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Man:It's been 13 years for my last confession, father

Priest:Go ahead and speak your sins, you're looking agitated and bothered

Man:You see, the thing is, I've been searching for God all my life, struggling up in the ghetto with my kids and my wife
I walk with a knife, in case I have to slash up a face
Ain't no jobs, ain't no future, ain't no cash in this place
I've resorted to some perilous acts, just hear me out

Priest:My son, whatever you've done, God forgives without a doubt

Man:How bout' when there's a drought I'm running all in they house, take all the weight, apply gorilla tape to silence they mouths?

Priest:God forgives

Man:Then, where was He when my mom got sick?

Priest:God forgives

Man:Even if I done some crazy shit?

Priest:God forgives

Man:Even after everything I've done?

Priest:God forgives everybody, every last of his sons

Man:I had a gun that I pulled in the store to butt the clerk
He had blood pouring out of his melon onto his shirt
I took the cash as the gash on his cranium start to bleed lots
Burning rubber, hauling ass, I trashed a pair of Reebok's
The Lord's name in vain as I'm cursing daily
My body is a temple for marijuana and Baileys
No reply when I yell at the sky, can I be frank, father?
I've been havin' thoughts of turning into a bank robber

Priest:The path you walking on is treacherous and reeks of death.Bow before the Lord of the Jesuits, bow at Jesus' steps.
Man:Will that put the food on the table for both my children?
Will that pay the super the rent to stay in the building?
Will that help a person progress and solve everything?
Been praying all my life and that has never changed anything.It's hard to believe that he really created many things when everything in life is a struggle, the threats are menacing.They cause the death of innocent immigrants killed by militants, where the hell is God when machetes sever they ligaments?
Where is hell is God? I've been clamoring trying to reach him

Priest:Well, God left the bible for his children, to teach them

Man:You said it best when you said that he left, you must be blind, father
My uncle's neck was slashed, they murdered him for $9

Priest:Let's speak in my office, come out of the confessional

Man:I don't give a shit if I've ruined the whole processional

Priest:Please come back my son, they having Sunday mass

Man:Everything last one of these motherfuckers can kiss my ass
Y'all piggyback on cowardice and scientific ignorance
The bible and Sumerian tablets have no difference
The same story's told again, again throughout the ages
The bible mentions alien Nephilim in its pages
Krishna also broke up some bread at the last supper
Both were resurrected, ascending to heaven, upper
The Babylonians spoke of a serpent and forbidden fruit
The bible's been tampered and everything within it is delusion

Priest:Blasphemy, you dare to speak against the holy scriptures?

Man:You're not listening and you're blind to the bigger picture
Corralling of the sheep without the answers
Religion takes more lives in a year than are claimed in cancer
Remember all my words like you memorizing Leviticus, our DNA is alien mixed Australopithecus- y'all really just don't give a shit

Priest:Please, you're gonna have to leave

Man:The mind of a man created everything that you believe, you den of thieves
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Because God isn't a bearded sky dude
Then what is he?
>posting Luciferians

because free will is an extraordinary gift and gives your life purpose
But why if after you've made the choice to do evil doesn't God just nullify you from existence?
That is something you have to figure out for yourself.
Even the highest ranking seraphims and archangels don't know. How do you expect him to find out?
>implying Abrahamic god is benevolent
The Judaic good was never benevolent. Jews believe their god is the source of evil and good. Only Zoroastrians separated evil from good

One of the most important differences beween Jewish monotheism and Zoroastrian monotheism is that Jews recognize the one God as the source of both good and evil, light and darkness, while Zoroastrians, during all the phases of their long theological history, think of God only as the source of Good, with Evil as a separate principle. There is a famous passage in Second Isaiah, composed during or after the Exile, which is sometimes cited as a Jewish rebuke to the Zoroastrian idea of a dualistic God: "I am YHVH, unrivalled: I form the light and create the dark. I make good fortune and create calamity, it is I, YHVH, who do all this." (Isaiah 45:7) This passage, which is a major source for Jewish speculation on the source of good and evil in the world, denies the Zoroastrian idea of a God who is the source only of "good" and favorable things.

According to the Kabbalah Centre (https://kabbalah.com/en/ask-a-kabbalist/is-satan-real), Satan is real and not REALLY a negative force. From the website, "But it’s not a devil that exists externally. Satan is actually a good angel whose job is to help us to grow...The Zohar tells us, even though Satan sounds like a negative force within each one of us, it is negative only if we let it control us."

Zoroastrianism is from the Late Bronze Age. Zoroastrianism is the originator of the concept of good and evil, as there is nothing before.
Evil was projected as in opposition to the god, having uncertain moral dimensions, if any at all.

yahweh in the old testament is demonic and jews also believe that satan is an agent of God and that God creates and is both good and evil.
In the jewish texts or in the old testament, iirc, the devil or it's representant, with whatever his name is is just a pawn in God's hands doing it's will of making humans question their faith so if they submit they will be punished.

