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ITT political figures who can't be touch in your country
Fuck that poof, I wish I had a time machine so I could spaff inside his mam's minge while the infant version of himself was looking and crying.
Also people get kind of upset whenever activist groups start slandering naval heroes.
Can't be touched now or can't be touched when they were still around?
Tg vous l'avez fait partir en 1968 bandes de mongoloid.
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So we are gonna ignore 1968 huh

I was gonna say this guy but he finally got arrested a while ago kek
Does France want another militar dictatorship to put those gilet jaunes in their place?

Well, France is pretty much a dictatorship at this point.
This fag too on a smaller scale.

(we can also add Simone Veil btw)
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At least not by MSM
This man, Einar Gerhardsen. Prime minister and party leader of The Workers Party which came into government after WWII. Pretty much single-handily pulled Norway up from Romania to 1st world in his terms. Introduced a lot of socialist policies which laid the foundation of our modern welfare state, and was the main reason Norway grew so fast from poor country to where we are today. He's simply called Father of the Nation and even the most right-wing parties will say a single bad word about him, never heard anything but positive things from him ever.
Was a real peoples man too, lived in a small two rooms apartment with his wife and kids in the workers part of Oslo his entire life.
It's not, very far from it.
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So why did they tried to blow De Gaulle up then?
fuck this ugly NIGGER
File: pedroII.jpg (9 KB, 203x248)
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Pedro the secund, monarchist Hues love him, average hue don't give a shit, so he got basically all defenders and no attackers.

He invested a lot in schoolarship and was a great diplomat, dealed with the paraguayans and all the internal revolts, deverloped the country at an impressive speed for the time, but got cucked by his own generals at the end
who is this?
He had som perverted dream about ''little girls playing with each other'' '
Typical Niggur
This: >>106931198
It's another one of those reasons to hate France: the name of De Gaulle is often thrown around for legitimacy or some appeal to the past, but in reality they hate the man and his ideas.

The man was politically opportunistic, hating socialism but stealing elements from it to make capitalism more palpable for the masses. The masses that wanted socialism and ousted socialists.
The man wanted a strong nation and a strong military that would lead Europe, the current French don't even meet NATO's 2% norm.

I could go on and on about how his name is used opportunistically, but the worst example is the fucking yellow vests. This second socialist revolt in the same style of the 68 revolt that ousted De Gaulle, and what do they dare say? That "De Gaulle was the last president who listened to the people".

The French are a detestable people that love namedropping a man they would ABSOLUTELY FUCKING DESPISE if he were in charge today. Hell, they'd probably fucking assassinate Napoleon if he rose from the grave to fix things.

Look at pic related. LOOK AT IT. Realize that this was a man who lived, ate, breathed and slept France. This was the guy who, as a teenager, wrote stories about "General De Gaulle" saving France from the German menace. The man who tried to live that dream even after France had fallen due to being so woefully unprepared against the neighboring military regime. The man who had spent most of his adult life trying to one way or another save or fix France. Just ask yourself what it would take for such a man to say something like pic related. It would take constant disappointment by a country he loves and gave more for than any still living man. I pity him because he was a good man, he was too good for the country he was cursed with.

Because the French are a people that expect others to do things for them, then spit in their faces when others actually do it.
File: vargas.jpg (17 KB, 245x368)
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Pedro is loved, but is is actually far from being the biggest political taboo here, this place is owned by BASED PRESIDENTE

he is loved by boomers, fascists, communists, nationalists, historians and some random fags who pretend to follow him, even people who were tortured on his regime supported him after his death.
he reducted the domination of the farming elites in the country "democracy", build the national industry from zero, invisted in public healthcare, schooling, build railways, roads and eletric plants, his governament is often refered as the golden era, his policies include the very first national worker rights, national conservative values, anti-regionalism and national-deverlopmentism and corporatism (with worked back then)

he ordered commies to have they balls amputed and the fascists to be spanked, he declared eternal friendship to hitler but ented fighting for the allies to get better economic deals with the mutts, such a pragmatic person


he was also prosecuted by jews and killed himself to advoid being killed by his enemies
That's our politician who do this though, not us...
And I blame the jews for Mai 68
The problem with De gaulle is that he didn't give a fuck about the economy. France was very poor at the time in rurals areas.
>That's our politician who do this though, not us...
And who votes for them? Do you really think Japan isn't being flooded by immigrants because their honorable politicians are keeping a populace that desperately wants "diversity" in check? Of course not, politicians are whores who do what gets them the most votes. In France that's abusing the name of De Gaulle while spitting on everything he stood for.

>And I blame the jews
What don't you blame the jews for? If your kind is to be taken seriously, jews play both sides of the board (which ironically would make them the master race but let's ignore that little leap in logic).

>The problem with De gaulle is that he didn't give a fuck about the economy.

