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>Mein Führer, the Russians are attempted to encircle us, permission to organise a withdrawal from Stalingrad so 250,000 soldiers don't become trapped!!
based armchair general
It may seem silly to you now but historians agree today that Hitler's standfast or die order is what saved the German front from total collapse in the winter of 1941 when literally all his generals urged retreat so it's not hard to see why he thought it might work again. Once they were so far in to the situation it became a prestige issue too no doubt and he more than once talked about how it was the proper thing to do in these situations was standfast or fight to the last man and cartridge saving the last for yourself. That is why he was so appalled Paulus surrendered and didn't kill himself and why any Hitler survived the war meme theories are retarded, he talks in the stenographic records of his military meetings and in Table Talk about how this kind of death was heroic, how great generals since Rome had fallen on their sword when all was lost and how it was just a single second and you would be released from the mortal coil and the suffering of the world to live on forever in the minds of your people.
Paulus was unironically in with the soviets, he later became a spokesman for them in exile.
At that point Hitler already knew that he had lost, and he wanted to take as many German men down with him as possible, because ultimately it was THEIR fault that fat Stalin was still left standing. It wasn't Hitler on the field losing all those battles, it was the WEAK German "men" that couldn't take a city with 250,000 men. In Hitler's eyes, those men were only good for complaining about bad weather and food.
>motherfuckers will die by my hand
yelled Hitler when begged for permission to retreat. People tried to call back, but Hitler wouldn't pick up the phone.
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Why didn't Hitler just dump all his research points into missile/nuclear techs?
Because it's Jewish magic.
Yeah he was a fucking traitor, but Hitler didn't know that yet... He talks about this in a stenographic record of a military conference in a book they're collected in (really cool book, Hitler and His Generals) saying that Paulus is a fool and would get eaten by rats in some dungeon but does say to wait and see and they'll have him broadcasting propaganda soon enough. He didn't know Paulus was a rat from the beginning
>Paulus was unironically in with the soviets
Of course not. He was a purely pragmatic man who felt betrayed by Hitler's insane orders, and totally disillusioned with the Nazis, and assumed there's no way they'd win the war so he should just throw his lot with the victors.

That said, he fought more or less to the end, and quite skillfully so.

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