all the official soundtracks including the music CDs.
I listen mostly to Touhoubeat, Jerico's, dBu and ninoseyasunori.
One of the best vocal pieces I've heard. I just love how rough and forced her voice gets that gives off such an emotional feel
Any good releases from Reitaisai?
There might be another thread for that unless this one will be used for sharing music and stuff from
File: front.jpg (966 KB, 800x790)
966 KB
966 KB JPG
I love Stack so much

New Bossa Nova album
That really high note she throws out near the end, I love it. I listen through this song just for that part.
not electro
I bought this on ebay a while back, but the cd wouldnt play. It was buttons so I didnt bother to send it back. couldn't find more than couple of songs anywhere

I guess a computer drive can't read it either?
yeah tried it on a laptop, desktop and hifi. no luck. the cd looks perfect though
Any good synthwave arranges? I can't find anything good other than
I don't really know where to look on other than yt tho
Is this in flac or am I wasting my time
With those sizes, obviously not.
File: Spoiler Image (437 KB, 600x445)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
I wish this guy would sell his Touhou covers on Bandcamp. I'm form /g/ and dont have a way to buy music form fag-tunes or (((Amazon.)))

This one is a favorite of mine.
Nice, a favorite of mine is this one with The8BitDrummer and him also cosplaying as Raiko
Plus this one
It'd be nice if he would start doing some stage themes too
I wonder if you still remember this, 2hu friends

I still listen too this album especially this track and linjin's albums too
File: tjazz01re_2400.jpg (747 KB, 1024x1024)
747 KB
747 KB JPG
File: folder.jpg (89 KB, 640x640)
89 KB
Anyone got any good recommendations that are similar to Sound Holic? I just recently finished listening to all of their shit and it was a pretty good time, but I want more.
never ever
bumpin' with some music
More than a Night
No Guardian Angel
Here I Am
UFO Lover
Time Will Tell
Loud Faith
Uninstall Love
China Gal

I really love A-One's work, especially eurobeat by T. Stebbins
Anyone know of anything similar to the stuff Lumpy TZS did? Specifically the more experimental stuff.

I like this
best Christmas jams?
Almost missed this
Not exactly Christmas but it has that "wintery" vibe to it
Am I the only one who's terribly upset at those two Western dudes who make run of the mill Touhou metal remixes and get hundred thousands of viewers for some reason while actually good Japanese artists have a hard time reaching 100k.
How many jap artists actually post their content solely on youtube? I thought a lot of them post their stuff on niconico and the like.
Niconico isn't nearly as popular and videos have in general much less popularity (views) on NicoNico, which shows that
1) YT is overall the preferred platform
2) Foreign people have certainly more interest in Touhou and it's weighing in the "balance"
No because keeping things to oneself is nice.
Not only was that not what was said in my post, don't get me started with that either. You know very well that a certain degree of popularity will ALWAYS bring normalfags whose sole purpose is to ruin everything by injecting their politics and shitty world view into it. You DON'T want something to become too popular, that's like a basic law in society.
Are there any circles that make Breakcore arranges? I don't know any and I quite like the genre.
>for some reason
They have steady amount own their subscribers. Those people will listen whatever they post. Not to mention that let's say Dementori have also a lot of views on YT. Although I get your point, maritumix for example makes some nice stuff but his amount of views is criminal.
Anyone have any Windows series songs arranged with the PC-98 soundchip style and vise versa?
Is this the stuff you're looking for?
What are some similar albums to Cafe de Touhou? Also, how are you guys discovering and dowloading all the music, is it on some place like nyaa?
File: 71021598_p0.png (281 KB, 950x950)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
Here are some albums I compiled (Which are pretty much all mp3 and not flac I can't hear the difference with my headphones anyway) that are smiliar to Cafe de Touhou so you won't have to bother searching for them.
I don't have every album of some of the circles listed here so if you want to checkout the rest of their stuff or to find other albums'circles on your own, you can try these sites as seen in the replies >>21259554

Here's the link with the albums I compiled
File: 1515946928985.jpg (12 KB, 199x223)
12 KB
Thanks a lot, anon
I hope index thing wont break upon selecting these. Files have mind of their own apparently.
Shiba did a new track on that nachi collection, at least.
I really like Mystic Square.
File: AECD-034.png (517 KB, 500x500)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
Whats your favorite ALiCE'S EMOTiON album?
Forest of Crimson I/II
Interesting, I don't much care for those. Some of his albums I could listen to all eternity.
File: flan.jpg (31 KB, 941x334)
31 KB
I'm so upset at the fact that the Active NEETs actually released an "album" on which they simply burnt the medleys that they used for their preview video. Like, what the fuck guys?
artist: minami
circle: Demetori
song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLlXlxZBpKU
album: pic related
no vocals is (usually) better

fight me
I would almost agree, but I think that the really great songs with vocals are better than the really great songs without them.
i personally they're almost all really good though

It makes me sad that most of the remixes are of Magus Night, and not Witches' Ball.
I mostly listen to the popular circles
I've been grabbing COOL&CREATE albums lately after i got done grabbing all of Akatsuki records.
I really fucking enjoy all of the touhou Eurobeat though, everyone needs more Sebbin in their life
I wish most of this sit wasnt so annoying to find downloads.
oh wow, im going to have to try Hatsunetsumiko
thats some good shit right there
kino song
File: 1549861086178.jpg (517 KB, 848x937)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (2.04 MB, 600x634)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB GIF
Are you ready for Active NEETs in 19 hours boys? Although not 2hu it's still NEETs though
>not touhou
I don't care. They're selling out hard. Their latest CD and the Azur Lane shitfest are saying a lot about how they are managing their success.
Do you anons have any information on bossa nova 8.
I neeeeeeed it.
this is from a game isnt it?
File: 1486658616787.gif (9 KB, 138x164)
9 KB
I miss foreground eclipse......
I want to buy suwawa's new album but they only sell it off melonbooks. There's no download anywhere either. Guess I have to wait and hope I get lucky.
No spreadsheet for RTS16 right?
I fucking hate discord uploading shenanigans.
I haven't been very involved with updating my music in the past few years. I'm trying to get back into it, but most of the time I prefer the quiet of my house.

>Favorite songs and albums?
I like Drum and Bass that doesn't have a modern EDM or dubstep influence. Think closer to techno or Pendulum. I also like shoegaze or noise rock, techno, ambient and metal.
>Vocals or none?
Generally no.
I found a circle called last little while recently that does nice shoegaze arranges.
File: cover.jpg (166 KB, 601x600)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
you posted it.

Great taste! I'm actually missing FORLANE | SANA gotta go look for it.

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