in judaism but god also is seen as being both evil and good. Sammael (Satan's name in judaism) is an agent of god and even worshipped and prayed to by some jews, usually orthodox/hasidic. He is called "the poision of god" or "the blindness of god"

in Judaism Satan is an agent of G-d, created by G-d for a specific purpose, and something very good.
>In contrast to Christian literature, where Satan is understood to be an evil force, the enemy of G-d, in Jewish literature, he is seen as a blessing to the Jewish people.
>I walk with a knife, in case I have to slash up a face
>Ain't no jobs, ain't no future, ain't no cash in this place
other people were in a worse situayion and managed to pull through. stop being lazy
>How bout' when there's a drought I'm running all in they house, take all the weight, apply gorilla tape to silence they mouths?
You need to attend elementary.
>He when my mom got sick?
Death is not His end game. She's either in heaven, hell, or purgatory. A lot of people think death is the end, but it's not. However, where they end up is up to that person.
>crime shit
The thing about relationships is that it goes two ways. Yeah, He forgives you for all the dumb shit you do, but when it comes to confessing and avoiding hell, the sacrament only counts when you're sincere about it. That means doing everything in your power to not do it again and actually being sorry. That meams handing yourself to the police. If you don't, you're not sorry enough. Failure to be sincere is sacrilege.

>will god give me gibs?
That's up to you mate. He gave you arms, legs, mouth, and a brain. He gave you the ability to love. Will you just waste away what you have? Do you hate your children that much that you will not work and continue to do crime? The thing about prayers is that He answers if He wills it. Praying for cars and shit is not within His will. Praying for someone to be cured when His will is for them to die and be judged is not effective.
>i-i-its gods fault
It's humans' fault. Don't blame Him for EU policies. They did it with their own hands. The terrorists bombed because they wanted to. He gave them thw ability to do good just like everyone, but they chose the opposite.
>where is He?
Judging, calling people to do good, etc...
>nigger speak


Now, you have to go back to r*ddit.
Christian retards dont realize that God is amoral, it doesnt matter what YOU THINK only what IT THINKS. God isnt omnibenevolent it does what it wants.
>because free will
>chops up your frontal lobe
>oh no you started commiting violent crime for fun

Shut the fuck up retard.
Well that took a surprising turn.
File: 1559065237111.jpg (76 KB, 838x559)
76 KB
the abrahamic god wants to have a monopoly on evil. the abrahamic god behaves like the brutal african warlord who goes around killing punk juvenile minors acting all big, bad, and tough, and who doest bowdown to the warlord

pic related
the kid got beat up and beheaded by the african warlord
File: based epicurus.jpg (212 KB, 1920x1080)
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212 KB JPG
Gnosticism is the most rational and logical religion, aside from maaaaaaaaybe Buddhism
Plot twist - God is a Nigger. What do now white boi?
my skin is as dark as burnt sugar
The universe is God's corpse.
The Big Bang was God killing himself.
What now, atheists?
and the blasted pieces became the Jewish Ubermensch race

and the divine essence, the kelim or vessels containing the individual particles of Yahweh's creative energy were accidentally damaged during the cataclysm of creation, causing a portion of those individual particles of Yahweh's divine essence that were encapsulated within the ruptured vessels to become attached to the broken shards of the kelim that had contained them, which in turn became the source of evil in the world.

The Jewish people, in their doctrine of racial supremacy as Yahweh's "chosen people", believe that there resides within each of them a perfect kelim or vessel containing Yahweh's divine essence, symbolized by יוֹד, the letter Yod, so that a small part of Yahweh abides within each and every Jew who collectively, as the nation of Israel, forms the divine essence that is their God. In this belief the Jews see themselves as being distinct from gentiles or goyim who they believe contain only the shards of the broken kelim that once held Yahweh's creative energy but were accidentally damaged during the process of creation
Because there is no God.
File: boom.jpg (255 KB, 450x731)
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255 KB JPG
Existence itself
>there resides within each of them a perfect kelim or vessel containing Yahweh's divine essence
And what is their scientific basis for thinking that?
They must have some reason to believe it's a "shard" and that it can be broken as a result of physical forces.
Cause it doesn't exist. The Jews had fucked from time to time, back in those times when YWHW was just a tribal god among others. Famines and shit happens, some of them goes crazy and start saying that the reason for all of this bad luck is that some people pray for other gods. So they start killing people who did not obey their fantasy. Shit still happens. Jesus comes. Then he dies. The poor start modifying whatever that guy say to create a doctrine that makes them believe that those aristocrat with their reading and their wealth will burn forever and be tortured by demons, and will have it even worse that the poor it this horrific, but ephimeral and fake life of ours. They were really filled with hatred and selfishness those christians.
Also, evil that's not exist. The word "evil" is the authoritarian abrahamic term for "I don't like it".
The christian god is a fictional character, his motivations are whatever benefits the people who put words into his mouth in the first place. That said, even within the context of the fictional stories in question, the christian deity is logically inconsistent. You cannot have a deity who is omnibenevolent and omnipotent and have the word as it is even if the theist arguing for said deity trots out the tired old "free will" excuse. An omnipotent and omnibenevolent deity could very easily make a better existence/world/whatever then what we have now while still respecting human "free will" due to the omnipotence of the deity in question.
>and have the world as it is
Fixed, my bad.
its an inescapable nature of duality in the experience of consciousness and existence.

Suffering is inevitable. The human race only gets slightly better in time at allieviating physical, mental, and spiritual suffering, in this fallen state. Ultimately challenges, the road to development of the human race for a greater, stronger, better state of being.
>the god that is indifferent to me, will be enthusiastic about me when I'm in heaven, though god never changes.

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