>France was very poor at the time in rurals areas.
Not only is your entire argument that "giving about the economy" = gibsmedats (which is objectively false), but you're also ignoring that De Gaulle is the reason why the EU finances French agriculture so generously in the first place. De Gaulle veto'd everything until the CAP was written exactly how he wanted it. But of course he doesn't give a fuck about farmers because they aren't subsidized heavily enough.

This retarded mindset is why your economy is in the shitter in the first place.
Ta gueule, Rochedy.
holy fucking based
that poortuguese weeb who spams those shitty francewank threads absolutely btfo
thank you
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File: princess of italy 66.jpg (21 KB, 267x318)
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File: ex-commie.jpg (89 KB, 1300x866)
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File: chetnik-chief.jpg (70 KB, 970x648)
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File: kreisky_portrait.jpg (324 KB, 1500x2126)
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324 KB JPG
She looks like she's been touched plenty though
lord palmerston
lol look at this dude

1: Hitler because USA and UK created the propaganda supporting his brainfucked ideas. German media are just looking for justifications why whole country followed a madman and britbongs with americunts are just jerking off how awesome Hitler was to fight with.

2: actual american politicians. because our politicians and every fucking german nazi and patriot dream to get retirement in USA.
>Golden youth stand in the street
>Cops can't do shit beause dad told them to not be violent
>Youth grow up
>Not the rulling class
>Everyone hate them and blame them for all the problem in the country
>De Gaule seen as the lord and savior
This 100 times
The french killed de Gaulle and the France he represented and now, 50 years after his death everyone in the country pretends to be an ardent fan of the General even though Charles would have probably burned modern France to the ground if he suddenly came back to life.

The gap between the man and everything he stood for and the peope who claim to be his followers is so ridiculously wide it would be funny if the sight of politicians praising their idea of de Gaulle while trampling the General's legacy and deriding the thnigs he believed in didn't depress me to no end.
>And who votes for them?
And who let us choose who we can choose from? Who controle 100% of the information? Look at Marie Le Pen: constant propaganda about him being a nazi: he never got a lot of votes because of the propaganda.

Democracy is a false god. People vote according to what they know and what they know is controled.
Don't forget how he betrayed the parachutist in Indochina and millions of French civilians in Algeria.
>our politicians and every fucking german nazi and patriot dream to get retirement in USA.

cool story, bruv

that one is officially declared to a traitor..
no one

He should be but he isn't.
He sounds pretty REDpilled
De Gaulle was a bonapartist (nationalism + strong state + reasonable social accomodations). France's soul is pretty much bonapartist and today De Gaulle is regretted and is a kind of untouchable figure even though he was strongly opposed by commies in his time

What does /int/ think if this list. I've removed some obviously bad names, But it's from an award distributed by the Govt. of India. I think the one's I know from the list are pretty based. :

1965 U Thant Flag of Burma (1948–1974).svg Burma
1966 Martin Luther King, Jr. United States
1967 Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan Pakistan
1968 Yehudi Menuhin United States

1970 Kenneth Kaunda Zambia
1971 Josip Broz Tito Yugoslavia
1972 André Malraux France
1973 Julius Nyerere Tanzania
1974 Raúl Prebisch Argentina
1975 Jonas Salk United States
1976 Giuseppe Tucci Italy
1977 Tulsi Meherji Shrestha Nepal
1978 Nichidatsu Fujii Japan
1979 Nelson Mandela South Africa
1980 Barbara Ward United Kingdom
1981 Alva Myrdal Gunnar Myrdal Sweden
1982 Léopold Sédar Senghor Senegal
1983 Bruno Kreisky Austria

1985 Olof Palme (posthumous)[3] Sweden
1987 Javier Pérez de Cuéllar Peru

1990 Helmut Kohl Germany
1991 Aruna Asaf Ali India
1992 Maurice Strong Canada

1994 Mahathir Mohamad Malaysia

2003 Goh Chok Tong Singapore
2004 Sultan Qaboos (yet to be presented) Oman
2005 Wangari Maathai Kenya
2006 Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Brazil
2007 Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson Iceland
2009 Angela Merkel Germany
aren’t really allowed to have any of our “heroes” anymore pretty much all colonial leaders are seen as problematic churchill blair thatcher and all of the “famous” twentieth politicians are widely disliked which I guess is nice after all there’s no such thing as a perfect leader
Churchill. Say one thing out of line about that cunt like that he "accidentally" starved 4 million people to death or had the navy bomb our allies and people go mad.
File: XpvkG9t.png (923 KB, 2100x1420)
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923 KB PNG
>Muh French agricultural special treatment
What's wrong with getting a bit of the money back? It's for the good cause anyway, the farmers are often miserable here and nobody wants to replace them by intensive agriculture
Don't forget that the man insisted on Galipoli despite himself having made a projection that it would fail (and even if it succeeded the advantages would be marginal) because he was buttmad that the BEF was stealing all the glory and wanted some for the navy (despite describing them as "rum, sodomy and the whip").

Britain during WW2 was nothing less than heroic, but Churchill was a massive fucking cunt.

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