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>you're good at geography games, right anon?
This is pure guess-work, doesn't provide enough information
Not true, which ones are you guessing about?
You come to the point where you should state the most populous country in Europe. Well, is it Germany or is it Russia? Because Russia clearly is in Asia too, but the clue says the rows contain only countries on that continent.

Then the clue: Every country in this row is in island. Well find me a country that is EXACTLY one island. Madagascar certainly has more than one island. Iceland as well. Can I put in archipelago nations in too? I don't know.
File: Capture.png (32 KB, 929x434)
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>Canada is adjacent to Brazil
>the only adjacent empty slots to Brazil are supposed to be in South America
Am I retarded or is the person who made this retarded?
Adjacent can be diagonal as well
"adjacent" can also mean diagonal. but we're not told. it's guesswork
On second play, I see what you mean.
There's one section that you have to entirely guess where of 3 possible choices are in the last row slot
What is this even supposed to be and how does it work?
File: stuck.png (36 KB, 946x442)
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Where do I even go from here?
You can go with either the United Kingdom clue to fill out either D2 or D4, or you can use Iceland, USA, and Canada's clue to fill out something in column B. I'm stuck after that as well.
The one massive guess you have to make is that Cuba is included in B5
B3 forces E4 to be Peru since there is no other 4-letter South American country
The two spaces of A4 and B4 must be Argentina and Bolivia, since there are no other countries starting with a letter
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File: Capture.png (73 KB, 929x650)
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There was definitely some guesswork involved to finishing it.
File: Immagine.png (62 KB, 1156x563)
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ITT brainlets
Actually nevermind, you don't even need to guess Cuba since all four letter countries in Americas (Peru and Cuba) must be present
oo man

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