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Westoid headlines at their finest
To "reclaim" something you need to have been owning it in first place at some point
Shhhhh, just let Zhang breed your women. Anything to spite Gayropa, amirite?
In case you think i give a shit about Europe you're wrong
Also nice cuck fantasies, if i couldn't see your flag i'd assume you're American
there’s probably ten times as many chinks in Germany as there are in Russia
Not even remotely.

>the Russian Far East is home to only seven million Russians (or just 1.3 per square kilometer), while across the border there are nearly 10 times as many people living in the northeastern region of China.
>Although Moscow doesn’t have official statistics on the number of Chinese workers in the Far Eastern region, according to the local border control authorities, between June 2016 and June 2017, an estimated 1.5 million Chinese illegal workers arrived in the region, most of whom were doing manual labor.
>As regards Chinese workers who entered the Russian Far East legally on short-term work permits, it is estimated that their current number stands at around half a million. Under normal circumstances, they are allowed to work in Russia only for a few months, but it is hard to tell how many of them have overstayed their visas.
>As we can imagine, it would be very difficult for the Russian authorities to halt the flow of migrant workers from China along their 4,200-kilometer-long shared border. Besides, the region that is so sparsely populated does need cheap foreign labor to sustain its economy.
>The Federal Migration Service - of which Akhipov is a representative - fears a Chinese flood. The service has repeatedly warned that the Chinese could become the dominant ethnic group in the Russian Far East in 20 to 30 years. Such an occurrence would require an annual influx of about 250,000 to 300,000 Chinese; less than one-third the rate that Shaikin currently claims.
>If current trends continue, with ever fewer immigrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus coming to Russia and with birthrates among Russia’s larger non-Russian ethnicities remaining low, Zhanna Zayonchkovskaya says, the Chinese will be the second largest ethnicity in Russia by mid-century.

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